See the Dead Arise




Far away and long ago in a dead
World, where the flowers no longer bloom nor
The birds sing, there, once again, will be heard
The wind’s sweet sigh and the sea’s distant roar.

There they walk together in the tall shadows,
The slim, white-robed lovers for ever young,
Gathering flowers in the lush green meadows,
Singing the old sweet songs no longer sung.

All through the sultry afternoons they wander
By cooling streams where the silver fish leap,
And maybe once in a while they will wonder
If they are truly awake or asleep.

See the dead arise on a distant star—
We shall  join them soon, having come from far.

18 thoughts to “See the Dead Arise”

  1. When the poetic Solomon said “The dead know nothing”, I have to wonder if he was just avoiding speculation… Poets often seem to try to make the ugliness of death into something beautiful to ease the horrors of mortality. Since all of us must die, we feel the need to paint a better picture than simply having our remains interred or becoming buzzard bait. Death is a difficult topic, and Xanadu has approached it with poetic zeal – but I seriously doubt we’ll be bothered with trying to placate old lovers. (At least I hope not!)

    1. I liked your comment about Solomon, but of course he was talking nonsense. “Nonsense” being defined by science as “saying things which can never be proved (or falsified). How can Solomon, after all, know that “the dead know nothing?

      He’d have to die first to find out, wouldn’t he?

      He’d know the answer then for sure! — or maybe he wouldn’t! 🙂

      1. Personally, I suspect the dead know a lot more than we know. Maybe WE, the living, are the Walking Dead. Living in a virtual world. A dream world.

        Solomon would have benefited much from reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which it is said: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.”

        And it was Shakespeare, too, who spoke very forcibly about life being a dream: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

        1. Homer (Hp) will know all about this. Shankara. Maya and Lila. The great Hindu sages have been there already, many moons ago.

          Plato was a strange bod too. Shankara and Plato would have had much to say to each other. Plato believed, unbelievably, that all knowledge was “recollection”. That new cutting-edge discoveries, for example, were there already, discovered countless times before and forgotten. Suddenly, at a particular time and place, they were “remembered” and brought into the light of day again by a new thinker. Weird.

          Solomon would have indeed benefited by sitting at the feet of men like Plato, Shankara and Skakespeare. It’s a world of wonders, truly, of magic and mystery.

          Beautiful poem, by the way. Xanadu has paddled in these murky waters for many moons. Her poems are hints and guesses of other worlds. “Otherworldly”, that’s the best word to describe these poems. They “come from far” . . .

      2. Sardonicus, after many hours and days of discussions on Western philosophy and philosophers from Aristotle to Sartre, the Swami said he liked Socrates and Jung the best.

        “Learned sages have definitely concluded that the infallible fruit of knowledge, austerity, Vedic study, sacrifice, the chanting of hymns, and charity is found in the transcendental descriptions of the qualities of the Lord, who is defined in choice poetry.”
        (Srimad-Bhiigavatam 1. 5. 22)

      3. I’m dead; been that way for a while now – Arch Stanton 3 February 1862. After being buried in a forgotten shallow grave from a fast fading war story, I figger life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean that’s where it’s all headed – ain’t it? Ain’t it all destined for a forgotten grave?

        Not just you personally, not just people in general, but Ev-Ry-Thing? What happens after death? Well, what happened before life? There’s your answer. Just don’t tell anybody I said so. I’ve heard rumors of those boiling vats of hot excrement for denying the holocaust, so you can imagine what happens to me on this side if anyone finds out I told ya’.

        Let me tell you being dead ain’t no picnic, but it’s a livin.’

        Happy Halloween! From the other side, Arch

      4. @ Hp

        Sardonicus, after many hours and days of discussions on Western philosophy and philosophers from Aristotle to Sartre, the Swami said he liked Socrates and Jung the best.

        The Swami showed good taste. By “Socrates” he really means Plato, because the Socrates we know comes to us only through Plato’s ‘Dialogues’ in which Socrates features as the man speaker. In endorsing Socrates/Plato, the Swami is also endorsing mystical Christianity. This is because Plato, often described as “the first Christian” though he lived four centuries before Christ, was also the inspirer and precursor of Plotinus, the neo-Platonist, the founding father of Christian mysticism. It is from Plotinus we get the famous phrase, ‘from the alone to the Alone’. This would be seen by the Swami as simply another way of saying, “From Atman to Brahman” or “From the water drop to the ocean.”

