Jewish Genius

The Unz Review — October 2, 2019 — 1,800 words

In which Linh Dinh, a Vientamese American writer, tells us why he is not impressed with Jews in general and Einstein in particular. Please note, however, that no attempt is made here to rubbish Einstein as a scientific genius or impugn his legacy as a great cosmologist. 


In 2018, the publication of Albert Einstein’s travel diaries was greeted by newspaper headlines lamenting his politically incorrect views of Asians, particularly the Chinese.

Most egregious was Einstein’s verdict on Chinese women,

“I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don’t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess that enthralls the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring.”

In social situations, discretion is advisable, but in writing, honesty is best, and the world has suffered much because what is actually thought is nearly always snuffed out or blunted. Plus, there’s self-deception and the myriad deficiencies and obstacles intrinsic to language, writing or speaking. We’re not built to ventilate much truth.

I’m glad Einstein was candid. Though these jottings were intended for his stepdaughters, the likelihood of public exposure was extremely high, considering his unprecedented fame. Hyper self-conscious, the famous compose everything for an audience, even their “private” letters. In any case, there’s clear intentional humor here, as in the need to defend against the “formidable blessing” of marriage!

In 1867, Mark Twain noticed some Moroccan women in Gibraltar:

“veiled Moorish beauties (I suppose they are beauties) from Tarifa,” then he arrived in Tangier, Morocco, “I have caught a glimpse of the faces of several Moorish women (for they are only human, and will expose their faces for the admiration of a Christian dog when no male Moor is by), and I am full of veneration for the wisdom that leads them to cover up such atrocious ugliness.”

Twain built up that sentence, didn’t he? The Innocents Abroad was his most successful book. Now, it would be condemned.

Another funny passage is of Twain leaving Milan by train, “The more immediate scenery consisted of fields and farmhouses outside the car and a monster-headed dwarf and a moustached woman inside it. These latter were not show-people. Alas, deformity and female beards are too common in Italy to attract attention.”

Anticipating negative reactions to Einstein’s biases, editor Ze’ev Rosenkranz spent a good chunk of his introduction addressing the scientist’s “candid and (at times) offensive private notes.” This was Einstein exploring “his more irrational and instinctual side and to be freer in his expression of his personal prejudices.” Plus, Einstein was primarily a scientist, after all, and only evolved into a preeminent humanitarian later.

Much of Einstein’s travel writing is compelling enough, for even fleeting encounters would trigger in him provocative observations. Compared to his didactic, cant filled essays, here is a much richer record of his thinking, and you’re right there as he muses.

Einstein in Colombo,

“We drove in individual little carts that were drawn on the double by Herculean and yet so refined people. I was very much ashamed of myself for being complicit in such despicable treatment of human beings but couldn’t change anything. Because these beggars in the form of kings descend in droves on any foreigner until he has surrendered to them. They know how to implore and to beg until one’s heart is shaken up.

On the streets of the indigenous quarter one can see how these fine people spend their primitive lives. For all their fineness, they give the impression that the climate prevents them from thinking backward or forward by more than a quarter of an hour. They live in great filth and considerable stench down on the ground, do little, and need little. Simple economic cycle of life. Far too penned up to allow any distinct existence for the individual. Half-naked, they reveal their fine and yet powerful bodies and their fine, patient faces. Nowhere shouting like the Levantines in Port Said. No brutality, no market crying existence, but quiet, acquiescent drifting along, albeit not lacking in a certain lightheartedness.

Once you take a proper look at these people, you can hardly take pleasure in the Europeans anymore, because they are more effete and more brutal and look so much cruder and greedier—and therein unfortunately lies their practical superiority, their ability to take on grand things and carry them out.

Wouldn’t we too, in this climate, become like the Indians?”

Since Einstein wasn’t queer, transitioning or gender neutral, unfortunately, he found several women on his trip pleasant to look at or interact with, “Yet Einstein’s gaze is not simply that of the ‘seeing [white] male [ . . . ] whose imperial eyes passively look out and possess,’ even though that is also an integral part of his gaze. As a German Jew and an insider/outsider, his was a ‘double-consciousness,’ which is the ‘sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others.’ Thus, Einstein is also gazing at himself while being gazed at by others.”

I’m too stupid to understand such a nuanced dissection by Rosenkranz, but maybe you can help me? Please?

To show that Einstein’s view on the Chinese was complex, and not just negative, Rosenkranz quotes from his 1919 letter to another Jewish physicist, Paul Ehrenfest,

“I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun ‘bandits.’”

Let’s pause here, for this is more revealing than anything in the travel diaries.

Since Europeans are horrid, perhaps they should disappear completely, with only the Chinese left, and, presumably, Jews. No Freudian slip, it’s a genocidal wet dream bluntly stated.

