Israel Election Results: Trump Just Lost His Wall — the One He Called Bibi Netanyahu

What Bibi knows is exactly what Trump, in his heart of hearts, must truly fear. The look of a different wall from the inside. The prison wall.

By Bradley Burston
September 18, 2019
‘Haaretz’ via ICH 

“Cheer up, Bibi, you can always commit suicide!”

True, Donald Trump promised and failed to deliver a wall paid for by the Mexicans he so viciously incited against. And true, he has forced military families into distress, their children denied proper schools and other necessities, just to pay for part of the wall he’s failed to deliver. But, from the first and all along, the flailing president had one strong, imposing wall to fall back on. And now it’s gone. It was called Benjamin Netanyahu.

The purpose of the Trump Wall was never to protect Americans. Its sole purpose was to protect Trump. And now it’s gone.

While no one can know how the next Israeli government will shape up, one look at the prime minister’s face, and one look at the public absence of his activist wife, makes clear that the Benjamin Netanyahu who has dominated Israeli politics for most of the last quarter century, and who came to play a key role in American political life as well, will never be the same.

The strength of the Trump Wall — more accurately, the Bibi Wall — was from the beginning the indomitability of Netanyahu, the prime minister’s adoration on the part of the American evangelical base and of the blind-to-sin pastors who cheerlead them.

Much more than Trump built the Bibi Wall, the Bibi Wall built Trump. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and recognizing — in a qualified way — the Holy City as Israel’s capital, had relatively little impact on the Israeli electorate. But the moves cemented Sheldon and Miriam Adelson’s critical support of Trump, and have become platinum selling points on Trump’s Bible Belt and gun closet rally campaign trail.

The fact is, the Bibi Wall began to erode and crumble well before Netanyahu faced the cold clock of Election Night.

In a seamless downward slide, Netanyahu’s campaign appearances went from gigantic, North-Korea-worthy outdoor advertisements showing Trump and Bibi as best buddies, ruling the world together, to a shocking tack which, in the end, cast the White House’s Israeli-Palestinian “Peace Plan of the Century” as an imminent danger to Israel. By the end, the talking points of the prime minister had him openly asking Israeli voters “Who do you want negotiating with you against Trump — me, or a government of [Kahol Lavan leaders Yair] Lapid and [Benny] Gantz with the Arabs?”

In a bizarre game of chicken and egg, Trump himself hastened the fall of the Bibi Wall.

The president’s failure to provide a grand gesture in support of the Netanyahu campaign was widely noted in Israel, as were a succession of humiliations suffered by Netanyahu at Trump’s hands. Frantic phone calls from Jerusalem to the White House went unanswered. Trump summarily, even nastily, fired Bibi soulmate John Bolton, and the president even flirted with the prospect of direct talks with Iranian leaders.

For Trump, the conduct and the interim results of the Netanyahu campaign have to be cause for serious concern.

The serene mask of Bibi and the thin veneer of the role of Israel’s putative royal family slipped down badly in this campaign, and as it did, as Netanyahu and his number one son ripped the mufflers off the electoral engine, racism began to look much more literally like racism, incitement like incitement, actively disenfranchising minorities like actively disenfranchising minorities, and slandering as treasonously unpatriotic anyone who was not a Bibi voter, as exactly that.

Worst of all, from Trump’s perspective, Netanyahu’s resort to full-throated racism backfired badly — increasing by a quantum leap the participation in the electoral process of the very Arab citizens whom the prime minister had worked so hard to demonize, marginalize and, he hoped, alienate into a paralyzing despair.

Netanyahu’s campaign backfired so severely, and Israeli Arab voting surged so strongly, that the leader of the largely Arab Joint List, Ayman Odeh, was catapulted overnight into the front-runner for the very mainstream position of leader of the Israeli opposition in the Knesset.

While Netanyahu barricaded himself in the prime minister’s fortress of a residence, Odeh was expansive and much sought-after in speaking to reporters on Wednesday. “We’ve endured a decade of incitement, of being shut out, a decade of delegitimization,” Odeh said, adding that he’s now considering the position of opposition leader.

“This role is unprecedented for Arab citizens. There’s great influence in it, also in the realm of [public] awareness, consciousness.”

“We are the ones who truly lead the opposition, therefore we are certainly worthy of the position of opposition leader.” He noted that the opposition leader’s role is to speak in response to the prime minister, and to speak with world leaders on such issues as the nation-state law and unrecognized villages in the Negev.

“Finally, finally, there will be an opposition at all levels in Israel.”

But for Trump, all this may pale before Netanyahu’s worst fear. It is the specter of revolt within his own party, and with it the loss of the primary barrier separating the strongman leader and the prospect of criminal prosecution.

The tottering of the Bibi Wall in Israel has been accompanied by an eerie and uncustomary silence from most Likud leaders — waiting, in fact, to see which way the wall will eventually fall.

What Bibi knows is exactly what Trump, in his heart of hearts, must truly fear. The look of a different wall from the inside. The prison wall.

This article was originally published by “Haaretz

Who’s gloating now?

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95 thoughts to “Israel Election Results: Trump Just Lost His Wall — the One He Called Bibi Netanyahu”

  1. Now Israelis can breathe fresh air. Time for a new start. May Israeli politics play out. Kinda fun to watch. Better than a football game. Will Bibi be making license plates in prison? We shall see. We shall see….🤔

  2. I stopped reading when I read how the author, “Burston”, was just another quack who gloats on Trump’s “failure” to build THE Wall, as campaigned. He should be happy that Trump has found another way to get it done – but never any praise is forthcoming from the ilk of that kind. I’m sure it won’t take long for the Darkmoon ingrates to chime in, either!
    Like any good businessman, Trump is resourceful. Bibi has been useful… Now he will be replaced. So what???!!

    1. The players may change, but the game remains essentially the same. And I still suspect that the primary game plan will move to the next phase, to be featured by the eventual demise of Is-ra-el…….soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history

    2. Gilbert Huntly —

      A pity you gave up reading the article in the mistaken belief that it was not worth reading because it was bashing your hero Donald Trump. On the contrary, it was a PRO-TRUMP article. That’s the impression I got.

      These are PRO-TRUMP comments from the article:

      The president’s failure to provide a grand gesture in support of the Netanyahu campaign was widely noted in Israel, as were a succession of humiliations suffered by Netanyahu at Trump’s hands. Frantic phone calls from Jerusalem to the White House went unanswered. Trump summarily, even nastily, fired Bibi soulmate John Bolton, and the president even flirted with the prospect of direct talks with Iranian leaders.

      Next time try reading the article before you crap on it.

      1. It doesn’t take much “figuring” to get the gist of the author’s tone, Sard. Enough is enough. Trump IS building the damn wall, and the project IS well underway. Citing his campaign would be better spent citing the failures of The House of Representatives to allocate funding for it. It is THIS country with whom we should be concerned – not “Bibi” or Israhell. Whatever lip service POTUS pays Israhell is just political opportunism for the dummies.
        I recently informed the pastor of the Methodist church I am expected to attend that I believe “church attendance” had declined because people weren’t as stupid as the clergy needed them to be.

