Poland refuses to pay $300 billion in Holocaust reparations to Israel — ‘No, we won’t be blackmailed!’

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Poland Refuses to Meet with Israel About $300 billion Holocaust Reparations,
Jew in Tel Aviv Spits on Polish Ambassador


This past Sunday the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that it had canceled an official visit from an Israeli delegation in Warsaw, since the Israelis were there to demand $300 billion in “restitution” for jewish property that they say had been stolen during WWII. Thousands of Polish patriots marched through the streets to send a clear message to the Israelis that they are sick of the BS.

Jewish press reports:

On Saturday, thousands of Poles marched through central Warsaw, protesting a new US law on the restitution of Jewish property seized during and after the Holocaust. The law, the Just Act of 2017 (S. 447), requires the State Department to report to congress on steps taken by 47 countries in Europe, all signatories of the 2009 Terezin Declaration, to compensate Holocaust survivors and their heirs for assets seized by Nazi Germany and post-war communist governments.

The Polish protesters waved Polish flags and banners that read “447 go home” and “No to claims,” and marched from the prime minister’s office to the US embassy. It was the biggest public display to date of opposition to the US Just Act since it had been signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2018.

Although the law covers 47 countries, no one, including Poles, has any doubt that its one, central target is Poland, because Poland is the sole state in Europe that has not passed legislation compensating Jewish former property owners. In fact, the Polish government sees itself as the main target of the law. Still, Poland has yet to pass a single, unified law regarding restitution…

The Polish government’s struggle to shirk the Polish people’s responsibility for their share in the industrialized mass murder of Jews by the Nazi occupiers—making it illegal to even mention it in many cases—is now hitting the phase in history where the crimes of Polish collaborators are going to start costing Poland a lot of money.

Or, as the prophet Nahum put it so eloquently (Nahum 1:2): “The Lord is a jealous and avenging God, the Lord avenges and is full of wrath; the Lord takes vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies.”

Jews are openly threatening the “vengeance” of Yahweh against the Poles in their press, since Poland is an enemy for not paying reparations for their supposed complicity in helping Germans commit the Holohoax.

This is a Jewish extortion racket!

On Tuesday afternoon the Jewish hatred of defiant Poles led a Jew in Tel Aviv to spit at Poland’s ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski. Spitting is a common way for jews, and especially Israelis, to show their disdain toward people. They often spit on Christians who visit “the Holy Land.”

From The Times of israel:

[Polish ambassador] Magierowski said that he was outside the embassy building on Soutine Street when a man assaulted him and shouted at him. The ambassador said that all he could make out from the shouting was “Polish, Polish,” but managed to take a picture of the attacker and his vehicle, which he then handed over to police. Police on Wednesday morning said they had arrested a man whom they suspect spat at the ambassador.

The incident comes amid a bitter standoff between Poland and Israel over how to remember the Holocaust and over demands that Poland pay reparations for former Jewish properties that were seized by Nazi Germany and later nationalized by Poland’s communist regime.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was outraged over the “racist” and “xenophobic” attack. I always think it is kind of funny when people use Jewish smear tactics against the Chosenites.

Long story short, Jews demand a never-ending supply of free money because of the 6 million jews who were lost in the Holohoax. Everyone, no matter if they were allied with the Germans or not, is expected to pay up. Poland actually has the temerity to stick up for its people and say enough is enough, which is why I would not be surprised to see some kind of false flag or other form of “vengeance” hitting Poland at some point in the near future.

It is time that the lies of the Holocaust get fully exposed so that the semitic swindlers are arrested and forced to pay back all of the money they have extorted from the “goyim.”


Polish Ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski

LD:  It appears to be common practice for Israeli Jews to vent their spleen on people they hate, especially Christians, by spitting in their faces. Being cowards by nature, they seldom do this is Western countries where they know that retaliation would be swift and savage. In Israel, however, they are extremely brave when it comes to spitting in the faces of Christian dignitaries, confident in the knowledge that their “shitty little country” will turn a blind eye to their puer behavior. At the very most, they will receive a slap on the wrist and a mock warning (wink, wink) “Don’t do it again!”

Eric Lederman, a 65-year-old Israeli Jew, was arrested in connection with the spitting incident. According to the police, Lederman was walking in the street when the ambassador’s vehicle honked at him to get out of the way, which he did not take kindly to. The suspect then approached the car and started hitting the roof. When the ambassador began filming him with his phone, the angry Jew opened the car door and spat in the Ambassador’s face.

Lederman later claimed he had spat on the ground but that his spit somehow landed on the Ambassador’s face. Oops sorry, I missed the ground!—maybe I shouldn’t have opened the car door!  Lederman’s Jewish lawyer attempted to make excuses for his client by pointing out that he was good family man. “When a car honks at you in the street,” he said, “it arouses emotions.”

Right, so now you know. Next time to go to Tel Aviv, don’t honk your horn! It could “arouse emotions” and get your face drenched with Jewish spit.


For more on the Israeli Jews’ obsessive-compulsive hobby of spitting in the faces of Christians, see Being spat at remains part of life for Christians in Jerusalem

(See “Spitting  Christians”??? by David Duke)

So the big question now is: Will these compulsive spitters manage to squeeze  $300 billion out of Poland? Obviously not by spitting at the Poles. But there are other extremely effective methods of applying pressure. Like a Polish airplane suddenly crashing  in mysterious circumstance en route to the Vatican, with 300 Polish nuns and priests on board. Or the firebombing of Polish embassies. Or arson attacks on Polish schools.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see . . .  [LD]

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  1. In these coincidentally contemporary times, during which we strive to live fully, righteously, according to our virtues and highest principles — our principals lording it over us at every opportunity! — we have wonderful leverage! Bless those that curse us. Love those posed as our enemies. Turn the cheek struck, presenting the cheek as yet unstruck. Do not kill or maim or injure another one.

    The point? A yogi taught this: “If you do not see GOD in all, then you do not see GOD at all.” Now, if your living and purpose of still carrying on is NOT to see GOD in all, then all of this is worthless to you, please forgive, then ignore. Jew, Christian, Muslim, black, green, or yellow — either we be souls incarnate together at this time, in this space, for however long we can sustain our games without total destruction, or we be something else entirely. I be a soul incarnate, willing to live and let live with everything in GOD’s Creation. How about you? Problem solved.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      Yawn, yawn, yawn.

      Another low-quality, off-topic sermon — nothing to do with Poland or Holocaust reparations! — in which your sole object appears to be to project an image of holier-than-thou spirituality.

      “Bless those that curse us,” says the narcissistic navel-gazer Alan Donelson.

      Yes sir, Christ said it before you. But you’re not Christ. Christ said it in context. You are saying it OUT OF CONTEXT in an article about Holocaust reparations and Poland. I have no idea why Admin permits your sanctimonious droolings on this site, Mr Chicken Butcher.

    2. There are TOO MANY HOLES in the official Holocaust story. Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them? Why use irritant cyanide gas (ZYKLON) when carbon monoxide from a badly ventilated stove would kill them painlessly? Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? Why did the Red Cross give only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library, a swimming pool and a soccer pitch at Auschwitz, in a death camp?

      There are no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found? The piles of bodies show emaciation typical of long-term starvation and disease, things that would not have time to occur if people were being gassed on arrival. It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany.

      When there are so many inconsistencies in a scenario we SHOULD be skeptical.

      DOUBLE STANDARDS. The holocaust has been pounded into us for 70 years, but there is never a mention of the reign of terror conducted by the mainly Jewish Bolsheviks against the Russia people; 66 million dead (Solzhenitsyn). The five men who shot and bayoneted the \tsar and his young family were all Jews. If most people knew about this it would stop the holier-than-thou-and-don’t-you-dare-criticize-us Jewish attitude. We are only allowed to say nice things about Jews. The story of the Holocaust was the main reason for the creation of Israel and the rise of Jewish Power, and we all, (but mostly the Palestinians), now have to live with the consequences of ethnocentric, racial supremacist and militaristic Jews subjugating the Palestinians and stealing their country, bit by bit.

      1. @ John Kirby

        Glad to see you back. Your comments are like a breath of fresh air after the off-topic attempt at site sabotage (via the deliberate creation of irrelevant distractions) by the obnoxious boor (and bore) Alan Donelson.

        Keep up the good work.

        Donelson — a Jewish name by the way — takes advantage of the fact that Admin doesn’t have time to read all the comments or monitor this site properly.

        Apologies for this off-topic comment, but I had no option but to mention this, given that the first comment to appear on the board is Donelson’s off-topic attempt at arrogant self-advertisement as a New Age guru.


          As have several further attempts by Alan Donelson and Silent Reader to continue this off-topic discussion. Off-topic comments (if and when necessary) should be short, friendly, and come at the end of threads — NOT right at the beginning.

          1. @ Admin

            I hope my short, very friendly off-topic comment will not be deleted.

            The comments made by ‘Silent Reader’ and ‘Cosmo’ were perfectly valid responses to the initial off-topic comment (No. 1 on this thread ) made by the incorrigible (((Alan Donelson))), the prime perpetrator of these sanctimonious off-topic sermons. If I were you, I would ban this ugly crypto-Jew pronto. Problem solved.

      2. The “Fairness Doctrine” not withstanding, I do appeal to Admin’s sense of reason in allowing my response to slander and schliming (schmears!) — though I would accept happily admission to THE CLUB, if only to gain first-hand experience! Lest I further contribute to tangential off-springs of judgements and derisory comments, I shall only write this here. Maligned? No! Insulted? No. I’m as much a “Jew” as you, dear commenters! We be all Jews, even as we all be ONE. Rail against those who oppress you, for sure! Just do not label anyone “Jew”. A pitfall, prat-fall, min(e)d field of stupidity. My opinion only.

      3. You have not uncovered any holes in what you posted.

        “Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them?”

