Rest Easy in the Dark



Rest easy in the dark all night
My long departed, lost and gone, 
Forever beautiful and bright
Fragment of the Eternal One.

When long ago in summer lands
We laughed and danced the world away,
There where the wily serpent winds
With silken coils his sinuous way—

There in that Eden it began
When time was a rose of rapture 
And round the tree of life you ran
And the Dark Prince made his capture!

Out of the cruel forge of pain,
Out of our vices crooked and cranked,
A golden age will rise again
And make our sufferings sacrosanct.

All that we ever thought and did
Will join the paths of those who trod
This earth long since and now lie hid
In the memory banks of God.

3 thoughts to “Rest Easy in the Dark”

  1. We pine for Eden every day
    that’s where Our Goddess Lilith took over the place
    Her first Great Victory! HOORAY!
    it’s where She first held sway!
    having fooled the two inhabitants
    who seemed to be devoid of brains
    She quickly came to RULE , Our Queen of The Universe!
    In Her Magnificence She destroyed this Earth! HOORAY!
    Turning Paradise into a besotted sh*tty place
    So really, it would be more correct to say :
    WE pretend to pine for Eden
    while WE’RE actually as-happy-as-pie
    this fallen world is Ruled and Controlled
    by a blood-sucking vampire hermaphrodite! HOORAY!
    All praises to Jew Qabalah Lilith!!!!
    who did and continues to do SO MUCH to besmirch and blacken and sicken and destroy God’s Creation!
    This world they now call a “Vale of Tears”
    is nothing like how their God intended
    Thanks to Our Queen Lilith MOST MAGNIFICENT!
    WE play-pretend to be upset about what happened in their erstwhile Eden
    while actually WE’RE as-happy-as-pie their paradise is NO LONGER in existence, *grin*

    1. TROJ –

      When the orderlies come in to hose you down, do you holler for Lileth?? (I’ll bet she’d look GOOD in your time of distress…) 🤔🤔😀
      Does the water puddle in your flat-earth cell, or do you just wallow in the mud like an old hog?

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