Some of the Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11

By Paul Craig Roberts
September 14, 2019

Pictures and captions added by LD

The “Five Dancing Israelis” who turned out to be Israeli Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the destruction of the twin towers. Arrested by police and released without investigation, they were not mentioned in the 911 Commission Report.  


Later on Israeli TV they said they were sent to New York to film the destruction of the twin towers.  Allegedly, there was no advance warning of the event, but obviously the Israelis knew. (See this infographic) 

The alleged fundamentalist orthodox fanatical Muslims who were prepared to die to be martyrs, but who drank, drugged, and lived with strippers and prostitutes in Florida. They were the patsies paraded through flight schools and left a highly visible public record.  They all flunked out and could not even fly small planes, but performed miraculous flight feats in their attacks on the WTC towers and Pentagon that military and civilian airline pilots say are beyond their own skills.  These Saudi Arabians were being operated by US or Israeli intelligence to create a record to serve as a parallel patsy operation that could be used to cover up the false flag attack.

Numerous video cameras recorded whatever exploded at the Pentagon, but the FBI has refused to release them for 18 years. Clearly, the videos do not support the official story.

About half of the alleged hijackers have been found alive and well and deny that they had ever left their countries.

In 2001 no cell phone calls were possible from aircraft at the altitudes from which calls were reported.

The airliners that allegedly hit the twin towers were flimsy compared to the steel and concrete of the towers.  The airliners would have smashed against the structure and fallen to the street below.

Pre-knowledge of 9/11 was widespread.  The stocks of the two allegedly hijacked airlines were sold short prior to the event, resulting in large profits when the stocks fell in response to the hijackings. The short-sellers were swept under the carpet and not investigated.

FBI director Robert Mueller was instrumental in covering up for the false official story of 9/11, a story that has zero evidence in its behalf.

If a handful of young men with no intelligence service or government support can defeat the entire national security state of the United States and all of its NATO and Israeli allies and successfully attack with devastating results both New York and the Pentagon itself—the very symbol of American military supremacy—the Soviet Union could have wiped out the US and all of Europe without detection.  Don’t you wonder how we survived the Soviet Union when the “Great American Superpower” was so easily defeated by a handful of young Saudi Arabians?

Four hijacked airliners are allegedly hijacked, all at airports served by an Israeli security company. All four airliners allegedly crash.  Two into the WTC towers, one into a field in Pennsylvania, and one into the Pentagon.  Yet no airliner debris exists. The Pentagon’s lawn is not even scratched.

The President of the United States refuses to testify before the 9/11 Commission unless he is accompanied by his handler, Vice President Cheney.  Both refuse to testify under oath. The 9/11 Commission is oh-so-respectful to the distinguished president and vice president.

GEORGE W. BUSH : I refuse to testify under oath!
DICK CHENEY : Ha ha, so do I!

One member of the 9/11 Commission, a US Senator, resigned from the Commission, saying that “the fix is in.”

After the Commission report was issued, the Commission chairman, vice chairman, and legal counsel wrote books in which they said that information was withheld from the Commission, that the Commission was lied to and considered referring the false testimony to the Justice (sic) Department for prosecution, and that “the Commission was set up to fail.”  And not a peep from the controlled pressitute media whose only function is to deliver the controlled explanations that the ruling oligarchs want planted into Americans’ minds.

Tenants of the WTC buildings reported constant noises, floors sealed off, service disruptions and that the excuse was the installation of fiber optic cable. If the buildings faced condemnation as reported because of asbestos fireproofing, who would go to the expense of installing fiber optic cable to upgrade the Internet capability of condemned buildings?

Scientists have found reacted and unreacted nano-thermite and other elements used in controlled demolition.  They have proved the existence of these elements.  They have samples from the WTC dust left which they have offered to scientists and governments for testing in order to prove or disprove their own findings. No takers.


Instead, we have the appearance of nonsensical claims that the WTC buildings were brought down by a directed energy weapon and by nuclear bombs. These are preposterous allegations, the purpose of which is the deliberate creation of disinformation in order to focus attention away from the false official story and bury it in disagreements about what caused the buildings to fail.

