Is America in Her Final Days?  Will America Be Here Next Year, Next Decade? 

Paul Craig Roberts
October 10, 2019 via Truthseeker

With an update by Lasha Darkmoon

Will the American People Rise Against Adam Shit, the Bitch Pelosi, and the Nadler Turd and Save their Country from Ruin, or will the American People Submit to The Rule By Lies?  What Confidence Can We Have in the American People?

America is being destroyed by the Deep State . . . and Trump is trying to stop them.
“If the American people allow this to happen, they are destroying themselves.”
Paul Craig Roberts  

Many people regard Matt Taibbi (pictured) as a leftist as he writes for the sometimes foolish Rolling Stone magazine. I regard Taibbi as a vicious truth-teller, who, leftwing or not, has integrity and intelligence far above the Identity Politics American left who are not even worth wiping your ass with.

Taibbi’s truthful account (see here) tells you that the Democrats are incapable of speaking any truth, and so is the whore American media that services the Democrats and the Deep State.

The Democrats are serial liars.

They are destroying the fragile political stability of the United States.  A country – whose unity has been destroyed by Identity Politics, whose middle class jobs have been offshored to Asia by corrupt American corporations kowtowing to corrupt Wall Street, a country whose media on which the Founding Fathers relied to protect American liberty from a rapacious State is the complete and total whore of the oligarchs who control the explanations and the agendas – is no longer a country, no longer a people.

Overrun by immigration, America is a Tower of Babel.

In American politics, the oligarchs are accustomed to deciding with their campaign contributions who are the candidates for President, Senate, and House for both Republicans and Democrats. That way they stay in control regardless of which party wins the elections.

Trump is an exception to this.
Trump is the product of a people’s revolt. 

It caught the oligarchs off guard.

They thought Hillary had it all wrapped up.  They are determined to get Trump out because they are fearful of having an outsider in the White House for 8 years.

If they believe any of the Democrat-military/security-presstitute propaganda, they are self-destructing.

The question of our time is:  Do the American people have enough intelligence to survive?

The Democrats, military/security complex, and presstitutes are betting “No.”

Dear Americans: if you are so stupid, so indoctrinated, and so brainwashed that you let yourselves be made into  total slaves, slavery  is the fate you will deserve!

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LD (update) : Paul Craig Roberts goes on to explain why Trump is being impeached and why the Deep State is out to get him. He does this by giving the link to an article written by Roger D. Harris.

Roger D. Harris is on the state central committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, the only ballot-qualified socialist party in California.

Here is a slightly abridged version of the article. This concentrates on the main points. (LD) 

An Unfaithful Servant of Imperialism:
The Real Reason Trump Is Facing Impeachment

by Roger D. Harris

“The United States,” Donald Trump tweeted on October 9, 2019,  “has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East. Thousands of our Great Soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE WORST DECISION EVER MADE.”

Granted Trump may arguably be more corrupt than Biden. But that’s splitting hairs over which crook is more crooked. Bullying vassal states and “doing well by doing good” are indicators of finesse in Washington. Inside the beltway, corruption is not a liability for holding high political office, but a requirement. The key to membership in the power elite club is carrying water for the imperial state, and most club members must go through an elaborate vetting process to prove that they are reliable. Some such as Trump slip through.

The sine qua non for membership in this exclusive club is to prove you’ll take a hit for the empire. When the results of the 2000 US presidential election were inconclusive, Al Gore took a fall rather than risk instability at the top: “(for) the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession.” There are higher callings than merely winning the presidency for good servants of the empire.

But would Trump have been so compliant? Maybe not. So, impeachment is in order to either chasten him to faithful obedience or get rid of him.

The Not Thoroughly Vetted President

The presidential primaries are an audition process to see who can best serve the ruling class while conning the public. If the presidential “debates” demonstrate anything, it is that all the contestants are aspiring reality TV stars. Trump was different only in that he had previous experience.

Whenever one of the contestants shows vacillation on empire, they get slapped on the side of the head. Gabbard got summarily dismissed from the debates for her failure of faith in wars of imperial aggression as the highest expression of humanitarianism. Sanders had to grovel, calling the democratically elected president of Venezuela a “vicious tyrant.”

And to qualify for the debates, a contestant must first prove that they are a “serious candidate.” In a “democracy” where bribing politicians is considered “free speech” and where corporations are afforded the constitutional rights of “persons,” the single overriding measure of seriousness is raising bundles of money from the rich. Of course, the rich did not become rich without expecting a return on their investments. Warren’s surge, as it was dutifully reported in the press, came when some of the big money began to shift from Biden to her.

Trump, on the other hand, had his own billionaire’s booty to back him, plus a little help from his wealthy cohorts. As billionaire Ross Perot proved in 1992, if you are filthy rich, you can independently run for president. And, in his case, throw the election from Bush the Elder to Bill Clinton.

To win a presidential election, however, you need more than deep pockets…you need a little help from your friends in getting a major party backing. Why a major party ballot line is so useful has constitutional antecedents.

The revolution of 1776, the last revolution that the US elites liked that was not rigged by the CIA, gave us the Articles of Confederation as the ruling document for the new sovereign. By 1787 the US elites of the time, Hamilton and supporting cast, were chafing under what they characterized as the “excesses of democracy.” A new constitution was drafted and approved with “checks and balances.”

What needed to be checked and balanced? Democracy, the direct rule of the people, was what was checked in the new document, while slavery was reaffirmed under the highest law of the land.

The new constitution gave us the Electoral College, whereby presidents are selected by “electors” rather than trusting the direct vote of the people and states can vote as a block. This allowed Trump to triumph even when his opponent received some 3 million more votes. Oddly, his Democratic Party opponents have since focused on alleged Russian interference through Facebook ads rather than the need to make the US Constitution an instrument for the expression of the popular will.

But we are getting ahead of the story because Trump still had to become the frontrunner in a crowded Republican field before he could even take on the other party of capital. Here he had help from friends in unexpected quarters. The Republican establishment hated him, but Clinton and the so-called liberal media became Trump boosters. The corporate media gave the flamboyant Trump a bully platform because it was good for ratings.

Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, as revealed in their leaked emails published by Wikileaks, pulled for Trump because they thought him an easier opponent than, say, the mainstream Republican heir-apparent Jeb Bush. There was precious little difference between the positions of Jeb and Hillary, though the popular images projected by the two major parties superficially diverged. The core of both parties greatly overlaps, while the right fringe of the Republicans and the left fringe of the Democrats provide the contrasting colors but not the contending policy directions.

The 2016 electoral contest was a spectacle of insurgencies. Initially, there was Sanders. That he was somehow considered an “outsider” is a symptom of just how terminally ingrown the US polity has become. How could someone who served years in the US Senate and caucused with the Democrats be an outsider? Sanders ran on two premises: supporting the Democratic Party and raising suppressed issues such as income inequality. He succeeded in the first and failed in the second.

Meanwhile, after 40 years of neoliberalism, CEO compensation has grown 940%  as compared to 12% for typical employees in the US.

Trump in his way also pandered to the genuinely deteriorating condition of US workers. Both the Trump and the Sanders anti-establishment insurgencies, however, were contained within the two-party system and thus were structurally destined not to come to fruition. The establishment won’t come down by joining them.

Unfaithful Servant of Imperialism

Defying even the Las Vegas bookies’ predictions, Trump became the 45th President of the US. He had kvetched about the plight of US workers and made some noise about ending unending wars, but was he for real? After all, Obama had promised to get out of Gitmo and NAFTA, but ended up doing neither. Obama, the former critic of Bush’s Iraq war, continued Bush’s wars and started a handful of his own.

Upon occupying the Oval Office, Trump not unexpectedly threw the working class under the bus with his tax cut for the rich and similar actions, which must have won him some brownie points from the owning class. But to date he has failed to start a new war. The last US president with a similar failing was the one-term Jimmy Carter. And now Trump is showing insufficient enthusiasm for continuing the war in Syria and possibly even a closet aversion to starting World War III with nuclear-armed Russia. These may be impeachable offenses in the estimation of parts of the ruling class.

David R. Sanger, writing in the October 7 New York Times, represents “liberal” establishment views in support of US imperialism: “Mr. Trump’s sudden abandonment of the Kurds was another example of the independent, parallel foreign policy he has run from the White House, which has largely abandoned the elaborate systems created since President Harry Truman’s day to think ahead about the potential costs and benefits of presidential decisions.”

There you have it. Trump is accused of having an “independent” foreign policy, emanating out of his office of all places, even though he is the elected President of the US and the one charged with executing foreign policy.

Who is Trump “independent” from? It’s not the US citizenry according to the Times. As the article points out: “Mr. Trump sensed that many Americans share his view – and polls show he is right… Mr. Trump has correctly read the American people who, after Iraq and Afghanistan, also have a deep distaste for forever wars.”

So, who might Trump have betrayed? According to the article, it’s “circumventing the American generals and diplomats who sing the praises of maintaining the traditional American forward presence around the world.” This is who his alleged crime of independence is against. They fear Trump could “abandon” the post-war imperial consensus.

Note that the Times, as reflective of current ruling class ideology, no longer bothers to justify the dictates of the world’s sole hegemon as a crusade against the current evil, be it communism or terrorism. Simply, the imperial state must be supported. Hence, Trump’s view that “acting as the world’s policeman was too expensive” or his tweet, “time for us to get out,” have become grounds for impeachment.

The Dark Knight Rises

Trump’s habitual corruption and bullying have now been outed by a whistleblower. Unlike Ellsberg, Manning, and Snowden, who sought to correct US imperial policy, this whistleblower comes from the very gatekeeper of imperialism, the CIA. According to his lawyers, there is not a lone whistleblower but a whole cabal of well-placed spooks in the secret US security apparatus. The deep state (I would prefer the term “permanent” state) is more than a conspiracy theory.

The impeachment imbroglio is bigger than Trump. That the outing of Trump was done by a current employee of a US agency shrouded in secrecy, who is unaccountable and unknown, should be a subject of enormous concern for all small-d democrats and not just anti-imperialists. The CIA has the means and mission to overthrow regimes, and now ours may be one of them, however undesirable the current president may be.

We, the people, should take no solace that Trump, in his careening about, may stumble in the direction of anti-imperialism. Trump is just as much an imperialist as the rest. Only he is not as reliably consistent and that is what has gotten leading segments of the ruling class into a hissy fit.


LD: To sum up. Trump’s one big sin appears to be this. The Puppet Masters of the Deep State expected Trump, like most other presidents before him, to be a nice compliant puppet and follow their instructions to the letter. Unfortunately, the orange-haired puppet rebelled and refused to let his strings be jerked. This was the President’s unforgivable sin, which is why he must be impeached and removed at all costs.  Please feel free to correct me if you think I may have got it wrong or wish to add something of your own. 

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  1. I think that Mr. Roberts doesn’t understand the American situation?? He doesn’t understand that the zio/ conservative / fascist jews ( Trump and his jewish clique) is fighting against the global jews ( Biden, Hillary and the other jew clique). Both jewish factions use the Goyim for their own factional purposes. The homo-Goyim, the environmental Goyim etc. On one side and the socalled ‘the conservative Goyim. On the side of Trump and his jew clique. It’s that simple. It’s not a fight between the Goyim and the Jews. So mr. Roberts is one of many who maintains the deliberate deception and confusion about jewmarica.

    1. First let’s define “America” folks. It’s not a nation by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a corporation plain and simple. An arrogant and delusional group of people are the board of directors. The finances are in the red no doubt. The problem is that the US is only a territory of people ruled by a group of hostile parasites. The future don’t look bright. Productive and healthy people pay taxes. Taxes sustain the ruling class which is destitute without taxes. So the US imports welfare recipients from all over the World to drain the welfare system. A recipe for disaster. Oh well. Let the corpse die. The US was just an experiment from the beginning and the end is soon. Adios AMERICA. 😘

    2. Jepp. The Jews rules absolutely everything.
      Everybody with a different opinion (or even suspicion) is just naive.
      Makes everything futile except screaming in this comment section how much smarter you are.
      Reminds of the Democrats and the Russians.

