The Age of Radical Evil

October 14, 2019

Chris Hedges, an ordained Presbyterian minister, gave this sermon Sunday at the Claremont Presbyterian Church in Claremont, Calif.

Immanuel Kant coined the term “radical evil.” It was the privileging of one’s own interest over that of others, effectively reducing those around you to objects to be manipulated and used for your own ends. But Hannah Arendt, who also used the term “radical evil,” saw that it was worse than merely treating others as objects. Radical evil, she wrote, rendered vast numbers of people superfluous. They possessed no value at all. They were, once they could not be utilized by the powerful, discarded as human refuse.

We live in an age of radical evil.

The architects of this evil are despoiling the earth and driving the human species toward extinction. They are stripping us of our most basic civil liberties and freedoms. They are orchestrating the growing social inequity, concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a cabal of global oligarchs. They are destroying our democratic institutions, turning elected office into a system of legalized bribery, stacking our courts with judges who invert constitutional rights so that unlimited corporate money invested in political campaigns is disguised as the right to petition the government or a form of free speech. Their seizure of power has vomited up demagogues and con artists including Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, each the distortion of a failed democracy. They are turning America’s poor communities into internal militarized colonies where police carry out lethal campaigns of terror and use the blunt instrument of mass incarceration as a tool of social control. They are waging endless wars in the Middle East and diverting half of all discretionary spending to a bloated military. They are placing the rights of the corporation above the rights of the citizen.

Arendt captured the radical evil of a corporate capitalism in which people are rendered superfluous—surplus labor as Karl Marx said—and pushed to the margins of society where they and their children are no longer considered to have value, value always determined by the amount of money produced and amassed. But as the Gospel of Luke reminds us, “what is prized by human beings is an abomination in the sight of God.”

Who are those who would sacrifice us on the altar of global capitalism? How did they amass the power to deny us a voice, to insist that the earth is an inert commodity they have a right to exploit until the ecosystem that sustains life collapses and the human species, along with most other species, becomes extinct?

These architects of radical evil have been here from the beginning. They are the slaveholders who crammed men, women and children into the holds of ships and sold them in auctions in Charleston and Montgomery, rending families apart, taking from them their names, language, religion and culture. They wielded the whips, the chains, the dogs and the slave patrols. They orchestrated the holocaust of slavery, and when slavery was abolished, after a war that left 700,000 dead, they used convict leasing—slavery by another name—along with lynching and black codes, to carry out a reign of terror that continues today in our deindustrialized cities and our prisons. Black and brown bodies are worth nothing to our corporate masters when on the streets of our decayed cities, but locked in cages they each generate 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year. Some people say the system does not work. They are wrong. The system works exactly as it is designed to work.

These architects of radical evil are the white militias and Army units that stole the land, decimated the herds of buffalo, signed the treaties that were promptly violated and carried out a campaign of genocide against indigenous people, penning the few who remained in prisoner of war camps. They are the gun thugs, Baldwin-Felts and Pinkerton agents who gunned down, by the hundreds, American workers struggling to organize, forces of the kind that today oversee the bonded labor of workers in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. They are the oligarchs, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie, who paid for these rivers of blood, and who today, like Tim Cook at Apple and Jeff Bezos at Amazon, amass staggering fortunes from human misery.

We know these architects of radical evil. They are the DNA of American capitalism. You can find them on the commodity desks at Goldman Sachs. The financial firm’s commodities index is the most heavily traded in the world. These traders buy up futures of rice, wheat, corn, sugar and livestock and jack up the commodity prices by as much as 200% on the global market so that the poor in Asia, Africa and Latin America can no longer afford basic staples, and starve. Hundreds of millions of people go hungry to feed this mania for profit, this radical evil that sees human beings, including children, as worth nothing.

