Pawns in the game

10 May 2019

The memory that we are actual individuals
is slowly disappearing from our consciousness,
and we can’t decide whether we like it or not.

“Anybody with half a brain must realize by now that President Donald Trump, despite his posing as an American patriot in many of his statements, is a tool for Israel. But this observation produces a much larger and darker question and that is . . .. Is there anybody today within the U.S. government who is not a pawn of the Jews?” — JOHN KAMINSKI

You should never ask why one country makes war on another. It is because the people who run societies actually want war. It verifies their conviction that they are in control. This is especially true since the establishment of central banks in the late 19th century, when war became mandatory to maintain the standing armies that central banks insisted be created to defend them. Which meant that countries had to go to war just to support the banks they had created.

It is never about religious differences — that is just a screen for either a robbery or an extermination, sometimes both at once.

Even while they use the word “peace”, they are always talking about war.

People know all these things are true. They are either too cowardly to do anything about it, or they can’t do anything about it because they are constrained by a punitive legal system controlled by the same people who are committing crimes beyond the comprehension and capability of normal people.

A famous hoax phrase

One of the greatest fallacies of Communists’ diversion techniques is this “strength in diversity” slogan, which has turned the U.S. and especially Canada into a melting pot that neither Canadians nor Americans ever wanted.

When you give people a hand up, especially if you do it repeatedly over the years, they won’t want to thank you when they are safe and warm, they’ll want to kill you! We saw it in Rhodesia then; we see it in South Africa now; will we see it in America and Canada shortly?

This is the great fallacy — strength in diversity. A public relations gambit that has been forced down our throats. There is no strength in diversity, only endless strife, and what our keepers want the condition of the world to be.

The country has been deliberately paralyzed by those who wish to destabilize and destroy it. It seems people can make a lot more money destroying it than they can by fixing it.

These are the parameters of our prison cell: We are only allowed to have certain thoughts; thoughts that are not allowed by the powers that be will lead either to our demise or our liberation. We are only allowed to dance to the tunes they play for us.

We can’t really conceive of any other way. The memory that we are actual individuals is slowly disappearing from our consciousness, and we can’t decide whether we like it or not.

Consider this while you’re thinking.

I think it’s this way in any animal herd. The smart ones rise to the top and then gather their friends to form a group that makes sure they stay at the top. To them, nothing is illegal. Just strive to survive and prosper. Woe to those who get in the way.

I’m still waiting for the day when we humans run into something that considers us to be loathesome insects. Maybe we already have, eh? But no, we have only been downgraded to cattle by those who profess to be better than the rest of us.

The dimming of humanity

Thickened by chemtrails, the sky is getting darker. Puzzled by sunspot silence, the world is getting colder. And wearying of white noise anesthesia, our brains are getting smaller and less capable. This is the penalty humans have paid since the invention of the electric light. How is that everything since that momentous event has become brighter, yet our future continues to darken?

For a hundred years — and more — we have been deceived. Despite the best efforts of Henry Ford and other patriots like him, they took control of the media. They took control of the music, too, with sly suggestions about sabotaging the status quo, being more daring about sex and today that has degenerated into a flesh industry that ranks only behind arms and drugs as the most profitable in the world.

What can we do with all those fools who don’t know the evil force that is controlling their lives. Who can’t transcend their own toxic convictions and liberate themselves from these poison practices.

Anybody with half a brain must realize by now that President Donald Trump, despite his posing as an American patriot in many of his statements, is a tool for Israel. But this observation produces a much larger and darker question and that is . . .. Is there anybody today within the U.S. government who is not a pawn of the Jews?

We already know that politicians who don’t support Israel can’t get elected.

When are people going to realize that the thought-shrinking maneuvers of Facebook, Amazon, Google, PayPal and all the other Jewish communications venues are part of a much larger program to make the insides of people’s brains match the curriculum configured by the Jews to facilitate their takeover of the world, which as a program, and due pretty much to TV, has just about enslaved the whole world to Jewish thought.

The big one was the widespread success of the Jewish science known as psychology, which except for television has done more to damage the human psyche than any other influence. That so-called science emphasizes separation from the rest of humanity and has done more to fragment society than anything else.

Following that would be the elevation of women into positions of political power, when they are perforce by their nature inclined toward conciliation and communism, and would rather let the rabble wreck what their forefathers built rather than fight to save it, as we see now in the spectacular failures of passive European societies.

