Lobro: Why I Admire Stalin


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by ‘Lobro’

Stalin, briefly

As promised, this is 100% freehand, based on my memory of what I have heard and read over the past several years during which I developed a rather intense curiosity about Russia, the bastion of Aryan race and the final stronghold of freedom and relatively unsullied Christianity—while in no way disparaging other ethnicities or religions (aside from the richly deserving servants of Antichrist).

Some of the authors come to mind that are a treasure trove of revealing data and information made recently available, including numerous archival documents, microfiches, facsimiles, translations and so on:
Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me.
Circassian can double-check for errors in memory and correct as necessary, he surely knows much more and if not, the above authors are invaluable reference, e.g., Furr’s “Khrushchev Lied”, where he uncovers the fact that Khrushchev’s famous anti-Stalin speech after he took the Party control was riddled with pure lies, his 61 points of accusation against Stalin refuted one by one, 60 out of 61 claims, yet this speech forms the bulk of Robert Conquest’s work that made him famous and irreplaceable to the Jewish masters of the West.
You can freely download Prof Furr’s book, another one in my possession is a hardcopy named “Yezhov vs. Stalin”, not available otherwise.
You can also see him on youtube, e.g., something like “Continuing revision of Stalin era”.
Internet search gives you wealth of census data, very detailed and broken down and cross-referenced in many ways, by age, ethnicity, location, sex, education, etc, etc.

Essentially, the timeline runs as follows:
1917—Talmudist Bolshevik takeover, plotted and financed by Jew bankers and financiers in the West, who despite wearing different disguises, communists, Zionists, capitalists, were in fact different units in the same army, working toward the unified goal of Messianic promise of world domination.
Even though Lenin was the nominal head, his merely partial jewish bloodline rendered him suspect to the vast majority of commissars and party leaders, practically all Jews, so they tried to kill him when a Jewess (Dora Kaplan??) shot him from a close range (1919?) but her aim was a bit off and she merely wounded him, seriously enough to cause a lingering decline and death over the next few years.
In response, he appointed Joe Stalin as his deputy and withdrew into Kremlin where he was safe from Jew machinations as they maneuvered for another shot at him.
When he finally died (1924?), Stalin through wily maneuvering was able to amass Politburo power and began purging Jews from the top ranks, including trials of the worst criminals against humanity, the ones responsible for the ugliest atrocities against Russian folk, including Yezhov, Trotsky, Kamenov, Zinoviev, Radek and numerous others.

Some facts and factoids in no particular order:
His best friend Kirov was assassinated by Jews, he never got over that.
He refused the highest medal, The Hero of Soviet Union, because he didn’t feel worthy of it, since it was meant to be awarded for battlefield exploits.
In his later years, he went back to his Christian monastic roots, allowed and encouraged rebuilding of religious networks in Russia and other parts of the Union.
Never pursued personal wealth accumulation, lived very modestly like a country peasant, surrounded by books and his beloved pipe, and vodka (I think, not sure—Circassian?)

The only leader in history who openly confronted powerful Jews, put them on trial and where evidence warranted and tribunals proclaimed them guilty, allowed their execution– THE ONLY ONE, I repeat.

The greatest slaughter and persecution of innocents occurred immediately after 1917 takeover, it eased off considerably after Stalin took power, even though it did continue due to extreme size of the country and backwardness of communication systems so that the atrocities occurring far from the centers of government frequently went unreported for a long time, Jews making the best use of the allotted time.

Ukrainian Holodomor is greatly exaggerated and isolated as a unique event, when the truth is that Russia suffered periodic famines and not just in Ukraine but other areas, a seasonal disaster going back to 19th century and earlier, similar to present famines in Africa or bushfires in Australia, North America and elsewhere. In fact, the famous Holodomor WAS THE LAST SUCH FAMINE EVER—due in no small part to centralized planning—despite all its faults and ineptitude. The Jew in charge of securing harvests was found guilty of homicidal negligence due to his “enthusiasm” and executed on Stalin’s orders.

Despite all the hardships, Soviet population grew between 1920 and 1940 before the war.
Likewise, the expected lifespan or mortality rates were the best ever, whether compared to Tsarist Russia or even today’s Russian Federation even though under Putin, the birth rates, health care and overall prosperity ensures that it is catching up fast.

On the final note (getting tired and wanting to wrap it up quickly):
Russians today consider him the greatest Russian or even the greatest man who ever lived, I suppose second to Christ.
Now think about this for a moment: if it is true that he bears the responsibility for murder of 60+ million ethnic Russians, why would they venerate him so?
Without going into actuarial calculations, if on average each one of us has say, 10 close relatives, that means that the murder of each one of us affects at least 10 people, of course with numerous overlaps, which only asserts that every survivor can claim DNA link to several ancestral victims.
With 60 million victims, every Russian alive today might say that Stalin was directly responsible for say, 7-8 of his close blood relatives.
And yet they think he is the best thing that ever happened to Russia, better than Peter The Great, Catherine, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Mendelev, Tchaikovsky, martyred imperial family of St. Nicholas … what gives?!?
And there can be no doubt that Russians are by orders of magnitude better educated than Americans, especially in history and geopolitics, they follow it like the Americans follow NASCAR, NBA and NFL leagues.

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83 thoughts to “Lobro: Why I Admire Stalin”

  1. “…Now think about this for a moment: if it is true that he bears the responsibility for murder of 60+ million ethnic Russians, why would they venerate him so..?”

    That is a classical argumentum ad populum which I would not have expected from you. The masses are by definition stupid and can be brought to believe anything if only consistently brainwashed.

    Here is the same phenomenon in China :

    This is a picture of a colossal head of their beloved “Great Helmsman” who killed 70 million of their own :


    And here is a colossal golden statue of that same mass murderer :


    However Stalin did achieve two great things : he industrialized backward agricultural Russia, and he won the “Great Patriotic War” against the Nazis. But in doing so he went over countless dead bodies, of ordinary Russians and of his own comrades whom he suspected of plotting against him.

    I suspect you venerate Stalin because you consider him as a great “anti-Semite”. Stalin never was an “anti-Semite”. He considered Jews just as one of the many ethnic groups of the Soviet Union. He only acted against some of them if he suspected them of treason.

    1. @ Lobro


      Any comment likely to be seen as an ad hominem attack on Lobro will be instantly deleted to spare Lobro’s tender feelings. (He is inordinately sensitive to criticism). In addition, Lobro will be free to request the deletion of any comment he dislikes.

      Circassian, Lobro’s sole friend and supporter on this site, will not be allowed to speak for two reasons: (1) Firstly, because of his non-stop rudeness and unremitting abuse of other posters on this site, including Pat, Harold Smith, Sardonicus, Brownhawk, Ruth, Madame Butterfly, and others too numerous to name. (2) Secondly, because Circassian has declared himself a self-admitted enemy of this website, denouncing Lasha Darkmoon as a “lavatory attendant”, and even vowed to do everything he can to destroy this website.

      Lobro does not need friends like this.

      1. Criticism and ad hominem are two different things. Enemies even.

        I’m a Lobro supporter and always have been. Perhaps not as per Stalin and this is because like everyone I’ve been buried under a train load of anti-Stalin criticism and ad hominem all my life which tends to sway any conclusions I might make. As well as not being well read enough on the subject to be taken seriously.

        Nonetheless I recognize Lobro’s incredible mind, perception, good heart and a whole bunch of other adjectives and maybe even a few nouns.

        Anyone who can hang with Rowan Berkeley is worthy of extra consideration and contemplation. And if you think I’m just blowing smoke, try it sometime. LOL, I dare you..

      2. @ Hp

        Very commendable of you to spring to Lobro’s defence. I hope I may be allowed to say this without any wish to cast aspersions on your friend’s alleged intellectual preeminence. But the article he has written on Stalin is embarrassingly bad. In fact, pathetic. It has “amateur” written all over it. It barely passes muster even as a comment.

        @ Lobro

        If this comment enrages you as an ad hominem slur, please ask Admin to delete it.

        — Emma K, formerly attacked by you and driven from this website in tears.

        1. Poor Emma! I remember you well. So you, too, were driven from this site by Lobro?

          Never mind, dear! Perhaps you’ll be able to sneak back here once Lobro has retreated again to the sleepy backwater of Niqnaq, his natural habitat. A site where no one is allowed to post comments, I understand, unless they first grovel at the feet of the Bearded Sage Rowan Berkeley who owns the site and rules over his 5-6 disciples with a rod of iron. Ah well, I guess it takes all types!

          God bless all the sad cyber geniuses of this world! 🙂

      3. Emma, I did offer a disclaimer, recused myself from the subject of Stalin and those 66 million, or is it 666 million deaths. Statistics, eh.

        There’s more to life and Lobro than this one subject. Lobro’s cipherings on Stalin are but a small fraction of my exposure to him and his intelligence, perception, wit and yes, compassion.

        I also left a link to Rowan’s site to support my own ciphering. Though I must also say I haven’t commented over at Niqnaq for quite some time although I read the comments now and again.

        Rowan is brutal in his honesty and as Lobro and Lasha and others will attest to, quite the fierce task master, to say the least..
        You might even enjoy a little taste yourself!

