Nowheresville: A Poem of Lost Time



“. . . nestling here tranquilly in the lovely village of Nowhere.” 

Traffic wormed its way through the warm summer day
toward over there; points else than here, far below
daunting heights of the Village of Nowhere.

Grandfather named our newly purchased plot Nowheresville,
his long-ago lingo lost to us, save for a vague memory or two.
With finality, Father declared we had only bought a lot of work.
Our elders departed, celebrating escape while wishing us well.

Despite this, we now deemed this our place on earth: a workstead
nestling here tranquilly in the lovely village of Nowhere.

I pondered passing traffic worms for some minutes, then turned,
leaving to squirrels and feral birds views from our hillocks high.
I had seeds to plant; plants deemed weeds by my wife, to pull;
chickens and emus to feed; early harvest grain to dry.

Then I recalled a festering issue I had with a neighbor
who lived also in the Village of Nowhere.
I think this year passed quicker than any year before it.

I packed fence-mending tools to take to my neighbor’s house,
nestling here tranquilly in the lovely village of Nowhere.

19 thoughts to “Nowheresville: A Poem of Lost Time”

  1. Brilliant! Love it to bits! The pictures are just right. And the one or two very small changes LD has made to the original version are, I would say, definite improvements. They give the poem extra clarity and balance.

    1. It’s not “remembered from dreams”.
      I remember many places that looked just like that in the 60s.
      This is what America was like. This is what was stolen from you.
      It wasn’t a dream. It was palpable reality. You could have bequeathed it to your children.
      But we allowed to be stolen from us. Blatantly, right under our noses.
      I saw this coming.

      1. It’s not “remembered from dreams”.
        I remember many places that looked just like that in the 60s.

        Stop nitpicking. I was speaking figuratively. And I wasn’t so wrong either by saying “remembered from dreams.”

        This is because the idyllic scenes we have experienced in real life, usually way back in the “golden age” of our youth, are the scenes we later revisit in our dreams.

        We dream about the things we have lost.

  2. I agree. The naive primitive painting of an idyllic America, remembered from dreams, is gorgeous. What we have here is the America of the 1950s, a lost time indeed. This is a very nostalgic poem, written by a man who been lucky to find some measure of peace in rural America . . . far from the madding crowd.

    1. If 1950’s America was so idyllic, then why did the children of Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation” rebel against this idyllic 1950’s America? I mean the Boomer Generation REBELLED BIG TIME against “The Greatest Generation”. Why would the kids rebel against such a ideal perfect place and against such a “Great Generation” ?

      Please don’t anybody get angry with me. I’m just asking, that’s all. It is, you have to admit, a legitimate question. Considering we’re being told 1950’s America was idyllic and considering the Rebellion of the 1960’s which we all know about, then it’s logical to ask why the Boomers REBELLED BIG TIME against this idyllic America and against their “Greatest Generation” parents. I’m just asking, that’s all, it’s not like I’m saying Tom Brokaw should, lol, stuff his “Greatest Generation” up his assh*le and shut the f*ck up, 😶, because he goes way overboard praising and lauding the so-called “Greatest” generation. [ They weren’t that wonderful, they really weren’t, don’t get me started on them. Off hand, I can’t think of anything good to say about them. Yes, I’m a Boomer kid. ].

      1. TROJ, we also got serenaded by “The Kids Are Alright” (The Who). Consider the movie by the same name and (((those))) who brought this to a theater near you; then check out the “TV sitcom”, which likely invaded Mass Mind last year. I saw neither movie nor TV show, for I gave up both forms of indoctrination and programming years ago. In the meantime,…especially for me, who awakened to the wider and deeper actions of darker forces than I had ever imagined, I have learned about Cultural Marxism, MKUltra, Cointelpro, and a great deal more, most of this conceived and implemented either well before the first Baby Boomer was born or during the initial wave of such babies.

        Having had the education of my life over the past 10 years, continuing still, I have to revisit my own life from adolescence and later, reflect, contemplate. Did I “rebel” when I decided the Roman Catholic Church as manifested in local dioceses was a dead end spiritually? Did I “rebel” when I joined hundreds of thousands in mass protests against the [undeclared] “war” in Viet Nam? Or was I led by the nose to assist in both the division and the destruction of both culture and nation? I suspect the latter.

