Life After Death: A Debate

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon


Consisting of comments made by two talented writers with a special interest in the philosophy of religion, Arch Stanton and ‘Saki’. This discussion arose in response to a poem written by the great Victorian poet Christina Rossetti who spent much of her life longing for heaven. Readers are invited to share with us their experiences of the afterlife, if they have had any, or if they know someone else who claims to have had contact with the dead.   

“If the sun and moon should ever doubt,
they’d immediately go out.” William Blake

SAKI:  Christina Rossetti is arguably the best female poet ever. She is certainly among the the most mystical poets writing in the English language, utterly steeped in Christian mysticism and drawing heavily on Plato and Dante as her main influences.

The exquisite poem above (see here with accompanying video) touches on the universal themes of love and death, the two themes that interested Christina most, and which form the basis of the best lyrical poems in the English language.

Christina fell passionately in love like other women, but rejected all her suitors on religious grounds. She remained a reclusive spinster all her life, living under the shadow of her elder brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, founder of the pre-Raphaelite art movement and himself a brilliant poet as well as painter. The portrait of Christina which you see here was painted by her talented brother.

ARCH STANTON (a gifted American writer and political dissident) : One of the most chillingly sad poems I have read. I cannot decide if I am chilled, sad or both. We have a tendency to either forget, or ignore, the fact that all things pass away, making this life one of illusion. It is the youthful delusion of immortality that makes the world the way it is. If man had the image of death constantly visible by his side from birth, the world would be a much different place. Thus, I have long surrounded myself with images of death, lest I forget the outcome of my journey here.

SAKI (to Arch Stanton) : I respect you as a person and enjoy reading your brilliant comments, but please note the following points:

There’s no proof that there’s NO AFTERLIFE, as you glibly assume, so it is NOT a “youthful delusion” to believe in immortality. How can you prove there’s no afterlife since you would first need to die to find out? And if you were right about death being the final chapter, how could you ever enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you were right?

ARCH STANTON:  My Dear Saki, you misunderstand my comment and have made mistaken assumptions about my character. My reference to the youthful delusion of immortality refers to the belief we all have in our youth that we are invincible, that “it will never happen to me.”  Young males are especially afflicted with this idea, one that invariably remains until they are either involved in combat or some other truly life threatening experience where they are confronted with death, or old age finally confronts them with their frail mortality. Until that point, death is something that happens to someone else.

SAKI: Christina Rossetti was no deluded youngster when she longed for heaven, a heaven she believed in passionately all her life. She died at the age of 64 still longing for heaven, preferring it to life on earth. You are really in no position to assume that your skepticism — no god, no afterlife — is a proven fact. A scientific fact. It is simply an opinion, a doubt rooted in existential angst which is a product of your personal psychology.

ARCH STANTON:  You make the assumption that I hate.  I do not. For example, I most certainly do not hate Jewish movies. There are good Hollywood movies and there are bad ones, with the bad far outweighing the good. The fact is, I even enjoy some of the bad Hollywood movies Jews make. What’s more, these movies provide valuable insight into the Jewish mind.

I am not anti-god, Saki.  I am anti-religion.

SAKI:  And you, Arch Stanton, assume falsely that those who believe fervently in God and in an afterlife have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by religion. Consider the possibility that YOU are the brainwashed one, indoctrinated by decades of liberal existentialism and Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism that is in the very air we breathe — as an “ideological pollutant”. A toxic influence we must do all we can to resist.

Every movie you see, produced by the Jews you have told us so often you hate, has helped to form your mind and character and inculcate the godless values of the Jews you despise. Only, dear Arch,  you are unable to see this!  That it’s YOU who are a victim of the age’s promoted godlessness and existential despair. Not the people who believe in higher things because they have experienced them personally in mystical experiences called “epiphanies”, i.e. in “born-again” experiences such as form the basic of William James’ great classic, “The Varieties of Religious experience”.

ARCH STANTON: The Sufis say, “God is closer than your jugular”. It’s the priest that do not want you to find that out.

LASHA DARKMOON:  (commenting aside) : No, it is Allah himself who says this in the Qur’an, and the Sufis simply agree with him. (Qur’an 50:16). So how can the “priest”, as you state, be trying to prevent you from finding this out if Allah himself has told you this in the Qur’an through his prophet Mohammed? (Qur’an 50:16).

The Persian mystical poet Rumi, another “priest” of Islam, is repeating in different words what Allah says in the Qur’an: “I am nearer to you than yourself to yourself. (See here). So it’s false to state that “priests” are deliberately falsifying great religious truths. Bad priests, yes, but not good ones. Remember the sheep have good shepherds as well as bad ones.

God bless you! 🙂

ARCH STANTON: When it comes to “god,” I eschew the term. “God” for me is a Jewish god, a wrathful, judgmental, murderously vindictive parental figure that rewards one when one is  good and punishes one when one is bad. How childishly absurd to think the intelligence behind the universal design and creation would be a figure that small in stature!

SAKI:  It may interest you to know, dear Arch, that the greatest minds of the ages—scientists, philosophers, musicians, mathematicians—have believed strongly in God and in an afterlife, based on PERSONAL EPIPHANIES (mystical experiences) or CONTACT with the divine or the paranormal. The co-founder of the Theory of Evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, believed strongly in a Designer God. His special brand of Darwinism is known as “teleological Darwinism”, i.e., that a Designer God made the universe and did so with a set PURPOSE. He called this Designer God the “Higher Intelligence”. Read this:

Wallace’s ‘Higher Intelligence’ was not the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator/Saviour God of the Bible, but some unidentified and unspecified ‘superior intelligence/power’. Wallace had become involved with spiritism and believed that departed souls could communicate through mediums with people living on Earth. In later life he ardently attended séances, where he believed he received messages from dead relatives.”

ARCH STANTON: You must have missed my many comments concerning the “Beloved,” intelligent design and the Sufis.

As I have written previously, if you are looking for proof of intelligent design, all you have to do is walk out of your front door and take a look at the intelligent life surrounding you.

As for the after life . . . There are countless stories throughout history, throughout all cultures, about the continual return to this life. I myself have experienced dim memories of my past existence that served to explain, and resolve, a number of mysteries in this life. I do not believe in an afterlife. In fact I do not believe anything. I simply have no faith in belief. Instead, I examine the evidence and shave daily with Occam’s razor.

The idea of a repeated return to this life to work out one’s “karma” was never something I wanted to discover. In fact, I set out to find the opposite and was horrified by what I found. The information changed my life’s path. Now I’m Br’er Rabbit, not relishing the thought of actually returning to this briar patch.

I am frequently amazed at how I misrepresent myself.

As for personal epiphanies, you should have been there when I had lunch with Jesus, where he said to me, “Arch old boy, I want you to tell the real story of my life and my mission. I want you to sweep away the cobwebs of magic and mysticism that religion has woven around my life. No one will listen and no one will believe it, but I want you to tell it anyway and let the chips fall where they may.”

I stared in disbelief, asking, “Why me, Jesus? I’m nobody, I am nothing. I have no authority, no degrees or qualification that might bolster such a story. No one will listen to a nobody like me! I never cared about you or the religion they named after your assigned title. In fact I never really believed in you at all.”

Jesus just smiled and replied:

“He that fails to believe in me shall not perish, but shall return repeatedly until he tells my story.  Let’s just chalk it up to one of those “mysteries of God” which people are always talking about. you have been provided with all the talents required to tell my story. You have been given the information as well as the technical ability to write a publishable book. You are a wordsmith who has been given the gift of the written word, such as it is. And you sure didn’t have that talent until I came along. So  get to work! I’ll call on you in few decades to see how you are coming along with my story. Vaya con Díos, Arch! By the way, watch out for the branches on that withered fig tree on your way out.

SAKI:  Brilliant comment, dear Arch! I certainly misunderstood you. Go in peace, dear fellow traveller! and may you find solace and a safe inn at the end of your journey!

SISTER MONICA (moderator, to Arch Stanton) :  An excellent comment, Arch.  But why do you keep demanding proof for things that cannot be proved scientifically and that skeptics will always doubt.  Those who have had mystical experiences and witnessed paranormal events (e.g., poltergeist phenomena, out-of-body experiences (OBE), and near-death experiences (NDE), have no difficulties believing in an afterlife.

LD: Sister, as you know, I have no problems believing in an afterlife, having experienced the miraculous and the supernatural more than once. My own mother was cured of an incurable disease instantaneously and she had psychic experiences that left me in no doubt that life continued after death in one form or other. My own experience of poltergeist phenomena has made me a witness to events for which there can be no rational explanation and which are completely beyond the laws of nature. The only defence the sceptic has against these bizarre narratives is all too predictable: “You are lying!”

The Doubters will always be with us. The blind need to step into the sea to know the sea is there.

SAKI:  I’d be interested to know more about your mother’s incurable disease and its sudden miraculous cure. Also about your poltergeist experiences. Can you provide some more specific details?

LD: I’ve no wish to discuss my poltergeist experience here for two reasons. Firstly, it’s an isolated experience that occurred only recently and I haven’t had time to assess it and figure out its ramifications yet; secondly, no one is likely to believe me, as there were no witnesses to the event apart from myself. To believe in the paranormal you need to experience the paranormal yourself. Hearing about someone else’s experience at second hand is seldom convincing, especially if you don’t know the person involved.

As for my mother’s incurable disease and its miraculous cure, I’ve written about this at some length  in an article about P.D. Ouspensky, the famous disciple of Gurdjieff. Scroll down to my comment here— the long passage in bold font beginning with my initials (LD). I hope this will suffice for the time being.

(A follow-up article by Lasha Darkmoon about the evidence for life after death will be published on this website next week. Ed.)   

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  1. I’d like our esteemed readers and commenters to take the weekend off by reflecting on a completely different topic for a change. Give politics a rest for a couple of days if you can and turn your minds to the eternal verities. Surely there is no subject under the sun of more importance to you than the subject of God’s existence and the possibility of your continued existence after death.

    If you have any personal experiences of the paranormal, please let’s have them. If you are skeptical about these things, let us know why.

    I’d be interested to know why there is so much hostility toward the idea of God. Why do some people hate the Bible so much when others, whose intelligence can hardly be questioned, see the Bible as a source of great wisdom and are willing to die for the ideas it espouses? For example, Isaac Newton is hardly a fool. You would be ill-advised to make fun of such a great scientist for studying the Bible constantly and regarding it as a precious source of wisdom.

    “I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the work of God,” says Newton, “written by those who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.”

    I find it strange there are so many Bible bashers on this site who think they are smarter than Newton.

    1. JSM –

      “If you are skeptical about these things, let us know why.”


      I am skeptical about all of the guesses of men. So, I choose to join Newton in that initiative. 🙂

      Back in the spring of 1720, Sir Isaac Newton owned shares in the South Sea Company, the hottest stock in England. Sensing that the market was getting out of hand, the great physicist muttered that he ‘could calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people.’

      Newton astutely dumped his South Sea shares, pocketing a 100% profit totaling £7,000. But just months later, swept up in the wild enthusiasm of the market, Newton jumped back in at a much higher price — and lost £20,000 (or more than $3 million in [2002-2003’s] money. For the rest of his life, he forbade anyone to speak the words ‘South Sea’ in his presence. The money guys got him!

      I learned Newton was not smart in everything he did. Like all of us, including me, he had some really bad guesses.

      Right or wrong… I guess there is no life after death. And with that guess, I do not get sucked into Hollywood’s mind control using zombies and ghosts and evil beings as tools, in an attempt to shape my mind.

    2. Lasha

      I have absolutely no doubt about life after death (and before it too). Apart from being able to recall several earlier incarnations, I’ve also been in communication with the dead (not through a medium or séance but directly), encountered many ghosts (as a child I lived in a house where a man had been murdered years before and I would see his spirit at night, although I believe what I saw was not a conscience entity), and been out of body myself.

      In addition I’ve had a Near Death Experience myself. Trouble is, I cannot remember it although my family and friends assure me I told them about it.

      In August 1997 I was involved in a major motorcycle crash in which I sustained, in the words of the surgeons report, “severe and extensive brain damage”. While being flown by helicopter to hospital I slipped into a coma and remained that way for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

      This was around the time of Princess Diana’s “accident” and I remember waking up in a hospital bed with a TV broadcasting her funeral. According to my friends and family, when I first came out of coma I told them excitedly about my “friends on the other side” many of whom, I’m told I said, were “Russian”.

      Now I cannot remember any of this. The accident and even me telling my friends and family this are all a complete blank. Although they assure me I did and from what I can gather I sounded very positive and enthusiastic about it all.

      Apparently, one of my “friends” on the other side was GI Gurdjieff and it sounds like he was debriefing me in the spirit world before my return here. I should note that while a young man I was a keen student of GI Gurdjieff. He died before I was born but I regard him as one of my first esoteric guides.

      Rixon Stewart

      1. Dear Rixon,


        Many thanks for your thought-provoking comment. I had no idea you’d had all these personal experiences of the paranormal, though I was aware of your interest in these esoteric matters from various articles on Truthseeker. Your acquaintance with the work of Gurdjieff is of great interest to me.

        My family, especially my grandfather, were part of the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky circle and spent a lot of their time at Coombe Springs in Surrey, the then home of J.G. Bennett, a gifted polyglot (with 17 languages under his belt) and a lifelong disciple of Gurdjieff. Bennett, now dead, has written a biography of Gurdjieff and also a 4-volume treatise called ‘The Dramatic Universe’ which was in my father’s library. I tried reading it in my teens but it was utterly beyond my comprehension and I had to give up after a few pages.

        I remember Bennett telling my father, who was a boy at the time, that a pebble lying at their feet on the sandy beach was a “conscious being”. My father picked the pebble up and tossed it into a sea. Bennett laughed and said jokingly, “You should have asked its permission!”

        My own personal encounters with the paranormal have been rare and I have never had an impressive experience like yours, except for one recent poltergeist experience which would be of no interest to others, given that it was an isolated incident to which there were no witnesses apart from myself. My belief in the paranormal comes entirely from being the witness of my mother’s paranormal experiences. Her miraculous cure, for example, which was instantaneous. She also had apparitions which spoke to her and gave her information she could never have come by in a normal way. In addition, she had several out-of-body experiences in which she travelled to places far away and saw things she was not meant to see.

        One such experience I remember her telling me about. At one stage in my mother’s life, my father took a mistress and would visit her house regularly in a suburban street in London. My mother suspected he had a mistress on the side, but she wasn’t sure.

        While sitting on her patio one day, in her rocking chair, my mother fell into a deep reverie and it was then the OBE experience occurred. She found herself travelling in spirit to the leafy lane in London where my father’s mistress lived. She entered the front garden of the house through a green gate, walked into the hallway through the closed front door, climbed the stairs, and walked into a bedroom on the first floor. There she saw, in a corner of the room, a pair of my fathers’s maroon velvet slippers and an old coat of his hanging on a hook. On the bed sat my father’s mistress, combing her hair. She was naked. My mother noticed the woman had only one breast. On her bedside table lay a paperback novel in German.

        My mother said nothing, nor was the woman in the room even aware of my mother’s presence. She just went on combing her hair and humming to herself. Obviously my mother was not there in the flesh. It was just her spirit body, composed of insubstantial matter of some kind.

        To cut a long story short, my mother “woke up again” (if that’s the correct description) in her rocking chair. She couldn’t believe the experience she’d just had and made a note of it quickly on a piece of paper. Later she confronted my father, telling him exactly what she had seen. He was flabbergasted. The impact on his mind was so profound that he not only broke off his extramarital affair at once but emigrated to a new country, Canada, in order to sever all ties with his mistress.

        He then confirmed every single item of information provided by my’s mother’s experience: (1) The garden had a green gate. (2) His mistress’s bedroom was on the first floor. (3) He kept an old coat and a pair of slippers in his mistress’s bedroom. (4) The German book on the bedside table was explained; his mistress was German. (5) Finally, her one breast was also explained; she’d had a mastectomy after developing breast cancer.

        My mother, apart from the fact that she would never lie to me about such an experience, just didn’t have the imagination to make up such a story. Nor did she profit from it in any way. She kept it quiet, and just told me and her sister about it.

