Pelosi asks, ‘What is Trump’s motivation to be provocative with Iran?’ — And the answer is, ‘Adelson’

By Philip Weiss
17 June, 2019
Mondoweiss via Truthseeker

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi asked a very pointed question on CNN, Why is Trump threatening a war with Iran?

What is his motivation? What is their motivation to be provocative with the Iranians? Why did the president turn his back on the Iranian nuclear agreement? What’s the logic except some other issue — that it was negotiated by President Obama? We had so many national security experts, whether they were ambassadors, generals, admirals and all the rest supporting the agreement as well, so it had official, diplomatic, national security, technical, nuclear, et cetera support along the way. So why?

So, then he comes in and does — undoes that and inflames the U.S.-Iran issue. Why? What is the purpose? I think he probably knows there’s no appetite for war among the American people.

There seems to me a very obvious answer to this question: Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

Adelson called on the last president, Barack Obama, to nuke Iran in 2013 rather than negotiate with Iran, and Obama ignored the advice.

But Trump can’t ignore Adelson.

Adelson and his wife Miriam gave $177 million to Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican causes in 2016-2018, making them his biggest donors by far; and Trump surely regards Adelson as his best hope for securing a second term, and for keeping him out of jail, too.

The president is famously transactional; and I believe that $177 million explains Trump giving the Adelsons, who love Israel, one gift after another, from moving the Embassy, to defunding UNRWA, to recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, to destroying the Iran deal. If only Russia had such influence! No wonder Trump is said to be considering a “tactical” assault on Iran. A lot like the “tactical” nuke Adelson pushed in 2013.

I could be wrong, but that’s my best answer to Pelosi. And the real tragedy here is that Pelosi’s question hangs in the air like that and neither she nor Fareed Zakaria can state what to me seems obvious. Evidently that would be anti-Semitic. Like saying that George Soros directs Democrats. You can’t breathe a word about Zionist influence.

“You can’t breathe a word about Zionist influence . . . that would be anti-Semitic.”

(You can whisper it here though)

This silence perfectly echoes the silence 16 years ago when people asked, “Why did we go into Iraq? How did that serve the American people?”

Back then many of us thought that the right wing of the Israel lobby, the neoconservatives, drove that decision and got a lot of liberal interventionists who also conflated Israeli and American interests to go along. Tom Friedman said that the neocons got us into the war, and he regurgitated their ideas, saying we needed to respond to a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv by smashing something in an Arab capital, and it was time for the Arabs to “suck on this.”

(Another question popular at that time was: Why do they hate us?)

But you were not allowed to mention the Israel lobby’s interest; and that silence led to one of the most important interventions in the discourse when Walt and Mearsheimer published The Israel Lobby in 2006, a book that was redlined as anti-Semitic for its argument that we wouldn’t have had an Iraq war without the rightwing lobby, an argument a lot of people privately agreed with, including Joe Klein and David Corn and Philip Zelikow — the former Bush aide who said, “The threat that dare not speak its name” was Iraq’s threat to Israel.

Jeffrey Goldberg made sure to run Walt and Mearsheimer out of town with a simple imprecation, “They say that Jews start all wars!” —  and that was that.

Today others surely have other answers to Pelosi’s question than Adelson. But the pity is that the Israel influence factor can’t be discussed and debated.

Adelson ought to be on the front pages now. Politicians should be calling out the Adelsons’ influence the same way Elizabeth Warren campaigns against the Koch Brothers.

They ought to be mocking the fact that Trump gave Miriam Adelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom right alongside Babe Ruth and Elvis.

They should point out that National Security Adviser John Bolton is yet another gift to the Trump administration from Adelson.

They ought to note that Adelson wished he fought in an Israeli uniform not an American one.

They ought to say that Sheldon Adelson tried to kill the peace process under George W. Bush and Bush said he couldn’t do what Netanyahu wanted, telling Adelson, “I can’t be more Catholic than the Pope.”

Trump doesn’t feel that prohibition.

The media should point out the connections between Adelson and Netanyahu– whom Trump has all but campaigned for. They should point out that Netanyahu’s political coalition came apart in 2015 over favors he was trying to do to Adelson’s newspaper, leading to a new election. At least the Israelis can talk about it! But here Trump is bending over backwards the same way, and the Adelsons aren’t on the front page.

