Madison Avenue, or The Anti-White Agenda of Jewish Ad Agencies

Author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947
February 1, 2019

“In these commercials … straight white males are always the targets, portrayed as fat, fumbling fools … incapable of solving even the simplest task.” — Thomas Goodrich 

While Israel sits nice and comfy behind its wall, Jewish enablers have been pushing white genocide via replacement with hordes of darks flooding the Euro nations of earth.  Now, while this program has been in place since the end of WWII, Jews are currently ramping up their attacks against we whites in advertising.  Just as with population replacement, the end game of Jewish advertising is also nothing less than our extermination.  

Since returning to the US, I have done something that I almost never did before, viz., watching a little TV.  Generally after 7PM or so I will plop down and watch a true crime program or two. “Cold Justice,” “Cold Case Files” and “Criminal Confessions” are three of my favorites.

Unfortunately, these programs, and all others I’ve seen, are infested with commercials.  I am not talking about the local mom & pop commercials pitching a downtown cafe or hardware store.  No, I am talking about the flashy high dollar ads of sound, color, light, and neurotic humanoids blasting about second-by-second like crazed cockroaches. Actually, and unlike local TV ads, these glitz and bling Jewish productions really are there not so much to sell a product so much as they are there to sell an idea and push a political agenda.

Although fast food, beer, glamour, shiny cars, and insurance are the surface items being hawked on these big budget ads, one quickly is aware that white genocide is the main object.  Rarely does one of these ads pop up that is not flagrantly anti-white.

In these commercials concocted by large Jewish ad agencies–known collectively as “Madison Avenue” — straight white males are always the targets.  As anyone who has watched even a little TV knows by now, virtually all such men are portrayed as fat, fumbling, flopping fools; as just a bunch of bumbling bozos and buffoons who are incompetent, clumsy clowns incapable of solving even the simplest task. They are always either bouncing around stupidly and pointlessly from commercial to commercial, or they are standing stunned, baffled, open-mouthed as if in a daze, or they are stuffing vast amounts of junk food into their gorge holes.

These same clueless white clods — the same, by the way, whose ancestors gave us electricity, automobiles, airplanes, computers, heart transplants, and moon landings — are clearly lacking in every department, intellectually, morally, socially, interactionally, and hygienically.  White men are seldom leaders in these commercials; they are usually confused, perplexed, but willing, followers of their betters, viz, brilliant black and brown men, and young, hard-charging super women.

Invariably, this motley menagerie, these saviors of the day, are always neat, always clean, always intelligent, always black, brown or female; these superior beings merely roll their eyes in disgust at the ridiculous predicaments white men get into, then go about showing by word or example how the unkempt, disgusting white male moron needs to do something the right way (see photo above).

Mostly, the only white men who are portrayed as bright, intelligent, slim, clean, and successful in these ads are either gay couples or those with dark women on their arms.

In every Jewish commercial ever created, a black or brown is never, no matter what the situation, portrayed in a bad light, ever — in the fantasy world of Jewish commercials, they are always the flawless decision-makers, the sure, certain, selfless take-chargers, the best and the brightest mankind has to offer.  They never commit the same stupid mistakes as the crude, clumsy, clueless white men. They are all cool, confident, well-dressed, natural-born-leader types; they are scientists, surgeons, professors, jet pilots, or just your common everyday successful black or brown businessman cooly making their million dollar decisions each day inside Fortune 500 boardrooms.

White males in these commercials are often looked at askance and lectured by blacks and browns on the proper, mature and intelligent way of doing things even though the ancestors of the latter, with millions of years to work with, somehow never managed to even invent the simple wheel.

Race-mixing, of course, is the main focus of these Jewish commercials.  Virtually every other couple shown is a mixed race twosome, usually a charming, successful, intelligent young black man embracing, kissing and rolling happily in bed with a lovely, slim, graceful white woman.  These couples are always portrayed as laughing, care-free, successful, and deeply in love; they are never seen as they in reality usually are — miserable, angry, arguing, drunken, drugged, fat, vulgar, disheveled, and violent. 

“These couples are always portrayed as laughing,
care-free, successful, and deeply in love.”

