Letter From Zurich

By Jared Taylor
American Renaissance

I have been banned from Europe and will be deported tomorrow.

March 29, 2019, Zurich


Dear Friends in Stockholm, Turku, and around the world,

I am sorry to have to tell you that I cannot attend the Scandza Forum in Stockholm or the Awakening Conference in Turku, Finland, where I had been invited to give talks. Today, when I landed in Zurich for a connecting flight to Stockholm, Swiss border authorities told me I have been banned from Europe until 2021. I will spend the night at the airport, and tomorrow I will be deported.

The officer at passport control in Zurich airport had already stamped my passport and waved me through to my Stockholm flight when she called after me to come back. She stared at her computer screen and told me I had to wait. She didn’t say why. In a few minutes, a policeman arrived and told me there was an order from Poland that barred me from all 26 countries in the Schengen Zone.

He said the Poles did not give a reason for the ban, and he asked me what I had done. I said I give talks on immigration, and someone in Poland must not like them. “That makes me a political criminal,” I said.

The officer took me to an interrogation room and asked me about my travel plans. He went off to another room for a while and came back with a form for me to sign, saying that I understood I had been denied entry and was being sent back to the United States. After some more waiting, he fingerprinted me and took my photograph.

He then turned me over to a man in civilian clothes, who took me to a spare, dormitory-like accommodation where I will spend the night. It’s not a jail. People pay the equivalent of $40 to spend the night here if they miss a flight. I am free to walk around the terminal, I can make phone calls and use the internet, and I have a meal voucher that is supposed to last me for the next 12 hours. The officer kept my passport, though, and won’t give it back to me until I board the flight home.

Number 18, my room for the night.

Why did Poland ban me? Last September, I gave a few talks to nationalist groups in Warsaw. The talks went well, so when I was invited to Lithuania and Estonia in February to speak at conferences, I went back to Poland and spoke in Lublin and Warsaw. Attendance was by invitation only, but the Polish police learned about the meetings. They told the organizer that if I broke any Polish hate speech laws, he would be held responsible. They said I was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.”

In both cities, we switched venues for the talks rather than risk having the police show up. The talks were a success, and in Warsaw I also gave two television interviews. I left Poland by plane and assumed the matter was closed; clearly, it wasn’t. My Polish friends say they will try to find out the reason for the ban and try to appeal it.

But what are the Poles thinking? I’m not like Lenin and Trotsky meeting in Paris, plotting to uproot the entire West. I want to keep Poland as it is, the proud and eternal homeland of the Polish people. What I hope for Poland is what a huge majority of Polish people want, and is not much different from the policies of the regime. I am not a danger to Poland; I am its friend, its devoted admirer.

Three years ago, I got a letter from Theresa May, when she was still home secretary. She told me that my views are repugnant and that she had decided to keep me out of her country. Britain is the land of my ancestors, my language, my favorite authors—and now I was an exile. It was a bitter blow.


“Your views are repugnant! — You are banned from stay my country!

Just a few minutes ago, I used my meal voucher at the “Montreux Jazz Lounge” in Terminal E. I watched people eating and talking and laughing, and I envied them. They can come and go as they please. Terminal E is a modern, soulless place, but it is still Europe. It is part of that culture, heritage, and people that I love with a desperate, yearning love—to which I have devoted my life—and from which I am banned.

You and I, working together with our European brothers and sisters, we will save Europe. We will save it from every threat from every corner of the world. But our first and hardest task is to save it from itself.

—  Jared Taylor


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  1. Leaving Taylor’s dilemma aside for a moment, my thoughts are focussed just on Poland’s role in the matter.

    I am getting mixed signals. What is Poland about?

    On one hand they hold fast to their Catholic faith, which I continue to believe is “the” European religion. They resist mass immigration. Yet they do something like this. What is going on?

    Is Taylor the problem? Does it even matter if he he is rejected by the Poles?

    Lots of questions come from this.

    1. The British people who voted to leave the EU were right. In 2022 the EU will take greater control, and that means the member states will become weaker, so weak that they will never get out of the EU. The only hope is that the EU will collapse, but the bureaucrats who run it would not go down without doing serious damage first.

      The EU has brought Orwell’s 1984 closer.

