Lying Jewess Caught Publishing Holohoax Stories

RT via Truthseeker
June 2, 2019

German ‘blogger of the year’
invented her ‘Jewish’ family history,  cheated media for years


Marie Sophie Hingst,
invented 22 fictional Jewish relatives
and lied about her grandfather dying at Auschwitz

German “historian” Marie Sophie Hingst, famous for her blog about family members who perished in the Holocaust, has been caught in a lie. The revelation also put the media, which published her other ‘personal stories’, in a bind.

Hingst, who lives in Dublin, rose to prominence because of her stories about her alleged Jewish ancestors, who tragically died in the times of the Holocaust. These were published on her blog ‘Read on my dear, read on’ (now offline), which she started back in 2013 in Dublin. The blog featured accounts of her grandfather in particular, who she said was killed in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

Her exploits did not go unnoticed as, at some point, her blog reached a whopping 240,000 readers while she was named ‘blogger of the year’ and awarded by the Golden Bloggers association – the group behind one of the major German social media influencers’ awards.

Hingst was also invited to moderate panel discussions for the association of patrons of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial and frequently spoke on behalf of relatives of the Holocaust victims, according to the German press.

However, her stories which awoke such an echo in her readers’ hearts turned out to be completely made up, as a group of archivists from the German town of Stralsund demonstrated. Hingst indeed mentioned Stralsund as the home town of her family – and rightly so. The town archivists, who were alerted by another German historian about the inaccuracies in her blog posts, found out, though, that her grandfather had never been sent to Auschwitz and was not even a Jew.

He was a Protestant pastor and his wife was a dentist and also a follower of Protestantism, according to Der Spiegel weekly, which was the first to break the story. Actually, none of her relatives were victims of the Holocaust, according to the German media.

This situation looks even more bizarre in the light of the fact that Hingst, who is now in hot water over her bogus stories, did not just manage to persuade her sizeable audience about the existence of as many as 22 fictional Jewish relatives but even deceived Israel’s Jerusalem-based Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem and got them to put her ‘relatives’ in their official remembrance lists by sending them fake ‘Pages of Testimony’.

Now, the German Foreign Ministry has had to alert the memorial about the recent revelations related to the blogger. Hingst herself apparently does not see the problem with her years-long hoax. The historian told Der Spiegel through her lawyer that her blog entries were written with a “considerable degree of artistic freedom.” She also explained that she did it not for the sake of fame but allegedly to combat severe depression. “This is literature, not journalism or historiography.”

‘Insufficient fact checks’

The ones, who got themselves in a real bind as a result of the award-winning blogger being exposed as a hoaxer, were the German media and some other Western outlets. It was soon revealed that Hingst didn’t stop at making up her family history and went even further by creating some fictional stories about her own life.

Over the years, reputable German media outlets were more than eager to publish stories about the woman, who, according to her own words, established a clinic in the New Dehli and helped refugees coming to Germany to integrate by launching sex education courses. Now, as these facts have also been proven untrue, the media has rushed to frantically apologize to their readers and explain that they “had no reason to doubt”Hingst’s stories back then.

The German daily Die Zeit went to particularly extraordinary lengths to explain its blunder and published a lengthy blog-post, in which it described the numerous ways in which the editors verified Hingst’s claims only to admit that “the fact-checking before publication and after we received the first hints from our readers was far from sufficient.”

It is not the first time in the last six months that the German media has landed itself in hot water over fake stories. In late 2018, Der Spiegel, which broke the story about Hingst’s hoax, found itself at the center of a major scandal after it was revealed that its reporter, Claas Relotius, who occasionally wrote pieces for other German news outlets as well, was exposed as a fraudster.

Source: RT via Truthseeker

People look at portraits of Holocaust survivors on a street in Vienna, Austria, on May 16, 2019. ©  Global Look Press


36 thoughts to “Lying Jewess Caught Publishing Holohoax Stories”

  1. The obvious answer to the Jewish Holocaust, is that Germany was not going to use the precious resources of war, manpower and materials to transport the 2.4 million Jews, that came under their jurisdiction, to concentration camps to be executed, when the cost of a bullet at the collection point would have been sufficient. Hingts’ Holocaust myth is one of thousands.