Years ago Trump lambasted an opponent for the Republican nomination — “Sheldon Adelson is looking to give big dollars to Rubio because he feels he can mold him into his perfect little puppet. I agree!” Those words were prophetic. Too bad the media don’t seem to care.



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  1. We are living under a zionist* occupied government, and Trump is playing his preordained role in the jews’* messianic passion play according to script. Surely no sane, rational person still believes that Trump is playing a shrewd game of 3D chess. We are all Palestinians now.

    * Intentionally not capitalized. I don’t capitalize the word “rat” either.

    1. USAF JAG –
      As an attorney, you can see that this author here is winning over others of his religion to help Palestinians against Zionists.
      “In his fierce critique of tribal identity, he’s found his tribe—one he believes is growing.”*

      It appears that good Jews with lots of $$$ financial wherewithal finally have the Zionists worried and maybe even on the run!! 🙂



      When Philip Weiss, the Jewish anti-Zionist writer and blogger, compares himself to Theodor Herzl, he’s not being ironic. “I actually am like him in certain ways,” he says. “Herzl said, ‘Anti-Semites made me Jewish again.’ I would say that neo-conservatives made me Jewish again.”

      As the founder of Mondoweiss, [ ] a blog that has become a nucleus of anti-Zionist writing, and a co-editor of a new book about Richard Goldstone’s report on Israel’s 2008 invasion of Gaza, Weiss says that he now thinks about Jewishness all the time. *In his fierce critique of tribal identity, he’s found his tribe—one he believes is growing.

      “I think I was alienated from a lot of Jewish communal life in my 20s, 30s, 40s,” Weiss says. “One symptom of that is the fact that I’d never been to Israel until 2006. I was 50 before I got to Israel.” Now that he is 55, Israel has become the center of his life. He goes to rabbinical conventions and corresponds with left-wing Israelis. “I love what I’ve undergone in the last few years,” he says. “And I love my engagement with Jewish communal life now.”

      Not surprisingly, some Jew-haters see Weiss as a native informer, telling the plain truth about the Zionist octopus. “Philip Weiss is a unique American Jewish voice—a Jew without all the usual rationalizations and blind spots–at least most of them,” Kevin MacDonald, a leading anti-Semitic theorist, wrote last May. MacDonald has bandied the idea of taxes on Jews and quotas against them in order to “achieve parity between Jews and other ethnic groups.”

      When Weiss first went to Israel, he says, he was surprised by his satisfaction at seeing Jews with guns.(!!!) “And as much as I’m involved in Palestinian solidarity, I emotionally look to other Jews.”

      Lately, Weiss is particularly gratified to see a growing number of Jews moving in his direction. “I think there’s going to be a big anti-Zionist moment in American Jewish life,” says Weiss. “I just think it’s inevitable.”

      Lizzy Ratner was one of Weiss’ co-editors on the Goldstone book, Ratner is a former New York Observer writer who was born into New York’s elite Jewish establishment— her father is millionaire real-estate developer Bruce Ratner.

      Ratner looked for a community of people who shared her concerns with the Middle East, and she couldn’t find it. “Now I look at Phil and Adam’s website”—Adam Horowitz has been Weiss’ partner at Mondoweiss since 2008—“and I look at Jewish Voice for Peace—something undeniable is welling up,” she says.

      Editor in chief: Alana Newhouse
      Editor at large: Mark Oppenheimer
      Features editor: Matthew Fishbane

      1. Pat I KNOW that all of these “pro-Palestinian” Jews have been active in domestic US groups fighting for the rights of Palestinians, and in EVERY SINGLE CASE they were there as SABOTEURS. That is the reality.
        ANYONE who trusts them is naive.

        Many whites ARE naive. Perhaps the media has helped to shape their minds, that and the education system.
        The Jews also, such as a recent article in the NY Times, like to be on ALL SIDES of an issue, for strategic purposes. This one was “against” war with Iran.

        They”ve played this game for so long they dazzle the goyim.

        As to your question on the Kaminski thread. That is up to each individual. I cannot advise what strategy might be best for each individual. However it is incumbent upon people of good will to resist the tyranny that is sweeping over the white population in the USA and elsewhere. And to help all who are being exploited or genocided by the Enemy of Humanity.

        With the suppression of free speech on the internet that is ongoing we must speak while we can.

