I Accuse the Darkmoon Website of Islamophobia!

based on a Comment 

Ultra-Zionist warmonger John Bolton is an ardent fan of Zionist screwball Pamela Geller. Both these creepy fanatics would like to see the destruction of Iran and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

I have been an avid reader of the Darkmoon website for a long time and I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Lasha Darkmoon. I consider this website is an intellectual and serious academic source of knowledge. Sometimes I disagree with Dr Lash blaming everything on Muslims but generally I enjoy reading this website for enhancement of knowledge and information. However, this recent article published  by the Darkmoon website raises  serious questions over that assumption.

This article and its references to The Silent Rape Epidemic by Edward Dutton and Pamela Geller’s website gives an impression that Muslim youngsters are a horde of rapists who are roaming the streets of Europe and assaulting white women as their prey. It gives the false impression that Islam allows sex slaves by misquoting the Quran out of context. Pamela Geller’s article suggests, again erroneously, that “sex slavery and rape of the infidel is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam”. It makes out that Islam is a violent religion. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Rape is punishable by death in Islam. As a Muslim, what pains me most is that the Darkmoon site is a serious source of academic information, and yet it allows this kind of hateful propaganda to be posted on its website.

Let me state some facts:

If rape is what Muslim youngsters want, then Muslim countries should be the center for raping women. Let me give the recent statistics of rape from 16 Muslim and Christian countries covering the eight-year period from years 2003-2010:

Muslim countries:

Algeria (3872), Morocco (6461), Sudan (1189), Bangladesh (2283), Bahrain (145), Jordan (188), Kuwait (707), Oman (315), Qatar (24), Syria (756), Turkey (8938), UAE (230), Yemen (649) Albania (227), Kazakhstan (5979), Kyrgyzstan (7763)  = approximately 39,726 in total.

Christian countries:

USA (735,548), Romania (7135), Russia (58,677), Denmark (3324), Finland (5506), Norway (6908), Sweden (34583), UK (6204), Italy (15011), Spain (12838), Austria (5122), Belgium (24,319), France (71,208), Germany (63,689), Netherlands (15,765), Australia (19,103) = approximately 1,084,940 in total. And if you add Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungry and Greece, please add another 170,000 cases of rape in those years.


These statistics speak for themselves: rape is much more prevalent in Christian countries than in Islamic ones.

If the Quran encouraged or endorsed rape—an absolutely preposterous claim made by ignorant Islamophobes such as Pamela Geller and her like—the rape statistics for Islamic countries would be disproportionately high. The fact that they are disproportionately low, compared to the extremely high figures found in Christian countries, is an indication that the Quran has a spiritualizing, purifying, and life-enhancing effect on the millions of good Muslims  who follow Islam devoutly by living according to the precepts inherent in the Five Pillars of Islam: (1) Faith and trust in God; (2) Regular Prayer; (3) Fasting; (4) Almsgiving; (5) Pilgrimage.

Can anyone possibly believe that those who read the Quran devoutly and live according to the Five Pillars of Islam can also go around raping women as a recreational sport and claiming, “The Quran allows me to do this”? The whole idea borders on absurdity. The so-called “Muslims” who behave like this, I would suggest, are pseudo-Muslims, bogus Muslims, Muslims only in name.

Please do not attack the true Muslims for the hateful crimes of the false Muslims.

I repeat: the top 10 countries with the highest number of rape crimes do not include a single Muslim country. It also needs pointing out that Muslims are not particularly crazy about white women. 90% of Muslim marry within their own ethnic community of Muslims. Meanwhile, the Muslim attitude to white women is that white women deserve the same respect within white communities as Muslim women receive within Muslim communities.

Pamela Geller, it needs pointing out,  is a notorious Islamophobic whose hatred for Islam and Muslims is legendary. She is a preacher of hate and fear mongering. Reference to her article should be considered beneath the dignity of the Darkmoon website.

Note by Admin. The article on the Darkmoon site was simply an abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon of a much longer article on The Occidental Observer. LD did not herself insert the Pamela Geller quote into the article but simply transcribed it from its original source. She would like to say that she disassociates herself entirely from the Islamophobic rantings of Pamela Geller. Nor does she believe for a moment in the absurd claim that the Quran actually encourages rape. She has read the Quran from cover to cover in Yusuf Ali’s inspired translation and has never come across a single line recommending rape. Any such claim by Pamela Geller, Dr Darkmoon believes, is a malicious lie intended to stir up hatred of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims.


This Zionist Jewess, closely associated with the ultra-Zionist warmonger John Bolton, is doing her best right now to stir up hatred of Iran and get Donald Trump to bomb the Iranian people out of existence. She is all for lesbian sex and same-sex marriage and naturally approves of murdering the unborn child in the womb (pro-Abortion). This fanatical hag from hell  would like to see the complete genocide of the Palestinian people, encouraging Israel to “stand loud and proud. Give up nothing. For every rocket fired, drop a MOAB. Take back Gaza. Secure Judea and Samaria.” (See here

Dr Darkmoon’s quote that 93% of rape in Finland is done by Muslims is taken from themnews.com, a Greek website notorious for its Islamophobia. Statistics from Finland show that foreigners were suspected 34% of rape cases in 2018. It’s not 93%. And it says “foreigners”, not Muslims. It’s worth noting that all migrants from the Middle East or Africa are not necessarily Muslims. There are many Christians and Alawaeets from Syria; there are Druze, Yazides and all sorts of other groups from the Middle East; all these are considered outside the faith of Islam. Therefore incorporating all groups under “Islam” is not fair and is just propaganda.


Equating Islam with violence is also preposterous and absurd when the very word “Islam” means peace in Arabic.

Let me mention now some atrocities that have nothing to do with Islam: According to American historian Patrick Seal in his book Paradise Lost, 120 million indigenous people were perished in Americas by the followers of the Prince of Peace. Add WW1 (65 million killed), WW2 (85 million), the Vietnam war (85,000 American and 3 million Indo-Chinese dead). When you add to this the causalities of the Spanish civil war, the Philippines-American war, the American civil war, the Napoleonic wars, the Franco-Spanish wars, the War of the Roses, the Thirty Years War, etc. etc. — all this will add another 15-20 million human beings who perished during this mass slaughter of innocents who have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.

Let me also say that the vast majority of Muslims (99%) are sick and tired of these bast***s who are killing innocent people in the name of Islam. (And by the way, the majority of people killed happen to be Muslims). I strongly believe that these scum of the earth are pawns being played in a big game by some Muslim and non-Muslim operators.

Please note that there was no terrorism in the Middle East at all before the existence of Israel. There was no ISIS, no ISIL, and no Daesh (allegedly radical Islamic groups) before the Iraq war: a war  based on a pack of lies concocted by George W Bush and Tony Blair and reportedly fed to them by so-called  “Israeli intelligence”. 

Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria have been all but destroyed by these bloodthirsty maniacs. Now Iran is in the bull’s eye. Yet another Muslim country on America’s hit list.

Every action has a reaction.

Islam never sanctions taking innocent human life.

We Muslims have many sins to confess but you should first look in the mirror and see what your Western governments are doing in your name.

I strongly believe that some evil power—whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish—is working 24/7 to foment hatred through the elite media and set 1 billion Muslims and 1 billion Christians at each others’ throats.

Evil is being deliberately created by the Architects of Evil. We are all its victims.

Please don’t make the unforgivable mistake of scapegoating the entire Muslim population. If you do this, you have been duped into this artificial hatred by the Jews. You have been conned by the Jews into hating Islam and fighting Israel’s wars for it. 

I understand that Dr. Lasha and the majority of readers on the Darkmoon website want European countries and North America to be populated by white people only and don’t want colored people, especially Muslims, among them. And that’s fine with us. Populations move from lower wage to higher wage salaries and most of these immigrants are there as economic migrants. But go ahead and ban Muslims coming into your countries. Or kick all Muslims out if that’s make you happy. We will survive. Because there is a world beyond Europe and North America. However, please don’t blame our faith, Islam, for all that’s going wrong in the world.

I strongly believe that Dr. Lasha will show integrity and intellectual honesty if she agrees to post my comment in toto. I promise that next time my posts will not be this long.

ADMIN: Lasha Darkmoon not only approves of your eloquently expressed views but has decided to publish your comment as a full-length feature article. She has added the pictures and captions and one or two other sentences in order to reinforce your pro-Islamic sentiments, based in the actual Muslims she has met in real life — not one of whom has been a jihadist with rape on murder on his mind.  However, Lasha is saddened by the fact that you should regard her (in your penultimate paragraph) as an Islamophobic White Supremacist. Which she definitely is not. (See here).

64 thoughts to “I Accuse the Darkmoon Website of Islamophobia!”

  1. “Muslim countries:
    Algeria (3872), Morocco (6461), Sudan (1189), Bangladesh (2283), Bahrain (145), Jordan (188), Kuwait (707), Oman (315), Qatar (24), Syria (756), Turkey (8938), UAE (230), Yemen (649) Albania (227), Kazakhstan (5979), Kyrgyzstan (7763) = approximately 39,726 in total.

    “Christian countries:
    USA (735,548), Romania (7135), Russia (58,677), Denmark (3324), Finland (5506), Norway (6908), Sweden (34583), UK (6204), Italy (15011), Spain (12838), Austria (5122), Belgium (24,319), France (71,208), Germany (63,689), Netherlands (15,765), Australia (19,103) = approximately 1,084,940 in total. And if you add Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungry and Greece, please add another 170,000 cases of rape in those years.


    “These statistics speak for themselves:”

    I believe Twain stated, “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.”

    What is considered to be rape in one country – one culture – is not considered so in another, and may even be accepted as normal and even required in marriages of several wives! Reporting such is also varied.

    1. Luqman,
      The problem with the Arabs/Africa dumped on Europe’s shores isn’t a religious issue. It’s a “quality” issue. Many of these people are illiterate and can’t even read the Koran in their own language. Also. Regarding rapes in Europe. Most of them were undoubtedly committed by Arab/Africans. Not the indigenous people. Donaldo doesn’t condone attacks on Islam. But the solution to the problem is deporting these people back to their countries of origin. Very simple.

  2. Peter Hitchen’ blog. [This update on the spurious Douma Attack does not appear any where else online(except for UKColumn.org) or in the press.Frightening that there is little free press or reporting of the truth any where.]

    Strange News from the OPCW in the Hague.
    A dissenting group of scientists and others recently published online what they say is a report prepared by an employee of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
    It strongly suggests that supposed gas cylinders found in bombed buildings in Douma, Syria, were *not* dropped by helicopters on those buildings. May I stress that I offer no alternative explanation as to how they got there. I have no information on this. The condition of these cylinders was simply not consistent with the idea that they had been dropped from helicopters and had then pierced the roof of the building where they were found.
    But its findings do not seem to have been taken into account in the OPCW’s final report on the event, discussed here in my March 9th article.


  3. “Can anyone possibly believe that those who read the Quran devoutly and live according to the Five Pillars of Islam can also go around raping women as a recreational sport..”

    No, I certainly don’t believe that those who read the Quran devoutly and live according to the Five Pillars of Islam do such things. But that’s also the rub, innit?

    Because the current hordes of young pseudo Muslim Arab and African migrants, gimmegrants, invaders, aren’t really “those who read the Quran devoutly and live according to the Five Pillars of Islam” are they? Quite obviously no they are not. They’re very simply put; Islamic opportunists.

    What next? It’s not allowed, as per the Koran, to invade other people’s nations and chop off their heads for not converting? That those who read the Quran devoutly and live according to the Five Pillars of Islam would never do such things? Because there are historical precedents galore which say otherwise. Say cultural genocide.

    C’mon man!

    1. HP –

      Good observation.
      HOSHU LUQMAN would be less hostile toward LD if he had more deeply contemplated this example, given in the article, of musselmen NOT heeding the Quran devoutly and living according to the Five Pillars of Islam and other Islamic doctrines:

      —IN A BAR—
      “a 30-year-old worker for the Finnish Lutheran Church had been naïve enough to get talking to a group of Muslim men IN A BAR(!!) and, worse still, go back to their flat. She was rewarded for her friendliness towards these guests by having her clitoris cut off with a pair of scissors which were then inserted into her vagina.”

      1. Dear Pat,
        Quoting what happened in Bar is another example of Islamophobia. Let’s examine what you have mentioned:

        1) First of all cutting of clitoris and inserting in same vagina does not show behavior of a normal human being. Only a sadist can do such a thing.

        2) Islamophobes are pushing this propaganda for a long time that Muslims cut the excess clitoris of their women. This is sheer nonsense and rubbish. You will never find any reference to such a barbaric practice in Islamic jurisprudence or Shaira law or Holy Quran. In no Muslim country this happens to women. Yes, Muslim men are required to have circumcision before they reach 10 years of age (why this is required and what are the health advantages of it needs a separate discussion). The truth is that some African tribes practice this custom on their women. The highest cutting of clitoris happened to be in the Christians countries of Ethiopia and Kenya. Now, I know and you know that this practice is not allowed in Christianity. When Islam spread from Arabia to non-Arab countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Central Asia and Africa then some local pagan customs were also incorporated in Islam. Some of them are totally anathematic to the religion of Islam. But strong traditions and rituals are hard to die. Therefore some African tribes who embraced Islam may be continuing this practice but as such you’ll never find such practice in any other Islamic country except in some tribes in lower Africa. So please don’t buy this Islamophobic propaganda. And, by the way, I am not at all hostile to Dr. Lasha.

      2. HL –

        “Quoting what happened in Bar is another example of Islamophobia.”

