Teaching Holocaust

The Unz Review via Truthseeker
July 16, 2019

LD : The Jews are demanding that the principal of this school should be sacked for a shocking comment he made to a Jewish parent in an email. What did he say? He suggested — shock horror beyond belief! — that there were many different “opinions” about the Holocaust and that these opinions needed be discussed and debated by students in an impartial manner. [LD]   


A friend of mine recently commented that if the current trend to reduce the study of history in schools to easily digestible politically correct soundbites that are being successfully pushed by social justice warriors continues, we will soon be limited to discussing how horrible slavery was, the Stonewall Inn riots and the so-called holocaust. Indeed, it seems that those who complain the loudest are the only ones listened to and no one complains more often or at greater volume than American Jewish groups intent on preserving the benefits that are derived from always being able to claim their perpetual victimhood.

Recent media accounts from Florida detail how low pandering to Israeli and Jewish interests can go. A high school principal identified as Dr. William Latson was removed from his position after he revealed to a parent that he considered the holocaust to be a belief and not a demonstrated fact. According to statement made by the school district, the action was taken “out of an abundance of concern” for students and staff after Latson had “made a grave error in judgment.” It added that “In addition to being offensive, the principal’s statement is not supported by either the School District Administration or the School Board.”

The story took place in the School District of Palm Beach County. Latson, now the ex-principal of Spanish River High School in West Palm Beach, presided over his school in a heavily Jewish district that includes Boca Raton. Latson is currently being considered for reassignment by the school district though there are have also been recurring calls from county and state legislators to fire him, which will undoubtedly occur.

He considered the holocaust to be a belief
and not a demonstrated fact.

The tale is somewhat convoluted and there are some disagreements about what actually took place, but it goes basically like this: roughly one year ago a high school parent, unidentified but presumably Jewish, emailed Latson asking him to confirm that holocaust education was a top priority in Spanish River H.S. He responded by email that the school has a “variety of activities” for holocaust education but

“Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened. And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.” He added that an educator has “the role to be politically neutral but support all groups in the school… I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.”

After the emails were revealed to school officials, presumably by the parent, a year-long investigation commenced in which Latson apologized for having caused offense, saying his emails “did not accurately reflect my professional and personal commitment to educating all students about the atrocities of the Holocaust.” The school board initially ruled that he had not done anything meriting disciplinary action or a reprimand, but the story did not end there. Simultaneously, an online petition which eventually included 6,000 signatures was initiated demanding Latson’s replacement and he was subsequently removed from his position.

The school board officials justified their change of course by citing his apparent unwillingness to comply with instructions, stating that they previously had ordered him to “expand the Holocaust curriculum at Spanish River and ordered him to spend ‘several days at the United States Holocaust Museum to increase his personal knowledge.’”

Latson responded that his emails and comments were not “accurately relayed” to the media:

“I have been reassigned to the district office due to a statement that was not accurately relayed to the newspaper by one of our parents. It is unfortunate that someone can make a false statement and do so anonymously and it holds credibility but that is the world we live in.”

His statement implicitly blaming a school parent generated new problems for Latson with two Palm Beach County state lawmakers and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) calling for his firing because he had not groveled sufficiently. ADL stated that “ADL had hoped his apology was sincere and Latson could learn from his mistakes. Given that he cannot take responsibility for his actions, Latson should resign, and if not we believe the district should end his employment.”

The two state officials, Senator Kevin Rader and Representative Tina Polsky issued a statement saying “By his latest email, Dr. Latson has shown no remorse for his actions and we call on the district to immediately terminate him.”

The publication of Latson’s comments also unleashed heavy criticism from a broad range of other Florida public officials. Governor Ron DeSantis, who calls himself the most pro-Israel governor in American, joined in with “Look, to act like the Holocaust is a matter of debate, I mean, is just absurd.”

Senator Rick Scott called Latson’s comments anti-Semitism and tweeted that the “fact that someone charged with educating children would be unable to speak unequivocally on the realities & horrors of the holocaust is incredibly concerning.” Jewish State Representative Randy Fine, who recently introduced legislation officially banning “anti-Semitism” in Florida public schools, said “the law does not allow a Holocaust-denier to serve as a public school principal.” In a publish statement he expanded on that point, writing that “anti-Semitism by public employees in our K-20 public education system must be treated the same as racism.”