I have checked with weapons specialists who are critics of US government foreign policy and who monitor every development in weapon systems in the US and Russia. This is what they tell me:

“I can confidently state that no direct energy weapon, capable of demolishing such a structure at the Twin Towers, existed in 2001, nor does it exist today.”

Another reported that there are lab tests of directed energy in Russia but no deployed weapon. He suggested that people who believe in this fantasy story should explain the safe source of high energy that the alleged weapon used, and how it was moved on site and removed without detection.  Moreover, a directed energy burst would show on detectors which monitor the electromagnetic spectrum.  No such evidence exists. Since no such weapon has ever been tested to bring down skyscrapers, why would the government take the risk of using such a weapon for the first time in a public scenario where who knows what could go wrong and explanations would have to be given?  And why reveal to foreign powers the existence of such a weapon?  Controlled demolition is an old and familiar technology that works.  And it did.

I could go on and on.


As I wrote in a previous column, when Americans fell for the 9/11 deception, they lost their country, and peoples in seven other countries lost their lives, limbs, and families.

48 thoughts to “Some of the Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11”

  1. Good article with some excellent points. But then:

    “we have the appearance of nonsensical claims that the WTC buildings were brought down by a directed energy weapon and by nuclear bombs. These are preposterous allegations …..”

    and he spends the last few paragraphs trying to discredit these theories. Critics should simply try to discredit the official story and force the officials to reveal the truth, instead of speculating. He should have just concluded with “the allegations of the US government are preposterous” and left it at that. But who can still believe the official story, even if they had a cursory look at the subject matter?

    Pity we can’t get to see the video that those Mossad agents recorded and compare to what they showed us on CNN, BBC, etc.

    1. More of a “pity” that we haven’t a powerful spokesperson to officially challenge the lies and misinformation fed the general public. It would seem that “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” would be enough, but most of the brainwashed public is taught to scoff at them as crazy “Truthers”. It is quite frustrating. If Americans only knew the truth about Israhell’s activities, the (((problem))) would be eliminated. President Trump is a casualty of control, but it shows how powerful is (((their))) undue influence. (And some people wonder “why” there’s “anti-semitism”!!!)

      1. Gil –
        “More of a “pity” that we haven’t a powerful spokesperson to officially challenge the lies and misinformation fed the general public.”

        Yes, but they KNOW…..
        They might suffer one of the diseases in that strange group of diseases still lingering – caught by Rep Louis McFadden(1936), Rep Nick Begich(1972), Sen John Tower(1991), Rep Sonny Bono(1998), Sen Paul Wellstone(2002), the DC Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey(2008), Rep Jim Traficant(2014), and scores of others…. maybe even including Jeff Epstein(2019)!!

        “Danger, Will Robinson!!” 🙂

    2. The 5 dancing schlomos. Mossad agents. Oh really? Five kids (misfits) barely old enough to be shaving. Filming and celebrating the “event.” Why send Mossad agents to film the “event.” Ordinary tourists could have pulled off this kindergarten-level mission. Anyway. Time for Mossad to raise it’s standards a bit. Recruit adults shall we? 🌮😉

      1. Donaldo,

        But every Jew is a Mossad agent, or a potential one. It doesn’t imply that every agent is some high level super type special operative – plenty of low level types who get asked to do mundane tasks, such as keeping an eye out for something, or recording an event. There have been other similar cases since where Israeli agents knew of terrorist attacks in advance and were sent to document them but not prevent them, like that German journalist Richard Gutjahr who just happened to vacation in Nice and Munich during the terrorist attacks and filmed the events. He’s a non-Jew … but wait … the following fact obviously had nothing to do with his holiday planning, eh?

        “Gutjahr is married to the former Israeli Knesset member and ex-intelligence officer Einat Wilf since 2007.”

        “recruit adults shall we” … “we” … well there you go just confirming.

      2. He also does not mention in addition to the five jubilant schlomos, NY Police were told to BOLO for a White Van with guys dressed in Arab looking clothes. One Police car saw it and pulled them over, what they found was their vehicle laden ‘with tons of explosives’ and located near the anchorage points of the George Washington bridge support cables. If the Van had blown up the entire bridge would have gone into the river. This was reported by Dan Rather at the time. The coppers involved have never been able to report their findings publicly, at the time Police and Firemen were threatened with dismissal if they spoke about explosives going off BEFORE the building collapses. Robert is right about the alleged hi-jackers, they were not Arabs, they were pretend Arabs, there to leave trail so as to blame Arabs for 911. There was not even ONE Arab anywhere near 911.

