Israel’s Role in 9/11

May 28, 2019 — 2,100 words

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The tale of 9/11 will just not go away, largely because it is clear to anyone who reads the lengthy 9/11 Commission Report that many issues that should have been subject to inquiry were ignored for what would appear to be political reasons. The George W. Bush Administration quite obviously did not want to assume any blame for what had happened and that bias also extended to providing cover for U.S. “allies,” most particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Those who have sought the truth about 9/11 have been persistent in their attempts to find out information that was suppressed but they have been blocked repeatedly in spite of numerous FOIA requests.

Now, eighteen years after the event, there has been something like a breakthrough, penetrating the wall of silence erected by the government. FBI reports on the possible Israeli role in 9/11 were released on May 7th and they serve to support speculation by myself and other former intelligence officers that Israel, at a minimum, had detailed prior knowledge of what was to take place. More than that, Israeli intelligence officers working in the United States might well have enabled certain aspects of the conspiracy.

To recount some of what is already known and suspected, one should first examine the 2016 release of a heavily edited and redacted 28 pages long annex to the 9/11 Commission Report that explored the Saudi Arabian role in the terrorist attack . The section concluded that the Saudi government may have played a direct role in 9/11 by assisting two of the hijackers, including a dry run exercise intended to learn how to get into a plane’s cockpit. There was also considerable evidence suggesting that wealthy Saudis and even members of the Royal Family had been supporting and funding al-Qaeda.

But far exceeding the Saudi role is the involvement of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, which was not subject to any serious inquiry or investigation by U.S. intelligence or police agencies. Israel, in spite of obvious involvement in 9/11, was not included in the 9/11 Commission Report despite the existence of an enormous Israeli intelligence operation freely working in the United States that was known to the FBI. Some of those Mossad officers were notably filmed celebrating as the Twin Towers were burning and collapsing.

In the year 2001 Israel was running a massive spying operation through a number of cover companies in New Jersey, Florida and also on the west coast that served as spying mechanisms for Mossad officers. The effort was supported by the Mossad Station in Washington D.C. and included a large number of volunteers, the so-called “art students” who traveled around the U.S. selling various products at malls and outdoor markets. The FBI was aware of the numerous Israeli students who were routinely overstaying their visas and some in the Bureau certainly believed that they were assisting their country’s intelligence service in some way, but it proved difficult to actually link the students to undercover operations, so they were regarded as a minor nuisance and were normally left to the tender mercies of the inspectors at the Bureau of Customs and Immigration.

American law enforcement was also painfully aware that the Israelis were running more sophisticated intelligence operations inside the United States, many of which were focused on Washington’s military capabilities and intentions. Some specialized intelligence units concentrated on obtaining military and dual use technology. It was also known that Israeli spies had penetrated the phone systems of the U.S. government, to include those at the White House.

In its annual classified counterespionage review, the FBI invariably places Israel at the top for “friendly” countries that spy on the U.S. In fact, the pre-9/11 Bureau did its best to stay on top of the problem, but it rarely received any political support from the Justice Department and White House if an espionage case involved Israelis. By one estimate, more than 100 such cases were not prosecuted for political reasons. Any Israeli caught in flagrante would most often be quietly deported and most Americans who were helping Israel were let off with a slap on the wrist.

But the hands-off attitude towards Israel shifted dramatically when, on September 11, 2001, a New Jersey housewife saw something from the window of her apartment building, which overlooked the World Trade Center. She watched as the buildings burned and crumbled but also noted something strange.

Three young men were kneeling on the roof of a white transit van parked by the water’s edge, making a movie in which they featured themselves high fiving and laughing in front of the catastrophic scene unfolding behind them. The woman wrote down the license plate number of the van and called the police, who responded quickly and soon both the local force and the FBI began looking for the vehicle, which was subsequently seen by other witnesses in various locations along the New Jersey waterfront, its occupants “celebrating and filming.”