        No, it is NOT!! It is quoting the depiction of a criminal act, mentioned in the original article.

        Save your ‘Islamophobia card’ for someone else. That card does not work for me!

        And, by the way….

      3. Pat, ISLAM IS NOT A SKIN COLOR! is a profound point.
        How often do we hear anyone point this out? Next to never beyond lip service..

  4. HOSHU LUQMAN: “I have been an avid reader of the Darkmoon website for a long time and I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Lasha Darkmoon.”

    I first discovered Dr Lasha through Kevin MacDonald. I think your concern, while understandable, is not a realistic one. Dr Lasha is a person, through her writings, who is genuinely concerned with that which is right.

    I consider her an ALLY not an ENEMY of God. All victims of those Isa (Christ) referred to in the Injil (Gospels) as the children of Satan, should realize that Dr Lasha is a force for GOOD, not evil.

    She is a brilliant woman and that is why she is on the side of GOOD. She can discern which way the wind blows. More importantly, who it is who is interfering in the world towards a malevolent end.

    You are quite correct in naming the forces of evil. Too many Christians who claim to be conservatives believe what these Jewish people are telling them. And the Gatestone Institute and MEMRI and the two you name who are all on the SAME SIDE, just as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society has been bringing Somali “Muslim” refugees into the United States for several decades. They, the Soros and his ilk, are waging a genocidal war against Whites.

    They brainwash the Arabs also, to a degree, for example the case of Lebanese immigrants to Australia, gang raping a white teenage girl and then writing: “F–KING WHITE B–CH” Now this surprised me as the Lebanese are white also. Yet they called the little girl “WHITE”. Just as the “Muslims” in Mumbai, their Pakistani handlers, speaking over cell phones, told the “Muslim” terrorists to “KILL ONLY THE WHITES”.

    Now any one who watches the mainstream media will believe that Islam is their enemy, this despite the fact that the same people [the Israeli Jews] are killing babies and children and women and the elderly in Palestine.

    I recall on event a few years ago where a man was on the roof of his home and an IDF sniper shot him in the head as the Muslim knelt in prayer with his Qur’an. This is not shown on the television. Because the ones who OWN the TV channels, who OWN the press, who OWN Wall Street, who have run the Federal reserve for decades, and who OWN the government, DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO READ AND KNOW WHAT IS TRULY GOING ON

    The lies spread about the Prophet (saw) are as disgusting as the lies spread about Isa (Jesus) in the Talmud. The FOOLS believe the Big Lie about A’isha. This is where the People of the Lie say the Prophet (saw) was a pedophile. Which is clearly and demonstrably UNTRUE.


    “Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. (005.082)

    It is the same today as when Isa spoke as when He Who Never Sleeps gave the warning.

    Women, Muhammad said, are like glass: sensitive to force and maltreatment, easy to break and injure. So we must be gentle with them.

    A true man does RIGHT, a true Muslim does right. A man is truly religious when he is truly good.

    1. @ TLOA

      An excellent comment written by a good Muslim who knows what he is talking about.

      If logic were to prevail among those who are attacking this perfectly valid defense of Islam and the Qur’an, they would admit that both Hoshu Luqman and TLOA are saying things that ought to be heeded. But logic does not prevail among them. The only reason they dislike Muslims is because they object to the color of their skins. They feel easier among the white skins of Ashkenazi Jews like Pamela Geller and Woody Allen and Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner than among the golden brown skins of the lovely people of Palestine.

      They would rather see the beautiful women and children of Palestine set on fire by the Israeli mass murderers than say one kind word to a maltreated Muslim.

      I say this to you White Supremacists lording it and lashing out on this website like incorrigible bullies: if there’s a God, you will pay the price one day in evil karma for espousing the cause of the bloodthirsty Jews as they genocide the innocent Palestinians.

      Stop attacking Muslims, you decadent scum! The Qur’an is not Satan’s Bible! The Talmud is!

      1. Saki, I’m only paranoid because ultimately the Jews, Muslims and Christians are ALL out to get me and my fellow “Idolaters.” Pretty sure it says so right there in all three of their individual holy books. It might even be an order! If it’s not true then why did their God and Prophets put it in there? Pretty sure “kill the Idolaters” is in all three of their philosophies. That’s no small thing to just shrug off, aw shucks they really don’t mean it. Especially as I’ve already pointed out – there are historical precedents. Nasty horrific historical precedents. I’m still not convinced there isn’t something eerie, wicked, in that desert air..

        These days I even wonder about the Atheists, Agnostics and Pagans! Ironically enough it might turn out to be they’re the only ones I can safely turn my back on! Will wonders never cease..

        Bottom line, if I’m to be accused of Islamophobia then I demand to also be accused of
        anti-Semiitism and whatever the word is for Christian-phobia.

      2. Saki –

        “I say this to you White Supremacists lording it and lashing out on this website like incorrigible bullies:”

        I haven’t noticed any of those here.

        You are misguided! You should have more anger pointed toward musselmen criminals stoning their own women in ‘honor killings’ than for the law abiding commenters here, who have never stoned any woman to death.

        There are 5000 honor killings a year just in Pakistan!

        Child Marriage And Rape Is Still Legal In Yemen!

        Justice for Banaz: An Honour Killing in Iraq – Raped from birth by her family!

        BTW – Paranoia is unwarranted fear. I have none of that!

        1. @ Saki

          Well said, Saki. You speak sense. Don’t let these racist thugs like Pat and Hp try to silence and intimidate you. They lack logic as well as understanding. As such, they command little respect.

          @ Pat

          So honor killings in Pakistan make the rest of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims unspeakably vile jihadists, do they? Glad to have a specimen of your logic. Most of America’s serial killers are White guys. Like you. Not one Muslim among them! Does that make you and Hp potential serial killers just because you live in a country where most serial killers have a white skin like you?

          I don’t think so.

          You look on yourselves as model citizens, don’t you? You and the morally righteous Hp, oozing with self-importance and sanctimonious virtue. And yet you live in a country, America, where most of the serial killers are white men just like you and Hp. And not a single Muslim I know is a serial killer.

          So apply the same logic to Muslims. Most Muslims are righteous citizens, just like YOU are. They are not going around doing honor killings, advocating sharia law, or stoning adulteresses to death.

          1. @ Calvin

            Thanks for the support. But I intend no disrespect to Pat or Hp. I know where they’re coming from. I’ve been there too. I think Hp has progressed further than Pat in understanding the point being made here: that it’s wrong to lump all Muslims together and vilify the many good Muslims who genuinely love God and support the Five Pillars of Islam, by associating them with the bogus Muslims who have never opened the Qur’an and have never even heard of the Five Pillars of Islam.

            Hp is a Hindu and holds the Bhagavad-Gita and Vedanta in great admiration. So tell me, Hp, does this make all Indians model citizen? There is a Hindu rape epidemic in India right now. Many Indias are degenerate purveyors of pornography and support the trash values of Bollywood, a mirror of Jewish Hollywood. They are NOT admirers of Shankara!