        Auschwitz was a huge industrial complex made up of many camps. And it was the location of a very large railroad hub for may railway lines traversing Europe. It is alleged to have been decided that a slaughtering facility for Jews be made at Birkenau – 2 miles from Auschwitz – and one of the many many camps in the Auschwitz complex. Before that, Jews were slaughtered in very small numbers in the main camp.

        But most people were sent to Auschwitz for reasons other than to kill them. So what is your point?

        “Why use irritant cyanide gas (ZYKLON) when carbon monoxide from a badly ventilated stove would kill them painlessly? ”

        HCN (hydrogen cyanide) is one of the deadliest known gasses. That is why Zyklon was created to kill pests with it – such as rats, lice, …. various vermin. Zyklon was a controlled way to slaughter Jews. Why NOT use Zyklon? Your question makes no sense. Ironically, carbon monoxide was indeed used elsewhere in various ways – starting with the T4 euthanasia program. But Zyklon was used at Auschwitz-Birkenau and a couple other places. Around 2 million of the Jewish death toll from the war is alleged to have been by bullets in the East. You ARE aware that Auschwitz is only alleged to have been responsible for about 1 million Jewish deaths during the war, aren’t you?

        “Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany?”

        This is not true. But even if it were, read the Korherr Report. There were about 10.3 million Jews in Europe in 1937.

        “Why did the Red Cross give only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps?”

        They didn’t. You misconstrue very complicated facts and turn them into simplistic nonsense.

        “Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library, a swimming pool and a soccer pitch at Auschwitz, in a death camp?”

        Auschwitz was not ONLY a “death camp”. I’ve pretty much handled this question above.

        “There are no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? ”

        There most certainly WERE very very large mounds of coke within the Auschwitz complex. And there were indeed aerial photographs of this. You are confusing the Revisionist claim of known coke shipments – which are incomplete – along with their speculations about the coke needed for the alleged amount of cremations. Part of the Auschwitz complex was Monowitz – which was a synthetic fuel plant, btw. It was to turn solid fuel (such as coke) into liquid fuel – even though it never really did the amount expected from it during the war. But Monowitz had oodles of solid fuel. ANd there are aerial photos of that.

        “Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found?”

        There should be more ashes than we see. You have a point on this one. For Birkenau, it is alleged that the ashes were dumped in the river. For other sites, there are ashes, but not to the degree that one would expect.

        “The piles of bodies show emaciation typical of long-term starvation and disease, things that would not have time to occur if people were being gassed on arrival.”

        You appear to be talking about different camps here. Are you aware that there were only a handful of camps alleged to have been slaughterhouses where people were “gassed on arrival”? You seem to be conflating those camps with ALL camps. Do you see your error there?

        “It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany.”

        The slaughter of Jews at Auschwitz was called off by Himmler in October ’44. Anything after that is not technically part of the Holocaust.

        The Germans are alleged to have cleared out the Polish ghettos from mid-’42 to mid-’43 into “death camps” – mostly the Aktion Reinhard camps – and most slaughtered immediately and thrown into pits. And Western European Jews are alleged to have been slaughtered in Auschwitz-Birkenau and cremated. And the Jews in the East are alleged to have been shot. These are the allegations of the Holocaust slaughters. These other deaths you mention are tangential parts of the Holocaust. The movement of the Jews is thought to be known. The allegation is that they were moved into death camps and immediately slaughtered there. It is up to you to prove otherwise. The small amount of otrher deaths you mention here do not correspond with the facts of ’42 to ’43. You are confused about what IS “The Holocaust”.

        If “the holocaust has been pounded into us for 70 years”, how is it that you seem to be pretty clueless about what its claims are? You’ve been “pounded” with ridiculous nonsense about it is what you have been “pounded” with. Get a clue.

    3. Alan Donelson, I do believe you have been spiritually infiltrated by the enemies religion.

      1. @ Cate


        I have come to the conclusion that (((Alan Donelson))) is what is known as a “self-hating Jew”. In his very telling comment above, he attempts in pure Jewish style to destroy the distinction between Jews and non-Jews by stating categorically:

        “We be all Jews, even as we all be ONE.”

        Note that comment. It’s the giveaway line that identifies Donelson as a Jew.

        No sir, we are NOT all Jews! We are not all Jews for the spurious reason you give: that God made us all, Jew and non-Jew alike, and loves us all equally. You might as well argue that there is no fundamental difference between blacks and whites either, and that “WE BE ALL BLACKS!” — because God made all races and loves us all equally.

        Ridiculous Jewish logic.

        Alan Donelson is a Jewish infiltrator pure and simple. Unlike other self-confessed Jews on this site (e.g. Ralan and Donaldo Colina), Donelson lacks the honesty to lay his cards on the table and admit he is a Jew. He is a Zionist troll posting here under false pretences. Almost every comment he makes is OFF-TOPIC in some way and is designed to cause disruption and anger by the holier-than-thou sanctimoniousness that accompanies it.

        He showers his blessings on you, does Guru Gopi Swami Donelson, even as you pelt him with stones: “Ye lesser mortals, I forgive you! Pelt on if it gives you pleasure! I remain untouched and inviolate in my armor of godly transcendence.”

        Yuck, Donelson takes some beating. I thought Circassian was bad enough with his “dear brother” routine. This guy is infinitely worse. At least Circassian was on-topic 99% of the time.

        BTW, the name “Donelson” is a Jewish name, the suffix “-SON” being a well-known addition to Jewish names. (See Mendelson, Davidson, Meyerson). However, “Donelson” can also be a non-Jewish name under which Jews can hide and pass themselves off as non-Jews. Why Admin allows this hatful crypto-Jew (or “spiritual Jew”) to run rampant on this website I fail to understand.

        Admin is free to delete this valid comment if Admin wishes. I’m just trying to be helpful, hoping to rid this website of a pest who is helping to undermine it and chase away good posters.

    4. The Jews have to pay the Poles.

      Do not forget that the guards in these concentration camps were jews.

  2. Yes SIX MILLION Germans–mostly women, the elderly and children–were brutally murdered at the end of WW II, from 1945-47. Yet you never hear about those SIX MILLION.

  3. The Holocaust is the only claimed genocide which is sold by people who by their own accounts were treated in Hospitals in so-called “Extermination Camps”.

  4. OY VEY! These comments are retroactively gassing muh grandmudda. It’s bad enough that my grandpa was gassed 4 times and died when he was only 5 years old, but now there are goyim doubting the 6 million? How can anyone say 8 million jews didn’t die in one gas chamber at the same time, there are witnesses, all these witnesses say that 12 million jews were killed. Now we have people in these comments that deny the 60 million, just because there is not a single piece of proof that 100 million bodies have been gassed. What do you want from me? all 600 million bodies of the gassed jews? That’s impossible because the ashes of all 6 billion jews killed in the holocaust were spread on one field for fertilizer. I could never get the remains of the 60 billion jews that died, and therefore it is true that 6 trillion jews were killed in 1 year by the ebuil Gnatsee aryans.

    1. The “evil” Gnatsees must have been a bit incompetent! Apparently (if one watches Talmudvision), according to some pleas of advertising, there are a whole bundle of poor “starving Holocaust survivors” for which some fraudstar is begging a $25 donation to “feed one”. ( I have to wonder how many generous, unsuspecting goy are scammed to send cheques and credit card donations!)

  5. Thousands of Polish patriots march through Warsaw to US EMBASSY – against racist Just Act 447

    US administration, under pressure of Jewish organizations, want to force Poland to pay THREE TIMES the budget of Republic of Poland to compensate WWII HEIR-LESS property.

    It is hostile racist claim and citizens of Poland reject it!


    After years of defaming the Polish nation, persuading us of guilt and transferring responsibility for the Second World War, revision of history and intrusive promotion of contempt industry, which includes feature films, book publications and museum exhibits, finally came the final plunder of Poland, which is to take place on the eyes of the whole world with the permission of the United States.

    Here, of course, there is an unprecedented attempt to extort the so-called “Non-fallow property” that Jews were to leave in the Republic. Currently, the amount of this claim reaches already 330 billion dollars and many times exceeds the annual budget of our country.

    How it was calculated, no one knows, but over the last two decades this sum has grown almost six times!

    Its repayment would plunge Poland into total chaos, because our homeland of such foreign exchange reserves is simply gone. However, there are mineral deposits, natural resources and state-owned companies. Their takeover would make our country a colony in which Poles would only become masses of cheap labor. Therefore, for several years, national and patriotic environments have raised this topic to the rank of public debate.

    Although successive governments avoid discussions about the claims of the Jewish lobby, NONE of the politicians of the power camp has yet made a declaration that Poland will not pay back demands that not only do not have legal grounds, but are directed to a country that is not a perpetrator but a perpetrator of war, in which most material goods have been completely destroyed. It is enough to mention a capital leveled with the capital, rebuilt with great difficulty by the entire Polish nation.

    However, there are indications that the government INTENDS TO negotiate the repayment of Jewish claims. Former President Bronisław Komorowski has probably attempted to privatize Polish forests for this purpose.

    In turn, Jarosław Kaczyński, the undisputed leader of the Law and Justice party, was supposed to propose to the American ambassador Victor Ashem changes in the law enabling the transfer of a part of Polish assets to Jewish communities.

    In a note from a secret meeting with the US ambassador in Poland, published on WikiLeaks, Kaczyński states: “The law will be accepted. The decision has already been made. No one influential in Polish politics will question it. It’s only a matter of time.”

    “In the face of these facts, national environments, supported by the so-called The Confederation organized an action under the slogan: “Not for Jewish claims. Stop ACT 447 “.

    Today the final in the form of a march in Warsaw. Will the publicity of the problem contribute to the decline in support of the power camp?

    This will be decided by the Poles in the NEXT ELECTION on 26 May.

