Speak out while you can



Later Moses led his leprous tribe out of Egypt 
after they first stole all the valuables they could, 
forever delineating what has become 
quintessential Jewish behavior over time.

The reason why Americans lost their freedom of speech is because they were prevented from speaking openly about Jews, that parasitic class of Asian nomads which has plundered (and been banished from) hundreds of countries during the last five centuries, each time for the same reason — corrupting native leaders and stealing the wealth of their states.

Recent examples of this are France, Russia, Germany, England and the United States — all of which have long since become thinly camouflaged Jewish satellites serving Israel’s psychopathological interests.

This two thousand year tradition of having no country of their own but sabotaging all other countries they infiltrate has culminated in today’s situation where Jews have acquired their own fortress nation located at “the crossroads of civilization” from which to manipulate all the powers of the world through their control of money.

Adolf Hitler had the best description of Israel: “. . . a university for budding crooks . . .” Now it’s basically the center of all the world’s perversions, most especially, swindling..

Jews have turned human society into a mindlocked prison where everyone must deal with them in order to survive.

Is there a clearer snapshot of that class of deceivers known as “the only democracy in the Middle East” when, staying true to their longtime modus operandi, it’s not a democracy at all!

Big surprise. And another Jewish lie. Israel is really a slave state run by Jews that either stigmatizes, imprisons, deports or murders nearly everyone who is not Jewish. For the rest of the world, Jews tell us “strength in diversity”, but in Israel, it’s Jews only, and everybody else who cannot be used for devious, exploitative purposes can expect to be run out of town, poisoned, or obliterated from the air.

The thing about Jewish information is that it usually can never be proven. It is always meant to trick the listener into believing something that isn’t true.

From Pearl Harbor to 9/11. From AIDS to Glyphosate. From Freud to Einstein, these falsehoods are eventually being debunked as previously intimidated scientists are finally trespassing on this truth about the Jews.

Since everything Jews say about themselves is a lie, it makes no sense to believe anything they say. Yet the current situation extant in the world is that Jews control virtually all forms of communication, can eavesdrop on practically anybody practically anywhere, and have the means of surreptitiously disposing of anyone who interferes with their demonic plans.

I’m currently reading a book a classic instance of this, the already much reviewed Dave Martin opus about the assassination of James Forrestal in 1949, one of many murdered examples in this category of principled people who opposed the theft of Palestine by Jews. (Review to follow soon.)

Human civilization desperately needs a higher morality than either its churches or educational institutions are willing or able to provide.

Gentiles are so stupid they don’t even realize their holy book was written by Jews, and I’m not just talking about Saul/Paul, the Jew who wrote the New Testament. I’m talking about those other books in the Old Testament that at least my original denomination, Episcopalian, included in the Bibles it handed out (I still have mine).

By my reckoning, the “great father” Abraham was really the first banker, mythologized by power mad priests. He went to Egypt and supposedly pimped out his own wife/sister to pharaoh. Later Moses led his leprous tribe out of Egypt after they first stole all the valuables they could, forever delineating what has become quintessential Jewish behavior over time.

And the book of Esther is nothing but an advertisement for Jewish vengeance against everyone else. It certainly does not belong in a Christian Bible, you would think (if you weren’t Jewish, or duped by Jews).

These items are meaningless relics of the Dim Age, as opposed to the Dark Ages, both of which were kindled by the pathological precepts of the Roman church, which in turn had been created by those Christos-muttering tribes in the ancient world who championed belief in a higher power.

This is what you can believe in.

Can’t say I recall the exact citation that caused this meme to pop into my head, but somewhere along the line I got the impression Saul/Paul, architect of most of the New Testament, said that adherence to belief in Christ with simple prayer was the equal of beneficial actions in the world. In other words, you could say prayers and not have to get involved with fighting injustice in the real world. This is been a plague upon religion for thousands of years because it is a lie. There is no substitute for beneficial actions in the world, and simple prayer, while beneficial to oneself, never takes the place of genuinely honorable actions in real time.

In other words, you don’t get to heaven just by praying.