These architects of radical evil extract the coal, oil and gas, poisoning our air, soil and water, while demanding huge taxpayer subsidies and blocking the urgent transition to renewable energy. They are the massive corporations that own the factory farms, egg hatcheries and dairy farms where tens of billions of animals endure horrendous abuse before being needlessly slaughtered, part of an animal agriculture industry that is one of the leading multifactorial causes of climate catastrophe. They are the generals and arms manufacturers. They are the bankers, hedge fund managers and global speculators who looted $7 trillion from the U.S. treasury after the pyramid schemes and fraud they carried out imploded the global economy in 2007-2008. They are the goons in state security who make us the most spied-upon, watched, monitored and photographed population in human history. When your government watches you 24 hours a day you cannot use the word “liberty.” This is the relationship between a master and a slave.

Corporate culture serves a faceless system. It is, as Hannah Arendt wrote, “the rule of nobody and for this very reason perhaps the least human and most cruel form of rulership.” It will stop at nothing. Anyone or any movement that attempts to impede their profits will be targeted for obliteration. These architects of radical evil are incapable of reform. Appealing to their better nature is a waste of time. They don’t have one. They have rigged the system, elections dominated by corporate money, the courts, the press a vast burlesque show for profit, which is why they spend so much time focused on Trump. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs or Exxon, Shell, BP and Chevron, which along with the other top 20 fossil fuel corporations have contributed 35% of all energy-related carbon dioxide and methane emissions worldwide—480 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965.

We know these architects of radical evil. They have been and always will be with us.

But who are those who resist? Where do they come from? What historical, social and cultural forces created them?

They too are familiar. They are Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, John Brown, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. They are Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Chief Joseph. They are Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Emma Goldman. They are “Big Bill” Haywood, Joe Hill and Eugene V. Debs. They are Woody Guthrie, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Ella Baker and Fannie Lou Hamer. They are Andrea Dworkin and Caesar Chavez. They are those who from the beginning fought back, often to be defeated by this radical evil but knowing they were called to defy it, even at the cost of their own reputations, financial security, social standing and sometimes their lives.

The architects of radical evil are disemboweling every last social service program funded by the taxpayers, from education to Social Security, because lives that do not swell their profits are considered superfluous. Let the sick die. Let many of the poor—41 million people, including children—go to bed hungry.


Let families be tossed into the streets. Let the young graduate have no meaningful employment. Let the U.S. prison system, with 25% of the world’s prison population, swell. Let torture continue. Let assault rifles proliferate to fuel the epidemic of mass shootings. Let the roads, bridges, dams, levees, power grids, rail lines, subways, bus services, schools and libraries crumble or close. Let the rising temperatures, the freak weather patterns, the monster cyclones and hurricanes, the droughts, the flooding, the tornadoes, the wildfires, the melting polar ice caps, the poisoned water systems and the polluted air worsen until the species dies.

Many in the church are complicit in this radical evil, failing to name it and denounce it, just as we failed to see in the thousands of men, women and children who were lynched the very crucifixion itself, as James Cone pointed out. And this complicity and silence condemns us. It is why W.E.B. Du Bois called “white religion” a “miserable failure.”

“Black people did not need to go to seminary and study theology to know that white Christianity was fraudulent,” Cone wrote in “The Cross and the Lynching Tree.” “As a teenager in the South where whites treated blacks with contempt, I and other blacks knew that the Christian identity of whites was not a true expression of what it means to follow Jesus. Nothing their theologians and preachers could say would convince us otherwise. We wondered how whites could live with their hypocrisy—such blatant contradiction of the man from Nazareth. (I am still wondering about that!) White conservative Christianity’s blatant endorsement of lynching as a part of its religion, and white liberal Christians’ silence about lynching placed both outside of Christian identity. I could not find one sermon or theological essay, not to mention a book, opposing lynching by a prominent liberal white preacher. There was no way a community could support or ignore lynching in America, while still representing in word and deed the one who was lynched by Rome.”

We have failed to denounce the Christian fascists who peddle a magic Jesus who will make us rich, a Jesus who blesses America above other countries and the white race above other races, a Jesus who turns the barbarity of war into a holy crusade, for the heretics they are. And we have failed, as well, to confront the radical evil of corporate capitalism. Let us not once again render our faith a miserable failure.