Because left to their own devices women would create a Communist anarchy (as we see in front of us now). Whether I am ready to make the statement now that women in power lead to Communism and anarchy — and probably the dissolution of society into smaller tribes — I bid you to observe our current political vaudeville and note that female characters are promoted by media as the true thinkers, and this again would be part of the Jewish plan to destabilize and destroy the societies they have already robbed. I don’t need to list the countries where this has happened. In fact, there are very few countries in the world that have NOT already been pillaged by the Jews.

The plastic turning point

When we went to credit cards, the destruction of our individual freedom was assured, because once the powers that be turned our wealth from such tangible instruments as into computerized abstractions and projections, there was no longer any way for the average person to rectify his own unjust destruction. It set the stage for a total mindlock on the way people thought, and guaranteed the failure of all critical social commentary because those who criticize the powers that be can now be locked out of their own bank accounts.

Worst of all, there is no one to appeal to. There is no one in our government who places the true and the honorable as his or her top priority. There are only political functionaries coming from certain fixed perspectives who most definitely aren’t interested in reviewing the validity of their assumptions.They are all dogs of political IOUs and hidden allegiances, only these treasonous connections are now adequately publicized to the point where it translates that Israel controls the United States and that anybody in the business world who points this out either loses his job or goes to jail.

This is treason of the first order. In our lifetimes it is routinely committed by presidents, which is why they all wind up with billions when their terms are over, having sold their souls to the trilliionaires who control all our dreams.

How would you describe the collection of Americans today? Are they someone you could trust? And more importantly, are they adequately informed?

The most common of these dumbbells are those who continue to fail to recognize that ever since 9/11 the U.S. role in the world has been a fantasy — an imaginary enemy knocking down the two biggest buildings in New York and no one of consequence ever arrested for the deed.

Who would be stupid enough to believe a phony story like that?


48 thoughts to “Pawns in the game”

  1. I Consider Kaminsky a hero of our time. Nobody knows him in the western world, like nobody knows Ursula Haverbeck or Ernst Zundel or Faurisson . Soon nobody except Jews will be allowed to freely marry and reproduce, and white will be forced to mate with coloured people, so that only the chosen ones will stay white. The only hope is that a divine intervention will help the few who see the truth to wake up the masses . WE SLEEP THEY LIVE

    1. Quote: “WE SLEEP THEY LIVE”

      A better way to say what is going down is that “They Live” While We Suffer which is a title of a essay on VT.
      Read it here:

      We are suffering Jewish predation while they live high on the hog – off of us. Why that is, is not clear to hardly a soul. In my opinion (which is discussed extensively in the aformentioned essay) is that Jews have the Goyim under a deadly memetic spell. The parasite has our minds on lockdown. Why? They own us because we allowed them to program us with their holy book.

      “Studying the Bible is a lesson plan on Jewish supremacism. Christians are unwittingly taking into their mind Jewish dominance memes that form a matrix in their mind. Could this be why gentiles gleefully fight Jewish authored wars of world domination? The Bible is a book, its text is a pattern of information, reading and memorizing it is akin to uploading a program to your mind.

      Like any book, the author(s) can imprint and pass ideas and emotions from one mind to the next. A good writer can make you see and feel as they do. If the Judeo-Christian god was real then would he contact you from a book, would an omnipotent deity need mortals to pass the information of his existence along? The Bible is a mind virus, being passed from person to person by the infected believers.

      The Bible is a thought pattern, a holographic imprinting, that gets you to think like a Rabbi. Once programmed you become the robot of Christ or the warrior for Jehovah, you become the psychopathic projection of the book author. If Christians actually want to be followers of their passive god Jesus then they wouldn’t have the Bible they have today, they would not include the Old Testament and teachings of the psychopathic war god Jehovah. But they do which is why so many have been turned to the dark side of Zionist Evangelism, where they form they largest group of supporters of blood soaked Israel. Iraqis were bombed, killed, tortured, mutilated, raped, pillaged, polluted by an invading army of Bible believers. Atheists don’t sign up for religious conquest.”

      Everyone is suffering while the Jews are living it up. They love to kill us, it delights the heart of the Jew to see Goyim tribe A destroy Goyim tribe B. We are suffering endless wars of Jewish conquest and the reason is our adherence to the Jewish holy books in which the Jew has supremacy over all others. That my friends is the holy deception under which we labor and suffer for the Jew.

      1. Quote: “There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian”.”

        Resistance to great awakening plagues the Christian devotees who are in denial of the origin of their faith. The basis for Christianity is the Old Testament (or Torah) – a Jewish holy book. Without the logic found in the older books the newer book makes no sense.

