The Brainwashing of America with Holocaust Propaganda

Our children get it in school every day of the week . . . the public get it on television and in movies ad nauseam . . . and now even U.S. police forces are subjected to mandatory Holocaust training.

By Philip Giraldi

P – R – O – P – A – G – A – N – D – A 

Jewish groups in the United States are adept at creating mechanisms that benefit themselves and also frequently Israel at the expense of the American taxpayer. The proliferating holocaust museums are a good example, sometimes built by private donations but then paid for and operated by the local government.

The national holocaust museum in Washington is, for example, supported by the taxpayer to the tune of $54 million per year. When one considers that the so-called holocaust occurred nearly eighty years ago and did not involve the United States at all, it is a remarkable achievement to so memorialize the claimed uniqueness of Jewish suffering, which then is used to justify other abuses and excuse Israel’s ongoing war crimes.

For those who deny that claims of the uniqueness of Jewish suffering are exploited and even promoted in order to be able to influence public opinion while also obtaining special favors from government, one might cite specific instances where that has most definitely been the case. Jewish organizations receive over 90% of discretionary grants from the Department of Homeland Security, for example, and Israel benefits from $3.8 billion in aid annually plus another $10 billion through bogus charities, trade concessions and U.S. government funded projects approved by Congress that the American public knows little or nothing about.

And benefiting Jews worldwide is also part of the agenda. Apart from the creation of the state of Israel itself, which was opposed by most of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the first major effort to condition U.S. foreign policy to benefit Jews specifically came with the Jackson-Vanik Amendment of 1975, which made some aspects of relations with the Soviet Union conditional on that country’s willingness to let Jews emigrate. Far more outrageous was the so-called Lautenberg Amendment enshrined in the 1990 Public Law 101-167 that granted refugee status to Russian Jews even though they were not actually being persecuted or in any way endangered. The refugee status is significant as it provided food stamps, housing, social security, Medicaid and educational benefits along with a free ticket into the U.S. to an “estimated…350,000 to 400,000 Jews [who] entered the United States …”

Holocaust education is mandatory in the public schools of 15 states and Jewish groups are active in determining just what appears in textbooks about Israel, which means that the propagandizing about Jews and Israel begins early and continues throughout one’s education. Twenty-seven states have laws criminalizing or otherwise punishing anyone who advocates boycotts of Israel while the federal government has similar legislation in the pipeline and has declared that criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitism.

Given all of that it is perhaps not surprising to learn that policemen in Tampa Florida are now undergoing “holocaust training,” sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. Conveniently, there is a holocaust museum located just down the road in St. Petersburg where the first group of officers was taken to be indoctrinated.


The training is mandatory . . .

. . . and is reported to be the first in the state of Florida, though more such initiatives will likely be in the pipeline as governor Ron DeSantis has declared himself to be the most pro-Israel head of any state in the U.S. The newscaster discussing the training also observed in passing that “holocaust awareness training” has been mandatory “for about a decade” for all federal law enforcement officers. It is difficult to imagine what such training is intended to do in the American context, though it clearly seeks to remind trainees that in Nazi Germany policemen were involved in concentration camps and the claimed execution of Jews.

One would think that the public will eventually arrive at an “enough already” point when it comes to government and private sector efforts to exploit the holocaust and monetize Jewish suffering. Unless the Jewish creators of the “training” program honestly believe that something like Germany 1939-45 is coming to the United States and are intent on giving a warning, it would seem to be yet one more tip of the hat to Jewish power in America, quite likely also intended to send a positive message about what Israel represents. What it all has to do with U.S. national security or in benefiting the American people is, of course, irrelevant.

Joint training programs run in Israel are also being used to indoctrinate American police forces and are equally difficult to comprehend as the Israelis are clueless when it comes to conducting investigations or protecting all of their country’s citizens. Israel’s cops are at the forefront of state violence against Palestinians as well as serving as protectors of rampaging heavily armed settlers who destroy Arab livelihoods so they can steal their land. The Israeli police are also quite good at using the “Palestinian chair” for torture when they are not shooting Arab teenagers in the back, skills that American cops hopefully will not emulate.

In fact, there have been suggestions that certain policemen might well be picking up some unanticipated pointers from the Israelis. Georgia has been experiencing a surge in officer involved shootings, nearly half of the victims being unarmed or shot from behind. As this has unfolded, the state continues to pursue a “police exchange” program with Israel run through Georgia State University.

The police “exchange programs” began twenty-seven years ago in 1992 and are paid for through grants from the U.S. Department of Justice as well as from the state and local governments. Reportedly “law enforcement from [a number of] U.S. states have participated in the program, including those from Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia.” In some states and local jurisdictions, the Israel exchange program is managed by the Anti-Defamation League, which also sponsors propagandistic seminars on Israeli “counter-terrorism” practices throughout the U.S.

Some states and cities, however, concerned over being linked to Israel’s militarized police forces and their brutal occupation of Palestinian land, are beginning to withdraw from the training program. Recently the Vermont State Police, the Northampton, Massachusetts police department and the Durham North Carolina city police have canceled their planned training in Israel.

There has been particular concern expressed over the Israeli “us-versus-them” dual track mode of policing where the 20% of the country’s citizens that are Arab are regarded as an enemy while the settlers who prey on the Palestinians are automatically protected by police solely because they are Jewish.

Lethal force is frequently resorted to on a “shoot-to-kill” basis in any incident involving Arabs and Jews, even when there is no serious threat. Some critics of the training note how that type of policing is basically racial profiling while areas on what was once the Palestinian West Bank and along the Gaza border have become free fire zones for the Israeli army and law enforcement, killing hundreds of Arabs, many of them children. Palestinians injured by policemen or settlers also obtain no redress from the Israeli courts with only 3 per cent of investigations resulting in a conviction.

That some American police forces are now questioning the wisdom of training in an Israel where police officers can freely shoot and kill members of an oppressed religious and ethnic minority should not be a surprise but for the fact that it took so long. That Jewish groups in the United States get away with obtaining taxpayer money to promote an essentially criminal Israeli enterprise is perhaps just as discouraging as it suggests that Jewish power and money will continue to prevail in the brainwashing of the American public. Holocaust training and exchanges in Israel for police officers are shameful ideas, promoted by the usual ambitious government officials who pander to the Jewish lobby for their own personal gain.


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  1. There are too many holes in the official holocaust story. I used to believe it until I read that poor Ann Frank had been treated in the HOSPITAL at Auschwitz. A hospital?.. in a death camp? Bishop Williamson used to have access to the Vatican records and came out with the statement that there were no homicidal gas chambers in the camps. I believe him. The Holocaust story started as Jewish and Soviet Communist propaganda, to further blacken the name of Germany.

    There were atrocities on both sides in WW2, but the greatest killers were the Communists in Russia and China, where they not only massacred the enemy but millions of their own people.

    Without the holocaust story there would have been no State of Israel, and the Israelis would not be subjugating the Palestinians and stealing their country.

    It isn’t over yet.

    1. It is ludicrous to deny Jewish Power. They dominate politics, the media, academia, finance, everything, and it is mainly due to their abiiity to destroy people who offer any resistance or criticism. They do this by using the charge of antisemitism, which is the ultimate sin nowadays, equating to stuffing Jews into gas chambers.

      They are 1 in 50 of the US population and 1 in 200 of the UK population, yet they are so powerful that few dare to raise any complaints. Even to use the word “Jew” will get you into trouble, and can lead to the destruction of your career or business.

      In effect we live under a Jewish Tyranny. and we MUST RESIST IT. Stand your ground. If they accuse me of being antisemitic my response is that if resisting the activities of Israel, Mossad and AIPAC is antisemitic then you can call me an antisemite.

      And I am not a Labour Party supporter.

      1. BRAVO!!

        A courageous comment, John Kirby. You cannot be accused of radicalism simply because you are not a radical. It is the socio-political situation that is unbearable.

        I think it is not politically correct to call us anti-Semitic, that is so anti-Gentilic. For Christ sake, we are Christians! We demand the Jews to use the politically correct word “anti-Jew,” otherwise we are going to feel offended!

        P.S. I love when the weapons of the enemy are used against him. 🙂

        1. @ Nothing but the truth

          Bravo! A fine comment as far as I’m concerned. But unlikely to please the Christ-haters among us who are quite happy to diss Christ at every opportunity and would certainly not subscribe to your comment: “For Christ’s sake, we are Christians!”

          Given that the Christ of the New Testament has not said one single thing that deserves disrespect, contempt or mockery, I find it very upsetting that so many otherwise intelligent people here never cease to diss Jesus Christ and sneer at him. Why are they doing this? Do they need attention? Are they Useful Idiots for the Jews? Or are they just mentally deranged?

          In my opinion, it’s a combination of all three.