        Thanks for not being ad hominem.

        1. @ hp

          Why on earth should I be ad hominem, especially to you, whose beautiful posts I treasure? You are unaware that the kindness and courtesy you show on this website, which is lucky to have you, are worth a HUNDRED times the alleged brilliance of the man you praise. One word of kindness from a modest man is better than a hundred harsh sermons from a badly behaved intellectual.

      4. Emma, you really are too kind.
        On second thought, please stay away from Rowan Berkeley’s Niqnaq, lol..

      1. It is with some surprise that I have come to the conclusion that I — and many other people — have misunderstood the Latin quotation, borrowed from the Jesuits and quoted in my satire IN PRAISE OF STALIN, alleged to be translated as “The End Justifies the Means”.

        The Jesuits argued that if it is lawful for you to catch a train, it is lawful for you to buy a ticket. Which is obvious.

        The Communists interpreted this as meaning that if it is lawful for you to catch a train, it is lawful for you to steal a ticket, or commit robbery or murder to obtain the ticket. Just because catching a train is lawful!
        This cannot be right.

        To me, today, it’s the other way around: “Quum finis est licitus etiam media sunt licita” rather implies that IF the means are lawful, then the action is lawful, too. A lawful end requires lawful means. I am surprised I never noticed this before.

        It is true that the sentence is ambiguous.
        Back to sleep.

      2. Incidentally, I agree that Stalin was a genius, but I don’t believe he accomplished anything positive, nothing.

        Viktor Suvoror says that Stalin knew hundreds of officers by sight, with first and last names. He had something like a photographic memory, with instant recall, for faces and people, and probably a myriad of other things. You can’t survive in a situation like that without a very high IQ. Most people would be mincemeat in about 2 seconds.

    2. “However Stalin did achieve two great things : he industrialized backward agricultural Russia, and he won the “Great Patriotic War” against the Nazis.”
      I beg your pardon, Franklin, but of ‘two great things’ he, son-of-a-shoe-make, achieved none. A can bring some proofs if you neeed them.

  2. I may as well say it again. But not in so many words

    Stalin’s “Great Achievement” was in service of Rothschild and his Masonic masters who were behind the takeover of Czarist Russia upon which millions were killed. Stalin may not have been in power in those years between 1917 and Lenin’s death in 1924, but like Pilate, he can wash his hands, but they’re both delusional if they don’t think the stink is still there.

    C’mon lobro, how about a mea culpa of your own. 🤨

    1. On Stalin’s psychopathy

      Lenin was in supreme power between 1917 and 1924. Huge atrocities against the Russian people, especially Christians, were carried out by Lenin and his grisly crew of Jews who all had a pathological hatred of religion per se, particularly the Christian religion. Stalin, the only non-Jew in this gang of psychos, didn’t lift a finger to stop or moderate this anti-Christian vendetta. On the contrary, Stalin himself joined enthusiastically in the anti-Christian bloodbath. He had already been expelled from his Christian seminary (as a teenager) for his openly declared atheism and contempt for Christianity.

      (As a boy, he had also been found guilty of cruelty to animals, including a cat in the back streets of Gori, his birthplace).

      In 1924 Stalin achieved supreme power in the Soviet Union after leapfrogging over the backs of his two most powerful rivals, the Jews Zinoviev and Kamenev. After that there was no one to touch him. His power as absolute dictator remained unchallenged for the next 29 years until his death in March 1953. It was during this period, in fact, that the major atrocities against the Russian people took place : the Great Terror, the Purges, and the man-made famines resulting in the death of millions.

      It was on Stalin’s express orders that the peasants’ grain was confiscated and millions of Russians starved to death unmercifully. The grain was then exported to foreign countries for hard cash so that Stalin could use the cash for the Soviet Union’s modernization programs. Basically, Russian grain in exchange for tractors and farm machinery from the West. The peasants were ruthlessly sacrificed to collectivization and mass starvation. Don’t believe a word Lobro says. He either lies or, more likely, actually beleves the garbage he has been fed by the Stalin Propaganda Factory.

      Sure, he modernized Russia and plucked it out of the Middle Ages into the 20th century, but he did so by sacrificing roughly 50 million people ( according to Sozhenitsyn, 66 million). Many of my Russian ancestors died as a result of this savage brute’s merciless policies.

      Robert Conquest and Robert Service, 5-star academic historians, have documented all Stalin’s crimes in voluminous books. Lobro dismisses them with a sneer as lying agents for world Jewry. This comes from a man who boasted on this website that he had himself never read a single Stalin biography and had no intention of doing so! Preferring to get his information from internet conspiracy theory sites and the Stalin Propaganda Factory.

      The fact that there is a Stalin cult in Russia right now does not prove that Stalin was a Great Leader, as Lobro illogically concludes. It simply proves that vast numbers of simple Russians have been nicely brainwashed by the Stalin Cultists. Go to the source documents and you will find that Stalin was almost universally loathed and feared by most of his contemporaries. The peasants would spit every time they uttered the word ‘Stalin’.

      I guess Lobro doesn’t know that — or wish to know.

      1. Saki
        Maybe you’re right. Perhaps I was premature with my mea culpa. Maybe I just WANT to give lobro the benefit of the doubt as to how complicit in the committing of atrocities Stalin really was. That he has this blind spot makes him look ridiculous, which is very sad…..alas😪

      2. Saki, Hawk
        Prior to the Jew-Bolshevik takeover of Russia, studies have shown that if Russia had been able to carry on she would have surpassed the USA in steel and agricultural production by the 1930s. Otherwise, Russia, that was renamed the USSR by the tribe, settled in for arrested development and mass slaughter while suckling on the teat of the West.
        Everyone should read Herve Ryssen’s book recently translated into English by Carlos Porter, “Psychoanalysis of Judaism”.

      3. You are absolutely right. My mother in law’s uncle was in gulags and survived. He came back emaciated with most of his teeth gone and scared to death to even talk about what he experienced. I can’t stand these idiots who always need someone to worship. Stalin, Hitler, Trump, Hillary, Obama….
        I grew up in communist country. You can’t bullshit me. I also know that we have both communism and fascism here in the US of A and dimwitted yoyos like Lobro might get their wish.

      4. Thalin, a few points i’d like to raise from various angles and i sure hope as many of the community read this as possible because it is a textbook case of what i have had to deal with in the past.
        I don’t know you, you don’t know me but that does not stop you from calling me “dimwitted yoyo” right off the bat.
        Which means that i am not obliged to play by rules of civil discourse either—so if you go home in tears, don’t blame me, blame yourself.
        Secondly, i don’t know where you get the idea that i hanker for communist rule in its Bolshevik version, anyway or that having some relative of a relative who suffered grievously inside gulag perimeter.
        I am an ethnic Croat whose grandfather and uncle we murdered in cold blood by Tito (Josip Broz) communist hordes—the partisans—AFTER the WW2 was declared over—search term “Bleiburg” or “Croatian Calvary”/”Krizni Put (Way of the Cross)”.
        So don’t come all morally superior at me.
        But I am a man enough and rational headed enough to recognize facts for what they are or might be, for example, having met many former residents of Yugoslavia describing how in many ways that society was much more equitable and humane—despite the initial genocides against those seen as potential enemies, e.g., Catholics. They had excellent, universal and entirely free education, health care, job security, tons of vacation time, food security and—I suspect the most important of all—minimal wealth disparity, the greatest single cause of strife and depression in the Jew West, where Jew declares it G-d’s will that you should grovel in abject poverty, all rights and hope stomped into dirt while he lords it over you and yours in absolute lawless tyranny.
        Now, you attack me by way of deriding a certain social construct, namely this communism, the utterly dreaded word, a mirror reflection of fascism or even worse, Yhwh-forbid, National Socialism.
        Like any tool, it can be beneficial or deadly, depending on who wields it, a skilled lumberjack or the Texas chainsaw massacre guy. I won’t go into deep specifics, not my interest at this point.
        But, where does it say in your comment that it was Stalin responsible for your relative’s misery and ruined health? he ended up in gulag, yes.
        Street people, the homeless, junkies, prostitutes, the gangs, the indigent, orphans, aborigines, the broken of Amerika are just as devastated—ever seen any crack addicts or crystal meth connoisseurs? In Canada too, go to Hastings street in vancouver or Dundas+Jarvis in Toronto, not to mention the hellholes of Saskatoon or winnipeg. And i’ve seen it in the fragments of the former Yugoslavia, just as bad, people tell me how much they miss the sunny past of “communism”.
        And so with Stalin and Stalinism—I suppose, don’t know for sure but i do know that he purged the Stygian sties of the inhuman Jew excrement and you can thank him for having those former Russian jews as your taskmasters in the States today, Masha gessen and her likes (see Admin, I said “Likes”, not what you feared i would say), got off the plane and the next day bossing and abusing you from the comfort of her luxurious perch—gee, thanks Uncle Joe.
        I won’t harangue you with all the literature that not only was produced by careful professionals but moreover—IT FITS!
        It makes total sense in the broad narrative, instead of blind mole myopia, astigmatism and whatever (presbyteria (?!?) 🙂 ) that rules the day, the narrowest of focuses as generationally taught and implanted by Jew, so that some tsunami can wipe out hundreds of thousands but who gives a shit if it is Super Bowel or Academy Awards manicured retards mooning you from the limelight stage.