        Matthew 5:17-20 ESV – Christ Came to Fulfill the Law
        Christ Came to Fulfill the Law – “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill.”

        The Basis of the NT is the OT. The foundation of the New Testament is the Old Testament. You can not separate the two. The New Testament affirms the Law. This “law” are the rules set for us by the Rabbis (Judas Priests) who penned the Old Testament. Thus all Christians are bound by the “law” of the Torah. Thus calling the group of believers in old or new Jewish holy books as Judeo-Christians is accurate and appropriate.

        For those of us who do not agree with the laws based on superstitions put down by the ancient Hebrews I find it interesting that so many Christians think they can separate themselves from Jewish power which is created by belief in the “law”. Your law is not my law, I do not agree or believe with a single premise found in the Old and New Testaments like judgment, sin, hell, or salvation.

        I do not worship the god(s) of the Jews. I do not bow or respect the psychopathic Yahweh character as described in the Old Testament. I resent that Judeo-Christian Amerikan culture forces non-believers to follow laws of Jews – who are the worst of worst humans on this planet. I am offended by White people who have adopted the New Testament god as their personal savior.

        I find it laughable (an insane) that any loving White person could follow any Jew as a savior – as if Jews have anything to do with the European tribes, their beliefs, or that some passive Jewish hippie could die for my sins to save us from the wrath of some psychopathic Rabbinic god (which is really an outpicturing of the Jewish mind cast upon deity).

        The truth is that all Christians are converts to Jewish thinking and behavior – like judgment and war making in the name of Jewish supremacist thinking based on the text of the Jewish holy books. That point is precisely why I have written hundreds of times that Christians labor under a deadly Jewish spell, that the Apocalypse is the awakening of the Christian mind so that they come out of the spell and free their hearts and minds of Jewish evil.

    2. 7 zionist Jews in the Trump cabinet. If they were 7 Muslims there would be hell to pay.

      It is ludicous to state that Zionist Jews in the USA do not have influence on US policy. In this Trump administration they seem to rule the roost.

      The great danger now is that America will be led into a war with Iran on behalf of Israel. God Forbid.

  2. I recall the ending to a short science fiction story, recalled from memory by John’s fine rant.
    The end begins with a vision of a night sky with even fewer stars than seen today through a chemclouded sky. Watching along as reader, I listened to those recounting the real-time (!) winking out of existence of a few more of the remaining stars. We are left to wonder how much Time we had left under that blackening sky.

    John Kaminski seems a star that will last among the longest shining for us. Many have winked out already as our alternative universe of free thought and wide-ranging opinions shrinks before our very eyes. The stars seem exhausted by Doom & Gloom, wounded from “kicking against the pricks” (cf. John Irving’s admonition not to!), defunded, demeaned and slandered, or worse, murdered, “suicided”, perhaps “rendered” away in several awful ways.

    In the meantime, and in mean times do we live — the fearsome Four-Headed Horse of the Silent Apocalypse (FaceBook, GOOGLE, Twitter, Amazon) extinguishes lights long since revealed from under baskets world-wide. Except with resigned, passing sorrow, we read of holistic doctors being eliminated, one-by-one, witnesses to major and minor crimes of TPTB dying suddenly and unexpectedly, bankers trained to jump from 33rd floor windows in New York. Our many times meaner 21st Century Hydra will likely have even more heads than one, some the corporate poisons in food, air, land, and sea, and in sea creatures!

    Thank you, John, for your bright words, which speak to an enveloping darkness, one no longer so mysterious to those who have read your essays and the work of others who departed our company. May the longtime Sun shine upon you, all Love surround you, and the pure Light within you, guide your way on! Alan

    1. …the fearsome Four-Headed Horse of the Silent Apocalypse (FaceBook, GOOGLE, Twitter, Amazon) extinguishes lights long since revealed from under baskets world-wide.

      Try explaining that to Kaminski who collects emails from anti-Tribe dissenters for the above Techno Fascists. He will not budge from his GOOgle Mail honeypot despite polite messages pointing out free email privacy respecting services (based in free speech Iceland) or (full and transparent encryption)

    2. Thanks Alan. Glad you mentioned one of my favorite short stories, Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Nine Billion Names of God”, which ends with the classic line, “One by one overhead, the stars were going out.” I guess I have finally solved the mystery of who sent me Michael Hoffman’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”. Thanks again.

      Note to Saki: Mark Glenn would never shut down his website voluntarily. You must be Jew to suggest such a thing.

      Note to Arch: My website was down briefly, I’m told, caused by a glitch from GoDaddy. But I notice Jew Watch has been down for several days.