Any preacher who says otherwise instantly defrocks himself.

You have to question the power of prayer when people who pray five times a day can still go out and murder people as their way of achieving their heavenly deliverance. That is really sick sh*t.

So all those Zionist Christians praying for the deliverance of Israel are all really in-country traitors assisting in the destruction of the United States.

A hundred years hence, all these current religions will only exist in museums as humans will have figured out by then that if you’re not involved in service to life, nature will figure out a way to take you down. Yes, one day all this pathological chaff that besieges us now will be gone.

God is a manifestation caused by the fear that one day you will be dead. As such, God is the perfect pill for the fear, because you are taught to live a healthy, functional life that will lead to happiness all around. For most of humanity struggling to stay alive, that good fortune can be attained at least in a family setting if the vicissitudes of the world don’t strike you down first.

But the great fault of most religions is that they demand annihilation of competing creeds. This is useful. It guarantees those who do this have no connection to God whatsoever. It also guarantees perpetual war.

But at the state level the chaos of self-interest cannot be regulated without strict rules that cannot be bent without serious penalties. Right now our courts are utterly corrupt, with an entire class of rich people utterly immune from prosecution because of their power.

This is a clear path to destruction. Nature (same as God, you must remember) does not tolerate injustice. You may also remember what gives us life is Nature, and it can do the opposite. As you sow, so shall you reap.

So should you keep your mouth shut? You could stay silent forever, and shorten your life considerably. Or you could clearly identify the potentially fatal parasite and neutralize it, which would provide the biggest improvement to the peace of mind of everyone on Earth.

But only with large numbers of people recognizing the imminent danger and acting on it could this possibly be accomplished. Waiting only brings more new laws that further restrict our freedom of speech and drastically lessens our chances to ever fulfill our hopes for a lasting, productive and peaceful human destiny.


27 thoughts to “Speak out while you can”

  1. Mr Kaminski is quite right.
    The Enemy of Humanity, who controlled the slave trade of black Africans into the Americas and Caribbean, are closing down, at an amazing pace websites that tell the truth about things such as that or the veracity of the “Holocaust” and Middle Eastern policy of the USA and, well things like Ms Darkmoon’s site is surely under the microscope.

    And why is that? Because she and the others TELL THE TRUTH.

    Just as the ADL and the SPLC lobbied Amazon to stop selling books by learned professors, published by educational publishers, such as Dr MacDonald’s books on Judaism.

    Google, which owns Youtube, is run by Jews. One Sergey Brin came to America from the Soviety Union under Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg’s law for Jewish refugees from Soviety Union.

    Zuckerberg’s Facebook, which was actually created by two Swedes at Yale, silences ALL dissent and MONITORS and COLLECTS your information. As does Google who makes “embarrassing” facts about Jewish politicians and other Jews DISAPPEAR from the internet. Seriously they HIDE news accounts.

    As Kaminski states, SPEAK OUT WHILE YOU CAN”

    Remember when the Jews took over Russia they murdered 68,000.000 Russians Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn knew them all too well.
    So as humanity looks the FACE OF EVIL in the Enemy of Humanity, let all be prepared.
    Also when situations seem to be the worst, conditions improve.
    As a poster said on another thread this will END.
    However let us remember that death is the beginning of life, not the end of life.
    Grace is in God’s hands, and He bestows it on whom He wishes.

    1. Well said, TLOA! Excellent comment as usual. I only wish you would choose a proper name for yourself instead of initials.

    2. The bolshevik revolution is alive and well, just in a different form. Millions are killed every year from the poisoning of our food, water and air, along with the constant wars.

  2. Who needs a country of their own when (((they))) own the world. Nice work if you can get it.

  3. The Christian dogma says that one is saved by grace and not by works. Maybe that’s why Christianity is such a canker sore in the mouth of the Jew. The famous others (us) get all the work (((they))) receive all the grace. OK, that’s is gross generalization but there may some truth in it.