        The people, not knowing anything, and most likely NOT CARING, have done nothing about the gneocide ongoing in Palestine, the theft of land. However unlike the EVIL we know there is a God.
        God’s Will Be Done–and it will.

        I think the following is important in understanding what the human race is facing, unless and until the Enemy of Humanity is dissuaded:

        “What is Israel to do?…Israel has been building nuclear weapons for years…What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter?…The ultimate justice?” Professor David Perlmutter – The Los Angeles Times April 7, 2002

        “Martin Van Creveld, a prominent professor of military history at the prestigious Hebrew University in Jerusalem, told a Dutch magazine the following in 2002: ‘We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.” He went on to say “Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” (The original interview appeared in the Dutch weekly magazine:Elsevier, 2002, no. 17, p. 52-53, April 27th, 2002).”

      2. TLOA –

        Thanks! I was giving some background on Phillip Weiss – the author of the article.

        You Must have misunderstood my questions earlier…..

        I was not asking for advice – NOT at all. I want to know what you would do. I want your answers to the questions as I posed.

        You wrote:

        “The only question each individual must ask themselves is: “Are you a believer, or are you not?”

        “You MUST, unless you sit in a Christian church and hear all of the drivel that is put out today, KNOW that this is all EVIL, a DIRECT defiance of God and His laws.”

        “Believers know they must not permit this to continue.”


        My three questions for you:

        1 – What is a “believer” in YOUR simplest terms?
        2 – Are Christian churches evil as YOU claimed?
        3 – What would YOU and “believers” like YOU do to “not permit this to continue” as you wrote?
        I’ll also add one more…
        4-Would you kill non-believers – such as Christian church goers listening to drivel?

  2. Who cares about Iran? Kill them all, kids too!! (sarc)
    Right, Gilbert?

  3. Well, Adelson must really LERV Trump, now, since Trump decided NOT to bomb Iranians over the loss of the damn drone! Maybe you’ll come up with a good story about THAT, too??
    The Iranians were the ones who started this shit in 1979, with their fanatical Ayatollah…

    1. “The Iranians were the ones who started this shit in 1979, with their fanatical Ayatollah…”

      No they didn’t. The U.S. “government” started it (with British help) in 1953.

      1. One can always count on turncoats like you, Harold, to go back as far as you can to criticize the USA. I suppose you don’t have balls enough to stand ground for your own country. Get the hell out of it, then, and go lick some foreign ass you seem to always side with. (That stands for the rest of you cocksukkers, too!)
        When I was in college, a friend of the family offered me a job with ARRAMCO, helping install communication towers in Muslim Saudi. It paid hugely (he had already made $16 million that year), and I was tempted to quit school and go – until I found out the severity of the Muslim penalties for even taking photographs. The crazy bastards would cut off feet for even walking on “forbidden” ground. All their $$ came from British and American oil exploration, anyway, or they would have remained humble camel jockeys instead of getting so uppity. That was 1979, too.

      2. “I suppose you don’t have balls enough to stand ground for your own country. Get the hell out of it, then, and go lick some foreign ass you seem to always side with. (That stands for the rest of you cocksukkers, too!)”

        LOL! Well look what’s talkin’! Judenfilth thinks it can somehow insult me by projecting its anti-American treason onto me. The only way a perverse jew scumbag like “Gilbert Huntly” could insult me is if I somehow had its approval.

      3. You insult YOURSELF by not committing suicide. You’re a pice of shit without a country. Go croak. (I’m getting much better, and will maybe live long enough to draw a bead on asswipes like you when SHTF.)

      4. Gilbert Huntly:

        Your Terrorist Theocracy of Eretz Ysrael is my country’s (USA’s) only enemy.

        Have a nice day!

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      You’ve got the 1979 (Iranian Revolution) shite backwards. Try reading a little history to gain some context, then you’ll understand the Iranians better.

      Let’s just hope that we don’t topple another Iranian democracy and install another puppet like the Shah.

  4. “Pelosi asks, ‘What is Trump’s motivation to be provocative with Iran?’ — And the answer is, ‘Adelson’”

    First, did he actually need Adelson’s money to win the election? I think not. Running on a platform of defiance to the “deep state” and apparently trying to appeal to “White Nationalists,” it seems to me that taking money from Adelson had to hurt his image in the eyes of voters more than help him. (He’s going to cut the “nation building” and the senseless wars in the Mideast and take money from Adelson at the same time? It doesn’t make much sense.)