      Thanks again to all for the comments on this and other pieces. For the record, I’m just about out of business for lack of support.

      1. @ John Kaminski

        Note to Saki: Mark Glenn would never shut down his website voluntarily. You must be Jew to suggest such a thing.

        If you think I’m a Jew, you need to read any of my comments to disabuse yourself of that notion. I was not attacking Mark Glenn or suggesting in any way that his website was a bad one. In fact, he was a sincere and passionate anti-Zionist, with many of his articles having been published on this website. I therefore regret the sudden demise of his website and was wondering what went wrong.

        I don’t think it wrong of me to suggest that MG may have shut his website down for financial reasons. After all, he has a large family to support. 10 children I believe! It can’t be easy. There are also health reasons. He was not a well man and may have been on medication (antidepressants) or even had a stroke.

        Anyway, I enjoy reading your articles. One tip for you before I shut up. Don’t be needlessly rude and aggressive to your readership. It makes no sense to go out of your way to antagonize your potential fans by accusing them falsely of being Jews. It’s counter-productive if not downright stupid. No wonder donations to your site are drying up if you go out of your way to insult potential donors like me.

  3. Another fine Kaminski article. I noted his disdain for the public when he asks “…are they adequately informed?” Too bad our history professors were already being intimidated for teaching about the real Pharisees when we were in college! (And, too bad everyone is not exposed to Darkmoon or Kaminski!)
    Even though I was a personal, good friend of Eustace Mullins, the impact of his learning was not realized before I began to read Darkmoon and Kaminski. (Sometimes, I almost wish I had remained ignorant.). Being no coward, I studied further about what I learned from Eustace’s “Secrets of The Federal Reserve”, applied them to my protest against the IRS, and, subsequently lost BIG TIME in federal court – wherein the Alexandria judge (who had a courthouse named after him) decided to let me speak openly (because I had my lawyer there as “co-counsel”), and the judge AGREED with me, but stated he had no choice but to rule against me “because we’re all subject to the same system.” Violations of contract law be damned!
    They have us in a real bind, and I believe it won’t be long until America suffers another Great Depression. My support of Trump is mainly from my hope that he’ll be able to help postpone it, longer, partly due to his affinity for Israhell.

  4. I am jealous of the writer of this article because he is the kind that explains things in context using simple easy to read grammar.
    I only disagree -and this happens to me with most truthers- with the author’s assertion that Jews have somehow done the huba hula magic thing on these American politicians when the only magic wand jews employ is money because most humans are corrupt. In the words of Tupac,”Fast cars and bitches”, that’s what it all seems to be about to most Toys… err… Goys …
    Look at Arab rulers, they are even worse; it’s just like they say down here in South America, “if they take their pants down happily why blame the rapist?”

  5. John Kaminski wrote:

    “Because left to their own devices women would create a Communist anarchy (as we see in front of us now). Whether I am ready to make the statement now that women in power lead to Communism and anarchy — and probably the dissolution of society into smaller tribes — I bid you to observe our current political vaudeville and note that female characters are promoted by media as the true thinkers, and this again would be part of the Jewish plan to destabilize and destroy the societies they have already robbed.”

    As women have become heads of education, this IS happening all over America today – especially in colleges:

    Ohio school to eliminate valedictorian honor in effort to reduce competitive culture

    Mason High School officials say the change will go into effect next year beginning with the Class of 2020.

      1. HP –


        My grandad said the downfall of America was imminent…. when women started smoking in public!! 🙂

      2. Yep Pat.
        Smoking came first. Later tattoos. There’s no greater degradation to a woman’s body than a tattoo. A woman’s body is beautiful by nature. Doesn’t need “decoration.” No tattoos or piercings please. Just clothes. And if us fellas are lucky, behind closed doors, no clothes necessary. 😋😉

    1. It’s happening all over EU as well. Sweden must be worst who has declared itself both a Feminist Superpower and a Humanitarian Superpower.

  6. The zionist banking kabal owns every central bank in the world including the FED and they have been the cause of every war since WWI and right down to the mideast and have given America unpayable debt and destruction of our culture, all wars are zionist banker wars!

  7. The solution for the Western peoples awakening en masse to start reclaiming their heritage begins with pulling out the Keystone in the arch of lies. The “six million died” hoax.

    Pull out the “six million died” Keystone and the wall of lies starts collapsing and collapsing very quickly.

    The formula is the European peoples all standing up in unison and shouting “We Don’t Believe It”
    for the whole world to hear.

