Is it Time to Make Holocaust Denial a Criminal Offense?

This is an abbreviated article from a Jewish website deploring the rise of Holocaust denial among young right-wing Americans. It is followed by two short must-see videos, 10 minutes in all, which expose the lies told about Buchenwald concentration camp.
November 20, 2019

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a group that promotes conservatism on college campuses, has kicked one of its prominent speakers, Michelle Malkin, to the curb. They cut ties with Malkin after she expressed support for Nick Fuentes, an angry young man from Chicago who traffics in Holocaust denial, and portrays Jews as backstabbers seeking to undermine the American body politic.

Nick Fuentes, Holocaust Denier,
has caused anger in Jewish circles by his slogan “AMERICA FIRST!”
As we all know, it should be — “ISRAEL FIRST!”

For Fuentes and his supporters, mass immigration plays the same role that the Versailles Treaty played in the minds of angry young Germans reeling from their country’s loss in World War I.

Fuentes addresses his adoring fans on a YouTube channel, named, ominously enough, “AMERICA FIRST”. Give Fuentes a long leather jacket, a visor cap, a riding crop, and an Iron Cross, and he’d fit right in with the lunatics who brought Germany and the rest of Europe to disaster in the mid-20th century.

Michelle Malkin (pictured here) came to Fuentes’s defense after the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) condemned him for trafficking in Holocaust denial. The ZOA cited an old video of Fuentes’ in which he obliquely argues that the figure of 6 million Jewish deaths during the Holocaust is too high an estimate.

In the satirical video, Fuentes does not speak about Jews directly, but about the number of cookies being cooked in ovens. He did this in response to a viewer who asked him in a YouTube comment: “If I take one hour to cook a batch of cookies in Cookie Monster’s 15 ovens working 24 hours a day every day for five years, how long does it take to make 6 million batches of cookies?”

“I don’t know,” Fuentes said in response, before going on a two-minute riff about how the 6 million estimate is way off, and saying that maybe the actual number of batches of cookies baked is between 200,000 and 300,000.

He also jokes about the shadows from the smokestacks of Cookie Monster’s ovens not being visible from aerial photographs, and that the soil beneath the ovens is not really deep enough to account for all the batches of cookies prepared in the ovens. He even suggests that maybe the ovens were used for delousing.

During the monologue, throughout which Fuentes displays an ugly smirk, he says, “The math doesn’t seem to add up here.”

Predictably, Fuentes’s supporters offer up ugly comments in the chat section of the YouTube video.

ENOne wrote, “IT’S TIME TO BAN ZIONISTS FROM NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE PERMANENTLY!” Another typed, “Press D for Dancing Israelis!”  And another supporter typed, “[KILL] SIX MILLION MORE!”

LD: The above article has been condensed and comes from a Jewish website that would like to see Holocaust denial made a criminal offense. It will serve as a suitable introduction to the two short videos to follow.

The videos, recently released by CODOH, are about Buchenwald concentration camp. This was where lampshades, according to Jews, had been made out of the skin of the six million Jews who had died in the Holocaust, and where soap bars had been manufactured out of the fat sucked from countless Jewish bodies.

We now know that these were lies.

They have been exposed as lies only because historians were free to investigate the truth without being silenced by Big Brother Goldstein. If Holocaust revisionism had been criminalized in the old days, these Jewish hoaxes surrounding the Holocaust would never have come to light.

Maybe this is why the Jews are clamoring so hard for “Holocaust denial” to be made a criminal offence—in order to prevent further embarrassing disclosures about the Holocaust from emerging.  [LD]   

Original Source: CODOH

Fake lampshades made out of human of skin! Fake tattoos! Fake shrunken heads! Fake soap made from human fat! And all these lampshades, tattoos, shrunken heads, and soap bars supplied by courtesy of six million Jews . . . !

VIDEO  1  :  7.35 mins 

VIDEO 2  :  3.36 mins


22 thoughts to “Is it Time to Make Holocaust Denial a Criminal Offense?”