  6. One giant step for the Polish people towards ripping out the “six million died” Keystone, tearing down the arch of lies and debarking the HOAX TRAIN!

    Now if Russia and Putin would only step up..
    But I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    (pun intended)


    Poles are doing what the rest of the world will not do….. fighting for truth and stopping perversions!!

    Polish towns go ‘LGBT free’ ahead of bitter European election campaign

    SWIDNIK, Poland (Reuters) – Teresa Drzewiecka grew up during World War Two, when German and Soviet troops battled for control of her town of Swidnik in eastern Poland. Now 83, she sees another threat to her country’s survival: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. “Let children have a father and a mother, not such deviations,” said Drzewiecka, resting on a bench in a Swidnik park. “Otherwise there will be fewer and fewer children, and Poland will shrink.”


    ‘There shouldn’t be any gays or deviations’:


  8. It’s good to see Kyle Hunt on Darkmoon. He was one of the few people who had Trump pegged all along. I think people should listen to him more and listen to Jewtube less. He has his own website and podcast, you are sure to learn more about what Jews are up to from someone who has crystal clear thinking. Basically Kyle rips all his alt-right competition (controlled opposition) to shreds with the facts.

    It is actually amazing t me it has taken the world this long to organize resistance to Jewish demands for more money. It seems to me that only the dumbest of the dumb keep sending money to Israhell. I am glad Poland nationalists don’t want to send their money to the evil gay cesspool of God’s chosen lunatics. Yeah, it’s true, modern Israel is the most gay nation on planet earth which (of course) is the exact opposite of how the Bible condemns same sex as the most egregious of crimes in the eyes of the Lord God of Israel. LOL!

    Poland is full of Jews and many went to Israel to practice sodomy. They are not Semite but fake ass WHITE Khazarian “jews”, and thus have no blood claim to the “holy” land. For instance Prime Minster Netanyahu real birth name is Mileikowsky (see fakepedia page Benzion_Netanyahu), he is married to another Polish Jew Sara Ben-Artzi and his children are WHITE Polish Jews – just take a look see for yourself. You decide, is the Son of Satan, Yair Netanyahu, a Semite or White?


    I find it hilarious that Yair has to bribe his father’s friends to get laid. Full of love is he. Now, don’t talk about these murderous pricks who label any criticism as anti-Semitic, just keep sending those Talmudic parasites more of your hard earned money. If you do you are dumber than a box of rocks (like all the Evangelical Christians in Amerika). Good for Poland for standing up for itself and telling the Jews to go to hell. What they ought to do is send (free moving costs) for any remaining Jews in Poland and rid their nation once and for all time of these rotten people.

    Maybe some day Amerika will wake the f-ck up and do the same.

    1. Trump is less of a swindle than the other bastards trying to run for POTUS. Although I am “seeing the light” (about Trump), I’ll still have to hold my nose and vote for him. The USA must have a Chief Executive Officer, and his credentials, in that regard, are excellent. Would you rather have Mayor Butt-Boy, senile Joe Biden, or Comrade Bernie???

      1. If you vote for Jew whore Trump again you will get exactly what you deserve. Trump is the biggest traitor EVER to the collapsing Amerikan Republic. HE SOLD YOU DOWN THE RIVER. TO SAY THAT TRUMP IS THE BIGGEST JEW WHORE YET is an understatement. He slavishly licks Rabbinic b-tholes. Any functioning adult would be better than Trump. The man is pure evil, sucking up to the Jewish money and power like a spotted hyena pup on the Israeli teat.

        Unfortunately for the world Trump could very well get re-elected. GW Bush, who went along with 911, was re-elected. Sperm shooting Clinton was re-elected. Faggot tranny loving Obongo was re-elected. There’s no doubt the Israeli loving Evangelicals will all line up to vote for prophecy fulfilling Trump again. Trump might even start a war to insure his re-election. There’s nothing like a good blood letting to get the Judeo-Christians all in love with their ZOG Emporer!

        Voting the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and highly recommend that you don’t degrade and compromise yourself by voting for any evil candidate. By doing so you put your psychic stamp of approval on an evil system and thus become bound by that system and the evil it represents. Never compromise with evil or you become evil. Jews like that, ya know, they are always coercing everyone to force them to play along with their evil.

        There is one way I know of how Trump will probably not be re-elected not including if he’s dead or in jail. It’s the stock market indicator. If the market is level or down about 20% the incumbent has an even chance. But if the market is down more than 30% Trump probably won’t be re-elected. Seeing that the stock market is in the stratosphere for decades means that it is becoming less likely the bull market can sustain itself. No thing can grow to heaven, not even a stock market being pumped by trillions of fiat dollar shekels stolen from the Amerikan people.

        And there’s always the chance that Trump pulls the trigger and start WW3 and the District of Criminals gets turned into radioactive dust, which would mean I wouldn’t have to purchase a fishing license ever again or worry about the limit. So in one sense Trump could be good for me.

      2. Yukon, I look forward to seeing how well THAT will do for you. You just might be self-satisfied – ALONE. (Besides, being one who still believes in “nukes” fits you right in with the Evangelical crazies who believe they’ll be “raptured” outta here!) 🙂

          but at least not the first post on the thread:

          I’m sick and tired of being asked at stores when I’m at the counter ready to buy something, if I’m a veteran. The customers who are in the military or were in the military and are now retired from the military, they get discounts on their purchases — and the sales clerks in the stores look up to the customers with military service as if they’re “heroes”. It turns my stomach every time. Go to war against countries/peoples based on LIES, destroy countries and kill people based on LIES, get a discount on your purchases and get patted on the back by sales clerks, feel smug about yourself and smirk a lot.

      3. Gil –

        I feel ya pain…. same as mine! 🙂
        They all have their orders from headquarters.

      4. QUOTE: ” (Besides, being one who still believes in “nukes” fits you right in with the Evangelical crazies who believe they’ll be “raptured” outta here!)”

        Those who wish to control us are trying as hard as they can to confuse us. In the alternative media several cognitive dissonance theories have been recently injected in the discourse to scramble our minds. The most obvious is flat earth. The next is “no nukes” or even no nuclear power. Another is NASA never went into space or some version of the JFK assassination, or even spiritual-psychic Bigfoot who comes in and out of this dimension.

        My favorite mind scramble is the Dr. Judy Wood’s free energy space beams that dustified the trade towers. All these creative ideas are meant to confuse and pacify the listener. The idea is that we lose our will to resist because we have no idea what is real or is not real.

        A example of this intentional CIA MK-Ultra concocted confusion is the AOC butter meme:


        As far as Trump is concerned, his Presidency was a sophisticated psyop. What he said and what he did are exact opposites. The conservative voters were TOTALLY fooled. Only a few people had the snake Trump figured out early on, like Kyle Hunt and Jeff Rense. Everyone else fell for Trump hook, line and sinker. Even our smartest Jew wise commentators were fooled for a long time, like Dr. Kevin McDonald and Dr. David Duke (and everyone of their guest hosts) who wasted 2 years defending the Trump monster. Pathetic.

        Like I said (and wrote) a hundred times, how many Neocons does Trump have to appoint until you figure out you’ve been had? The reason why Kyle Hunt is going to move up in rank is because he has been right, he pulls no punches and says it like it is every time. Another thing, why do you think Kyle Hunt is featured on this site? Because we are completely screwed and lost, and only the most radical can lead us out of the morass. The entire political spectrum has been co-opted by Jews and only the most intolerant even have a chance of helping us out of our mind controlled quagmire.

        Our civilization is collapsing, Donald Trump is the greedy devious snake helping us drown. He is a traitor like Alex Jones and I hope both hang. And yes, nukes are real, and they are being used in war right now.

      5. The only nuke-related material being used is depleted uranium projectiles. That ain’t “nukes”.

    1. Donaldo is curious. Let’s do the math. Assume Israel has a population of 6 million. Poland is forced to pay retribution of $300 billion. That would amount to $50,000 for each Israeli citizen. But curiously some Israeli citizens are Arab Muslims. This is where the waters get murky. What would happen? A $50,000 direct deposit in each Israelis bank account? How EXACTLY would the shekels be moved from Poland to Israel? PayPal? MoneyGram? Western Union? Perhaps Donaldo should take advantage of the “right of return” through his Grandfathers Jewish DNA. Might be worth the trouble for a $50,000 paycheck. Donaldo is already drooling like a hound 🐕 sitting at the Zio dinner table serving ribeyes and New York strips…….but…….Donaldo is skeptical. Would the average Israeli actually see the shekels? Don’t think so. More likely only the Khazar mafia families which rule Israel. Fu.ck the common Israeli citizens. Anyway , Donaldo is just a humble trucker. Got land and homes in Mexico but don’t understand much about finance. Pat. May Donaldo implore you to post regarding reparations and how they are implemented in Israel? The “intellect of Darkmoon” is a great researcher. Pat…..please give us a little info. Gracias in advance. 🤔

      1. Don –

        The trail is a mass of skimming and corruption. The results are predictable.

        Most of the reparations were paid to World Jewish Congress. It is a maze of endless ‘rabbit holes’ from there, and not well publicized.

        Part of the reparations money went into purchasing equipment and raw materials for companies that were owned by the government, the Jewish Agency, and the Histadrut labor union.