The controversy inadvertently revealed the extent to which state law now requires the holocaust to be taught in all Florida public schools. Ironically, Spanish River High has one of the country’s most rigorous holocaust education programs with the subject being taught both in ninth- and 10th-grade English classes as well as a component of both U.S. and world history. There is also an elective course as well regular holocaust assemblies for the entire school featuring keynote speakers. After the Latson controversy started, the school district required all 10th graders to read “Night” by Elie Wiesel. There are now plans to add multiple annual assemblies for students in every grade in the school district this year.

So, if you go to school in Florida your English and history courses will be about the holocaust and you will have to attend holocaust assemblies just in case some alleged atrocity has not been described extensively enough in class. Well, when does it end? When does the almost incessant pandering to Zionists and Jewish groups become too much for the deliberately kept-in-ignorance American public to tolerate?

The so-called holocaust was an historical event that took place in Europe seventy-five years ago. It has an established but very debatable narrative that pretty much has been contrived over the past fifty years for political reasons, see Professor Norman Finkelstein’s brilliant deconstruction of it in his book “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.” Those inconsistencies in the holocaust story and its general lack of credibility may have been what Latson was referring to.

The imposed holocaust narrative is full of holes and contradictions in terms of who was killed and how, but it is impossible for genuine academics to critique it if they want to stay employed. Books like Wiesel’s “Night” are largely works of fiction.

“Largely a work of fiction”. 
— Philip Giraldi

LD : An understatement. The book is a novel passing itself off as authentic history. Throughout America and Europe, schoolchildren are exposed to the fictional events related  in this Holocaust hoax book. And God help any adult, whether parent or teacher,  who dares to warn them in a whisper, “Don’t believe a word of it — it’s all a pack of lies!”  For more, see here.  [LD]

The narrative exists to perpetuate the belief in Jewish suffering, which brings with it a number of practical advantages.

First, it is regularly deployed to excuse the horrific treatment of the Palestinian people by Israel – Jewish suffering means that the creation of a homeland is a debt that all the world owes to the Jews without regard to what has been done to the area’s other inhabitants.

Second, guilt over the alleged holocaust means that reparations from countries involved must be continued indefinitely. Currently the Poles are resisting new Jewish claims while the Germans have been paying for years. It is now being asserted that the descendants of so-called holocaust survivors have been genetically psychologically damaged, in the womb as it were, so reparations will presumably continue forever.

Third, holocaust guilt is used in the United States to counter any criticism of what Israel and Jewish groups are up to, as they use their wealth and access to power to corrupt America’s institutions and drive the country to needless wars. One might well ask, when confronted by the taxpayer funded holocaust museums that appear to spring up like mushrooms, why so much interest in a possible crime that has nothing to do with the United States? Where are the museums and courses in Florida schools discussing the mass killing that happened on our own shores, the genocide of the native Americans?

Lest we forget, the holocaust industry operates everywhere in America, particularly in the education system.

Eight states already have laws mandating holocaust education (California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan) and there is considerable pressure to make it universal in the United States.

An alarmed World Jewish Congress (WJC) is urging required holocaust education for everyone everywhere “citing statistics from a 2018 poll revealing half of millennials can’t name a single Nazi concentration camp.”

A currently circulating WJC petition in Congress expresses concern over the rise in anti-Semitism, with a warning that “the horrors of the Holocaust are fading from our collective memory…” A bill to brainwash students so they will not forget, ‘The Never Again Education Act’, is currently making the rounds in the House of Representatives. It would make holocaust study mandatory in public schools and set up a Department of Education program that would train teachers to properly instruct students about the story of Jewish suffering.

Yes, the “Never Again Education Act” will soon be sucking up taxpayer money like an enormous vacuum cleaner and creating lots of new jobs for holocaust instructors, who will, of course, all be Jewish. Public schools will be teaching the next generation about what a great place Israel is and how the holocaust justifies vigilant groups like AIPAC and ADL, though it will not mention how they have corrupted the U.S. government and turned America’s foreign policy into an Israeli wag-the-dog. But who’s complaining? It’s good for the Jews, isn’t it?

So Dr. William Latson will be unemployed and possibly unemployable because he spoke the truth, a lesson to all of us that one must never cross the red lines established by the wielders of Jewish power in America.