        My mother was completely indifferent to the sceptical disbelief of others. But my father believed her implicitly and this converted him from being a freethinking atheist into a firm believer, though not into a good Christian like my mother. My mother remained throughout her life a pious Roman Catholic who said her rosary every day and died at the age of 87 after receiving Holy Communion.

        It is my deep love for my mother, a simple soul incapable of lying, that has made me sympathetic to core Christianity and to the teachings of all the truthseekers in other religions. I feel desperately sorry for all those who wander in darkness and think their darkness is light, never losing an opportunity to tell me how they loathe Christianity and the very idea of God.

  2. To think in terms of an “afterlife” implies the illusion of time by use of the word “after”. To me this suggests an interruption of what would otherwise be a continuum of existence where no such condition occurs.

    Consider that a longing for death really means a longing to be removed from a reality in which death is even POSSIBLE. And what MAKES it possible is to be contained in these physical vessels subject to “time” whose passages reach the inevitable conclusion of our mortal demise

    The ultimate questions are WHY these physical conditions at ALL? What “God” imposes that which prescient people like Rosetti long to be GONE from?

    1. To think in terms of an “afterlife” implies the illusion of time by use of the word “after”. To me this suggests an interruption of what would otherwise be a continuum of existence where no such condition occurs.

      Good point, Brownhawk, but nevertheless this is a needless and unprofitable quibble. It may well be, as you imply, that when we die that time ceases to exist and we enter eternity, a timeless realm of the spirit. The term “afterlife”, which implies time, is therefore the wrong word to use. So you say.

      But this is a semantic quibble that gets us nowwhere, because we are considering death as something that occurs in THIS life, not in the next! When Brownhawk dies, what do people think? Do they think he is still around in the present? Doesn’t your postmortem existence imply a future in another dimension? A “what next” somewhere else?

      From the point of view of the mourners at your funeral, you have “passed on” to an “afterlife”.

      How can you “pass on” if, as you insist, you are NOT passing on but remaining exactly where you are in the Now Moment? 🙂

      I know you are profound thinker, Brownhawk, but it’s necessary to apply a little common sense.

      There are literally MILLIONS of books written about the afterlife. What does Brownhawk want? Millions of book titles changed? You want the word “after” deleted? 🙂

      1. If the word “after” is deleted, then “death” will have become obsolete in places where it’s obsolescence occus

        1. Brilliant article! And such a refreshing change of topic. I am sick to death of hearing constantly about Jews Jews, JEWS! As if there were nothing else worth talking about!

          Both Saki and Arch Stanton deserve a standing ovation. Well done, ye valiant stalwarts of the written word!

          I am basically more sympathetic to Saki’s viewpoint, but Arch writes like an angel and his modesty and self-restraint are commendable traits of character. His sense of humor is also something in his favor. He is obviously an accomplished wordsmith. I loved his brilliant phrase saying he
          “shaved daily with Occam’s razor”.

          That’s one razor Gillette won’t be manufacturing! 🙂

  3. Whilst in a semi-séance in the early hours of the morning, without my meaning to be in such, I asked what actually happened when a person passes away. Being a poet, I had pen and pad to hand.
    Quite unexpectedly, I became a ‘radio’ for a spiritual presence, which set out precisely what happens in the moments following mortal death. Acting as a stenographer, I scribbled down her words as they entered my consciousness: Only the first stanza is my own, the others are not mine.


    From earth to birth, from birth to earth,
    From womb to tomb – thereafter,
    Through tears and grief beyond relief,
    Yet I recall the laughter.

    Darkness swirled as death unfurled,
    As curtain folds it fell,
    Whilst far away beyond the veil,
    Was heard the tolling bell.
    Now time to go I seemed to know,
    A bright star bid the way.
    A lonely light in darkest night,
    Come home it seemed to say.

    Companion angel drew her cloak,
    To guard against the cold,
    She turned her face to Paradise,
    Then life released its hold.
    Then brushed my fingers blithely,
    A touch no more, not seen,
    So light it might have been a thought,
    I dreamed it might have been?

    The pious apparition,
    Wedded wisdom to her youth,
    Such purity of innocence
    That knew no more than truth.
    With patience infinitum,
    With love that knew no bound,
    The angel raised me from the earth,
    My life was now uncrowned.

    A shadow as a night-dream,
    So vague defies recall,
    It promised sweet fulfillment,
    Respite from mortal thrall.
    Half-forgotten dreams that tease,
    In slumber’s dark beyond,
    A golden thread twixt life and death,
    So easy breaks the bond.

    To gaze beyond the edge of time,
    The span was almost passed,
    As mortal life slipped by to sense,
    To know the die was cast.
    To see the wraith, behold the eye;
    Be warmer by her breath,
    A mist unraveled to reveal,
    Supreme, the State called Death.

    A fellow for the higher road,
    A journey bold and new,
    Where all is what you wish to be,
    And all you ever knew;
    Where love is breath and truth is bread,
    The words you dream are said,
    A higher place of love and light,
    When all that passed is dead.

    It’s time to go she whispered,
    Yet I never heard her voice.
    Her love was neither carnal,
    Not of this mortal place.
    Still sleeps the comprehension,
    When time runs past as sand,
    Then shakes the mortal fetters free
    I greet the better land.

    I drifted midst the past now gone,
    To life that lay ahead,
    The place I knew as living
    To the place I know as dead.
    Beheld the phantom travelers,
    Their past lives as they go,
    They wander silent to their goal,
    Each one I seemed to know –
    That we had shared those stepping stones,
    And there had been a few,
    Our pathways of our endless trek,
    The wanderers must do.

    And then I see in you and this,
    A link I can define,
    I know I shared my life with thee,
    Our lives were yours and mine.
    I searched through life and death again,
    To see your missing face,
    Companion of a former life,
    Who may have missed a pace?

    Oh, spirit though a fleeting thought,
    That knows no time or place,
    You drift through ages past and fore,
    Yet keep a steady pace.
    To weigh my heart with sadness,
    On the paths that will unwind,
    The stepping stones that bear the souls,
    Of those who fall behind.

    The light was not of morning,
    And of shadows there were none,
    All the heavens shimmered,
    There’s never setting sun.
    Eternal youth she promised,
    Though I heard not of her tongue,
    Death to life, it beckons,
    You’ll be forever young.

    ‘Come,’ the spirit whispered,
    Like a mother to her child.
    Hers was the light that never set,
    Whose love was undefiled?
    Let go, let go, she whispered,
    Let go my precious son –
    Step out on to the stepping stones,
    Your life on earth is done.

    Michael Walsh

    1. Michael Walsh –

      Amazing work! It is one of the best I have ever read.
      You became to me a ‘tour guide’ through the unknown.
      I could not wait to read the next verse, and wanted to traverse even more at the end. But “done” is final.
      Great trip!
      BRAVO…. and thanks!!

  4. But why do you keep demanding proof for things that cannot be proved scientifically and that skeptics will always doubt.

    The proof for truth, is always there. I admit there are many inexplicable occurrences that happen in this life. However, while most of these occurrences prove to be manufactured, some remain unexplained. Once again, I look to the Sufis for an answer, to wit, these occurrences are neither miraculous or paranormal, they are in fact events that lie outside the realm of traditional knowledge; mere “magic tricks” as it were. When one understands this, these events are not surprising. It is interesting that great scientific minds, striving to take apart the universe, find in the end there are matters in this universe that cannot be explained by their methods.

    Thank you dear Lasha for the quote from the Quran. I did not realize this is the source the Sufis quote for the closeness of the Beloved. Yet, I reflect on that other Sufi saying, “religion is a good start, but one must transcend religion if they are to pursue the path of enlightenment.”

    Therefore, the first step is to realize there is intelligence behind the design and creation of this existence. However, what religion says about “god” has little to do with it, outside the fact of recognizing its existence. Due to his intelligence, man has an innate sense of the universal intelligence, but can no longer connect with it due to a corrupted state of being. This is where the priests step in with their religious claims for knowing and understanding the essence behind this intelligence, when in fact they are just as clueless as their followers on the matter. Yet, for lack of resources, man in his desperate search for truth listens to these priests leading them down the primrose path of reassuring feel-good, for a price of course. While the immediate price for belief in the priest’s words can be counted in terms of human effort, ultimately the price is that of one’s soul, a soul that must return to this life repeatedly in its search for truth.

    That truth is there is nothing here for the soul but empty desires. Round and round we go, as those desires lead our individuated souls back to the same cyclical end as the last life. There is only an illusion of the brass ring on this merry-go-round of life. The soul’s challenge is to move beyond the cycle of life and death so it may return to the ocean of universal consciousness – forever. So here I sit, waiting at this polluted, bus-stop of existence in a forgotten corner of the universal design, rapidly shedding the last few remaining desires preventing my one-way ticket from this brutal, repetitious cycle we think of as existence.

    I wonder if others are tiring of those popups continually asking for opinions about Donald Trump, whose image looks out from the screen with squinty, steely-eyed resolve, as if to say, “you just wait, were going to show those Iranians a thing or two.”

    Trump will save us! Yeah right, but from what?

    1. Arch, you have a brilliant way of articulating your truths and I appreciate them. However, some of what you say appears to assume that the soul is weak and therefore on a merry-go-round of reincarnation in order to “learn.” But does this not imply that the intelligence you speak of that has designed this existence is also somehow stupid and has created befuddled souls that need to “learn.” I don’t think this is true. We are not hear to learn. We are here to be conscious creators and to co-create a magnificent reality WITH the Creator.

      I think we have a very peculiar set of circumstances on Earth at this time due to INTERFERENCE from jew know who. This interference has left most of humanity completely disconnected from their soul’s intelligence — and even from their soul itself. Through trauma-based mind control, the soul dissociates and leaves the body to do as it will. It is these separated bodies that reincarnate so readily into the satanic matrix. They do so not by conscious choice, but through unconsciousness and a disconnect from their soul.

      In order to stop reincarnating (if that is what people want), I believe it is necessary to first reconnect with our soul and then make the conscious choice upon exit that they will not be returning into any satanic matrix. As for me, I am specifying that I will only incarnate here again on a pristine Earth without the dark forces present here. I want to experience this realm the way the Creator has designed us to experience it. But we cannot do so while these evil pricks are on Earth. They will never stop trying to interfere with our well-being and trying to destroy the Earth and everything that is good and beautiful. We cannot co-exist with them. They have to go. And I am not advocating violence here, but rather CONSCIOUSNESS and a conscious determination that we are no longer willing to co-exist with evil and that it must leave our reality. Now.

      So sayeth Jeanice!

  5. Think “Order of the Universe” instead of (middle eastern God) and you will do fine. However, those of us who have experienced certain events find Order of the Universe a cumbersome term, so we say “God”.

    But middle eastern or not, there are a few tidbits in the bible that are true. You just have to stop interpreting them literally.

    1. Aaaaah, but what exactly IS the true nature of the Sun’s light?

      Consider that the Sun “cloaks” the true Divine light. And that it is this “false” light whom the notorious Sun worshippers…….worship. This aligning with what ol’ Tom Paine discovered in his research of masonry 😎

      1. BH, Divine Light cloaked or an extension of Divine Light?

        Srila Prabhupada– “He Himself is luminous. We have experience in the material world of one light’s being a reflection of another, just as moonlight is a reflection of the sunlight. Sunlight is also a reflection of the brahmajyoti, or spiritual effulgence. Similarly, the brahmajyoti is a reflection of the body of the Supreme Lord. This is confirmed in the Brahma-samhita: yasya prabha prabhavatah. ‘The Brahman effulgence is the Lord’s bodily luster.’ “

        Śrī Īśopanishad 15 — “O my Lord, sustainer of all that lives, Your real face is covered by Your dazzling effulgence. Kindly remove that covering and exhibit Yourself to Your pure devotee.”

      2. An “extension” in a manner of speaking I suppose. But still a cloak nonetheless in my view of it ; superimposed, meaning the Divine light is blocked

      3. BH, yes it sure does seems like most of ‘it’ (lol) is a cloaked extension, reflection. Auto-cloak no doubt, but that’s OK because I did get a complimentary smidgen and how much of something that can’t be bought with diamonds does a person really need anyhow..
        (just kidding, I want more)

      4. The false light is that of lucifer and can be FELT and EXPERIENCED through our wireless technologies and the damage they are doing to our bodies and our spirit.

  6. When the flesh is animated, where goes the “light” when animation ceases??? Thinking rationally, it stands to reason that it’s SOMEWHERE (which lends credibility to the prospect of reincarnation). An “old soul” may be one which has re-animated several times. “Past lives” visions occur in places significant to past events at which the subject was present, or in which [it] participated. I firmly believe it exists. Archie’s denial of an “afterlife” is rather childish and stubborn. He has painted himself into a corner.

  7. But why do you keep demanding proof for things that cannot be proved scientifically

    All things can be proven scientifically. That observations might be perceived within the mind of the beholder without leaving a trace on an oscilloscope does not detract from the matter, as long as the observations are clear, detailed and repeated with preferably hundred or thousands of cases.

    Observations on consciousness and immortality of the soul within the Hindu or Buddhist tradition satisfy these criteria going back thousands of years. For a modern treatment containing predictions, some of which have come to pass, I refer to the lowly Indian civil servant who spontaneously became spiritual and intellectual luminary Gopi Krishna. In the 70’s he published several books jointly with eminent Max Planck physicist Carl_Friedrich_von_Weizsäcker.äcker

    So how can the “priest”, as you state, be trying to prevent you from finding this out if Allah himself has told you this in the Qur’an

    Suffis aside, Abrahamic religion administrators do this by focusing on “club membership perks” and “heavenly pension plans”; whereas salvation is within each of us through individual worship and especially though positive and unselfish action in the here and now.

  8. The psychiatrist Ian stevenson did an impressive research into reincarnation, for example book, children who remember previous lives etc.
    If his findings are correct our human spirit gets recycled on earth. I remember these cases he investigated were traumatic cases, with violent deaths, incidents etc, not deaths by natural causes. Impressive stuff.

  9. “…if they have had any, or if they know someone else who claims to have had contact with the dead.”
    TJ thinks he has had several run ins with the dead. They call themselves democrats and some are college students. Well I suppose they are just brain dead. TJ wonders if democrats, commies and such get to go to heaven and if they channel to AOC, the Clinkon Crime Family and the Democrat presidential hopefuls.
    Otherwise a real nice poem but a little long to set to music.
    By the way D.M. Murdock was very spiritual person. I hope she made it to the great spirit in the sky.

  10. No one can absolutely prove that there is or is not life after death. So, I’d say to nonbelievers: be practical. If there is an afterlife, you’ll find out soon enough. If there is not – well, what have you lost by believing it while you were still alive?