          BTW, I am not an orthodox Christian. I am equally respectful of other religions and would never dream of directing a volley of abuse at good Buddhists, good Hindus, or good Muslims. They should be left alone to worship God in their own ways, for they are are all basically worshipping the same Unknown and Unknowable God.

      2. Sardonicus,

        I’m glad you called my attention. That inconvenient phrase you mentioned could be interpreted as some kind of extreme religious exclusivism. Nothing could be further from the truth. I agree 100% with your conclusive, last paragraph. I used that phrase to emphasize that, for Christians, being called an anti-Semite is like being called an anti-Christ (according to “official” Christian belief), something Christians could never be! As John Kirby noted, correctly, the charge of anti-Semitism is the ultimate sin nowadays.

        I don’t usually abuse the word “we” but I guess it’s Ok to use it in punch lines. Anti-Jew is the politically correct word because it means anti-(Jewish Power), just politics. Not racism, or whatever other tricky language the Jews want to impose on “us.” 🙂

  2. There really was a holocaust, not against Jews, but against the German Nation. It is estimated that 8 million Germans died during the war, but another 13 million died in the two years following the fall of Berlin. That was genocide, a true holocaust of starvation, rape, murder, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and forced expulsions from the German diaspora. When considering all the Jews have done to undermine and control American policy, perhaps their paranoia is justified. I think they realize that no matter how sophisticated or how pervasive their propaganda techniques, they simply can not reach the free thinking of about 15% of the American population who see through the facade of their victimhood. That’s more than enough to unseat them from their privileged positions in a rout. They should be concerned that the military police tactics they have sponsored don’t turn against them.

    1. Plus the Holocaust of the Branch Davidians in covinous collusion
      with the ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI…and the “Jewish” media.

      Jesus declares @ Matthew 13:39-43 that the eternal “Fiery Furnace”
      of Truth is the “JEWTOPIA” retirement facility prepared in advance
      for the workers of iniquity.

      more than 90% of so-called “Jews” don’t have to be cult members
      of the Synagogue of Satan cult compound…!

      {{{THEY}}} could come out.

  3. Nice article, ADMIN!
    Sarcasm is a great weapon against evil, the abatjour picture is priceless!!

    “the federal government has similar legislation in the pipeline and has declared that criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitism”

    The sky is the limit for Jewish chutzpah. They can’t have both ways, Israel (sic) is a political state, and every political state can be, and must be, freely criticized. Now the Jews want to block, using the law, any criticism directed at the tiny, little, terrorist, Rothschild’s pet state; isn’t that the precise definition of tyranny?

    The Jews are being duped by their leadership, which has a religious obsession with 6 million dead Jews. As we know, 6 million Jews didn’t perish yet. The goyim can be cheated at will but is it possible to cheat a prophecy? Jews must repent and choose sides, fast!

    (((They))) have so much power that this prophecy can be self-fulfilled. Sacrifices are an important part of Satan’s game.
    (Albert Pike letter to Giuseppe Mazzini – year 1871)

    1. I see the term “Nazism” in the letter. Did that term even EXIST in 1871 (the supposed date of the letter)?? Had the Jews decided to call occupied Palestine “Israel” by 1871??
      Something about that letter seems suspicious as to its authenticity.

      1. Gilbert,

        I believe the Albert Pike letter (1871) has been outed as fraudulent. Many still believe in its authenticity but it is now generally regarded as fake.

      2. Thanks, Gilbert!

        I don’t know if the letter is authentic, usually these documents are discredited.

        Answering your questions, first of all, I’m going to pass about “Israel.” But “Nazism,” comes from “Nietzscheism,” the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900). 🙂

      3. The opposing philosophy, in this dialectic charade, was presented to the general public in 1848 by Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy). I’m sure the Jewish media of that time helped pump the philosophy of their old buddy, “Karl.”

    2. Right on. Israel is not a jewish state, although that is what it is portrayed. Israel is Rothschild’s state, a terrorist criminal establishment that works for the Rothschilds. As Herzl says it, “Israel will be the home to “us” Godless immortals”. And then some Kuhn and Loeb banker said said ” Zionism is just a convenient peg to hang a powerful weapon. It is a but an incidence in a far reaching plan “… Yes the jews are duped because the jews worship shekels and view Rothschilds as the Godfather.

      1. Thanks, Ed! 🙂
        (I would put this comment down below but I decided to put it as a reply to your perspicacious reflection)

        I’ll stick with the Red Cross numbers: approximately 300 thousand deaths in Hitler’s camps, total (Jews and gentiles), mostly from typhus and inanition. Zyklon B was used to kill fleas. The Red Cross was the first organization to report the 1948 massacre of Deir Yassin, a village of roughly 600 people near Jerusalem. Jews dislike the Red Cross. In WWI the Red Cross could walk through the battle fields to help the wounded; no one would aim at them. Now is just dirty war, Jews aim at Palestinians first responders and use “humanitarian” convoys to smuggle weapons and ammo.

        Nevertheless, after tearing apart the official History of the All-lies, one must not feel too confident. Truth isn’t below the first layer of deception, the second layer is. Communism is the main ideology of International Bankers – everyone is equal, a cow with a tag attached to it. The truth is precisely the opposite, everyone is different and unique. The right wing has a purpose, to take the fall, Napoleon is the premier example. Right wingers are always whining because they never consolidate power, that is not their purpose in the grand game.

        Zionists are too confident by now, a confidence that precede their fall. Only in Hollywood movies the father of all lies and deception keeps its promises. Jews are serving Satan’s incarnation and its top disciples expecting loyalty from (((them))). Can the One World Government coexist with the nationalism of the Zionists?

      2. Ed,
        Correct. Donaldo has stated it several times on this website. The Zios have plenty of shekels to peacefully buy out and relocate abroad every last Palestinian in Israel. For the very reasons you stated they don’t. Israel never was intended as a homeland for the Jews but rather a homeland for international, atheistic Khazar criminals which exactly what it is today. Yep. The big boyz in Tel Aviv sure ain’t devout Jews for sure and their behavior reflects this. 🤔🧐🤫

    1. Patty,
      TJ feels slighted. TJ feels neglected, TJ’s feeling are hurt real good. TJ has been kicked to the curb by being deprived of the warmth and cozy confines of a memorized museum to the holly of hollies, full of holes about the mysterious missing 6 million, right here in the Pacific NW states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Don’t we Northwesters count for something? Do we even matter at all. Oh the pain of it all. The pain that hurts real good!!

  4. the holycost (jewish messiach) had long been conceived before the Third Reich , today is it not the neo- world religion , the de facto new faith of the America , finally uniting church and state ?

    The holycost was a necessary preemption for revelation of the atrocities of the Ukraine , Armenia and to the German people before (Weimar) , during and after the war … even to this moment. Although god’s children murder always with impunity without compunction nor remorse.

    It is an historical observation that the Hebrew obliterates all epigraphic evidence of the host culture ; then replaces it with another monopoly on thought or in this case , penance , a self glorifying edifice of their own licentious invention .

    The exaltation of themselves through the proliferation of holycost museum and the desecration or removal of the southern monument s to the Confederacy or reconstruction era is the current evidence.

    They must always be the cynosure . One can only think of them. Consider this ridiculous jew comedy called the impeachment of a lawfully elected president. Whom do you hear and see?!

    1. Paul –

      “Whom do you hear and see?!”

      I see ALL of DC circling the wagons in a distraction set up by both sides for enabling the cover-up for the customers and consumers of Jeffrey Epsteins’ trips and products. Especially covering for BILL & HILLARY!!

      Bill Clinton was Jeffrey Epstein’s closest ‘celebrity mate’ and a frequent guest at his New Mexico ranch with wife HILLARY….. staying at the pedophile’s cowboy-themed village, say estate workers!!

      Bill and Hillary Clinton would stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch frequently after they left the White House, former estate workers told DailyMailTV
      The former president was Epstein’s closest ‘celebrity mate’ and the Clintons visited Zorro Ranch ‘a whole bunch of times’, a former contractor who ran the IT system at the property said
      The family never stayed in the main house but bunked down in a special cowboy-themed village created by Epstein, which lies a mile south of his own villa, sources said
      The guest homes are next to other traditional Wild West-style buildings such as an old schoolhouse and saloon bar, which are all near Epstein’s private airstrip, where he arrived on his private planes
      This is all according to security expert Jared Kellogg, who was brought in by long-standing ranch manager Brice Gordon to improve security and set up a camera system at the main house and ‘cowboy village’
      Kellogg said: ‘I was saying how cool the replica houses were. [Gordon] said: ”Yeah, they’re built for guests… It’s really cool the Clintons come out and hang out [with Epstein]”’
      Bill Clinton and Epstein were once friends, and in August DailyMailTV revealed the convicted pedophile had a bizarre portrait of Bill in a dress – worn by Hillary – hanging on the wall of his New York mansion
      Clinton has flown on Epstein’s private plane, the Lolita Express, several times but denied ever visiting one of Epstein’s residences, apart from one time at his New York home

      1. @ Pat.
        If you are implying that the comment was superficial or irrelevant , you are probably correct. You propose it to be a distraction or diversion for more serious crimes: you must remember that Bill Clinton has no fear of prosecution ; that the earlier allegations of rape like Juanita Broderick and others’ only restitution granted was to still be alive .

