Israelis Have Shown Netanyahu the Door: Can He Inflict More Damage Before He Exits?

By Jonathan Cook
Information Clearing House


For most Israelis, the general election was about one thing and one thing only. Not the economy, not the occupation, not even corruption scandals. It was about Benjamin Netanyahu. Should he head yet another far-right government, or should his 10-year divisive rule come to an end?  Israelis have made their verdict clear: Netanyahu’s time is up.

In April’s inconclusive election, which led to this re-run, Netanyahu’s Likud party tied with its main opponent in the Blue and White party, led by retired general Benny Gantz. This time Gantz appears to have nudged ahead, with 33 seats to Netanyahu’s 31 in the 120-member parliament. Both parties fared worse than they did in April, when they each secured 35 seats.

But much more significantly, Netanyahu appears to have fallen short of the 61-seat majority he needs to form yet another far-right government comprising settler and religious parties.

His failure is all the more glaring, given that he conducted by far the ugliest – and most reckless – campaign in Israeli history. That was because the stakes were sky-high.

Only a government of the far-right – one entirely beholden to Netanyahu – could be relied on to pass legislation guaranteeing him immunity from a legal process due to begin next month. Without it, he is likely to be indicted on multiple charges of fraud and breach of trust.

So desperate was Netanyahu to avoid that fate, according to reports published in the Israeli media on election day, that he was only a hair’s breadth away from launching a war on Gaza last week as a way to postpone the election.

Israel’s chief law officer, attorney general Avichai Mendelblit, stepped in to halt the attack when he discovered the security cabinet had approved it only after Netanyahu concealed the army command’s major reservations.

Netanyahu also tried to bribe right-wing voters by promising last week that he would annex much of the West Bank immediately after the election – a stunt that blatantly violated campaigning laws, according to Mendelblit.

Facebook was forced to shut down Netanyahu’s page on two occasions for hate speech – in one case after it sent out a message that “Arabs want to annihilate us all – women, children and men”. That sentiment appeared to include the 20 per cent of the Israeli population who are Palestinian citizens.

Netanyahu incited against the country’s Palestinian minority in other ways, not least by constantly suggesting that their votes constituted fraud and that they were trying to “steal the election”.

He even tried to force through a law allowing his Likud party activists to film in Arab polling stations – as they covertly did in April’s election – in an unconcealed attempt at voter intimidation.

The move appeared to have backfired, with Palestinian citizens turning out in larger numbers than they did in April.

US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, intervened on Netanyahu’s behalf by announcing the possibility of a defence pact requiring the US to come to Israel’s aid in the event of a regional confrontation.


None of it helped.

Netanayhu’s only hope of political survival – and possible avoidance of jail time – depends on his working the political magic he is famed for.

That may prove a tall order. To pass the 61-seat threshold, he must persuade Avigdor Lieberman and his ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party to support him.

Netanyahu and Lieberman, who is a settler, are normally ideological allies. But these are not normal times. Netanyahu had to restage the election this week after Lieberman, sensing the prime minister’s weakness, refused in April to sit alongside religious parties in a Netanyahu-led government.

Netanyahu might try to lure the fickle Lieberman back with an irresistible offer, such as the two of them rotating the prime ministership.

But Lieberman risks huge public opprobrium if, after putting the country through a deeply unpopular re-run election, he now does what he refused on principle to do five months ago.

Lieberman increased his party’s number of seats to eight by insisting that he is the champion of the secular Israeli public.

Most importantly for Lieberman, he finds himself once again in the role of kingmaker. It is almost certain he will shape the character of the next government. And whoever he anoints as prime minister will be indebted to him.

The deadlock that blocked the formation of a government in April still stands. Israel faces the likelihood of weeks of frantic horse-trading and even the possibility of a third election.

Nonetheless, from the perspective of Palestinians – whether those under occupation or those living in Israel as third-class citizens – the next Israeli government is going to be a hardline right one.

On paper, Gantz is best placed to form a government of what is preposterously labelled the “centre-left”. But given that its backbone will comprise Blue and White, led by a bevy of hawkish generals, and Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu, it would, in practice, be nearly as right wing as Netanyahu’s.

Gantz even accused Netanyahu of stealing his idea in announcing last week that he would annex large parts of the West Bank.

The difficulty is that such a coalition would depend on the support of the 13 Joint List legislators representing Israel’s large Palestinian minority. That is something Lieberman has rejected out of hand, calling the idea “absurd” early on Wednesday as results were filtering in. Gantz appears only a little more accommodating.

The solution could be a national unity government comprising much of the right: Gantz’s Blue and White teamed up with Likud and Lieberman. Both Gantz and Lieberman indicated that was their preferred choice on Wednesday.

The question then would be whether Netanyahu can worm his way into such a government, or whether Gantz demands his ousting as a price for Likud’s inclusion.

Netanyahu’s hand in such circumstances would not be strong, especially if he is immersed in a protracted legal battle on corruption charges. There are already rumblings of an uprising in Likud to depose him.

One interesting outcome of a unity government is that it could provoke a constitutional crisis by making the Joint List, the third-largest party, the official opposition. That is the same Joint List described by Netanyahu as a “dangerous anti-Zionist” party.

Ayman Odeh would become the first leader of the Palestinian minority to attend regular briefings by the prime minister and security chiefs.

Netanyahu will continue as caretaker prime minister for several more weeks – until a new government is formed. If he stays true to form, there is plenty of mischief he can instigate in the meantime.

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  1. Who cares? That shitty little state gets way too much attention. Hopefully someone can inflict damage on them.

    1. No, that little state is the most powerful empire in the world. No one can inflict damage on them. Israel is a superpower.

      1. Rossi –

        Anyone can inflict damage on Israel. The jews ALWAYS pick on the weak!! 🙂

        A Memorandum on Ritual Murders

        Unknown to most, the reality of Jewish ritual murders has been repeatedly proven in modern court proceedings according to modern rules of evidence. This happened in Russia many times during the 19th and 20th centuries, far removed from any medieval obscurantism. One of the most famous trials occurred in the Russian town of Velizh in the early 19th century after the mutilated and exsanguinated corpse of a little Christian boy had been found in a forest. Although the Jewish culprits would be eventually acquitted, the ritual nature of the murder would still be firmly established. This trial is described in detail in this book, along with many other cases of ritual murders perpetrated by inhuman sadists from the fanatical Jewish sect of the Hasidim. This book constitutes a valuable historical record of the Jewish ritual murder question from the 19th-century Russian perspective.

      2. How pathetic!

        What can be worse than ending a life in a state of mind like this. I feel sorry for you, Pat. I really am.

        Feel better.

        1. Rossi,

          Pat has made a serious attempt to engage with you you in rational argument. And he has been scrupulously polite. Instead, you dismiss his comments on ritual murder done by Jews with ad hominem contempt. “How pathetic! . . . Feel better!”

          I’m sorry, there’s no reason why Pat should ignore your comments in order to co-exist with you. If you say something to give him offense, why should he let you do it?

          Anyway, what makes you think you can post garbage like this on an anti-Zionist site and receive no criticism: “No, that little state [Israel] is the most powerful empire in the world. No one can inflict damage on them. Israel is a superpower.”

          I enjoy reading your comments, Rossi, even when they are pure rubbish . . . so please do continue to delight us with your unmitigated piffle and poppycock! 🙂

      3. Rossi –

        I know the truth hurts…. but I’m glad to help ya KNOW yore brethren better than you seem to!! 🙂

        A lotta Hebrew for ya here:
        Selected and Transcribed from Discovered Judaism by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, Frankfurt, 1700 (1 st ed.), Vol. 2, pp. 200-218 :
        “10 Proofs” (informal title) that the Talmud allows and encourages the killing of Christians and Heathens.