    1. HP

      The big impediment to that action – as I’m certain you know – is that no widely-read or viewed news source (like Fox News, e.g.) is allowed to broadcast the truth. From what I read and hear, though, the “truth” will finally out; and is beginning to stir, now. I hope we live long enough to see the mass awakening have a positive effect.

  8. Well this is it. Last Friday Trump implemented a 25% import trade tariff on all Chinese goods. This move will have profoundly negative effect on the American economy. Today, Monday, May 13, global markets are crashing. With the vast majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, those still employed will feel the crunch almost immediately.

    Left unchecked, this killer political move will most likely result in full economic collapse. Can anyone believe Trump’s thoroughly Jewed administration is not fully aware of the murderous results this predatory move will have on Americans; but then murder, fear and terror are what Jews are all about.

    This is it, we have reached break point with this emerging, Jew-induced economic debacle. Crime rates will increase dramatically as an ever rising, bankrupt population will be forced to rob and steal to stay alive. It is very likely this will result in “civil war,” “revolution” or what other label Jews might care to apply to the coming dramatic social upheaval.

    And what political/financial machination has historically been used to bring disintegrating economies out of past Jew-induced economic malaise? WAR! I think Mr. Kaminski made this point in the above article. Now I know how the ship’s watch aboard the Titanic felt when they felt the jarring impact of collision and remember how the band played on?

    Survival will be a luck-of-the-draw in the near future. So good luck to everyone! Since Jesus isn’t coming back to thrash the Jews, you’re going to need it – a lot of it.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      “Left unchecked, this killer political move will most likely result in full economic collapse. Can anyone believe Trump’s thoroughly Jewed administration is not fully aware of the murderous results this predatory move will have on Americans; but then murder, fear and terror are what Jews are all about.”

      Exactly. Mr. Trump and his jewish-supremacist handlers are willing to trash the economy in an effort to hurt China. Obviously, Mr. Trump doesn’t give a dam about the average person in the U.S. any more than he gives a dam about Syrians, Venezuelans, Iranians, etc.

      China is getting ready to retaliate, apparently including dumping treasuries. American peasants and American businesses are going to suffer. But Mr. Trump says screw’em. A thousand bankrupt farmers, $5 per gallon gas, and an ever-more-worthless dollar aren’t worth a single jewish fingernail.

  9. At the risk of “banning” — I hope posts a full transcript of Louis Farrakhan’s address at the St. Sabrina Catholic Church, an event and its sequlae now burning through the vacuum of CyberSpace fueled by the heat of real-world hate. I first heard the word BAN as a young man raised in the Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. I read weekly lists of BANNED books, BANNED movies. Whereas the Frankfurt School and its alumni made progress freeing other souls of non-access to dirty books and movies, we “Catholics” (in name) could not buy Lolita by Nabokov, see And GOD Created Woman featuring an up-and-of-course-comin’ (French) starlet named BB, and had to sneak off the reservation to see “art movies” shown in Dayton, Ohio, ferried by older teens with driver licenses. Most memorable, The Trial, with Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, and my then second-favorite (French) actress, Jeanne Moreau.

    Now that the M$M has roundly criticized and called for the resignation of a certain uppity priest, it’s time we recite the litany on Wednesday nights again: “First they came for….” We have “banners” flying higher than the RC ever flew against HorrorWorld in US, Inc.

  10. “Anybody with half a brain must realize by now that President Donald Trump, despite his posing as an American patriot in many of his statements, is a tool for Israel. But this observation produces a much larger and darker question and that is . . .. Is there anybody today within the U.S. government who is not a pawn of the Jews?”

    The answer to that question can apparently be found in Biblical prophecy, and the answer is NO, there is nobody in any influential/powerful position in the U.S. “government” that is not a “pawn.” Thus the whole U.S. “government” is COMPLETELY under jewish control, and the constitution and the rule of law are dead and gone forever. The U.S. “government” – in its quest for world domination and control or bust – is apparently limited by only two things: (1) the character of the “president” and (2) the resolve of other world powers to resist the evil empire.

    1. I think that any analysis has to take into account (1) the amalgamation of “government” [putatively “public”] and “corpses” [putatively private], each and all such power “players” INCORPORATED entities; and (2) the interlocking direcktorates of corporate, government, inter-governmental, supra-national entities, BIS, IMF, and on and on, into the nether world of THE PsTB — the powers and principalities — none of whom likely has a face we readily identify by name or nationality.