  11. If this true account is of any use to all of you, then it will be helpful to me. I have waited for the time to tell this story, and it seems that this would be as good a time as any. I am 64 yrs old of common English ancestry and from old stock of an old walled English border city. On 18/5/2017 at roughly 8-9 O,clock at night I suffered a massive cardiac arrest . It was preceded by a feeling of sickness like a hangover, then sharp chest pains. I managed to pull the alarm cords in my home( I live in sheltered housing for the over 60,s, which are fitted with alarms.) An ambulance was dispatched to me and arrived within 5 mins. On entering and seeing my condition the medic informed me with urgency that I was having a massive cardiac arrest. I was sat down in a wheel chair and wheeled out to the ambulance. I have a beautiful powerful wild loyal husky/malamute who is my only love and soul companion, so my heart and mind was full of worry and fear for him. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as they gave me oxygen and began the journey to Hospital. I heard the medic begin to panic and heard him say ” we have to move faster, he is going, he’s going” then I heard ” he’s gone!”……… I had been staring up at the white roof of the ambulance and with these words the white seemed to become everything… All I can tell you all is that this world that my body inhabited and surrounded me, all of it , just vanished, all of it. Without any problem or noise or resistance, it faded away. I found myself in what seemed pure white light, all fear for myself and my beloved dog , all pain, all had gone. I wondered to myself ” where am I what’s happened. My consciousness was informed where I was. I feared that it knew my darkest thoughts , it immediately informed me why I was there , it showed me the actions that I had committed and showed me the good in them. I was informed that I had been close to this state many times and I just could not see through the veil. Then it informed me that now I would know why men wall themselves up in the caves of the Himalayas, for any who know of this state would never wish to leave it, and always they would strive to reach it…. Then I seemed to move or pass into a deeper more pure intense white light, I cannot use words to describe this state or my conscious condition.. Bliss, nirvana, heaven, paradise….I have known the deepest grief and sorrow through my life. Seen death of so many loved ones and so many dreams broken an so much loss. But it all left me in this conscious state/place, all grief left and it seemed just love filled me , a love like no other, pure knowledge infinite wisdom and compassion . I knew that we can never ever lose anyone that all I have ever or do or could ever love I never can lose for they are with me always. I felt as though my mind was expanding beyond any expanse, and what seemed like the most beautiful and serene smile was crossing my soul…. The stillness of my mind, I could not explain, it was empty of thoughts but full of knowledge and peace and wisdom…I felt what seemed like a warm affectionate arm around my soul and it seemed to turn me to what seemed my right. I found myself stepping out into my older sisters front room. It was bathed and surrounded by this light. It shone through everything the walls the windows it was so lovely so warm so pure. I was approached by my sisters, there were others there but only my sisters spoke…….I will keep what was said to myself unless those who read this wish to hear….I was angry over serious horrors that seem to afflict the world I live in and made it clear that darkness seemed to be walking the earth…. Suddenly I knew I had to leave and at that instance darkness swept around me and I seemed to fall down a tunnel, a dark tunnel the light receding into the distance….Just as darkness fell on my mind I realized where I had been and tried to struggle back to the light. I kept on struggling but darkness closed in. From that point only nightmares filled my delirious mind which awoke confusingly 17 days later. My brother told me twice my body had shut itself down and the doctors had warned him that it was likely I would suffer damage to my mind and speech due to lack of oxygen. Apparently they allowed someone to play a recording of my malamute howling for me into my ear, from that moment I made what the doctors said was a stunning recovery. I have been informed that I died in the ambulance and because it was moving no attempt to resuscitate me could be made. It was 10 mins till we reached the hospital and it took the staff 8 eclectic shots and about 10 mins of CPR( is that the right term?) to start my heart, I was then put into an induced coma. For those who have medical knowledge this is copied from the discharge sheet : Patient came to Hospital after out of Hospital cardiac Arrest on 18/5/2017 for stabilisation-ventilated and incubated. Initial rhythm was VT/VF. Patient had PCI and 2 stents to R coronary Artery via right groin. Patient then had a Hematoma in the right groin/scrotal area. Required Inotropic support and Ventilation when transferred back to #### Hospital. Patient treated with Meropenem for aspiration Pneumonia and started on Amiodarone due to likely VT. Investigations/results ( relevant): Echo19/5- severely LVSF, Septum Akinetic, reduced RV function. Sputum grew raoultella ornithionolytica – treated with IV tazocin and doxycycline. N If this story has any worth to those who read it then I have more to post if the interest is there. It relates to what my mind or soul has learned from that place. It is so strange but its something that all the great mystics, all the faiths and all the holy people have ever said…Its simple, its always there , it is all there is, this place is hell. its full of suffering… I just want to go back, I want to remain in that place. in that space…… We are bound by the speed of light, and the distance it has to cross, yet we are creatures whose reach is no more then 3 feet, our stride no more then 3ft, and we live for no more then 80-90100 yrs…..Its not possible to form the words to encompass the infinite energy of the conscious mind that is the source of all things….The speed of light is a mountain range that slowly falls to dust.. Its standing still…….the conscious energy is the source of it all…………. I hope these words are of some use……..May the longtime sun shine on you..

    1. It is all there is, this place is hell. its full of suffering… I just want to go back, I want to remain in that place. in that space…

      This is exactly what I have been saying all along, I don’t ever want to return to this hell again. However, that is far easier said than accomplished, as by now, you well know. It takes the soul countless lifetimes of work before it is finally prepared to move on from this school of truancy from the Beloved. As the Sufis say, those who fear death, do not know what the other side looks like.

      1. Arch Stanton, I think it best that I post further info on my Experience as many of the replies have been very, very illuminating. I am not of an academic background but have read widely as a lay man…I did not want to write to much as I was not sure how it would be taken. But I have many questions about it and on posting here many of them seem to be able to be answered. I think!! No I know what I post will be of interest to you, your words show that. Thank you for your words and your time , they are extremely helpful.

    2. Thank you for your story. I’ve read of similar ones, but there was no dog’s howling to revive the near-dead!

      I had a deep experience, too. I was not on drugs, I was young & healthy and it was a beautiful day. God, this sounds so corny & pompous, but I understood everything, saw everything. I don’t have your ability to give words to a wordless experience. The happiness I felt was beyond description. It didn’t seem to last long, though. Time was suspended, so how could I say for sure. I was walking at the time and I could no longer feel my feet on the ground during this event.

      You mention us being bound by the speed of light. Some sages said that when you are in the next world and ready to merge with God, you move at infinite speed. This is a thing I can’t comprehend.

      Do you think it is right for medical people to revive those who are obviously ready for the next world and who, indeed, are welcoming it?

      1. Wyandotte, Thank you for your words and for your questions. I will post the actual information I received during my experience and also, very importantly the after effects and the wisdom that came during my recuperation. In regards to ” the speed of light is standing still” and your question of your inability to comprehend how we move at the speed of god… Its Tesla who informed us ..I think this is right. Did tesla when asked where he got his ideas from reply that there is a source from which all emanates, and if we can vibrate at its frequency it gives all we need.. I am not academic so I might be wrong , but this I know because it simply was, it became….The best way to explain how its done is that we are all energy, just pure energy and we vibrate and oscillate…. There is no distance to energy, the right frequency and all merges……As for your question of ” is it right to revive people..” As I said in my post… I tried to get back to the light, my body shut itself down twice, my brother was prepared my the staff of the ICU for my death….My answer for you can only be my life…The light sent me back, gently without pain, but firmly…… Truthfully for you my answer is that its the other side which will decide, the light decides… I will post soon a full account of what was said and what I have learned, it may be of use to people on here. I know their comments have already helped me.

    3. I like that story about your dog, Hewell. Dogs know and share our most astute senses. Some years ago, when I was fresh out of college and going to establish a business in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I took up residence at my recently-deceased great aunt’s plantation manor house. Except for an old housekeeper (who lived on the farm), I stayed there, alone.
      People asked me how I could stand to reside in that “big, old haunted house” by myself, but I just told them the house knew me and liked me. The ghosts were there, but I had three wonderful dogs who communicated their presence well – a German Shepherd, an Austrailian Shepherd, and a snow-white Samoyed. They surrounded my bed, at night, and slept on the carpet. Whenever I had lady friends over to spend the night, my old aunt’s presence would be felt if one of them ventured into her area of the house. The dogs would whine, and an unpleasant odor would eminate across the threshold of that sitting room off her bedroom. The old housekeeper used to warn me “Don’t let dat trash stay in Miss Margaret’s room! She haunt y’all!” I certainly believed it. (All non-virgin, unmarried women were “trash” to Rosa B.)
      Now the house and thirty acres has been bought by some rich Yankees who have established it as an “event center”, catering to fancy weddings and such. That wonderful old farm has been split-up, and I wonder if the ghosts are content. Many soldiers died there at the Battle of Brandy Station, and much history was made in that house – which hosted famous generals and statesmen throughout its centuries. Overnight, non-family guests who I would knowingly assign to a certain “haunted” bedroom would recount strange things and sounds which occurred at night. It was amusing.

      1. Your story was very interesting, I know a little about Brandy station. It was one of the largest cavalry battles of the Civil war. What could have been a Union victory ended with them being forced to withdraw, and jeb Stuart( is that his name) became a legend because of it. I know that dogs have senses we do not, and like you I am always glad that I am with mine. Seeing that you told a lovely story of friendly household ghosts and your dogs, here is ours Shadows and mine. I never would have dogs near me cos I lived in a tipi on the earth, very close to nature. I wanted wild animals around me and felt dogs would scare them away, years I lived this way. Then around my 45th year a dog came ,called Shadow, black as coal and free as the wind. For 11 yrs he guided me through dark nights guarded me from all that sneaked around or moved about… I grew to love him beyond words. After 11 yrs someone did for him and one dark night he never came back. My grief at his loss knew no bounds and for months I would stay inside not move. My friends said ” get another” But I knew there could never be another so I would reply that if a dog came it would be Shadow and he would come as a dog who could run for ever and have a ferocious bite.. Then after a year or so, when ever I was low and near to tears , within me a memory would stir and shadow would move again through my mind and soul….. I would be lifted out of the dark place and on I would move… Then one day while walking along the river, in my minds eye I saw him in front of me, he barked over his shoulder and I said out loud” your telling me I have someone to meet”…..One week later I got a phone call from someone across that river, from the same opposite spot…..” either you take this dog or it goes to the pound… need to meet this dog” Cut a long story short, it was an 18mth old husky/malamute……..And would you believe he was chipped and he had been named at birth Shadow…. he has been with me ever since, and we covered thousands of miles …. Thank for your stories of the house, and Brady station, they were very evocative .

    4. Hewell – that is such a beautiful sharing. I am truly grateful to you. Your love for your dog and your dog’s love for you is what brought you back. How incredibly beautiful is that? And how wonderful would it be if, when we choose to reincarnate, it is because there are people or beings on Earth who love us so much and they are calling us back.

      I would be very interested in hearing more of your story should you choose to share. Thank you again for telling us of your experience.

  12. When I was 17, some football/basketball friends of mine were in a church group, and they invited me to go to a popular whitewater river to camp for a week. The church had a little spot of their own where we could camp. Near the campground was a small waterfall that we would go over riding on innertubes. We did it so much that eventually I could do it with “no hands,” i.e. not holding onto the tube.

    The next year we were graduating high school. In the three day period between our last class and the graduation ceremony, a bunch of us decided to go back to the river.

    We started on innertubes maybe a couple of miles upstream from where had camped before. When we got to the waterfall I said “Look! No hands!” and went over.

    I landed badly, went over backwards, and got caught in the undertow of the waterfall. When that happens, you’re supposed to swim down and around, but I panicked and tried to swim to the surface. The undertow pulled me back down.

    Getting scared, I tried to surface again, same result.

    I was running out of energy by then, figured I had one more chance. Same result. Going down for the third time and had no more strength. I knew I was finished.

    Well once I started breathing water my body shut down pretty quickly. I stopped moving, and knew that I was dead. Spirit came up through the top of my head, and I lingered above my body, seeing my long 70s hair floating up in the water.

    Next thing I knew, I was in “outer space” (except there were no stars), looking down on my life. We experience this world in three dimensions, but all our life experiences are tied together through time. So I was looking down at a 4-dimensional object that was my life. It’s impossible to visualize in this world, we’re not wired that way, but in the afterlife it is what it is, and there it was. I would describe it as a 4-dimensional hologram.

    I noticed that some portions were brighter than the rest, and remember thinking we live our life for a few special moments, and the rest is just filler. I saw lots of waves and chalkboards lol. Yeah, when you’re 18, most of your life had been spent in school or at the beach.

    I never stopped being myself. My body died, I kept going. I never lost consciousness, never stopped being me. Floating in the Void, cracking jokes to myself (“Four dimensions! Who’d of thunk it?!”)

    It seemed like I was just about to settle into examining my life in greater detail but then there as a huge sucking sensation, and I was back in my body. A friend had come up behind me, saw my hair, and pulled me out of the river by it. He and my long 70s hair saved my life. Later he told me he said “Hey that looks like (Triuwida’s) hair! And yanked me up and out. Dude had the hugest hands, could palm a b-ball with ease, so I got lucky there, not sure many could have pulled me out.

    Dying by drowning? Not too bad. A moment of panic, then acceptance because you really have no other choice.

    Surviving a near death by drowning? Hideously painful. I spent the evening around the campfire, taking quick shallow breaths and wishing I had stayed dead haha.

    Decades later, I was bored at work and googled “near death experience” and found that everything I had experienced was common. The out of body experience, the Life Review in four dimensions. Attending an NDE conference years later I learned that conversions to Christianity after a NDE are common as many meet Jesus. Reuniting with loved ones is also common, the famed “tunnel of light.”

    The International Associatation for Near Death Studies (IANDS) has a lot of info on the subject, if anyone is interested in learning more. I will add when I went to that conference I met some really cool folk, some really screwed up people, and one featured speaker that I would describe as a self-admitted fraud.

    IANDS likes the fraud, which is disappointing, and I stopped going to their events, but I’d still recommend perusing their research. Especially anything by Dr. Jody Long. She and her husband both struck me as good honest researchers, and they had some interesting insights regarding what I experienced.

    1. As you say, drowning becomes a peaceful acceptance. I recall my own experience at Nags Head (closest to the Gulf Stream) when the undertow pulled me down. I remember asking God “Is this ALL You have for me??” I was disappointed because I knew I still had so much to do which I thought was important. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t important, at all. Finding “peace” is getting over yourself. Finding God makes us realize how minuscule we truly are. (A lot of folks seem afraid to find out!)

      1. Jeanice –

        Thank you for the kind words. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I just now saw your comment.

        So easy to miss things in this long long thread!

  13. Hewell –

    Just read your account, thank you and God Bless You.

    Agreed, down here is hell. One of the levels anyway.

    Hewell said “I felt as though my mind was expanding beyond any expanse”

    Yeah, I forgot to mention that, my mind expanded enormously after losing the body. It’s like the brain chokes us down, lose the constraints of the body and suddenly we find that we are so much more than we ever knew.

    I could see every memory I ever had, all at once, and it was no strain on my mind to do so.

    It made me realize – we are so limited in human form.

    1. Triuwida, Thank you for the info on IANDS and doctor Jody Long and your story. I will post further on my Experience as it might help others and you might find it very interesting. I no longer have any fear of death and also very few questions about the source of life/energy/God. It seems now very silly that I ever doubted or that I questioned it/his /her existence. I should post further as I did not tell all and what I have to tell could prove useful and interesting. I will research about Dr Long and thank you for your opinion on IANDS, I think I agree with you on much of what you feel.

  14. At age 17 William Cullen Bryant created perhaps his most famous work. TJ.s favorite part of this work reads:
    “All that tread The globe are but a handful to the tribes
    That slumber in its bosom.–Take the wings
    Of morning, pierce the Barcan wilderness,
    Or lose thyself in the continuous woods
    Where rolls the Oregon and hears no sound
    Save his own dashings–yet the dead are there:”
    Bryant ends with:
    ” By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave,
    Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
    About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.”

    (The “Barcan wilderness is in North Africa. Bryant’s “Oregon” is one of the very first if not the first use of the word. He was most likely referring to what became know as the Columbia River that runs between the States of Oregon and Washington. Thanatopsis was created not long after the famous Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific ocean where they spent winter near the mouth of what would become known as the Columbia River.)


    by: William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

    O him who in the love of Nature holds
    Communion with her visible forms, she speaks
    A various language; for his gayer hours
    She has a voice of gladness, and a smile
    And eloquence of beauty, and she glides
    Into his darker musings, with a mild
    And healing sympathy, that steals away
    Their sharpness, ere he is aware. When thoughts
    Of the last bitter hour come like a blight
    Over thy spirit, and sad images
    Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall,
    And breathless darkness, and the narrow house,
    Make thee to shudder and grow sick at heart;–
    Go forth, under the open sky, and list
    To Nature’s teachings, while from all around–
    Earth and her waters, and the depths of air–
    Comes a still voice–Yet a few days, and thee
    The all-beholding sun shall see no more
    In all his course; nor yet in the cold ground,
    Where thy pale form was laid with many tears,
    Nor in the embrace of ocean, shall exist
    Thy image. Earth, that nourish’d thee, shall claim
    Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again,
    And, lost each human trace, surrendering up
    Thine individual being, shalt thou go
    To mix for ever with the elements,
    To be a brother to the insensible rock,
    And to the sluggish clod, which the rude swain
    Turns with his share, and treads upon. The oak
    Shall send his roots abroad, and pierce thy mould.