    Second, it’s not just Iran that’s being targeted. What is Trump’s motivation to be provocative with Venezuela, Russia and China? What is Trump’s motive to pull out of the INF treaty and apparently to let the START treaty expire and to generally refuse to negotiate serious arms control issues with Russia (or anything else for that matter)?

    Generally speaking, with all the threats and walking away from agreements and treaties and all the sanctions and trade wars and brazen lies and provocations, Trump seems determined to destroy what’s left of the world order where the U.S. was on the top perch.

    In light of this, the more meaningful question is: What was Trump’s motivation to run for president in the first place?

  5. It’s a good question because an attack should be opposed, but is it possible she really doesn’t know? How difficult is it for even those with the lowest IQs to add two plus two and come up with the answer. If Israel is “our greatest ally”, as US politicians and the Jewish media claims, and Iran, Iraq and Syria are all Israel’s enemies, then wouldn’t that prove we kill Arabs and Iranians for Jews? When you consider all the evidence, including a plan that was draw up to destroy Israel’s enemies, does a bomb have to drop on your head before you realize (or rather, have the guts to say it) these wars in the middle east are for Jews and Israel.

    1. How Jewish congressman Tom Lantos pushed the US to attack Iraq in 1991 with atrocity propaganda claiming Iraqi soldiers murdered hundreds of Kuwaiti babies by ripping them from their incubators. The story was all made up and he knew it. Invoking memories of that other hoax, the holocaust, Lantos convinced the US to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis for Israel. Surely, Pelosi is aware of this. The New York Times reported on it.

      Warmonger Tom Lantos presented false witness of murdered incubator babies in Kuwait

  6. Donald Trump is a one trick pony. If you have been watching him (in horror) he stumbles from one crisis to the next, putting pressure on nations and trying to coerce them into signing some deal that is not in their interest. Nothing is being done to make Amerika great again, Trump’s only progress is a tired one trick act of making threats and failed deals. (All his deals have failed – and the biggest failed deal will be the one Kushner has drafted to screw the Palestinians out of their land.) The man is a cry baby loser and those that still adore him are delusional.

    The real reason why Trump is f-cking with Iran is that he is a controlled asset of Jews. His job as President, as the selected shabbos goy WHORE of Israel, is to do exactly what Sheldon Adelson and Bibi Netanyahu demand of him. But Trump has a big ego and doesn’t want to go down as the last President (or the worst President) so like Obama and Clinton whores before him, he hesitates going all the way and launching a misguided attack on Iran that will end in disaster as American weapon systems are overpriced and second rate like the F-35. Iran did just shoot down the top of the line USAF Global Hawk stealth drone.

    Attacking Iran is a suicide mission and Trump’s gut instinct is not to do something stupid that destroys his Presidency. Paraphrasing Mark Glenn (ugly truth now shoahed) “The whore may be crazy, but the whore is not suicidal.” After Trump called off the attack he was interviewed by NBC to explain himself, It is worth a watch to understand how a shabbos goy Jewish supremacist thinks:

    President Trump’s Full, Unedited Interview With Meet The Press | NBC News

    If you spend a few minutes watching this you can see this man is totally wrapped up in the Jewish supremacy world. He thinks nothing of putting sanctions on Iran and causing hyperinflation. He is literally insane – but most don’t see him as insane because they too are brainwashed by their Judeo-Christian indoctrination to think like a supremacist Jew. Examine these latest tweets by Trump and try and decide if this man is sane. Trump has put sanctions on NK, Venezuela, and Iran and is making those people suffer. He’s proud of his “accomplishments”. (Meanwhile Amerika is going to hell and he’s busy nation wrecking overseas.)

    Donald Trump TWEET “….The wonderful Iranian people are suffering, and for no reason at all. Their leadership spends all of its money on Terror, and little on anything else. The U.S. has not forgotten Iran’s use of IED’s & EFP’s (bombs), which killed 2000 Americans, and wounded many more…”

    It is the United States causing the Iranian people to suffer. It is the United States that spends trillions on the War of Terror. Everything Trump accuses Iran of doing is exactly what the United States is doing. Trump is mentally infected with the Jewish supremacy disease. It is the United States that is illegally sending it’s young men to die in Syria. Obviously the argument that Trump is some super-genius is wrong. Trump is confused as to who is doing what. I say it is obvious that Trump is literally insane. Furthermore, Trump is boxing himself in with these threats. How can he back down if an American ships goes down with all sailors on board?

