SHOCK NEWS! — Major Expedition Planned to Antarctica to Prove Earth is Flat


This is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s genuine. An expedition to the South Pole is planned for early next year in order to find proof that the earth is flat.

By Guy Walters
The Daily Mail

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with added commentary, pictures, and  a 4-minute video


LD: Sailing over the ‘Edge of the World’ into the black Abyss of the Unknown has always been a high-risk strategy for Flat Earth navigators, with millions of Ancient Mariners having apparently disappeared into the void since earliest antiquity. According to some modern proponents of flat earth theory, many missing persons each year meet their end in this watery way. But their disappearances are either covered up by NASA or falsely attributed to other causes. [LD]

For most people, a trip to Antarctica would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a chance to see one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

But early next year, there could be a journey to the bottom of the Earth with a very different purpose. Its mission could not be more startling: to prove the Earth is flat.

Forget those millennia of geographical research and those millions of photos from space of our globe-shaped planet.

There really are people who think the world is shaped more like a disc than a ball — encircled by a massive perimeter of ice that’s 150ft thick, and 165ft high.

“Beyond the Ice Wall is anyone’s guess,” says the website of the Flat Earth Society. “How far the ice extends; how it terminates; and what exists beyond it, are questions to which no present human experience can reply.”

LD: No photographs exist of the towering Ice Wall. Nevertheless,  some claim to have seen it, as they have of the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. (See picture). I am intrigued to read a recent report that “a 68-year old man from California (pictured here) has gone missing in the Southern Indian ocean while attempting to reach ‘the End of the World’, hoping to demonstrate that Earth is flat.”

With their trip down South, the Flat Earthers hope to obtain proof of the Ice Wall and unveil other mysteries. What’s extraordinary about flat-earth theorists is that they maintain their belief despite the testimony of more than 550 humans who have gone into space.

Without access to modern technology, ancient man could be forgiven for thinking the Earth was flat. But even in the 4th and 5th centuries BC, Greek philosophers such as Plato believed the world was a globe.

Fast forward to the 17th century, and the only people who really believed the Earth was flat were Christian zealots.

Artist’s impression (right) :  sailing over the Edge of the World. 

“They are a whole mix of people,” says Michael Marshall, project director of the Good Thinking Society, a charity that promotes rational, scientific thinking, and who visited the Flat Earth UK Convention in Birmingham last year. “A lot are people who want to do proper science, but don’t necessarily possess the right tools, or lack the right knowledge.”

It’s hard to determine exactly how many people are dedicated flat-earth theorists — though a YouGov survey last year suggested only two-thirds of American 18 to 24-year-olds “have always believed the world is round”.

At last year’s Flat Earth International Conference, about 650 people attended sessions ranging from one “debunking” the theory of gravity to another titled “Talking to your family and friends about flat earth’”.

What becomes apparent when perusing flat-earthers’ numerous websites and YouTube videos is that many are, indeed, motivated by the Bible, in which they claim ‘evidence’ for the world’s flatness can be found.

Scriptural references to the ‘four corners’ of the Earth are highlighted, as are passages in Psalms, Chronicles and Isaiah that claim the Earth is ‘fixed’ and ‘immovable’ — as if the quality of being static necessitates flatness.

But “evidence” for a flat earth also comes from observations gleaned by performing pseudo-scientific experiments.

Of these, perhaps the most cited is the Bedford Level Experiment carried out in 1838 by inventor Samuel Rowbotham. It was set up on a straight, six-mile stretch of the Old Bedford River in the Cambridgeshire Fens — some of the flattest areas of England.

Rowbotham stood in the river as a colleague rowed a boat away from him to which was fitted a flag raised three feet above the water.

The inventor, who wrote Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not A Globe, then observed the boat through a telescope, and noticed he could still see the flag after it had travelled for six miles.

According to his calculations based on the curvature of the Earth, the top of the flag should have dropped 11ft below his line of sight, and be invisible through his telescope. But it was still visible.

There could only be one reason: the world was flat. Unfortunately, he failed to account for refraction, whereby light rays shift direction when passing through an atmosphere. As any surveyor will tell you, near the surface of the Earth, light rays often bend down, with the curve of the rays nearly matching the curvature of the Earth. This means we can sometimes see over the horizon, and explains why Rowbotham could still see the flag six miles away.

Flat-earthers are most persistent when it comes to dismissing hard science.

Challenged with millions of pictures of a spherical Earth, for example, they have a simple response: they are fakes. “We believe that government space agencies are taking creative liberties with your taxes and producing misleading materials,” says the website for last year’s Flat Earth International Conference in Denver in the United States.

“Did you know that all images of Earth which show a curved horizon or a spherical shape are computer generated images (proven with Photoshop programs and analysis), artistic renderings (acknowledged by Nasa), or captured via fisheye/wide-angle curved lens (producing a curved appearance)?”

It is this obsession that is behind the planned trip to the Antarctic.

Flat-earthers are divided as to whether it is possible to drop off the edge of the world, or whether you simply scroll across to the other side in some weird vortex, just as Pac-Man can go from one side of the screen to the other.

Neither prospect is enough to scare off Jay Decasby, a prominent flat-earther who is sure of the trip’s success.

He told Forbes magazine: “All we have to do to shut this debate down once and for all is get the distance of the coast of Antarctica. If we can sail all the way around it, we will . . . prove it’s the outer edges of flat earth and refute entirely every single argument anyone can possibly try to pitch for the sun-worshipping cult of heliocentrism [a belief that the Sun is at the centre of the universe].”

The Flat Earth Cruise, according to the programme of this year’s Flat Earth International Conference programme, is due to set sail next year.

If the mission is to explore beyond the “ice wall” and risk falling off or simply venturing into the unknown, then we can say one thing — they must be very brave.

For all their wacky and ridiculous claims, it seems that flat-earthers will not be convinced that they are wrong. They thrive on social media and in online forums which create a sense of community and comfort that encourage them to think that many others share their beliefs.

Unsurprisingly, as Mr Marshall found, nearly all flat-earthers subscribe to the infamous conspiracy theories: for example that the Moon landings were faked, the FBI tried to cover up the assassination of President John Kennedy, 9/11 was an inside job, and most offensively, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” — an anti-Semitic forgery that claims Jews have a secret plan to take over the world.

(This paragraph is unlikely to impress our readers. LD) 

Many have tried to ‘re-educate’ them. But there will always be those for whom the world is not enough.


Artist’s impression of houses built at edge of world

LD: As I post this admittedly weird article for the reader’s amusement, I am nevertheless mindful of  J.B.S. Haldane’s famous observation: “The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”

It is sobering to reflect that, however bizarre the Flat Earth theory might seem to most people, it is unlikely to be even one-millionth as bizarre as the actual universe in all its magical splendor.    

Finally, a brief video below. This will take you into the exciting geocentric universe and mindset of the average Flat Earth enthusiast. Bon voyage!  

VIDEO  :  4 mins

166 thoughts to “SHOCK NEWS! — Major Expedition Planned to Antarctica to Prove Earth is Flat”

  1. Dear Dark Moon,

    I would encourage you and all your readers to investigate the Flat Earth concept with an open mind.

    Look at the physical evidence, and investigate who was and is behind the theory of the heliocentric model of the world around us.

    Dr. Jim

    1. If you look at the sky on a cloudy day you can see that it is a sphere.

      The ancients knew that.

    2. How deep in meters is it to dig on a so called flat earth. And what happens then one break thru down deep. ?

      Or is it a turtle to land on.

      Also if it is no gravity on earth why do the air stay close?
      Also how to explain the day and night .
      And what about the moon wandering over the night sky.
      If gravity is a fake, how come the ebb,and flood.

  2. For years I subscribed to the heliocentric theory, like most of my generation. We had no choice but to believe in Kepler, Galileo, Newton and all those Old Fogeys who presented us with their false data and managed to capture our minds with their fake science.

    I would say that 99.9% of the people I have met believe in the conventional model of the universe as a result of brainwashing by their parents and teachers. Independent investigators are few and far between. The way I discovered the earth was a flat disc in the center of the universe was a day I will never forget. There’s no going back now.

    I feel profoundly sorry for those who persist with the delusion that the earth is round and just one of billions of planets in billions of galaxies. Such false views are dangerous and need to be resisted at all costs. People who share my views must not be held up to ridicule and contempt. That is so wrong. It is very hurtful. It is condescending, disrespectful and demeaning.

    How many girlfriends I have lost over this Flat Earth business I can’t tell you! As soon as they find out I am a Flat Earther, they begin to be wary of me. Like I’m some sort of leper.

    Fortunately, I met a beautiful girl a few months ago at a Flat Earth Conference in California who agreed with me on Flat Earth theory. In fact, she was even more enthusiastic and into these ideas than I was. She had huge gray eyes full of secret knowledge and wisdom. I fell in love with her at once, feeling like, this is my soulmate.

    I won’t say any more. I won’t waste my pearls on swine.

    1. Oink, oink! Hopefully, you and your “soulmate” will not procreate. (This earthen sphere already has its quota of morons…)

  3. Flat earth projection is what happens when Physical Science is gone from schools!!
    Here is an easy test to disprove theories by ‘flat earth nuts’ everywhere.

    If the earth were flat, every country on the surface of the side where all folks are congregated, would see the sun go down and come up at the same time.

    Daytime and nighttime would occur at the same time for all on one side, every day.

    I know that does not happen since I have watched Olympics happening live and it would be light in Russia and dark here.

    Even when watching the Patriots play when I was in Florida…. it was already totally dark in Boston, and not yet dark in Miami. That was due to the curvature of the earth’s surface and sun in southern hemisphere in winter.

    Who lives on the opposite surface of the pancake…. or the other 5 surfaces, if the earth is a cube??? TROJ?? 🙂

    1. Pat,
      Perhaps you could explain how water magically sticks to the outside surface of a big round ball, and a ball that they say is spinning at a thousand miles per hour. Please don’t say it’s because of “gravity”, which is nothing more than an unproven theory by a 33rd degree freemason named Newton.

      1. Ken –

        You wrote:
        “Perhaps you could explain how water magically sticks to the outside surface of a big round ball…”

        I will be glad to do so when you prove to me that the flat planet Earth is shaped in the form of a chip, pancake, plate, platter, chessboard, table-top or disc… your choice; and not a cube or rhomboid with numerous surfaces of equal and unequal sides…. or not one of the flat ends of a cylinder or cone with a diameter of the width of the planet and a length of 100,000 miles or MORE!!

        You have MANY hundreds of shapes from which to make your selection.

        ALAS!!! I have only ONE!! 🙂

      2. I’m not sure what all you just said, but you didn’t explain what I asked because it’s impossible. The physics of water makes it always find it’s level and it can not curve around and stick to any convex surface.
        Here’s a good place to begin some research on the subject:

      3. Ken –

        Thanks. I watched the video. I don’t use biblical references. They have been translated to suit the writers.

        You wrote:
        “The physics of water makes it always find it’s level and it can not curve around and stick to any convex surface.”

        That is sorta correct when explaining water’s properties relative to small objects. (Water is the only liquid that will form a concave meniscus in a tube.) It is not the case when dealing with large masses, with huge attractive forces, such as planets.