The license plate number revealed that the van belonged to a New Jersey registered company called Urban Moving Systems. At 4 p.m. the vehicle was spotted and pulled over. Five men between the ages of 22 and 27 years old emerged and were detained at gunpoint and handcuffed. They were all Israelis. One of them had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock and another had two foreign passports. Bomb sniffing dogs reacted to the smell of explosives in the van, which had very little actual moving equipment inside.

According to the initial police report, the driver identified as Sivan Kurzberg, stated “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

The four other passengers were Sivan’s brother Paul, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari. The men were detained at the Bergen County jail in New Jersey before being transferred the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence Section, which handles allegations of spying.

After the arrest, the FBI obtained a warrant to search Urban Moving System’s Weehawken, N.J., offices. Papers and computers were seized. The company owner Dominick Suter, also an Israeli, answered FBI questions but when a follow-up interview was set up a few days later it was learned that he had fled the country for Israel, putting both his business and home up for sale. The office space and warehouse were abandoned. It was later learned that Suter has been associated with at least fourteen businesses in the United States, mostly in New Jersey and New York but also in Florida. Suter and his wife Omit Levinson Suter were the owners of 1 Stop Cleaner located in Wellington Florida and Dominick was also associated with Basia McDonnell, described as a Polish “holocaust survivor,” as a business partner in yet another business called Value Ad. Florida was a main focus for the Israeli intelligence operation in the U.S. that was directed against Arabs.

The five Israelis were among 140 Israelis arrested after 9/11, most of whom had military backgrounds, including some who were trained in “intelligence.” The five were held in Brooklyn, initially on charges relating to visa fraud. FBI interrogators questioned them for more than two months. Several were held in solitary confinement so they could not communicate with each other and two of them were given repeated polygraph exams, which they failed when claiming that they were nothing more than students working summer jobs. The two men that the FBI focused on most intensively were believed to be Mossad staff officers and the other three were volunteers helping with surveillance.

The Israelis were not exactly cooperative, but the FBI concluded from documents obtained at their office in Weehawken that they were targeting Arabs in New York and New Jersey, most particularly in the Paterson N.J. area, which has the second largest Muslim population in the U.S. They were particularly interested in local groups possibly linked to Hamas and Hezbollah as well as in charities that might be used for fund raising. The FBI also concluded that the Israelis had actually monitored the activities of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers.

To be sure, working on an intelligence operation does not necessarily imply participation in either the planning or execution of something like 9/11, but there are Israeli fingerprints all over the place, with cover companies and intelligence personnel often intersecting with locations frequented by the hijackers.

Apart from the interrogations of the five men from Weehawken, the U.S. government has apparently never sought to find out what else the Israelis might have known or were up to in September 2011. There are a lot of dots that might well have been connected once upon a time, but the trail has grown cold. Police records in New Jersey and New York where the men were held have disappeared and FBI interrogation reports have been inaccessible. Media coverage of the case also died, though the five were referred to in the press as the “dancing Israelis” and by some, more disparagingly, as the “dancing Shlomos.”

Inevitably, the George W. Bush White House intervened. After 71 days in detention, the five Israelis were released from prison by Attorney General John Ashcroft, put on a plane, and deported.

Two of the men later spoke about their unpleasant experience in America on an Israeli talk show, one explaining that their filming the fall of the Twin Towers was to “document the event.”

In 2004 the five men sued the United States government for damages, alleging “that their detention was illegal and that their civil rights were violated, suffering racial slurs, physical violence, religious discrimination, rough interrogations, deprivation of sleep, and many other offenses.”

They were represented by Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who in the previous year had founded the Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center which seeks to bankrupt groups that Israel considers to be “terrorists.” Shurat HaDin is closely tied to the Israeli government.

Now it is just possible that the Urban Moving Israelis were indeed uninvolved in 9/11 but nevertheless working for Mossad, which the Israeli government even subsequently admitted, but the new evidence suggests that the Israelis almost certainly had considerable prior knowledge and were likely involved in what developed. The new information reveals that minutes after the first plane struck the World Trade Center, five Israelis had taken up position in the parking lot of the Doric Apartment Complex in Union City, New Jersey, where they took pictures and filmed the attacks while also celebrating the fall of the towers and “high fiving.” One eyewitness interviewed by the Bureau had seen the Israelis’ van circling the building parking at 8:00 a.m. that day, more than 40 minutes prior to the attack, indicating prior knowledge of what was about to happen.