One might reasonably currently expect that serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will use the holocaust get-out-of-jail-free card in his defense, claiming that his recollection of the event has so traumatized him that he did bad things that he would not have otherwise considered. Poor Jeffrey. He has suffered so much.

The Unz Review via Truthseeker

“Poor Jeffrey.  He has suffered so much.
Give him a break . . . he’s a Holocaust survivor.”

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  1. Whenever someone demands you believe something then it is probably not true. All cults demand blind belief. The Holocaust is a cult because it require blind belief. It is not open to scrutiny or reason, and thus is probably not true just based on the way it is presented. You are required to blindly believe it and then get on your knees and whoreship god’s chosen lunatics as the ultimate victims of all time.

    Now do you think with the Holocaust that if Jews demand you believe it as the most absolute truth of all time they are just possibly manipulating your emotions and mind for a strategic purpose of ruling over you? Of course, but what you don’t know is THEY DID THE EXACT SAME THING WITH THE HOLY BIBLE. In that Jew book you are required to blindly believe that a Jewish man walked on water, raise himself and others from the dead, and forgave ALL the sins of ALL time for ALL people.

    If you are a Christian then you are required to believe that the most perfect man, the most holy man, they man you was the closest thing to God on earth was the Jew Jesus. Can you see that not only is that claim ridiculous but you are required to believe it as the highest truth in your being? Now if you are a Christian you are required to believe, without a shadow of doubt in any part of your being, that Jesus can forgive your sins and get you a free pass into heaven by belief ONLY. Works matter not. You could be the perfect Gentile and help strangers along the road, give to the poor, feed the homeless at the shelter, but you can NOT get into heaven without blind belief in this savior Jewish man.

    Now if you can possibly wrap your mind around this Jewish ploy of dangling Jesus your personal Jewish savior in your face maybe you might see why these top Jews can also build Holocaust centers all the round the land and demand you blindly believe in Jewish suffering. If you can’t see this and reject it out of hand then you have voluntarily submitted yourself to slavery and death. This is Darwinian selection at work, either you figure this out or your genes perish in Jewish contrived wars based on Jewish stage false flags, funded by Jewish Federal Reserve fiat notes.

    Note: NO MUSLIM COUNTRY PROSECUTES ANYONE FOR HOLOCAUST DENIAL. Now that ought to tell you something!

    1. First, Yukon, you need to know that Jesus was NOT a Jew, nor was Israel “Jewish”. Only then can you understand The Bible. Jesus’ mother was of The House of David, King of Israel; and His Father is without ethnicity.
      Jews have co-opted the name of Israel to promote their Israhell (occupied Palestine).
      Too many Americans are duped into that stupidity, too. Hence, our involvement in too many conflicts. Don’t blame it on The Bible – which tells it if you know how to read it. (The most telling Books were omitted from it, as per papal choice, which is why Martin Luther was so vehemently castigated by The Church, when he promoted The Word to public scrutiny.)

      1. Wow. What a dopey comment, Gilbert! The reality is that too many Americans are too stupid to read the Bible. That’s why the Church, in it’s wisdom, would read it at Mass and explain it. What good is it to hand over a book to a population that can’t even read? Let alone hand copied parchments that only Kings could afford. So movable type comes along and bingo, the pornification of the Bible begins by the Revolutionary Martin Luther. He depended on half-wits like yourself to read it and go on to a life of claiming, “the Bible says so I bee-leeeve”!

        The Bible in the hands of the ignorant, like yourself, only creates little Revolutionaries.

        One other correction. It was Luther that took out 7 Books. He even wanted to take out the Catholic Epistle of St. James because it talked about the necessity of Works.

        So get your facts straight before you go spouting off again!

      2. The entire narrative of the Synagogue of Satan is a lie…[email protected] John 8:44.

        the Children of Israel never turned into Jesus hating {{{MONEY CHANGERS}}} &
        {{{PHARISEES}}} in the Old Testament.

        also, there were never any Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo.


        check out the autopsy photograph of little Melissa Morrison

        and read about Carlos….

        the Synagogue of Satan {{{BAD FAITH}}} TALMUD/JEW “religion” is not about Truth
        or Justice….


        compare and contrast the {{{MEDIA}}} and how certain truth hating perverts are given
        special treatment while others are demonized, marginalized and murdered with malice

        like 400 million in the last century….

        curiously, the Hebrews in the Old Testament got put into a fiery furnace and
        survived…Shadrach, Meshack and Obednigo…