    Yet not to thine eternal resting-place
    Shalt thou retire alone, nor couldst thou wish
    Couch more magnificent. Thou shalt lie down
    With patriarchs of the infant world–with kings,
    The powerful of the earth–the wise, the good,
    Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past,
    All in one mighty sepulchre. The hills
    Rock-ribb’d and ancient as the sun,–the vales
    Stretching in pensive quietness between;
    The venerable woods; rivers that move
    In majesty, and the complaining brooks
    That make the meadows green; and, pour’d round all,
    Old Ocean’s grey and melancholy waste,–
    Are but the solemn decorations all
    Of the great tomb of man. The golden sun,
    The planets, all the infinite host of heaven,
    Are shining on the sad abodes of death,
    Through the still lapse of ages. All that tread
    The globe are but a handful to the tribes
    That slumber in its bosom.–Take the wings
    Of morning, pierce the Barcan wilderness,
    Or lose thyself in the continuous woods
    Where rolls the Oregon and hears no sound
    Save his own dashings–yet the dead are there:
    And millions in those solitudes, since first
    The flight of years began, have laid them down
    In their last sleep–the dead reign there alone.
    So shalt thou rest: and what if thou withdraw
    In silence from the living, and no friend
    Take note of thy departure? All that breathe
    Will share thy destiny. The gay will laugh
    When thou art gone, the solemn brood of care
    Plod on, and each one as before will chase
    His favourite phantom; yet all these shall leave
    Their mirth and their employments, and shall come
    And make their bed with thee. As the long train
    Of ages glides away, the sons of men,
    The youth in life’s green spring, and he who goes
    In the full strength of years, matron and maid,
    The speechless babe, and the gray-headed man–
    Shall one by one be gathered to thy side
    By those who in their turn shall follow them.

    So live, that when thy summons comes to join
    The innumerable caravan which moves
    To that mysterious realm where each shall take
    His chamber in the silent halls of death,
    Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,
    Scourged by his dungeon; but, sustain’d and soothed
    By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave,
    Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
    About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.

    “Thanatopsis” is reprinted from Yale Book of American Verse. Ed. Thomas R. Lounsbury. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1912.

  15. Somehow I knew.
    So please reader take no offense for the following sentence here at Darkmoon.
    Words (for me) are semantic quibble that get me nowhere else than arguing about correct meanings of words in a context that is completely ripped out the whole picture where a divine symphony hides beyond a string of words aligned to a sentence in composition and are harmonized into meanings that can only be understood by “the ears of the heart and the eyes of the soul” to recognize divinity and God in the first place – but I am only a basic simpleton who neither studied religion, attended first class universities to articulate words properly or to have a “career in life” nor is intelligent enough to use these words in such a proper way that they will be accepted by more supreme and intelligent people than myself. Luckily (for me): God does not mind and only that is all that matters – to me. The word of God I like. The word of man are (mostly) words of man.
    At one stage in life I completely denied Gods existence. I disliked Jesus and the bible a lot (for some reason I did never understand) and all that had anything to do with churches, Christianity and other religions. At another stage in life – a decade or two later I was so much in love with God himself that every instant of my life and every cell in my body was filled with gratitude, thanks and a kind of shining love that never ever could have been achieved in a relationship with a female or “Eve” herself. During that time the same old worn out body that I drag around these days like a heavy aching burden was light and weightless, filled with visions and thoughts that were not of my own making or design or ever will be forgotten again. I looked at death and beyond to grasp the meaning of life, knew strange books and their sentences I never read, my dreams became more real than reality itself and nothing ever was about ME as an identity or an ego of an individual in separation. I was aware when close friends died in other continents and wished them farewell. I comforted those “deceased” in confusion and during the transition of life and there was NOTHING “paranormal” or spookish about it at all. Miracles popped up everywhere I looked and I traveled to places I never intended to visit. I was a feather in the wind, a leave drifting along the river of life and eventually becoming a part of the mighty river itself looking at the very same leaf from far below.
    How did I get there? Slowly. Very slowly and step by step after the same very ego of mine that had denied God’s existence and life had decided to kill itself as it seemingly had miserably failed in “its own projection” and where it once suggested it was more invincible and bigger then “God” himself. Instead I looked down on a man on its knees screaming out in hellish pain and agony while at the same time begging God to save “him” from (his own stupidity) the distress and torture that “he himself” had inflicted on “himself”. And God did what he was asked. What a shock that was! Even with immense doubt setting in afterwards many questions were left unanswered and a very different journey began that has filled and covered many lifetimes – all in one and at the same time.
    So, now who am I? I am everything one makes of me. I don’t mind if I am called disillusioned, crazy, gifted or whatever one thinks and makes of me but whatever it will be I am certain that God exists and death is nothing but a “friendly” gatekeeper that brings reunion after a strenuous dream of individuality and separation “gone wrong”. I am nothing in this surreal world and never will strive for anything else. And this is as crazy at it can get for me or the judges to be that know all and everything.
    A debate? One can only be glad that there are no human debates in the “afterlife” at all.
    Bless you all anyway.

  16. “Therefore, the first step is to realize there is intelligence behind the design and creation of this existence.”
    No offense, but I have a lot of trouble with the ‘intelligent design’ thing…
    The way the Stars and Planets work, gravity, fusion, orbits – yes, it is like a big dependable Clockwork…
    But that doesn’t prove anything…
    To me intelligence is something that has to be connected at the level of the Heart and Soul…
    Meaning I don’t understand why anybody would credit some God as an intelligent designer, if he allows so much suffering in the world… Because it shows me he’s got not one of the Angelic Qualities – Mercy….
    It takes a beating, but I think Religion is a valiant attempt to put a pretty face on God…
    And if you say God is not for Man living on Earth, then I say God is Death…
    Some say Death is a Gift from God…
    OK, but what is Torture then?
    Is that just a way to make the Gift more valuable?
    It’s machete country…
    Some say there are higher and lower planes to the so-called spiritual existence, and that by his body burning to death the person’s soul reaches the higher plane… So being napalmed is actually good for you…
    And if you say God works in Strange Ways, then there is only one answer to that – you have a Strange God…
    I think we can’t prove God exists, nor define It.. And nobody knows for sure about any afterlife, and it’s better that way… Which makes some sense, albeit in a macabre sort of way…
    The subject is a forest of weeds, if you catch my drift…
    However, the subject of Genetics, which is where we first manifest in the Spiral-Spirit, is well worth conjecturing upon, because there lies the potential for, maybe not just longevity but possibly even immortality…
    I mean there have to be some real secrets in a substance that is 6 feet long curled up inside the microscopic nucleus of every cell in your body, so you have like 125,000,000,000 miles of it inside you…
    And if you think you need philosophizing on God and Death, you just wait til you get to the genetically perfected angelic state of human immortality…
    In the meantime, I will give you some sacred scripture, which i can’t say is in any Bible…
    “As You have done for Me, so You have done for Yourself,
    And as You have done for the least of Them, so You have done for Me”…

    1. Bark
      My short reply is to consider that it is this very genetic spiralling which signifies another example of what I mean when citing a “cloak”. This is in keeping with the idea that our Truth lies beyond the genetics; this human composite. And if our Truth is BEYOND the physical makeup, then the makeup would have to be some form of a lie.

      Congruent to the theme I’ve been pounding home for years on Darkmoon, is that the “truth of the matter” is the essence which has been “cloaked over” by matter. Who and what we are IS that essence.

  17. There is absolutely no substitute for personal experience; most especially so in this matter.

    For those who take the Buddha seriously, this quote is relevant here:

    “Don’t blindly believe what I say. Don’t believe me because others convince you of my words. Don’t believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Don’t rely on logic alone, nor speculation.”

    I interpret that to mean the same – basically: “find out for yourself”.

    So, for those who are not satisfied with not knowing, the pertinent question is: “how to attain that personal experience?”

    The science of Yoga was developed in India, in ancient times, for this very purpose; to discover some general principles that, if applied, would bestow on their practitioner this personal experience. I am not talking here of Hatha Yoga, which is a system of bodily postures aimed primarily at strengthening the body and, to a lesser degree, the mind. Rather, I mean by Yoga the science of personal communion with the Truth, or “God”, if you prefer.

    I can point to Swami Vivekanandas work “Raja Yoga”, here: – – which gives a very concise and clear presentation of the science of Yoga. Practicing the precepts and principles that are laid out there is guaranteed to bring results. It will take time and effort, though, but, do you really have anything better to do?

    From the beginning of the book:

    “Each soul is potentially divine.

    The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal.

    Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy – by one or more or all of these-and be free.

    This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.”

    Paramahansa Yogananda, too, gives an excellent presentation of the principles of Yoga. Personally, I follow him.


  18. From my book “Haywire My Life in the Mines” available at Smashwords.
    Postscript II (April 2010)
    And now I would like to write a sort of postscript to the postscript. It may be a bit esoteric and perhaps not for everyone. If it becomes too esoteric for you I give you full permission to stop reading at any time. I would like to describe some events that took place mainly in the fall of the year 2008.
    First let me describe myself a bit pertaining to matters of religion and faith and any afterlife that there may or may not be. I left the church at the age of fourteen in 1961 for reasons that are not important now. Suffice to say that in the intervening years I have returned to church only for the purposes of attending weddings and funerals. I would describe myself as being not atheistic but rather agnostic – that is to say that I just do not know. In addition, I always found church to be somewhat boring and not entirely relevant to my day-to-day life. I was not against religion in any sense, just disinterested. Religion was just not a big part of my life (and still isn’t).
    I shall skip forward now to the spring of the year 2000. I was fifty-three years old at the time and found myself in that year in a short-term job as a maintenance welder in a cement plant. At the time, I had a friend who I will call Jack. He was not a close friend but a likeable person and a friend nonetheless. Jack was seriously ill in the hospital and had been in this seriously ill state and in the hospital for about one year. To be fair, I had heard some rumours that Jack was drawing closer to death. However, I was not prepared for what happened at the time of his passing.
    What happened is that one day I went to work and was climbing up on a cement truck to do some welding when I very suddenly and strongly felt Jack’s presence. I did not see Jack but I felt that he was there and I said (not out loud but rather in my mind), “Is that you Jack?” Jack replied, “Yes, it’s me. I’ve just passed away.” To this I replied, “Whoa, whoa Jack, don’t talk like that.” Jack replied, “No, it’s too late. I’ve just come to say goodbye.” And then he was gone.
    As I said above I could feel Jack’s presence and as this short conversation was taking place I could feel what he was feeling and what he was feeling was a mixture of exhilaration and excitement. Jack was very happy and he was in a hurry to continue on his journey.
    When I came home from work that night I was certain that Jack had passed away and accordingly I phoned some friends of Jack’s to get the news. I was told that Jack had not passed away and this puzzled me because I still felt that he had passed on. However, when I came home from work the following day these same people called me and told me that Jack had indeed passed away the previous day and that he had passed away about the time of my “visitation”. I was not surprised.
    I shall jump forward now to the fall of the year 2008 when I was sixty-one years old. Things were pretty good for me in the fall of 2008. I had made quite a large sum of money on the stock market during the preceding months such that I felt I was retired or at least semi-retired. I didn’t have to work and as I rather happily went about my business at that time, I frequently said to myself that during this latter part of my life I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. In fact I repeated this over and over to myself so many times that it became a sort of mantra: “I just want to do what I want to do”. I did not want to be a slave to ideas that I had in the past or the necessity to work that I had in the past. I wanted to relax. I wanted to take life easy. I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Alas, it was not to be. The stock market collapsed and took me down with it. I went back to work. What is important though is that I had this mantra, “I just want to do what I want to do”.
    Now it happens that near me there is a lady who is reputed to be a psychic and she has given readings for quite a long time. I had heard of her before and when some people I knew went to see her I decided that just as a matter of interest I would go and see her too. And being the person that I am, I did a wee bit of computer research on this lady before I went to see her. I found out that she was the minister of a church and her basic modus operandi was to “talk” to people who had passed away and convince the person before her that she was indeed talking to these spirits so that this person would then believe in an afterlife and thus be led to a belief in Jesus Christ.
    Now I was pretty incredulous about this and did not in any way expect to be convinced. I was going to this psychic for entertainment value only. However, before I went to see this lady I said to myself that if she really could talk to the departed then for sure she will talk to father because father as you may surmise by reading the above had a rather forceful personality and if any spirit were going to come through, it would be father.
    And so I went to see the psychic. I had hardly sat down in the chair opposite her when she said the names of my mother, one sister, my brother and my ex-girlfriend and said these were the people who were close to me. Later she spoke of the one who is a nurse (my other sister) the one who is a police officer (my nephew) the one who is into books (my niece who now has a PhD and is a University Professor) and the one with the horse (my other niece who is now a Veterinarian). For the record she had by this time mentioned my mother, all of my siblings and all of my nieces and nephews save one.
    She spoke also of a lady relative who died of cancer. I didn’t get that one at the time but yes indeed I had forgotten an aunt who had passed not too long before from cancer. She also spoke of a friend named Don who had passed. I told her I didn’t know anyone named Don who had passed. She became quite upset with me and started shouting, “Don, Don, you know Don.” It was about a week later when I was out in the bush taking pictures that I remembered a fellow that I had been quite friendly with at one time who had passed away about a week before I saw the psychic. His name was Don. And I also had another friend named Don who had died in the mines years earlier.
    I go out and play euchre at night and many of the euchre players are quite elderly and prone to passing on. In one grouping, the psychic gave the names of the last people who had died from the euchre games. One was named Irene and another was Jan. She said, “I don’t know if her name was Janet or Janice. People just called her Jan.” And she was quite right. I used to give Jan a ride out to the games the odd time since she lived in the same apartment building as I do. Everyone just called her Jan.
    And then the psychic said to me, “I have a man here in a soldier’s uniform. Yes, he is a Second World War soldier. Who is that man?” Perhaps I shouldn’t have told her who I thought it was but I said, “It must be my father.” She said then, “Your father wants to tell you that he is in a good place”. And then it came. She said, “Your father has a message for you.” And then she raised her eyebrows and stared at me as though she was telling me something very important and said to me, “He says to tell you to do what you want to do.” And so as incredible as it may seem my father who had passed away some ten years earlier had through the psychic, given me the precise words of the mantra that I kept repeating to myself at that time.
    As a result, my meeting with the psychic became somewhat emotional although she did not understand why. Was it a coincidence? Perhaps. But if it was a coincidence, there were a lot of coincidences during my meeting with the psychic. I think I will go back and see her sometime again but in some ways I am afraid. Perhaps I am afraid of another emotional experience. Perhaps I am afraid of the unknown. The psychic said father was coming in close “to reassure me”. I have some questions I want to ask her about some other things in my life. In one way I have been reassured for I have a certainty of an afterlife that I never had before.
    Anyway, make of it what you will. I promised you something esoteric. I hope I haven’t disappointed.

    1. Doug – your story has made me smile! How amazing to have so many loved ones visit you during a visit to a psychic. Wow. I highly recommend you go back. Can you share the name of the psychic? Website?

      1. Beware! Psychics are under the power of demons, and those who go to them open themselves to demonic influence.

        It’s sad that i see no mention here of Jesus Christ the co-eternal Son of God who conquered both sin and death through His sacrificial death on the Cross and His Resurrection. No one comes to God the Father except through Him. And not only through Him, but through the Church He founded, which now only exists in the “catacombs” of traditional, pre-Vatican II Catholicism, including the Traditional Latin Mass. Enter the catacombs if you want to save your immortal soul.

        Jesus said, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on earth?” Implying No, not much.

        There is such a thing as true religion and false religion. True religion worships God, false religion worships demons. As St Paul said, “The gods of the pagans are demons.”

      2. Darrel
        Although I do believe that resurrection will occur through having faith in Jesus, when you say he founded a “church” which now only exists in these “catacombs”, you need to be more specific. What do you suppose is the exact information being held there?

        In venturing a guess, what you may be referring to, and alluding to what I’ve been writing about lately, it involves the truth of “Torah”, which reflects Jesus’ teaching of the PARTICULARS of resurrection. This isn’t to say that faith alone wouldn’t suffice in achieving habitation of a “reconstructed spiritual vehicle”, making us invulnerable to the laws of matter, unless this is the kind of information CONTAINED in these catacombs, it can only represent another misrepresentation wherein any format of a church is insufficient.

