Please die, my love


Please die, my love

Please die, my love, it’s now you need to die.
You’ve had your innings and it’s time to go
Onward to pastures new. Don’t ask me why
I say this to you. You already know.

There in the Golden Land we’ll meet again
And you’ll be someone else and yet the same:
Etherealised, made nobler by your pain,
Transformed, new-minted, yet the same soul flame.

There we shall sit by the Eternal Sea
In silence, feeling old and strange and wise.
And I shall drink — ‘To immortality!’
You’ll lift your glass with knowledge in your eyes.

Behind us like dream symbols rise and swoon
The Magic Mountains and a mystic moon.
‘Ah, God!’ I cry. ‘My God, let it be soon!’

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  1. We can only hope the Other Side is so pleasant! A beautiful – but haunting – piece.

  2. we may be certain “the other side” is so pleasant. those who are the living embodient of Satan, the Jews, would like us to commit mass suicide, to save them the contrived bother of removing us by their endless other carefully crafted means.( BUT we are essentially spiritual beings here in these human forms to require these human/animal incarnational vehicles to respond to and be directed by Spirit, our very source. This is another way of expressing The First Commandment. BTW no I’m not Christian. Christ and all the disciples (other than Judas) were hunted down, tortured and excecuted by the Mosaists, the Levites, the Synagogue of Satan. Saul the fake Christian “Paul” and the sanhedrin twisted the true teachings of Jesus into the nonsensical myth known as “Judeo-Christianity” and with mostly Mosaists (Jews of the time)used it to destroy Rome…just as naive Judeo-Christians today are contributing to the destruction of western civilization and the white race…as puppets of their unseen Jewish masters. )

    At the physical/biological level, the human form is an animal…and the prime purpose of these animals is to waken to the specific individual facet of the Divine which is the source of their very life… attention, and as Christ clearly said, “do the works of My Father.” This is the sole purpose of being here on earth. In Spirit, we created this planet, we created….by this I don’t mean the human animal, but rather the one who incarnates and wishes to employ the human animal…in spirit, WE created this planet, all life upon it and we are intended to “tend and keep this garden planet” and via ALWAYS deferring to and serving Spirit, assisting, wooing, inspiring all life which is this planet, to ever higher vibration….that eventually this planet becomes so radiant it will pass vibrational threshold and become another Sun, able to constellate yet unborn planets around it.

    There is a vast unfolding divine design in which we consciously, co-creatively function. We are intended to be specifically and constantly about this in our every thought and breath while here on earth….those who rebelled against this (there is Truth to the legend of The Fall), as we entered this now ending 25,920 year cycle of precession, continue to refuse to allow intelligent spiritual design, to have its way. When we leave our physical body behind, we recognize the overarching reality of this and continue about this and other projects simultaneously underway in which we are involved.

    The Monroe Institute offers courses which make it somewhat easier to remain conscious as we in spirit depart the body and travel in different dimensions. We all have projects and specific activities we pursue when we “sleep” at night. There is a vast body of knowledge and living experience available and present on earth now, as there has been throughout the fallen cycle of the past 18,000 years, but it is not allowed by Satan’s team. Two of my friends who shared this information have been killed, I’ve had 3 attempts on my life…but the Truth is True.

    1. I’ve been to that Monroe Institute for “out of body” experience. It ends, there. It doesn’t “just happen” without a controlled environment. The psychic spies are the most practical application of it, and they, themselves, were severely monitored and isolated.

      1. Gil
        Right. Beware of these con-trolled environments! (con troll Just that there IS such a format for which to apply these methodological formats should create a pause for concern. Similar to Theosophy and the bogus “Ascended Masters”

        There may be legitimate aspects contained in the body of work, such as references pertaining to the “precession of the equinoxes”, but this is one of the hooks that is ultimately misleading

        No “applications” need apply

    2. ‘Judeo-Christianity’? That’s a sweepingly broad generalization. What exactly do you mean by it?

      You and I would have no knowledge of Christ or the isolated snippets of sublime Catholic theology that you present, were it not for the work of the Catholic Church through its first first millennia; and may I suggest that the proper target for your anathema is ‘Judeo-freemasonry’ , for it echoes similar anathemas by many Popes against ‘Judeo-masonry’ since that of Clement XII in 1738 soon after it first manifested. Nothing new in other words, except an attempt to build yet another trendy new protestant cosmology.


      1. These are mere semantics. For all intents and purposes “Judeo-Christianity” IS “Judeo-Freemasonry”. That Protestantism entered the picture is largely incidental. Show me where the Gospel wordings in the 1st millennia were essentially different in purporting to represent ALL of what Jesus said and then it’ll grab my attention.

      2. I’m happy to see a rational comment here by Peter Presland. Traditional Catholicism, as opposed to the post-Vatican II counter-church controlled by the enemies of Christ – who are also enemies of the truth and humanity and the moral order and beauty – teaches the truth. And the Catholic Church in this pre-Vatican II, pre-1960s form is the “ark of salvation.” So many comments here reflect the all too common desire to free oneself from the need for repentance and acceptance of the whole moral order established by God, and that includes His plan and, yes, commandments, re- human sexuality. If people spent as much time reading the Gospels as well as the rest of the New Testament as they do esoteric, neo-gnostic writings, thus opening themselves up to demonic activity, they might see where the truth lies. Engaging in “automatic writing” also opens oneself up to demons. All this leads to confusion, anxiety, depression, and ultimately to the eternal loss of one’s immortal soul. When we turn our back on the true light, Jesus Christ, and the Church He founded, we end up in darkness, blindness of spirit, unhappiness, and spiritual death.