        I am very surprised that my simple presentation of alternative shapes to a ’round ball’ would be too much for you to understand. I am also surprised that you cannot grasp the theory of gravity inherent in huge planetary masses. That is the same force that causes space objects to fall to the ground.

      4. Pat,
        These “space objects” you mentioned fall to the ground, and everything else that falls to the ground for that matter, because they are heavier than the air around them. It’s relative density and buoyancy, If you fill a balloon with helium it goes up because it’s lighter than the air around it, unaffected by this super powerful force called gravity. If you hold a piece of wood under water, it will shoot upwards upon release because it’s less dense than the water around it, unaffected by gravity. But I’m assuming that you believe this “gravity” is the thing that holds all the oceans and everything else firmly attached to the surface of this spinning ball. There is a reason why it’s still called a theory, and I’m surprised you believe it’s real.

      5. Ken –

        Thanks for trying to help me survive here. I believe I’ll make it OK!! 🙂

        My religious beliefs are my own.

        Please excuse me for not becoming a ‘convert’ into your ‘no-gravity’ cult with TROJ. 🙂

    2. Pat
      Before commenting research flat earth.

      1. TTSC…… –

        “Before commenting research flat earth.”

        I did that a few years ago.

        It is nothing but a way to discredit the folks who question the real secrets of the numerous fake events they would not want revealed….. when lumped into ‘flat-earth’ craziness. Minimizing label.

        I am surprised that such an astute researcher like you would immediately assume that those who disagree have not done due diligence on the subject.

        Now, I have an order for you….
        “YOU SHOULD”…. keep voting for Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez. She believes in ‘flat-earth’ and that it will be destroyed in 2030 if her ‘Green New Deal’ is not followed, and cows must stop farting!! 🙂

        See AO-C – Congress’s bartender:

      2. Perhaps the Earth is similar to a pen….s. Regardless of it’s size or shape, it gives or sustains life in the same manner. It’s primary function doesn’t change. 😁 Whether a globe or flat, the realities of Earth’s inhabitants won’t change one way or another. Donaldo would live on a World shaped like a hotdog just as long as there was truth and justice for all. Just thinking.

    3. I have no idea “who lives on ….. the other 5 surfaces”, Pat. I NEVER said the Earth is a cube, never said that. Can you not figure out how to create a strawman argument without putting words in my mouth? I know how much you LERV your strawman arguments but please don’t put words in my mouth is all I’m asking. It’s not alot to ask, it really isn’t. Thanks. 😊

      1. TROJ –

        What is the TOTAL shape of the planet where you live on JUST one side??

        If you live on one side of a ‘flat earth’….. what is on the other side(s)?

        How many sides are there??

        1. According the primitive “mind” of TROJ, the flat earth only has one side. The side he happens to be standing on. The underside doesn’t exist. It doesn’t even bear thinking about! Coins only have one side. The side they happen to fall on. “Heads I win, tails you lose!” 🙂

      2. MB –

        Seems SO!

        I’ll not join this primitive “mind” cult with TROJ & Ken!! 🙂

  4. I worked in Antarctica for a couple of seasons as a pilot. I can’t say that being there I got the impression that it was the edge of a disc. There are plenty of ice shelves which rise 100′-200′ above the sea all around the continent. Since I didn’t get to the Pole, only 86 degrees south, or travel across, I can’t be absolutely sure that we aren’t on a globe. However, I have spoken to other pilots who have flown across the continent. They came down from South America and went on to New Zealand so I’d say that proves it’s not a disc. One way these guys could convince themselves is to go to Hawaii and get one of the large telescopes on the volcano to deflect and point to California. If they can see the coast there then they have an argument.

  5. At first I thought this was The Onion.

    I would ask about the other planets in the solar system as well. Are they flat also? Are there no spheres in the galaxy? Is the earth the only one or is it part of a family of discs? A shame the moon doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and be a disc also. Then again, perhaps it is and they’re just keeping that a secret as well.

    Thanks for the smile.

  6. If comprehensive, the ‘expedition’ will find the driest valleys on earth are in Antarctica… due to 200 MPH winds!!

    The winds cause NO RAIN just in that area, which would not happen on a pancake world or one side of a cube called Earth.

    1. PAT :

      What do you have to say about the following Scientific experiments which prove the Earth is stationary/motionless :

      I’m curious as to what you have to say about the 5 experiments mentioned in the video. I bring the video to your attention because ADMIN, in the feature piece, for some reason ADMIN didn’t mention the 5 Science Experiments which prove the Earth to be stationary and motionless.

      1. TROJ –

        You changed the subject from ‘flat earth’ to ‘spinning earth’ without addressing the TOTAL shape of YOUR ‘flat earth’ with your video. You stated it is not a cube!! What is the TOTAL shape of the planet where you live on JUST one side??

        If you live on one side of a ‘flat earth’….. what is on the other side(s)?

        How many sides are there??

      2. TROJ, Your question here and my first question only get answered with questions because there are no answers that prove the earth is a spinning ball, except to the people still in the dark who think the International Space Station, satellites, and NASA photographs are real things. Yet there are 100’s of proofs that it’s flat and motionless.

  7. It seems there are not but two choices, rather four.
    1) Helio with round earth
    2) Helio with flat earth
    3) Geo with round earth
    4) Geo with flat earth

    I choose geo with round earth!

    “Hey, diddle, diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over the moon;
    The little dog laughed
    To see such sport,
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.”
    “Here Sadaputa Dasa (Dr. Richard L. Thompson) discusses in depth the cosmic earth-disc of ancient cultures, known as Bhu-mandala in Puranic texts. He gives several highly sophisticated explanations of this archaic icon, while warning against the naive “flat earth” interpretation, which tends to discredit these deeply philosophical scriptures.”

    The cow shaped earth continued…

    1. “Vedic literature divides the visible heavens into regions, which transmigrating souls are said to reach according to their karma. We can think of the constellations of stars as a road map for the soul’s travel after death. First I shall describe this map. Then I shall give some evidence that people in old cultures all over the world had a similar cosmic map, often agreeing with the Vedic map in many minute details.”

      Astronomy and Antiquity of Vedic Culture

    2. Yes, the earth is shaped like a cow, everybody knows that. The question is, is the Earth shaped like a Sacred hindoo cow of the hindoos or a Sacred RED joo cow of the jooozzzz? Alex Jones, the MEGA-HELIO, he might as well be a JESUIT and/or a JEW, he’s such an UBER-MEGA HELIO ; Emerick is under the impression that the Earth is shaped like the RED joo cow of his (((ALL-TIME FAVORITE tribe))) who provide him with his salary and tell him what his religious worldview should be. The jews are now censoring him , it’s what you call “Karma”, for Alex Jones himself is VERY CENSORIOUS — he will not allow any Flat Earth Geocentric to share any information at his websites. Jones TOTALLY CENSORS Flat Earth Geocentrics.

      I’m opposed to censorship. I believe in Free Speech and the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights but still, it is a hoot to hear censorious webmasters cry and complain when they themselves get censored. When they censor Flat Earth Geocentrics we’re expected to praise them for being “brave truth loving truth tellers” ; When they get censored , when they get a taste of their own medicine, they expect all of us to feel real bad for them and to be outraged they’re getting censored and we’re to believe it’s the end of the Bill of Rights and the end of the world because they’re getting censored. When they censor, they conveniently forget ALL about the Bill of Rights and Free Speech and the free and open exchange of information and they expect everyone to praise them for being censorious. That’s how f*cked-up Alex Jones and his censorious webmaster ilk buddy-buddies in the “alternative” media are, that’s how f*cked-up in their heads they are. They’re very censorious and we’re supposed to praise them for it, but when they get censored we’re expected to be outraged, !Outraged! I tell ya’!!!

      Helios are VERY CENSORIOUS and that means Helios are deeply afraid of honest debate, which means their Heliocentrism is NOT as Scientifically solid as they claim. REAL Science is NOT afraid of questions. REAL Science is NOT afraid of Science-based questions, but Helios are deeply afraid of Science-based questions.

  8. The insanity of the Jew. Now featuring the Jews’ ultimate theft in link below. (Only a Jew might have thought this possible.)

    The world has lost its mind, but with insane, psychopathic, Jewish inmates running the show, the insane is taken not only as possibility, but probability.

    Flat Earth? First and foremost is the fact that, in the absence of gravity, a condition found throughout the known universe, liquid naturally forms a sphere. If the earth had been a gas or liquid (like say water) at any point during its formation, it would go against all known laws of physics to have a flat plate occur in the gravitational void of space. What’s more, there are no other “flat plates” found among known celestial bodies. Apparently, Earth would be the singular example of a celestial body exhibiting this unique condition.

    Then there arises the question of why, given the nasty outcome dictated by the church authorities of his day, Galileo would, contrary to ruling Christian dogma, pursue publishing his observations about the spherical nature of the planet. What was in it for Galileo? I note that his questioning the church on this matter resulted in virtually the same outcome as his modern counterparts questioning the mythical Hallowedhoax. Tell you what, I’ll trade you. I’ll believe the Earth is flat when the prevailing idea about the Hallowedhoax is that it never happened and Jews are in fact parasitical organisms, fully culpable for the destruction that got them thrown out of every country they infected.

    Fortunately, I met a beautiful girl a few months ago at a Flat Earth Conference in California who agreed with me on Flat Earth theory. In fact, she was even more enthusiastic and into these ideas than I was. She had huge gray eyes full of secret knowledge and wisdom. I fell in love with her at once, feeling like, this is my soulmate.

    If anything ever made a man insane, it’s love for a pretty girl. Of course the earth isn’t round, but wait a minute, aren’t pretty girls curved like space?

    Like a man with one eye is king of the blind, the man with half a brain is king of those having none. The idea of a flat earth is totally insane. With so many reasons against this particularly virulent form of insanity, what’s truly insane is how it finds play among flat-air-heads on this planet. Yet the idea keeps raising its irrational head just like all other insane ideas, e.g., “diversity is our strength,” “there is only one race, the human race,” given a chance, and plenty of money, the average Negro can grow up to be a rocket surgeon. Muslims are really peaceful in their intent towards Europe. Christianity did not set civilization back a thousand years promoting ideas like a flat earth, instead it advanced man’s scientific knowledge. All those mass shootings were acts of insane, “lone gunmen.” Jews have nebber dun nuttin’ wrong, it’z chust everyone hates them so much, they provide a convenient scapegoat for “anti-Semitic haters.”

    Of course, for Jews, the benefit of this insanity is it enables them to hide very real ideas and actions, like those listed above, among other insane, gossamer fantasies now abounding among the gullible, ignorant goyim.

    The Hallowedhoax never happened! Six million Jews never died! There were no death camps – Insane!

    Planet X/Nirubu is about to collide with Earth – Reasonable.

    The attack on the trade towers was actually planned and prearranged controlled demolition – Insane!

    Alien grays are living under the Denver airport and are battling humans for control over this flat Earth – Reasonable.

    No aircraft hit the towers on September 11th. It was an optical illusion bought about by the use of holograms. – Insane!

    Nadzees actually run the American government. They took over with Operation Paperclip. – Reasonable

    The recent widespread destruction in California was not due to “campfires.” Instead it was actually a test of the new technology of space bases scalar weapons technology. – Insane!

    Nadzees are about to take over the world from bases in the Antarctic – Reasonable

    Chemtrails are actually highly toxic particles being purposely sprayed over the planet to destabilize the temperatures and environment, bringing about global climate change previously predicted by “scientist.” – Insane!

