Julian Assange: Gagged And Headed For Gitmo

What lies in store for Julian Assange once the Trump administration has him caged in one of their gulags? Solitary confinement with high-decibel torture music?  Chemical castration? Waterboarding round the clock? Is this the price courageous whistleblowers must pay for  exposing the war crimes of the Anglo-American Deep State?  

The Unz Review

After 7 Years of Deceptions About Assange, the US Readies for Its First Media Rendition

For seven years, from the moment Julian Assange first sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, they have been telling us we were wrong, that we were paranoid conspiracy theorists. We were told there was no real threat of Assange’s extradition to the United States, that it was all in our fevered imaginations.

For seven years, we have had to listen to a chorus of journalists, politicians and “experts” telling us that Assange was nothing more than a fugitive from justice, and that the British and Swedish legal systems could be relied on to handle his case in full accordance with the law. Barely a “mainstream” voice was raised in his defence in all that time.

From the moment he sought asylum, Assange was cast as an outlaw.

His work as the founder of Wikileaks – a digital platform that for the first time in history gave ordinary people a glimpse into the darkest recesses of the most secure vaults in the deepest of Deep States – was erased from the record.

Assange was reduced from one of the few towering figures of our time – a man who will have a central place in history books, if we as a species live long enough to write those books – to nothing more than a sex pest, and a scruffy bail-skipper.

The political and media class crafted a narrative of half-truths about the sex charges Assange was under investigation for in Sweden. They overlooked the fact that Assange had been allowed to leave Sweden by the original investigator, who dropped the charges, only for them to be revived by another investigator with a well-documented political agenda.

They failed to mention that Assange was always willing to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London, as had occurred in dozens of other cases involving extradition proceedings to Sweden. It was almost as if Swedish officials did not want to test the evidence they claimed to have in their possession.

The media and political courtiers endlessly emphasised Assange’s bail violation in the UK, ignoring the fact that asylum seekers fleeing legal and political persecution don’t usually honour bail conditions imposed by the very state authorities from which they are seeking asylum.

The political and media establishment ignored the mounting evidence of a secret grand jury in Virginia formulating charges against Assange, and ridiculed Wikileaks’ concerns that the Swedish case might be a cover for a more sinister attempt by the US to extradite Assange and lock him away in a high-security prison, as had happened to whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

They belittled the 2016 verdict of a panel of United Nations legal scholars that the UK was “arbitrarily detaining” Assange. The media were more interested in the welfare of his cat.

They ignored the fact that after Ecuador changed presidents – with the new one keen to win favour with Washington – Assange was placed under more and more severe forms of solitary confinement. He was denied access to visitors and basic means of communications, violating both his asylum status and his human rights, and threatening his mental and physical wellbeing.


Equally, they ignored the fact that Assange had been given diplomatic status by Ecuador, as well as Ecuadorean citizenship. Britain was obligated to allow him to leave the embassy, using his diplomatic immunity, to travel unhindered to Ecuador. No “mainstream” journalist or politician thought this significant either.

They turned a blind eye to the news that, after refusing to question Assange in the UK, Swedish prosecutors had decided to quietly drop the case against him in 2015. Sweden had kept the decision under wraps for more than two years.

It was a freedom of information request by an ally of Assange, not a media outlet, that unearthed documents showing that Swedish investigators had, in fact, wanted to drop the case against Assange back in 2013. The UK, however, insisted that they carry on with the charade so that Assange could remain locked up. A British official emailed the Swedes: “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!”

Most of the other documents relating to these conversations were unavailable. They had been destroyed by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service in violation of protocol. But no one in the political and media establishment cared, of course.

Similarly, they ignored the fact that Assange was forced to hole up for years in the embassy, under the most intense form of house arrest, even though he no longer had a case to answer in Sweden. They told us – apparently in all seriousness – that he had to be arrested for his bail infraction, something that would normally be dealt with by a fine.

And possibly most egregiously of all, most of the media refused to acknowledge that Assange was a journalist and publisher, even though by failing to do so they exposed themselves to the future use of the same draconian sanctions should they or their publications ever need to be silenced. They signed off on the right of the US authorities to seize any foreign journalist, anywhere in the world, and lock him or her out of sight. They opened the door to a new, special form of rendition for journalists.