        As for Jung, he was not so foolish as to dismiss the Old Testament as dangerous nonsense, as many anti-Semites do on this website, erroneously believing that all Jews are evil to the bone and that everything they pen has to be evil also. Those who believe this are not only fools but pathologically sick. The Old Testament is an anthology, you see, consisting of many books. It doesn’t follow, because some Old Testament books are objectionable, that ALL the books in it are equally horrible.

        There is nothing wrong with “The Book of Ecclesiastes”, for example, a masterpiece of Jewish wisdom. This happens to be LD’s favourite Old Testament book, and rightly so. It is a marvellous book. Why reject this fantastic book just because you don’t like ‘The Book of Deuteronomy’? Do you reject a restaurant just because one or two items on its menu are disgusting? Of course not.

        The Book of Psalms is full of wisdom and brilliance, too, even though one or two of the psalms say some pretty awful and controversial things. Like the one about bashing a gentile child’s brains out on a rock. (“By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept…”, that psalm).

        As for the Book of Job, Jung was astute enough to take it seriously. He didn’t reject it just because a Jew wrote it. The book reflects on the Problem of Pain, one of the oldest philosophical problems in the world, and Job deals with the subject methodically and profoundly. The same problem obsessed Gautama Buddha and gave him the Four Noble Truths, the foundation of Buddhism. So Jung took “The Book of Job” seriously and wrote his response to it in “Answer to Job.”

        No amount of sneering at the Old Testament by mentally disturbed antisemites who have lost their bearings will make me despise the Old Testament. Imaginary history? So what? Ever heard of myths and allegories? There is no imaginary history in Ecclesiastes, Job, the Psalms, or the Book of Proverbs by Solomon. There is only genuine inspirational wisdom.

        People who reject Christianity because of its connection with Judaism are to be pitied. I have compassion for these lost souls who have an inflated opinion of their own intellectual abilities, getting pleasure from spitting on the simple faith of good Christians like my mother.

        Why should I pay any attention to these Jew-hating Christ bashers, many of them using this website to scatter their poison, when Christianity is the religion that inspired Leonardo da Vinci, Pascal, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendel, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky?

        If Christianity is good enough for these great men, the men we look up to as models and paragons of the white race, it’s good enough for me.

        Christianity was good enough for Gandhi, too, and he wasn’t even a Christian. He knew the New Testament almost by heart, studying it on alternate days along with his Bhagavad-Gita.

    2. King Solomon – Yet another “great, Jewish leader” for which there is no evidence outside the Bible – and Oded Golan’s attempts at forging antiquities from that era.

      Solomon’s Temple, the so-called “first Temple” is another Jewish myth. Just as Jews proclaim that lack of documented evidence explains the existence of a holocaust 6,000,000 Jews somehow saw “vith their own eyes,” the Jews circular claim for proof of Solomon’s Temple is the Biblical description, despite the fact there is no hard, archeological proof for its existence anywhere, just like all the other Biblical claims of the Old Testament.

      Take away the book and nothing remains of the Bible. Take away the Jew and nothing remains of the Hallowedhoax. The Jews’ world is nothing but lies, myths and disinformation. This is why the white race has lost all connection to reality.

      1. OFF-TOPIC.
        Admin, please allow this!

        It may amuse commenters to know that the Jew-controlled MSM, under the influence of radical feminists, is now objecting to the word “SNOWMAN.” Christmas is coming up and people are being strongly advised not to offend the female sex by letting men take all the credit for snow images built in human form. The word “snowman” is therefore to be “degendered” and banned. Henceforth it will be compulsory to refer to these images as “snowpersons” or else incur a stiff fine.

        No more talk about “the Abominable Snowman” please! From now on, it’s “the Abominable Snowperson!”

        I asked LD for a comment on this, expecting to get an intelligent response in defence of feminism. Instead I got this with a smiley face:

        “It was a fine cold day in winter and the clocks were striking thirteen. In the streets and parks, the snowpersons had begun to melt and tiny rivulets of icecold water had begun to trickle down the personhole covers. In a cafe overlooking this picturesque scene, a young workperson in a cloth cap was sipping their coffee and reading Karl Marx’s revised version of “The Communist Personifesto. Years before, this bearded young cafe intellectual with the shifty eyes had been found guilty of murdering their wife, but had appealed the charge successfully and got off with the lighter sentence of personslaughter.” (Parody of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four)

        Further parodies invited! 🙂

      2. The problem is that the Goyim have taken the jew way, way too serious being too gullible with the help of the crypto jews who have sold us the myths and deceptions of the jew mythbook, the bible. It’s all a bunch of lies to brainwash the Goyim, already minimum 2000 years going on.