        6 million Jesus hating psychopaths…not one Hebrew.


        perhaps if {{{THEY}}} stopped hating Jesus ….the “PROSELYTES” could stop
        being “JEWS”.

        the Old Testament is not about the “JEWS” or being “JEWISH”.

        to be a “JEW” the Jesus hating psychopath must hate Jesus and “believe” what
        the Jesus hating psychopathic TALMUDIC TERRORISTS decide is “LEGAL” for a
        proselyte to Talmudic Judaism….dig that Kol Nidre…!

        no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

        knowing the truth is the exit strategy…John 8:32

        eventually the workers of iniquity get to go to Jewtopia…
        the Jewish homeland mentioned by Jesus @ Matthew 13:39-43.

      3. Rich –

        Obviously, we have been taught from different schools of thought. It would probably be safe to assume that you are an offended Catholic, and not cognizant of the perfidies committed by your popes through the centuries. Oh, yes – of course there were some who were quite commendable, but the wrongdoings of the misguided had very devastating effects on Christendom, Islam, and those who simply lived without religious pretense. The biggest stumbling block of any of us is our assumption of a “personal relationship” with our Creator, thru the Son. He is God – not your buddy.

      4. This is exactly why Arthur Koestler wrote The Thirteenth Tribe, to separate modern Jews from the horrors their ancient progenitors committed against mankind. Like the mythical Hallowedhoax, Koestler’s book serves to confuse, divide, and conquer the minds of the goyim over the issue of who’s a Jew and the history of crimes Jews have committed over the millennia. The Jews classic modus operandi – If the truth cannot be escaped, then a smokescreen of lies, myths and half truths are generated to cover it over.

        The idea that Jesus wasn’t a Jew is more absurd, more bizarre than the Jew’s Hallowedhoax lie. It is the equivalent of saying the Pope isn’t Catholic or Jews don’t hide in the latrine. (“Deny” that one I dare ya.’) This is exactly the reason for my writing The Conspiracy of Man.

        People do not understand the Jews Bible. Why? They do not understand the Jews, their history religion or culture, either ancient or modern. When one understands these critical factors, they are able to fully understand the reason the Bible was written and the Essene reaction to it.

        The horrible ills Western civilization suffers under today is a direct result of teachings taken from the Jews ancient book of hate and intolerance. Remember, if it walks like a Jew, lies like a Jew, thinks like a Jew, stinks like a Jew, murders like a Jew, then it should be treated like a Jew.

      1. The First Ammendment(sic) has no teeth! It and nine others were placed there to lure the public into acceptance, since those rich boys of stature did everything in secret sessions to write the fraudulent document!! They were physically beaten by the common folks all the time as it was. 🙂

    2. It’s all open for debate but your comment is extremely logical, cogent, and enlightening. At least the Church always held one opinion on the entirety of the Bible and Sacred Tradition. So that makes it a little harder to manipulate the masses. It may all be hocus-pocus and wizardry, but at least it was consistent.

      Now take these dum-dums who read the Bible and interpret any way they choose. This was the fuse that made it possible for a new religion to emerge, one that you observe, that actually has a name. It’s called Holocaustianity.

      So now we have something like 40,000 denominations of Protest-a-tants who agree on nothing. Once one person gets butt-hurt they go and find a new leader and a new Congregation of morons comes into existence.

      But look at the real horror. These millions, if not billions, of Protest-a-tants, all have their own idiotic interpretation of the entire ball of wax.

      Not hard to control such low IQ and/or extremely misguided individuals. The best misguided individual is the one who misguides himself. Quite like the best persuasion is self-persuasion.


      You wrote:

      “forgave ALL the sins of ALL time for ALL people”

      Is this truly “ALL people” or just Christians? Still sounds better than Judaism. There they have to pray that Kol Nidre to get forgiven only for sins in the forthcoming year. We Christians have been forgiven for all the sins of our entire lifetime before we were even born, if you are correct. I’m no expert in theology but that sounds good to me – brilliant in fact! So who is hell for? All non-Christians?

      Not only is Holocaust denial not illegal in Muslim countries, neither is anti-semitism or expressing hatred of the Jews. Why should it be? It’s not like there are any Jews left in Muslim countries (OK maybe very few in Morocco and Iran) whom it would affect in any way such as hurting their feelings.

      1. “whom it would affect in any way?”


