Stalin’s Wives: Conspiracy Theories About Them

This article will be of some academic interest to the Stalin watchers who frequent our site. It is intended as an aperitif or introduction to a far more controversial article to be published here tomorrow, entitled “Is Trump the New Stalin?”

Stalin with his daughter Svetlana. She was to deny that her father ever married a “Jewess” called “Rosa Kaganovich” and maintained that no such woman even existed. She would have been astonished to learn that her father was a “Jew” and would have laughed at anyone who made such an absurd claim. 

In response to a poster on this site who said in our Comments’ section “Stalin was married to a Jewess”, new commenter ‘Saki’ claims that this is a serious misconception. His case is argued well. We have to agree with him because the internet is awash with these conspiracy theories which do immense harm by peddling misinformation about Stalin.

Disbelieve anyone who tells you:

—  (a) that Stalin was a Jew;
—  (b) that he had three wives; and
—  (c)  that the last of his three wives was a Jewess called “Rosa Kaganovich”.

All these three claims are false.

Firstly, there is not a shred of reliable evidence to show that Stalin, who grew up in a Christian family with a devoutly Christian mother, and who trained  to become an Orthodox Christian priest, was a  Jew.

Secondly, Stalin only had two wives who were both Christians; their names are known and numerous photographs of them exist.

Thirdly, there is no record of Stalin marrying a third time, either to a Christian woman or to a Jewess, and the very existence of a Jewess known as “Rosa Kagonovich” is denied by anyone who has seriously researched the life of Stalin.

Let Saki speak for himself:

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you, because I think you’re one of the best posters here, but that is a totally false factoid manufactured by a thousand repetitions on internet conspiracy theory sites. You will not find a single mainstream Stalin biographer, either in Russia or the West, who promotes this irresponsible conspiracy theory. Stalin was married only twice and both his wives were Christians.

Stalin’s third wife was allegedly the Jewess “Rosa Kaganovich”, said to be the sister or daughter of Stalin’s Jewish minister Lazar Kaganovich. But Stalin’s own daughter, Svetlana, is on record as saying that her father never married any such woman because no such woman even existed!  There are numerous photographs of Stalin’s two Christian wives, but not a single authentic photo of the fictitious Rosa Kaganovich.

I leave it to you to figure out why such a fictitious personality should have been invented in the first place.

The internet provides a mine of useful information. Unfortunately, it is also a bottomless pit of wild conspiracy theories, disinformation, and lies.

Here is Wikipedia on Stalin’s Georgian origins. He looked nothing like an Ashkenazi Jew and was swarthy and Asiatic-looking in appearance:

Ethnically Georgian, Stalin grew up speaking the Georgian language, and did not begin learning Russian until the age of eight or nine. He remained proud of his Georgian identity, and throughout his life retained a heavy Georgian accent when speaking Russian. According to Montefiore, despite Stalin’s affinity for Russia and Russians, he remained profoundly Georgian in his lifestyle and personality. Stalin’s colleagues described him as “Asiatic”, and he told a Japanese journalist that “I am not a European man, but an Asian, a Russified Georgian”. Service also noted that Stalin “would never be Russian”, could not credibly pass as one, and never tried to pretend that he was. (See here)

As for Stalin marrying three Jewish wives, or at least one Jewish wife, nowhere will you find a peep of this except on conspiracy theory sites specializing in propaganda and disinformation. Here is Wikipedia — by all means sneer at Wikipedia if you want, but this Wikipedia account is supported by every single non-Jewish biographer of Stalin, none of whom would risk their reputations by lying.

Stalin was attracted to women and there are no reports of any homosexual tendencies; according to Montefiore, in his early life Stalin “rarely seems to have been without a girlfriend”. He was sexually promiscuous, although rarely talked about his sex life. Montefiore noted that Stalin’s favoured types were “young, malleable teenagers or buxom peasant women”, who would be supportive and unchallenging toward him. According to Service, Stalin “regarded women as a resource for sexual gratification and domestic comfort”.

