Sensational New Book Savages Donald Trump As Locker Room Boy Unfit To Be President

According to Trump biographer Michael Wolff, the President is a 12-year-old boy in a man’s body who boasts that he doesn’t need Viagra — he needs a pill that does the opposite!

The Daily Mail

Here’s Michael Wolff, again. The remarkable reporter whose inside account of the Trump White House, Fire And Fury, sold an estimated two million copies within weeks of publication, is back — so soon! — with a sequel.

But while the author was actually given access to the corridors of power for his first volume, here he is on the outside. His principal source, Steve Bannon, had been peremptorily fired by Trump after Fire And Fury was published, complete with highly disobliging remarks about the President and his family from the man who had been his chief strategist.

This volume continues to use Bannon as its main source, and we are asked to take it on trust (a rare commodity in these circles) that he is still a reliable conduit of information about what is going on in the Oval Office.

The White House has already denied some of this volume’s most sensational assertions. But that does not detract from the book’s immense readability, and I don’t doubt Wolff’s claim that some of those with ties to Trump have continued to confide in Bannon, and thus the reader is getting a form of inside account — however self-serving.

That self-serving message is that Trump’s pursuit of a protectionist and anti-globalist agenda is the result of Bannon still pulling strings behind the scenes, as, according to him, Trump is ‘politically tone-deaf’ and ‘doesn’t give a f*** about the agenda. He doesn’t know what the agenda is’.

In fact, Trump had been banging on about the loss of American blue collar jobs to ‘unfair foreign competition’ for decades, long before he ran for office or ever heard of Steve Bannon.

And Trump has been remarkably true to his campaign rhetoric once in government, thus retaining the political support of his ‘base’.

But it’s not for political strategy that most will want to read Siege — it’s for the glimpses of Trump the person. Readers are rewarded with more eye-popping examples of his crudeness and vulgarity.

Trump’s contempt for men who display the slightest degree of sexual continence is comically revealed in the chapter on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings (when Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court was interrogated on a sexual assault he was alleged to have committed as a student).

When Kavanaugh insisted on live TV that he had been a good Catholic, a virgin in high school and for some time afterwards, Trump was appalled: ‘Who would say that? My virgin justice. This man has no pride! Man? Did I say man? I don’t think so.’

The revelation that his choice was a practising Catholic also perplexed Trump, who suddenly wanted to know why there were no Protestants (which he notionally is) on the Supreme Court: they were all either Catholic or Jewish.

Michael Wolff was stunned when Erik Whitestone— sound engineer for ‘The Apprentice’—compared Trump to a 12-year-old boy in a man’s body.

Trump’s attitude to Jews is examined here, too. When his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified about his role in paying for the silence of a porn star (Stormy Daniels) with whom Trump had been involved, the President apparently declared: ‘The Jews always flip.’

But Trump is not an anti-Semite: he just likes to insult everyone, whatever their religion or colour, indiscriminately.

One of Wolff’s character references for Trump is supplied by Erik Whitestone, the sound engineer for The Apprentice — the show which made Trump a popular figure in American homes:

‘He’s a 12-year-old in a man’s body. All he does is takedowns of people based on their physical appearance — short, fat, bald, whatever it is… it’s like being in the backseat of a car being driven by a really drunk driver. He was as incoherent then as he is now, repeating thoughts and weird phrases.’

Wolff’s explanation for this is that Trump is a man with no thoughts that are private: everything is expressed, openly, the moment it occurs to him. This also explains the President’s devotion to Twitter, which allows him to publish those thoughts to the world, instantly, without intermediation by anyone else.

Or, as Bannon tells the author: ‘It’s not that he needs to win the week, or day, or even the hour. He needs to win the second. After that, he drifts.’

This, in fact, makes Trump superbly equipped to deal with the attention span of the American people — and the way in which the U.S. mass media communicates politics. If you’ve ever watched American network TV news bulletins, you will have noticed that — for many years now — the extract from a speech that actually gets broadcast generally lasts for no more than a few seconds, then it’s on to the next item.

Trump, who spends vastly more time watching cable TV than digesting policy briefs, is the head of state that such journalism has created and enabled.