    1. Even when I was a young, stupid believer of the hoax, I knew something must have been amiss. If they just shot all the Jews on-the-spot, the rotting, stinking corpses would have become an insurmountable problem. Likewise, disposing of all those fresh kills in a death camp. The Germans are smarter than that! 🙂
      This poor, little, demented Protestant bitch probably heard enough lies from her father’s pulpit to begin fantasizing over being a “Chosenite”, then figured how to profit from it. No wonder “anti-semitism” is on the rise!

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I agree with mostly everything you say, but I’m not sure about this bit in which you identify Ms Hingst as a “Protestant”:

        “This poor, little, demented Protestant bitch probably heard enough lies from her father’s pulpit to begin fantasizing over being a “Chosenite”, then figured how to profit from it. No wonder “anti-semitism” is on the rise!”

        The general impression I got from reading the source material (from Jewish sites) was that Ms Hingst’s father was a Protestant pastor but that her MOTHER (who was unmentioned) was Jewish. This would make her technically Jewish, since ethnicity among the Jews comes from the mother’s side of the family. Just take a look at Ms Hingst’s picture. She looks the ULTIMATE JEWESS to me!

        No disrespect to Jews, given that some Jews are pretty good looking — like, for example, Jared Kushner. 🙂

    2. Derek,
      Donaldo has Jewish blood. But let’s talk business. The Jewish solution in Nazi Germany through Donaldos eyes. Donaldo wouldn’t even have paid for the bullet at “collection site.” Would have allowed each Jew in the Reich and occupied territories to finance their own relocation abroad. Two weeks time given for departure. Those who couldn’t afford Delta Airlines ticket… to work camp we go until money is raised. Very humane. Cheaper than bullet. No blood spilt. Humans are more profitable alive than dead. Oh well, Donaldos DNA talking. 😉

  2. During International Jewry’s war on Christian Germany, declared in 1933 and extended in 1939 into WW2, 2.4 million Jews came under Germany’s jurisdiction, 3.8 million lived to receive Holocaust survivor’s benefits and millions lived to establish the, worldwide, fraudulent, billion dollar Jewish Holocaust Industry.

  3. People might like to call me a holocaust denier??????????

    How can I deny something that never even happened.

    1. It’s not denial of the event, but denial of the liars to which Jews take offense. That is why Jews persecute and prosecute for questioning the six million figure, despite the fact the Jew’s own “holocaust
      authority,” the Yad Vashem, has officially reduced the figure well below six million.

      When one denies the Jews’ Hallowedhoax, they are denying the six million liars claiming they suffered an event that never happened. Thus, Jews take great umbrage in the fact they have become trapped by their own web of lies and mercilessly attack those pointing out the facts. And that sir, is the definition of “Chutzpah.”

  4. Does remind me of the ‘ famous’ jewish writer Jerzy Kosinsky, with his fiction book, the painted bird, which was sold by him as an autobiography.
    The jews will be aways frauds.
    Does remind me of the jewish invention, ‘ christianity’.

    ADMIN: This site is a pro-Christian site, so if you think all Christians are evil and stupid and should be exterminated, maybe it might be a good idea if you were to make your way to a nice anti-Christian site…. Lots of sites for you to choose from! 🙂

    1. I am certainly not saying that christians are evil.That are not my words. What I am trying to say is that the normal common people have always been brainwashed from the beginning by the jewish invention of christianity. Because of this brainwash the christians are in a double bind with regard to their behavior to the jews. A double bind because ‘ christ’ if he ever existed was a jew and even of the davidic tribe. Who can be against the jews if even christ was a davidic jew??? What a perfect mind control did this jews invent and they still profit of this.

      ADMIN: OK. Fair enough. Good comment! But remember we are Christians here and hold Christ in deepest reverence, whether he is a Jew or not! The idea that Christianity was invented by evil Jews to destroy its Christian followers is a discredited conspiracy theory we reject. Totally.