Defying evil cannot be rationally defended. It makes a leap into the moral, which is beyond rational thought. It refuses to place a monetary value on human life or the natural world. It refuses to see anyone as superfluous. It acknowledges human life, indeed all life, as sacred. And this is why, as Arendt points out, the only morally reliable people are not those who say “this is wrong” or “this should not be done,” but those who say “I can’t do this.”

Those who come out of a religious tradition, any religious tradition, have a responsibility to fight this latest iteration of radical evil, which is swiftly ensuring that our species and many other species will not have a future on this earth. It is our religious duty to place our bodies in front of the machine, as many of us did in the protests organized by Extinction Rebellion last week around the globe.

“The law, as presently revered and taught and enforced, is becoming an enticement to lawlessness,” Dan Berrigan wrote. “Lawyers and laws and courts and penal systems are nearly immobile before a shaken society, which is making civil disobedience a civil (I dare say a religious) duty. The law is aligning itself more and more with forms of power whose existence is placed more and more in question. … So, if they would obey the law, [people] are being forced, in the present crucial instance, either to disobey God or to disobey the law of humanity.”

Let us not in this present historical period replicate our sins of the past. Let us affirm our faith by affirming our defiance, our willingness to engage in the acts of sustained civil disobedience against the forces of radical evil. Let future generations say of us that we tried, that we were not complicit through our collaboration or our silence. There will be a cost. History shows us that. All moral battles have a cost, and if there is not a cost then the battle is not moral. Accept becoming an outcast. Jesus, after all, was an outcast. We are called by God to defy radical evil. This defiance is the highest form of spirituality.


33 thoughts to “The Age of Radical Evil”

  1. What a deceptive title — “The Age of Radical Evil”! Anyone would think that the author of the article, Chris Hedges, finds himself surrounded by evil people baying for his blood and making his life impossible. Not so!
    Chris Hedges lives a charmed life. A happy life. He has everything going for him. So what on earth is he complaining about?

    This is obviously an attempt to stir up hatred against Jewish people, the only race contributing right now to cultural advancement and the betterment of mankind. Hedges does not mention the word “Jew” once. Very crafty of him! And yet one knows he is secretly aiming his barbs of criticism at Jews. It is implicit in everything he writes in his exceptionally evil prose.

    Darkmoon does wrong to publish such articles promoting the work of Jew haters.

    1. You’re wrong Zak. Hedges aimed his message and venom straight at the white race. Who else, other then yourself, do you think is going read this “sermon?” Why do you think he quoted Hannah Arendt more then once? Chris always wants to stay on the good side of the real malefactors of the present dystopia and coming darkest of dark ages.
      If Hedges really wants to “…defy radical evil…” and place himself on the front lines in “… defiance…” of “Radical Evil” why doesn’t he stop paying his (((Marxist))) income tax and property tax? That is if he owns any taxable real property. Cut the evil off at it’s pockets. Come on Chris lead us all to the promised land. ,
      Of course Zak, Hedges is merely “hedging” his bets.

      1. PAT :

        Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian Agent and she’s going to run as a third party candidate which will divide the Democratic vote and will result in the Democrats losing in 2020 so Tulsi Gabbard is very evil so that’s how we know she’s a Russian Agent working for Putin, this is as per HELLARY. Of course HELLARY didn’t think Ross Perot who ran as a third party candidate to divide the Republican vote and did a very good job dividing the Republican vote so Billary could win [1992 ] was evil . HELLARY didn’t think the third party candidate Perot was an agent of the Russians or the Chinese or an agent of any foreign country, but Tulsi is “obviously” a “Russian Agent working for Putin”, as per HELLARY from HELL. In the meantime, BOTH Bill AND HELLARY are agents of COMMUNIST CHINA and NO ONE in Washington seems to have any problem with that.

