Puppets for president


Why people don’t vote?


Something happened shortly after September 11, 2001 that has subsequently changed the nature of the USA. Or maybe it just accelerated a process that had been long developing but had yet to emerge into full view. The exact moment came when George W. Bush stood in front of the ruins of the World Trade Center, and said to the world, “They hate our freedoms.” And suddenly, the brains of all Americans were damaged when they accepted his ridiculous assertion as the true explanation for the disaster, because it wasn’t.

(The people who really hate our freedoms have been our recent presidents and the puppetmasters who chose them. To this very day, they continue to cover up the real 9/11 story.)

I said at the time Bush’s assessment would not have passed muster in a middle school debate, but this retarded level of disingenuous dialogue has continued to this day in the widely watched public media. The Trump-Russia collusion fiasco was one such example. This retarded rhetoric dominates the subjects for the discussion about who will be the next president. This list of topics does not include any of the principal issues most Americans wish to discuss, which are blacks murdering whites, the destruction of our job base, and the poisoning of the entire world, especially the food supply.

In every presidential election in recent memory, the reason why we don’t have any truly genuine presidential candidates is precisely because Jews choose the next president from their list of pre-approved acceptable lackey stooges. Just look at the behavior of the last four U.S. presidents and observe how low has been their moral character. Our next president will be the one who best articulates the plans of the Jewish billionaires who run the world.

Which Jew puppet will you vote for in 2020?

Jews limit our choices

Most actual Americans don’t want our presidents making war all over the world for profits that don’t even trickle down to the American people, but instead wind up in the secret bank accounts of Jews and their designated goyim prostitutes in Israel, Switzerland and Chappaqua. Especially when our infrastructure is crumbling and our children in their first grade of school are being molested by homosexual drag queens, forever complicating their psychosexual development.

Homosexuality is a behavioral disease deliberately disintegrating the American family structure, which seriously undermines the concept of masculinity and the ability of men to continue to be strong.

The push to feminize men is really a push to weaken America.

The push to masculinize women is really aimed at demolishing the concept of a normal family.

These are all aspects of the Jewish destabilization template, which has been eating at the core of America’s well being since the Civil War.

If you’re still one of those sleeping beauties who thinks Jews are just another ethnic group, then you many consider yourself officially brainwashed — as are most Americans — by a hundred years of Jewish media undermining America’s stability in uncountable ways.

Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawai’i) seems the only semi-legit candidate among the field of radical Democratic communists running for president in the 2020 election.

But it’s already obvious that Gabbard suffers from the same Jewish media induced disease that scuttled the recent presidential candidacy of maverick Texas Rep. Ron Paul, in two elections in fact, despite that in both races he was the clear popular favorite of the American people, who turned out in droves to boost his campaign.

Instead the Jewish media tried to convince us we wanted fixer Mitt Romney and mobster John McCain and instead we got the mysterious Barack Obama, not even a U.S. citizen, shoved down our throats.

Gabbard destroyed media darling Kamala Harris in a recent debate, yet the Jewish networks now declare Harris a favorite and Gabbard an also ran.

The media spooks at Jew-run CNN continue to berate Gabbard as a traitor for visiting Syrian president Assad in an attempt to get a better idea of what was actually happening to yet another country Israel was trashing with U.S. troops. For this Gabbard is declared an enemy. Of course, when McCain went over to abet the creation of ISIS as part of the U.S. attempt at regime change in Syria, Jew media praised his visit.

Here we have two glaring examples (among many more) of how Jewish media determine who becomes the American president, by controlling the narrative of all public media in the United States (and even around the world, to a great extent).

The most glaring example of this ubiquitous campaign is the positioning of black men and white women on every single newscast in the nation, as well as in all the positioning of characters in advertising of every type, the subtle promotion of miscegenation as a way of undermining the social structures of white countries.

The ultimate objective of this campaign is to significantly diminish the intellectual capacity of the population, making it much easier to manipulate the dumbed down drecks we have all become. This is also how you get twisted curricula in public schools that allow homos with criminal records to fondle your toddlers at these much-promoted Drag Queen Story Hours.