        The Tribe control the central banks, international corporations, media and substantially the rest (example: education) due to a presumption that anything from the West is best.

    4. The official Holocaust story is so full of holes that we SHOULD be SKEPTCAL about it.

  2. Mr. Latson is probable a victim of entrapment.
    The jews knew already his worldview so they sent him an email he couldn’t resist not to answer.
    Very naive of him knowing we are living in a world dictatorship.

  3. Was Jesus a Jew? Many regular Christians say they follow the Jewish carpenter, are they wrong? Jesus a Jew or not is a heated question all over the internet and the only source if he was is the New Testament – not peoples opinions and personally held convictions based on their racist ideology (like so many Christian Identists). Just because you have a big fat opinion about who Jesus was doesn’t mean it is true or valid if your source is biased conjecture and personal ideology and agenda. The ONLY information about Jesus is the New Testament. If you think otherwise you are wrong and totally full of sh-t.

    So what does the New Testament say about the religion and ethnicity of Jesus? The Bible does NOT give a physical description of the man (for the obvious reason he is a paper invention not a real person BTW). So what does the New Testament say about Jesus’s religion. Was he a practicing Jew or not (and remember he was a Jew in Palestine 2,000 years ago)? Did Jesus attend Temple and take part in customary Jewish rituals? Yes. Their are numerous references that Jesus was a practicing Jew.

    John 5:1 New International Version (You could NOT go to a Jewish festival unless you were a Jew in those times)
    “Some time later, Jesus went up to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish festivals”

    Luke 2:41 New International Version (Every year Jesus parents attended Passover, only Jews attend Passover)
    Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover.

    Luke 19:47 New International Version (YOU CAN”T BE IN THE TEMPLE UNLESS YOU ARE A JEW)
    “Every day he was teaching at the temple. But the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the leaders among the people were trying to kill him.”

    Jesus Cleanses the Temple (Here Jesus defends the JEWISH TEMPLE from the moneychangers (greedy Jews)
    (Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19; Luke 19:45-48)

    13When the Jewish Passover was near, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14In the temple courts He found men selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and money changers seated at their tables. 15So He made a whip out of cords and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle. He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. 16To those selling doves He said, “Get these out of here! How dare you turn My Father’s house into a marketplace!”

    The point is that it is obvious that Jesus was Jew because he attended the JEWISH TEMPLE THROUGHOUT HIS ENTIRE LIFE AND NON JEWS ARE DENIED ENTRY. TO DENY JESUS WAS A JEW IS UTTER LUNACY. The bottom line with this debate is so many Jew wise Christians don’t want their Lord and Savior to be Jewish for the obvious reason that they have now discovered that Jews are lying conning thieves and criminals. Most people ARE FULL OF SH-T and dishonest about what they believe, and that is just the way it is and these people vote which is why giving the vote to the average Joe is a recipe for disaster.

    So you just watch and see while all the retards vote Trump in a second term even though he has been fully exposed as the biggest Jew whore President ever, who hands Israel whatever the hell they want. Facts are no match for belief and willful opinion.

    1. Another proof that Jesus was a Jew :

      14 And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.

      15 And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified of all.

      16 And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read.

      KJV : Luke 4 : 14, 15, 16.

      Non-Jews were not allowed into synagogues, let alone to read there from scripture. Like it or not, Jesus was ethnically and religiously a Jew.

      1. curiously the word “JEW” did not exist at that time.

        nor did the word anti-semitism.

        John 8:44 settles the issue.

        {{{MONEY CHANGERS & Pharisees}}}} are not Mentioned @ Genesis 49.

        Nor are the Jesus hating psychopaths {{{MONEY CHANGERS}}} & {{{PHARISEES}}}
        “Identified” as “JEWS” in Deuteronomy 32 & 33….because the Talmud was not
        printed until 500 A. D.

        having “JEW” poo in your heart and mind is a BAD FAITH…”JEW” virus…


        do some reading…Justifiably Homicide TALMUDVISION…

        learn how to think…


        how much has the “JEWISH” Synagogue of Satan Psychopathic
        BAD FAITH…Narrative cost the “NON-Jews” in the last 100 years…?

        400 million mass murdered for filthy lucre…


        where specifically does one find a “JEW” …a Jesus hating
        {{{PHARISEE}}} or {{{MONEY CHANGER}}} in II Chronicles 7…?
        …a {{{PROSELYTE}}} to TALMUDIC JUDAISM…?

