New Book Claims Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli Spies

Jennifer Smith
Daily Mail
Dec 5, 2019

A new book about Jeffrey Epstein‘s crimes makes the far-fetched claim that he and Ghislaine Maxwell were in fact spies working for Israel’s Mossad and that they lured prominent Western politicians and businessmen into sleeping with underage girls in order to blackmail them.


The claim is made in Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, a new book by American Media Inc’s Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin and several other reporters who claim to have worked for eight years to unravel ‘an international conspiracy the likes of which we have never seen before.’

The theory relies on the belief that Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father who died in mysterious circumstances in 1991 after falling from his yacht, was also a Mossad spy – something that has been claimed for years but never proven.

The book theorizes that it was Robert Maxwell who introduced Jeffrey to the spy world after he started dating Ghislaine.

People who know Epstein and Maxwell have claimed in court documents that they met after her father’s death.

The book makes no mention of that and instead claims Jeffrey and Ghislaine started dating in the 1980s.

A friend of the Maxwells, Laura Goldman, said she believed not only that Robert Maxwell was a Mossad spy but that Ghislaine carried on his work.

Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy who says he was Robert Maxwell’s ‘handler’, said he ‘introduced’ Epstein to the intelligence agency and ‘wanted’ them to ‘accept him as part of the group’.

‘Epstein was hanging around with Robert Maxwell and the daughter was hanging around there too, and that’s how they met. Just two young souls, they met,’ he said.

In a separate interview, Ben-Menashe claimed: ‘Maxwell sort of started liking him and my theory is that Maxwell felt that this guy is going for his daughter. He felt that he could bless him with some work and help him out in like a paternal way. They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services. Later on, Ghislaine got involved with Israeli intelligence together with him,’ he said.

Intelligence ‘experts’ said that Ghislaine and Jeffrey then used a ‘honeytrap’ to film prominent political figures having sex with underage girls so that they could later blackmail them.

‘Epstein was sort of flying very important people around the world, providing young girls for some of them.

‘If you’re an intelligence community and you have someone like Epstein who’s kind of a celebrity, who can attract celebrities, who can be in part of conversations about world events about the most secret things.

‘If you put people like Clinton on his planes and you can put Ehud Baral[a former Prime Minister of Israel] and a former general, then he is a guy who really matters to you.

‘If he is going to be your friend, he is going to work for you.

‘He is going to be an asset for you. Look what he can do.

‘He can give you information on all those politicians,’

— Martin Dillon, author who wrote a book about Robert Maxwell’s Mossad links

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counter terrorism specialist, wrote in an article: ‘There is no other viable explanation for his filming of prominent politicians and celebrities having sex with young girls.’

There is, to date, no proof that Epstein filmed other celebrities and politicians ‘having sex with young girls.’

Many of his victims have described how his Upper East Side home was rigged with cameras which filmed the bedrooms and bathrooms and one says he told her he kept the footage in a safe.

However, authorities will not confirm the existence of footage.

‘They raided Epstein’s Upper East Side home last July and took passports, cash  and diamonds from it.

When contacted earlier this year by about the safe and whether or not it contained any surveillance camera footage, both the FBI and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Epstein hanged himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in New York in August.

His attorneys have suggested he was murdered, and the theory has spread widely.

Many say that he had so much dirt on powerful people that they could not risk him sharing it with the police to try to broker a deal for himself.

The New York Medical Examiner ruled definitively earlier this year that he died of suicide by hanging.

Attorney General Bill Barr said his death was a ‘perfect storm of screw ups’ caused by a combination of Epstein not having a cellmate to save him and the fact that the prison guards on watch that night failed to check on him.

They were surfing the internet and sleeping, instead, according to indictments against them.

Sourced from the Daily Mail via Truthseeker

LD: It’s not easy to guess the number of lines told in the above article, but one can be pretty certain that the authorities have no compunction whatsoever about lying to us through their back teeth. A politician can be defined almost as a lying machine, schooled in mendacity from childhood. It’s when they tell the truth that we need to be shocked. 