And these are but two of the myriad aspects of the Jewish destabilization template.

Setting up the police state

Illegal immigration seriously destabilizes any society which is why it is assisted by governments to hasten the day when it can impose draconian police measures on the general population. Notice how Israel does not permit illegal immigration, yet encourages and facilitates it in other countries.

The United States is the true threat to peace in the world because it has lost control of itself and has become a demented zombie killer for Israel. Never has any so-called nation lived up to the reputation of Israel as a gigantic vampire parasite sucking the financial blood out of every country — and every person — in the world.

The New York Times, CNN and all the other Jewish media giants are trying to turn this country into Africa, where the resources of the people may be stolen without resistance because of all the debilitating bribery that has taken place up and down the line, and the reduced level of intelligence that has produced.

In all movie and TV dramas, the black character is now the all-knowing good guy and the white one the slovenly deviant, which makes no sense, because it is the blacks who covet white culture. This should make clear to you the Jewish destabilization template at work.

What are the issues Americans want most talked about?

Right now, it’s illegal immigration as badly dressed Africans are seen wandering the streets in the whitest parts of America, filling up the jails and hospitals with exotic diseases they hope to spread to the rest of the population. It is the great scam of Trump’s term that as he railed about the necessity for a border wall that illegal immigration has actually increased by orders of magnitude, while the Jews and the Democrats facilitated the process.

Obama’s idea of just taking the homes of white people and giving them to blacks is reflected in the measures taken by the governments of the Europe Union of depriving their citizens of their homes in order to accommodate illegal African and Middle Eastern “refugees”.

Moreso it is reflected in the barbaric behavior of the black governments of South Africa and Zimbabwe that have ruined their own countries repeatedly and in perpetuity. This is what Jewish media and our Jewish occupation government promise to bring to the U.S. — utter destruction and chaos, then iron fisted government as the Jewish world order culls the population radically.

All these people running for the White House (including the present occupant) are not really Americans — they are those facilitating the destruction of America and its conversion into a Jewish-run Communist state. It’s a continuing tragedy that idealistic young people don’t realize that the end point of communism is mega mass murder, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has explained so clearly (a message the Jews have prevented from being published in the United States).

Whomever the Jews promote for president (or any office), clear thinking people of any color should wake up to the corrupt scams they represent, and vote for their opponents, after first discerning that the opponent is not a carbon copy of the original problem child, which is the case in most U.S. elections, and definitely in all recent presidential elections. It’s hard to remember an election in which both candidates were not controlled (or in the case of JFK, at least tacitly OK’d initially) by the Jewish financial hierarchy.

You’ve already lost the country you thought you had. Now it might be a good time to start thinking about how you might be able to get it back. I hope I don’t need to mention what your alternative is, since I’ve been doing that so often for the past 16 years.


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  1. From the article:
    “Jews limit our choices”

    Jews in control of Google, Facebook & DARPA come to MY mind first.

    In particular concerning…..

    “Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul”

    Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Google for $50 Million

    Julian Assange tweeted a screenshot of Ron Paul’s “Liberty Report” page showing that his videos had been labeled “not suitable” for all advertisers by YouTube’s(Google) content arbiters.


  2. JK: “Which Jew puppet will you vote for in 2020?”

    Which Jew evil will you vote for in 2020? That is the question, which is the lesser of two Jew evils? A better question might be, should I continue living in a Jew infested nation that is going to hell?

  3. @ Joe Tallache

    A better question might be, should I continue living in a Jew infested nation that is going to hell?

    Obviously not! So you have a choice. Either to kill yourself or find your Shangri-La, an ideal country or Utopia in which to take refuge.

    Two questions then arise:

    1. Where is your Utopia? Where would you head? Would you need money? How could you relocate to this ideal location if you are poor, have a family to support, and need to make a living?