Stalin married twice and had several offspring. He married his first wife, Ekaterina Svanidze, in 1906. According to Montefiore, theirs was “a true love match”; Volkogonov suggested that she was “probably the one human being he had really loved”.

Stalin’s second wife was Nadezhda Alliluyeva; theirs was not an easy relationship, and they often rowed. They had two biological children—a son, Vasily, and a daughter, Svetlana—and adopted another son, Artyom Sergeev, in 1921. During his marriage to Nadezhda, Stalin had affairs with many other women, most of whom were fellow revolutionaries or their wives. Nadezdha suspected that this was the case, and committed suicide in 1932. (See here)

No mention of a third marriage here. No Jewesses mentioned. And no mention of anyone called “Rosa Kaganovich”.

Saki has done his research well and provides reliable information on Stalin’s marital status. This sort of solid information, free of woolly speculation, can only come from scholars who have researched Stalin’s life and written voluminous biographies about him, complete with notes and sources. It cannot come from unknown internet authors, many of them anonymous individuals writing for obscure internet sites. Most of these Stalin commenters have never read a single biography of Stalin but nevertheless presume to know all about him from reading the regurgitations of other ignorant and often illiterate internet hacks.

Let Saki continue:

Here is acclaimed biographer of Stalin, Robert Service, commenting on the fictitious “Rosa Kananovich”:

Rumours had other candidates as his [Stalin’s] lovers in the late 1930s; it was even said that he secretly married again. The person said to have been his wife was named as Rosa Kaganovich. The allegation was peddled by the German Nazi media. Supposedly Rosa was Lazar Kaganovich’s beautiful sister. It was a pack of lies. Lazar Kaganovich had only one sister, Rakhil, who died in the mid 1920s.

Another suggestion was that it was Lazar Kaganovich’s daughter Maya whom Stalin took to bed. Certainly she was good-looking. But there is no credible evidence. Lazar Kaganovich was not a prude and had no reason as a pensioner to pretend that his daughter had had no relationship with Stalin if this was not true.”

—Robert Service, Stalin: A Biography, p. 436

All other Stalin biographers agree with the historical evidence that Stalin only had two wives, both of them Christians, and this truth is reinforced by Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana who asserted that her father had never married any such woman and that the whole story is a fabrication.

I think this just about wraps it up. To summarize:

—  Stalin was not a Jew.

—  Stalin only married twice and both his wives were Christians.

—  As for the Jewess Rosa Kaganovich, Stalin’s  alleged third wife, she never existed.

It is hoped that the above material will whet the reader’s appetite for tomorrow’s more exciting article comparing Stalin to Donald Trump. Those who are bored with hearing about Stalin will be relieved to hear that tomorrow’s article is more about Trump than Stalin.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

23 thoughts to “Stalin’s Wives: Conspiracy Theories About Them”

  1. The proper name is “judeocommunism” because communism is indisputably a Jewish invention. If we are willing to accept the label “judeo Christianity,” why shouldn’t the same label be consistently applied to communism? Note the terms “judeo” and “communism” are seamlessly joined together to demonstrate the inextricable link between Jews and communism.

    There is no disputing Karl Marx was a Jew or that he literally wrote the book on communism. There is no disputing the so-called “Russian” revolution was a judeocommunist revolution. Seventy percent of the members of the first Comintern was comprised of Jews. Is not the rule of the judeocommunist, totalitarian terror state based on fear, horror and murder? Did not Stalin rule over that judeocommunist, totalitarian terror state for more than thirty years with the full complicity of Jew administrators serving under his rule?

    Sixty-six million indigenous Russians were slaughtered by judeocommunist psychopaths in the most heinous, sadistic manners imaginable. Sadism and torture are hallmarks of the Jew. Stalin was paranoid, psychopathic killer who presided over the largest mass extermination program in history. Look at the list of Jewish psychopathic murderers serving directly under Stalin.