    3. @ Commentator Mike

      The thing is, the DEW and nuke theories ARE utterly preposterous, yet these preposterous allegations are being pushed *relentlessly* on every high-traffic web site where 9/11 is being discussed.

      Consider Darkmoon for example. Has there ever been a 9/11 discussion here where someone such as “Bill Davis” and/or “Patrick” (or “Thomas Potter” or “Freya” etc.) didn’t show up pushing “Judy Wood” nonsense?

  2. Using the anti-semitic card is self-acknowledgement of those who are in denial of truth, factual or historical, in order to conceal, camouflage, obfuscate, discredit the centuries of everlasting damage and destruction inflicted upon humanity by a certain tribe in the name of deconstruction or Tikkun Olam.

  3. There was a whole lot more going on with these buildings than just controlled demolition. Controlled demolition was part of it, as demolition experts will attest to. That being said there is a huge elephant in the proverbial room r/t the missing mass of those buildings. How do 1350 ft. buildings collapse into a rubble pile about 30 feet high? It has been calculated that around 90% of the material that composed those buildings just kinda disappeared with the breeze. What caused all that enormous amount of concrete and structural steel to just go ‘poof’. Dr Judy Wood was probably the most vocal proponent of the DEW theory……she’s probably living under a bridge now. Call it what you like, but something caused the atomization of those structures, and I’m to the point where I think anything is possible as r/t secret technologies….such as DEW’s, there is too much anomalous evidence to pin this thing on controlled demolition entirely.

    1. Not necessarily true. There were hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of “space” in those office buildings. A rubble pile is a relatively compacted mass. Furthermore, there were acres of basement space beneath, into which it collapsed.

      1. The pancake-theory is physically impossible. The towers were the most strong at the bottom. They could carry a whole tower, still it all fell down as if there was no resistance at all. Something happened to the steal structures to make them weak. What was done? I don’t know, but is wasn’t kerozine. What say you?

      2. Scar –

        Beams were cut into 40 ft pieces to fit on flatbed trucks. The thermate cutting charges were placed there months in advance, since Marvin Bush controlled the access to the buildings.

        Once the beams were cut, pancaking became possible!

        Molten metal seen pouring out from the north face (near north east corner) around floor 80 of the WTC2 South Tower on 9/11, timed at a few minutes before the total destruction of the building (around 9:57am).

        There is also evidence of iron rich spheres in dust samples tested by Professor Steven Jones and other labs, that matches those produced by the incendiary thermate.

        You can see one of the EXPOSED white-hot cutting charges below:

        WTC2 South Tower on 9/11 Molten Metal North-East Corner

    2. Bill, as preposterous as it seems, I believe when this is finally investigated the old Soldiers, at ‘Veterans Today’ will be proven right, no doubt about it. About five years ago they concluded Nukes, stolen from the US military decades earlier were converted to mini-nukes and set up underneath the 22,000 Gallon liquid Freon Gas tanks for the air-conditioning system of the Towers. They claim the demolition was to set up the small nukes in a ‘shape charge’ manner, so the blast wave takes the line of least resistance, which was UP, along the Lift shafts and stairwells. Those buildings had sealed windows from top to bottom. When the Airliners ‘punctured’ the buildings, it lessened the resistance of air so the ferocious blast wave from below is contained in the steel mantle of the building until it arrives at the only large holes, courtesy of the Airliners and escapes into the air outside. Meanwhile on its way up it has destroyed everything in its path. Imagine a rifle bullet or cannon shell, explosion occurs in a steel chamber and the projectile follows the line of least resistance. Exactly what happened on 911.

  4. The central columns were fabricated with 5″ thick steel members, yet you can see photos with the relatively fragile curtain wall still standing, but no sign of the central column. It doesn’t add up.

    I don’t know who did it or how it was done but a substantial height of those columns should have survived a pancake collapse.