This was never about Sweden or bail violations, or even about the discredited Russiagate narrative, as anyone who was paying the vaguest attention should have been able to work out. It was about the US Deep State doing everything in its power to crush Wikileaks and make an example of its founder.

It was about making sure there would never again be a leak like that of “Collateral Murder”, the military video released by Wikileaks in 2007 that showed US soldiers celebrating as they murdered Iraqi civilians. It was about making sure there would never again be a dump of US diplomatic cables, like those released in 2010 that revealed the secret machinations of the US empire to dominate the planet whatever the cost in human rights violations.

Now the pretence is over. The British police invaded the diplomatic territory of Ecuador – invited in by Ecuador after it tore up Assange’s asylum status – to smuggle him off to jail. Two vassal states cooperating to do the bidding of the US empire. The arrest was not to help two women in Sweden or to enforce a minor bail infraction.

No, the British authorities were acting on an extradition warrant from the US. And the charges the US authorities have concocted relate to Wikileaks’ earliest work exposing the US military’s war crimes in Iraq – the stuff that we all once agreed was in the public interest, that British and US media clamoured to publish themselves.

Still the media and political class is turning a blind eye. Where is the outrage at the lies we have been served up for these past seven years? Where is the contrition at having been gulled for so long? Where is the fury at the most basic press freedom – the right to publish – being trashed to silence Assange? Where is the willingness finally to speak up in Assange’s defence?

It’s not there. There will be no indignation at the BBC, or the Guardian, or CNN. Just curious, impassive – even gently mocking – reporting of Assange’s fate.

And that is because these journalists, politicians and experts never really believed anything they said. They knew all along that the US wanted to silence Assange and to crush Wikileaks. They knew that all along and they didn’t care. In fact, they happily conspired in paving the way for today’s kidnapping of Assange.

They did so because they are not there to represent the truth, or to stand up for ordinary people, or to protect a free press, or even to enforce the rule of law. They don’t care about any of that. They are there to protect their careers, and the system that rewards them with money and influence. They don’t want an upstart like Assange kicking over their applecart.

Now they will spin us a whole new set of deceptions and distractions about Assange to keep us anaesthetised, to keep us from being incensed as our rights are whittled away, and to prevent us from realising that Assange’s rights and our own are indivisible. We stand or fall together.


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  1. The previous article on Assange by John Pilger, published a few hours ago, has been deleted for technical reasons. This more up-to-date article by Jonathan Cook is more hard-hitting and to the point, so it has been substituted.

  2. This maneuver and capture and torture in waiting, helps ensure that fewer reporters(sic) stray from the party lines of AP, Reuters and the ‘prescribed’ – scripted – wire service reports.

    This shows…. The state is really nothing more than that group of people who have been given the right to have a monopoly on the initiation of force to achieve their goals.

    1. Exactly. From now on, all journalists will be media whores. Providers of fake news, celebrity sleaze, and soft porn. That’s what most of them are like anyway, but now it’ll become the norm.

      1. The disgusting tabloids lead the way in bamboozling and corrupting the public with their mixture of lies and soft porn. In the UK, it’s the BBC and the Guardian newspaper that are in the forefront of the movement to misinform the public and zombify the nation.

    2. On the flip-side:

      Dan has been ‘gagged’ on Facebook!!

      In today’s media soup… even Trump’s Twitter manager & writer – Dan Scavino – has been blocked from his own Facebook account. That keeps Dan from reaching over 2 billion people.

      (Dan writes most of the Tweets for Trump.}

      White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino Jr. Blocked from Commenting on Facebook

      Scavino wrote: “AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks.”