        I heard that Trump took back control of The Port of Long Beach, CA from the Chinese [ Billary gave away the Port of Long Beach CA. to the Chinese in the 90’s ] Pat, is it true that Trump managed to get back control of the Port of Long Beach, CA from the Chinese? The Chinese government bankrolled Billary in the 90’s, in return the Clintons handed over an American port city to the Chinese government and just gave the Chinese control The American Port city, and NO ONE in Washington, NO ONE had anything to say about that PURE TREASON. NO ONE said anything about that let alone charged the Clintons with TREASON. In fact HELLARY went on the become Secretary of State. Commit MASSIVE TREASON, become The Secretary of State. Amazing!

        Plus HELLARY sold the Russians some American uranium [ 20% of American uranium stock ] and she profited from the deal and the profit went into her Clinton Foundation. No one in Washington has anything to say about that. If a Republican politician showed off a bullet bracelet like Pelosi did the other day OMG! what an uproar that would cause if a Republican lawmaker, male or female, was walking around with a bullet bracelet. If Trump had sold 20% of America’s uranium to the Russians and he profited from the deal and put the profit in his personal bank account OMG!!!! He’d would have been executed for TREASON by now and he would NOT be with us, he would be dead. But HELLARY, she manages to get away with EVERYTHING, how deeply connected she must be to the Powers and Principalities of this world.

        I’m still trying to figure out her Collapse at the WTC memorial event and then a few hours later a HELLARY doppelganger comes skipping out of Chelsea’s apt building happy and smiley and perky pretending to be HELLARY herself. What the hell was that all about? The doppelganger : yet another evil b*tch from HELL.

      2. When the Clintons were President, Chinese intelligence used the White House like a Motel 6. All those (25) years ago..

      3. TROJ –

        YES, it IS true that Trump managed to get back control of the Port of Long Beach, CA from the Chinese!

    2. See More Crap:

      If you can charge Hedges with Jew-hatred despite the fact that he never once mentions Jews, it only indicates that you have a guilty conscience.

      Don’t project your own sense of guilt corruption &failure onto Chris Hedges.

      Stop shutting down reasonable criticism with a bogus claim of anti-semitism.

      Let Jesus into your life and he will remove your fear of failure imperfection & death which is at the root of all who are addicted to fake defamations of anti-semitism!

    3. Evil conservative evangelical christian fascism does by its very nature breed tenets of virulently antisemitic zionism. The evil evangelical fascist clergyman John Hagee did explicitly put that core paragraph of jew hating zionism quite succinctly: “God ordained Hitlers rise to reign over Germany in order to clear the way for the establishment of Israel.” This statement reflects not even ordinary antisemitic zionism but is tantamount to purely nazi zionism!

      1. If you can email me, i have a short essay confirmed ng the truth of Hagee’s claim. Hagee is not an antiSemite. He’s friends with the Orthodox Rabbi in San Antonio. He loves Israelis both religious &secular. The only Jews he seems to disdain are Jewish converts to Christianity &groups like Jews for Jesus, who he says offend his Jewish &Israeli partners:

        [email protected]

  2. I always get a kick out of those who are so morally indignant about the genocide of the Indians [ or Native Americans, whatever you want to call them ] but the genocide the jews are committing against the Palestinians going on right now they have NOT one word to say about it and never get morally indignant about it. But a genocide that happened in the 19th century they get really really angry about, that’s because they hate genocides, unless the genocide is happening right now in our time and the jews are doing the genociding, then they don’t hate genocides all-of-a-sudden. They LERV NON-Whites and they are horrified because in the 19th century Whites genocided indians who are NON-White. BUT when the jews genocide the NON-White Palestinians now, today, they have not one word of condemnation for that and TOTALLY ignore the jew genocide of a NON White people the Palestinians.

    Zak the jew of course [ I just bet he is! ] the jew is very morally indignant about the Whites genociding the Indians in the 19th century but totally supports his jew tribe genociding the Palestinians today, right now. The jew is appalled, I’m sure, because the Germans wanted Lebensraum, but totally supports the jew desire for Lebensraum in the Middle East.