        Cecil Roth — The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew. (PDF, 574k) This one, from 1935, intended to be yet another “final, absolute refutation” of the Jewish Ritual Murder charge lodged against the Jews thru’out history, does us a service by reproducing the Ganganelli Report of 1758-9 in full, but may have an effect opposite that intended by the author. In fact, Ganganelli expressly admitted the cases of Trent and Rinn as true. Roth in turn admits he said it, but just pooh-poohs it, saying the cases were dubious because it took so long for the saints to be canonized (?!). After this little episode, Ganganelli never again addressed the Ritual Murder question, even after becoming Pope himself. Jacob Selig (or Selek), the agent who appealed to Pope Benedict XIV over treatment of the Jews in Poland, was paid by the Alilath Seker, the “slush fund” set up by international Jewry to bribe and intimidate prosecutors, the press, witnesses, jurors and royalty to get Jews released from criminal prosecutions.

        Roth’s work was ably put away by Leese in Jewish Ritual Murder, 1938, Ch. XV, see above; also see Philip de Vier’s Blood Ritual (Eagle Pub. Co., 2001).

      4. Alright, old-timers.

        You want to know what a real ritual murder looks like – I can remind what it looks like. I can reference true historical accounts about the real ritual murders, not some anecdotes such as these, copied and pasted from some garbage pamphlets for boneheads, scribbled to make them hate the Jews – I am talking about the real thing.

        Hold on, I forgot. You know what it looks like! You just prefer to not think about that. Must be more comforting to abstain of thinking about that. I can understand.

        I also find it frightening and disturbing. I can imagine how much more disturbing this must be for those, who feel being a part of the tradition with 13 centuries of such murders behind its belt. I’d be terrified, understanding what insane evil I am a part of. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people, sacrificed for power of the Satan’s priests.

        Can there be a more perverted form of evil than this – burned, impaled men, women and children and harmless old people, burned at the stake; tortured, disemboweled and torn to pieces. Fed to dogs. And all of this in the name of the Son of God.

        Monks, singing solemn chants and bells ringing, and flesh burning and innocent people screaming, losing their minds from pain and that good, kind-hearted church-going folk standing there, looking at this madness and not understanding, what’s going on. Think about that. You still have some part of the brain that can think, I hope.

        I mean, if Jesus at some time came back to check out how the things were going and saw all this – imagine his surprise! “Your father is the devil,” he’d have said again. “You are his children, and want to do what he wants.”

        You two must be grinning and laughing now, reading this. You think this is a game and it means no thing. But I know – trust me I know, for real – haters go to Hell. You die and wake up in this hate. Your hate becomes the Hell.

        You’ll see.

        1. @ Rossi

          The Jews have killed more people in history, with extreme torture, than all other races combined. The Bolshevik Revolution under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin (1917-1953) led to the mass murder of at least 66 million Russian Christians according to Solzhenitsyn. Was this Christians killing Jews? NO!!! It was Jews killing Christians.

          Stalin’s gulags, his death camps in Siberia, who were giving the orders there to kill the Russian and German Christians there? Was it other Christians? NO!!! All Stalin’s commissars were sadistic JEWS!!

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          It was a Jewish writer, Sever Plocker, who openly confessed that “the greatest mass murders of modern history were Jewish.”

          As a Jew yourself — you should hang your head in shame, you seed of Satan!

          1. Sardonicus —

            A good comment until the last line. Referring to Rossi as “seed of Satan” is unacceptable. He may be wrong in what he says, but this does not necessarily make him evil.

      5. Rossi –

        The burning of Joan does not diminish the hideous cruelty of child ritual murders by jews:


        This one, from 1935, intended to be yet another “final, absolute refutation” of the Jewish Ritual Murder charge lodged against the Jews thru’out history, does us a service by reproducing the Ganganelli Report of 1758-9 in full.

        After this little episode, Ganganelli never again addressed the Ritual Murder question, even after becoming Pope himself. 

        Jacob Selig, the agent who appealed to Pope Benedict XIV over treatment of the Jews in Poland, was paid by the Alilath Seker, the “slush fund” set up by international Jewry to bribe and intimidate prosecutors, the press, witnesses, jurors and royalty to get Jews released from criminal prosecutions.

        BTW – There is no need to attempt to cast any of your silly rabbinical spells on us here!!
        “But I know – trust me I know, for real – haters go to Hell. You die and wake up in this hate. Your hate becomes the Hell.
        You’ll see.”

        Save them for your synagogue peeps! 🙂

      6. Ritual murders did occur. A distinguished rabbi and historian has confirmed what has been known all along, despite Jewry’s denials. So, Jews do what they do when someone writes something hey don’t like. They threaten him and try to destroy his life. Same as they did to David Irving and so many others. Posing as free speech advocates then advocating harsh censorship means nothing to them.

      7. Sardonicus, I am not supposed to spend hours negating lies of a liar who is calling me a liar. But I will. This one time. And I will expose the liar and his lies. You.

        Please reference the source, speaking about “the mass murder of at least 66 million Russian Christians.” You are clueless, and keep telling anecdotes. This is not going to work.

        I read “The Gulag Archipelago” and I remember, Solzh. said: 20 million died during the famine, 20 million during World War II, and 20 million in the labor camps. These numbers are not real. These are magical numbers.

        No one knows the true number of people who died in that era, least of all Solzh. But researches show more accurate numbers. The famine took not more than 7 million, the war about 28 and in the labor camps 1,7 million people died. These are the highest of the estimated numbers, according to historical researches.

        Thus, excluding the war which can’t be blamed on the Jews, and including the famine the total number is about 9 million people at most. This makes about 5 percent of the population. See “Demographics of the Soviet Union.” The population was growing, except for the time of war.

        Now, most people who were in the camps were not the poor Russian Christians but robbers, murderers and rapists. The percentage of political prisoners was low.

        And though most of the top communist leaders indeed were Jews, none of them “ended up” in Israel. Most of them ended up in the labor camps of Gulag. None of them came out.

        You are a liar, Sardonicus!

      8. Peter, I said this not once and not twice: ritual murders are happening all the time. For example in Mexico. Thousands of people are missing. The Santa Muerte cult is growing. Pure satanism.

        And in the US there is a lot of Satanic organizations of all kinds. Most of them exist in the open. Some of them are underground. And some of them practice sacrifices.

        And in the UK, the Order of Nine Angels publishes booklets in which ritual human sacrifices are described. Take a look. There are groups like this all around the world.

        You people have idée fixe. Jews, Jews, Jews. Look around and see. Read about the Order of Nine Angels. These people are also Nazi. You are going to like them.

      9. Rossi, the world should thank the Germans (derided as “NAZIS”, thanks to lying Jews like yourself). The Germans saved western Europe from much worse and attempted to save themselves from the murderous Jewish Bolsheviks that founded and dominated that murderous state, the USSR, which was going to attack Germany and then the rest of western Europe. The Germans are owed a debt for saving western Europe from you murderers. The many millions of Russians murdered by the Jews is not a lie – that happened, but Stalin told Churchill the USSR lost 5 million in the war – as usual, the lies are against the Germans. just like your lampshades from skin and soap from Jewish fat. You people are the most outrageous liars in history. It’s a lie that Germans were beastly invaders. Many Russians and others welcomed the Germans as saviors, liberators from the murderous Jews and heroes.

        Russian President Putin: Jews founded the Soviet Union, making up 80 to 85% of its first government

        New book by Norwegian academic on the warm welcome Germans received by many Russian people in WW II. Many Russians greeted German soldiers as liberators. They despised Stalin and his Jewish cohorts for what they had done. “That the Germans opened the churches closed by the Bolshevik was well received by a religious peasantry” The Russians gave the German soldiers gifts, including warm clothing and wrote letters to them encouraging them to defeat the Bolsheviks.