  5. The “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” from what TJ understands got the University of Alaska (the only University to do so) to do a study of the collapse of Building 7. Their conclusion was that the take down of Building 7 was a controlled demolition. And by simple logic so were the twin towers. There were fingerprints of radioactive dust from small nukes that were in the subbasements of the twin towers that knocked out some of the main supports for the load bearing Columns that worked in tandem with the wired demolitions as back up to make sure the towers were destroyed.
    Do any of you people remember the BBC live broadcast that reported that building 7 had collapsed while it was still standing in the background and then a few seconds later coming down all on live TV?
    Can there be any doubt that the federal government and much of local government along the controlled media and those (((who))) control much of the same is a vast criminal enterprise?

    1. TJ –

      “There were fingerprints of radioactive dust from small nukes that were in the subbasements of the twin towers that knocked out some of the main supports for the load bearing Columns…”

      Since you brought the subject up, please define “small nukes” for me….. if you can. Tell me all you know about them! 🙂

      1. Glad you asked Pat,
        Read “The Secret of the Three Bullets-A New Generation of Micro-Nuclear Weapons is on the Battle Field” (2014) by Maurizio Torrealta & Emilo Del Giudice, published by TrineDay the most courageous publisher in English on the planet.
        There is not doubt what-so-ever, that 9/11 was an act of war, to make war abroad, upon the people of the United States and that mini-nukes or Micro-nuclear bombs were placed into the sub-basements of the twin towers. The US, Israel and most likely Russia have mini-nukes that have been used where the US has send it’s military since 9/11. It should be as plain as the nose on anyone’s face and with two brain cells to rub together (((who))) pulled off the 9/11, 2001 with (((their))) willing domestic helpers to cover up for the real (((perps))) with obfuscating fairy tales.
        From the back cover of “The Three Bullets”, in part:
        “Four Journalists found themselves…(seeking…) answers…Why was enriched uranium found in a crater caused by a bomb…in Southern Lebanon? How do…bombs dropped on Gaza…able to amputate peoples legs while leaving no trace of metal fragments…”
        “The official policy of the State Department about nuclear weapons during Desert Storm as ‘Calculated ambiguity doctrine’ so when we asked the Pentagon how it will comment on the interview with a veteran who spoke about the explosion of a 5-kiloton bomb near Bassora in Iraq during Desert Strom, the Pentagon asked ‘in which day’?

      2. TJ –

        Thanks for the reference of the book, “The Secret of the Three Bullets-A New Generation of Micro-Nuclear Weapons is on the Battle Field” (2014) by Maurizio Torrealta & Emilo Del Giudice….”

        After searching, I consider Emilio Del Giudice to have been part of the “A-Bomb Swamp” pushing nuke lies for the global ‘Deep-State’ liars….. spreading nuke fear porn.

        1. (OFF-TOPIC)

          To PAT , Our in-house Geo-Political genius, lol :

          Do you think the recent attack on the Saudi Arabian oil refinery was a false flag attack ? [ maybe a USrael false flag attack meant to start a war with Iran ] What exactly is going on in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Timbuktu and Xanadu, Oh u world’s leading Geo-Political analyst U !

      3. TROJ –

        The attack was set up to get oil prices up!! Now Saudis can sell reserves at higher prices$$$, and cut Trump a commission for playing along. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        One could suppose that mini-nukes in the sub-basements of the twin towers would not have much in the way of “mushroom clouds” setting under tons and tons of concert and steel. Besides, mushroom clouds are mostly made up of soil of which very little would be in the twin tower sub-basements. After all, the purpose for the use of mini-nukes was to take out the steel support columns and not the whole of Manhattan. This was most likely the main reason the pulverized remains, steel and all, of the twin towers was cleared out of NY city post haste so that no official forensic study could be done on the debris for this vast scene of murder, in situ. The sub-basements of the towers were super hot for days with molten steel.
        And then Pat, there is the testimony of those at the lower levels of the twin towers, that survived, who said that they heard big explosives going off deep under foot.
        Pat, one gets a sense that you are having a difficult time accepting that mini-nukes were used to help take down the twin towers. Why is that?

      2. TJ –

        “Pat, one gets a sense that you are having a difficult time accepting that mini-nukes were used to help take down the twin towers. Why is that?”

        Easy….. I deny ‘mini-nukes’ exist at all!! 🙂

        I have explained that here numerous times before. I have written that ‘mini-nukes’ cannot exist due to a the definition of ‘Geometrical and Material Buckling’ – The physics concept of buckling is used to describe the relationship between requirements on the AMOUNT of fissile material and dimensions and shape of that material.

