Suicide Rate Soars In America — Why Are So Many Americans Killing Themselves?

‘Deaths of despair’ in the U.S. hit a record high – so how bad will things get when society starts to completely collapse?

by Michael Snyder


According to a shocking new report from the Commonwealth Fund, the suicide rate in the United States is the highest that it has ever been before.  Sadly, the same thing can be said about the death rates from drug overdoses and alcohol.  All three death rates are at an all-time record high, and yet our society is still fairly stable at the moment.  So if we are seeing this many “deaths of despair” right now, what in the world are things going to look like when our society really begins to start crumbling? 

Today, Americans have literally thousands of different ways to entertain themselves, and yet we have never been unhappier.  One out of every six Americans is taking psychiatric drugs, we are currently dealing with “the worst drug crisis in American history”, and people are killing themselves in record numbers.  Nobody likes to be told that they are a failure, but it certainly appears that our nation has been on an extremely self-destructive path for a very long time.

Even though “deaths of despair” have reached record levels, the researchers at the Commonwealth Fund found that there are major regional differences.  The following comes from NBC News

Rates of deaths from suicides, drug overdoses and alcohol have reached an all-time high in the United States, but some states have been hit far harder than others, according to a report released Wednesday by the Commonwealth Fund.

As far as drug overdose deaths are concerned, researchers discovered that the states with the highest death rates were all in northern Appalachia

“When we look at what’s going on in mid-Atlantic states — West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania — those are the states that have the highest rates of drug overdose deaths in the country,” David Radley, a senior scientist for the Commonwealth Fund, said. Rates in those states are at least double the national average of fatal drug overdose rates.

West Virginia had the highest drug overdose death rates, fueled mostly by the opioid epidemic. What’s more, those rates rose by 450 percent from 2005 to 2017, according to the report.

LD: Perhaps our American readers would like to speculate at the point why these particular States are so prone to drug-induced despair and suicide? 

In addition, the New England states also have extremely high drug overdose death rates.

Nationally, the number of Americans that die from an opioid overdose each year now exceeds the number that die in car accidents.

Talk about a depressing fact.

Meanwhile, for suicide and alcohol deaths it is a completely different story.  In both cases, researchers found that the highest rates are out west

Death rates from suicide and alcohol also showed regional disparities. People died at higher rates by suicide or from alcohol than from drugs in Montana, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Oregon and Wyoming.

In particular, the suicide rate is disturbingly high in rural western areas, and this agrees with a previously published CDC study which discovered that the suicide rate in rural areas is actually 45 percent higher than in “large urban areas”…

LD: So this is one fact we can safely conclude is correct: people are more likely to kill themselves in rural America than in urban centers. Why is this? Less to do? Fewer bars, cinemas, gyms and community centers? Less socialization and more loneliness?
One fact I regard as rather odd. It baffles me. Perhaps an astute American observer of the scene will be kind enough to explain it to me. It is this: We know for a fact that America is swarming with immigrants, legal as well as illegal. That it is full of uncouth Third World foreigners whom many indigenous white Americans regard  with fear and loathing. Most of these immigrants end up in the large cities where they live in ghettos.
So why, pray tell me, are people killing themselves in record numbers in remote country districts where relatively few of these threatening newcomers are found? Why aren’t people killing themselves more in cities, the magnets for mass immigration? I mean, if you wanted to escape from foreigners and be among your own kind, the countryside would surely be the safest haven. A getaway hideyhole. So how come the suicide rate is so much higher in rural America? Will someone explain?  [LD]     

The suicide rate in rural America is 45% greater than in large urban areas, according to a study released last fall by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A more recent CDC report said Montana’s suicide rate leads the nation, coming in at nearly twice the national average. A third long-touted CDC study, currently under review, listed farming in the occupational group, along with fishing and forestry, with the highest rate of suicide deaths.

That occupational study was based on 2012 data, when farming was strong and approaching its peak in 2013, says Jennifer Fahy, communications director for the nonprofit Farm Aid. Farmers’ net income has fallen 50% since 2013 and is expected to drop to a 12-year low this year, the US Department of Agriculture reports.


Sadly, U.S. farmers are currently having their worst year in a generation, and they desperately need our support right now.

Overall, the new report from the Commonwealth Fund found that since 2005 drug overdose deaths in the United States are up 115 percent, alcohol deaths are up 37 percent, and suicides are up 28 percent.

Thanks in large part to those numbers, life expectancy in the United States has now fallen for three years in a row.

Despite all of our advanced technology, and despite our massively bloated debt-fueled standard of living, many Americans are desperately unhappy.  In an attempt to “cure” our unhappiness, many of us have turned to the medical system for answers, and as a result more Americans are on antidepressants than ever before.  In fact, NBC News has reported that one out of every six Americans is currently on at least one psychiatric drug…

One in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs — mostly antidepressants, researchers reported Monday.

They also found that twice as many white people take those drugs as do African-Americans or other minorities, and fewer than 5 percent of Asian-Americans do. And most people who take them are taking them long-term, Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Alexandria, Virginia and colleagues found.

LD : I think I’m beginning to see a picture emerge. White people are more likely to commit suicide because they are more likely, when under stress, to resort to antidepressants.
(Which are absolutely deadly and can have the opposite effect on many people, inducing suicidal thoughts and even homicide, especially in regard to withdrawal symptoms when trying to come off them and the need moreover for higher and higher doses to get the same effect.)
Perhaps white people are more likely to trust doctors and fall into the octopus arms of Big Pharma? . . . But then, why only white people in the country and not in the towns? Answer: because white country folk are likely to be more gullible and less educated than white urban dwellers. [LD]

But no matter how powerful a drug is, it can never give you hope.  One of the reasons why I wrote “Living A Life That Really Matters” was to give people hope.  Life really can be filled with meaning and purpose, but most Americans are searching for those things in all the wrong places.

Today, we like to think that our approach to life is superior to the way that previous generations of Americans did things, but the numbers say that they were actually far happier than we are.

Could it be possible that they were right and we are wrong?

If we stay on the current path that we are on as a nation, it isn’t going to lead anywhere good.  Perhaps we should change our ways while we still can.


“Honey, this is the last kiss.”

The man in the picture above hanged himself with his shoelaces
after his fiancee (pictured) died of a drugs overdose. 

78 thoughts to “Suicide Rate Soars In America — Why Are So Many Americans Killing Themselves?”

  1. It might be better to specify who it is that is the cause of soaring suicide rates in the USA.
    White men, women and CHILDREN.
    Women are killing themselves at record level, and they are also drinking alcohol to the extent of a slow motion suicide. Little white girls are at record levels of suicide in the USA, the recent rise is due to Instagram owned by Zuckerberg, and NetFlix, “13 Reasons Why”, a show glorifying suicide by a FICTIONAL 13 year old white girl.

    NINE-YEAR-OLD white girls are committing suicide.

    What kind of society is this? Well readers of Lasha’s website KNOW why this has happened.

    Little White girls are killing themselves after watching the show and to making their own list of reasons why.

    White men AND women are taking opioids which are manufactured by a Jewish owned company. They paid a BILLION DOLLAR fine a few years back but had made several billion dollars profit from that.
    They STILL make them and they are EXTREMELY wealthy. They get $$$ and the goal of killing off whites if furthered by their products and the “Health Care Professionals” work hand in glove with that goal.

    Almost every website I read for information has disappeared today.
    Dr MacDonald’s website, Peter Brimelow’s website a very popular Economics website which also posted information that was vital to understand the US, GONE. And Andrew Anglin’s website, which had been off the web for a year, and that in and of itself is a most interesting story, it foreshadowed what would happen to the rest of the dissident voices. NOBODY, except TUCKER CARLSON, said a word about it.
    Even Cloudfare which provides DDS protection aided his deplatforming.
    He is on TOR, even then that may be taken down and for most of us it is no longer available.
    He was crude but gave information that is critical for the average person to understand.

    I would say the SHUT DOWN of ALL of those sites is a true CONSPIRACY by the Enemy of Humanity.

    They DO NOT want White waking up. Their end goal is White genocide.