The eyewitness testimony is supported by copies of photos taken by the men that the FBI seized. The photo reproductions were obtained via a FOIA request made by a private citizen and are of poor quality, deliberately made so by the FBI to conceal faces and other details. They constitute only 14 of over seventy photos taken by the Israelis. Nevertheless, they clearly demonstrate that a celebration was going on. One photo, intriguingly, shows Sivan Kurzberg holding a lit lighter in front of the Manhattan Skyline on September 10th, one day before 9/11. It was apparently taken at the Doric Complex on a reconnoitering visit made on that day and suggests that Kurzberg was simulating the attack on the towers on the following day.

Why would the Israelis do it? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described 9/11 initially as “a good thing.” He was later quoted as saying somewhat more expansively “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

To be sure, 9/11 was a gift to Israel and it is a gift that keeps on giving. America is at war in a number of Muslim countries and its troops blanket the Middle East, to include a base in Israel dedicated to the defense of that country. It is all a result of the Global War on Terror and the GWOT started with 9/11. And just maybe it was a fire that was ignited by Israel.

The Unz Review
via Truthseeker

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  1. If I was on the George Washington bridge all ready to dynamite the bridge and blow-it-up and the cops caught me just right before I could blow up the bridge, I do believe I would be in prison for a really long time, a really long time and everyone would know my name and everyone would hate me [ and I wouldn’t blame them ] ; A gang of Jews get caught on the George Washington bridge all ready to dynamite the bridge and just before they could blow-up the bridge the cops catch them, the authorities send the Jews back to Jew Israel and the gang of Jews don’t have go to court, don’t go to prison, aren’t labeled “terrorists”, the news media doesn’t even mention what happened on the George Washington bridge with the gang of Jews, nothing. All ready to blow-up the George Washington bridge, they get caught, they don’t go to prison, they’re Jews, so they’re free as birds, even though they were just about to destroy the George Washington bridge [ these are our “friends” and “allies” ]. This happened on the morning of 9/11 that a gang of Jews were caught on the George Washington bridge just about to blow-up the bridge. Fortunately, they got caught. Unfortunately, they weren’t brought to Justice. Yes, Israel needs to be Ended. Ryback has The Correct View.

    1. Spot on Joe….as with the USS Liberty business, these people are untouchable….Magik…? I dunno…

    2. Donaldo says……….may the freaking G.W. bridge cease to exist. Everytime Donaldo drives his rig over it, gotta pay more than $100.00 shekels in tolls. If TROJ ever does carry out this noble act, no worries. Donaldo will give a blessing to his Jewish brother. In Mexico, may we both spend our remaining years “sipping”………no gulping TROJ…….tequila on all the beaches of “La Republica”….. Mexico. Donaldo is an excellent host. 😉


    I cannot know what others think I do know the results.

    From the article:
    “Why would the Israelis do it? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described 9/11 initially as “a good thing.” He was later quoted as saying somewhat more expansively “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

    The short answer is that Israel – IS – benefiting from MORE USD$$$!!!

    *Aerostar alone has accumulated more than 150,000 operational flight hours since its first flight in 2001…. the year of the attacks on the US!

    Tiny Israel is 7th largest arms exporter in the world,7340,L-5174345,00.html


    Serving a growing list of customers worldwide, Aeronautics supports government and commercial customers with the highest quality systems and services.

    Aeronautics operates with dozens of clients throughout the world; its leading system, the Aerostar Tactical UAS is serving 15 customers on four continents.

    *Aerostar alone has accumulated more than 150,000 operational flight hours since its first flight in 2001.

    Our systems were operational in conflict zones in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad and more. The considerable combat experience of Aeronautics systems is valued by our customers in the defense sector.

