Is Trump the New Stalin?

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Is Donald Trump a copycat Stalin?  Does he have the makings of a dangerous dictator? 

Is Donald Trump the New Stalin? A bizarre question, it would seem. To most people, I believe, it wouldn’t even occur. To answer it, a few words first about Stalin. We can then return to Trump. 

First and foremost, the conspiracy theory that Stalin was a “Jew” and that all his wives and mistresses were “Jewish” needs to knocked on the head with a sledgehammer at once. And buried in unholy ground. Nothing could be further from the truth. The simple truth is that Stalin was a Georgian, and a proud one,  and he would have been the first to get very angry if someone had dared to suggest he could be Jewish.

Curiously enough, both Stalin and Trump have been accused by their respective haters of being crypto-Jews. There is no reliable evidence for this groundless suspicion, but conspiracy theorists and peddlers of misinformation are not troubled by lack of evidence. This is because they are astute  psychologists and know the human heart: that the will or believe and its corollary, the will to disbelieve, override any need for evidence. We see this process in operation most clearly in regard to the existence of God, where we find the world is divided into two warring camps: the theists or believers in God, who are driven by “the will to believe”, and the atheists or disbelievers in God, who are driven by “the will to disbelieve”. There is a third category of course: the agnostics, the “don’t knows” or ditherers who have yet to make up their minds.

In regard to Stalin and Trump, the world is equally divided. There are those who adore Stalin and Trump even though there is no evidence to support the view that these men are fundamentally adorable. But never mind that. The Will to Believe produces the adorability, irrespective of mountains of factual evidence that lead the average onlooker in an opposite direction, showing that adoration of either man is unjustified.

Take the accusation that Stalin was “Jewish”, for example.  This unfounded allegation is specifically designed to create hatred of Stalin among the vast numbers of anti-Semites who fill the world. “Stalin is Jewish, so he has to be evil”; or “Stalin is evil, so he has to be Jewish.” Thus the illogical argument runs. The possibility that non-Jews can also be evil  is strongly resisted by those who firmly believe that evil is a Jewish monopoly. The goyim are also capable of wickedness, these people concede when hard pressed, but not on the same scale as Jews. We’ve all heard the mantra, “Never trust a Jew.”

Could Stalin have had a few drops of Jewish blood in him from his Georgian ancestors?

Well, of course! But the same thing  applies to all of us: we could all have a few drops of Jewish blood in us from our ancestors, without even knowing it. Maybe my great great great great great grandmother was a Jewess. If so, I hope she was a beautiful one—like this gorgeous creature. But I’m not betting on it. My Jewishness, like Stalin’s putative Jewishness or that of the average non-Jewish reader, is at best a remote possibility.

There seems to be an unfortunate tendency among extreme anti-Semites to label as “Jews” anyone they don’t like who mixes with Jews and supports Israel to the hilt. Such people exist, but there is a correct name for them: shabbos goyim or “spiritual Jews”. My own name for these sycophants who suck up to Big Jewry and are mostly Christian Zionists or secular non-Jews — people like Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, John Bolton —  is the word “Jewling”; literally, “Little Jew”.

The Trump administration is not only full of Jews but also of these Jewlings or imitation Jews.


These are people who think like Jews, feel like Jews, and support all Jewish causes. Some of my nominally Christian relatives have been Jewlings all their lives, even going so far as to change their names in order to appear Jewish. What made them like this? Indoctrination from an early age by the media. They are the products of their own influences: the Jew-controlled mass media, steeped and marinated in cultural Marxism and the toxic teachings of the predominantly Jewish Frankfurt School of thought. (See here and here)

Trump is no exception.

He is known to spend most of his time watching trash television. So what can you expect? His daily mental diet is dished up to him by Jews. As a man thinks, so he is. Assuming he is a bona fide Zionist and ardent supporter of all things Jewish, as indeed he says he is, Trump can be described as a “Jewling”, a shabbos goy or a “spiritual Jew”.

But this is only the case if the original assumption is correct that Trump is fanatically pro-Jewish. It is not correct if Trump is only pretending to like Jews. If he is playing a double-game. If, as some of Trump’s most ardent and openly anti-Semitic admirers believe, Trump is patiently biding his time and will one day—hey presto!—pull the rug away from under the Jews’ feet and wipe them out in substantial numbers.

According to this bizarre conspiracy theory which I now propose to discuss, Trump has been happy to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, to more or less hand over the Syrian-owned Golan Heights to Israel, to surround himself with Jews and Jewlings in his administration, to jack up America’s generous handouts to Israel, to cuddle up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by arming him to the teeth and offering to get tough with Iran for him, and, finally, to allow his daughter Ivanka to marry a Zionist Jew called Jared Kushner and give him Jewish grandchildren—and all this the incredibly devious Trump has done in order to deceive the Jews into thinking he loves them!—yes, worships the ground they walk on!

Move over Machiavelli.

Trump’s secret aim, these conspiracy theory Trump zealots keep telling us, is to hit the Jews really hard one day and destroy their power structure. Not now, but in the fullness of time. When he’s ready.  When the fruit is ripe for plucking.

One! — Day! —  Soon! 

How do they know this is Trump’s “secret aim” if it’s a secret? Ah ha! they’re not saying! Because that, too, is a secret!

“I’m gonna hammer the Jews one day!”
“One! — Day! —  Soon!”

—   §   —

We started with Stalin. We then digressed to Trump. But the digression was planned and is more than permissible. This is because the same conspiracy theorists who have sung the praises of Trump on our site—not once but several times ad nauseam—have also sung the praises of Stalin here and marked out Donald Trump as THE NEW STALIN.

Yes, Trump is the New Stalin!!!

Even more bizarre, the comparison of Trump with Stalin is not meant to be an insult. As when unpopular leaders are compared to Hitler. In this case, the comparison of Trump to Stalin is meant to be a compliment. An accolade.

This hagiography of Stalin and his alleged understudy and copycat disciple Donald Trump comes to us from an admittedly brilliant (if somewhat eccentric) thinker of Croatian ancestry and Canadian citizenship who has delighted our readers on the Darkmoon site for many years with his charm, his wit, and his penetrating insights. His pen name is  “Lobro van Helsing”.

The original Dr Van Helsing, the reader will recollect, is the name of the hero in Bram Stoker’s sensational novel, Dracula. Armed with his trusty crucifix, he is the ultimate Vampire Slayer. (See here). Lobro van Helsing, one might say without exaggeration, is an intellectual vampire slayer and is an authority on exorcism, demonic possession, and other such esoteric subjects too numerous to mention —  as indeed this impressive article on contemporary demonic possession will testify. This mysterious individual’s  real name I am naturally unable to disclose to the reader because this is privileged information. However,  just let me say that Dr Lobro Van Helsing knows more about Mathematics  and Quantum Physics than anyone else I know. He is also a fund of invaluable information on philosophy, economics, politics and current affairs.  So he has to be taken seriously when he says Trump is “the New Stalin”.

Stalin killed at least 20 million people in his own backyard, the Soviet Union, and Solzhenitsyn gives an even higher figure of 66 million. So if this highly intelligent Canadian commenter on world affairs is to be believed, Trump, the New Stalin, has a lot of killing to do in order to catch up with the great dictator he has modelled himself on.

So far the Copycat Killer Trump is lagging far behind his heroic exemplar in the Soviet Union.  66 million dead bodies is a pretty steep target figure, after all,  and I don’t think Trump is going to meet those targets. Not the way he’s going. He’s just not killing enough people. At this rate, compared to Stalin, he’s going to turn out a huge disappointment as a homicidal maniac.

So this is the bottom line: if Trump is going to meet the minimum target figures set for him by Lobro et al — say 20-66 million — he’d better get on with it!

Theoretically, I guess the target figures could  be reached pretty soon. Before the end of this year, I’d say. After all, Iran has a population of 81 million. With NATO’s help, and with assistance from Israel, the 20 million figure could easily be reached and surpassed in no time at all. Then of course there’s Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan, countries all asking for trouble (according to the neocons surrounding Mr Trump) and yielding huge possibilities for anyone planning genocide on an epic scale.

The reader will pardon me, I hope, for using irony to make my point. Which is that the comparison between Stalin and Trump is most unhelpful, if not bordering on the absurd.

If there is one thing for which Stalin is well known and which remains his enduring legacy, it is this: that he made his country great through mass murder. In order to pull Russia out of its straitjacket in the Middle Ages and modernise it thoroughly into an industrial powerhouse, he had to starve millions of his own people to death and immiserate  vast numbers of innocents in his Siberian gulags, slave labour camps and torture dungeons. Donald Trump, for all his faults, simply cannot be compared to this monster.

Even more ridiculously, Trump cannot be praised for modelling himself on this mass murderer and following in his blood-spattered footsteps.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. A minor correction, or maybe not so minor: It is true that atheists or disbelievers in God are driven by “the will to disbelieve,” since, as the psalm says, “The fool says in his HEART [not his head], there is no God,” but theists or believers in God are not driven by “the will to believe” but rather they either affirm with their intellect , i.e. philosophically, that there must be a God, or if it’s the case of believing in a divinely revealed religion like Christianity they submit their intellect and will to the abundant evidence of the truth of Christianity, even though many of the revealed truths cannot be understood, only believed because God has revealed them. And an agnostic is not so much a person who “doesn’t know” or a ditherer who has yet to make up his mind, but rather one who believes there is no way of either proving or disproving the existence of God.

  2. America and the West do need some kind of dictator to put a stop to this so-called democracy which seems to be the tyranny of what you call the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, as it continues unrelenting towards complete and utter decadence and degeneracy. A temporary dictatorship to counter the ultra liberals and reset society is clearly a necessity unless you want to give up on trying to salvage something of what used to pass for civilization. But I don’t think there’s anyone on the horizon who looks as if they can play the part, least of all Trump.

    There is something to be said about Stalinism as a reaction to the immorality, decadence and degeneracy of the previous Leninist phase, but more emphasis is placed by historians on the economic aspects of the transition. There seems to be some evidence that the Leninist phase was the equivalent of the Weimar period in Germany in some respects, and Stalinism could be viewed as step towards more traditional national values away from the earlier revolutionary international ones. I think a more detailed study of these social aspects of the two phases is warranted.

    If Trump ever reverts to implementing his electoral platform he better watch those doctors. I wonder if they’re Jewish too. You don’t say he didn’t learn form Stalin’s mistake? But I suppose if he continues following orders of the Elders of Zion he has nothing to fear.

  3. Gosh, this is a brilliant article. Mind-boggling in fact! It has thrown up so many conflicting thoughts in my head as to set it whirling in a thousand different directions so that I no longer know what to believe! 🙂

    I had no idea there were people around who were actually prepared to make a cult hero of a proven mass murderer like Stalin!

    I mean, is Solzhenitsyn lying when he tells us that Stalin and his evil minions were responsible for 66 million deaths in his own country? Recollect that Solzhenitsyn himself spent time in the Soviet gulags for the crime of being sympathetic to Christianity and against cultural Marxism.

    If Dostoevsky, a devout Christian who was openly anti-Semitic, had been alive during those blood-drenched days of the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin would definitely have had him tortured to death in one of his gulags.

  4. Yes, I agree with you. Anyone who defends Stalin, especially someone who professes to love Christianity, has to have a few screws loose. The fact is, Stalin was a virulent atheist and hated Christianity with every bone in his body.

    Note this quote from Wikipedia:

    “The [Soviet] state advocated the destruction of religion, and it officially pronounced religious beliefs to be superstitious and backward. The Communist Party destroyed churches, synagogues, and mosques, ridiculed, harassed, incarcerated and executed religious leaders, flooded the schools and media with anti-religious teachings, and it introduced a belief system called “scientific atheism,” with its own rituals, promises and proselytizers. The total number of Christian victims under the Soviet regime has been estimated to range between 12-20 million.”


    During his first “Five Year Plan”, Stalin is known to have been a strong supporter of the League of Militant Atheists (led by the fanatically anti-Christian Yaroslavsky) and to have announced that efforts to persecute Christians and shut down their churches should be stepped up. ‘We must stamp out the very idea of God,” he said, or something like that. (Can’t remember the exact words, but I can find the quote later if needed).

    1. Later, in the late 1930s as WWII with Germany was about to start, Stalin ordered a complete reversal of his former anti-Christian persecution policy, inherited from the fanatically Christ-hating atheist Lenin. He also gave instructions that Christian churches should be reopened, but this was NOT — I repeat NOT! — because he had suddenly gotten a soft spot for Christianity! 🙂

      It was because the Russian masses missed their churches and their holy icons and Stalin needed to get their support for the war effort ahead. This was just a cynical ploy to win popularity. WWII was just about to start, so Christian churches were reopened by Stalin in a cynical attempt to make himself more popular among the Russian masses who loathed the dictator for all he had done to them and their stricken families after collectivization (i.e. confiscation) of their land and property and the mass starvation of the people for which he had been personally responsible with the Jews in his Jew-ridden regime.

      See also:


      1. @ Saki

        “…inherited from the fanatically Christ-hating atheist Lenin.”

        Not to nitpick, but to expose another aspect of the fraud of communism: I think this is an oxymoron, as it seems quite incongruous to hate something that you claim doesn’t exist. Marx and his disciples were not atheists per se but Satanists, IMO.


    Just to let you guys know that this site is now experiencing the “persecution” of censorship by the people who police the internet. Many of the subscribers on our List of Subscribers are no longer receiving our notifications of new articles published. Our emails to them are being blocked by the internet police.

    I must therefore ask our commenters to be moderate in their use of language and not to advocate violence and mass extermination of certain ethnic groups etc. etc. on this site — or you will only give Big Brother an excuse to shut us down permanently.

    1. @ Admin

      Perhaps the crackdown is something very general. On the 28th of March my personal Paypal site was broken into and $500 was taken out of my linked checking account, and even though I had obtained the email address of the perpetrator the local police were not interested in the case because the $500 had been returned to me.

    2. So they censor you and shut you down or you tailor your opinions and content to avoid the same. What exactly is the difference?

      1. @ Michael Oneal,

        Good point, Michael. But I don’t think you appreciate the point I’m making, which needs clarification. This is what I said:

        I must therefore ask our commenters to be moderate in their use of language and not to advocate violence and mass extermination of certain ethnic groups etc. etc. on this site — or you will only give Big Brother an excuse to shut us down permanently.

        The fact is, Michael, we don’t “tailor” our opinions to suit the internet censors. For example, we don’t tell our readers to refrain from Holocaust denial just to please Big Brother. We don’t tell our readers to pretend that Bin Laden did 9/11 and to stop saying 9/11 was an inside Job with Jewish involvement. We don’t tell our readers to say nice things about Jews and offer praise of Israel. If we did, we’d have no readers! 🙂

        All I have said in the quote above is the official policy of this site. If we tell our readers NOT to use foul language on this site and to refrain from using words like “NIGGER” and “KIKE”, it’s not to please the internet censors, Michael, it’s because we don’t like such language and strongly disapprove of it! Similarly, we strongly disapprove of trashy hotheads who come on this site and say things like: “Let’s exterminate all them fucking kikes and niggers in the world … solve all our problems!”

        That sort of language is in very poor taste, Michael. It’s yucky. And we dob’t want a yucky site for low-brows who pepper every sentence with four-letter words.

        We are not “tailoring” our opinions to suit the censors, Michael. These ARE out opinions! We are arbiters of good taste and moderation for the simple reason that bad taste and immoderation are intrinsically ugly and indicate a debased mind. Understand?

        Even if it were socially permissible to preach mass extermination of Jews or blacks or Muslims, we still wouldn’t want our readers to do so. Lasha doesn’t like her guests to use words like “nigger” and “kike” at her dinner table. So why should she have to put up with such foul language on her website?