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17 thoughts to “New Book Claims Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli Spies”

  1. Whether they were spies, or not, the cat’s out-of-the-bag, now, so no more worries, mate. 😉
    I don’t understand WHY so many people pretend such annoyance by a bunch of dirty old men making sport of young damsels (skanks, “jail bait”) and NOT be mortified that faggots and trannies are treated as “normal” fare! 🙄
    It is no more than a prurient diversion from (and by) cultural Marxists.

    1. Gilbert,

      As usual, you are the voice of common sense. What you say is undeniable. In the 1960s when I was a young man I had a gorgeous girlfriend aged 17 who was still at school. We became lovers. Did I regard myself as a pedophile? No way!

      She was a nubile young lady, a real stunner with long blonde hair and a figure like Aphrodite, and she could easily have borne a child. Neither of us felt the slightest guilt about “doing what comes naturally”. Today this would be against the law and I’d probably be locked up.

      Frankly, I think most straight men would experience total revulsion at having LEGAL SEX with a bearded old guy in his eighties, and, if forced to make a choice, would rather have ILLEGAL SEX with an underage girl — provide of course that the girl was willing.

      1. SEX – one of the major causes of reincarnation, bringing souls back for another round of life’s misery and suffering. Give it up and maybe you can move on.

        I was once incarcerated* with a young man of eighteen facing a twenty year sentence for the charge of statutory rape of his seventeen year old girl friend who turned him in. He claimed he thought she was eighteen as that is what her forged drivers license indicated.

        There were four reasons he was obviously lying.

        (1) He was white

        (2) He was male

        (3) He was a white male

        (4) He had been arrested and was therefore guilty until his innocence might be proven beyond the shadow of all doubt.

        *In America, the white male is born a criminal, awaiting charges and prosecution at the convenience of lesbian prosecutors and Jewish judges. If you have not been arrested at some point in your life, then you are probably not a white, heterosexual male.

        To white males protesting this statement, especially those under the age of thirty, I say, “give it time. Give the Jews time and they will eventually get around to you as well.” Just be glad the allied “greatest generation” won the war, otherwise you might be speaking German and doing time in an evil Nhadzee death camp.


    Gasp! Really? It’s beyond imagination that Jews would do something like this. No wonder the American sheeple refuse to believe this kind of “propaganda.”

    Anyone watching television and staying current with their newspapers, know full well America’s “gallant little ally” in the “Mideast” would never, no never, not ever, stoop to such underhanded tactics, because Jews are the very soul of morality. After all didn’t they write the ten commandants we live by?

    Let us have no more talk about Israeli spying. Instead let’s talk about sports or Trump’s impeachment – whichever is more important.

    1. Great comments, Arch. Yet I detect a great bitterness, almost a despair, underlying your recent comments. I wish I knew the answer. I once posted a comment on the Occidental Observer, maybe 10 years ago, in which I suggested that the White man was basically to blame for the situation in which he found himself, i.e., in an America completely under Jewish domination.

      Who was to blame, after all, for letting over 6 million Jews into America? White men were in charge at that time. They could have controlled Jewish immigration from Russia and Eastern Europe in the late 19th century. They didn’t. They just let the Jews come swarming in — in tidal wave after tidal wave.

      In 1924 the Whites succeeded in putting a brake on foreign immigration. Jewish Hollywood was carefully monitored by the Catholic Church and sleazy movies were banned. Jews persisted and finally got their way in 1965, overriding all White opposition.

      This is the question I asked on the Occidentak Observer and was not allowed to ask: what were all you White guys doing in the 1960s and in the summer of love of 1967? Why did you do nothing to stop the Sexual Revolution initiated by degenerate Jewry? Why were you white guys playing at being hippies and laying girls and doing drugs when you ought to have been fighting the Jews who were steadily taking over your country?

      My comment was deleted. It was a criticism of the White man per se. Their weakness of will. Their ability to be easily corrupted by the Jews.