        YouTube had some excellent historical videos showing Ukrainians, Belarussians, Latvians and Estonians all warmly welcoming the German soldiers as liberators. These videos have just recently been removed by the Jewish owned company to withhold the truth from people. Large crowds turned out to welcome the Germans.

        ‘Liberation From Bolshevism’: WWII German Troops Welcomed in the Soviet Union

        As German forces advanced into the Soviet Union in 1941, many people welcomed the troops as liberators from Bolshevik tyranny. The welcome was especially warm in the Baltic countries, western Belarus and western Ukraine. As this four-minute video (no narration) shows, grateful people express appreciation for the troops who brought freedom from harsh Soviet rule, and restored ancient rights. German soldiers, as well as troops of German-allied nations, often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

        (video now deleted by YouTube)

        Russians Under German Rule During World War II

        Glimpses of life of Russians, and people of other Soviet nationalities, under German occupation during World War II, are shown. Included are scenes of people showing appreciation for German troops and administration, and for restoring freedoms that the Soviets had taken away. Runtime: 4:01 mins. With music, but no narration. Also shown are soldiers of the German-sponsored, anti-Stalinist “Russian Liberation Army.” In addition to the many former Soviet citizens who served in military units that fought with Germany and its allies against the Red Army were many others who served as volunteer “Hiwis.

        (video now deleted by YouTube)

        Source: Institute for Historical Review

        Many people attest to the mass murder by their Jewish run gov’t against the country’s own people, including Ukraine’s recent government. Here is an article from the well known Jewish Telegraph Agency on the Ukrainian gov’t saying the Bolshevik murderers of Ukrainians were almost all Jews. This s the same Ukrainian government the USA helped overthrow with the involvement of Jews like Victoria Nuland, the former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Since the coup Ukraine has been ruled by Jews (again), with two successive Jewish presidents.

        YouTube has also deleted, or is hiding a 1937 speech by Germany’s Josef Goebbels on the mass murder the Jews were carrying out in the Ukraine, including raping nuns and murdering priests. In the speech he said Germany has erected a wall against the Soviet beasts and that much of Europe is grateful for that.

      10. Peter!

        Since I was born in the USSR I know this all well. You are right in regard to the crimes of the Jewish communists. During the WW1 Lenin and most of his partners was residing in Europe and preparing the coup. Then in 1917 he and 200 hundred more people, most of them Jews – this is not a secret, were sent in a sealed train from Zurich to Sweden, from there to Finland and then to Russia. The German government provided a safe passage to that train, knowing too well who was in it and where it was going. The crucial role of the German government in the Russian coup has been researched in detail and this fact is undeniable. You can read about that in these articles: Vladimir Lenin’s Return Journey to Russia Changed the World Forever; Lenin’s Sealed Train.

        The coup, which is called the Russian Revolution for a reason, ignited a war, and in that war of Russians against Russians the supporters of the Jewish communists won. This fact alone shows how much most of the people hated the monarchist regime and how much the people were willing to fight against it. You are correct about the crimes that were commited then and later afterwards, but forgetting to mention what was the reason of such immense support that those Jewish communists and their ideas found among the Russians at that time. Perhaps this is a lack of knowledge that makes things look so grotesque for some people. Your comment is a good example of a propaganda poster put into words.

        Before the coup most of the Russian population – 60 percent, were illiterate peasants, who were unable to read. Not more than 10 percent were proletariat. The rest 30 percent were merchants, managers, bureaucrats and priests. Most of the peasant population was under the “conscript obligation” and had to serve in the armed forces from the age of 20 to 45. Most of the peasants had no right to abandon their villages. Education was not free and so was not free health care, and people had to work for 12 hours. That was the norm. And the result of such policies was that the average life in the Russian Empire in 1913 lasted 32 years, while in England 40. The fact is that in 1926 this changed from 32 to 44 years in just a little more than a decade. This is a fact. You can check it.

        So despite the crimes and the tragedies that accompanied that transition of Russia from a misantropic regime of monarchist parasites to that then experimental socialist state, in the end the result was a much better place to exist in for the most of the people and for this reason, even now no one in Russia is complaining about these so terrible Jewish communists because no one is missing “the good times” when the priests were teaching the poor people, unable to read, in their churches that “this is how things are supposed to be”, because St. Paul said so.

        “The powers that be are ordained of God.” – Epistle to the Romans 13:1

        You forget, or perhaps don’t understand that most of the liberties such as free education, and free or affordable health care, and emancipation of women, and freedom to choose a religion, and the 40-hours work week and a lot more had been unheard of in Russia prior to the communist coup, and in the most of the world as well. These rights and liberties are the result of that social experiment that those horrible Jewish communists instigated and executed.

        That said, a lot of them also commited crimes against the people and against the state, and this is not a secret too. No one has denied these crimes, at least in Russia, as far as I know since the end of the Stalin’s era. His regime was condemned and his remains removed from the Red Square for this particular reason, and his heritage is a lesson to all of us. But at the same time, it is just as important to know that no one else but Joseph Stalin himself ordered to execute most of those so awful Jewish communists who brought him to power. None of them lasted longer than him. He sent most of them to labour camps – for the same crimes we are talking about now and which he himself was responsible for just as much as them. You are painting a too simple picture, perhaps because this is what things look like for a simple mind, but the world is complicated.

        Your idea that Stalin was going to attack the Nazi coalition is just as preposterous as the rest of these fantasies that I am negating now. The war of Russia with Finland in 1939 was such a failure, that to even assume it was possible for Stalin to contemplate a thought of attacking the Nazi superpower is ridiculous. He was an educated man of exceptional intelligence and a brilliant strategist. You forget that he won the WW2 in the end, in spite of the lack of resourses and the enormous losses in the beginning. His rule was a murderous regime though, I agree with that. And because of this a lot of people in Ukraine, the Baltic states and in Russia too were supporting Hitler, thinking that he would liberate them from Stalin. You are wrong though speaking about the Jews supporting him, I mean Joseph Stalin – no Jew would support him, because of his open hatred of the Jews and his repressions against them. Your assessment is incorrect. Fantasies and emotions not based on facts.

        And I cannot see how all this is connected to the topic of ritualistic murders and the Order of Nine Angels. These satanic Nazis are murdeing children and innocent people throughout the world. You digress and start talking about something else! Just as I mention them. Makes me think – hope he is not one of their supporters.

      11. @Sagi Harari – I think it is you that are painting a simplistic picture, perhaps based upon ignorance of certain facts, as many or most people certainly are ignorant due to many decades of lies, hatred and propaganda. Certainly, Imperialist Germany did what it could to foment revolution in Russia during WW I, They were fighting a two front war and were desperate, surrounded by enemies that were also world powers and they needed to finish Russia off so they could concentrate their forces in the west. There are many examples throughout history of cooperation between factions seemingly opposed to each other, such as the Communist-Capitalist alliance against Germany in WW II, the cooperation between the German National Socialist Government and Zionists prior to WW II to expedite emigration of Jews from Germany to Palestine, the Russian citizenry that supported the invading Germans, etc. And westerners today ignorantly describe the Soviet-German non-aggression pact as an alliance.