        Lk 13:22-30
        Jesus passed through towns and villages,
        teaching as he went and making his way to Jerusalem.
        Someone asked him,
        “Lord, will only a few people be saved?”
        He answered them,
        “Strive to enter through the narrow gate,
        for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter
        but will not be able to.
        After the master of the house has arisen and locked the door,
        then will you stand outside knocking and saying,
        ‘Lord, open the door for us.’
        He will say to you in reply,
        ‘I do not know where you are from.’
        And you will say,
        ‘We ate and drank in your company and you taught in our streets.’
        Then he will say to you,
        ‘I do not know where you are from.
        Depart from me, all you evildoers!’
        And there will be wailing and grinding of teeth
        when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
        and all the prophets in the kingdom of God
        and you yourselves cast out….
        For behold, some are last who will be first,
        and some are first who will be last.”

        Another good source of truth is in the older Catholic catechisms, e.g. the Catechism of Pope St Pius X, and for those of higher intellectual capacity, the Summa Theologiae of St Thomas Aquinas, both available online. Cheers!

  3. Nice poem.
    The yearning for an afterlife is always present in the dream that has distracted the divine from reality. In the meantime the dreamer does what the dream knows best: To kill what one loves and needs the most – Love itself.

  4. I like this poem. It shows a powerful certainty of faith that knows what a true realm of unfettered existence Divinity is.

    “In silence, feeling old and strange and wise…”

    Strangely beautiful

  5. ADMIN : If your comment disappeared, this website is not to blame. Just to let you know. Probably some technical glitch.

    Gilbert…I just wrote an extensive reply…but in seeking to post it, it disappeared. I won’t take the time to recreate it…I’ll briefly say, yes, you’re right. On both counts. My lifetime..70 years now…of ongoing out of body experience, remote viewing, astral travel, past life recall etc. etc. didn’t “just happen,” It was carefully and repeatedly created in a very controlled environment. My grandfather was a high level Mason vested with the responsibility of treating me and a few of my young cousins to the type of traumatic treatment Sue Ford/Brice Taylor refers to in her brilliant book, “Thanks for the Memories”. Her work is corroborated by such others as Fritz Springmeier in his “How to Create A Perfect Mind Controlled Slave”, by Cisco Wheeler….and numerous others who have miraculously returned from such horror to reveal what is commonplace among those who currently “rule the world.”

    Bob Monroe discovered that this “third dimension” is founded upon a fundamental frequency, embellished with numerous other complementary frequencies. Other levels of reality, others dimensions simultaneously present throughout the universe, are similarly, but specifically, differently founded. Eastern adepts, yogis etc, refer to these other dimensions as lokas. Where do we go upon “death”. Where do we go when we fall asleep?

    When mankind “Fell”, as in The Fall, we were denied the privilege of remaining conscious of our multidimensional awareness, the reality of our being. It’s unfortunate my last posting disappeared, but in essence, currently humankind’s dominant purpose is to re-awaken to our very source, Spirit, and serve its vast purpose, thereby harmonizing with and fulfilling our spiritual/universal purpose. It is my deepest wish that those at the core of Satanic function waken to their catatonic grip in egoic/mental control and relax into, return to serving Spirit, their, our very source.

    1. David
      I hope you don’t think I’m disparaging all of what you have to say. The only thing I DO disparage involves your use of the words “employ” and “purpose”

      IMV, that we inhabit these animal bodies at ALL implies a departure from the spiritual body. We made ourselves vulnerable in our free will sojourns as “curious cats” and this ended up subjecting us to the “machinery” of time, aging, death, reincarnation, ad infinitum. Getting back to our Divine Source is the desire of those so inclined, but to say this constitutes a purpose of employing these bodies fails to understand that incarnating means a mistake was made in which we ventured too far into a “pit of matter”, an action reflecting what’s referred to as the “celestial error”.

      “Satan’s team” is responsible for this, and it is the true meaning of “Original Sin” When we think in terms of an “Earth School” inhabiting that which would employ these animal bodies for the purpose of learning “life lessons” gives (((them))) fuel for the fire by landing credibility to this false reality

    1. HP –

      That is a dangerous thought. Just when we might least expect him, The Reaper appears – like a thief in the night. I had that very attitude when, on a pleasant day on The Outer Banks, I was pulled under by the Gulfstream undertow. It surprised me, and my first thought was “God, I didn’t expect it to be ‘my time’ so soon!”…
      Three hours later, I washed-up at Jeanette’s Pier, a very tired and humbled strong man. His mercy is manifold! (Or did He decide I needed some more punishment, here?)
      It is best to remember that HIS plans are never about us as individuals – we fool ourselves when we believe otherwise. How we fit into HIS plans is the deciding factor. Pray for a better place in His plans, and we won’t be disappointed.

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