In one Progressive Insurance ad, a beautiful young white woman bumps into a black man at a juke box whereupon they fall instantly in love. In the next shot the deeply smitten duo are happily performing together on stage, singing to a rapturous audience. “Now That’s Progressive” reads the Jewish moral message.

Now, fact is, despite Jews trying to convince us on their commercials that every other couple is a mixed race match, no matter where one looks in the US are mixed-race couples the norm.  Left to our own devices, miscegenation would remain forever but a tiny fraction of the white population.  If left alone, our instincts would naturally kick in and few of us would even socialize with blacks and browns, much less date and have sex with them.  If left alone, our instincts will naturally repel us from dark-skinned people, their strange, and to our instincts, their ugly looks, their childish, irresponsible actions, their impulsive, violent, primitive nature.

And Jews know this.

Their ambition, their hope, their dream, is to take fiction and create a new reality by portraying race-mixing as the wonderful, inevitable norm to come.  Once such a consensus among the young and dumb is reached, they feel, the rest will be easy.  The non-stop commercial message to immature minds is: “If you want to be happy, healthy, successful, then stay away from your fellow whites, the losers, and choose for a mate a natural winner, a dark person.” 

“If you want to be happy, stay away from your fellow whites, the losers,
and choose for a mate a natural winner, a dark person.” 

Of course, a heavily or entirely mixed race America would nicely accomplish two of the Jew’s greatest historical ambitions, i.e., (1) the genocide of the white race, and (2) absolute Jewish control of the ugly, ignorant mulatto/mestizo mess that remains.

Clearly, blacks, browns and whites do not create these commercials — Jews do.  All the above is how Jews want unthinking TV watchers to perceive white men.  Blacks and browns in these Jewish commercials are used by Jews as they have always been used — as hammers against we whites.  Jews do not care a fig about the well-being or elevation of blacks and browns; their sole purpose is for them to be used as Jews have always used them — as clubs and bricks to attack we whites.

This is how the Jews who create the ads want us and others to think about ourselves.  Their hope is that ultimately we will think so badly about ourselves that we will no longer care about ourselves, about our past, about our present or especially about our future, about marriage and children, about fighting Jewish hate around the world; that we will simply give up and commit suicide.  And, of course, these devious individuals hope their fanciful dreams become reality for young and dumb white women and that they will naturally fall into the arms of REAL men — the black and brown mud men.

Truly, the depth of Jewish hatred is breath-taking.  But so is their almost comical, suicidal ignorance.  Sooner than they could ever imagine the consequences of their efforts to destroy whites via immigration replacement, inter-racial sex commercials, pornography, abortion, actual white on white World Wars, or a hundred other means, will bear them a terrible fruit.  As we know from history, when white people finally get pissed off, really pissed off, hell is to pay.  And, as we all know, the white world is very, very close to critical mass right now.

A word, a warning, a historical truth:  An armed and angry white man is the most deadly killing machine the earth has ever known — he is intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, strong as steel, hard as iron, he never sleeps, he never forgets … and he is virtually impossible to kill.

(I apologize for the rushed and rather disorganized article above.  I usually do a better job than this.  The post is merely a piece written by someone who wanted to say a certain something but lacked the proper time to say it.)


29 thoughts to “Madison Avenue, or The Anti-White Agenda of Jewish Ad Agencies”

  1. The civilization most people on earth live in came from whites. From Ancient Greece’s Golden Age to the European Industrial Revolution and creation of modern science, to American hi-tech; most of the advances have been from whites.

    That’s just the way it is, and you can’t take it away from them.

    Now it is the turn of the other races, who I am sure will join in and maybe lead mankind’s journey.

    I would love to live another 81 years to see what will happen. I am an optimist. I think things (Barring wars) will improve.