    1. Actually, it is The Protestant dogma says that one is saved by faith and not by works. And although even traditional Catholicism teaches that we are saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ, it has always taught that both faith and good works (love of neighbor, obedience to Christ’s teaching, including sexual morality) are necessary. In fact the Catholic Church has done more good for the world by far than any institution in history. But to know that one must not get one’s distorted historical ideas from Jewish/Masonic/Protestant sources, which regrettably are almost all the sources because we know who controls publishing, media, and the other choke points of culture. Try Hilaire Belloc or Chesterton or Christopher Dawson or Warren Carroll or the engaging read Triumph: the Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church by HW Crocker III.

  4. This is Kaminski at his absolute finest, which brings to mind the following quote:

    Is it not more glorious to die in the active struggle for justice than to wait passively for sickness and old age to produce the same effect? Is it not better to give your life over to virtue than to worms?
    Johannes of Limoges (13th Century)

  5. “Nature (same as God, you must remember) does not tolerate injustice.” A rather non-sense statement. Nature is not God and God is not nature. Nature in and of itself has no consciousness, therefore nature”s toleration of injustice or justice does not enter in the equation. Most sane humans with consciousness have a sense of what is just or injust. There are only three possibilities as to where mankind acquired his consciousness and therefor his sense of justice. Either this sense was acquired via natural selection over the many million’s of years, truly a miracle: or man was created from the soil with this “innate” sense of justice which is equally a miracle. Or as John is intimating, God directed old mother nature (God’s wife?) to do all the “work”. If #3 is correct would that make God have women do all the work and the men receive all the benefits?
    As my x mother-in-law used to say if men gave birth there would only be one child.

  6. No matter where you are in life, seek God and believe in Jesus Christ. The Bible forewarns us about the wickedness we will see in the world around us, and the Book of John among others tells us that we should expect to be hated by this evil. Even if you’re an atheist or an agnostic like I used to be, at least consider reading the gospel so that you know why (((they))) hate it so much, and why the Western Traditionalists have clung to it so tightly for generations upon generations:

  7. if only we could get JK on CNN…
    I think it’s great he’s coming into the pantheist groove…
    go tell it on the mountain brother…
    “Nature (same as God, you must remember) does not tolerate injustice.”
    “A rather non-sense statement. Nature is not God and God is not nature. Nature in and of itself has no consciousness, therefore nature”s toleration of injustice or justice does not enter in the equation.”
    we think maybe the entire universe is consciousness itself, that every material thing is a vibrational residualization of of the great spirit, as it were, God, the Word, the UNI-VERSE… that’s what’s meant by Omnipotence and Omniscience… God is Everything, Everywhere… this understanding is a big departure point from establishment religion, which separates god from man and man from the planet, now commodified… in fact they’ve made god a commodity too… Pantheism was the instinctive spiritual wisdom of all the aboriginals living in harmony with the biosphere, SAVAGE as they may have been… though it turns out that word’s really a compliment… SA means WISDOM, V-AGE is VESSEL… but it was made dirty…
    whereas it was once understood what was the juice, now nature has been replaced with the energetic artifice known as money, and forgotten… and they even write the motto on it – IN GOD WE TRUST…
    but, money is going extinct, being replaced by crypto currency…
    what’s that mean?

  8. SPEAK OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!! Unless of course you’re a Flat Earth Geocentric flat head, than just shut-the-f*ck-up, If you’re a Flat Earth Geocentric flat head your time for speaking up IS LONG PAST IS LONG GONE so get lost!

    ADMIN: Yes, we confess with some shame that Flat Earthers are being discriminated against on this website. They are not being allowed to post off-topic comments on Flat Earth Theory as much as they would wish. We plead guilty to censorship in this respect.

    However, please note that we have published two articles on Flat Earth Theory (which also appeared on Truthseeker) and that Flat Earthers were given every opportunity to express themselves in the comments section. Many did so, quite eloquently. However, to our great disappointment, YOU remained curiously silent! You didn’t have a single thing to say yourself about Flat Earth theory when you had a chance! — you simply went on complaining about harsh censorship! 🙂

    1. There’s so much bullshit in this world and there’s so much blocking of Free Speech and so much CENSORSHIP in this world and your heliocentric Noosphere “alternative” media ain’t NO exception.