      3. Poor sentence construction on my part in that last post. Where’s Grammar Fiend when I need him?! 😳

        Correction: “….laws of matter. But unless this is the kind…..

  19. For anyone who wishes to know the cause of ‘seeing white light’ while partially conscious, this might be of interest.

    I did quite a bit of study on entoptic phenomena of all types in college in the 60s. You can produce a ‘pressure phosphene’ at will. That is different from a metabolic phosphene.

    Phosphenes are experienced sensations of light, when there is no light causing them.
    When a condition of low oxygenation or lack of glucose occurs, when blood flow is cut off to the VISUAL CORTEX or RETINA, such as in a heart attack or drowning, a METABOLIC PHOSPHENE may be induced…… where the person sees WHITE light. That condition would be a metabolic stimulation of neurons of the visual cortex or of other parts of the visual system. When the oxygen or glucose returns to normal the phosphene disappears and the experience of seeing BLACK returns.

    A phosphene is a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye. The word phosphene comes from the Greek words phos (light) and phainein (to show). Phosphenes that are induced by movement or sound may be associated with optic neuritis.

    Phosphenes can be directly induced by mechanical, electrical, or magnetic stimulation of the retina or visual cortex as well as by random firing of cells in the visual system. Phosphenes have also been reported by meditators, people who go for long periods without visual stimulation (also known as the prisoner’s cinema), or those who are using psychedelic drugs, and claim they had an apparition, a hallucination.

    Another common phosphene is “seeing stars” from a sneeze, laughter, a heavy and deep cough, blowing of the nose, a blow on the head or low blood pressure (such as on standing up too quickly or prior to fainting). It is possible these involve some mechanical stimulation of the retina.



    Some opinions from 1930 are given by Scheerer, Ebbecke and Adler, and others…. where phosphenes seem to be dark or light, sometimes colored, patches, stationary or in motion.


    ONE study of phosphenes from Zurich in 2016:
    -Retinal phosphenes as a result of increased UPE due to ROS-mediated associated lipid peroxidation in photoreceptors-

    Phosphenes are experienced sensations of light, when there is no light causing them.

    The physiological processes underlying this phenomenon are still not well understood.

    Previously, we proposed a novel biopsychophysical approach concerning the cause of phosphenes based on the assumption that cellular endogenous ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) is the biophysical cause leading to the sensation of phosphenes.

    Briefly summarized, the visual sensation of light (phosphenes) is likely to be due to the inherent perception of UPE of cells in the visual system. If the intensity of spontaneous or induced photon emission of cells in the visual system exceeds a distinct threshold, it is hypothesized that it can become a conscious light sensation.
    Discussing several new and previous experiments, we point out that the UPE theory of phosphenes should be really considered as a scientifically appropriate and provable mechanism to explain the physiological basis of phosphenes.

    In the present paper, we also present our idea that some experiments may support that the cortical phosphene lights are due to the glutamate-related excess UPE in the occipital cortex(VISUAL CORTEX).

    1. @ PAT

      I guess the U.S. Navy wants its’ submarine commanders to know everything there is to know about “entopic phenomena” and all the various types of phosphenes before, lol, the U.S. Navy brass gives a U.S. Navy cadet COMMAND of a NUCLEAR-POWERED and NUCLEAR-ARMED submarine. The U.S. Navy has a long standing policy of, lol, farming-out its’ submarine commanders who know everything there is to know about “entopic phenomena” and phosphenes to the U.S. Army so the Army can, lol, can turn the geniuses into grunts fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, lol. It’s very important for privates [ read : grunts, lol ] in the U.S. Army to be experts on “entopic phenomena” and phosphenes! 🙂

      1. Thanks for noticing, TROJ!!
        I’ll bet you learned something. You may know what causes those hallucinations there in prison! 🙂

        Yeah! My med school experience used to drive the navy nuc experts nuts. ‘Muscae volitantes’ really drove em up a bulkhead. They – just like you – hated that someone knew something they didn’t! So they sneered & jeered just like you routinely do. 🙂

  20. Doug –

    Very interesting account.

    I sure wish I knew a psychic like that. The last one I went to (some 15 years ago) told me I was headed for a breakdown if I didn’t pay her for some $1500 of her services lol.

    Suffice to say I didn’t, and have remained completely breakdown free.

  21. Gilbert –

    Interesting perspective. “Getting over yourself” seems to be the key to losing one’s fear of death as well.

  22. Gilbert –

    To add to that, allow me to relate a theory presented by an NDE researcher:

    From NDE research, we know humans leave this world as two distinct energy forms: our Life Record (the 4-dimensional image I described), plus our consciousness or Point Of View (POV).

    So what happens is we go through our Life Review, learn what we can from our time here on Earth. Then…

    We return to The Pool. The Pool is basically all of humanity put together. Think of a swimming pool. You can take a glass, dunk it in the water, and take it out. The water in the glass is now distinct from The Pool, but made up from it. You can pour the contents of the glass back in, and it rejoins the water that it came from.

    Since we leave this world as two distinct energy forms, the Life Record and the POV, both go back in, and eventually blend into the rest of The Pool.

    Now, there is an Entity responsible for taking Life Essence from The Pool to be used in creating new human life. So it scoops up essence from The Pool, and each scoop goes into a new human being. The Entity does not discriminate what it is scooping up, so it may be well-blended energy, or it may still have portions of a previous Life Record.

    When a new human is formed from energy containing a previous Life Record, the person will have memories of it. This is often mistaken as “reincarnation,” i.e. a distinct soul returning to Earth. But all it is is a piece or portion of a previous Life Record mixed into thr new life form.

    As the band Styx used to sing, “deep inside we’re all the same.”

    Personally, I do not care much for this theory. But it fits all the facts that NDE research has uncovered, explains the “past life” experiences that so many have had, and explains the expansion of consciousness that so many have reported including both Hewell and myself. Yes, we are miniscule *in individual human form.* But so much more once we pass.

    It does however, contradict much of the teachings of Christ, which seems to suggest that we stay Who We Are. As well as reports of messages from Beyond such as what Doug experienced with the psychic.

    Anyway, food for thought.

  23. HP
    Yes, and you have as many lifetimes (to get it right) as trips it would take an Eagle dragging a silk scarf over the Himalayas to wear in a Grand Canyon.
    So they say…
    But talk is cheap..
    Yes, the White Light is an internal phenomenon…
    Even in the case of the hokey hands-laid-on preachers, who took the Oral Roberts healing thing to the next level, when they pressed their thumbs into the people’s eyeballs…
    The White Light, the Fiber Optic Umbilical, the Pearly Gates, Contact with Relatives, seeing Jesus, overwhelming feelings of Peace and Love, all kinds of Out of Body Experiences – are these valid events, which last, or are they only one form of hallucination or another?
    Does the word ‘last’, a time reference, even apply?
    Or are we talking about the ‘last’ thing you know?
    The question is – of what value is the afterlife?
    And, even at its possible best, is it something you would trade for being alive?
    Obviously a lot of poor devils who check themselves out are ready to take their chances…
    Though I woukd bet most of them prefer to believe it’s sumply just lights out with nothing more…
    And, does it take more to believe in the afterlife, than to believe in death?
    Are God People MORE or LESS brave about it?
    I don’t know, but I remember what Daddy Rich said in the movie Carwash – “you got to believe in something, so why not believe in me”?

    1. HP
      Yes, and you have as many lifetimes (to get it right) as trips it would take an Eagle dragging a silk scarf over the Himalayas to wear in a Grand Canyon.
      So they say…
      But talk is cheap..

      Are you being nice?

      Or are you sneering?

      Not quite sure.

      1. @ Hp

        Well said, Homer. As usual, you make a very perceptive comment. Your quote from the Gita is most apt.

    2. Bark, the idea is to do it in one lifetime.
      Ideally, preferably, this one..
      Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so too a change of direction.

      1. HP, ever experienced/witnessed the opening of the “chakras” in ones own body resulting in the transformation of the physical body uncoiling into a beam of divine light/energy of creation and emerging from within to just “shoot” out of the crown of the head during a group meditation and triggering a “domino effect” creating a spinning water like vortex of divine light above the heads of the participating that ascends with “speed of light” while at the same time causing a “massive awakening” in every cell of all the physical bodies involved? A group Kundalini so to speak where an incredible amount of awaking energy is released from within the human body and connecting with its original source?
        Has $cience ever made an attempt to explain how this “energy” is created within the human body or is the LHC in Geneva all that they could come up with – in theory/secrecy?
        The pituitary, pineal and the other glands within the endocrine system in the human body still bear huge secrets to $cience especially during the “alignment in divine fusion”.

      2. Jo
        40 years ago I “spinal tapped” the kundalini. An amazing transformative experience which altered my life forever. In its aftermath came a feeling of serenity and joy that can only be experienced to be understood. No words can apply. Since then however, I’m convinced that what I’ve been writing about on this site and elsewhere is directly inspired by having released this energy so many years ago. It’s left me with thoughts that MAY indicate some deep spiritual-related truths. This can’t be said with certainty, but who knows?

    1. @ HP

      You might know, in Sanskrit there are nuances in the names for the omni-and-ever-present source, Brahman:

      Saguna Brahm, Brahm with gunas (attributes). Nirguna Brahm without gunas (attributes) and ParaBrahm the One Beyond . Saguna Brahma is the AUM source, the universal basic sound creating everything, Le Son ( in French) the Son (en Anglais). The Christ-Light.

      Nirguna Brahm and Parabrahm are deep-dark-blue beyond form beyond name (no debate possible)



      Black presence in the Bible: Egypt and Ethiopia are 2 of the countries most mentioned. Ethiopia is called Cush. Egypt is called Mizraim.

      Greek historian Herodotus (400 BC) : “ I myself guessed their Egyptian origin not only because the Colchians are dark-skinned and curly-haired (which does not count for much by itself , because these features are common in others too) but more importantly because Colchians, Egyptians and Ethiopians are the only peoples in the world who practise circumcision and who have always done so.”

      The Roman Tacitus (56 AD) : “Many assure us that the Jews are descended from those Ethiopians who were driven by fear and hatred to emigrate from their home country when Cepheus was king.”

      In 1836, knighted author Sir Godfrey Higggins wrote ‘The Anaclypsis, or an inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations, and Religions. Higgins : people of the Bible were black and in all the early Catholic Churches of Europe: “the God Christ, as well as his mother, are described (…) in their old pictures to be black (peoples). The infant God in the arms of his black mother, his eyes and drapery white , is himself perfectly black”


      NG forensic scientists : Adam, a black Man

    2. Thank you for your reply HP.
      @ BH, nothing ever can be said with certainty but certainty of something far greater then man will stay for good. I just wish there would be hope for mankind. Hope that at one moment in time humanity would unite in one of the most basic things: To accept where man came from and to accept it without “conditions” and with these “tools” that are within in the mirror image of creation itself. Tough with a superior constantly arguing and partitioning warmongering mind that categorizes and arranges reality based on its own understandings while pretending to know all or most but has seen nothing yet at all – a “reunion” seems mostly unlikely.
      Life is harmony, peace and love and not a fake co creation gone wrong dwelling in insanity.

  24. Hewell –

    You are very welcome and I hope you are finding some good info on the IANDS site. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it, and it’s a bit overwhelming!

    So many people have reported the white light experience. Check out the article about PMH Atwater’s 17 NDE case studies, she even named her book “Beyond the Light.” As previously mentioned, there’s a lot of commonality between experiences.

    I don’t see that Jody Long has done much lately. But there are many other good researchers on there.

    There’s some good info about what we tend to go through when we try to share our experience with others. Needless to say, skeptics abound!

    This is nothing new, Acts 2:13 lol.

    There sure is a lot of interest in the subject though. Over 700 people were looking at the IANDS site when I went over there.

  25. MADAME
    I’m never sneering…
    I just speak frankly….

    Yes… The catholics say you only get one lifetime to do it in….

    1. Barkingdeer —

      My impression, shared by many others on this website, including Saki and Sardonicus who have ten times your intelligence — with published articles written by them on this website — is that you only speak politely to people who agree with you.

      To those who believe in God or have reverence for Jesus Christ, it’s a different matter. You sneer at them covertly, assuming a superiority of intellect that is laughable.

      I have nothing against ill-informed and semi-illiterate cynics like you for trumpeting your worthless “beliefs” here, but I strongly object to the bigotry and intolerance you bring to the cherished beliefs of others. Stop sneering at your intellectual and spiritual superiors.

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        Barkingdeer considers himself a well-informed and enlightened Jew hater. Like so many other virulently anti-Semitic rednecks of White Nationalist persuasion, his education is derived almost entirely from internet conspiracy theory sites.

        I bet he has never read the Bible, the book he sneers at most. I bet he has never read the Qur’an, but he knows it is trendy to bash Muslims and portray them all as jihadi fanatics with nothing but rape and murder on their minds. He has never read the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, but he knows how to sneer at these religious classics condescendingly (“Talk is cheap”) and assume an intellectual superiority which, as you say, is “laughable”.

        I wouldn’t mind Barkingdeer lecturing us all on how to attain godlessness and meaninglessness — I’ll leave that to Pat! 🙂 — but I sometimes wish this appalling ignoramus would assume a modesty and humility he is badly in need of.

      2. Sard –

        Thanks for the honorable mention…. but, as usual, you got it wrong once again! 🙂

        I tend to replace psychology with physiology. More tangibles there.

        I had a couple of NDEs, and after research I attributed them to psychological expressions & past memories being brought forward faster than a million Google searches being shown instantly. That included memories of things I was taught in Lutheran catechism and churches being pulled forward as well.

        1. Pat —

          There are few posters I respect on this site more than you, even though we don’t see eye to eye on religion. I’ve told you that before. Don’t let my occasional criticisms give you offense. Universal praise and flattery are not good for you. The occasional critique is actually good for you.

          I would be devastated if you were ever forced to leave this site, either through ill health or disillusionment. Lasha, too, feels like that.You are one of the originals, like Thomas Paine.

      3. Sard –

        Thanks! I took NO “offense” at all. I just couldn’t resist pointing out how WRONG you were on that claim of my godlessness!!

        No biggie! 🙂

        1. PAT —

          I believe that. You are too intelligent not to believe in “Something”. If you are a Deist, as you once said you were, that would put you in the camp of the believers in “The Unknown God”. You would prefer not to use the term “GOD” of course. And that’s OK. You certainly wouldn’t believe in the Christian God of orthodox Christianity. That too, as far as I’m concerned, is OK.

          Your beliefs, in many ways, if I’m not incorrect, are not very different from Darwin’s agnosticism toward the end of his life. He believed in the possibility of “something approximating to God”, though not the Christian God which he renounced at the age of 40. Remember this, Pat. Darwin’s wife was a good Christian and he lived with her in the same house and died in her arms. So he was capable of living with a good Christian, and loving her deeply, even though he wasn’t a Christian himself. I find that deeply admirable.

          I also regret the harsh things I have said to Barkingdeer, but I believe such harsh speech is beneficial. One needs to stand up to the bully, and I see BD as basically a bully who needs to be resisted. If he is not resisted, there would be no stopping him.

  26. It is truly odd how things in my life come in series. This Halloween season presented me with death week. It began with the original comment that led to this posting. Then came Halloween with all its death imagery. Skeleton witches sitting on the front porch glider, a ghost girl with pulsating red eyes in the front window holding a desiccated head, but best of all, the unnerving image of “They Live” with the alien mask sitting on the sill in front of ghost girl. What could be more terrifying than the true image of the murderous, psychopathic Jew after one has “put on the glasses?” Our black cat even got into the act by resting quietly beside the mask.

    Saturday, I went to a talk given by, believe it or not, Dr. Kevorkian, whom you no doubt thought was dead. Well he is, but she isn’t, “Kriss A. Kevorkian, PhD, MSW, doctoral degree in thanatology, the study/science of death, dying and bereavement.” No relation, but she did know her (in)famous non-relation. Interestingly, the group of around twenty attendees was comprised entirely of women with the exception of yours truly. Once again, like a broken record, I found myself reiterating many of these thoughts previously written. Of course, it was all about death and dying, with a number of personal accounts about encounters with the grim reaper.