      Christianity did not destroy Leonardo da Vinci, Pascal, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Sozhenitsyn, etc. etc. Nor has it destroyed the unworthy Lasha Darkmoon or the humble administrators of this website! In fact, we are letting you say bad things about us here. You should praise us for that! You should be grateful for the free speech we give you to criticize us and keep us on our toes! 🙂

      1. where does one find a proselyte to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament…?

        and Jesus @ John 8:44 sets the record straight…the story of the Children of Israel is simply
        not about proselytes to the Bad Faith religion of the money changers & pharisees

        {{{CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL}}}….two opposites cannot be the same thing,
        antonyms are not synonyms…”Jews” cannot be Israel.

        knowing the truth is the issue

        I love fake Jew stories…

        please review the curriculum of the Sam Kinison theological Seminary
        pay close attention to delivery and style, please

      2. Can I elaborate further on your latest comment?
        Thanks for maintaining and defending free speech on this site!

        ADMIN: No problem. Please elaborate!

      3. Christ was not a Jew. Christ opposed the Jews, as it shows in the New Testament time, and time again.

      4. @ Jake

        While Jesus did in fact oppose the Temple and its priests, he did so as an insider. Jesus was a “Nazarene.” The Nazarene were an Essene sect that built a monastery just north of Mount Carmel. After Jesus death, this would become the location for the village of “Nazareth.” Read more about Jesus and the Essene here.

        Essene priests, of which Jesus was an anointed* member, served as Temple priests in Jerusalem’s Temple. One had to be Jew to be an Essene, as well as a priest serving the Temple. Therefore, Jesus was in fact a Jew as was everyone in the Gospel stories, save the Romans.

        *The word “christ” simply means “anointed.” Christians use the idea of anointing to claim Jesus was anointed with god’s divinity when in fact the act of being anointed simply refers to his status as a member of the Temple priesthood. Had it not been so, no one would have paid the slightest attention to Jesus or his teachings.

  5. Zionists lie, that is what they do, lie, cheat, steal, start wars that Americans are forced to fight, and kill Palestinians, and create terrorists like al-ciada aka isis, these bolsheviks are some evil demonic beings!

  6. Poland won’t pay for WWII property because Poles were greatest victims, PM says

    “The current electoral campaign for European Parliament positions and the upcoming autumn elections for Polish parliament seats have returned the subject of restitution to the news.

    On May 1, a march of nationalist organizations took place in Warsaw, where marchers expressed their opposition to restitution, pinning badges with crossed out number 447 to their clothes. “Law 447,” called Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, or JUST, is an act approved by the US Congress one year ago. It is a push to ensure that people who survived World War II — or their heirs — receive compensation for their losses, if that has not already happened.

    According to the law, the US secretary of state is to prepare a progress report by this year on the situation of property left behind during the war in 46 countries, including Poland. The report is to show how a given country has resolved this issue.

    During World War II, three million Polish Jews and nearly two million Polish citizens of other faiths were murdered.”

  7. Maybe the Holyhoax is the basis for the new math. Many of the Jewish victims, real and imagined, of the Nazis had to killed more then once, murdered by all means fair and foul to arrive at the greater Israeli and precise number of 6 million. If you say that “only” 5,900,000 were sent directly to Yahweh, their God of erupting volcanoes, eternal rains and slaughter, then you are an anti-Semite or to be more precise a Jew hater pure and simple. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together with a modicum of historical knowledge is automatically an Anti-Zionist. Anti-Semitism is an earlier version of the “fake news”. A rather silly concept in that Semitics is part of a family of languages that does not refer to any one racial grouping. Anti-Semitism is complete mind wash like saying one is anti-English, or anti-Russian for anti-Mandarin or anti-language in general.
    Jesus Christ himself or the committee that put words in his mouth via the four Gospels, referring back to the Old fairy tales to make the New tales seen legit (there were many Gospels to choose from) certainly had his contemporaries figured out. That is most likely why the Rabbis in their holy of holies Talmud have the Christ boiling in urine and other anti-Christ features from their fevered imaginations.

    1. Jesus Christ himself or the committee that put words in his mouth via the four Gospels, referring back to the Old fairy tales to make the New tales seen legit

      An interesting way of stating the case.

      Of course, the irony in Jesus’ words, is that the concept of “old wine in new bottles” was exactly what Saul/Paul did with his new religion. He simply re-framed the old Temple system by eliminating the sacrifice and replacing YHVH with Jesus as the Jew’s new god. Otherwise, Christianity is the same old Mogen David in a Perrier bottle. Perhaps this was just the Jews’ usual way of telling us the truth using words spoken by their opposition.