—   §   —

In 1939, Einstein sent a letter to FDR urging the US to develop the atomic bomb, to beat Germany to the same. In 1944, Einstein wrote,

“The Germans as an entire people are responsible for these mass murders and must be punished as a people if there is justice in the world and if the consciousness of collective responsibility in the nations is not to perish from the earth entirely.” Since Jews were collectively targeted, Germans must be collectively punished. This is Old Testament justice, “And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.” (Exodus 21:23-25).

In war, it’s only too natural to strive to destroy your opponent completely, and I’m not singling out Einstein for censure here, but only to highlight that he’s not the slightly goofy pacifist of the popular imagination.

And Einstein wasn’t an unbiased internationalist either. His ethnocentrism was extreme. In his 1938 “Our Debt to Zionism,” Einstein lamented, “Now the fateful disease of our time—exaggerated nationalism, borne up by blind hatred—has brought our work in Palestine to a most difficult stage. Fields cultivated by day must have armed protection at night against fanatical Arab outlaws.”

So Jews stealing Arab land through mass murder weren’t nationalist, fanatical or diseased, but their victims were. With such reasoning, I’m sure glad I’m not a genius. Here is some seriously top shelf moral relativism.

All this only makes sense if you believe Jews can do no wrong and are always the victims, but who think this, really? Everyone but Nazis, dipshit, not least of all the smartest guy ever!

To illustrate this obvious point, Einstein trots out “an ancient fable, with a few minor changes.” A shepherd tells a horse, “You are the noblest beast that treads the earth. You deserve to live in untroubled bliss; and indeed your happiness would be complete were it not for the treacherous stag. But he practiced from youth to excel you in fleetness of foot. His faster pace allows him to reach the water holes before you do. He and his tribe drink up the water far and wide, while you and your foal are left to thirst.” Tricked by the shepherd’s anti-Semitic bullshit, the horse becomes his slave.

Practiced from youth to excel, Jews just kick your fuckin’ ass, but since you can’t take this fair-and-square humiliation, you won’t stop googling “gas chamber.”

Europeans are functionally superior to Sri Lankans because they’re cruder, greedier, more effete yet more brutal. Jews, on the other hand, drink up everything far and wide because they stayed home and did their homework.

Blinded by baseless hatred, you can’t see that Jews are in fact your teachers and saviors. They’re, like, Jesuses. Einstein, “to be a Jew means to bear a serious responsibility not only to his own community, but also toward humanity.”

It’s just who they are:

“The bond that has united the Jews for thousands of years and that unites them today is, above all, the democratic ideal of social justice, coupled with the ideal of mutual aid and tolerance among all men […] Personalities such as Moses, Spinoza and Karl Marx, dissimilar as they may be, all lived and sacrificed themselves for the ideal of social justice; and it was the tradition of their forefathers that led them on this thorny path. The unique accomplishments of the Jews in the field of philanthropy spring from the same source.”

You may think you have issues with Jewish racial supremacism, suffocating righteousness, manipulation of power, distortion of media, endless war mongering or hatred of your heritage, but you’re just envious, man, or need a good lay, as Wilhelm Reich would say, or you just hate knowledge. Einstein speaks of “the hatred of the Jews by those who have reason to shun popular enlightenment. More than anything else in the world, they fear the influence of men of intellectual independence.”

Such narcissistic bombast is not just embarrassing, but toxic and genocidal, if enshrined as dogmas.

In Tangier, Twain stopped at “a spot where stood a monument which was seen and described by Roman historians less than two thousand years ago, whereon was inscribed: “WE ARE THE CANAANITES. WE ARE THEY THAT HAVE BEEN DRIVEN OUT OF THE LAND OF CANAAN BY THE JEWISH ROBBER, JOSHUA.”

Just like today’s Palestinians, Canaanites just couldn’t stand social justice, universal tolerance and popular enlightenment, and that’s why they had to erect this baleful monument to hatred, and Twain, too, had to be an anti-Semite for drawing our attention, even for a second, to these disappeared Semites.

The Unz Review via Truthseeker“

To be a Jew means to bear a serious responsibility
not only to his own community, but also toward humanity.”
— Albert Einstein

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  1. In the article: “Most egregious was Einstein’s verdict on Chinese women,”

    “I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don’t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess that enthralls the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring.”

    That is one of the most ridiculous and idiotic comments I ever read. It is more proof he was an idiotic dummy!

    Further, it seems he was too busy stealing patents to try to steal kisses from women.

    He was more attracted by atoms than the female anatomy.

    1. And of course, let’s not forget that basically Einstein was just a grubby little plagiarist.

  2. *Sigh* . . . I guess it’s only a matter of time
    before the word “plagiarism” is mentioned! 🙂

    1. Einstein is a jews media prop used to imply that Jews are smart. Lots of “Einstein’s work” originated from gentiles but was plagiarized by Einstein.