        Jewish Agency

        Histadrut News

    Hope Springs Eternal…
    At least one white nation remains independent of ZOG… and the poles have certainly seen their share of bloody European history… of course the ashkenazi bloodline double agent Hitler made sure him and his bolsheviki allies hit Poland hard right off the bat in 1939… while the brave poles were facing the German (suckers) army to the west, the bolsheviks hit them from the east.. they were caught in a deadly crossfire, and nobody helped them…
    I would love to see a comparison between the polish government, all its offices, and that of the USA, France, Germany etc., to determine the relative percentages of Jews on the inside…
    The US ambassador in Poland?
    Jeez, I wonder who THAT is…
    I think odds are about 95 to 5 any US ambassador is Jewish…
    Now we know why…
    Give us the dope on dual citizenship too…
    Get on that, willya PAT…
    I got it from Texxe Marrs, every boss of yizrayhell before Netanyahu has been born in Poland..
    I wonder what that means…
    take the next step and kick all the Jews out of your country, while you still can….
    Then let’s see how well a country can function, when it’s not riven through and through with the parasites…
    No offense DRIVER..
    But it’s high time Jews either denounce the holocaust hoax and the whole reparations program, or shut up..

    1. BD
      Poland had the misfortune of getting caught in the middle of a gargantuan, history-altering phenomenon, and YOU’RE the sucker if you believe Hitler was in alliance with the Bolshies.

    2. Bark,
      Why denounce the Shoah? Hound 🐕 Donaldos tail is wagging. Wants his New York strip. Will he get it? We shall see. 😀

  10. And a special shout-out to the Polish people and their heroic King Jan Sobieski, all of whom once upon a time saved European civilization from the other usual suspects, all those years ago (aka) The Battle of Vienna.

    Credit where credit is due..

  11. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, shouldn’t the Jews be paying bribes to Poland for going along with their Holohoax to support their most profitable Holocaust industry? That is assuming it is a hoax and that fake gas chambers were installed in Auschwitz deliberately to promote the myth. You would have thought that those Jews would at least let the Poles off the hook seeing how much they too suffered in that war and be grateful for all they have done to preserve and maintain the concentration camp museums. I’m not saying I disbelieve all the claims about the Holocaust but still this is too much.

    On the other hand, if this refers to the restitution of property confiscated by the communists, then I suppose Jewish descendants have a right to it as much as any others who had their properties seized. However, if there are no descendants because entire families were exterminated during the war, the property should rightfully go to the Polish state and not to any “Jewish community”.

  12. Not surprising, the yehudi can fool teens to do their bidding in Poland, using catchy slogans and titles!!

    —Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog leads 2019 March of the Living—

    Thousands march in Poland to commemorate the Holocaust!!

    An educational journey through history culminating in a march from Auschwitz to Birkenau joined by more than 10,000 Jewish teens, adults and SURVIVORS(!!!!) from around the world, along with many other people from diverse faiths and backgrounds.



    SURVIVORS!!?? Marching??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. There will always be holocaust survivors as I think they now define them as descendants of any concentration camp inmates. But I wonder where they will keep finding surviving concentration camp guards to haul before the courts 10,20, 50, 100 years down the line. They’ll have to come up with something. Holocaust deniers are replacing the former guards as culprits in such cases. Perhaps they’ll start rounding up Holocaust advocates, promoters, and justifiers too.

      1. @ Pat
        @ Hp

        Well said, both of you bright sparks! Makes you think, this Survivor scam. How can a “survivor” of the Holocaust be a teenager whose dad wasn’t even born until the 1950s?!?

        At this rate, I can call myself a “survivor” of the Norman Conquest (1066 AD). Who do I claim reparations from?

        I guarantee you, I am still traumatized. 🙂

  13. Excellent response. 100% true. Why has the entire world not bothered to do the small amount of reading to see the obvious truth set out in this short comment?

    The Zionist Jews are criminals and con men who have been swindling and extorting the rest of humanity for centuries. The real “Holocausts” have been committed by Jews against non-Jews in Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, and now, with their Zionist continuous false flag terror attacks, the entire World!

    Enough is enough, the Jewish terror attacks and organized crime thievery and fraud in our governments and justice systems must end.

    The very survival of the human race requires a massive worldwide awakening and a collective uprising against Zionism to finally stop these criminals endless reign of terror, corruption and theft.

  14. The real problem with White European nations can be described in the parable of the little fish being swallowed by the big fish. The little fish gets swallowed by the big fish and is trapped in the stomach getting slowly suffocated and digested by the stomach juices. The little fish wonders what happened, but is to weak to escape, as time goes on the little fish is completely assimilated into the big fish, it becomes the molecules of the big fish never knowing what happened or how.

    The same is true for white western civilization swallowed by world Jewry. Christians are the little fishes being digested by the big Jew fish – but like the parable the Christians are suffocated and unable to resist their assimilation. Only just before total digestion do the little fish decide to revolt and get the hell out of the big fish stomach. We are just starting to realize we must run like hell from everything we were taught before we face total soulless oblivion of being assimilated into Jewish thinking and behavior.

    That is the situation we are in right now. We are being slowly digested into the Jewish cesspool of moral corruption. Our white societies are being digested right before our eyes and there’s nothing we can do, in fact most of us lack the will to resist or even know we should resist because we are so far gone – meaning that we are so far gone inside the Jewish simulacrum of lies we don’t know what is right or wrong anymore. Our society is now a gay-transgender-currency debauched moral perversion of what is true and right. Cats and dogs are living together, whites are breeding with blacks and we are all turning into mud.

    In order to survive we must do one critical thing, we must regain control of our minds – which means we must remove our minds from the perverted Jewish way of thinking. Our entrapment, after all, is voluntary. No one can tell us what to think, we all have free will to think anything we want. So what must we escape you wonder? Christianity! Say it isn’t so! Yes Virginia, what has us trapped is our religion – a Jewish perversion of reality. Christianity is 100% Jewish construct – a belief in hell, devils, afterlife punishment, sin, and the need for redemption. All those ideas are false, and it is those ideas that trap us. Jesus is a fiction and no one needs to be saved – meaning that our souls are already eternal and not threatened with eternal damnation or non-existence. Think about the absurdity of a White Nationalist thinking he/she must believe in a Jewish savior. Jesus came to save his people, Jews, and if you ain’t a Jew then Jesus should not be for you.

    We are not guilty for being born. We don’t owe anyone anything. Original sin is Church propaganda just like climate change CO2 bullshit. The Poles don’t owe Jews a damn thing. Unfortunately the Polish people are mostly Catholic and Christian, so they do believe in the supremacy of the Jew, and they do worship a Jewish savior. How hard is it to escape Jewish treachery when your savior is a Jewish man. Do you see the problem? We don’t need salvation by the Jew but from the Jews. It is impossible that our eternal souls could be threatened with annihilation, but our minds are trapped by bad Jewish literature.

    Our souls are free and always have been. It is only the subversion of primitive Jewish thinking of a punishing God that trapped us. We bought into the guilt trip and the Jews have been milking the Goy for thousands of years – and they will continue doing so because they are parasites, they will kill the host and move on to the next victim, nation, or planet. Our real problem is that we believed them, we believed in them. We made them our god and we have been sacrificed in war after war. We pay taxes to them, we use their money, we pray to them for our salvation.

    The reason we suffer the Jew is because we are inside the belly of the beast. We don’t know what happened to us, we are just flailing around in the belly of demonic Jewish society going to war based on the lies of the Jewish controllers and it all started thousands of years ago when the European tribes were forcefully converted into a Abrahamic religion of Christian. So don’t laugh at a poor Muslim woman trapped behind the Burka when your mind is trapped in a Christian religion that makes you subservient to a Jewish god.

    1. In one of his books, Eustace Mullins advocates the idea that Jesus was not a Jew.

      1 – He came from a region that Jews was not present.

      2 – Accordingly to their laws, Jews had some defense rights, but Jesus had none.

      1. Jesus was not a jew in the pejorative sense of our understanding “jew”

        Does that about sum it up?

      2. Brownhawk, the correct word seems to be “Pharisee”, some say. More than just the word, the idea is that Jesus was not a Tribe member. He could have been an outsider, an uncircumcised foreign. That was another reason for the Jews to reject him as the messiah.

        Is the New Testament, word by word, totally legit? It’s hard to tell, after all these years, probably not. Actually, what I’m defending is not the Bible, is the existence of the natural (or supernatural) phenomenon of Christ, Buddha, Messiah, Chosen one; you name it. From time to time, millenniums, an illuminated human being is born with extraordinary psychic abilities. He (she) can see his future before living it, he can cure people’s diseases (even a placebo can cure a disease), he can communicate telepathically, etc. In the 60s the Governments of USA and Russia were researching this psychic/spiritual phenomenon.

        Is this singular person necessarily a good guy, an “angel”? No, I believe he can be evil too, depending on his choices during his life, that’s free will.

    2. Jesus was not a fictitious character. The fiction was created by those who continue to denigrate who he really is. In keeping with this, “savior”, or an act of “saving grace” simply implies being “saved” from this temporal, therefore MORTAL state of existence
      Mortality is not sanctioned by the true state of Creation ( note that I didn’t say “Creator”, a word implying a false authority)

      1. I have a couple questions.

        Between Charles de Gaulle , Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, over 6,000 pages of diaries and memoirs were written. Not one word of a holocaust? why not?

        the Britts cracked the Enigma code quite early in the war, they received and decoded every transmission from high command, and not one single shred of communication about killing Jews or a holocaust was ever intercepted.

        Now, there were Jews that were murdered, but not in disproportion numbers to the death of any other race of European people. However, these murders were rogue elements, not an organized or authorized act.

        The volume of “Coke” required to burn a body is almost pound for pound to the body. It would take a mountain of coal, not just a big pile. Why would a country at war, dig up from mines, ship by rail and waste a mountain of (energy) coal just to burn bodies? They wouldn’t. Although burning dead bodies infected with Typhus was the only way to eradicate the disease.

    3. Yukon –

      “Jesus is a fiction…..”

      I have no way to prove otherwise. All hearsay.

      And, that being the case, so might be the Sadducees & Pharisees mentioned by a fictitious character.
      AND… So might be the whole New Testament, a fiction novel!!