      These are question the White Nationalist movement shirks. It quetches and complains about Jewish domination, but at the same time it cites Darwin’s doctrine of the Survival of the Fittest with approval. The answer is simple. If the Jews are top dogs now, don’t they DESERVE to be top dogs? Haven’t they won the struggle for existence by being smarter than Whites? If the White man finds himself now in an inferior position, who is to blame but the White man for making himself a flunkey?

      If Jews are smarter, don’t they deserve to be top dogs and boss the dumb goyim around?

      Take the situation right now. Lots of guns in America owned by White patriots. So why can’t they use all these guns to good effect? Why can’t they regain America? Why are they sunk in mental stupor? Why are they shooting up shopping malls and killing a whole bunch of children in schools? How does that help to win back America from the Jews?

      What is needed is a Revolution! So who is going to lead the Revolution? J.B. Campbell? David Duke? Richard Spenser?

      Ah yes, let me think! We’ve got Donald Trump! HE IS OUR WHITE HERO WHO IS GOING TO LEAD US TO OUR PROMISED LAND! 🙂

      Yeah? So why is under the thumb of the Jews? Why are there so many Jews in his administration? Why isn’t he doing something to stop and reverse mass immigration? Why are the rich getting richer in America, making the Jews richer and richer every day? And why are the poor getting poorer every day? Why are so many White working class people, now classed as White trash, hooked on opiates and living a hellish existence while the Jews live in clover?

      Whites have dug their own graves by their own actions, and so maybe they deserve to perish in their own graves. It’s called karma. Maybe the Jews have good karma. Ever thought of that?

      1. Good rant, Sard!! 😀😀
        (If I knew of any targets that would help, I’d try zeroing-in on them RIGHT NOW!!)

      2. Excellent comment Sardonicus!
        There always will be cause and effect. Right now the world is witnessing the total decay of a once white stronghold in Europe and the lethargy of the white race that is becoming trashy and perverted but lame puppets on kosher strings while the once defensive structure of semi morality the “white European” church gives a well fed helping hand. All white European members of any Nations parliament have become political money changing correct while white European Alpha dogs these days spent time dividing and arguing among themselves or spend their days either in patriotic jails or under cover – far away. Even those non Jewish white national Oligarchs that feed of their own race and country have become the new modern white teeth less trash cooperating only with their enemies. Merkel is white and to a certain degree Trump is white (below the make up). This is the NEW WHITE RACE that will lead the “white” world with Putin as the “white supreme Joker” ready to play his part in the background of worldly Zionist games. The white race has become the natural effect of the chosen cause of international Zionist Jewry and the “new church” that will unite all evil. If apathy and self indulgence of the white race wouldn’t be so sweet, well paid and addictive the end of days would surely be further away than at current times.

  3. Good light-hearted humor there Sardon, but the whole point is that the ZioBankster Khazarian Mafia with their Illuminati stooges will stoop to any level (high and low) and at nothing to maintain control over this whole planet for their Satanic purposes: Jew World Order from Jerusalem, IsraHell. That is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me and us, GOD! I await their Meshiach, the Christian version of Antichrist, to teach them a lesson, for GOD will get the last laugh and the joke will be on International Jewry! Ha, Ha, Ha!

    1. @ SN

      OK, now try posting another comment using the same fake email address. With any luck, you’ll be able to get through without further monitoring. Let’s hope this works.

  4. Harking back to the the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal. The Franklin Scandal by Mick Bryant and The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp – Educate-Yourself
    “[Search domain]
    Since the 1992 publication of John DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-Up, Paul Bonacci has filed new affidavits and has given extensive interviews to investigators including reporters for Executive Intelligence Review and New Federalist. Bonacci’s disclosures have been cross-gridded with evidence supplied by authorities in law enforcement, psychiatry, and the intelligence community.” The wonderful and oh so goody two shoes FBI in their silk suites were in this with both feet in the coverup.