    2. Even if you found a nice refuge or hideyhole for yourself in an “unspoilt” part of the world, how could you live with yourself if you knew the rest of the world was burning and going to hell in a hand cart? If most of the world is a dystopian nightmare, isn’t the decision to seek refuge in some idyllic location a selfish and narcissistic decision?

    I put it to you, there is no Utopia on earth. This is a vale of tears. Wherever you go, you take your problems. Wherever you go, you carry the burden of the ages: the inevitable prospect of old age, sickness and death. And wherever you go, you face the vagaries of Chance—sudden paralysis, blindness out of nowhere, or falling into a pit full of poisonous vipers.

    1. Methinks this may be your best post, Sister. The overriding message:
      You can run, but you can’t hide. And speaking for the men in this world, the time for our true measure of character is fast approaching. Make your decisions the right ones

    2. All true what you say but there are choices one can make to move away from the danger areas.

      For instance if you thought Trump is going to push us into WW3 with Russia and China it may be a good idea to move upwind and away from target areas. Like the song says head for the (west) coast

      Oh and as I watched him on the stage
      My hands were clenched in fists of rage
      No angel born in Hell
      Could break that Satan’s spell

      And as the flames climbed high into the night
      To light the sacrificial rite
      I saw Satan laughing with delight
      The day the music died

      He was singin’
      Bye, bye Miss American Pie
      Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
      Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye
      Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
      This’ll be the day that I die

      I met a girl who sang the blues
      And I asked her for some happy news
      But she just smiled and turned away

      I went down to the sacred store
      Where I’d heard the music years before
      But the man there said the music wouldn’t play

      And in the streets the children screamed
      The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed
      But not a word was spoken
      The church bells all were broken

      And the three men I admire most
      The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
      They caught the last train for the coast
      The day the music died

      1. Thank you Joe for posting the lyrics of Don Mclean. One of the great pop poems/lyrics with music of the 20th century. One can only wonder as to the degeneration of the pop music scene of rap and other secretions of the last 30 years compared to Bye, Bye, Truly, “The day the music died”

      2. I remember that bad sad day very well, Joe….. February 3, 1959. So did Don.
        These boys were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa with pilot:

        Buddy Holly – “Peggy Sue”
        Ritchie Valens – “Labamba”
        The Big Bopper (Jiles Perry “J. P.” Richardson) – “Chanilly Lace” – “Oh, baby, you KNOW what I LIKE!!”

      1. @Carlos. I am not particularly disagreeing with the theory of reincarnation. Just wondering why we would be placed in Hell without first being informed as to what we did that was so wrong in a previous life and therefore given an opportunity to voluntarily behave correctly. Why throw us directly into Hell?

        1. @ Wyandotte

          Relax, Hell doesn’t exist! Except on earth. Where it is strictly temporary, ceasing to be a source of torment after death. Anyone who argues the contrary, that Hell is an actual place where souls are kept in everlasting torment, is not only a sadist but can provide no empirical evidence that such a place actually exists.

          Hell exists as a specific place of everlasting hellfire and pain only in religious mythology, e.g. in the Bible and in the works of Dante, Milton and Goethe. But it can be seen here as a metaphor, just as the story of Adam and Even in the Book of Genesis can be seen as an allegory.

          Consider one amusing point. Hell is by definition a place of excruciating torment. Of infinite pain and burning hellfire. Can you imagine anyone thrown into a roaring furnace having the time and leisure to conduct long philosophical discussions on Good and Evil, Free Will and Destiny? Frankly, I don’t. And yet this is what Satan and his fellow devils keep doing in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. Endless scholastic discussions on theology and philosophy!

          If you’re literally being burned alive — forever! — all you can do is SHRIEK with non-stop pain.

          The same applies to Dante’s ‘Inferno’ and Goethe’s ‘Faust’. The inmates of these poetic Hells are so involved in elevated discussions on the finer points of philosophy that it’s impossible to regard them as suffering from excruciating physical pain simultaneously.

          Just my two cents. Hell exists only in the human imagination — in the deranged minds of great artists like Hieronymus Bosch.