  6. “Lobro van Helsing” often made the claim that he was “right when wrong – and wrong when right, all at the same time” when I challenged his logic of his circular & spiraling assertions. 🙂 That position was definitely required when I confronted him on his adoring and admiring Stalin, liking Hitler, supporting Trump and hating jews – sometimes even in the same rambling sentences! WHEW!!

    But… it was fun.

    Jew or no jew…. Christians & morally decent folks could never give mass-murderer Stalin a pass.

    Obviously, history has not been completed for Trump…. yet.

    1. Pat, is “right when wrong – and wrong when right, all at the same time” a circular & spiraling assertion or is it perhaps a quantum assertation?

  7. I don’t see what difference it makes. Trump if not literally is spiritually a Jew. It has been my experience that these types of people are often worse than flesh and blood Jews. As for whether or not Stalin was a Jew, here is an enlightening link on the subject. It seems obvious that he was but even if not, like Trump, he might as well have been a Jew as Trump might as well be one. Just like the mobsters of the old Sicilian Cosa Nostra would often slay Sicilian rivals or betrayers did not make them any less Sicilian, Stalin’s liquidating of some Jews does not in any way prove that he was not one himself. He had far more Christians slaughtered and everything he did aided the Jews and Israel. The Bolsheviks were almost exclusively Jewish. It defies credibility to suggest their top kick was not one of them.

    1. @ Hereticdrummer

      This is a highly intelligent comment and I can’t say I disagree with it in any way. If it’s not the truth, it’s very near the truth. My only mental reservation is this: your very, very strong feeling that Stalin must have been a Jew cannot be the equivalent of assert that he WAS a Jew. In science, as in life, strong hunches cannot be accepted as proof.

      Take a simple example. Say you were put on trial for murder and the circumstantial evidence against you was overwhelming and you found yourself on Death Row. Would it be fair to execute you? — without your fingerprints and DNA evidence to prove your guilt?

      I don’t think so, especially if you swore you were innocent and in fact were innocent.

      Same with Stalin and Trump. Calling these guys “Jews” without any hard evidence of Jewish ethnicity is simply not acceptable. One must have proof.

      Hunches and suspicions won’t do! 🙂

      1. Circumstantial evidence is sufficient to convict in a court of law. For example, people erroneously think that Corpus Delecti means there was be an actual body of a victim in a murder trial but it is not so. It means, “body of evidence”. Convictions have been secured without the prosecution ever presenting pictures of the alleged victim to the jury because the body was never found. However the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming. Ironically I agree with you on this. I feel the criminal justice system should be procedurally altered so that in a capital felony case the prosecution must present at least one piece of direct evidence or the charge is tanked. The stakes for the defendant are simply too high. As for Stalin and/or Trump being Jews … If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck … well you know the rest.

      2. Throughout the corporate entity “US, Inc.” or its descendents, which, I understand, do not practice or condone Public Common Law, one finds one’s Self in Admiralty or Equity Courts. Anywhooo, depending on a gross division (criminal, civil litigation), we have such “truthy” standards to which to adhere as “beyond a reasonable doubt” and “preponderance of evidence” (aka, “more likely than not”). And I have to swear (in such courts) to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, occasionally with a “so help me GOD” phrase tacked on, depending on the court’s jurisdiction.

        As a scientist, I map “certainty” in my discipline to the words chosen by Legalites (l’eagle lights?) for jury instructions and the like. For instance, I interpret “beyond a reasonable doubt” as 95% sure that the purported evidence — and only that which the jury is allowed to see and hear about! — supports the main hypothesis, namely that the defendant is GUILT as charged. Or not. Sometimes, the jury may select a lesser charge the members agree that the evidence better supports.

        Having frequently testified in both criminal and civil cases as an expert witness, I have to say that a great percentage of juries appear comprised by those who have largely left their powers of discernment and reason both undeveloped, degraded over time, or saturated with unconscionable bias.

        Metaphorically and actually, many cases have “elements” to prove. Not all evidence can pertain to each and every element. In complex litigation, two or more experts will be retained to cover the active, contentious fronts, for this is an highly adversarial process. indeed! For attorneys with whom I work, I often characterize the “other side’s case” as a three- or four-legged stool; our role is to assess the relaibility and validity of each leg, to determine whether it can stand with WEIGHT of evidence. I have had cases where every single leg on the stool was kicked out and burned at the stake of ridicule — and the jury still comes back with GUILTY! Saving the souls, one case at a time, I return to the drawing board, for there are many, many more such cases on the courts’ calendars, lined up like airplanes over a snow-bound O’Hare Airport where Rahm awaits his flight.

        Hence, one value of these questions — i.e., Was Stalin a Dictator and a Jew? Is Trump a Jew and wannabe Dictator? — in the hands of knowledgeable commenters, as found in the ranks of Darkmoon denizens, is that one gets a free check up on one’s beliefs, subtly held convictions freed of periodic inspection (which all deserve, occasionally), and an opportunity to open Mind to more nuanced or truthier thoughts, to engage more incisive readings than encountered to date. Now, is the answer beyond a reasonable doubt, or not? Or, just a little bit more likely than not? A mock trial might be considered by those with the data!

    2. “…and everything he did aided the Jews and Israel.”

      IIRC, after Israel was created, Stalin saw jews as being ideologically conflicted; he saw them and Israel as a threat. Don’t forget the USSR under Stalin started supporting the Arab countries.

      1. Zionist Jews and Communist Jews have always been in conflict. The Zionists naturally want the Jew dictatorship to be overtly Jewish while the Communists wish their Jewishness to be cloaked under an ideology. The murderous tyranny is the same for the wretched masses under the Iron Heel of either one. What difference does it make if the boot stomping on your face has a six pointed star on it or a hammer and sickle? The wearer of it hails from the same tribe.

      2. @ Hereticdrummer

        What difference does it make if the boot stomping on your face has a six pointed star on it or a hammer and sickle? The wearer of it hails from the same tribe.

        Exactly! And brilliantly put. You seem to know a lot about this subject, so may I ask you to comment briefly on the longstanding enmity between Stalin and Trotsky. This subject remains a bit murky to me.

        Given that both Stalin and Trotsky were fanatical anti-Christian Marxists with blood on their hands, working for a regime made up predominantly of Jews, why were they at loggerheads with each other? and why exactly did Stalin have Trotsky killed? Couldn’t they have worked together to attain their ends?

      3. I don’t profess to be an expert on the enmity between Stalin and Trotsky but I would chalk it up to internecine, tribal, power grab warfare. Each one wanted to be the top kick. It’s analogous to the mob Castellammarese war between Joe “The Boss” Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano for control of the Italian American mafia in 1930-31. Both were Italian, both were mobsters, both wanted the same ends (money and power off of illicit crime) but both wanted to be the ultimate shot caller and with monstrous egos and violent natures, there’s only room for one at the top. Like mobsters, communists are violent criminals and prefer to wipe out their competition rather than cooperate with it.

      4. My point was that the USSR (Stalin) did not aid Jews and Israel; he supported the Arab governments. After Israel was created, he saw jews as a threat:

        According to Wikipedia:

        “In a 1 December 1952 Politburo session, Stalin announced: “Every Jewish nationalist is the agent of the American intelligence service. Jewish nationalists think that their nation was saved by the USA. . . They think they are indebted to the Americans. Among doctors, there are many Jewish nationalists.”[39]

        A notable campaign to quietly remove Jews from positions of authority within the state security services was carried out in 1952–1953. The Russian historians Zhores and Roy Medvedev wrote that according to MVD General Sudoplatov, “simultaneously all Jews were removed from the leadership of the security services, even those in very senior positions. In February the anti-Jewish expulsions were extended to regional branches of the MGB. A secret directive was distributed to all regional directorates of the MGB on 22 February, ordering that all Jewish employees of the MGB be dismissed immediately, regardless of rank, age or service record. . . .[40]”

  8. Consider the source of knowledge about Josef Stalin, or any such history or historical figure.
    No matter the depth, e.g. to the deepest recesses of KGB, CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. secret archives, there are lies upon lies upon lies, but even so, only that which is to be believed is that which is allowed to be seen.
    Though it, too, is imperfect, the best test for Truth is time itself: The Test of Time . . .

    1. As readers may recall, the good Doctor Von Helsing suggested that Stalin may have secretly wished for Hitler to realize he was being duped by the Zionists to attack Russia and thus be lured to his and Germany’s doom, this duplicitous act to emulate what happened to Napoleon 150 or so years prior. (And I might add, exactly to the day – June 22, the Summer Solstice, for whatever esoteric-related reasons). This is an interesting theory, but one that’s hard to accept for the mere fact that as a 33rd degree freemason, Stalin had to know full well what the long-term Zionist plan was, and was on board with it. A plan which had to include not only wiping out millions of his own countrymen, but those Bolshevik Jews carried over from the 1917 Revolution whose murderous services were no longer needed.
      So given all that, and his needing to catch up in the “Murder Inc.” Dept. aside, the equivalent parallel to Trump would be……WHAT exactly?

    2. That is because Stalin was a communist Jew while Israel is a creation of Zionist Jews. Internecine, inter tribal enmity and warfare. By the way, I don’t trust Wik-Jew-pedia.

      1. # Hereticdrummer

        “That is because Stalin was a communist Jew while Israel is a creation of Zionist Jews.”

        Zionist jews are communist jews and communist jews are zionist jews. And to the extent that’s not true and some meaningful distinction can be made, how would Stalin have been able to tell the difference? Make them all answer a questionnaire? He wouldn’t. So he purged them all from positions of power.

        “By the way, I don’t trust Wik-Jew-pedia.”

        Neither do I; thus I generally only refer to it after checking references, and usually only as a matter of convenience.

      2. if Trump really is the New Stalin, he will hopefully turn on the Zhids earlier than Djugashivili did. and with success. but “rats never really turn”, they say. Stalin’s son said that the Zhids did Stalin in. actually it was Beria who put rat poison in his wine at one of their nightly sessions. Beria may have been under the influence of Kaganovich, and got Molotov’s Jewish wife released from the gulag as well. Khrushchev then re-imprisoned Stalin’s son.

        R in Merkelstan

      3. ADMIN: This interesting comment has been copied and pasted from the comment section on Truthseeker which you will find just below LD’s article.

        April 7, 2019 at 12:37 pm

        The same CIA whistleblowers who let the news out about small boys being smuggled in to President Obama, also let it out that Trump was blackmailed through Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Maxwell’s daughter over very young girls. Any candidate for the presidency has to be compromised or they would not be there.

        The ex-US senator Cynthia McKinney said when any one running for office goes to the banks for funding their election campaign, they only get the money if they first swear allegiance to Israel. If they don’t do this, they don’t get the money to run. Same in the UK. The three main parties in the UK and both parties in the USA are all run and funded by the Jews.

        In your article, you mention Bram Stoker who wrote “Dracula”. Bram Stoker worked in the theatre and he was robbed of his money by Jews. The first draft of the Dracula book showed Jews as bloodsuckers. Bram Stoker’s publisher made him rewrite this so it could be marketed. Exactly what happened to Gene Rodenderry who was also robbed by the Jews in the film industry. So he added the word “Ferengi”, a hidden [coded] way to mention the Jews, the word Ferengi in Hindi meaning a “foreigner”.

        They [the Jews] have the mother at the head of the family, get other people to fight their wars for them, have endemic diseases through intermarriage, and judge each other by how much latinum (or wealth) they possess.

      4. I don’t mean to beat the point to death but although the difference may appear cosmetic, there is a distinction between Communist Jews and Zionist Jews. Commie Jews want to conquer and control under the cloak of ideology. It is worth noting that virtually none of them take Marxist claptrap seriously. The few that do never advance in the communist hierarchy as they are considered to be fools. The Zionist Jews want the Jew tyranny to be overtly Talmudic, Rabbinical Jewish. This difference in the means of goal attainment is more than enough to engender mutual hostility and conflict and no poll need be taken to determine which side of the fence any particular Jew is on. They fly their singular colors proudly. Another word on Stalin. Communism is Jewish, that fact is well documented and beyond dispute. Jewish from its inception to its consummation and execution. Sure they have some Shabbas Goyim and useful idiots but those are just peripheral window dressing. “Some call it Communism. I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Wise. It is inconceivable that the Jews would permit their leader and shot caller to be a goy. This is no more likely than the old Sicilian Cosa Nostra allowing an Irishman to be their “Don” or boss of all bosses.

      5. BRIAN MITCHELL’S comment IS “interesting” even though it is NOT 100% factual. That causes me to doubt the assertions of the whole comment. I need more proof for the smuggling young girls claims.

        Brian wrote:
        “The ex-US senator Cynthia McKinney said when any one running for office goes to the banks for funding their election campaign, they only get the money if they first swear allegiance to Israel. If they don’t do this, they don’t get the money to run. Same in the UK. The three main parties in the UK and both parties in the USA are all run and funded by the Jews.”

        I followed Cynthia McKinney closely. She was never a US Senator. She was a US Representative.

        She said and wrote that “ONCE ELECTED” the incoming freshman reps were told they must take the oath of allegiance to advance their careers. They must sign the pledge if they wanted less opposition to win a second term.

        I am open to be shown otherwise. I welcome the info about bankers and collusion with the political parties which are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS.

        ALL political parties are IRC 527 TAX-EXEMPT private corporations.

        The law:

      6. @ Hereticdrummer

        “I don’t mean to beat the point to death but although the difference may appear cosmetic, there is a distinction between Communist Jews and Zionist Jews.”

        You’ve changed the subject, and on the basis of the changed subject, you’re dragging the discussion on to the point of absurdity; so let’s get back to the original issue, which I will address with this, my last comment on the subject. You originally said:

        “He [Stalin] had far more Christians slaughtered and everything he did aided the Jews and Israel.”

        The last part of this sentence of yours is factually incorrect. It is demonstrably false. Anyway, as I already pointed out: not long after Israel was created, Stalin turned on the jews. He purged them from positions of power in the USSR and backed the Arab governments, which means that the USSR did not support Israel. This is a generally accepted historical fact.

        Because you seemed unwilling to accept this information, I referred you to Wikipedia for an explanation as to why this happened, but you reject the explanation because you claim that you don’t trust Wikipedia.

        Like almost everything else, I’ve found that Wikipedia’s accuracy and honesty cannot be taken for granted and thus have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. So if you don’t trust Wikipedia, please feel free to consult the references cited in the Wikipedia article, or find other sources of information. None of this is a secret as far as I know.

  9. Donald Trump, for all his faults, simply cannot be compared to this monster.

    I must disagree. Let me put it this way: Was Stalin (or Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson, etc.) a “monster” before he (or they) murdered all those people or was he (or they) not? To put it another way, does the crime make the “monster” or does the “monster” make the crime?

    Contrary to your implication, I submit that a “monster” is a “monster” because of what’s in (or perhaps what’s lacking in) his heart, not because of a chance of fate that allows him carry out an evil act.

    For all Donald Trump knew when he attacked the Shayrat airbase in Syria with cruise missiles, he could’ve started a war with Russia; most likely a nuclear war which would’ve killed far more people than Stalin killed. How should we view this? I can only conclude that Trump was willing to risk planetary extinction – apparently just to ingratiate himself to his jewish-supremacist handlers. Would Stalin have done such a thing?

    Anyway, from recent comments here, it seems some people don’t have a problem with Trump being “[their] president” no matter what he does or threatens to do to Syrians, Yemenis or Venezuelans. Because these Trump supporters haven’t personally suffered YET – or at least they don’t believe that they’ve suffered so far due to anything they can directly attribute to Trump – he’s a great president.

    What these Trump supporters refuse to see is that Trump is following a path that can only lead to ruin; moral, political, economic and physical ruin. It just hasn’t become catastrophic YET but not because the moral monster in the White House isn’t trying.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      You could be right. And I don’t think LD would in any way be upset by your disagreement with her statement: “Donald Trump, for all his faults, simply cannot be compared to this monster.”