  1. Tell a lie a thousand times & it becomes the TRUTH. I really hope that the Holocaust Lie comes True.

  2. It amazes me how the liars proceed to advertise for financial assisstance for “starving elderly holocaust survivors” even today! They have no shame, even now. Albeit, there is little doubt that thousands of dumbed-down Americans are sending in $10, $20, or even $100s of Dollars to these scammers. Oy!

    1. .

      Jewish sensitivity is not worth trashing the First Amendment.
      Get over yourselves, everyone else has.


    2. GH “Americans are sending in $10, $20, or even $100s of Dollars to these scammers”

      That’s just a sprinkling of fairy-dust on the cake compared to the $$$TRILLIONS of American Taxpayer “largesse” spent fighting !!!WARS For ISISrael!!! while life around them crumbles to dust.

      I’ve ALWAYS said – in all seriousness – that ‘Murcans are TOO FCKING BRAIN-DEAD DOCILE DUMB to survive
      And guess what? They WON’T!

      1. I agree! Point out geoengineering (“chemtrails”) taking place in the sky above at that very instant and they say nothing and look at you like you’re crazy or blow it off as “water vapor.” It’s becoming shocking just how stupid Americans really are.

    3. Dear sir, I am a mailman for the USPS and I can back up your claim of these mailings asking to help feed a poor, starving elderly Jew. Almost everyday, I see these scam letters in the letter trays that I receive for my route. The letters are always addressed to people I am sure are bottom feeders who will not think for themselves. I have read articles, non MSM related, that tell of the money going to various Jewish lobbying organizations instead of “poor, starving Jews”. As far as the money going to “holocaust survivors”, the multi-billions payed out by Germany should be more than enough to cover the bill. I have heard it is over 60 billion $$….so far. And since there are more “holocaust survivors” now than 70 plus years ago which makes perfect sense to me, then more money is needed!! Lol

  3. One of my sisters had a father-in-law (now deceased) who was at the “liberation” of Buchenwald, attached to Patton’s army as a war correspondent for the Baltimore Sun. (He was, actually, OSS, and was tasked with retrieving Werner von Braun out of Germany before the Soviets arrested him.)
    Later, posthumously, in 1995, a letter to his wife was published in the Huntsville, Alabama newspaper in which the liberation was described, in detail. He sent the letter while still in Germany. He was a very literate and articulate writer, and it was a very long and touching letter. Nowhere did he describe any particular presence of Jews. He mainly described the deplorable conditions in the camp due to the cutting-off of supplies (presumably by allied bombing).
    His letter was published by his widow, upon his death, mainly by virtue of their prominence among the cotton-producing families in the area, and his Braun-induced affiliation with Redstone Rocket. (My brother-in-law recalls the presence of Werner von Braun in their household, and how he called him “Uncle Werner”.)
    Huntsville is now mainly defense industry. The cotton plantation is largely developed, and little mention is made of the suspicious nature of “holocaust” lore.

  4. As per the real and imagined history of the world and the hoi polloi in it, no matter time nor place, why, when they have plenty of Food, Drink, Sex, Entertainment, Distractions and Freedoms also real and imagined, would the $uckers ever rock the boat? Short of a personal immediate problem the answer of course is they wouldn’t and they won’t. Even as there are and always will be the rare few who will and do rock it. Most of them can’t help it though, they were born that way. (lol)

    But math is math, philosophy is philosophy,
    and rarely the twain shall meet.
    That’s the way it is in these United States and pretty much in every nation on earth, past, present and future.

    Gosh, being the black sheep in a family of black sheep has its moments of lucidity. Though sometimes it feels like it’s actually one loooooong moment.

  5. I allveyz zuvverink zoe much!!!
    (psst…. say Buddy can you spare a shekel for a Hollowco$$$t Hallucinator?)

  6. Good Videos…
    The shrunken heads were farcical…
    Were those the real shrunken necks too?
    Bear it in mind – after 4 years of all-out warfare, where the government had taken pretty much total control over every common citizen’s life, people did not question what the government said, whatever it said was instant nationwide truth.. Brought to you by the jew media…
    That’s right, a Jewish Hollywood director spotted on the anti-German post ww2 propaganda set…
    Anybody who didn’t think so was some kind of 4F 8-Ball..