      However, Jews could not let go of their wrathful, vengeful, Alzheimer-stricken god of the Old Testament, so they made Jesus and YHVH one and threw in a poltergeist for good measure. Today one finds Jesus murdering the Amalekites and incinerating Sodom in the Old Testament while he preaches love compassion for one’s enemies in the New Testament. Makes perfect Jewish sense – doesn’t it?*

      As the execrable Eile Weisel once wrote,

      In my book One Generation After there is a sentence which perhaps explains my idea: “Certain events happen, but they are not true. Others, on the other hand, are, but they never happen.” So! I undergo certain events and, starting from my experience, I describe incidents which may or may not have happened, but which are true. I do believe that it is very important that there be witnesses always and everywhere.

      However, Weisel really need not have gone that far; after all Christians fully accept Saul/Paul’s vision on the road to Damascus and there was not a single witness to that blessed event.

      Jews are pathological lairs they cannot tell the truth to save their soul – if they have one.

      *And to think Mr. Cesar Tort banned me from his website for my “Christian views,” but then he did not care for my “monocausalism” either. After all, why blame Jews for western civilization’s collapse when there are evil, white Christians afoot listening to them?


        To comment on Christ in a way that carries any credibility, you need to be Christlike. To begin with the assumption that Christ is a fraud, or that he has no historical authenticity, or that he needs to be derided and disparaged because of his so-called connection with the “Jewish race”, is to place yourself at once in the category of those who are unfit to comment on Christ.

        How can one pay the slightest attention to those who, in comparison to Christ, are spiritual pygmies? To comment on Christ worthily, you need to love and understand him and be aware of the infinite complexities surrounding the Man God whom you have the impudence to pass judgement on. You are not worthy to judge and pass sentence on Jesus Christ for the simple reason that you are Christ’s inferiors. His spiritual inferiors.

        Do you think great Christians like Leonardo da Vinci and Tolstoy would rather learn of Jesus Christ and his teachings by turning to the dimwitted pronouncements of the arrogant Christ bashers on the Darkmoon site? 🙂 Or would they rather get their wisdom from the fresh spring waters of New Testament and from the fountainhead of the great Christian mystics?

        Try and remember that the site you are using as a platform for the denigration of Jesus Christ is a pro-Christian site and is being kind enough to grant you the free speech to lambaste and lash out at the Man God whom Lasha Darkmoon and her family of genuine truth seekers hold in deepest veneration. This is not the Man God of the Christian Zionists. Nor is it the Man God of Organized Religion or of the corrupt Papacy. It is the Man God beyond Time and Space and Matter. It is the Logos. The All Mind. It is the Word made Flesh.

      2. Arch, let’s take a closer look at the Saul/Paul vision and the ipso facto acceptance thereof.
        “…after all Christians fully accept Saul/Paul’s vision on the road to Damascus and there was not a single witness to that blessed event.”
        It is well recognized that someone named “Luke” wrote the Book of Acts in the New Testament.
        In Acts 9: 3-7 Saul falls to the ground with a voice saying, Saul why are you so mean to me. After the introductions Jesus tells Saul to get up and go to the city. “The men travelling with Saul stood there Speechless, for thought they heard the voice they could see no one.”
        In Acts 22: 9 The now renamed Saul reports that after Jesus says “Saul” is a meany, Paul says “the people (just men?) with me saw the light (Jesus?) but did not hear the voice…”
        Luke, who was considered educated missed this. Either Acts 9: 3-7 is “true” or Acts 22: 9 is the truth. They both cannot be true in the infallible word of God.
        For another contradiction in the NT, read about the death of Judas in Matthew 27: 3-9 and Act 1: 18-20.