      Your “alternative” media with your vaunted “Truth Loving Truth Teller” kaminski and your millions of Gate Keepers all over the place at every turn ain’t NO exception, but you all know that already and you all are so full of crocodile tears and so full of sh*t.

      But you all know that already, never mind forget it — as I’m quite sure this ANTI-helio Flat Earth Geocentric TRUTH comment of mine will roll off your backs like swamp water rolls off the backs of reptilian alligators frolicking around in the Florida Everglades, alligators pretending to be crocodiles so you alligators can cry your crocodile tears without anyone noticing what a bunch of alligators in a muddy murky swamp in Flohr-eee-duh you all are, frolicking around in dirty fetid swamp water. Videre Licet.

  9. JK wrote: “You may also remember what gives us life is Nature, and it can do the opposite.”

    Man can “do the opposite” also…. by destroying Nature.

    That destruction will be amplified thousands of times greater with 5G!

    So…. Ian McFerran spoke out to Mendip District Council… with NO reply!!

    Wells, England, UK and EE Mobile Carrier inquiry to Mendip District Council and the 5G issue:


  10. The zionists are wreckers and killers and destroyers of humanity for their goal of a zionist NWO. In every country where the zionists have embedded themselves they have destroyed that country and the civilization of that country.

    They own the FED and the IRS and with these two, the zionists are destroying America!

  11. Mr. Kaminsky narrates another irreverent aspect of the exodus. But is it not also sanctified through his sagacity? And all that it deserves.

    His reference to another book , Dave Martin of the murder of James Forrestal is good news. The only book without a nice jewish author was a suppressed work by COrnell SImpson. Nice jewish people always publish the first biographies of their victims ; they have privileged information .

    ABout his allusion to the vitality of nature : Be it true or not it is a healthy warning and indicates his reverence for the earth around us . She is far more important than all our words or deeds. And yes ,she will defend herself.

    Never forget the jew is the destroyer of creation or nature , or all that is good . He knows himself and his purpose . Our tragedy is , we have forgotten ours. And our great sin we have accepted him in his ascendancy as god and the degradation that we are no more than a social security number.

  12. PAT
    i can understand why the chemtrails are being sprayed all over, in spite of the fact that, if they are poisoning people somehow, they would also be poisoning the people who spray them or are ordering it…
    if the sun is getting hotter and/or the ozone layer is destroyed, it would be necessary to find a way to block out the extra heat and ultraviolet… and they may just be spraying out fly ash at high altitudes to make clouds…
    but i don’t get what’s up like that with 5G… wouldn’t it be frying everybody’s brains indiscriminately, including the plotters, if that’s what it does?
    i mean, if 5G is a jew plot to destroy everybody’s ability to think for himself, which it could be, where does that leave the plotters?
    are they all gonna be wearing special helmets to block it off?
    just sayin…
    we can all well enough suspect this site is actually an intel troll site put into place to find out what people might be thinking about the ZOG and a lot of other subjects… even if it’s not designed for that purpose by admin, it could still be watched, and probably is being monitored by people like that… as well as any big media stooges, who will want to know what people are really talking about v the daily drivel they produce..
    actually, i saw last night on fox a segment, where the talking jew-fool haircut head had some holy roller politician preacher type from texas on to discuss why it was that god had decided to take John Adams, Thomas Jeffferson and James Monroe, all three of them out on the 4th of July…
    they framed it like it was part of out holy exceptionalist destiny…
    so it’s true, the internet is forcing the establishment media to at least to some degree acknowledge reality, which includes a critical look at history…
    of course they made no mention of the treaties of verona nor all the crowned heads and vatican jesuits, who have always hated the USA as a constitutional republic, still do, and are the most likely culprits in those murders and a thousand assassinations since…
    and Kaminski could be just another jewish troll flogging that same old horse – trying to get people to hate all the jews, so they will all think everybody hates them anyway, so therefore they might just as well rob and kill everybody. he sure sounds like it, while the rest of us are trying to find the right things to say to get everybody past all that…
    maybe we posters are now all on a list of those who know and talk too much and we’ll all have our doors kicked in in the middle of some night and be shot to pieces by NWO swat thugs, when we reach for out shotguns…
    that’s all possible i guess…
    from what i’ve read, when the nazi SA acted on the color code system to wipe out lists of dissidents and subversives in Germany in the 30s, hit squads were give names and addresses.. but sometimes the name of the dead men walking didn’t match the address or v v, there was obviously some mistake… but in some cases the Brown Shirts would go ahead and kill whomever they found at the address anyway, not to be too disappointed, or come under suspicion themselves.
    as things went along, eventually the SA and the SD were set against each other by the management and one wiped out the other, killed them dead… that’s how fkdup things eventually get, after you’ve capitulated into military dictatorship, where there is no rule of law and everybody with a badge is a gd murderer…
    sorry for getting off topic..
    what i meant to say was – it seems you’re throwing up the flat earth thing as a shield of sorts, trying to discredit the pantheist movement, because it threatens you? as if all pantheist neo-pagans are flat earth idiots?
    i would say the flat earth postulation is not pantheism, but on the other hand totally creationist fundamentalism, which has it that god created man and earth as the center of his universe…
    the pantheist does not preach creationism nor any creator, definitely not some separate superior being…
    also, we saw the management itself here on our wonderful website add a video of jesus to Kaminski’s other post, not to forget the baggage… whereas his his toxicity toward the jews was countered with christianity, presented as an opposing force, thereby keeping the conflict alive in the normal crusader way…