    1. There was neither a “genocide” of the American Indians, nor is there one going on on the Palestinians, though occasional massacres took/take place. Know the difference between “genocide” and “massacre”. When the White man arrived in America there lived some 2 million Indians north of the Rio Grande, there are now 4 million of them. When the Jews declared their state, there were some 1,4 million Palestinians, there are now in total ( Palestinians in Israel, Gaza, West Bank and in the Diaspora) 11 million of them. Some “genocide”!

      1. Franklin,
        There may be more Indians and Palestinians now then before but how many compared to others and in what conditions? They’ve been overwheamed by others on their territories as will soon happen to Europenas in their own lands. There’s no going back but where are we going now?

    2. TROJ –

      Hypocrisy’s stink always precedes this kind of drivel. Hedges found a way to platform his communism in the accommodating new Presbyterian pulpit. That whole congregation has been infiltrated.

  3. “We live in an age of radical evil”…. with the Satanic ‘Axis Of ZOG’ leading The Charge into The Abyss

  4. It’s a shame that many writers talk about the problem we have on this earth but none if these writers presents a plan, a cure, to get out of this deadlock. It’s always the same whining if I may say so.

    1. You will not find “solutions” in the virtual world of the Internet, only in the real world.

  5. Seymour –

    Darkmoon does RIGHT to publish this drivel. The “sermon”, here, is a very good portrayal of the goddam “Presbyterian” dialogue spewed daily among otherwise fat and happy little do-nothings who think that just because mommy and daddy fornicated them into existence, the rest of us owe them a living.

    1. Gilbert,

      Don’t argue with me about Lasha Darkmoon being “right” to publish this article. By putting in a good word for this unknown female who publishes all these crazy poems full of weeping and wailing and existential angst, you are siding with a life denier and a minion of Satan.

      I sent her a beautiful love poem for publication, celebrating the joys of the flesh, and she turned it down. I couldn’t believe it, given that my poems have been widely published under another name in various poetry magazines. I asked her why she rejected my verse, the child of my brain and the progeny of my loins. Her curt response threw me into a paroxysm of rage, leading to several months on prozac under strict medical supervision.

      “I’m sorry, dear Seymour,” she wrote, “but this is not a porn site.”

      That was like a knife in my back. I’ve had many rejection slips before, but never a rejection so cruel and inhuman as that. My wife said to me: “This woman deserves assassination.”

      Unfortunately, I don’t even know where this evil woman lives. And I certainly can’t afford the hit money, much as I would like to bump her off for her disgusting antisemitic hate speech.

      1. Seymour –

        You’re too sensitive. An unsolicited poem with carnal content might be OK for you, but is NOT appropriate to submit to a desireable lady from whom to seek approval – be she of your own ethnicity, or otherwise. You know that. Don’t act so damn injured!

        1. Seymour, I’d love to read your erotic poem. I wish Lasha wasn’t so damnably prudish! 🙂 Why don’t you post it in the comments section? Maybe Admin will let it through, unless of course it’s horribly obscene and disgusting!

          1. Come to think of it, Gilbert has written some pretty hot stuff in his time! Made me blush and go all gooey. No nunnish lady can afford to read Gilbert’s inflammatory erotic verse without undergoing extreme palpitations! He is a Casanova gone crazy! 🙂

  6. “There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs or Exxon, Shell, BP and Chevron, which along with the other top 20 fossil fuel corporations have contributed 35% of all energy-related carbon dioxide and methane emissions worldwide—480 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965” Hedges writes.

    First, oil is not a fossil fuel.
    Second, The linked article by a Chemistry Expert puts carbon dioxide in it’s proper perspective.

    This published a Feb. 9 2017 on a British site
    Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide can’t cause Global Warming
    Written by Dr Mark Imisides (Industrial Chemist)

  7. “We live in an age of radical evil”.
    Haven’t we always as a member of the human family? Evil is evil. Radical is the lethargy of good men to oppose the enemy of mankind.