    Therefore, does it really matter whether or not Stalin was a Jew or how many wives he had? Is not his clearly documented history enough? Is it not sufficient to identify this psychopathic killer as being at the very top of the judeocommunist hierarchy, faithfully carrying out the Jews’ plan for mass extermination of whites in their bid for totalitarian domination of the planet?

    I note distractions of minutiae as a classic method for misdirection; preoccupying the mind with useless, sensational details that obscure the larger historical picture.


    You are stepping out of line by your insolent tone. Being Jewish does not give you the right to question the “purpose” of the articles we publish, thereby suggesting that the published article need not have been written in the first place. That is the height of rudeness. If you can’t see that, you need a lesson in good manners.

    The “purpose” of this article is simply to correct the misconceptions surrounding Stalin’s wives and to warn people against conspiracy theories surrounding Stalin and his wives. Does that answer your question?

    1. Ralan –

      You wrote:
      “What is the purpose of this article, to discuss whether Stalin was a Jew?”

      It is my belief that articles do not need to have your interests or purposes in mind to be posted here.

      Just read the very first sentence, if you really want an answer to your question:

      “This article will be of some academic interest to the Stalin watchers who frequent our site.”

      This is a very well written and informative article!!

      You do not need to chastise anyone here!!

    2. @ ADMIN

      ” Being a Jew does not give me the right” So I am not a person, I am a Jew first and then someone that violated your policy? Which is it? Might you have suggested that our policy precludes all from raising such a question? No, on LD thats reserved for Jews! Such hypocrisy and LOL. As Socrates pointed out the naive acting together leads to demogogery and this is true on LD. I apologise for pointing out the fact that Stalin was a Monster.

      LD posts articles and always things come full circle to the Jews. What is being accomplished here at the end of all this. I say little, there can be no discussion with hatred and no solutions with a blind eye!

      Censor this if you must because the truth is to painful for the legions of LD.

      Happily signing off 🙂

      1. @ Ranlan

        Sigh, sigh, sigh. So sad to see you leave this site, dear Persecuted One, just because one of your brilliant comments was deleted for its offensiveness. Will someone please hand me a kleenex tissue to dab the tears of laughter from my eyes. 🙂

      2. Ralan –

        You wrote:
        “I apologise for pointing out the fact that Stalin was a Monster.”

        Your apology did not include the lies about the commenters here, and the disrespectful arrogantly postured words against this site. I read them before they were deleted.

        You and your lies and disinformation will not be missed by me.

  3. May Donaldo suggest something? Marry a Jewess. These women are very beautiful and loyal. Donaldo loves their dark features. Most Jewish women are slender……great bodies. Also, they know how to manage the families 💰. If Stalin hadn’t been the psychopathic lunatic he was, he’d have married a beautiful, young Jewish girl. These are very good women.😋

    1. TJ has observed that many Jewish females look OK until you see the profile. Babs Streisand as case in point,
      Young comely Jewish females, as do others, start out looking OK but don’t age very well. Babs has had a serious face lift. She looks rather strange but OK. Many non-Jewish Women with face lifts turn out to be facial reconstructions and are turned into facial monsters at the hands of money grubbing Hollywood doctors.
      TJ loves to make generalizations so let’s continue. Queen Esther in Persian was in a long line of Jewish females who marries outside the tribe to further the Tribes agenda, good bad or indifferent. If TJ is not mistaken King Ahasuerus commonly known as Xerxes was the one who tried to take on the Greeks and was stopped by the Famous 300. One wonders if this is true if this happened before or after he married Esther. Also, outside Hollywood many Jewish women are rather thick in the leg department. Not very Nordic.
      Just wondering. To lazy to look it up.