        ‘Geometrical and Material Buckling’ demands that fission is only possible by moderated, slow neutrons inside a peaceful nuclear power station. Fission is not possible by FAST NEUTRONS, not moderated neutrons in an exploding a-bomb.

        The A-Bomb collaborators invented a story that FAST-NEUTRONS, not moderated neutrons, released by fission could exponentially produce more fission and release enormous amount of heat/energy at the speed of light in an A-Bomb. But it doesn’t work like that. Fission is always moderated and controlled. Many people get upset about the physics…. because it does not fit their fabled narratives! 🙂


        I ask you – How much fissile material is used in a ‘mini-nuke'(sic) today??

      3. TJ –

        This may help!!

        CRITICAL MASS is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. The critical mass of a fissionable material depends upon its nuclear properties (specifically, the nuclear fission cross-section), its density, its shape, its enrichment, its purity, its temperature, and its surroundings. The concept is important in nuclear weapon design.

        A supercritical mass is one in which, once fission has started, it will proceed at an increasing rate. The material may become critical again at an elevated temperature or power level or destroy itself. In the case of weapons, supercriticality must be achieved!

        Due to spontaneous fission a supercritical mass will undergo a chain reaction.

        For example, a spherical critical mass of pure Uranium-235 will have a mass of 52 kg (115 Pounds). The housing, firing, reflection and tamping components are as much as 10,000 pounds. That rules out ‘mini-nukes’ completely!

        The critical mass of Plutonium-239 is 25 pounds, but must also include firing and reflecting and tamping mechanisms. Still too big for ‘small nukes’ today!

        There is also CRITICAL SIZE, which is the minimum size of a nuclear weapon that can be made for a specific geometrical arrangement and material composition.

        The critical size must at least include enough fissionable material to reach critical mass, which is 115 pounds for U-235 and 25 pounds for Pu-239.


        Sorry, Arch!! 🙂

  6. “Pre-knowledge of 9/11 was widespread. The stocks of the two allegedly hijacked airlines were sold short prior to the event, resulting in large profits when the stocks fell in response to the hijackings. The short-sellers were swept under the carpet and not investigated.”
    Ask Buzzy Krongard about who bought the Puts… I’ll be he knows…
    “Yet no airliner debris exists. The Pentagon’s lawn is not even scratched.”
    Not only that – the whole airliner disappeared inside the building, ‘vaporized’ on impact…
    Even though the wingspan was significantly wider than the hole, and the tail of the plane extended above the pony wall around the roof line of the building, which was not marked…
    The question is – what happened to the real flight that was logged, and the people on it?
    “the Commission was set up to fail.”
    Actually, the Commission, like all such others, did exactly what it was intended to do…
    “Instead, we have the appearance of nonsensical claims that the WTC buildings were brought down by a directed energy weapon and by nuclear bombs. These are preposterous allegations, the purpose of which is the deliberate creation of disinformation in order to focus attention away from the false official story and bury it in disagreements about what caused the buildings to fail.”
    No doubt about it the culprits run disinformation programs on all these kinds of events…
    However, until PCR can explain exactly how Crop Circles are made, which is obviously the work of some Directed Beam Machine, with the capability of rearranging the structures of plants, then let’s not be too quick to dismiss the idea… After all, if such a weapon were possible, the DARPA would be working on it, and not real likely to explain it to the public how it works or that they even have it…
    It’s safe to say the Top Secret Security State is decades ahead of anything the public knows about…
    But I don’t get it either, how a nuclear blast in the basement would help the demolition process…
    If you want the building to come down in its own footprint, it’s essential that it be demolished floor by floor, one at a time, one right after the other from the top down…
    If you blew out the base, there would be a real good chance of the whole thing going over sideways before the explosive charges has worked their way half way down…
    The Official story was that the 5/8 bolts holding the floor joist beams to the vertical structure sheared off from the weight of the floors collapsing down on the ones beneath, which might make sense, but how do you explain the fact that the vertical central core and even the outside vertical posts all collapsed right along with each floor?
    I also never did get it why Donald Rumsfeld would even mention Dov Zacheim’s missing 2.3 trillion…
    Isn’t he one of the denizens?
    The Dancing Israelis all look like fighting age males to me… Kids? I don’t think so…

    1. Consider that there WERE no physical planes…..only holographic images of them….in the name of truth being stranger than fiction

      1. …or even that it was just a film (in a film) like “In The Mouth Of Madness”….just thinking aloud.