      1. Pat
        “… So might be the whole New Testament, a fiction novel!!”
        More probably neither ‘fiction novel’ nor ‘hearsay’, but somewhat else. The matter is that this is beginning of human culture. Obviously, you haven’t read most interesting volumes about that.

      2. Nik –


        I have read more than a lot of volumes about that. 🙂

        Most don’t know that Jesus tossed out jew criminals selling overpriced animals & birds and conducting business on the temple grounds more than just once!

      3. Pat
        More than a lot?
        – Awesome. So, you filled up your head with good, reliable knowledge to full capacity and do not want any more above that. OK, I had not known that before. You reminded me of Francis Bacon (1561-1626), most educated man in Europe, author of the famous When he was told
        about Nicolaus Copernicus discovery, he named it ‘stupidity’.
        Hence, you stand in queue with eminent people, congratulation.

      4. Nik –

        You are very presumptuous AND way off course, my boy.

        I did not write “filled”at all. That is YOUR invention!! 🙂

        BTW – I initially replied to Yukon. Then you arrogantly just had to insert yourself.

        You now join the list of unreliable resources for me! 🙂

      5. “I initially replied to Yukon. Then you arrogantly just had to insert yourself.”
        – I initially replied to BARKINDEER. Then you arrogantly just had to insert yourself. Forgetful boy?
        “You now join the list of unreliable resources for me!”
        To wipe the bottom with that list. Hipocrite.

      6. Nik –

        “– I initially replied to BARKINDEER. Then you arrogantly just had to insert yourself. Forgetful boy?”

        So, now…. you attempt to grasp the high road with a childish lie??!!

        YOU addressed ME, not Bark! WHEW!! Hilarious!! 🙂

        AND… spell hypocrite correctly for us next time… 🙂

        1. If Nikolay spells “hypocrite” incorrectly as ‘hipocrite’, it’s because English is not his native language. He is a Russian. How many words would YOU spell incorrectly if you were writing on a Russian website? 🙂

      7. Saki –

        Thanks for the clarification, my dear!

        I would never write on a Russian or Chinese or Iranian website. I know better than to do that. 🙂

        With your help, I now have even more reason to not take Nik seriously…. because he does not write my language correctly enough for me to know exactly what he might attempt to express.

        Anyway… I am glad I was able to help him learn to spell hypocrite correctly, for the next time he calls me that. 🙂

  15. I am positive a couple of years ago the polish prime minister was kissing bibi satanyahus azz just like Orban in hungary and bolsonaro in brazil. you cannot be right wing today anywhere without licking pissraels feet. no matter what country you head if you bow to Israel you are a traitor and your country will go nowhere. rabbi trump and satanyahu will not let this go. there will be severe blowback. Polaks better start planning and hit the jews first

  16. Attention Christian White People now being persecuted globally;
    And join their Defence Forces to protect the same!

  17. Poland blames Jews for the crimes of communism
    Jewish communists terribly persecuted and killed thousands of Poles after World War II. The best example was the history of our war heroe – general Emil Fieldorf Nil – the highest officer of anti-Nazi resistance, who organized the attack on Frank Kutchera – a cruel SS officer responsible for the death of thousands of Warsaw inhabitants. After WWII Jewish communists like Helena Wolinska, Maria Gurowska and other Jews in power accused him of betrayal and had him executed. After WWII, thousands of Polish patriots were persecuted and killed as result of red terror led by Jewish communist Jakub Berman – a de facto dictator as influential minister of home affairs. He had the help of many other important Jewish cruel communists like Salomon Morel, Helena Wolinska, Stefan Michnik, Jozef Swiatlo and a number of others. Morel was one of the biggest killers, accused later of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As commander of the Zgoda camp, he was responsible for the death of about 1500 to 2000 people. Izzak Flejcharb (vel Jozef Swiatlo) organized the kidnapping of 16 Polish leaders of anti-Nazi resistance and as result of his provocation they were kidnapped and deported to Moscow, where the totalitarian Soviet regime organized their trials under false accusations.
    After WWII, many Jews took part in installing communism in Poland against the will of 95 percent of the Polish nation. Stalin did not trust the Poles, so he delegated this task to his jewish imported helpers. A Jew Hilary Minz was economic dictator responsible for introducing Soviet economy in Poland and confiscating private property – in his “battle of trade” plenty Polish private businessmen were arrested and thrown into communist jails. Other Jewish persecutors: vice ministers of Ministry of Public Safety called in Polish Ministerstwo Bezpieczenstwa Publicznego (MBP) Mieczyslaw Mietkowski, Moses Bobrowicki and Roman Romkowski (real name Grunspan Kikiel), director of investigation department of MBP Jacek Rozanski (Goldberg), director of 5 Departament MBP Luna Brystiger – called bloody Luna (famous for her sadism – she used to crush genitalia of political prisoners), director of 10 Departament MBP Anatol Fejgin, Chief of Polish Army Commission of Information Stefan Kuhl called bloody Kuhl. There were plenty Jewish prosecutors and judges hunting Polish fighters of anti-Nazi and anticommunist resistance: Benjamin Wajsblech, Paulina Kern, Emil Merz, Jozef Feldman, Maksymilian Litynski, Marian Frenkiel, Nachuma Lewandowski, Stefan Michnik – brother of of Gazeta Wyborcza editor Adam Michnik – real name Schechter, Helena Wolinska – real name Faigla Mindla Danielak, Maria Gurowska – Jewish daughter of Moritz and Frajda Sand.
    Polish people refused communism after the war because they had experienced red terror during 2 years of Soviet occupation in eastern Poland, when the Soviets terribly persecuted Polish people in period 1939-41. For instance: the Soviets deported – partly with Jewish help – over 1 million Poles to Soviet camps in Siberia and killed thousands of Polish prisoner officers in Katyn, Piatichatki and Miednoje. All executors in Katyn were Jews. One of NKWD officers responsible for the Katyn crime was Jewish communist Leonid Reichmann called Eichamnn of the East. Therefore the most of the Poles did not want communism in Poland after the war, but they wanted free and democratic country. Unfortunately their will and their rights were raped by the international gang of communists with big role of Jewish communists who installed this regime using terrible terror against the will of 95 percent of Poles. Red terror with big role of the Jews had 25 000-50 000 victims. According to the historian Maria Stanowska – directly after 1944 about 10 000 people were killed in Poland during investigations by institutions of red terror (like courts and UB Urzad Bezpieczeństwa where the Jews had influential position), about 518 000 Polish farmers were arrested by the communists (because they were against collectivization). In Poland, there were 150 000 political prisoners in the period 1944-56 (all native Poles). About 100 000 Poles were deported to Soviet camps after 1944. According to Polish historian Marek Jan Chodakiewcz, Jewish people denounced 3128 – 6238 Poles. As result of Jewish activity, 2408 – 6625 Poles were arrested. Totally – following direct Jewish activities such as denunciation and other crimes – after 1944 about 5794 -13 443 Poles suffered (killed, arrested, closed in jails or camps).

  18. I have joined, unbeknownst and unwittingly, The Club, my erstwhile name ensconced in triple brackets! Banned, branded, I now walk among the forever labeled, the five- or seven-pointed star emblazoned upon my domain name!

    Nonetheless, I shall repost that which I judged “on topic”:

    I do not argue that the Polish people should not resist, protest, and otherwise negate the false claims upon their wealth and well-being. My wife and I have spent time in Poland, we have dear Polish friends, wife spent 6 months during a winter in Poland learning their language! May GOD bless those who struggle for freedom in Poland!

    I wish to make this point: Direct and directed resistance to certain forces — The Powers That Be — to date have proven totally inadequate. Resistance in the past proved ameliorative. Ameliorative at best. We have come to a time requiring new strategies. The Two Great Commandments loom large as directional signs. Just my narcissistic opinion, of course, no offense to Narcissus!

  19. The nazi alliance with the bolsheviks at the beginning of ww2 is a fact, looks bad to me… and the poles would just have easily allied with the germans against the Russian communists, arguments over the danzig corridor notwithstanding… the poles were well aware of the holomodor right next door in Ukraine, and they knew the communists did it..
    Their history with the Russians wasn’t good either..
    The Hitler story is just more chapter in the BIG LIE narrative.. the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe… sorry brother, that’s the way it is…
    When we got mass media, it was the beginning of the end for informed society, ironically…
    Headlines are announced, all the talking heads repeat whatever it is the rothschilds put out over AP and Reuters, the pundits and comics aren’t interested in questioning if, they cap on it… next day it’s something else… all the BS goes down in history…
    The moon landing is a perfect example of state and media collusion to hoax the public…
    It’s almost bigger than the jesus deal…
    If you understand we’re all deluded, why wouldn’t you agree the moon landing is a hoax too?
    If we were not living in a completely hoaxed society, the holohoax wouldn’t have flown in the first place.. much less would it still be hanging on
    Religion cultivates sheepule, they’re designed to believe what they’re told, without questions…
    Let Poland breathe free of ZOG, show the world how it’s done…
    I’d like to see a long presentation of their official answer to the big BS holocaust industry RIPPOFF..

    1. “The moon landing is a perfect example of state and media collusion to hoax the public…”

      Correct – “YUGE” global hoax!!