        The book by the Norwegian academic is an important book and maybe you might be unaware of the degree of hatred for the communists that existed in the USSR. There is film (removed only within the last few weeks by YouTube) showing large numbers of peasants welcoming the Germans as liberators in Ukraine and Belarus and the aid and support Germans subsequently provided Russian citizens needs to be known to get an accurate picture of history. You also appear to be unaware of the Jews self interest in perpetuating the “Russian Revolution”. For decades prior to murdering the Czar, his wife and their children, Jews around the world told the world of their hatred for him and grossly exaggerated some anti-Jewish riots (known as “Pogroms”) that occurred that were led by peasants, with the Jews blaming the Czar. Perhaps to you, outlawing the religion of the people, Christianity, is minor, but not to many Russians. Also, that the USSR outlawed “anti-Semitism”, or criticism of Jews, demonstrated the Jewish nature of the “Russian Revolution”. Throughout Europe, but particularly eastern Europe, Jews were seen as the communists biggest supporters and there is much evidence to support that view. The mainstream historians have perpetuated mostly lies since the end of the war, lies to protect the image of the victors and demonize the Germans. There were no Germans (or “NAZIS” as you call them) that welcomed or supported the Red Army when it entered Germany in 1945. But, when Germans entered Latvia and Estonia in 1941, these little countries formed Latvian and Estonian Legions that became part of the Waffen SS to expel the communists from their countries.

        Stalin couldn’t have hated Jews as much as you claim. The USSR was one of the first countries to recognize Israel as a state in 1948. I think you are underestimating Jews power and influence in the USSR. And perhaps you are Jewish yourself or have been influenced by them to think Stalin “hated” Jews. He “hated” anyone that would work against him, Jew or gentile, but that doesn’t mean he “hated” Jews. He “hated” enemies. Many powerful Jewish communists and Stalin allies lived to old age in the USSR, including the criminal Lazar Kaganovich who died in Moscow in 1991 and who is known for killing millions of Ukrainians. He had it pretty good compared to German leaders that were murdered by the allies in 1945 and later.

        Leading WW II historians, including at least one important Russian historian now believe Germany’s attack on the USSR in 1941 was a pre-emptive attack. You are uninformed, as is most of the world regarding the war. You write of “the Nazi superpower” and the USSR’s supposed “lack of resources” on one hand and Stalin winning the war on the other. Due to Stalin’s genius you claim. This entry in Germany’s Josef Goebbels diary in 1941 says your view is wrong – “We obviously quite underestimated the Soviet shock power and, above all, the equipment of the Soviet army. We had nowhere near any idea of what the Bolsheviks had available. This led to erroneous decision-making …”. And this, “Certainly, though, we were mistaken about one thing,” the German leader told a large audience in Berlin on Oct. 3, 1941. “We had no idea how gigantic the preparations of this enemy were against Germany and Europe, and how immeasurably great was the danger; how we just barely escaped annihilation, not only of Germany but also of Europe.” Those were Hitler’s words. You can read in the article below of the well prepared and superior firepower of the USSR.

        “In recent years, however, a growing number of historians have assembled considerable evidence that validates key points made by Hitler and the German government, and which shows that the Soviets were preparing a massive assault. The most influential of these historians has probably been a former Soviet GRU military intelligence officer, Vladimir Rezun. In a series of books written under the pen name of Viktor Suvorov, he has presented impressive evidence to show that the Soviet regime was preparing a massive offensive against Germany and Europe, and that the German-led attack forestalled an imminent Soviet strike. It is Stalin, not Hitler – he says – who should be considered the “chief culprit” of World War II.”

        Russian historian Viktor Suvorov on the start of WW II and Stalin’s plan to attack Germany:

        If this sounds incredulous to you, then you are probably unaware of other well known “facts” that were big “fat lies” told by the allied nations for decades, and many still repeated today by ignoramuses unaware the allies have already admitted certain lies. Just one example is the murder of fifteen to twenty thousand of Poland’s intelligentsia that the USSR blamed on Germany until 1991 when the USSR admitted it had murdered the Poles, as Germany claimed since it discovered the mass graves during the war. The USSR’s WW II allies were noncommittal and made the Germans look as guilty as the Soviets, despite much evidence to the contrary. Here is the west, Sagi, the Jews began what has been coined the “Holocaust Industry” by the son of Polish Jews himself, where Jews rolled out hundreds or thousands of films about the “Holocaust”, backed up by thousands of magazine and newspaper articles , news programs and “documentaries” in a non-stop, every day, steamroller of hatred for the Germans (“NAZIS”) and their supposed suffering. When I was in school I was taught this outrageous lie that was driven into everyone’s head, that Germany made soap from Jews fat and lampshades from their skin, sometimes suggesting this was done on an industrial scale. I could go on and cite many more lies by the allies that have now been exposed. I recall listening to the Russian news station Russia Today years ago and in a short statement the announcer said a document had been discovered in Russia confirming Suvorov’s claims. that the USSR had planned to attack Germany. There is nothing surprising about this when you consider the other lies that Germany “planned to take over the world” and FDR’s extraordinary speech in 1941 where he claimed to have a map that was taken off someone’s desk in Berlin in which Germany’s plan to take over all of South America is revealed. The British admitted they made that map in the early 1970’s and they “fed it” to FDR. The start of the Soviet-German war is just one more lie.

        Moving on, I took a brief look at the Order of Nine Angels. What is a “NAZI: to you? I don’t see how you connect that order with “NAZIS”. I see nothing in that article about returning Danzig or the Sudetenland to Germany. You call the group “satanic Nazis”. What are you talking about? What is there connection to Germany? I could just as easily call the group satanic Jews or “kikes”. With the accusations against Jews of ritual murder of children it’s just as fitting. “Nazi” is a pejorative word, the ultimate insult against someone and the ultimate insult against Germans. It was popularized by Jews and made into the ultimate evil even before WW II started already. Your comment makes me think you are one of their supporters.

      12. First of all, I am grateful for this respectable comment. This is the kind of talk I am looking for.

        Now, from bottom to top, I cannot spend too much time tonight but I am going to respond in brief to some points here.

        1. The Order of Nine Angels “praise Nazi Germany as a practical expression of Satanic spirit, a burst of Luciferian light – of zest and power – in an otherwise Nazarene, pacified, and boring world.” Research better. Here is the guide to the practice of human sacrifices that is published on their site: The Practice of Sacrificial Human Culling.

        2. The stories about lampshades and soap were debunked in Israel. The Jews are not as bad as most people think. Read the prologue to The Night, or was it in the epilogue, I can’t quite remember now – Elie Wiesel describes his meeting with a rabbi who tells him he is telling lies. Think about this. Of course the Jews are people and some of them are not good people, Peter. But to use something as an example representing the people’s character it is needed to look at the good people too. You mentioned the term that Norman Finkelstein “coined” – he is a Jew, too.

        3. Victor Suvorov is not a historian. He is an ex-GRU agent who fled to England. His books are known in Russia, his theories were analized and proved to be wrong. Like I said, use common sense: had the USSR been so powerful, how come the war with Finland was such a disaster and except this, remember there was a famine then. Not a good time to begin a war. Even against a small state such as Finland.

        4. The recognition of the state of Israel has nothing to do with personal attitudes. This is politics. Joseph Stalin studied in a religious seminarium and was going to become a priest. His remarks about the Jews being incapable of nothing else beside trade are known. He hated the Jews for the same reason the Jews hated him: power. Trotski was his main opponent. There were more than once attempts to murder him, a Jewish group among the communists tried to get rid of him and that made him get rid of them. No one was spared but Kaganovich.

        5. Ukraine and the Baltic states wanted independence. For this reason the nationalist groups in these countries aligned with Hitler. Better Hitler than Stalin, or something like that, was their motto. Politics. But some nationalist groups in Ukraine struggled against Hitler as well, and some enlisted in his armed forces. There was a Russian general, Vlasov was his name that also turned to the side of the Nazis. And the Nazis is not an insult.