  2. Sardonicus –

    Our fantasies are all we’re given. Like Thomas Aquinas said, we cannot know until later – and then maybe not at all, anyway. No use in arguing about it. 🙂

  3. @ Sardonicus, the fact that good men, as you write, use the bible as a reference doesn’t say anything about the truthfullness of the bible or any similar written piece.

    1. @ Evelyn

      Yes, I know you have no time for the Bible and Christianity — and you are welcome to continue in your cynicism and skepticism. But please do not mistake your cynicism and skepticism for the “Truth”. You are wandering in the dark like the rest of us.

      My comment applies equally to Arch Stanton and Pat as to you. You all belong to the same “Club of Superior Individuals” who think you have a monopoly on the truth when it comes to discoursing on Christianity.

      Some have a light in the darkness to guide them on their way. Others have no such light and stumble through pitch darkness. If you honestly believe you are an incredibly Superior Person in having adopted the stance of a Christ-hating, Jew-hating Bible basher, good luck to you!

      And good luck to Pat and Arch Stanton too! 🙂

      1. Sardonicus —

        The “Club of Superior Persons” (CSP) that you mention are highly intelligent Übermenschen who have every imaginable virtue except humility. Modest self-effacement and tolerance to the religious beliefs of others are hard to find in the Club of Superior Persons. More a cynics’ cabal than a club. A cabal of narcissistic attention seekers, all too ready to act as Useful Idiots for the Jews in promoting godlessness and despair.

        They have no wise counsels to offer us: no nostrums, no golden hopes, no cures for the human condition. Just Bible bashing, Christ bashing, and Jew bashing! As you say, Sardonicus, good luck to them!

        Let’s pray for the sick bastards! 🙂

      2. @ Sardonicus, you are too harsh when you criticise me and I am certainly no Superior Individual nor have I any ambition to become one. Let’s call me sceptic and when I find there is real evidence of the once presumed existence of Christ I will be his follower. So don’t judge me if you don’t want to be judged.

        1. Yes, dear lady, I get your point. But I assure you that I am not “harsh”, as you state, because I actually like the sound of you and find your skepticism appealing. It will make your beliefs all the stronger one day when you come to reject the beliefs of your younger self.

          When Marco Polo went to China, known as “Cathay” in the 13th century, he wrote a book about his travels. Many people didn’t believe his stories and said he was making them up. Some went so far as as to say. “China doesn’t exist!”

          To believe in Cathay, Evelyn, you have to go to Cathay and see with your own eyes that it exists. Otherwise you will remain a skeptic about Cathay’s very existence. Understand?

          You are in exactly the same position in regard to Christ. You have had no personal experience of Christ, so you refuse to believe in what you have never seen and touched. Added to which, you would rather NOT believe than believe. Isn’t that true? You are WISHING yourself into disbelief because disbelief suits you and give you personal satisfaction.

          You see, you have been denied an “epiphany”, which is a genuine mindblowing mystical experience that leaves one in no doubt. You will laugh at the phrase “born again”. But this is what you need to have in order to believe in the things you now disbelieve in: a “born-again experience” in which the scales fall from your eyes and the world is utterly transformed, bathed in preternatural light and beauty. In short, magic.

          To believe in this “Cathay of the Mind”, you need to visit the country personally. You need to hop on a plane and go to Cathay! Anyway, dear lady, God bless and take care! 🙂

  4. @ sardonicus, thanks for your balanced comment. I diasagree with you when you write that I wish myself in disbelief. This is wrong. It would be nice to belief in something, Christ, if there was clear proof of his existence, quod non, till now.
    I doubt that if I ‘ encounter’ an epiphany I could equate this with ‘ christ’ or with a visit to ‘ a cathay of the mind’ as we well know that our minds can trick us in believing things that are not true especially when we are in a state of need and desperation and we, in these circumstances, can’t think straight.

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