  2. Roberts is such a shallow, self-absorbed, opinionated moron that he simply can’t conceive of the possibility that: (1) the “deep state” might consist of several factions who disagree with each other other; or (2) that the impeachment proceedings against Trump might be a complete fraud, intended to actually bolster Trump’s popularity by portraying him as a “victim” of the “deep state”; or (3) that Trump was brought to power to attack Iran but may have gotten cold feet, and the “deep state” may be trying to force him to start the war, etc.

  3. Have a ‘twist’ on me. 🙂

    Neither Roberts nor Harris would dare to touch the Epstein stories in depth. So they use fear porn to keep us ‘at bay’ and in suspense and worried.

    I believe there are a lot of unusual calamities unfolding in DC to cover up some even greater events….. such as the hundreds of KNOWN connections with Jeffrey Epstein which stretch across the pond and around the globe! I also believe that both Republicans and Democrats are putting on a show, the impeachment, as a smoke screen.

    To begin with…..

    Trump will not release his tax returns to Democrats because he likes hookers….. and HAS paid them very well! 🙂

    Donald Trump Played Central Role in Hush Payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal

    Federal prosecutors have gathered evidence of president’s participation in transactions that violated campaign-finance laws.

    When Mr. Pecker took over as chief executive of American Media in the late 1990s, he imposed a moratorium on negative stories about Mr. Trump, who was known among Enquirer staff as an “F.O.P.,” or Friend of Pecker.

    Mr. Pecker’s August 2015 Trump Tower meeting was arranged by Mr. Cohen. The media executive promised Mr. Trump he would flag to Mr. Cohen any negative stories about women that came to the Enquirer’s attention.

    Mr. Trump asked Mr. Pecker to quash the story of a former Playboy model who said they’d had an affair. Mr. Pecker’s company soon paid $150,000 to the model, Karen McDougal, to keep her from speaking publicly about it. Mr. Trump later thanked Mr. Pecker for the assistance.

    Concerned Mr. Pecker might leave American Media, Mr. Cohen wanted to buy other materials the company had gathered on Mr. Trump over the years, including source files and tips. In a meeting at the Trump Organization offices in early September, Mr. Cohen told Mr. Trump of his plan.

    Mr. Cohen, who complained to associates about Mr. Trump’s frugality, was also worried his boss would balk at reimbursing Mr. Pecker. He secretly recorded Mr. Trump discussing the deal.

    “Um, I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend, David, you know, so that—I’m going to do that right away,” said Mr. Cohen, according to a copy of the audio file.

    As Mr. Cohen explained his plans, Mr. Trump spoke over him: “So, what are we gonna pay…One-fifty?” Mr. Trump asked. Mr. Cohen paused and replied, “Yes.”

    Mr. Cohen said he would be getting “all the stuff,” meaning the other files on Mr. Trump he had been seeking. They discussed the uncertainty about what might become of the files if Mr. Pecker no longer ran American Media. “Yeah, I was thinking about that,” Mr. Trump said. “Maybe he gets hit by a truck.”


    Since it IS KNOWN that Epstein stayed at Mara Lago…. Trump’s tax returns MIGHT also show numerous payments to Epstein and even MORE scandals such as those being exposed in France…. RIGHT NOW!

    Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel is cooperating with prosecutors in Paris on their investigation into the pedophile, claims his lawyer

    ‘Before even the preliminary investigation was launched, he made contact with the Paris prosecutor’s office,’ said Brunel’s attorney, Corinne Dreyfus-Schmidt.

    Brunel is also the subject of a police probe himself after three women came forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

    A former Dutch model told authorities in August that she was raped by Brunel when she was a teenager after he spiked her drink in 1991.

    His former modelling agency, Karin Models, was raided last week by authorities while Brunel has fled to Brazil.


    Both sides are running scared from the Epstein potential exposures in DC. Even Mitch.

    McConnell signaling Trump trial to be quick, if it happens

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is signaling that he’s prepared to dispose quickly of articles of impeachment against President Trump and that any upcoming trial in the Senate will look much different than the 1999 impeachment trial of President Clinton.

    1. Pat –

      It DOES show a shift in American attitudes when it is considered OK to be a faggot – but NOT to be a consessieur of young women! 🤔 (Granted, it is too extreme to chase girls obviously younger than 16 – but just because some are very sexually appealing at 16 doesn’t make admiration of their appeal a “perversion”.)

      Many Americans, myself included, like Trump because he doesn’t seem to be hooked on the status quo whenever he speaks. His unpredictability keeps our would-be oppressors guessing, and that suits me just fine. Moreover, it drives the likes of Adam Schitt and Darkmoon’s Harold Schitt nuts! That’s hilarious! What a great showman Mr. Trump is! 😄

        1. Putting Trump and the Impeachment aside, the USA is in her final days because of The Demographic Change. ALL of the cities in the United States are Majority NON-White and quite a few states are now Majority NON-White and every year the United States gets LESS White and more NON-White. There is NO future with a Majority NON-White population.

          It doesn’t matter if Trump gets Impeached or doesn’t get Impeached, it doesn’t matter if he gets elected in 2020 or doesn’t get elected in 2020. It’s in The Demographic Change where one can see the United States is in her final days. White Americans already are less than 50% of the population. Many analysts say Whites will be less than 50% of the population in 2040. I have news for everybody, Whites already are less than 50% of the population. And of the White American population, many are Boomers, they’re old and on their last leg and Whites haven’t reproduced enough to Re-place themselves [ because Boomers are VERY selfish, they always have been and Boomers are now TOO old to change their selfish self-centered ME ME ME ways ] Hardly any Whites reproducing — while there’s been massive immigration from the third world and the massive immigration of NON Whites continues and there’s no end in sight to the massive immigration of NON Whites into the United States. So yes, the United States is in her final days. The parasites are sucking the last drops of blood out of America and all the vultures are starting to circle around Her waiting for Her to die for good so they can feast on Her corpse. Strong language, but the strong language is appropriate — considering the subject matter.