  4. i just posted this on the last article, before i read this one…
    here’s the update…
    April 6, 2019 at 7:04 pm
    “All other Stalin biographers agree with the historical evidence that Stalin only had two wives, both of them Christians, and this truth is reinforced by Stalin’s own daughter Svetlana who asserted that her father had never married any such woman and that the whole story is a fabrication.”
    hard to say exactly ho much of the history we get is really true…
    but i’m looking at a biography of stalin, copyright 1971 harford productions ltd LOCC # 71-164541, by H. Montgomery Hyde, i’m guessing an englishman… i read it 3 decades ago…
    there’s a lot in here about the kaganovitches, i think lazar was the soviet oil king.. he would have known well fred koch, father of the brothers david and charles…
    anyways, hyde asserts stalin had many mistresses and one night encounter types, when he was in charge.. and that it’s likely stalin had at least one illegitimate offspring, while he was married to nadya somebody…
    i think that’s usually the way it is with these dictators… indeed, when not on assignment somewhere, “pussyfooting around the cream bowl”, in his book ‘inside the company’, philip agee talks about picking up carloads of babes to bring to the parties in DC, where the guys in charge, dulles and his buddies, pretty much helped themselves to hundreds of aspiring young groupies over the years..
    hyde states with certainty that lazar kaganovitch had a relative, a daughter i think (no – rosa was his sister), named rosa and that she shacked with stalin after nadya left the scene, most likely murdered… he doesn’t say they were married but that she did claim to be joe stalin’s wife…
    INDEX Rosa Kaganovitch, pages 260, 263 and 289…
    page 289 – “Stalin is said to have found consolation in the arms of Lazar Kaganovitch’s sister Rosa, who is believed to have become his mistress while his wife was still alive and whom he was now reported to have married.”
    monster’s too good a word for that guy.. we should know more though… it’s way too good a word for his henchman khrushchev too, who later took his place… nikita khrushchev was a jew for sure, from ukraine, real name ‘solomen perlmutter’, unless that’s just another kooky internet conspiracy rumor…
    it’s possible joe stalin wasn’t jewish, but highly unlikely, considering the bolshevik revolution was totally a jew thing… they murdered millions of white russian goyim peasants and burned tens of thousands of christian churches, only to let a gentile take over? jews don’t work like that… the whole ww2 was a jew thing, russian zionists allied with the jews in DC, all complicit btw in the murder of general patton… ww2 was a continuation of ww1 yes, a jewish plot to exterminate white gentiles by setting them against each other in battle, and it worked…. it was actually an extension of the jewish zionist play for world domination…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      You provide some fascinating information from the biography by Montgomery Hyde which you quote. That’s quite a “find”. Most impressive, as few people on this site appear to have the time to read biographies about Stalin. You are the rare exception! I’ll get back to you later when I have some more time.

  5. Makes perfect sense to me and I’m glad it is cleared up. Seems to me that Stalin wiped out a lot of the Jews in the Party. In reading Red Diaper Baby David Horowitz’s biography he mentions how all the Brooklyn communists were disillusioned with Stalin after the purges. That alone tells you things weren’t going the Jews’ way in the USSR at that time.

    Nice article!

  6. What happens if you can’t decide whether you like Hitler better or Stalin better, do you get sent to a Jew Commie Siberian Gulag labor camp or do you get sent to a Nazi concentration camp? Maybe our old friend Knowbro has the best idea, like BOTH Hitler and Stalin EQUALLY, this way nobody has any kind of excuse to send you to any kind of camp/prison/gulag for “thought criminals”. I just feel bad for those who are having a hard time deciding who they like better, Hitler or Stalin. I don’t like to see anyone get shipped off to Spamblinka. Believe you me, Spamblinka is NOT fun. It’s not easy being a “thought criminal”, especially around here under the thick darkness of a moon that never emits any light. A moon that doesn’t ever emit any light, sad. uncle is TOO hard on me, he always has been. I was always nice to everyone, always truthful, always sharing and caring, always leaving alot of solid interesting pertinent information with source references to back-up my opinions, always debated in a gentlemanly fashion, always fair-minded with everyone, but those days are over, those days are long gone. Though, just like I always have, I will continue to always strive be a beacon of Videre Licet Light. It’s not in me to punish those who speak The Truth, even if The Truth hurts, it’s still not in me to punish those who speak The Truth. I guess it comes natural to me not to want to punish those who speak The Truth, as I’m a Flat Earth Geocentric, not a full-of-sh*t helio [ “helio(s)” and “full-of-sh*t” are Synonyms, but you helios already know that ]. Although Yes, The Truth hurts, The Truth hurts helios ALOT MORE than The Truth hurts us Flat Earth Geocentrics, and you helios already know that also. How uncomfortable, how painful, is THE TRUTH to you helios.