      Given that you passionately believe in the moral turpitude of both leaders, Stalin on the one hand and Trump on the other, of course they can be “compared”. But the unassailable fact is that Stalin actually killed roughly 60 million of his own people, whereas Trump, as LD points out ironically, has a long way to go before he catches up! 🙂

      Trump is not a mass murderer — as yet. Not like Stalin. Trump remains, at best, a potential mass murderer. You can compare both leaders for their callous indifference to human life, but you cannot compare the scale of their atrocities. That’s like comparing a little acorn (Trump) to a fully grown oak tree (Stalin).



      1. “Given that you passionately believe in the moral turpitude of both leaders, Stalin on the one hand and Trump on the other, of course they can be ‘compared.’ But the unassailable fact is that Stalin actually killed roughly 60 million of his own people, whereas Trump, as LD points out ironically, has a long way to go before he catches up!

        Well yes, but one of my main points seems to have escaped you. If serial killer “A” gets caught or is otherwise forced to stop after killing 10 people, and serial killer “B” gets caught or is otherwise forced to stop after killing 20 people, I don’t see how you can make any kind of meaningful moral distinction between them. That is, I don’t see how you can say that “B” is more of a monster than “A” because in essence they’re both remorseless mass murderers who, but for the intervention of fate, would both go on killing indefinitely.

        (BTW this is why no parole board ever let Charles Manson out of prison. It wasn’t so much how many deaths he was deemed responsible for in the past that kept him in prison, but the impression that he was a remorseless killer who would keep on killing).

        “Trump is not a mass murderer — as yet.”

        I think there are many Syrians, Afghans, Yemenis, and as of recently, Venezuelans, who would vehemently disagree. To put it another way, if Trump is not a mass-murderer then we need to posthumously forgive and pardon Charles Manson.

        “You can compare both leaders for their callous indifference to human life, but you cannot compare the scale of their atrocities. That’s like comparing a little acorn (Trump) to a fully grown oak tree (Stalin).”

        But as I endeavored to point out, because of the vagaries of time and circumstance, the scale of their atrocities may not be a useful metric for comparison of their respective inherent evil. And to the extent it is, it’s only so when put into proper, detailed context.

        If we are going to do a detailed moral analysis comparing Trump to Stalin, I would probably have to argue that Trump is actually worse, i.e., inherently more evil than Stalin, for several reasons. One of which is Trump’s facially apparent (to me at least) “demon-possession” which suggests to me that he will go far beyond what Stalin did under he right circumstances.

      2. Saki, Don’t debate with this clown. He is a deluded nutcase. I have encountered him before at the site. It’s always the usual crap with him: Trump is evil; Trump is the devil; Trump is an orange clown, etc., etc. He is not worth your time.

    2. Your basic premise is demonstrably false. On this issue Wik-Jew-Pedia is conveying disinformation which it does routinely. Stalin actually midwifed the birth of Israel. The USSR under Stalin supported the partition of Palestine and gave Israel military and political assistance during the Jewish state’s war of independence. It was a sudden change of course, comparable to turning on Germany after signing the Hitler/Stalin pact. This is all verifiable, historical fact. Stalin wanted Great Britain out of the area and he wanted to prevent the U.S. from dominating the Mideast. His purge of Jews was simply an eradication of rivals. As the vast majority of commies in the USSR were Jews (as well as here) he would have had to liquidate his own party to the point of dysfunctionality if he was truly anti Jew. As aforestated, a Sicilian crime boss who removes or kills his Sicilian rivals does not make him anti Sicilian. Such a notion is illogical and puerile. Hopefully that was truly your last comment on the matter.

      1. @ Hereticdrummer

        Your basic premise is demonstrably false.

        No, it isn’t; rather, it seems you either don’t know how to read or you’re having a problem with reading comprehension.

        “On this issue Wik-Jew-Pedia is conveying disinformation which it does routinely. Stalin actually midwifed the birth of Israel.”

        First, no Wikipedia is not conveying disinformation. Second, let’s go back to my original response to your original comment to try to clear this up. I said:

        “IIRC, after Israel was created, Stalin saw jews as being ideologically conflicted; he saw them and Israel as a threat. Don’t forget the USSR under Stalin started supporting the Arab countries.”

        Of course the key word here is AFTER. Do you see the problem Stalin had? He apparently had the same “problem” America presently has. BEFORE Israel was created, there were no dual citizens in the USSR; AFTER Israel was created, there were dual citizens. So AFTER Israel was created, he had people in positions of power that he could no longer trust. And that seems reasonable, right? (BTW I assumed you knew that the USSR was originally supportive of Israel and was the first government to recognize it. I didn’t realize that you were completely unfamiliar with the subject).

        Why not just accept that your original statement was in error and move on?

  10. This idea that Trump is Stalin is crazy. Trump is pro-Israeli but he is not Stalin. Stalin was a mass murderer and a collectivist, Trump is not a communist but an anti-communist. Read Diana West’s recent book, The Red Thread, and you will see who the real communists are: those who just tried to stage a coup against Trump. This is a dangerous and disturbing time and I don’t know what Trump sees in Israel and protecting Israel as he does. It’s not a policy I support, but that doesn’t make him a communist. You have to remember that it was Obama/Hillary and their tribe of appointees that got us into Syria–and they were communists.

    Darkmoon, I’m disappointed in this article. I understand how much you dislike the Israeli/Syrian debacle, and it could end up being the worst alliance Trump has made….but you have to remember in this respect Trump is no worse than his predecessors, only more open about it.

    1. @ Kapoore

      “This idea that Trump is Stalin is crazy.”

      No it isn’t.

      “Trump is pro-Israeli but he is not Stalin.”

      But they are both evil; comparably evil, IMO.

      “Stalin was a mass murderer and a collectivist, Trump is not a communist but an anti-communist.”

      I disagree. First, that Trump is a mass-murderer is already an established fact, no different than Stalin except as a matter of time-and-circumstance dependent scale. Second, what is the ideological essence of communism? The essence of communism, is that there is no “God” but the state (and by extension, those people who control the state). And the communist modus operandi is to rise to the top by bringing everything and everybody else down, i.e., by destruction. That’s Trump all over.

      I would argue that Trump is a “collectivist” in the sense that he sees people not as equal beings under God, with God-given natural rights, but as nothing more than a herd of cattle to be manipulated and exploited. It doesn’t get any more “communist” than that.

    2. You have to remember that it was Obama/Hillary and their tribe of appointees that got us into Syria–and they were communists.

      And you have to remember that it was communist Trump who had a chance to withdraw from Syria as per his pre-election rhetoric but instead chose to betray his supporters and escalate the communist-inspired war against Syria. (Moreover, I would suggest that it was communist Obama who took a calculated deliberate action to put his fellow communist Trump in the White House by attacking the Syrian army at Deir Ezzor in Sept. 2016).

      “Read Diana West’s recent book, The Red Thread, and you will see who the real communists are: those who just tried to stage a coup against Trump.

      It seems you’ve been deceived by the incessant political theater. They’re all communists. If anyone actually wanted to get rid of Trump they would impeach him for his indisputable war crimes.

      “Darkmoon, I’m disappointed in this article. I understand how much you dislike the Israeli/Syrian debacle, and it could end up being the worst alliance Trump has made….but you have to remember in this respect Trump is no worse than his predecessors, only more open about it.”

      You’re suggesting that comfort could/should be taken in the “fact” that mass-murdering communist Trump is no worse than mass-murdering communist Obama?

    3. I apologize, I didn’t realize you are non compos mentis. You ludicrously suggest that Stalin, a world leader, who aided and abetted the creation of Israel, did not possess the foresight to realize that some Jews in the USSR would be dual loyalists? That some Jews in the USSR would be empathetic towards Israel despite their communist affiliations when Israel had plenty of Communist Jews as the USSR had plenty of Zionist Jews? A ruthless and canny dictator like Stalin would have no cognizance of this, while he’s helping Israel and had been surrounded by Jews during his rise to and acquisition of power? Doesn’t that strain credibility, even just a little? Even more laughable is your contention that he saw Israel as a threat. If he thought that way, he wouldn’t have assisted in the creation of Israel in the first place. Only a fool builds up his enemies and bloodthirsty tyrant that he was, Stalin was no fool. Whatever aid Stalin gave to Arab nations, he was just covering all of his bases, the great game all super-powers play and have played since the dawn of time. Israel, the size of New Jersey, is a threat to a nation with the largest land mass in the world, its second largest population, and a military only eclipsed by one other nation on earth, the USA, and not by much. You claim to be knowledgeable on this subject yet you quote Wik-Jew-Pedia to support your contentions. That site is only good for vacuous trivia about celebrities, which is more your speed.

      1. “I apologize, I didn’t realize you are non compos mentis.”

        Knucklehead, you made a simple, factually incorrect statement. I pointed out your error, and that makes me “insane”?

        You ludicrously suggest that Stalin, a world leader, who aided and abetted the creation of Israel, did not possess the foresight to realize that some Jews in the USSR would be dual loyalists?

        ROTFL! I “ludicrously suggest” that history is what it is even if you don’t like it; even if you can’t admit to being wrong about it. I’m sorry but facts are stubborn things.

        You claim to be knowledgeable on this subject yet you quote Wik-Jew-Pedia to support your contentions. That site is only good for vacuous trivia about celebrities, which is more your speed.

        LOL! Seriously? What I would “claim” is that Stalin’s purge of jews after Israel was created (and his abandonment of Israel and support of Arab governments) is a well known, generally accepted historical fact. I’m sorry that you didn’t know that; and I’m sorry you feel you need to argue to the point of absurdity to avoid admitting that you were wrong; and finally, I’m sorry that you’re so offended by Wikipedia, but here’s the thing: I’m not your teacher; neither am I your research assistant. Being that your life seems to depend on it, is there some reason you can’t use google yourself?

        I’ll even help you get started. Below is a quote from a book that you can find on Amazon. Use the “search inside this book” feature and look up the phrase “Am Yisroel chai” for example which will bring you to page 493 where you will find the following:

        “After the foundation of Israel in May 1948, and its alignment with the USA in the Cold War, the 2 million Soviet Jews, who had always remained loyal to the Soviet system, were portrayed by the Stalinist regime as a potential fifth column. Despite his personal dislike of Jews, Stalin had been an early supporter of a Jewish state in Palestine, which he had hoped to turn into a Soviet satellite in the Middle East. But as the leadership of the emerging state proved hostile to approaches from the Soviet Union, Stalin became increasingly afraid of pro-Israeli feeling among Soviet Jews. His fears intensified as a result of Golda Meir’s arrival in Moscow in the autumn of 1948 as the first Israeli ambassador to the USSR. On her visit to a Moscow synagogue on Yom Kippur (13 October), thousands of people lined the streets, many of them shouting Am Yisroel chai (‘The people of Israel live!’)—a traditional affirmation of national renewal to Jews throughout the world but to Stalin a dangerous sign of ‘bourgeois Jewish nationalism’ that subverted the authority of the Soviet state.” (Figes, Orlando (2008). The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia. New York: Picador USA. p. 493. ISBN 978-0-312-42803-7).

        Its importance cannot be overestimated. . . . This book should be made compulsory reading in Russia today.” ―The Times (London)

        “Extraordinary . . . Victims do not always make good witnesses. But thanks to Figes, these survivors overcame their silence and have lifted their voices above a whisper.” ―The New York Times Book Review

        “A profound service . . . Figes redeems the gloom by demonstrating compassion for flawed human beings and revealing compelling examples of moral courage and kindness.” ―The Christian Science Monitor

        “An extraordinary work of synthesis and insight . . . an awfully good read . . . Figes is both a prodigious researcher and a gifted writer.” ―St. Petersburg Times

        “Lucid, thorough, and essential to understanding Stalinist society . . . an exemplary study in mentalits.” ―Kirkus Reviews

        “Extraordinary.” ―The New Yorker

      2. Sorry Smith, I still maintain you are non compos mentis. Your precious book is just one man’s interpretation of events that happened before his time, like all history is. I’m glad you think so highly of Google, a criminal enterprise that routinely “scrubs” web sites that tell the truth or it doesn’t approve of. “History is a fable agreed upon.” – Napoleon. “History is a trick the living play upon the dead.” – Voltaire. (paraphrase/quotes). You present no facts to be contended with, just opinions. As with all politicians and political leaders all we have to go on is their actions. Their words are meaningless rhetoric and more often than not lies. Stalin’s actions supported Israel and I defy you or anyone else to show me an action of his that harmed Israel. For the 20th time just because he “capped” and imprisoned some Jew rivals or those he didn’t like does not make him anti Jewish by any stretch of the imagination. If he were truly anti Jew, he would have been readily and quickly destroyed as the system responsible for his power was Jewish Bolshevism, analogous to why no U.S. president can buck the Jews here. If one tried, before you can say, AIPAC, he would be framed, defamed, impeached at best or assassinated. Again for the 20th time, Stalin’s support of some Arab states does not make him anti Jew or anti Israel. The U.S. is the biggest supporter of Israel in the world while also sending aid to its Arab enemies. That is how the Cryptocracy plays it but I don’t expect you to have the depth perception to see that. You seem to go by what these sons of whores say. You probably believe that former president Bwack Obongo gave us change we could believe in and that current president Chump is making Soviet America great again.

      3. @ Heretic Drummer (re Harold Smith)

        You make several excellent points I cannot disagree with, but at the same time I think you are going a bit over the top by describing Harold Smith as “non compos mentis”. If he were the crazy crackpot you say he is — but which I am sure you don’t really believe, because you wouldn’t otherwise communicate with him at such great length! — he could hardly have written this brilliant article which was also linked on

        I think this is a case of two men looking at the same landscape with different eyes and seeing different things. Or perhaps like two men on the same ship but looking out through different portholes at different views — one seeing the shoreline in the distance, the other seeing the open sea at the other side of the ship.

        In short, a different perspective.

        Harold is one of the few writers I know who is driven by a savage indignation at the world in which he finds himself living. His sincerity cannot be doubted, though of course he may be mistaken over some things.

        I agree with you emphatically, by the way, that Stalin was not an anti-Semite in the classical sense, i.e. that he hated Jews on principle. No, he only got rid of Jews who stood in his way. He was quite happy to work with Jews who in no way opposed him but gave him their support.

      4. A man is not an anti-Semite just because he kills a lot of Jews he doesn’t like, any more than he is anti-Irish because he kills a lot of Irishmen who get on his nerves.

      5. @ Heretic Drummer

        “Your precious book is just one man’s interpretation of events that happened before his time, like all history is.

        LOL! Well of course it is. You see the object is to get whatever information you can get from the best sources you can find and then do some critical thinking; ultimately to arrive at a position you can support with a reasonable argument based on common sense reasoning applied to the apparent facts. This may sound complicated but it’s really not. You should try it some time.

        So how do you personally acquire knowledge if not by that kind of a process? For example, how do you know what Stalin did vis-a-vis jews and Israel if you can’t rely on any third party information e.g., books? Were you a member of the Russian Politburo in 1948?

        “I’m glad you think so highly of Google, a criminal enterprise that routinely “scrubs” web sites that tell the truth or it doesn’t approve of. “History is a fable agreed upon.”

        Well I’m glad you’re glad, but I actually used the term “google” in a synecdochial sense; that is, as a figure of speech standing in for any search engine. But at least in so doing I gave you something else that you can mindlessly dispute, right?

        “History is a fable agreed upon.” – Napoleon. “History is a trick the living play upon the dead.” – Voltaire. (paraphrase/quotes).”

        Yet you somehow know all about the history of Stalin and the jews and Israel circa 1948, right? It’s just that I can’t possibly know, only you, right? IOW you have exclusive knowledge of the subject (but you apparently can’t say how you acquired that knowledge).

        “You present no facts to be contended with, just opinions.”