    As I mentioned in a previous post that the Shah of Iran, whose SAVAK murdered and tortured Iranians to death, was fully supported by the USA and the Enemy of Humanity, which controls the USA and Britain and Germany et al.
    The Ayatollah Khomeini recorded talks, which were distributed on audio cassettes by believers and guess what? The Shah fell.
    Can you imagine what is possible today?

    The Male has FAILED . He has not done what God created him to do. PROTECT THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN.

    ” Judaism is imbued with a very deep hatred towards Christianity, combined with ignorance about it.”
    Prof. Israel Shahak in ‘Jewish History: Jewish Religion’

    Harvard;’s Martin Kramer called for the genocide of the Palestinians

    One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail. — Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [Source: N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1

    “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for sport.”
    Christopher Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Winning American Journalist, on assignment in Gaza

    “Arab Palestinian Christians and Arab Palestinian Muslims lived side by side for the past 1400 years, and for anybody to say that the Arab Palestinian Christians have been persecuted recently by Muslims is absolutely another big lie, like the big lie that spoke of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.”
    Riah Abu El-Assal, Christian Bishop of Jerusalem

    The books of the Christians must not be rescued from fire, but must be burned.
    — The Babylonian Talmud, Judaism’s most holy book, Shabbat 116a

    The Enemy of Humanity is SHUTTING DOWN the Truth.
    So LD might wish to examine the idea of TOR as a backup.
    It would appear to be a sound idea.

    It is interesting, but not surprising, to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence service agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned. And yet a Mossad motive is obvious. On this question, as on almost all others, American reporters cannot bring themselves to cast Israel in an unfavorable light -despite the fact that Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories.
    — US Representative Paul Findley, March 1992

    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”
    Thomas H. Moorer (1912 – 2004) Admiral, US Navy & Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff during interview on 24 August 1983

    “Be an enemy of tyrants and oppressors and be a friend and helper of those who are oppressed and tyrannized.”
    Advice given by Imam Ali to his sons Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain after being fatally wounded

    Knowledge is my weapon. –Imam Ali
    May God watch over Lasha and her readers.

    November 29, 2011, game show host Donald Trump tweeted that he thought president Barack Obama was going to start a war with Iran to win reelection.

    In order to get elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2011

    1. A war with Iran is demanded by Israel which we sacrifice our blood and treasure for these enemies of God. That is precisely why the white man is being punished. Because it is the white man who is the true Israelites of God who are still collaborating with the canaanites and their heathen gods in the desert. Will we ever learn? Not likely until there is nearly none of our flesh left.

  2. Regarding the opioid epidemic, my research indicates that most young adults today were BORN on synthetic opioid drugs (like pitocin or fentanyl – used in epidural). These drugs interfere with human love and bonding. The baby’s oxytocin receptor sites are damaged for life because of these JEWISH drugs/sorcery and their capacity to experience love is greatly diminished. I wrote about this here:

    The other problem is chronic exposure to radiation and the hideous manmade frequencies being used in cell phones, cordless phones, wifi devices, and even baby monitors. Some of these frequencies are known to create suicidal tendencies. They are also destroying people’s brains whether people want to believe it or not. These technologies (especially cell phones and cordless phones) attack the prefrontal cortex — the very part of our brain that controls human spirituality and allows us to maintain a link with the Divine Mind). These technologies are separating people from each other and from our Creator while claiming to “connect us all.” In fact, teenagers hardly talk to each other anymore. They text each other instead. And they all look at their phones constantly, even when together. There is no opportunity for authentic human contact or true human bonding. There is not opportunity for human love.

    Parents are often a huge part of the problem — sometimes ignoring their infants and very young children while paying far too much attention to their phones. These wicked technologies are a satanic stroke of genius. They are weapons of mass destruction. We are participating in our own extermination by using wireless devices — and we are contributing to the extermination of our children as well. This is what is driving the suicide epidemic. It’s time to face the facts. All of this radiation exposure, combined with the depth to which we have allowed ourselves to be lured into this satanic, technological nightmare, will see the end of many bloodlines. I am not exaggerating when I say these things. This has all been thoroughly documented in my most recent book which you can learn about here:

  3. While I would not hazard a guess as to the accuracy of this article, I will say, visiting these decaying areas that have no jobs, no life and no future make it obvious why people living there might be on the leading edge of the suicide rate. Among the Jews’ most hated profession is yeomanry. So it is any wonder Jews have boxed the American farmer with policies that guarantee failure? As one farmer put it,

    “Every year I have to buy (or rent) more land and plant more crops to pay the rising costs of seed, equipment and other business expenses. But the more land I get, the more equipment I need to farm. It is a vicious cycle that never ends. It’s at the point now where all it will take is one crop failure and my farming days are finished.”

    Then too, Jews have been hammering America for years with their media’s ugly depictions of rural people, invariably portrayed as “buck-toothed, hicks from the sticks” not smart enough to rub two sticks together. No doubt, this has contributed greatly to the flight of white youth from America’s farming communities. After all, a girl must ask herself, “Do I want to stay here and be a stupid country hick with hayseed in my hair or do I want to go to the big city where I can be a trendy, ultra-cool Cosmo girl?”

    When I worked agriculture, there were two types of females, those who were too young (remember, these are white people, not pedophile Jews) and those who were married, almost all the other eligible females had fled to the “big city,” ironically, the very place I was fleeing. One might ponder how this has reflected on the world-view of America’s remaining rural youths.

    No matter how liberal or conservative one might be, no matter what their politics, religion or beliefs, white people, especially white males, have an innate awareness there is no future for them in Judaized America. One cannot miss this fact as the Jew media rams it down American throats in a million different ways, both large and small.

    Even if one’s conscious mind refuses to accept this fact, the subconscious will not. White people can feel the hate. They are hated by indigenous minorities and immigrants they are forced to support. They are hated and scorned by their Judaized “leaders” as “deplorables” living in “fly-over” country. It has been proven by experiment that when animals lack love, they wither and perish.

    The favoritism shown to immigrants and minorities of all stripes is obvious, it cannot be missed, even the brain dead cannot fail to miss all the traces of white history and white accomplishment being eradicated from America. When they come to tear down the statues, when they systematically erase every symbol and trace of your race and culture, when they rename public streets and buildings after worthless minorities that never did anything to improve the country or enrich the existing culture, one can clearly see their future writ large – there isn’t one. When white people are forced to support and worse, honor these dark, denizens of destruction that have done nothing other than join the Jew’s parasitical free for all, what can one expect but a soaring suicide rate among the white masses?

    No amount of smarmy, feel good Jew wordsmithing can cover up the fact whites cannot defend themselves from either the system or the criminals it engenders. White people keep hoping with their votes, but nothing ever changes, except for the worse and it has been that way since before any of us were born.

    The constant campaign of terror and fear continually spewed forth by the Jew media in the form of mass shootings, gross injustices, and “terrorism” have taken their toll on the American psyche, wearing it down like water dripping incessantly on a rock. Unlike Jews and Negros that thrive on hatred, fear, murder and other bloody horrors, non-psychopathic white people quickly tire of living with fear, horror and bloodshed.

    One individual I know of, who was quite gifted mathematically, had developed a mathematical model that gave insight to how cycles operate. His model predicted coming global events in general. He committed suicide because as he said, “I don’t want to be here to witness the coming cataclysm.”

    I have no doubt there have been similar suicide rates among whites in other Judaized nations, like the Judeocommunist Soviet Union and Wiemar Germany. I would not doubt it is that way today in many, if not most, formerly white European countries. But then any country suffering the Jews’ parasitical presence is enough to drive the suicide rate over the top. Why? Because Jews won’t allow their hosts to live with them.

    How bad will things get? You’re seeing it! You’re experiencing the collapse of civilization right now and the suicide rate proves it. My favorite comment, always good for a laugh, is “if we don’t do something soon, it will be too late!” What a joke. It was too late long before you were born.

  4. If you want the real answer why so many people are committing suicide it is obvious as a heart attack why – yet no one dares talk about it. Amerika is infested with Jews and they have turned the nation into hell. If you are not under one of the Abrahamic religious spells you probably want nothing to do with Jews, or their sick machinations called “civil” society.

    Christians can handle police state Amerika run by Jews because they are taught to love Jews. I know because I was raised Catholic and taught to revere Jews. After 911 I woke up and realized that the Jews were behind all the treachery. It’s not just the banking system and debt, or the false flags and the wars, or the endless bombing campaigns for war profits – it way, way worse than any of those terrible things.