        Was gonna insult you by way of fair payback, but what the hell, you saved me the trouble—reread your comment to see what I mean.

        When i am convinced by my decision analysis that i am in the right, not the orchestrated crescendo of every blog on God’s earth can sway me, so don’t bother unless you have some purely logical arguments (Putin’s skullcap or Ivanka don’t cut the mustard, totally irrelevant, one is convenient window dressing, the other is someone’s free choice)


          @ Thalin

          [THALIN referring to LOBRO] : “My mother in law’s uncle was in gulags and survived. He came back emaciated with most of his teeth gone and scared to death to even talk about what he experienced. I can’t stand these idiots who always need someone to worship. Stalin, Hitler, Trump, Hillary, Obama…. I grew up in communist country. You can’t bullshit me. I also know that we have both communism and fascism here in the US of A and dimwitted yoyos like Lobro might get their wish.”

          Thalin: I don’t know who you are but you have my full respect and sympathy for stating the facts about Stalin as you see them: a psychotic mass murderer who killed his own people, mostly the Christian proletariat. It’s typical that you mild characterization of Lobro as a “dimwitted yoyo” should be seen by this paranoid loonie as an ad hominem attack on him. Anyone who fails to take him seriously or give him the “respect” he claims to be his due is part of a vicious anti-Lobro ad hominem conspiracy to destroy his non-existent reputation as a Great Thinker. What a joke.

          @ Lobro

          You remind me of serial killer Ted Bundy insisting on “respect” from his critics because he was a pretty smart college student. A bit like Ted saying: “Hey, stop this ad hominem plot to destroy my reputation! What have I done but express my admiration for serial killers by bumping off a few women myself!”.

          You’re a bit like that, Lobro. A bit like Ted Bundy blowing his own trumpet. You’ve been accused of being “Stalin’s cocksucker” and “Trump’s cocksucker” and “Hitler’s cocksucker” and of course that’s not a polite way of speaking, is it? It’s disgusting! It’s ad hominem! But what if it happens to be true, Lobro, though the language is impolite?

          Aren’t you sucking Stalin’s cock in every metaphorical sense, though not literally?

          Given that millions of Russians died in Stalin’s gulags — many of them tortured to death cruelly ON STALIN’S EXPRESS ORDERS! — never mind the exact figure — anyone who fatuously claims, as you do, that Stalin didn’t order the death of a single human being in the Soviet Union and was a paragon of moral integrity, has to be guilty of a moral obscenity so monstrous as to defy belief.

          The term “Stalin’s cocksucker” is therefore, I regret to say, the most accurate description for you, Lobro, because it describes you to the letter. It’s what you clearly are: a Stalin cocksucker. No other description will suffice. I am not the first, as you know, to use this term to describe you. Others have already done so and they have been filed away in the dark recesses of your disturbed mind as evil conspirators in a sinister plot to destroy your “reputation”. Too bad.

          If you don’t like the term “Stalin’s cocksucker” to be applied to you, by all means ask for the deletion of this comment. You’ve already driven me once from this website by your bullying attacks on me and on many others who dared to stand up to you and tweak your ugly nose. So go ahead — try it on again, bully boy!

          Go on, you pathetic Stalin cocksucker, I defy you to demand the deletion of my comment! 🙂

          — EMMA K, driven from his site by you and dumped on more than once by you … but no longer afraid of your pathological bullying).

          1. @ Emma K

            Oh dear, you have set the cat among the pigeons and will live to regret it. Anyone who dares to stand up to Lobro is toast. Await your fate in the Lobrovian mincing machine!

            Can’t help sympathizing with you though. 🙂

      5. Dear Emma, “driven away in tears“, and everyone else likewise in tears because of cruel, cruel Lobro who objects to such language from the dear old lady, interrupting her needlepoint to gently admonish me for not taking her statements as Lord’s truth without demanding to see evidence.

        Hot flashes bothering you much, Emma K, the Silent Reader and whatever else internet guise you wear?
        Even if i knew of a good advice, i think i’d keep it to myself, maybe Dr Parker can help, a little poke here and there and you’ll be your usual sunny self.
        At any rate, thanks for revealing your rheumatic hand, long-long black painted nails … ugh.
        But enough of what makes you cackle in your cobwebbed rocking chair, embalmed cat in lap, time to shift gears.

        Given that millions of Russians died in Stalin’s gulags — many of them tortured to death cruelly ON STALIN’S EXPRESS ORDERS! — never mind the exact figure

        I, Lobro, hereby challenge you to provide direct, archival or forensic evidence of what you said in that quote (“never mind the exact figure“) and don’t quote the quotes of third or fourth level quoters and back-quoters,
        do you understand the term, “judicial evidence“?
        Or “forensics“?
        Or “epidemiology“?
        Or “source documentation“, all cross-checked and mutually supportive?

        Ye gods, to what level of retarded hell have I descended to argue with someone of your quality.
        Boo-hoo, she will now amble and shuffle sideways back to her forest lean-to, driven away in tears again.
        But you got lots of knights errand that will pick up the cocksucker refrain—because it is their one and only weapon, just like yours, poor damsel in distress, not allowed to void her bloody shit, piss and vomit all over someone who never did her any harm NOR WANTS TO HAVE ANY TRAFFIC WITH SOMEONE AS MONSTROUS.

        And no, I ask the administration NOT to remove your comment because it truthfully paints you as you are—BROWN, having squatted on your chamber pot, fallen off and spilled the contents all over your exposed nether parts—just as you are, body and soul.

        Can’t answer my question? Boo-hoo some more, such delicate tears squirting and nourishing fleurs du mal.

        (this is clearly a special occasion, SWARM arise in your multitude!)

        1. @ Stalin’s Cocksucker
          (aka ‘Lobro’)

          I notice you didn’t have the guts to demand the deletion of my 100% accurate description of you as “Stalin’s Cocksucker”. Why didn’t you? Didn’t Admin offer to throw a mantle of protection round you because Admin knew you just can’t stand on your own two feet and fight your corner like a man? You need Admin to protect you, don’t you, you pathetic little wimp! Sorry, you’re not going to get compulsory admiration from me. You’re a man without honor, that’s why. You lie through your back teeth every time you open your ugly halitosis mouth, providing no evidence for ANY OF YOUR STATEMENTS!

          Let’s have proof from YOU that Stalin never destroyed any Christian churches or massacred hundreds of thousands of Christian clergy! Let’s have proof from YOU that Stalin was a really nice guy who never harmed a hair on anyone’s head! That he had nothing to do with the millions of Russians he killed and tortured in his gulags. (His signature exists on the death warrants). Let’s have proof from you that Stalin gave no orders to kill anyone or torture anyone in the Soviet Union for the many years in which he killed his own people like flies.

          Go on, Stalin’s cocksucker, offer proof for your mountains of lies!

          1. You were the man, I understand, who made a “gentleman’s agreement” with Circassian not to attack him on the condition that he didn’t attack you. You needed that agreement badly to save your ugly face — because Circassian danced rings round you and demonstrated with every riposte to you what a f***ing idiot you were. And what did you do, you sneaky little coward? You waited till Circassian left the site and then started attacking him sneakily behind his back, thinking the coast was clear. Come closer, cocksucker, so that I can spit in your ugly face!

            I feel contaminated just talking to you, your blustering bully, you dirty little coward.

            Wasn’t it you who issued unsolicited advice to Admin to change the rules and regulations of this website to suit YOU? So that you could use words like NIGGER, COON, and BABOON to describe black men? You filthy racist redneck actually demands my respect? You want me to suck your syphilitic cock like everyone else here? No way!

            And yes, the comment by Sardonicus that you had deliberately tried to diss and humiliate Lasha Darkmoon on this site by accusing her — FALSELY! — of intellectual dishonesty, I will bear him out. I remember your comment distinctly and thinking, “What a bastard!” It was a sarcastic jibe at LD. Pure vicious defamation of character. Because she refused to suck Stalin’s cock to please you. Refused to suck Trump’s cock to please you. And you dared to call Sardonicus a “LIAR” for calling you out on this failed attempt to damage LD’s good reputation. Sardonicus was telling the truth and I can attest that he was telling the truth. And it was YOU who lied.

            OK, Mr Cocksucker, let me say I pity you rather than hate you. Hating you would give you more importance than you deserve. One doesn’t “hate” bed lice. One is just annoyed that they have managed to sneak into the mattress in the guest’s bedroom. Understand?

            On what grounds do you expect others to give you compulsory respect? You want respect for sucking Stalin’s cock? For sucking Trump’s cock? You want the rest of us to join in an orgy of communal fellatio?

            Dream on, Slobberer!

            1. I’m afraid all these unpleasant off-topic comments will have to be deleted at some future date, together with the article that generated them and which we now deeply regret publishing. We should have taken Lobro’s advice and deleted it. He would have been spared a lot of anguish if we’d done as he’d asked.

              As on all other threads, comments on this thread will be allowed for the next 100 days.

              Lobro is of course free to offer his article to other websites if he wants.