    1. One of my favorite tunes spewed forth by The Beatles.
      FROM THE ALL-KNOWING ONE: (1) The song is performed in the film “Yellow Submarine” after the band meets Jeremy Hillary Boob, who is kind of Nowhere Man because he lives in white nothing. The original handwritten lyrics to this song were sold at an auction for $455’500 in 2003. (2) The Beatles recorded Nowhere Man over two days. The first of these was 21 October 1965 , when they taped two takes of the song after a period of rehearsal. The first of these takes was a false start; the second was a rhythm track played on just electric guitars, with a three-part vocal harmony introduction. (3) Nowhere Man” is a song by the Beatles, from their album Rubber Soul. The song was written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon-McCartney).

      Based on work by Miles Mathis, I think it very likely that John Lennon’s “death” was faked, that John Lennon could not let the opportunity to crack a teasing joke (the movie “Let Him Be”), and, very likely, The Beatles phenomenon was a wildly successful psy-op by PTB. Rebelling or led by Pied Pipers?

      Many may associate this poem’s words and evoked images and feelings with the 1950s. That’s a period pregnant with innocence and joyful appreciation of life, before the birth of adolescence. I have spent most of my now elderly years creating what others claim as the reality of their upbringing during the 1950s and 1960s. Blessed and grateful with wife of 30 years and counting, I now enjoy an idyllic rural setting, working my tail off to ensure we pass on our “workstead” to capable, caring hands.

    1. We do got NUTSVILLE, that’s for sure. Of course everyone is nuts, we’re getting poisoned everyday, poison in the food, in the water, poison in our so-called “medicine”, and poison raining down on us from the sky. We got a government shut-down yet the Chemtrial spraying keeps going on and on and on.

      Where I live here in Florida, the Chemtrail spraying is actually much heavier than usual — more Chemtrails now that the government is shut down than before the shut down. There’s planes every where you look in the sky spewing out Chemtrails. This morning was overcast and cloudy, natural clouds, the natural clouds dissipated, the sun came out, it was beautiful. Very soon after the sun came out, the planes were up in the sky spewing out Chemtrails, alot of planes, alot of Chemtrails. Now it’s getting cloudy again, but it’s not a natural cloudiness. The aluminium in the Chemtrails is causing alot of people to come down with Alzheimers.

      As the government is shut down and the Chemtrail spraying continues, who finances and bankrolls the Chemtrail spraying? I imagine the Chemtrail operations costs alot of money. Where does this money come from? Who bankrolls Chemtrails? Who runs the Chemtrails operation, who is in charge of Chemtrails?

      1. The skies over Nevada County, CA, have their fair share of the unsolicited gift called chemtrails. To my wife’s disgust, which has morphed to patient amusement, I have taken, and continue to take, dozens of pictures as evidence of my assertion. Some of the images have beauty, which I call “Eye Candy for the Blind”, inspired by a host of putative intelligent people, some engineers and scientists, who, to this day, deny “chemtrailing”. (No wonder some get upset with the few remaining souls who deny the HollowHoax. BUT, you just cannot fool ALL the people ALL of the time, now can you? Deal with it!)

        Just like 9.11.2001, where folks got all in a tizzy about what and how — and how come WTC 7 went away, doesn’t it take a jetliner to bring a 40+ story building down today?? — we have many speaking to the untidiness of chemtrailing, the besmirching of our true blue skies in daytime (they spray at night, too, in case one has yet to observe that, the Moon has fun near fullness revealing their skullduggery), and so forth. We do have good data on WHO and WHY. Like the 9/11 domain, you have to find sites that tell the truth about this. Dane Wigington may well be a “limited hangout” with an obscure, possibly “spooky” background hidden, someone who capably infiltrated and now rules the roost. Nonetheless, (((they))) have to exhibit at least a bit of truthiness and reveal some small aspects of the Truth of this matter. For some unknown reason or obligation.

        Thus, Mr. Wigington’s site ( has a good deal of useful data. For WHO and WHY, look beyond.