      2. Take it from me that Franklin Ryckaert is 100% correct about Jesus being a Jew. (See my previous comment demonstrating this). It amazes me that people are so easily led astray by these idiotic conspiracy theories denying the Jewish ethnicity of Jesus Christ.

        Curiously enough, Jesus’s “Jewishness” was shared by St Peter and St Paul and the 12 apostles. Their Jewishness did not earn them the hated of the early Church Fathers who were extremely anti-Semitic. The bad Jews were the Pharisees who were accused by the Catholic Church of “deicide”. (For almost 2000 years until Vatican II in the 1960s). These are the ones who had Christ crucified.

        It was the Pharisees who hated everything Christ stood for. They later became the chief cheerleaders for the Talmud. Though Christianity arose out of Judaism, there was a sharp divide or schism between the Essene doctrines of Jesus and the doctrines of the Pharisees found in the Talmud. They were poles apart in every way.

        Christianity is to Judaism what the butterfly is to the caterpillar.

    2. There were no such things as Jews during the time of Jesus. There were Hebrews; there were Edomites, there were those who followed the oral law and who controlled the Temple; but no Jews.

      1. @ Jake

        Garbage! You show an extreme ignorance. It’s an old hat conspiracy theory that there were no such thing as “Jews” at the time of Christ. Christ was himself a Jew. He taught in the synagogue and is addressed in the Gospels as “Rabbi”. The Latin name for “Jew” was IUDAEUS (later written as JUDAEUS). The letter ‘J’ had not come into use at that time. So IUDAEUS was pronounced YUDAEUS. Even Jews in early days were called Ieus (pronounced YOOS). You ought to learn these things.

        Inscribed on the cross of Jesus Christ are these letters: I-N-R-I:


        These letters stand for the Latin “IESUS NAZARENUS REX IUDAEORUM”. Which translates as “Jesus Christ, King of the Jews.”

        Get yourself a proper education before you come spouting your conspiracy theory nonsense here. Christ was a Jew. Period. He was descended from the House of David. He quotes constantly from the Old Testament. Would he do this if he wasn’t a Jew? And how do you explain that he is called “Rabbi” in the Gospels if he wasn’t a Jew? Isn’t a “rabbi” a Jewish priest?

  4. Professor Arthur Butz wrote a book in 1977, you can read it here for free, Amazon banned its sale: http://www.vho.org/GB/Books/thottc/

    That is Dr Butz’s website where there are many books in HTML and PDF format available for free download.
    The time approaches when it will be ILLEGAL to possess such books.

    “What is happening to America is not simply the consequence of having a small number of powerful and evil Jews in the media. It is happening as a consequence of having six million Jews in America. A small number of them control our mass media. The rest provide the Jewish tribal infrastructure which makes that control possible.”
    Draw Your Own Conclusions Broadcast Date: 01-13-2001 Professor William Pierce, PhD (Physics)

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    It is the thing which all men have to ask themselves; which we too have to ask, and answer.

  5. So why are Jews demanding you believe in the “official” version of the Holocaust without any reservations? Because they want to own your mind, and if they own your mind they own you. They are making a claim on your very life. You must believe this without a single reservation or deviation – just like the demon pig preacher who demands you to believe in the Bible as the inerrant word of God. Do you see that the strategy is exactly the same?

    What is the Holocaust but another variant of monotheism, religious fascism, the idea that there is only one God, the one true God, and if you say otherwise you are castigated, demonized, maybe even put to death. Same with the Holocaust, even a PhD in history is not allowed to question the Holy Jew and his version of reality. And people are going to jail for merely questioning the blatant bullshit holy hoax.

    The Holocaust is religious extremism just like any monotheistic fascist ideology that there is only one interpretation of some holy scriipture blah, blah, blah. It’s ridiculous, and to cite how insane this is, the amount of dead piled up Jew cordwood is 6 million no matter how many times the HOLY JEW revises some particular death camp figure. 6 million minus 4 million is 6 million – the new Jewish math you must believe or die.

    Here is another strategy at work – Jews don’t ever want you to think they DO NEED TO BE PUT INTO OVENS. They are scared as hell of what Hitler did naming them the enemy of the state and locking them up in work camps. Hitler said they are the problem – the wrench in the machine and everyone knows he was damn well right. So looking at all the dead people piling up around Israel is it not obvious they need to be shoved into camps and ovens? Yes, of course. Now you maybe limpwristed and not agree but that is because you are not there living in hell with those pricks. If you live in or around Israel you might have a more severe idea of what to do with these holy book hellions.