Obviously, that does not apply to his gross personal conduct —such as telling a dinner party, to ‘general mortification’ as reported by Wolff: ‘I don’t need Viagra. I need a pill to make my erection go down.’

Buried near the end of the book is the claim that the President told friends he wasn’t staying overnight at the White House for work — he was staying, because, as he claimed, he was ‘banging’ a young aide who ‘had a way about her’.

Wolff wonders aloud whether this was meant to be taken seriously: ‘Locker room talk? Or all part of a new alternative reality that only he seemed to be living in?’ I suspect that it was an empty boast… more characteristic braggadocio from the eternal 12-year-old that is the 45th President of the United States.


“I don’t need Viagra.
I need a pill to make my erection go down.” 

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  1. I won’t vote for Trump in 2020 , the last thing I would want to do is hurt the feelings of jew commie Michael Wolff.

  2. I guess the writer of this article would rather we have the sodomite mayor of South Bend, Indiana, for POTUS. (That way, we would have a “First Faggot” instead of a First Lady…)
    Anyhow, at least Trump is “transparent”, and, apparently, has no guile. It is refreshing to know he’s at least not afraid to express his feelings. Like a real man, he says what he thinks and means what he says. Yes, he is misguided on much of his rhetoric about Israhell; but, like a twelve-year-old, he acts on what’s expedient. Never forget, the President of these United States has a plethora of advisors.
    When I was a child, I was often “baby-sitted” by some Secret Service agents who were on White House duty when JFK was POTUS. Later in life, after my favorite one retired, he called me and asked if I could put him on payroll. (He stayed with Jackie, until Onasis came along, who he disliked.) That week, I asked him to go with me to New York. We drove. Our conversation got around to the Kennedys, and while driving up Park Avenue early next morning, he confided that the last time he drove up Park Avenue, the President and his attorney general brother, Bobby, were both “doing” Marilyn Monroe in the back seat. True story. Although Trump might be a bit (entertainingly!) crude, he’s not the first POTUS to be cranked up on testosterone.

  3. From the article:
    “According to Trump biographer Michael Wolff, the President is a 12-year-old boy in a man’s body who boasts that he doesn’t need Viagra — he needs a pill that does the opposite!”

    “Obviously, that does not apply to his gross personal conduct —such as telling a dinner party, to ‘general mortification’ as reported by Wolff: ‘I don’t need Viagra. I need a pill to make my erection go down.’”

    Those lines would be more believable if THAT “pill” were named!! Maybe it is ‘the red pill’ v ‘blue pill’ like in the Matrix movie. 🙂

    1. He’s jealous because an erection wouldn’t do him much good. Haha. (He looks more likely to take one in the mouth!)

      1. To our readers in general:

        Please don’t make the mistake of jumping to the conclusion that we approve of this anti-Trump article simply because we published it. Your pro-Trump comments are more than welcome and will help us to achieve perspective. So keep sending them in!

        At the same time, we are equally well-disposed toward anti-Trump comments.

        This website is simply a mirror of the popular mood. If we publish more anti-Trump articles than pro-Trump ones, it’s only because there are more anti-Trump articles around. Brilliantly written pro-Trump articles — packed with facts and backed up with links, quotes, and good research — are virtually non-existent. We’d love to publish a good pro-Trump article if only to keep our Trump-supporting readers happy, but how can we do that if no such articles exist? 🙂

        Don’t get me wrong. Pro-Trump articles exist. It’s just that they tend to be so badly written, so sub-standard in quality, that no decent website would want to publish them.

        1. This is all very well, Toby. But Admin cannot be absolutely neutral in regard to Trump. So which is it: Is the Darkmoon site FOR or AGAINST Trump?

          1. @ Saki

            Neither. Do you think my niece and I think alike? That we have identical views on every subject? That we are all peas out of the same pod? Do you think we all sing from the same hymn sheet? We are separate individuals and each of us has totally different views on EVERY subject! Half the time, I don’t have a clue what my niece Lasha is thinking. So how can I answer for her?

            Lasha’s favorite quote on this subject happens to come from the Ancient Romans. It’s in classical Latin: “QUOT HOMINES, TOT OPINIONES.” Literally: “How many men, so many opinions.” Or more stylishly: “Different thinkers think different thoughts.”