        His histrionic impeachment was not from sexual prurience or misbehavior but a pious legalism .
        Should he fear prosecution from guilt through association with Epstein ? Intuitively , I do not think the mysterious $$$iare is even dead. And from whom? Is Kenneth Starr another player in this comedy? And the many Epstein associated jewish lawyers , who should be co-defendants in a trial of their peers ? Can you reproach the devil for sin? Will the left hand reproach the right?

        One can not find the bottom to the abyss. Is it all not just a jewish comedy with actors , whose very names are eponymous of un assimilative , who do not countenance competition nor ” diversity”. Is not in the end the victim of this jewish monopoly the truth ? from whom they have already been condemned.

      2. Who’s that knocking at my door?
        Who’s that knocking at my door?
        Who’s that knocking at my door?
        Said the fair young maiden

        Well, it’s only me from over the sea
        Said Barnacle Bill the Clinton
        I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree
        Said Barnacle Bill the Clinton

        Who’s that knocking at my door?
        Who’s that knocking at my door?
        Open the door you #+^#$&()) %&*!!
        Said Barnacle Bill the Clinton…

      3. “Better put some ice on THAT!!” 🙂

        Billy was not that brash or bold in Hot Springs High School…. a few years behind me.
        That came on when he was recruited by Cord Meyer(CIA) while at Oxford. Then amplified by Hillary.
        His mother was hell on wheels, though…. like a loud out of control bulldozer!! WHEW!! My dad sat her down a few times….. when she wanted to control the speaking events.
        BUT Billy never met a podium he could not conquer.

      4. Homer –

        Cute pic of Web Hubbell’s daughter & Billy. Spitin’ image!! 🙂

        Billy told one of his fun-bunnies not to worry – had rheumatic fever at age 11.

        Besides… according to the reasonably named website…., Bill and Hillary had an “open marriage” agreement since the very beginning. GovtSlaves then goes on to note that, though Hillary and Bill might not have been making the beast with two backs themselves, she was getting it on with “Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, and a string of lesbian lovers.”

  5. Holocaust is real, people. You have killed all the Jews except Zak, Soros, and few others. Just like you did with the Redskins except Brown-Hawk, Pale-Pat, and few others.

    1. Circ –

      THE ‘Caucasus Hillbilly’ with one short leg from running along hillsides……. getting weak??? 😜 😜 😜 😜

      1. Russia and ‘Put-On’ would be nothing without the USA!! Russia is a satellite of the USA! 🙂

        Eugene Fedorov knows! 

        The best and the shortest way to get good information on Russia today is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to ‘Put-On’. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.

        Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language.

        He is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, and he rarely can be seen on Russian TV screens at all. But he does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

        Here is a random sample of his assertions:
        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
        1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
        2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

        **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans.
        The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

        Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!

        Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.

        See Fedorov:

  6. Never believing in the Jewish Holocaust means never having to un-believe it, never having to ponder fake intricacies of it, never having to muster crocodile tears.

    Punishment for such unrepentant evil was and is; separation from the mainstream of society and now and again assaults verbal, psychological and physical.

  7. As the planet’s PREMIER TalMUDic State, it is only fitting that there should be a HolloCO$T (to the taxpayer) Museum on every street corner in AmeriKanazi.

    Amerikanazis should thank their lucky stars that, during this “holiday” season, they’re not hauled off to re-eductaion camp for not displaying a menorah in every window…. YET!

  8. One of my nephews let his wife take their children to visit the holocaust memorial in Washington, D.C.. When I told him how foolish it was to allow those children to be indoctrinated with that bullshit, it offended him! (Otherwise logical and rational Americans seem to want to avoid entertaining questions about it!). 😡😡😡🤔🤔

  9. It’s all about the money…
    14,000,000,000 a year..
    Once that’s been in the pipeline a while it’s pretty hard to get it back out, not if the typical beltway crowd has anything to say about it.
    We can all see what a $hmuck$ trump is for the tribe, but I’m betting the hatred for him is really all about some fear his ways will eventually endanger the big bolsheviki Pentagon media warmongering Rothschild bankster foreign aid complex, even so…
    By now everybody who wants to know totally understands the holohoax industry myth….
    Still the big majority does not…
    Jews control the media and they make it their business to see their stooges put into office…
    The adl is well aware who’s on all your local police forces too…
    The test question for any and all politicians should be – do you believe the holocaust?

  10. Good article! As for a holocaust, there was one but 6 million Jews were not killed, incinerated and buried in mass graves. Zionists from Theodor Hertzl (Blessed Saint of IsraHell) onward and their conventions before 1900, came up with that number. Then newspapers from around 1905 onward, propagandized that number. Official census records in Europe stated that Jews made up a population of some 15.7 million in 1939 and about 15.3 million in 1946. How is that possible if 6 million Jews died in a Holocaust from 1939 – 1945. The International Red Cross also said that the Concentration (Labor) Camps had proper facilities, soccer fields, swimming pools and the inmates even had social clubs, music bands and performed plays. This 6 million heresy is even perpetuated in Star Wars when C3PO says he understands 6 million forms of communication. 6 million forms of communication my arse ( 6 million Jews is what is inferred). Star Wars a Gyorgi Lukaktz , Steven Spielberg production. Zionists used the 6 million figure and their manipulation of ordinary Jews, Hitler, WW2 and the Balfour Declaration to get their homeland IsraHell. The REAL Holocaust is that the Zionist killed 60 million Europeans, North Americans and British Colonialists to get their patch of dirt so as to fulfill Bible prophecy.

    Sadly, the old lesson still is: You know who controls you when you are NOT Allowed to criticize them (JEW). They own and control many nations today, but sadly America is at the top of the list. This article proves that in spades!

    1. Strom,
      There seems to be two numbers that have a lock on the Hebrew/Jewish/Zionist “world conquers” mentality; 40 and 6. There may be and are other numbers in the cult of numerology but 40 and 6 for right now.
      Going back to old but goody Old Testament days there is reverence to 40 years here ,40 days there 40 this and 40 that.
      Then there is the case of 6. For Christians there is 666 in revelations. There where the 6 billion!! of the God’s precious, so many that blood flowed in the sea from the good old days. Skipping ahead a little there was the (((6 million))) as a result of WW1. And when that didn’t wash so well, so the infamous number 6 was regurgitated for the oh so famous 6 million of German ineptitude. 6 billion there 6 million here, 66666 every where. Pretty soon we’ll be talking about some real big numbers.

  11. I think many of the responses to this article are firing off target. They miss the point that the Jews invented the holocaust myth to cover up their massive crimes of WWII. And if Americans cared enough to study historical facts , they would know that the Allied Forces did not fight WWII to restore freedom to the world, but to impose tyranny over it. Why do you think Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to cede 23 Eastern European countries to Communist tyranny? General Patton was right in his opposition to such post-war policies. But in the Western nations today patriotic zeal is still clinging to a vainglorious and romantic notion of victory over tyranny. As I see it, this is the main reason our country is in such a mess. Wrongful thinking.

    1. Joe, the holohoax myth is bolstered by the Americans’ desire to not face the fact that “the greatest generation” lost all those “heroes” fighting THE WRONG PEOPLE. Patton said so, and it appears to be TRUE. President Kennedy once stated, at a state dinner, that Adolf Hitler would go down in history as one of the “greatest” leaders the world has ever seen – but you never hear any references to THAT. Secretatry William Baker was quoted as saying that Hitler would be continued to be vilified because it was such propaganda that helped compel America to go to war against him, in the first place. The consequences of addressing the lies about “the holocaust” is that it would subsequently expose the lies which brought The United States’ entry into the Second World War, and the inhumane destruction of the German people. (I can only suppose the context of JFK’s remark was explaining his intention of disenfranchising the Federal Reserve from our currency.)
      There is no “reparation” that can now be done for this wrong, so the lie will continue…

      1. AND – JFK said McCarthy was a great American Patriot!!
        (Too bad Joe had Roy Cohn for his lawyer.)


        JFK’s feelings became abundantly clear during a reunion banquet at Harvard.
        When an after-dinner speaker remarked that
        he was proud Harvard had never graduated an Alger Hiss
        and even prouder that it had never produced a Joe McCarthy,
        JFK exploded in anger.


        Rising at his seat, he shouted,
        “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!”
        The other diners lapsed into shocked silence,
        and JFK departed without hearing the rest of the program.