    “The architects of this evil are despoiling the earth and driving the human species toward extinction. They are stripping us of our most basic civil liberties and freedoms.”
    Where has the author been living until now? In a Utopian democracy in a far corner of the universe? Man has no rights. If man “owns” money and riches he is free to buy certain rights but he still will be a useful slave waiting for his own earthly discardment.

    “Those who come out of a religious tradition, any religious tradition, have a responsibility to fight this latest iteration of radical evil, which is swiftly ensuring that our species and many other species will not have a future on this earth.”
    Religious “tradition” has two faces. One that seemingly follows the “word of God” in a custom that is completely misunderstood, redesigned and rearranged by a “modern magic Jesus” who will make us rich on Earth and eternal in the heavens and another “religious” face that only to happily thrives in all that the son of God in his times scorned and opposed. To fight or oppose evil one does not need to be religious nor intelligent or chosen. To fight evil man will need to stop fighting himself or his “neighbors” and encourage love in his own heart instead of hate, superiority and division which through “steady programming” already has become an impossible human task.

    “A Jesus who blesses America above other countries…”
    – is no “Jesus” or a son of God. He is a God of war that requires human blood sacrifice to strengthen a nation that has no respect of life in any form and has failed completely as “a Saviour” to erase any sin in man.

    “But who are those who resist? Where do they come from? What historical, social and cultural forces created them?”
    Who are those who resist if it is not oneself? Where are the ones one can look up to while waiting in agony because of ones own timid failure to act in any way? THEY are everywhere – not in big numbers yet – but THEY do exist. They are out in the open or not, resisting through silence action or in demonstrations publicly and have one thing in common – THEY are mocked, called names, are ridiculed, abused, charged and criminalised by their own lame brothers and the authority of tyranny itself. They are constantly smeared and discredited not only by the regime itself but by their own lethargic ignorant brothers instead of uniting for the right and ONLY human cause. FREEDOM. One word for one human family under one God. Even that seems complicated enough in its simplicity for the sophisticated human mind.

    1. Jo,
      Do you remember that catchy tune from WW2 to save communism? “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”? Of course 99% of the dumbshit Americans didn’t have any idea that President FDR maneuvered that US Pacific fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor as a setting duck and then with sanctions placed on Japan maneuvered Japan to attack the setting duck knowing full well ahead of time of the attack and kept the intelligence from the Commanders in Hawaii. Most dumbshit Americans still haven’t the slightest idea that this is how FDR was able to get the dumbshit Congress to declare war on Japan and Germany (to save communism.)

      Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
      “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” is an American patriotic song by Frank Loesser, and published as sheet music in 1942 by Famous Music Corp. The song was a response to the attack on Pearl Harbor that marked United States involvement in World War II.Wikipedia
      Genre:American patriotic song
      Writer(s):Frank Loesser (Pat was Loesser a Jew?)
      Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition – Nelson Eddy
      [Search domain]
      Nelson Eddy, American Baritone (1901 – 1967) PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION (Loesser) Orch & Chorus: Robert Armbruster

      1. @ TJ, that was before my time though I remember growing up in Germany in the 60/70 ties that the communists were declared evil by everyone including all “foreign western forces” in the West that occupied and indirectly ruled defeated W. Germany. A good friend of mine at that time and a German born communist involved with the only “legal” and also tamed political communist party in Germany – the DKP (Deutsche Kommunist Partei), taught me to always look at all aspects from different angles and realities and make up my own mind about what is really true and what not. He was a good, honest and compassionate human being with a big open heart but which interested hardly anyone that constantly attacked him personally for his “political” views and treated him as “a Russian agent that only can bring chaos” to the enslaved and occupied German territory.
        “Praise the lord and kill your enemy” applies most likely to all religious or tribal related slaughter that did happen in history and since time began.

  8. @ administration, below text is from Monthy Pythons life of Brian and displays many similarities to the “modern arguing way of life” which also sometimes affects the comment section at Darkmoon while denying all that one should care about the most – truth. Please decide for yourself if it is worthy to publish here or not.