    1. JK,
      Thomas Goodrich is a contributing editor on the masthead of “The Barnes Review”. In the Jan-Feb 2019 Barnes Review there is an article about how DNA from mummies shows that the early Egyptians for thousands of years were White, as White as present day Western Europeans. TJ thinks that the early civilizers of ancient Summer were also of the same race. Whites were also doing their thing in ancient Mongolia. What John K. says about Whites is very true, but the White cultural bearers and civilizers goes back much further over much larger parts of the planet, than most people can imagine. In fact, Col. Fawcett, years ago, proved that the Inca and Maya early cultures were built by the White race (trail of the red heads). But as so often happens 1. and not unlike the Whites of early Egypt, didn’t replace themselves, exactly what’s going on right now in the present dispensation and 2. disappeared into the gene pool of the New World mongoloids that is also what’s going on in the present day rapidly disappearing White world. Only this time around Blacks, from the heart of darkness, are thrown into the mix over the last 400 years or so. A mix so dear to the dreams of the Zionist Jew mixologist.
      However, you Chinese, Japanese and Korean people your day is coming at the hands of the mixologists as soon as the Whites (except for a few Zoo specimens) are extinguished for good after a 20-30 thousand year run.
      Whites were 40% of the world’s population in 1900. Now Whites are less than 10% of the world’s population. Ask yourselves how many Whites will be left on earth, if the present trends are not reversed, like yesterday, by the year 2100?

  2. Yes, white people are being erased from history, and indoctrinated to hate themselves.

    Try typing “American Inventors” or “European People History” into Google, Bing, or other search engines, including DuckDuckGo. Then click on images. This did not happen by accident. It took tens of thousands of people hundreds of thousands of hours to make it happen.

  3. I didn’t think Trump was going to do much for White Americans. In his campaign speeches he always mentioned how much he cares about blacks and other minorities [ I voted for him anyway, at least he didn’t call us White Americans “deplorables”, he didn’t go that far, and I had, and still have, the feeling HELLary wants to outright Genocide us White Americans, especially White Christian Americans, so I held my nose and I voted for Trump ].

    From his campaign trail speeches one would never know there is any such demographic in the United States as “White” Americans. Now, in his presidential speeches, it’s the same thing, there is NO such demographic as “White” Americans. In his campaign speeches, especially his speech in front of AIPAC where he told the jews he didn’t need their money, one got the impression that he would stand up to the jews, at least a little bit, but that was all show business, that was a real vaudeville act. In his SOTU it was all about blacks blacks blacks browns browns browns LEGAL immigrants LEGAL immigrants LEGAL immigrants [ which means even more blacks blacks blacks and even more browns browns browns ] and last BUT NOT LEAST his SOTU was about jews jews jews and how WE must be on guard in case Anti-Semitism rears its Nazi head once again — meaning we must be on guard to make sure WHITE Americans don’t turn NAZI. How goddamned UNFAIR his SOTO address was to us White Americans.

    Trump is perfectly fine with the hollywood/madison ave/MSM ANTI-White-Race ANTI-White-American memes and tropes. He wants to flood the United States with millions and millions and never ending millions of NON Whites — he wants to do IT LEGALLY as opposed to the Democrats who want to do it both LEGALLY and ILLEGALLY, so he wants to stop illegal immigration and INCREASE the number of LEGAL immigrants. Us White Americans are still going to get flooded with ANTI-WHITE third world immigrants, that they’re LEGAL immigrants does us White Americans NO good and Trump ain’t doing us White Americans any favors by wanting to INCREASE LEGAL NON-White immigration into the USA. The immigrants are ANTI-White, whether they come here illegally or LEGALLY.

    I don’t see Trump changing in the next 2 years. Or, if he changes he’s only going to change his mind about his campaign trail promises. I already know I won’t be voting for him in 2020. I won’t be voting for anyone. I guess Trump’s better for the economy than any Democrat and better for the economy than most other Republicans, but there’s more to a country than the economy. The economy is important of course, but there are other important aspects to a country than the economy [ like the culture of a country, for example, like the religious/racial/ethnic make-up of a country for example].

    Trump wants a booming economy and he wants all the LEGAL immigrants to benefit from a booming economy and couldn’t give a shit if White Americans benefit or not from a booming economy [ he NEVER mentions us White Americans, NEVER, NOT ONCE ]. If White Americans somehow wind-up not benefiting from his booming economy, and the jews the blacks the browns and the LEGAL immigrants [ more blacks and browns ] benefit from his booming economy and NOT White Americans, Trump would be perfectly fine and happy about that. He’s VERY FORTUNE 500 CORPORATE AMERICA that way.

    Pat was correct about a lot of things he said about Trump during the presidential campaign race. I give Pat credit for it. I give credit where credit is due. I’m not begrudging about giving credit where credit is due. I went TOO overboard defending Trump during the presidential election, I admit it. Though I do have to say, I do NOT get the impression that Pat cares for us White Americans . . .