    Since the exposure and coverup of the Franklin Scandal child sex operation nothing has changed. Underage Children were then and are now being trafficked in the US and around the world for blackmail. Who knows how many are setting on their fat asses in the US Congress and in the other branches of the fed gov. and are occupying elected and other positions in state and local government that have much dirty linen in their closets.
    Nothing will change as long as the Jus-tice Jews are in control. Children will continue to be trafficked. Politicians will continue to be film stares filmed with the pants down with children There are some US congressmen and a few congresswomen who are straight arrows. You ask, what will it take to clean out this cesspool. One country led by one men (with all his faults) during the 1930’s did attempt, and did a pretty good job of draining their swamp and just look at all the good history and press they got.

  5. And now it’s time for Uncle Arch’s ~ ~ ~ Theater – of – the – Absurd

    Tonight – James Bond meets Auric Goldfinger

    Goldfinger: Mr. Bond I’m going to unzip your pants with this industrial laser in a way no bimbo like Monica Lewinsky would ever dare.

    James Bond: I know you’re trading gold with Jews for auto parts in some sort of upscale Auto Zone operation, but that’s a bit like carrying coals to New Castle now isn’t it?

    Goldfinger: Quite right Mr. Bond, quite right.

    James Bond: I suppose by that remark you might expect me to be anti-Semitic Goldfinger.

    Goldfinger: No Mr. Bond, I expect you to be anti-Jew! And now I will start my industrial laser aimed at your crotch.

    James Bond: We know about operation “Jew Slam” Goldfinger.

    Goldfinger: You know about operation “Jew Slam?”

    James Bond: Yes, we know you plan on giving Jews the golden finger, so to speak, by blowing up all the Jews’ gold, thereby vastly increasing the value of your gold. Of course, you expect to kill as many Jews as possible when you do this.

    Goldfinger: That is correct Mr. Bond! As a former Auschwitz camp commandant, I want to finally do what Hitler would never allow, kill as many Jews as possible!

    James Bond: But of course, that is to be expected by someone with your diabolical nature. What I want to know is how can I be of assistance?

    Goldfinger: You know Mr. Bond, I always suspected that you were on our side, the far right side, off the scale actually; after all, though subject to the queen’s whims, you are still a white man at heart.

    James Bond: That I am Goldfinger, that I am.

    Goldfinger: You know this will negatively affect your standing with your Jewish paymasters.

    James Bond: Perhaps, but if your plan is successful, there won’t be any Jewish paymaster.

    Goldfinger: Correct again Mr. Bond! Here let me unstrap you from the table and we can go into more details of Operation “Jew Slam.” You see I plan to have one of my agents dress up in one of those Groucho Marx disguises, you know, the round eye glasses, bushy eyebrows with a fake rubber nose, then he will infiltrate the ADL . . .

    1. In other news the ADL has threatened goldfinger with some action from Lorena Bobbitt. Or was it Madame Butterfly?

  6. Come Arch, TJ loves a good story. Please continue. I always wondered if the Goldfinger was a secret Jew that just wanted all the marbles, including the pair that James Bond wore that could withstand any Lazar laser powered by a mini-nuke. However, Ghislaine could shew her way into pay dirt. If you can finish this off Arch, Holywood could make a movie to rival the movie they most likely have in the planning called “Jeff and Ghislaine” the star crossed lovers for all that is young and prime. The Holywads must not count the shekels before they can find a couple of Goy to play the leads.

  7. You folks are great! I was thinking along the lines of Mike Myers ( Brit Canadian Jew?) and his movie GOLDMEMBER. And of course his movie father (fazah) was played by British Actor Michael Caine ( brotherly jealousy between Cain and Abel) or was that the classic Orson Well’s Citizen Kane. It still all rings of the great Jewish Conspiracy or should we say FACT. Jeffrey Epstein, the great Mossad agent Blackmailer or perverted ringleader of a child sex cult that says its permissible to engage in such acts with children as young as 3 years old ( male and female). Satanic Talmudism is sick but that’s OK because Mossad’s motto is: By Deception we do War. And that is Deception and War against the goyim or the rest of humanity as authorized by Satan himself, because just like International Jewry, Satan hates humanity, which was given a special place in the Garden of Eden. Although Jews might thing of other Gardens to inhabit and exploit (full frontal nudity- hint, hint). So I say: Go Hitler Go! Danke!