        ROTFL! Well look who’s talkin’! I presented an historical account by a respected author that supports my position. And I’m sure I could find similar accounts from other sources; perhaps I could even find transcripts of some of Stalin’s speeches/public statements that support my position. But what good would that do against your divinely inspired knowledge and/or your implacable dismissive rhetoric? I’d be wasting my time, wouldn’t I?

        But here’s the thing: You’re the one who made the original claim. Let’s go over it yet again. You said: “…everything he [Stalin] did aided the Jews and Israel.”

        This is an extraordinary claim. Prove it. You made the claim, the burden’s on you to support it. Let’s see your evidence. Put up or shut up for a change.

    4. Kapoore –

      You wrote:
      “This idea that Trump is Stalin is crazy.”

      You are correct and Lasha agreed with that. She wrote:

      “The reader will pardon me, I hope, for using irony to make my point. Which is that the comparison between Stalin and Trump is most unhelpful, if not bordering on the absurd.”
      “Even more ridiculously, Trump cannot be praised for modelling himself on this mass murderer and following in his blood-spattered footsteps.”

      ‘Put-On’ is Trump would be more likely.

      Since they are both alive today, the better comparison would be that Trump and ‘Put-on’ are on the same track to help Israel become the trading house for the world.

      Trump has moved the embassy to Jerusalem and ‘Put-On’ is setting up a free-trade zone with Israel/Netanyahu.

      The US and Israel already share free-trade zones.

      Then, just a month ago… while all political eyes were on Mueller…

      Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone!!

      ***The inevitable results are that US, Russia, Israel and Iran will all be buying and selling everything they need….. With each other!!!***

      After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem is close to signing an agreement with Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Tehran is also set to sign the deal ‘in the near future’!

      “The negotiations with the EAEU were launched in Moscow in April 2018, following positive results of a comprehensive Joint Feasibility Study conducted by the parties,” a spokesperson for the Economy Ministry told The Times of Israel on Monday(Feb 11, 2019).

      The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an economic union created in 2014 by a treaty between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

      The EAEU heads of state comprise a governing body known as The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, and the executive body which oversees day-to-day operations is known as the Eurasian Economic Commission, an analog to the European Commission. The Court of the EAEU serves as the judicial body.

      Free-trade agreements are expected to be signed between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Israel, Singapore, India, Egypt and Iran in the near future.

      That’s according to Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Industry Sergey Tsyb. He said WTO member states currently use over 7,500 non-tariff measures such as quotas, licenses, restrictions and embargos in respect of industrial goods.

      “Therefore, in our opinion, it would be very productive if we actively move towards the conclusion of agreements on the free-trade zone,” said the official.

      1. SISTER MONICA: This Comment has been copied and pasted from the Truthseeker site. The poster thinks Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Franco and TRUMP are all Jews and is very angry with Lasha for failing to agree with him and to finger them all as “Jews”. (Though please note that LD didn’t mention Churchill, Roosevelt, or Franco even once in her article!). It’s a very hostile comment and refers to Lasha rudely as “Darkloon”. I post it here with her kind permission.

        LD says: “Now why didn’t I think of the name “Darkloon”? 🙂


        Bnh Efguhvf April 8, 2019 at 7:32 am

        Sensible people will [view] Darkloon’s prognostications with a sceptical eye.

        Stalin ordered the USSR to be the first country in the world to recognise Israel….Make no mistake the madman Stalin was a crypto jew. There’s the famous photo of Roosevelt,Stalin and Churchill at some conference….ALL of them were Jews. Even Darkloon would have to recognise that Churchill’s mother was an American Jewess.

        As for Trump….he operated at the top end of NY REAL estate…completely in the hands of Jews, which is hardly surprising since NY is a “Jewish City”. ALL his business associates are Jews…his daughter is married to an Israeli spy. His wife is from a Slovenian Jewish family (there are a lot of Jews living here which explains why there are direct flights from Slovenia to Israel).

        Guess what…the next president of the USA will be Jewish as well. Both Trump’s daughter and Hillary’s daughter married Jews….this of course arouses no suspicion from Darkloon.

        Spain went through all of this stuff 500 years ago which explains why there are so many Spanish words describing crypto Jews.BUT….they forgot their hard earned lessons and allowed the Spanish dictator FRANCO to take power.Franco is a Sephardic surname. Franco was protected by a bodyguard of Moroccans….which is odd for a supposed Spanish nationalist…..but this WOULD make sense IF you assumed that these Moroccans were very likely to have been Moroccan jews.The Jews still retain power in this country.

        Darkloon should quit trying to put one over on the public.

      2. You are correct. Harold is not, non compos mentis. However, I’m a street fighter at heart and I do not take insults from anyone. Harold started the row by saying I can’t read with comprehension. My reading comprehension is quite excellent, thank you.That was the first vituperative volley and when someone pushes me I push back. OK Harold, let us play the ball and not the man.

      3. Best sources? That is your opinion. Common sense? Something you are bereft of. You claim Stalin hurt Israel without any empirical proof other than your vacuous assertion that he gave aid to Arab nations. That would make the U.S., which also gives aid to Arab nations, anti Israel. Such convoluted “logic” dismisses the fact that the U.S. aids Israel more than any nation on earth. You used Google in a synecdochial sense? I know you think I’m supposed to read your mind but lacking an electron microscope it is impossible to read something so small. I never made any claims to know the history of Stalin, the Jews, and Israel but I’m perfectly capable of discerning cause, effect, and consequence. I know that Bolshevism, like Zionism, is Jewish (fellow travelers and useful idiots of the goyim notwithstanding) and that Stalin helped establish Israel as did the U.S. and Little Britain. The author you bray about is respected by certain people, and that is their opinion. A Google, “synecdochial” search will reveal other “respected” authors who take the opposite contention. Let us all see your evidence that Stalin hurt Israel. You have none because there is none. That assertion is ludicrous just like your claim that he was anti Jew because he had some Yids killed and imprisoned. Yids have no qualms about devouring their own. By the way, it’s so cute how you employ imbecilic internet acronyms such as LOL and ROTFL, just like a bubble gum chewing, vapid, junior high school girl. You put up or shut up, Smith.

      4. “Best sources? That is your opinion.”

        No, that’s just your increasingly burdensome dishonesty on display; I said “best sources you can find”.

        “Common sense? Something you are bereft of.”

        LOL! Your butt really hurts, doesn’t it? So I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks.

        “You claim Stalin hurt Israel without any empirical proof other than your vacuous assertion that he gave aid to Arab nations.”

        No; you claim that I claimed that “Stalin hurt Israel” (whatever that exactly means). I originally said: “IIRC, after Israel was created, Stalin saw jews as being ideologically conflicted; he saw them and Israel as a threat. Don’t forget the USSR under Stalin started supporting the Arab countries.”

        “That would make the U.S., which also gives aid to Arab nations, anti Israel.”

        No it wouldn’t, because history shows that in general, any “aid” the U.S. gives to another “nation” (Arab or otherwise) generally serves one purpose: to prop up a corrupt and/or illegitimate, generally-Israel-tolerant/friendly puppet government; whereas the USSR (and now Russia) generally aids governments (Arab or otherwise) whose rulers are legitimate and popular; or at least, nationalist.

        “Such convoluted ‘logic’ dismisses the fact that the U.S. aids Israel more than any nation on earth.”

        Well then maybe you should consider abandoning your “convoluted” belief system.

        “You used Google in a synecdochial sense?”

        Yes. (I’m sorry that the whole concept went over your head).

        “I know you think I’m supposed to read your mind but lacking an electron microscope it is impossible to read something so small.

        Well that’s lucky for you because if you were actually able to read my mind, the sudden, massive enlightenment would probably kill you.

        “I never made any claims to know the history of Stalin, the Jews, and Israel…”

        ROTFL! Seriously? That’s a lie. How many times do we need to go over this? You said: “He [Stalin] had far more Christians slaughtered and EVERYTHING HE [STALIN] DID AIDED JEWS AND ISRAEL.”

        That statement of yours constitutes a CLAIM; it’s a bold, sweeping claim. It’s an extraordinary claim. Most importantly, it’s a misleading claim. The word “everything” is a qualifier that implies, well, everything; everything throughout all time and space.

        Once again, after Israel was created, Stalin turned against the jews and purged them from power in the USSR. How did that “aid” the jews? It didn’t. How did that “aid” Israel? It didn’t; it worked against them. That’s why jews came to hate the USSR. That’s apparently why Lavrentiy Beria (who was apparently a Georgian Jew) murdered Stalin.

        You might say Stalin’s turning against the Jews is one of the most significant historical events of all time, since it set the stage for the situation we have today, with Christian Russia facing off against the corrupt jew-controlled West.

        “…but I’m perfectly capable of discerning cause, effect, and consequence.”

        Obviously not, or this “discussion” would’ve ended a long time ago.

        “By the way, it’s so cute how you employ imbecilic internet acronyms such as LOL and ROTFL, just like a bubble gum chewing, vapid, junior high school girl.”

        LOL! (There I go again) Well that explains why it appeals to you; it’s on your level. BTW I appreciate your candor. Anyway, it’s really just a mannerism; it’s a response to someone, e.g. you, that can’t be taken seriously.

        “You put up or shut up, Smith.”

        Well unlike you, I already tried. Anyone lurking here can look at the earlier comments and see that you’re the one who needs to put up or shut up. I cited credible references that support everything I said, but unfortunately, you refuse to accept anything that doesn’t comport with your fantasies. Facts and reasonable inferences based on those facts seem to bounce of off your skull like bullets bounce of Superman. I’m sorry, but all I do is lead you to the water; I can’t make you drink.

      5. @Harold Smith

        Once again, after Israel was created, Stalin turned against the jews and purged them from power in the USSR.

        I hate to correct you, brother, but Israel was created in 1948 while Stalin purged the fifth column from power in the USSR before the WWII started in 1939. It took 15 years of Stalin (1924 -1939) to recover Russia from the regime foisted upon it by the West… by the West, Harold, not by the Jews.

        I said it thousand times here but it is obviously over your head. I’ll say it again: Jews are nothing but a stick in the hands of the West.

    1. If those are your best sources, you are hurting as they leave much to be desired. My butt is fine, yours must be in pain from being cornholed. I guess you knew Papa Joe personally to know he saw Israel as a threat, maybe you two shared a bottle of vodka and he revealed that to you during pillow talk? The noble USSR just gave aid to legitimate regimes, unlike the U.S.? That is a scream. The USSR propped up some of the most corrupt and evil governments extant of the era. I know what synecdochial means. I just conveyed that when you used Google as a verb, the denotation was obviously literal as anyone reading it would think. Read your mind? Impossible to read something that doesn’t exist. You are so fond of braying about “historical record” like a jackass in a pepper patch. The historical record indisputably shows that the USSR under Stalin was instrumental in the creation of Israel. Stalin never purged the Jews from power, he just capped and imprisoned some bothersome ones. The Jews have not been purged from power anywhere in the 20th century to the present time. Even Vladimir Putin is alleged to have covert ties with Israel and Satanyahu. If Stalin truly purged the Jews from power, the communist party in the USSR would have disintegrated as it was a Jewish enterprise from its inception. It did not. The Russian Jewish Mafia in Russia, the Organizatsiya or OPG is stronger than ever. Any fool would have known I was mocking your use of puerile cyber acronyms. You stupidly construed that my ridicule of them constitutes “appeal.” Your vaunted references are the opinions of people that contradict the opinions of other people yet you take them as holy writ. All we can go by is what actually happened and what historical personages actually did, NOT what they said. Bottom line: Stalin helped Israel by aiding and abetting its creation. This in no way was negated by some aid to a few Arab nations. Stalin was not anti Jew because he offed some of them. Meyer Lansky was one of the biggest Jew mobsters of all time and he had many Jew rivals, as well as Italian and Irish ones “dusted”. In your way of narrow thinking, that makes him anti Jew. You slyly attempt to infer that everyone here sees that my contentions are not credible while yours are, yet inexplicably you are the only one out of all of the commentators to this article by Lasha that has attacked me. That in itself is very revealing. Have a nice evening, Smith.

      1. HD –

        HS is an attacker. I get a kick out of his paranoia!! A trip!! 🙂

        Keep commenting and he will keep me laughing. BRAVO!!

      2. I didn’t attack you. I merely tried to correct a misleading statement you made. That’s all. (I wouldn’t even have bothered to do that if the subject was not so important). Everything since then has been the result of your childish refusal to accept the fact that your statement was incorrect. Grow up.

      3. @ Pat

        He said:

        “…and everything he [Stalin] did aided the Jews and Israel.”

        To which I politely responded:

        “IIRC, after Israel was created, Stalin saw jews as being ideologically conflicted; he saw them and Israel as a threat. Don’t forget the USSR under Stalin started supporting the Arab countries.”

        You’re actually going to call that an “attack”?

      4. HS –

        You “BIGGLY” have a selective memory. Funny at that!! 🙂

        Here is just one example of what you wrote earlier – you called him out for writing “a lie” rather than politely noting his possible mistake:

        “ROTFL! Seriously? That’s a lie. How many times do we need to go over this? You said: “He [Stalin] had far more Christians slaughtered and EVERYTHING HE [STALIN] DID AIDED JEWS AND ISRAEL.”

        I enjoy HERETICDRUMMER.

      5. Alright, for Chrissakes, just consider that maybe you’ve created a tempest in a frigging teapot over trivial semantics. I didn’t word that sentence quite properly. Under Stalin’s leadership the USSR did everything within the parameters of its resources to insure the creation of the state of Israel. Does that not equate to aiding Jews tremendously, at least a helluva lot of the misanthropes? Is that better? I do not believe I’m childish and need to, “grow up” because I objected to and traversed your splitting of hairs over something I wrote that had basic truth therein but was taken wildly out of context. I’m willing to shake hands and agree to disagree if you are. Of course on other issues we are at loggerheads but as aforestated, I’m willing to play the ball and not the man if you are.

      6. @ Pat

        “You ‘BIGGLY’ have a selective memory. Funny at that!! 🙂”

        No I don’t.

        Here is just one example of what you wrote earlier – you called him out for writing “a lie” rather than politely noting his possible mistake:

        “ROTFL! Seriously? That’s a lie. How many times do we need to go over this? You said: “He [Stalin] had far more Christians slaughtered and EVERYTHING HE [STALIN] DID AIDED JEWS AND ISRAEL.”

        So now you’re going to start decontextualizing…to make me look like the bad guy? Well I’ve learned to expect that kind of thing from you Pat, but I was impressed with some of his comments, and I didn’t set out to attack anyone or just to be contrary (like you generally are).

        The only reason I even replied to him the first time – in a polite way I thought – was because the issue of Stalin vis-a-vis the jews in Russia is discussed very frequently at Darkmoon and for anyone who wants to understand how we got to where we are in the world today, I think it’s important to identify this critically important point of inflection.

        (Of course by now I wish I never made that reply).

      7. HS –
        You are a master at “decontextualizing”(sic) the dialogue of others, my man!! 🙂

        You constantly dismiss most of my comments here out of hand… needlessly, with false claims.
        Here is a false claim you just made about me:
        “..or just to be contrary (like you generally are).”

        In fact, I hold “contrary” – opposite – beliefs to most people EVERYWHERE!!

        BUT, they are not made “JUST” to be contrary at all. That is a false claim made by those who don’t agree with me. I am used to it, and have been for decades.

        I could very well label all of your arguments as “just to be contrary” as well, and likely so!! 🙂

        In case you haven’t noticed… “contrary” beliefs promote dialogue.

        But, to me, you are a very amusing paranoid guy. 🙂

        You wrote:
        “(Of course by now I wish I never made that reply).” Of course you do, and I don’t blame you, either!!