            There is a huge porn industry in India. There is no porn industry in Pakistan. Or in ANY Islamic country.

            The fact is, very few of us manage to imitate the saints of our respective religions. We have feet of clay. We are all sinners. So why do you knock the Muslim sinners, Hp, and not the Hindu sinners? Why no word of harsh criticism for the the bad Christians? Is a bad Muslim worse than a Christian Zionist who advocates the killing of Palestinian children?

      3. Calvin –

        I’ll be quick & “BIGGLY” to the point:

        All your writing gets from me is… HA-HA-HA!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. A predictable response.

          What I’d expect from a 12-years old with learning difficulties.


      4. I’d like to apologize to Hp for including him in the list of sub-moronic redneck racists to which you belong. That was an over-hasty judgement. On re-reading his comments, I note that he shows considerable intellectual depth and also as well as polite self-restraint. Qualities conspicuously lacking in you.

        Here’s a typical “Pat comment” which I would urge you to copy and paste as a stock reply to all commenters in future who get on your nerves:

        YA! BOO! SNUBS! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        — PAT

        That’s about your level. Can’t get any lower in the Village Idiot League, can you?

      5. @ Calvin

        You underestimate Pat who has considerable merits you have failed to detect. What you state is a “sub-moronic” comment is actually Pat’s way of being as nice and polite as he can — and not to descend to the low level of invective to which you have yourself descended. Best to leave Pat alone. You will never get the better of him. No one ever has.

        Right, Pat? 🙂

      6. Saki :

        I’ve never come across any Darkmoon commentator who wanted to see the women and children [ or the men ] of Palestine set on fire by the Israeli mass murderers and I’ve been reading Darkmoon for many years, many many years. You’re getting yourself hysterical for no reason, SAKI, calm down. The only White Supremacist commentator Darkmoon ever had was Max Bilney and he sired many children and ALL the children, each and every one of ’em he sired , was with NON-white women. Some White Supremacist, no wonder us Whites are losing. Well, LittleSazzySmartAzz, I guess she was also a White Supremacist but she was a very long time ago and there’s no reason to get hysterical about her, she was like a million years ago, SAKI, so why don’t you just relax. Plus, if I remember correctly, she liked Palestinians. So relax, SAKI, no Darkmooners want to see Palestinians genocided or in any way harmed, not even Darkmoon’s White, Caucasian readers. Relax, dude, you’re TOO overwrought.

      7. Saki –

        You are correct! I don’t care to travel the low roads.

        I mentioned “criminal musselmen”…. and the ‘Calvin’ entity pulled so much Democrat mantra out of his garbage bag…. using the ‘RACE card’ in an argument.

        Had he not used RACE as a basis for attack, I might have replied differently.

        Ah jus’ figgered he couldn’t read all that well, and would not comprehend it anyway…. so I just laughed it off. From Cal’s later replies…. I know now that I was absolutely correct!! 🙂

        BTW – I am a racist. Everyone is. We all wear our colors when naked!! 🙂

    2. Very edifying comment, TLOA ( as is this article by Hoshu Luqman).
      I obtained a translation of the Quran a couple years ago, to see what all the fuss is about. As you say, there is NO promotion of rape or mayhem; and, in fact, I found it very appealing and righteous. Makes me wonder…
      All communities have rapists, going by one name or another. Perhaps those “Muslim” boys in Finland felt unfettered in a new and strange culture. It is, ultimately, the fault of culture-clashers who intend the results to happen. For that reason, especially, should we not condone “cultural diversity”. IT DOESN’T WORK! A firm and violent response to rapists would help diminish the circumstance – to the satisfaction of everyone.
      It speaks well of her that Lasha publishes all perspectives. We learn.

      1. Well said, Gilbert! You have achieved wisdom through suffering. One needs to suffer a little bit before realizing the truth that every coin has two sides. Truly, we “see through a glass darkly”.

      2. Calvin,
        Most serial-killers are highly intelligent. They have to be. Arab/African criminals lack that intelligence. They are sloppy and disorganized. Easy to catch. That’s a fact.

  5. Ancient religions, I think, were formed for the governance of incarnate souls. During those early times, such souls had more direct, surer connection to the Divine — hence the need to intervene, instruct, guide. Why? For control and dominance of some spirit-infused bodies over others! Ever has this been the Way, it seems.

    Fast forward to (more or less) here & now: Most (heck, the vast majority!) of incarnate souls have dived into muddy waters, the pig pen, wrestling with maya. I count my Self one. They|we have lost almost all sensory or mental connections to the Divine. Facilitated by loss of touch with the Divine, the now perennial controllers (“Guides”, “The Powers That Be”) have manifested material forms of governance for controlling time & space and all of material creation. Between “government” and “corporations”, dear folks, we may consider our Soul-Selves as governed as we souls can be on this plane of existence!

    In the meantime, and in mean times do we live — meaner the Green Meanies become every day! — we can play with silly distinctions like “Good Jews, Bad Jews”, “Good Muslims, Bad Muslims”, and on and on — O Yea!, let’s have balance here — “Good Christians, Bad Christians”. Don’t forget other major forces on the religious front (Sikhs, Hindi, Buddhists, others), most firmly rooted in the Piscean Age, none prepared (‘cept for a few, I suppose) to transition effectively to the Age of Aquarius, during which a remake of the “human being” appears required to survive intact as a species (cf. Yogi Bhajan, “The Master’s Touch”).

    Certainly the “Occult Roman Church of Rome” cannot make that cut! Of the Old World Order, this and other amalgamations of “heaven and earth” shall pass, being neither of Heaven or Earth. GOD is not mocked. The Sun shines on all, good and bad. What we make of It for our Selves is what counts, I beLIEve.

    1. Not a bad comment, Alan. Though a bit above my head.
      Sincere it is though and with great depth of feeling.

      1. Saki,

        I see your point, but maybe your first comment on this tread was a little bit over reacted. The reason I say this is because this particular subject is not obvious, a lot of controversy involved, a polarized issue. Westerners see the “Islamic” societies as radical. They see us as radicals too, for example the way we abuse alcohol or the way our society deals with women sensuality.

        Multiculturalism is just a bad joke! That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect others cultures, but when the mixture of cultures is like mixing oil and water, better keep them apart, at least in a mass scale.

        If we just calm down and avoid ad hominem attacks, the discussion will be more productive.

    2. Alan, I agree that life is very much what we make of it for ourselves.
      With a little (a lot) help from our friends and gurus(spiritual guides) alike, of course.