    When Iran told him (after the interview) that all negotiations were off Trump reacted like an immature child:

    Donald Trump TWEET “….Iran’s very ignorant and insulting statement, put out today, only shows that they do not understand reality. Any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force. In some areas, overwhelming will mean obliteration. No more John Kerry & Obama!”

    Iran has had enough of the bumbling yellow-haired baboon. Trump is a gigantic joke of a President, he’s a idiotic bumbling stooge who’s policies are being driven by warmongering Jews in Tel Aviv. Washington does not work for the national interest of the United States. Washington D.C. works for Israel and Rothschild. Amerika is a vassal state of Jewish power. Trump’s only purpose is to make Israel greater while lying to his base. He is an actor and poor business man who’s companies have gone bankrupt 6 times. It is doubtful that Trump is qualified to be running a fast food joint let alone being President. I would never hire this man or trust him with any aspect of my business.

    The real question is who is really running the United States. Trump is a semi-autonomous puppet on a string keeping the masses distracted while the real power carves up the world. How much longer does Trump have if he keeps stalling on the planned destruction of Iran? Is it true that Trump was installed by the Khazarian mafia? Are they blackmailing him because of his sexual perversions? Is Trump getting 30 billion from Rothschild like Robert David Steele claims? Why did Trump appoint the likes of Haley, Bolton, and Pompeo if he is anti-war? It is clear that Trump is not in charge.

    Trump’s last minute decision to not attack Iran is because he is very nervous about becoming the worst president ever, Trump changed his mind and reversed the upcoming disaster he sensed coming. Trump has good instincts for self preservation but it is only a matter of time before Netahyahu and Bolton corner him with a big false flag which he won’t be able to back down. In my opinion the nation has never been in such danger as now with the maniac Trump in charge. It is only a matter of time before Trump’s staff gets him into such trouble Trump will be cornered and make a fatal mistake.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      “I say it is obvious that Trump is literally insane.”

      By now the Russians, Chinese, Venezuelans and Iranians (and anyone else paying attention) must realize that they are dealing with a demon-possessed madman and who is being effortlessly manipulated by jewish-supremacist madmen. (And this is why the jews need him in the white house rather than Clinton, IMO).

      “Furthermore, Trump is boxing himself in with these threats.”

      This is a good point. His jew handlers apparently have him right where they want him: painted into a corner. He probably “thought” (or more likely, was led to believe) that he could easily intimidate Iran into acquiescence and be a big hero, but Iran won’t surrender to the bully, and now the bully apparently has no face-saving way out.

      In fact I believe that the “super trump” video that was uploaded to youtube recently (along with the “honor” of naming stolen land after orange clown, etc.) is part of a calculated plan to appeal to orange clown’s pathological narcissism, making it less likely that he’ll back down and more likely that he’ll start a major war in the Mideast. IOW he’s being told that he’s the jewish “messiah” while being set up for a catastrophic war…because his handlers are betting that he’d kill millions of people rather than back down and eat humble pie on the world stage. (Of course he’s probably also being led to believe that the war he starts with Iran would be “limited”).

      “Trump’s last minute decision to not attack Iran is because he is very nervous about becoming the worst president ever, Trump changed his mind and reversed the upcoming disaster he sensed coming.”

      I honestly don’t think orange clown really gives a dam what Joe and Jill Sixpack think. That he didn’t start the war yet may be because Iran waited until the drone was well inside its airspace before shooting it down. Or perhaps they feel they need some blood spilled before they start the war, and they were counting on Iran shooting down the plane, but Iran didn’t take the bait.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I believe that the evil orange clown will start a war against Iran.

      1. Thanks for the audio, Yukon –

        I heard Joel Skousen guessing just like the rest of us!

        Early on , at – 1:47 – Skouson said, “What SOME PEOPLE … in the know… really THINK…. is that the Poseidon was actually leading the charge…”

        “What SOME PEOPLE THINK” is revealing?? …. what SOME PEOPLE GUESS??