    Jews own us, you must get a permit to build a house, you must go to a Jew bank to borrow money to buy a house, you must obey without question the Jew controlled police. If you step out a line, or question authority, you might be shot dead on the spot. We live under the most brutal fascist police state and it is all because Jews convinced the Goyim we have to obey God – the supreme authority – which placed the political authority over us.

    Monotheism is the most unbelievable sickness ever imagined by the most ruthless predators. You must obey them because there is only one true God and they are it’s representatives. Jews are the most treacherous predators and it is because they were able to sell their religious ideas to everyone. Almost the entire world is now under the “rule of law” which is really Jewish tyranny. You have to obey and they don’t. Jews can pull off a mass murder like 911 AND NOT ONE MOTHER F-CKING JEW WAS PROSECUTED FOR THAT MEGA-CRIME!

    This is your “civil” society. and their is nothing civil or humane about it. So what now brown cow when the ZOG Emperor Trump declares war on Iran based on some flimsy false flag? Should you obey authority when that authority is the most debauched corrupt institution the world has ever seen? According to the Holy Bible and Romans 13 you must. So faced with that total corruption of your soul of being obedient to pure evil then I can fully see why so many souls want to get the hell out of hell and commit suicide. Good for them. They are the brave and those who submit to Jew evil are cowards who will then suffer.

    The only way to stop the suicides is radical change. This happened in Germany a century ago. Germans were killing themselves at a rate of 75,000 a year before Hitler came to power and gave Germans hope again. THE EXACT SAME THING NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO AMERIKA – A SPIRITUAL REVIVAL WHERE THE PEOPLE VOTE OR TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THE TOTALLY CORRUPT JEWISH CONTROLLED STATE.

    The only way to save America is to drive the Jew snakes out and put all the Jew corroborators to the sword. But is that going to happen anytime soon? Probably not so you expect suicides to keep going up and up. Jews will just import more lesser people to fill the gap. There is little hope for Amerika so it is my recommendation to leave while you still can.

    Here is a good meme I made that describes this article to a tee:

      1. Yes….
        Kristoffer ‘Kris’ Kristofferson starred in a TV series in the 80s titled – “AMERIKA” – written by jews in hollywood.

      2. I’m the one who (single handedly) promoted the Amerika with a k meme. It is America after 911, police state Amerika, and it means Amerika is under the control of Jews. It has nothing to do with anything in history, Germans, or NSDAP. It is meant to shock the readers into reality – Amerika is the wicked nation state under Jewish control. k is for wicked. Amerika is the new Jewish gulag – don’t you dare criticize the holy chosen Jew hellions.

        Amerika is the only nation ever on the face of the earth to kill it’s own citizens (911) and then blame it on Muslims (patsies) just so they could get permission to bomb Arabs (for Israel). How f-cking sick is that? Anyone still waving the flag and still wearing the rose colored glasses is really stupid or really morally corrupt. Freedom is gone, Bob, and what the hell are you doing in D.C.?

        I hope in the upcoming Iran-Russia-WW3 conflct that the District of Criminals gets completely blown away by multiple nukes. Everyone in that town deserves a horrible death.

    1. Yukon Jack,
      “There is little hope for Amerika so it is my recommendation to leave while you still can.”
      I hear ya, and wanna leave, but where is there a country left on this world where the Jews don’t rule, or will very soon?
      Great comment, BTW.

  5. Our children have been indoctrinated in school , college and social media by those on the left. Marxism has side effects. Look at mass shooters, MOST have a history of psychotropic drug use. If suicide is a side effect, then homicide in general should also be listed. Western medicine is wrong in its use of chemical poison peddled by the pharmaceutical industry . They demonize use of natural cures, such as vitamin deficiencies. Simple vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression, schizophrenia, ect. They don’t care about healing, they only want to profit and will lie to achieve that.

  6. There are numerous reasons. Here is an example of what teens see today.
    This series is so explicit that a cast member quit.

    Zendaya warned followers on Twitter before the premiere that the series is raw and honest, but might be difficult for some.

    She wrote: “Just a reminder before tonight’s premiere, that Euphoria is for mature audiences. It’s a raw and honest portrait of addiction, anxiety, and the difficulties of navigating life today. There are scenes that are graphic, hard to watch, and can be triggering. Please only watch if you feel you can handle it. Do what’s best for you. I will still love you and feel your support. Love, Daya.”

    “In fact, the series is so raw that one Euphoria cast member even quit over it.”


  7. It doesn’t really matter why to those who foster this. Only that it is moving along as planned. If they intend to get down to that 500,000,000 mark which the Georgia Guidstones recommend, things are moving along quite well and will only get ‘better’….for them.

  8. It’s downhill all the way and the drugs are indeed huge. Narcotics and alcohol have always been deadly and the newer modern SSRI SNRI and other psyschotropics are insidious. A self induced, self fulfilling mental dysfunction via attacks on the psyche are obviously uber-detrimental to mental health. Too bad they didn’t do a little more rersearch before cashing in on this very subtle plague.
    Hey, these are people. At least the opioids and alcohol effects and consequences aren’t unknown. Not that all these known and unknown effects from artificial psychotropics stopped them from doing their evil deeds..

    These, combined with non-stop electronic brain sizzling medias of entertainment, advertising, M$M propaganda and the immense social media influences amounts to massive mental oppression and degradation.

    Reminds me of the movie “Midnight Express”
    I saw it ten years ago and it’s only proved out..
    Psycho-Techo mesmerism with a big dash of pharmacopeia is a terrible thing.
    The average bear who doesn’t have a steel will or constant good companionship or religious fortification is a bad statistic waiting to happen.

  9. last i heard 25,000,000 americans were scripted for prozac, which is like 1 molecule off of being meth… thank eli lily and the bush lowlife dan quayle for that…
    big pharma’s the main culprit…
    destruction of traditional gender roles is destructive as well… media constantly programs females to dump their husbands and do something ‘for themselves’…
    corporations push everything as a drug… they want the public with the addict mentality…
    look at the sign at the snakeway super market — FOOD DRUGS…
    the commercial media instant gratification mentality leaves people with no values, no sense of self worth, on steroids now with the device generation…
    the sexual response is flogged to death in commercial media, sex seems to be everywhere, but in fact many people are isolated without relief… pornography doesn’t save you…
    LD: Perhaps our American readers would like to speculate at the point why these particular States are so prone to drug-induced despair and suicide?
    i grew up in pennsy in the 50s and 60s, as much in the big heart of appalachia as anywhere, born in a plank house with no toilet and no running water, single pane windows with ice on the inside.. poverty was the rule, yet we were immensely better off than our parents had been as children… emotional massacre and hunger was the fact of life for kids whose fathers drank a lot… my father was a good hunter, so we didn’t starve too much… i remember one of my buddies’ mother going hysterical one day on his brother, because he had his belt on too tight… the town was completely controlled by the catholic church, people constantly making references to jesus and devils, fundamentalism… the alcoholism was rampant, a form of chemical warfare, the same as happens on indian reservations now… compared to california, the drinking in bars is generally much harder back east… i’ve seen plenty of suicide, and cleaned up after it. the holes where the 00 buck went through the ceiling and then the crescent shaped indentations in the sheetrock, where the pieces of the skull hit…… i can tell you, when it hits close to home, it’s different…
    what’s wrong with people in those states? i’ve asked myself often…
    i think it’s just too muggy…
    however, it’s likely the case that it becomes apparent for too many, even without addiction problems – that there’s nothing left in life for them, they’re all alone, nobody cares about them, they’re facing physical and mental disintegration, things will only get worse from here, eventually they might harm someone else – why not get it over with, if you’ve go the gutts? teethmarks on the pistol barrel are common, people trying to chew their way out…
    if you want to learn about life, drive a taxi cab for a while in an eastern rustbelt city…
    “NINE-YEAR-OLD white girls are committing suicide.
    What kind of society is this? Well readers of Lasha’s website KNOW why this has happened.”
    probably above all, the predatory corporate, religious and political quest is primarily for the minds of impressionable children, if concepts and ideas can become phsysiologized as part of the person’s intellect, they can remain a part of who that person is……
    i heard my father say about religion –
    “they put these things in your head when your little, and you CAN’T get them back out’…
    when zuckerberg and gates are able to induce little girls to suicide, corporate predators, and their intel agents take note, because they’re extremely interested in ways to ‘trigger’ behavior… the girls are just collateral casualties in the constant class warfare perpetrated upon the workers by the corporate owners…
    if toddlers, intended to become mind control slave-agents, are subject to hideous abuse in underground base complexes, for the purpose of shattering their personalities and creating useful ‘amnesia barriers’, then the same sort of shock will be applied at whatever scale can be gotten away with using commercial media against small children in regular society, where traumatic experiences can be triggered to the surface in order to get a reaction decades later…
    i’m telling you vaccines are having an extremely detrimental effect of human beings’ mental health, where big-pharma and the state are extremely ruthless in their intent to use them with various ingredients to affect behavior.. considering the predatory nature of corporate america, there’s likely a lot more to the homeless and general stupidity problem than simple economics… vaccines have been making people mentally retarded for decades… if you’ve been in the military, you’ve probably had the big battery of ‘overseas shots’, where you’re shot full of many different vaccine substances in both arms by several people with some kind of automatic guns. if you jerk, the gun will cut you… i saw recruits lose consciousness afterwards from a standing position, them and their rifle hitting the grinder… what they call ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, where GIs come back from Iraq and those ‘theaters’ with all kinds of stupidity problems, suicide among veterans being the highest rate of all, if you believe the stats of 15 to 20 a day, is most likely a result of vaccine damage…
    the drinking and the dope are attempts to cope with the depressing effect of being poisoned…
    and, allergy doctors will tell you that food allergies are also a huge cause of depression, alcoholism, drug addiction… every poor devil who goes to prison should be tested for food allergies the day he gets there…
    The Male has FAILED . He has not done what God created him to do. PROTECT THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN.
    without honor there are no men, only jellyfish…
    copied from Alfred Rosnberg in ‘The Myth of the Twentieth Century’, let me give you and YUKON the words of Fredrick the Great, circa 1757 – “I will never accept disgrace. The honour, which in war made me place my life at stake 100 times, has allowed me to defy death as an event of lesser importance. One will not be able to say of me, that I have outlived the freedom of my fatherland or the greatness of my house”…