    Small arms:

  3. The “official” Trade Tower story is like the mythical Hallowedhoax story and more recently, the flat earth story. How many times does the obvious have to be proven? More to the point, why? If people are this gullible, this irrational, this stupid, is there any amount of evidence that might convince them to deny their beliefs? Religion comes to mind here as well.

    Like everyone else, I initially guffawed at the idea the Holocaust was a hoax, a lie. However, it did not take much review of evidence to the contrary to convince me that the Jews did in fact make up this preposterous lie in its entirety.

    Then came Waco, a place where I saw the truly unbelievable extent of Jew’s ability to directly lie in one’s face and have people accept their lies. Then came Oklahoma city and again it did not take much to see the obvious lies at work, Not only that, the “official” story answered the critical question, “qui bono?” making the agenda behind the lie obvious as well.

    By the time 2001 rolled around, the minute I heard the story from a second hand source, before seeing any videos or “news” programs, I knew, start to finish, the story was a lie. Since then, additional information has done nothing more then add to the monstrous scale of the lie.

    But so what? The fact that these are utterly bizarre, Jewish lies should be enough for anyone to focus their sights on the Jews. How many of these mamzers were dancing on the head of a pin during the attack is secondary to recognizing and actively addressing the root of the problem – the International, Judeocommunist Jew (IJJ). However, this is something no one at present seems able to do.

    So why all the continuing technological reductionism? After eighteen years, anyone still believing the “official” Jewish version of this story will never figure it out. The fact is people believe as they do because they want to believe.

    People need to believe, to validate their world view, no matter how delusional that view might be. No amount of evidence to the contrary will ever convince the “true believer” their views are delusional. Of course, the penultimate lair, the eternal Jew, create and use these delusional beliefs to their advantage.

  4. THE TRUTH ABOUT 9-11 by Matt Hale
    He was the head of the World Church of the Creator, his NO HUMAN CONTACT imprisonment for conspiracy to murder a Federal Judge is one of the most egregious cases of government illegality since Waco. It is truly incredible.

    THIS may be why he got that treatment. There was a PDF floating about the internet it may no longer be there.

    RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM he was a BIG SHOT at the Pentagon, and during his tenure:
    On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the Pentagon had lost, by the estimate he chose to use for his speech, 2.3 trillion dollars.

    U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study
    by Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times September 10, 2001
    Edition: 2 Section: A Pages: A1, 9.

    >>Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” <>I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people.

    Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle. It is the United States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children, and common people of other faiths, particularly the followers of Islam. All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel.

    Whoever committed the act of 11 September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed.

    According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US government has stated. But the Bush administration does not want the panic to spread. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; the people who are a part of the US system,
    I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom. This system is totally in control of the American Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is simply that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them. So, the punishment should reach Israel. In fact, it is Israel, which is giving a blood bath to innocent Muslims and the US is not uttering a single word.

    The Western media is unleashing such a baseless propaganda, which make us surprise but it reflects on what is in their hearts and gradually they themselves become captive of this propaganda. They become afraid of it and begin to cause harm to themselves. Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people.<<

    But God keeps His Promises, and the tyrants and pretenders are meeting an end.

    1. TLOA –


      You quoted: “According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US government has stated.”

      I have guessed that 5,000 or more were crushed in the 5 level mall & subway docks under the WTC since they could not see; 10,000 or more in the Towers and surrounding buildings and on the street.

      I could believe 15,000 very easily! Who would be the wiser???

  5. I failed to give the name of the interview with Osama bin Laden:
    Osama bin Laden’s interview with Ummat, a Pakistani daily, published in Karachi on September 28, 2001
    That is where the quote which starts “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States.”