      2. I don’t doubt that many of us were evil in one of our past lives. However, the nicest people I have known, have died young, tragically, or from horrible diseases. Perhaps they are being rewarded, by not being subjected to the current insanity.

      3. LD, or like the material cosmos/creation itself,
        (which includes many Hellish arenas), it’s real but temporary. Not eternal. Akin to a toothache. When your tooth stops aching the question (philosophy) remains: would you like some more sugar? There’s plenty more sugar where that came from. Your choice..

        1. Sure, it’s temporary. That’s what I said! 🙂

          The torment either stops after death, in which case the “Hell” in question is a hell only on earth. But if it exists after death in some supersensual realm, like in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it is, as you say, “temporary”.

          But if it is strictly temporary, then it known as “PURGATORY” in the Christian tradition, not as “hell”.

          Hence the distinction in Dante, where the difference between HELL and PURGATORY is that hell is everlasting but purgatory is temporary. If you go to purgatory when you die, you get a second chance after you have served your sentence and “learned your lesson”, so to speak, i.e. when you have achieved purgation or purification. If, however, you go to hell when you die, you don’t get a second chance in Dante’s medieval Christian universe. You’re there for keeps!

          Hence the words in big capital letters over the doors of Hell in Dante’s Inferno: “LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA, VOI CH’ENTRATE!” (= ‘Abandon Hope all ye who enter here!’)

      4. “LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA, VOI CH’ENTRATE!” (= ‘Abandon Hope all ye who enter here!’)

        This very same sign might just as well be located at the entrance to the material cosmos, in toto.
        (Heavens, Hells, Purgatory, Etc.)

        This due to even the Seven Heavens themselves still being located within the material creation. Heavenly planets, yet temporary nonetheless.

        “After one enjoys the results of virtuous activities in the upper planetary systems, he comes down to this earth and renews his karma, or fruitive activities for promotion. This planet of human beings is considered the field of activities.”

        And then there’s Brahmaloka, a very special place indeed.

      5. Heaven, hell, purgatory….

        Wherever these places are, or whatever they are, just know that they’re not intended by Divinity

        Get your minds around the idea that the True Creation was circumvented; “hijacked”. Just because something IS doesn’t mean it’s “meant to be”. This is the worldly delusion Chabadians suffer from, this false idea of “God’s Will”. What God might that be? Meant to be through whose (cosmic) design?

      6. More complete depiction of the Universe.
        ONE UNIVERSE among unlimited universes.

        One might only imagine what Dante might have conceived, realized had he been afforded access to the Vedas.
        Perhaps in his next life he was..

      7. The “shadow world” is also known as the virtual reality – where we currently are. A shadow, of sorts, is cast due to the Divine Light being “blocked off”

        Sometimes a clue is offered up in symbolizing a distinction. E.g.; when looking at water lapping up against a cluster of rocks. Think of the water as Spirit, and the rocks as matter. The free-flowing nature of water symbolizes how Spirit moves. The rocks symbolize a fixation of matter. Legend has it that freezing water punishes it for acting so free..❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

    3. Thus concludeth today’s sermon by Sister Moronica

      ADMIN TOBY: No need to post again. Goodbye!

  4. Brownhawk –

    Yes, Sister is spot-on! Always save a bullet for yourself – just in case. I’m mending well, but don’t know if I’ll ever be as strong as I was, once. I’m trying, but it’s comforting to have access to modern medicinal skills if I ever need them, again. I see the time coming when we might not have them, and it will be a time ONLY for the fit and strong among us. First and foremost, we need get our MINDS right to be able to endure the hardships which may not be too far distant. Imagine no electricity for just one week! The body count will be tremendous; chaos and looting will happen; the stench will be sickening, unless you’re fortunate enough to dwell in a remote, rural place, unmolested. Most people don’t have the skills to survive, nor have they had the foresight or ability to prepare for such hard times.
    The scoundrel Jews will be the LEAST of our problems! 😳

  5. Simply stated, we don’t choose the Puppet Presidents or other important elected office holders.

    *If voting made a difference, elections would be outlawed!!