  10. The suicide rates are greatest in rural states for a simple reason. There is less for people to distract themselves with than in cities. But why must we distract ourselves? What are we trying to avoid? We are avoiding the fact we are living a lie! Working 9-5 was crafted by the elite to force the rest of us into slavery and fill their pockets all the while they have stolen our souls. People are desperate for a reason for why they are here, who are they and what is their purpose, because 9-5 sure is not the answer, but people don’t even realize it. Until people have purpose well beyond 9-5 the emptiness within will continue because we are not being true to who and what we are and somewhere inside us we know it……Visionkeeper

  11. ARCH
    now you get the meaning of this painting, people with the pitchfork.. i always thought it sinister…
    and of course there’s a reason the devil has a pitchfork, because the rural agrarian is demonized by the urban media… oh it’s true alright, white appalachian hillbillies and big sky cowboys are heavily programmed by jewish media to perish…
    note the red and blue classifications have switched locales… the red conservatives are now the country folk…
    it’s the work of the democrat party, the slavery people…

  12. Lasha wants to know “why”, and I will try to tell her.
    Consider the little Dorothy Parker poem at the end of this article. She writes “Guns aren’t lawful”. Since when, in most of rural America?? If I were to suicide, a shotgun in the mouth would be my first method of choice – because, “bang!”, and it’s all done. Easy. (A high-powered rifle, or handgun, is just as effective.)
    I have encountered TWO gun-suicides, in my time. Both were handguns. A .41 magnum, and a .357 magnum. Both were very thorough, and as messy as a shotgun would be. The reason is that most rural folk have plenty guns to choose from – and pleasant places to go to avoid a mess in the house for somebody else to have to clean up. My old dentist (which I didn’t see the aftermath of his suicide) walked out of his house, to the calf barn, and stuck a P-38 upside his head. No one knows why. I think he was lonely because his wife had passed away. Same with my favorite high-school chemistry teacher. People get lonely, or have too many regrets.
    The opioid crisis started in the coal fields because regulations had put so many out of work, and because their accompanying health issues took the to physicians who prescribed Purdue Pharma’s oxycodone too often. They were making great $$ off it, in the form of new Jaguar autos, and catered lunches – and kickbacks. Around 1980, I was dating a girl who sold pharmaceuticals for them, and saw one of her quarterly bonus cheques in the amount of $70k. She also drove a new Mercedes 450SL, and resided in a very high-dollar condo – all from pharmaceutical sales, of which the opioids were the biggest portion.
    There’s a great book about how it got started. I met the author when I was in the hospital over last Christmas. Her name is Beth Macy. The book is entitled “Dopesick”. As for fentanyl, the high is extraordinary. My nurse gave me a dose of it in my IV when I got extremely annoyed with one of the other nurses. I calmed right down, and was very happy! 🙂
    (No wonder folks get hooked on it!)

  13. To put it simply, Jews generally cannot rule over a healthy society, thus we no longer have one.

    Their Satanic modus operandi (“devil worship”) is a scheme whereby they aspire to rise to the top of society by bringing everyone else down. (IOW they seek to do on an industrial scale what Satan did to Eve).

    They can only achieve complete control in a society where a majority of the people can be made seriously “unhealthy” in every meaningful sense; that is, spiritually, morally, mentally, physically, culturally and financially.

    Of course, just like Satan didn’t directly force the forbidden fruit into Eve’s mouth but induced her to do it herself, the jews generally don’t directly destroy us; rather, they set up the carefully calculated conditions under which we destroy ourselves.

    And their long-standing efforts are now bearing serious fruit: they’ve helped us to create for ourselves a society not worth living in, so many of us seek an escape from it.

    1. Harold – this is spot-on. Their efforts are indeed now bearing fruit. We have been exposed to so much technologically produced radiation, that men today have 60% less sperm than they did in 1975. The U.S. is now experiencing its lowest birth rate EVER, since 1909, when they first began measuring the birth rates. Women are chronically exposed to radiation through their wireless devices, and so are all their eggs. The eggs are likely to carry genetic defects from the radiation exposure. What little sperm men have left is likely to carry genetic defects as well since men are also chronically exposed to radiation. Radiation exposure is at the root of the autism epidemic (although vaccines are contributing greatly to throwing the children over the edge as well) and many other childhood diseases. Many autistic children are often born with “de novo” mutations – which are mutations that show up for the first time in a family line in the children with the disorder. De novo mutations are often caused by genetic defects in the sperm and/or egg of parents. These defects may also be caused by early exposure to radiation in the womb (such as ultrasonic irradiation). MOST CHILDREN BEING BORN TODAY ARE THE PRODUCT OF IRRADIATED SPERM AND/OR EGG AND THEY ARE BEING CHRONICALLY IRRADIATED, 24/7, THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFE. This does not bode well for the children. Not at all. In fact, by the third generation of chronic exposure to the 2.4 GHz frequency now used in cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, wifi devices, etc. — there will be complete sterility of the bloodline. Hence, many, many bloodlines are likely to become extinct within the next 50 years. And we have been so damn stupid so as to play right into their hands, purchasing these wicked technologies, bringing them into our homes, marching into their medical clutches while we are pregnant and giving birth — and now our bloodlines will pay the price. We are sacrificing our own children and the survival of our bloodlines on the altar of technological addiction and convenience. This is why western societies are likely to crash — because we have allowed ourselves to be led into a hell-based, technological reality to which we have given our energy, attention, and even our lives. It’s a bloody shame we were not spiritually stronger, but alas, these Abrahamic religions have laid waste to our spiritual and psychological strength and have completely separated us from the integrity of our soul lineage.

      Once the burning embers from this dying civilization are cleared, those who are left will build a true white civilization based on spiritual strength and integrity, a love for our Creator and Creation, a deep reverence for our Earth, and the utmost respect for our sexual energy and the way we create life. We will not be fooled by filthy jewish tools of manipulation such as religion and pornography. We will know who the enemy is and how he works.