        6. The pogroms were the result of anti-Jewish propaganda in the Russian Empire, the publication of pamphlets such as The Protocols of Zion and others. The Jews were also forced to abandon Judaism and take Christian names to enter the trading unions, get higher education and to be able to settle in the cities such as Moscow. This led to such a large involvement of the Jews in all kinds of anti-monarchist movements. Read Two Hundred Years Together.

        This is it, in short.

        1. @ Sagi Harari

          “The stories about lampshades and soap were debunked in Israel. The Jews are not as bad as most people think.”

          False. The soap-and-lampshade stories were created by Jews to start with. They were part of the Holocaust hoax propaganda. They were debunked initially by non-Jewish sources. The Israelis only admitted the Jew-created fraud when they knew they’d been caught out lying.

          “Read the prologue to The Night, or was it in the epilogue, I can’t quite remember now – Elie Wiesel describes his meeting with a rabbi who tells him he is telling lies. Think about this.”

          Elie Wiesel was a notorious liar. His book “Night” is now regarded as a work of fiction. He lied about Jewish babies being torn from their mothers by evil Nazis and thrown in furnaces. He also lied about Jews being shot in the back and thrown into pits, and of other Jews being buried alive in pits. You are a good liar.

          “You mentioned the term that Norman Finkelstein “coined” – he is a Jew, too.”

          Finkelstein was a good Jew. An honest man. An exception to the rule! He wrote a book denouncing the “Holocaust Industry.” a book that caused great anger and embarrassment among Jews. Which is why Finkelstein was branded “a self-hating Jew” by your tribe. Finkelstein also proved beyond all doubt that Alan Dershowitz, the Jewish advocate for torture, had plagiarized an entire book based on lies about the origin of the state of Israel. Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes by your crude distortions and half-truths.

          “He [Stalin] hated the Jews for the same reason the Jews hated him: power. Trotski was his main opponent. There were more than once attempts to murder him, a Jewish group among the communists tried to get rid of him and that made him get rid of them. No one was spared but Kaganovich.”

          False. Stalin got rid of ANYONE who stood in his way, Jews as well as non-Jews. “No one was spared but Kaganovich,” you say. False! Another lie! The evil Jew Ilya Ehrenberg was spared and received a hero’s funeral. Solomon Morel, wanted for mass murder of innocent non-Jews by Poland, escaped to Israel and was allowed to live and die there in honor. Out of the reach of international law. The Israelis refused to extradite this Jewish criminal to Poland to receive a fair trial.

          You would well to check your facts and stop lying.

          1. [Continued . . . ]

            @ Sagi Harari

            All your other comments are based on lies and distortions and I won’t even bother to answer them.

            You end your comment stupidly by saying “Read Two Hundred Years Together”, as if Solzhenitsyn were putting in a good word for the Jews and giving support for your lies.

            On the contrary, Solzhenitsyn was one of the fiercest critics of the Jews and proved that many of the so-called Jewish “pogroms” you mention were INVENTED by the Jews. Not a single Jew was killed in certain areas of Russia where Jews claimed “hundreds” (if not thousands) had been slaughtered. Andrew Joyce has written many fine articles on the Occidental Observer, documenting these false stories of Jew-invented “pogroms”.

            Solzhenitsyn himself gave documentary proof for all these Jewish lies, distortions and exaggerations.

            Why do you think his great book, “Two Hundred Years Together”, still remains UNPUBLISHED in a good English translation? Because you Jews control the publishing industry! And you won’t allow English-speaking people to read his book in English. That’s why! Translations exist in Russian, German and French — but they won’t allow an English translation.

            So please don’t make a fool of yourself by pretending that Solzhenitsyn was a great friend and lover of the Jews. He was no such thing. On the contrary, he is seen as a very dangerous enemy of the Jews.

            Read Kevin MacDonald’s articles about Solzhenitsyn on the Occidental Observer and stop lying and giving us your distorted view of history, based on Jewish propaganda and wishful thinking.

      13. @Saki – Thank you Saki

        @Sagi Harari – Is that Germany’s fault that Jews filled the world with lies so that The Order of Nine Angels believes stories of people being thrown into fires, and people made into soap and lampshades? Whoever they are, they sound stupid for still believing these things. How does The Order of Nine Angels believing such propaganda, as much of the world still does, make them “NAZIS”? If they are doing any of the lies attributed to Germans by Jews, that’s your responsibility.

        As Saki said, Jews invented the soap and lampshades lies (and most anti-German propaganda), they didn’t debunk it. And typical of them, even though these lies have been debunked, some Jews say they don’t accept that and refuse to stop repeating the lies. I am aware Norman Finkelstein is Jewish. I never said all Jews are no good.

        Victor Suvorov is an excellent historian. His findings have been backed up with research by German historians. Suvorov’s claim is backed up by the most important historian of WW II, David Irving. You can read factual and scholarly articles about his and other important historians findings on Mark Weber’s (also an important historian) excellent website

        The USSR recognizing Israel debunks your claim that Stalin hated Jews. If the USSR had not recognized Israel you would undoubtedly claim that as evidence of “anti-Semitism”. Many Jewish murderous war criminals lived the rest of their lives in the USSR after WW II, some well into old age. The fact Stalin didn’t like Trotsky does not mean he hated Jews. That’s idiotic, and so typical. Stalin was surrounded by Jews that created the USSR and were a major force in it at least until the end of he war. I suspect the fact that Stalin became leader of the USSR was only because of Jews. The Russian Empire always had an ethnic Russian or a German in one case as its leader, but the Royal families always intermarried in Europe, so there was nothing unusual about that. What is unusual about the Bolsheviks is the huge Jewish leadership but also the number of non-Slavic people it had. This is the hallmark of Jewish influence.

        That is correct. The fact that the Bolsheviks were so brutally murderous and didn’t care the least for human rights, while the Germans treated the people they encountered in a much better manner also played a role in why so many Russians and others supported the Germans. As I said, there were no Germans that welcomed the murderous Red army when it entered Germany, but there were significant numbers of Ukrainians, Belarussians and Russians that welcomed the Germans.

        “NAZI” is the most disgusting insult in he world today, particularly when it is uttered to Germans, but everyone considers it an insult.

        1. Peter —

          Excellent points! Everything you say makes perfect sense. I am so glad to see someone so intelligent and well-informed as you posting on this site. I regret to say it, but I suspect that “Sagi Harari” is a Jewish troll. He is here to do what Jews do best: corrupt others and lead them astray with his lies.

          The only enigma is this: are these Jews conscious of their lying? Or do they honestly believe their own lies, desperate to believe in the myth of of their persecution and in the Holocaust hoax? I don’t know the answer to that, but I suspect that most ordinary Jews believe fervently in the lies that have been fed them from birth. Sagi Hariri could be one of these well-meaning zombies.

          In the case of Elie Wiesel, it’s a clear case of someone lying in the full knowledge that he is lying but telling himself: “I am not really telling lies. These stories I tell are ‘higher truths’, told in a good cause to ensure the survival of the Jews. Besides, perception is reality. And if most people believe the Holocaust actually occurred, and that the Jews are the innocent victims of Nazi persecution, then this becomes the New Reality!”

      14. Good Hitler or bad Hitler?

        Once I believed Hitler was a hero, but I’m not so sure right now. In 1974 a German foot soldier in the eastern front, Hannecke Kardel, had his book published, “Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel”. He says Hitler had Jewish decent, also some top politicians in the German government and military. I tried the english version but it’s hard to read, maybe the original in german is better. There is only one book available at Amazon for $160.99.