    1. TROJ – Your “impression” is very wrong….. as wrong as you were in defending Trump. Don’t go overboard again… you could drown.. 🙂

      My ancestors include Martin Keller (bapt….. March 3, 1737) – Duke of Farnsburg.
      Here is the castle he left in Basel, Farnsburg, Switzerland and came to America c. 1775, because he could not pay the taxes: (wife & son died on the trip across ocean)

      1. Flo –

        Hopium … the Opium to Copium for the Dopium….

        A little ‘Jesse Jackson lingo’ there!! Toss in some ‘Bill Buckley-speak’ for added crooning.. as Rush would do…

        Have I irritated ya enough yet, Flo?? 🙂 🙂

      2. Everything is fine, Pat, everything is fine.

        All readers: pay no attention to what Pat says. Yes, he is essentially correct on most matters, especially with regards to how the world works — but you do not need to know such truths. Instead, look for things like “the lesser of two evils”, or Pepe Escobar’s “New Silk Road” (China’s brand of totalitarianism will save us). Whatever you do, just make sure you turn your back on Pat’s hard message of reality. Otherwise it will p*ss you off no end 😉

        If all else fails, try this method: “la la la la la la la la I cannot hear you la la la la la la la la”.

        Hope all is well Pat; keep up the good fight.

    2. Joe,
      Hillary isn’t anti-white. She’s a lesbian man-hater. She would love to exterminate any human being unfortunate enough to be born with a penis. (circumcised or not). Visit All well documented by Texas pastor Texas Marrs.. 😉

  4. Excellent article, a summary of the subliminal programming of the ordinary people by the jews of course.
    Sadly the ordinary people don’t understand that they are programmed by these ads. For them these ads are facts, even norms they will abide by unconsciously, as these ads tell tell how they must behave. The last few years there is a hype for cuckoldrelations, white couple, with a dark person. The internet is full of it. I am sure this is concocted by the jews and the white couples buy these jewish brainwash. These are the happy days for dark persons.

  5. The phenomena appears pervasive with several fronts in this battle, one of many theaters (!) in the War Against Humanity. Universities and other corporate entities indulging in DEeducation comprise another, diffuse, highly effective locus of anti-white action. What to do? O mercy me, what to do?!

    My personal prescription, written by wife of 30 years (marriage, not age), entailed turning off and throwing out our television set, cutting adrift from the anchors of social media per se — wife defines “Darkmoon” as “social media lite”, and she has a point — and tending our gardens, literally. I continue to work from the homestead, striving to cut down more on inputting excessive quantities of Doom & Gloom. Year 2019, a number decades ago I did not expect to place on technical reports, friendly missives, and (yes, of course) poems, has such TO DO’s as getting to know our neighbors better, forming informal cooperatives for the sharing of abundance and the treating of disease, and addressing the core issues of educating and preparing our community’s youngsters for a world we lived in and did not realize until we got too old to do much about it!

    1. @ Alan Donelson
      @ Alan Donelson’s wife

      I loved your poem, the one we published, and also the kind of rural community life your lady wife and you enjoy. But I do think your wife’s description of the Darkmoon site as “social media lite” is more than a little astonishing.

      This is because none of us here, especially Lasha Darkmoon, have anything to do with the social media sites. So these sites cannot possibly influence us, nor can we possibly resemble them in any way! 🙂 We have never once been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site. Nor have we ever logged on to any of those sites ever. Not even once!

      Like you and your good wife, none of us here, especially Lasha, ever watches television. The only time Lasha ever watches TV is when she is forced to do so as a guest in someone else’s house. Which is very rare, as usually her best friends prefer conversation to the mindlessness of most TV programs.

      1. A bit thin skinned are we this day? Dearest hosts and benefactors! Consider now the source and the reason. Know first I beseech the Heavens, berate the Devil, and rant on and on about the world (land, air, sea) heading to Hell in a giant turtle’s handbasket. Only my wife has ears to hear me (not necessarily listen closely) hereabouts, the dogs long gone to chase cats. Dear wife now has learned to tune out all the D & G about GOOGLE, Facebook, Twitter, and other high-tech surveillance (e.g., see The Intercept’s latest coup, a catalog of surveillance devices ranging in price from “too much” to stratospheric costs, regional FUSION centers and local police departments revel having this stuff).