      President Trump posted a link to an article discussing Scavino’s comment block to his own Facebook page with a quote from the article which reads: “‘Facebook abruptly censored the account of President Trump’s chief social media guru, blocking him for simply responding to a question from a reader.’ #StopTheBias”

      Breitbart News reached out to Facebook about the issue and was informed that the social media firm is “currently looking into” the issue but has yet to provide further explanation as to why Scavino was blocked from commenting or if this block will be removed. President Trump also posted a tweet yesterday(Mar 19) calling out the left wing bias across social media……

      Donald J. Trump

      “Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before! #MAGA”

      8:57 AM – Mar 19, 2019


      1. Can there be any doubt that Pat is Darkmoon’s own in house or out house open source intelligence service. From now on PAT stands for (Posting About Truth.” Pat and James Corbett should team up.

      2. And the take-home message for gullible people (e.g. “Pat”) is: Poor “president Trump”; see how that dam evil left and that dam corrupt media are out to get him? Yessir, he’s a victim too, just like any other morally upstanding teller of truths.

      3. Thanks, TJ. Just funny enough for me. 🙂
        It works for me, my friend!

        MR Smith gives me a lot of attention also!!

        I LUVVITT!! 🙂

    3. The deep state actors, as usual, are delusional. Donald is a trucker. Drove 500 miles through Utah today. Am tired. If afforded more time and energy, Donaldo would research and make more scholarly posts. But for now…. only brief comments. Why should the “deep state” give any importance to Assange at all? Why the spectacle? Let him walk freely. The general public is too ignorant and preoccupied with trivial issues. How many Americans, Europeans or Israelis even know or care who he is? Just thinking. 🤔

      1. DC –

        “Why should the “deep state” give any importance to Assange at all?”

        This is a high profile scare tactic in action. It has been deployed hundreds of times by many governments. Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were used in the 50s. They were electrocuted/murdered by the US Government for prying into their fake secrets. “Hands off or death!!”

        This spectacle is a message to ‘journalists’ more than the public. It was also a message to prying bloggers who have very real info to spread around.

  3. They’re not called the M$M fifth column for no reason.
    The vast majority self censoring avid participants eager to reap their cheap rewards. Even as the rare involuntary fifth column columnist still prefers breathing over not breathing or best case scenario the unemployment line, reduced to the rank of (gasp!) hoi polloi..

  4. The spiritual, and often physical descendants of the Bolsheviks are in control, and the media play their part as proxy warriors and prostitutes to their diabolical agenda. These neo-Bolsheviks are agents of Satan, and Satan, like an orchestra conductor, leads them all in a hellish disharmony of physical, moral, and spiritual destruction. We need a miracle to overcome them, since Satan and the other fallen angels (demons) are immeasurably more intelligent and stronger than we are. History has shown that many great miracles in the face of temporally impossible odds have come through the prayer of the Holy Rosary. The Queen of Heaven crushes the head of the serpent time and time again, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity. (Cf. Rev. 12)

    1. Darrell, I agree up to and including victory is possible for every individual, if not for the whole.

  5. For one, I do not trust at all the stories now flowing RE Assange. Has no one come across the journalist Jim Stone’s account of a video made the morning after Pam Anderson’s visit to the Ecuador’s embassy? Does no one question that for three years no one has seen Assange in person or in film and pictured so that his continued living could be independently verified. Let me know if you did and can! AND, in a highly related development, our “forefathers” has disappeared from the Gettysburg Address by one of the first, truly awful criminal presidents Lincoln. Anyone interested in this latest expression of what some call the Mandela effect (after the man who died in prison before release).

    JIM STONE’s latest assessment: As part of looking into whether or not the recent appearance of Assange is real or not, I discovered the Gettysburg Address has been re-written, complete with totally convincing fake photos of the document and it’s text and an absolute re-write of all web sites and video that discuss the topic. However, I also discovered that if you look at language web sites that have it, whatever AI they used to re-write everything did not go into them and change them because they were designated as language, and not history. This includes music sites also, – they forgot about Johnny Cash, and that he did a musical presentation that featured the real words.

    How deep does this rabbit hole go? Deep enough to prove the Mandela effect is a hoax fronted by the tech left in an effort to re-write history, and deep enough to prove that no matter how convincing a totally new photo of Assange looks, it probably is not real. The Gettysburg address, and it’s subsequent erasure from history as it really was, complete with false text embedded in every single photo of the document and photos of monuments to that document in a totally convincing way is proof.