                EMMA K: Your future comments will be monitored, together with the comments of your equally vituperative interlocutor. We are not going to let you pit bull terriers take over our website. We don’t like you or respect you and would like you troublemakers to leave our site voluntarily before you do it any further damage.


                  EMMA K: You are no longer wanted on this forum.

                  It may be true that Lobro drove you from this website “in tears” and that he has an unfortunate tendency “for creating bad vibes and flame wars whenever he pops up on the scene” (to use your own words), but your abusive language passes all the bounds of decency and will no longer be tolerated here.

                  Begone, foul-mouthed harridan!

                  1. @ Lobro


                    Parker: You sound just like Emma K. Is she your partner by any chance? This is the last time you will be allowed to post here.

                    1. Lobro never started any trouble at TUT but here at Darkmoon he has a very long history of starting trouble. Hey lobro, how come you never started any flame wars at TUT but here at DM you always cause trouble and strife? You only get along with arab jew takfiri muslims, is that it?

      6. Re Lobro
        (not addressed to him. No answer expected or desired from him)

        Sorry, I got my dates wrong. That should read:

        In 1928 (NOT 1924) Stalin achieved supreme power in the Soviet Union after leapfrogging over the backs of his two most powerful rivals, the Jews Zinoviev and Kamenev. After that there was no one to touch him. His power as absolute dictator remained unchallenged for the next 25 years (not 29) years until his death in March 1953.

        Basically, I’m saying that Stalin was TOTAL DICTATOR from 1928 on until his death in 1953, with no checks or balances on his absolute power. So everything bad that happened in the Soviet Union for the next 25 years has his signature on it. He not only signed all the death warrants personally but also attended torture sessions in the dungeons of the Lubyanka and sat in a corner gloating at the screams and suffering.

        I’m not going to waste my time giving “evidence” to Lobro who is not interested in evidence if it comes from Stalin detractors. Solzhenitsyn is full of descriptions of the horrors of the Lubyanka where he was himself a prisoner.

        See here:


        And Lobro lies when he says elsewhere that Solzhenitsyn was one of Stalin’s supporters. It was the exact opposite. Solzhenitsyn was one Stalin’s victims and had nothing good to say about Stalin. He describes the horrors of life in Stalin’s gulags in “The Gulag Archipelago”, a book I’m sure Lobro has never had time to read.

        By the way, it was Solzhenitsyn who claimed that the Stalin regime killed 66 million people, so it’s hard to see how Solzhenitsyn could have been one of Stalin’s big fans, as Lobro ludicrously suggests.


        Lobro is either an outright liar or he is suffering from some very strange brain disorder. He has certainly caused a lot of damage to this website with his lies and fanaticism. I don’t know a thing about this guy, so I’ve no reason to hate him or gang up against him like he accuses most people here of doing who dare to point out the many gaps in his education and don’t like his nasty way of talking to people, especially to women.

      7. (Admin: Let this one go through and then I am gone for good, I promise)

        although your manners are a notch above Dr Emma Parker’s (saying a lot, ain’t it), not sure about your mental faculties—do bears hibernate in winter?
        You said this:

        And Lobro LIES [uppercased by me] when he says elsewhere that Solzhenitsyn was one of Stalin’s supporters.

        In my so-called article (note that it was originally submitted as a comment with the express purpose of totally avoiding providing even one link and even one quote, in order to comply with site policy), there is one single mention of Solzhenitsyn, as follows:

        Some of the authors come to mind that are a treasure trove of revealing data and information made recently available, including numerous archival documents, microfiches, facsimiles, translations and so on:
        Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me.

        Is there anybody on this forum, i mean even one semi-rational soul who can see the eye-watering fatuousness of Saki’s calumny?
        Did i ever say that Solzhenitsyn was a Stalin supporter?
        What i did say was that Solzhenitsyn was among the authors whom i referred to in my investigations of the subject.
        Now i truly do hope that there is one person within this forum who can discern the difference, certainly not expecting Saki to be that person.

        And it shows how the weak, undeveloped goy mind struggles against even the most rudimentary reason, why Jew is the natural master and will forever be the winner, exactly as The Protocols stated.

        It moreover shows how parallel the infantile thinking or what passes for thinking in the slobbering rage to attack both Stalin and Trump (and Putin, among many) is to the whole of Holohoax circus, where the same principles of mindless hearsay and anecdotal witnesses (Emma defecating+eating family diamonds on daily basis), the most hyperventilating, breathless charges taken as cosmic truths, while any reasonable skepticism is treated with rabid hatred, or “answers” that totally sidestep the original cause for doubt.
        And who wins, invariably?
        Can i make it more clear, here it is highlighted: JEW WINS, every single time, a chess grandmaster vs. nose-picking tic-tac-toe amateur.

        because not once did any one of you ever consider that
        a) Jew murdered all those Russians, including during Stalin’s era, especially shortly after he assumed party leadership, that today’s worldwide outpouring of hatred (Emma being the most brilliant example of how mindless hatred can be manufactured inside a semi-developed human) against Stalin was incubated and inflamed by Jew in order to serve Jew, hide him from rightful blame—has even one of you ever heard of Trotsky? (I didn’t think so either) certainly in all this garbage you’ve been spewing, I never caught a single mention of Jew, only Stalin-Stalin-Stalin, and moreover
        b) the same demented principles apply to Trump, never a word of how much he is hated by Jews, oh no, he is Jewish slave, “Zionist Puppet” every single time—but the word never applied to Obama the Nobel Peace laureate, the only president in history when the nation was at war every single day he was in office, 8 years, whose trail of destruction runs across N Africa, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen—he started all those, yet gets none of the blame, not even 5% of what is laid at Trump’s door (The Zionist Puppet), want to compare Syria today to Syria under Obama? Or how about Hillary Clinton whom you are all sorry not to have voted for instead of the Zionist Puppet Trump? Her insane victory jig upon torturing Qaddafi to death or Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel”

        In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Clinton also wrote that it was the “right thing” to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.

        So, is she a Zionist Puppet by chance? No,of course not, she is 100 times better, more preferable to Trump.

        Why? Because we hate facts, don’t we, Saki.

        so long as you get orgasmic pleasure in calling me a liar, so yeah go ahead, do the right thing.
        And give my love to Emma, the poor little thang that i drove away in tears, boo-hoo, back to being Silent Reader (LOL).

        1. @ Lobro

          I quote in full your attempt to make out that Saki is a “liar” for misrepresenting you as a supporter of Solzhenitsyn. From which I have to assume that you have no time for Solzhenitsyn and regard him with contempt for his hostility to Stalin, the man you adore.

          Here is what you say, word for word:

          although your manners are a notch above Dr Emma Parker’s (saying a lot, ain’t it), not sure about your mental faculties—do bears hibernate in winter? [Note. You begin with an hominem sneer at Saki, showing you are no better than “Emma K”, your new spit bowl.]

          You said this: “And Lobro LIES [uppercased by me] when he says elsewhere that Solzhenitsyn was one of Stalin’s supporters.”

          In my so-called article (note that it was originally submitted as a comment with the express purpose of totally avoiding providing even one link and even one quote, in order to comply with site policy), there is one single mention of Solzhenitsyn, as follows: “Some of the authors come to mind that are a treasure trove of revealing data and information made recently available, including numerous archival documents, microfiches, facsimiles, translations and so on: Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me.”

          Is there anybody on this forum, i mean even one semi-rational soul who can see the eye-watering fatuousness of Saki’s calumny?

          I regret to say that your attempt to notch up credit for deep learning by this pretentious exercise in name dropping — “Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me” — had the same effect upon me that it had on Saki: that you were saying you had learned much from the illustrious authors you had cited and regarded them in many ways as your mentors. This gave the distinct impression to me that your were roping in Solzhenitsyn as one of the authors you admired who had turned you into a full-fledged Stalin apologist.

          I accuse you, not of lying so much, but of deviousness and duplicity — by deliberately suggesting that Sozhenitsyn was a Stalin admirer like yourself. Sorry, but this is the impression you gave. Not only to me, but to Saki and Emma K also. Note: you have called me a “LIAR” too (your own capitals). So how can you have the effrontery to call Saki and Emma K “liars”.

          Can’t you see that the overwhelming impression you give to many others here — who have come to know you well and see through you — is that the only “liar” here is YOU?

          I won’t go on. Because honestly, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.

          Before I wind up this comment, however, let me cite another example of your lying. Do you remember the occasion when you took it into your head to lecture Admin on its site policies, suggesting with impertinence that Admin should consider rewriting its policies to suit you and a few other redneck racists on this site?

          You were unhappy that you were not allowed to use terms like NIGGER and NIGRA on this site and you managed to get round this prohibition by writing “N1GGER” and “N1GRA” instead, taking a childish pride in snubbing Admin by subverting site policies in this clever-assed way.

          How smart of you, Lobro, well done! 🙂

          In doing this, however, you shot yourself in the foot because your juvenile pranks in tweaking Admin’s nose did not impress Admin and at once made you persona non grata with Admin. (I believe LD had a hand in framing those policies}. Why did you go out of your way to mock Admin, may I ask? And then complain later on, like a spoilt brat, that Admin had it in for you?

          To get back to your barefaced lie, however!