        My wife “does” Facebook, and my ravingly harsh words for same gets under her skin at times. So, please know and understand that dear, loving wife aimed her comment about “Darkmoon” (and by extension ZeroHedge and other sites I frequent) as a DIG at MOI (she be French-Canadian!), not a slight directed at thee, who remain precious, pristine, and — today, perhaps? — a bit peevish, too.

        GOD bless and keep you all healthy, safe, and increasingly wealthy in the kind of treasures you choose. For there be our hearts….I too strive to improve, hence a diet of far less Doom & Gloom.

      2. I know the “social media lite” phrase tossed to the side any thought borne in short-term memory. From the comment that inspired this subthread, which proves tangentially, if obliquely, we are all of a single family — we can compare feathers later! — I copy the following. “My personal prescription, written by wife of 30 years (marriage, not age), entailed turning off and throwing out our television set, cutting adrift from the anchors of social media per se — wife defines “Darkmoon” as “social media lite”, and she has a point — and tending our gardens, literally.”

        I, Alan, former estian, take full and individual responsibility for both the communication and HOW I phrased it. FULL DISCLOSURE: Actually, wife EQUATED my darkening the doorstep of Darkmoon [and my array of other favorite sites on the web] to her use of Facebook! I disagree(d) with her assessment. Nonetheless, in our family, tit for tat, she wins, always. I win at chess, she wins at Life Itself, as you might imagine, at least now. Is not that the way of magicians?

        For the record, so everyone knows — and I would like everyone to know! — wife’s name is Gaétane, our first date was Easter 1987, and we have had a life to die for together! We seek to complete our stewardship of land and wildlife, passing it on to willing, able, caring hands when our time comes to call it quits. Gaétane, and other older elders hereabouts, inspire me to live both more graciously and more effectively for humanity as a whole. I do hold beliefs concerning the on-going War Against Humanity, after all, a dedicated soldjear still looking for a posting closer to the “front”. In this era, no exemptions for flat feet or advanced age in years!

        GOD bless all of you who read these words and support this oasis in increasingly deserted cyberspace. GOD bless especially Les Visible and John Kaminsky, two leading lights I so appreciate. Thanks to for posting their work on occasion.

  6. “(I apologize for the rushed and rather disorganized article above. I usually do a better job than this. The post is merely a piece written by someone who wanted to say a certain something but lacked the proper time to say it.)”
    nothing to apologize for… it’s ok to point out the anti-white-male commercial media psy-op..
    the article was good… we got the point…
    pat –
    great pictures…
    from basel? did the banksters put the duke out of business?
    pc –
    al sharpton’s got some serious brain-rot…

    1. Bark –
      “from basel? did the banksters put the duke out of business?”

      It is Basel. Elevation of 2500 ft or so.

      Banksters & agents were after him. He fled the authorities with 20 pounds of silver. SOSDY!!

      He and his two daughters barely survived the worst winter storm on record at the time…. in the little wooden ship back then. Little food and fresh water. Many froze to death. He remarried and had more children in America.

      No INS or ICE to deal with. 🙂

  7. Just like Adam and Eve, the Serpent is seducing the female, not the male. All this socio-political propaganda, disguised as advertisement, is designed to a white young women audience. These Jewish social engineers seem to believe women are easier to cheat, they are probably right. I can’t enlighten my wife about feminism BS, for her the enemy is the “patriarchy”, a fictitious enemy made real after her mind programing.

    From the article:
    “In the fantasy world of Jewish commercials, they are always the flawless decision-makers, the sure, certain, selfless take-chargers, the best and the brightest mankind has to offer”. I would add another myth: the blacks have a bigger penis!? A repeated lie designed for naive young white girls.