        Cohn was a prosecutor in the Rosenberg spy trial, chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy, a close friend to Nancy Reagan and a personal lawyer for Donald Trump.

        THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!! Dammit!!!

  12. I agree that there are many lies and that it’s misused by you know who, but that it didn’t happen? So they were working captives to death in slave labour camps, just a slower extermination for most. They sure had hospitals to heal those that could be healed to put back to work and some recreational facilities but what about those who were unfit for work, the infirm and handicapped, the children with congenital diseases who wouldn’t grow up to be fit enough to slave away in the expected 1,000 year Reich? Of course selection had to be practiced followed by destruction. Nobody claims that they were all sent to destruction immediately on reception. So yeah, what happened to those who were unfit for labour in the labour camp? And as time went by there would have been more of such among the working population so selection had to be an ongoing process. And as conditions worsened selection had to become more severe. So they found a bunch of bodies of those who died of typhus and starvation just before they liberated the camps. Those piles would have had to be mountains if they had just left them piling up throughout the operation of the camps. Nah, I don’t buy that the Nazis were some kind of humanists running a humanitarian care programme in those camps. Evil is evil no matter who does it, even guys in Hugo Boss uniforms with skull and bones insignia. Yeah I know: drastic problems require drastic solutions and all that, but still …

    1. Nobody said the war never happened. Itz the holohoax that never happened. The holohoax is what the jews say happened, and that’s clearly a lie. The jews lie about everything but you sir, bend over backwards to believe the lies the jews told about the Germans.

      1. Nazis had no compunction about mass murdering captives of many other nationalities and ethnicities, and this comes from numerous non-Jewish sources. So you are claiming the Jews were singled out for more lenient treatment than those other victims who in total numbers surpass the dead Jews? Then you have to come up with the evidence and the explanation why it is so. Not saying you couldn’t be right there but there has to be a good and profound reason.

  13. When you speak of mass murder by Nazis, you are merely parroting jew bullshit. No, I’m not saying jews were singled out for more lenient treatment. I’m saying that all you think you know about the Germans is what the jews, the ALL-LIES, and the US gov., have told you with their lies. Germany was forced into war with the express intention of exterminating the Germans. Whatever the Germans did to defend themselves and their country was justified.

    During the official time of World War 2, the International Red Cross was allowed regular visits in the prison and work camps operated by the White people of Germany to keep many jews (though far from all jews) and other traitors and criminals under control. The Red Cross kept track of and reported the numbers and on the physical condition of the prisoners along with the facilities provided to the prisoners.

    The Red Cross documented the good medical facilities, cafeterias, theatres, sports grounds, the small chambers to kill the fleas infesting jew clothing upon their arrival to the work camps, and the deaths due to old age, disease — and in the final stage of the war when the Allies destroyed transportation and food-distribution systems by relentless saturation bombing, there were many deaths by starvation.

    The bottom line is that there are two completely opposed positions on Adolf Hitler and his people. Absolutely authentic documents, such as the videos of his speeches and the thorough documentation of government activities, prove one side is the side of truth. And the other side is the side of lies, the jew lies, which masses of uninformed, brainwashed, people parrot, without ever looking into the facts themselves.

    1. I am aware of arguments of the pro- and the anti-Nazis, and that both are also propagandists.

      I meant that the relationship between the Nazis and the Zionists went from being two sides of the same coin, as at the time of cooperation during the Haavara agreement, to whatever later on. Anyway the Nazis are dead and gone, it’s the Zionists we should be concerned about now.

      1. Concern about those Zionists can best be amplified by exposing the enormity of their lies, Mr. Commentator. I have read unvarnished accounts of Americans who helped liberate one of those camps – including staff officers of General Patton – and neither of them mentioned the word “Jew” when describing the condition of the inmates. One did, however, surmise that the shortage of provisions came about because of the extensive bombing and destruction which shorted everything else, too.
        Germans are not normally unkind or cruel (like Turks or Japs – or severely propagandized Americans).

      2. CM
        Whom you refer to as “nazis” throughout your ill-informed posts are far from dead because they are the very Zionists you correctly say we SHOULD be concerned about!

        “nazi”, or say “nozi”.
        “zian”, or say “zion”

        You catch my drift? The deception contained in words and their spelling variants? The true identity of who exactly
        is being referred to? As in German leadership vs. the forces that DUPED them? Where responsibility truly lies? 😎

  14. Gilbert,
    I know the others were no better and once you get into war it has its own logic. It’s hard to judge by anecdotal evidence. I’ve known some who fared very well in German captivity and under German occupation, others not so.

    1. CM –

      Same here. My business partner’s father was shot down in Germany and is alive today at 96. He said the worst was the cold with few blankets and the food. All they had to eat was boiled cabbage and no meat and bread with bugs for protein. A little milk sometimes. Plenty of good water.

      He said he never was sick, and doesn’t remember any of the hundreds of others getting sick either. Cabbage was enough. Only lost a few pounds. All were lean in the early 40s to begin with. The guards were not abusive.

      Another of my friends had a similar experience. He retired as a colonel in USAF and died healthy at 93 about 5 years ago. He was THE FIRST test pilot for the B-47 which became the B-52.

    2. Mike, my father was 94th cavalry and was at several Stalags and Oflags.
      He said the men would joke about the allied officers in the Oflags having it better than they did in the field. Imagine that. He said German officers were well respected, uber-professional and the allied prisoners appreciated it. The opposite of what the world is supposed to believe.

      He made it to 70 years old with 50 years of Camel cigarettes, Bourbon, shrapnel and bullet holes under his belt. Everyone was impressed and a few of us even said it couldn’t be done!

  15. Pat :

    You never mentioned you had a business partner before. What kind of business did you and your business partner have? Was it a successful business? Did you make a lot of money you and your business partner?

    1. TROJ –

      To address your inquiry (Pat must be indisposed, right now…), Pat was a pimp. He ran his whores out of Dick’s Inn at Lake of The Ozarks. You probably have inmates at Chatahoochee who have been there and can verify it. While there, Pat somehow ((???!)) caught the bullhead clap, and shakes to this day. He obviously acquired a good education, there, from mingling with America’s finest. 🌞 (No dummy, him!)

    2. TROJ –

      Thanks for asking… and caring SO much!! 🙂

      Gil is correct! My reputation precedes me there….. and carries all the way to the ‘Deliverance woods’ in Georgia, since Reynolds, Voight and Beatty swerved by whenever they got a chance…. for the best beer due to its being served WITH the most glorious ‘HEAD’ in the US!! I charged outrageous prices, and had no complaints. Money $$$ rolled in from far and wide!!

      But I had no idea the fame spread as far north as Virginia! Gil might have gathered the facts, and rumors as well, on his visits to friends in ole ‘Alley-Bammy’ for a whammy!! 😜

      “In B’ham they luv the guvner… BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO!!” (They hated Dem Wallace!!)

      1. Right about that, Pat! 😊 I reckon ‘ol Epstein learned a trick or two from you about how much $$$ can be made from keeping your discretion about (((their))) INdescretions…huh? Did Billy Boy Clinton ever stop by?? Uncle Buck was Gov. Wallace’s best friend, and THEY knew about you, too. 😉

      2. Yes, and I also received a notice yesterday, that if you ask Pat a simple innocent question you will get viciously attacked by Pat — and by Gilbert. Why Gilbert stepped in to brutally attack me just because I asked Pat a simple innocent question is beyond me. I have no idea what he thinks he was protecting Pat from, who knows. I have no idea why Pat brutally attacked me for asking him a simple innocent question. Ask Pat a simple innocent question, get viciously brutally attacked by Pat — and by Gilbert. I guess “Manly Man” Pat has problems when it comes to defending himself [ from, lol, simple innocent questions ] so he needs Gilbert to come to his rescue. “Manly Man” Pat needs to be protected from simple innocent questions. The poor thing, he falls apart if you ask him a simple innocent question so then Gilbert has to step in to Save Pat. God forbid Pat stands on his own two feet and answers a simple innocent question in a straight-forward honest manner like a Man instead of getting neurotic like a twat and having a nervous breakdown over a simple innocent question. I guess that would be TOO Manly Man for our, lol, “Manly Man”, “Manly Man” Pat and that other twat, the usually milquetoast Gilby. Usually milquetoast, namby-pamby genteel Gilby all-of-a-sudden grows some balls, flushes all politeness and manners down-the-toilet, and makes a fist and protects Pat from Big Bad whiddlejoew just because whiddlejoew asked Pat a simple innocent question ……. LMFAO!!!!!!

      3. I was trying to help you, TROJ. You are so confused about the shape of the earth, I just thought it polite to answer your query so you wouldn’t wonder any more about Pat. (You don’t have to thank me, because I don’t really expect much out of you but lunacy, anyway. You’re quite entertaining! 😄😄)

  16. So. Much. Ignorance.

    The Holocaust, and what happened during the 2nd World War is one of the most complex and obscured of all subjects that one can grapple with. No wonder that so many people get it so wrong!