      8. In the ol proverbial nutshell, the very fact that Stalin was a 33rd degree Mason IMPLIES that in representing Russia he was instrumental in playing his role for the creation of the Israeli state.
        Albeit, my saying that isn’t nearly as entertaining as the back and forth between HS and fellow commenters 😄

  11. Over 70% of the commissars that led the slaughter of 11 million Ukrainians under Stalin were Jewish.

    1. A lie? Talk about misapprehension and contorted comprehension. Papa Joe slaughtered so many more Christians than Jews that the numbers pale in comparison. I’ve already explained my unfortunate choice of words regarding the second part of that statement. It appears that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    2. “‘contrary’ beliefs promote dialogue”, Really? Because as a Flat Earth Geocentric it has always been my experience that my Flat Earth Geocentric beliefs which are contrary to heliocentric beliefs NEVER lead to any kind of dialogue on the Darkmoon site.

      Whenever I start sharing my contrary beliefs with helios I am immediately silenced by Admin, immediately banned and that’s the end of the discussion.

      I’m a Flat Earth Geocentric so ipso facto I have a contrary opinion, so where the f*ck is this “dialogue” on the Darkmoon site? So far my contrary opinion, my Flat Earth Geocentrism, lands me in Spam.

      ADMIN: Sincere apologies, Troj, but this subject is strictly OFF-TOPIC! For the same reason, we don’t allow unsolicited off-topic comments on Chinese ceramics, insect life on Mars, or the invasion of Planet Earth by UFOs. All fascinating topics, I’m sure, but not strictly relevant to the subjects we are discussing here.

      However, you’ll be please to hear that we are planning to publish an article soon on the Flat Earth fraternity, so this will be your opportunity to speak up for your Flat Earth brethren and tell us why you think the earth is flat.

    3. Masonry is Judaism for the Goyim. That is not to imply that many Masons are not themselves Jews.

  12. In my opinion Trump is a simple person whose mind lives in conflict. On the one hand he identifies as White American, and he wants to be loved by the White American people. On the other hand he thinks there exists a true symbiosis between White Americans and Jews, and he feels honor bound to protect this mutially beneficial relationship that he thinks exists.

  13. KP
    “This is a dangerous and disturbing time and I don’t know what Trump sees in Israel and protecting Israel as he does.”
    trump is a real estate magnate from new york city.. that’s a jew town… he could easily be a jew himself, but even if he’s not, he didn’t get where he is today without a little help from his jewish friends, who will have all kinds of crap on him.. he’s got the new york city jewish culture in his fingerenails now… and it is a bit ironic, that he rails against the DC beltway swamp, while his geopolitics are still covered with the jewish NYC slime… who does he think runs Washington DC?
    so we have trump and stalin both slaves to the jews, they have that in common… they both occupied the highest levels of power in a totally controlled jewish states and they both did the jews bidding..
    if you want to talk about circumstantial evidence, i’d say circumstantial evidence indicates they’re both jewish…
    being from georgia wouldn’t automatically preclude stalin from being jewish…
    in view of the historical record, i don’t think we should scoff too much at people making the logical deduction on both of them.. if they’re not jews, they might as well be…
    we’re calling him stalin… but his real name was joseph vissarionovitch djugashvilli…
    we might want to start there…
    something’s telling ‘juga’ means ‘jew’…
    stalin’s gotta mean ‘steel’ or ‘iron’… he’s joe steel, the ‘iron hand’ ruler.. i guess there’s no doubt about that…
    it’s probably worth noting his middle name ‘vissarionovitch’ has the word ‘iron’ in it…
    but trump a mass murderer on joe stalin’s level? no…
    in fact, considering the enormity of the global bloodbath that took place in the 20th century, i think since the un was founded and international commerce has grown, we just may have graduated that…

  14. In the late 18th century Khazarian neo-Pharisees starting calling themselves Jews. Before that time there were no “Jews” as such. Jesus the Christ foresaw this occurrence saying that there would be people who would call themselves Jews “but are not”. Judaism is Talmudism which is based on the Torah. Arguably Talmudism is a collectivist political ideology not a religion. Most Jews are atheists who worship the Jewish collective and those who say they aren’t, worship a jealous, genocidal g-d who is no god at all. Zionism is merely an offshoot of Talmudism. It is just another neo-Pharisee created supremicist, collectivist, genocidal political ideology inculcated from the cradle to the grave in “Jews” born within the collective, to further the satanic purposes of the hidden controllers of so-called Jews. Zionism has the same objects as other neo-Pharisee created political ideologies like Jacobinism, Bolshevism, Fascism, cultural Marxism and LGBTism et al. All of those ideologies were/are used to undermine enslave and destroy gentile societies.

    By calling oneself a Jew an individual is electing to identify as a Talmudist since allegiance to the political ideology set out in the Talmud is what characterises a Jew. In effect, calling oneself a Jew is an act of Talmudic political self-identifcation. Being a Jew is NOT genetic and the pretence that is is, is a typical Talmudic LIE. Converts are allowed and even sought. See eg: What Every Prospective Convert to Judaism Deserves To Know – And: Israeli Ministry Sets Sights on Millions of ‘Potential Jews’ to Improve Country’s Image and Fight BDS – And: Judaism-for-Non-Jews-The-Messianic-Zionist-religion-that-wants-to-recruit-7-billion-members-by-TUT-editor-

    Stalin’s Georgian name implied that he was the son of a Jew but whether he had Khazarian genes or not his genocidal proclivities stamped him as a Talmudist. In contrast, President Trump’s anti-cultural Marxist actions suggest he isn’t a Talmudist.

    Arguably Trump is limited in what he can do by the existence of a horde of cultural Marxist Deep State opponents that surround him and who are attempting to kill him; throttle his Administration and enslave the whole world.

    Assuming Trump has sufficient military support to arrest and incarcerate or kill the main Deep State individuals opposing him in the US, the issue is WHY hasn’t he done that? Stalin would have. Can you imagine Stalin putting up with years of MSM criticism and abuse and DOJ/FBI obstruction and/or the Muller investigation?

    IMHO the answer is that Trump is attempting to WAKE UP Amerikkans to the truth that his Deep State opponents are traitors to Amerikka and global humanity, rather than taking the bloody Talmudic Stalinist approach and simply killing anyone who opposes or even criticises him

    Trump inherited ALL of the problems relating to Palestine, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela et al; and so it is unfair to assume that his actions in relation to those issues are not driven by the need to seem to fool the Deep State war criminals within the US and the Talmudists in Israel and globally, while gradually extricating the US from those Talmudic activities and entanglements while causing as little additional bloodshed and misery as possible. Trump is not a dictator like Stalin was and so he cannot just wave a magic wand and eradicate those who disagree with him.

    As the Jew controlled MSM totally opposes Trump he has no option but to speak directly to Amerikkans and the world via Twitter etc. Also, to effectively gain attention while deceiving the media and his Talmudic communist opponents he has to seem to confuse issues using bluster and apparently incoherent language while drawing attention to the illegal immigration, drug smuggling and child abuse and trafficking that is destroying the US and our world. I think he is doing that very well while cleaning out the criminals from the DOJ, FBI and CIA et al. He is also slowly replacing corrupt judges in the Supreme Court and the Federal judiciary. WHY would he do those things if he was a nascent Stalin on board with the Jewish corruption that is destroying the US?

    A careful study of what Trump has done in North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and elsewhere indicates that he has continued typical US war mongering rhetoric while surreptitiously pursuing peace initiatives. Given that the Jewish Lobby and the war mongering, gun running, drug pushing, child trafficking Deep State elements in the US and globally have been actively growing at least since WWII, and are now dominant almost everywhere, it is remarkable that Trump has managed to begin deescalating US military involvement in Korea, Japan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places AT ALL.

    Moreover, ask yourself: Why is Trump destabilising NATO and the EU and encouraging Brexiteers and promising the UK a free trade deal if they leave the EU? And why did Trump kibosh the Global Warming/Climate Change, Paris Accord bullshit and NAFTA, the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the TTP (Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership) and similar?

    If Trump is a genocidal maniac on board with the Talmudic One World Government agenda WHY would he be consistently undermining it despite being surrounded by Jews?

    Arguably Trump is setting up the US war mongers on Vienezuela for a fall just as he has done with North Korea, Syria and Afghanistan. Trump is also setting up the Rothschilds’ controlled Israeli entity for a peace deal it cannot refuse without destroying itself. Stalin would not do these things.

    Peace and Blessings,


    1. “As the Jew controlled MSM pretends to totally oppose Trump, he pretends to have no option but to speak directly to Americans and the world via Twitter etc.

      There; I fixed for you “Ron.”

      “A careful study of what Trump has done in North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and elsewhere indicates that he has continued typical US war mongering rhetoric while surreptitiously pursuing peace initiatives.”

      ROTFL! Let’s see, he sabotaged his own peace initiative with North Korea; he refuses to end the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional occupation of Syria; he escalated the pointless conflict in Afghanistan; and as I type this in response to your absurd BS, he’s trying to starve the Venezuelan peasants into submission; he thinks he can give Syria’s land to Israel, apparently to try to get his lover Netanyahu re-elected; he’s threatening Russia in Venezuela; he’s apparently planning to carry out another Kerch strait incident to provoke Russia, yet again, etc, etc., etc. Yeah, he’s a man of “peace” alright; the kind of “peace” we’ll have after he and his jew handlers bring about planetary extinction.

      1. G’day Harold,

        An alternative view is that Trump has almost destroyed the credibility of the Jew controlled MSM; the Korean peninsula will be unified soon; and Syria will be a united sovereign nation again as will Afghanistan. Venezuela has NOT been given the Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Syria and Ukrainian treatment and WON’T get it. The question is why, if Trump is a puppet of the JOOS as all other US presidents have been since JFK?
        Arguably Trump’s actions in relation to North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and the Kerch strait have been strong on rhetoric and bluster and weak to non existent on “follow through”. Why? And what is the effect?
        Trump has about 40% of the US population supporting him but virtually all of the MSM and Hollywood and most of Congress oppose him. If he wants to avoid civil war he needs to seem to be what he isn’t until the insanity of the Jew concocted cultural Marxism dominating the MSM and major Eastern and Western US coastal cities and the US colleges, universities and education system is sufficiently exposed to have a clear majority of USans reject it. That appears to be happening. Exposure of the corruption of the Clinton and Obama Administrations and their seditious agents in the DOJ, FBI, CIA et al will tip public opinion over the edge and Trump will be able to legally drain the swamp with widespread approval.
        Believe it, its coming.

        Peace and Blessings,

      2. @ Ron

        “An alternative view is that Trump has almost destroyed the credibility of the Jew controlled MSM…”

        And an alternative view is that the jew-controlled media had already lost most of its credibility, so why not make orange clown a hero (to the easily led masses) by having him publicly beat the dead horse?

        …the Korean peninsula will be unified soon…

        Seriously? The Korean peninsula could’ve been unified soon, but true to form, orange clown took the opportunity to sabotage the prospect. (Look at history. When it seems like peace might break out somewhere, a loyal jew puppet president always raises the bar; e.g., clinton with Yugoslavia; team bush with Iraq; orange clown with everything and everybody).

        “…and Syria will be a united sovereign nation again as will Afghanistan.”

        If we were having this discussion back in 2016, such optimism might have been reasonable; alas not anymore.

        Venezuela has NOT been given the Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Syria and Ukrainian treatment and WON’T get it.

        Or so you seem to think, and I hope you’re correct, but I believe the trees are blocking your view of the forest.

        “The question is why, if Trump is a puppet of the JOOS as all other US presidents have been since JFK?”

        Please see my comments in this thread:

    2. Queue Q-Anon! No, RonC-RonC, Tommy James and the Shondells sang it better! Mony, Mony; I think we’re alone now….

      VALUABLE AMERICAN ISOTROPY [NOT “history”] follows: The Rondelles are an indie-pop band originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band, which formed in the late 1990s, when the three members were still in high school, consisted of Juliet Swango on guitar and vocals, Yukiko Moynihan on bass, and Oakley Munson on drums and keyboard. At live shows Oakley was known to play a 3-piece drum set standing up while hitting the keyboard with his drum stick. Wait a second! How about them Rondelles?? “The FOX beat”??

      All you have to do is to utter a “substantively similar” SOMETHING, and you are good to go! Heck, you put out a meme — say, TRUMP = HITLER, TRUMP = STALIN, smack (! no pun intended, those who tend our poppy fields in far-off Afganistran, to produce heroin, highly effective therefore toxic derivatives of “fentanyl”, a bioweapon you can blame on addicts and their illegal suppliers, which, just so happen, I think, I believe, because of Big Pharma, Big US, Inc. GOV (the muscle), etc. Wake up, you all.

      TRUMP is at best a PUPPET. Stop playing with Hoody-Doody time and get real with your Self and Others. That’s how I remonstrate my Self when I step into a pool of ________.

  15. well said ron… all freight, no air… people seem to forget all the obama stuff trump killed… he’s nowhere near a stalin, and as far as him being not jew-ish goes, let’s see somebody show some proof of that…
    trump has his faults and his baggage, and you know, i see a little benny mussolini in his face sometimes, how he handles the feedback… but i don’t know who thinks we’d be better off with any one of the other candidates, from either side… maybe rand paul, but he’s FOS on the migration invasion… too bad, too bad… but if the dems are able to kill the electoral college, like they say, the whole country will be governed from nyc, sf and la, with portland and seattle and boston following up… we’ll never get another executive like trump again… and, if the migration invasion isn’t stopped soon, it won’t make any difference, because the rest of the country will change from red to blue, like texas, nevada and utah are doing now… once that happens we americans need a stalin of our own to save us…

    1. Bark
      Another STALIN to save us? A 33rd degree Mason fully in the bag for the Jews and their shabbo weaklings? You’ve got the wrong dictator, brother. Better to want Hitler to save us, if you’re going down THAT road of what “saves” us.

      Ron, you wrote:

      “Judaism is Talmudism which is based on the Torah”

      JUDAISM is Talmudism, but my understanding is that Talmudism is based on a falsified version of what became known as “Torah”, the genuine article of which was in the possession of Jesus, and whose obfuscated metaphysical-related truths are in the process of being understood as we speak….it’s a work in progress

      1. G’day Brownhawk,

        Thanks for your comments.
        I think that the Torah was a plagiarised and falsified, ideological political document cobbled together by Levites and rabbis to control ignorant Judahite tribesmen. I doubt that Jesus the Christ valued it since his message was diametrically opposed to the Torah’s rabid ethno-centric collectivist, genocidal injunctions.

        Apart from feloniously inserting the Torah into the Christian Bible and calling it the Old Testament, the Pharisees also sought to ensure that virtually all references to Jesus’ GOOD NEWS such as reincarnation and the fact that EVERY ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness making each one ‘a son or daughter of God’, were deliberately omitted or subsequently deleted from the Bible. For instance Jesus’s teachings about REINCARNATION was successfully eliminated from the New Testament during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for ‘Believing in Reincarnation’ and had the Council declare:

        If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation –

        Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, ie knowledge that the evolvement of human life and MIND is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the mechanism used by neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jews but are not, to convince gentiles that humans are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Jews’ funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg:
        Bruce Lipton – Fear vs Love State and Stress’s Effects on Your Body –—Fear-vs-Love-State-and-Stress-s-Effects-on-Your-Body.shtml

        These metaphysical truths are indeed being brought into the Light as we speak.

        Peace and Blessings,

      2. Kendra
        These rabbis’ interpretations amount to little more than perpetuating what the Essenes would refer to as a “hijacked” existence.
        I think a deception of Judaism produced the Pentateuch, a “Torah impostor”, the books of which are for the most part elaborate fairy tales reflecting life experienced as an “incarnate error”**
        My understanding is that Jesus and the true Moses, not the OT impostor, were in possession of the true Torah, a 5-part outline which breaks down the fundamental dynamics of the true Creation and Man’s place in it

        **Ron C.
        This would imply that a proper perspective be put to our notion of reincarnation, that it’s reality is not in keeping with the aforementioned true nature of Creation and Man’s place there

  16. @ Brownhawk

    The Talmud is supposedly the oral teachings of Jews, which originally were not supposed to appear in written form. This changed after the Romans had dispersed the Jews of Jerusalem. It was then decided that due to this dispersion of the Jews the oral teachings needed to be written lest they be lost. First there appeared the written version of the oral teachings. Then this written account of the oral teachings was produced with comments by rabinical authorities, and this happened in two places: Jerusalem and Babylon. The Babylonian version then became the standard, and new comments by rabbis have been added ever since.