      2. Gil –

        I believe church attendance is down for the same reason sports attendance is down, along with attendance for public events, for ONE reason…. the ‘smart’ phones and the streaming’ content, plus social media sites. The phones are a distraction for every young & middle-aged person in the world who, even in Syria & Iran, carries around with them 24-7. Their ‘smart’ phones ARE….. their best friends!! 🙂

  3. I imagine the US Green Party is celebrating the Fall!!

    But, jews complain about Greens:
    The U.S. Green Party, as a matter of policy, considers itself sufficiently credible and authoritative as to advocate dismantling the State of Israel and replacing it with “the creation of one secular, democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis on the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan.”

    1. The “greens in the cities” weighing about how to consume maximum power produced by “alternative sources” that leave a similar huge carbon footprint as the regular Gas & Oil $et up and the greens in rural communities aim to produce green “energy” at a maximum for the very same reason: PROFIT$ for ALL – but nature, the environment, the herd and country – beyond the curtain of the global climate stage show that this paradox world has become. What has changed in prison planets asylum? Nothing but the entertainment of the force fed slaves behaving like concerned citizens. Shlomo the 1st is replaced by Shlomo the 2nd and that is the only change the “green world” is going to get.

  4. “True, Donald Trump promised and failed to deliver a wall paid for by the Mexicans he so viciously incited against. And true, he has forced military families into distress, their children denied proper schools and other necessities, just to pay for part of the wall he’s failed to deliver. ”


    Sometimes I think every website allowed to remain alive are fully compromised and under globalist control.
    They have the power, why would they allow any true, uncontrolled criticism?
    An intelligent man has to ask.

    1. @ MPO

      I think this website has done its best to be neutral on Trump, interspersing anti-Trump articles with pro-Trump articles whenever it can. If there have been more anti-Trump articles here, it’s because pro-Trump articles are very hard to find and are hugely outnumbered by anti-Trump articles. On the whole, this current article would seem to be more pro-Trump than anti-Trump (if you continue reading), despite the passage you quote with comes from the introduction.

      In any case, the Darkmoon website is not responsible for the opinions put forward by the writers it publishes and makes this clear by its disclaimers which are also found on the Information Clearing House site from which this article is sourced:

      “The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone associated with this website.”

  5. I understand and agree. But we must ask why any site truly working against the interests of the Globalists is allowed to be up. They have total control and can shut down anything online. Why do they allow? Just asking.

    1. Good question. I think the answer is this. The Globalists, you say, have total control and can shut down anything online. This is true. So why don’t they exercise this power of theirs?

      My answer: the globalists need to keep up the pretence of democracy and free speech. They can’t afford to give the impression of ruthless totalitarianism. They like to project themselves as “nice guys”. So they can’t go around censoring dissidents left, right and center.

      Most dissident sites (like this one) have no real power and the actual damage they do to the elite shadow masters is minimal. Who ever gave serious injury to Rothschild or Soros by vilifying them? They are immune to all attacks, surrounded by their impregnable fortress of money. Who ever damages Big Jewry by outing Epstein as a vicious pedophile?

      The globalists pick their targets carefully, censoring only those who do them real damage, leaving the small fry alone. Ask yourself this intriguing question: why has Amazon banned two of Kevin MacDonald’s most important books, “The Culture of Critique’ and ‘Separation and its Discontents’ and NOT banned the notorious anti-Semitic book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’?

      1. An old Yiddish joke comes to mind:
        “How many synagogues do you need in a village with just one Jew? Two, one to go to and one to boycott.”

      2. MacDonald’s books are available at Barnes & Noble and a bunch of other stores, including Walmart.

        The Protocols is a good example of a fraud. It is pointless to ban a book that has been exposed as a fake.

      3. The Protocols a fake ? You don’t know how wrong you are, Rossi. Careful, your believing that could brand you as a disinfo agent….In some eyes you probably already ARE. 😎

      4. Whatever The Protocols of Zion are, it is for DAMN SURE not a “fake” production. The only thing I wonder is WHO wrote them?! Satan, himself? Whomever wrote them bespeaks of intelligence far beyond what might be considered “normal”.

      5. Good post Sister. The WAR on the Protocols goes way back. Henry Ford believed it was true.

        It was briefly declared an anti-Semitic forgery (in a Swiss court in 1935 overturned by the Appeals Court in 1937) So it is clearly NOT a forgery if a court in Switzerland deemed it wasn’t.

        Yet just reading it shows one thing for sure: WHOEVER WROTE IT KNEW WHAT the Jewish Supremacists WOULD do.

        “The media runs the world. Absolutely. No tanks or planes. The media and the public companies. This is what The Protocols of [the Learned Elders of] Zion [is all about].

        “The Zionists, last century, were persecuted in Europe. So they immigrated to the United States. They had a target. They were united. And they did not permit [statements] critical of Zion. They went all the way to control the world and to control the minds of the people through the media. There’s a lesson to learn from them.

        “They have control of the media here. We know it. They did not do it through tanks or machine guns. They planned of course. They united. Did you see Pat Buchanan’s book [The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization]? He makes sense.”

        Moustapha Akkad, the Muslim who produced John Carpenter’s “Halloween” films, after he made this remark he and his daughter were blown up at a hotel in Jordan. Those pesky Chosen people doing their Father’s work.

        The great Russian author knew the Jewish community, they were the Bolsheviks, and he spoke about them in his “TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER”
        Let me end with a quote of his:
        “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        May the mercy of God be with you!

      6. @ TLOA

        Excellent comment ! You tell it like it is. Whatever it is, the Protocols of Zion is a masterpiece written by a political genius.
        It was Orwell’s favorite bedside book. I believe it strongly influenced his great dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

      7. Brownhawk,

        I stopped caring about people’s opinion of me a long time ago. What people think of me is not what I am.


        The Protocols are fake. Whoever wrote them lacked intelligence to make it look original. The text is full of plagiarism.


        The court in 1935 declared the Protocols to be “forgeries, plagiarisms, and obscene literature”. Later, in 1937 the court declared it to be forgeries but “not obscene publications in the strict sense of the law”.

      8. Gil –
        Sard –
        Rossi –

        Just one man – a justice with *NO NAME* – declared the protocols to be “obvious forgeries”….. and I could say that Mr *NO NAME* was paid $100,000 to do so. WHEW!!

        Mr *NO NAME*!! 🙂

        “In 1935, a Swiss court fined two Nazi leaders for circulating a German-language edition of the Protocols in Berne, Switzerland. The presiding justice at the trial declared the Protocols “libelous,” “obvious forgeries,” and “ridiculous nonsense.”

      9. The Protocols are not authored entirely by the Jews. Better to say they are jewISH, meaning that what I’ve termed as “esoteric jew” played a big role in their authorship, along with high up members if the Catholic Church as well as high-ranking masons. Add to the list, wait for it…..Annunaki “remnants” – human/alien hybrids representing the ultimate sponsors of the Protocols who are the purebred Annunaki reptilians, with whom human beings share DNA. ALL humans are the “goy”, Jews and Gentiles alike.

        “Goy” is a term invented by the Annunaki, the primary purpose of which was to maintain divisions among human ethnic groups in the interest of “divide and conquer”. The Annunaki are responsible for the altering of human DNA in order to create a race of slaves, with “slave” taking on various forms. Egregious ones, and, e.g. “wage slaves”, reflecting a sublimation of slavery. Humans have been “goyed”.