    1. Bark –

      “but i don’t get what’s up like that with 5G… wouldn’t it be frying everybody’s brains indiscriminately, including the plotters,’

      I cannot comment on ‘brain-frying’ under normal usage…. there are bloggers in that arena.

      I am concerned about the ultimate attack on privacy and the admitted control of human behavior…. and even selected electronic assassinations.

      ANY SELECTED AREA, even whole cities, could be attacked by increasing the voltage as was done at Glastonbury, England last month:
      Concert Goers Who Paid $315 Per Ticket Were Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ in 5G Trial
      England: 5G technology was installed at Glastonbury Music Festival this year by wireless carrier EE, in partnership with Cisco, Microsoft, and the BBC, as part of a governmental agenda called 5G Rural First that purports to be about giving better internet access to country dwellers.

      An activist recorded EMF frequencies around the site, and while EE and British Telecom promised to keep the output of their 5G EMF pulses to around 3.0 V/m, it was recorded going up as high as 6.0 V/m, – *DOUBLE* – the amount promised by EE. People reportedly went to medical stations with headaches, nose bleeds, stinging eyes and digestive issues – all classic SYMPTOMS of EMF radiation POISONING.

      A group of 230 doctors and scientists have warned that 5G health effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being.


  13. “Orwell’s 1984 no longer reads like fiction. It’s the reality of our times” is the title piece in RT Today by “Robert Bridge… an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ released in 2013.”
    Bridge’s fine article about the 1984 cautionary tale of fiction has become reality. Several years ago TJ read that when Orwell first went to his publisher with his book it was originally titled 1948. The publisher thought that with 1948 as the title it would scare the pants off many readers. So they changed Orwell’s 1948 to 1984 so that most readers would think this is just fiction in the far future. Not to worry.
    TJ is of two minds on the title change. 1. If the book had remained titled 1948 would it have been read and soon forgotten, like many other cautionary tales of the future? 2. Or would the book have alerted the public of a possible future and corrective action by the public and back then honest government to preclude the totalitarian nightmare the so-called civilized world is now facing and has been facing right into our collective dystopian future.
    Most likely no matter the title, and the corruption of government long before Orwell wrote his book, the die was cast, the people disarmed and sleep-walking into a future that Orwell could foresee the end results but of course the post 1980’s technological means far exceeding those in 1984 to reach those ends.
    John Kaminski is very good at detailing what those ends entail in real time. Qustion: What is 98% of the world going to do about it?