  6. Just slightly off topic, but showing some rebuking of Israel’s government by Democrats, and the efforts from articles like this one on 9-11 may be getting through:

    California Dems propose resolution linking Israeli government to massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue

    A draft resolution set to be debated this weekend at the California Democratic Party State Convention, obtained by Fox News, accuses the Israeli government of willfully “aligning with the virulent Islamophobia” of white supremacist groups in the U.S. — and links Israel indirectly to the Oct. 2018 massacre of 11 congregants at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

    The resolution could prompt a dramatic floor debate at the convention if the party’s Resolutions Committee decides to table it, Fox News is told, as prominent national Democrats have wrestled with high-profile allegations of anti-Semitism in their ranks in recent months.


    People might even be turning enough to begin acknowledging false flags by Israel!!

  7. Donaldo reflecting. Was 911 really necessary from a propaganda viewpoint? No. The Empire no longer needs the support of US citizens. The “Deep State” marches on immune from domestic protest. Joe 6-pack is gulping Budweiser while watching NFL. His obese gummy-bear-addicted wife watching soap operas. What the hell. US gov could announce…..”The Martians have landed!” The couple wouldn’t flinch. Football game. Soap opera. Nothing else matters. 911 was solely about corporate interests closely connected to Khazar mafia. Blow up twin towers. Great job. Gotta rebuild them. Who gets the contracts…cough, cough? Where is “Lucky Larry” now? Probably sipping (no gulping please) vodka with Putin in one of his mansions while his x-wife is screwing one of the pool boys. Anyway, all so complicated/simple. At the end of the day…..all about shekels. Hound 🐕 Donaldo starting to follow the trail. 🤔😎

  8. Oh,
    By the way. Russia also had prior knowledge of 911 but said nothing. Allowed it to happen. May any Darkmooner/Putin worshiper care to elaborate? Donaldos gloves are on. Round 1 begins. Only Richard Steele separates us. Let’s get ready to ruuummmble!

    1. Hey, Don –
      Richard Steele is not a referee anymore. 🙂 He IS a judge, though!

      Arthur Mercante Jr is still there. He is better than Steele anyway.

  9. “A draft resolution set to be debated this weekend at the California Democratic Party State Convention, obtained by Fox News, accuses the Israeli government of willfully “aligning with the virulent Islamophobia” of white supremacist groups in the U.S. — and links Israel indirectly to the Oct. 2018 massacre of 11 congregants at a Pittsburgh synagogue.”
    amazing isn’t it – we have probably at least 30,000,000 illegal aliens in the usa, soon to cost us a total of a trillion dollars… islam has a clear history of infiltrating, invading and taking over dozens of countries since its inception… their aggressive psy-op gangster state religion is totally unamerican and subversive, while they openly admit their intention of establishing sharia law in place of us constitutional law.. they have military training camps and no-go zone areas already set up here… yet any homeboys who disagree with it are automatically ‘virulently islamophobic white supremacists”…
    YES the 9-11 death toll is much higher… Zionista neocons did it.. Bush Cheney…
    now the NDAA allows the deep state to rub out anybody who threatens its power, and i’m thinking they do… a lot more that you think…

  10. Even the U.S. government believes that a conspiracy was responsible for the 9/11 event. But only a fool would believe the government’s version of that event, a’la the 9/11 Commission Report.

    Christopher Bollyn’s explanation of the 9/11 event and the subsequent War on Terror comes much closer to accurate portrayal.
    “Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11”

  11. Every thinking American knows that Israel and the zionist controlled US gov and the zionist controlled deep state did 911.