    “Jesus speaks and mankind listens (sort of)”
    JESUS: How blessed are those who…
    MR. BIG NOSE: Hey. Say that once more; I’ll smash your face in.
    MRS. GREGORY: Ohh.
    MR. CHEEKY: Better keep listening. Might be a bit about ‘Blessed are the big noses.’
    BRIAN: Oh, lay off him.
    MR. CHEEKY: Oh, you’re not so bad yourself, Conkface. Where are you two from? Nose City?
    MR. BIG NOSE: One more time, mate; I’ll take you to the f… cleaners!
    MRS. BIG NOSE: Language!
    JESUS: …hunger and thirst to see…
    MRS. BIG NOSE: And don’t pick your nose.
    JESUS: …right prevail.
    MR. BIG NOSE: I wasn’t going to pick my nose. I was going to thump him!
    MAN #2: You hear that? Blessed are the Greek.
    GREGORY: The Greek?
    MAN #2: Mmm. Well, apparently, he’s going to inherit the earth.
    GREGORY: Did anyone catch his name?
    MRS. BIG NOSE: You’re not going to thump anybody.
    MR. BIG NOSE: I’ll thump him if he calls me ‘Big Nose’ again.
    MR. CHEEKY: Oh, shut up, Big Nose.
    MR. BIG NOSE: Ah! All right. I warned you. I really will slug you so hard–
    MRS. BIG NOSE: Oh, it’s the meek! Blessed are the meek! Oh, that’s nice, isn’t it? I’m glad they’re getting something, ’cause they have a hell of a time.
    MR. CHEEKY: Listen. I’m only telling the truth. You have got a very big nose.
    MR. BIG NOSE: Hey. Your nose is going to be three foot wide across your face by the time I’ve finished with you!
    MAN #1 and MAN #2: Shhh.
    MR. CHEEKY: Well, who hit yours, then? Goliath’s big brother?
    MR. BIG NOSE: Oh. Right. That’s your last warning.
    MRS. GREGORY: Oh, do pipe down.
    MR. BIG NOSE and GREGORY fight
    GREGORY: Oh!
    MRS. GREGORY: Awa?
    MR. BIG NOSE: Silly bitch. Get in the way on me?…
    MRS. GREGORY: Ow!…
    MR. BIG NOSE: Break it up– oh. Oh!
    MANDY: Oh, come on. Let’s go to the stoning.
    BRIAN: All right.
    FRANCIS: Well, blessed is just about everyone with a vested interest in the status quo, as far as I can tell, Reg.
    REG: Yeah. Well, what Jesus blatantly fails to appreciate is that it’s the meek who are the problem.
    JUDITH: Yes, yes. Absolutely, Reg. Yes, I see.
    MANDY: Oh, come on, Brian, or they’ll have stoned him before we get there.
    BRIAN: All right.
    MR. CHEEKY: Hey. Get off her. That’s disgusting. Stop trying to do that. Hey, officer, intervene here. Attempted rape going on. It’s the chap with the big nose’s fault. He started it all.
    OFFICER: What?

    1. JO,
      During WW2 God was on the side of the Allies. Also God was on the side of the Axis. All sides just knew that their side would win because God was on “their” side. Other then the atheistic Soviets that fell apart 30 years ago it was ((those))) that won and are still whining and winning until someone stops (((them))).

  9. I haven’t brought myself to read Hedges article yet.. I can’t watch him on TV too much…
    After I do I’ll see if I change my mind…
    I’ll bet my next lunch he hasn’t put the finger on the Zion for 9-11 yet.. Yeah, he’s a real firebrand…
    He calls himself a Journalist, but so-far he’s right on the same level with the Fox News crowd in that department..
    They call oil a Fossil Fuel all over the mainstream media, Hi Chris…
    That’s not quite right… I’ve offered all kinds of steps..
    In fact, I know exactly what to, and it’s not hard to figure…
    And if everybody does what I say, we’ll all straighten the whole thing out, restore honest government, save the planet and find world peace…
    Right On…