        P.S. One example that serves to at least question, if not downright destroy credibility of an Annunaki presence, concerns the work of Zechariah Sitchin, whose research contains many flaws, yet his being a jew is essentially irrelevant. We’re ALL duped in various ways and degrees.

      10. Pat,

        From the first page, the Protocols repeat and paraphrase a French pamphlet, published in 1864 – The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu.

        I am not patient enough to read these pieces of claptrap. Just a brief scan of 10 minutes is enough to confirm the Protocols are a fake.


        Putting aside fine phrases we shall speak of the significance of each thought: by comparisons and deductions we shall throw light upon surrounding facts. What I am about to set forth, then, is our system from the two points of view, that of ourselves and that of the goyim.

        It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

        What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? What has served for their guidance hitherto?

        In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards – to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature right lies in force.

        Political freedom is an idea but not a fact.

        First Dialogue

        This isn’t your school and it isn’t mine: thus let us leave words and comparisons so that we can concern ourselves with ideas.

        Here is how I formulate my system and I doubt that you can weaken it, because it is only made up of deductions from moral and political facts of an eternal truth: bad instincts among men are more powerful than the good ones. Man has more enthusiasm for evil than for good; fear and force have more control over him than reason.

        All men aspire to domination and there is none who would not be an oppressor if he could; all or almost all are ready to sacrifice the rights of others for their own interests.

        What restrains the devouring animals that one calls men? At the origin of society, there was brutal and unchecked force; later it was the law, that is to say, force still, ruled by forms. You have consulted all the sources of history; everywhere force appears before rights.

        Political liberty is only a relative idea; the necessity to live is what dominates the States as well as individuals.

      11. Yet one more example. Note that the order of the Protocols follows the Dialogues!

        Protocol XII

        All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions – aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical – for so long, of course, as the constitution exists. Like the Indian idol Vishnu they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required. When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

        Twelfth Dialogue

        It is in the following categories of newspapers that the most powerful levers of my power would be found. Here the official or unofficial tone would be completely lost – in appearance, of course – because the newspapers of which I speak would all be attached by the same chain to my government: a visible chain for some; an invisible one to others. I would not undertake to tell you what would be their number, because I would assign a dedicated organ to each opinion, in each party; I would have an aristocratic organ in the aristocratic party, a republican organ in the republican party, a revolutionary organ in the revolutionary party, an anarchist organ – if need be – in the anarchist party. Like the God Vishnu, my press would have a hundred arms and these arms would place their hands upon all the nuances of opinion throughout the entire country. One would be of my party without knowing it. Those who believe they speak their language would actually be speaking mine; those who believe they were acting in their party would be acting in mine; those who believe they were marching under their flag would be marching under mine.

      12. Rossi –

        EVERYTHING is full of plagiarism! There is not a thought which hasn’t been had, before…nor a phrase which hasn’t been written. The way they’re put together is what is noteworthy. The Protocols are, obviously, the joined thoughts and experiences of some VERY “learned elders”. True, they may have been inaccurately accredited to Jews, but are, quite obviously, an original composition.

      13. Rossi –

        You seem like a fairly intelligent chap, and I wonder why you don’t realize you’re just parroting the standard line of those who wish to remain unknown. If you have, indeed, read The Protocols, you’d understand how they couldn’t possibly be “fake”, as history confirms their implementation. Awhile ago, Sardonicus pointed out that George Orwell relied on consultation of their strategies when writing his book 1984. I doubt he thought them “fake”. I have read them carefully, myself, and cannot see anything except a genius method to the madness.
        I’m sure I cannot convince you, though, of something you’d never admit. You’re just flat-out WRONG.

      14. Following this line of reasoning, Gilbert, I would rather have to admit that Machiavelli is running the world from Hell.

        It is clear that the Protocols are a re-wording of the French pamphlet, as I demonstrated in the examples above.

      15. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Among many native “elders” over many centuries, the existence of the Annunaki has been a given. Just speaking with many descendants for the past 50 years tells me it’s true, as well as their being the primary sponsors of the Protocols.

        Highly intelligent, but in the case of those who are called the “Dracs” that are the “uber-puppet masters”, a missing heart connection. You could call them the quintessential psychopaths. This they have in common with the Jews in varying degrees, which is not to indict ALL Jews. Those who’ve displayed outrageous egregious behavior, of course. But as for many Jews, this “missing heart link” shows a general propensity that the vile-behaving Jews, Annunaki remnants, and certain Gentiles take full advantage of.

        This ties in with why I think Is-ra-el will soon be left in the lurch by those who engineered its existence in the FIRST place.

      16. But as for “outrageous egregious behavior” there is no comparison to the Mother f. Church, comrade.

        Remember that these descendants of yours are the survivors of the biggest massacre that has ever taken place in time. Pure genocide in the name of the most compassionate god and his teaching of benevolence.

        Remember that when talking about the “heart connection”, and when repeating that nonsensical allegations that Jews consider gentiles a cattle. You might be surprised to know that rabbi means a teacher, and pastor means a shepherd.

      17. @ Rossi

        “Remember that when talking about the “heart connection”, and when repeating that nonsensical allegations that Jews consider gentiles a cattle…”

        You are in denial, Rossi. There are too many rabbinical quotes showing that the Jews consider gentiles (non-Jews) no better than “cattle” — with animal souls on a lower spiritual plain than the allegedly divine souls of the superior Jews. Indeed, the very word “goyim” is Hebrew for “cattle”:

        Here are some examples of Jewish supremacy:

        Are Jews a Totally Different Species?

        Rabbi Mendel Schneerson, the late Jewish Lubavitcher and friend of the senior George Bush, also believed the Jews are a superior Master Race. Many Jews today agree with the late Rabbi. Some even believe that Schneerson will himself someday be resurrected and return as the Jewish World Messiah. Schneerson once explained his theory of Jewish racial superiority this way. He said, “We have a case of the Jew…a totally different species.”


        “The body of a Jewish person,” Schneerson bragged, “is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul…A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

        Holocaust activist Elie Wiesel, whose lies about his holocaust experiences seem to be legion, also claims that Jews are a superior race. “Everything about us is different,” Wiesel boasts. “Jews are ontologically exceptional.”

      18. See also this damning quote from Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg:

        Jewish Blood vs. Inferior [non-Jewish] Blood

        When several of his students were accused of murdering a teenage Arab girl, Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg insisted: “Jewish blood is not the same as the blood of a (Gentile) goy.” In other words, if a god-like Jew kills an inferior goy, how can that be murder?


        Israeli Yeshiva (school) students often demonstrate and chant, “Death to the Arabs.” Defending their extreme behavior, Rabbi Ido Elba explains, “According to the Talmud (Jewish book of traditions), one may kill any Gentile.” Rabbi Schlomo Aviner adds that normal human codes and laws of justice and righteousness do not apply to the Jews.

        The widely studied Gush Emunim holds that, “Jews are not and cannot be a normal people…The Covenant made between God and the Jewish people effectively nullifies moral laws that bind normal nations.”

        1. @ (((Rossi)))

          And how about this authoritative quote from Rabbi Ovadia Joseph? Is this, too, a fake quote?