        And Skousen did not tell us WHO is doing the GUESSING.

        He may not even know, or made it up!! 🙂 🙂

        Then Rense RAN with it as FACT… based on an unknown GUESS!

        Joel’s dad, Cleon, a former FBI agent, was waaay more accurate.

  7. @ Filthy Subhuman Jew Scumbag

    “You insult YOURSELF by not committing suicide.”

    Says the filthy subhuman jew scumbag.

    You’re a pice of shit without a country.

    Which would be way above your level, you filthy subhuman jew scumbag.

    “Go croak.”

    LOL! I’m not the one with clogged arteries and senile dementia, asshole. I’m not the one with one foot on the grave; you are.

    “(I’m getting much better, and will maybe live long enough to draw a bead on asswipes like you when SHTF.)

    LOL! I was wondering when the hook-nosed hell-spawn would start with the threats. So you’ll “draw a bead on me” will you, you filthy subhuman jewish-supremacist prick?

    1. Don’t worry. I probably won’t be able to get you in my sights when you stay under that rock you slither under for your abode – OR, I might not want to waste a bullet on your sorry ass. (It’s just kind of fun trying to insult a creep like you – who really has no shame.)
      I imagine you’re just a frustrated, old poofter who has long ago seen better days…

      1. “Don’t worry.”

        You take yourself far too seriously, judenpunk.

        “I probably won’t be able to get you in my sights when you stay under that rock you slither under for your abode – OR, I might not want to waste a bullet on your sorry ass.”

        As I said, you take yourself far too seriously, judenpunk.

        (It’s just kind of fun trying to insult a creep like you…

        As I’ve pointed out to you before, asshole, YOU cannot possibly insult me; all you can do is out yourself as the traitorous, anti-American jew scumbag that you are.

        “…who really has no shame.)

        Why would I have “shame”? For pointing out your incessant lies?

        “I imagine you’re just a frustrated, old poofter who has long ago seen better days…”

        You’re projecting again, scumbag. Just FYI, I’m in far, far better physical condition than you’ve likely ever been in, in your whole miserable “life.”

    2. @ Harold Smith

      The only way to deal with White trash scum like this is to ignore him. If you descend to his level, you get infected by the virus he secretes, like contact with the bubonic plague.

      1. Yeah, right. Poor old Sardonicus and Harold are, apparently, EXACTLY as I imagined. They sit at their computers around-the-clock – fat, smelly, oozing fart stains and puss while pretending to be something they’re not. Fantasies of the fat. At least I have the convalescent pass of recovering from surgery for awhile. I probably shouldn’t be bothering myself with such scum – but it’s an amusing pastime. Fun to read this while I’m having morning tea, too, instead of listening to the incessant television news drivel about how horrible Trump is!
        Go ahead, Sardo… demonstrate your poetic prowess by producing another little shitty piece for Lasha to publish, here. (We’re already quite aware of Harold’s limitations.)

        1. @ Hopeless Huntly

          “fat, smelly, oozing fart stains and puss…”

          What a filthy mind you have . . . like a foul latrine!

          At least I know how to spell “pus”! 🙂

          1. BTW, dear Gilbert, I attach no importance to my poetry and regard it as doggerel writing. At best, a harmless hobby. So I’m not in competition with you as a “poet’. If you are anxious to prove that you’re a “better poet” than me, no need. I’ve already said so more than once. You are the genuine article, a true poet.

            What baffles me, however, is that your recent prose is so scatological, giving evidence of a really unclean mind, whereas your poetry offers a complete contrast: elevated, dignified, idealistic. For what it’s worth, I really do believe that the “poetic” Gilbert is the real Gilbert, whereas the foul, potty-mouthed Gilbert is an aberration.

            This is not the gentleman farmer of old, Gilbert. You need to recapture your lost soul and become again the sensitive plant you are by nature. So my advice to you, in all honesty, is this: Become again the Gilbert your wife thought you were in the heyday of your youth and prime. Become again the Gilbert your daughter adored when you first took her riding in the golden days of her childhood.

            All for now, Gilbert. Get back to you later after I’ve collected my wits over a glass of green tea by the goldfish pond.

