Living the Dream


Living  the  Dream

“Become passers-by.”
— The Gospel of Thomas: 114 Sayings of Jesus, No. 42

By Xanadu


I hover on the borderlands of life,
I haunt the streets and this is what I see:
the heedless victim move toward knife—
the blood, the stab wound, and the agony.

A passer-by. That’s me.  And I’m enthralled
at the play enacted before my eyes
like a Greek tragedy. No, I am appalled.
— What Spider weaves this web? Are we his flies?

A boy in a wheelchair with burning gaze
scorches the crowd with hell-crazed eyes. I reel,
cringing at the look on his fractured face.
We all lie crushed beneath time’s turning wheel.

Nothing’s happening now, nothing at all.
Dark clouds drift by and dying leaves just fall.


I want what you want. That things turn out well
in the end, for all embroiled in this battle.
But what if earth is a planet of hell?
a giant abattoir? all of us cattle?

No, this is not a groundless fear. It’s based
on the cards we’ve been dealt, on the appalling
cruelty of the gods who deal out fates
and care not on whose heads their blows are falling.

I feel I am walking on a tightrope
with a hedge of razor blades beneath me.
All ye who enter here, abandon hope!
So Dante raved in his insanity.

Back home. Time now for strawberries and cream.
I guess we need to eat who live this dream.

8 thoughts to “Living the Dream”

  1. Dark dreams, Xanabu, dear lady. I’d love to expose you to much better! 🙂

  2. “I guess we need to eat who live this dream.”

    The tongue is the ace in the hole, the means and way to victory over Maya-devi.

    “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.” (Bhagavad-gita 9.26)

    Srila Prabhupada: “Now, this is also very surprising. By utilizing our tongue, we can become perfect. This is also unknown to the modern science. By utilizing the tongue, one can become perfect. Yes. This is the process. If by the tongue you chant Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra, and by the tongue you taste prasādam, you will be perfect, simply by executing these two things.

    “In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear.” (Bhagavad-gita 2.40)

    Anti-matter (Prasādam), it’s what’s for lunch!

    1. Here’s something about “Original Sin”…

      To be born into a world subject to the laws of matter* is to be born into a world of sin. This expresses the ultimate definition of “sin”

      To live as we do in being subject to these laws infers having been taken against our will. This puts conditions on “free” will, meaning it’s not “free from”, meaning it’s not really free, but conditional. The subjugation creates the CONDITION for sins to be committed, which ORIGINATED with us “flying into the spider’s web”. It doesn’t reflect the origin of “Man”, only of Man’s various material forms exacted by the “spider” AFTER flying into its web, starting with the earliest hominids to the present (homo-sapien)

      DIVINITY is the true origin of Man

      *matter: a DISorientation of Spitit (Imagination). For Man to resume his true freedom requires a REorientation in removing the subjugation…
      having an antimatter sandwich…..with no chips😊

      1. Well said Brownhawk!
        “Matter: a DISorientation of Spitit (Imagination). For Man to resume his true freedom requires a REorientation in removing the subjugation…”
        Reorientation for example as Rumi wrote in No room for form: “And don’t look for me in human shape, I am inside your looking. No room for form with love this strong”.
        The good old body, fragile but very receptive for temptation of a once divine mind enslaved in hellish illusion and deceit.

      2. Spider’s Betrayal: A Creation Story

        It was a pristine world of perpetual beauty and harmony, graced with a vibrancy of ethereal composition confiding a trusted consistency. A magical place of wonder, exquisite to behold and embraced in love. A place where Time has no passages, only it’s presences in an imperishable realm. Call it…. Coalescence.

        Yet for some inexplicable reason, there were those who saw this paradise as a threat. Imposers who had a great advantage for causing mischief, being that there was no precedent for those happy Beings to experience malevolence. No need for a safeguard of eternal vigilance. It was the Innocence, and the fruits were ripe for the picking.

        They would come up with an act of duplicity that would tarnish an unspoiled world, and what was done as a first act of imposition would be to lure their prey into an invisible illusion and paralyze them with the sting of a numbing intoxication. From positions of estrangement, a method of usurpation was used to siphon off aspects of Divine Light supporting an unfettered existence, and send it through a spider’s tunnel to the obscurity of an odd assimilation. This is where matter is created, and then spun into the form of a web of deceit. Call it…the Original Trespass.

        In those sublime places it’s inhabitants were enjoying the handiwork of an ebullient masterpiece, where it was always excellent weather for flying, with no sense of the entanglement which awaited. Once inside the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their dreams for countless eons, marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.

        The Divine Light had become a beacon

      3. Time has truly come to be abolished and to let go of ANY opiates of amnesia to become once again a beacon of divine light – with room for NO FORM (or body). Though, what a terminal threat for an entangled human condition exploited, stuck and craving for invisible illusion. Blessings Brownhawk!

  3. Those sonnets are very moving. Very good.

    I was moved where Xanadu so astutely & starkly wrote:

    I want what you want. That things turn out well
    in the end, for all embroiled in this battle.
    But what if earth is a planet of hell?
    a giant abattoir? all of us cattle?


    So, I thought:

    As the cattle are branded, so are they all
    who wanted a phone to just make a call.
    But what they have now is more than a phone.
    It is a very ‘smart’ friend, so they’re never alone!

    Now there is nowhere they can hide,
    not under a tree, not even inside!
    They cannot return, being so addicted.
    Their ‘smart’ little friend has them so conflicted.

    Here is why:

    1. Right you are, Pat! Social media is a curse of modern society. I’ve never indulged in it, but, from what I hear, so many people are ADDICTED – both young and old! We have some locals, here, who constantly bicker on Facebook, if I understand a friend, correctly. I always ask her what the latest outrage is. Hilarious – but sad.

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