  7. The Jews have a history of assassinating everyone or anyone who stands in their way and then blame the event on some lone-nut patsy. Given the unpublished encyclopedia of evidence of the millenia old war of the Jews against humanity, epitomized by the Protocols of Zion overtly in full swing in the theater known as planet earth, it begs the question as to how humanity responds. There is no longer a Jewish problem, it is a full blown crisis with seemingly no pragmatic solution.

  8. A ‘ white’ nationalist called ‘ fuentes’, what a joke if the ‘ whites’ need spanolitos to sell the ‘ white’ myth. fuentes another jewish useful idiot if he ain’t jewish himself who is propagated to discuss/ closure of the freedom of speech.
    Of course all in the interest of jews.

  9. A lot of the ‘revisionists’ thought they were making progress in terms of debunking the main holocaust story. But now we see they haven’t in fact the very success of revisionism has just made the ‘other side’ more un-reasonable and more intolerant. So it has gone out of history and into theology at this time. Still facts are awkward and here is an excellent tour by Ron Unz of where ‘holocaust denial’ stands now. We are just living under and intellectual Reign of Terror and maybe prepping for a ‘real’ one

  10. Ann Frank was treated in the hospital at Auschwitz before being moved east to Belsen to get away from the advancing Russian army.

    A hospital in a death camp????

  11. WAKE
    it’s possible…
    half the time the people on the cutting edge of these issues are double agents…
    you can ask that question here…
    better not ask it in 15 or 16 other countries, not unless you want to go to jail…
    the question is – when will jewish people themselves admit its fake, see through the scam, evolve to the point where they’re no longer part of the tired old problem?

  12. Wow, since when did Latinos look like white Caucasoids. I thought Latinos looked more like Middle Eastern Arabs or southern Italians. Besides, it takes a Hispanic Border Control Agent to spot a Muslim terrorist (ISIS) faking Spanish, crossing the border from Mexico into the USA to root out the phonies. Bet Fuentes is just a crypto-Jew. Too bad, common working-stiff Jews don’t realize they are being exploited by the Ziobankster Khazarian Mafia phony Jews. As for the Holohoax, the 6 million killed as a number was used by Zionists (Theodor Hertzl and company) already from around the time just after 1900. Numerous newspapers of the time (1905 onward) quote that figure (6 million). The Zionists invented it to represent human sacrifice to Molech or Satan if you prefer. Then in the recent modern era you have Norman Finkelstein who called the Holocaust a real event because his parents died in a camp, but was now a business to raise money for their cause and continue to blackmail Germans. These same ZioBanksters now steal money from the US government and the American taxpayer to fund their Satanic enterprise of the Jew World Order.

    1. Exactly. The Federal Reserve and the IRS need to be renamed Internal Revenue Scam. Since there are no political or Judiciary solutions, the people need to find their own solution. The Sheeple need to come out of their slumber. Urgently.

  13. “IFCJ raises more than $140 million per year, mostly from Christians, to assist Israel and the Jewish people. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, the organization said it has committed hundreds of millions of dollars to assisting poor and elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union.”

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews/Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein (deceased) 1 minute commercial. Includes flashing images of Nazi’s as an extra bonus! Even the woman narrator sounds sick. Poor thing!

    An exhaustive site regarding the true history of the “holocaust.”

    Once a man or woman understands jewish nature, thinking and behavior, they will understand the traditional holocaust narrative.