    2. Those Zios……. certainly have a way of shooting themselves in the foot. Allow Mr. Taylor to travel and speak as he pleases. That would be the best strategy. Why create a spectacle? Let’s acknowledge the truth. This gentleman attracts only a tiny, insignificant audience with little political clout. Anyway. Zios aren’t very logical people. This may very well indeed be their downfall…….just thinking….. occasionally Donaldo dwells on such issues from lonely truckstops. Also……TROJ…..miss ya. Hope life at the “institution” isn’t depressing you. Post please. 😉

      1. Donaldo Colina :

        Well, if you want to call Spamblinka an “institution” then YES, I’m in an institution ; and YES, it’s depressing to be locked-up in prison — for being a “thought criminal” and also I guess I “deserve” to be in this “institution” because I’m “NOT Jew-Wise”, like everyone else around here is very Jew-Wise EXCEPT whiddlejoew who is “NOT Jew-Wise” like WE are.

  2. This will happen to all Europeans who speak the TRUTH.
    This is the beginning of the new EUSSR.

  3. What happened to Hague Sophia will also happen to Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, St. Vitus, etc., etc., etc. if the placid flaccid Europeans don’t buck up.
    We’re all Jared Taylor now.
    I’ve seen the faux writing on the wall..

    1. Fascinating video. I can deal with Muslims doing this to building structures. It’s what they are doing to Europe’s social structures that is far more alarming. First it was Christianity, now, with its decline, that other Jewish religion is taking its place in the destruction of traditional European cultures.

      Like the race that spawned them, hideous hag Judaism and her two ugly step daughters must be eliminated from the planet if civilization is to move upward out of the religious muck continually sucking them ever deeper into the Jews’ sickening social miasma.

      It would be nice to clarify for uninformed readers what happened to the Hague Sophia, as not all of us are privy to details surrounding the rapidly changing European nations.

  4. You know things are getting really bad when Jews bother going after marshmallows like Taylor who refuse to address the Jewish question at the root of the race problem.

    The following is from a recent email I received:

    “(David) Irving wasn’t nice and he seemed to be talking to himself rather than to an audience. Maybe he’d lost his voice, but I couldn’t hear a word, even though I moved my chair up to the front row. He appears to have lost all his umph. Mark Weber wasn’t much better although he spoke up. I keep getting 30 day bans for “community guidelines” breaches that I’ve already served FB jail sentences for.”

    Apparently, Jews have won. They have beat down and censored most of the real voices speaking out against them. I have so called “white” websites trashing my comments out of fear of being stonewalled by their ISPs.

    Cameras are everywhere, as the Jews’ terrorist spy state burgeons. Reports of senseless massacres continue unabated as Jews push ever harder for their “final solution” for firearm ownership in the last few countries permitting citizen ownership. Gullible masses flee willingly and ignorantly towards their doom. As they say, things become darkest right before the lights go out.

    From another commenter,

    Someone once asked me: “What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?”

    I replied: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

  5. When are you all jew wise talkers finally understand that we live in a jew world
    Shalom jew wisers

    1. Shalom,
      Donaldo, although infected with the (((virus))) isn’t exactly sure what a “Jew World” actually means. There are many wonderful Jews. Donaldos dentist is Mr. Cohen. He’s absolutely amazing. He performs painless work telling clever jokes the whole time. If viewed properly, Jews are actually a beacon of light to humanity. They are intelligent and gifted. The problem, however, begins with the “Khazar mafia.” These people aren’t true Jews and are a true menace to the World. Take Bibi for example. He’s under indictment for corruption. He basically back-stabbed the average/decent Israeli for his own financial benefit. In Donaldos view he’s not a Jew at all. He’s a Khazar criminal who deserves to spend the rest of his life in an Israeli prison eating pork-based hotdogs…..his favorite food. 🙂

  6. The reason Taylor, Spencer & Co. get deported by Poland and Hungary is probably because those governments assume or know they are USA CIA connected or funded controlled, kosher opposition. Everything Taylor touches turns to sand; he is failure personified. He keeps busy infiltrating little eastern and central European nationalist groups while his SPLC-approved wife takes notes and passes them on.

    A Yalie born in Japan to Presbyterian Ministers in the 1950s who lives in the Beltway, basically unemployed, but also always interviewed and somehow featured in media. Represents no one but is referred to as a leader. Always pushing the black-vs-white narrative while giving the Jordan Peterson response regarding those with ((high IQ)).