          Trump also wants massive immigration of NON Whites into the United States [ as long as it’s “Legal” ] . The USA is in her final days and that’s due to The Demographic Change and Trump is not at all opposed to The Demographic Change, he actually welcomes The Demographic Change. He wants The Demographic Change [ so do most politicians in both parties ] . So whether Trump gets Impeached or not, whether he wins in 2020 or not, it doesn’t matter , in terms of saving the United States, in terms of Making America Great Again, it doesn’t matter : For Trump is all for The Demographic Change and it’s The Demographic Change more than any else which is the REAL reason America is in Her final days.

      1. Yes, TROJ.

        “There is NO future with a Majority NON-White population.”

        Same for all of Europe! 🤢

      1. Thanks!

        I believe the impeachment mess is to keep people busy and keep Epstein’s global clients hidden. That includes Trump & his Mara Lago Resort crowd.

      2. Pat,

        You sound plausible. Remember Trump is tight with a prominent Chinese massage parlor operator in Florida.

        To his credit, Trump claims he banned Epstein from MaryLego long ago. I think Trump just has a big libido but isn’t a pervert.

        I am a Jewish convert to Christianity who lived in Israel for 20 years. I was born in USA.

        I have four passions:

        1. Showing Jewish people that Jesus is the Messiah & showing Christians they strayed too far from the Torah.

        2. Showing Muslims that the Qur’an corrupts the Bible.

        3. Showing evolutionists that DNA prevents rather than promotes evolution

        4. Exposing 9/11 Truth or what I call THE 9/11 ZIONIST TERRORIST CHARADE

        I am not tribal or a racist &believe people should be United based on virtue. But I feel increasingly marginalized.

        I’ve been back in the USA since 2006 &am very depressed to see how incredibly stupid Americans are. A society of physically &mentally lazy people mass addicted to TV &celebrity idolization.

        I like Putin but I caution all you Russophiles that Putin:

        1. Promotes the 9/11 cover-up.

        2. Is on very good terms with Russian Jews &Israelis. How do all you Jew haters explain that?

        If you’d like to read some of my short essays on religion please email me: [email protected]

      3. Putin claims that two Russian Jews were important mentors and teachers to him in his youth. One was his high school German teacher who groomed him To become the head of the East German KGB department. The other was his judo instructor who trained him in martial arts. Putin was extremely fond of both of these Russian Jewish people.

        Putin seems to be a person of deep loyalty and he does not allow race or religion to diminish his affection for people who have helped him and blessed him.

        You might know that about 10 years ago Putin visited his German teacher who was retired and living in tel Aviv and he bought her an apartment. When she died the Russian embassy in Israel paid for her funeral.

        This is the kind of man Putin is and he does not seem to evince the sort of blind hatred of Jews that many commentators on this forum exhibit.

      4. MEVASHIR –

        Thanks, again. I am very familiar with the antics and dealings of ‘Put-On’ the Puny jew chabad lover.

        I have tried my best to expose ‘Put-On’ the Puny jew chabad lover for years, on here and other places. I usually catch all kinds of hell for it too! 🙂

        Sard – Circ would have started with a slam at me. 🙂

        1. Well, I’ve taken a few slams at you too! 🙂

          The difference is, I know you much better now than I did in the beginning, and my occasional attacks on you don’t prevent me from admitting that you are one of the most outstanding posters on this site.

          The site wouldn’t be the same without you. That’s for sure! 🙂

      5. I was raised in a secular Jewish family in America and moved to Israel after graduating from college. I joined the Hasidic Breslov group and I was ultra-orthodox for 18 of the 20 years I lived in Israel.

        At the end of that time I became disillusioned by the prejudice & parochialism of Orthodox Jews and when I met some missionaries from South Africa I spent six months exploring the Christian faith and let them baptize me.

        Since that time I am alienated from Judaism and from Zionism but have never found a home in Christianity, especially the American version which is so blatantly materialistic.

        The Breslov group I belonged to would travel every Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year to our rabbi’s grave in the city of Uman in Ukraine. On one of those trips I had a strange encounter in a Kiev hotel with a giant Russian Orthodox icon of Jesus and this set in motion a process that culminated in my baptism five years later.

        This link is an award-winning Israeli movie about the Breslov community I belonged to in Israel:

        I used to read Lasha’s comments on Veterans Today. I thought her articles about Jewish sexual perversion in Weimar Germany were extremely astute. I had some awareness of the sex trade industry in Israel and I can confirm that it has proliferated across the country and is the shameful secret no one wants to talk about.

        I don’t think Jews are more sexually promiscuous than other people. However Jews are extremely high achievers and their wealth and success give them opportunities for sexual indulgence that more ordinary people do not have.

        Jews also excel at exploiting the weaknesses of non-Jews. Thus Jews have often been purveyors of vices like alcohol tobacco pornography prostitution and gambling. Read any book about the Jewish Mafia in America and you will see all that confirmed.

        It is interesting that the Talmud states that Jews have such a powerful evil urge that without the yoke of Torah study they would destroy the world! This might be one reason that Putin promotes Orthodox groups like Chbad in Russia and he is extremely close to the Chabad chief rabbi. Putin may understand that Jewish tradition is the best safeguard against corrupt and revolutionary behavior by Jewish people in Russia.

        The last time I lived in Israel in 2005 Putin came on a state visit. Back then the Israelis weren’t used to him and what he did shocked them. He spent about 15 minutes at the Western Wall about 30 minutes at yad vashem about an hour with the knesset and he spent four hours with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. I don’t think Putin was trying to offend the Israelis as much as show them very clearly his priorities.

        I haven’t been on this forum in a couple of years because Lasha and I do not agree about two important things. Lasha does not appreciate my constantly reminding her of how Philo Semitic Putin is and how pro-zionist he is. Lasha also idolizes Charles Darwin and cannot admit that modern science has invalidated many of his ideas.

      6. It is possible that a root of Jewish sexual perversion, what the Catholic Church would call libertinism, is the fact that Judaism is the only religion in the world that brands Jesus an evil person.

        No other religion does this. Certainly not Islam and not Hinduism or Buddhism either. All the world religions can see Jesus as a great teacher if not God in the flesh.

        But Orthodox Judaism castigates Jesus as an evil man. Today Jews try very hard to dance around this but check out this link to the Letter to Yemen by Moses Maimonides which clearly boasts of the Jewish role in executing Jesus.