      The sun shines on all of us equally indeed and also everybody gets the same amount of ice. The rich get it in the summer and the poor get it in the winter.
      I’ve experienced this phenomenon up close and personal many times! (lol)

    1. Thanks TJ –

      Folks in Poland wants to keep their culture intact!! Go figger!! 🙂

  6. It’s pretty obvious why so few rape stats in Muslim countries. Muslim women aren’t allowed to say no..
    How many of those Muslim countries used to belong to somebody else?
    I think your religion is a fascistic psy-OP, with plenty of outright coercion throw in to keep it going… if not, I know it would die out in one or two generations, because it has no real value… . it really exists for political purposes, like all the rest of the abrahamic methodologies of demogrification…
    And you’ll have to explain, since you brought it up, exactly by what process of reasoning you trust in this God, who allows all this violence and hideous suffering of innocents, when, if he really was God, why would he?
    Look, there may be pious and quiet muslims living in the world, but they’re all locked into sharia law, and we understand they will cross out constitutional law in the USA and force sharia law on everybody else just as soon as they get a big enough majority.. the USA is not a superstitious wacky theocracy …
    I guess we can say it again, though it’s obviously not getting through to everybody – we’re not worried about the immigrants coming here because they’re not white and we’re all just a lot of white supremacist bigots… we’re worried about it because there are way too many of them and they have no intention of assimilating… we don’t want no-go zones and a process of balkanization… and we don’t have the money laying around to support all these people… this is our country, our homeland,
    whether it’s more or less a corporation or not… we believe the bill of rights is worth saving… too many muslims from Pakistan and Somalia wouldn’t know a bill of rights from an electric bill..
    It is not prudent to flood any country with too many foreigners, and it’s obviously being done as sabotage… try to see it from our viewpoint…

      1. Although I believe Islam is being USED as a “psy-op”, as is Christianity. Undoubtedly, there are genuine Muslims and Christians, but their voices are unheard in the din of iniquity, which rages throughout. The Prince of This World is powerful! We mortals cannot contend with him by ourselves.

    1. GOD is not a respecter of persons or religions, so I understand from teachings and Teachers. Appealing to GOD for resolution of religious, social, political, and international matters would seem pointless. The divide within — briefly, so as not arouse one who reads silently and can post loudly — seems on the one hand ONE and on the other hand MANY. Logic and proportion, having fallen sloppy dead for decades now, failed to penetrate the Hegelian dialectic set to defeat simplistic rules and modern “philosophies”.

      If GOD is everywhere, then where are we? If GOD is everything, what are we? If we do not accept our lives in GOD, then we head out, head long, heart strong, from the Garden of Eden within to the wild, wild West, the far-out East, and wherever else we desire to go, though still in GOD, not necessarily knowingly, or consciously, hence the millennial confusion, discombobulation, anger, self-hatred. Thus, we pass into this material world innocent and free, only later coming to beLIEve our sensory and other data are Reality. Those who espouse the notion that the Universe is a hologram are not too far off the mark! Each and all our worldly frameworks of thought comprise the totality of our respective realities, right? If so, then no wonder the issues confronting us! 😉

  7. Saki, I challenge you to go back through years of comments and find one single time I’ve claimed to be a Hindu, expressed a desire to be a Hindu or claimed Hindus are spotless. I’ll save you the time and effort. Never. Not once. Nor in the future will you see such a claim though often folks unknowingly and even a few knowingly make the claim for me (aka) sophistry.

    My claim is word for word the same for 45+ years and counting.
    I am a student of Vedic culture and a glaringly insufficient yet aspiring Vaishnava.

    As far as Hindus go most are a modern mish-mash of pretty much an anything goes philosophy(s). Same as many others co-opted by religious politicians and bureaucrats disguised as Priests, Imams, etc.

    It’s pretty apparent a huge amount of young Indians want nothing more than to go West young “Hindu” and wallow in materialism. Same with young” Muslims” as well.
    The old “once they’ve seen Paree, how you gonna keep them down on the farm” syndrome.

    Srila Prabhupada called Hindus who came to the West to wallow, “new crows”
    They eat more stool than old crows. (lol)
    Yes, pretty hard core, but people who claim to want spiritually profound things, claim to want to be spiritually attuned and progressing, but also want this on the cheap with little to no penance or discipline, uniformly get exactly that; cheap.

    Calvin, thanks for reconsidering.

  8. Finger pointing, the division game that ties all of humanity to conflict while forgetting the main purpose of mankind: Evolution. WE and THEY, I and THEM and ME and YOU in reality are but one tiny little particle in the organism of humanity that will need to complete its circle equally to overcome its designed blockage of spirituality, denial and separation from its source and origin.
    Death does not discriminate humanity why applying a deadly game to life for conflict and despair if not for the same old reason of deceit and treason? The signs are clear but minds are numbed with ongoing seemingly eternal conflict in the same OLD Babylon that repeats itself all over again and again.
    Beyond religion the soul stays untouched. In religion or atheism it is transformed and either withers as all is opposed that is not like me or blossoms in undiscriminating love for all that are as One. Pointing fingers goes in one direction only: To one self as one that lives “above oneself”.
    One people in variety but united in equality, love and creation serving only creation as oneself while patiently waiting to become complete again as the “troubled brother” slowly remembers the way home.

  9. (ADMIN: Not so many links please. Totally pointless. This is a site for COMMENTS. If you have something to say, say it. The fewer words the better.)

    For Pamela Geller.

    Christians in Israel face rise in hate crimes
    Cleansing Nazareth: Israeli mayor turns racism to social policy

    Patrick Buchanan – “Gaza is an Israeli concentration camp.”


    Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians
    Empire Files: Israeli Army Vet’s Exposé – “I Was the Terrorist”

    Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land.

    The Stream – Black and Jewish in Israel

    Israelis: Do you believe that gentiles (goys) will be slaves for the Jews?
    Empire Files: Anti-Black Racism Reveals Israel’s White Supremacy
    Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians


    Israelis: Would Israel survive without American financial aid?
    jewish schools.
    Shocking racism in Israeli school.
    HISTORY: Jewish Slavetrade Documentary
    Learning to Hate: Israel’s Colonial Settler Children
    Israels Hilltop Youth radicalised.

    Anti-Arab Israel

  10. Dear Dr. Lasha,
    Thank you for posting my comment. I don’t believe at all that you are an Islamophic or that darkmoon.me is a Islamophobic website. If my comment gave that kind of impression then please accept my deepest apology because that was not my intention. When I mentioned your name I was referring to an article posted under your name a while ago that a group of Pakistani and Bangladeshi youth gangs were raping British girls in London in gang raps. No one has monopoly on virtue. We Muslims are human beings like all others. We have princes and paupers, saints and sinners, sages and simpletons, just like others. There may have been some Pakistani or Bangladeshi youngsters who have indulged themselves in degeneration but I am sure they must have been influenced by general decadent in western societies rather than their religion. (Again if I have misunderstood that post by you also then I beg your forgiveness for my ignorance). Under no circumstances I believe that you are anti-Muslim or anti-Islam. I hold you high in esteem and respect your points of view. Your postings of beautiful poems, melodious musical pieces and fascinating paintings show a person with tender heart and serene soul. Again I apologies if inadvertently my writing have hurt your feelings.