    The Illuminati/Masons/Alien Grays/UFO’s (your choice, ad nauseum) are the real reasons behind our problems. – Reasonable

    Elections are a sham, they are all rigged by a conspiratorial cabal. The people have no voice in government. It is actually a tiny cabal of elite money-men choosing political appointments to office. – Insane!

    Hillary actually won the election. Trump stole the election with the help of Russian duplicity – Reasonable.

    Conspiracies do exists and are responsible for the problems now being faced around the flat plate we live on. – Insane!

    Despite his administrative cabinet, Trump is still a Naaadzee,– Reasonable.

    The Earth is flat! – Insane! – Wait a minute, maybe not.

    Jews have no real power over governments, our problems are all the white man’s fault – Reasonable

    Race exists. There are obvious ,documented differences between races- Insane!

    White people have no historical heritage and no racial culture. Only Jews, “Blacks,” “Hispanics,” Chinese, Japanese and other races can develop such cultures. – Reasonable

    How “reasonably insane” all this sounds to the “intelligent” man with no brain.

    Fill the world with enough bullshit and before long you too will believe all men are equal (except Jews of course) and Trump rules America. Soon there will no longer be any question of what happened to the faces of those insane pigs now disguised as man’s rational visage. It has become impossible to tell who, or what, man is, or if pigs really can fly over this flat plate called Earth.

    And now, the closing credit for white civilization.

    1. Arch, You have pretty much covered the water front. But you left off one important concept. Flat earth is for flat heads. Round earth is for round heads. However, and this is very important, the hollow earth, the one you left out, is for hollow heads. These intrepid flat earthers, shipping out to the ends of the earth, may sail into a great big hole at the South Pole. They will be amazed at the wonders of a hollow earth. They may even find some Natzees living in there. Thule Society anyone? And if they keep going may also find a race of giant very pale pygmy people living there who stay well far away from the Natzees. After sailing “a-round” eight thousand miles, meeting all sorts of hominids along the way who speak Darwinese, the flat heads will come out at a great big hole at the North Pole passing a Russian sub chasing down a Natzee sub, thereby proving beyond any shadow of doubt, that not only is the earth round but is also hollow. No less then Jules Verne has said so!!

      1. Alice
        I first requirement in order book a trip into the hollow earth is a have a hollow head. The hollow earth natzees have booking agents in Israel but alas it’s a one way booking only. Strangely enough one as ever returned to tell about it. Come to think about it, there were couple of Norwegians several years who said they did row through the North Pole opening However, this has not been verified by the Noble Peace Prize Committee.

      2. Alice,
        Also, the Norwegian Peace Prize Committee is of very late made up by Muslims who are at logger “heads” of any shape or size, with the Israeli booking agents for trips into the hollow earth domain of Allah.

    2. While getting rid of Libraries from other cultures through “kosher baptism with fire” suddenly new vaults opened for a new superior Worldwide Religion, a newly changed history and with its own scholars of “religious science” and Jewish superiority. What a coincidence! Heresy must be a bitch after all!
      Suddenly the Earth goes flat after millennia, has four corners and Christianity takes over the “ dark, flat and unholy square to serve” and rule the world with laws written into stone by a revengeful and murderous kosher God that inserts the chosen ones officially into place as the most important human tribe that ever wandered the “flat”. The “baptism” of the Alexandrian library opened some interesting history changing opportunities for the chosen devilish crooks that are running the world these days not so undercover any more but successfully meddling with all human affairs worldwide since over 2000 years.

    3. HEY AS

      Thanks for bringing the conversation full circle , no pun intended to the flatheads. Almost 30 comments before someone at LD blamed this on the Jews! BTW, the earth is actually a proton spinning around the the sun. The sun is really a nucleus and we are all living on a very round molecule which is part of a large ant. Not to worry because we are about to get stepped on by a giant platypus any second now!

      I know it seems like a billion years but in the context of the space time continuum it just feels that way. Perhaps the molecule is flat.

    4. Arch, you say, “Galileo would, contrary to ruling Christian dogma, pursue publishing his observations about the spherical nature of the planet,” and “Christianity…set civilization back a thousand years promoting ideas like a flat earth.” When did the Church ever say the earth was not spherical? It never did, and it didn’t even teach that the earth was the center of the solar system, much less the universe. Many churchmen took it for granted, just like most people did, but it was never a dogma or doctrine of the Catholic Church. Copernicus and others were never persecuted for defending the heliocentric theory. In fact Copernicus dedicated his book on the heliocentric theory to one one of his cardinal friends at the Vatican. Galileo was obnoxious and did all he could to disturb the common man by saying “The Church is wrong” when the Church never said anything about the subject, since it has nothing to do with divine revelation, faith, or morals.

      And in case you haven’t heard, the Catholic Church (although heavily infiltrated, subverted and corrupted today, including the present anti-pope Francis), has been the biggest promoter of science in history, and Christian revelation was the source of the rise of modern science in the first place with its teaching on the divine Logos and hence the order and intelligibility of the created universe in time and the reality of linear history, which is also salvation history. That being said, there is a lot of evidence for the geocentric theory (but not so much for the flat earth theory). Readers can see Robert Sungenis, “Galileo Was Wrong” and decide for themselves.

      1. Maybe (((they))) diverted people off target, which would be Geocentrism, pushing this Flat Earth theory.

        We all know the Jews love to exaggerate things!

      2. “…intelligibility of the created universe in time and the reality of linear history, which is also salvation history.”


        I take issue with the true Creation being created in time, where “time” in this context implies that there are “passages of time”. As I see it, passages are not a product of Truth, but are instead a source of trouble which ENABLES a reality of Evil.

        Having said that, linear history IS salvation history, but, in my view, “salvation” involves a “window of opportunity” within the changing Yugic cycle.

        Salvation will come when this coopting of the true nature of “time” ends

  9. “who’s THEY”?
    “well, basically, SATAN”…
    oh no, not HIM again!!!
    afraid so, that’s right, that’s right, it’s SATAN again…
    and you know, he’s gotta be there somewhere sooner or later in the magical thinking brain of every benighted blithering idiot fanatical religious fundamentalist… look people, the flat earth is just another religious belief…
    now we know what’s wrong with these people.. the question is – how did they get that way?
    it is not to say the jesuits, the freemasons, zionists, bilderbergers, cia, the queen, the vatican etc. do not exist as unconscionable conspiratorial manipulators of the world, indeed violent and utterly ruthless, who have been lying to the public about just about everything forever.. they do.. we don’t doubt the government does “produce misleading materials”.. but that doesn’t mean the earth is flat too…
    in fact if these people ever do manage to stick their noses too far into antarctica, they’ll probably get em chopped off… because it’s highly likely there’s a lot of globalist activity going on underground down there…
    it’s far more likely the whole flat earth fiasco is designed on purpose by those same rulers to keep the public buffaloed about the buffalos, straight from the ministry on bullshit conspiracy theories, to make the real conspiracies a little harder to believe, easier to deny…
    honestly my friends, are the flat earthers any wackier than those who claim most of the stuff in the bible and other ‘scriptures’? god flooded the whole planet and drowned everybody because he was mad at the world (failed experiment – trash it all and start over?), lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt, an angel named gabriel cut muhammad’s chest open and poured in a magical powder to help straighten his mind out, god sent jesus to the earth to be tortured to death to make everything ok for everybody? really?
    “heliocentrism” only means the sun us at the enter of the solar system, not at the center of the universe…
    the flat earthers however, apparently believe the earth IS at the center of the universe…
    ‘egocentricity’ is the mental derangement, where the egocentrist thinks HE is the center of the universe..
    i would speculate egocentricity is a common flaw among religious fundamentalists, who would likely ‘logically’ then prefer to think they’re living on a planet, disc whatever, that is also at the center of the universe…
    i don’t believe the earth is a sphere because i was brainwashed, though i do admit brainwashing is common…
    one reason i believe the earth is a sphere is because i can see with my own eyes that the moon and the sun are round.. to me that indicates the earth is probably round too, they’re spheres, unless you think the moon and the sun are set on edge somehow… then i guess what, they roll past every day and night? that would be hard to say about the moon, because it has surface characteristics that would be moving in a rolling motion that you could see.. aha, but not the sun.. you can’t tell whether it’s rolling of not.. ok then, the sun rolls and moon slides, on something..
    we do have to say though, the moon is pretty weird, since we only ever see one side of it.. for that to happen it means it has to be spinning at only 1/365 the of a turn every earth day, and leap year somehow has no incremental effect on what we see over the millennium… smoke on that for a minute… the other idea is that the moon is a spaceship of some kind, an artifact, with gods, angels, devils, cosmic supervisors of some sort keeping an eye on us…
    ok, nobody really knows exactly what gravity is.. or more accurately, where it comes from…
    my best guess is it’s the expansion force inherent in the universe, which astronomers say continues to get bigger and bigger, with all its bodies moving away from each other… and that it pushes stars and planets and atoms together, which is why they spin… therein does lay the secret to free energy… the quote goes something like – “man will one day hook his wheelwork to the very force that drives the universe itself”… that’s optimistic…
    also, having spent a couple years out in the middle of the ocean, i can tell you the curve of the earth is visible…
    and, to me it’s obvious that clouds in the sky appear at lower heights with distance because they’re all at the same altitude… and to me it’s far more likely the earth turns toward the sun, rather than the sun burns across the sky every day, coming from somewhere and going back again? or are there an endless number of suns that go past every day like bullets one at a time? and, why is is the earth is colder at the edges where the ice walls are holding all the water in? wouldn’t the sun warm everything at the same rate, melting the ice walls? if fact, wouldn’t the sun actually be shining right on the vertical sides of the ice walls on the side of the disc for a longer period of time as it made its approach every day? doesn’t the sun cause ice to melt?
    you’re right about the telescope.. you should also be able to put one on donnor summit in the high sierra and on a clear day be able to check out the bikinis on waikiki beach… you should be able to see all the ships in the ocean too… you should be able to see all the way to the ice walls… because in telescopic terms it’s no too far..
    the flat earthers use airline routes to illustrate their idea.. they say there are only a few flights listed straight across the southern ocean, for example, like from austrailia to south america, with the majority of flights routed up north to the usa than back down to south america… but they don’t get it that it’s done that way for commercial purposes – there is not that much demand for a lot of flights straight across… and they go so far as to say the few straight across flights are actually fake, they don’t even exist…
    there was something about the transponders going on and off too, what was it?

  10. Flat earth appeared out of nowhere about 2-3 years ago as a CIA psyop to discredit truthers. Many fell for it. It is incredible that in this day and age that flat earth could even be a theory, yet it is and thus you have to wonder about the sanity of people. Flat earth seems to be the latest psyop to challenge “reality” and destroy truth.

    There are hundreds of ways to prove sphere earth, the easiest is a space photograph of the earth turning under the space station. I have my favorites. If earth was a disc the gravity wouldn’t be constant across the surface. Another favorite is geometry of a triangle on a flat vs. a sphere. If a surveyor starts laying out an equilateral triangle on a flat 1,000 miles long, each leg being 60 degrees angle, he will end of a the starting point.