    helios LERV to punish those of us who LERV THE TRUTH so much We share THE FLAT EARTH GEOCENTRIC TRUTH with everyone! Right, uncle? u gate keeping baboon goon u.

    ADMIN TOBY: Just to let you know we have a sensational new article on Flat Earth theory in the pipeline. So tell your geocentric buddies to watch out for it.

    1. Spoiler Alert! But to stay at least a little on topic, I’d guess Stalin was helio and Hitler geo. Stalin’s wives no doubt were flexibly fickle and could go either way, depending on the weather.

      But as the truth Joe references is darn near always out of this world, it stands to reason the debate between the geo and helio factions is also literally out of this world. In fact, it’s literally out of this universe!

      Because the TRUTH of the matter is it is impossible to factually know if either faction is correct unless and until Uber-A.I. or an alien or someone actually peeks into this universe from outside of this universe and sees the big picture, as it is. Then and only then shall the truth set one faction free and drive the other to inevitable eternal apoplexy.

      Ergo, the entire debate is very simply wheel spinning to prove a “unprovable theorem”

      Keeping in mind the real possibility that if they torture the math long enough they can make it confess to anything. But this doesn’t make it true.

      1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. I achieved the lowly status of “applied statistician” following a medieval course of training and apprenticeship. I never took a formal course on statistics until after I became a scientist who APPLIED statistics and statistical methodology. I say so on my CV.

        Once upon a time — I hope I have not shared this anecdote with you all before (the Southern version of inclusion in American English so succinct and efficient, so Southern!) — my then for-profit company brought in a consulting firm to teach lesser engineers and scientists how to MARKET not only company services but also one’s identity and service — in 25 words or less, clients busy, rich, bothered, and impatient folks at best!

        Mine, suggested by a colleague — hey! for free! — “I torture DATA until it confesses.” By that time, I had earned a reputation, company-wide. Or as ZZ TOP sings, NATION-wide! No kidding!

        We do not torture “math”. Check out Charlotte Iserbyte for how they [your word here] up the teaching of “math”.

        The CDC, and NOAA, and financial, criminal and other data agencies of the US, Inc. LIE, generally speaking. Along with DATA, they torture Truth.


      2. @ Alan Donelson

        Reading Charlotte is not necessary to know what they have done to math. All you have to do is try to help a gran-kid do their homework.

        I don’t think the Alphabets torture the truth to create lies. To torture the truth, they would have to know what the truth is. They have been lying so long that the lies are accepted as the truth even by those that lie.

        @ HP

        “Numbers don’t lie, but liars use numbers.”