    Yesterday, a friend from a time when I lived on the docks, dropped by unexpectedly to ask a question about a problem he was having with cell phone access. (I used to be the “go-to guy” on the dock for IT questions). I had not seen this guy for a couple of years and was therefore quite surprised by his unexpected visit. It was almost like seeing a ghost! We began catching up on what was happening at the marina and before long the subject came up of a mutual friend. Our friend developed cancer a number of years ago, but had gone into remission.

    Yesterday I found out our friend is nearing death, close enough to a point where he is being wheeled down to his boat in a dock cart. Right away, I understood the reason for the recent encounters with death and dying, I have to visit my dying friend. The recent focus on death and dying, along with interactions with the Kevorkian group prepared me for this encounter. I have no idea what I will find, or what I will say, but know with certainty all will be revealed the moment it becomes relevant. To cap my week of deathly encounters, I found myself listening to this YouTube interview with the recently deceased Acharya S, Discussing Death and Dying.

    This is how life goes when one submits their will to the universal will, the will of the Beloved – if you will. One does seemingly irrational things normal people never do, like putting others before themselves. People begin to whisper that you are crazy and you are, at least by this world’s standards. I asked and was answered. I submitted my will and now have no will. As much as I detest this life, I am ever grateful for the opportunity it provided to learn these necessary lessons.

    Each lesson here moves the soul one-step closer to perfection in this realm where perfection cannot exist. The outcome should be obvious. There are Sufi stories about this state of affairs, but I will not go into them here. I chose to return to this existence against my own judgment. Now I realize the necessity for the return trip. The further I go in life, the more I find, the less I am. I am reaching the point of nothingness, a point I have always been at, but never understood. If you think you’re someone or something of importance, I suggest you spend time in the graveyard contemplating your future.

  27. Who’s sneering now?
    Furthermore, you guys oughta know – the management has complimented me and specifically requested that I post here.. And I still get the prompts sent to Select Recipients…
    So I guess the people who publish this blog still appreciate my comments…
    I only get off, if they tell me to…
    You people don’t control this site..
    And I do seem to remember one or two of you being warned…
    You know, we’re all seeing the results of the globalist immigrant invasion…
    It is a plot to breed white people out of existence, which the Catholic Church is also behind…
    Do you deny it?
    It’s your choice to believe in whatever religious doctrine you choose..
    Those who question your religion are not necessarily disparaging you personally…
    If you would have laws passed against speech that questions your religion, it puts you in the same category as the the zion, with their anti anti-semite legislation…
    Look, if you say all White Nationalists are of inferior intelligence, you’re obviously demonstrating your own bigotry…
    Maybe you’d like to give us a few logical paragraphs on exactly why you believe the religious and political things you do, if you can, rather than labeling those who have other ideas, in which case you might make an actual contribution to the discussion and have the readers take you more seriously…

    1. Bark –

      If Sard and Madame denigrate white nationalists, don’t let it bother you. A wuss and his slatternly friend don’t amount to a hill o’ beans, anyway. If it takes a “redneck” to be an American patriot, I’m in all the way. 😡

      1. Gilbert —

        Neither Madame or I are against White Nationalism. Check out our comments. We are White Nationalists ourselves. We are merely against atheistic Bible bashers. Barkingdeer is one of these. He is an Old Testament hater. So why do you praise him? Don’t you derive wisdom from the Book of Ecclesiastes and the Proverbs of Solomon? Well, so do I. So does Madame Butterfly.

        You are ill-advised to attack us when we actually share your enthusiasm for the wisdom to be found in the Old Testament. You are equally ill-advised to cuddle up to Barkingdeer who has nothing but contempt for the Old Testament.

        I have praised you poems constantly. Yet you attack me. Why? Has Barkingdeer praised your poetry? No, he hasn’t. I doubt if he has even read your poems. He has never made a single comment expressing his appreciation of any of the poetry on this website. His is a philistine. A hater of all things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. A cynic, a sneerer, a loser all round.

        Why did he have to sneer at a quote from the Bhagavad-Gita? Which is what the sonofabitch did, when he responded to a beautiful quote from the Gita by sneering: “Talk comes cheap.”

        Have done with this Christ-hating creep, Gilbert. For your own sake. He is a navel-gazing narcissist, bloated with his own self-importance. He brings nothing to this website but negativity and gloom.

      2. Sard –

        Get over yourselves! You remind me of a bunch of old women looking for fault in EVERYTHING. Whether or not he deprives himself the pleasure of Old Testament wisdom and literature, I couldn’t care less. What he says about it is not MY gospel – so who cares?? I’m not here to learn how to please others by what I write. I’m here to LEARN. I enjoy it. (I guess I get some sort of perverse entertainment by getting a rise out of critics like you – but who cares???). Don’t let it worry you. 😊

    2. Your comment is not worth responding to, but I will respond.

      This is a pro-Chrstian website. Admin has said so repeatedly. So how can they “approve” of your anti-Christian and anti-God ravings? They don’t “approve” of you just because they let you post here, they TOLERATE you in the name of free speech.

      Do you think Admin “approves” of all the trolls and time wasters who are allowed a platform here? Of course not. They just put up with them. Lasha Darkmoon puts up with you in the same way she would put up with an annoying stalker.

      Have you ever complimented her even once for any article or poem she has penned? No, not once! It would break your heart to offer LD a sincere compliment, wouldn’t it? You are a mean-spirited skinflint, sir, a miser and curmudgeon with your praise. You have all the characteristics of a narcissist, as Sardonicus has noted: incapable of generous praise, incapable of benign compliments, incapable even of a smidgen of tolerance for the religious views of others.

      Learn from Pat who has ten times your intelligence. Pat knows how to navigate these tricky water by a combination of discreet silence and strategically deployed smiley faces. You lack this skill. All you do in the presence of the deepest religious faith is KNOCK AND SNEER, SNEER AND KNOCK!

      You disgusting little pipsqueak, learn to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT in the presence of the divine! It’s the least you can do. ZIP YOUR MOUTH!

      1. @ Sardonicus
        @ Madame Butterfly

        Just to let you know that Admin has no problems with anything Pat or Barkingdeer have said on this website. Both are highly intelligent posters and we would like to see them continue exactly as before.

        @ Pat

        We commend you not only for your comments but for the skillful way in which you manage to fend off your attackers. Brilliant! This is an art in itself. 🙂

        @ Barkingdeer

        The response to your initial comment by Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly we regard as an overreaction. You could not have expressed yourself more moderately. These two commenters, though they are excellent posters when in a good mood, are unfortunately known for their short fuse and volatility. Continue as before, Barkingdeer, and do your best to roll with the punches! 🙂

      2. Jeeeezus! The fractured factions Jewish religions create among our people! The Old Testament Torah is not about religion, it is not about god and not about history – it is about LAW, Jewish LAW. The Torah is an instructional legal text. Everything else is commentary on the laws found in those first five books.

        The Torah Was Not Revealed Religion But “Revealed Legislation”

        September 15, 2019

        By Douglas Reed

        From The Controversy of Zion

        The theologians of Christendom claim more for this Law than the scholars of Jewry. I have before me a Christian Bible, recently published, with an explanatory note which says the five books of the Torah are “accepted as true”, and for that matter also the historical, prophetic and poetic books. This logically flows from the dogma, earlier quoted, that the Old Testament is of “equal divine authority” with the New.

        The Judaist scholars say differently. Dr. Kastein, for instance, says that the Torah was “the work of an anonymous compiler” who “produced a pragmatic historical work”. The description is exact; the scribe or scribes provided a version of history, subjectively written to support the compendium of laws which was built on it; and both history and laws were devised to serve a “political” purpose.

        “A unifying idea underlay it all”, says Dr. Kastein, and this unifying idea was tribal nationalism, in a more fanatical form than the world has otherwise known. The Torah was not revealed religion but, as Mr. Montefiore remarked, “revealed legislation”, enacted to an end.

        While the Law was being compiled (it was not completed until the Babylonian “captivity” had ended) the last two remonstrants made their voices heard, Isaiah and Jeremiah. The hand of the Levite may be traced in the interpolations which were made in their books, to bring them into line with “the Law” and its supporting “version of history”.

        The falsification is clearest in the book of Isaiah, “which is the best known case because it is the most easily demonstrable. Fifteen chapters of the book were written by someone who knew the Babylonian captivity, whereas Isaiah lived some two hundred years earlier. The Christian scholars circumvent this by calling the unknown man “Deutero-Isaiah”, or the second Isaiah.

        “This man left the famous words (often quoted out of their context), “The Lord hath said… I will also give thee for a light unto the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth”. This was heresy under the Law which was in preparation and the Levite apparently added (as the same man presumably would not have written) the passages foretelling that “the kings and queens” of the Gentiles “shall bow down to thee with their face towards the earth and lick up the dust of thy feet … I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord thy Saviour and thy Redeemer” (This sounds like the voice of Ezekiel, who was the true father of the Levitical Law, as will be seen.)

        Jeremiah’s book seems to have received Levitical amendment at the start, because the familiar opening passage sharply discords with other of Jeremiah’s thoughts: “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy …”

        The rest of the story is here

  28. The opinion ventilated by chessmaestro Fischer on the plane between Denmark and Iceland in his comparing the US with isra.el. has been mine since my 16th when I was a nightwatch during a 2-3 weeks demonstration against the Nam war : everybody living there (the US) is an invader , a usurper. That country belongs to the American Indian. BF: both are illegitimate countries.

    Todays black Americans are waking up to their dna lineage with the black people seen by crypto jew Chris C. and all the other Euro explorers after him. The majority of todays black Americans (their ancestors) were not brought on slaveships. Ever heard of Walter Plecker? Five dollar Indians? They were here in the Americas for thousands of years. The Luzia skull, btw made it through the recent zio flames in the Rio museum.

    White nationalists or not, you are living in their land. US (stolen land like the 1948 Mediterranean ´slc´ slice) started only in 1776. Quite a diff. picture compared to Europe. And see how they have to (due to supression by the majority of white settlers) live still in the country that their ancestors lived in for thousands of years. And yes, ´black´ Barry O. did nothing for them.

    The Mongloid Indians are almost all decimated in the US apart from some few who live in wasteland reservations and those who are in the casino business.

    @S. who is suspected of great intelligence by Frau Butterfly who has apparently a natural intelligence thermometer hidden somewhere in her body-mind apparatus , update yourself, (Fischer btw also did not know about the black native American fact, neither did I till a 5-6 years ago) Solomon was black like the Great Prophet who icarnated among them. Browse through the many `black´icons surtout the ones in the Roman catacombs. You have time enough in your Zen holiday resort.


    Another view on the Bible by a real African American Nana Banchie Darkwah, a Ghanaian scholar and historiannow living in the US:

    1. JR –

      “Solomon was black like the Great Prophet who icarnated among them.”

      Interesting. Since Solomon is a mythological figure…. he could be of any skin tone… or sex.

      1. The uploader of the vid the Vatican does not like to get out links to a pdf of the 1776 book.

        Very telling that acces to the link with the book of Abbe Proyart in the ultra catholic country Spain, especially the city of Valencia – I leave today after this years 8 months stay, is deleted. V. is the capital of the province of Valencia, in which Xativa the birthplace of the 1492 Vatican ceo Rodrigo Borgia – Alexander VI the whitewasher of JC.

        1776 The year Abbe Proyart wrote this secret book. The same year that RotSchild controlled jesuit priest Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in Bavaria. The same year that the United States was founded by Freemasonry.

        Here is a workable link (the uploader hints especially to read the last pages):

      2. @ Toby admin. since this comment apparently is censored
        (etc . . . etc . . . etc . . . )

        ADMIN TOBY
        to “Julien Romanovsky”:


        Your comments are subject to “moderation” or “monitoring”, a standard procedure on ALL websites. We decide what is suitable for publication on our website. You do not decide this, nor can you force us to publish your comments by accusing us of “censorship”.

        Abusive, substandard comments are deleted as a matter of course. Defamatory comments are deleted. Obscene comments are deleted. It is not for outsiders like you to decide that we should publish every single comment we receive. No website would this. You wouldn’t publish such unwanted comments yourself if you owned your own website, would you?

        So stop lecturing us moderators on how to do our jobs!

        1. JULIEN —

          If we disallow a comment you have made, it is because we don’t like it. It’s as simple as that. If you attempt to bully us into publishing any more of your off-topic ravings, you will be banned.

          If you wish to sulk and leave this website now, in the paranoid belief that it is YOU who call the shots here, feel free to depart! We’re not forcing you to post here! 🙂

          If you wish to remain and post comments, you will be more than welcome — but you must submit to the the authority of the monitors. Understand?

      3. “Interesting. Since Solomon is a mythological figure…. he could be of any skin tone… or sex”
        Water doesn’t have a sex nor is it black or white but it always will pick up attributes along its way. After the rain in nature when water pearls off shiny leaves catching golden rays of the sun with reflections of different shades and forms in a palette drenched with colours water will have “soaked” in certain reflections and attributes. Which color the onlooker will see might vary as the strength of the wind during the bright day or the dark but star filled night. Who will decide what to manifest and which category is used? Will the prophet be of dark or white skin and who will tell the story that might suit? Power struggles tire in arguments and “war” breaks out – while the message itself will finally be cloaked into forgetfulness.
        Water might be of no sex at all though varies and changes its appearance as all stars and planets in the night sky. Visible or not water will still be water and what colour it wears does not hinder its beauty or its natural and divine composition but it might hinder man’s mind perception. Water is alive and brings life naturally as an element. Man and free will decide what to make of it. Will it be truth or just an opinion? It for sure is something that water will neither decide nor dispute – as it remembers its original substance and form. Man unfortunately does not.