  12. Not many Jews are against Zionism, nor do they speak out against the apartheid and the big land RIP-off going on in Palestine…
    They won’t complain about the $4,000,000,000 or so (just what they talk about) the Israelis get straight across every year from the us taxpayers…
    Jews everywhere are totally brainwashed on the whole Jewish State baloney, holding out their victim-credentials holocaust kicker….
    Ideally, the alternative media will achieve critical truth-consciousness mass soon and the world’s Jews will all suddenly wake up at once, move out of Palestine, go back to Russia, Germany, the USA etc. And denounce the whole rotten endeavor…
    Tube In Turn On Drop Out…
    In the meantime DONALDO, if he can’t change the subject, gives you the typical jew-ish BS, common to every subversive mentality, that the USA is a deadbeat country anyway, gone too far down the drain already, not worth worrying about, clear full of nothing but stupid media-dupe losers and drunks and drug addicts, who have not even any idea what’s happening to them and their country and wouldn’t have the fiber to do anything about it if they did..
    And he blames it on the Russians, just like Hillary,
    wherever possible.
    Jewish Zionists are by far the most effective subversive force at work undermining the USA…
    They are grossly disproportionate throughout government and are totally in control of all commercial media…
    That’s no accident.. their massive immigration and infiltration dominance over our country was plotted and planned hand in hand with their cohort masons and hugely abetted through the efforts of Jewish Masonic White Houses, especially since FDR…
    Yes it was a good thing, to the extent that it actually happened, that the Masons and Militia Minutemen threw off monarchy, pulled off the American Revolution and established Constitutional Government in North America…
    But those are special interest deep security state schemers and manipulators now, pulling their false flag machinations, running their NDAA assassination programs, keeping the public as far in the dark as possible, while they plot whatever it is they have in mind for us… not good

    1. Bark –

      “Masons and Militia Minutemen threw off monarchy, pulled off the American Revolution and established Constitutional Government in North America…”

      The US Constitution gave the monarchy everything they wanted… in compact form.

      The ‘American Revolution’ was designed to accomplish just THAT… as The Crown dictated the terms of the treaty!

    2. Bark,
      Donaldo has Jewish blood but isn’t a Zio. In his younger years Donaldo would complain bitterly and point out the dangers of Zionism to Americans. All regarding subjects from gun-control, freedom of speech, abortion…….the list goes on. When mentioning the word “Zionism” the Americans became confused. But when mentioning the equivalent…..”Jew” the Americans would become furious quickly defending what they perceived were “Jews.” Ya see Bark, Americans have been conditioned since childhood to idolize “Jews”………..whatever a “Jew” really is. Hollywood. The Scoffield Bible, etc. All tools to promote Zionism which is an enemy of Jew and gentile alike. How many times has Donaldo gone to the airport and had to pass through DHS radar. Hold up his arms. Spread his legs…….like a common criminal. At times, Donaldo has witnessed Jews going through the identical, humiliating bullsh.t? Anyway. To point. Donaldo long ago gave up discussing Zionism with the public. Americans have successfully been “conditioned” for decades. They don’t like their belief systems disturbed. Better to leave them alone. If an inquisitive mind wants discussion…….better come to Darkmoon and may the fireworks begin. 🌮😉

  13. PAT
    “The US Constitution gave the monarchy everything they wanted… in compact form.

    The ‘American Revolution’ was designed to accomplish just THAT… as The Crown dictated the terms of the treaty!”

    i have great respect for you dood… i can guess the usa is a corporation more than or as much as it is a country, and that it’s owned and operated by the british monarchy and vatican at some level… but i can’t believe the americans got nothing much out of the revolution… and as far as i’m concerned i’m calling it my country, whether there are corporate implications and deep state bolsheviki freemasons under my desk or not… the way i see it the bill of rights was not something the monarchy would have wanted (understatement), regardless of the fine print technicalities about the corporation… i can’t believe the king got everything he could have wanted as a result of the us constitution… that seems a bit of a stretch… i think SOMEBODY didn’t like it, a lot; everybody at the treaties of verona… i think the SOMEBODY murdered george washington, john adams, thomas jefferson and james monroe, and not just to keep their mouths shut about the corporate conspiracy… i think the whole bigwig class in europe was greatly perturbed over the american revolution nonetheless… if the usa is a corporation, its corporate self remains in the closet, and doesn’t compare in reality…
    you’re quite right, americans are brainwashed by the zionists..
    but they’re getting over it… don’t give up…
    please tell us honestly, what do you think of the jewish state?

    1. Bark –

      Thanks for the help and recognition.

      You and I have no quarrels at all. We both have our own guesses about the intentions of those in the past who formed the plantations for the benefit of the Crown, a Monarchy in control of the greatest trading organizations in that period.

      Britain needed the US.