      The time is at hand. Beware these jewish technologies. They will destroy your mind, your fertility, and your bloodline.

  14. Outstanding comments all around. Hopelessness and a deep genetic based instinct that the White world is under assault and has been turned upside down on it’s head. The Darkmooners on this tread have covered the bases and the water front. However, all are symptoms discussed and the causes are well known. What, then, is the solution to all this despair leading to self destruction for so many of the young and old.
    1. A grumpy, short and overweight man with a bad heart, the late Harold A. Covington has provided for us a template in his 4 NW novels that must take place if the white race is to survive not only in North America but on the planet.
    2. If the White Aryan race expects of survive the Jewish dream, then hope for a brighter, cleaner future must be held out for and to the Aryan youth on the North American land mass and around the world.
    3. For myself, TJ wants to live to see the day when the White man gets to his sticking point and carves out a place for his children and grandchildren in the words of the (in)famous words of David Lane.
    3. The Butler Plan that Harold Covington inherited for an only all White homeland in the Pacific NW is as far as the eye can see the only solution to the despair and the hopelessness so many in helplessness feel in their inner being and soul. HH showed it can be done. This time around lets do it right,
    Not only are the Covington novels great writing but are fun to read. if every, or nearly every young White were to read these novels we would see a sea change of such magnitude that nothing could stand in there way. The hopelessness and helplessness would dissipate like the evil Jew/Marxist fog it is, and the Aryan White man, women and child would reclaim their former glory as nature intended.

    1. @ Toejamicus

      Outstanding comments all around.

      Agreed. This topic appears to have a struck a raw nerve in our readers and brought out some of their best writing. We have an exceptionally gifted commentariat here.

      1. ADMIN, instead of using the word “commentariat” , ADMIN really ought to BAN the use of the word, it sounds so (((COMMUNIST))) “commentariat”. You can say “We have exceptionally gifted commentators here”. That’s REAL English, “commentariat” is NOT REAL English, it’s JEWCOMMIE-speak, it’s a (((sh*t word!))) 🙂

        ADMIN: We picked up the word “commentariat” from your friend Lobro. He liked to use it.

  15. Bob DC

    “The “k” in “Amerika” is a slap in the face of NSDAP Germany,”

    Sounds about right, although I always thought the theme was directed at Russia… as depicted in the TV mini-series in 1987 on ABC.

    At the series’ climax, the Soviets carve a new country called “Heartland” out of the Midwest.

    It was not produced by Yukon Jack! 🙂

  16. I actually made a prediction about 20 years ago. “Someday you will be able to drive up and down America’s streets and see the muzzle flashes through the curtains, of people taking themselves out.” My wife called me crazy and a drama queen. I still stand behind it now more than ever. I shouldn’t claim it as my prediction though. I got it in a brief flash – vision one afternoon, and has stuck with me ever since.

    1. Brian –

      You might have been seeing the muzzle flashes of the rifles of pissed-off white boys after they figure out how their country has been co-opted by the thieving Jews and coons seeking “reparations”. I just saw that baboon actor, Danny Glover, calling for reparations for black slavery 160 years ago, and those communists like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris (both running as Democrats for President) saying they’d definitely sign a bill advocating it. In my way of thinking, a bullet is too good for them – but what the hell?? I hope one finds them soon enough. (Think positive about the muzzle flashes you saw!)

      1. I’m all for the jews paying reparations for American slavery since they are completely responsible for it. And also they should pay reparations for the 16+ million Germans that were tortured, starved, raped, and slaughtered during and after WW2, and also for the 66+ million white Russian Christians that were slaughtered by Bolshevik jews. Let the jews pay up, returning to the white race everything they have stolen. And then let them be expelled from this Earth, permanently, with no possibility of return.

      2. I like your passion Gilbert. You had it right when you called Lizzy Warren a commie. But, to be more exact, Lizzy, Kamala along with Bernie babes and all the other contenders are all, as far as TJ is concerned, commies running for President of these Jew-knighted States of Amurrica.

      3. The trouble is that the payment of “reparations” will fall upon white Americans to pay. Blacks sold their own into slavery, but it wasn’t only Jews who bought them. Whomever it was, I certainly have no intention to pay for it! A lot of the despair cited in this article is due to cognizant white people perceiving the idiocy and cowardliness of many of their own kind. White people have allowed themselves to be fooled!

      4. Jeanice,
        Nice idea about Jewish reparations in reverse. The only way that a Jew will part with his shekels for their monumental crimes against the Aryan race and the collateral damage to others, would be to shape reparations as a charity. That way they will expect a profitable return on their “investment” before being banished to the outer reaches of the universe where their war God Yahweh will welcome them with open Tentacles.

      5. How in the hell do they make us pay reparations? We pay them off in one lump sum? I thought welfare accomplished that?Man im really starting to hate this place.

  17. I’m sorry i could not be more positive about my country than this…..It looks like we waited to long to wake up and do something about it. Golly, i was born on the 4th of July, it really grieves my heart.:-(

  18. I do not know the inner workings of the social fabric of the USA, but it interests me for quite a few Americans tell white South Africans to escape that hell-hole by coming to the USA. White South Africa urgently needs a white master-plan for survival. Plan A is staying there, plan-B is emigrating (if it is a viable option). So here is my unscientific opinion combined with life experience and trying to bring a bit of order into this matter. I used to enjoy my Agatha Christie Hercules Poirot 🙂

    I would need some representative case studies and personal histories in order to draw a better picture of the reasons for suicide. The jewish problem is too generalised for me. I do not like single causalizations for such a large problem. There must be a list of reasons. Healthy people are not born with a will to suicide but with a will to live. This is how nature made us. We thive in a healthy ideological soil. People can live through extreme situations when they have a strong ideological foundation.

    One has to discern between myths and facts.

    For example:

    1) Statement: The opioid crisis started in the coal fields because regulations had put so many out of work. My view: Joblosses without an alternative makes sense to me. People can feel that they do not have any control of their future anymore and thus escape into a drug induced fantasy world.

    2) Statement: Glorifying suicide on the media causes young suicides. My view: When the German poet Goethe published his book Sorrows of young Werther, it was followed by a string of suicides. So media exposure makes sense to me. The media conveys wrong or one-sided values. On the other hand, all media over the world convey wrong values. US-TV shows are also showed in Europe – does it cause the same level of suicides, i.e. is there a one-on-one causality?

    3) Statement: Cellular phones and other implements cause the brain to ruin havoc due to radiation. My view: The verdict is still out there. Millions of people walk around with this equipment and there is no mass suicide.

    4) Statement: Crisis in the agricultural regions and farm failures. My view: it is possible. To what extend. But does the farming community not look after each other? South Africa has bankrupt farms and not everyone commits suicide. It depends on the social fabric and support system how they survive.

    5) Statement: The white world is under assault thus the drug use and suicides. My view: The white world is under assault. What particular incidents of this assault leads people to drug use and suicides? I lack data.

    In general – I lack hard data.

    I can however see that lots of qualified peoples careers were destroyed by for example the H1B1 visas. I can see the working class, the mainstay of the voters that brought president Trump into office, has a poverty problem. And I can see that the USA as the remaining super power after the Cold War is on an economic downhill path due to its endless wars not in the interest of the USA. Wars also bankrupted the Roman Empire. I can also see a purely affluent society can lead to problems due to a lack of pioneering challenges.

    1. Ex South African – I just want to jump in and respond to your comment regarding radiation and damage to the brain — the verdict is only out for those who refuse to do the research. There are literally tens of thousands of studies documenting extreme harm from wireless radiation (and also ultrasonic radiation). These frequencies have been, and are, being used as weapons and have been repeatedly documented to be able to drive people to suicide. There are countless people that have become deathly ill from chronic exposure to wireless radiation. Many have committed suicide because of their illnesses (known as “microwave illness” and/or “electrohypersensitivity” or “EHS” for short). There are extremely alarming statistics about glioblastoma brain tumors, which have become the most common type of cancer in 15-19 year olds. These tumors are usually fatal. Teenagers are OVERWHELMINGLY reporting feelings of extreme depression and anxiety. They are committing suicide in large numbers. Below you will find several quotes from my book which I hope will give you and others a taste as to the nature of this beast. And yes, these technologies are created by jews. As Darkmoon has pointed out in one of her articles – even the earliest so-called “nuclear physicists” were all jews. Further research reveals they were all LUCIFERIAN KABBALISTS that used their technologically produced radiation to make children’s bodies more easily inhabited by luciferian forces. All of this information is in my book which you can learn about here:

      Anyway, here are a few quotes. I hopes this helps people understand the nature of what we are up against with these radiation-emitting technologies:….