    1. Bark,
      Can’t deny it. Rich and powerful Jews definitely have a lot of political power. Donaldo doesn’t know a lot about Satanic rituals. Never tried having sex with a wall. Too cold and hard. Prefer a woman’s hot, curvy body moving with me. That’s Donaldos style. Anyway, these Goy politicians are absolutely disgusting. They sell themselves out like cheap whores. No shame at all. 🤨

  14. “….adherence to belief in Christ with simple prayer was the equal of beneficial actions in the world. In other words, you could say prayers and not have to get involved with fighting injustice in the real world. This has been a plague upon religion for thousands of years because it is a lie. There is no substitute for beneficial actions in the world, and simple prayer, while beneficial to oneself, never takes the place of genuinely honorable actions in real time.”

    The problem with certain areas in the NT has to do with the accounting of what Jesus is purported to have said NOT being in accord with all the attributes that properly define him as the exemplary man.

    For example, Jesus wouldn’t have entreated another (God) to remit OUR sins let alone our absolving someone ELSE’S sins (let alone advocating doing all this THROUGH another). This is what’s conveyed in Luke 11:4 and Matthew 6:12. How irresponsible does this make him look? How irresponsible has this made us ACT?

    But the irresponsibility continues with Jesus showing support for others to NOT be held accountable for their actions, and then putting fear of God into those who DON’T honor this. This is conveyed in Matthew 6: 14,15

    “The devil can cite scripture for his purpose” Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice

    “Thanks to words, we have been able to rise above the brutes; and thanks to words we have often sunk to the level of the demons” Aldous Huxley – Adonis and the Alphabet

    These passages are akin to the Judaic “Kol Nidre” – the ritual of atonement; the honoring of a phantom

    What kind of spell has been cast over otherwise intelligent people who have apparently forgotten how to read when it comes to certain areas of the Gospels? No one in their right mind WOULDN’T edit these passages and others to put Jesus in the proper light where he belongs.

    1. No it’s not, Bark. It’s simply a matter of proper reading skills when it comes to pertinent areas in the Gospels.

      Look at Jesus as being the kind of person you would emulate as a man who understands his role to be the responsible guardian of Life, and that his TRUE proclamation included “slashing” at Pharisaic law (call it his “verbal sword”) that went unheeded in starting a Revolution to end all Revolutions. Your questioning his existence stems directly from the flawed doctrine ascribed to him.

      And I have to express my disappointment over the fact that you’re the only one that’s responded to my post. Cat got y’alls tongues?

  15. HAWK
    that’s way over my head man…
    we get the point hand..
    you may have been born jewish but, just like me, you have nothing in common with the wailing wall people…
    we all want a president of the united states, not some schmucks who think they have to bend over for zion…
    i’m thinking ‘orwell’ (eric blair) wrote the book kind of as a blueprint… he ‘channeled’ it out of the collective subconscious, whereas it was already happening, had been decided upon..
    check out the florescent lights..

  16. The world (journalists, or undercover spy network posing as journalists – you decide) sings praise for the “music legend” Johnny Clegg of South Africa. They know everythingy about one single only in South Africa known singer. Strangely these precisely informed people about happenings reaching into the last little pampas outposts in Africa know nothing of the plight of the whites under the ANC.

    A less well-known fact is that our old security police was after the blood of Johnny Clegg. Just like it was after the ANC and their liberal supporters and subversives.


    While skimming through this paper, my eyes caught a report on Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer.

    “The publisher of a neo-Nazi website who instructed readers to troll a Jewish real estate agent must pay the victim $14 million (R195.5 million), a federal judge ruled.US Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch also recommended that the court order Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer to remove all posts and photos that he used to victimise Montana resident Tanya Gersh, her husband, and her 12-year-old son in 2016. The website had called on readers to unleash a “troll storm” on Gersh. The threats began after Anglin accused Gersh of trying to force out the mother of a white nationalist from the mountain resort community of Whitefish.”

    $14 million – ouch!

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