      When a Jew does something good the jews media describes him as Jewish. When a Jew does something rotten the jews media describes him as white.

      Linh Dinh doesn’t seem aware that an anti-semite is actually just someone jews hate.

      1. That is so very true. Me neither agrees with the writers conclusions. It was the Rothschilds that wanted a jewish superstar in science. Personally I believe he was a dumkopf. Being a plumber would have been a path more suited for him. With that said, I don’t at all think plumbers in general are dumkopfs.

        1. Quite right, Morningstar. I am all for plumbers. When your pipes are blocked, you pick up the phone and call Joe Bloggs, your trusty plumber. And he fixes it pronto. Phoning Einstein would be a waste of time. Stands to reason, init?

      2. Being a plumber (Drain $urgeon) is hard work. Elbow grease, sweat, bruises, burns, blood and an occasional tear or two are required.
        Pretty sure most of the above requirements would disqualify Albert from participating.
        A plumber indeed! (lol)

        Could Albert even pass muster at 6 am? Bright eyed, bushy tailed, ready to roll. Another day of all the above plus a lot of crap from the straw boss (and enemy electricians) to boot. I think not.
        He wouldn’t even need to pack a lunch..

      3. Homer, “(and enemy electricians)” lets me know ya been there!

        And framers, sheet rockers and painters constantly complain about the “enemy electricians” with their 1/2″ red Milwaukee drill motors with their 24″ augers…. punching holes and tossing buckets of wood chips everywhere! 😜

    2. Damn right Sardonicus. The work of Poincare and Lorenz were the basis of Einstein’s work but he never even mentioned them in his paper. Their work was also ignored by the media in its rush to glorify Einstein, the great plagiarist.

      E=MC2 was first derived by an Italian, Olinto De Pretto, years before Einstein.

      1. Einstein ‘The Brilliant’ claimed something of no meaning.

        E=mc2 is a nonsensical theory which is not possible to prove anyway, except on paper. The equation comes from classical mechanics, the kinetic energy of a non-rotating object of mass m traveling at a speed v is 1/2mv2…. when 1 is substituted for 1/2, and c is substituted for v.

        The value of c2 = 8.98755178736818 x 10^16 m/s….. or rounded off to 90,000,000,000,000,000… which is 90 Quadrillion meters per second! That is unobtainable.

      2. Here is the way I picture Einstein on his path to his famous equation:
        E=ma2 (Na, don’t think so….)
        E=mb2 (better, but something isn’t quite right….)
        E=m……. (now let me think…..)

  3. German scientists led the world but Hitler forbad the building of an atomic bomb as he said it was a weapon only against civilians, which is true. Einstein worked in the patents office, if anyone came in to patent something good, after they had gone Einstein put his own name on it, his synagogue was also a beneficiary.

    He was noted by his students for not being clean and being unwashed, he sexually harassed at least 3 young women, he also fitted up their research with his own name on it. And worst of all he stole the E =MC squared from an irishman.

    A typical jew, he hated every non jew no matter what their race or colour.

    People laugh at how brain washed Jehovah witnesses are but are jews any better ?

  4. Einstein was a fraud from start to finish. And a thief too. As Jewish lore says, it’s not only OK to steal from Christians, it’s compulsory!

    Funny thing but a lot of jews use perfumes to cover up the fact they don’t wash. Both Einstein and Robert Frederick Zeldon Geldof were the same in this respect, as was the disgraced sceptic “The Amazing James Randi”,
    now known as the disgusting “James Rando” after admitting sodomising hundreds of boys in boy’s homes over 60 years.

    His real name Randall Zwingli, a trainee rabbi!

  5. The Jew wins when we let him define “social justice”. Why do we do that?? We do that out of too damn much TOLERANCE. Best to become less tolerant….

  6. Linh Dinh is one of the the first and perhaps (only?)
    Vietnamese American writers of neo-Americana literature.
    He’s also had many articles and stories published on the “Lew Rockwell” website and elsewhere.

    Linh has a big talent and the personality for interpreting the zeitgeist where ever he is. An empathetic savvy soul. Smart, funny, interesting, educational, and his reporting and writing reflect all these.

  7. Check out:

    Leave the images of the black Israelites in Europe aside and you´ll arrive at a lot of christ-all-clear authentic Russian icons in their undoctered state, before crypto-jew Vlad P. who poses as a Russian orthodox Christian ordered them to be whitewashed.

    He had to because the Askenazi jews in the slc sweet little country on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean are fake jews.