  14. My Mother spent a few days and nights in Auschwitz in mid December 1944. She was a Ukrainian schoolteacher employed by the Wehrmacht as an interpreter. She worked with a small unit of older German ‘soldiers’ whose real task was to asses agricultural opportunities in Eastern Ukraine. In 1943 she married one of these men, a Lieutenant and my father. After an incident involving a young German killed by partisans while taking a Ukrainian girl for a moonlight ride on a motorbike, the CO of the unit, a Captain, shot himself as he was not able to take the obligatory firing squad retribution, shooting ten local men and boys in the community in which they had lived for two years and formed many friendships.
    This left my father as CO, the soldiers had been agitating to retreat ever since the losses at Stalingrad. They left and all mechanized equipment was abandoned, including a Fieseler Storch light aircraft but they took a herd of perhaps 100 Horses. It took them well over a year to cross Ukraine and reach Germany’s most Easterly state of Upper Silesia. At this point my parents decided to split up and meet again after the war at my Uncle’s home in Halle an der Salle, near Berlin.
    This left my mother, a stranger in a strange land losing a terrible war with the whole World.
    She was 24 years of age and six months pregnant with yours truly. She joined up with other women Germans, all fleeing West as the Red army was now unstoppable. In late December 1944 on a freezing afternoon the group of about 25 women including about half a dozen Nuns came across an enormous ‘Factory Complex’ in a medium sized Township. It was clearly a Military facility as its Barbed wire and armed Guards in watch towers indicated. The Women were looking for a place to spend the night, it was snowing lightly and getting dark. Two of the Nuns approached a Guard who escorted them into one of the buildings leaving the others waiting outside
    This was Auschwitz: Moments later a Nun beckoned the group to come inside. They were able only to stay for several days to give the elderly Nuns time to rest. In 1996 my family asked me to write ‘granny’s story’ so I ‘interviewed’ her in Moss Vale, about an hour south of Sydney, New South Wales. She was 76 and sharp as a tack: I asked her what she remembered, what was the mood of people, where she slept, what they ate, etc.

    Her recall was of a boring place which everybody simply wanted to leave. She described the SS Guards as old Gentlemen, some stooped with arthritis but very courteous and delighted to have the Nuns (in particular) in their company so close to Christmas. She remembered having evening meals of Pea and ham soup at a large rectangular table. She also said she had swapped a fine pair of leather boots with a woman there for a Vienna loaf of bread. She was not able to describe the woman. I asked her if she remembered seeing Jewish people there. She said she cannot recall seeing any Jews but that’s not to say there we none there.
    I asked her if any talk of Germany’s imminent defeat was permitted, she gave an odd (but understandable) reply: ‘All the SS men firmly believed the war would end like the first World war, with a laying down of arms on both sides’. That surprised me, poor guys may all have been shot just weeks later. Her overriding memory of it was simply everyone there wanted to go home.
    Of course I asked her the most obvious question: She said ‘Look we were about 25 women, some highly educated, one was a doctor, women talk. We were in no way restricted as to our movement or to whom we could speak, we spent several days and nights there but the SS men insisted we could not stay longer. Not one of us saw or heard anything which would have made us suspect there was something sinister about the place. It was an ordinary work place, they made things’.
    Before leaving Auschwitz the SS Guards solemnly warned the Women to avoid taking shelter in Barns or Stables as epidemics of ‘Fleck Fieber,’ (aka Spotted Typhus) were common in Winter and had caused the deaths many hundreds of person in the Camp/Factory including members of the SS Families. 
    I was born three months later in March 1945 in a Town named ‘Konigshutte’ not more than 20 or so Kilometers North west of Auschwitz. The name means the ‘King’s small house’. A week after my arrival the Hospital I was born in was destroyed by Russian Bombers. My mother was rooming with an elderly German couple who were ordered by Polish authorities to vacate their house forthwith. They owned a small sedan and offered my mother a ride to my Uncle’s place near Berlin. She declined and commenced an epic journey, again on foot but with me in a pram and towing a cart with some belongings which are with me to this day.
    I’ve heard this story all my life. My mother passed at age 94, she was a tough and resourceful person. I am completely convinced the entire gas-chamber part of the holocaust legend is a monstrous fabrication to justify the existence of Israel. Jews suffered in WW2, just like everyone else.

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