    If however you are on a sphere and start off laying down 1,000 mile legs 60 degrees at the end point you will not be at the point of origin because you’ll be laying down a curved line. Every navigator on this sphere planet know this and has to account for this. So I wrote a tongue in cheek essay on just this challenging flat earthers to put their faith (and lives) on the line.

    As a test of “flat earth faith” I suggested a contest that flat earthers all get aboard a 747 while sphere earthers get aboard another 747 and take off from Hilo, Hawaii using the navigation of preference. The entire trip will be above the ocean, each 747 has to fly 1,000 nautical miles based on flat or sphere earth. The aircraft will only have enough fuel to reach the destination based on the projected trip. If you get back to point of origin you get a cold beer, if not your aircraft will run out of fuel and drop into the drink (ocean).

    Obviously the flat earths will not reach point of origin and end up dropping into the drink and drown. lol

    1. Mariners have always known that the earth is round, because if you sail in a straight line it takes longer to get anywhere. So you sail in an arc. Find the shortest arc, i.e., the one that gets you there the quickest, measure it, and you can calculate the circumference of the earth.

      “Flat Earth” is just another example of Jews tricking the dumb goyim into making themselves look stupid.

      1. If it weren’t for this very simple fact, it would not have been necessary for shipping companies to risk thousands of ships and the lives of tens of thousands of passengers by sailing through the ice fields of the North Sea for centuries, instead of simply sailing due west from London to New York and back.
        So, no “Titanic”. See also, “THE WRECK OF THE WILLIAM BROWN”, a book about an Irish “coffin” ship that went down in almost the exact spot, a century before. Forget the name of the author. Saw a dramatization of the case on TV when I was a child. It’s on amazon.

      2. The international society of mariners and navigators should issue a white paper of how they navigate sphere earth to put this flat earth nonsense to rest. Goolag, Faceberg, and Jewtube say they are fighting fake news so why is flat earth plastered all over social media?

        We are truly facing a new dark age if this campaign of CIA/USArmy cognitive dissonance doesn’t stop.

    2. “…It is incredible that in this day and age that flat earth could even be a theory…”

      It’s crazy, but no crazier than the so-called “Holocaust”, in which the evidence consists of between 75 and 95 % pure Communist propaganda. The idiot Americans et al. at Nuremberg fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

      We’ve learned NOTHING since the Middle Ages. The witchcraft trials were in fact quite logical by comparison.

      1. @ Carlos W. Porter :

        Heliocentrism can be found in the JEWS’ JEW Kabbalah. In fact, that’s where Heliocentrism comes from, the JEWS’ JEW Kabbalah [ the JEWS got ((( their))) Heliocentrism from ((( their))) time in Babylon, the “Babylonian Captivity” ]. Please tell us what you think about that, that your Heliocentrism comes from the JEWS’ JEW Kabbalah. Qua ANTI-Jew that you are, how do you reconcile your belief in JEW-Kabbalah Heliocentrism with your ANTI-Jewism? [ Especially as JEW-Kabbalah Heliocentrism has NEVER been proven using Empirical Science methods and remains a JEW religious concept].

        That Heliocentrism comes from the JEWS’ JEW Kabbalah, do you not think that is a legitimate reason to question and scrutinize JEW-Kabbalah-derived Heliocentrism? And if it’s not a legitimate reason to question Heliocentrism, then why exactly is it not a legitimate reason to question JEW-Kabbalah-derived Heliocentrism? Since when do you encourage everyone to accept , and to accept without questioning , JEW religious concepts from the JEWS’ JEW religious book the JEW Kabbalah? ESPECIALLY as you fully well know that Jew religious from the JEWS’ JEW Kabbalah Heliocentrism has NEVER been proven using Empirical Science methods. U snake in the grass u.

      2. According to the ancients, kabbalah is an integral component of a “cosmic tampering” engineered by what the Gnostics call “Demiurge” – the usurpation of the true Creation, at least insofar as this solar “system” is concerned.

        It’s said that absent the usurping action the Sun is an aspect of Divinity, and that the planets are its “attending satellites”


        Makes me wonder how much ol’ Tom Paine knew about these sun worshippers 🤔

      3. I suppose I should be more clear….

        Certainly all manifested existence is of Divinity. But when you entertain the notion of Creation having been coopted by a usurping action, it would imply that aspects of Divinity* have had their Divine nature “interfered” with

        *the true nature of what is called the “Sun” could be understood as being an a-spect (from “spectral”) of Divinity, say, in this sector of the galaxy?

        All of this of course must call into question what the ramifications are for an entity such as the Sun seen in this context having its true nature circumvented

  11. For sure, no one is going to Antarctica, but I think the inquiry into flat earth is being misrepresented by red herring clowns. Legitimate researchers do not claim to know the full physical geography of the earth, but they are asking a wide range of questions and providing copious examples that deserve to be answered and explained. And most of them say they became involved by setting out first to disprove the flat earth theory. Here is one example:

  12. We have to take time for a good belly laugh or two. I have a sister-in-law who appears a confirmed Flat Earther. I do not beLIEve she visits I once sent her an image of “Flat Earth Borne by a Turtle”. She did not respond.

    Over the past several days, wife and I butchered 50 meat birds, Cornish Cross variety, the fastest to morph non-GMO, organic feed to flesh on our own flat earth. [NOTE: Relevance!] From Iowa, these chickens arrive here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in a cardboard box via the corpse known as the USPS — 50+ small, fluffy, peeping chicks. For the next six weeks or so, they grow to 6.0 to 8.5 pounds as a “clean bird”, just like you might buy in a grocery store (though, most importantly, with quality added as Joel Salatin teaches).

    When we butcher, set-up and clean-up takes portions of bracketing days. Burying awful offals in holes prepared for this season’s tomato crop fell (!) to me today. Gaétane celebrated an early Mother’s Day with another real, true Mom (no relation) at an extended care facility, taking a well deserved break from standing, teaching butchering techniques to a much younger neighbor. Thus, we have lived this week in Nowheresville, a kind of mythical, idyllic oasis found nestled near, unsusally not within, very large, urban deserts lacking auras of spiritual presence, awareness, much less mastery of self.

    From here, of course, at an elevation frightening to some, the earth sure looks flat in some places. Not so even-steven in other locales. The Rockies in Canada astoundingly impressive to me, coming across the hills overlooking the Bay Area for the first time (1969) like diving into the (apparently flattened) Milky Way galaxy! Even though I do not beLIEve 550 humans actually traversed the Van Allen Belt and lived to talk about such adventures as “walking on the Moon”, I concede and allow and encourage anyone and everyone to laugh at absurdities so evident that only the heart still functions, not the head. A welcome relief from putatively erudite thinking!

    1. Well said, Alan! You and your wife obviously live in an idyllic universe of your own. Bless you!

    2. And yet … and yet … dear philosopher-mystic with your head in the clouds … living in a remote rural paradise which you describe fetchingly as “Nowheresville” … this comment of yours strikes a jarring note and is unlikely to please the followers of ahimsa, let alone the sensitive vegan:

      “Over the past several days, wife and I butchered 50 meat birds.”

      Somehow, dear Alan, the idea of a transcendental mystic and visionary poet — which is how you see yourself — does not sit well with the harsh reality of yourself as a “meat bird butcher”. How, pray tell, do you and your wife kill all these full-grown chickens (weighing 6 to 8.5 pounds each)?

      Do you wring their necks lovingly or do you chop off their heads tenderly with a carving knife? Have you ever seen a headless chicken running round in circles? And all this cruelty to animals —for cruelty it is by any other name — is done for what? So that you and wife can live an idyllic life in the country? and do gourmet cooking with organic meat?

      Hmm, sound a bit strange to me! Not passing judgment, Alan. Just reflecting on the incompatibility of a mystical poet-philosopher and a chicken butcher existing in the same body.

      Doesn’t sound right to me. How would you like to be reborn as a chicken in your next reincarnation?

      1. AD

        The Madame speaks wisely.
        I would suggest that you gather most of their eggs, eat them in preferable ways and allow enough to hatch so the cycle continues THAT way. This is what I do with mine🐣
        Let your chickens live out their lives as we would ours

        1. Hail, valiant Warrior of the Wigwam! Big Chief Tomahawk speak wisely! 🙂

          Eggs are the most nutritious food imaginable. The best source of protein and containing all nutrients essential to good health. Their role in bad cholesterol production is now dismissed as yet another myth. The multibillionaire art tycoon Charles Saatchi once went on an egg only diet, partly to lose weight. He ate 3 boiled eggs for breakfast, 3 for lunch, and 3 for dinner. That’s 9 eggs a day. He not only lost weight, he remained fighting fit and his cholesterol level didn’t go up at all.

          I’m certainly not criticizing Alan Donelson for being a “chicken butcher”. I eat meat myself but very sparingly, preferring fish, eggs and dairy products. (And by the way, I don’t drink alcohol). As long as people need to eat meat, I guess slaughter houses are necessary. The job has to be done. By someone. But I don’t think this is a role best suited to people who present themselves as mystical poets in the tradition of Ezra Pound, as our friend Alan Donelson does. I bet Ezra didn’t spend hours every day writing inspired cantos and the rest of his time chasing chickens round the farm yard with a meat axe! 🙂

      2. MB –

        Ezra DID chase many ‘chicks’ around the finest cafes and swanky bedrooms in his day. He also introduced his friends to ‘chicks’ as lovers. Set them up. “Me Too” would attack him today. 🙂

      3. Madame B., you speak to a mysterious aspiration and address to me welcome and fair questions. As a dear soul exhorted repeatedly in the longest book I had ever read cover-to-cover both excitedly carefully three times before I reached maturity — Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, confessing here “I was so much older then, I am younger than that now” — Check your premises!

        Seeming paradoxes offer doors to perception, re-conception, and, as the Universe always remains in Infinite Balance everywhere all at once, proprioception, too! Long story short, the nickel tour: GOD is ALL, OMnipotent, OMnipresent, OMniescent. If GOD is everywhere, where are we? If GOD is everything, what are we? How can GOD know us if we cannot know GOD?

        Yogi Bhajan’s work as a Teachers of teachers guides me. I have not become a “Sikh” any more than I remained a “Roman Catholic” upon my escape from religion at 18 years of age. The spiritual vacuum created drove me, one of little to no faith, helter-skelter from one milepost, one stepping stone, one promising lead to another in search of a viable path to the Divine. I had first studied the MIND-BODY PROBLEM while earning the Ph.D. in Pharmacology. I have never ceased that line of study. YB offers the clearest exposition on The Mind I have ever found (highly recommended). I have come to see that my life’s question, now a CONtention between heart and mind within!

        If one wishes to lighten up, brighten up, through diet and discipline and every other means, then, GOD speed! I understand it is not given to me this lifetime to do that trip. Every teacher I have almost met passed on before I could (e.g., Jesus, Yogananda). YB directed eat nothing with two eyes. Eating a fertilized chicken egg denies that soul a reincarnated life as a chicken. Likely, that soul needed such an experience — or NOT! Aborted in the egg may be that soul’s destiny. Certainly we have millions of souls ready to incarnate in human bodies, aborted.

        Veganism, vegetarianism, etc., all are religions. Take the one that can take you farthest along the way you go!