      On the one hand, we have those who yield the floor, retreat from battle fields, withdraw to monastic environments both secular and religious, cocoon, then swoon in the arms of spiritual DISengagement (“ALL is ONE!” Love thine enemies!). On the other hand (“the hand that moves, well, never mind!” forgive this SF Firesign Theater quip back when I could neither read nor listen “between the lines”), we have those will to take up arms (and legs, not necessarily skills of discernment and proportion), relying on the caliber of rifles and pistols, not the caliber of character required. Our 21st Century “forefathers” indeed! Fathers 4 WHAT?!

      I hold the beLIEf — still looking at evidence and arguments, open-minded — that the word “Jew”, historically recently “coined” (!), provides a gateway to one or more morasses of dual meanings with obvious intent, clearly Talmudic in conception, projection, and recapitulation ad nauseum, hence our now well trained reactive perceptions to the word “Jew”. Boaz and Joachim! A WWW duo unbeatable in rational debate! The only way to win is not to play (((their))) game.

  11. John Kaminski’s website has been censored. Another white man’s website gone. The Jews’ agenda proceeds apace. One can only wonder how long it will be before this message comes up for Darkmoon readers. is no longer available.

    This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.

    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

    1. Arch,

      And what makes you think Mark Glenn’s website was shut down by the powers-that-be? Why assume a sinister plot? Maybe he just lost interest in what he was doing. Decided there were better ways of spending his time. Forced to retire because of ill-health, bankruptcy, homelessness, the end of his marriage, a family catastrophe. Or maybe he got chronic backache by too much sitting in front of a computer screen. Or maybe his eyesight was going. Or he decided to write a novel. Hitchhike round the world. Enter a Buddhist monastery.

      Have you any evidence of a sinister plot hatched by the Jews?

      I don’t think so! Maybe you’re just being a bit paranoid. There was nothing particularly inflammatory about the articles Mark Glenn was posting on his website. The stuff he published was in the public domain. None of the articles he was publishing was in the slightest way subversive or incendiary any more than the average anti-Zionist article.

      1. Now that Trump has !Defeated! the jews there’s no more need for TUT, !MissionAccomplished! Trump has !Defeated! the jooozzzzzz!!!! WE know that’s true because WE’RE on the verge of a WAR with Iran for the benefit of the JEWS and their JEW ISRAEL with the JEWS dictating to Trump EVERYTHING HE HAS TO DO, EVERYTHING HE MUST DO, EVERYTHING HE BETTER DO –OR ELSE ; so Glenn can retire now, his work is finished, Trump has !Defeated! the joooozzzz!!!!!

    2. Me paranoid? Come on now just because I know Jews are out to get all of us is no reason for me to be paranoid. If I were really paranoid, I would be wearing a tinfoil hat like the one I keep close by just in case.

      Mark enter a Buddhist monastery? I don’t’ think so. I think my first clue was – “This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.” “Archived” doesn’t sound any more plausible than a planeload of Saudis with box cutters.

      It doesn’t sound like he quit, but of course this is not definitive proof. Never did I infer this to be a subversive Jewish plot, but since you brought it up I’ll go with it.

      While this was Mark Glenn’s (my mistake) web site, John published a number of his articles there. However, the fact that other so-called “white nationalist” web sites have been suppressed of late, leads me to suspect foul play of some sort.

      Automattic? Aren’t Jews trying to outlaw those? Oops! There I go again. Let me just move the tinfoil a bit to align the Pleiadian star system’s axis with Nibiru on the horizon and . . . there that’s better. You know I used to believe there was a Jew under every bed. I quit believing when I found one there.

      I sure wish the subscribe button below would work.


    As a self-confessed Jew, it’s natural that you should launch a vicious ad hominem attack on John Kaminski and more or less wish him dead. This is in clear breach of the rules of our website. Defamation and character assassination of the writers we publish is strictly against our stated policies. See here:


    1. You can give it but can’t take it huh? Admin. What’s up? I though LD was the true free press unhinged from the Jew controlled media. Well all I did was state a fact which is that John K cannot find a person that would even waste the time to read anything that he wrote that was not filled with anti-Semitic crap. I even offered to pay double for proof that he can get paid to publish anything about anything unrelated to his vicious non-sense. LD claims to be a top 1% web site in the Alexa rankings LOL. The only thing that goes on here is the same old people speaking to each other moderated by Monte Moron likely LD in her bathtub sucking her toes.

      You people, Yes You people are the real problem. Stop blaming others, be they Jews Muslims, Quakers or Pissants for your own failings. This is a group of self-proclaimed geniuses. Pat who uses Google so he sounds smart and Archie Asshole a real bigot.