    2. Not so fast Bark, you maybe barking up the wrong tree.
      Not all the sub-basement support columns had to be taken out, Beside the super structure of the towers would have held the towers up for some time until the demolition charges were set off on the upper floors.
      As you say Bark, Truth is stranger than fiction.
      TJ considers 9/11 a crime of enormous proportions for the world. The dogs of war have been unleashed and 9/11 shows, no matter how it was done, what the (((perps))) are capable of if they are ever exposed.
      The jury is still out on if President Trump can get the Zionist monkey off his back in this mad rush to Armageddon

      1. “TJ considers 9/11 a crime of enormous proportions for the world. The dogs of war have been unleashed and 9/11 shows, no matter how it was done, what the (((perps))) are capable of if they are ever exposed.” Absolutely correct, TJ!
        A dire warning to ANYBODY not to seek out truth. And in the meantime “business” goes on as usual while American accomplices in power and politics live happily in peace and prosperity or are sent off for a “make over”. If the “untouchables” get away with ripping out hearts from nations while being covered live on world TV, the dark skies of the near future will have no limits at all.

  7. We can SEE great big chunks of the buildings turn to dust before they ever hit the ground. That does not happen in a conventional ‘controlled demolition’. Judy Wood’s book “Where did the Towers go” (WDTTG) is imho BY FAR the best explanation of what happened. I feel PCR’s article pinning ‘controlled demolition’ as the cause is not to get too cute about it a good example of ‘controlled opposition’ and because it is basically incorrect leads nowhere. Which we can see for the most part with 9/11 “truth” movement(s). Judy Woods book concentrates on WHAT happened and does not delve into the WHO or the WHY but that’s at least a good start. Once that is understood we can move on to those kinds of issues. But if the WHAT is incorrect it does not get better from there and we are reduced to weak arguments involving ‘dancing Israels’ etc (not that that is not interesting and worth probing). One thing that follows from 9/11 being done by some kind of ‘directed energy’ weapon…………….is that would not be Osama Bin Laden from his cave using his laptop. Like solving any crime the first step is determining WHAT happened and conventional ‘controlled demolition’ does not fit the bill

  8. I used to think that a “smoking gun” could change things, but the fact is a thought revolution needs more than real evidence. There are already great discoveries in the fields of medicine, chemistry, archeology, history, alternative energy/engines, etc. All suppressed in a controlled Jewish narrative, no revolution! It’s like a rigged trial, doesn’t matter the evidence presented, the verdict never changes.

    The collapse of Building 7 is a smoking gun since day one, no airplane involved. I guess the Pennsylvania flight was destined to NY downtown but crashed before. “Pull it”, who cares anyway, it’s called chutzpah. The Zio-media reported the collapse minutes before; plan B didn’t work pretty well.

    I will stick with the simplest explanations:

    a) Controlled demolition – explosives were installed months before, a hollow TNT charge (like the Russian RPG-7) can cut steel like butter, but things can be messy, pieces of steel can fly off, so termite was used too. It’s not difficult to do, the charges are synchronized in a perfect timing. The ruble pile is quite smaller because it is denser than the standing building;

    b) Reports of cases of cancer – this was caused by the inhalation of asbestos dust, a known carcinogen. No nukes required! Why the hell use nukes in this particular application? To complicate things?

    c) Cyber-attack – since aircraft doesn’t use steel cables anymore to control, now they use “fly by wire”, the cyber kidnap is relatively easy. The planes were not intended to bring down the towers, they were just an alibi. The muslins guys were patsies, of course. A “hologram” projected under the sunlight? Good luck with that!

    d) The Pentagon – the US Army was sending troops to secure peace between Jews and Palestines, can you imagine that? A meeting was arranged with key gentile figures, a missile was used, now they are all dead.

    e) Cui bono? (who benefits) – this is the easiest one: Israel, some big Jews and their minions.