        This is from Amazon:
        “Son of German scientist Rudolf Kardel. After completing Army Academy he served as an infantryman in the German army in Russia and the Balkans. In 1979 he was sued by the German state which also confiscated all his possessions. In 1982 he was acquitted without any expenses pay.”

        I was searching the web and SURPRISE! John Kaminski wrote about the author, in 2009.

        If Harari writes half trues, 50% of what he writes is true. So here are some questions: was Operation Barbarossa really a preemptive strike? How the capture of Stalingrad can be seen as a preemptive strike? I found that hard to believe.

      15. Saki, calling me a liar please point it out where I am telling lies. You are accusing me of telling lies and are calling me a liar. I am asking to point it out in the text.

        Ehrenburg was not a communist leader, he was a poet and a writer. Solomon Morel was a Polish communist and not Russian and he repatriated to Israel in 1992. He has no connection to Stalin in this respect. There is no extradition agreement between Israel and Poland, so thete is nothing to argue about here.

        Yes Finkelstein is a good Jew, and so is L.Brenner who exposed collaboration between Nazis and the Zionists, and the stories about soap and lampshades were exposed in Israel. Now there is a film about that. An Israeli film: New Israeli Film Debunks Myth That Nazis Made Soap From Jews.

        And concerning Elie Wiesel, I looked it up. This is in his Legends of Our Time, he is speaking about his meeting with a rabbi who asked him:

        About people you knew? “Yes, about people I might have known.” About things that happened? “Yes, about things that happened or could have happened.” But they did not? “No, not all of them did. In fact, some were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end.” The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more sorrow than anger: That means you are writing lies!

        The rabbi said this. You are unable to admit that a rabbi said this. You have not read Solzhenitsin either. I have read all Solzhenitsin, in Russian. I don’t need to resort to second-hand sources. And as I said in response to the same allegation to someone on the Unz site, it this book is in such a great demand then someone has to publish it and sell it from a personal site. No one can cencor books, so there is no problem. The printing technologies we have now along with the digital format has made publishing so cheap that almost whoever wants to is able publish a book.

        The Jews are not supposed to do what the Jews do not want to do, and publish what the Jews do not want to publish. You however are not supposed to wait and expect that the Jews are going to start indulging the needs of gentiles, because each man is supposed to take care of his own needs. Open a publishing house and publish Two Hundred Years.

        The Russians did.

        1. @ Sagi Harari

          Saki, calling me a liar please point it out where I am telling lies. You are accusing me of telling lies and are calling me a liar. I am asking to point it out in the text.

          Ehrenburg was not a communist leader, he was a poet and a writer. Solomon Morel was a Polish communist and not Russian and he repatriated to Israel in 1992. He has no connection to Stalin in this respect. There is no extradition agreement between Israel and Poland, so there is nothing to argue about here.

          I won’t even bother to read any further than this. If you are not a liar, you are a misinformed fool. “Ehrenberg was not a communist leader,” you say. He was more than that. He was Stalin’s chief propagandist. “Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin!” he advised the Russian troops. “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

          This evil bastard was a JEW! Like you, you inhuman scum! So stop pretending Ehrenberg had nothing to do with Stalin. Expect more abuse from me, you dirty little liar. As long as you lie, you will receive my spit in your face. Until you are forced to leave this site with your tail between your legs.

          As for Solomon Morel, this homicidal Jew you praise was given full burial honors by Stalin. So how can you say, “Stalin hated all Jews”.

          You fuckwit!

          “Solomon Morel was a Polish communist and not Russian and he repatriated to Israel in 1992. He has no connection to Stalin in this respect.” So you say,

          Are you brain-damaged? Solomon Morel was doing STALIN’S WORK. And he was A JEW! He was a mass murderer who killed and tortured thousands of German prisoners of war after WW2 in Communist concentration camps in Poland (all under the protective umbrella of Stalin’s Soviet Union). And then he ran away to Israel! Poland demanded his return. Israel refused. Period.


          And your miserable response. “Oh, there was no extradition treaty between Israel and Poland!” You dirty swine! Of course you SHITTY LITTLE COUNTRY is not going to hand back its war criminals to other countries. Poland had a right to demand the extradition of this sadistic mass murderer, this Jew.

          You deserve your balls cut off, you filthy little apologist for torture and mass murder.

          You want to learn about Solomon Morel? Try this article:

          What are you doing on this site? I am 100 percent in support of Peter, Saki and Sardonicus who have denounced you as a fraud. You are the same filthy swine known as “ROSSI”, am I right? You have changed your name, right? Only a coward would do that!

          Tell me, Mr Jew, are you “ROSSI”, hiding here under a new name? Are you going to lie about that too, you sniveling little lump of dogshit?

          1. Dr Parker —

            I agree with everything you say here, though I think you should moderate your language. There’s no point giving this simpering Jew the satisfaction of knowing he is winding you up. This is what the Jews like to do. To taunt their victims and play with them as a cat does with a mouse.

            1. The man reeks of dishonesty. He is an encyclopaedia of lies. He is a hasbara agent for Israel, probably paid by the word.

      16. Peter, again.

        Emotional arguments are senseless. You are talking feelings, I am talking facts. And I am keen on historical researches so I want references. You can’t post references. This is not a serious talk now.

        A problem is the bias. You are biased, thinking I am going to lie. I am not. You refuse to give me a credit of trust and to check it out. This means the argument is based on emotions. Your emotional stance is against reasoning.

        Such as in the case of Stalin, he was put into power when most of the communist leaders were Jews. Lenin put him into power, making Stalin his successor. From then there was a struggle between him and the Jewish faction. You don’t know I guess that there is more freedom of speech in Russia as for the last couple of decades, than in the US now and that all of this is being discussed on the Russian TV and in the press. I know what I am talking about and I have access to more information and more respectable sources. You seem to choose interpretations that fit to the prettier picture and are not concerned with the facts which don’t fit. I prefer the real picture.

      17. Nothing but the truth!

        Thanks for recognizing at least 50 percent of me not being a liar. That’s progress!

        Regarding Hitler, I think the best method is following the cash flow. He was funded from the US, he was a member of an occult group, he was not shown to be dead without a doubt, same as Bin Laden. He cooperated with the Zionist leaders. He attacked the USSR, which was a suicide mission because no one has ever beaten the Russians on the Russian soil. And H.Truman, the head of the US Freemasons and the head of the state at the same time said in the begiining of the WW2 in 1941 that the US must help the side which is losing, to make the war last longer and to weaken both Europe and Russia as much as possible.

        Hitler was a Freemason or at least was a part in some kind of plot, because what he did was a disaster for his people and for Europe at large. The US benefited the most from the WW2.

      18. Saki – Thanks again and the same goes for you. It’s good to have some support and not be contending with ten Jews at once. It’s not unusual to have several of them at once arguing their lies and in some cases it might be officially organized.


        Here is some Dr. Parker here, calling me INHUMAN SCUM and DIRTY LITTLE LIAR and promising that I will receive his spit in the face. “As long as you lie,” he said, “you will receive my spit in your face. Until you are forced to leave this site with your tail between your legs.”

        This he is telling me in response to my remark to Saki that I.Ehrenburg was not a communist leader but a poet. Dr Parker is seeing a lie in that, so terrible lie he can’t hold himself back and has to insult me multiple times for it. He is a liar who is calling me a liar, because being a poet and even a propagandist is not bigger that being a communist leader, but according to this Dr Parker, it is and thus I am a liar.

        He is also calling me a liar for Solomon Morel, who left Poland in 1992 and went to Israel. Dr Parker thinks that “he was given full burial honors by Stalin”, who died in 1953. Looks like Dr Parker has no idea what he’s talking about, but he is calling me a liar. He is calling me a FUCKWIT and a DIRTY SWINE. He said, “You deserve your balls cut off, you filthy little apologist for torture and mass murder.”