        So if you believe that Jesus is the Son of God then a religion that paints him as the polar opposite and a tool of Satan must be infested with very dark and sinister forces that easily can be manifested in sexual debauchery:

        “The first one to have adopted this plan was Jesus the Nazarene, may his bones be ground to dust. He was a Jew because his mother was a Jewess although his father was a Gentile. For in accordance with the principles of our law, a child born of a Jewess and a Gentile, or of a Jewess and a slave, is legitimate. (Yebamot 45a). Jesus is only figuratively termed an illegitimate child. He impelled people to believe that he was a prophet sent by God to clarify perplexities in the Torah, and that he was the Messiah that was predicted by each and every seer. He interpreted the Torah and its precepts in such a fashion as to lead to their total annulment, to the abolition of all its commandments and to the violation of its prohibitions. The sages, of blessed memory, having become aware of his plans before his reputation spread among our people, meted out fitting punishment to him.1

        “Daniel had already alluded to him when he presaged the downfall of a wicked one and a heretic among the Jews who would endeavor to destroy the Law, claim prophecy for himself, make pretenses to miracles, and allege that he is the Messiah, as it is written, “Also the children of the impudent among thy people shall make bold to claim prophecy, but they shall fall.” (Daniel 11:14).

        “Quite some time after, a religion2 appeared the origin of which is traced to him by the descendants of Esau, albeit it was not the intention of this person to establish a new faith. For he was innocuous to Israel as neither individual nor groups were unsettled in their beliefs because of him, since his inconsistencies were so transparent to every one. Finally he was overpowered and put a stop to by us when he fell into our hands, and his fate is well known.”

        1 As in his other writings, Maimonides accepts here the fundamentals of both the Christian and Muslim tradition in point of historical fact, but argues on logical and scriptural grounds against the acceptance of Jesus and Mohammed as true prophets.

        2 An allusion to the religion of Paul and the apostles whom Maimonides correctly understood to be the real founders of Christianity.

        Pages iii-iv

      7. Mevashir –

        Charles Darwin invalidated his own theories!! 🙂

        Darwin stated natural selection might be provable, but the creation of NEW species is not.

        In other words… Darwin never had ANY IDEA about ANY exact ORIGIN OF SPECIES. And that should have been in the preface of his books.

        Darwin was guessing.

        Darwin stated in his book that NO geologists of acclaim agreed with him.

        Arguments AGAINST Darwin as posed by Darwin, Himself:

        Darwin’s Book: “ORIGIN OF SPECIES”
        **(actual book page numbers, not the Adobe reader numbers)

        p. 251
        I endeavoured, also, to show that inter-mediate varieties, from existing in lesser numbers than the forms which they connect, will generally be beaten out and exterminated during the course of further modification and improvement. The main cause, however, of innumerable intermediate links not now occurring everywhere throughout nature depends on the very process of – NATURAL SELECTION – through which new varieties continually take the places of and – EXTERMINATE – their parent-forms.
        But just in proportion as this process of extermination has acted on an enormous scale, so must the number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed on the earth, be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links?

        The several difficulties here discussed, namely our not finding in the successive formations infinitely numerous transitional links between the many species which now exist or have existed; the sudden manner in which whole groups of species appear in our European formations; the almost entire absence, as at present known, of fossiliferous formations beneath the Silurian strata, are all undoubtedly of the gravest nature.

        We see this in the plainest manner by the fact that all the most eminent paleontologists, namely Cuvier, Owen, Agassiz, Barrande, Falconer, E. Forbes, &c., and all our greatest geologists, as Lyell, Murchison, Sedgwick, &c., have unanimously, often vehemently, maintained the immutability of species.

        He who rejects these views on the nature of the geological record, will rightly reject my whole theory.

        He may ask where are the remains of those infinitely numerous organisms which must have existed long before the first bed of the Silurian system was deposited: I can answer this latter question only – HYPOTHETICALLY, – by saying that as far as we can see, where our oceans now extend they have for an enormous period extended, and where our oscillating continents now stand they have stood ever since the Silurian epoch;
        but that long before that period, the world – MAY – have presented a wholly different aspect;
        and that the older continents, formed of formations older than any known to us, – MAY NOW – all be in a metamorphosed condition, or – MAY – lie buried under the ocean.

        Passing from these difficulties, all the other great leading facts in paleontology seem to me simply to follow on the theory of descent with MODIFICATION through – NATURAL SELECTION.

        We can thus understand how it is that new species come in slowly and successively; how species of different classes do not necessarily change together, or at the same rate, or in the same degree; yet in the long run that – ALL – undergo – MODIFICATION – to some extent.

      8. Mevashir, you say “For he was innocuous to Israel as neither individual nor groups were unsettled in their beliefs because of him, since his inconsistencies were so transparent to every one.”

        Incredulously, the core inconsistency so glaring to them (either as individuals or groups) was and is Christ’s obvious non-sectarianism. The crux, as it is..

        To believe, much less assert and demand God to be sectarian is a top three definition of insanity,
        or should be if it isn’t.

      9. Mevashir, I agree with your separation and denouncement of the brutal sectarians if only for this reason.

  4. re Is America in Her Final Days?

    “Final Days”? No. “America” is ALREADY FINISHED

    And if you don’t believe that, it’s just because your face hasn’t gone SPLAT! against the sidewalk yet.