            — Sardonicus
            Zen monastery,
            Osaka, Japan

      2. @ Filthy Subhuman Jew Scumbag

        “Yeah, right. Poor old Sardonicus and Harold are, apparently, EXACTLY as I imagined. They sit at their computers around-the-clock – fat, smelly, oozing fart stains and puss while pretending to be something they’re not. Fantasies of the fat.”

        LOL! Look what’s talkin’! Did you take your beta blockers and your statins and your blood thinners and metformin today, scumbag?

        “At least I have the convalescent pass of recovering from surgery for awhile.

        Well at least all the neighborhood cats and dogs will get a break from your sexual advances.

        I probably shouldn’t be bothering myself with such scum – but it’s an amusing pastime.

        Aw c’mon Shlomo, it can’t possible be better than painting swastikas on your front door, defrauding your insurance company, or screwing around with your neighbor’s dog.

        BTW are you still “living” at your daughter’s house? What’s wrong asshole, you can’t have a wife or a girlfriend to take care of you because women hate your narcissistic jew guts, your bald head and your visceral fat?

        BTW are you at least ambulatory? Or are you going to start shooting white people from your wheelchair?

      3. Sard –

        I appreciate your candor in response to the many slurs and slanders voiced by me against you by association with that very deplorable counterpart with whom you allied against me. I apologize to you, and shall avoid further congestion of this site with such childish malice. I was very surprised when Admin castigated you awhile back, and thought “wtf??!”… You have never been rude to anyone, here, that I recall.
        I had to leave, this morning, and attend to other things. I’m glad I so quickly returned to read your gentlemanly statement. Peaceful discussion is much preferable to raucous insults, anyway. I imagine my outbursts are spawned by my disgust at the never-ending criticism of these United States, and their president who seems to be looking out for us (despite his Jewish affiliations!). I am a privileged American, and am very thankful for that circumstance. Yet, I can see the increasing tenuousness of that position, and am concerned enough to not give a hoot if someone calls me “racist” or “redneck” or “bigot” for the pleasure.

        1. Listen Gilbert, some advice. If you’ve had heart trouble, you need to avoid getting mad angry and working yourself up into an apoplectic state, if only for health reasons. Rage makes your blood pressure soar and your pulse start racing and gives you a rush of adrenalin. Result: you could have another heart attack. So for your own sake, you need to calm down! Anyway, you sound so much nicer when you’re calm and at peace with the world.

          Politics is a dirty business. And I’ll say this for Trump. He’s in the center of the whirlwind, with ten thousand daggers aimed at his back. It’a a wonder he manages to relax and keep his cool, what with all the enemies he has milling all around him. Like hissing serpents. poised to spring.

  8. Trumps motivation to start a war with Iran is the agenda of zionist Israel and the zio/US , the zionists want a war with Iran to further their satanic goal of a zionist NWO, and Iran is just a stepping stone to an attack on Russia , which these bastards will have the zio/US do for them as goyim blood is cheap and available and has been used to further the zionist agenda in every war since WWI.

    Read the book Blood In The Water by Joan Mellen about the joint Israeli and zio/US attack on the USS Liberty for an eye opening look at how the zionists rule America, and of course they showed it again with their attack on the WTC on 911 with help of traitors in the zio/US gov.

    1. @ Desert Fox

      I have to admit that I believe I was wrong in the sense that I was actually giving orange clown too much credit. Orange clown is apparently far more stupid, ignorant and “mentally ill” than I first realized.

      When the “super trump” video was uploaded to youtube a few weeks ago, I wondered: why would the jews do that? Of course, with the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, the “giving” of Syrian land to Israel and the outrageous and increasingly dangerous anti-Iran machinations, it was already clear that orange clown must be very, very special to the elders, but the “super trump” video seemed “over the top.”

      I’ve come to believe that they’re “buttering him up.” I think orange clown wakes up every morning, stares lovingly at the dashing figure he sees in the mirror, and “thinks”: “I’m one of ‘them’ (jews); I’m rich and I’m powerful, and I’m attractive and smart and desirable to women and I’m just the greatest thing that ever happened to jews and israel…”

      Most likely the elders are laughing at him behind his back as they calculatingly manipulate him into a situation where they’re gambling that he’ll kill millions in accordance with their satanic agenda rather than be publicly humiliated.

      The Iranians recently called him “mentally retarded” but that’s only part of the problem. At the least, he’s a “mentally retarded” psychotic psychopath.