          I note with amusement that the “superior” Russian Jew, Rossi, is slowly going to pieces and losing control of himself. His anger and rudeness is beginning to show and he is gradually saying goodbye to his good manners. He does this in referring to Christianity on a Christian site in OPENLY ABUSIVE TERMS, thereby spitting in the faces of the Administrators of this website. He refers to Christianity thus:

          As for “outrageous egregious behavior” there is no comparison to the Mother f. Church, comrade.

          Was there any need in referring to Holy Mother Church as “Mother f. Church?” What does “f” stand for if not “f***ing”? How would YOU like it, Sir Jew, if I were to refer to you as a “fucking Russian kike”?

          I will spare you that needless abuse, sir, because I am a refined lady. And also because I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who comes onto this website pretending to be a “nice Jew” who is in control of himself and turns out to be a nasty little attack dog Jew instead — just like your brother Jews in the stolen land of Israel.

      19. Rossi –

        I expect you to write here…. that the kol nidre – ‘all vows’ – chant you perform or ‘pay for’ every year is not real either!!

        Some synagogues charge $500+ to participate!! 🙂

    2. MPO –

      I believe the ‘commerce’ sites, selling wares and subscriptions are more at risk. They can build cash to spread wealth to oppose them as needed.

      This site is free of ‘commercials’ and a lesser risk of being shut down, just for our gabbing, groaning, gagging, gouging & guessing!! 🙂

  6. Do you want to make an office pool as to how soon Bibi Netanyahu becomes a paid analyst for Fox News ?

  7. I really doubt Trump will lose much sleep over Bibi’s passing. Neither will he be losing much from undue lip from former Moldovan, former bar bouncer, Lieberman.

  8. Sister –

    This website is RICH with good and “controversial” information! I was just reading “Crimes of The Bolsheviks” published, here, a few months ago, and…WoW! Anyone who reads that is well-supplied with argumentative ammo to refute leftists and other dummies. I need to read such articles every so often to keep up with correlation to current affairs, if possible.
    One thing I understand is that the depths of mankind’s depravity is BOTTOMLESS. We cannot guard against it too vigilantly, or punish it too harshly! The history of Jewry demands much retribution, and this site helps open eyes to the perfidies. Thank you!

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      One thing I understand is that the depths of mankind’s depravity is BOTTOMLESS.

      Quite true! I say ‘Amen’ to that. 🙂 But I always add the rider, “And my own potential wickedness is also bottomless.”

      We are all deeply flawed individuals, and nowadays insanity is the norm. I have yet to meet a well-balanced person! Lasha ain’t “normal”, I can tell you that! 🙂

        1. An excellent little epigram! Here is a witty saying about insanity by Rita Mae Brown that made me smile when I first read it:

          “The statistics on insanity are that one in every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.”

  9. Today, I went up to check on my cabin and encountered a man and his Blue Healer dog taking a dip in the “Blue Hole” there, in the creek. We talked. His dog carries a small backpack, too, and they are walking the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia. (I’ve always wanted to try that, too!)
    Anyhow, he says he’s addicted to the peace and scenery, and the friendliness of many people he has encountered while hiking trails all over America. He’s 46 years old, from Vermont, and I suppose he’s independently wealthy. Meeting people like him sort of “lifts” up my mood – especially the dog! 🙂
    I told him he could go on and sleep there, tonight, if he wanted. I’ll check on it tomorrow. He agreed with me that there seems to be an increasing number of homeless people who wander the Trail. Such has it always been, I suppose.

  10. “What Bibi knows is exactly what Trump, in his heart of hearts, must truly fear. The look of a different wall from the inside. The prison wall.”
    So far i haven’t heard of any serious criminal charges pending for The Donald…
    That statement isn’t worth much…
    Joe Biden, maybe yeah… Maybe BIbi will go to jail… I doubt it… Hillary, definitely should worry about going to jail, that is unless she’s really a CIA agent, in which case she’s immune form prosecution for all kinds of stuff……
    “Most dissident sites (like this one) have no real power and the actual damage they do to the elite shadow masters is minimal.”
    I would suggest you underestimate the effect sites like this are having on the PTB…
    The Pen is, after all, Mightier than the Sword…
    In the world now we’re talking about the WWW, a free means of communication lightyears ahead of newspapers and even television in its potential to spread the truth and raise the general consciousness…
    There’s no doubt that’s happening…
    Yes there is some censorship… But the censorship is made infamous, like the anti-BDS Laws… It has the reverse effect.. And in the end information can never be totally censored off the net…
    Look at the Good News..
    Trump does not over-react to war provocations… He’s not that fool… I guess we can Thank God for That…
    Bolton and Netanyahu both gone in a few days… Could we ask for much more in one week?
    Dumping Netanyahu is a sign the Israelis themselves are waking up…
    Like we said years ago – That’s the Key…

    1. Bark –

      “Dumping Netanyahu is a sign the Israelis themselves are waking up…”

      HUH??? It is actually a sign that the vote counter was paid to put fewer votes in for Bibi. 🙂

  11. Unlike in the US….. in Israel, elections are rigged the old-fashioned way….


    Israel Democracy Institute senior fellow Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that Israel is holding off from switching to electronic voting due to “the vulnerability to cyber-attacks and manipulation.”

    The fears in Israel are so strong following the 2016 US election, ongoing issues through the US 2018 midterm elections, hacking and election manipulation in German elections and elsewhere – that the hold on moving toward electronic voting may be more of an ending of the idea.

    It is true that the Central Elections Commission can turn to the National Cyber Authority, which Altshuler referred to as having parallels to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), to defend against cyber-attacks.

    However, she said that the severity of the harm that could be inflicted on the country if “the public’s faith that the elections are fair is undermined and if people worried about if the vote totals were manipulated” presents too great a risk.

  12. Israel was founded on two myths. 1) The old testament, 2) The Holocaust.

    We should be able to say this.

    1. That seems to be the case ONLY for someone who doesn’t understand the identity of (Biblical) Israel. Jewry has co-opted the name, and most preachers are misled in seminary – and mislead their congregations, too. The Bible will make more sense if you understand about whom it was written, and why.
      Many assertions therein have proven factual, like the Dietary Laws found in Deuteronomy 14, and in Job, where he says “the bull gendereth” (Job knew nothing of DNA in those days – so how did he know that the male seed determines the sex of the offspring??).
      The Old Testament is full of wisdoms and poetry – especially Ecclesiastes.
      It is a dietary FACT that you can starve to death eating rabbit, or hare, as told “thou shalt not eat thereof” in Deuteronomy. Anything that “cheweth not the cud, or hast not a cloven hoof, thou shalt not eat.” Hogs and horses are NOT for the Children of Israel to eat. Nor dogs, nor cats. 🙂

  13. PAT
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how bibi’s relief does…
    Hope springs eternal..
    I would bet there’s a good chance the average Israeli is beginning to understand the Likud polices are NFG, in a shorter run than you might think…
    They’re no longer able to keep their super-creepy tactics hidden from the world… And the world doesn’t like it..
    There’s the chance enough people in the world, stienies too, are seeing the PR writing on the wall for the SLC, if it doesn’t soon come up with a better plan…
    As with a lot of other dying archaia, if the public mind is still an influencer for good, constructive change will occur, bad behavior will reduce, as a result of the information process…

  14. Meanwhile – Back in New York:

    Jews Hate Bernie Sanders — But Like Trump!
    Only 4% of Jews in New York support Bernie!