  11. To Hoshu Loqman :

    If the “White Supremacist Nazis” of Darkmoon are being mean to you and you feel like the whites online are not being fair to you, you know you can always write The White House and tell ((( them)) you’re the victim of online White Supremacist Nazi “hate crimes” against you because you’re a Muslim. chabad lubavitcher herut-likud President ((( javanka))) wants to hear about your plight in the Noosphere. President ((( javanka))) wants to hear from everyone who is being treated meanly online. The White House wants to hear from everyone who is the victim of hate online, especially those who are victims of White Supremacist Nazis. JEW LERVER (((trump))) hates Nazis and he won’t countenance anyone being treated meanly by White Supremacist Nazis, especially if you’re an immigrant in America and you’re a NON-White, legal immigrant or illegal immigrant, Trump hates it when White Americans are mean to NON-Whites. We’re even expected to be nicey-nice to illegal NON-Whites in the USA. In fact, WE highly suspect the chabad lubavitcher herut-likud trump doesn’t really like White Americans, not really, so he would LERV to hear from you! Trump is from the gub’mint and he’s there in The White House waiting to help you, but he needs your input in order to help you, write him and tell him the online whiteys are meanies and they’re making you feel unwelcome! A Muslim feels uncomfortable online, this is an !Outrage!

    1. TROJ –

      “A Muslim feels uncomfortable online, this is an !Outrage!”

      I believe it to be really wimpy, you bully!! 🙂

      What is even funnier is that musselmen argue from the point that islam is a skin COLOR that does NOT include WHITE!! 🙂

      1. Err…..John Brennan. 🙂
        Anyhoo….I much prefer “The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom” – T E Lawrence…

    2. ADMIN: To HOSHU LUQMAN: Apologies for the delay in posting your comment. It entered our SPAM or TRASH folder because you mentioned the name “The RealOriginal Joe”, a banned poster who is always in “Spamblinka”. If you address a banned poster in Spamblinka, your own post will end up in Spam. Pay no attention to “TheRealOriginalJoe” whose comments are sometimes allowed but who is mostly banned because of his unacceptable comments. (BTW, if you had addressed this man as “TROJ” instead of “TheRealOriginalJoe”, your comment would have been posted automatically. Apologies again for this technical hitch.)

      To Therealoriginaljoe:

      It is hard for not-so-intelligent person like me to understand what is the crux and direction of your post. But let me clear my position:

      I never used the word ‘White Supermacist Nazis of darkmoon’ OR ‘they are mean to me’ OR ‘whites are not I being fair to me’ OR ‘I am the victim of online White Supermacist Nazis hate crime because I am a Muslim’. I did not use these words and I did not mean anything like that in my comment. All I said is that a serious and intellectual website like darkmoon should not give reference to a notorious hate monger like Pamela Geller to which Dr. Lasha clearly explained that it came with the original post and that she does not agree with Ms. Pamela’s thinking. That’s about it.

      I have no intention whatsoever, even figuratively, to write/call White House to lodge any complaint. President Trump’s words and actions towards Muslim and Islam are clear to all. I may disagree with them but I respect him as our President. Even though, in my humble opinion, he has done an irreparable damage to the prestigious institute of presidency of the United States of America. But history will be the better judge of that.

      Last few lines of your posting say I should ask help because “online whites are mean to me and they are making me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome”. I am lost. I don’t know what to say. I did not say or mean anything like that. I work and do business with more white people than non-white and I never have feelings of being not comfortable or unwelcome. I cannot say anything further.

      1. @ Hoshi Luqman

        Don’t let TROJ upset you. He’s just trying to wind you up by making a list of false accusations. He is a mischief maker. Every village has its Village Idiot. TROJ is the Darkmoon’s site licensed clown, Fool, or Village Idiot. We allow him to comment here occasionally as a diversion. Best to ignore him. (Except when he is being serious and sincere, which is once in every 10-20 posts, according to whether he has taken his medication or not.)

  12. Those statistics are meaningless because in Muslim countries it is much harder to find women out and about alone to rape, but when they do mega gang rapes are the order of the day. Just look up taharrush gamea to see what they do to women in the street when they find them alone. Muslims themselves know what other Muslims are like and that is why they protect, hide, and chaperone their wives, daughters, mothers, and even grandmothers. Sure not all Muslims are like that but how are they to know who is who. I wonder what advice this Muslim has for white women to stay safe in a society invaded by Muslim migrants. Convert to islam, wear a burqa, stay at home behind locked doors, avoid muslim men who you are not related to, etc. Then may as well convert all of society to islam.

  13. ”I Accuse the Darkmoon Website of Islamophobia!”
    is just another way to say “i hate you”.
    their fruit does not fall far from the tree.

    1. @ Red Pill

      LD chose the title, not Hoshu Luqman, so you must blame her for that. She accepts full responsibility for the title. However, Hoshu’s original comment did suggest that the article was unfair to Muslims, if only by citing the notorious Islamophobe Pamela Geller.

      1. Islamophobe Pamela Geller would gag a maggot,
        that thing make me sick to look at her, (read her drivel)
        she is just a race baiter of the worse kind.
        jews are the best lairs on planet earth.

      2. RP –

        “she is just a race baiter”…???


    2. >>>”I Accuse the Darkmoon Website of Islamophobia!”
      >>is just another way to say “i hate you”.

      no, its a way of saying “you’re afraid of me” which is somewhat self-flattering to the accuser

      the truth is mooslims are unwanted by most in the west, which is not quite so flattering

  14. I would have thought that most at this site would claim that Jews are behind the immigrant invasion. Whether it is “some Jews and others”, ” most Jews” or just “Jews”, now that there is a Jewish woman that actually does not support immigration and is opposed to the islamisation of the west you feel the need to lambast her. I know she is pro Israel but that is a different issue we can oppose her on. At least give her some credit for actually not promoting the muslim invasion, unlike some other Jews.

    And by the way this conflict with the muslims is not a clash of civilisations but a clash of civilisation and barbarism. Now I know muslims would claim that they are the civilisation and we the barbarism, and in certain respects they may be right, but that is because of the erosion and decadence of our civilisation. But still, though there is much truth in some of their criticism, they firmly represent barbarism. Still I wouldn’t take this conflict to the global stage but have each live separately. But then they want Islam to cover the earth and see no reason why others shouldn’t accept them although they hardly accept others in their own countries. I mean what is the percentage of Finns in any muslim country? Muslims even persecute their own Arab Christians and Yazidis so presumably most Christians would prefer to stay in their own countries.

