‘’The Old Man in the Sky
by Xanadu

Tradotto in Italiano da GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI 


Lacrime, lacrime, lacrime, infinite lacrime!
Lassù nel cielo
Un Vecchio, antico di anni,
Guarda giù con occhio asciutto.
Un Vecchio tutto solo
Sopra le nuvole lassù in alto
Seduto su un trono dorato
E angeli che gli volano intorno.
Non deridere, amico mio, non deridere!
Il Saggio lassù lontano
Egli sa, prepara il tuo destino,
Da briciole di Amor vero.
Le piccole stelle che brillano,
Egli le incolla in cielo
Ed ogni scintillio
Che vedi, e ogni sospiro,

Lui li fa per te e per me, amico,
(che quì piangi, lamenti e urli)
Per sconosciuti motivi, amico
Non chiedere il perché.

26 thoughts to “IL VECCHIO IN CIELO”

  1. A beautifully poem beautifully translated. Thank you!

    — Laura

  2. The old man in the sky…
    The “old man” that was never born nor will die is not limited to the sky. He can even be found in his children that neglect or deny his existence or worship the opposition. The sky has no limits. A human mind could do like wise if it was not conditioned by its own “I created God in my image” thinking.

  3. SEPARATION is a key to the Kingdom of God. I am that I AM. GOD and me, me and GOD, are ONE.

    Yet, I think I am NOT! I know not GOD, not you, not even my Self. I separated. After my separation, I lost both knowledge and, virtually, all memory, too!

    So, I have no wherewithal to argue with you, or even disagree with my Self. Somewhere, somehow, somewhen, I disagree with my own disagreement.

    I AM. I AM ONE. Beyond the sophistry of Martin Buber’s “I and THOU”, I find a field of unity, within.

    1. Oh shut up, you old fool! You take the prize for being the Darkmoon’s site Ultimate Bore. An attention-seeking, narcissistic, pompous prat.

      1. Thank you, COSMO, surely a fake name that suits you well! Please send my prize to the address you’ll find on my web site! Ultimate Bore! Love it! You can’t imagine how many of my correspondents would second your emotion!

        To my wife of 30 years (of marriage, not age), I am the ultimate sedative! A non-pharmaceutical alternative to Xanax, zolpidem, beverage alcohol, and MOAR! Wind that old man up on a topic du jour, happy snoozin’ assured!

        And, you are absolutely correct, right on the money. I do seek attention — I got yours, for sure! — I do enjoy looking into silvered glass as a spiritual discipline (got me there, dead to rights!), and “pompous prat”…I’ll have to look that up and work on that!

        Love you a lot, Cosmo!

    2. @ COSMO 5-9-2019, 1744 hours (PDT)
      I feel sure Admin and others hover about our exchanges, COSMO. Yogi Bhajan’s many students, some of whom are now Teachers, not to mention superb musicians!, are well positioned to defend — as if! your attacks are so worthlessly flimsy! — the honor of their Teacher. I recommend YB’s work for those who have no basis for understanding MIND. I spent most of my academic and subsequent professional life attempting to understand “mind”. YB’s series of lectures, in my judgment, is worth your time, and all others, who would like to get a handle on “MIND” — a most valuable milestone in one’s life, I’d say.

      You, sir, BRAY. I recommend PRAYer and fasting, a Universal remedy for dyspepsia.

  4. I second that. The man is essentially an attention-seeking narcissist with paranoid delusions of grandeur. Totally lacking in modesty and good manners. Every post of his proclaims with a fanfare: “I AM ALAN DONELSON AND I AM GOD!”

    I’m sorry to see that the Darkmoon site sees fit to publish the egotistical ravings of this senile driveller.

    1. @ Silent Reader
      @ Cosmo

      You are needlessly harsh to Alan Donelson, a distinguished septuagenarian American poet who considers himself Ezra Pound’s disciple and worthy successor. The fact that Alan has somehow managed to achieve Oneness with God and can proclaim quite unashamedly “I AM GOD”, is not something that should anger you. It should please you.

      That a chicken butcher from California should reach this state of transcendental identification with Almighty God, Lord of the Universe, is something we should all admire and aspire to in our own lives. We are obviously on a far lower rung of the spiritual ladder than Alan, but there is still hope for us all, I feel sure.