    The TV is a terrible weapon in Jewish hands, but the smart phone is even worst, and they are monopolizing it too. How do we know something is critical to the enemy? Just watch what he really protects from you. Just try to break their media monopoly and see how they react…

  8. basel, yes… that’s the location of herzl and weizmann’s 1880s global zionist conference, where they annexed lake geneva and designated the suisse tribe as neutral in the coming wars they plotted….
    they were carrying marx and engels ‘das capital’ and herzl was peddling his book – der judenstaat…
    the conference they tried to have in london, but were run out of town by british jews, who would not allow it…
    ‘zionism’, you see, is the real ‘antisemitism’…
    now those who group all jews under the zionist banner are suspected trolls…
    zionists understand jews will join them if they think everybody hates jews just because…
    there are some anti-zionist jews in the world today, but you will never see them on commercial media, and they will not be mentioned by the trolls, who will tell you all jews are demons, anti-christs, pus for blood, whatever…
    not on rt, not on bill maher’s bs program, not on amy goodmann’s radio show, no hollywood movies will be made about the genuine jewish struggle against zionism…
    the zionist commercial media gives you white people in their advertisements , in movie terms, as characters in de niro’s “tragic dumbass comedies”….
    hand it to paul joe watson…
    even in hitler’s pre-ww2 germany the zionists were a very small minority of the jewish population, under 5%…
    about the same as the number of germans in the nazi party… get it?
    and they were about as well hated in germany as the crepe paper war hero winston churchill was in the british parliament…
    now we know churchill was a zionist/nazi agent all along, like wolfy hitler..
    churchill broke up the british empire and hitler wrecked germany…
    the big ww2 winner was joe stalin and his zionist jewish bolsheviks, who, like hitler slaughtered off the zionist’s own domestic opposition in battles against each other…
    same thing that went on in the iran iraq war…
    strategic necessities of ww1 did force the usa into a collectivist bund controlled from dc..
    but where wilson merely put his people in charge of railroads, farming, steel production, etc., (czars now – a ‘russian’ term) fdr actually created many totally new socialistic departments, all to cope with the terrible poverty contrived by the jew-jesuit rothschild central banksters…
    fdr, truman, eisenhower and the rest of the ZOG running america at the time of ww2 gave eastern europe to the jewish zionist bolsheviks, and stalin continued his marxist cleansing programs into the 50s, with no accounting from the West…
    the british parliament (queen) at the time passed a rule that no soviets could be charged with war crimes, while winston churchill made the statement that what the city of london did was none of parliament’s business..
    british royalty are of course jew-ish, communism is jew-ish, and dc has been the ZOG ever since, and the warmongering munitions men and debt peddling banksters have feasted on the contracts…
    trump says we’ll never be socialist… who’s he kidding?
    bush and cheney’s 9-11 built a wall alright – the rex-84 firewall…
    it killed the bill of rights, or at least put it in a coma… i doubt there’s a bill of rights in ‘russia’ either…
    now watch the fake mass-shootings…

  9. Hello everyone,

    I’ve read Darkmoon’s articles from time to time in the last three years and enjoyed them. I still do. Some articles shed light on untold history. Some are very enlightening on current events. I’ve read some of the comments in some of those previous articles too. But I’ve never commented on any of them. This is my first comment.

    I’m a black man from Melanesia, Papua New Guinea. I did not choose my skin colour. The Asian and the White did not choose their skin colours either. We all have skin colours as they were given by God. I did not choose my mother or father. I did not choose my country. I did not choose my physical features. I did not choose when to be born, just as I do not know when I will die.

    While some people, many think the Jews, for their own evil reasons, promote mixing of the races, some commentators’ comments seem to blame the victims of the race mixers. In this way, the races are fighting among themselves whilst the race mixer watches and laughs at their stupidity.

    The cross-breeders, the genetic modifiers, the race mixers – are fighting against God, defacing His wonderful creation and distorting His beauty. The black should not despise himself. The white should not boast. We all have bodies and skin colours as they were given by God. If God had given the white brother to bless the world with some beneficial inventions, the black brother also has some useful role to play. After all, both of them live once to die, and their bodies decompose and become part of the soil wherein their whiteness and blackness disappear and become one.

  10. There is no doubt that people behind the scenes with power, who hire people for commercials, are working overtime to plant the idea that black people are important. This is so disingenuous and desperate, given blacks are 13% of the population. So why aren’t the English, Irish, Scotch, Slovenian, German, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Dutch etc… also represented in commercials??? Aren’t these media types about “diversity”????? I guess not… apparently they are about RACE baiting and color scams….

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