  15. To: Commentator Mike

    After reading your post I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. You said that my statistics are meaningless because in Muslim countries it is much harder to find women out alone to rape because they are locked behind doors. What kind of world you are living in? Please buy an electronic device like Ruku that costs less than $100 through which you can watch televisions of the world. Please take some time and watch TV’s of Muslim countries like Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria, etc. etc. you will see programs produced and directed by of women, you’ll see news programs anchored by women, there are women who are doctors, engineers, members of parliament, prime ministers, minsters, etc. Women are working almost in all walks of life shoulder to shoulder with men.

    Very small percentage of women can be seen wearing burqas in cities of Muslim countries. Some do in rural areas but not in towns. Yes, we like to see our women folk to dress modestly. We don’t want to see our women half-naked or half-nude like every decent man would not want. Have you ever seen a painting or a statue of Mother Mary having bikini, or tight skirt or half-naked? She is always covered and modestly dressed. That’s how we want our women folk to dress. At the same time we don’t force or require other women to dress the way we like. We want only our women to dress modestly and cover their bodies. Is there anything wrong about it? If you look honestly ‘western feminism’ has brought more misery to women than good.

    Your last comment that Muslims hide their wives, daughters or mothers because they don’t trust other Muslim men. What kind of twisted logic is this? It shows that you have not met or are friends with a Muslim family. Again please watch some TV’s of Muslim countries and see their gatherings, religious or otherwise, see their weddings or birthday parties and you’ll see men and women enjoying in the same room or hall like families do. Even in USA or in Europe please visit a Muslim wedding or gathering or parties where men and women are mixed together and you’ll feel a family like atmosphere.

    As far as you asking what advice I would give to a white woman. I’ll give same advice to a white woman as to a non-white woman (assuming she is part of my family): No alcohol, no drugs, no pork, be mindful of your honor and chastity and above all be a good human being.

    1. Ok, there are a variey of muslim countries. I was implying the more extreme ones (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan) you the more secular ones. And Muslim countries have been changing from more secular to more extreme, and in no small part due to American aggression, as well as the growing influence of the extremists. Obviously the Muslim “refugees” who end up in Europe would be a problem even in muslim societies but then those societies would deal harshly with them, and far harsher than Europen courts or the affected victims treat them.

      As far as clitorectomy is concerned, it is also practiced by muslims in Southeast Asia.

      But anyway, whenever a muslim does something inappropriate they are then condemned, or is it excused, as being “bad” muslims, or not proper muslims, but we rarely hear the religious leaders saying that Americans who bomb Muslim countries aren’t “good” Christians and are not practicing Christianity properly. And, by the way, I am sure those rowdy immigrant kids swamping Europe are very well versed in the Koran. As far as I know, in countries they come from, they are obliged to attend the mosques and madrassas from an early age.

      What I wrote does not hold for all Muslim countries, but neither does what you mentioned. But if each stuck to their own countries it wouldn’t really matter whether we misunderstood each other’s religions and cultures, would it?

  16. Jews are Judaic in their religious beliefs only as far as its fits within their imaginative, self-assigned limitations. So it is with offshoot Christians and Muslims. All follow the imagined interpretations of the personality cult inspired by false religious leaders, while none follow the examples set by true teachers and their teachings. Therefore, one must move beyond religion when seeking spiritual enlightenment. No true teacher is religious in the traditional sense of a religionist.

    Thus, all three Judaic based religions only follow that which serves their personal beliefs and interests. The Gnostic Christian sect and the earlier Essene claimed the foundation of Judaism was brought forth with a corruption of the original teachings by Ezra, an alleged “prophet” and “priest” who allegedly usurped the original teachings to form a new Temple power structure run by a greedy, elite priesthood seeking power and wealth.

    Reviewing Jewish teachings from the Torah to the Talmud proves this is most likely the case. When examining the history of the Catholic church, it is obvious how early Jewish Christians corrupted the teachings of Jesus in like manner to form their revised Temple system now called the “church.” This new church’s teachings were nothing more than further revision of the original interpretations of Ezra that brought forth the corruption of the second Temple. Think not? Compare Jesus’ Essene lifestyle and his words with that of the Temple elite, the differences are obvious. Now compare the Pope and his Vatican with both the second Temple’s physical and religious structures, the similarities are obvious.

    No true teacher seeks fame or fortune, as they have no need for things this material world offers; both words and lifestyles prove this fact. Yet fame and fortune are exactly what their foremost, self professed, adherents sought, and still seek today. If people actually adopted their original teacher’s lifestyles, while adhering to their teachings, the world would bear scant semblance to what is experienced today.

    However, all teachers know this is impossible, for that is not the design of this material world. Thus, while all humans have the potential for spiritual advancement, these teachers address only the rare few capable of achieving results from such knowledge. The rest of humanity remains mired in the base elements of man’s essential natures, e.g. greed, hatred, envy, and lust for the imagined profits of this illusory world.

    For such individuals, religion is naught more than a stepping-stone to fulfill their worldly lusting for power, fame and fortune. This is the fundamental design behind our existence. It can no more be altered than an eagle is able to swim the depths with the whale. This is the design that enables those who seek, to suffer the forging flames presented by this world so they might move beyond the intensity of their desires. The remainder of humanity repeatedly cycles through these lessons until at some point, they too awaken to this world of illusion. Think of this world as a factory for forging completed souls by a process that results mostly in failure; after all, isn’t that how the evolutionary process works?

    This world can indeed be altered, but not the design enabling this to be so. For those not liking what they see in this world, or the existence it provides, the solution is simple – Give up everything in this world forever, fully and completely. However, in practice one finds this far more difficult than one might first suspect.

  17. @Hoshu Luqman May 21, 2019 at 4:20 pm
    Peace be unto you!

    I might suggest that the reason there is less rape in Muslim countries is that the potential rapists WILL NOT touch a girl who has a STRONG MAN protecting her, they KNOW what would happen to them, unlike in America where fathers and mothers EMBRACE the rapist/murderers of their daughters. One Christian family even adopted the black rapist murderer of their daughter. They TIRELESSLY worked to get him paroled and they did.

    NO MUSLIM Father, or BROTHER would let such a FIEND survive…and in Muslim countries the bad boys KNOW this.
    All one has to do is go to Chechnya and try that on THEIR girls. And that is how MEN deal with things of HONOR.

    What you say about the cities in many Muslim countries is true, sadly.
    They are lured by the Enemy of Humanity’s wiles.
    And, believe me, they KNOW what they are doing.
    Exporting of Hollyweird’s FILTH and music has already WEAKENED those nations.

    But God has promised an end to it. And God, as we see from history, keeps His Promise.
    He will now.
    And may God have Mercy on us.