  29. I am so glad that I posted on this site and most of all about this subject. Since my experience 2 yr 5mths ago I have talked and thought and contemplated, but always with common people. On here it appears I am surrounded by good minds and in many cases academic ones. Minds which know! The knowledge within these minds has already helped me so much…. I said I would post further on this subject so I will begin here.
    Strange but I am of common stock so by birth and upbringing , not Christian!!….Very, very, much I am born and bred old faith!( the faith that was here before Christianity) No Christian ever crossed our doorstep… Yet since my experience I now find it easier to use Christian terms, so as they say alpha and omega, the first and the last I will start with the last. This is the last revelation of how to be that came to me from my experience, I think you all will agree its the best place and way to start.
    This is in reply to information that Pat posted above on 3/11/19 concerning the cause of “the white light” and facts about Entoptic Phenomena and Phosphenes.
    To begin with the last.. I came out of an induced coma roughly 17 days after being induced, cut a story short, it was a nightmare truly scary and so confusing. I fought and raged with the ICU ( Intensive care unit) staff and discharged myself 9-10 days later late at night. I could not walk but my rage was bad… Once home all rage and confusion left me , I sat myself down and gazed through the window at trees blowing in the distance and all came to me. I understood the coma had covered what really was blinding me , talking deep inside to me, it was why I had fought against the induced coma and tried to get back to the light… As I have mentioned I nearly died because of this fight, but now alone and in the quiet of my home all the lessons I had learnt from the light, all it had shown me , it all slowly and softly came up and flooded me again.
    The last illumination/ instruction or guide that the light gave me occurred some 6mths later. I found no problem telling people what had happened except for those amongst my friends who were of the Liberal/ Progressive/ socialist mind set, here talking became heated and I am not normally gentle in my debating. I became concerned with how to prevent talks escalating so I went back to the place, the space ,the light… I just sat on the sofa and gazed at the trees and focused back to the minutes I was dead and at the source. And the way to proceed was revealed…… Since that moment this is how I cease the heated debates and it seems so right… I was shown that ” If there was a bad accident we would not call each other or any person in the crowd, we would call a medical professional, and if any of us interfered with the doctor we would remove them or silence them…. Dying is a very serious accident so the only people who I need to seek opinions from…are medical professionals !!! It ceased the debates and arguments immediately and they have never arisen since…….. Now I can compare my experience with facts that could explain its occurrence.
    I will try to be brief,
    First in the facts Pat posted it says that these Entoptic Phenomena and Phosphenes are experienced by those who suffer partial consciousness.. But for me it seems that does not count, I was dead and supposed to be completely unconscious.
    Second if there had been any contact between my conscious self and the world around me, then it would have surly affected my conscious state.
    I can offer ample evidence that this should have been so by my actions as I came out of the coma. I was fully aware and focused and still and in the white light then suddenly I was going down a long dark tunnel, I realized where I had been and tried to get back. I could not and then the darkness took over. I then went into the beginnings of strange dreams reality’s where I was in the south of England, then my eyes saw again and a nurse was wiping my brow. I then saw dark then my eyes saw again and the doctor was Scottish and I was in Scotland at invergary and they were drawing the boats up on the loch shore. Then my eyes opened and they were all standing to attention and I came to believe I was in a secret army base where they train with sick patients. Then I was being ferried across France passed all the standing stones of Carnac to a block of flats that they used for the overflow of Hospitals…..
    Here are facts, Coming into and out of deep coma I kept getting snap shots. Hearing the doctors Scottish accent was accompanied by seeing them appear to be standing to attention for him. Reality, it was may 22-23-24 and a jihadi had just slaughtered the kids at a pop concert in Manchester. what I saw was the 2 minutes silence for them. My mind went into fantasy. Moving through France, reality, My brother and a friend sat either side of me and discussed her daughters time in France and how its hard to get a place to stay!! In my comatose state it was me in France.
    This evidence which I have seems to defeat any facts brought forward. AS far as my time within the light, which really should be called the energy then if my comatose state was so affected surly my dead state should have been.
    Here are the facts about my bodys time during the Cardiac arrest. I died in the ambulance as we began to move and because of this I am told no attempts could be made to resuscitate me. It took the medics 10 mins to get to the Hospital, there I was rushed in and a team went to work on me. They gave me 8 defibs ( electric shocks) and took turns to give me CPR. All the way through this time their panic was rising as they thought I could not be revived People who knew me were in the hospital at the time and said the noise and sound of the thumping and movement to get me back was really loud. I was badly hurt on my chest by their attempts at CPR and was invalided for 2yrs after.
    If my consciousness was within that body then just as it did when I was in the coma, my consciousness should have some knowledge of the noise and the pain and the drama…. I will state again what my consciousness experienced..
    I found myself in white energy, it told me were I was, why I was there and what it meant.
    That now I would know why they wall themselves up in the caves of the Himalayas. Then the energy seemed to absorb me and no words could describe the state. My mind was still and open and receiving all that this place filled it with, and it was all knowledge all peace, love beyond desire. compassion understanding, wisdom and all, all of creation…Words cannot be used , they are of no use to me to describe this place/ state….Strange but here is one of the guiding illuminations it gave me… Its pointless entering debates or discussions, we are all bound there, we will all go there soon enough.
    If I was inside my body then I surly would have known…..I think it unlikely that it was Entoptic Phenomena….. Its late so I have written enough. If there is one thing I would wish that these words do , its to help any who have someone in coma, be careful what you say and do around them, no matter how deep the come….Inside it may send them into nightmarish places.

    1. Hewell –

      Thanks for filling in some blanks for us…. and expressing your concerns here.

      As to be expected, one word can make quite a difference… even when omitted.

      I wrote:
      “For anyone who wishes to know the cause of ‘seeing white light’ while partially conscious, this might be of interest.”

      I wrote so hastily and it should have been:
      “For anyone who wishes to know the cause of ‘seeing white light’ EVEN while partially conscious, this might be of interest.”

      The light from phosphenes would apply in partial consciousness and when unconsciousness. But, all is not known in every case, since everyone is unique in body chemistry.

      Yes, people definitely ARE aware when in a coma.

      1. Pat
        Thank you so much for your reply. Posting on this subject on this site has proved to be very, very rewarding. I have taken your words and info and have them ( on the table, to use a term) before me. Also I have your words in your post mentioning your NDE experiences and that you feel they may be memory’s flowing very fast from long buried moments. I will constantly evaluate them as I research other facts.
        Still the last revelation or guiding lesson that I learnt which I put in the last post, seems to be proving resilient to all questions which comes my way., Only professionals can give me the facts I need , and you seem to be one. We might have ground that we share which might be of use to you when we contemplate the question of conscious or unconsciousness. I checked your posts and it seems you have been in the services. Well if you have then its easier for you to see/grasp my ponderings on this phenomena. I lived in what was a Garrison City during the Troubles ( the Northern Ireland/Ulster sectarian war, 60-80,s) It was a very tough place soldiers full of anger and pent up rage.
        So I have known left and right hook blows which have rendered me totally unconscious and partially conscious numerous times, I have suffered the same during collisions during fear/flight, running into walls, doors , lampposts. And have on several occasions suffered the same from Asphyxiation caused by throat holds, including one two handed throat strike which took me out in an instant, I woke on the floor after my head smashed into it , but I felt nothing. so I know intimately the state of being un-conscious. That’s the thing that seems no professional or the knowledge they have can answer…..Pat, I was razor sharp conscious all the way through my NDE. As I said the only change was the world around me just vaporized, vanished. Thank you for your words and time. Please do not feel the need to reply, it takes time to type and I do not want to burden you further. I will post further on this subject as there are other things I feel I want to say and might prove interesting. thank you for your time

  30. I remember large parts of my last life, and i remember bits and pieces of lives before that.
    my last life ended in 1836 and i was 36 years of age, i won’t bore you on the details.
    in this present incarnation before i knew what i said above i moved across the country to the very place i died in my past life. i have met people from that life including the man responsible for my death. i could write a book as i have so many details
    i can’t help believing in reincarnation, but the one thing that bothers me is that once mankind and the Archons destroy this planet, which is the plan there will be a void where incarnations stop for a long extended duration. 15 years ago i found my self in a remote Texas jail for the crime of DUI serving 45 days.
    i lost my commercial license with out the chance of supporting my self i was despondent. for the first time in my life (60 yrs) i did not know what i could do , so i gave up and like a wise ass that i was, i stood up and waved my hand and said “whats the plan oh Lord” i was instantly visited by the holy spirit. it’s power was so awesome i dropped to the floor. i can tell you my life was changed forever. i was given the gift of discernment. and me a high school drop out with limited communion skills. thanks for posting my “story”

  31. G’day Pilgrims,

    As I understand it, the cosmos is an expression of mind. Without mind nothing can exist. Mind energy radiates everywhere. It penetrates and permeates everything. In that sense everything has a level of consciousness. But although everything in Creation is manifested and sustained by Mind, not everything is a medium for thought manifestation.

    The human body is a collection of energies that are the result of thought. Similarly, all human experiences in the physical are the result of thought and so our world is created by our thoughts and the thoughts of others. The aggregation of those thoughts also creates a morphogenetic planetary mind that influences us all.

    Physical space and all beings only exist as a result of thought because thought is the genesis of everything. In effect we live in a mental landscape created by our spirits and that of others.

    We live in our own mental space, a world of our own making; and the quality of that world is determined by the quality of thoughts. Those thoughts are influenced by the global genetic mind which has developed over aeons; and the thoughts of those around us.

    Arguably, although we interact all the time with the physical world we truly live in our thoughts, our minds. Our external world is essentially a manifestation and medium for the expression of our inner, mental world.

    So, as we think we become, because we live in our own unique mental landscape shaped by our own perceptions and understandings. But our mental landscape is not a closed isolated system. Expressions of the thoughts of others that are allowed to enter our mental world can and do help to shape its manifestation. The degree of that shaping depends on the extent of our awareness and conscious choices.

    Not everything can think. Rocks, trees, schrubs and flowers etc have an element of consciousness but arguably they do not think. In order to think a thing has to have a dynamic connection to the mind of the Creator so that it can receive and interpret the conscious energies coming from the Creator. Animals have varying degrees of consciousness depending on their level of energetic physical DNA development. Some higher animals like elephants, whales and porpoises can develop the consciousness levels attainable by humans.

    Ensouled human beings have “brains receptors” in the head, heart and gut which are capable of interpreting signals coming from their indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness and other spirit beings.

    The quality of mind exhibited by a human is generally influenced by the degree of active DNA connections the individual has because DNA serves as a connecting bridge between the level of physical existence and the non-physical level of Mind.

    Higher DNA connection levels are no guarantee of right thinking and positive thought manifestation. Why? Because humans have been gifted with free will, namely the ability to chose or reject Creation and the gift of eternal life. The exercise of free will enables us to make inappropriate choices which is what causes the misery and chaos evident in our world. Presumably most inappropriate choices are mistakes due to ignorance and that is why humans need myriad incarnations to eventually understand the truth about life, the universe and everything so that they can begin to ‘fly right’.

    However, free will also enables humans to choose to reject the Creator’s gift of eternal life and some do.

    Peace and Blessings,

    PS. Religions are socio-political control mechanisms. Arguably a major mistake many people make in our world is the assumption that the Christian religion was created by Jesus the Christ. It wasn’t. He incarnated to teach divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. He did not intend to create a religion and didn’t. The Pharisees who crucified Jesus also sought to eliminate his teaching because it was inimical to their political ideology and physical control. They eventually influenced Roman Emperors to create a false Christian religion which fraudulently included the Torah, a genocidal anti-gentile, anti-Christian political ideology into the Bible, as well as deleting or corrupting almost all valid teachings by Jesus. The result is of that chicanery is very evident in the Vatican today. The development of Christian civilisation in Europe was due to the vestiges of Jesus’ truth which appeals to the hearts and souls of Europeans. In particular his injunction that we need to learn to love our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self FOR the love of God (ALL). See eg: Judaism and Christianity – Two Thousand Years of Lies – 60 Years of State Terrorism –—Two-Thousand-Years-of-Lies—60-Years-of-State-Terrorism.shtml
    Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation –
    How the Catholic Church Created Our Liberal World –
    Chuck the Old Testament? An Early Christian Who May Have Had a Good Idea –
    Darwinism Is Dead, Now What? Towards A Rational Spirituality –
    Donald Trump Gets an Earful After Saying US-Italy Ties Go Back to Ancient Rome –

    1. Ron
      What you say about Jesus having no intention for founding a religion and what his real purpose was is spot on. Also, you make an important point when saying it is the “vestiges” of the truth he brought which is what appeals to Christians

      The one thing I would add is that I think the Torah is a fraudulent take on deep spiritual truths that he conveyed, but were suppressed and became what we now KNOW as “Torah”.

  32. Yep – either his a myth or he was black.
    Both splendid reasons to get him out of the white/european mind entirely.

  33. Child: “Mommy, isn’t dying just like waking up from a lifetime of dreams?”

    Mother: (not knowing what is going on) “Why yes, that’s right.”

    Reported exchange between a mother and her child after the child had an NDE.

    “Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream…”

  34. Hewell –

    Apparently Drs. Jeff and Jody Long formed their own organization, the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). Perhaps they had similar concerns about IANDS. In any case, there are many more NDE accounts to go through on their site. Just use the search engine of your choice to find it.

    You may find this one to be of interest:

    4714. Linda M NDE 11/1/2019. NDE 8909. I was surrounded by incredibly bright light that was loving and welcoming. Inside the light was my deceased dad, who looked younger than he did before he transitioned. He had a big smile on his face. I couldn’t get close to him but I was so happy to see him that I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew that the light was aware and conscious because I could feel it.

      Think about the possibilities!! This life that we live, is, in itself, a life circle like that of a butterfly. A Butterfly has four stages of life. Egg, Lava, Pupa, and the Adult butterfly. We human beings, go through the same kinds of “life stages” or life “states”. But we only know of the three stages. We go through three states of life in this world, before we set off to the fourth state where we actually belong. This fourth stage, is unknown to us. We experience the “egg” stage, in our mother’s womb. Then we are born, and we find ourselves in this world, when we are like the “larva” ( or caterpillar). And just like caterpillars, we are voracious materialists eating like there is no tomorrow. But, this voraciousness is actually a sickness. For were really are not any different that the rest of creation, when we come to the mare necessities of life. We really do not need to hoard all the material stuff because, throughout history, we know, that we never ever take it anywhere with us. We leave it all here, and some other deluded persons possess it, hoard it, accumulate it, for no purpose, rather than to just have a “good stuff” feeling! . The basic necessities of life are really, minimal. After we have gone through our “Caterpillar” stage, then, we “die”, or appear to. This “death” is like a pupa stage of a butterfly. And like the “pupa” (chrysalis), we appear lifeless and totally dead to the world. We “die” and our folks “bury” us, believing that we are gone forever. They never see us again, because, we are gone.

      When we are in this world, we are never sure that there is anything beyond this “pupa” stage of “physical death” , because we never see the Adult Being who actually is Spirit Being emerge from the cocoon, which is our body. There is no hint of our “Adulthood” in this world. There is no hint of how life is, for the Adult butterfly who is in us. Many of us, do not belief that The Adult exists, but in a different plane of the reality. And yet, Logic, and scientific research, especially Quantum Mechanics, Double Slit Experiment, and Wave Particle duality, has confirmed to us, that this world that we exist, is actually an illusion.

      But we are still, attached to this illusion, that we dare not even think, that the “Real Thing” The Thing In Itself” actually exists, still in us, but hidden from our sights. Think of yourself as this butterfly. In this life, you only know of three states of existence. You know yourself as an egg, because, you were an egg. You were in your mothers womb. And you meet mothers who are pregnant with a child, so, you know. You also know yourself as a caterpillar. You meet them every day. These voracious creatures busy chewing on “leaves”. You also know the “Pupa” because you meet them “dead” hanging on every vegetation, or see them being “buried”. They “die” and disappear in this cocoon. But, no caterpillar, ever emerged from a cocoon, as a caterpillar! And you can never know, with absolute certainty that the thing that comes from the cocoon, is the caterpillar that went in, or some other creature all together! Maybe another creature that stuck its egg, inside the Caterpillar. Its known to happen! How then, can a Caterpillar ever fathom that the butterfly which emerges from the cocoon, is the caterpillar that disappeared in it, unless this caterpillar becomes the butterfly? And how can the butterfly that emerges know that it is the Caterpillar that went in and not some other creature all together? Using the same Logic, how can you ever know your After-life unless you “die” So, to all intent and purpose the caterpillar that disappeared into the cocoon, “died”! The Butterfly only knows that it’s a butterfly, and it only does what a butterfly does! All the life as a caterpillar is completely forgotten. And personally, I have never seen a butterfly chewing on leaves, like caterpillars. Is it any wonder that our After-Life is completely different from this life?

      So is the World of Flesh, and the World of The Spirit! Near Death experiences are merely widows through which we peep at what awaits The Soul, and The Spirit. The body that we bury, is as far as we are concerned, “dead” And how can we ever know that there is something in the body, that continues in another plane of existence hidden from us, unless we become this “something”?

      But we have seen with our eyes, this life circle of the butterfly! The Butterfly , and the caterpillar may be deluded about their life circle. But we know it! How much more, is the glory of the Children Of God! How can we know so much with absolute certainty about the little thing in our world, and yet doubt, that this is actually true about ourselves?!! How, o how can you doubt ?

    2. Triuwida,
      Thank you so much for the information I will look at these sites. To be honest I have been taken aback by the depth and width of the minds and intellects I have found on this sites comments section. I never wrote about my experience properly for reasons which I now find are discussed by so many people on this site. The reasons would connect several threads together,Epstein and Prince Andrew, Grooming gangs and systematic abuse of children, The invasion of Europe my migrants and the use and effects of 5g on all of us, but most importantly the damage inflicted upon infants and children by the state. I have first hand knowledge of the activities now being brought to the light, and I use that word with its divine connotations, because as I have said , I died and it defiantly was full of light and it sort of told me its beginning to shine….When talking of Prince Andrew, first talk of the care homes, then Saville, then Operation ore, then FGM, then the grooming gangs. As far as the UK this must be done to pick up the thread and find the source. I am a survivor of extreme abuse, my siblings did not reach adulthood, or only just made it……. I will rest now because one of the hardest parts of abuse is the damage it does and its effects. It made me very hard to control myself and I become incoherent and can not focus…Perhaps there are people on this site who may find the information I can divulge of use. I am not sure as they seem very advanced in there thoughts on these issues, but I must collect my thoughts and see if I can write in a focused way.