    ADDENDUM (JS): Assange does not look right in the police van. SEE THIS. Compare photos.
    He aged too much, and his base persona is very different from photos, even “recent” 2016 photos. It is either not the same guy, or something horrible happened to him that tweaked his brain to a different world. Like lots of shock therapy or really bad psych drugs. [MORE AT JIM’S site — — you may have to refresh your browser; alternative, use
    JIM STONE April 13-14 2019

    Up for discussion, which seems appropriate, since most of us appear sanguine enough to beLIEve the stories not emanating RE Assange and the attention-getting crapola in their wake. (((THEY))) (aka TPTB) crave your time away from what’s really important. Children and puppies so easy to distract….

    I repeat to Admin and others that Jim Stone’s ability to maintain his website offers good lessons to maintaining the integrity of http://www.darkmoon.me. Jim has guidance for that, should some IT-savvy person step up to the challenge and assist Lasha et al.


  6. if PAT really is a PAT, and i’m thinking he is, we might find out some day, when it comes to a RIOT…
    the commercial media is defunct as free press, no journalism left, all controlled by the owners, nothing but talking head stooges reading whatever comes down from on-high off the tele-prompters…
    but the internet media has been having a serious effect on the power structure… the jew thing failing now indicates people wising up faster and faster, approaching critical consciousness mass…
    facebook is the cia answer to the web media.. they had to come up with something to counter free speech with…
    pretty simple really, you just get three or four functionaries monopolizing the internet, facebook, google, you tube, twitter, then let them begin their censorship program…
    Jan 14, 2015 · “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” That creepy quote above has been widely attributed to Former CIA Director William Casey. Casey was the 13th CIA Director from 1981 until he left in January 1987. He died not long after of a brain tumor in May 1987.
    Oct 16, 2014 · “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — former CIA Director William Colby…
    colby was found floating face down in 1996… his successor as cia director was GHW Bush… put him in the clinton file? he got what he deserved? go figure..
    if assange is the real deal, he’s in way over his head with these people…

    1. Bark
      Why WOULDN’T Assange be the real deal? He reminds me of JFK in the sense of being an insider who learned some truths about what’s been going on, got sufficiently disgusted by it, and decided to blow some whistles 😮
      The guy’s taking the heat for all his troubles, and hopefully the “sufficiently disgusted meter” will keep rising and one loud ass whistle will blow the lid off these f***ers! 😠

  7. DARPA will hold a trial for Assange by proxy… on it’s public courtroom creation – Facebook!!

    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

    DARPA’s success depends on the vibrant ecosystem of innovation within which the Agency operates.

    In 2004…..

    DARPA’s LIFELOG became Facebook

    LifeLog was a project of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

    LifeLog aimed to compile a massive electronic database of every activity and relationship a person engages in. This was to include credit card purchases, web sites visited, the content of telephone calls and e-mails sent and received, scans of faxes and postal mail sent and received, instant messages sent and received, books and magazines read, television and radio selections, physical location recorded via wearable GPS sensors, biomedical data captured through wearable sensors. The high level goal of this data logging was to identify “preferences, plans, goals, and other markers of intentionality”.

    Another of DARPA’s goals for LifeLog had a predictive function. It sought to “find meaningful patterns in the timeline, to infer the user’s routines, habits, and relationships with other people, organizations, places, and objects, and to exploit these patterns to ease its task”

    The DARPA program was canceled in January, 2004, after criticism from civil libertarians concerning the privacy implications of the system.


  8. Think what they* did to Assange is bad? Look at what Jews did to Russia before turning Russia against Germany. Look at what Jews did to Germany, Adolf Hitler, his nation and its people. Today, Germans gift their latest U-boat design to Israel with special conversions (or is that perversions?) specified by the Israelis so the boats can carry nuclear weapons.

    In the meantime, the native German people producing this technology are under far greater assault than the allies ever dreamed of in WWII. In fact all white, western civilization is under massive assault. Assange is not even a blip on the Jews’ giant positional awareness screen.