      4. AD

        Here’s what I’ve come to understand…

        Once that shell is cracked, there is no chicken. But there are plenty more “aspiring eggs” who will come to realize their chickenhood. Once they DO, only then can they be killed. This implies that the killer has created a sense of fear for an animal who given the choice would not CHOOSE to die.

        Nothing of the sort can be said of the egg

  13. Okay, the flat Earth theory is pure psysops bullshit, but what about flat people?

    One of the cleverest and strangest books I’ve ever read is Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland, a Victorian fantasy first published in 1884. It’s about what happens when two worlds collide. One is our own three-dimensional world. The other is a literally two-dimensional world called Flatland, where there are only two dimensions to move in: north-south and east-west. There’s no up-down in Flatland, because there’s no third dimension.

    1. Arch
      Better to say there’s a psyops ASPECT to it, as with so many things in this infested world. The “Jews” playin it for whatever perceived advantage.
      After all, that the “truth is stranger than fiction” became a cliche for good reason

  14. 1. Flat Earth v. Hollow Earth v. Earth as a globe(ball)
    2. Uniformitarianism earth change model v. catastrophism
    3. Blind Darwinian evolution v. intelligent design
    4. Anthropogenic (CO2 caused) global warming v. geoengineered / astrophysics driven climate disruption
    5. Atlantis/Lemuria antediluvian world v. Adam,Eve as genesis of mankind
    6. William Shakespeare as the playwright v. Francis Bacon and/or others as the playwrights
    7. Jesus as Solar Deity v. Jesus as myth v. Jesus as GOD
    8. No Nazi DEATH camps v. purposeful extermination of millions of people
    9. U.S. personal income tax as totally, legally voluntary v. 1040 tax legally required
    10. NASA faked Apollo space missions to moon v. Apollo moon missions happened
    11. Beatles Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced v. the Paul alive today is the original
    12. Donald Trump as Nationalist Patriot v. Donald Trump as closet globalist, Zionist, pied piper
    13. The spirit behind human beings reincarnates v. no survival v. heaven or hell
    14. NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) indicate survival beyond the body v. internal neural brain reactions

    No matter what the truth is concerning these controversies, there are the TRUE BELIEVERS that would NEVER be convinced to admit their thinking (understanding) is in need of major modification. So it’s basically a waste of time to engage these types of controversies because either one “is preaching to the choir” or one has to contend with cognitive dissonance … possibly involved in a pissing contest, figuratively speaking. And then confirmation bias raises its head.

    1. @Bear Claw

      Excellent list. This is:

      what happens when Physical Science is gone from schools!!


      How many people today have ever performed a geometry proof, a physics or chemistry experiment, never mind understood them?

      Armed with these tools there is hope that reason can prevail. Without these tools, the masses are hopelessly lost and endlessly subject to manipulation.

      Then there is the deep psychologically seated hatred people have against changing their minds. I once knew a chap who when on an errand in town, if he absent mindedly walked past the target shop, he would abandon his errand rather than turn around and backtrack a small way.

      If one is educated in physical science, one is imbued with gratitude when one’s outlook is reoriented towards truth.

      When the concepts involve security or death, digging into the trench of ignorance is resolute. Hence attitudes towards socialism or “pension fund” religions (promising a pension in heaven) are almost impossible to change.

      1. Q: “…How many people today have ever performed a geometry proof, a physics or chemistry experiment…?

        A: They don’t even know whether the Reformation came before the Renaissance, and think that “classical music” means Elvis Presley! How are they going to do geometry, chemistry or physics?

  15. Mainly, these “flat earth” proponents are experimenting with their argumentative skills. Surely, they’re intelligent enough to know better! They know that if they can convince a skeptic into believing such an absurdity, they’re skilled, indeed! 🙂

      May 5, 2019 at 5:03 am

      You’ve really hit the nail on the head. It’s pretentiousness, manipulativeness.
      These people are just smart-asses, like these miserable little philosophy teachers who say “Prove to me that you exist!”

      1. When the miserable little philosophy teacher says “Prove to me that you exist!” one can effectively disabuse him of his scepticism or solipsism or whatever his mental and moral problem is by simply kicking him in the shins or slapping him, or if you’re the gentler type of person, just by touching him.

      2. Until you run into a 21st Century solipsist — which I have in the person of a Ph.D. (Psychology), vegetarian, environmentalist, PROGressive. In which case, an ostensible proffered proof becomes a confirmation of falsity, therefore, an affirmation of the assumed. Drives me ______ [your favorite, most negative epithet here] CRAZY. GOD exists. GOD is dead. GOD is within. GOD is without. Sheeesh! Just be your Self!

  16. ‘pension fund religions’…
    i like it…
    “what happens when Physical Science is gone from schools!!”
    right, it’s all subjective now (if that), especially gender…
    in california now they teach kindergarteners there are 12 different genders…
    absurdity indeed…

      1. DARRELL
        May 6, 2019 at 6:57 am

        Because the smart-asses will always have an answer. They just take one step backward.

        Let’s say we take a follower of Bishop Berkeley and we put him on a train track, with a fast train approaching. “I see the train approaching”, he says; “I hear the whistle; I feel the rail bed trembling under my feet”, he says, “but where, apart from my perception of these things, is there any proof of the existence of the train track or myself or any train at all?” No argument will be accepted as valid.

        Then what happens? Naturally, he gets off the track and moves out of the way! If you call him a hypocrite, a pompous horse’s ass and a faker, he says, “You saw me standing me on the train track, you saw me get out of the way, but where, apart from your perception of these things, is there any proof of the existence of the train track or that I ever stood on it at all?”

        If you took a cricket bat and broke both his legs, he’d say the same things: “I saw you assault me; I felt the pain; I am now unable to walk; but where, apart from your perception of these things, is there any proof that you assaulted me at all?”

        Of course, that’s not what he’ll say when it goes to court and you get convicted of felony battery or assault with a deadly weapon. Then he’ll say you assaulted him.

        Do you know why this illogical?
        Ask and it shall be given unto you.
        Any takers?

        It’s like this with the Flat-Earthers, Kactologists (Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorists) and other “idée fixe” groups all the time. Every time you answer a question, they come back with another assumption or another question.

  17. What is certain is that the earth is not turning.
    If we get in a helicopter and we just take off in the air without navigating to a destination you will notice that the earth is not moving. You will see that the helicopter remains circling above the same spot.

    1. Strange –

      You wrote:
      “What is certain is that the earth is not turning.”

      What causes the ocean tide cycles and resultant swift currents ?

      1. @ Pat, they told me at school the tides are a result of the attraction of the moon to the earth.

    2. “…If we get in a helicopter and we just take off in the air…”
      This is like the old maths problem (and joke) of a fly in a trans-Atlantic air flight. The fly flies 5 feet forward, inside the plane.
      “That means the fly is flying at 500 miles an hour!!! No fly can fly that fast!!! ” etc. etc. etc.

      More “prove to me that you exist” bullshit.

      PS Know how you “prove you exist”?
      (Hint: it can’t be done. Tune in next week and find out why not.)

  18. Someone was wondering about the mystery of why water sticks to the earth when rotating so fast: Either like a frisbee disk tossed by the hand of God, or rotating like a beach ball. Well, we have it on no less than the authority of the Holy Bible that it is mentioned that the earth did in fact stand still, (the sun or the earth, flat or otherwise, or maybe both were stationary in the sky) and the oceans did not wash over the continents. Talk about water sticking to the earth rotating or not. We know this because the Bible tells us so and God through his word would not lie to us.
    I should take up preaching. So many things can be explained from the Holy Word of God. Even that the earth is flat, round like a pancake or has four corners even to the ends of the earth. I wonder if Ferdinand Magellan was really a good Catholic.

  19. Some people can’t understand that there are three answers to whether you believe in any theory: (1) yes, (2) no, and (3) I don’t know. Of the three, the last is most important for clear thinking.

    1. “…(1) yes, (2) no, and (3) I don’t know. Of the three, the last is most important for clear thinking…”

      A very important point. Thank you. Option (3) is very often the safest and best, as you say.

      Socrates used to say, “I only know that I know nothing”, etc., and then tie people up in knots just asking questions.
      Just like a cross-examiner.

  20. Well until someone can provide a decent answer to the amply proven claim that we can see much much further than we should based on ball earth math (ie terrestrial point to point observations using known height distance and size variables and line of sight EM waves), the ball earth proponents have a real problem. This, coupled with the fact that standing water lies level (apart from my local pool which tends uphill after several laps), is sufficient to displace the presumption of a ball earth of some 40k km circumference. Against this, no amount of inference from the behaviour of objects in the sky will cut it.

    Globe earthers: the ball’s in your court. And please also explain in passing how Mercury can ever be visible from Earth in the heliocentric model.

  21. Interested folks need to examine the alleged facts themselves, from both viewpoints. This will be a most interesting and even fun experience. This author overlooks much, and get much of the rest wrong. The way to begin is similar to learning about th so-calle “holocaust,” which everybody knows is true. Ask yourself how and why people could doubt such a well known “fact,” supported by so much evidence. What could they have to gain? Find out who supports the holocaust religion and what they have to gain. Your mind will then be clear about certain important things… You will have had an enlightening experience… And you may learn some things, whatever your outcome. THEN, you will actually be qualified to write on the topic!

    1. Some of us have done two or three learning experiences, including the “holocaust”, and, more recently, even more challenging events, including JFK, Oklahoma City bombing, 9-11, the “Federal Reserve” [neither federal nor a “reserve”, preservation of the rich and famous, I’d say].

      Tell you what, flat earth or globe, the “truth” of that matter does not make a difference in my flat-footed, well-rounded world! Wasn’t there a John (Jon? Joan?) Carter roaming around in Science Fiction books once upon a time? Surprise, surprise, dear Gomer exclaims!

  22. So many logical fallacies and ridicule when people talk about flat earth. Very rarely do you see people discussing this topic without laughing and adding ridicule…sad really.
    Then you post some vice video to generalize people.

  23. In order of duplicitousness, according to certain mystical understanding…

    1) The “Demiurge”; co-opter of Divine Reality
    2) Its chief agents – the Annunaki; overseers of this coopted reality
    3) The elite Jews – Annunaki underlings running the show on this illusive level of existence

    ON this “level” the APPEARANCE of spheroidal bodies is perceived, but its coopted nature implies a virtual reality, which conveys the ILLUSION of spheres

    Flat-Earthers accept this as theoretical, not in how “flatness” can be percieved, except in brief glimpses which allows the viewer to temporarily see through the illusion

  24. As an open minded guy, I got to tell you, the flat earthers have some questions that are difficult to answer, of course we must check if their data are phony. Some guys arranged a camera with a huge zoom and “proved” we can see far more distant than we suppose to.

    The first time I came across this subject was when I was researching the experiments TROJ cited above: apparently, nobody can prove the Earth’s movement or its centripetal acceleration. That’s a problem!

    If you ever have the displeasure to discuss physics with a philosopher (a guy who studied 4 years in college), he will show you that you don’t know jack s*it about the physical world, we only see “shadows in a cave”. We have a model to fit experimental results, but guess what? A variety of models can fit the same results, depends only on your creativity. I know I’m pushing too hard now, just a provocation: how do we know we are not living in a planetarium, an illusion?