      “Neuropsychiatric effects from EMF radiation are well-documented, and include sleep disturbances, insomnia, fatigue, headache, inability to concentrate, cognitive dysfunction, dizziness, vertigo, memory loss, restlessness, tension, anxiety, stress, agitation, irritability, depression, and suicide.

      “We have a surprising consistency of apparent neuropsychiatric effects of different fields, including various occupational exposures and exposures to cell/mobile phone base stations, exposure to the phones themselves, exposure to smart meter pulses, and other EMFs… Because non-thermal EMF exposures produce widespread changes in brain structure and function in animals, it is not surprising that the neuropsychiatric symptoms, which are produced as a consequence of brain dysfunction are produced by such EMFs.”

      “Electromagnetic fields cause changes in blood plasma, affect the electrical conductivity of cells, erythrocytes and lymphocytes… A team of scientists… examined people who, because of their employment, are forced to expose themselves to strong electromagnetic fields. It has been confirmed that in time they develop different kinds of neuroses and psychic dysadaptation.”

      In 2013, The National Institute of Mental Health announced that at least 25% of 13-18 year olds were set to experience some type of anxiety disorder. In the decade leading up to 2013, ADHD diagnoses in children rose 53%. Study after study has shown that exposure to microwave radiation in the frequency range used for cell phones can cause neuronal changes, anxiety behaviors, and early onset neurodegenerative disease.

      “Symptoms of retarded memory, learning, cognition, attention, and behavioral problems have been reported in numerous studies and are similarly manifested in autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, as a result of EMF and RFR exposures where both epigenetic drivers and genetic (DNA) damage are likely contributors.”

      Feelings of depression and loneliness are skyrocketing in children, teens, and young adults in exact correlation with the rise of the use of cell phones and other radiation-emitting technologies in our society.

      “A [Blue Cross Blue Shield] report (released in May 2018) examined major depression in millennials and adolescents. That study… reported a 47% increase in depression diagnoses in millennials and a whopping 63% increase in adolescents—especially teenage girls—from 2013 to 2016.”

      “In 2016, The Center for Disease Control reported a concurrent 30% rise in suicide.”

      “The number of children and teens in the United States who visited emergency rooms for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts doubled between 2007 and 2015, according to a new analysis… 43% of the visits were in children between 5 and 11.” [emphasis added]

      1. Is there consensus amongst the scientific community about this verdict (single causation artificial radiation leads to behavioural abnormalities and finally to suicide)? After all, the planet was always drowned in radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum even before the appearance of man-made radiation. Take for example mobile phones. I see lots of people using them on a regular basis but they seem quite sane to me.

      2. If, Lord forbid, TJ was President of Amurrica, he would propose a trade of Amurrica’s 40 million Africans for the 3.8 million South African Whites and call it even-Steven. Ex-SA, and all other young Aryans get your asses up to the Pacific NW of Amurrica that is still 85 percent White and help build an all White homeland. The mostly White State of Maine is now on the hit list. Trump is sending hundreds of diseased (Ebola?) Congolese to Portland, Maine.

  19. The planet was not always drowned in technologically produced radiation Ex South African. This energy is new… less than 150 years old. And this type of radiation — whether they label it “ionizing” or “non-ionizing” — is based on the DESTRUCTION OF MATTER. They are blowing up atoms which are the basic building blocks of creation!!! They are trying to destroy the fabric of manifest reality. Every single exposure is harmful and will contribute to infertility/sterility, brain damage, cardiac issues, behavioral disorders, neuropsychiatric effects, vision problems, hearing problems including “tinnitus,” sleep disturbances, etc. When I look at people carrying cell phones, they do not look sane to me. They look insane. They hold their devices in their hands as if clinging to them for dear life. They cannot walk from their car to a mailbox without remaining attached to their phones. The phones are carried constantly, and some are stupid enough to sleep with them close to their heads — turned on!!! These devices are sending pulses of very strong microwave radiation into the body every few seconds. For some, these devices are left on all day and the pulsing travels very far, so everyone near this person is being affected. People are also driving around in microwave ovens, with their bluetooth devices and cell phones turned on, etc., and it is only a matter of time before most everyone falls ill. Baby monitors emit EXORBITANT levels of microwave radiation and will ensure that the child becomes sterile and suffers from brain damage and early death.

    We can remain in denial as long as we want. But we do so at the expense of our health, our lives, our children’s health and lives, and the survival of other species and the Earth. Bees and butterflies are disappearing. They are strongly negatively affected by these demonic frequencies.

    Please remember that ARTIFICIAL RADIATION IS NOT THE SAME AS NATURAL RADIATION. These are diametrically opposed energies, coming from very different sources and have very different effects. We could not survive without natural radiation — although the radiation industry has convinced us that exposure to the Sun will harm us. Sad to say that the white race is so trusting and gullible, we have accepted their lies. But this makes us idiots!!! Everything they say is utter nonsense. We are perfectly adapted to natural radiation and will die if we do not have enough exposure to the Sun. Just the opposite is the case with technologically produced radiation which will shorten our life spans and increase ill health with every exposure.

    The science is in. Many thousands of studies confirm what I have just shared. Read my book. Or visit:

    1. As you have explained, Mis. Barcello : “matter” or reality is disintegrating. The forests are dying, the oceans are so polluted and abused , from which all life emerged, they are moribund. The air is contaminated and the climate is a perverse anomaly like the aberrations of nature in people.

      But far worse , than these physical , environmental changes is the spirit of God and man . It has left this earth. The creature of darkness, the ANtichrist , the man of sin is in his glory .
      The thought of Selbstmord or suicide, filo de se , is not an escape! It is the consummation to their plan. It is what they what us to do . They are the enemy of life and there is no life in them. They always lie and are loveless and have created a loveless world. . But they are a constant and have never changed.

      It is the white people , who actually like this perdition, who are a greater problem. Suicide has too many reasons to explain justly but it is not natural and a condemnation not of the victim but of the world in which they live. The adversary have destroyed all quality in life . And sometimes the tragedy of who we really are and what the earth must be is known to these ,even children , at least sub consciously . And it is too much to bear.

  20. From the article:
    “Nobody likes to be told that they are a failure, but it certainly appears that our nation has been on an extremely self-destructive path for a very long time.”

    Yes! And one trail has been established at least since the 1950s…. when we we taught that the atomic bomb will end the world! That represents the maximum human failure and despair GLOBALLY!!

    THAT lie was a result of the collusion between FDR and Stalin…. and it appears daily somewhere in the news around the globe. That message of nuclear proliferation and destruction is as depressing as drugs and alcohol to some who see NO hope for themselves!

    EVERYONE should suffer from depression….. as the fake news media jews tell us that “hands are on the buttons” everywhere!

    I have been trying to reduce that fear for many years. A few ‘get it’…. and that is encouraging.

    See the updated information about the NUKE BOMB LIES:
    A-Bomb HOAX 1945 – 2019

    1. Hmmm – interesting Pat. I guess you are one of those trying to convince everyone to go live next to a nuclear power plant. How about you try convincing the British and American soldiers who witnessed nuclear explosions that there’s really nothing for anyone to worry about. And let’s not forget all those children now being born with genetic defects as a result of radiation exposure — all of which is tirelessly documented in my book that contains more than 1400 citations.

      Commentary from British soldiers:

      “At the age of 18, they sent me to the nuclear test site. It was utter devastation… If I was looking at you now, I would see all your bones… About 30 seconds later, you’d get the blast, and the blast would knock you flying… I think it was too much for some of the men. Some of them were crying, asking for their mum. It was awful.”

      “When I was 21 years old, I was sent to Christmas Island and witnessed 5 nuclear detonations. That was the defining point in my life… from the moment I saw the first one… When the flash hit you, you could see the x‑rays of your hands through your closed eyes. To say it was frightening is an understatement. I think it shocked us all into silence.”