  7. AD
    it makes a big difference to everybody who’s trying so hard to point out to zombie america how much control the jews have and have had over the white man’s world, trying to connect the dots down through history on who’s been who and the origins of the present day deep state…
    hitler’s been the official ogre of the 20th century, and his biggest crime is supposedly the murder of the 6,000,000 innocent jewish victims… and the jews will keep him alive forever if they can… i mean, who among them will express the same ‘who cares’ and ‘what difference’ attitude about der fuehrer?
    however, here we have joe stalin killing at least 10 times than many of his supposedly own people.. yes i know he was a georgian, but he was still a white man… if joe stalin turns out to be a jew, which is most likely, it really flips the script and gives ammo to the white nationalist crowd now trying to rescue hitler’s reputation…
    some now say adolf was the real hero of ww2, who rescued germany from the jews, the jews having declared war on germany in the early 30s and in fact bankrupting its economy by BDS… he’s the one who stood up to the bolsheviks, both in russia and the usa…
    i have no problem witnessing the german military for its efforts in that regard, though not their conduct in some cases during the conflict… that last part goes double for the japanese army..
    observe, it was only the japanese and the germans standing in the way of soviet aggression at the time…
    of course, you could put that shoe on the other foot too…
    obviously, our jewish friends now would rather not see this theory pan out, stalin a jew, because zionism is already looking worse and worse on the world stage.. they don’t even want the world to know russian communism was a jew thing… zionism really is in trouble, them no longer having absolute control over the media… now with a serious rebellion going on in the democratic party, muslims coming into political power in the usa, desperate anti-constitutional BDS blocking laws and at the same time attempted expansion of the scope of so-called antisemitism.. there’s more and more sympathy for the palestinains.. the real history of it all is coming out, the jewish cleansing massacres of the arabs back in 1948, 800,000 arabs displaced from their own homes at gunpoint… billions of american dollars forked over gratis every year for decades.. jews in the us state department wrecked north africa and now the flooding of europe and the usa with toxic immigrants..
    jews don’t need any more bad publicity… but they can’t stop it.

    1. There are equally rumours that Hitler was a Jew and also married a Jewess.

      Why not discuss whose moustache we prefer: Stalin’s or Gurdjieff’s? But I prefer Stalin’s smile. And I much prefer his style to Hitler’s. I get the impression he was much cooler and never worked himself up into a frenzy of hate but would just smile, shake your hand, decorate you, compliment you, reassure you, tap you on the shoulder, and off you went to face the bullet or get shipped to the gulags while the photographers got to work erasing you from photo memory. The man invented Photoshop long before it became common usage. And you can still hear him guffaw each time he settled somebody’s fate. He had a clear conscience and no nightmares, and why should he just adding to some statistic, one by one or by the million?

      And at least Stalin knew how to make an omelette, Churchill confessed that he never mastered the skill of boiling an egg.

      1. CM –


        Photoshopping – picture cropping – was used very often during the war between North & South – Lincoln’s War – and had its origins even earlier.

        See how the image of General Ulysses S. Grant on horseback during Civil War battle was cleverly mocked up…
        Photograph appears to show General Ulysses S. Grant sitting astride a horse in front of captured Confederate soldiers after a battle….
        But it is actually a composite of three images, with only one actually showing the military genius:

        To your point….
        Stalin didn’t have Photoshop—but that didn’t keep him from wiping the traces of his enemies from the history books. Even the famous photo of Soviet soldiers raising their flag after the Battle of Berlin was altered.

      2. Giving new meaning to “the mind is a terrible thing, and the subconscious is even worse” theorem..

        Nowadays the demons have taken photoshop to where no photoshop has gone before. “Mindshop” (aka) If I know what you are thinking, can I also make you think what I know?

        These technologies are decades old.
        Imagine what they’re capable of now.
        With Uber-A.I.
        On second thought, don’t imagine it!

  8. @ Lasha

    You have written another great article. If Lobro were still around, he would certainly agree.

  9. i heard ken burns version, that, what thousands?, of the glass plates from the old time cameras were made into greenhouse panels by the regular people after the civil war, because they were tired of the subject.. that would conveniently erase a lot of the real evidence, and there’s always a cover story…
    our own ‘ministry of truth’ has been putting chemtrails into the the old movies and pictures, since the public became aware of that controversy..
    of course the pictures of the dead bin laden were totally photoshopped, it being a fake raid in the first place… if i remember right, the raid was ordered the day after obama released his fake birth certificate, which turns out to be a built-up computer generated file, not a copy of a piece of paper…
    the fact that the seals who did the raid were all killed in a sam trap a little later on, the officer who led the raid shot to death by ‘friendly fire’ and one of the few remaining survivors of the raid was killed in a parachuting accident makes me think joe stalin had nothing fore deviousness on the modern security state…

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