      1. Hmmm. Get there from where you are, right? The question: HOW DO YOU GET THERE? Zen monks in basic training could nail that one before you finished your question! Be Here Now. Now Be Here. Richard Alpert, dear Ram Dass. Mayor of the lovely, tranquil Village of NowHere. 😉

        You are where you are. And, if GOD be everything, what are you? If GOD be everywhere, where are you? If GOD is ALL, well, do you want to join the party again? If so, do so.

        Without appealing to explication and reasoning of Paul, nor the cloud of spiritual obfuscation attributed to John (not to mention Revelations, like reevaluations, fine tuning the message to fit the audience, age, and (((changing scenes))). I recommend looking closely, eye-to-eye, at your own image, having placed yourself comfortably (physically), close to a high-quality mirror. When you graduate (Louise Hay, Mirror Work the entry level course, passed, you get to write your own course schedule for Ph.D. in Selfhood, no one will tell you what to do thereafter.

        The idea here: Look within, leverage the power of Mind to assist the vision, employ tools like mirrors to facilitate (like catalysts for enzymes) the process. The aim is longer term, temporally and causally. [Tangential here — Accidents have both a temporal and a causal structure.]

  3. Alan you’ve shown very nicely how simple living and high thinking is the way to go!
    Reminding me it’s nearly time to milk the cows again..

  4. Thank you, Lasha! Thanks too to each and all of you denizens here at Darkmoon. Made my day.

    A poetic scientist? A scientific poet? Ah, a sleeping dog on this thread, hovering on and above and around and inside this oasis of a site on the www, the Hegelian dialectic itself stirs, awakens, aroused, then raises its huge and ugly head. No Lhasa apso that beast! Perhaps a pitbull. I shall go shortly to look for a leash made of heavy chain.

    In many if not most endeavors, we approach perfection asymptotically. For some portions of the curve describing progress over time toward infinity, advancing miles takes a single leap. Thereafter, slogging, plodding, then crawling produce decreasingly incremental, progressively imperceptible, eventually indeterminable gains. So it is with poems released into the wild near the lovely Village of NowHere.

    1. Mr. Donelson :

      You’re very Spiritual, probably an “old soul” as Less Vizzy and his fellow New Agers would say, what’s your Spiritual Insight concerning Madame Blavatsky? Do you think she’s the cat’s pajamas of the Spirit World? Some sort of female DEITY?

      And what say you about Teilhard de Chardin? He was an Advanced Soul also, right? Teilhard didn’t die down on the farm on the outskirts of Nowheresville just down the pike from Petticoat Junction and 2 or 3 miles from, lol, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Arnold the 🐖 on Green Acres, NO ; Teilhard kicked-the-bucket in VERY URBAN concrete jungle of NYC!

      1. Joe
        Stay away from Blavatsky and the Theosophists with their “Masters of the Universe” New Age blather.

        Spiritual shysters is what they are. (((They))) are very devious with their appeal to gullible people looking for answers, used through means that incorporate clever Kabbalistic rituals that sound oh so genuine to those who want to believe in the name of having a purpose in life, when the only “purpose” is to be pure of heart.

        No dialectics need apply

      2. Then there is Alice Bailey. And many others! Beyond me, and I ain’t no Swami Beyondananda!. I did always like my own “avatar name” Alananda, “ananda” Sanskrit for “joy”. Tangentially toward the Wazoo, when my long estranged daughter called her embryonic child, alive-and-kicking-in-her-womb, “Bean”, then, after her birth named her Scarlett, I wrote to her that I intended to call her by the name Beananda! Hell may well freeze over before I see either of them!

        TROJ, as soon as I get solidly, indefinitely grounded in Self — perhaps after initiations of “self-realization” and “GOD realization” — I may have some greater insight than I do. If indeed souls “age”, which I tend to doubt, the SOUL-SELF reputedly eternal, remarkably differentiated only here in the material world, then I fear I am a LAZY OLD SOUL, having lived 72 years on this planet and proceeded only thus far!

        Thank you, TROJ! May Love, Joy, and Peace be our hearts’ content, always!

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