    Mon Sep 23, 2019
    Daniel Greenfield – New York has more Jews than any place outside Israel. It’s one of the few places with enough Jews for them to show up as a distinct group in polls and surveys. In the latest Siena College poll, Jews expressed their opinion about Senator Bernie Sanders.
    The same poll that has Bernie Sanders coming in at 4% also shows that 44% of Jewish voters in New York have a favorable opinion of President Trump. Although only a third (33%) intend to vote to reelect him.

    That’s around the same number (34%) who rate him as doing a good job.

    Those numbers may not seem great, but they show that a larger number of Jews like Trump personally than support him politically.

  15. Dear Sardonicus!

    First of all, the Hebrew word “גוי” means a nation, a people or a person who belongs to of one of the nations of the world and it has no connection to “cattle” in neither literal meaning nor connotations – whatsoever; the translation of this word in English is a gentile or a gentile nation. It has no other meaning.

    Second – if you happen to be on a sociable footing with a more or less traditional Jew, ask him what is the reason that Chabad is often called the closest religion to Judaism. He’ll explain, that this sect is in some aspects in fact heretical and is considered too radical to represent the Jews.

    For example, the rabbis of Chabad sign a proclamation which declares that Menachem Schneerson is not dead. The rabbis of Chabad maintain a network of sites in ten languages and preach throughout the world, telling insane stories about miraculous appearances of Menachem Schneerson as a ghost before his followers in their homes, at the supper table on Shabbat. You can google “The Lubavitcher Rebbe as a God” article in Haaretz and read what other Jews think about them.

    The point is that referencing a Chabad rabbi, such as Yitzchak Ginsburgh in an argument about the Jews in general is inacceptable. He is a radical thinker, and could perhaps be an example of how far the Jewish thought can go before it stops being Jewish, but he is not a fitting character to represent Judaism as it is per se.

    To represent Judaism in essence we must refer to the canonical books, or at least respectable ones, which are popular among the Jews of most denominations. You cannot reference a personal opinion of a modern rabbi, regardless of how famous he can be, as an example of the Jewish creed as a whole because his opinion is open to criticism and sometimes can become a topic of a profound argument.

    And there is about two million religious Jews in the world, and just about one hundred thousand followers of Chabad including children, and this sect along with Gush Emunim movement – that is not a book which can be studied, Sardonicus – together make about ten percent of the traditional Jews en masse and is outweighted at least nine times when compared to the rest of them.

    You must be thinking I am attempting to belittle the significance of these rabbis and make light of their influence on the masses, but I am just explaining how to approach the point at issue if we want to do it right, because if we do it wrong we are going to get a flat picture of this sophisticated formation of ideas.

    Judaism is not a tribal cult of archaic people who are sick in the head. It is an elaborate and insightful teaching – on a par with Vedanta, on a par with Buddhism. You need to take a look at it from more than one angle, in particular from the inside to appreciate the wisdom of it, or else the impression is going to be one-sided and incomplete. Just as it is for most people.

    And for some people it is a twisted image of it implanted in their mind that occupies them and it produces twisted feelings and thoughts, which are then communicated to more people creating a poisonous atmosphere, bouncing back and forth and infecting more people, who are not familiar with it and becoming more twisted as it goes on and on. This sutuation is sick.

    And the reason I am speaking about it for so long is that I want to make it clear and categorical, that even in extreme areas of this teaching, populated with opinions of the most radical rabbis, there is no place for considerations that gentiles are indeed something less than people and that comparisons of gentiles to cattle is an esoteric metaphor which is misinterpreted or misunderstood.

    As a matter of fact, the same rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh said: “Ours is the first generation in modern times to understand the universal human condition and to seek to bring all peoples of the earth together in peace.” And in response to the allegations that he permitted murder of non-Jews, he said: “Never did I advocate taking non-Jewish life, except when tragically forced by war. The Torah forbids this, emphasizing that all human life is sacred.”

    You should check it first instead of posting that pile of excrement before me. I am not a Zionist and not a supporter of the settler movement and I consider that some ideas of Yitzchak Ginsburgh are almost off the grid, but I feel that I must defend him now because he is not a monster, in spite of the efforts of that pastor who tried so hard to make him look like one in his little article that he scribbled for his flock, and speaking of which – among all the people he and his kind should remember it best, who speaks his own language when he is telling lies. Fake quotations and false references from beginning to end.

    He is of the kind that has been gaslighting common folk for centuries – a Judas goat. The place he is leading his sheep to is not hard to figure out.

    Finishing: so far I am of the opinion that most of this anti-Jewish talk here is a low sort of populism meant for political purposes. I think Tobias and Lasha are too intelligent for this to mean it for real; not so sure about the rest of the posters, but I let people I meet first have a credit of respect before considering them retarded or hateful, and I set the treshold high enough so we can speak a few times before I am done with them, which is the reason we are now speaking and since I suppose that religious questions are serious questions I am not going to comment on the point at issue.

    I can, if this is asked of me and if a modicum of respect is granted, but for now I am too tired and not too certain that this is a matter of interest here indeed.


    1. Rossi, how do you view this? And plenty more.

      “It is said that Lord Jesus Christ, when twelve years old, was shocked to see the Jews sacrificing birds and animals in the synagogues and that he therefore rejected the Jewish system of religion and started the religious system of Christianity, adhering to the Old Testament commandment “Thou shalt not kill.””

      Gosh, that sounds exactly like the approach, the method which Lord Buddha used regarding the Vedas.
      Perhaps these are spiritual messages, patterns demonstrating the method is the same as the goal.

      1. It is right and wrong. More wrong than right.

        First, Jesus had no intentions to start a new religion. It is clear from the New Testament. For example, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” There is a lot of expressions in the text which can be found in the Talmud as well and this shows that Jesus was a rabbi or that he was at least familiar with the oral tradition and for the most part was in agreement with it.

        Regarding the commandment, “thou shalt not kill” is a mistranslation because in the Hebrew text the word in this phrase is רצח and the meaning of it is “murder”, so the correct translation is “thou shalt not murder” and the Hebrew word for “kill” is הרג, so the idea that it was forbidden to the Jews to kill animals and that the Jews breach this prohibition is wrong, more so it is not possible because the instruction to kill and sacrifice animals is found in the text of Torah not far from the commandments.

        Second, the assumption that Jesus “restored” the commandment to the initial meaning is wrong – Christian monks eat meat. And monks kill animals too, in their monasteries and kill them not like the Jews who appoint a professional trained how to kill them so as to cause as little pain and harm as posiible, but slaughter them as peasants – pigs, for example resist when being killed and it is not possible to kill a pig according to the rules of slaughtering which the Jews follow. But the Christians kill pigs.

        From that conversation it is clear that the people in the room are not familiar with neither the Jewish nor the Christian teaching well. There is a lot of erroneous remarks, for example – Jesus is not mentioned in the Book of Genesis which predates him, the Book of Misrad is non-existent and the Temple of Solomon is not the one burnt in 70 CE, but which was before; the Torah contains ten commandments and the rules wich follow are in the Talmud, which is written in Aramaic and not in Hebrew, etc.