    It wasn’t just an attack, it was a State coup! Some money was made in the process too, a great Jewish opportunity! Democracy was already a shame so it was a coup inside another coup; that’s something pretty common actually.

    1. NBTT –

      “a) Controlled demolition – explosives were installed months before…”

      YEP!! EVEN YEARS BEFORE!! Especially since the security company, Stratesec, with the contracts for monitoring who is let into the buildings was controlled by Marvin Bush…. with a – “completion contract” to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center – up to the day the buildings fell down!!

      Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles Airport and United Airlines!

      George W. Bush’s brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.

      The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a – completion contract” to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center – up to the day the buildings fell down.”

      (coincidentally) *It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998.

      McDaniel confirmed that the company has security contracts with the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, but did not detail the nature of the work, citing security concerns. It has an ongoing line with the General Services Administration – meaning that its bids for contracts are noncompetitive – and also did security work for the Los Alamos laboratory before 1998.

      Marvin P. Bush, the president’s youngest brother, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to fiscal year 2000. But the White House has not publicly disclosed Bush connections in any of its responses to 9/11, nor has it mentioned that another Bush-linked business had done security work for the facilities attacked.

      Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in D.C. that was the security company’s major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. Marvin Bush has not responded to telephone calls and e-mails for comment.

    2. Some of the planes involved could have been remote-controlled and headed out over and INTO the Atlantic Ocean from where the debris was collected. Then, the APPEARANCE of planes hitting the towers could actually have been holographic IMAGERY of that.
      Is ANYTHING of this nature really so far-fetched anymore?

      1. When Aussie air force and navy searched for MH 370 they must have been remote controlled as well as they constantly looked elsewhere while common Aussie taxpayers were billed millions for a show of non concern.
        When the mind is bombarded with “live” images on screen shortly after the 9/11 attack while noises of airplanes roar over a dense located city followed by a massive explosion and impaired sight only a few will have noticed the lack of planes as a cause. Once a “programmed” group conscientiousness has taken over Reality, illusion has become truth and many of “the few” will follow when doubt for the unimaginable sets in. No hologram is necessary at all to convince the weakest part of man – the mind. Just some right “carrots” here and there and BINGO. Hollowood at its finest.

  9. @ commentkr Mike, all jews and crypto-jews work as spies for Israel. It’s a cult organised and operating as an army. The Goyim are too naive to to understand the mindset of these cultmembers. That’s why we are ruled by the jews.

  10. I was going through my old album collection when I came across the Def Leppard album titled “Pyromania” and released in 1983. Take a look at the front cover illustration and tell me that 9/11 isn’t the 1st thing that comes to mind


  11. You are wrong.

    The Department of State has been making efforts to conceal this fact, spreading rumors about Mossad agents, dancing on rooftops and at the same time encouraging people to think about how omnipotent the Jews are.

    But I can swear it, as a Jew – I cannot imagine a Mossad agent, dancing on a rooftop in New York.

    Trust me or not, because I was born a liar but it is easier for me to imagine a rabbi peeing from a rooftop than a Mossad agent, dancing on one. Let alone a bunch of them, and at the time when a lot of people can spot them, looking out the windows.

    This is a gossip created to confuse and turn people’s attention aside from the real perpetrators: Japanese kamikazes.

    The Japs did it!

  12. PCR has been inching closer and closer to the bullseye for the last few years, but he’s still a few rings from the center. He still refuses to name the culprits (and he KNOWS who (((they))) are). Dual citizens all – every one of the major players in charge of ownership, security, surveillance, disposal, etc. of the WTC Towers… were jews.

    And just as the latest attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facility is falsely attributed to the Iranians, one must always ask the logical Latin question: “Cui bono?” Aye… there’s the rub. Evidence ALWAYS points to the same eternal enemy of all mankind as the beneficiary of such evil acts.