        Never did I express a thought that could give a reason to accuse me of being an apologist for torture and mass murder. This Dr Parker is a liar. And he is a coward, hiding behind a nickname and insulting me though he would not do this face to face, because he is a liar and a coward. He has no arguments and being too weak to admit he is wrong he will rather insult me than check the facts.

        I am asking to ban this man or put him on moderation for his behaviour, and I am not asking for apologies. Don’t need them. But I think as normal people moderators should not let this man talk to other participants in this manner. I am asking you to restrain this Dr Parker character. Please, react.

        And there is Sardonicus, who has said that I am “an encyclopaedia of lies” and “a hasbara agent for Israel” who is paid, and that I reek of dishonesty. I think you have seen me debunk the allegations that Sardonicus brought against me before, such as in his comment about Jews murdering 60 million people in Russia, “according to Solzhenitsin” as he said which I proved to be fake. I referenced the true quotation and Sardonicus didn’t. He lied and he keeps on lying, and keeps on calling me a liar at the same time. This is not a healthy situation.

        1. I am asking you to ban this man or put him on moderation for his behaviour.

          Request denied. We don’t allow commenters to tell us how to run our website. If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, leave the kitchen and go elsewhere. This website is not for Jews who tell us that the people who dislike them and object to their opinions must be punished.

      20. ADMIN TOBY:

        We are now in a position to reveal that “Sagi Harari” is the same Jewish troublemaker and troll who had been abusive and disrespectful to Admin and other posters on this website under the pen name of “Rossi”. His email address bears the suffix “ru”, indicating a Russian Jew. We allowed him to have his say and protect his identity as long as he remained on-topic and respectful. He was incapable of doing this and even had the nerve to tell us that we should censor his critics and punish them for daring to criticise him.

        According to this troll:

        (1) There was nothing in the Talmud to worry about and all the vicious attacks on non-Jews and in praise of pedophilia and cheating the goyim etc. etc., all these quotes were “fake quotes”.

        (2) Israel was a model of democracy and freedom and had never stolen any Palestinian land or killed any Palestinians except in self-defence — and then only in strictest moderation.

        (3) Jews were victims of endless persecutions and pogroms and were still victims of persecution in America, Europe and the rest of the world.

        (4) Jews were not behind multiculturalism and mass immigration and were model citizens in all the countries in which they had settled. They were not behind White genocide; indeed, no such thing was taking place. Witness Israel, beacon of nationalism, freedom and democracy! The only desire that motivated Jews, 99 per cent of whom were exceptionally kind and humanitarian in their attitudes, was to increase the common welfare and be of benefit to the non-Jews around them — nob-Jews in general being rather stupid and in need of guidance from the superior Jewish intellect.

        (4) The rabbis were right about the Jews belonging to a different species, much higher and more spiritual than all other races who belonged to the lower animal creation, only marginally superior to chimpanzees. Jews were very dear to God. They were manifestly his Chosen People. He had given them the Promised Land, a land of milk and honey, as a base for spreading peace and light and the benefits of civilization around the world. Unfortunately, there were too many Arabs in it. But never mind! With any luck, the Arabs could be “persuaded” to migrate to America, Europe or appropriate refugee camps.

        Here this aggressive Jew has his final say, raging and spitting at us and telling us what he thinks of us as he makes his final exit. Let’s send him on his way with our blessings! 🙂

        SAGI HARARI (or ROSSI) ends his comments on our website with this curse on the goyim and a declaration of Jewish superiority:

        This shows the weakness of your position, the weakness of you as a person and the hypocricy of your ilk. You know that you can’t win in a fair fight. You know that you are a liar. And you are not a Christian.

        Jesus warned, that being a false witness is a mortal sin. Against your neighbour. I am your neighbour. Jesus said, when the devil is telling lies he speaks his own language. You are of the devil. Jesus said so.

        Jesus taught to seek peace and truth. You are speading lies and igniting hate. You support the liars and suppress the only voice of truth here, and let the liars to curse the truth-speaker, me. You know this.

        But you are going to lose. Your tricks are outdated, none of this is going to work. No more. You will be exposed, and you will be ashamed. Since you are nothing but a bunch of old farts, going insane.

        The rabbis are right: some souls belong to the impure spheres and know no good. You have never seen the light, and never will. You belong to Hell, and the Father of Lies. He is your god, because you do what he wants.

        So ciao, I don’t think you’re worth my time. You are ignorant and mean.

        Good-bye, sir! I regret to say that your pathetic attempt to take over our website and make it a forum for hasbara propaganda has failed spectacularly website. Too bad. Better luck elsewhere!

      21. SAGI HARARI, aka Rossi –

        Back in your hole – jew (((troll)))!!

        Take ya ham on bagel sammich widya!! 🤢

  2. “Leave negro (the ‘N’ word was used..) business to negroes”, said my grandfather. Likewise, I would say “Leave Jew things to Jews!”
    Indeed, who here gives a rat’s ass???!

    1. “Sagi Harari” LMFAO!!! What kind of name is that!?
      Is the jew from India? Iran?
      Where is ((( this one))) from? LMFAO!!!!

  3. Iraq was bombed yet again by Israel. The USSA shields its Master from any defensive acts by the victims.
    England is in the hands of the Masters of War and all Evil.
    Ana Oppenheim of the Labour Campaign for Free Movement is just one of literally THOUSANDS of high positioned members of the group that did to Jesus what they did, who poisoned Muhammad (saw) and also Prabhupada, the honorable founder of ISKCON. She and others of her group are going to make England a land without borders, the ENTIRE world, probably save for White people, will be welcome and receive ALL benefits.

    The White world was DESTROYED by this group.

    Israel got away with the USS LIBERTY murder of American sailors.
    It is NOT Netanyahu, it is the ENTIRE group. The Old Testament is full of genocide. And the Talmud reinforces this with gentiles being lower than ants.
    The former Israeli Chief of Staff General Rafael Eitan said: “When we have settled the land all the Arab will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle.”

    One of the names of God is Al Amin, the trustworthy. And HE IS, so the future will be settled and EVIL and the VIRUS will be removed.

    “Since the dawn of life, in successive waves they had been dashing themselves against the coasts of flesh. Each wave was broken, but, like the sea, wore away ever so little of the granite on which it failed, and some day, ages yet, might roll unchecked over the place where the material world had been, and God would move upon the face of those waters.”
    –T. E. Lawrence

    1. Dear TLOA,

      Your comments show exceptional intelligence of enlightened mind. Your speech is full of passion and intolerance to lie. This is of course a sign of high moral qualities. I am touched and impressed.

      Please tell me on which page of the Talmud I can read about gentiles being lower than ants.

    2. TLOA –

      That which will make England a land WITH borders, again, will be a flat-out BREXIT. The consolidating of the EURO, alongside the “reserve currency” status of the US Dollar, is the cause of all wars, along with energy interdependence. The United States, for instance, has the capability to meet its own oil needs, but cannot engage such BECAUSE the currency status of its DOLLAR commands global, interdependent trade. None of us can be “isolationists”. Corrupt minions of ALL governments exacerbate conflicting pursuits, which inevitably lead to arguments and conflict. I recall three leaders who TRIED to individualize their country’s currency – Jack Kennedy, Quadaffi, and Hitler – and they were all killed for it.
      Address the currencies, and countries can begin to protect their sovereignty. (This, btw, is the brouhaha over Iran right now.)

      1. Gil –

        Yes, indeed!

        ALL Muslims, jews & Christians…. and the rest of the world are hooked together by $$$ Money!