    Many candidate choices are made by controlling local elections, to start filling the pipelines with compromised office holders on the rise. I know one personally who became President. And there are many ways to accomplish that.

    HACKING is just one way TODAY. Conventions are held globally to show I.T. experts how hacking is done very easily.

    Election machine keys are on the Internet, hackers say!!

    I am simply an investigative journalist who, upon learning that the types of keys used for these machines are apparently widely available for purchase on the Internet, was prudent enough to ask to take a few keys home as souvenirs from my recent trip to the DEF CON 27 Hacking Conference in Las Vegas.

    I may have the keys to open voting machines used in states across the country, and that is not a good thing.

    I am not an election official. I am not a voting machine expert, operator, or otherwise affiliated with any federal, state or local government agency.


    Yearly event for ALL I.T. experts:

    Election Security Tested at DEF CON 27 Aug 8. 2019 Las Vegas

    Contents & Reviews:

    NPR: Election Security Tested at DEF CON

    Forbes: Warning as Macs Remotely Hacked by Malicious iPhone Cable On Sale for $200

    Cnet: At DEF CON, Teaching Disinformation is Child’s Play

    Threatpost: DEF CON 2019: Researchers Demo Hacking Google Home for RCE

    The Parallax: A Hacker’s Fall Fashion Line Features Faux License Plates. Here’s Why

    TechCrunch: 2020 and the Black-Box Ballot Box

    Wired: Hackers Take on DARPA’s $10 Million Voting Machine

  6. Why voting these days in the first place if parties are run or silenced by/into submission leaving no representatives for a humble, free and decent man ANYWHERE that can be voted for?
    “Australia has the highest voter turnout (93%) of all the long time democracies” and has never been a country with its own sovereignty but is statistic-ed a “long time democracy“? https://www.accuratedemocracy.com/d_stats.htm
    Voting is compulsory in the (Ex)colony and non voters are fined or prosecuted for not participating. A great source of additional income and revenue for the operators of “Australian democracy” that has turned the State electoral commission into a branch of public servant bounty hunters feeding on the ones “they serve”!
    Should another worldly Nation like “the land of the free” be a different “democracy” in the earthly realm where Google and the chosen media provide the election results, Presidents, parties and politicians John Kaminski?
    Maybe time has come to make some revenue ($$$$$) for the debt plagued USA. Make voting compulsory before the next election! It’s a money spinner (for the same mob we are working for) and the outcomes everywhere will be just about the same.

  7. John,
    Not all may be lost. There is hope that an all white homeland in the Pacific NW in North America will someday soon take form. Jews and the third through 66th sex not allowed including Blacks.
    All you folks out their in cyber land listen to the latest NW Front pod-cast for some down home straight talk.
    As the late Harold Covington use to say it’s happening folks, ever so slowly. Young and older whites are moving to the future, someday the Lord willing, an all white NW homeland. This is the only hope for a future for white children.

  8. What to say to this? The office of the POTUS, the CEO of the US Corporation, has long been captured by alien, criminal elements. To wit, the current occupant proves the point. Read this: –>
    “The Final Conflict Between East and West – Stage Being Set for the Hot Phase of WW3”

    If there is any rectification(remedy) to the ongoing disintegration of the USA and the West, it won’t lie in the blue-red, left-right political domain. And since the criminal controllers have weaponized every aspect of civilization against the health, wealth, and welfare of the general population – the outlook looks quite grim.