      Perhaps Alan will consent to be our guru and teach us what we can do to improve ourselves and expand our consciousness. If Alan is indeed God, as he has informed us more than once, maybe he will be kind enough give us some useful tips how to become gods also.

      1. Sardonicus, thank you for the opportunity to reject the mantle of GOD, guru, and Teacher, which I have neither earned nor do I wish to bear. Let all be clear on this (image of Richard Nixon waving hands with two fingers pointed the (then) chemtrail-less skies): At best, probably not worst, I serve as a node in an informational network. I am not GOD, not a Teacher, I have no credentials. OK?

        Any and all helpful tips I might pass on emanate from much more experienced, “authoritative” sources than this, a poor ignorant soul! I do unabashedly highly recommend the work and teachings of Yogi Bhajan, a most irreligious “guru”. That’s for you, finding you, not for me.

        Thank you.

        1. @ Alan Donelson

          Yogi Bhajan, eh? If a person like you is the product of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, that’s one yogi I’ll be giving a miss.

          If after falling under the influence of Yogi Bhajan, you have learned nothing from the experience, neither humility nor modesty, but remain one of the biggest attention-seeking braggarts and bigmouths I’ve ever come across, that doesn’t say much for your spiritual mentor, does it?

          Pretentious poseurs like you are two a penny, sir. Try and brag about yourself a bit less. You are too full of yourself.

      2. @Cosmo RE Yogi Bhajan

        I reference the works and wisdom of Yogi Bhajan, not as “my” teacher, as a capital-T Teacher. If you judge YB based on your perception, judgement of me, well, you have missed the mark! Fool! How can you judge a Teacher by the tom-foolery of a student? I, not even a FORMAL STUDENT! Can’t be done. You flunked that one! How you can inferentially besmirch the work of such a Teacher, I cannot fathom. Then, I read of Talmudic references to the fate of Jesus. Oh, no! Now you will accuse me of being Jesus!

        By the fruits of one’s labors, one manifests one’s Self. If the words I write have no value to you or anyone, fine, I failed. If I write true to Self, then you fail. Choose.

      3. @ Alan Donelson

        I reject your false logic. Anyone who falls under the influence of a wise man is made a bit wiser thereby. If you remain an attention-seeking clown, an obnoxious braggart and narcissist, after falling under the influence of Yogi Bhajan, it follows that Yogi Bhajan cannot be worth studying.

        Not if YOU are are the end result of exposure to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

      4. Would you read the works of a particular philosopher mystic if a serial killer or pedophile recommended them?

        Personally, I wouldn’t.

        So I’m not going to read the works of Yogi Bhajan precisely because YOU, a man I cannot respect because of your sanctimonious pomposity, has recommended the works of Yogi Bhajan. You have spoilt Yogi Bhajan for me forever.

    2. Running the gauntlet to become worthy of knighthood or other exalted status within the quo; surviving a very high BAC during a “fraternity’s initiation”, only a few die of alcohol poisoning, after all; thank you for the feedback, Silent Reader! “Attention-seeking narcissist” — I confess, ’tis true! I celebrate the reality and myth of Narcissus, to whom your attention might well be directed with value returned commensurate with your investment (ROI).

      Graciousness a precious quality in each of us, you manifest a lack thereof. Fine. I have dogs that bark, so I feel comfortable with your braying.

      1. @ Donelson the Driveler


        COSMO: This is a largely unmonitored website. You and others like you have been taking advantage of this to post angry and obnoxious off-topic comments here which bring the site into disrepute. As a result of several email complaints and security alerts by persistent troublemakers, no further comments attempting to derail discussion and to engage in fatuous self-promotion will be allowed on this website. All comments coming from known troublemakers will henceforth be closely monitored. — Admin Toby

        1. @ Alan Donelson

          Your future comments will be monitored.

          1. @ Admin


            Good try, MB, but this is not the type of comment we appreciate. Your future comments, like those of other persistent troublemakers and exhibitionists, will be closely monitored from now on. We’ve been having too many email complaints about certain posters who have ben abusing our website, and we intend to crack down hard on these nasty little pests.