  10. Hedges claims iconic status in journalism, but he’s not entirely truthful with the public…
    It’s either honesty or realpolitik..
    Too many things omitted adds up to lying…
    I knew a media guy who asked Amy Goodman in person once why she didn’t investigate the official 9-11 narrative… She replied – “well, we do what we can”..
    Probably whatever is stopping Amy Goodman is stopping Chris Hedges too…
    There are way too many subjects being ignored by the likes of Hedges, people who sell themselves as genuine journalists…
    Besides 9-11, and the obvious controlled demolitions, maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember Hedges having anybody in about chemtrails or geoengineering…
    He pushes the hell out of ‘global warming’ though, and a lot of the other mental mainstays of the said ‘left’…
    I’m not sure what they really are, but I don’t think they’re the ‘left’…
    If you cherry-pick your subjects for the furtherance of a certain political whatever, you’re no longer a journalist, you’re now an agent…
    Has Chris Hedges ever interviewed any of the number of mothers out there with vaccine damaged children?
    I know he’s supposedly got it in for all big corporations, so why not hand Big Pharma some publicity on that?
    Somebody tell me he did something on the Sackler Brothers…
    The forest fires in California are pretty suspicious too, lots of remote control theories…
    Hedges will be the first one to tell you how bad gun violence is, and it is bad where youth and gangs are out of control, but if he’s seen the ridiculous video of the mosque shooting hoax in New Zealand, he’s gotta know there’s a plot there… And any thinking person understands the connection between illegal immigration and gang violence in the USA…
    I don’t think illegal immigration is a subject Chris Hedges much cares for, unless he’s hyping the ‘concentration camp’ accusation…
    I wonder if he’s ever done a piece on electronic voting machines, Chuck Hagel and the ex-cons from Diebold?
    I guess that’s old news now anyway…
    I noticed he got the trigger-word ‘privilege’ in above…
    The whole white-privilege white-nationalist white-supremacy white-guilt reparations pander is an obvious incitement to racial hatred, with a pecuniary kicker…
    If I was a real serious dissident journalist like Chris Hedges, I think I’d start interviewing all the Alex Jones and Red Ice types who’ve been kicked off Google… Find out what it is they’re saying that’s so threatening to the power structure… Maybe that would help us all define the power structure, more accurately that the usual suspects at corporate headquarters…
    Of course, people who visit this blog already know who that is…
    I don’t think Chris uses the J-Word… Who on RT does?

  11. Chris Hedges has some good ideas, but when he went off about his “white privilege” years ago, I stopped following him.

    “White Privilege” is something our ancestors have passed down to us for generations, for thousands of years. White people could still be living in huts, hunting and gathering, like some cultures in the Amazon and Papua New guinea do to this day. But whites bettered themselves. Their values of education and science and art elevated their culture, passed on from one generation to the next.
    How dare anyone say because im white, i have unearned “privilege”. It’s been earned every f-ing generation — all intentionally.
    If there is anything unearned, it’s 3rd worlders moving into white countries, taking advantage of our society we created over thousands of years, and then taking credit for it. Or 3rd world countries missappropriating white technology.

  12. This article seems to contradict itself, as the writer points out specific Jews who are committing atrocities globally, but blames white people for this. Sure, many whites are complicit, though they are indoctrinated and bribed into compliance. Additionally, whites have done no more than any other people in history. American Indians were not the “first people” of the Americas, Vikings were. Most of the deaths of A. Indians were due to disease like small pox. The Indians were already at war with themselves ( though various tribes were not one group, as depicted in propaganda). The Indians I know have better lives than they would if whites never got here. Some tribes, like the Cree, are widely known to other tribes as being (still) viscous, crazy and a bain to other tribes. Tribes stole the territory of other tribes, as did Romans, Germans, Jews, Americans, Mongols, Africans…ad infinitum, throughout history. Humans and animals can be good and bad. Also, why focus on the bad things that people do, instead, focus on good, stimulating, perpetuating and supporting good doers. If I raise good kids, I am focusing on good. Understandable it is that bad things are presented to us without our consent, deal with the bad as it comes and return to good.

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