        Even Iran is dependent on the US Dollar $$$ and IMF rules! 🙂

  4. TLOA
    Abraham Lincoln too – Greenbacks…

    If the Force of Good could ever move up, the justice would be harsh on Netanyah and plenty of others…
    They all go wrong when they practice the Dubious Doctrine that – The End Justifies The Means…
    The enlightened understand – The Means Are The End…

  5. PAT
    Rumor has it Jewish ritual murderers dispose of their victims’ bodies in their slaughterhouses..
    There have been reports of human DNA found in hamburger meat, however, it may be that some livestock animals are actually part human, being invented through genetic splicing way back in the days of the Egyptian and Sumerian Gods From Outer Space… I have read that pigs, for example, interchange enough genetically that some of their parts, heart valves, can be used as replacements in humans, and bovine hormones are chemically the same as human…
    This might explain the religious prohibitions against consuming certain animals, pork and those of the cloven hoof..
    I wouldn’t be too surprised to find out Trump’s recent raids on Jewish meat packing plants might have had something to do with murder victims, though if so, such information would never be disseminated…
    Is it possible ROSSI has never heard of the Bolsheviks, or is he unwilling to consider the whole matter?
    Jews are just as guilty as anybody ever was of committing genocidal atrocities…
    In fact every establishment religion, including Buddhism, is responsible for such acts at one time or another…
    Although, it’s only fair to point out the hideous acts of violence committed against others by aboriginals, who had never been indoctrinated in any of the establishment religions at all…
    Some of us think religion as we know it in fact fosters bad politics as we know that, and always has…
    Netanyahu’s Zionism stinks pretty bad, ill conceived, surreptitiously foisted and violently perpetrated…
    The history of religious repression of scientific breakthroughs is plain as well…
    The fact that religion still advocates sacrifice and martyrdom and that it still practices sex torture mutilation of infants, male and female, and programs children into its cults has to make you wonder…
    I think it’s OK with the average Progressive Evolutionary, if humanity sheds all these archaic belief systems and adopts a more enlightened form of religion, albeit retaining the best precepts of each, and sets the world up with a form of religion that’s a lot more holistic and less hierarchical…
    Hopefully then someday humans will no longer have to see the likes of Netanyahu..

    1. The rabbis’ prohibitions against consuming certain animals is that they must chew the cud AND they must have cloven hooves. Pigs have cloven hooves, but do not chew the cud.

      Pig heart valves DO work in human hearts.

      The jews have a monopoly on meat packing plants in the US. You should read about how Rudy Stanko had his meat processing facility stolen by jews:

      1. Pat,

        I have read the link that you provided (The Score).

        Right after, I am having a hard time to sleep at night. As I research more about Rudy Stanko, I came across about the “diesel therapy”. What is it in layman’s terms? Thanks again.

      2. “diesel therapy” is when they take a prisoner they don’t like or want to punish inhumanely, and shackle him in a bus – diesel bus – and drive him for hours to another prison. They may do that every day for weeks or months until his feet and legs, and even hands, become totally useless.

        They did that to a 24 years service Republican Congressman, George Hansen, and he was crippled for life…. for writing a book condemning the IRS! He came out of prison no better than a vegetable:

        When the concept is presented, it usually brings forth visions of the old Soviet gulags or the horrors of Southeast Asia. The possibility that America would have such a thing as a “political prisoner” within its own borders would be, to the majority of this nation’s citizens, considered the substance of right wing, militia or separatist paranoia.

        Former twelve-term Republican congressman from Idaho, however, has different ideas as to where one could find this scenario being played out. Former GOP Congressman, George Hansen, has been referred to on as many as 2,500 talk-radio stations across the country as “America’s most famous political prisoner”, according to the “U.S. Citizens Human Rights Commission.”


  6. I learnt on this website of the use of Pornography as a Kosher weapon against gentiles. Pondering on this matter, I have come to reflect that every element in the plethora of Kosher fabrications as conducive to harm of its consumers. From Kosher Jew-Urinal-ism to Edjewcation, through the Koshernet of Facebook Jewgle and Jewtube, Hollywood and the music industry – all is inherently toxic and designed to harm the consumer. I have not forgotten about AIDS, usurious banking, but an exhaustive list would be too long.
    Whereas Jews have a strong Jewish identity and are highly ethnocentric, as in they will never fail to remind their audience of their Jewishness along with sporadic mention of Nazi Germany, all Kosher concoctions are designed to mutilate, destroy and erase the identity of its consumer. It is through the consumption of mass media and mass entertainment and the non-culture they weave that the Gentile, American and elsewhere, have been brought to their knees mouth wide open lingering for the next dose of Kosher consumable.
    Blind and deaf, mentally numb, heathens have been toyed to the Kosher tune to hear and see through a Kosher filter.
    Facebook is not social media, it is an advertising platform that behaves as a stalking digital marketer. Google is search engine for disinformation and a surveillance platform. Together they are predators of their users and it’s not just Facebook and Google.
    At the core, the attack is vicious and centered on the identity of the subject, under constant pressure to reinvent oneself to suit the kosher casting tone.
    As long as the subject is dumbed down to perceive what the handlers intend, destruction of the populace is assured and guaranteed.
    @Barking deer – pointless to ask Rossi about the Bolsheviks. Who knows they might be genetically related. But the Jew is allergic and oblivious to the truth, his sole concern is to drain the last cent or the last drop of blood of the victim. Truth is a casualty of collateral damage.
    All Jews lie. As long as they are Jews. 911 is the quintessential proof and testament of the Jewish lie.

  7. PAT
    Right, but the mulsims don’t want the pig meat..
    I don’t know why not…
    thanks i’ll look at it…
    at least 300,000 missing children in the usa.. funny thing, disappearances go way up around halloween…

    1. Pork abstainers abstain for all the wrong reasons.
      (that we know of) Not sure if it really counts.
      Maybe a half point, lol..

  8. Sagi Harari
    October 3, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    “Regarding Hitler, I think the best method is following the cash flow. He was funded from the US,”

    Henry Ford was a known financial supporter of Hitler. Is that what you mean ?? It would appear only natural, in retrospect, that leaders in the so-called “isolationist movement” would have been willing to give their financial support to Hitler, since they wanted peace to prevail, as did Hitler himself apparently.

    “he was a member of an occult group, he was not shown to be dead without a doubt, same as Bin Laden.”

    Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany.
    Bin Laden is a media-created patsy.
    Where’s the connection ??
    Do you have any kind of conclusive proof showing that Hitler was a member of some “occult group” ?

    “He cooperated with the Zionist leaders.”

    Hitler saw them as a subversive influence – he wanted them out of Germany – and that would explain why he would be eager to make a deal with them. In exchange for leaving Germany they were allowed to take all of their ill-gotten possessions with them.

    “He attacked the USSR, which was a suicide mission because no one has ever beaten the Russians on the Russian soil.”

    Units of the German Army were actually situated on the outskirts of Moscow and they could have stormed the Kremlin !!! Hitler wasn’t following the good advice that was emanating at the time from his own general staff officers that were fighting on the Eastern Front. Does that prove that Hitler was engaged in a plot to destroy Germany, or does it prove that Hitler was guilty of making some very bad decisions and that he made some very bad military blunders ?? Operation Barbarossa could have been a resounding success !!! It was a good idea to invade the Soviet Union because Stalin was indeed a monster with a capital “m” and the Red Army actually WAS engaging in a military invasion of Poland around the same time that Germany itself was conducting military operations in that country. Germany had a few sound reasons for sending its army into Poland. What good reason did the Soviet Union have for doing the same ?? So the Soviet army was menacing Germany and all of Europe by sending its army into Poland. And that was prior to the launching of Operation Barbarossa.

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