      You know I am a Jew. I do need to hide it or to be self professed. Are you not all self-professed prejudicial bigot assholes who can’t get out of their own way? Guess what. I make 7 figures a year and have 4 houses and if I have learned anything on this site over the past few years of reading this nonsense and not posting. You folks are incurable and have not a clue and are in no way worth my time.

      Jews are different, we take care of out own and LD has taught me why. Otherwise the world would be left to a bunch of jealous imbiciles.

      Dare you to post this Monte Cristo Sandwich or Duke of Crap whichever it is……

      1. Ralan –

        You wrote:
        “LD claims to be a top 1% web site in the Alexa rankings LOL.”
        “I make 7 figures a year…”

        Since you laughed at the Alexa ranking, you ARE wealthy enough to subscribe to Alexa and post the findings here.

        What I have learned over 8 decades is what you just proved….

        …. ALL jews have to brag!! Thanks!! 🙂 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Well said, Pat! Ralan is more than a braggart, he is a liar! Why would someone with four houses and a 7-figure salary post his monitored comments on the Darkmoon website when he could have his own website — TEN websites! — all pushing the Jewish viewpoint?

  13. Kaminski asked, “How would you describe the collection of Americans today?”

    I would describe them today as CONSUMERS before all else. Even illegal immigrant criminals are CONSUMERS!!

    New illegal criminal consumers are pouring in along the southern border. And Trump could have stopped it cold when both houses of congress were Republican during his first two years.
    Trump – the FAKER – needs and wants the illegals who are consuming!!

    The manufacturers and growers so not care if the illegals, who are now consumers, buy the goods themselves, or if the government does so, and hands them to the illegal consumers. A sale IS a sale!!

    1. Perhaps like the old women in the shoe, she had so many kids she,(Mark Glenn) didn’t what to do.

    2. It must be official now. The Trump man is going to stop letting UN Refugee invaders/immigrants have free HUD housing. That makes one wonder, with all that housing freed up, who are they going put up in the HUD housing? Lord forbid if it is native born Americans.
      TJ speculates that a lot of HUD housing was build with some of the unaccounted for $22 trillion missing from the books of the DOD and HUD. It could be that foreign military could be put up in the now empty HUD housing? When dealing with the tribe anything is possible. American is soon to have it’s Waterloo.
      The tribe could have it in for the Chinese when the the Chinese packed up all of the African males on flights back to Africa when the Black “students” attempted to date some young Chinese females. The Chinese were not about to emulate the feckless White males of the West who are allowing the flower of their race to be fair game for the African and Middle Eastern male invasion into Europe and America. The salvation of the White Race may well lie in Eastern Europe and Russia. Is that why nationalist Putin is getting all the bad press in the Jewish controlled American media?

    3. Who knows, RALAN might be Alex Jones — RALAN sure does sound ALOT like Emerick.

  14. PAT
    they hate the union label too…
    cancer is the consumer’s disease, i’ve often thought…
    i would describe the average american consumer of commercial media as a willful ignoramus…
    if he shows up at pastor hagee or joel osteen’s shindigs, he’s in really bad shape…
    they do not want to know, and you’re not going to tell them..
    i’ve heard it – why should i listen to you? you’re a conspiracy theorist…
    and the time may come when all such will be rubbed out on account of it…
    certainly anybody who criticizes the jews, points out the stuff JK does above, is taken for a deranged hate monger…
    as we pantheists understand, there is a shift necessary in the general consciousness, an increase in enlightenment, which will be revealed in really big changes manifest…
    one of them will be stimulated to take place on account of the AI revolution, where a large percentage of workers will be dismissed, making it even more obvious we have way too many people…
    we’re looking for the adjustment click, where it has become apparent that human beings are more than employee ID numbers, contributors to the tax base, consumers, demographics, real estate customers, rank and file reserves for military and big religion…
    the value system driving the religio-corporate methodology has to hit a new level of wisdom development, undergo a major social uplift…
    workers need to become a lot scarcer, more jobs than there are people to do them.. and the pendulum might swing back that way, where the state’s attitude is no longer strictly corporate, always looking for more consumers…
    just my opinion…
    what’s really needed for the world now is another magna carta…
    as the one from 1215 put some control on the monarchs and elevated the public as holders of the commons, the new magna carta must now eliminate state secrecy and therefore deep state machinations…
    let the decent military personnel and solid business men in innovative fields, real bankers, act as the disgruntled barons finally did against the stagnated and corrupted monarchial power structure at that time…

    1. Bark –
      “i’ve heard it – why should i listen to you? you’re a conspiracy theorist…
      and the time may come when all such will be rubbed out on account of it…
      certainly anybody who criticizes the jews, points out the stuff JK does above, is taken for a deranged hate monger…”

      I believed that also in times past. I have not believed that way for over a decade. Since Y2K really. The internet being used as a “YUGE” sales tool “BIGGLY” changed my thinking. 🙂

      The sites and works of “conspiracy theorist’ grab eyeballs and sell books, arms, ammo and a whole lotta stuff. Expensive prepper stuff.