    The Talmud now has authority for Jews over the Old Testament, and this has been true for many centuries.

  17. hawk
    i just meant, if the pushing trend continues, it will come to a fight.. it will be a major, major bloodbath.. in which case ruthlessness will be a survival asset…
    in any case, while we’re arguing over stuff from 70 years ago, the usa is gradually degenerating into rabbinical fascism, nutty muslims on the other side… though the principals in that are hardly biblical in their personal conduct, homosexuality being an abomination… us peaceful white people are going to be like the vietnamese peasants, caught in the crossfire…
    “Political correctness is a weapon used to silence people who tell the truth.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    “Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners…” — George Carlin
    You’ve been expecting this… it was only a matter of time…
    If you are White and not ashamed of your Whiteness….
    Pro-White activism, race realism, criticism of Israel….
    Any political expression from a White person that is not explicitly globohomo in nature could place him on the gov’t “thought crime” list….

    1. I understand, Bark, and I know what happened over 70 years ago is what it is. I just feel strongly about what I wrote due to intimate info I’ve written on here, and I can’t be dismissive of it, for whatever it’s worth

    2. I counsel words of advice from what I understand uttered, in some other language entirely, by Jesus HIMSELF, as Christ: Turn the other f_____g cheek! Resist not Evil — you just feed your precious energy into that system! Alan

      1. G’day Alan,

        As I understand it, much of the content of the Bible and of what we are told about what Jesus the Christ taught has been distorted and corrupted by Pharisees and neo-Pharisees.
        I suspect that the injunction to turn the other cheek is one of those LIES. I think we have to confront, ie resist, ‘evil’. Of course that doesn’t mean literally fighting except in actual self defence but I think it does mean refusing to accept cultural Marxist and other forms of Talmudic oppression.
        Peace and blessings,

      2. Hi Ron,

        If we don’t confront evil we are lost. I’m glad to see that you, as a religious man, have the courage to take the Bible as a reference, not as a universal truth, word by word. Nevertheless, we still believe in Jesus anyway.

        Some people in this forum have doubts because they think Jesus is a Jewish creation. But that doesn’t add up to the fact the Talmud, a Jews only book, originally forbidden to the gentiles, is full of curse against Jesus. And when the Talmud is translated, they do a kosher version, without the curses; which means they really don’t want us, goy, to get that piece of information. So, if Jesus serves the Jews why the Rabbis hate him? Another question: if the ancient Rabbis hated Jesus how could Jesus be just a fictitious entity?

  18. Not taking the time to read all the comments, lets add a new dimension to the Stalin discussion . Everyone agrees that Stalin was from Georgia, a land situated between the Black and Caspian seas. It just happens that Georgia sets right in the middle of the ancient Khazarian empire between the Black and Caspian seas. Now, did all of the Khazars convert to Judaism at about 812AD? One can be safe to assume that all did not convert. Did the forbearers of Stalin have Khazar blood racing through the veins who eventually became Christian? And those Khazars who did not convert to Judaism, and became part of the Eastern Christian religion have the same genetic propensities as those to did convert? Kind of like brothers under the skin?
    The history of the last few hundred years and the history of the Khazars cum Jews or cum Christian may help to explain a lot.
    No matter how many did or did not convert, TJ is of the opinion that up to 90% of those who call themselves Jews in this day and age, are descent from the ancient Khazars. One wonders if they all looked like Babs Streisand or Leon Trotsky. (What is the difference between Babs and Leon? Answer, It’s not known if Leon could carry a tune. Otherwise Leon could have stayed on in New York and become a song and dance man. But he had other plans.

    1. @ Toejamicus

      Regarding the race of the Jews, I subscribe to the theory of Michael Bradley, to wit, that the Jews are Neanderthals. The Neanderthals were a different ape-man from _homo erectus_ (from which the White, Black and Yellow races are derived). And the Neanderthal ape-man became a human in two different forms: the white Neanderthal of the mountains, and the brown Neanderthal of the deserts. The Semite is the brown Neanderthal. The white Neanderthal is the ashkenazi Jew (the German Jew) — along with various non-Jews of the Khazar region.

      I believe that the Jew is not caused by his race, however, but by his culture. Perhaps Neanderthal blood is needed to produce a true Jewish Jew, but Neanderthal blood by itself is very compatible with White blood and culture, I think, even more so than the blood of the Black and Yellow races, which are closer to the White in terms of genes.

      To return to the question whether Trump is capable of being a new Stalin, I really don’t think so. Neanderthal blood has instincts of cruelty. Stalin had such instincts going for him, and in addition he had the Marxist ideology going for him — and by Marxism morality has nothing to do with the conscience, but is determined externally, according to societal interests. Trump has neither Neanderthal blood nor Marxist ideology in him.

  19. While not directly linked to this article, the subject presented here is still very pertinent in light of firearms confiscation in the Soviet Union.

    I would like to alert readers to a subtle, all out attack on the constitution, specifically the second amendment. This is the Jews’ final push for firearms confiscation.

    Before we begin, search “Pittsburgh gun confiscation.” Here is another link to read.

    What is happening here is Jews are using their criminal legal expertise to make an all out assault on firearm ownership. The technique being used is to flood the courts with laws that are a clear breach of the second amendment. This will tie up the courts with a constitutional question that for Jews has never been properly decided in their favor.

    Each strike down of these draconian laws will result in another attempt somewhere else. Since Jews have now packed the courts with their judeocommunist, minority, sycophants, the time is ripe to deluge the courts with open challenges to the second amendment. Already the courts taking on a more totalitarian mentality; of course it’s all with the smarmy idea of protecting the public from itself. Yet, poisoning the atmosphere with radioactive chemtrails doesn’t seem to need any intervention by authorities to protect the public. Think I’m joking? Read this book. If the radiation doesn’t make you sick, this book damn sure will.

    Jews will do this until the courts and people are dizzy trying to figure out if the law is coming or going on firearms ownership. The masses will tire of the media’s continual hammering on a question that should never have been allowed to be asked in the first place. Eventually, among the deluge of test cases, they will finally get a major decision “hidden in plane sight” of course, in favor of full confiscation. With that precedent set, Jews will have gotten their camels’ nose under the tent and soon after the second amendment will either be struck down outright or simply trampled over by the totalitarian, judeocommunist state with secondary laws that have the same effect as outright firearms confiscation.

    Then it will be Katy bar the door, because Katy don’t have her gun no mo’.

    It’z . . .

    Roll the credits!

    The World Enemy

    by Joseph Goebbels

    ‘Three hundred men, each of whom knows the others, direct the economic fate of the continent. They find their successors from within their ranks’.

    That is what one of these three hundred, who surely should know, wrote on 25 December 1909 in Vienna’s Neue Freie Presse: the leading capitalist, minister of the Republic, friend of the Bolshevists, and International Jew Walter Rathenau. When he died, hundreds of thousands of the Marxist proletariat demonstrated against capitalism and Reaction, for socialism and for Rathenau.

    International high finance has taken command of the sovereign rights of the German people and is now making itself at home in our former realms of power. True to the ancient law of the Jewish race, ‘You shall devour all the peoples’, they began with us by shattering our people’s strength to resist through war and revolution, then bit by bit by taking over the most important structures of the state body.

    They now own our currency and control by far the greatest part of German production, our transportation system, and as a result of their military and diplomatic capacities, Germany’s borders. The press is almost entirely in their hands; they thus control public opinion and determine the parliament and government. With the help of German politicians they put an overseer in place, the secret Kaiser Parker Gilbert. He controls the colonial budget and influences income and expenditures; the parliament and government are entirely in his hands, and the conditions of slavery that have prevailed in Germany since 9 November 1918 guarantee the continuation of this miserable state.

    The Marxist parties are wiling tools in the hands of these exploiters of money. With their help, world stock exchanges were able to rob the German people of its possessions. During the world-shattering military struggle they took two million of Germany’s best sons; from their blood Wall Street coined the gold bars that today obligate us to pay tribute. They used the so-called inflation to rob us of what we owned, and in place gave us a new currency, one that no longer belongs to us, but rather to our oppressors. The world enemy has the vital organs of our national body in its hands.

    On the asphalt streets of modern big cities, the World Jew builds an imperialistic dictatorship of Red Gold; its pillars are the press, the workers’ movement, parliament, and the cowardice of the bourgeois parties. Each wretched day that passes is another step in the march of gold against blood. Things are moving relentlessly, and one can already determine with mathematical certainty when the last element of Germandom disappear from politics, the economy, and culture, and we will be at the end.

    That is the situation! While we break our heads and chase after phantoms, money is preparing for its last destructive blow against German labour, and today there can be no doubt that, given the continuing weaken of the German will to resist, this catastrophe is closer than we all want to believe.

    The great national and international parties have long since capitulated shamefully to the lust for power of the world enemy, whether openly or not. They either work for collapse or else advance it consciously or unconsciously through cowardice and the lack of a will to resist. While parliament gives speeches and holds debates, no one knowing anything, the forces of money march directly and clearly forward in a campaign of conquest against German labour. One day we will again be unprepared to face to face the facts that confronted us in 1914 and 1918, which will then be even more terrible and unavoidable as those that prevailed when this world-historical battle first began.

    Are we, then, wrong in calling for resistance? Have we Germans deserved to have our chains of slavery made from gold made from the sweat and blood of our brothers?

    The lords of money are preparing their final blow. They have robbed our people of faith and will, they have shamed and dishonoured us, and now want to grab us around our neck. No speeches, no begging, can stop that—only resistance, battle, attack! God will not help us. We must help ourselves.

    Our life is in danger. The German people is in a constant state of emergency. Any means is appropriate to stop the enemy.

    We are ready to use everything we have. If we free Germany from the insanity of gold, it will be the greatest achievement in world history! Blood against gold! Labour against money! Fists against legal paragraphs! Life against dead phrases!

    That is what we march for!

    19 March 1928.

    1. Arch –

      Very interesting, as usual.

      “The lords of money are preparing their final blow. (19 March 1928.)”

      If Walter wrote that, even he – the Big Shot jew – was lying to produce FEAR, the great mover of people.

      I see no final blow… just continued crushing, by controlling the wallets of kings and commoners alike!

      Armageddons have come and gone. There have been thousands of them. FEAR motivates criminal dictators to tell lies and murder anyone in their paths.

  20. On the enmity between Stalin and Trotsky, in short; Stalin was a Nationalist and Trotsky a Jewish Globalist.

    1. Exactly. Apparently Trotsky saw the USSR as nothing more than a tool to be exploited by jews – a platform from which to spread their Satanism i.e. communism. And Stalin apparently figured it out.

  21. “Trump’s secret aim, these conspiracy theory Trump zealots keep telling us, is to hit the Jews really hard one day and destroy their power structure. Not now, but in the fullness of time. When he’s ready. When the fruit is ripe for plucking. *** How do they know this is Trump’s “secret aim” if it’s a secret? Ah ha! They’re not saying! Because that, too, is a secret!”

    Actually, it’s not a secret. Mark Glenn, the founder and leading proponent of “Trump is not a puppet of Judea Inc.,” posted many articles that declared Trump’s secret hatred for the Jews. Three examples of many:

    Trump withdrew from the JCPOA to expose Jewish influence over US policy!

    “At the same time however, he understands that Iran and her (justifiably) bellicose posture towards the Zionist entity threatens to send the cockroaches presently residing in the roach motel known as the Jewish state back to Europe, the West, and America, something which Trump and the Anglo-Capitalist elite do not want. Israel was created as a garbage dump where the worst elements of Western Jewry could go so that the West could get a little peace and quiet. They do not want these elements with their violent, backwards behavior returning to the West and starting up anew all the turmoil and problems that began after 70 AD.

    THIS is the reason that Trump is a ‘Zionist’ and why he pledges to ‘protect’ Israel, and therefore why he wants to renegotiate the deal with Iran that would have as part of said agreement a dialing down of tensions that right now are only further empowering Israel’s case as the poor, persecuted victim and which inches the entire region (and the world in general) closer to war.”

    “Therefore, what needs to be understood is how the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm was viewed by those western Gentile leaders who threw their support behind it–a dumping ground for the worst elements of Jewry who were unassailable in Christian Gentile society and who would forever remain a thorn in the side of all social order as long as they remained out of their own ‘element’. This is what Trump–and to a certain extent, the rest of the political leadership in the West–does not want to see happen and why they are intent upon making sure that Israel remains right where she is, safe and secure as the garbage dump that she is where the most problematic elements making up world Jewry can go.” (No Link; posted 11/05/18).

    1. @ Mark

      Thanks for these invaluable links. The ex-poster “Lobro”, a regular commenter on the Ugly Truth site, has of course been the main promoter of Mark Glenn’s ideas on the Darkmoon site. I refer in particular to the idea that Trump’s “secret aim” is to destroy Jewish power one day. But only when he’s ready. Meanwhile, Trump has to pretend to be a Jew lover and supporter of Israel. But it’s all a big act to placate the powerful Jews around him and continue to get the financial backing of multibillionaire tycoons like Sheldon Adelson.

      LD rejects this idea as fundamentally ludicrous and thinks it is based on wishful thinking. And she rejects with even greater vehemence the farcical idea that Trump is following in the “noble footsteps” of the Man God Stalin. 🙂

      Between Trump and Stalin there are no parallels. You might as well compare apples with oranges. Incidentally, Lobro, who compared Trump to Stalin, also compared Trump to the clownish Roman Emperor Claudius who had to pretend to be a fool in order to survive.

  22. WOW!! US designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization!! A FIRST!!

    This will help his pal Bibi win the election, increasing jew power for Trump in his own 2020 bid!!

    President Trump on Monday – yesterday – formally labeled Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “foreign terrorist organization,” in Washington’s first such designation for an entire foreign government entity.

    The announcement, which officials said would put the military organization on the same level as terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, is the latest administration step to increase pressure on Iran.

    1. On the Eve of Israel’s Election, Netanyahu Thanks Trump for Sanctioning Iran at His Request!!

      ON THE EVE of Israel’s election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took credit for President Donald Trump’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, by designating it a foreign terrorist organization.

      “Thank you, my dear friend, President Donald Trump,” Netanyahu tweeted in Hebrew, “for answering another one of my important requests.”

      As the Telegraph correspondent Raf Sanchez noted, Netanyahu’s choice of words seemed to imply that Trump’s earlier decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, Syrian territory Israel seized by force in 1967, was also a gift given at the request of the embattled Israeli prime minister.

  23. MEGA JEW SUPREMACIST Kushner THE SON-IN-LAW of trump married to trump’s JEW daughter who is also an UBER JEW SUPREMACIST ; ((( THE SON-IN-LAW))) is in the oval office all the time every day and sits in on every presidential meeting and is always next to trump, is always there with trump, is always beside trump, that’s because [ and I’m sure the TUTzies would agree] trump keeps his friends close but keeps his enemies closer, lol…. [ I think that’s how the JEW expression goes, gee, I hope I got it right ]. NOT being a joo myself, I many times find JEW expressions a bit confusing.

    NON-jews in the process of defeating the joos always, lol, keep their NON-joo friends close but naturally keep their JOO enemies closer, lol, it’s a NON-joo-Anti-Semitic thang to make sure your MEGA JEW SUPREMACIST SON-IN-LAW married to your Uber JEW SUPREMACIST daughter is always real close by and always your most valued advisor and confidant, if not your downright boon companion…. 😎 [ TUTzies sure are a ¡Hoot!, aren’t they ].