    And this one, a bit more caramel like before Spanish Rodrigo Borgia born in Xativa, Valencia, became ceo of the Vatican 11 august 1492. He was the first one who whitewashed all the deeply melanated icons of JC & his Hebrew crew:

    1. Whole LOTTA melanin in Moscow pic!!! But, folks are being told that Russia is going to be the bastion for white folks in the future… 😜

    2. I’m not sure what point Julien Romanovsky is making. Can someone explain?

      As far as I understand it, this article is about Albert Einstein. It makes no mention anywhere of “black Israelites” — or of Vladimir Putin whitewashing Russian icons — or of the Borgia popes whitewashing “deeply melanated icons of JC and his Hebrew crew.”

      Am I missing something? Is there some connection between “Jewish genius”, with special reference to Einstein, and black-skinned Hebrews, Russian icons, Vlad Putin, and Borgia popes?

      I won’t ask Mr Romanovsky to explain the subtle connection.
      That would be dicing with death. 🙂

      1. I will explain. Julien Romanovsky is obviously a Russian. Russians are not interested in talking about subjects they are invited to discuss (e.g. Jewish genius and Einstein) if they prefer to discuss something else that happens to be on their minds.

        Especially if they are fond of vodka, which Mr Romanovsky obviously is.

        I am surprised, in fact, that Mr Romanovsky doesn’t discuss the shocking price of vodka in Moscow.

  8. Watch this vid of George Bernard Shaw giving a speech at a dinner in honor of Albert Einstein:

    The bearded man sitting between Albert E. and Shaw is the head of the Rothschild clan of that time.

    “A dinner at the Savoy – Einstein returned to the capital in October 1930, where he was photographed arriving at Victoria station. This time, his mission was not one of science but to raise awareness of the plight of East European Jews”

    1. Thanks, Julien. You make some excellent points. I’ve changed my mind bout Bernard Shaw, once highly respected by me for his wit and skills as a dramatist, after finding out he was a fanatical supporter of mass murderer Joesef Stalin. A vegan he was, too, who refused to let his wife put flowers in vases anywhere in their house. Thought it was cruel and that flowers were capable of bitter tears and shrieking with pain. Only you couldn’t hear them wailing because it was on too high a pitch. What a weirdo! 🙂

  9. I read it somewhere, Albert turned down the Zionists’ offer to be the first President of the SLC, when it was first put together…
    If that’s true, he at least had that much sense…
    His supposed genius was mostly jewish media hype, where have we seen that before?
    It’s one more illustration of how much power the people who control the media have over society…
    As for the E=MC2 theory – it depends on the idea that light has speed, meaning it moves…
    But light doesn’t move, it is everywhere at once..
    They say it’s a Particle and a Wave..
    That means they don’t know what it is, much less how it works…
    And all of mans mechanical theories are but residualistic deductions of the great consciousness, call it the Mind of God… All Matter is Thought, brought to you by light, you might say…
    The wowee E+MC2 fit the bill for the great jewish (media myth) scientist, and it’s a fake just the same as he is…

    1. Barkingdeer,

      Nice to know you have it all figured out. The secrets of the universe. And that not only was Albert Einstein a Jewish fraud who didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but that he somehow managed to con the entire world into thinking he was a world class genius. He did this, of course, with the help of the Jewish media which bamboozled every single scientist in the world, Jew as well as non-Jew, into taking Albert seriously.

      But, no! thanks to the genius of Barkingdeer we now know that the antisemites (most of whom have never picked up a science book in their lives) are the repositories of Ultimate Truth — and, behold, Barkingdeer is their prophet!!! 🙂

      Thanks, BD! Much obliged to you! Thanks to your consummate genius, we now know all about the secrets of light, matter, thought, particles, waves, and what have you! We can now kick E = MC2 into the long grass and make our way way down to the pub to join the other Pub Philosophers there, chanting in merry unison: “Albert didn’t know his ass from his elbow! Albert stupid, we smart! Jews run the show and hand out the Nobel prizes! So everyone who wins a Nobel prize is by definition a fake!”

      Yep, that’s how it is! How simple the truth is when you’re a pub philosopher! The only ones who REALLY DESERVE to win the Nobel prize in ANY field are the unsung heroes who frequent antisemitic websites in their spare time, like the supergenius Barkingdeer and his supergenius chums quaffing their beer down the pub and sorting out the world! 🙂

      Good luck, sir! I take off my hat to you!

      (Devout disciple of Barkingdeer, Pub Philosopher 1)

      1. @ Pub Philosopher 2

        Your sarcastic comment dismissing my good friend Barkingdeer as a smartypants “pub philosopher” is, in my humble opinion, needlessly harsh. If BD is a “pub philosopher” — i.e. a somewhat dimwitted anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist with all the airs and grace of omniscience — then that epithet would apply well to almost every other poster on this website who has taken the line that Einstein was a scientific fraud.