      The sellers want more of the sales, and the powers need more DEBT!!!

      Since conspiracy theories are impossible to prove, and the theorists disagree so violently, they pose no real threats to the boyz behind the curtains. The DEBT MONGERS.

      MORE DEBT = ALL OK!!

      The sign lies not in scriptures and writings of madmen. The sign of great peril is when another currency replaces the USD as the predominant Reserve Currency. That is not on the horizon…. not even on the flat earth. 🙂

  15. Doctor Paul Craig Roberts provides and excellent summary of David Irvings works Hitlers War and Churchills War ,all he has omitted as far as I can see is that Churchill also gave away to FDR as aprtof the demise of the British Empire that FDR insisted on was the Tizard Mission.
    Britain gave America , the Enigma and Ultra transcripts and technology involved, the Jet engine,Sonar (Asdic)and Radar and the information to build the Atomic bomb.The Royal Navy had the patent for the Nuclear Chain Reaction necessary.etc.

    Churchill destroyed two Empires the German Empire and The British Empire.

  16. Bilderberg say they are worried about the Post Truth World.

    What they are doing is quite the opposite ,they are sowing seeds of doubt on truthful revelations about their crimes.
    A new twist that is occurring is an advancement in computer technology that will render questionable any video evidence put forth by anyone other than by the official Cabal that rule over us and the media.An example is provided here.

    As the Internet is being further and further controlled and monitored and sites expounding the truth squeezed
    out of sight by hook or by crook it is becoming more important to save these files and videos.
    4kdownloader is useful for Bitchute and Youtube videos,nsfw before the y in the url address for adults to view nsfw files when they are not at work for ‘not suitable for work’ settings.Store on USB stick before all videos are branded fake that tell the truth,these files will have a date of creation included within their file info. as all files do.

    You may have noticed how expensive usb or pen drives have become and how their sales use has been falling.(very inexpensive to produce)
    This due to use of cloud services.This is placing your trusted files in the hands of someone else,do you trust them to keep them private? Do you trust them to not remove or add incriminating files to info you have stored with them? The addition of a few illegal images to your files could ruin or imprison you for life, yet Bill Clinton is absolved of taking 26 trips on Epstein’s Lolita Express.Epstein one of Trumps buddies

    As Mark Zuckerberg once famously said “The Dumb F?cks trust me.”

    1. PL –

      You are absolutely correct! They have already beaten us with the internet!

      Here is an example of your claims:
      The term, NATION, has been removed from the online version of Bouvier’s Law Dictionary of 1856!
      I had my own hard copy and used it for years. (I gave that book away a few years ago.) I looked up ‘NATION’ many times. The definition given was – “NATION means RACE or a group of people with common origins or customs. Not necessarily dwelling in the same proximity or occupying a land. Indian nation.”

      Go to the site and select ‘N’ to pull up NATION.



      NARROW SEAS, English law. Those seas which adjoin the coast of England. Bac.
      Ab. Prerogative, B 3.

      NATALE. The state of condition of a man acquired by birth.

      ***NATION should be here***

      NATIONAL or PUBLIC DOMAIN. All the property which belongs to the state is
      comprehended under the name of national or public domain.

      2. Care must be taken not to confound the public or national domain,
      with the national finances, or the public revenue, as taxes, imposts,
      contributions, duties, and the like, which are not considered as property,
      and are essentially attached to the sovereignty. Vide Domain; Eminent

      NATIONALITY. The state of a person in relation to the nation in which he was
      2. A man retains his nationality of origin during his minority, but, as
      in the case of his domicil of origin, he may change his nationality upon
      attaining full age; he cannot, however, renounce his allegiance without
      permission of the government. See Citizen; Domicil; Expatriation;
      Naturalization; Foelix, Du Dr. Intern. prive, n. 26; 8 Cranch, 263; 8
      Cranch, 253; Chit. Law of Nat. 31 2 Gall. 485; 1 Gall. 545.

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