      2. Admin –

        This might be the ‘top of the heap’ and is still not great! Even I might do better than Hannity’s writers. 🙂


        TRUMP TO AMERICAN PEOPLE: ‘My Only Special Interest is YOU’

        President Trump officially kicked-off his 2020 campaign in Orlando Tuesday night; saying he will always “keep his promises” because his “only special interest” is the American people.
        “Together, we are breaking the most sacred rule in Washington Politics: we are KEEPING our promises to the American People. Because my only special interest is YOU!” posted the President on social media.
        “Don’t ever forget – this election is about YOU. It is about YOUR family, YOUR future, & the fate of YOUR COUNTRY. We begin our campaign with the best record, the best results, the best agenda, & the only positive VISION for our Country’s future!” he added.
        President Trump spoke to more than 20,000 supporters in Orlando, Florida Tuesday night while Florida Democrats held a simultaneous “Dump Trump Rally”; with “hundreds” of demonstrators vowing to “Flip Florida Blue.
        President Trump confirmed this week that more than 100,000 people requested passes to hear his high-stakes speech in Orlando Tuesday night; with massive lines forming hours before the Commander-in-Chief is set to kick-off his 2020 re-election campaign.
        “It was a sea of red under the sweltering sun Tuesday as thousands of Trump supporters, decked out in MAGA-inspired attire, waited outside the Amway Center hours before the president’s arrival,” reports Fox News.


        Additional poorly written stuff under that same link:

        MAGA IN FLA: People Line-Up 40 HOURS EARLY for Trump’s Official 2020 Campaign Kick-Off Rally in Orlando

        ‘MOTHER OF ALL MAGA’: Supporters from All Over the US Descend on Orlando, 800 Watch Parties Organized

  4. I’m worried. If Russian and Chinese leaders read this they may understandably feel that they have no other choice but to “push the button,” first, before the nuclear-armed Caligula does.

    1. They can “push the button” all they want. Nothing will happen. Besides, they, too, are “leaders” governed by the same Dollarz. (But I understand you are one of those hysterical hypocrites who shreaks at the slightest provocation.)

      1. “But I understand you are one of those hysterical hypocrites who shreaks at the slightest provocation.”

        On the contrary, you understand nothing, liar.

  5. Wolfe forgot to tell us that Trump Promises to Cure Cancer and ‘Eradicate’ AIDS and put MEN ON MARS if He Wins Another Term!! 🙂

    President Trump has promised to cure cancer, eradicate AIDS, and ensure that American astronauts land on Mars if he wins a second term. “We will push onward with new medical frontiers. We will come up with the cures to many, many problems, to many, many diseases—including cancer and others and we’re getting closer all the time,” Trump said to a cheering crowd at his rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night.
    “We will eradicate AIDS in America once and for all and we’re very close. We will lay the foundation for landing American astronauts on the surface of Mars.” (Making the NASA supporting jews wealthy!!)

  6. I didn’t see any mention of how Trump would like to have sex with his daughter Ivanka. How are you Trumptards going to explain what he clearly stated on national TV about his daughter – and he made similar comments elsewhere, and let us not forget he was buds with Jeffrey Epstein – don’t forget that a lawsuit by Katie Johnson (who was age 12 at the time) alleged that Trump and Epstein took turns raping her.

    Donald Trump Has Sex With His Own Daughter?

    Donald Trump Nearly Casually Remarks About Incest with daughter Ivanka

    7 Creepy Things Donald Trump Has Said About Ivanka

    #2: ‘If I weren’t her father’

    “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father….”
    #1: Yes it’s wrong, Donald

    “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

    That’s your President Amerika. And now this sex crazed yellow haired baboon wants to start nuclear war with Iran. It has been leaked that Donald Trump and his NeoCON staff have finalized the plans to do a surprise attack with 100 tactical nukes. This is the reason why Trump was installed, he has no other purpose than to serve Israel. If you think Trump is working for you, then you are wrong and deluded.