    Poland and Hungary, Austria and Italy, know about American counter-intelligence, NATO, etc, as they were the countries in between USSR-USA. If you were trying to protect your country from the EU-UN, globohomo, why would you want Taylor, Spencer & the Company running around giving you bad press, and linking your government to the Mickey Mouse garbage that is the American alt-right?

    1. Fair enough. But what are your own credentials and why should we trust you? I note you badmouth White Nationalism and the AltRight. The Jews go into that also, as you you know. So the question is: are you a Jew or a Useful Idiot for the Jews? Whose side are you on?

      1. What I have written has nothing to do with credentials or identity. It’s all public info.

        1. So you say. But I find it a bit suspicious that you should attack White Nationalism and the AltRight on a White Nationalist AltRight site.

      2. Fair enough but Seb gives an intelligent explanation of why one of the best in Europe, Poland, does not want Taylor. It is just possible that Taylor is a double agent if he will not talk about the JQ.

  7. Some Pole said Jared was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.” TJ may seem a little dense at times, but isn’t it rather ironic that a man, a very peaceful man, was fingerprinted, had a mug shot taken and made persona non grata in Europe and then is accused of “spreading a totalitarian ideology”? What exactly is TJ missing here?
    How long will it be before America revokes the citizenship of men like Jared Taylor who speak the truth? Lets hope that Home Land Security lets Taylor back into the country, at this time. There may come a time when men and women of the West and America who speak the truth are made persona non grata and become a people without a country. When the true “totalitarians” seek to silence the peaceful efforts and speech of men and women like Jared Taylor, there will come a time when men and women will come with sword in hand with a different kind of speech and will not be silenced and go peacefully into the night.
    The recent photos of Theresa May makes me think of what death warmed over looks like. Euro faux leaders like Theresa May are presiding over the death of the West with the dead head faux news at their back.

  8. According to their website (https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/consequences-of-overstaying-in-schengen-area/):

    “Banning people from entering the Schengen is usually applied to those overstaying and working or engaging in other illegal activities. A person can be banned for a period of three years and more from entering any of the member states of the Schengen area.”

    JT does mention being in Poland in September and February which is a six month span. Those visas and visa waivers are valid for 90 days within a six month period so one has to be careful about the technicalities of not overstaying or breaching some condition of the visa.

    You can also be refused entry on the discretion of the immigration officer but in his case the Swiss claimed it was on orders of the Polish authorities. I would think that JT should be able to get a written explanation of why precisely he has been banned. Perhaps he should try applying for a visa from the Swedish embassy and see what response he gets. He really needs to clarify that it is indeed a political ban.

  9. No J-words in this guy’s story.
    Didn’t see the Z-word either..
    Not the word Globalism…
    He points out he’s lost his freedom now, no longer is he like the normal people in the restaurant…
    Could be a warning advert..

  10. What is disheartening is that Mr. Taylor refuses to criticize the very people who are having him banned. It is a matter of fact he embraces them at AmRen.

  11. 3 April 2019

    Jared (is that YOU, Kushner?) seems ripe for peeling and dismemberment!

    We be played, night and day — I’ll resist the temptation, OK?

    Too many Jared-named folks in media-prominent positions for my taste. Spooky. Let’s ask Miles Mathis, shall we?



    Donald Tusk and Donald Trump:
    I think about 10 years ago there was a plane crash in Russia in which the entire Polish government was killed. There were also some Jews in that government at the time, but none of them had gone on board with them … including Donald Tusk ( an American Jew ), currently the EU president ….

    Putin was an accomplish in these murders.

    It was clear from the begin that the plane crashed by means of sabotage.
    These people were killed because they had many doubts about joining the communist EU, the gay laws of the EU were very difficult.
    Not surprising that Jared Taylor is spewed by that country, the Jews are now lord and master there.


  13. I think many of Poland’s citizens might disagree with their gov’t. In other news related to Poland, Jews have lobbied the US gov’t to pass a law so Jews can now rob Poland of property the Jews claim is rightfully theirs, and naturally America’s Jewish run gov’t complied and passed the law. Germany, Switzerland and others have paid over 100 billion dollars to Jews since 1945 under threats of extortion and blackmail. Now the Jews are going after eastern European countries. Watch the video where Poles are protesting in New York and a counter protest by “anti-fascists”, actually anti-Polish Jewish bigots.


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