    This particular subject, cosmology, is getting more confusing every day. According to theory, galaxies shouldn’t keep together, they should dissipate; a greater amount of gravity forces are needed. Then, cosmologists invented fictitious parameters such as “dark matter” and “dark energy” to make their equations fit, the equations couldn’t be wrong because they were proposed by a Jewish demi-God, Einstein. It’s a spinning world, therefore, a Russian guy named Sergey Orlov invented an interest unorthodox theory called “Vortex Gravity”; but his English is worse than mine. One of his conclusions is this: to launch a satellite the poles are a better location than the equator.

    If you think flat Earth is ridiculous, what about “gravity doesn’t exist”? “The space is curved” because if the space is Cartesian my equations don’t add up. These are the things the Einstein’s worshippers are saying. And don’t forget all the contradictions and paradox.

    Conclusion: something is wrong, we need a new model!

    1. Of COURSE gravity exists, the question is, what IS it, exactly? (Not a conventional science explanation, but an existential one, i.e., WHY does it exist as it may apply to our existence beyond this material plane. For that matter, why existence on this plane at ALL? 🤔

      1. I’ll say this again and then I’m done commenting in this thread. This thing called gravity was made up by a 33rd degree Freemason. The reason nobody knows what it IS exactly is because it’s a hoax.

      2. The apple doesn’t need Newton’s “invention” to fall to the ground.

        The principle of Archimedes, the one that explains floating, needs fluid pressure to work. Gravity (g) is present on all the equations of floating. If you take out gravity everything floats! Sorry, the floating argument doesn’t make any sense on zero gravity.

      3. Gravity is an observable phenomenon in our realm–not necessarily a physical force in its own right. Just because something can be measured doesn’t make it a force. Cold is a measurable absence of heat, but we wouldn’t call it a force. There is no evidence that gravity is an actual force, though we can measure it and include its effect in our calculations.

      4. A good way to clarify things is the analogy between an electrostatic field and gravity. You can’t feel the electrostatic field unless you are electrically charged, and you can’t feel gravity unless you have gravitational mass. The analogy is not perfect because the electrical charge can be positive or negative, meaning attraction or repulsion. Gravity is not a force it is a field; up in heavens high energy state, close to the bottom low energy state. The force is weight, it is only “produced” when you have gravitational mass.

        Now, here is the tricky thing: scientists simplified a lot, and they know that, when they assumed that gravitational mass is equal to inertial mass.

      5. Joe F –

        Gravity is not a force at all. The mistake is made when folks use “force OF gravity” when there is none.

        But there is a “force DUE TO gravity” since F=(k)ma….. where ‘F’ is ‘force’ and ‘m’ is mass and ‘a’ is acceleration. The ‘k’ is a constant provided for adjustments in denoting measuring units such cgs or mks or fps.

        Velocity is the change in length per unit time; thus, it has units such as kilometers per hour (km/h) or feet per second (ft/s).

        Acceleration is a measure of the change in velocity or velocity per unit time; thus, it has units such as centimeters per second per second (cm/s2) or feet per second per second (ft/s2).

        Absent acceleration – there is no force.

    2. Gravity is just a label for a mathematical description of the rate at which objects fall to earth. It cannot be proven as a force or warpage of spacetime because there’s no independent variable. If you think that 2 lead balls suspended by coat hangers in a garden shed can prove gravity (as well as the so-called mass of the earth and planets) you need your head read.

      If anything, the heliocentric model tends to show on its face the folly of this theory. Why doesn’t the moon fall to earth, or planets fall into the sun or be pulled out of orbit when passing each other? It’s a total joke, and sufficient for Michiu Kaku to call it the biggest mismatch between observation and theory in the history of science.

    3. I knew a man with a pessimistic bent of mind who questioned the scientific theory of gravity by saying that the world just sucks.

  25. CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan…. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?….

    1. TD –

      The cabal took out Bill Casey less than 24 hours after the first witness in Congressional hearings on the affair named him as having assisted in providing arms to Nicaraguan rebels after Congress forbade such support.

  26. well, as the ships go out to sea they gradually disappear from the bottom up, the flag on the top is the last thing that’s visible… you get the opposite sequence on approach… easy enough to check out with a good pair of binoculars…
    the water and everything else that’s not bolted down doesn’t fly off the earth as it spins at 1000 mph because gravity is pushing it down, its the same force that pushed the earth together in the first place… static electricity/magnetism probably has something to do with it too… it’s why trees grow in cone shapes… besides that, an object as big as a planet spinning at 1000 mph is not the same phenomenon as a much smaller object spinning at the same speed… there’s a lot more to the spin thing too… it promotes weightlessness, or a conditional absence of gravity, which is why the top stands straight up when it’s spinning and why it falls over when it’s not… it’s also why running the cable around one or two pullies makes the log light enough that you can drag it, the weight is still being spun, even though not very fast… apparently edward leedskainin placed magnets, or something, around the pully to increase the gravity displacement effect, when he was building the coral castle in florida, raising several thousand pound stones into position all by himself… the guy was 5 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds…
    why you exist it totally up to you brother…

    1. Bark
      That’s a rather simplified answer, doncha think? After all, I DID say “why existence on this plane”, not existence itself. And “on this plane” infers not getting off it alive.
      Don’t you ever wonder why you were born only to eventually die?

    2. Why existence on this plane at ALL? We cannot logically say it’s up to each person to decide why they exist. We can only try to discover why we exist. And the only logical answer is that there is a God, and then go on from there to see how much we can know about Him, and know about ourselves in relation to him. I’m totally convinced that the answers can be found not only in nature and in ourselves, but in the four gospels, especially.

  27. HAWK
    I’m not sure that’s what happens…
    yes my body will probably die, and yours, but there are tales of angels, which are perfected human beings.. tales of ascension.. not saying i know they’re true… not sure they’re not…
    not sure death isn’t a good idea at some point…
    supposedly the white gold ormus manna stuff straightens out the dna, so that the body repairs itself forever, or somewhere close… supposedly that can also be done by the power of the mind, why people meditate, pray…
    also, there may not always be a reason why…
    reason is a survival mechanism we have developed, logic… it doesn’t necessarily mean the universe is reasonable, other than the laws of physics.. after all, assuming you came into being for some reason, ‘why’ does the universe preside over so much suffering, death whatever?
    there’s also the idea that people have souls (socrates), that continue on after their bodies die, and that the soul is the center of goodness in humans, given enough truth it will prevail… some say it can be condemned…
    from what i’ve gathered, the masons say we all have an inner spark that can’t be extinguished, the pyra-mid…
    sounds like basic reincarnation to me, which was supposedly taught by the jesus character originally, but was erased by ecumenical council sometime after constantinople, those councils invented the trinity idea, other stuff…for what it’s worth, i read it somewhere there is no mention of any devil or hell in the old testament, they made that up too… the new testament was written after constantine, for the roman empire…
    catholicism is not the same thing as christianity, which was a lot closer to gnosticism…
    anyway, this much i do know – we’re only humans and we don’t get all the answers, probably better that way… it’s up to us to peg ourselves for whatever we think we….
    i read the carlos castenada book, it was big in the 70s… he says the archons do exist…

    1. “i read it somewhere there is no mention of any devil or hell in the old testament, they made that up too… the new testament was written after constantine, for the roman empire…
      catholicism is not the same thing as christianity, which was a lot closer to gnosticism…”

      The “serpent” as tempter is in the book of Genesis, Satan in in the book of Job, and a demon is in the book of Tobit, to give a few OT examples. Jesus and His apostles expelled many demons.

      The NT was written between about 50 A.D. and 70 A.D. except Revelation written in the late 90s.

      Catholicism is the original Christianity. The term “Catholic Church” goes back at least to around the year 100 A.D. when used by St Ignatius of Antioch in one of his letters, and most likely earlier, since so many manuscripts were lost during the barbarian invasions of the empire.

      As for the question, “‘why’ does the universe preside over so much suffering, death whatever?” the most coherent answer is that a loving God created angels and men with free will in order to be able to return His love, but free will also makes possible the choice of not loving God, of not obeying His will, of rebelling against Him through self-exalting and self-blinding pride, as with both fallen angels and humans, and through sins of injustice and of the flesh (concupiscence) in us as well. But, being infinitely knowing, infinitely loving, and infinitely powerful, God can and does permit evil in order to draw an even greater good from it. The best example is in the greatest evil ever committed, the murder of the Son of God by the jews, which brought about the greatest good, the redemption of the world and the forgiveness of sins, the reopening of the gates of heaven closed by the Original Sin of our first parents, an original sin that we all inherit at the time of our conception and which is removed by baptism, although we still live with its effects. Another example is in Genesis where Joseph, sold by his jealous brothers into slavery, ended up becoming Pharaoh’s viceroy and was able to help his brothers and their families during a time of drought, saying, “The evil you intended for me God has turned into good.”

      1. This is a nonsensical rationalization of things as they’ve occurred. The true auspices of Divinity would never condone evil. Goodness does not need evil to “draw in” an even greater good. It stands alone

      2. As a reflection of certain Gnostic thought, the term “Original Sin” needs to be seen in a proper light. When it is, it is exposed as being a Judaic fraudulence of what constitutes true authority.

        To Gnostic thinkers, the ultimate meaning of “sin” is simply this: To be in a restrictive material state. This isn’t meant to denounce materiality in and of itself. The denunciation is directed at being restricted from having a free form experience of Existence, and thus subject to the vagaries of being born, “having a life”, dying, being re-born, having “another life” (all referred to as “lifetimes”), dying….again, being re-born….again, ad infinitum… When these restrictions are lifted, there is nothing to impose upon experiencing the wonders of an ebullient Creation in infinite settings of timelessness.

        Never mind the jews in their old “Pale of the Settlement”. All of life on this planet is in a COSMIC Pale

        Something’s gotta give….and it will

      3. Brownhawk –

        “Sin” is, simply, a violation of The Law. We complicate it too much. The Knights Templar, in the exuberance and heyday of their Papal assignment to be God’s executioners, violated many of God’s Laws in their activities, which later doomed them – especially because of the love of money and power – for which The Church has, also, suffered.

      4. Gil
        You’re referring to acts of sin, which of course addresses having a conscience; acting in “good conscience”. What I’m talking about is something else, and one way to explain it has to do with the tenets of Christian Science.

        On another note, I’m fairly certain that like me, you’re disgusted with what those idiot stewards did at Churchill Downs by DQing the Derby winner who ran his little heart out and was clearly the best horse in the race!
        Trump even commented on it, and said it was wrong, and a PC move. I couldn’t agree more

      5. Brownhawk –

        I certainly agree with you about the Derby call! My daughter noted that it was “jockey error” – but I disagree with the stewards’ call, anyway. No horse was injured (but, of course, they COULD have been), but was the stewards’ excuse for the unjust decision (prompted by that goddam Frenchman’s complaint!). Do you recall when the great horse “Barbaro” broke his leg at the start of the Preakness? I was certain he was a Triple Crown horse – almost with the strength and might of another Secretariat. Shit happens. The Kentucky Derby was diminished by that rotten decision!

      6. Yeah, Gil
        That jockey showed ZERO class by making that objection. The jockey on the only horse who was impacted in the race didn’t lodge a complaint at ALL! What a disgrace 😝
        These stewards have too much technology at their disposal, and as a result feel obligated to rule by the letter of the law, instead of showing better discretion and letting the result stand

    1. Ken –

      First – I would never bet my life on ANY youtube. The makers can, and DO, present the opposite of facts..