    To believe that one side was perfectly just and that the other perfectly evil, well, this feeds right into the same old divide-and-conquer strategy that has been used for so many long, bloody years. Its effectiveness is unquestionable, but it has been shown to have been used, again and again and again. Even so, people are falling for it in droves.

    Saying that the Germans were perfectly justified is just as dumb as saying that the Allies were. No, the truth is that both sides were vicious, brutal, inhumane. On both sides of the conflict, innocent, well-meaning people were made prisoners of an infernal power-struggle, that ended up costing 60 million lives and bringing untold misery with it. It is the most terrible and tragic chapter of human history, yet some people joke about it as if it had been a common playground tussle, and this is a tragedy in itself.

    Is it really so hard to believe that BOTH sides have been, and are being, stuffed to bursting with malicious lies?

    What better way to really divide the masses and fire up a conflict than to give two wrong numbers regarding the number of dead jews, 300.000 and 6 million, one to each side, and tamper with the evidence in such a way that none of them will get to the truth of the matter?

    True, there is tons of fake evidence “proving” the Holocaust. But that does not mean that the evidence given to the other side (e.g. Red Cross Documents) is genuine!!! These are fabrications too, for heavens sake!

    What seems to have happened is that 3 million jews were shipped to the polish border, primarily from Auschwitz (a work camp and transportation hub), to end up in extermination camps (Majdanek, Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka) were they were murdered on an industrial scale, in cold blood. The evidence of this was then completely destroyed, all the bones from the crematoria ground to dust and disposed somewhere, and the camps themselves levelled with the ground. As likely as not, most of the military personnel who worked in these camps were weeded out after the war, in american death camps and during the Nüremberg tribunal. Doing the killing in these places was sure to keep it out of sight of normal, well-meaning germans, avoiding the cries of conscience that would have risen had they known about it, and keeping it right in the sights of the poles, and later the russians, to maximize the dehumanization of the enemy on both sides during the cold war.

    See? See how diabolically clever this is? Destroy the evidence of the real crime, get rid of all witnesses, and then distribute two confliciting sets of false evidence to the human population.
    In this way, the Evil Ones plan to start another World War, because this subject has the potential to escalate into precisely that. Let it not happen!!!

    We have to realize that germans, AND jews, AND english, AND french, AND poles, AND russians, AND americans AND many more peoples were victims in the horrendous abyss of woe and violence that was the 2nd World War.

    Of course the Holocaust happened. Who can seriously believe that so many millions of jews would lie about it, knowing that some of the most morally upright human beings of history and of today have come from the jewish tribe? It is simply absurd.

    I will recommend that one peruses the work of David Irving in this regards. He is a historian who is actually building his view on real evidence. A sterling man, really. May there be more like him!

    1. History proves that SOMEONE is responsible for your dubious “diabolism”, Thomas Faber. Whether or not “Holocaust” events have been overly-scrutinized should, simply, be considered in light of the rise and effects of Bolshevism – which is, apparently, a Jewish construct. Without Bolshevism, any thoughts of a “final solution” would have never happened. Jews would not have been able to impose their parasitic maintenance on the rest of us. They would have never, either, dared to voice their antipathy toward Christ. Obviously AND historically, we know that Big Jewry doesn’t mind sacrificing some of their own to further their “victim” status which compels the white man’s sympathies. Your eloquence is noted – but so is the misplaced criticism of “holocaust deniers”.

    2. TF –

      You wrote:
      “Of course the Holocaust happened.”

      Even the name is a LIE used for dramatization to spread fear porn!

      Without FIRE…. there was NO total and complete annihilation BY FIRE. NO conflagration. Pretty simple.

    3. Holycost is a religion or cult. Empty, poor people and blind find both cheap fulfillment and light in it.
      It is also a $$$$$$$$$$ ad infinitum industry . WHo questions it goes to prison like a kind , elderly German lady , eine widerspenstige Greisin , another birthday to be celebrated im Gefaengnis, “froeher Geburtstag, Ursula! She is not demented but with an acuity most today should covet … and many others , who will not bow to the new god of Mammon.

      They have committed blasphemy . But one must consider the consequence to the mundane: it questions the endless building of holycost shrines already appearing like the many welcoming , little chapels with the cross , born again into nubile youth desiring to be impregnated with infectious lies. A place for Sacrifice for ephemeral atonement for the specious guilt of the most contrite hypocrite .

      Miraculous theology like compounded banking , the more you donate the more you owe. Unlike Christ they never forgive! caveat emptor dearly beloved!

  17. Well, Gilbert… I do not, in essence disagree with you. It is certainly true that jews were overrepresented compared to their demographics in the rise and reign of Bolshevism.

    The point I am trying to make, however, is that the way people speak about these things divide humanity in two opposing camps. I see no alternative to a world-wide war if this central division is not adressed.

    To outrighly deny the Holocaust is foolish, not to mention heartless. There is no doubt that the history of it has been distorted and mangled almost beyond recognition, but in essence, it did happen. Just not the way it is said to have happened, on -either- side of the debate (if we can even call it a debate). The way it is talked about in many places are only driving the “normal” jews into the hands of “Big Jewry”. “Big Jewry” is a marginal percentage of the jewish people, and lumping the whole thing together is only serving to escalate the conflict. In this way, Holocaust deniers are playing right into the hands of those who would rule us, and they are thus playing the part of useful idiots for the Evil Ones. Brave and erudite they may be, but they do not see the big picture. This is the whole idea, of course, and it is mercilessly exploited.

    It is the exact same dynamic that happened in Russia before and under Bolshevism. Foolishness!

    1. Of course I see the validity of your observation, Mr. Faber, but because everyone is EVERY DAY programmed to vilify Hitler (TV programming and Holocaust memorials and dumbed-down “evangelical” instruction, e.g. Tom Hagee,, I see much benefit in amplifying exposition of the lies. If it divides, it is serving its purpose. I want leftists to FEAR the consequences of their perfidies, and what better illustration of those consequences than the historic recounting of how and why “The Unnecessary War” – WWII, per Pat Buchanan – came about. To say it came about because of unprovoked German persecution of Jews is as much a lie as to say the American Civil War happened because of enslavement of African negroes.
      The horrific results of each is a blight upon humanity. (There are “rats” in the pantry, somewhere…)

      “Brave and erudite they may be, but they do not see the big picture. This is the whole idea, of course, and it is mercilessly exploited.”
      Excuse me, Thomas, you look brave and erudite also. Maybe you even see ‘big picture’, but do not understand it and are ‘thus playing the part of useful idiot for the Evil Ones.’ (I do not mean to offend you, just repeat your own harsh words aimed at others)
      “It is the exact same dynamic that happened in Russia before and under Bolshevism…”
      I beg your pardon, but “Bolshevism” in Russia is non other than manifestation and triumph of the DEMOCRACY if we do not indulge in hypocrisy and call a spade a spade.

      1. Nikolay;

        well, it is certainly possible that you are right in your criticism. I, naturally, do not believe so 🙂 – but I would still advice everyone to use their own reason and discernment to weigh my words, as I am not perfect. However, I -have- given these matters a lot of attention over the years.

        Bolshevism as it was practised was no doubt a plague on dear Russia, and a tragedy that was arguably bigger than the Jewish Holocaust. And there is also no doubt that Hitler could not have gotten the support he got had it not been for the “success” of Bolshevism and its active proponents in Weimar Germany. The Russian Revolution and the Holocaust are connected, to be sure.

        My words are harsh, yes. I find the matter to be extremely serious, and warranting pitiless examination. The originators of Holocaust Denial, professors and learned men such as Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson, I recognize to have been men of great courage and determination, who have also, in their own way, contributed to the progress of our common intellectual understanding. I could have wished them to express their findings in a more humble way, and with less absolutism of certainty, as I do not agree with all that they have said, nor the way in which some of it was said, but they were human beings, and they were doing the best they could. My problem is more with the legions of contemporary, non-learned Holocaust Deniers. Their rhetoric only serves to pour gasoline on the fire, and to dig in a very painful wound. This is not constructive, but quite the opposite. Besides, it is simply not true. The Holocaust did happen, just not in the way that we are usually told. I am of the opinion that David Irving is the one who comes closest to the mark of it: 3 million executees, on the eastern border. He also says that Auschwitz was a work camp and transportation hub. This also explains the phrase “went to Auschwitz and was never seen again…”.

        About Communism, I do believe that at its very roots (before that damnable Marx), it was not necessarily a bad idea. I mean, the idea of sharing common resources in a fair way, and respecting and esteeming the working class for their contribution to society, it really does appeal to me. The challenge is that this process has to be free and based on willingness, because the moment it becomes dictatorial, as happened in Russia, it becomes a travesty of the essential idea, and it becomes extremely destructive intellectually, morally, and physically.