    2. Germany was duped into attacking Poland via a false flag event. The success of this ruse served as a justification for Britain and France to declare war on them. The German-Soviet pact prior to this enabled Russia to attack from the East without the 2 sides coming to blows, and they weren’t about to allow Germany to swallow Poland whole.
      This pact may appear to be premeditated on their parts for surreptitious reasons, but in actuality it was a gesture prompted by Germany to assuage the nervous Soviets, given the fact of the German move through the East culminating with the takeover of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939.
      I’ll say it again. Your premises are seriously flawed due primarily to the sabotage of German Intelligence. You and many others are unable to grasp the monumental significance of this. For the Zios EVERYTHING they sought to accomplish utterly depended on its success

  20. Who INVENTED genocide?
    I am offended when I see the “STAR of DEATH” displayed publicly.
    For 3,500 years Israel has practiced eugenics …. Jewishness is based on: Jewish mother determines that you are Jewish …. Jewish father determines the Tribe (cohen, levite, dan, benjamin) They are a TRIBE …. a family based GANG. If you are not an active member you are NOT part of the GANG. No more than having a cousin in the Hell’s Angels makes YOU a Hell’s Angel.
    ALL people of Good Will should oppose the ORIGINAL nazis.
    Never FORGIVE, Never FORGET, the SHOAH of 1.5MILLION Armenian Christians under the crypto-Jewish “Young Turks”
    Never FORGIVE, Never FORGET, the SHOAH of 66MILLION Christians under the Jewish COMMUNIST Bolsheviks
    Never FORGIVE, Never FORGET the ongoing SHOAH of the PALESTINIANS.
    The sight of the “STAR of DEATH” sends a frightening and offensive message to ALL NON-Jews.
    Israel does not have a ‘right to exist”, because Israel is born of genocide and war crimes.
    The “STAR of DEATH” represents the ORIGINAL “Nazis”, the perpetrators and braggarts of the FIRST holocaust: FUNNY that everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own book..
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

  21. Kadisz for a million bucks
    Ronald Lauder, chairman of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) complains about “the Polish reluctance to recognize that the victims of the Holocaust and their heirs are entitled to a ‘little’ material justice (…)”
    $300 billion is for them of a “little” material justice (“modicum of material justice”)!
    At this point, I would like to remind readers of the sensational text on trading in Jewish property from 2013.
    “Kadisz for a million dollars“ was published by Forbes, where it says that Jewish communes squeezed from the Polish state a huge fortune, among others 500 real estate, which most were sold. The authors of this article, Wojciech Surmacz and Nissan Tzur (Israeli investigative journalist) were accused of anti-Semitism, and Jewish communities intervened directly in Berlin, in the headquarters of Axel Springer, the publisher of the Forbes magazine. Surmacz and Tzur ultimately had to apologize for writing the truth, though the reliability of the material they collected was confirmed by American journalists. (…)
    „I am a loser if I don’t earn a million dollars in the first year”, quipped once Monika Krawczyk, chief executive of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland (FODZ). The foundation recovers property of Jewish communities that was confiscated by Nazis and the communist regime. Krawczyk operates in a interconnected system, because she is often the beneficiary of the decisions she takes. Apart from her job at the FODZ, she works at the Regulatory Commission for Jewish Communities, which, as an independent entity, takes final decisions on what restitutions Jews receive. The Commission is composed of delegates of the board of the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland (ZGWZ) and representatives of Poland’s Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation (MAC). (…)
    Three hundred thousand zlotys of recovered money was, for example, sent to the Foundation for the Protection Lublin Jewish Cemeteries. The funds were to be used to maintain Lublin’s Jewish cemeteries. The subsidy has vanished and the cementaries remained neglected. Could employees of Jewish organizations reap private benefits from the restitution of communal property? (…)
    Polish authorities who supervise religious organisations, are fully aware of the pathology rooted among the rigid, highly “entrenched” Jewish organizations. But they have no courage to deal with this thorny issue for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism. In turn, Polish Jews, who fear their leaders in the United States and Israel, feel powerless because they were told that a scandal will trigger anti-Semitic riots. Therefore, they have remained silent.
    Restitution of property is only when there are owners or their heirs. Otherwise, it is an attempt to plunder.
    We need help to promote the site on internet for signing PETITION

  22. HAWK
    sounds pretty fishy to me chief…
    the NAZIS were controlled by the zionists… both were a very small percentage of their respective worlds..
    i know it’s hard to believe but in retrospect, seeing how things turned out, and seeing how things work in palestine now, it makes sense…
    actually it makes the most sense…
    entire countries can be badly fooled… does anybody doubt that?
    and as a general rule all the functionaries down through the power structures simply follow orders, sycophants…
    i der feuhrer’s case his word was absolute law, disobedience meant death, and nobody argued too much, not if they knew what was good for them… everything was a smashing success at first.. it took a while before people began to realize the end was coming.. and it was, not just bad, but terrible management that lost the cause… the generals didn’t run the war.. the dictator did.. he gave the orders, nobody argued… if the generals had run the war, there’s no way they would have screwed things up so bad…
    we all know by now that governments generally lie, and keep secrets, more than they tell the truth..
    as i remember it, billions turned up missing from the hurricane katrina relief effort, the money never got to where it was supposed to go… and guess who was put in charge of the ‘investigation’ – JOE LIE-BERMAN….

    1. Bark –

      “sounds pretty fishy..”

      Pun??? 🙂

      ‘Sign of the Fish’ is a Christian emblem!!

  23. Lets break all this down to the lowest common denominator. Now this is not to demean any one religion. But. Christianity is *altruism run amock. Islam is a sex and death cult. Both were birth in the fevered minds of the “spitters” of old. This is a gross generalization for sure for all have these characteristics. All three were germinated in the ancient mystery cults, including the Eastern cults, that had their genesis in “Sun”/ “Son”, worship, because it got very dark and scary at night without electricity. This all eventually evolved into a God-Man on earth to save us all from the darkness. Thank “God” for electricity because now we can all read our religious texts at night and practice our proclivities of self-destructive altruism, death and sex, and spitting during the daytime and at night with electricity. And let’s not forget the Sacred cattle that run amock in India.
    *Altruism is the principle and moral practice of concern for happiness of other human beings, resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual.Wikipedia
    (Quality of of life is not defined)

  24. ADMIN: This is well worth knowing. But if you intend to make any further comments on our site, please make them shorter. Such long lists, and such a multiplicity of links, are a strain on most of our readers. This is not a comment; it is as long as an article.

    In 1976 I was asked by a graduate student to accompany her to a private party that her thesis advisor was having for her students, staff and co-workers at her home in Warsaw.. Towards the end of the evening when most of the people left the party the topic of conversation turned to the Jews in Poland. I remember she stated that starting with Bierut that between 1944 to 1969 2.6 Million Polish Jews changed their names and identities to Polish, The files that stored in the Polish State Archives tha tshe personally handled while working at the Polish State Archives. She went on to state that the Jews that changed their names relocated to western part of Poland vacated by the Germans. In the beginning I sort of thought that what she was some what inflating the total figure until now and upon reading the released CIA files from 1954 stating that Jews can not leave Poland as there would be no one to run the country. Also the CIA documents affirm that most of the Jews settled in Wroclaw and the western part of Poland.
    She remarked at the end of the discussion with” just imagine as to what would happen to me if the authorities learned that I am revealing to you. I would be tried, shot on the spot or imprisoned or sent to Siberia.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va9_IJ5AI1whttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnSmYiRvcB0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMHbv2hijBI -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=383iGxRmchY – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ezBBZ3QSwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xZ8hWmGSMohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzPeqxfRQvMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP4HkrORJDUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZZMDKF8l0chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4E42lUrCNEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va9_IJ5AI1whttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnSmYiRvcB0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMHbv2hijBI -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=383iGxRmchY – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ezBBZ3QSwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xZ8hWmGSMohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzPeqxfRQvMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP4HkrORJDUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZZMDKF8l0chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4E42lUrCNE

    The following is a post by a Polish commentator at a discussion group. We at JTR cannot verify the accuracy of this list, nor the Polish source book for this. But, from our own research, the names we recognize on this list from our own research (Bronislaw Geremek, Jerzy Kosinski, Stanislaw Krajewski, Adam Michnik, Jerzy Urban, Dawid Warshawski) are indeed Jewish. But Lech Walesa?!). ]


    Lista osób o zmienionych nazwiskach (Or, “List of persons with name changes”). It continues: Nazwiska autentyczne nizej wymienionych osób zostaly ustalone w oparciu o… (Or, Authentic names of the folks listed below are based upon: (A) Secret catalog data of the people of Poland, according to the Central Bureau’s MSW addresses [Archival numbers are as listed in the Pol. Language]; and (B) Data given by historians in their many publications. ————————————————————————–

    A) Dane tajne kartoteki ludnosci Polski przy Centralnym Biurze. Adresów MSW (nr arch. 1/6526/1 – data archiwacji 9.07.1984, nr rejestracyjny 14750-99 – data rejestracji Wydz. III-2, SUSW Warszawa).

    (B) Dane ujawnione przez historyków w ich licznych publikacjach.