      The framers of the contract establishing the USA for commerce did so in secret meetings to keep the public from hanging them for their deceit and treachery. The public constantly threatened to kill them and had even beaten them over the years.

      The inhabitants of the states were satisfied with the Articles of Confederation And Perpetual Union. BUT, the King and London Bankers needed the contract establishing the USA for commerce. The US Constitution was actually forced onto the states by criminals working with London banks. The US Constitution placed all of the once totally independent states under the control of the London bankers. Washington and Hamilton made sure of that!

      Just one example of the treachery of the framers of the contract establishing the USA for commerce was the DEMAND in Article I; Section 10, clause 1 – “No State shall…. make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;”

      That was placed there as was agreed to by the criminals who signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783!

      The Crown demanded many of the stipulations in the US Constitution, since they dictated the treaty when they faked losing the war(sic) and pulled most of the British troops out of sight. British troops remained in Ohio and Pennsytlvania until another treaty was written to remove them in 1818! That was after the Commerce Treaty of 1815.

      See the proof in the Treaty of Paris of 1783 for yourself.

      Article 4:
      “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in STERLING money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”

      The US was given permission to fish wherer they were already fishing.

      Article 3:
      It is agreed that the people of the United States shall continue to enjoy unmolested the right to take fish of every kind on the Grand Bank and on all the other banks of Newfoundland, also in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and at all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries used at any time heretofore to fish……”

      The subjects of Great Britain were given permission to trade freely along the Mississippi River.

      Article 8:
      The navigation of the river Mississippi, from its source to the ocean, shall forever remain free and open to the subjects of Great Britain and the citizens of the United States.


      Also see the Commerce Treaty of 1815:

      British-American Diplomacy – A Convention to Regulate the Commerce – 1815
      “The United States of America and His Britannick Majesty being desirous, by a Convention, to regulate the Commerce and Navigation, between their respective Countries Territories, and people, in such a manner as to render the same reciprocally beneficial and satisfactory, Have respectively named Plenipotentiaries and given them full powers to treat of and conclude such Convention that is to say The President of the United States by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof hath appointed for their Plenipotentiaries John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and Albert Gallatin Citizens of the United States, And His Royal Highness The Prince Regent acting in the name & on the behalf of His Majesty has named for His Plenipotentiaries The Right Honourable Frederick John Robinson Vice president of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Plantations, Joint Paymaster of His Majesty’s Forces, and a Member of the Imperial Parliament, Henry Goulburn Esquire a Member of the Imperial Parliament and Under Secretary of State, and William Adams Esquire, Doctor of Civil Laws, and the said Plenipotentiaries having mutually produced and strewn their said full powers, and exchanged copies of the same, have agreed on and concluded the following articles, vide licet.”
      “This Convention, when the same shall have been duly ratified by The President of the United States by and with the advice and consent of their Senate and by His Britannick Majesty and the respective ratifications mutually Exchanged shall be binding and obligatory on the said United States and His Majesty for four Years from the date of its Signature and the Ratifications shall be exchanged in six months from this time or sooner if possible.
      Done at London this third day of July in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight Hundred and Fifteen.(1815)”
      [Seal] H. CLAY 
      [Seal] WILLIAM ADAMS


      It is ALWAYS about COMMERCE – $$$$!! 🙂

    2. Bark,
      Donaldo wants Israel to prosper. To develope. Would love to see Israel shine. Build the World’s tallest skyscraper. Israel should look to the future. Not live in the past. Most Israelis are talented and educated people. A lot of potential. The problem is government. Donaldo is no fan of government. ANY government. Donaldo has stated it many times. Politicians like Bibi don’t give “a rats ass” about the average Israeli or even Israel at all. They are self-serving scum. No secret that Israel receives billions per annum of US taxpayer $$$. But where do the shekels really go? That’s the big question. Probably not to the average Israeli. The problem is, the Israeli gov has little motivation, direction or even patriotism. If Donaldo we’re Israeli PM, in 5 years time every last living, breathing Palestinian would be living in other parts of the World……. happily. There is a solution to every problem. Problem is, members of Knesset are ONLY interested in making personal fortunes. Bibi’s a fine example. Donaldo doesn’t respect the man. But that’s a separate issue. To make a long story short. Israel gov MUST be transformed to SERVE Israeli Jews. Better administer the shekels. Palestinians relocated to Utah. Jews Worldwide invited to relocate to Israel. A free 🏠 and land for every family. The money’s there. Use it wisely. Also. Israel should make peace with her neighbors. Build solid and fair economic relations. Israelis should be able to sleep in ☮️ at night. Don’t even have to lock the doors. Israelis deserve the best…….but GOVERNMENT…….is the problem and the solution ain’t easy. 🌮😉