        So what is right about it is that I agree that slaughtering animals is not good – for the people and for the world, and from this point Buddhism and some schools of Vedanta stand on higher ground. However, I tried it – to stop eating meat, for six months I was on rice, milk and fruits but lost too much weight and when I was sleeping I was dreaming of making sadwiches with chicken meat or cooking a beef soup – for six months, night after night. So in the end I am a meat eater, too. This is not for me, though I wouldn’t kill an animal to eat it.

        Judaism permits to exceed the Law through taking vows, and it is considered respectable if someone is abstaining from sex, for example or takes a vow of silence or a personal vow of fasting, but it is not required of the Jews no take such vows. And speaking of sacrifices of animals in Judaism, it is no longer a part of the tradition, since there is no Temple in which the sacrifices are supposed to be taking place. However, Sephardic Jews sacrifice chickens on Yom Kippur, but some rabbis teach that it is better to gift the worth of a chicken to the poor and I support these rabbis.

      2. Rossi
        I’d be interested to know if you have any insight on what I’ll refer to as the “hidden” Torah”?

        This is in keeping with the general idea that whatever truth may contained there has to a large extent been “cloaked over” by presenting false portrayals, as is the case with much religious doctrine.

      3. I can’t read your thoughts, Brownhawk.

        As far as I know there is no such thing. Except for certain astrological allusions, which few people know about I can’t imagine some kind of “hidden Torah” that hasn’t been exposed up to the present time. There are four stages of interpretation of the meaning of a text. You can google Jewish exegesis for more information.

        Regarding what is hidden from sight in general – the Jews in principle are not afraid to speak about the obscure sides of existence. Esoteric aspects of it is what the Kabbalah explores. It is kind of peering into glowing void. Dark – but shimmering. Like cosmos. Magnetic. Dangerous, too. But it is not hidden from those who want to know it. Just from the common folk.

        Your description fits but not Judaism.

      4. Like most religious doctrine*, Judaism does an inadequate job of asking a very fundamental question: “What’s wrong with this picture”? With “picture” meaning life as we experience it in these constraining formats of “exclusive physicality”

        *The vast amount of Doctrinal content doesn’t account for Man’s mortal condition representing a fundamental flaw in his existence

      5. This is what I meant that it is needed to look at it from more than one angle to contemplate the big picture, or else it is going to appear flat and we will have a wrong impression of it.

        Questions concerning life after death and non-material realms and beings are not found in the Bible and the Talmud, indeed but in the books on Kabbalah these questions are what is in the focus. The Kabbalah is concerned with esoteric questions alone. It teaches about reincarnation and migration of the soul, about the absolute and eternal infinite source of all life, it teaches in fact that the God of the Bible is more like an arch-angel who emanates from this eternal source which is called No-end.

        So if someone thinks that Judaism is all about the material world and rules and regulations he is wrong.

      6. I wouldn’t say that of Judaism, but what I WILL say is that for anything to be “esoteric” implies a deception, which begs the question: WHY esoteric…..cui bono?

      7. Most people are not interested in abstract ideas and of those who are not all are capable of comprehending the esoteric ones. It is natural – some things are in the open and some are not. This is how the world is.

      8. Jesus wouldn’t said he came to “fulfil the law”. WHAT “law” would there be a need for fulfillment? This sounds more like a perpetuation of already existing laws that he DID come to destroy, which is exactly why the law MAKERS set out to “destroy” HIM!

        Beware these kinds of alleged quotations. They are EXTREMELY misleading, and only fuel those with bad intent 👿

      9. These words are from the Sermon on the Mount. The most important sermon of Jesus.

        “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:17

        You misunderstand it. He had no intentions to begin a new religion or to end the old one. It was the self-appointed apostle Paul who began a new religion, not Jesus.

        Look what Jesus said in Matthew 23:1 –

        “Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, saying The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: all therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.”

        He said that the clerics teach the Law but do not follow it, meaning that the scribes hang out with the Romans, as secular people and the rabbis re-interpret the Law and make of it a new one. He was against it.

        But he wasn’t against the Law.

      10. I misunderstand nothing. The words Jesus used comprise a force of action for the purpose of awakening his listeners to hear the “language” of the heart. There was no intention for them to be put in written form, let alone his using words like “laws”, or “commandments”. He would have appealed to, and brought out the innate goodness in those who would honor their conscience in enabling goodness to have its bearing. In so doing he would have established in them a heightened awareness of their personal accountability and responsibility to be caretakers in upholding the sanctity of Life. Doing this doesn’t require being “commanded to obey laws”, which only causes its adherents to be vulnerable to an arbitrariness of doctrine that defers rightful authority from the individual and places it in the hands of those who have no business claiming a proper representation of Divinity.

        I’ll say it again – Religion is a crutch used by those who’ve been told their leg is broken when it isn’t….and never was.

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I’ll say it again – Religion is a crutch used by those who’ve been told their leg is broken when it isn’t….and never was.

          You are a fool, sir, to insult Lasha Darkmoon and Sister Monica on their own site. Their religion is NOT a crutch to them. It means everything to them. Hp believes passionately in Hinduism. His religious beliefs need to be respected. TLOA believes as passionately in Islam. His religious beliefs also deserve respect. I believe passionately in Buddhism which has many devotees on this website and I also believe that Buddhism and Hinduism are compatible with mystical Christianity.

          The fact that you believe “all religion is a crutch”, and that you have a right to spew your vile vomit over those who believe in the divine, is an indication of your pathetically low IQ and your animal soul. I am getting increasingly sick of self-important morons like you.

          @ ADMIN

          Please put this toe-rag on permanent monitoring until he learns some good manners. Right now he commands no respect with your wider readership.

      11. Badass comment, Silent Reader.

        The teaching of Jesus was in substance a gnostic teaching. Hasidic Judaism follows the same approach and stems from the same root – this is acknowledged in the works of scholars such as Scholem. Some rabbis appreciate his teaching in the same fashion.

        There was one prominent Hasidic rabbi who left a note before he died with instructions to keep it sealed and when it was opened there was a phrase in Hebrew: “he will raise the people and show that his word and teaching are true.” The first letters of each word make up the name of Jesus.

        But it is not compatible with Buddhism.

        1. Badass comment, Silent Reader. […] The teaching of Jesus […] is not compatible with Buddhism.”

          I disagree. Only in your narrow perception. As a Jew with Hasidic leanings, you are unfit to lecture us here on Christianity. You know nothing about Christianity except what you have been told about it by Scholem and a bunch of rabbis.

          Lasha Darkmoon, whose main religious influence is the ‘New Testament’, has told us more than once that she has found the ‘Dhammapada’ (a great Buddhist classic) and the ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ and the ‘Upanishads’ (the great classic texts of Hinduism), sources of tremendous inspiration. Gandhi, a Hindu steeped in the Gita, used to take great delight in reading the New Testament. Both Christ and Krishna (and maybe Gautama Buddha too) can be seen as avatars.

          The great world religions are “incompatible” only in a narrow dogmatic sense; but in a broader sense, in their moral teachings and their mysticism, they overlap.

      12. Silent Reader
        It is a strange phenomenon indeed that people are so enamored with the word “Christianity” to the point of completely overlooking the sterling things I have to say about the man for whom it is allegedly NAMED!
        Have you all come down with a severe case of dyslexia? Or is “denial” the appropriate word?

        P.S. Your words directed at me are obnoxious, and tells me what a small-minded person you really are.

