Once Again

Paul Nash, Landscape from a Dream


By Xanadu

Where are you, my dearest?
Whither are we bound?
Who will lead us out of this labyrinth
who will deliver us
from the maze of dreams?

Once again
in the paradise gardens
we shall walk with our loved ones
by the crystal streams.

Once again
under nightingale moons
we shall drink the wine of life
and eat the bread of the angels.

20 July 2018

5 thoughts to “Once Again”

  1. Who is Xanadu?

    Is this a fragment of a longer poem?

    In a sense, this poem serves as an aperitif to the Les Visible article that follows it in quick succession. Both the poem and the article are shot through with mysticism and take us on a journey to “the realms of gold” where dreams and reality coalesce.

  2. “Once Again, Once Again, *yawn*, Here We Go Again, Yes, Once Again ”

    by : the rodney dangerfield of the Noosphere EXCEPT I ain’t “a joo”,

    I don’t want to be a NEW AGE “Catholic”
    I’m NOT into “NEO” anything, to be honest about it
    I don’t like religions that are blends
    of various religious concepts from all over the place
    from all kinds of PRE-Christian religions and cultures
    like for example the zulus and the hindoos and the voodoos
    and the ganja rastafarians
    and the sufis
    and the daughter of lilith femen gurlzzzz
    and BMan with his 420 kanev bosem faith
    and I still think Savitri Devi is a phony and a fake
    “A Course In Miracles” I did read
    and it’s nothing but bullsh*t, I’m “sure” you all will agree, *grin*
    NEW “Catholicism”, there’s also good dose of JEW qabalah shit mixed-into the stew
    I’m NOT into the New World Order, it’s not my scene, it’s not my thing
    I ain’t stoopid, I ain’t no sap
    I don’t like pope francis, NOT AT ALL, to be blunt about it
    if francis ain’t a ANTI-Christ pope
    I’ll eat my NY Yankee baseball cap, *grin*
    Don’t got NO Trump MAGA hat
    I ain’t that dumb to be so gung-ho for this president
    AND I ain’t so stupid and I ain’t so blind
    to wanna be a “NEO” NEW “Catholic”
    what a waste of psychic energy, what a waste of time
    Mater doesn’t like me,
    she wants only her own kind by her side
    no one is to question her,
    for she is Our “Catholic” “Mother Superior Nun”, Mother hen, Our “Spiritual” guide,
    Our Leader and Our Teacher, *grin*
    only those who agree with her 100% and share her NEW “Catholicism” can she abide
    so wouldn’t you know it
    Oh, she’s a real stinker
    YES, ONCE AGAIN! *yawn*
    I’m on the train to Spamblinka! *grin*

  3. OH GROOVY, man,
    it’s Nirvana, totally
    ONCE AGAIN my pizza man
    just dropped off my daily sustenance
    I requested hashish as a topping
    and ONCE AGAIN my pizza Man
    he sprinkled peyote and magic mushrooms
    along with the hashish I was dreaming of
    on top of my pizza pie, what a Delight!
    My Man doesn’t even charge ME extra
    how cool is that!
    The Ineffable is watching over ME!
    that’s because I got Good Karma, dudes
    I got Good Karma, I AM WHO I AM AM a Light Being Worker from Planet Saturn
    I got Good Karma and an Aura of White Light surrounds ME entirely
    because I’m a GATE KEEPER for The Helio Science MAFIA
    imagine living on a flat planet
    with NO SUN DADDY to RE-volve around,
    NO SUN DADDY to dote on,
    NO SUN DADDY to admire
    NO SUN DADDY to serve to Inspire
    with a firmanent over Our Heads
    so WE could NEVER escape this vale of tears this fallen world this ¡LIFE!
    this ¡LIFE! so confining here on this speck of dust, this nothing place
    this Nowheresville of the Cosmos
    out in the boondocks
    cut off from The Wisdom of the gods who came into Being
    at the very second of The Big Bang!
    I RE-fuse, ABSOLUTELY RE-fuse, to look at the Empirical Scientific Experiments
    proving the Earth is FLAT and the Universe GEOCENTRIC
    ’cause WE could NEVER morph into Our Very Own Gods and Goddesses
    and Rule Our Very Own Galactic Systems
    with a goddamned firmament over Our Heads
    what a bummer, man
    it’s like living in a fishbowl
    it’s like being in PRISON! what a drag!
    My Cosmic Guardian Angels
    they appeared to ME I AM WHO I AM
    one night while I was having trouble sleeping
    maybe I took TOO much LSD, *grin*, so I was having trouble falling asleep
    MY Mind was racing, I was very excited
    I saw everything in Vivid psychedelic coloUrs!
    coloUrs of the rainbow, naturally
    I was reminded of MY favorite tie-dye t-shirt
    I got at Woodstock 1969!!!! THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!
    Apparitions of Light Pure and Clean
    Shining and Illuminating
    they came to ME
    and they made ME an offer I just couldn’t RE-fuse
    they hired ME right then and there, right on-the-spot
    and told ME, this they told ME : “Less, YOU’LL be ONE of THE BEST MOST DEVOUT GATE KEEPERS WE EVER HAD!”
    “WE know YOU will do EVERYTHING YOU can
    to keep the flatheads at bay
    to render them VERBOTEN IN EVERY WAY!”
    Oh man! this pizza pie is ¡Delicioso!
    the ingredients are a Sublime blend
    An otherwordly RE-cipe

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