  5. The writer makes some great points.. He’s right about the Big Deep State problem… The whole Beltway scene worked out its own Rex 84 program, that’s the MO all over… It can’t be touched without revolution…
    But as usual, in this article there’s no mention at all of the real force behind the destruction of America – ZIONISM…
    “The new constitution gave us the Electoral College, whereby presidents are selected by “electors” rather than trusting the direct vote of the people and states can vote as a block. This allowed Trump to triumph even when his opponent received some 3 million more votes.”
    Yes, they created the Electoral College back in 1804, the 12th amendment, if I remember right, and it’s a good thing they did, and we got to see how smart they were about that on the last election…
    They knew that long ago that a safety had to be incorporated into the process to keep the population centers, in this case NYC, SF, LA, Seattle, the whole Clinton Arcipelago..
    When you see the map of it, you get the message how much of the country would have been left out were it not
    for the Electoral College…
    And we need in now more than ever, considering the effect of the immigrant invasion…
    I don’t consider 3,000,000 votes from illegal immigrants valid…
    “The corporate media gave the flamboyant Trump a bully platform because it was good for ratings.”
    Yeah, and what does that tell you?
    It tells me lots of people wanted to see Trump, which is why the ratings jacked…
    “Obama had promised to get out of Gitmo and NAFTA, but ended up doing neither. Obama, the former critic of Bush’s Iraq war, continued Bush’s wars and started a handful of his own.”
    Know what YES WE CAN Obama said when he didn’t close GITMO?
    “David R. Sanger, writing in the October 7 New York Times, represents “liberal” establishment views in support of US imperialism: “Mr. Trump’s sudden abandonment of the Kurds was another example of the independent, parallel foreign policy he has run from the White House, which has largely abandoned the elaborate systems created since President Harry Truman’s day to think ahead about the potential costs and benefits of presidential decisions.”
    The Truman (crypto) administration, that’s when Zionist control of the presidency really came into its own…
    David Sanger, from the New York Times yeah… I wonder how mazaltavy he is?
    “Note that the Times, as reflective of current ruling class ideology, no longer bothers to justify the dictates of the world’s sole hegemon as a crusade against the current evil, be it communism or terrorism.”
    The two evils I’m worried about are Islam and Zionism, said to be mutually self-destructive, and we sure hope so…
    ” or (2) that the impeachment proceedings against Trump might be a complete fraud, intended to actually bolster Trump’s popularity by portraying him as a “victim” of the “deep state”;”
    That’s possible, but I’ll go you one better – The whole Trump v Hillary election was a fraud, as are all major elections in the USA, ever since electronic voting machines, 9-11 and the Patriot Act and the suspension of Representative Republican Government in the USA…
    “It DOES show a shift in American attitudes when it is considered OK to be a faggot – but NOT to be a consessieur of young women!” 🤔
    I wrote Matt Taibbe off a few years back, when I heard him on Bill Maher saying how much he liked being sodomized, and he wasn’t using technical terms either… That was a bit much for the living room…
    He was also big Obama supporter, that figures…
    Roberts is wrong if he thinks Matt Taibbe is part of the cure…
    “Putting Trump and the Impeachment aside, the USA is in her final days because of The Demographic Change. ALL of the cities in the United States are Majority NON-White and quite a few states are now Majority NON-White and every year the United States gets LESS White and more NON-White. There is NO future with a Majority NON-White population.”
    I’m afraid that’s so true and getting worse, though not as fast now…
    It means we need the Electoral College more than ever…
    There was a time when there were more slaves located in Caribbean Islands than citizens… That may even have been the case in Georgia at one time too… There were slave revolts, now we have a different kind of takeover… It makes you wonder if that didn’t figure in the Founders thinking when they created the EC…

    1. Deerbrain,

      The so-called migrant invasion is promoted by Trump’s pals on Wall Street who want cheap slave labor to help pad corporate profits.

      It is just unbelievable to me how Trump’s base doesn’t perceive the real interests behind the migrant labor. Are y’all really that stupid?

      Just like the poor white trash in the pre civil war American South who supported the slave system even though they couldn’t compete with the plantation economy.

      Today just like back then the jingoistic morons vote against their own economic interests, manipulated by greasy palmed pastors and flag-waving hypocrites like Moscow Mitch Beijing’s B*tch.

  6. Barkingdeer –

    Unfortunately, most whites don’t have the resolve to stop the takeover of America by the dark ethnicities. When Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the Ku Klux Klan in the “Reconstruction” days after 1865, he did it for the same reasons we now need it. In the 1920s, “The Invisible Empire” had over 6 million members (including President Calvin Coolidge). Oddly enough, the state of Indiana had more members than any other state. White folks everywhere seemed to basically understand the plight of our country.
    Hollywood and (other) leftists have reduced Klan numbers, along with Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center, by their incessant cry of “White Supremecist” – used like “anti-Semitic” or “racist “. What they are really afraid of is white “separation”. They cannot really survive well without us. Neither can these United States.

    1. Gil –
      “Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center, by their incessant cry of “White Supremecist”….

      AND with their buying congress with their lobbyists and PAC $$$$ !!! The SPLC is not impoverished! 🙂

    2. Gilbert,

      Bedford Forrest if he really worried about “dark ethnicities” should not have promoted the slave trade & the exploitation of Negroes in the first place.

      Y’all have nothing against the darkies if you can dominate and subjugate them and have them serve as your indentured labor force.

  7. SPLC – Shitty Peoples Little Country…
    They’re pushing this whole White Supremacy thing, but Trump is the fearmonger you see…
    You’re right though, if White People don’t figure it out soon, we’ll be extinct in another 100 years…
    The Jews and Catholics are pushing gun confiscation, immigrant invasion and miscegenation…
    The homosexual transgender faction is allied in that…
    The Kiwi President, a tranny like Michelle Obama, worked on the fake shooting at the mosque…
    So with the Catholics, there you have some strange Bedfellows…
    Not really, the Catholic Jesuit Church has always been a Jewish Conspiracy…
    Here’s Alfred Rosenberg from The Myth of the 20th Century, published in 1930 –
    “The most vociferous Preacher of the idea (immigrant invasion, racial mongrelization, EU-Pan Europe), Graf Kouvenhove Kalergi, is part European and part Japanese.. He is thus a suitable man to announce the old demand for an epoch of decline and for a faceless united State”
    And –
    “Catholicism breaks the Backbone of every Nationalism”..
    I think the KKK founders were from the Knights of the Golden Dawn, something I read somewhere…
    Nathan Bedford Forrest himself a Jew – I wouldn’t doubt it…
    I would guess it was a Mason thing, which means Jews…
    South Carolina was the main actor in the South’s succession, Albert Pike’s turf…
    Pike was a Rothschiild agent, the real President under Andrew Johnson…
    The Rothschilds tried to use the Civil War to get their bank back into the USA, same way they did the War of 1812..
    There’s a statue of Pike in DC, though he never held office…
    No doubt the Jews would have infiltrated the KKK anyway and used it for their own purposes… But they’ll they’ll never disarm real Americans, not all at once, without fight…
    After all, it was the Jews who started the NAACP, they staffed it for years before any blacks were put in charge…
    Interesting, Indiana is one of the Second Amendment States…
    We’ll see what’s up next..