      Second – too much guessing using “probably” and “if” for me.

      Third – it is presented as a “belief” system…. as any religion is.

      Finally – I disregard that religion.

      Everyone has their own truth.

      Soooo… If that religion works for you please have it. 🙂

  28. Didn’t any of the great explorers circumnavigate and map the coast of Antarctica? If that doesn’t prove to the flat earthers that Antarctica is a continent it should at least provide them with the precise circumference of their disc earth model.

    1. Captain Cook reported massive ice walls and a coastline far longer than he expected.

      1. Ben –

        I highly recommend a book entitled “Blue Horizons”, by a mariner named Horwitz. He was aboard a replication of Captain Cook’s vessel, and he and his cohorts replicated Cook’s voyage to Polynesia – along with the same rations, handicaps, and endurances of those same ancient mariners. It was a horrific life, and, an enormous amount of rum was carried, and “grog” was rationed – quite obviously to somewhat keep the seamen numbed against their hard life. Horwitz reported how often hallucinations would overcome him, and he would contemplate abandoning the project. The tar and pitch was ground into his hide to the point of blackness, after two weeks aboard. Nothing but seawater in which to bathe (which doesn’t accomplish anything). It was shockingly miserable for modern-day sailors, and I wonder about what a strong man that Captain Cook must have been to be able to maintain his sanity as master and commander. We, of course, will never really know…

      2. Gilbert the accuracy and detail of Cook’s nautical charts would be a good indicator of his continuing mental acuity. I don’t know if he eventually scrawled them with ‘Exterminate all the brutes’, but I’m prepared to hazard a guess that he maintained QA throughout his plane table charting days. Once returned home, the insanity was left to those boffins in Admiralty to wrap his charts around a ball.
        Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for the Blue Horizons book.

  29. Whilst l’m not a flat earther (for other reasons than are given in this article) the author is incorrect in claiming there are millions of photos from space showing the Earth as a sphere. There are NO photos from space showing the Earth. What there are are PICTURES purporting to show Earth. All these pictures are composite images composed from satellite overflights of the Earth. There is even an interview with one of the NASA employees responsible who explains clearly how they came up with them and how they fill in the gaps between the satellite images and choose what they think the clour would look like. Some of the cloud formations are obvious repeated copy & paste. NASA does not deny this. The unenquiring mind is however led to interpret these images as being photos from spacecraft. The question then obviously arises that if we have all these spacecraft flying thousands of miles into space why the need for constructed pictures? Surely simpler just to take a real picture. Unless of course…

    1. Clifford,

      And don’t forget NASA, supposedly, made a trip to the moon.

      I think you have a good point here!

  30. Bark
    My understanding is that Jesus didn’t “teach” reincarnation, but spoke of it as indicating that individuals have become trapped in an interminable cycle of life and death. That accepting this experience as a reasonable accounting of a neverending existence misapprehends the fact that death, and the kind of material life that sanctions it is not the doing of a Divine Aegis

    References of reincarnation were removed at the Nicaea Council because they reflect a component of Gnostic thought. As a result, suppressing the information has led many people over the centuries to finding REASON in it and therefore ACCEPTABILITY.

    This doesn’t reflect a proper representation of “Christ”, and goes a long way towards explaining Christianity to be a Judaic wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. A few “passages” remain in most versions of the so-called “New Testament” translated from various languages (Aramaic, Greek, Latin), to support views that Master Jesus referred to, and accepted as given, a soul’s reincarnation, especially given an “impossible mission” assigned — if you’re up to it [Elias, Elijah], and accept it, and do it — from GOD. The soul that manifested Jesus certainly seemed up to the task assigned! So did the soul (then known as) John the Baptist. Biblical references upon request.

      The persecution of the Gnostics seems like an early echo of the persecutions of “heretics” from then to now. Step outta line, the Man gonna take you away! [Buffalo Springfield, paraphrased from “From What It’s Worth”]. Nowadays, “religion” is not the enforcer of “good thinking”. That’s because the religious, the irreligious, and the UNreligious have become a population non sequitur to GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS, merged, integrated, fascism, communism, your worst dreams of UNfreedom come true, in this day and age. Religion a vestigial tool of control, for the most backward among us. Sorry to have to write.

      YB — I repeat as but a node in an information network passing Truth along as best I can — said often, “If you can’t see GOD in all, then you can’t see GOD at all.” AND “GOD and me, me and GOD, are one.” YB asserted that all living beings have a soul. A grain of sand is a living being from the viewpoint of GOD. You can see the Universe in toto gazing into a grain of sand — perhaps with the assistance of an Electron Microscope!

      Thus, from the perspective of GOD incarnate, what of your “Reality” does NOT have a soul?? And if a child is born, a chick hatched, an egg layed by a Hen fertilized by her Cock, how can you beLIEve not in reincarnation? GOD manifest, a grain of seeming infertile sane, a fertile egg eaten by a self-identified vegetarian. Carrots have a soul, too. So do mushrooms. My first ex-wife (vegan then), when confronted by such an argument, wrote to me, “When I can live on light and air, then I shall give up eating entirely!”

      1. ADMIN: If you intend to continue posting here, please choose another name. We already have a “Pat” posting here. We can’t have two “Pats”.

        AD –

        “Thus, from the perspective of GOD incarnate, what of your “Reality” does NOT have a soul?? And if a child is born, a chick hatched, an egg layed by a Hen fertilized by her Cock, how can you beLIEve not in reincarnation? GOD manifest, a grain of seeming infertile sane, a fertile egg eaten by a self-identified vegetarian. Carrots have a soul, too. So do mushrooms.”


        Writers of Deuteronomy & Leviticus told everyone this MANY centuries ago, but Austrians repeat it as NEW:

        New Study Says Vegetarians are Less Healthy Than Meat-Eaters
        By Max McNabb | April 9, 2019

        If you’re a meat eater, we’ve got good news. If you’re a vegetarian, though, we hate to break it to you, but a new study is causing some controversy after claiming that vegetarians are generally less healthy than meat eaters. The scientists behind the study claim that non-meat eaters suffer a greater risk of physical and mental illness. But is this reason enough to chow down on a juicy burger or cut into a tender Texas steak? Before you head to The Big Texan in Amarillo and order that 72-oz challenge, check out the details behind the claim.

        The Medical University of Graz in Austria conducted the study using data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey and featured 1,320 subjects.

        According to the, the study showed that the “vegetarian diet, as characterized by a low consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, due to a higher intake of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products, appeared to carry elevated risks of cancer, allergies and mental health problems…” The mental illnesses included depression and anxiety. Vegetarians boasted lower body mass indexes and drank less alcohol, the study revealed, yet they were still less healthy, physically and mentally, on average than meat eaters.


        Everybody has their own religions – reasons they “beLIEve”!! 🙂

    2. BH, Mark Twain believed in a previous life he was a friend of
      Joan of Arc.

      “Indeed Mark Twain was a staunch believer in reincarnation and in Lord Krishna as well. When asked about the possibility of rebirth he stated, “I have been born more times than anybody except Krishna.” Apparently he believed that in one these previous incarnations he had been a lifelong friend and associate to Joan of Arc named Louis. And as a matter of fact Joan did have a servant named Louis.”

      1. HP
        I too believe reincarnation to be real. But you know my take. At this point, I simply view it as being on a hamster wheel inside a cage. Enough of that. Time to get off the wheel and outta the cage.
        How about thinking in terms of having the ability to come and go from one reality to another without going through a process of aging and dying before entering into another round where your circumstances could be detrimental and arrived at through no control of your own?
        Therein lies the rub 🤨

  31. Flat Earth or round one… 5G is on Earth to stay… NOW!!

    Severe Health Risks of 5G Have Been Covered Up

    The greatest health hazards of cellphone use are related to the effects on bio chemistry, immune-system response, and DNA replication in humans. Nevertheless, current safety guidelines for the massive roll out of 5G are based on a 1996 study of the extent to which a cell phone heated the head of plastic mannequin.

    The public has never before been exposed to the ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies as are used in 5G technology. Over 2,000 international studies show that this type of radiation causes cancer, DNA damage, reduces fertility, and damages neurons in the brain and throughout the body.


    Is 5G Worth The Risks?

    1. Hence — please, please forgive a broken record’s reprise of “Attention”, so right 24/7 we take it for granted and tune out our natural sensitivity — per Yogi Bhajan, it’s now about the INTERFACE between “brain” [corporal] and “mind” [beyond time and space]. For example, “too much data”, bombarded through all the senses, overwhelms brain’s capacity to allocate, support, coordinate input for interface with Mind! Think LSD as one of the most efficient ways to demonstrate this! Fast forward, think about going for introducing electromagnetic input to brains that TOTALLY interfere with brain’s connection(s) to Mind??! BeLIEve me, (((they))) (aka PTB) have gone for that already! Hence, 5G.

      Hence, too, both Zombies and us, dear folks, are under attack, just one more front in the War Against Humanity. Shape up, fortify both brain and mind, meaner times a’comin’. Check out YB, I get nothing in return! 😉

  32. Oh Pat, don’t change the subject now. I’ve really been enjoying reading all the comments by smart people attempting to describe and explain things that aren’t even real. Good stuff! ( :

    1. Ken –

      You wrote you were done with the subject..!!
      May 5, 2019 at 10:50 pm
      I’ll say this again and then I’m done commenting in this thread. This thing called gravity was made up by a 33rd degree Freemason. The reason nobody knows what it IS exactly is because it’s a hoax.


      I believed you!!!
      Sooooo…. I posted this JUST for you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Hoax: to trick into accepting as genuine something false
        In a manner of speaking, gravity really IS a hoax, in the sense that it keeps us down, and restricted (in the falseness of this world as constituted) from moving as “free as a bird” 🕊
        Mind over matter

      2. Pat,
        I know…you got me. But I was enjoying so much reading all the funny comments and I wanted it to continue.
        Cheers my friend, even though our worlds are different shapes. 😀

  33. Earth is not flat

    Its globe..

    So pity on people who want to compare everything in religion with science

    NASA themselves bluff public with cgi works

    Science cannot be used to reason all your practices and belives

    Take it easy move on with your religious descendants of adams


  34. The whole discussion started in the wrong direction. Who cares if some losers start an expedition to the edge of Earth. They do it on their own money and put their own lives in jeopardy. Who will suffer from them? No one. It seems to me that is 1000 times more dangerous the ideea that we can impose with force what everybody has to believe, think and what to do with his life and money. As long as they do nothing wrong/dangerous for the rest of the world (an atomic bomb or something) it’s all right.
    I personally think the Earth is round but in the same time I still think it’s healthy that the few losers who believe something else have the right to start an expedition with their money and time. Against the ideas should not be fought with the tank and the prison. Flat earth people are from a non dangerous kind. In the mean time vaccine people, global warming people, anti-rasist people want to take our money with force, want our people, want to ban as from social media, use tha law as a hammer etc. etc. but everybody is very worry about flat earth.

    1. IU –

      “In the mean time vaccine people, global warming people, anti-rasist people want to take our money with force, want our people, want to ban as from social media, use tha law as a hammer etc. etc. but everybody is very worry about flat earth.”

      SO TRUE!!