      13. This gentleman told me he was a Zen monk!

        And I thought: Alright, here is someone I can talk to. Not a monk of course but someone intelligent and open-minded. He is interested in Zen.

        Took me some time to puzzle out, how come a man signing his comments Zen monk expresses sheer ignorance and insolence each time he speaks out.

        Now, since I noticed that connection to the Net was interrupted in Japan too I can comprehend this comical character. He is a gardener in Lasha’s house!

        Most of his time he is mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, tending to the plants. On this account he imagines he is – kind of – Zen monk. His resting time he spends in a monastic cell in the basement.

        Tell me I am not right!

        He is clueless about things I am speaking of. He has no idea what I’m talking about. Has no knowledge of it. Not even of the essentials! A complete ignoramus.

        Yet he is talking back to me in such an arrogant manner as though he is indeed standing on the higher ground. How bizarre!

        Sardonicus – chill out.

        1. @ Rossi

          Sardonicus has my full backing. You certain do not, you unintelligent and insolent upstart!

          Be grateful that your stupid comments are still published on this site. They won’t be for much longer if you keep antagonising commenters here with your ad hominem drivel.

          Jews are welcome on this site, but only if they have good manners and show genuine wisdom. Your comments are typical Jew troll trash. You show no attempt, I notice, to engage in rational argument with Sardonicus. You just indulge in ad hominem sneers. Sardonicus, you assert, is “clueless” — “a gardener in Lasha’s house” — “a comical character.”

          Is that the best you can do?

          1. Sardonicus is the oldest commenter here. He is the only one has has actually met Lasha Darkmoon in person. He is not Japanese, nor is he a Zen Buddhist monk. He is a retired lecturer or professor in fine art, an Englishman in his late sixties or seventies I believe, who is separated from his wife and is a paying guest in a Zen monastery in Osaka, Japan. On an extended retreat, writing a book, as he has told us in previous comments before you arrived here. He met Lasha Darkmoon when she was an art student in Florence many years ago (in her early twenties) and Sardonicus was a visiting lecturer, a specialist in Renaissance art conducting research at the Uffizi Gallery.

            So much for your stupid comment about Sardonicus being “a gardener in Lasha’s house”.

            And what are you, Mr Rossi? Allow me to speculate! Are you perchance a lavatory attendant in Netanyahu’s house? A homosexual masseur in Jeffrey Epstein’s house, in search of new clients now that Epstein is no more? Or are you “Circassian” in new guise, a Russian Jew with a crush on Stalin? 🙂

            Ad hominem attacks are cheap and worthless. You Jews are good at this. Masters of specious logic and pompous rhetoric.

        1. Pat,

          I wish I knew your real name, but all I wish to say to you is this: you have my full backing and support on this site because of your good-humored sincerity and high intelligence, even though some of your opinions clash with my own and even give me pain. 🙂

          It’s surprising how many enemies you have made on this site, and yet you have managed to parry all their blows and survive their onslaught. That’s good! Keep up the good work. This site would be all the poorer if you were no longer around to share your insights with us.

      14. Madame, please.

        I tried to appeal to his common sense more than once. I shared personal information. I showed respect to him – though he made no effort to earn it. I tried to engage him in a rational argument – two times, in response to his nonsensical comments. He replied with more nonsense and insulted me.

        Shame on me for not being able to figure him out earlier!

        Yes, he is clueless in the topics I am speaking about. He has no knowledge nor understanding in this field. He has not read the basic books, and if he has his comments show no sign of elemental reading comprehension. He is a profane ignoramus.

        Fine art is as much related to this as sport.

        You too are a strange and peculiar person. Right after scratching four paragraphs of ad hominem “attacks” to finish a comment speaking of how cheap it is must require a special twist of mind. But I’m not surprised.

        Just know that in a no-rules polemics I am able to rip apart the most spiteful trolls, including the kind of Circassian who is remembered here for so long because no one could resist him. But I’d put his head on a spike and make him shut the f. up – I take no prisoners in this game.

        So appreciate the good manners I am holding to. I am not a troll. You are!

        1. @ Rossi

          Rossi! Pat! Everybody!

          Be careful about causing Madame pain! She just won her “Human” Snivel Rights! She can’t be pushed around so easily anymore! Watch your step around her! If you cause her any pain she might hire some joo lawyers and sue you and take you to the cleaners! Welcome to Florida, Madame! It was a long hard struggle but you made it thru…. Free At Last Free At Last Thank Gawd Almighty Free At Last! ! 🙂

      15. Whoever feels insulted by my views on religion needs to take them with a grain of salt. If I’m a guest who they feel is “spitting in their soup”, I would tell them that I don’t like the soup, and that my spitting it back in the bowl isn’t making a derogatory statement INTENDED to be insulting. Knowing my intention, would they then insist that I eat it anyway? If so, then that would tell me I’m in the home of those who are close-minded in welcoming diverse points of view contrary to their own.

        If their faith is strong (and having faith in the triumph of goodness transcends religion anyway), then they would have no qualms about someone who simply doesn’t like the “doctrinal soup”.

        1. Yawn . . . yawn!

          Try making an ON-TOPIC comment for a change, instead of boring the pants off everyone. No one gives a damn about what you think or do not think about religion. I doubt if anyone here reads beyonds the first few words of any of your comments. The only impression you leave on most readers here is that you are an angry old man with a serious personality disorder.

          1. Silent Reader —

            Please moderate your language. Referring to Brownhawk as “an angry old man with a serious personality disorder” is totally unacceptable. I would remind you that Brownhawk is one of our oldest and most respected posters, unlike yourself.

            1. Silent Reader,

              Your impressions of me are your own, and your presumption in speaking for others is telling of your arrogance. And whether or not you DO speak for them misses the point.

              The only time you come on these threads is to badmouth someone by calling them (me) a “toe rag”, or moron, etc., and you say I have a personality disorder? Didn’t your mother tell you if you have nothing nice to say about someone then say nothing at all? Doesn’t your religion instruct you otherwise? Or maybe your just content being a hypocrite.

              Speaking of which, why don’t you be true to the name you’ve given yourself and stay silent…….reader. 😆

              1. Big Chief Brownhawk
                Him tomahawk whirling
                Make mincemeat of Silent Reader!

                Silent Reader talk too much!
                Not silent enough! Go Quack, quack!
                SHUT UP, Silent Reader!!! 🙂

    2. Rossi,

      “so far I am of the opinion that most of this anti-Jewish talk here is a low sort of populism meant for political purposes”

      You are comparing this website with Jews painting swastikas in synagogues and graveyards? Or maybe you are suggesting the posters are going to be candidates in the next elections, after approved by the AIPAC foreign lobby.

      “Tobias and Lasha are too intelligent for this to mean it for real”

      This is your Jewish passive-aggressive way to say both of them are liars.

      “You should check it first instead of posting that pile of excrement before me”

      Jews do love that word, don’t they? According to the “elaborate and insightful teaching” of Judaism, Jesus is burning in hot excrement, forever.

      “I let people I meet first have a credit of respect before considering them retarded or hateful”

      Rossi, the wise a** rabbi, you must consider a lot of people retarded and hateful, don’t you?

      PS: did you ever considered being a politician? Because you do talk like one. 🙂

      1. Rossi,

        “speaking of sacrifices of animals in Judaism, it is no longer a part of the tradition, since there is no Temple in which the sacrifices are supposed to be taking place”

        Wrong again!