      “We knew nothing. We were told very little except don’t look at the flash… We were told to cover our eyes with our hands or bury your eyes into the crook of your arm, which we did… In the process of your hands over your eyes, you saw every bone in your hand… It’s a sight to see, but I never want to see it again.”

      “Then the heat hit you and that was as if somebody my size had actually caught fire then walked through me. It was an experience that was absolutely unearthing.”

      “My first daughter was born in 1960 and sadly, by the time she was 11, she developed a problem which completely changed her appearance. She grew a hump on her back. She started to grow hair all over her body. We had to shave her twice a day. She suddenly passed away in my arms.”

      “The thing is, guys couldn’t have children. People’s children suffered from numerous ailments, things that came out twisted… twisted bones… My youngest daughter has it the worst. She’s had everything wrong. Everything is still going wrong. She’s lost all her teeth, same as I did. I lost all my teeth.”

      “The other thing which devastated me… it took me a long time to recover from this and I will never forgive the authorities for putting me in this situation… I couldn’t have children.”

      “Over a ten-year test period, there were 22,500 personnel. In 2013, we estimated that 18,500 had died and practically nobody had died of natural causes. They all died of leukemias and cancers and carcinomas.”

      1. Jeanice –

        You wrote:
        “I guess you are one of those trying to convince everyone to go live next to a nuclear power plant.”

        Bad guess!! 🙂

        I operated three different nuclear reactors in the navy for over 5 years. I got out of the industry because there was no history on the effects of long-term exposure to low-level nuclear radiation in 1973. I just might be experiencing the effects now ….. 45 years later.

        You might want to further your education on nuclear physics and don’t let your prejudices and cognitive dissonance get in the way of the facts.

        BTW – I referenced weapons, not power plants. 🙂

    2. Nice link, Pat!

      I would like to add that another reason why (((they))) put everything related to atomic/nuclear in such a secrecy, terror and fear is because, maybe, nuclear energy is the “Holy Grail” to cheap, unlimited, relatively clean energy. Only few third world countries are allowed to explore this energy source.

      When the next world phase materializes, the fusion of capitalism and communism, nuclear power will be the Jew World Order’s power source. Oil will be compared to coal today. The US is investing heavily on the, so called, “fourth generation nuclear reactor”.

      1. NBTT –

        Thanks! Glad to help.

        It is worth reviewing, for sure…. since people are killing themselves because of hopelessness, in part produced by NUKE fear porn!


        Short Japan 1868-2019 history lesson how the atomic bomb hoax worked 1945-2019
        Rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families took control of Japan 1868 and installed a puppet emperor at Tokyo. These oligarques and plutocrats are still in power 150 years later 2019.They loved America and Europe, their money and colonies. Japan quickly acquired their own colonies – the Ryukyu Kingdom 1879, Taiwan 1895, the Kwantung peninsula, Sakhalin and the 56 Kuiril islands 1905, Korea 1910, the German Far East colonies 1919, Manchuria 1932 and French Indochina 1940. Japan was then a solid ally of USA/Europe from 1868 until 1924, when America adopted the Immigration Act of 1924. Things got worse in the 1930’s, when USA/FDR adopted economic sanctions of all sorts against Japan and refused friendly talks to solve the problems. Reason was that USA was protecting its puppets in China and the opium trade there, which Japan planned to eliminate. So poor Japan was driven by FDR into the hands of Nazi Germany/Hitler and Fascist Italy/Mussolini and provoked to more violence. In the end war with USA broke out December 1941. Japan thought USA would negotiate but no way. FDR had other plans. The result is known. Japan was supposed to be totally destroyed forever by US atomic bombs. Japan gave up and agreed to return to its pre-1868 borders. Early 1950’s Japan was back on its feet and best friend of USA and Europe again and in the 1970’s, when I worked in Japan, it had become the second biggest economic power in the world … with the same families in control since 1868! And today 2019. It was and is very easy to manipulate the Japan population. The Japanese are born into a hierarchy where everyone plays his/her role and everyone is happy … as long as you don’t inquiry too much about the mysterious, rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families and their corporations running the show assisted by USA and Europe. They live in their luxury flats in the skyscraper cities of Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay and are quite harmless. But you cannot inquire too much about the fake atomic bombs 1945 and the Fukushima nuclear incident 2011. Then you are in trouble. So you have to read about it here.
        Anders Björkman


        Anders Björkman, Chalmers University of Technology -Gothenburg/ Sweden, M.Sc. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering [ ] wrote:

        “No atomic bombs have ever exploded anywhere, and nobody has died from atomic bomb nuclear radiation ever! Earn Euro 1M, if you can prove me wrong!”

        **Prove Anders Björkman wrong and get $USD 1,130,250.00:

        A-Bomb HOAX 1945 – 2019

  21. We are all word controlled humans. Will there come a time when the words will have to cease if we are to prelude the extinction of the Aryan-White race?

  22. Pat – I am currently going very deep into my education about “nuclear physics” which is nothing other than kabbalistic sorcery designed to destroy the Earth. Those who conjured this “science” into being were diabolically insane and everything they have brought forth is demonic. There is no cognitive dissonance here. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants are cut from the same fabric. They are lethal and they have been specifically designed to destroy us and all life on Earth. I do not understand how the atom bomb is a “hoax” when so many veterans have reported their experiences in witnessing these explosions and the results of being exposed to the energy. That is why I say – try to telling THEM the bombs they witnessed exploding were a hoax. See how far that goes.

    You also say there is not history on the long-term effects of this energy? Well, I suggest you start researching. AsI mentioned above, there are literally tens of thousands of studies available on the effects of non-ionizing radiation and even more studies available on the effects of ionizing radiation. How is it you cannot seem to find any of them?

    1. Thanks, Jeanice –

      You wrote:
      “You also say there is not history on the long-term effects of this energy? Well, I suggest you start researching.”

      Ooooops!! Too late, Jeanice!! I started researching in 1966!!

      Quote me correctly if you are going to reprimand me. 🙂

      I wrote that in 1973 there was NO HISTORY to research on the effects of LONG-TERM exposure of LOW-LEVEL radiation. Reactors had been around for about 20 years then.

      See – from my comment above:
      “I operated three different nuclear reactors in the navy for over 5 years. I got out of the industry because there was no history on the effects of long-term exposure to low-level nuclear radiation in 1973.”

      You need to read more closely. You can get more info to help you study here:
      A-Bomb HOAX 1945 – 2019

      PS – I’m not impressed with ‘demons’ and “demonic” attributes of modern inventions that I know little about….. as much as you seem to be. 🙂

  23. Pat – I don’t want to go back and forth with you on this. The effects of this energy have been extensively published and people were dying immediately – including people like Rontgen, the alleged discoverer of x-rays. Even Marie Curie died a hideous, radiation-induced death from her alchemical sorcery, and that was in the late 1800s. So the effects of this energy have been known for almost 150 years. It is good you quit working within such a toxic industry. As I am sure you well know, the long-term effect of being is exposed to this energy in any form is DEATH, with a few side effects along the way like genetic destruction and sterility.

    1. Jeanice –

      You wrote:
      “Pat – I don’t want to go back and forth with you on this.”

      Keep in mind that I made my stand-alone comment about reasons for some of the suicides, when you felt the need to argue with ME… and I don’t mind that at all!! “Back and forth” and repetition is how folks learn. 🙂

      You are NOT reading me correctly, which leads me to believe you are not sufficiently aware of my points.

      Those you mentioned were not affected by “LONG-TERM LOW-LEVEL” radiation as I was referencing. Quite the opposite! You wrote that some died immediately, yourself.

      I know you mean well, so I will not be upset if you reply. 🙂

      1. PAT,

        re: nuclear weapons

        How about all the evidence from numerous nuclear weapons tests? How do you explain something like this (from wikipedia but I’m sure it’s also mentioned in the Britannica or some other more reputable encyclopedia)?

        “The worst effects of a Soviet high-altitude test occurred on 22 October 1962, in the Soviet Project K nuclear tests (ABM System A proof tests) when a 300 kt missile-warhead detonated near Dzhezkazgan at 290-km altitude. The EMP fused 570 km of overhead telephone line with a measured current of 2,500 A, started a fire that burned down the Karaganda power plant, and shut down 1,000 km of shallow-buried power cables between Tselinograd and Alma-Ata.”