          In addition to your favorite word “N1GRA” (to characterize our black brothers) you had also used the word “BABOON”. You hotly denied using this word when I pointed it out to you, either calling me a “liar” or suggesting mendacity on my part. How charming of you! I then copy pasted the “incriminating” comment in which, lo and behold, you had used the word “BABOON”! 🙂

          What was your response? A deafening silence! Not the slightest apology from you. No acknowledgement from that you had indeed used the word “baboon”. I’m surprised you didn’t fall back on your usual excuses for misbehavior — lapse of memory, absent-mindedness, a wee tendency to “dyslexia”! 🙂

          This is simply another small example, one among many, of your tendency to tell lies when it suits you.

          No, I’m not going to hunt for the quote to “prove” your mendacity, duplicity, and penchant for behaving like a rottweiler on the rampage. Hunt for it yourself. I have wasted enough time on you.

          1. @ Lobro

            BTW, my comments are now being monitored because of you.
            Thanks for getting me into hot water.
            I have also had comments deleted, thanks to you.
            You really know how to make friends, don’t you?

            1. REPOSTED FROM THE KAMINSKI THREAD where it does not belong, this comment is in response to an off-topic comment there by Commentator Mike announcing that Lobro’s article had been published on “Russia Insider”.

              @ Commentator Mike

              This does not impress me at all. Russia Insider is a pro-Stalin website run by the Stalin cultists and has never published a single article critical of Stalin. In fact, about 2-3 years ago, Lobro quoted on the DM site from another pro-Stalin article published on Russia Insider. It was pointed out by another poster on this site (I forget who) that the writer of that pro-Stalin article was a semi-illiterate who could barely spell his own name. In other words, low-quality trash.

              I’d like to know how a comment published by an obscure commenter on a pro-Stalin website, himself a Stalin cultist, saying “this is an interesting article”, makes it an interesting article, let alone a well-written and convincing one. Even you yourself, if I remember correctly, said the article was poorly written trash (just a bunch of rough notes) and should never have been published because it brought shame on Lobro.

              Far from the article being “interesting”, it’s in fact pretty boring. It has not made a single convert to Stalinism. On the contrary, it’s had the opposite effect, hardening people’s attitudes to Stalin and making them loathe the mass-murdering bastard even more. It had no effect on Ryckaert, for example, who ended his comment to Lobro by describing Stalin as a “monster”.

              How you can possibly think highly of a loonie like Lobro who writes garbage like the following — makes me question your own knowledge of Stalin. Lobro suggests in a particularly stupid comment here that maybe “most Russians like Stalin because he in fact never hurt any of their ancestors.” And then, believe it or not, he goes on to say:

              What if it turns out that he [Stalin] NEVER SANCTIONED KILLING EVEN ONE RUSSIAN?

              So this is where we are now. Far from killing 66 million Russians, or 20 million Russians, or 5 million Russians, it is now being suggested by this drooling fanatic that Stalin NEVER SANCTIONED THE KILLING OF A SINGLE RUSSIAN! 🙂

              Conclusion: I congratulate Lobro for getting his sub-standard article published on a site run by the Stalin cultists. No surprise. It’s just the right place for it. As Emma K might say: “An article by a Stalin cockksucker published on a site run by other Stalin cocksuckers.” — Sad to think that Emma K has been banned from this site for speaking the truth … while the Stalin cocksucker is still with us.

              Emma K, come back! 🙂

              1. And here is another comment to support my case. I copy and paste it here. It is by “CB” and belongs on this thread, not on the Kaminski thread where it has been posted by mistake.

                @ ADMIN

                Why did you publish this trashy article praising Stalin? Are you out of your mind?

                “Stalin liberated Auschwitz!” So announced Afshin Rattansi on RT. Do all big-time gangsters in Mumbai sport a Stalin-like moustache?…

                Alas, Adolf Hitler’s attempts to liberate the Soviet communist death camps didn’t succeed. Unlike at Dachau and Auschwitz, where the Jewish prisoners were found alive and well, it was a different story when the Germans, in 1941, entered Stalin’s NKVD dungeons in the city of Lviv in west Ukraine — part of eastern Poland in those days.

                What did the Germans find in Stalin’s dungeons? Well-fed prisoners enjoying life? No, they found only mountains of emaciated corpses, including women and children, each with a bullet through the back of his neck.

                Funny how Comrade Stalin, the greatest mass murderer of all times gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less, while Adolf Hitler is being berated to this day for no other reason than military failure.

                So where is the moral in this officially endorsed WW2 fable? In the gutter. Hitler gets the shame, and all the glory goes to the mass-murdering monster Stalin. The same man who laughed when told his Red Army was running riot in Germany and raping and torturing 2 million German women to death, hacking their breasts cut off and even raping geriatric women in hospitals and old nuns in their convents.

                The author of this article, “LOBRO: WHY I ADMIRE STALIN” is a man beneath contempt. Respecting a man like this is impossible. He has to be a sadistic psychopath himself for suggesting brazenly on this website that this foul beast never even sanctioned the death of a single Russian in his gulags and torture dungeons.

                I suggest that the Darkmoon site have nothing more to do with this dirty little pervert who has been accurately described here as “Stalin’s cocksucker.” That’s exactly what he is.

                Goodbye! Shame on the Darkmoon site for stooping so low as to publish this foul and filthy trash.

      8. btw … poor little lady Emma called me a “cocksucker” 17 TIMES (no less, go ahead, count) on this single thread and probably closer to 50 times but for the mercifully deleted comments.
        Meanwhile, i actually tried to mend fences with her, see here:

        Sincere apologies for having hurt you—I mean it and without asking forgiveness, that is up to you whether I deserve it or not, my general intention not to cause grief—UNLESS PROVOKED BEYOND ENDURANCE [emphasis mine].

        (I know that quoting and re-quoting myself is not cool but what more can i do to prove the mindboggling iniquity terminally infecting the thread?)

        Saki’s reaction? That I am nasty to women.

        don’t like his nasty way of talking to people, especially to women

        A perfect illustration of your personal integrity, objectivity, impartiality and intellectual acumen, done yourself real proud.

    2. Upon the Federal Reserve takeover of the USA of Woodrow Wilson, WWI was unleashed with simultaneous convenience to the Bolshevik revolution. The founding stone of the New World Order had been laid and the Machiavelist bankers went full throttle ahead. In 1929 the USA achieved Kosher bankruptcy to become the USSA and the great depression was the aftermath.
      Stalin was just a pawn in the game, as would be everyone of his successors pledging allegiance to the USSR or USSA with perhaps the exception of JFK of Marilyn Monroe. The pawns would thence become progressively more diminutive compared to their predecessors. The methods of selecting and controlling the pawns would be perfected over the subsequent decades.
      Trumplestein went from interest in Miss Teen USA to Pussident of USA, a crown that befits the narcissistic attitude and perfectly matches the sparkly orange face and orange hair. That coveted crown would be hard to relinquish and the rabbis knew it very well.
      When it comes to the Pussident of the JuSA, the image justifies the behavior so as to adorn the centerfolds of the shitstream media. Of course, politics is theatre and the rabbis are always evaluating their judgement on which actor fits their vibrator best. Opposition to the whims of the rabbis makes one susceptible to vanish from stage, David Copperfield style, which is why opposition is a myth. On the political arena, compliance is the Holy grail.

  3. Stalin must have been a great guy. After all Britain’s WW2 Churchill and American’s FDR thought Stalin was just peachy-keen, as all three turned Germany into rubble and German women of all ages into depositories of Allied semen. Post WW2 Japanese females received the same loving, tender care via the Americans. Lobro is in fine company. And by the way Stalin held the reins on the bit in the mouth of Mao as Mao went about his cleansing of China.

  4. “Stalin”…..”steel” in Russian was actually Loseb Besarionis dze Jugasvili in the Georgian language. And, yes, he WAS Jewish. No crime in being Jewish. Most Jews are wonderful people. But Stalin was an evil, psychopathic monster without any regard for human life……except his own. Donaldo remembers an article several years ago on DM which described how he treated one of his Jewish wives. When at home and irritated he would force her to strip naked and push her out of the house in the middle of Winter to shake and tremble. Just short of dying from exposure he would let her enter the 🏠. That sick, twisted monster is adored by Lobro. Donaldo doesn’t get it. Lobro….que tal?….are you ok? Anyway, no attack on Lobro intended. He has a right to his opinion. But Donaldo respects DM as a forum for historical accuracy and debate. Muchicimas gracias. 🤨🤔🍷🌮✌️

    1. @ Donaldo


      “Stalin”…..”steel” in Russian was actually Loseb Besarionis dze Jugasvili in the Georgian language. And, yes, he WAS Jewish. No crime in being Jewish. Most Jews are wonderful people. But Stalin was an evil, psychopathic monster without any regard for human life……except his own. Donaldo remembers an article several years ago on DM which described how he treated one of his Jewish wives. When at home and irritated he would force her to strip naked and push her out of the house in the middle of Winter to shake and tremble. Just short of dying from exposure he would let her enter the 🏠. That sick, twisted monster is adored by Lobro

      I ought not to be posting here for two reasons: first, Lobro regards me with loathing and has called me an evil “liar” for the things I’ve said about him. And secondly, I’ve been ticked off severely by Admin and warned to say nothing negative about Lobro for fear of upsetting him. So I’m not going to attack Lobro here but put in a good word for him by springing to his defense against Donaldo’s ridiculous comment.