        Frankly, I think that most of the posters who take this line are not really entitled to pass judgment on Einstein’s scientific abilities, given that they are for the most part scientific ignoramuses and wouldn’t know an equation if it hit them in the face. For these science dolts to make disparaging comments on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a bit like a couple of chimps sneering at Shakespeare’s plays … as they sit in the trees scoffing bananas and scratching themselves. “Shakespeare! He’s a fake! He doesn’t even know how to grunt properly! and I bet he never ate a banana in his life!”

        Well, you can take it from Sardonicus that the chimp who said that was at least right about the bananas.

        Because bananas were totally unknown in England in the time of Shakespeare. No one in England had ever seen a banana or eaten one in the time of the Bard.

        Pub philosophers here have failed to appreciate the fact that Linh Dinh, the Vietnamese American author of the above article on Jewish Genius, has not made a single reference to Einstein being a fraud or a “plagiarist”, nor has he tried to poke fun at the Theory of Relativity. Linh Dinh has concentrated purely on Einstein’s Zionism. On his political views. On his Talmudic sense of Jewish superiority. Not a word of disparagement about Einstein’s scientific abilities.

        To give credit to the Linh Dinh and to this website, neither does LD in her introductory comment make the slightest attempt to join the “Pub Philosophers” in their denigration of Einstein’s scientific genius. Here is the opening comment. Read it carefully, especially the bit I have highlighted in bold print:

        “In which Linh Dinh, a Vientamese American writer, tells us why he is not impressed with Jews in general and Einstein in particular. Please note, however, that no attempt is made here to rubbish Einstein as a scientific genius or impugn his legacy as a great cosmologist.”

        I’ve made my point. Commenters here who have tried their best to rubbish Einstein’s science are in fact no better than chimps finding fault with the works of Shakespeare.

        1. While I fully agree with the view that the Jew-owned media may have inflated Einstein’s reputation, turning him into an iconic supergenius, I don’t think they could (or would) have done that if Einstein had been a complete dunce and an outright con artist.

          In short, the Jewish media wouldn’t have risked turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse for fear of ridicule and disgrace at a later date. Einstein’s reputation in the scientific community remains intact to this day. Undiminished. And that’s all that matters.

          It’s the conspiracy theorists, alas, who have been sidelined and made to look like fools! 🙂

    2. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “But light doesn’t move, it is everywhere at once..”

      Light is NOT everywhere at once. It has measurable velocity, as I found out in the very intense Physics of Light course I took in 1965 in college. White light is the visual portion of the vast Electromagnetic Spectrum.

      You probably never heard of Fizeau’s Toothed-Wheel experiments to measure the speed of light in the 19th century.

      In 1848–49, Hippolyte Fizeau determined the speed of light between an intense light source and a mirror about 8 km distant. With his crude apparatus, his value for light’s speed was about 5% too high.

  10. Albert sure was a colorful figure. Like him. Hate him. Your choice. But he sure was right about Chinese women. Perhaps the most unattractive women on the planet. Moroccan women? Well, thanks for covering the face. Albert maybe wasn’t a genius, but he certainly wasn’t a dunce either. 😉🌮✌️

  11. Well, I’m gratified that people at least read my comments…
    My salute, you’re very articulate…
    And you even manage to disagree while keeping the personal insults to a minimum…
    As a matter of fact, it’s good to see the site gradually becoming more civil…
    Try to get it through your head though willya – the longer you mazaltavers refuse to see yourselves in the mirror, the harder it will be on, not just the people you cheat and suppress so callously, but you too in the end…
    Indeed, the Grand Commander predicts the destruction of Israel at the kick-off of WW3, which might be here sooner than you think, if The Simpsons code-clues are still good…
    Try asking yourself – what’s the best way things could work out, with the idea that what’s good for your neighbors is good for you?
    If you really think deep down that it’s with the tribe enslaving the goyim, that’s too bad, but you’re hardly alone with your modus operandi…
    Full Spectrum Dominance, all that cretinish crap…
    Most likely though, like all the other followers, you’re only identifying yourself among your peer group according to your indoctrination…
    Try to trouble yourself with a vision of the world, say 100 years from now…
    Tell us what it is…
    Also, I’m not real impressed with college degrees as proof of perspicuity…
    I have a PHD myself… That’s an old fence builder’s joke…
    I knew a few guys who went to nuclear power school…
    When they flunked out, they got sent to the fleet…
    You spend a lot of time talking to the fellows in those years underway…
    One of them told me it was explained that, using mathematics, it could be proven without a doubt that the eraser could be tossed through the blackboard…
    If you take a few psychedelics it will come to you eventually – nothing really makes any sense…
    I read Einstein’s biography back in the eighties…
    It mentioned Michelson and his experiment to measure the speed of light, said to be the first, but I see there are others…
    I wonder if he was a Stienie too?
    Albert said his main interest was light…
    I have a lot of questions about it too…
    You know I’m only guessing… I try to push the envelope…
    None of us can say for sure if Albert was a fraud, a plagerizer, patent thief, misogynist, etc. or not..
    We are pretty sure though that the jews create many a media myth, all to their benefit…

    1. Bark,
      Donaldo loves your posts. You are the jalapeno on the Darkmoon dish. You give flavor to the site. Luvya man. 😉✌️

      1. I second that! For all his faults, Barkingdeer has my vote. 🙂

        He reminds me of a rubber ball who always bounces back, as springy as ever, no matter how much you try to crush it with tedious arguments.