  18. TF
    Not “the exact same dynamic that happened in Russia before and under Bolshevism”, instead, call it a progression of dynamics. A progression of which Germany and its leadership were thoroughly duped and manipulated to meet a desired end
    You water down the dynamics involved in your simplified version of events. That won’t cut it in arriving at the truth of the matter.

  19. In my America, today, there are rats in the pantry who have excited our leaders to commit criminal war actions against anyone who opposes those rat expansions of territory. It has caused much bloodshed and destruction in The Middle East and Southeast Asia, and calls for more questioning of the identity and come-uppance of those rats. If a better common education about the origins and breeding grounds of those rats ensues, we’ll be better able to avoid their gnawing fangs in future. 💪

  20. @Gilbert;

    It sounds like we are not far from each other. However, I do not mind that Hitler is demonized, as I am convinced that he was in fact demonically inspired. Besides, he was a very sick and perverted man. The broad masses who followed him I do not wish demonized: they had no other plausible options, really. But they were terribly fooled, sadly. “The Pink Swastika” is an interesting read on this, giving a rarely told angle on what was going on.


    You misunderstand me. I am not comparing Germany with Russia. I am comparing the flight that we see today of “normal” jews into the arms of the Evil Ones in their midst (who have wormed theirn way into power in historical times, somewhere between Moses and Jesus) with what happened in Russia during the Revolution. I suggest that you read “200 years together” by Solzhenitsyn.


    There was fire… what do you call a conflagration that claims the lives of 60 million? Holocaust means “Burnt Offering”, and that is what happened. The Evil Ones scapegoated millions of german jews, and sent them to the flames. Not in Auschwitz, but on the Eastern front. Gassed and cremated, and then ground to powder and dispersed. Ugly business…

    1. TF
      Your understanding convinces you that Hitler was “demonically inspired”. What I’m saying is that this portrayal is greatly due to what the victors of the war WANT portrayed. Obviously this implies that I question the source material from which you’ve arrived at this conclusion.

      I wish I could lead you to sources that would have you call into question what your sources are indicating, e.g. “The Pink Swastika”. But the spoils of victory include the ability to control the narrative, ergo, what you see there MUST be taken with the proverbial grain of salt….n’est ce pas?

    2. It is the good jew of which one should abhor. It is like the rattle snake , that doesn’t rattle! “ANd many shall be deceived.”

      1. Believing in -lies- is what got us here… And lies can come from all mouths, not only jewish ones.

  21. @BrownHawk

    Yes, so it is. -Everything- must be taken with a grain of salt.

    I base my understanding on the fact that all the major religions, as well as all traditional belief systems, talk of evil spirits, and the fact that I myself have had numerous experiences with such entities.

    If you are interested in this subject, here is a fascinating video:

    Demon Magic – episode 1 – 12 minutes:

    all 7 episodes are well worth watching!

    Now, knowing that there are such entities, I look at this man, Herr Adolf. A narcisistic rent boy when he was young, coprophiliac and pervert when older, inspired by a terrible anger in his speeches (have you heard the tone of voice, for goodness sake?!), jealous, insufferably vain, prone to fits of uncontrollable rage (sounds a bit like Karl Marx, too, doesn’t it?), and generally wearing an insipid and conceited expression.

    Who betrayed the country that had chosen him as its leader multiple times during the war, most notably perhaps when he allowed all the french and english soldiers to run away, after having them pinned down on a northern european coast. What way is that to win a war?

    Who instigated a needless mass murder of jews and others, and who collaborated with the zionists in the Haavara agreement, essentially building the foundation of modern Israel.

    And who was one of the responsible parties in the death of 60 million living, breathing human beings in the 2nd World War.

    And I ask myself… Was there perhaps a demon or ten whispering in that mans ear?

    Of course the answer, at least from my perspective, is a sure and certain “yes, he was demonically inspired”.

    That is why I say that I do not mind that he is being vilified and demonized. Only, I wish that the full truth of his twisted nature was revealed to the world, instead of the flat card-board cut-out that is usually seen.

    That man was evil, and more so than is generally known, as well as in a deeper way.

    The story that is told on the one hand is a simplistic tale about a hateful, ignorant bigot and a whole evil people (the germans), and on the other we have a misunderstood saviour figure who tried to save his innocent country from the grips of the evil jewish people.

    Spare me these fairy-tales. I want the Truth.

    And the truth about this is that these two opposing narratives is the same-old, same-old: divide and conquer.

    Humanity must come together, -including- all the sensible jews (the majority), if we are to have a better world. And I do. Thus I say, do not scare them away from all the good things you have to say by denying the Holocaust. Although differently than is usually told, it did happen: they carry it in their bones and blood.

    1. TF –

      Demons…. in the US NAVY!!

      US Naval Academy Now Offers Satanic Temple Study Group for Midshipmen

      “A group of Midshipmen with beliefs aligned with those practiced by The Satanic Temple … requested a space where they could assemble to discuss and share their common beliefs,” said academy spokeswoman Cmdr. Alana Garas in a statement, as reported by the Military Times.

      The Academy has provided a room for that purpose, reported the Associated Press on Oct. 31.

    2. TF –

      Do you see yourself as a ‘good jew’ writing here?

      You have made outlandish claims about Hitler. I never believed Hitler liked eating shit, as you claimed he did!!

      “Now, knowing that there are such entities, I look at this man, Herr Adolf. A narcisistic rent boy when he was young, coprophiliac and pervert when older,

  22. TF
    We all want to learn the unassailable truth. But don’t presume to know it as it would be reflected by your account of Hitler. This is attributable to simply WANTING to think that all the pieces have been put in their proper order, and now you’re convinced of it. However, show me the empirical evidence that what you say is true. Then you’ll have something. Otherwise, it can only be concluded that you were there as Hitler’s “shadow” his whole life through. And the closest one for which that characterization would apply, at least from the early 1930’s to the end of April,1945 is Martin Borman. And he ain’t talkin’….not any more 😎

    1. Believe what you will.

      I suggest that you apply your criticism to your own world-view. Perhaps you found a saviour figure in Hitler? Perhaps it feels pretty good? If so, that would be your reason right there: WANTING it to be true.

      To each his own, I guess.

      1. TF
        I see no saviors in mortal man. In them, my reasonable expectation is for righteous and honorable behavior.
        As to how that may reasonably apply to Hitler, I’ll give you an example, per my view of the man

        Hitler had no quarrels with Britain, and for awhile was led to believe that the feeling was mutual upon his continued expansion through Austria and Eastern Europe. This mutuality ended when the Wehrmacht proceeded to take over the rest of Czechoslovakia and put it under protectorate status, which I believe shouldn’t be seen as exceeding his demands when you consider the bigger picture of a showdown with Bolshevik-ridden Soviet Union being seen as inevitable. He reasoned that sound heads would prevail in Parliment, until of course Chamberlain was ousted in favor of that great traitor of Mankind, Churchill.

        When German forces pinned down all those troops at Dunkirk, two principal considerations were at play with his demonstrated restraint:

        1) Britain and France were removed from the scene and at the time posed no military threat to Germany. The thinking was, defeat Russia and you’ve effectively won the war. All the dice were thrown towards achieving that end

        2) The hope that sounder heads WOULD eventually prevail in British Parliment and Churchill, TOO would be ousted. Any chance of that happening would have ended had Hitler done the dishonorable thing and slaughtered thousands of unarmed men, totally devoid of the means to fight back.

        You have to remember, Hitler was “old school” being a WW1 veteran, which perhaps marked the end of making war to be seen as an honorable profession, as exemplified by many of his generals, they from a long line of Prussian soldiery that upheld honor above all else.

        Now, all of that is merely anachronistic

  23. @Pat;

    What of it? There are demons everywhere…

    I would advice that you rather think about what you can do to protect yourself from them, personally. The short answer is: “spiritual practice”.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    This war is spiritual. No peoples are immune to evil. And evil congregates and collaborates. To counter it, we must be good. Spiritual practice. I advice you to start today,

    1. Good advice, Thomas Faber! 🙂
      (But it is, also, well-advised to at least be wary of the other, and to always be “Jew-wise”, too.)

      1. Naturally 🙂 – this is how it should be. God gave us our own reason and will to use.

        I mean no quarrel with you. I hope that that comes through.

    2. Derk;

      I know that there are people who doubt that Paul, and even Jesus, existed at all. I, personally, do not doubt it.

      Neither do I doubt that Jesus himself, as well as all of His disciples, -and- the majority of early Christians were born to Jewish parents. I have no problem with the Old Testament, except that it is rather obscure and hard to understand in many places. But these matters -are- mysterious!