  8. ‘anti-semitism’ – it’s kind of like ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’…
    these are media tropes serving a control and manipulation purpose, framing the politically correct discussions, setting the perimeter on speculation…
    when the holohoax myth was created by the jewish media after ww2, anybody and everybody hip with a typewriter was published… or in the anne frank diary case a ball point pen…
    it’s still going on…
    the war was sold to the public in the aftermath by flimflam jugglers and spoonbenders (uri geller), only now they were multi-millionaire media moguls with pretty much total power over public perception, in full partnership with the deep zio-bolshevik security state…
    the holohoax was just one more item/chapter in the official (official = lie) narrative, proving the usa was the hero, we had saved the world from the white supremacist nazis. and the jews were the victims… therefore giving us the moral authority to do things like finance the zionist invasion of palestine…
    trouble was you had general patton saying “we fought the wrong enemy”…
    now it turns out the german army was the real hero of ww2, for their attempt to stop the bolsheviks, though it’s really not possible to attach that distinction to any modern mechanized combat army…
    nobody in the fifties knew about how the jews had declared war on germany in the thirties… most people still don’t know it… most people don’t know we’ve had jewish presidents…
    most don’t know general patton was murdered by the jews, stalin, fdr, truman, eisenhower…
    most people think sonny bono and a couple kennedys died in skiing accidents, ran into trees…
    most people believe what the jew media tells them, and they really don’t want to know anyway…

    1. @ Barkingdeer :

      So if Sonny Bono didn’t die in a skiing accident then how did he die? What’s the real story about Sonny Bono’s death?

      1. TROJ –

        I can help. I learned in the years ahead of his death he vowed to prosecute Reno & Clintons in Waco cover-up. He was beaten to death by thugs while skiing.

        After reviewing the shocking secret documents, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson tells GLOBE: “The official version of Sonny Bono’s death is hogwash. It’s nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree.

        Sonny Bono grills Janet Reno over Waco

        The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder

        It is now news in Australia that new evidence has turned up that suggests that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told repeatedly. Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans, as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned this news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United States. This is the same American press, of course, that never breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort in Nevada on January 5, 1998. There were no witnesses, the autopsy report was not released to the public, and Bono had shown himself to be something of a thorn in the side of official Washington, which is probably all the more reason for the lapdogs who call themselves journalists to have dummied up.

        For Americans, the new revelations can be found buried away—and ignored by “respectable people”—in the U.S. supermarket tabloid, Globe, of April 14, which hit the news racks on April 4. They were said to have been gathered by investigator Bob Fletcher, 66, who, according to Globe, was connected to the case even before Bono died:

        He also feels partially responsible for what happened to the California congressman.

        Before Bono’s death, Fletcher had been probing the activities of high ranking U.S. military and government officials he claims were raking in millions from arms and drug deals in Central America and Southeast Asia.

        He says he sent his shocking findings of corruption, including videotaped evidence, to Bono.

        “I later received a call from an assistant in his offices to tell me Sonny had seen my full report and was absolutely livid about the level of corruption I made him aware of,” Fletcher tells GLOBE.

        “He was going to make it his No. 1 priority when Congress resumed after the Christmas and New Year break. He was going to go after the biggest names.

        “Just 10 days later, I received a call that he was dead. I’d heard it was suspected his offices had been bugged. Tragically, that must have been the case. There’s no doubt in my mind Sonny was murdered by someone who needed to silence him.”

        The new evidence is the long-suppressed autopsy report, itself, which Fletcher obtained and furnished to Globe.

        After reviewing the shocking secret documents, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson tells GLOBE: “The official version of Sonny Bono’s death is hogwash. It’s nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree.

        There’s zero evidence in this autopsy report or any of these official documents to show such an accident happened. Instead, there’s powerful proof he was assassinated.

        “This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins.”

      2. Pat, Sonny ran into a tree just like our friend
        Jim Traficant flipped his tractor over on himself.

      3. In this fifth generation war, people of good will, the god guys, will never organize themselves and fight back?! Where are the lions among us?

        Some branch in the CIA or Armed Forces could do something…

      4. HP – YEP!! We know Traficant’s story. It is played out everywhere by criminal law enforcement officers as needed!


        NBTT –

        You wrote:
        “Some branch in the CIA or Armed Forces could do something…”

        That would be nice. Military officers are not of that method.

        Most of the officers who are placed in charge of real important work in the military are ‘ring-knockers’ – Freemasons! So that cannot happen. They are morally sold out. Too much peer pressure and wanting advancements.

        Those who are not part of that cult are rarely advanced above grade O-5, a lieutenant colonel in the army-air force-marines, a commander in Navy.

        Those who try are bumped off, whether in the cult or not.

      5. Pat, thanks for the reply!

        Rowan Wolf and Moti Nissani produced an interesting list of suspected victims of political assassination by what they call “the invisible government.”