      1. Hey Pat,
        The people that know the earth is flat aren’t “worried” about it, simply trying to expose the biggest lie ever.
        I know you conveniently dismiss youtube video’s, but this is only 7minutes and quite good. I hope you and others here will watch it.
        Flat Earth is Not a Conspiracy Theory

  35. One small DETAIL.
    Again I am a round Earth beliver but I am very annoyed when the round Earth party use misleading information which are easy to prove wrong.
    There was never a flat earth dark age in Europe because of Jesus Christ !
    When Columbus asked for money for his expedition nobody think that his ships were going to fall of the Earth.
    Everybody knew the Earth was round. More than that they new pretty well the circumference of the Earth and they calculated how much food can carry and how many miles they can travel and the ships in the 15 century couldn’t go from Spain to China. Actually Columbus ships run out of food and sailors mounted a mutiny. Blind luck save Columbus. He hardly go to America, directly to China without resupply was impossible.
    The story about the smart and enlightened Columbus and the dumb and dogmatic catolic priest is a lie fabricated by Washington Irving in 19 century.
    Masonic revolutions were victorious and Christ haters start rewriting history.
    Even Wikipedia say I am right.

    One question at the end.
    Why are so many afraid of this expedition? I can imagine why.

    1. “…Why are so many afraid of this expedition?…”

      I’m not afraid of you going to the South Pole, you can go there anytime you want.
      You can stay there, if you want. Be my guest. Stay a hundred years if you like.

  36. Ben C

    Reading your post prompted another one of my own…

    A conventional science explanation of “electromagnetic” leaves me cold. What has this to do with Consciousness, of which quantum physicists are learning constitutes a common thread running throughout the known universe?

    In keeping with this discovery, I’ll offer a new definition which ponders on an inclusiveness of experience that would go beyond all things theoretical…

    Electro-magnetic: “Electro” to mean “energetic being”. “Magnetic” conveys the connectedness of all manifestation.

    This encompasses the true dynamics of experience within the field of attraction. Here exists a unity of consciousness experiencing in full recognition of itself, and not with the vicariousness of a spectator, isolated from the intimacy of its unified field

    1. B-Hawk –


      Men might find themselves to be TOO overwhelmed by ‘unconsciousness’ to stand up or walk…. if they ever got to the moon. Consciousness might be unique to this planet’s electromagnetic and other known harmonic frequencies. 🙂

      1. Pat

        I don’t know why Man would even bother with a lump of nothingness like the moon. Besides, I like Icke’s idea that the moon is really a base of operations for some Archon-types. Maybe this is where the psychotronics are being beamed down from, in some sort of conjunction with HAARP, or whatever other crapola is going on 😎
        P.S. They want me to prove I’m not a robot again…..I’m not sure that I CAN anymore!😳

    2. I seriously doubt quantum physics is delivering anything but science fiction imaginary worlds based on math formulae bearing no relationship whatsoever to reality. Sorry BH, but I’m going the other way on this, meaning with the God of the Bible rather than mystical gnosis. I hope you’ll see the devil’s playing everyone for fools with this occult magick masquerading as advanced science.

      1. Ben
        Well, all I’ll say is the God of the BIBLE is the master occultist. And consider that “advanced” science can’t help but be a masquerade of a DEEPER reality* albeit one wearing an inadvertent mask perceiving conventionally.

        * how can we not put adjectives before the word “reality”?

  37. TJ’s 4 postulates: This is the “gravity” of the “matter”.
    1. If objects didn’t fall the earth or any other heavenly body where else would they fall to?
    2. If the planet earth is not round, in a kind of a round-a-bout way, it would either by a cube with well rounded edges, or a rectangular cube with rounded edges. The lord God may have in the beginning created the planets as cubes and over the billions of years the sharp edges of the Heavenly Cubes were eroded down into round balls in a round-a-bout way.
    3. The Holy New Testament at the “ends” of the post Paul written Gospels, the Son of God and/or the Son of Man levitated in defiance of the laws of Gravity into the clouds and on into the Heavens. Now, if this act of “levitation” had accrued on the other “side” of the what ever planetary shape you desire, the Sun/Son would headed off in the opposite direction. However, anyone dead for three days without rigor mortis and coming back to life can lift off in any direction He desires from any other side of the planet.
    4. The proof positive of the above stated postulates is the postulate that the Holy Bible is proven by the Holy Bible itself because the Holy Bible says so.
    5. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has a “proved” of this submission. She the ultimate postulate.

  38. Could ‘flat earth’ 5G Radiation Cause Weather-Forecasting Satellites to Fail before the South Pole trip is completed? 🙂

    5G signal could jam satellites that help with weather forecasting

    New mobile system to be launched this year ‘will put lives at risk’….

    The introduction of 5G mobile phone networks could seriously affect weather forecasters’ ability to predict major storms.

    That is the stark warning of meteorologists around the world, who say the next-generation wireless system now being rolled out across the globe is likely to disrupt the delicate satellite instruments they use to monitor changes in the atmosphere.

    The result will be impaired forecasts, poorer warnings about major storms, and loss of life, they say.

    “The way 5G is being introduced could seriously compromise our ability to forecast major storms,” said Tony McNally of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts in Reading. “In the end it could make the difference between life and death. We are very concerned about this.”

    The crisis facing the world’s meteorologists stems from the fact that the radio frequencies the new 5G networks will use could contaminate critical Earth observations made by weather satellites.

      1. Still, one heck of a lot of photo’s of the “towering ice wall”. A simple internet search was all that was needed. I’m sure you saw them, Pat.

      2. Ken –

        “towering ice wall”…!!??

        These photos offer no proof of a barrier on a flat earth.
        Photos of glaciers like these have been around for centuries.

        Trump could take pictures of the Great Wall of China and say he is done.!! 🙂

      3. Pat,
        Obviously some of the photo’s on the now deleted page were of regular glaciers, but CLEARLY many of the photo’s were of the 150-200 foot high ice wall exactly as described by those that know the truth about the flat earth and the ice barrier that you believe is the south pole, but you will only see what you want to see.
        Any simple internet search for the antarctic ice wall will bring up many photo’s of it, LD.
        And Brownhawk, centrifugal force would only be another reason why water would fly off the spinning ball.

      4. Ken
        Earth dynamics can’t be fully understood in a vacuum, meaning outside its existence in this solar system.

        Consider the Sun as a centrifuge with this definition:

        “A machine using centrifugal force for simulating gravitational effect”

        If centrifugal force is the reason why water flies off a spinning ball, then how do you reconcile this? In what sense then would gravity be seen as being a hoax, except to call it an illusion? But once we’ve called it THAT, then where do we go from there in explaining ANYTHING? 🤔

    1. Speaking as a layman in these matters, it seems to me that the water in the oceans are able to “curve around” the spherical planet because of centrifugal force. Without this dynamic there would be no ordered function inherent in this solar system.

      The only reasonable assertion of a “flat earth” would have to reflect the idea of the whole thing being some kind of an illusion…..which it is, but then….. whither “reason”? 🙄

  39. OH Thank You, Pat, Thank You Thank You Thank You, for Saving Us from a Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH video! Thank you Thank you Thank you Oh Pat you’re a !Hero! Thank You for being a !Hero! Pat! What would WE ever do without Pat Our !Hero! Oh Gawd Oh Thank You Thank You Thank You Pat for being our !Hero! WE can always count on you Oh brave fearless !Hero! Pat to Save Us from the big bad Flat Earth meanies!

  40. Modern physics started with the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. They expected to measure the Earth’s speed using light beams but they got null results. For years physicists tried to explain it, what was their mistake? They were doing physics with prejudice. They assumed the Earth was moving even facing negative results.

    From Robert Sungenis’ book “Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right”, volume 1, seventh edition, page 545:

    “The fact that Einstein asserted that the Lorentz transformation equations were the basis of the special theory, and these are, of course, purely mathematical, means that, in so far as the theory is considered to have any physical implications, these implications must be the result of the interpretation of mathematical expressions in physical terms. But in this process there can be no guarantee that contradictions will not arise, and, in fact, serious contradictions have have arisen which have marred the special theory. Half a century of argumentation has not removed them, and the device of calling them only apparent contradictions (paradoxes) has not succeeded in preventing special theory of relativity from becoming untenable as a physical theory.”

    “For Einstein and his generation the syllogism was simple:”

    “Major Premise: We can’t detect the Earth moving.
    Minor Premise: We know the Earth moves.
    The Conclusion: We must accept Relativity.”

    “The alternative syllogism that was “unthinkable” for Einstein and his colleagues was:”

    “Major Premise: We can’t detect the Earth moving.
    Minor Premise: The Earth isn’t moving.
    The Conclusion: We must accept Absolutes.”
    End of the quote.

    The Serbian Nikola Tesla opposed Relativity vehemently. And don’t forget the Jewish media was presenting Einstein as a messiah of the new religion of Relativity. These religious guys have the audacity to call Geocentrism “unscientific”.

    Don’t get me wrong, but I guess I’m becoming a geocentrist!

  41. My religious beliefs about this planet include…..
    ….. a belief that the oceans are NOT being held in place within a bowl formed by a continuous ice wall at the edges.

    I believe tides are different around the world because it is a spinning ball.

    The tide variances in 24 hours are the least at the equator.

    Tides are considered the heartbeat of our planet’s oceans. They are the periodic rise and fall of the earth’s bodies of open water, and are a result of the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth, as well as the perpetual spinning rotation of the earth itself.

    By far the largest influence is the gravitational effect of the moon as it pulls the water toward itself, making a bulge on the surface of the ocean at the side of the moon (lunar tide).

    At the same time, the centrifugal force (caused by the spinning of the Earth-Moon system) acting on the water particles at earth’s surface opposite the moon,creates a second bulge. These bulges are what we refer to as high tide.

    As the moon revolves around the earth the bulges shift with it causing a shift in the water level. It’s the combination of the speed at which the earth rotates on its own axis (once in 24 hours), and the speed at which the moon revolves around the earth (in 27.3 days), that dictate the time it takes to go from high to low tide.

    Because the moon orbits in the same direction the earth rotates around its axis, it takes a little more than a day—24 hours and 53 minutes—for the earth to fully rotate in relation to the moon (i.e. where from a fixed point on earth the moon appears in the same position in the sky as a day earlier).

    Since the effect of the moon is the same when it’s straight “above” us as when it’s straight “underneath” us, one tide cycle (from high to high, or low to low) takes half that time: about 12 hours and 26 minutes. This in turn means that the time between a high tide and a low tide (and vice versa) is, on average, six hours and 13 minutes. This explains why tides arrive at the same location almost an hour later each day.

    Spring Tide Timelapse, Halls Harbour HD


    162 comments so far!!! WOW!!! 🙂

    1. Ken –

      I have watched all of the videos you showed.

      I claim that when I sail 4 miles on the ocean’s surface, at 8 inches per mile, the drop is 32 inches = 2.67 feet.

      The youtube guy shows the chart where sailing 4 miles has a drop of 128 inches = 10.67 feet.

      The difference is that he claims I would have traveled 16 miles…. when I only went 4 miles…. because he ‘squares’ the number of miles ACTUALLY traveled. I know he is wrong there!!

      Using his claims… if I sail 10 miles I will have gone 100 miles. Miles are ‘squared’ according to him.

      So, using his claims… I could sail 50 miles and be 2500 miles from my staring point!! 🙂

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