    Trump is not qualified to be President, he is a narcissistic loon and should be locked up in a mental ward. He is almost certainly being blackmailed and thus should immediately resign before he kills millions with his insanely aggressive warmongering Jewish supremacist foreign policies. And oh yeah Trumptards, he is never going to build a wall or deport a single illegal, and if you still believe his lies then you are more retarded than him.

    What a f-cking laugh this all is. Here is the sad (and dangerous) part, he will probably be re-elected.

    Trump’s comment about Ivanka on Howard Stern


    ““She’s actually always been very voluptuous,“ Mr Trump told Stern in an October 2006 interview, after the host commented on Ms Trump’s breasts. ”She’s tall, she’s almost six feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.”

    In an interview two years prior, Mr Trump gave Stern permission to refer to a then 23-year-old Ms Trump as a “piece of a**”. “

    1. Yukon –

      Are you saying your cocksukker and communist candidates are preferable??? What a pretentious jackass you are!


        Trump got elected because he stated he was anti-war. Hillary was pro-war. Hillary wanted to attack Russia and put a no fly zone over Syria. But now we find out Trump lied about everything, and he is going headlong into a nuclear attack on Iran – just read what is being leaked to the Israeli newspapers right now.

        You can get mad all you want because some commenter doesn’t just blindly follow Trump, I am telling you Trump is extremely dangerous and could get millions killed. I’ve held this opinion for some time and even wrote an essay about it:

      2. But you see, Yukon, you are inadvertantly promoting the opposition. Of course I doubt you intend to, but, nonetheless it may be construed that way. I was like you, and did not bother to vote in national elections – and even withdrew my voter registration around the time George Herbert Walker Bush was harping about a “new world order”. I reinstated it to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, although I was/am influential in a certain district in Virginia, I very much realized how our county sheriffs are key to maintaining the popular militia. We need real and proper sheriffs, and the only way to fully promote them is to become part of the electorate!
        Distasteful as that might be, just try to consider it. I feel it is my American DUTY to do everything I can to stifle the downhill slope our country is on.
        My own biggest problem is that I am now still recovering from heart surgery. I got on a tractor and baled straw for the past couple of days, but have been (thankfully!) rained out. Any exertion now taxes my stamina, and I am no longer real ready to do any guerilla fighting in a society in shambles! 🙂

  7. Pat –

    Nothing crazy or false about all THAT. A physician who cured a full-blown Aides patient happened to be a good friend. His name was James Brooke Hutt, M.D. He was an opthamologist who opened a natureopothy clinic with his physician brother. They cured aides by dialyzing the blood in addition to electro-shocking it when it was filtered out of the body. The AMA took him to court and put a gag order on him, at the behest of the pharmaceutical lobby. I remember his telling me that, quite simply, NO blood virus is immune to electricity.
    About the cancer cure: Cancer will starve in an acid-free environment. Several years ago, an Italian oncologist decided to inject baking soda into the marrow of the bones of an advanced bone cancer patient. It cured it! Apparently, Big Pharmaceutical Lobby put the quietus on that, too.
    It’s all about $$. That’s what frightens these assholes so much about Trump – and wormy little bastards like the writer of this article, capitalize on the hysterical sensationalism of the Jew-generated fear of exposure and remedy!

  8. Gil –

    Here’s one fer ya…. from an ‘Obamannite’ !! 🙂
    Trump’s sanctions are working and will prevent war with Iran!
    By Hagar Hajjar Chemali —- (Hagar Hajjar Chemali was a Middle East policy advisor at the US Treasury Department’s office of terrorist financing and financial crimes in the Obama administration. Among her other government roles, she was director for Syria and Lebanon at the National Security Council at the White House. She contributed this op-ed for the Syndication Bureau, an opinion and analysis article syndication service that focuses exclusively on the Middle East.)

    The attack of two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman yesterday (13 June), which were widely attributed to Iran, shows Tehran is engaged in a series of missteps that will land it further in financial pain rather than war, writes Hagar Hajjar Chemali.

    Iran sanctions are on the rise again, and more are coming. Iran is engaged in a series of missteps that will land it further in financial pain, rather than war. The reason for that is because from the Trump administration’s point of view, these sanctions are working to achieve their goals.