        These are relevant names in a recent past: Hale Boggs, Leo Ryan, John Tower, Jim Traficant, Paul Wellstone, Danny Casolaro, Bill Cooper, Jonathan Moyle, Anson Ng, David Graham Phillips, Gary Webb, Matt Simmons, Beverly Eckert, Phillip Marshall, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Shane Shmidt, Aaron Swartz and Pat Tillman.

        Some details:

        Paul Wellstone – an idealist Senator, opposed the war in Iraq, wanted to investigate 9/11, a consistent record of voting against the Bush administration proposals in 2001, received many death threats even from Dick Cheney, an FBI recovery team was sent to investigate the plane crash before the plane went down;

        Aaron Swartz – a young idealist, creative and unbendable, responsible for a huge media platform called “Reddit” whit 542 million monthly visitors and for a project called “Open Library,” opposed the Obama regime, he was suicided in 2013;

        Beverly Eckert – a courageous and stubborn woman, her husband was killed in 9/11, questioned the official account of 9/11 sued the government and consistently lobbied for an Investigative Commission, choose to go to court rather than accept a payoff, a week before her death she met with the cynical Obama, died on flight 3407 that had been booked by the White House.

        I’m just sick of these unpunished political assassinations!

  9. A Jew lying? About the Hallowedhoax ~ er ~ Holocaust? NO WAY! Next thing they’ll be telling us is the earth is round, cities are being incinerated by advanced space based weaponry, the trade tower attack was done by Israelis and there is a multi-billion (trillion?) dollar program to change the atmosphere using large jet aircraft to spray trails across our skies. Its hard to believe the things we are being told today, especially when everyone knows all one has to do is watch TV to find out the truth.

    1. PAT :

      Thank you for getting that info about Sonny Bono for me. I appreciate it. Who knows, maybe someday I can give you some information, but that probably will never happen as you know everything there is to know about everything and good for you is what I say. It must be a pretty wonderful feeling to know everything there is to know about Every Subject UNDER DADDY SUN ; I guess it must be a pretty wonderful feeling, –> I can only guess because I am whiddlejoew so ipso facto I don’t know nuthin’.

      And what does Cher have to say about Sonny’s untimely and very suspicious death? Do you know Cher? I bet you’re friends with Cher, you know all the important people in the world who are important to know and good for you is what i say, *grin*.

      So thanks for not letting THE SUN go down on me, for Sharing DADDY’S SUNLIGHT with me, for Illuminating me!

      ~ don’t let THE SUN go down on me….. although I search myself….. it’s always an “‘idjit’ ‘joo'” I see ~ *grin*

      The above quote is from an Elton John song, but you know that, you know !Everything! and good for you is what i say! *BIG smiley face emojicon!!!* Thanks For The Info! I Appreciate It!

  10. NBTT –

    Thanks for that link of assassinations. I knew of many of them but not all.

    The murder of Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer & husband in 2010 is one that is usually unrecognized.

    She was attempting to stop child selling rings in the government.

    Senator Schaefer was a warrior for children and families that have been victims of a corrupt system we call Child Protective Services or CPS.

    Here is her claim:

    The Murder of Nancy Schaefer & CPS

    “The system we have created gives bonuses to CPS workers of $4000 per child and a second bonus of $2000 if the child is “special needs”, when they are removed from a home. If the child is put into a State institution and medicated, those bonuses and funds continually flow.”


    BTW – Cokey Roberts was the daughter of Hale Boggs. She was given senior positions in the media for not pursuing the crash which killed her father & Sen Nick Begich 1972.

  11. This recalls another event of the times : when a nice jewish man , who was narrating the events of the war in holycost , which killed his mother and father, their parents and all ancillary family subsequently question time arrived and the youthful still grief stricken narrating victim’s age was asked. He was 57, he exclaimed with some surprise.

    When an unbeliever than rejoined to ask the impudent question, “but how can that be , Holycost was over 75 years and you could not have been born…. the blasphemer was immediately arrested for violating the law of doubting the deus novum.

  12. Sophia Hingst shows how the Jews get away with their Halocaust stories. They make them up. They’re good at writing , movies and being in control of Russia and Europe for so many decades, use that background and experience for them.

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