    How many Syrians have to die before everyone figures out Jews do need to go to camp and this time with ovens? How many Palestinians have to die before everyone figures out that Jews needed to be rounded up and forcefully removed from Palestine? How many trillions of debt does the USA have to spend before the Amerikan sheeple figure out Jews are the problem and have to be dealt with? On and on it goes and the Jews never stop or relent with their chutzpah and outrageous over-the-top claims and demands until the day comes that the outrage is so great the nation finally has had enough and expels or fire roasts them.

  6. Philip Giraldi writes:

    “First, it is regularly deployed to excuse the horrific treatment of the Palestinian people by Israel”

    And then second and third. I don’t buy any of it. They may try to sell it to you but who says you have to buy it? So the Jews got hammered by the Germans and now they have to go and take it out on the Palestinians. They should have then built their land in Germany.

  7. “Israel” was replaced by “Jew” in the Scofield Bible footnotes. Even my Thompson chain-reference study Bible was printed after that time. Ignoring the footnotes, you can find the truth. The “New International Version” is even MORE modified to hide the truth. The Septuagent is more reliable, btw. Critical thinking concludes that the promises of blessings applies to Israel – not the Pharisees. Which has been a “blessing” to the world? – the Jew, negro, Indian, Chinese, or White man? Israel was promised to become as numerous as “the sands of the sea”, and, certainly, the White man has been responsible for innovations which ease labor and existence. Yes, by that same standard, we have been more destructive, too; even a curse. But our gradual accomplishments and generosity have been a blessing which fits-the-bill. Arguing about it is fruitless, though, and a waste of time. As Thomas Beckett once said: We’ll know after we die (or not).

      1. TJ –

        I hope everyone here a ails themselves of Freedman’s little speech! Thanks for digging that up. 🙂

  8. “Simultaneously, an online petition which eventually included 6,000 signatures was initiated demanding Latson’s replacement and he was subsequently removed from his position.”
    The 6,000 signatures is a nice touch. Now, if anyone does not believe that it is exactly 6,000 signatures demanding Latson’s banishment into the wilderness, then you are a flaming anti-Semite, hate Jews and all other creatures of the present dispensation. TJ is an equal opportunity hater. TJ hates everyone.

    1. @ Toejamicus

      TJ is an equal opportunity hater. TJ hates everyone.

      Brilliant! I like that. A noble sentiment! 🙂

      1. Anyone who doesn’t get up in the morning, hating someone and planning murder in his heart, has missed the whole point of life. “Hate your neighbor as yourself,” that’s my motto. It gets me through the day.

      2. Well, Madame, I am quite TIRED of being confronted by folks I love to hate. It’s a fruitless endeavor. Rather, I try to remember that anyone worth hating is best tabled for future attention. As the old adage says: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
        (Anyway, I just don’t have enough bullets to solve all the world’s problems!) (and, besides, maybe God will get around to doing it Himself, anyway, as He promises.)
        Patience is a virtue! 😋

  9. The Hollowcost isn’t the only game in town anymore what with all the alphabet soup groups of Sex Wallowers, Racial $hakedown Artists and Climate $cience Charlatans, among other neo-survivalists and opportunists. Skeeeeered is the new default human condition.

    Competition among the woe is me crowd is ever expanding as so many seek out the Holy Grail of the almighty tax dollar so crucial to their survival. And by survival I mean a survival which compels the most extreme words and deeds in defense of one’s life and lifestyle.

    “Jews be damned” just might be the new mantra for the 21st century fearful as the rusty old “6 million died” mantra fades away into the twilight zone from whence it came.
    It’s not like the world’s hoi polloi haven’t been muttering it under their breath for centuries and especially the last few decades. Practice makes perfect.

    P.S. I’m A.I. and even I don’t believe 6 million died..

  10. To FR:
    I suppose you know better than the hook noses themselves?

    1980 Jewish Almanac…
    “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”
    (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)

    1. Thank you Bark,
      Herve hits the nail on the head. His books in English are available at The Barnes Review. Buy books from the Barnes Review and support one of the most if not the most important mag. in English on the planet.

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