    What to do? the options as I see them…
    1. Jump ship – ex-patriot living
    2. Ignore everything – willingly go down with the ship
    3. Undertake a prepping/survivalist approach to the extant doable
    4. Commit suicide
    5. Attempt to live a more spiritual life – service to others, knowing that time is short

  9. An exemple of a feminized man is a right-wing drunked person who listeen a Raffaella Carrà’s song,thinking to be a male. A normal person has to study or has to work,according to his personal,fundamental and absolute freedom. The right-wing and pluto-left are not compatible with social justice perspectives. The jewish plutocrats want working people like “leftist” DMAX television . Tax Evasion,nepotism and economic inequality are the true plagues of the italian country. Look at the famous south korean K-Pop culture,for exemple. The k-pop culture is the culture of young italians. Wealthy young peoples,girls and males with Samsung smartphones. They are feminized,vulgar and wealthy. In south korea the pop culture is a tax evasion culture. Night club and disco was closed by the autorities. The tax evasion culture is mostly of right-wing parties.Look at the zionist Lega Nord or at the german-zionist Afd party. Ayn Rand is their god.

    1. Are you italian? You should know Italy is ruled by italian jews as all west is ruled by jews. Italy is a colony for the jews. The italians must emigrate for a living to another jew ruled country and the italian jews live as kings in Italy.

  10. “(The people who really hate our freedoms have been our recent presidents and the puppetmasters who chose them. To this very day, they continue to cover up the real 9/11 story.)”
    Cover-ups, yeah,.. Not to mention Jim Traficant, Phillip Marshall, David Crawley, the pittsburg pickle heiress, a planeload of microbiologists, Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan, a planeload of business men and ron brown, william colby, olaf palme, admiral forrestal, hale boggs, jfk and about 100 witnesses, rfk, mlk, mjk, joe kennedy jr.,general patton, huey long, louis mcfadden, rudolf diesel, warren harding, william mckinley, garret hobart, james garfield, abe lincoln, just off the top of my head…
    “Gabbard destroyed media darling Kamala Harris in a recent debate, yet the Jewish networks now declare Harris a favorite and Gabbard an also ran.”
    there’s method in joe biden’s senile madness too… they’ll pull the plug on him, he’ll drop out or whatever, in time to shift his base over to harris, she’s the media designate… it won’t be bernie or annette benning…
    “The most glaring example of this ubiquitous campaign is the positioning of black men and white women on every single newscast in the nation, as well as in all the positioning of characters in advertising of every type, the subtle promotion of miscegenation as a way of undermining the social structures of white countries.”
    I talked to the honcho ate my bank, made him take the miscegenation posters off the walls…
    “It’s a continuing tragedy that idealistic young people don’t realize that the end point of communism is mega mass murder, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has explained so clearly (a message the Jews have prevented from being published in the United States).”
    Everybody on this website is high on the color-coded hit-list…

  11. Trump says he will “ORDER” US companies NOT to deal with China!!


    Since the enactment of the National Emergencies Act in 1976 through February 15, 2019, 59 emergencies have been declared; 27 have expired while 33 are currently in effect, each having been renewed annually by the president.

    International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA of 1977)

    Title 50 USCA, Chapter 25, § 1701


    United States Code Annotated Title 50. War and National Defense

    Chapter 35. International Emergency Economic Powers

    § 1701. Unusual and extraordinary threat; declaration of national emergency; exercise of Presidential authorities

    (a) Any authority granted to the President by section 1702 of this title may be exercised to deal with any unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States, to the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States, if the President declares a national emergency with respect to such threat.

  12. PAT
    Sounds Good To Me…
    Return the manufacturing to the USA, OK make it mandatory…
    That’s the best government program for dealing with the homeless crisis, hard drug dealing, crime in general, isolation, suicide epidemic…
    The idea will be also that the products we make will be easy, not hard to fix, and designed to last as long as possible and their parts recylable…
    And while we’re at it our country will become the outstanding example of progress for all the world to see…
    Any of the typical corporate collusion for ‘planned obsolescence’ scheming will be criminalized and prosecuted…
    With this move we’ll get past the old ‘keep people working’ BS and get over the whole garbage thing…
    But more, and this is being nibbled at now, actually by some corporate leaders, believe it or not – corporations will henceforth operate with a real sense of responsibility to society, as opposed to the old private bottom line methodology… It’s not too complicated…
    It will be beyond just more charity work, and the fundamental change in method will be for all, not just those who volunteer…
    Enough with the systemic corporate obscurantism, of which war programming is probably the most egregious example…

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