  14. 9-11: The Lauder/Rothschild Connection
    Chrisopher Bollyn

    Dr. Rousseau is an expert on measurement of acoustic waves.

    Rousseau says that the seismic waves measured on September 11th proves that the 3 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Specifically, in a new scientific article published by the Journal of 9/11 Studies, Rosseau writes:

  15. Foreknowledge of the event by Jews is rather telling in a little tidbit by Al Franken

    Coverup by a government (US) with more than ‘friendly relations’ with Israel is also telling by the number of dual national Israeli’s employed the US Government.

    And of course, the Pentagon and Building 7… Those smoking guns of 911. Pentagon: The aircraft maneuvers were impossible to perform by even seasoned pilots on such an aircraft. The aircraft would literally fall apart IF it were indeed a passenger airline – and NOT a missile. We are to believe that a 757 with a fuselage diameter of approximately 45 feet, disappeared into a 20 foot hole, wings, tail, wheels, luggage, passengers and 2- 12foot diameter titanium rotors and simply vaporized. Problem: titanium doesn’t vaporize except perhaps in a nuclear explosion. The Pentagon is the most secure building in the US, with literally 1000’s of security cameras. We get 3 frames of an obscure parking lot video that doesn’t even show a Jet.

    Building 7? A 47 story steel REINFORCED building collapses into its own footprint at almost the speed of gravity after NOT being hit by a plane. Cause: “office fires”. NIST could not even duplicate in their models, what they claimed had happened.

    Elevator explosions in the twin towers. Official claptrap tells us that exploding jet fuel rushed down the elevator shafts and exploded into the lobby causing damage to the ground floor. ….Um….the elevator shafts were ALL interrupted along the way. None of the elevator shafts went from the ground floor to the top. None of them.

    Regardless of the “who” involved in 911, the “HOW” seems much more important in my opinion. 3 steel skyscrapers were brought down by controlled demolitions, as a rouse for the US to invade and destabilize the middle east to give Jewland hegemony in the region. The act required an enormous amount of preparation and skill and had to be carried out weeks prior to the event.

    It’s not the WHO, but the HOW.
    Combined forces of the US government, the US military, and the Mossad were responsible for the CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS 911 in which 3000 American citizens were deliberately killed in order for the US to justify killing another 2-3 million in the middle east. Muddying the waters by NOT dscussing controlled demolitions in the context of this issue is less than sincere. What happened on 911 could NOT have happened any other way.

    1. Thanks, Amerikagulag. This is brilliant! I’ve learned a lot from your comment that I never knew before. Sooner or later, I believe, this 9/11 cover-up will be blown apart. It will be after the destruction of Israel when invading armies have full access to hidden files in the archives.That moment approaches. America’s complicity in the mass murder of their own people, designed to give the US a pretext to pulverize he Middle East and steal Arab oil, will then be fully revealed.

    2. AG –
      Quite correct!! Kerosene jet fuel was completely burned in the collisions!! Fuel running down 80 floors is hogwash!

      There were 99 passenger elevators in each tower!

      My wife and I ate at Windows On The World atop WTC-1 in 1990.

      I know we transferred from the ground floor express elevator to the first skylobby located on the 44th, and then to a second express elevator to the 78th floor skylobby, and to the next express elevator to 107th floor – the restaurant.,_1999.jpg

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