  24. ARCH
    good contribution… no smarm..
    “The Marxist parties are wiling tools in the hands of these exploiters of money.”
    so true – communism was a rothschild jew bankster control plot from the beginning, and all the bigger apparatchiks get rewarded with cushier spots up in the power structure……
    they’re still there, but that’s all old hat now that we’re into the global super-surveillance state…
    super-surveillance isn’t just about watching people… it’s about total control and manipulation…
    freedom of exchange? you used to have cash.. then it was credit cards… now block-chain bitcoin is designed to completely eliminate any trace of anonymity in your transactions.. you’ll get that next… your past will be an open book, like your browsing history, open to the PTB…
    and the chicom social credit rating system is coming to your life soon too…
    you mfers better get your minds right…
    there’s no way people can be free nor have their governments function as free states under the super-surveillance network… surveillance is 20X the threat to freedom communism ever dreamed of…
    of course you must be disarmed, all stupid little communists are…
    tell us, how many states have been disarmed in the world now…
    what used to be england, before cromwell let the jews back in, has been… australia too, right? who else?
    do people have guns in russia and china? how about the koreas? scandanavia? eastern europe? Poland? ukraine?
    that’s good news if it’s true, but it’s far more likely trump is just another schmucko, possibly coerced, but that doesn’t make much difference…
    think about the big sweep-out… it would be a big effing job at this point, and bloody… it does need done, but what would it take and who would do it? it’s not just the jews now.. you have all these millions of foreigners too…
    for my money the so-called kushners are brother and sister, or at least cousins… i see way too much resemblance there… billionaires do all kinds of crazy weird arrangements common people wouldn’t think of, and marrying their cousins, nieces and nephews is an old trillionaire bankster method…
    and while we’re on the subject – please forgive me of i’m getting off topic (i don’t think so too much, since it is ALL about jewish control)…
    here’s the invisible critic – paste it into your search bar if you have to…
    > Three Desperate & Demented Democrat “Front-Runners”
    now watch this –
    kamala harris screws her way to the top sucking willie brown’s you-know-what… cory booker sets up a fake fire and rescue of a poor black woman, gets wounded… what a hero, should get a purple fireman heart…… he rescues freezing dogs from a ‘new jersey blizzard’, network tv cameras just happen to be there… now you see where jesse smollet got his ideas from… and of course the black district attorney lets him off the hook.. after all, he did do community service, stuffing envelopes for jessie jackson… what on earth would these goddam people do if they ever worked their way into the most powerful political positions in the country? obama was a fake too, but he was a mossad/cia plant from the gitgo.. these people all know that, so they’re running bullshit scams of their own… not that they would ever snitch… you saw what happened to joan rivers, when she outed michelle obama for a hormone imposter female; she supposedly died, but not really… she’ll be living incognito somewhere in israel from here on out… elizabeth WARREN really is the kicker for fraud though… pocahontas hocuspocus lol HOCUSPOCAHONTAS.. look at her on this hollywood ziocon tv show bragging about her and her husband WARREN beatty being cohorts with neocon jew john mccain, son of the admiral, who helped crypto LBJ cover up the attack on the listening ship uss liberty during the jews’ attack on the arabs in the 6 day war… watch the whole video… “obviously WARREN is a prominent liberal democrat”, yes and a hollywood filmmaker bullshit artist, who KNOWS HOW to fake people… look at the woman’s face… elizabeth WARREN is annette benning, WARREN beatty’s wife…
    the country is a corporation, the government is a fraud, and they have no respect for you whatsoever…

  25. Is Trump the New Stalin?

    No offence, Lasha, but this question of yours has as much intelligence in it as this one: Is Fart the New Man?

    1. @ Circassian

      I hope I may be forgiven for making one last comment before I retire gracefully from this site as I promised to do a few days ago.

      From the tone of your comment, Circassian, it’s clear you are not only a nasty piece of work but a fool into the bargain. The question “Is Trump the New Stalin” is a rhetorical question which Lasha asked only to reject it at once as an absurd question to ask.

      The statement that Trump was “the New Stalin” was made by LOBRO, your fellow admirer of Stalin. Not by Lasha! So if you think it really stupid to compare Trump to Stalin, which it certainly is, then you must blame your big buddy LOBRO for making the comparison. For stating on this website repeatedly (when you weren’t here perhaps) that Trump is a hero cut from the same mold as Stalin.

      It seems you have a lot in common with your arch-enemy Lobro, since you both admire the same mass murderer: Stalin. However, you are obviously much smarter than Lobro because at least you have the intelligence to realize it borders on madness to compare Trump to Stalin.

      Which is exactly what Lasha says:

      “The reader will pardon me, I hope, for using irony to make my point. Which is that the comparison between Stalin and Trump is most unhelpful, if not bordering on the absurd.

      You will of course agree with that wholeheartedly, right? But you won’t agree with the next bit, since it is most uncomplimentary to Stalin:

      If there is one thing for which Stalin is well known and which remains his enduring legacy, it is this: that he made his country great through mass murder. In order to pull Russia out of its straitjacket in the Middle Ages and modernise it thoroughly into an industrial powerhouse, he had to starve millions of his own people to death and immiserate vast numbers of innocents in his Siberian gulags, slave labour camps and torture dungeons. Donald Trump, for all his faults, simply cannot be compared to this monster.

      Even more ridiculously, Trump cannot be praised for modelling himself on this mass murderer and following in his blood-spattered footsteps.

      1. @Sardonicus

        I hope I may be forgiven for making one last comment before I retire gracefully from this site as I promised to do a few days ago.

        Good riddance! You can enjoy your retirement in full confidence that you won’t be missed.

        It seems you have a lot in common with your arch-enemy Lobro, since you both admire the same mass murderer: Stalin. However, you are obviously much smarter than Lobro because at least you have the intelligence to realize it borders on madness to compare Trump to Stalin.

        Well, it is true that I am much smarter than Lobro: It’s hard to be humble, when you are as great as I am 🙂 … but not because I “have the intelligence to realize it borders on madness to compare Trump to Stalin”.

        Lobro’s reasoning skills are pretty low. He has no understanding of what Stalin was all about. As I have proved conclusively, Lobro is very weak even in his own field of professional training – in mathematics. He does not understand that quantum mechanics is not a pinnacle of advancement in physics but rather a dead end of physics. Why is it so? Because quantum mechanics has thrown out the most important principle of all science – the principle of cause and effect. So is it any wonder that he’s got the Jewish problem backwards: he has no clue as to what is the cause and what is the effect in the “Jewish conundrum”. Even Brownhawk’s understanding of “Jewish question” is way more advanced than Lobro’s.

        Last, but not the least, Lobro he is of very weak moral fiber, which means he is lacking wisdom, even though it is quite true that in this department he is way above YOU, Sardonicus, by an order of magnitude.

        I don’t like Lobro, but he is not my arch-enemy, as you put it.

        ADMIN TOBY: I will let this comment pass in the hope that neither Lobro nor Sardonicus will read it, given that it is equally insulting to both of them. More so, in fact, to Sardonicus. As for you, Circassian, your knowledge of Mathematics and quantum mechanics could well be of a superior order — I am no judge of that — but it doesn’t follow from this that you are also a paragon of moral rectitude who has attained to wisdom, as your comment implies.

        Lobro always suspected you of being a demon in human form and maybe he was right about you. I also think you may have misunderstood Lobro’s attitude to quantum physics and therefore underestimated his knowledge of the subject. If I remember correctly, Lobro was a stalwart defender of Free Will and rejected determinism root and branch. Above all, he was against the Many Worlds hypothesis (the Multiverse) with its deeply unsettling conclusion that “everything that CAN happen DOES happen”. Which happens to be the subtitle of a popular book on quantum physics:

      2. Circassian
        Quantum physics hasn’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater, it has simply re-defined the principle of cause and effect as it would involve the observer of the principle at work

        For instance, regarding your observation of Stalin in the interest of the eyes seeing only what the brain tells it what it’s looking at, you need nothing more than simple algebra to offset a previously held notion:

        B) Stalin was a 33rd degree freemason, the implications of which in all probability
        ensure his being on board with the jew-affiliated WEST and (((their))) long-term plans of world supremacy

        E) “a picture is worth a thousand words”
        Stalin, Churchill, and FDR looking like death warmed over at Yalta in 1945 outlining plans for the post-war world

        A simple redirection of the brain’s contouring synapses will produce the following formula: B + E = SD
        The (B)rain and (E)yes = the (S)traight (D)ope

      3. Brownhawk,

        Lest my statement (“Even Brownhawk’s understanding of Jewish question is way more advanced than Lobro’s”) be misinterpreted: It was made… not to praise your understanding of the matter in question but rather to make grotesquely clear how low Lobro’s understanding of it was.

        Claiming that “Stalin was a 33rd degree freemason” on the basis of “hand in jacket à la Napoleon” clue and making far reaching conclusions from it is incredibly… I don’t want to be overly rude here, so I’ll stop right there.

        I do not wish to engage in QM discussions here because it will give Admin Toby an extra excuse to slaughter my comment.

      4. The Napoleon comment was a mere aside, and having said that, you really are a hopeless boor, Circassian, and I too shall refrain from any further insults, as warranted as they may be. I shall bite my tongue until it bleeds😜

      5. @Brownhawk

        The Napoleon comment was a mere aside

        Ok, chief, let’s hear you compelling evidence that “Stalin was a 33rd degree freemason” which seems the sole foundation on which the entire edifice of your logical construct is resting.

        I hope it does not boil down to some “information” your grandfather, who was a 33rd degree freemason himself, passed to you before he passed away.

      6. Circassian
        For the record, my grandfather WAS a 33rd degree Mason. But you couldn’t have known that, therefore your comment amounts to nothing more than a blind squirrel finding a nut.

        In the interest of providing you with a giant wakeup call….

        Being a 33rd degree Mason is no big whoop in and of itself. All it means is that you’ve shown fealty to the fraternal brotherhood by having a second “3” added to the 3rd degree which then turns into the master #33. The real significance of this is when it’s associated with men in positions of national leadership like Stalin, FDR, Truman, Saddam Hussein, etc. etc. Being assigned a 33rd degree means you are deemed to be loyal, and will be faithful while playing your role in the “Great Work of the Ages”, with the twisted and deluded understanding that you are serving the “greater good” for Mankind.

        The scuttlebutt is that Stalin eventually strayed off the Reservation and turned renegade to his masters’ wishes. For this insubordination a contract was put out on his head, for which in mafioso parlance would get you “two in the hat”. But apparently his executioners preferred poison to bullets.

        “Thanks for coming, you’ve served a useful purpose for the cause, now you’re a dead man for going rogue on us”. Have a nice death 😵

  26. G’day Sardonicus,

    I disagree with the claim that Stalin made Russia great, pulling it out of the Middle Ages and modernising it thoroughly into an industrial powerhouse.
    This is Jewish propaganda. In ‘A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind (2014)’ Stephen Goodson gives a clear exposition of how Jewish bankers have swallowed up the world with their diabolical, usurious monetary scheme. Goodson, a former director of South African Reserve Bank and an acknowledged expert in the history of finance, takes his historical analysis all the way back to the early days of the Roman Empire. Among other things he discusses Imperial Russia:

    Thanks to the sound fiscal policies of the czars, by 1914 Russia had become one of the leading lending institutions in Europe. It had the smallest national debt in the world, by far; it had abolished slavery before the U.S. ever did, it enabled a majority of its peasants to own their own land, and its agricultural production was the highest in the world.

    It had amassed more money than any other country in the world, education was free up through college level, and its labor laws were praised by US President William Howard Taft.’

    Goodson summarizes the picture of Russia that has been so debased by Jewish propagandists advocating Communist “liberty” for the whole world:
    “The people of all races in the Russian Empire has an equality of status and opportunity which was unparalleled in the modern world. His Imperial Majesty Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) and his state bank had created a workers’ paradise that was unrivaled in the history of mankind.”

    So, contrary to the Jewish propaganda that dominates our world today, Imperial Russia was NOT industrially backward.See eg: The Truth About Imperial Russia – _Information_43/The-Truth-About-Imperial-Russia. shtml

    In fact Imperial Russia was a world leader in many respects and had built the longest railway in the world – the TransSiberian. By 1914, 83% of the interest and amortization of the national debt was funded by the profits of the Russian State Railways. In 1916 the total length of the main lines was 100,817 verst or kilometres. In 1861, ie before Lincoln freed the slaves in the USA to assist the Union’s Civil War effort, Czar Alexander II abolished serfdom, which at that time affected 30% of the population. By 1914, 80% of Russia’s arable land was in the hands of the peasants. The Peasants’ State Bank, described at the time as the “greatest and most socially beneficient institution of land credit in the world” granted loans at a very low rate of interest, which was in effect a handling charge.

    So, BEFORE the Jews’ implemented their Bolshevik COUP in 1917, Imperial Russia was giving tens of millions of peasants interest free money subject only to a “handling charge”.

    Between 1901 and 1912 Russia’s peasant loans increased from 222 million rubles to 1,168 billion rubles. By 1913, Russia had become the world’s bread basket. It’s percentage of world production being: 42.3%of barley; 30.3% of Oats; 67$ of Rye; and 31.2% of wheat.

    Between 1970 and 1914 industrial output grew by 1% per annum in Great Britain, 2.75% per annum in the United states and 3.5% per annum in Russia. During the period 1890 to 1913 industrial production quadrupled and Russian industries were able to satisfy 80% of internal demand for manufactured goods – a perfect example of autarky. Imperial Russian industry was booming before the Jews’ Coup in 1917! The LIE in all the history books to the effect that Russia had no industry in 1917 has been put there by the Jews who carried out the Bolshevik COUP in 1917 and genocided 66 million Russians thereafter.
    Incidently, in 1912 Russia had the lowest levels of taxation in the world. Furthermore there was hardly any inflation.
    Lenin’s RED TERROR and Stalin’s subsequent slaughter of Christian Russians and Ukrainians wiped out Russia’s aristocracy and its educational, scientific, engineering, managerial, military and religious elites and Russia’s non-Jewish middle and artisan classes – generally. the effect was to plunge Russia into a dark age such that it could be, and was, presented as backward and lacking in the skills needed for a modern industrial society. THAT dystopia was a Jewish creation. It was NOT the situation prior to Lenin’s Bolshevik Coup, organised and paid for by Jewish banksters in London and New York.

    On November 7, 1917, the Rothschilds, fearful that replication of this extraordinary example of freedom and prosperity would destroy their evil banking empire, instigated a Judeo-Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which wrecked and ruined a wonderful country and resulted in the deaths by murder and starvation, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, of 66 million innocent people.

    Stalin’s starvation and murder of tens of millions of Russians and some 10 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor was part of the problem NOT THE SOLUTION.

    As for Stalin’s legacy being making his country great; arguably the Rockefellers did much of that because they were Allied to the Soviet Union from its inception until the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977. See Dr Peter Beter’s Audio letters at and THE EXPOSIVE SECRETS OF MAJOR JORDAN’S DIARIES –

    Arguably, Rothschilds’ controlled Bolshevik Jews and cultural Marxist goys now control the US and our Anglo-US-EU and Israeli world. they also control the shabbos goys and useful idiots who peddle such lies for money and employment. That is why President Trump is having such a hard time removing them. But he will. And when he does, the banksters’ monetary system will be abolished and USans will be able to get money on similar terms to those provided to Russian peasants before the Bolshevik “Revolution”.
    Peace and Blessings,

  27. To all – please consider using the term “judeocommunism.” I know it takes longer to type, but it is essential that the Jewish face behind communism be continually exposed to the light. I hope to see “judeocommunism” become as ubiquitous as the word “Nazi,” a word designed to bring to mind Arch Evil (no family relation). The idea of Communism should be as inextricably linked to its Jewish origins as the word “Nazi” is linked to its German origins.