    1. Bark –

      “After all, it was the Jews who started the NAACP…”
      It was started by the jew lawyers Spingarn brothers and a mulatto who gave up citizenship and went to France – WEB Du Bois.

      Professor W. E. B. Du Bois, the first African-American to receive a PhD from Harvard University was a vociferous opponent of Washington’s unwritten “Atlanta Compromise” with Southern white leaders.

      In 1905, Du Bois, along with other dissident black intellectuals, assembled in Niagara Falls, Canada with the express purpose of establishing a national movement seeking a faster route to civil rights and racial equality.

      Rejecting both Washington’s reformist views and white supremacy, the “Niagara Movement” set forth a strident set of policies calling for immediate and full freedom of speech and press, full suffrage, the abolition of discrimination based on race or color, and belief in universal human brotherhood. This message, however, was not well-received by the white political elite, nor the Washingtonian faction of the black community, and the Niagara Movement soon found itself embroiled in mortal difficulties despite branches spreading rapidly across the nation.

  8. The question is not whether America’s days are numbered or not. The relevant and really important question is: How to bury the dead body without taking down the entire world with it?

    F*ck America – we need to save the world, folks!

    That’s when Russia comes in. That’s why the heads of states from all over the world are flocking to Moscow lately.

    English-centered world is slowly but surely coming to its logical conclusion. It’s the dawn of New World Order that shall be based (based, not centered!) on the values of the Russian civilization.

  9. “Black intellectuals?” Is that like “poor Jews?”

    As I look around, I see most small “service” industry labor being done by old white guys usually driving old, beat up trucks with bad exhausts. However, some do in fact drive shiny new work trucks. Still, these vehicles stand in sharp contrast to the new, high-end, luxury cars, like Mercedes and BMWs I hear sleazy, dreadlocked Negros driving around in the middle of the day.

    Funny how low IQ Negroes drive these flashy, boom-boxed cars when so many young, white males I know do not even have a drivers license. One might ask where low IQ, dreadlocked Negroes find the money to buy a brand new Lexus or BMW with a high end sound systems, but by now, only an idiot can’t figure that out. The question is who will be able, and more importantly, willing, do the work when the white man is gone? One only needs to examine Africa’s rapidly dissolving infrastructure to find their answer.

    The other day I stopped to talk to one of these aging, white, working men, pointing out how I only see men his age (my age) working the trades these days. He proceeded to relate how he was training a young man to, take over his business. I never heard the color, but I assumed he was white.

    Then I went on to point out the hideous, new and thoroughly Jewed $20 bill, with its thoroughly ugly visage of a thoroughly Negro Harriet Tubman glaring forth. He immediately went into multicultural mode, saying what a wonderful thing it was that Negroes like Tubman benefited America’s growth.

    I find it most unsettling to find so many elderly white males regurgitating such programmed, self-destructive comments. But then, maybe that’s why they are blue collar laborers, working with their hands, instead of their minds.

    My own grandfather, a high school graduate, WWI veteran and “blue-collar” railroad worker, was a true-blue democrat, who voted the party line in every election. One of his sons, an uncle, had the same history. My father was also a war veteran, but he became college educated, career military officer.

    My father was a staunch republican, constantly railing about how the democrats were destroying America. When my grandfather and his children gathered for family reunions it made for some very interesting, heated conversations.

    The political lines of shit Jews have fed Americans is truly astounding.

    I never liked the restraint of school and was a failing, ninth-grade dropout when I joined the military. After mustering out, I went into the labor force. It did not take long before I returned to school, completing various trade programs and eventually completing three associate degrees in technical subjects and finally a fourth, a baccalaureate, in education with an overall 3.98 GPA. Yep, muh edumacation was truly a dangerous thing. Like voting, matriculation is far too dangerous to be left up to the individual teacher.

    I began my political life (if one might call it that) as a tye-dyed-in-the-wool, liberal, democrat (try envisioning that), kicking off my voting record by climbing aboard George McGovern’s bus. At that point, I constantly argued with my father over his “conservative” political views. After working in the labor force for a few years, I began to smell something funny as the decaying “American dream” began to stink. It was then I became a serious republican (at least that’s what they call them) voting for Ronald Reagan.

    Today, I know the lies, the Jewish lies, about political parties and voting. Thus, I am no longer on the political scale, being neither “right” nor “left,” “liberal” or “conservative,” “democrat” or “republican.” In fact, I no longer fit into any of the Jews’ carefully defined social definitions.

    Liberals see me as a seething Nhadzee type “conservative,” while “conservatives” see me as one of those “crazies” that falls somewhere off to the “far right” of the Nhadzee scale. But of course the difference between my views then and now is the awareness of Jews – the subject is always the Jews, always has been; I just didn’t know it.

    When one puts on the glasses and swallows the red pill, they soon begin soaring above insipid Jewish programming and stupidity, leaving others to wonder, “just where the hell does he get such ideas?”

    My reply? – I read the Bible.

  10. HP: Mevashir, you say “For he was innocuous to Israel as neither individual nor groups were unsettled in their beliefs because of him, since his inconsistencies were so transparent to every one.”

    I did not say that but quoted it from Maimonides’ Letter.

    But your comment is correct. Jesus was far from innocuous. Maimonides is engaging in classic Jewish wishful thinking disinformation and fake news.

    Christians offer Good News but Jews offer Fake News!

  11. Pat: Thanks for great quotes from Darwin.

    This lecture by A E Wilder Smith superbly demonstrates the impossibility of chemical evolution. See particularly from 45:00-55:00:

    This is his bio:

    Maybe Lasha can console herself that her idol Darwin has been invalidated by another Englishman who is much more cultured intelligent and spiritual than Darwin ever was!

    1. I noticed that DNA forms a clever Creationist acronym:

      D oes

      N ot

      A llow … Evolution!!!

      I think DNA resembles a coiled spring to suggest its role as a genetic shock absorber, allowing small adaptations to adjust to environmental flux but preventing large scale macro-evolutionary change as lethal to the organism.