    On Thursday (June 13), the Iranian regime allegedly orchestrated attacks against two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. This development followed a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency confirming that Iran was increasing its production rate of low-enriched uranium.

    These actions on the part of Iran follow a series of sanctions from the US Treasury Department, which on Wednesday (June 12) imposed sanctions on a financial conduit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force, and last week (June 7) sanctioned Iran’s largest petrochemical holding group.

    [Tensions surge as US accuses Iran of Gulf of Oman tanker ‘attacks’…..
    Washington accused Iran of carrying out attacks that left two tankers ablaze in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday (13 June), escalating tensions across the region.]

    US officials are also considering sanctions against the Iranian financial body that was established as a trade channel with Europe – a move that would underscore US intolerance to any international workarounds to the Iran sanctions campaign.

    You don’t need to read the tea leaves closely to know the administration’s plan for its “maximum pressure” campaign. But one thing the tea leaves don’t show are plans for war. And the reason is simple: the sanctions are working to help achieve President Donald Trump’s priority goal, which is to undermine Iran’s influence and support for terrorism in the Middle East.

    The Treasury’s latest steps follow a State Department press briefing, during which its spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus, listed the negative effects Iran sanctions were having on that country’s terrorist proxies and on its other actions in the region. She pointed to the Lebanese group Hezbollah’s “pleas for public donations via billboards, posters and collection cans” and stressed that “Iran is withdrawing Hezbollah fighters from Syria and cutting or canceling their salaries.” This is a big deal.

    She also pointed to Hamas’s austerity plan in Gaza and to the IRGC’s budget cuts for Iraq Shia militia groups. She highlighted fuel shortages in Syria due to the cut in Iranian oil supply and noted the IRGC cyber command “is short on cash.”

    Others have also picked up on this emerging trend: that Iran sanctions are starving Iran’s proxies of critical funds. The Washington Post reported that US sanctions against Iran have “curtailed” Iran’s finances to Hezbollah, which “has seen a sharp fall in its revenue and is being forced to make draconian cuts to its spending.” A fighter with an Iranian-backed militia in Syria told The New York Times that he lost a third of his salary and other benefits, lamenting, “Iran doesn’t have enough money to give us.”

    When he withdrew the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or what is often called the Iran nuclear deal, last year, President Trump made his top goal clear. Before even addressing Iran’s nuclear capabilities or speaking about working toward a new agreement, he emphasised Iran’s support for terrorism and plans for regional influence as among his key concerns and reasons for withdrawing from the deal. Working to undermine that behavior has been the administration’s top priority in its Iran policy.

    Take Hezbollah. If you look closely, the US has worked over many years to inflict financial pain on the terrorist organisation. Could heavy Iran sanctions be the arrow through Hezbollah’s heart?

    The US government says its Iran sanctions are having an effect in inflicting financial pain on the group. But we also know that Hezbollah maintains global business enterprises and active global criminal activity to heavily supplement its allowance from Iran. Dating back to the Bush administration, the US Treasury has focused on targeting Hezbollah’s business operations and sanctions-evasion conduits to further expose its illicit financial behavior and to rachet up pressure on it. And those efforts have increased over the years.

    Furthermore, the threat of secondary sanctions and deliberately broad language in the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Amendment Act, passed last year, has made Lebanese banks uncertain as to who or what the Treasury Department will target next – a maneuver that helps deter anyone from doing business with it.

    In order to further isolate Hezbollah and undermine its influence, however, more needs to be done to expose and target Hezbollah’s global business and criminal behavior, particularly by the US’s global partners and by Europe, specifically. Nonetheless, Iran sanctions, while not the silver bullet, are making a real, tangible difference.

    If the goal is to undermine Iran’s nefarious behavior and the strong support it offers to terrorist groups and other militants in the region, then the strategy appears to be working. And for that reason, the administration is likely to continue focusing on targeted financial measures as its tool of choice.

  9. On the eve of what appears to be another war for Israel – against Iran – this article and its links put to rest whom the Tweeter-in-Chief (Commander-in-Chief) really is.

    “A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was”

    The POTUS position has been captured by the so-called Deep State globalists/zionists. Any political hope for the future has to lie elsewhere. The same can be said for both dominant political parties.

