When I look back at all the things I did,
Or failed to do, when time stretched on for ever,
When summer followed spring and autumn slid
By slowly, into winter’s icy river;
Then each day seemed to last a year and all
The years slipped by like sleepers in a trance, 
Drifting through darkest night. See how they fall
Away like leaves, while others take their chance.

Hellbent on pleasure, thus we found new pain,
Choosing the nails for our own crucifixion,
Doing the vile deed again—and yet again—
Trapped in the maze of mindless repetition.
Regrets, regrets!—‘I’ve no regrets,’ fools prattle,
Plodding on to their slaughterhouse like cattle.

3 thoughts to “Regrets”

  1. Damn true sentiment, and well done!
    (At least, I’m no fool, and DO admit regrets…) 😕
    I’m sure a lot of your readers can relate, Xanadu.

  2. Excellent! One can also go a step further and say, “Stumbling to a dreadful death and judgment.”

  3. I used to keep a sturdy stick hanging just inside my door.
    Every morning before I left my home I would give myself a few good whacks to nip any ideas of ongoing self flagellation in the bud. A karmic preemptive strike!
    When I returned home I would apply a bit more medicine so I might afterwards relax and enjoy the rest of the evening flagellation free.

    One fine morning the stick broke and I accepted this as a sign, an omen, a reward that self flagellation was no longer necessary. Since that stick broke I’ve never felt better!

    I tried to convince a few others to give it a try, but unfortunately they weren’t aware nor could I convince them of their own self inflicted pain an misery.

    Such is the way of the world..

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