        That’s a massive impact of something 300 km away. Or this US test in 1962:

        “Starfish Prime caused an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which was far larger than expected, so much larger that it drove much of the instrumentation off scale, causing great difficulty in getting accurate measurements. The Starfish Prime electromagnetic pulse also made those effects known to the public by causing electrical damage in Hawaii, about 898 miles (1,445 km) away from the detonation point, knocking out about 300 streetlights, setting off numerous burglar alarms and damaging a telephone company microwave link. The EMP damage to the microwave link shut down telephone calls from Kauai to the other Hawaiian islands.”

        What kind of weapons could do this kind of damage?

      2. Commentator Mike,
        How do you know that one word of what you just copied and pasted from Wikipedia is actually true? Answer: you don’t.

  24. Pat started the whole “Nukes Don’t Exist” meme very soon after Dimitri Khalezov proved that 9/11 in NYC was A NUCLEAR EVENT. Pat is protecting the jews, the Deep State, The Establishment.

    Dimitri Khalezov is a Russian and as WE all know the Russians can’t be trusted because the Russians are stoopid idjits they’re BIG TIME vodka drunks their russkie brains are pickled in vodka so the russkies are stoopid idjits who don’t know what they’re talking about they’re always drunk on vodka staggering around in a drunken daze so don’t even bother finding out what any russkie has to say about 9/11 especially forget about the russkie Dimitri Khalezov NO good reason to find out what that russkie stoopid idjit khalezov has to say about 9/11 us Americans don’t need no stinkin’ russkie retard telling us what to think! Right Pat? LOL…..

    1. TROJ –

      Increase your medication….. you have built up a resistance!! Your hallucinations have increased! A different Rx with a “YUGE” dose of cyanide might work even better. 🙂 🙂

      I never knew Dimitri Khalezov proved that 9/11 in NYC was A NUCLEAR EVENT.
      I never knew anyone ever PROVED that 9/11 in NYC was A NUCLEAR EVENT!!

  25. This review should have broken down the suicide rate by ethnicity, gender, age, etc. Actually the rate is highest among old timers in America: whites and native Indians.

  26. It’s true. I’m known for using the “c” word and I’m not proud of myself for it. Still, if I wasn’t hassled so much by ADMIN and ADMIN’S attack dogs I wouldn’t use the “c” word. It would never occur to me to use the “c” word if I was treated fairly — but that’s a long story. Anyway, I feel bad for using the “c” word and I will try not to use the word ever again. It’s really not right of me to use the word even though there are some here who really deserve to be called the “c” word, they’re so unfair to me. But I will try not to use the “c” word from now on….etc…..etc…..etc…..

  27. Fully awakening to the reality of JEW power and it’s evil successes is enough to drive any decent person to suicide and is definately a factor. So if you decide to kill yourself, at least consider taking some of the problematic people with you. And for those with fortitude and courage, the legions of guerrillas that will be required to eradicate Jew power are forming… bet on it.

    1. Chuck – my dear friend. Count me in as one of the guerillas. I am so over being willing to co-exist with this wicked cult and if I see one more of those sickening “coexist” bumper stickers, I might throw up. Expulsion from the Earth is the only thing that will work. They cannot be permitted to remain in this dimension. It’s time to send them back to the pit.

  28. KEN,

    It doesn’t hurt to be a skeptic, but do you really believe that those who prepare encyclopedia entries sit around all day making things up? I would have thought that there is considerable independent evidence about the impacts of nuclear tests from seismic measurements around the world following underground tests to evidence of isotopes in fallout, and not least the radiation impacts on residents and soldiers exposed in the vicinity of the explosions. There is also testimony of many who witnessed the tests first hand, e.g.

    1. CM –

      You asked Ken, and I shall answer also….
      “…do you really believe that those who prepare encyclopedia entries sit around all day making things up?

      I do believe that. I believe the THOUSANDS of editors change the facts in encyclopedias & dictionaries.

      ESPECIALLY Wikipedia!!

      BECAUSE…. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit…. EVEN YOU & I & TROJ!! SO just imagine if I edited ‘Nuclear Weapons’!! 🙂


      “Wikipedia has been criticized for exhibiting systemic bias, for presenting a mixture of “truths, half truths, and some falsehoods”,[21] and for being subject to manipulation and spin in controversial topics.[22] However, Facebook announced that by 2017 it would help readers detect fake news by suggesting links to related Wikipedia articles. YouTube announced a similar plan in 2018.[23]”

      FACEBOOK jews will help with ‘fake news’ on Wikipedia!! HA!! 🙂 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit…. EVEN YOU & I & TROJ!! SO just imagine if I edited ‘Nuclear Weapons’!! 🙂

        Do you have the technical skills required to access Wikipedia and edit an entry there which refers to me and the Darkmoon site? The entry is a false and defamatory statement about me which has been on Wikipedia for years and I wish this entry to be removed. Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical skills to do this myself. Could you or someone else help me to right this wrong?

        If the answer is “Yes”, I will provide further details later. Be assured that the reference about me is a TOTAL LIE!

      2. LD –


        This is all I can offer. Hope it helps. 🙂

        Wikipedia is 100% written by online volunteers. Those volunteers may be paid to volunteer by other sources. Even Soros & other jews will pay for that.

        Be aware they may remove your edit later!

        You don’t even need to sign in!

        This bitch is editing wikipedia and putting funny things in there:


        How to edit a Wikipedia Page:


        Meet the man behind A THIRD of what’s on Wikipedia:

        Made over $1MILLION doing so!

      3. Pat – I agree with you 100%. Wikipedia is a notorious disinformation site and is most definitely controlled by jews. I’ve cited several examples of this in my book, and now Lasha has pointed out what they did to try to smear her name.
        These creatures have no morals and no boundaries in terms of how far they are willing to go to falsify history and mislead people. May they soon get what is coming to them.

      4. Thanks, Pat. Back when I still had a tv, I remember seeing something about a place in Israel, of course, where dozens of Jews had full time jobs sitting in front of computers editing wikipedia entries all day long. I’ve never trusted that site ever since then for any real information.
        And CM, they will do anything necessary to try and keep us in the dark about the truth. We all need to be more than skeptical about all information given to us by any media source.

  29. PAT,

    I have also noted false info and even slanderous insults on wikipedia but it does offer some advantages over hard copy encyclopedias in that it can be updated quickly with current information. It also offers the “talk” page with each article where authors and critics can debate what they posted and demand or justify any edits. In fact I often read the discussions and find them very interesting, although I don’t make any contributions myself and am not registered.

    BTW I have read some of the stuff put out by skeptics about the bombs dropped on Japan and some of their arguments do make sense. On the other hand, nuclear tests were widespread and there is a considerable body of academic information regardless of wikipedia articles. I am not saying we have been fooled but if we have then the level of the conspiracy is international, spans rivals and potential enemies, and has been directed and managed in such detail and at astronomical expense that few of us can fathom. If we start doubting where do we stop? Space travel? Satellites? Something has to be true out there.

    1. Commentator –

      While it is true there have been nuclear explosion tests (in the Atolls), it is, also, true that the detonator process has very little shelf life, and the assembly is waay too heavy for a missle to carry across the Poles.
      Ergo, the likelihood of “bomb stockpiling” is probably far-fetched. Anything containing a nuclear reactor is immensely heavy, as you must know; and requires constant performance maintenance.
      Since the missions were “top secret”, we are not privy to the detonator ignition aboard the B-29s (if those were, indeed, “atomic” bombs, and not some sort of super fire-bombs, as the remains imply) used against the Japanese. (Of course, we can only hope that the processes of carriage and detonation have not been refined to reality, yet!)

    2. Mike,
      ” If we start doubting where do we stop? Space travel? Satellites? Something has to be true out there.”
      We’ve never traveled in “space”, and there are no satellites. We have to find the truth on our own. They only tell us lies. BTW, NASA is stealing 21.5 Billion dollars of our tax money this year for doing nothing.
      Welcome to the Satellite Hoax by the Conspiracy Music Guru:

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