      I believe that Moses was a genuine prophet of God, and I highly esteem all just and righteous jews of both past and present.

      It is true , however, that today there are many who call themselves jews who are neither just nor righteous. There are many who are well-meaning, but very misled, and who cause great trouble. And then there are a few who come from the lineage that Jesus described as “the synagogue of Satan”. They are evil, without question. But they are few, and the trouble with the jewish people is mostly that they are listening to the wicked and destructive lies of these few.

      Most jews are people like everyone else, who want to have a peaceful and productive life, with family and friends. And I am convined that theis majority must be made to see the error of their ways, in a peaceful way, if we are to have a better world.

  24. @Brownhawk;

    Had he wanted to win the war, would it not have been more sensible to take them as prisoners? At this stage of the war, I should think that that would have been possible.

    I am convinced that he did it to maximize the damage on both sides.

    Of course, he had to play a devilish game to have so many people convinced of his good intentions. The man was not stupid, by no means! But a great fool, that is certain.

    1. Foolishness in being duped is the only certainty as far as I’m concerned. This is what COMPROMISED his good intentions.

      But the whole of humanity can lay claim to that ignominious reality, starting with the time of Jesus and his warnings that he KNEW would go unheeded. But he had to make them just the same, and now is the time to pay the proverbial piper, however that may be construed.

      1. Well, perhaps Hitler started out with having good intentions, sometime around and just after the first world war. It is certainly possible. But in that case he was soon corrupted by power and by some very shady characters around him.

        In any case, there is something to the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. He was a fool, from start to finish.

    2. Well, Derk…

      I find that there is somehow a point to what you are saying. It is certainly true that there are a number of people who call themselves jews, historically and contemporarily, who carry great responsibility for the way the world looks today. So far, we are in agreement. It is also true that great responsibility is carried by people who genuinely believe that they are good jews.

      Where we diverge is in generalizing from these facts. I am fully convineced that not -all- jews are evil. Indeed, I believe that almost all of them are acting out of good intentions, and a belief that they are doing the right thing. Most of them are not wise, however, and that is what I see as the real problem. They are being misled by a tiny minority, who are evil. And then there is also, relevantly, the question of responsibility carried by all non-jews who have, for one reason or another, collaborated with or tolerated this evil.

      But to rectify the situation, we must use Love and Reason. Hatred will only get us further into this mess.

      This is also what Jesus Christ was trying to tell us:

      “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.”

      Do you see the spiritual challenge in those few words??!!

      I hope everything works out for you, brother soul.

      p.s. @Madame Butterfly: Thank you for the support 🙂

      1. @ Thomas Faber

        Your comment to Derk is politely expressed and rational. And yet it has elicited a hostile response from Derk. The reason is obvious. You have quoted Jesus Christ to support your argument and this, for a man such as Derk, is totally unacceptable and places you beyond the pale. This is because, as a committed Christ hater, Derk simply cannot endure anyone to think of Christ with reverence. You will only please him by joining the Hate Christ Club.

        This says something for the Fisherman of Nazareth, the Carpenter’s son: that even after 2000 years his words are remembered with reverence by millions but still evoke a frothing fury, an apoplectic anger, from those infected with a demonic virus like Derk.

        The only hope for Derk is either exorcism or being born again. Thankfully, he has this choice.

    3. @Madame Butterfly;

      oh, the poor soul… how he must be suffering… This is demons, yes. They are very real. Spiritual practice is the only real antidote, although sometimes true, pure love, if it is received, will also scare them off. One must stand their ground, and hold to the Light; in Truth, -nothing- can harm our souls. Do not hate, and do not fear, as this will attract unhealthiness to your own energetic system. Pray to The Almighty, and run to His embrace: there we are safe.

      Do spare a prayer on behalf of the poor Derk, if you can.

      And please send my regards to the people responsible for this site. You are doing a good thing here. Thank you.

  25. It is easy to destroy or vilify great people ; it does not edify to do so. The Third Reich leaves many questions . Without some prejudice and much perception the more one learns leads only to confusion. In the end it is all succinctly judged as even today : who is loyal and who is the traitor.

    One salient fact is , how many communists and nice “good jews” were in the Third Reich . Has your research discovered any of these among the sordid, intimate details like , copraphiliac ( another Pharisaic neologism) ? Can not you find enough in your plethora of malicious egotism without inventing?

    ANy person or people , whom the whole world (hell) temporarily agrees is evil and unites to destroy can not be all bad!

    1. But Paul, there were many people who idolized Hitler, and people do today, still. To be honest, I myself thought him a good guy some years ago. The whole thing is surrounded by gigantic lies, on both sides, both one the side of those who hate him, and on the side of those who love him.

      I do neither. The truth is that he was an evil man, but we are adviced not to hate that which is evil. That does not mean meekly accepting it, however.

      And of course you are right in saying that there were both evil jews and communists in Germany back then. There was a reason that the german people voted for Hitler! Weimar Germany was a cesspool of moral degradation, and people were sick and tired of it. He said that he would save them, and they believed him, the poor wretches… Oh, how we should be vary of saviour-figures!!!

      But all of this does not mean that all jews are evil, nor that all communists are, for that matter. They may just be misled, and in most cases, that is what they are.

  26. Thomas Faber –

    It seems that almost everyone here, including myself, bolsters himself/herself with Bible verses. One of my favorites – Micah 6:8 – lends good guidance, but everyone’s idea of justice and kindness is skewed to his own/her own situation. We naturally seek things which promote our own senses of justice and thereby voice opposition to things which offend or assault us. So it is with the Jew as with the non-Jew. Having been persecuted for being who they are, modern Jews naturally become defensive in their conversation and worship. That position offends many of us who did not necessarily grow up “Jew-wise”, and we don’t understand their antipathy except to cite their religion – causing us to reexamine our own. Thereby, all this banter perpetuates a never-ending question, and a never-arriving conclusion. Our common ground is that we mostly desire “peace”, albeit our ideas by which to achieve it may differ. (It reminds me of the movie “Dr. Strangelove” and the poster “Peace Is Our Profession” at General Jack D. Ripper’s Army camp. 😅😄 )

  27. Gilbert;

    I find your observations sensible and humane.

    I am certainly not saying that it is easy to make peace between widely differing points of view! I am just afraid that the alternative, figthing over our differences, will end in terrible, terrible tragedy.

    I am convinced that the question you speak of should be perpetuated and widely discussed, namely, the jewish question. I nurture the hope that a good answer may come sooner or later, and I believe it possible, too. But only if we treat them with respect and humanity. This includes telling them the truth, of course, but in a way that is ultimately constructive, and ot, as is usual, widening the gulf between jews and others. Because then they are just bound the tighter to their evil guides. Jesus showed a beautiful example, and one that is well to follow.

    And I am not so sure that Justice is a subjective thing. I do believe that God has an infallible yardstick to measure against. The challenge is that in this world of ours, that yardstick can, when applied to different cases, sometimes look as diametrical opposites. Wisdom is the measure, and that is what we must grow into something living inside of ourselves, if we hope to untangle this very complex issue. Mere book-wisdom will not suffice. It must be living, sensitive to each situation it encounters.

    Oh, may it come to mend, mend this blasted and ill-treated globe!

    1. Yes, Thomas. We need always pray for (His) wisdom in all things – especially the wisdom to know when to fight, and when to refrain from fighting (as the wisdom conveyed in Ecclesiastes 3). I’d just as soon NOT fight, but I believe the necessity WILL come to pass, with God’s blessings. For everything there is a reason (and a season). The whole, bestest reason for the contemplation of Heaven is to bolster our “fighting spirit”. 💪

      1. Well, Gilbert… Perhaps. I do not believe that it will necessarily be so, and I certainly hope that it will not. Many people believe that the Revelation of John is about some future cataclysmic war, yet to come to pass. I do not believe so. I believe that it is a symbolic representation of the individual souls fight against the beastly part of its human nature. And I believe that when that fight is won (and here one really needs the fighting spirit!), Heaven descends on that soul, and it is in the company of God Himself.

        May it happen sooner rather than later!

      2. I still believe the soul ASCENDS to Heaven, like Jesus is said to have done. From there, it either doesn’t leave, or it is recycled into another corporeal body. Whatever the case, there is really no way to know until we die. Hedge your bets! 🤔

  28. @Gilbert;

    Well, I would call that a question of semantics! 🙂

    Besides that, I am not so sure that we cannot know before we die… Indeed, many spiritual teachers assert that it -is- possible to know even in this life. It takes diligent efforts at spiritual practice, though, or a visit from Grace.

    The Christian way is through sincere, devotional and intense prayer. I can attest myself that it is a possible way, but to be honest, I was utterly struck with terror at Gods Majesty when He showed Himself, just a little bit, to me, so I immediately put my attention on the well-known, old, comparably safe world. Then He left again. An extremely edifying experience, however. He does not mean to annihilate us with His Infinite Love, but Infinity is, well… Let us just say that it can make a man go crazy.