      1. Hewell – if I might make a few suggestions, and I hope you will not find me intrusive. I have found your sharing here extremely deep and very important. I am truly thankful for your sharing. It makes me want to reach out to you to offer whatever support I can. Regarding you not being able to focus, if you happened to be surrounded by wifi and/or cell phones and/or other “smart” devices. if you can, please turn them off. I trust that if you do this, you will find it easier to focus. I do not mean to be flippant or to undermine the severity of what happens to people’s brains, nervous system, and mind when they are subjected to massive trauma. I just know that these frequencies are designed to disable us mentally and spiritually and most people have much more clarity and better able to focus when they get away from this stuff.

        Regarding trauma, I myself have used a system of Japanese energy medicine called Jin Shin Jyutsu as a method of self-healing. I do believe that this body of work saved my life. I was in a state of emotional collapse when I found Jin Shin, with severe symptoms of PTSD and living in a vortex of trauma that I could not pull myself out of. But doing daily Jin Shin self-care finally pulled me out of it and it helped my nervous release the trauma. It is such a gentle yet powerful tool. You spoke briefly of what (((they))) are doing to infants. I have studied this topic deeply and written a book about it called “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine.” What is happening in hospitals is satanic ritual abuse. The worst of the abuse is infant circumcision which should rightly be called sexual torture and genital mutilation. Although most of us were not born into luciferian families, we have all still suffered from satanic ritual abuse if we were born in hospitals. The entities that control the medical establishment are, of course, luciferians. They are the ones that set the protocols for what will be done to infants as they enter this dimension. In any event, I am not sure if you were born into a bloodline of satanists or luciferians and whether that is why you have suffered so much trauma. But either way, I truly think Jin Shin can help you heal that trauma and restore the integrity of your divine blueprint. I just wanted to share that.

  35. Although not a Mason, myself, I have studied Freemasonry for decades.

    The common thread of the fraternity is that they are always seeking “more light.” Some describe Freemasonry itself as “further light.”

    Here are some examples:

    Seeking More Light In Masonry
    “What does it mean to seek more light in Masonry?”
    [A question that every Master Mason is faced with when he is asked to take an obligation before God and man.]


    Further Light in Masonry
    “What IS this “Further Light In Masonry” we are all seeking?”


    Seeking Further Light
    “I described Freemasonry as “further light.”


    Many have written over the years that ‘going toward the light’ when passing is an evil trick. I cannot say.

    Christians call LUCIFER “the DECEIVER!”
    Be very careful.

  36. Pat and Jeanice, Thank you for your kind words, I will rest a while then answer your words with ones of mine that hopefully will be focused and revealing. Jeanice thank you for the information on Jin shin Jyutsu, I have never heard of this before so I will look it up. This thread was about the divine and I came to it because it was a place I could unload the NDE experience that I had lived through. But I could not really express myself for reasons to do with my past. So I will rest and collect myself then write it all as coherent as I can, it seems to be intertwined with all of the subjects that you all discuss here. Its so strange , but above this comment is Pats on the masons and Lucifer…..And you Jeanice in your comment talk of the same entity, and I come from an old place and a family and culture an we have no fear of that dark energy…..And that is what I meant when I said their were things that were revealed to me in the NDE…..I will leave you for now with this , I should have said at the start that its all to do with moments…They are all we ever have, if we can act in a moment we can make it ours. Then we can own time…We can move through it….We can appear any where any time , cos we own its moments……………. Its the actions we take in the moments we live in that make the divine appear……..The source shows its light when we act……..I am/consider/know/ myself to be a devotee of the oldest practise of the common people of the British Isles………..We are drawn mainly from badly abused children……I will write soon.

  37. Pat said: “You should KNOW…. LUCIFER MEANS ‘LIGHT-BEARER!’”

    Actually, Lucifer means “Light Bringer,” not Light Bearer. And it’s an important distinction.

    Lucifer is the *Spirit of the Dark,* he is not of the Light.

    Just as you cannot have hot without cold

    Or up without down

    Or left without right,

    Every value has its corresponding opposite. And you cannot ever have the one without also having the other.

    Lucifer is the Dark.

    And by being Dark, he **brought forth the Light.**

    Thus, he is sometimes called the “Light Bringer.”

    And I don’t care what Donkey said, when I pass, I’m heading for the Light. God willing.

    1. Thank you very much for bringing this TRUTH to the comment section Triuwada. I agree 100% about Lucifer.
      However, I’d like to think we do not need opposites, although this is something many have come to believe and the reason many people make excuses about why we “need” evil — i.e., in order to bring “balance” with good. Anyway, something else I want to mention is that Lucifer has brought forth his brand of artificial (dark) light through his minions on Earth in the form of technologically produced radiation. The energy is generated 100% through vampiring the energy that is emitted by humans and other life forms when they are deliberately traumatized. Jewish kabbalists turned “nuclear physicists” were Lucifer’s minions in this effort and thanks to them, this techologically produced radiation is now all around us, morphing our DNA, destroying our reproductive capacities, damaging our brains and nervous systems, and destroying all life forms. You’ve got to hand it to the dark side. They are diabolically brilliant. And this why I am all for living in a reality where they do not and cannot exist. I don’t think we “need” evil to know good. I don’t think evil brings balance. Evil brings evil. That is all. We have to say no – we are not willing to co-exist with it and we will no longer tolerate its presence in our world. Another expulsion is necessary, although this time, it must be from the Earth, not just another country.

      1. I appreciate your passion, Jeanice! 🙂

        Good x evil is an old subject, the old religion of Zoroastrianism was about this dichotomy.

        Good is based on love, the more you share the more you have it. On the other hand evil is based on hate, there is no sharing. Evil is like poison, it needs to be concentrated to be effective. Evil will always require a supreme overlord calling the cards, that’s how it is.

        We should always support a decentralization of power, a community based system. Evil requires a One World Government, with the Jewish messiah on top of it.

        There is a price to be a servant of evil, the price is the soul. The servant of evil gradually loses the capacity to love.

        As you said, we don’t need evil. Evil can be contained but I’m afraid it is impossible to be eliminated from the face of the Earth, a physical law or something… The more evil is pushed to a corner the more it reacts. Fortunately, it works both ways, good is also impossible to be eliminated. The more evil grows worldwide the more difficult is for evil to grow further.

        Are readers noticing some kind of spiritual awakening? That is because evil is pushing too hard, good is reacting naturally. Evil will push harder and harder as we approach the final stages of this huge drama.

      2. Nothing But Truth – thanks for that feedback. Why do you think it is impossible for evil to be eliminated from the face of the Earth? What physical law commands that is stay here? This is an interesting idea. I would like to know more.

        From my perspective, I think we can intend that the final stages of this battle end with evil being removed from the Earth and quarantined for the rest of eternity in the farthest corner of the farthest universe where it can never influence anything good again. I do think this is possible. Using the concept in Star Trek, we can simply intend to beam them up and outta here. But it is a choice. Are we willing to co-exist with them or not? If we are unwilling to co-exist with them, then we can easily command them to go.

        PS – I am reminded of a bumper sticker I often see that reads: “Co-Exist” with a six pointed star right in the middle of it. FUCK THAT! I do not want to co-exist with these creatures anymore. They will never stop trying to destroy us and the Earth. They have to go.

      3. Since I am an engineer I take all the physical laws I know then I try to make an analogy. It’s more a feeling than science. It’s difficult to be scientific about the spiritual realm, although some physicists believe one day they will be able to explain religion through science. In this case I used the second law of Thermodynamics which says it is physically impossible a machine with 100% efficiency. Heat, wear, waste, entropy will always be present. That is why we get old and eventually die, sooner or later.

        It’s like fighting criminality in a big city, a struggle that never ends. For every criminal arrested by the police there is a junior criminal popping up the streets the next day.

        Anyway, we still can create some kind of bubble that we feel temporarily comfort inside it, our house for example, where evil cannot get inside only good people, family and trusted friends.

      4. Interesting thoughts Nothing But Truth. Thank you for sharing them. I’d like to say that, while machinery is manmade and constantly requires our energy and attention in order to keep it in form, things spiritual regenerate and renew themselves without needing our constant attention. For example, we don’t have to put any effort into the seasons coming and going, nor do we have to effort for the trees to drop their leaves and then bloom again next year. This all happens without need of our constant attention, yet everything in the technocratic world requires constant upkeep. The technocratic world a completely energy sucking system that has been designed, form its inception, to trap and enslave us. It is a luciferian creation, as are the beings who have given “birth” to its machinations (such as the FED and artificial radiation). Like all technocratic creations, the beings who have brought these machinations to our world also require constant energy and attention from us in order to stay in form. But what if we decide to withdraw our attention and energy from them? They have no life. They are parasites and require our attention and energy. And what if we take it one step further and decide we don’t want them to exist in our world anymore. BAM. They are gone.
        What if it can really be that simple? I think it’s worth a try.

    2. @ Triuwida

      Pat said: “You should KNOW…. LUCIFER MEANS ‘LIGHT-BEARER!’” Actually, Lucifer means “Light Bringer,” not Light Bearer. And it’s an important distinction.

      I beg to differ. Pat is perfectly correct to say Lucifer means ‘Light Bearer’. The name LUCIFER comes from two Latin words, LUX (light) and FERRE (to carry, to bear). So Lucifer literally means LIGHT-CARRIER or LIGHT-BEARER. Which means pretty much the same as LIGHT BRINGER, because one who CARRIES LIGHT or BEARS LIGHT also BRINGS LIGHT.

      I’m afraid you are splitting hairs by saying Pat is wrong when he is actually more accurate than you are, etymologically speaking.

      1. Thanks, Sard!

        In the last few days I have been called a DUMBASS, an IDIOT, a LIAR…. and even a DONKEY!! 😜
        I am used to being a favorite dartboard here!

        Gotta LUVITT!! 🙂

  38. Arch – someone recently shared with me an article you wrote entitled “Lies, Legends, Myths and Fairy tales of the Jewish storyteller – The stories in which we drown.” I wonder if I could have your permission to post it on my blog? Please do let me know. Thanks.

  39. It seems that every thread on this site connects with my experience and that the site that this site is connected to( truth-seeker) also posts threads which connect to the same experience. On December 2 a thread was posted about the conviction of Peter Dalglish a senior UN official, for Sexual abuse of children in Nepal. To put it simply and bluntly, the Epstein, prince noise created by the MSM could easily be used to cover more revealing evidence coming to light. This is the issues that Dalglish’s conviction rises, the facts that the whole of the world, or the western world is controlled and run by organized interlinked Pedophile networks. These work for an elite body of people who offer there devotions to a demonic diety that even though it may not exist , they by their devotions can create it.
    I am 64 and a survivor of extreme/severe domestic child abuse. I was born in Chester which is an old English walled border City on the north end of the Welsh border. We are by nature as the walls make plain a defensive and combative people always quick to defend ourselves from Welsh attacks. This helped myself and my siblings survive the abuse. Our population has been in constant struggle with the upper classes or the Citys Elites. They forced us to live in slums to try to drive us out. In 1955 our family was one of last to be forced out. We were sent 2 mile away onto a cold windswept hill to at the time New housing estates, they were later to be apply termed by the comedian Billy Connally as ” desserts with windows” On this place the domestic abuse went into over drive, cut off from the ancient web of family and community relationships we children just simply suffered. There was a bus stop outside the house so when my dad felt the need he would slap my mother out the house and send us kids with her, or when he turned his back or went upstairs my mum would grab us an jump on the bus if the timing was right. The bus would take us back within the walls and there we would be taken into the back alleys and yards to what was left of our peoples communities. We would find ourselves often with other children suffering similar problems. The new homes were cold and had no way to heat them, only a small fire downstairs, so in winter ice and frost would be 3 inches deep inside the windows. The war time rationing was still in place and poverty was so great that all our family’s suffered hunger. Many children were brought as soon as morning came back into the City walls for food warmth and safety
    Our situation was very very bad and all adults who knew us and the situation were desperate to stop the abuse, we heard them often talk of how it would drive us all mad or worse. I was 3-4 at the time so its easy to imagine the effect on myself and my siblings. We became aware of one constant discussion amongst the adults, that was if it was better to put us into care as they and my mother were at their wits end and in such poverty and stretched resources that it seemed the only safe option. But all of them soon came to a total agreed conclusion that the care system was a place of dark evil abuse and we would die in its clutches. They talked of the work house and other dark topics connected to the authorities. All this we heard as we listened from behind closed doors or while sitting on the stairs. We were already so isolated and the nightmare we had been born into was only just beginning so to learn there was no escape was desolating. However 15 yrs later it was to prove a life saver for us and a very wise decision made on our behalf’s.
    During the 2-3-4 yrs of our secondary( high) school education, ages 13-14-15-16 our years would always find strange children inserted into our classes. We would be told they had recently moved or some such other excuse and we should welcome them. All of them were really dark strange sombre individuals who it was obvious concealed very dark powerful storms within them. Some lasted no more then days, some no more then weeks, most no more then a month or two at most. Some would disappear never to be seen again or the rest would be escorted out screaming and fighting or handcuffed by the police. Those of us aware they were from care began to hear the quiet voice of our intuition and myself, my siblings and other survivors of abuse thought we could see the signs of severe abuse, an we remembered the words we had heard as children, care homes mean abuse and death.
    At 16 we are legal in the UK to leave home, we are young adults. So we left school and we would all hang out as teens do on street corners or park benches. 16 also means that those in care are free to walk out and cannot be stopped, so out from the care home system flooded hundreds of kids who had not been free since they were infants. Across the country it was the same they mixed with us on a permanent basis and soon they felt safe enough and trusted the people about them enough to start to talk. What came to light could not be spoken about on an open thread such as this but it is known openly of what abuse they spoke about. The were used and abused by all manner of high up peoples, those in the public sector, the judiciary, the Medical professions, the political parties, Parliament, the police, the Army and all services. They spoke about the higher ranks being given police escorts to and from the care homes. They spoke of the police openly telling them that only pain would come if they spoke and it would not do any good as no one would believe them. Well across the country our people did, the common people, we had those amongst us such as my own self and my siblings, people who had escaped the care system by good luck or as in my family’s case common sense and wise decisions who listened and told their own story’s. First the kids on the corners and the benches ran home and told the parents or trusted adults around them. the adults informed others and soon a great clamour arose and more capable people and groups became involved. Witnesses where gathered and statements taken and then it snowballed. It became a national outrage and the first mention of those in high places , MP,s, Royalty, clergy, Police, Military, came into the public realm. The first named homes came to light, all those through out North Wales and England, those on the channel islands, Guernsey, and those in northern island where the mention of foreign intel agency’s were mentioned. There was kick back and some attempted to call into question the witnesses , but those determined to seek the truth took the statements and the witnesses to the highest authorities in the world who specialize in verifying truths. They all came back unanimous that the young people were telling the truth. This was roughly 1970-71-72-73-74-75-76 and on until around the early 80,s when it was found unanimous and we all waited for action…………It never came, only Saville came and numerous other distractions which flood out of the TV, only more engineered drama or conflict. Anger grew but that TV it just does the trick every time, it dulls the head .
    Now for me those days are along long time ago, and rivers in full flood have flowed a lot of water under the bridge. So much more has now come to light, and I have taken part in a lot of fights many of them in the last 10 yrs have been toe to toe punch ups, and all of the battles have been against this same problem. From the care homes through Saville and on against Grooming gangs and into FGM, and on, on into the never mentioned African ritual child abuse, its been constant for me. If you asked me this would be the only truth I could speak Dalglish and his like, high up officials and MP,s, clergy, presidents ,generals, corporate CEO,s, these are just Minions, they are what are they called “acolytes” nothings, they are just slaves of those who call, enchant, evoke, invoke or what ever they want to call their devotions, who summon up the Darkest entities….That’s how its been for some 6-7-8,000 yrs.
    Forgive me if I seem to rant. I keep my posting to this thread for to me it all belongs here though you may not see it that way.

      1. I second that. Hewell’s revelations are not only most fascinating but he writes well too. I await more from his pen with eagerness.

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