        There is also a modesty and politeness in his tone that marks him out as a true gentleman.

      2. MB –

        “… always bounces back..”

        Of course! He was in the US Navy. Got his ‘sea legs’!! 😜

    2. Bark –

      I was one who did not “flunk out” of nuclear power school, and operated nuclear reactors on two submarines over the years, until 1973.

      Many who “flunked out” were actually kicked out for being late to class or caught sleeping in study cubicles or other various reasons unrelated to grades. One of my best friends in NUC school lost a top secret text book and was tossed in the brig and dishonorably discharged from the navy. Rickover was ruthless, especially before Nam ended.

  12. There were three purposes for the production of the “Jewish genius”:

    1 – to ask the genius about his, good for the Jews, political opinions;
    2 – to turn physics into a science fiction dead end, precisely when physics was at an important juncture;
    3 – to create a social/political dogma in which everything can be relativized, truth doesn’t exist, Plato was wrong.

    Einstein was not a genius, the right word is charlatan. Tomato Bubble’s link on this thread, provided by Julien Romanovsky, says it all. I will deal with the subject Mike King and Linh Dinh abstained themselves, physics.

    This is a book written by a retired Mechanical Engineer, “The Einstein Hoax – The Disastrous Intellectual War on Common Sense”, H. E. Retic, West Caldwell, NJ. He had to use a pseudonym to “protect his family”; it says a lot. He doesn’t have all the answers, it’s a beginning.

    It’s not true that light has the highest velocity achievable. A particle called tachyon was theorized in the 60s using complex numbers in the Lorenz transformations. There is no limit to speed. The analogy between light and sound seems perfect, including the Doppler Effect (red shift). One day we thought it was impossible to break the barrier of sound!

    Einstein’s Relativity cannot stand the twin clock paradox and others. Since there is no preferred inertial frame it is impossible to say witch clock will be older, A or B. Physicists are in denial or using intellectual contortionism to “solve” the inconsistency. I’ll make use of one of the authors’ paragraph (4.6) so we can back to a world based on logic.

    “A famous author has been quoted to the effect that the true measure of intelligence is the ability to hold two mutually exclusive ideas at the same time. False! The holding of two mutually exclusive ideas at the same time is evidence of a mind that is too lazy and/or incapable of resolving the inconsistency by correcting one or both of the ideas and who is too arrogant to admit the need for the correction and/or his inability to make it.”

    In this new world of modern physics the very foundations of logic and reason are been questioned. Shakespeare would enjoy it because there is no existential question; one can simultaneously to be and not to be!

    1. Thanks, Hp and Julien! 🙂

      To complicate things very tough mathematical tools were used, Non-Euclidian geometry, tensor calculus, etc. In the end even the very space had to bend so Einstein’s (actually Friedrich Riemann’s) equations could fit in it. I never swallowed the curved space thing, for me is like to work with non-linear axis of reference. Too much mathematics can lead to total madness!

      Hidden in plain sight comes to mind… All experiment results, including Michelson-Morley’s results, showed that the Earth is motionless (see Robert Sungenis’ book “Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right”). But the “Commander” refuses to believe his helicopter is hovering inside the clouds, even if both pitot tubes (physical experiments) say the air speed (Ether speed) is zero, he knows the aircraft (Earth) is moving at 100 miles per hour.

      Don’t need to be a genius here, only a paradigm shift is needed. To have a paradigm shift some “switches” must change their state, inside our mind; the “switches” we thought were in the right position, but they are not. If Earth were assumed to be motionless, professional mathematicians could solve problems in weeks, without paradoxes!

      Enough of the unreasonable worldview of the Jewish charlatan, without any possible reference by definition.

      P.S. no flat Earth, Ok? 🙂

      1. NBTT –

        There would be no need for time zones if we were on a ‘flat earth’ here. All countries would have daylight and dark at the same time! There would be… ‘daylight savings’ everywhere at once! 🙂

        There would be no changing of seasons either. We would have the same season all the time. UUGH!! 🤢

      2. Pat,

        No flat Earth!
        Spherical (almost) Earth is the correct geometry.