    1. Jerzy Albrecht – Finkelstein

    2. Amsterdamski – Saul Henrykowski

    3. Stanislaw Arski – Apfelbaum

    4. Stefan Arski – Artur Salman

    5. Bronislaw Baczko – Gideon

    6. Leszek Balcerowicz – Aaron Bucholtz

    7. Ryszard Bender – Fajwisch Berenstein

    8. Jan K. Bielecki – Izaak Blumenfeld

    9. Boleslaw Bierut – Rotenschwanz

    10. Alef Bolkowiak – Alef Gutman

    11. Michal Boni – Jakub Bauer

    12. Jerzy Borejsza – Beniamin Goldberg

    13. Wiktor Borowicki – Aaron Berman

    14. Marek Borowski – Szymon Berman

    15. Stefan Bratkowski – Blumstejn

    16. Stanislaw Brodzki – Bronstejn

    17. Jan Brzechwa – Jan Worobiec

    18. Ryszard Bugaj – Izaak Blumfeld

    19. Zbigniew Bujak – lewy syn rabina Malachowskiego

    20. August Chelkowski – Dawid Cnajbaum

    21. red. Kamila Chilinska – Halpern

    22. Wieslaw Chrzanowski – Szymon Knopfstejn

    23. Adam Cichocki – Aaron Zigenbaum

    24. Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz – Dawid Goldstein

    25. Bernard Cukier – Kolski

    26. Józef Cyrankiewicz – Izaak Cukerman

    27. Marek Czekalski (prezydent Lodzi) – Wachter

    28. Tadeusz Daniszewski – Dawid Kirschbaum

    29. Ostap Dluski – Adolf Langer

    30. Jan Dobraczynski (pisarz) – Gutmacher

    31. Ludwik Dorn – Dornbaum

    32. Andrzej Drzycimski – Abraham Engel

    33. Lech Falandysz – Aaron Fleischman

    34. Arkady Fidler – Efroim Trusker

    35. Pawel Finder – Pinkus

    36. Aleksander Ford – Liwczyc

    37. Wladyslaw Frasyniuk – Rotenschwanz

    38. Jerzy Frydberg – Izrael Frydberg

    39. Bronislaw Geremek – Berele Lewartow

    40. Zofia Gomulkowa – Liwa Szoken

    41. Henryk Goryszewski – Jakub Glikman

    42. Jan Górecki – Muhlrad, dyr. gen. Min. Finansów

    43. Wiktor Górecki – Muhlrad, “komandos” z 1968

    44. Maria Górowska (sedzia) – Sand lub Berger

    45. Halina Górska – Sara Kugelschwanz

    46. Alina Grabowska – Sara Rotenfisch

    47. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz – Hajka Grundbaum

    48. Ryszard Marek Gronski – Goldberger

    49. Wiktor Grosz – Izaak Medres

    50. Jacek Groszkowski – Hersz Herszkowicz

    51. Leon Halban – Blumenstok, prof. KUL-u

    52. Aleksander Hall – Miron Hurman

    53. Marian Hemar – jan Marian Herscheles

    54. Józefa Hennelowa – Zyta Goldmond

    55. Szymon Hirszowski – Szymon Hirsz

    56. Józef Hubner – Dawid Szwarc

    57. Piotr Ikonowicz – Dawid Goldsmith

    58. Henryk Jablonski – Apfelbaum

    59. Jerzy Jakubowski – Miszkatenblit

    60. Ludwika Jankowska – Luba Kowienska

    61. Andrzej Jaroszewicz – Aron Samet

    62. Piotr Jasienica – Lech Benar

    63. Jerzy Jaskiernia – Aaron Aksman

    64. Mieczyslaw Jastrun – Agatstein

    65. Tomasz Jastrun s. Mieczyslawa – Agatstein

    66. Kalina Jedrusik – Makusfeld

    67. Roman Jurys – Chaim Szacht

    68. Jaroslaw i Lech Kaczynscy – Kalkstein

    69. Ida Kaminska – Rachel, dyr. Teatru Zyd. w W-wie

    70. Jan Karski (kurier AK) – J. Kozielewski-?

    71. Andrzej Kern – Dawid Ginsberg

    72. Jan Kobuszewski – Weisleder

    73. adm. Piotr Kolodziejczyk – Robert Cajmer

    74. Grzegorz Kolodko – Samuel Hanerman

    75. Maria Komar (generalowa) – Riwa Zukerman

    76. Janusz Korczak – Henryk Goldszmit

    77. Janusz Korwin-Mikke – Ozjasz Goldberg

    78. Jerzy Kosinski – Josek Lewinkopf

    79. Janina Kotarbinska – Dina Steinberg, z. prof. Kotarbinskiego

    80. Mikolaj Kozakiewicz – Jakub Kleinman

    81. Helena Kozlowska – Bela Frisch

    82. Stanislaw Krajewski – Abel Kaimer

    83. Hanna Krall – Hajka Rejchgold

    84. Krzysztof Król – Aaron Rosenbaum

    85. Marian Krzaklewski – Dawid Zimmerman

    86. Lucyna Krzemieniecka – Wiera Zeidenberg

    87. Edward Krzemien (dziennikarz GW) – Wolf

    88. Kunicki – Goldfinger

    89. Kazimierz Kuratowski – Kuratow

    90. Zofia Kuratowska-Jaszunska – Goldman

    91. Jacek Kuron – Icek Kordblum

    92. Aleksander Kwasniewski – Izaak Stoltzman

    93. Jolanta Kwasniewska -Konty – Kohn

    94. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec – Letz de Tusch

    95. Janusz Lewandowski – Aaron Langman

    96. Olga Lipinska – Fajga Lippman

    97. Teresa Liszcz – Sara Lankamer

    98. Jan Litynski – Jakub Leman

    99. Lubiejski – Zygielman

    100. Lozowski – Salomon Abramowicz

    101. Aleksander Luczak – Dawid Lachman

    102. Helena Luczywo – Chaber (ojciec), Guter (matka)

    103. Antoni Macierewicz – Izaak Singer

    104. Aleksander Malachowski – Jakub Goldsmith

    105. Marek Markiewicz – Samuel Moritz

    106. Tadeusz Mazowiecki – Icek Dikman

    107. Jacek Merkel – Samuel Nelken

    108. Adam Michnik – Aaron Szechter

    109. Andrzej Milczanowski – Aaron Edelman

    110. Jerzy Milewski – Dawid Machonbaum

    111. Leszek Moczulski – Robert Berman

    112. Karol Modzelewski – Samuel Mendel

    113. Zygmunt Modzelewski – Fischer

    114. Jerzy Morawski – Izaak Szloma

    115. Stanislaw Nadzin – Gutman

    116. Stefan Niesiolowski – Aaron Nusselbaum

    117. Jerzy Robert Nowak (prof.) – Moritz Neuman

    118. Piotr Nowina-Konopka – Haim Kromer

    119. Róza Ochabowa – Grunbaum

    120. Andrzej Olechowski – Mosze Brandwein

    121. Józef Oleksy – Szymon Buchwio (Lemek)

    122. Jan Olszewski – Izaak Oksner

    123. Janusz Onyszkiewicz – Jojne Grynberg

    124. Jerzy Osiatynski – Szymon Weinbach

    125. Janina Paradowska – Rachela Busch

    126. Jan Parys – Haim Pufahl

    127. Aleksander Paszynski – Finkelstein

    128. Miroslawa Pazynska – Srula Kundelman

    129. Leslaw Podkanski – Izaak Freinkel

    130. Ezdra Podlaski – Rotenschwanz

    131. Kazimierz Pomian – Furman lub Rotenschwanz

    132. Radkiewiczowa, zona min. – Ruta Teitsch

    133. Helena Radlinska, prof.- Rajchman, Akad.Organ.Sl. Spol.

    134. Mieczyslaw Rakowski – Mojzesz Rak

    135. Jan Regula – Josek Mützenmacher

    136. Jan Maria Rokita – Izaak Goldwicht

    137. Andrzej Rosiewicz – A. Jarosiewicz

    138. Adolf Rudnicki (pisarz) – Schneider

    139. Jan Rulewski – Fikelman

    140. Rutkowski – Botwin

    141. Hanka Sawicka – Szapiro

    142. Ryszard Setnik – Szymon Bauman

    143. Izabela Sierakowska – Rebeka Sommer

    144. Janusz Sitynski – Jakub Leman

    145. Ernest Skalski – Wilker lub Nimen

    146. Skrzeszewski – Fokenman

    147. Krzysztof Skubiszewski – Szymon Schimel

    148. Wladyslaw Slawny – Rosenberg

    149. Antoni Slonimski – Stomma

    150. Zenon Smolarek – Izaak Zimmerman

    151. Ewa Spychalska – Salome Stein

    152. Marian Starownik – Symeon Steinman

    153. Stefan Starzewski – Gustaw Szusterman

    154. Stanislaw Stomma – Szaja Sommer

    155. Michal Strak – Baruch Steinberg

    156. Julian Stryjkowski (pisarz) – Pesah Stark

    157. Jerzy Stuhr (aktor) – Josek Feingold

    158. Hanna Suchocka – Hajka Silberstein

    159. Boleslaw Sulik – Jakub Steinberg

    160. Kalman Sultanik – Chaim Studniberg

    161. Irena Szewinska (sportowiec) – I. Kirszenstein

    162. Stefan Szwedowicz (brat Michnika) – Szechter

    163. Roman Szydlowski – Szancer

    164. Wieslawa Szymborska – Rottermund

    165. Pawel Spiewak – Stinger

    166. Boleslaw Tejkowski – Benio Tejkower

    167. Jerzy Turowicz – Jakow Turnau

    168. Stanislaw Tuszewski – Salomon Hardnik

    169. Magda Umer (piosenkarka) – Humer

    (córka zbrodniarza UB)

    170. Jerzy Urban – Josek Urbach

    171. Mieczyslaw Wachowski – Jakub Windman

    172. Henryk Walczak – Zukerman

    173. Lech Walesa – Lejba Kohne

    174. Dawid Warszawski – Konstanty Gebert

    175. Adam Wazyk (poeta) – Wagman

    176. Andrzej Werblan – Aaron Werblicht

    177. Andrzej Wieczorkiewicz – Hirsz Gelpern

    178. Aleksander Wirpsza – Leszek Szaruga

    179. Dariusz Wójcik – Dawid Wisental

    180. Andrzej Wróblewski – Andrzej Ibislauer

    181. Ludmila Wujec – Okrent

    182. Jan Wyka – Leopold Wessman

    183. Roman Zambrowski – Rubin Nusbaum

    184. Janusz Zaorski – Jakub Bauman

    185. Andrzej Zoll – Rojeschwanz, b. prezes Tryb. Konst.

    186. Janusz Ziólkowski – Izaak Zemler Wojskowi (Army)

    187. gen. Edward Braniewski – Brandsteter

    188. gen. Jan Drzewiecki – Holzer

    189. gen. Marian Graniewski – Gutaker

    190. gen. Wiktor Grosz – Izaak Medres

    191. gen. Artur Jastrzebski – Artur Ritter (Niemiec)

    192. gen. Grzegorz Korczynski – Kalinowski

    193. gen. Leszek Krzemien – Maksymilian Wolf

    194. gen. Matejewski – Kugelschwanz

    195. gen. Marian Naszkowski – Wasser

    196. gen. St. Poplawski – Siergiej Grochow (Rosjanin)

    197. gen. Karol Swierczewski – Walter Goltz lub Tenenbaum

    198. gen. Leon Turski – Tennenbaum

    199. gen. Mieczyslaw Wagrowski – Izaak Pustelman

    200. gen. Tadeusz Wilecki – Wallach

    201. gen. Zarako-Zarakowski – Zarako, Nacz. Prok. WP

    202. gen. Janusz Zarzycki – Neugebauer

    203. plk Michal Bron – Bronstein, prac. MSZ

    204. plk dr Charbicz – Marek Heberman, kom.Szpit.Woj.,Warszawa

    205. plk Otto Finski – Finkenstein, szef sztabu “Sluzba Polsce”

    206. plk Garbowski – Caber lub Gruber, d-ca dyw.

