In the Bleak Midwinter: A Victorian Christmas Carol

‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ appeared in its original form as a poem, entitled simply ‘A Christmas Carol’. It was written in 1872 by the great English poet Christina Rossetti (pictured) . It became a world-famous Christmas carol only after it had been set to music by Gustave Holst in 1906.

Video 1 below features only the music—without any words—to a background of exquisitely evocative winter scenes. The second video features the voice of Susan Boyle singing the carol itself to a stunning visual background of snow country pictures. 

VIDEO 1  :  2.45 mins

VIDEO 2 :  3.35 mins

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  1. Christmas message to our readers:

    Happy Christmas, everyone! We’re having a break from the “heavy stuff” over the festive period, but please feel free to continue to discuss the serious issues that happen to be on your mind.

    If you would like to make off-topic comments on other issues, or offer poems or philosophical reflections of your own, that will be more than welcome. You can do this on this thread, or on the previous thread, or on the next non-political thread tomorrow.

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    1. @ADMIN re “Happy Christmas, everyone!”

      Hate to appear pedantic… BUT it’s about time peopele LEARNT before the ERROR passes PERMANENTLY into comman parlance: It’s not “HAPPY” Christmas BUT “MERRY” Christmas.

      “HAPPY”, however, is perfectly OK in conjunction with “New Year”.

      You’re Welcome. Glad I could help.

      ADMIN TOBY: Thanks for your good wishes. Much appreciated! In regard to my greeting — “HAPPY Christmas, everyone!”, this is not an error on my part, I assure you. I’m quite aware, from receiving thousands of Christmas cards over the years, that “MERRY Christmas” is the correct conventional greeting, not “Happy Christmas”.

      However, I am vaguely repelled by the use of the word “merry” because of its association with alcohol, boisterous mirth, and enforced jollity, and so I use the word “HAPPY” in preference. After all, wouldn’t you rather be happy on Christmas day than merry?

      You can be merry and miserable at the same time, after all, but you can’t be happy and miserable at the same time, can you? 🙂

    2. @ Admin Toby

      Merry Christmas to all those here who celebrate and may your New Year be Peaceful, Happy and Healthy! I would like to extend Warm Wonderful Hanukkah Wishes to my fellow Jews which undoubtedly include LD. I will prove to all here after the New Year that LD is a Jew. Admin, your edit to my previous post was correct that the level of intelligence by many of your posters here is no doubt extraordinary and quite remarkable. 2020 will afford the best in class here … something to really unravel. 🙂

  2. In the bleak midwinter we remember with deep sadness the tragic end of Ruth’s husband who was devoured by a lion a few minutes after the newlyweds tied-the-knot. May Ruth have better luck with her next husband if she can ever get over the heartache of seeing her first husband devoured by a lion.

  3. This is kind of off topic. Somehow the Poem by English!! Italian? poet Rossetti reminded me of the futuristic Novel “A Canticle For Liebowitz” by Walter M. Miller. Jr. First published in 1959 and many, many republished editions, this humble correspondent considers Miller’s extraordinary novel a masterpiece placed in the 32st century and is one of the great novels of the 20th.
    I’m sure many of us old farts have read this book. This is for you younger guys and gals. Get yourself a copy at a used book store. You will never regret having read it.
    Happy Christ’s-mass and Merry News Year.

  4. ALL –

    I wish you and your families a joyous healthful Christmas with many blessings through 2020 and beyond.

  5. Merry Christmas to all those who make a reality! John Scott, Lasha, Toby, Monica, etc.

    I’ve been a silent reader for many years, I learned a lot with you guys, darkmooners. A year ago I decided to post, and what an incredible year! What a privilege! A school of thought we have here.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everybody!!

  6. I, too, have been a silent reader for many years — mainly because, lol, uncle threw me into Spamblinka and kept me there for years and years and years. This one is for uncle, who works so hard every day [ protecting the heliocentric theory from “the reprobates”, those who are so brazenly blasphemous they actually ask Empirical-science-based questions about heliocentrism , ] ; May uncle know some Peace tonight, Christmas Eve, and may he sleep like a baby [ so he gets some good rest considering how hard he works protecting The Religion of The Sun from “the amaleks”]. Some rest would do him Good!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in ADMIN. You all do a great job! EXCEPT when it comes to the Flat Earth Geocentrism versus Spherical Earth Heliocentrism debate [ in which case ADMIN leaves A LOT to be desired ] . May 2020 be The Year you all open your minds to another worldview, at least a little bit, allow some questioning of heliocentrism, at least a little bit, not be so CENSORIOUS of Flat Earthers, let us have our say, at least every once in awhile ;

    May 2020 be The Year ADMIN repents from its’ typical heliocentric obtuse obfuscating ways and changes course and steers Darkmoon towards the truth [ whatever the truth may be ]. “To repent” means “to change course”. Can’t find the truth unless you ask a lot of questions. Finding truth requires Curiosity. Curiosity and Questions go together. May the shutting-down of questioning of heliocentrism be something from the dark ages of NWO “Catholic” Teilhard’s Noosphere.

    Videre Licet is an Eternal Light, Christ’s Eternal Light.

  7. THEREALORIGINALJOE (and to all Christians-darkmoonians-truthseekers)
    “Finding truth requires Curiosity. Curiosity and Questions go together” *
    Yes, but there is a snag:
    Thomas Aquinas declared that holy dogma of the Church, coupled with Aristotle’s teaching was quite enough to answer any thinkable question, and any further search for the truth is unnecessary/superfluous and criminal.
    He was canonized as a Saint, Rodgher Bacon was put in jail. Development of math, physics, astronomy and philology was stopped for 3 centuries.
    Merry Christmas!!!

    *It is possible to answer any question if… (Plato)

    1. How easy it is to abuse your intellectual superiors! Have you even bothered to read Thomas Aquinas? In the original Latin? All 24 volumes of the Summa Theologia? No, I bet you haven’t! Your post is worthless if you are unable to back up your assertions with reliable references and links. Can you do that?

    2. Yeah well, I didn’t twist Thomas Aquinas’ arm and force him to say what he said. I didn’t throw Roger Bacon in jail.
      I didn’t stop development of math, physics, astronomy and philology for 3 centuries — or 3 seconds. I like debate. We all learn a lot by debating. Stop hassling me, Nikolay. Unless of course your boss in the helio Academic-Science MAFIA has ordered you to hassle me. In which case you have to obey orders or you’ll be out of a job, right? In addition to getting fired, do you think your boss would send some neanderthal goons after you and give you a good beating if you were to disobey his orders and stop hassling me? If you want to start a flame war with me — go ahead, I don’t care, I’m not afraid. I never lost a flame war ever. I always win flame wars, always. Just a heads-up. You’ve been warned. I like to warn my opponents up-front, it’s only fair. I like fair play, that’s because I’m a gentleman, 🙂 .


      Maybe it was possible for Plato to answer any question … I don’t know ; ALL I know is … It is IMpossible for whiddlejoew to answer any question [ or make any kind of reply to anybody ] with uncle the baboon goon around.

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