        Geocentrism has the correct approach. 🙂

      3. Pat,

        It’s like a religion to them, the Einstein believers say all inertial reference frames are ok, but they freak out when someone say the obvious to them. What if we put our reference frame in the Earth other than the Sun? That’s the natural (God’s) choice. To check if the reference frame is inertial, accelerations have to be minimal; as far as I know no significant acceleration (change of speed) was ever measured on the surface of the Earth!

        Someone could say that the rotation and translation of the Earth produce acceleration (centripetal). Even so, the infinitesimal approach (mathematical tool) could be used to consider the Earth’s referential frame inertial for a small period of time. That’s the Ptolemy’s point of view.

        All reference frames are Ok but the Earth’s.
        That’s suspicious! 🙂

      4. The knockout blow to the theory of Einstein isn’t the simple shift of reference frame, in other words the geocentric approach; it is the fact that the Earth is, indeed, motionless. This way the “enigma” of the Michelson-Morley’s results can be definitely solved, no need to mental abstractions or thought exercises. That’s the simplest explanation and, more than that, all the experimental apparatus ever built say the Earth is motionless.

        Two choices here:
        A) Einstein, the Jewish genius;
        B) Hardcore experimental scientific data saying the Earth is motionless.


    Check out:

    Tesla and Vivekananda met in Chicago

    ” After meeting the Swami and after continued study of the Eastern view of the mechanisms driving the material world, Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter”

  14. I’m obsessed with this theme these last days. Why gravity weight doesn’t look like the known electromagnetic forces? Maybe I’ve got something here…

    F = q.E + q.(v X B)
    E = electric field \ B = magnetic field \ q = particle electric charge \ v = particle velocity

    Now, trying the same equation shape applied to gravity
    F = m.g + m.(v X D)
    g = gravitostatic field \ D = gravitodynamic field \ m = particle mass \ v = particle velocity

    All variables are vectors, except q and m.

    This is a great 7 page paper about the Foucault pendulum, from the University of Warmick, Anthony J. Hibbs. I like the way the Englishmen do physics; rigid, elegant, and comprehensible.

    If we look at equation (8) we see all 4 kinds of accelerations in the rotating frame, compared to the “inertial” frame. We can see this equation as a description of the path of a flying bullet, as we see here in the Earth, without the air drag. The last term is the Euler acceleration, which can be neglected since the “rotation” of the Earth is constant, one rotation every day; thank God! The first term is the acceleration due to gravity that we are all used to (9,81 m/s2); the flying bullet fells it’s weight too. The third term is the centrifugal acceleration and the fourth is a special one, the Coriolis acceleration; every bullet follows the Coriolis path which I think is some kind of helicoid path.

    In the equations (13) and (14) the author solves the centrifugal term. The angle is the Earth’s latitude. These results are the so called, effective gravity. These two equations change our 9,81m/s2 gravity in magnitude (14) but also, surprisingly (13), in direction; the direction of the vertical line of weight is changed due to the “rotation” of the Earth. Nevertheless, this field is static, depends only on your position and your Earth’s latitude; that’s why it’s called gravitostatic field.

    But the Coriolis acceleration depends on the particle (bullet) velocity. It’s the missing link, the Coriolis force permits the definition of the gravitodynamic field! So, in this particular case:

    (gravitodynamic field) D = 2 . ѡ (Earth’s angular “rotation”)

    D and ѡ are vectors.

    And how crazy is the solution of the “fictitious” Coriolis force, so beautifully put by the author in equation (17). When the latitude is 90 degrees (+ or -), meaning, both of the pole’s, South or North, the cosines are zero in equation (17), and the Coriolis force can be mathematically compared to the known magnetic force theory. So, I think we’ve got a gravitodynamic force here, the missing component of gravity! Outside the poles a new phenomenon arises, if we look at the last component of equation (17), which is in the vertical direction, this means the phenomenon of gravito-levitation could be possible! And more, the study of the transient Euler component, WOW!! Endless possibilities…

    The tricky thing here is this: the “fictional” forces are real, they act like real. For the calculations, it’s Ok to consider a spinning Earth, but the real physics is the one in which the universe (at least our Cosmo-universe) is spinning every day, not the Earth. Planets are revolving the Sun like moons. One interesting way to test the hypothesis is this: two identical rifles (cannons would be better), but one has a right handed treaded barrel (R) and the other has a left handed treaded barrel (L). On the same target, if bullets from rifle (R) are significantly separated from bullets from rifle (L), maybe the existence of the gravitodynamic field is proved. I’m assuming the bullet spin, somehow, in the bullet’s view, can incorporate into the gravitodynamic field of the rotating universe.