      The fact is Lobro knows far more about Stalin than Donaldo does. Much more. For a start, Lobro knows for a fact that Stalin was not a Jew but a Georgian. Lobro has never made the mistake of calling Stalin a Jew, a common conspiracy theory used by antisemites to blacken Stalin’s reputation and muddy the waters. I’m sure Lobro is also aware that Stalin didn’t have any Jewish wives.

      The conspiracy theorists claim Stalin had three wive, all Jewish, and that the third wife was called “Rosa Kaganovich”, the daughter of the psychopathic Jew Lazar Kaganovich, one of Stalin’s closest friends in his predominantly Jewish administration. All lies. Historical documents reveal that Stalin only had two wives and that both of them were Christians. As for “Rosa Kaganovich”, she didn’t exist. She was a pure invention of the Western media. I won’t give proof of this, because it would take too long, but suffice to say that Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana testified that she had never heard of ‘Rosa Kaganovich’. Even if a woman of that name existed, Svetlana said in her memoirs, her dad had certainly not married any such female. There is no marriage certificate. In addition, no photograph of Rosa Kaganovich exists, but several good photos of Stalin’s two Christian wives do exist.

      The second point I wish to make is that no story published on the DM site, as far as I know, tells of Stalin forcing one of his “Jewish” wives to strip naked and pushing her “out of the house in the middle of winter to shake and tremble”. There may be stories like that circulating about Stalin, but not on this site, and they can’t be true if they claim the wife in question was Jewish.

      1. thanks sard, i am always ready to store the corpse of animus into the mortuary meat locker, hopefully never to revive—i guess i am a chimera of sorts, a hot-tempered peacemaker.

        and thanks … whoever put this up as an article, because even had i wanted to submit, i had forever cut off my access with the promise never to write to that address again.

        yes, facts, defined as deniable, i.e., theoretical possibility of refutation exists, unlike say, the theory of multiverse, i.e., worlds by definition beyond observation by any conscious being in the present universe, do count and should count, at least with us old-school types formed before the post-truth age.

      2. Sard,
        Jewish or not. Jewish wife or not. That’s a matter of debate. But Mr. Jugasvili was a psychopathic monster there’s no doubt The blood of 10’s of millions of Russians were on his ✋ s. Can you defute this Sard? If so, elaborate amigo. Inquiring minds want to know. 🤨🧐😉

  5. Since Churchill was voted the greatest Briton of all time, what’s wrong with Russians considering Stalin the greatest Russian ever, other than that he was Georgian? During periods of wars, revolutions, and great historical upheavals masses of people die. It can be debated who is at fault for these deaths but the helmsman usually gets the blame, whoever he may be. Why so much hatred here for a historical personage of some significance? Are you going to hate on Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Tamerlane, Julius Caesar, Saladin, Alexander the Great, etc., etc.? After all someone has to step up and get the job done when time and circumstance demand it. But Lobro should have taken his time and done a better job with this piece. I’m sure he’s capable of writing an article of far greater quality but it seems he was provoked into rushing this out and now you have an article which does your site, and him, no credit as far as quality of authorship goes. Shame, shame; but this is what happens when emotion gets the better of people.

    This site, loved or hated, was at least known for maintaining high standards of erudite authorship. I don’t know what you’re trying to do with this. You probably want to discredit Lobro by publishing this poorly authored essay (just very rough notes really), yet by doing so you are also discrediting your site, IMO.

    1. @ Commentator Mike

      This site, loved or hated, was at least known for maintaining high standards of erudite authorship. I don’t know what you’re trying to do with this. You probably want to discredit Lobro by publishing this poorly authored essay (just very rough notes really), yet by doing so you are also discrediting your site, IMO.

      Not so, Commentator Mike. Maybe there’s a method in the Darkmoon site’s madness.

      If Lobro’s article is so bad, it will soon be forgotten. And far from the site being damaged by a badly written article like this, the site has demonstrated conclusively that it is an anti-Stalin site that has generously allowed the “Stalin Propaganda Factory” to present its case for Stalin. It promised with extreme generosity to make no editorial changes, so that it could not be accused of distortion or misrepresentation of the original text. So the onus was then on Lobro to produce a masterpiece of pro-Stalin apologetics.

      The fact that he failed to do so vindicates the Darkmoon site admirably, because it proves once and for all the intellectual poverty of the pro-Stalin apologists.

      Lobro has been outmaneuvered. And so too his Russian associate Circassian, an avowed enemy of this site, whom Lobro was only too happy to team up with. And so the entire plot to sabotage this site with pro-Stalin propaganda by swamping it with off-topic comments in praise has Stalin has FAILED. Failed spectacularly.

      Game, set and match to the Darkmoon site. Brilliant! 🙂

      1. SAKI

        I’d prefer to see darkmoon.me as a pro-Palestine site rather than anti anything, but it’s the admin’s choice to define itself as anti-Stalin.

        1. @ Commentator Mike

          Where have you been? The Darkmoon site IS a pro-Palestinian site. It has never published a single anti-Palestinian article and has supported the Palestinian cause fervently ever since its inception. See this comment by Admin:

          # 3. This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable children’s charity, preferably to a charity for crippled children in Occupied Palestine.”


          What does that tell you?

      “Why so much hatred here for a historical personage of some significance?”
      Plato taught that answer could be found to any question if the question put rightly. So, if your question meets this demand, we contemplate one more historical personage of ‘some significance’, on a par with Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Tamerlane, Julius Caesar, Saladin, Alexander the Great, etc., etc., better than Peter The Great, Catherine, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Mendeleev, Tchaikovsky, martyred imperial family of St. Nicholas …and so on and so on, third to the Christ and no less. Just read EMMA K comments.

  6. In order not to overwhelm the bandwidth with links, I provide them in a mutilated form, where the initial “h” is replaced with Greek ∏ (as in mom’s apple ∏, so you need to reverse in order to access the URL)


    That is a classical argumentum ad populum which I would not have expected from you. The masses are by definition stupid and can be brought to believe anything if only consistently brainwashed.

    Not trying to return the favor but your argument, also unexpectedly, is quite specious, plain and simple.
    Here is why: you are Dutch, right? And there are (without bothering to check, just a guess because it is not the numbers but the ratios) 15 million inhabitants of Holland. Lets say that 1/3, i.e., 5 million were wiped out on orders of some inane dictator and that at least 10 of the victims were your close blood relatives. How likely would you have been to have knuckled under relentless propaganda extolling the virtues of this tyrant to the point where you and majority of your compatriots thought this dictator was the finest thing to happen to the planet—ever?
    But it gets worse: you see, Stalin was roundly demonized from Khrushchev Secret Speech in 1956 onward, reaching a fevered pitch with Gorbachev’s ascension to power, 50 years of unrelenting smear campaign.
    Yet, the Russian people insist on admiring “S” above all other historical figures—despite his having murdered 66 million Russian Christians and their own government telling them that every day of their lives?!?
    Are you serious with that argumentum ad populum brush-off?
    Moreover, during all that time, Lenin was accorded state honors, his waxed cadaver exhibited in a glass mausoleum on the Red Square, the navel of USSR, mandatory visitation for all the school kids and the rest, statues, images, flags, patriotic songs—and what?
    Instantly forgotten and ignored by the same “idiotic populos”, as soon as the Berlin Wall came down, they even pulled the plug on his cooler for a while, maybe hoping to improve the looks, make him look more, shall we say, organic.
    I won’t quote Furr extensively or any of my sources because I know (I KNOW) that given the overall tenor of the site—Silent Reader expressed it best, a lovely phrase for which I am truly grateful, it taught me a deal about human nature:
    THIS IS AN ANTI-STALIN SITE!!! (← thank you so much, worth more than a half-dozen graduate level courses in psychology)
    Meaning … the truth is irrelevant. What was the definition of the word “Cult” again, I forget, but her slogan exemplifies it brilliantly.
    Here is a partial quote by a customer reviewing Furr’s book:

    The lies Khrushchev told in his “Secret Speech” at the 20th Party Congress became the framework for the bulk of the myth-making about Stalin and Soviet history by western historians in the field. Essentially Khrushchev propagates the bulk of the fabrications that Trotsky employed to attack Stalin personally along with a number of new lies that served his own needs. One need may have been to cover his own very possible role in the Trotsky conspiracy to assassinate Stalin.

    Sincere apologies for having hurt you—I mean it and without asking forgiveness, that is up to you whether I deserve it or not, my general intention not to cause grief—unless provoked beyond endurance.
    Now, as far as I recall, you arrived at the site and the very first thing you said was, while describing my exact set of political positions that a holder of such views is an idiot. And I reacted, even though I now accept that you may not have had me specifically in mind. But it would have been right and proper to do a bit of investigation when commenting in a forum to which you had no prior exposure.
    Moreover, when our exchanges came to an end, you signed off by saying that you will become Silent Reader again—note the capitalization—not “silent reader” but “Silent Reader”. How was I to interpret all of that, given that Silent Reader had previously vilified me in a perfect example of wickedest ad-hominemon a number of occasions?
    Sorry about your tears, on the other hand, they are healthy and purifying, I wish I had that recourse open but have totally forgotten how, tear-ducts gone the way of umbilical cord.