      DNA prevents rather than promotes evolution!

      Lasha can put that in her pipe and smoke it.

      Incidentally, the only two countries on earth to protect young students from Darwinist propaganda are both Muslim: Turkey and Saudi Arabia! May God Bless Them!

      PS This Turkish writer is very controversial but has an excellent Creationist website:

  12. HP – WONDERFUL LINK. MANY thanks!

    the truth is that Darwin was not completely wrong. He was correct about microevolutionary adaptive changes to environmental flux. He should be allowed his place in the history of science. Just like Isaac Newton’s theories are not contradicted by Einstein.

    The problem is the evolutionist diehards who will not allow Darwin’s ideas to be adapted to new scientific discoveries. They are the ones at fault, not Darwin.

    Another thing is the link you provided that talks of a very ancient Earth &Hindu Vedic creationism is more compatible with Islam &Mormonism than with fundamentalist Christianity. Most of the latter cling to a young Earth chronology that science has invalidated. The Qur’an allows for a very ancient humanity much older than the 6000 years of the Christian fundamentalists. And the Mormons believe that there are an infinite number of created worlds and gods ruling them.

    So if we are going to attack Darwin and try to limit the scope of his ideas, we have to be willing to give up some of our own immature theological concepts such as a 6000 year old Earth. The problem in the whole debate is that neither side is humble enough to admit the errors of its own ideology.

    This is why to some extent I sympathize with Richard Dawkins and other fundamentalist atheists who despise the self-righteous ignorance of Christian fundamentalists.

    Both sides have to be willing to compromise &adapt, but so far neither is. Intelligent design creationist are not willing to admit the flaws of young Earth creationist fundamentalism and how offensive it is to anyone with even a small scientific understanding. And Darwinist fundamentalists are unwilling to look at new scientific evidence invalidating the whole Darwinist concept of speciation.

    This is why often I think that science alone testifies more persuasively for a Creator God than the Bible. The Bible actually is a very terrible book that documents a horrible legacy of human failing and corruption. The Bible also gives rise to endless dogmatic disputations and horrible bloody conflict because no warfare is more Savage than when it’s the proponents think that their God is justifying it. The Bible gives rise to joyous genocide sacred slaughter and holy Holocaust.

    Many atheists are actually far more humane and compassionate than bible-thumping fundamentalists. Sometimes I imagine what the world would be like if Darwinist ideas of origin of species were rejected by the scientific community. I shudder to imagine The strife that would break out between all the different competing religious groups.

    Right now the Hindu Vedic whose Link you provide is allied with intelligent design creationists. But imagine if the Darwinist enemy is vanquished how those groups would go at each other’s throats and possibly wholesale slaughter!

    In my view the Catholic church is absolutely the worst offender, because it and tries to embrace both Darwinism and biblical fundamentalism. How can you believe in evolution and teach at the same time that Adam and Eve sinning in some imaginary garden brought death into the world? How can you believe in evolution and teach ithat prior to this imaginary sin life on Earth was immortal?

    The only good thing about this incredible Catholic duplicity is that it alienates intelligent people from their horrible church of deceit fraud &superstition. Catholicism is only growing in the third world among ignorant people.

    1. Dr Donald Patten, a geographer, astronomer and more, suggests that a large planet came near this planet and its gravitational pull caused the molten magma and flimsy crust tides of several miles in height, which caused the rearrangement of this planet’s surface. It also may have caused the spinning of this planet….. while wiping out civilizations and sinking Atlantis.

      Some observable ‘sort of’ proof is the mountain ranges run north and south around the globe….. as they were pulled in wave-like fashion from east or west….. as the planet, maybe Mars or Jupiter, passed so close.

      Genesis: “The fountains of the deep were broken up.” That may have referenced tides of thousands of feet and aquifers as they would have been violently exposed.

      This cataclysm would have destroyed the food sources for “YUGE” critters. but not for prehistoric small reptiles and amphibians and fishes…etc.

      This is the most fascinating video of a speech I have ever seen:
      Cataclysm From Space, 2800 BC (but possibly even more ancient)
      (Intro narrated by Ed Griffin)

      —The present is not the key to the past!—

      More about the video:
      This is a video adaptation of a documentary filmstrip presenting evidence that, less than 5000 years ago, a stray planet from deep space, along with its tiny moon of ice, nearly collided with Earth.
      An analysis is made of the gravitational forces that would have flexed the Earth’s crust, creating volcanic ruptures, mountain ranges, and oceanic tides of such heights as to cover almost all of the Earth’s land surface. Human survivors, indeed, would have been few, and countless species of magnificent prehistoric animals would have perished…
      not due to failure to adapt, as is commonly claimed….. but simply because they failed to find high ground.
      It would be difficult to enter into an informed discussion on such topics as Earth History, Geology, the Biblical Flood, Evolution, or Creation itself without knowledge of the facts and theories presented in this program.

      1. Thanks again for the YouTube link. This is a series of talks from a South African businessman and creationist on the geological evidence of a global flood:

        I have a number of world maps hanging in my apartment. Once as I was studying the continents I noticed that they are shaped generally broad on the top and very narrow at the bottom like an ice cream Cone (like Africa and South America). I wondered if this configuration is suggestive of the forces the tore the continents apart?

        I shared this observation by email with about fifty geology professors across the United States and received not one single reply!

        As the son of a Harvard professor &nephew of a Nobel Prize winner I can confidently state that the Catholic notion of papal infallibility is nothing compared to the arrogance of professors with their delusion of professorial infallibility!


        Check out this New York Times review of the Muslim creationist textbook:

        “In fact, there is no credible scientific challenge to the theory of evolution as an explanation for the complexity and diversity of life on earth.”

        That’s it they simply assert there is no credible challenge without providing a shred of evidence. The same tone the New York Times adopted about 911 when it would say there is no credible evidence that 911 was a government conspiracy blah blah blah.

        The Kenneth Miller cited in the New York Times article is one of a trio of prominent Catholic evolutionary biologists who are constantly mocking intelligent design and stonewalling any legitimate critique of Darwinism. He is a perfect example of how pernicious the Catholic Church is alienating people from both science and true religion

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