  13. GWB’s brother runs the security operation at the WTC..
    Some Jew outfit runs the sucurity at the airports…
    NYC Chamber of Commerce – Totally Kosher…
    The Bin Ladens being the biggest war contractors in the Middle East, and one of the 53 sons runs the opposition..
    He’s a Black Sheep Rebel yeah, a real James Dean…
    The Jew Silverstein cashes in on billions in insurance…
    Can’t you just hear it —
    Major Warmongering Super Prick Dick Cheney is doing a terrorist attack drill on the same day…
    Dov Zachiem runs a corporation that makes remote control systems for jet airliners….
    Nobody had any idea, but somehow they had the names and mugshots of all 19 arabs the very next day…
    An obvious total lie about the Pentagon hit being an airliner… Rumsfeld even said it was a rocket, that hit the soecial section where the investigators were looking for the mission 2.3 trillion…
    BTW, I heard there was also a lawsuit gathered in the OKC FED Building, when it was bombed, Nam Vets with allegations of radiation damage from battlefield nukes..
    The plane that crashed in Pennsy – no wreckage?
    Oh yes there was wreckage, but not all in one place..
    Because the plane was blown apart by an air to air missile…
    Most Likely – The pilots of the Pennsy plane were fighting the remote control, which is why the thing was flying around erratically before they shot it down..
    Here’s the Deal – Most People Do Not Want To Know…
    Those Who Do – Not Ready To Fight..

  14. Some good comments here. Has anybody seen the footage of the 20-ton steel mast from the top of the North tower turn into dust as it fell? How does that happen? And what is that piece of metal in Gibsonburg Ohio?

  15. One fact I find amazing is years of sabotage can succeed disguised as every day work routines hiding in plain sight. Literally right under all their noses. It all becomes white noise after a short while. Even Slam Bang Theater disturbances quickly become little more than a nuisance.

    All those months and even years of prepping the two towers was a helluva intensive operation to accomplish without discovery or some rare dramatic event of actual journalism. A John Prager exclusive quickly acknowledged and even quicker sent into Never Land.

    “Security System Upgrades” “Fire System Upgrades” “Electrical Upgrades” “Structural Upgrades” “Elevator System Upgrades” All immense yet routine maintance, meaning plenty of elbow grease and overtime. Lots and lots of overtime. Nothing up our sleeve, eh..

  16. To be honest, I have not been terribly interested in 9/11 and I have not read much about it, so I don’t usually give my opinion, but deep down I assumed most (not all, but most) of the mainstream narrative was correct. But whenever British historian David Irving endorses another author I take note of it because I believe Irving only endorses upright and knowledgeable people. David Irving recently posted this Eric Margolis article “WHO WAS REALLY BEHIND 9/11?” on his website. Margolis writes ” What’s also pretty clear is that Israel – at minimum – knew the attack was coming yet failed to warn its American ‘allies.’ Israel was the chief beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks – yet its bumbling Arab foes and bin Laden were blamed for this crime.”

    Whenever I read of someone like this, one of the first things I do is see what that harbinger of respectability, Wikipedia, has to say about the person. With the statement above you can expect to read that he is an “anti-Semite”, “conspiracy theorist” and three or four more insults meant to discredit him.. I don’t know why I read what they say, other than Wikipedia is a good indicator of whether someone is “respectable” (which often means they are worthless liars) according to the mainstream. Interestingly, Eric Margolis is not insulted with any of Wikipedia’s typical smears in its entry on him. Then, my next thought is “why”, and with Margolis’ background I then wonder if he’s a Jew, so Wikipedia has more tolerance towards him. Regardless, apparently he is a good writer and one more finger has been pointed at “America’s most important ally”. If things ever change in the US and Israel is knocked off its pedestal, along with people like Nadler, Schiff and all the other Jews that run the country that are above reproach, a lot of people that have supported these people for so long will have some explaining to do.

    1. Since jews like to brag so much, they tell on their own!! 🙂

      Margolis is a surname that, like its variants shown below, is derived from the Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the Hebrew word מרגלית (Israeli Hebrew [maɹgalit]), meaning ‘pearl,’ and may refer to:

      Alisa Margolis, Ukrainian artist based in Berlin
      Barbara Margolis (1929–2009), prisoners’ rights advocate and official greeter of New York City
      Char Margolis, American spiritualist
      Cindy Margolis (born 1965), American model
      David Margolis (1930–2008), American industrialist
      Ephraim Zalman Margolis (1762–1828), Galician rabbi born in Brody

      *Eric Margolis (journalist), journalist… and his father…
      *Henry M. Margolis (1909–1989), New York industrialist, theatrical producer, and philanthropist

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