  10. Trump will not be President after January 2021. We just have to wait,

    I think he may even be deselected at the primaries.

  11. i really don’t care how many bimbos trump tips over, or how many the kennedys did either..
    and i’m not sure either of them were ever in my league..
    i don’t really listen to all these various personal attacks on the guy.. at best it’s just gossip…
    i do understand regular people’s frustration with him – ZIOMATON..
    at worst, all these hit pieces, like everything coming out of the CNN MIC-MEDIA, look to me like the munitions guys (major hereditary and systemic) are worried he’s not totally under their control…
    BAD as he is – the sad, unbearable truth is – he’s miles better than any of the others..
    run for office, change society yourself somehow, or deal with it… at least he’s got the wall started… once it gets at least partway built and starts showing results, at least where ti stands, it will make the picture clearer…
    anyways, the fact is – the more and better sex a man has with more and better women, the more and better man he is… sex with the female is the thing that makes man great… good for the ego, nothing better…
    “About the cancer cure: Cancer will starve in an acid-free environment. Several years ago, an Italian oncologist decided to inject baking soda into the marrow of the bones of an advanced bone cancer patient. It cured it!”
    why baking soda?
    cancer can not live in a highly oxygenated alkaline body… so i hear zen and i believe it….
    on the other hand – it thrives on sugar…
    baking soda is naturally alkaline or neutral…
    if you have an acidified stomach, which i have had put me on my hands and knees, it will relieve it… if not, your stomach was too low in acid, both symptoms similar…
    that’s why they call it – alka seltzer.
    but you’re not supposed to eat baking soda straight…
    one of my drunken uncles used to chew up alka seltzers and swallow them, then drink water and let them go off in his stomach… that makes em work a little better, so i hear…

    1. Bark –

      What I’m saying is that it is NOT ridiculous for Trump to make these prognostications Pat seemed to think absurd. They can be done (except for a man dwelling on Mars, methinks).
      I know of a place where cancer is REGULARLY defeated by de-acidifying the whole body. Insurance doesn’t cover the process, but two oncologists from UVa in Charlottesville oversee it. It is done on a farm called “Heartland Hall”, along the Rapidan River in Culpeper County, owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Basically, they begin with allowing the patient only raw, organic carrot juice for the first two weeks. He/she turns yellow. Then, the next two weeks, they may consume only a raw fruit (not sure which variety), then, the next two weeks, only raw or juiced spinach or mustard greens (or perhaps collards). After the sixth week, the cancer has been starved out.

  12. Trump is exactly the selected person to lead the empire to it’s final stages of imminent decline. Loaded up with Beta Blockers living a life as a 12 year old now 72 he has lost 60 years of his life. Still living like 12 year old adolescent with raging hormones, that he has left behind him 60 years ago. If the peoples votes ever counted to elect America’s under-performing
    underachieving leadership, peoples votes would be declared illegal. Mass arrests sure would follow at the polls.

  13. “Trump is exactly the selected person to lead the empire to it’s final stages of imminent decline” Quite correct Centurion.
    Darkmooners, not unlike most Westerners seem to love sniping at one another as Amurrica and the rest of the West is heading for a new dark age. Ancient Rome is instructive of an Empire full of hubris that took 3-400 years to descend in chaos and the old dark age. One of the main reasons (other then lead in the water and wine) for the fall of the Roman Empire was the allowing of every Tom, Dick and Harry from the Imperial outposts into the heart of the Empire to partake of the “bread and circus”, what the current paradigm calls sports and welfare helped along by some airhead Catholics and Lutherans.
    TJ knows one thing. Trump is fibber. While running for President one of the main planks of his campaign was to get a handle on legal and illegal immigration. While not getting into the details, Trump does not have a handle on immigration for whatever reason. Towns and cities across Amurrica are reeling from this invasion of illegal aliens to terms of crime, finance and who knows what else.
    Questions: Who paid for the Congolese travel (by plane?) to Mexico that are being settled in, of all places Portland, Maine, with packs of 100 dollar bills in their pockets? Who paid to move these aliens from the heart of darkness through Mexico and then on to Maine? ICE is not involved. Africans from other parts of Africa are also being “settled” “Ice” free in all or nearly all White communities across Amurrica. Amurrica is being taken apart genetically, culturally. politically and in ways that stagger the imagination. And what does Trump do? He’s letting it happen on his watch as he meanwhile flaps his gums in his mass rallies as the dumb down mostly white faithful scream their approval. Welcome to the world of Trump the Bizarro who may be in fact the Golem of Judaism.
    (TJ suspects that the Golem may be the template for the modern anti-hero Bizarro in that both have that, surprise! Jewish connection.)