    1. @ Stormin’ Norman

      Nope, even though you’ve dropped the “ca” suffix from your email address, your comments are still going for monitoring. Nothing to do with this website, I assure you, since at no time have we put you on monitoring. Something fishy going on. I can only speculate that your comments are also being monitored by the Canadian authorities, though this is pure guesswork and I hope I’m wrong.

  8. I used the story on the Judeo-Russian Mafia in my book that starts with the history of the Unification Church of the Moon family, an organisation that was also connected with the Intelligence Community in the battle with communism. Interestingly, the chairman of the International Security Council, founded by Rev Moon in 1984 was a jewish rabbi of the Extreme Right and an expert in counter terrorism. His name was Joseph Churba. Moon also organised Peace Tours in Jerusalem in 2004 but his leaders also attended the funeral of PLO leader Yassir Arafat. The Professors World Peace Academy was chaired by Dr Morton Kaplan of Chicago, and he and Richard Rubenstein were also jews. Many young jewish students were recruited by the cult and believed that Moon was the Lord of the Second Advent, the long awaited messiah who came from the East. I was also fascinated by the testimonies of slave victims like Virginia Roberts and Katie Johnson. Katie testified that she was raped and violently attacked by Donald Trump in 1993 before Jeffrey Epstein took his chance. Miss Roberts who is now happily married in Australia, stated that Bill Clinton did not have sex with her nor with the other girls on Orgy Island in the Caribbean. It is difficult to believe that looking at the reputation of the former president in the Lewinsky affair.
    I believe it is true what has been claimed about the Israeli Mossad being involved in the trafficking of young girls to film the events for blackmail purposes of the elite and powerful just in case they crossed the line and could harm the interest of the Israeli government.
    I also investigated the murder of President Kennedy and the 9/11 Inside Job with the Israelis in command of the Security at the airports and the cover up of the false flag event. Young Israeli students were spying at U.S. government offices at the same time that the radical muslims were taking flying lessons around the country. It was also suggested by critical observers that Remote Control was used to direct the planes into the towers, an invention of jewish defense expert Dov Zakheim, who was also responsible for the disappearance of trillions of dollars from the Pentagon coffers. All the jewish conspirators have been tracked down by the truthseekers a long time ago. Professor Daniele Ganser
    of Basel, Switserland published a book called “Nato´s Secret Armies in the Balkan War” and he also lectured on the 9/11 conspiracy in great detail. One of the reasons why John F. Kennedy had to go was his refusal to grant Israel the atomic bomb. The Permindex Corporation of lawyer Louis Bloomfield of Montreal was also deeply involved in organizing the murders of President Charles de Gaulle of France in 1962 and President Kennedy in 1963. They financed the shooters in both events and when de Gaulle survived he chased them away together with the Mossad. The front organization of Permindex was the International Trade Mart in Rome and New Orleans, directed by Clay Shaw. On November 22, Kennedy was also scheduled to visit this trade organisation during his tour in Dallas. Just in case the triangle of fire in Dealy Plaza failed to kill JFK, multiple gunmen were also positioned around the Trade Mart. A group of anti-Castro Cubans of Operation 40 in Florida, directed by CIA agent Frank Sturgis arrived in a Dallas Motel with a truckload of sophisticated weapons, and since these terrorists were not spotted in and around Dealy Plaza, I figured out they were the ones stationed at the Trade Mart. Marita Lorenz was also in the company of Sturgis and the Cubans at that time but she left the motel and flew back to New York when Jack Ruby arrived at the motel handing out money to CIA agent Edwardo Hunt. The adventurous german beauty passed away last summer in Oberhausen. The film about her life that was announced in the media was never realized and forgotten. I am shocked to learn that Lasha Darkmoon is not free to communicate and walk the streets any longer but I do hope she found a safe place to live and wish her all the things she needs to be happy and healthy for the rest of her life. Happy New Year to all of you people !
    Before I forget to ask you, please send a copy of this message to my personal email address and visit my Facebook entries in due time.

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