      And the jews – who are experts at the exploitation of human flaws – must have recognized these “desirable” traits in him a long time ago, and may have been grooming him for many years for his present role as presidential poseur of last resort.

      So just like a corrupt used car dealer can appeal to his customer’s vanity e.g. “I can see that you’re a smart man who knows a lot about cars” and manipulate the customer into buying a piece of junk for a high price, the elders have apparently appealed to orange clown’s pathological narcissism to manipulate him into taking action that will have catastrophic consequences.

      1. @ Pat

        Actually the senate vote was first reported by Sputnik and a few other sources, so I think you can assume it’s true.

        And yes, I know Justin Raimondo died (RIP).

  9. Adelson Shmadelson….
    I’m sure they got their 177,000,000 back already in trump’s munitions sales and stock market gains…
    Don’t forget everybody, Iran is a full-on Islamic ‘republic’, that is, a total religio-fascist gangster state, run by a lot of loony ayatollahs.. you sure wouldn’t want to live there…
    On the other hand, we know the Jews are not really religious either, nothing in the genuine sense, that religious people think twice on their urges and impulses… at least not the ones we’re worried about…
    To me Islamic gangster states are really, really NFG…
    and every hare brain one of them inside my constitutional republic will kill me and all like me the minute one of the kahunas gives them the word…
    That’s their goddam plan, for Allah and Muhammad..
    And they’ve been taking over other people’s countries for centuries… first you only see a few of them… next thing you know you’re walking around them… not too long after that they’re broadcasting their litany (fight songs) all over town…. i got the feeling – the longer Iran survives, the more nutty muslims enter my country, the sooner they kill me and take what I have…
    Of course we know the Jews worship money, if anything..
    Not really a religion, in their case it’s called Sheckularism.
    Anyway, barring some geopolitical miracle, best case scenario for us – they all take each other out of the game…
    I’m not too sure I’d really mind if Iran got a whole new bag, somehow…
    That goes double for the Chosenites.

  10. And Trump’s motivation may be the same for Venezuela!!

    Study Claims 40,000 Venezuelans Dead as a Result of US Sanctions that Have Increased Under Trump

    A study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a left-leaning think tank, claims that American economic sanctions may have led to the death of up to 40,000 people in Venezuela between 2017 and 2018, as the mortality rate surged 31%. President Trump increased the sanctions tenfold over the Obama administration’s limited sanctions, in a “maximum pressure” campaign.

    The study highlights that sanctions are an act of war with lethal consequences that affect civilians, despite being presented as a humane alternative to armed combat.

  11. An ancient stratagem of the (((tribe))) is to get the other tribes fighting and killing one another. They control the left and the right. They control their opposition. No matter which way one turns if the left hand doesn’t get you the right hand will. Even on the site of the Darkmoon there is the snipping so beloved by the tribe. HAC in his 4 NW novels describes in no uncertain terms how an all white republic will handle the tribe. There is no if and or buts about it. Anyone with any historical background can see (((their))) control of the narrative. Other then the Kennedy boys (not fat face Teddy) there has not been any President starting with Wilson that wasn’t controlled by the tribe and always had their real president of America standing in the shadows really running the show. Jerry (he hates to to be called Jerry) Kushner is the real president of the US. He and his bride run Trump’s immigration policy. The very opposite what he regaled in the campaigned and still does. This couple from the pits of the Talmud run Trump’s Middle East policy. The only thing they don’t control is Trump running off at the mouth at his rallies and tweets, which placate his supporters but like passing wind is stinking up the country. Trump says this or that is going to happen and the opposite takes place.
    Stuffed with ptomaine buggers and diet aspartame-poison colas, Trump is the perfect “Golden Golem” of Judah.
    (Golden Golem was coined by James Kunstler, born a Jew and a fine writer by not quite up to the level of Brother Nathanael Kapner.)

  12. I 100% agree. I also know Aldelson is about 150 yrs. old and wants to see Iran burn before he is 6 ft. under. Haim Saban was Hillary’s benefactor who wants Iran blown to bits. I live in soCal and we have this Jewish couple the Resnicks who own most of California’s Central Valley (Farmlands). Anyways just Google The Resnicks and pistachios. You want to talk about one of the all time Jewish swindle stories. These 3 Jewish billionaires will see Iran destroyed.

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