  18. HOSHU
    It must take a special kind of chutzpah to claim that gangs of muslim immigrants raping and murdering white females in western countries are only doing it because they were corrupted by the western culture after they got here.. you say a thing like that and you expect people to take you seriously?
    Don’t get me too wrong though…
    The fact of the matter is that western females are overbearing, constantly assaulting men with the way they dress and act..
    High school girls cut their tops off their Jeans right down to the bikini level, often shaving their pubic hair where it is exposed… a teacher I know told me. – “I don’t see that”….
    The hell he doesn’t…
    I talked to a young man, who had just graduated college with teaching credentials… he told me he could not hope to get a job teaching high school because he was probably a “predator”…
    Guess who the “predators” really are..
    I’m not 100% certain our society wouldn’t be quite a bit better off, if our females were a lot less aggressive with their sexuality….
    Restricting that is not likely happening through the state, the corporate state, which pushes sex constantly over all its media, now even upon toddlers in kindercare, with explicit drawings and long dictates on gender ‘choices’…
    What rapist is going to be left off the hook here, because he was too horny and he saw a thong???
    Maybe in Somalia… not here…
    Rape really is about sex, despite what you’ve been told about it being just an act of violence by another means… while sexual starvation is guaranteed to eventually reduce men to the animal level,
    the teasing doesn’t help…
    You’ve probably seen the night vision video of the Muslim fighters having sex with goats..
    The one I saw – they little white goat braced herself with her front feet.. she’d been there before..
    When they stand up on the bar rail now and shake their asses, I ask them if they really want to do something or if they’re just here to tease…
    If something called ‘sexual degeneration’ can in fact ruin societies, it’s probably given that capitalism will push that driver all the way over the edge, and all the females-in-competition will be instigating right along with it to the flaming end.
    The security state considers the Male its primary rival, and it cultivates control over the female..
    Big religion does the same thing… they work together on that..
    and somebody tell ANNABEL men aren’t afraid of ‘commitment’…
    They’re afraid of lawyers in cahoots with the state…
    Many a man has been kicked out of his own house just because his female roommate told cops he did something…
    Judges have ordered men to pay child support to females they allowed to move in with them, after not much time in cohabitation, for children the female brought with her that weren’t even his…
    Accusations of misconduct with children are regular in divorces now… nobody believes that anymore..
    Whereas previously the Male had quite a bit more influence, as remains in Muslim countries, at this point the western religio-corporate state has pretty well killed the natural male-female mutuality..
    So it isn’t as if we western white men are not willing to exchange information with muslims…
    But, speaking for all the new age pagans, we see clearly religion as generally detrimental in the struggle for progress..
    We do prefer to err on the side of freedom in the USA..
    And us Americans consider our constitutional republic, for all its faults and ugly history, a huge improvement on the old world deified monarchies and totalitarian religious theocracies…

    1. This is why Vets who have fought in Middle East conflicts for the JWO…..are considered dangerous lunatics who should not be allowed anywhere near a firearm….Of course Bolton, Dubya, Clinton and numerous others calling the shots now, shirked their duties then……..

  19. HOSHU LUQMAN is being tribal and illogical.

    I recommend he read the blog of Syed Akbar Ali (SAA), a self described Quran fundamentalist.

    Incidentally SAA is also very witty, informed and intelligent. He is author of ‘Malaysia and the Club of Doom – The Collapse of the Islamic Countries’

    Over the 12 years that I have read his blog I learned :

    1. Hardly any Muslims read the Quran – that they take to be the word of God.

    2. Muslims are “obsessed with Sex!, Sex!, Sex!” (SAA quote)

    3.There is nothing objectionable in the Quran. Not one of the 5 Pillars is in the Quran.

    4.The behavior of Muslims is based on Judaism and Old Testament ways that they reverted to after the death of The Prophet. The best (forensic detail) reference on this is the book Biblical Mullahs, that you may find on the net.

    If a Muslim can be defined as a follower of the Quran then none of the overwhelmingly male fighting age low IQ imports into Europe are Muslims. QED: LD could not possibly have insulted Muslims.

  20. Tribalism was used before “racism” was invented in 1936 by yehudi/jehudi:

    The Curious Beginnings of a Useless Word

    by Samuel Francis


    The Oxford English Dictionary is a multivolume reference work that is one of Western scholarship’s most remarkable achievements – the standard dictionary of the English language on what are known as “historical principles.” Unlike most dictionaries, the OED also provides information on the first historical appearance and usage of words. The range of the erudition in the OED is often astounding, but for American Renaissance readers, one of its most interesting entries is for the word “racism.”

    According to the second edition (1989) of the OED, the earliest known usage of the word “racism” in English occurred in a 1936 book by the American “fascist,” Lawrence Dennis, The Coming American Fascism. The second usage of the term in English that the OED records is in the title of a book originally written in German in 1933 and 1934 but translated into English and first published in 1938 – Racism by Magnus Hirschfeld, translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Since Hirschfeld died in 1935, before the publication of Dennis’ book the following year, and had already used the word extensively in the text and title of his own book, it seems only fair to recognize him rather than Dennis as the originator of the word “racism.” In the case of the word “racist” as an adjective, the OED ascribes the first known usage to Hirschfeld himself. Who was Magnus Hirschfeld and what did he have to tell us about “racism”?

    Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was a German-Jewish medical scientist whose major work was in the field of what came to be known as “sexology” – the scientific study of sex. Like Havelock Ellis in England and Alfred Kinsey in the United States, Hirschfeld was not only among the first to collect systematic information about sexuality but also was an apostle of sexual “liberation.” His major work was a study of homosexuality, but he also published many other books, monographs, and articles dealing with sex. He wrote a five-volume treatise on “sexology” as well as some 150 other works and helped write and produce five films on the subject.

  21. Let me make this plain for all to understand.

    A GOOD MUSLIM is a VERY VERY bad PERSON. A BAD MUSLIM is a good person.. Let me explain….

    A person totally in agreement with Islamic teachings will study the life of Mohammad. An honest person will see that the LIFE of Mohammad as mentioned in ALL their sacred books tell the story of Mohammad’s life which was filled with murder, rape, terrorism, slavery, booty, torture, and the list goes on quoting from what was written from the Sunnah as recorded by Bukhari, Muslim, Ishaq, and Tabari—Islam’s earliest and more trusted sources, and of course these these official works include the Sira, Ta’rikh, Hadith, and Qur’an

    If a GOOD MUSLIM follows the life of Mohammad through these written words then they would be emulating their Holy Prophet Mohammad, thus, then they would obviously be in agreement with the life of Mohammad. Not a good thing…If most people studied the life of Mohammad verses lets say Jesus Christ then most people would NEVER become a Muslim….

    If ANY are serious of leaning about Mohammad I would suggest going here:


    Go down to the appendixes and download what the facts about Mohammad and Islam are. Don’t be fooled by all this Islamic peace nonsense because remember, People WORSHIP Mohammad, and if that is the case you got people that are going to agree with whatever he did in his life…..WHATEVER he did……and a lot of it was DIABOLICAL and those BAD MUSLIMS who preach all this peace, love, dove, are obviously ignorant of the real life of what that Prophet said and did.

    Anyone that studies the life of Mohammad will come to the conclusion that he was demon possessed….I challenge anyone to prove me wrong here…

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