    I call Jews “judeocommunist” because the Marxist mentality pervades the Jewish race and because Jews cannot deny that from the beginning, communism was their invention, their plan for world conquest. The word “judeocommunism” is but one small way to awaken the sleeping masses, as it clearly identifies the culprits behind communism. The term cannot be considered “anti-Semitic” in its tone, as it merely adds, in crisp manner, the identity of Soviet communism’s founders in the same manner as “Judeo-Christianity” describes the racial identity of the founders behind that religious movement.

    If there is any way the Jews’ murderous, psychopathic nature can be exposed publicly, it is through the idea of communism as being thoroughly and exclusively Jewish in nature and origin. This idea must be planted in the subconscious mind and constantly reinforced among the masses. If white people can jump on board KEK’s Pepe the Frog, surely we can identify judeocommunist by their proper name.

    Sample conversation with the witless:

    “Why do you say “judeocommunism?” Are you anti-Semitic or what?”

    “Hardly. Karl Marx literally wrote the book on communism. What’s more, Jews were 70 percent of the top members in the “First Comintern” meeting of communism’s founders. It was Jewish administrators that staffed the top layers of the Soviet party and ran its security apparatus. Those are the facts. Anyone can look them up for themselves. Everyone knows the defeated Germans were “Nazis,” why should it not be known victorious communists were Jews? We say Judeo-Christianity because it was Jews that founded that religion, so why not judeocommunist to identify the founders of that political system?

    “I think people should be properly credited for their achievements, thus I am merely crediting Jews with one of their unsung inventions, like the atomic bomb, where names like Oppenheimer and Einstein led the way in developing nuclear weapons that now defend our nation from the Islamic threat we face. While the names of these Jewish individuals are widely known, few know the cultural and religious backgrounds of these brilliant achievers and inventors. I think it’s high time we rectify that oversight by giving proper credit where credit is due.

    “It’s high time Jewish inventions are properly identified in the same manner as white inventions have been identified by the racial background of the inventors. Tragically, much of this Jewish genius and achievement has been sadly unidentified or overlooked as being of Jewish origin – least been that way ’til now.”

    So come on! Sing it with me – Deo! Judeeeeeeee-O! Daylight come and Jews be exposed.

  28. I like it, Arch!!

    Judeocommunism is much better than Phariseejudaism but both are the same filthy game.

    “Come mister tally man, tally me dumb goyim!!” Sing it Harry!! 🙂

    and what of america now?
    i like that too… from now on that’s it…

  30. RON
    “So, BEFORE the Jews’ implemented their Bolshevik COUP in 1917, Imperial Russia was giving tens of millions of peasants interest free money subject only to a “handling charge”.
    raising the standard of living for the workers to a wealthy level is the key to human progress…
    it was already happening under the czars, who were building their country, the same way it was happening in germany with the national socialist movement.. both those movements were coopted by the JUDEOCOMMUNISTS, who were the destructive revolutionary agents of the rothschild/rockeffeller globalist banksters…
    in the west now we have the impression that the vaccine damaged scumbag class of homeless shitbird drunks and stinking drug addict junk-food diabetics will only multiply as such, if they are ever handed their big-freebie universal income stupidity-maintenance handout checks… and that might be true… raising the standard of living won’t be done with freebie handouts.. that will only maintain and grow the permanent underclass of welfare schmucks for the democratic socialist party… but state banks providing non-usurious operating capital to organic family farming operations is a step toward the same progress the czars had going on in russia… as long as these businessmen understand they have to become solvent and self-sustaining as business operations, not addicted forever to state money…

  31. hp
    April 10, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks hp,

    I’ll have a look when I get a chance.
    Peace and Blessings,

    Ron, have you ever read this? A short yet in depth discussion as to Origen and his profound beliefs. You might find some topics of interest here.
    Dialectic Spiritualism -ORIGEN

    Dialectic Spiritualism – A Vedic View of Western Philosophy

  32. I don’t wish to appear to be an admirer of Stalin (although I once pretended to be one for satirical purposes)

    but if Trump had 1 ten thousandth of one percent of Stalin’s determination, ruthlessness and single-mindedness, we would not be in this mess. You can compare Trump to Hitler, Lincoln or Theresa May on the same basis.
    They have (or had) determination if nothing else. Trump is like a bowl of rotting protoplasm. I never heard of such a totally useless person. He’s like Uriah Heep crossed with Caspar Milquetoast. Remember him?

  33. “Imperial Russia was giving tens of millions of peasants interest free money subject only to a “handling charge”.

    Gustave LeBon describes this system as follows in a little-known book called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION:

    “The [1905] Russian Revolution proved that a government which defends itself energetically may finally triumph. Never was revolution more menacing to the government. After the disasters suffered in the Orient, and the severities of a too oppressive autocratic regime, all classes of society, including a portion of the army and the fleet, had revolted.
    “The railways, posts, and telegraph services had struck, so that communications between the various portions of the vast empire were interrupted. The rural class itself, forming the majority of the nation, began to feel the influence of the revolutionary propaganda. The lot of the peasants was wretched. They were obliged, by the system of the “mir”, to cultivate soil which they could not acquire.
    “The government resolved immediately to conciliate this large class of peasants by turning them into proprietors. Special laws forced the landlords to sell the peasants a portion of their lands, and banks intended to lend the buyers the necessary purchase-money were created. The sums lent were to be repaid by small annuities deducted from the product of the sale of the crops.
    “Assured of the neutrality of the peasants, the government could contend with the fanatics who were burning the towns, throwing bombs among the crowds, and waging a merciless warfare.
    “All those who could be taken were killed. Such extermination is the only method discovered since the beginning of the world by which a society can be protected against the rebels who wish to destroy it.
    “The victorious government understood moreover the necessity of satisfying the legitimate claims of the enlightened portion of the nation. It created a parliament instructed to prepare laws and control expenditure.
    “The history of the [1905] Russian Revolution shows us how a government, all of whose natural supports have crumbled in succession, can, with wisdom and firmness, triumph over the most formidable obstacles. It has been very justly said that governments are not overthrown, but that they commit suicide.”

  34. “The Role of the Leader in Revolutionary Movements.

    All the varieties of crowds homogeneous and heterogeneous, assemblies, peoples, clubs, et cetera are, as we have often repeated, aggregates incapable of unity and action so long as they find no master to lead them.

    I have shown elsewhere, making use of certain physiological experiments, that the unconscious collective mind of the crowd seems bound up with the mind of the leader. The latter gives it a single will and imposes absolute obedience.

    The leader acts especially through suggestion. His success depends on his fashion of provoking this suggestion. Many experiments have shown to what point a collectivity may be subjected to suggestion.[6]

    [6] Among the numerous experiments made to prove this fact one of the most remarkable was performed on the pupils of his class by Professor Glosson and published in the Revue Scientifique for October 28, 1899.

    ‘I prepared a bottle filled with distilled water carefully wrapped in cotton and packed in a box. After several other experiments I stated that I wished to measure the rapidity with which an odour would diffuse itself through the air, and asked those present to raise their hands the moment they perceived the odour. . . .

    ‘I took out the bottle and poured the water on the cotton, turning my head away during the operation, then took up a stop-watch and awaited the result. . . . I explained that I was absolutely sure that no one present had ever smelt the odour of the chemical composition I had spilt. . . . At the end of fifteen seconds the majority of those in front had held up their hands, and in forty seconds the odour had reached the back of the hall by fairly regular waves. About three-quarters of those present declared that they perceived the odour. A larger number would doubtless have succumbed to suggestion, if at the end of a minute I had not been forced to stop the experiment, some of those in the front rows being unpleasantly affected by the odour, and wishing to leave the hall…’ ”

    Gustave LeBon, Psychology of Revolution, page number unknown

  35. More Gustave Le Bon:

    “A people of half-castes is always ungovernable. If we would learn more of the differences of political capacity which the racial factor creates, we must examine the same nation as governed by two races successively. The event is not rare in history. It has been manifested in a striking manner of late in Cuba and the Philippines, which passed suddenly from the rule of Spain to that of the United States.

    “We know in what anarchy and poverty Cuba existed under Spanish rule; we know, too, to what a degree of prosperity the island was brought in a few years when it fell into the hands of the United States. The same experience was repeated in the Philippines, which for centuries had been governed by Spain. Finally the country was no more than a vast jungle, the home of epidemics of every kind, where a miserable population vegetated without commerce or industry.

    “After a few years of American rule the country was entirely transformed: malaria, yellow fever, plague and cholera had entirely disappeared. The swamps were drained; the country was covered with railways, factories and schools. In thirteen years the mortality was reduced by two-thirds.

    “It is to such examples that we must refer the theorist who has not yet grasped the profound significance of the word race, and how far the ancestral soul of a people rules over its destiny.”

    From The Psychology of Revolution

    1. @ Carlos W. Porter

      Thanks for these important quotes. What year exactly was this book written? Can you provide Le Bon’s thoughts on the Bolshevik Revolution if possible? This would be of great interest to readers studying the Jewish connection. Does Le Bon have anything controversial to say about Jews and their role in fomenting revolutions?

      1. I suggest that you read LeBon for yourself.

        I believe that the full title of the book was “La Révolution Française et la Psychologie des Révolutions, Aphorismes du temps présent”, and was published in 1908 if it is the same book. He died in 1931. I have not found him to mention modern Communists or Jews, either one.

        But the events of the French Revolution (and later, the Commune of Paris), were a perfect mirror image of modern Bolshevism. Many people do not realize how savage and horrible the French Revolution really was.

        So, in his writing, to my mind, “Jacobin” = “Bolshevik”. They did exactly the same things. And the anti-fa and BLM mobs of modern Trump-land are doing exactly the same things again (for example, the destruction of historical monuments). LeBon discusses this in great detail.

        He frequently mentions “race” but not Jews or Negroes, as far as I can tell. Which is slightly odd, because he was an anthropologist who travelled widely. He wrote many books which have been forgotten or hushed up. Maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps you can find what you are looking for without my help.

        I am only familiar with THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CROWDS and THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION. As a writer, he is perhaps most remarkable for the astonishing anecdotes which he cites on nearly every page.

        The correct spelling appears to be without space, LeBon.

  36. “The Psychology of Revolution” was almost certainly published in 1913.

    The following books look very interesting:

    – Psychologie des Temps Nouveaux (1920); The World in Revolt (1921)
    – Le Déséquilibre du Monde (1923); The World Unbalanced (1924)
    – Les Incertitudes de l’heure présente (1924); (“The Uncertainties of the Present Hour”)

    (all three books are available in book form from amazon, or

    Quotes from “The World in Revolt”:

    “”What did we know of the soul of the Germans, or that of the Russians? In reality, nothing.” (p. 20)

    “That sixty thousand Englishmen are able to keep under the yoke three hundred million of Hindoos who are their equals in intelligence is due to certain qualities of character possessed by the invaders. That the Spanish have merely brought anarchy upon the Latin American countries of South America is due to their defects of character.” (p. 21)

    From glancing at the first chapter of “The World in Revolt”, above, I conclude that Le Bon did not understand the Germans or the causes of the Great War. What he says about the English may be taken as a statement of fact, about 75%, but no more so; what he says about the Spanish is, to my mind, simply a grotesque oversimplification. It is not really a statement of fact. He was highly provocative, but I would be very surprised if he ever said anything about the Jews.

    Such are the writings of Gustave Le Bon, who was, remarkably, a qualified physician and highly technical scientific writer.

  37. Stalin’s Approval Rating Among Russians Hits Record High – Poll – April 16, 2019

    A record 70 percent of Russians approve of Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s role in Russian history, according to a poll published by the independent Levada Center pollster on Tuesday.

    Stalin’s image has been gradually rehabilitated in the 2000s from that of a bloody autocrat to an “outstanding leader.” President Vladimir Putin has revived the Soviet anthem, Soviet-style military parades and a Soviet-era medal for labor during his presidency.

  38. At this late date and hour of day, even bordering on END TIMES, the best I can contribute is the work of the (in)famous [here, anyway] MILES MATHIS! April 16 — I know, old news, makes you wonder why we concern ourselves with “Dzhugashvili”.

    MM: We are told Stalin’s real surname was Dzhugashvili. Do me a favor and try to say it outloud. What did you hear? Something like Jew-gash-vili? No, it can’t be that easy, can it? Well, if you don’t believe me, go to Wikipedia, where they conveniently spell it Jughashvili. That is how much they think of your intelligence. It is called hiding in plain sight. Again, that was Ju-gash-vili.

    In typical MM fashion, you will read a machine-gun burst of data that will blow your Stalinesque beLIEfs, thoughts, and preconceptions to smithereens! Tidbits follow for those whose appetite needs further whetting!

    1. Of course Stalin’s genealogy is nearly completely scrubbed at Geni, the only clue we get being that his maternal grandmother was a Chomezurashvili. Which looks faked. We can probably drop the fake ending to get Chomez, a variant of Gomez, which is also a Jewish name. The oldest Jewish residence in the US is the Gomez house. As we saw in my paper on Philip III the Bold, the Gomez name was originally Gometz, and they were Counts of Troyes and Vexin back to the time of Charlemagne. Before that they came from the East, in the vicinity of Armenia. So they are part of the family that has been ruling Europe since the beginning.

    2. Does that look like a real photo to you? What did they do, beam it back from the Moon and photograph the ghost image on a TV monitor? What happened to the resolution? Why does he look like he is dissolving into a mist? Look at his lower hand! What is going on there? And look at the hard line where his neck meets the collar of the shirt. Who ever saw a line like that on a real photo? The head was pasted on the shirt, and that line was drawn in by hand. Why would they need to do that? This wasn’t the 1850s or something, right after the invention of photography. It is dated 1937, when cameras were already quite advanced.

    3. While we are on it, I beg you to notice the paragraph next to that original photo at Wikipedia, where we are told he was working for the Rothschild refinery storehouse. What, as a meteorologist? Were the Rothschilds worried about asteroids hitting their refinery? Or did they just need up-to-the-minute weather forecasting for storehouse security? And what are the odds that the Rothschilds would make an appearance here? Pretty good, since it is basically an admission Stalin was their creation. He was working for them at the start of his career! It reminds us of Eichmann, who was working for the Rockefellers (Standard Oil) when he joined the Nazi Party. They even boldly admit in that same paragraph that many people on the ground thought Stalin was not a meteorologist or storehouse worker,
    but an agent provocateur working for the government. No! Say it ain’t so, Joe. Of course that is exactly what he was, since that is what all Marxists were, are, and always have been. He was a Jewish actor and mole, a front for the billionaire Industrialists running the country behind the cover of Communism. That is what he was in 1902, and in every year of his life after that.

    I have no dog in this hunt. I think all the resources and intelligence that could be brought to bear, have not been. That is why I posted the above.

    1. The second paragraph of my post belongs UNDER the third paragraph, for which I claim credit and debit. Or not. The second paragraph is the initial volley. The third paragraph my own invitation to get into this deeper.

      I have not encountered a better addressing of Stalin Jew or Not Jew analysis that gets to this depth of historical data. I suggest to Admin et alia posting a Readers’ Digest version of Miles’ work in the context of revisiting the core debate — here, Stalin, Jew or Not Jew.

      1. @ Alan Donelson

        How many times do you need to be told that Miles Mathis is held in complete contempt as a fraud by anyone who has had any personal dealings with him? Your readiness to act as Mathis’s agent on this website is unlikely to win you many plaudits.

      2. There will always be gullible old fools who fall for the palaver of Mathis with his fake genealogies and wild-eyed conspiracy theories — a self-important prig of a man given to constant braggadocio and paranoid delusions of grandeur. False gurus like this never fail to attract deluded disciples.

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