    For Jews, it’z chust goot bizness – as usual.

    *That would be the “deep state.” The game runs thus – no matter who you blame, never name the name – Jew.

  9. When the intolerable is finally reached(and I believe every individual has their own personal breaking point) remember these words of wisdom as you begin your final acts of vengeance: “The point of guerilla war is not to succeed, It’s always been just to make the enemy bleed”.

  10. HAWK
    It’s just gotten almost impossible to believe anything the commercial media says, especially when it’s straight off the state narrative…
    If the media ever found out one thing otherwise, they might get some credence…
    with any deal like this Assange caper you have to figure it’s not even the whole story, so then you
    gotta try to guess what else..
    Look how this is going to turn out – another brick in the REX 84 firewall…. Assange will be convicted and sentenced to supermax torture detention, the next guy less likely to act on his conscience in any similar way…
    Manning will stay in his or her hell too until he decides to sing, give Assange up as a co-conspirator, probably, Assange is being given the same proposition now too…….
    none of the shooters on the army video will be prosecuted… maybe they should not be under the rules of engagement, the media has been selling us on that for a while now, war is ruthless, don’t kid thyself…
    But at least the public will have been made more aware, those who didn’t know already, what war is really like….
    I’m sure there are new JFK s coming up all the time, the world does constantly renew with innocents…
    But they’re attacking them even in the womb now with toxic vaccines and many more in their formative years…
    They may be innocent but what good is that if everybody is totally stupefied?

    1. Bark
      (((They))) can destroy this plane-t just as they were alleged to have destroyed Mars, (((their))) previous place of planet-ary existence, per certain schools of thought. But the question for me is, exactly what is being destroyed*, as tragic as this would be?
      Note my hyphenated words, which suggests a “plane” – a particular level of existence, or consciousness.
      Consider that what we are moving towards may involve the inner workings of a transformation, the “end of the world” as we’ve known it in this, it’s restrictive material state. That where we are headed makes this level pale in comparison. “Pale” also as a noun in illustrating the bodily restrictions of this life(i.e. the material body vs the spirit body). The Jews had their “pale of the settlement”, a microcosm of a greater EXISTENTIAL pale presently inhabited by all earthly life

      *to HP, does this characterize the work of “Shiva”? Years ago I discovered the ancient root of the word “sin”. As a verb it translates to “to be”. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that this can be extended to mean TO BE in this particular material state of existence- a “state of sin”

  11. Off Topic

    A sad day for European Civilisation – Notre Dame burnt down.

    Pray for our future.

    1. CM –


      Smith labeled conspiracy theorists and similar unfounded claims “counterproductive and injurious to society.”

      French and Israeli media reports have described Karsenty as a “right-wing extremist” tied to far-right Jewish groups over the Palestinian hoax controversy and the ensuing legal battle. Conspiracy theories claming the fire was “deliberate” began popping up on American right-wing media outlets, including Infowars, within minutes of reports of the Notre Dame fire.

      The same thing happened on Cavuto’s Show before Smith. Both said, “NOT ON MY WATCH!! NOT HERE!!”
      I’m sure the producers were blasting away in their earpieces telling them to do so.

      Karsenty, the caller, was found guilty of defamation a few years ago. However hundreds of fires in churches in Europe over the past 5 years is no coincidence.

      Sure looks like someone wants religious wars there. There are enough illegal immigrants for that… but the young people who enamored with smart phones fight ONLY on social media these days!!

    1. Bark,
      This video is hilarious. Donaldo spilt his tequila! Been a while since I had such a laugh. Thanks amigo.

  12. If we’ve still got Gitmo, why not put the illegal immigrants there?
    That includes all the “asylum seekers” who are not “illegal yet”, plus anybody else we don’t like. Why not?

    1. Good read!

      Best line….
      “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.”

      So, mote it be!

      1. Pat, so too mote this be – “If you want to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh or they’ll kill you”

  13. As a suggestions – perhaps it is also worthwhile to follow the Assange saga on David Irvings website. Mr. Irving has quite a good nose sifting facts from fiction.

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