    Thanks my friend—and our friendship has been unbroken, not subject to daily whims of those clueless about its meaning, since Xymphora days, years before Darkmoon setup. But let’s not get too effusive because you will henceforth pay the price, once I am out, you will be the sole leftover pin in the bowling alley— “mojo that dares not speak its name 😀 “. Stay strong.

    I was going to comment at greater length but having reread your comment, I won’t waste spacetime.
    Except to ask what does “5-star historian” mean. How do you distinguish between a 5-star and say, 3-star historian, I am stumped.
    If I offered you a 5-star glass of water, what would you say?
    Water in pure form has a simple chemical formula, H2O, right? Just like truth, it is either pure or it is not the truth, whereas lies can be assigned stars, based on presence and quantity of various contaminants, how many truthful elements (in order to further muddy the waters, just like a swamp without water is no longer a swamp but a desert), how well the lie serves its purpose and so on. So yes, your 5-star superstars do fall into that notation. I won’t ask you to read Robert Service’s biography only mention that he has unfailingly rubbished Vladimir Putin in exactly the same format as Joseph Stalin, accusing him of murder of Litvinenko and so on. Very easy to look up and see who exactly Service serves, why not a six-star, he earned it, IMO.
    As for Stalin torturing animals when he was a child, what source material could you possibly refer to, a documentary filming crew that followed him around? I said too much already, I used to have a 5-star opinion of you, hm, I see some stain on them now—try to clean up your methodology, my best advice to you.

    And that’s enough, one reason ad-hominists can crow about merits of brevity is because it doesn’t take much to say “F-OFF LOBRO, YOU A-HOLE, MOFO, YOU SVCK TRUMP’S ****” as opposed to marshaling your arguments, evidence, identifying and connecting dots, developing a solid logical path to a solid conclusion. But the majority of forum commentators clearly prefer “brevity”. So be it.
    (I must say I enjoyed responding to these accusations way more than writing the “article” much more lively, real-time action than dry compilation of data).

    1. @Lobro

      The number of 66 million deaths that Solzhenitsyn gives always seemed rather high to me. Everyone would indeed have lost many family members then. I remember the “official” number of 20 million. After an internet research ( Wikipedia: Excess mortality in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin) I found that nowadays estimates run from 6 to 20 million, which leaves the possibility open of a big part of the population not affected. As I said, Stalin did achieve two great things, the industrialization of backward Russia and winning the “Great Patriotic War”, which has almost iconic value for the Russians. You also ignore the fact that millions of Chinese still worship their mass murderer Mao, who had only negative achievements to his credit. I maintain : masses are stupid and are easily manipulated by mass indoctrination. As such my objection of argumentum ad populum still holds.

      Here is a picture of those stupid Russians, literally worshipping their monster as a saint :


      1. Stalin did not industrialize Russia. See particularly THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY by Anthony C. Sutton and ARE THE RUSSIANS TEN FEET TALL? (or it’s German title, OST MINUS WEST GIBT’S NULL) by Werner Keller. Russia was industrialized by Western capitalists, on credit, then the debts were repudiated and the investments nationalized. This has been the story all over the world. I am surprised that Franklin does not know this. I have mentioned this many times.

    2. I agree with what SAKI said about Darkmoon as being a pro-Palestinian site, In fact, Darkmoon is more pro-Palestinian than any other site I have seen.

      I should add, Darkmoon gave me quite frequently a forum and published my articles when other jooz controlled msm saw my letter as unfit to print.

      Thank you Darkmoon, as always, for giving me a platform.

      1. “…Russia was industrialized by Western capitalists, on credit, then the debts were repudiated and the investments nationalized…”

        Excuse me, this is not quite correct. They were not “nationalized”, they were just never paid for.

        One Western company, I believe it was either Ford of Caterpillar, built a 35-square mile tractor factory, — THIRTY FIVE SQUARE MILES — pursuant to signature on a SINGLE CONTRACT.

        The “tractor factory” could just as easily be, and was — converted to the production of modern tanks (Christie tanks, a British design). This is one reason why capitalists love Communism.

  7. If you look hard enough, even the Devil will have some good attributes.

    Russia would have caught up eventually with the rest of the West, even without Stalins forced five year plans, and the huge bloodshed that went along with it, killing many of their best genetic material. I suspect Russia would have profited even more by continuing the policy under Catherina the Great of importing beter genetic material from the West (Germany). Not all Germanic tribes have an equal potential. Some where pretty backward while science and progress was booming in the West. Stalin was a common thief who suddenly found himself in a position of power, and even thieves can sometimes do some good, but they remain thieves and should not land at the helm of a country.

    1. Ex-S. African
      You’re right, Russia would have eventually caught up to the West, if the “West” had left them alone to their own devices. Instead, what they would have caught up TO (the “West”) didn’t ALLOW that to happen!

      Perhaps similar to the Civil War with the pretext of it’s starting being Slavery. Perhaps the technology which would have eliminated a perceived NEED for slaves (the cotton gin) was withheld from the South because otherwise there would have been no “casus belli” to prompt a war at ALL!😎

    2. “…Russia would have caught up eventually with the rest of the West…”

      They were closing the gap in 1914, with some of the highest growth rates in the world. See the introduction to WORKER’S PARADISE LOST, by Eugene Lyons. The Soviet system simply set them back to square one.

      Incidentally, the reason for the “man-made famine” in the Ukraine was to sell Ukrainian wheat on Western capitalist markets to buy the equipment required for TWO MILLION PARATROOPERS, more than the rest of the world combined. This is documented by Viktor Suvorov in ICEBREAKER, and TAG M (also known as THE USUAL CULPRITS). The purpose for this, of course, was the planned invasion of Western Europe, which would have taken place in the first week of July 1941 if it hadn’t been forestalled by Hitler. See STALIN’S WAR OF EXTERMINATION, by Joachim Hoffmann. I translated it, or parts of it. The Americans saved Stalin’s bacon at the last moment. Among other things by shipping “heavy water” (required for the manufacture of an atomic bomb) through Great Falls, Montana.

      1. Thank you very much for your references. You speak the truth, also that part of the Americans saving Stalin’s bacon. And communism after Stalin! And it was perhaps all a big show – very disappointing to know that, having been an idealistic SADF conscript who was deployed in the operational area in SWA/Namibia, thinking the enemy was communism (the Red Danger was for real) but in reality there was a much bigger picture behind it. We see ourselves as being part of a lost generation, with bitterness over the betrayal and carry this secret wish and anger in us to get them back what they have done to us and our beautiful country (is that PTSD/Trauma or a healthy reaction – can’t make up my mind). But we know age has caught up with us and the baton has already been passed on to a younger generation. Russia – I know some things from those times, but have gaps in my knowledge. It is a bit of a family history. I had a relative from Europe who worked as an engineer in Moscow and 1917 fled to a Baltic state (book: von Vegesack, The Baltic Tragedy). He passed away when I was much too young to ask him the right questions. He would have been a gold mine of information today.

      2. CWP –

        Unknown to few today – and never mentioned – is the fact that Russia was a MAJOR OIL PRODUCER before the jew revolution of 1917!!

        Russia built the first modern refinery in the VERY mature oil fields at Baku in 1861. At that time Baku produced about 90% of the world’s oil!!

        Russia was still very high at the turn of the century…. competing with US!
        See 1895:
        Pennsylvania & New York 19,144,000 bls.
        West Virginia 8,120,000 bls.
        Ohio 19,545,000 bls.
        Canada 403,000 bls.
        Kentucky & Tennessee 1,500 bls.
        California 1,208,000 bls.
        Colorado 438,000 bls.
        Indiana 4,386,000 bls.
        Kansas 44,000 bls.
        **Russia 46,000,000 bls.

        When I found this out decades ago…. I smelt a ‘Rocky’ scheming in the background. 🤢
        OIL = $$$ = CONTROL!!

        “STALIN’S WAR OF EXTERMINATION, by Joachim Hoffmann.”
        Stalin’s War of Extermination, 1941-1945: Planning, Realization and Documentation – in full, where Stalin shown as Chief Culprit. I beg your pardon, Carlos, but this version envisaged for the crowd of onlookers (who sooner will die than start thinking, 95% of the population according to Bernard Shaw’s observation). I can submit some proofs. If you need them.

  8. I hope that i am not the only one not just having fun, not that this is the case strictly speaking, but it is quite rewarding in gaining insight about how people acquire their mindsets and perceptions—in my responses I want to stress to the site administrators that at no time am I angling to traduce the site, only point out some elements of interest, i.e., thought provoking.

    For example, observe how Franklin, in a rush to condemn Stalin, was forced to lower the death toll from 66 million to somewhere between 5 and 20 million, so that the sparing of 46-61 million lives actually buttresses the claim that Stalin was a monster, the idea being that most Russians like Stalin because he in fact never hurt any of their ancestors—an interesting twist, isn’t it.
    What if it turns out that he never sanctioned killing even one Russian, would that nail your argument beyond further doubt? 😀
    This development is sure to please Saki, the next subject in this analysis, what do you say Ruth, are you also professionally impressed by these revelations?