            — ADMIN TOBY

  5. A poem published on in English, later as a translated version in Italian. What’s the difference?

    Light and darkness, for those whose only language is “English”, and for those whose only language is “Italian”. For those, like my dear wife of 30 years — of marriage — who developed and maintained MULTIPLE compartments in personal, infinite storage “units” in MIND, which provides MORE THAN AMPLE space for learning and applying many different languages, two versions of the same poem in two languages is a no-brainer. Not for me, a brainy guy.

    I say, the separation of GOD and man is an enduring LIE. If your religion, or framework of thought, presumes, assumes, or dictates SEPARATION of GOD and you, you have ventured onto a road more traveled than you might wish to choose! Take you longer to circle back to ONEness!

    Here’s my take on that tough thought.


    I napped for a moment,
    Then slept for a while.
    Which lasted longer?
    I answered with a smile.

    Awake, groggy, I hear
    Frogs sing of procreation.
    I see misty Light inside me,
    Night’s mistaken identity,
    Day’s Creator afoot again.

    acd 22Dec2018
    (previously shared)

      1. Thank you, Pat. Most timely and valuable. I have an extraneous growth that may well prove “cancerous”. My failing eyesight points the way to blindness. As a Pharmacologist, by education, training, and experience, I shy away from any and all practices Big Med, Big Pharma. I have only recently pursued the “alchemy” of the human body as understood from ancient times. (Have to put in a good word for the works and recipes of Yogi Bhajan here.)

        When it’s time for me to go, I’ll go happily. Until then, I have a lotta work to do!


      2. Thank you, Pat. Linked and obtained. Great value — I have a “growth” growing, clinic will see me next month (!). My eyesight has failed gradually over the past six months, heading toward blindness. I’d leave happily tomorrow. GOD, I fear, has other plans for me. Hence my gratitude for any and all suggestions. I know my education, training, and expertise in Pharmacology benefits my situation very little.

        SORRY for any duplication in posting!

      3. AD –

        Oxalic Acid is a normal element in blood and has been reported to have a mean value of 288mcg of anhydrous oxalic acid/ 100ml of blood, page 85, “Oxalic Acid in Biology and Medicine” written by A. Hodgkinson 1977. When oxalic acid falls below an effective level the immune system can no longer protect the body from various diseases. When the immune system can no longer eliminate abnormal cells, radical cells are allowed to develop and give rise to a detectable tumor.

      4. Don’t forget Linus Pauling and mega-doses of Vitamin C! It may well turn on pH — acidity! — which both oxalic acid and Vitamin C provide. So does sulfuric acid, of course. One has still to exercise discernment, especially with self-medication!

        Thank you, very gracious of you!

      5. AD –

        Danger! Do more research of patent and read the book pdf.
        It is not the acidity per se.

        I have been aware of Pauling since the 50s. Vit C is ascorbic acid.

        BUT… CITRIC acid is to be avoided at all costs if you have any growth. It causes cancer by causing the kidneys to flush all acid through activation of Krebs Cycle, the citric acid cycle(CAC). Do not eat any citrus at all. It is the main cause of cancer, abnormal growths & arthritis!!

      6. I take sodium bicarbonate weekly, an ancient and powerful anti-acid stuff. Not to be recommended if you have high blood pressure or kidney deficiencies.

        About cancer, some say vitamin B17 is the cure, it’s a research from the 70s. Obviously, some say it’s a lie.

      7. NBTT –


        Baking soda is great stuff. I use a weak solution often. My wife finally uses half a teaspoon in a glass of water daily at my urging for years & threw away Rx acid reflux pills.

        I have taken B17, amygdalin, since 70s. Got apricot pits from Ed Griffin at American Media then, now Reality Zone. Same Ed who wrote Creature From Jekyll Island. Good guy. Apple seeds have the same helpful ingredient – cyanide. That’s what makes them bitter. Apricot seeds even more bitter.

        Cancer erupts in over acid conditions in the body. Krebs Cycle removes it by causing kidneys to flush. Baking soda neutralizes it. You can search baking soda cancer cures.

        More on Krebs Cycle:

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