    207. plk Gradlewski – Goldberg, GZP WP

    208. plk Mieczyslaw Kowalski – Kohn

    209. plk Anatol Liniewski – Liberman, prac. ASG

    210. plk Rosinski – Rosenberg, DOW

    211. plk Rotowski – Rotholtz, szef Zarz. Sl. Techn. WP

    212. plk St. Sokolowski – Szabat, prac. WAP

    213. plk Pawel Solski – Pinkus, szef Sl. Samoch. WP

    214. plk Szulczynski – Szulcynger, d-ca pulku

    215. plk Wl. Tykocinski – Tikotiner, attache wojsk.

    216. plk Wadlewski – Waldman, dyr. Dep. Wojsk. w Min. Zdrowia

    217. plk Zarski – Silberstein, prac. WAP

    218. pplk Jerzy Bryn – Izrael Alter, prac. MSZ

    219. pplk Jan Dolanowski – Dollinger, DOW

    220. pplk Adam Laski – Gutbrot, prac. ASG

    221. pplk Henryk Zieman – Zysman, DOW

    222. mjr Roman Domanski – Rosenstand, DOW

    223. mjr Marcel Kot – Abram Sterenzys

    224. mjr Józef Sliwinski – Flaumenbaum, szef Wyd. “Sluzba Polsce”

    225. mjr Henryk Uminski – Keff

    226. Filip Berski – Badner, prokurator wojskowy

    227. Kazimierz Golczewski – Bauman, Nacz. Prok. Wojsk.

    228. sedzia Franciszek Kapczuk – Natanel Frau, Sad Wojsk. Wroclaw

    229. Maksymilian Litinski – Lifszyc, Nacz. Prok. Wojsk.

    230. Lubiejski – Zygielman, II Zarzad

    231. Jakub Lubowski – Chase Smen, prok. Dep. Sl. Spraw.

    232. Jan Orlinski – Unterweiser, Prok. Wojsk.

    233. Henryk Podlaski – Fink, Nacz. Prok. Wojsk.

    234. Rajski – Rajgrodzki, II Zarzad

    235. Roman Rawicz – Vogel, Najw. Sad Wojsk.

    236. Henryk Trojan – Adler, II Zarzad

    237. Henryk Walczak – Zukerman

    238. Zagórski – Winter, II Zarzad

    239. Arnold Zaleski – Zalkind, prac. Prok. Wojsk. Pracownicy MSW

    240. gen. Józef Hübner – Dawid Szwarc

    241. gen. Matejewski – Kugelschwanc

    242. gen. Miecz. Moczar – Mykola Demko (Ukrainiec)

    243. Gen. Julian Polan – Harasim, morderca sadowy

    244. gen. Roman Romkowski – Natan Grinspan-Kikiel

    245. gen. Józef Maria Rózanski – Rosenzweig

    246. plk Leon Andrzejewski – Ajzen Lejb-Wolff, dyr. Gabin. Ministra

    247. plk Bielecki – Moniek Buchman, szef WUBP Kraków

    248. plk Julia Brystiger – Prajs

    249. plk Górecki – Goldberg, dyr. Depart. IX

    250. plk Mieczyslaw Mietkowski – Mojzesz Borowicki, doradca MSW

    251. plk Orlowski – Kugelschwanz

    252. plk Marian Reniak – Marian Struzynski

    253. plk Józef Rózanski – Josek Goldberg, dyr. dep. MBP

    254. plk Sienkiewicz – Lewi, dyr. depart.

    255. plk Szerynski – Szhnkman, prac. MBP

    256. plk Józef Swiatlo – Izaak Fleischfarb, z-ca dyr. depart. X

    257. pplk Helena Wolinska-Brus – Ochsmann

    258. mjr Adam Kornecki – Dawid Kornhendler, szef WUBP Kielce

    259. Antoni Alster – Nauman, v-ce szef MBP

    260. Barbara Giller – Basze Lea, prac. MBP Duchowni (Religion)

    261. kard. Franciszek Macharski – Finkelstein

    262. ks. prof. Józef Tischner – Blumstein

    263. ks. prof. Romuald Weksler-Waszkinel – Jakub Weksler

    bp Jan Chrapek, bp Bronislaw Dembowski,bp S. Gadecki,bp gen. Slawoj L. Glódz, abp Henryk Muszynski, bp Tadeusz Pieronek, bp Tadeusz Rakoczy, abp Ziólek, abp Józef Zycinski, ks. Adam Bijak, ks. Adam Boniecki, ks. Michal Czajkowski, o.

  25. i remember distinctly what the november criminals did to germany post ww1 versaille bait and switch treaty ..germany lost a huge amount of eastern border north to south territory to poland …poland has had interesting history of disapearing and then being drawn back on the map somewhere by someone with a huge pencil and a lot of power ….was part of russia ..or russia swallowed it up after it was and then it wasnt ,,,,
    england and france were going to have war with germany no mater what and they told the world including germany that if they “invaded ” poland that they would go against germany …but germany simply desired to take back ethnic ancestral soverign german territory illegally give to poland although it mwas done with a treaty .
    germany was not invading they were reclaiming thier land and it was the jews who killed thousands in poland and it was the partisans who were mostly communist jew s who killed anybody for gain and it was the jewish communist comintern ussr that invaded poland a few weeks later on the east side …..sdo jews in israel want to extort billions from poland when it wss the jews killing people and the russian jews killing people and mainly the people being killed were ethnic germans ….soo why does israel lay claim to any suffering ..lol …
    what a hoax ….see expelledgermans https://www.expelledgermans.org/
    if anyone deserves reparations it is the german ethnics (15-17 million ) routed from their homes and land and businesses and farms by indigenous poles as well as jew communists in german colony silesia pomerania etc ..
    if any jews were killed in poland it was from russian communist army or partisans or mercenary poles ..
    so we now see trump being used to implement a global nuclear war with iran …
    so who the jews going to blame for all the jews in iran who get wiped out as iran has one of the highest population of jews out side of israel ..
    like 30’s and 40’s germany there were jews living openly freely as long as they denounced communism and the allied bombs took them as well ..
    what the allies did to germany was to destroy a free state for communism to proliferate and prosper in europe
    see www . exulanten . hell and the movie online “hellstorm “” some real sick shit considering all of the targets in germany were non military and civilian targets mostly …all 74+ major cities were repeatedly bombed and hundreds of villages and towns ….allies had a mantra …if you see it and you have bombs left over let em go on what ever kind of buildings etc that you see ….
    the world is in a sickening state …
    Yeah so wharere is antifa on as much as they hate trump they must be in agreement with a war on iran ..
    we will lose many of our youth to this monstrosity …
    antifa not protesting trump now ..? it gets weirder all the time …
    P.S > one of the reasons hitler also decided to reoccupy western poland once germany was because
    the jewish and russian and polish bolsheviks and non jew poles had murdered 58,000 ethnic germans in danzig and 6000 in bromberg in 1 day alone ……its documented history ..

  26. I have to say how awe inspiring lasha darkmoon’s writing is ……………
    she is very gifted and highly intelligent ………………………………………..
    i am spending more time here than i used to ……………………………….
    there are lots of very good reads here and links ……………………………
    i have commented at i-man for 7 years or so and also commented back in the archive years then at incogman as templeton sinclair st.william years ago ..and tsstw then sog
    and am honored to be able to leave comments here on lashas site ..
    regarding reading incog archives and how hard to get a read on them as sometimes his archive thingy doesnt work …and so there is a trick ..there is a trick to get to his archives which i refrain from explaining ..
    first light forum which was a great site also snapped up my albeit somewhat crude emotional excerpts i left on incogman and ran with them on his site and can only be seen on waybackmachine now as firstlightforum has disappeared like hoff has from hofflandia and other good patriot commentors have to old age or disease in the struggle for truth and freedom from jews and islam ..
    and it seems another long time commentor at i-man has fallen away to the mystery void ..
    not sure what happened to PRT but he was in tune on the realities of life today ….hope he is well and just taking a break ..
    you really cant be too careful with the draconiun satanic league of jewish devils …
    they dont play well with others and they dont play fair …
    being a once upon a time shabbat goy zionist 101% i can understand the mental mindset lockstep ……
    glad to be free of the mental bullshit that oasses for a B movie backdrop setting aka democracy in america and globally ..
    watch yer back out there people especially from the jewish morlock footsoldiers in black and brown zombie colours …

    May 22, 2019 at 11:25 pm
    ” Go to war against countries/peoples based on LIES, destroy countries and kill people based on LIES, get a discount on your purchases and get patted on the back by sales clerks, feel smug about yourself and smirk a lot.”
    Such poster, written by big letters, should be placed at the entrance of every shop. So that every ‘hero’ was able to see it.

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