    Now, Saki says the following:

    ”Lobro has been OUTMANEUVERED. [uppercase mine]

    “Game, set and match to the Darkmoon site. Brilliant! 🙂”

    What do we see here?
    The fact that I wrote the post-cum-article by consciously avoiding resorting to outside sources, such as links and direct quotes, entirely from memory and in a hurry makes him ecstatic—I’ve been OUTMANEUVERED, so that the GAME IS WON by the DM site.
    The fact that I was enjoined from including links and quotes in the previous thread by several commentators as a violation of site policy and having complied, whereupon the previously rather casual post has suddenly become a veritable article is considered a triumph by Saki.
    Whatever happened to notions of justice, balance and fairness, the adjunct terms to Truth, Saki?
    Who cares, the point is to win by whatever means available, the truth be damned, right, just win the game because that’s what it is—a game.
    Looking good on you Saki, go on, bring up some more hyperventilated smears of (not me, not that I care anymore, because you have delisted yourself from the count of serious posters as far as I am concerned) Joe S, what have we missed—bestiality, child rape, cannibalism, spirit cooking?
    Seriously, if the pursuit of truth, come what may is not your objective but rather to implant in people’s minds some contrived notion, even if entirely made of whole cloth, then you’ve missed your calling, Edward Bernays would no doubt agree. And the two of us are not playing the game in the same ballpark, if you will pardon the pun.
    Anyway, thanks for the object lesson, I treasure these snippets of illumination.

    1. @ Lobro

      Listen to me carefully now, dear friend and comrade in the trenches, and find fault with this if you can. I put this in block capitals for your special benefit:





      Hope that makes you feel better! 🙂

      Lots of love,


      1. i am happy to split the difference, if i can retain 1/2 of my ego intact, that’s still a lot of acreage to till.
        and we all feel better—no cigar but give that man a double smiley 🙂 🙂

        (and by keeping the powder dry, the hunt for plain truth [the best kind] can continue unabated)

      2. Lobro
        Oftentimes the plain truth is hiding in plain sight and staring us right in the face, all attempts to arrive at it in a thoroughly logical manner, say with a presentation of 1,000 words, missing something that’s been there for 80 years in the form of that famous picture of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin right in the latter’s backyard of Yalta in 1945.

        The kind of picture that the old Chinede proverb was referring to 😎

    2. Lobro
      For the sake of argument let’s say that Stalin was not directly responsible for the murder of millions of Russian Christians. Something that DID occur. So who then should be held accountable? Actions that took place under his watch. Whom may we reasonably surmise he was the “watcher” FOR?

      I know the answer. I’ve already indicated as much in my posts, of which, what, you are still pondering?

    3. Lobro –

      Brevity indeed is most often a virtue, but I have nonetheless often ENJOYED the soap operatic discourse of yours and your learned friends. 🙂
      Being one of those “ignorant unwashed”, y’all are my primary exposure to eloquent conversation; and I, for one, appreciate your discourse (even though I regard the Stalin history from a Solzhenitsyn perspective). I learn much from y’all’s quibbling! Please don’t let anyone discourage you from speaking your piece! 🤔😊

      1. It seems that many of the correspondences on DM take themselves much to seriously. Levity and humor, satire and cynicism would be welcome discourse in this increasingly darkening age. As a cynic at heart I’m still looking for a truly honest man or women myself included. Even the man of Steel, Stalin, was said to chuckle when he sent out one of his many comrades to be dispatched.

      2. TJ
        That quip about Stalin reflected an amoral man resigned to the whims of fellow psychopaths and doing their bidding. A coward who sold his soul for some twisted vision of creating a strong Russia committed to rising to the level of an equally twisted vision held by the Western powers, and not caring how many millions were murdered along the way for the “Great Cause”

        Let us know when we get to the funny part

      3. Hawk,
        Notice Hawk, that satire and cynicism is also mentioned. We get to the really funny part with the psychopaths in the US Congress and the current Senate impeachment trial of POTUS.
        Read the very unfunny “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski.

  9. The reason for any continued admiration of Stalin lies in the deep-rooted desire of human beings to feel part of something great and powerful, to feel important. Like a kid whose big brother is the toughest kid on the block.

    I can’t remember how old I must have been when I realized that it doesn’t matter to you personally that you are the citizen of a powerful country.

    1. A fine observation of human nature, Carlos, and an underappreciated one I might add. Misplaced longing for human beings to possess power runs deep. The irony of course being that TRUE power lies within the awakened individual. FALSE power defers it externally. A failing of human beings for 2,000 years due to the one whose delivery of the message was listened to, but went unheard, as evidenced by ALL of subsequent history.
      Is a turnaround coming into view?

      We live in interesting times indeed

      1. BROWNHAWK
        “Misplaced longing for human beings to possess power runs deep.”
        “…TRUE power lies within the awakened individual.”
        Good comment. Power. Will. Will for power…Many eminent minds pondered this question.
        Yes, awakened. It is neccessary, but not enough. Courageous also. To be brave and confident enough to do what you believe in, to counter those described by Andrew Lobaczewski in his ‘very unfunny’ “Political Ponerology”.

      2. Indeed, Nikolay. And make no mistake, the biggest test of courage for freedom is coming…..fast

      3. “…coming…fast” – Really? Sounds ominous. For newcomer. But with troops of scoundrels on the heels I have been in a state of war for probably 12 years. Thank you.

    2. “…I can’t remember how old I must have been…”

      Like many or nearly all Americans, I took this idea absolutely for granted for many years, and never questioned it, or even thought about it. I never even noticed it until my wife pointed it out to me.

      Look at the way they cheered Trump when he murdered that general in the Iranian uniformed security forces, and asserted the right to murder anybody else in the world in the same way, if he saw fit! They went mad! They loved it!

      “Good people have the right to exterminate evil people” — sure, that’s what we do, why not?

      It works every time. All it does is start wars, but still they love it.

  10. SAKI,
    I know DM is pro-Palestine and meant that I prefer that to remain the only definition, if any is required. Now I see that “anti-Stalin” has been added by admin. Their choice but I don’t see the point of it.

  11. “…Russia was a MAJOR OIL PRODUCER…”

    Agreed. If it weren’t for the war, Russia would have been a relatively modern, industrialized country by the 1920s at least.

  12. The US helped Stalin build his massive military!

    Even Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production. He provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, right on the Volga River.

    In 1929, Ford US began helping the Russians to build an assembly plant just outside Nizhni Novgorod. As a prelude, Ford Model A cars and trucks had been assembled in a small plant in Moscow. The new plant at Nizhni – which was renamed Gorky in 1932 – opened on New Year’s Day 1931. It struggled from the start and in 1932 produced less than 24,000 Model As against a production target of 140,000. The Ford contract was terminated in 1935, but the Russian-built Ford, known as GAZ, continued in production over the next decade and helped lay the foundation for the development of the Russian auto industry.

    **Americans who were looking for work in the mid-1930s, traveled to Russia, having lost their jobs in the Great Depression. American industry contracted. Russia was recruiting skilled technicians, not least to run the giant car factory which was purchased from Henry Ford.


    Stalin’s Russia was built by Ford!

    From 1927 until 1941 the Communist party infiltrated the Rouge River plant until they had nearly “700 communists and close sympathizers” among the workers. Plans were drawn up and detailed blueprints of the plant were obtained. Gitlow writes that the party’s army of a thousand battle hardened “mobile guards” made up of gunmen, thugs and saboteurs were ready to attack as soon as the signal was given.


    “FORSAKEN: Americans in Stalin’s gulags”…..

    From the Great Depression to the Gulags!!


    PARANOIA and exhibitionism, two of the defining characteristics of the Soviet system, make a nasty mix. It was the Soviet Union’s desire to crow over depression-stricken America that encouraged it to let hundreds of workers, desperate for jobs and a new start in life, immigrate there in the early 1930s. Exactly how many nobody knows; almost all ended up in mass graves. Initially lauded as welcome refugees from the miseries of capitalism (and as useful specialists who might help replicate the bits of it that worked, such as factories) from 1935 onwards they became enemies of the people, infiltrators and spies. A tiny handful, such as Paul Robeson, a singer, were tolerated as propaganda trophies. The rest sank into a living Hades of torture, rape, slave labour, starvation, frostbite and death, shared with millions of others.

  13. @ Admin

    I’ve no idea why you published this ridiculous article—“Why I Admire Stalin”. Is this meant to be taken as a cruel satire? Anyone who believes Stalin never killed a single person in his gulags and torture chambers has to belong in a loony bin.

    1. Of course we know the truth but it is a stimulating discussion – perhaps as a “lest we forget”. Peoples memories are short and need constant reminders – look how many people born after the Cold War are running after the communist idea. Antifa, lots of others. The old red guard seems to close ranks again en reorganise themselves after being hit hard by the end of the Soviet era. One cannot be careful enough. We from those times have to alert our children to the realities of communism. Russia Insider now has also featured this article.

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