    A more balanced approach, I find, is through yoga meditation. I can recommend “Raja Yoga” by Swami Vivekananda in this regards. It really contains the nuts and bolts of the matter, and practicing the teachings therein will quickly lead to results, provided that they are practiced sincerely. And it can be combined with prayer, too!

  29. Thomas –

    I see you may have experienced a state of grace sometime in your life. Indeed, that can only happen to “believers”, but it doesn’t last. (Wish it did!)
    Anyhow, because I’ve read the Bible, I believe God loved David – a man “after My [His] own heart”. He also noted that David was a “bloody” fellow, and also had tendencies to lust and adultry. He also made David “King of Israel” and not of Jews. Is it merely a question of semantics which differentiates “Jew” from “Israelite”???

    1. Gil –

      If you meant ‘adultery’…. it was actually race-mixing – miscegenation according to the ‘big tens’. 🙂

      1. Pat –

        I seem to remember reading that David’s army camped in Moab for a time, and some of his soldiers “race-mixed” with the black Moabite women, producing offspring. David had them destroy (murder) the offspring, put aside the women, and proceed as soldiers of Israel. If “adultry” means miscegenation, David didn’t like it, either.
        Jews PROMOTE miscegenation. David was no Jew (but he liked his women!).

      2. Pat;

        What is it that is so terrible about race-mixing, really?

        I understand that if it used as a political weapon to undermine a country’s cohesion, it is actually an act of war, but, most people who promote it do not understand it so.

        I myself am a mixture of Scandinavian, German and Gypsy blood, as well as others, probably. So what? Is it not more important what kind of heart I am carrying around?

        Do you think that it is for no reason that it is said that God looks at the heart, and not at the surface? Do you think that there are -anyone-, -anywhere-, who are of a completely pure blood? And what time scale would you look at? What about the mixing of neanderthal genes in the sapiens gene pool? What -is- a pure race, even, when it comes to humans? I seriously doubt the scientific validity of the idea of complete racial purity.

        No, Pat… It makes far more sense to look at the whole of Gods Creation as one big family. Some members of the family have to be strictly disciplined, it is true, but there are not so many of those. Most will learn to live in peace with their neighbours if given the proper conditions, to the benefit of all, through exchanges of culture, tradtitions, and ideas.

      3. TF –

        You wrote:
        “What is it that is so terrible about race-mixing, really?”

        That should be asked of those many religious folks who have interpreted the TEN Commandments. 🙂
        It is not a question for me. I believe them to be inventions of man.

        I believe them to be fake, because… different religions have different numbers for each, and place different importance on those ‘tens’.

        You declaratively, wrote “No, Pat.. ” So I shall do the same to you.

    2. Gilbert;

      A very good question. I am not sure that I have an equally good answer for you, as the Bible is not something I have studied thoroughly in a historical light. I will give it a try, though:

      First off, we have to consider that the Bible is over 2000 years old. The current texts have probably gone through numerous hands and translations. This complicates matters, but my current understanding is that, originally, “Israel” meant something like “the congregation of the Righteous”. The original Israelites were thus people who followed the teachings of the line of prophets. “Jew” had a similar meaning, as far as I understand, “one who is Righteous”, but the original use of the word “Jew” probably applied mostly to followers of specifically Moses. I suppose that the two terms, “Jew” and “Israelite” were used interchangeably 3000 years ago, but “Israelite” stressed the belonging to the group more than “Jew” did. Since then, a lot has changed, undoubtedly. Hardly anyone uses the term “Israelite” anymore, whereas the word “Jew” today most often connotes a cultural or political identity, and rarely a religious identity. In this vein, it is similar to the way the word “Christian” has changed from meaning an active follower of Christ’s word, to having a broad spectrum of meanings, notably also a member of any self-defined “Christian church”. Or again, the way the word “Muslim” has changed from meaning “a believer” into meaning someone who self-identifies with any self-defined “Islamic” culture or “mosque”.

      So I guess my short answer is: No, it is not -only- a question of semantics, but I believe that semantics is certainly a part of the answer.

      My understanding is that these words, “Jew”, “Muslim”, and “Christian” are something almost like holy words, but that this is not how they are used today. They are only really applicable to genuinely devout people as far as I am concerned, but this is not how the language is commonly used. Today, anyone can call themselves either of these things, without practicing -any- of the religious precepts enshrined in the teachings of these three religions. It is highly unreasonable, I find. It would be better if people were honest about their true preferences, and had enough reverence for these words to avoid calling themselves these things if they were not serious about actually practicing the religion.

      It is hypocritical to present oneself as something else than what one is. In many cases, it is quite harmless, but in others, it causes extreme and grave damage. So we get people who call themselves “Rabbis”, “Priests”, or “Imams”, or, “Jew”, “Christian”, and “Muslim”, who are sodomizing and murdering children, or actively engaging in subersive activites, or calling for war with other peoples! This is not how a truly religious person acts!!! It is these lies and hypocrisies that are a big part of the reason that the world today looks how it does.

      It was not for no reason that the hypocrites where the ones that Jesus criticized most harshly!!! Abusing people’s religious inclinations for the gratification of personal desires is a grave, grave sin. Not only does it harm the persons involved, but it also gives religion a bad name, and thus keeps people away from their Creator. Despicable!

      Regarding Grace… I think that we can invite It in with our acts, words, and thoughts. Doing as Our Lord -actually- wishes us to, by understanding the actual -essence- of religious teachings, and practicing them to the best of our ability, we are more likely to be visited by this fair Spirit. As well, practicing spirituality from other lineages sincerely will also increase the likelihood of it. And then I will say… There are numerous teachers who assert that a state of Grace can be permanent, and that it in fact is the unavoidable destiny of all Gods Children to reach this blessed state sooner or later, the time of its realization depending on our actions through one or more lives. Oh, what a truly Divine Promise!


      1. See, Thomas?? It is a never-ending question and response, but I really appreciate your exchange! 🙂
        It’s a topic I enjoy contemplating because it has been raining and sleeting for the past few days, here, and I’ve kept my lazy ass inside most of the day, or gone “Christmas-shopping” in town. Some bear hunters stopped by and brought me some great peach moonshine (sipping quality!), and I’ve been sitting by the fire in the afternoons, watching the impeachment circus and playing on this I-Pad in the afternoons and evenings. Cheers, mon ami! 😊😊

      2. TF –

        You wrote:
        “First off, we have to consider that the Bible is over 2000 years old.”

        I don’t “have to” do that at all.

        Since you “have to” KNOW, please tell me when it was first fully written.

      3. TF
        I think your characterization of John’s Book Revelation is spot on. One that mark’s what will become the end of habitation in the prohibitive material body and into the spiritual body. But to arrive at this conclusion requires many of its passages to be deleted, which in my view only serve to distract from the basic message. Passages that made their way into Biblical text but have nothing to do whatsoever with John’s vision of resurrection and ascension in the ongoing battle of good vs. evil

        This misapprehension is a classic example of the mistake people make when presuming that all Biblical text, OT AND NT is to taken verbatim, many of whose insertions are unwitting by honest writers and editors.

        “The devil can cite Scripture for it’s purpose”. Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

      4. BrownHawk;

        Well said!

        I think though that the text of The Revelation is beautiful in its present form… But understanding it fully will require one to have personally and actually experienced Ascension, I believe.

        If you’re looking for a concise outlay of the souls progress from matter to Spirit, I think that Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms cannot be beaten. And I will mention “Raja Yoga” by Swami Vivekananda again, because it is more accessible than the Aphorisms.

        Good day, mister!

  30. @Gilbert;

    I, too, have enjoyed it 🙂 – and would like to thank your for your sensibility and civility. I hope that things work out in a good manner whereever you happen to be,

    Merry Christmas!

  31. @Pat;

    I do not know. What can we really know of it? We have had it handed to us, and someone has told us some things about it. Personally, I believe that the different texts, or at least the orginal sources of the different texts, were written over a period of perhaps 3-4000 years, and then the Bible as we know it was put together in its current form at The Council of Nicea, around year 300.

    What do you think?

  32. And the TRUTH shall set you free.. Dark Moon recently discovered your exceptional website. As for the (((holoHOAX)))… Holodomor & other Red Terror atrocities in Eastern Europe ie Russia and surrounds all jewish Bolshevism, Germany was the scapegoat. And still is. #theyhavetogoback . Back in the day Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Hotzle should have all been hung in Nuremberg for all of Germany to witness. Along with Eisenhower, Truman & Churchill.
    AschkeNAZIs are the most VILE EVIL DEMONIC 2 legged RATS on this earth. Antisemetic? No as Semetic refers to the Arabs.. not the fake jews..

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