        The Epstein “pedo” Island is just one of many temples.

        But I agree with you that the sacrifice of animals is outdated. During the Passover, to drink the adrenalized blood of kids, to torture and kill them, is much more fan!! (sarcasm)

        PS: if you really want to get into politics with your make-believe speeches, don’t forget to shave yourself, the appearance is very important to get more votes. 🙂

      2. You know I am not interested in politics, because I’m going to get 28 hundred gentiles on the grounds that I’m a superman. You will be among them. I will need a fool to make me laugh.

      3. Then go to a church, swain. Pastors are telling more entertaining stories.

        And I am going to tell an irritating one again, because I think that most of what this man said is true. Don’t get one thing though – how is it connected to the Jews, since he makes no mention of them. He makes it clear that he is talking about Satanism. Now listen.

        From the foundation and the establishment of it the US of A has been a Satanic corporation. The Freemasons are the powers that be, have been and are going to remain. A known fact is that at least 18 presidents of the US were high-ranking Freemasons, among which H. Truman was the most ferocious, inhuman and diabolical and at the same time the most respected and praised. He was a 33 degree grand master of Freemasons, and the head of the state at the same time. His first order was to drop a nuclear bomb on the town of Hiroshima, with which he murdered 150 thousand sleeping people at once. His second order was to drop a nuclear bomb on the town of Nagasaki.

        A known fact is as well that in 1941 then a senator H. Truman proposed that the US of A should support the side which was going to be losing, so that the war would keep going for as long as possible. So that the amount of people killed, towns ruined and women raped was as large as possible. He was applauded for that speech.

        A curious but not a well-known fact is that the people in charge of the US of A chose no one else but Satan himself as an image to represent them, as a personification of their new and so exceptional nation. The angel who was cast out of Heaven for his pride and cursed at last found a home and a people who accept him with all their heart. He was dressed in fine suit and put a hat on to hide his horns, and a book was written to celebrate his return from Hell – “The adventures of Uncle Sam, in search after his lost honor” in which he brings to his chosen people Freedom.

        And now angel Samael has his own church in the US of A, with his statues and all the proper worship paraphernalia. He is now official. No more hiding behind wooden idols of a tortured man. He is coming out big time now and no more is a fallen star. He is on the rise. A rising star he is – 50 of them. Uncle Sam is the man.

        And what is most interesting – Uncle Sam hates the Jews.

      4. Rossi,

        Uncle Sam hates the Jews so much that every year he sends billions of dollars and the latest military equipment to Israel. It’s a kind of Orwellian “magik”, hate is love, darkness is light, war is peace, etc. I won’t comment on the plague/curse against the USA you just described, I’ll leave it to the American readers.

        The sacrifice of children for religious purpose is a centuries old issue. Dozens of trials already happened across the world, this is one of the main reasons for the expulsion of Jews from many nations. Eustace Mullins and the Jew Ariel Toaff did some research on that sensible subject.

        The victim dies from total hemorrhage, not a single drop of blood is left to be extracted from his body. Four inches needles are used. Originally only males were used but now females are on the menu either. The ritual rules don’t allow the burial of the body, when the body is dumped it is prepared to looks like it was a crime sexually motivated. Hymens of little girls are violated just to confuse police investigators. The common folks can’t see any motivation to this kind of crime other than sexual, that’s why the fake news media never admit religiously motivated ritual murder.

        The blood of kids has a rejuvenate power, their youth and vitality are robbed and given to sick old bastards who are so low in the spiritual helm that they can’t face death, they are terrified with it. Now things are more organized, it’s a buzine$$.

        When Jews have the misfortune to get caught we would expect that Organized Jewry would just throw those bad Jews under the bus but no, they behave like a gang of criminals.

        In your mission to defend and apologize for Jews you made a strategic mistake, Rossi. Jews never admit those crimes are taking place because it is quite easy to relate it to Judaism. I was surprised that you “think that most of what this man [Robert David Steele] said is true”, but you blame Satanism. Maybe you are a good Jew like Ariel Toaff. 🙂

        What are Satanists other than followers of the Jewish Kabbalah?

      5. @ Brownhawk

        The “religion is a crutch” meme is ONLY used when discussing Christianity. I NEVER heard anyone anywhere use the “religion is a crutch” meme when discussing any other religion. Nobody tells the Jews their Judaism religion is a “crutch”, nobody tells the Muslims their Islam is a “crutch”, nobody tells the Hindus their Hinduism is a “crutch”, nobody tells the Native American Indians their Indian tribal religion is a “crutch”. Nobody tells the Wiccans their Wiccan religion is a “crutch”. But when a Christian comes along all-of-a-sudden religion is a “crutch”, meaning Christianity is a “crutch” but NOT any other religion ONLY Christianity.

      6. TROJ
        I’m talking about ALL religion, with the “crutch” pertaining to doctrine about which I’ve already elaborated on in my post.

      7. Nothing but the truth,

        Speaking of Satanism I mean a religion made up of numerous cult groups of comparable character. A common indicator among them is black magic and sacrifices. There is a lot of groups of this kind all around the world.

        Some of them, in particular those which come from the European countries use images and ideas taken from the Jewish esoterics. But this is not enough to consider that these groups practice Judaism.

        Following this logic we are one step from making allegations that Jews are responsible for the burnings of heretics and witches, since the Bible is a Jewish book.

        And I am not going to refuse to acknowledge that there are wicked people among the Jews. No one makes a big secret of it – some Jews too practice black magic and sacrifices.

        Read this.

  16. HEY!! Israel is in trouble with US college kids!

    Anti-Semitic Harassment at U.S. College Campuses Hits Historic Levels, as ‘Israel-related’ anti-Semitic harassment has increased 70 percent since 2017!

    Anti-Semitic harassment on college campuses aimed at pro-Israel students jumped by 70 percent in the past year, the highest levels ever seen, according to a new study showing that the endorsement of anti-Israel causes by students and professors has created an unsafe environment for Jewish students.

    Harassment of students who expressed pro-Israel ideologies jumped 70 percent from 2017 to 2018, according to a new report by the AMCHA Initiative, a campus organization that monitors anti-semitism on more than 400 college campuses and that has recorded some 2,500 anti-Semitic incidents across the U.S. since 2015.

    Hostility toward Israel’s supporters on campus “reached near-historic levels” during the past year!

  17. Admin
    I know you won’t post this, but just so you know, you put my post to spamblinka, yet Silent Reader’s rude and obnoxious comment to me is allowed to stand?

    Your thin skin on this matter is truly disappointing

    1. @ Brownhawk

      None of your comments have been censored or deleted. You were not sent to Smamblinka as you falsely assert. Your comment was simply held up for monitoring. Exactly the same conditions applied to Silent Reader as to you. You were allowed to say what you wanted. So was Silent Reader. Both of you were treated with equal impartiality.

      Thank you once again for creating bad vibes on this site. And thank you also for creating yet another off-topic distraction. We are not here to discuss religion being a “crutch” or to give you an opportunity to insult our other commenters who happen to find their religion a source of strength and a solace.

      This topic is now closed. Your next comment, if you attempt to pursue the matter further, will not be published. Maybe it’s time you moved on to some other website where sneering at religion is considered trendy.

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