    I have to thank Prof. Robert Sungenis, he really convinced me the Earth is motionless and the center of the known cosmological world. And also Sardonicus, your sardonic comments are in fact, in the good sense, thought provoking!

    P.S. slowing clocks, shrinking dimensions, constancy of the speed of light, all jokes! The Jewish “genius” made fantasyland real but the real thing “fictitious”, like the commies do. My favorite one, the particle mass increases to infinity with its speed, and suddenly it disappears and becomes pure energy, total joke!

    1. @ Nothing but the truth

      What about the Multiverse (Many Worlds) theory of John Wheeler?
      Does that get your disapproval too? I don’t think Wheeler was Jewish.

      1. Sardonicus,

        This is one of the last attempts to save modern Physics, scientific method was swapped for ad hoc convenient theories, they pop up as soon as new inconvenient data arrive. The scientific method demands testing the model hypothesis, if one cannot test it, it’s not science. Tom Von Flanders was a hard critic of this ad hoc fixing. I don’t know specifically the work of John Weeler, but Sungenis has a sub-chapter in his book dedicated to this subject, page 434, “The Last Copernican Frontier: The Multiverse”. It seems the “experts” got to the conclusion that life is improbable and metastable (unstable).

        Some quotes from Sungenis:

        “What is a multiverse? It is a theory positing that although our universe looks planed, fine-tuned and with an Earth that is special, it is only one of an infinite variety of universes where the exact opposite is true and the laws of physics are completely different. Essentially, this is modern science’s way of restoring chance in a world that seems to be running by design.”

        “Call it a fluke, a mystery, a miracle. Or call it the biggest problem in physics. Short of invoking a benevolent creator, many physicists see only one possible explanation: Our universe may be but one of perhaps infinitely many universes in an inconceivably vast multiverse… Advocates argue that, like it or not, the multiverse may well be the only viable non-religious explanation for what is called the fine-tuning problem” (Tim Folger)

        Instead of abandon its primary wrong premises, or assumptions, modern physics opted for the cuckoo land, in cuckoo land everything is possible and modern physics is safe from disgrace and shame.
        These days it’s very important for a professional to be Jew aware because everything is politicized, even school bathrooms; modern physics (metaphysics, actually) is no exception.

        There are two choices left:
        A) Cuckoo land;
        B) Centered motionless Earth and its consequences – the definition of a new gravitodinamic force (Coriolis) which, mathematically, forms a perfect match with the electrodynamic force also known as magnetic force.

        As an engineer I’m pragmatic, I solve problems. It’s a different mindset compared to a theoretical physicist, said that, I choose option B. 🙂

        1. @ Nothing but the truth

          Thanks for your brilliant answer to my question. We are on the same page here. I absolutely believe in Karl Popper’s principle of falsifiability. If a scientific theory cannot be tested, it is worthless. If it is not falsifiable, it is worthless. The thing about the Multiverse theory is that no one can possibly prove it is false. So there’s no way we can assert it is true.

          I have a Christian associate who is into quantum physics big time. I met him on a train a few months ago and he got this book out of his briefcase and offered it to me as a gift. “Here, read this,” he said. “I have another copy, so you can keep this and mull it over.” I took it home and tried to read it. It was heavy stuff, beyond my capacity to comprehend fully as a layman. The mathematical equations were lost on me.

          Title of book: “THE QUANTUM UNIVERSE: EVERYTHING THAT CAN HAPPEN DOES HAPPEN”. By Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. (Both British Professors of Physics). I was intrigued by that subtitle: “Everything that can happen does happen.”

          I figured out that, according to this theory, the Holocaust definitely happened. It happened somewhere, somewhen, in some universe — even if it didn’t happen on Planet Earth. So the Holocaust Believers are right. And so are the Holocaust Deniers. Ain’t that cute?

          In one universe I married my wife. In another universe I married her sister. In one universe I adored my wife and had a large family with her. In another universe I hated her and murdered her on our honeymoon. Pretty exciting, this quantum physics! It sounds more like a science fantasy story in one of those pulp fiction magazines featuring Conan the Barbarian. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith would have loved to read and write this weird loopydoopy stuff.

          Anyway, I met my friend again the other day and we went to a pub to have a chat over a pint of beer. This time he confused me by telling me not to pay any attention to the subtitle of the book: “Everything that can happen does happen.” I mustn’t take it literally, he said. It wasn’t true in all circumstances. It was simply a theoretical formulation, but it it did not necessarily lead to any practical outcome. I’m afraid he lost me there completely.

          I mean, if it’s not true, why say it?

          He then went on about Schrodinger’s cat for the next 10 minutes, by which time I was ready to pass out with palpitations and brain fever. Ye Gods, I thought, give me a simple life growing turnips! 🙂

      2. Sardonicus,

        I’m glad to help; you’ve made a good question, and comment! 🙂

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