    supposedly no human can survive a trip through the van allen radiation belt between here and the moon…
    but, bill cooper said we’ve been there for decades, you can walk around in the shade zone with an air tank… watching his talks in town halls and gymnasiums you don’t get the idea he’s fake…
    the craft was called the aurora.. i think it was a brother to the kingfish… who knows what they have now…
    once you get into space there’s no resistance… 240,000 miles to the moon is not far at all…
    bill cooper was shot to death in his driveway in arizona, so i heard…
    they say cancer is the bodies last desperate attempt to heal itself, which it will always do, if the poisoning stops and it has the stuff to work with..
    that’s where the cannabinoids come in, they facilitate apoptosis…
    carrots are yang… the yin/yang balance is restored on the carrot juice fast, while the lack of normal food intake allows the body to kill off an consume the diseased cells…
    juice fasts are pretty good for you… watch your eyes clear…
    spinach is yang.. i know mustard has the tumeric…
    apples are the only yang fruit…
    is trump doing his best to restrain the deep state war machine, which is so much bigger than one president?
    you could get that idea… it appears they will keep pushing the situation…
    if so, he might wind up like jfk… it would be a shock, but i wouldn’t be too surprised…
    or is he playing along all the way?
    about all we can do is guess…
    one thing for certain, the dearth of eloquence in media and politics indicates a lack of sincerity…
    obviously, most everybody in power is dedicated to paxamericana at best, without thinking about it too much, by whatever means necessary, while the end justifies the means and all’s fair in love and war…

    1. Bark –

      Here is a patented cancer diet:

      All Cancer and/or Tumor patent # 6133317

      All Virus and Bacterial disease patent # 6133318

      All Heart disease Arterial disease and Arthritis patent # 6407141


      Cooper was full of wild tales. I spoke with him on the phone numerous times in the 90s.

      He even told me he saw a spaceship come out of the ocean and zoom out of sight when he was standing watch on a ship.

      He liked his alcohol and chemicals.

  15. Trump is not 12 years old, BUT he IS a ‘just-in-time’ manager!! 🙂

    From the article:
    “Or, as Bannon tells the author: ‘It’s not that he needs to win the week, or day, or even the hour. He needs to win the second. After that, he drifts.’

    “This, in fact, makes Trump superbly equipped to deal with the attention span of the American people — and the way in which the U.S. mass media communicates politics. If you’ve ever watched American network TV news bulletins, you will have noticed that — for many years now — the extract from a speech that actually gets broadcast generally lasts for no more than a few seconds, then it’s on to the next item.

    “Trump, who spends vastly more time watching cable TV than digesting policy briefs, is the head of state that such journalism has created and enabled.”

    So true!!

    This is reflected by the action of Trump’s calling off the multiple air strikes on Iran just this week because he had little adequate planning and insufficient information when he ordered the strikes. When he learned 150 people would be killed, he called off the attacks with just 10 minutes remaining until completion. WHEW!!

    Trump Tweeted, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.”

    BUT – so much for Trump “BIGGLY” wanting and starting WW-3 and Armageddon…. and ending all of humanity, as is often advocated by numerous commenters here!! 🙂

  16. I don’t see any mention of all Trump has done for the Jews (in effect, giving them Jerusalem, Syria’s Golan Heights and his threats to their enemy Iran). I suspect he wrote this book to benefit his people, the Jews, so for that reason it won’t receive praise from me.

  17. Whenever Trump talks about something, a lot, you know he’s going to either:
    a) do the exact opposite, or
    b) nothing at all.
    We’ve seen this at least a dozen times, maybe two dozen.

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