The British Prime Minister and her Puppet Master


Meet Britain’s new unelected dictator, the man who has made Theresa May his ‘glove puppet’.

“Don’t underestimate how vindictive I can be.”

“Woe betide anyone who crosses him … Mrs May [is] little more than his glove puppet … He is the very embodiment of the Deep State.” — Richard Littlejohn,  in a devastating attack in The Daily Mail on Theresa May and her Stalinesque Puppet Master Sir Mark Sedwill.

I hope I will be excused from quoting heavily in this article from Richard Littlejohn, star columnist of The Daily Mail, a paper that is now one of the most outspoken cheerleaders for Zionism, Holocaust propaganda, and the fictitious virtues of Britain’s lame duck Prime Minister, Theresa May. The article by Littlejohn, a savage denunciation of Mrs May and everything she stands for—see also here—is therefore all the more remarkable that it should appear in such an organ of ultra-Zionist propaganda as The Daily Mail.

It was either published by mistake, or, much more likely, because Littlejohn is too important a writer to ban. That would be a bit like banning Jonathan Swift for being too outspoken in his criticisms of the political status quo in 18th century England. Apart from which, The Daily Mail, whatever its faults, is doing its valiant best to prove that it is a bastion of free speech and democracy. Hence, the occasional oasis of truth in a desert of fake news and disinformation.

“According to a source quoted in a recent newspaper profile,” Littlejohn begins his stirring narrative, “Sir Mark Sedwill  can’t cope with the fact that he is not Prime Minister.”

Littlejohn then gets into his stride:

Sedwill is not a man given to respecting the opinions of democratically elected ministers. He treats Cabinet members with undisguised contempt and takes decisions without consulting them. Effectively, he runs a government within the Government, formulating policies and presenting them to the Prime Minister as a fait accompli.


“DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW VINDICTIVE I CAN BE,” he is reported to have told former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who was sacked last week by the Prime Minister after being accused by Sedwill of leaking details of Theresa May’s decision to involve the Chinese in building Britain’s 5G mobile phone network, despite security concerns.

Sedwill’s threat was made in January, after the two men crossed swords over the defence budget.

Williamson, who denies responsibility for the leak, believes his dismissal was payback for crossing Sedwill, WHO DECIDED HE WAS GUILTY BEFORE THE INQUIRY BEGAN.

(Emphasis added)

Taking over from Littlejohn, I must explain to our American readers who may not be fully aware of these background details, that Theresa May, Britain’s worst Prime Minister in history—with the single exception of the war criminal Tony Blair—recently sacked Gavin Williamson (right) from his post as Defence Secretary. She did this without bothering to produce a shred of evidence to prove that Williamson had been guilty of any wrongdoing. And she acted in this way solely on the instructions of her Svengali-like controller, Sir Mark Sedwill.

Meanwhile, the unfairly dismissed Gavin Williamson has sworn on the lives of his children that he is spotlessly innocent. He has challenged Mrs May to launch an official investigation into his alleged crime. She refuses, thereby demonstrating to her critics her cowardice and contempt for fair play.

Littlejohn continues in the same acerbic vein, rising to new heights of savage indignation: “Gavin Williamson’s account certainly seems to have the ring of truth about it,” he tells us, letting us into the secret that “Sedwill has a reputation, in which he revels, for bullying ministers. His overbearing behaviour is apparent at No 10’s morning meetings, where he is said to push people aside to secure the seat next to Mrs May.”

Sedwill is presented as a totalitarian bullyboy sans pareil. “He is only able to get away with it because he is indulged by May,” Littlejihn explains. “Sedwill has ruthlessly exploited the intellectual inadequacy of the Prime Minister and her mistrust of other politicians to become the most powerful civil servant in history.”

Intellectual inadequacy? One has to hand it to Littlejohn. A master of understatement, if ever there was one.

Sir Mark Sedwill, Littlejohn tells us, “is now Cabinet Secretary, Head of the Civil Service and National Security Adviser — the first man to hold all three posts simultaneously. It can’t be healthy for such power to be concentrated in a single civil servant, especially one with apparent contemptuous disregard for elected politicians.”

It seems to me, a mere bystander in this bizarre affair, that the glove puppet Mrs May  and her Puppet Master Mark Sedwill  share this trait in common: neither of them shows the slightest regard for their fellow politicians but see themselves as Grand Viziers ruling over a vast empire of slaves.

Littlejohn continues to reflect on the Prime Minister’s dimwittedness, scrupulously refraining in his gentlemanly way from dismissing her outright as the Village Idiot in high heels:

Sedwill first spotted MAY’S VACUITY when she was Home Secretary and set about filling it. Talk to anyone who attended a meeting at the Home Office in those days and they will tell you SHE CONTRIBUTED NEXT TO NOTHING and always deferred to Sedwill.


Sedwill may resent the fact that he isn’t the Prime Minister, but that doesn’t stop him acting like one.

(Emphasis added)

It was Sedwill, we learn, who ordered preparation for a No-Deal Brexit to be scrapped, “without consulting ministers or Parliament, thus stripping away our most potent bargaining chip.”

And these are the same politicians who are doing their best to persuade an increasingly sceptical public that we are still living in a functioning democracy.

As one of the architects of Project Fear, it was Sedwill (according to Littlejohn) who wrote the conveniently leaked memo “warning of a scary 10 per cent rise in food prices and civil unrest in Northern Ireland unless May’s dismal, defeatist ‘deal’ was passed.

One final scathing quote from Littlejohn and I will then resume my role as chief narrator of this sorry saga:

“Certainly he [Sir Mark Sedwill] appears to have IMPERIAL DESIGNS OF HIS OWN.

This week he is due to lead a delegation of 15 senior Whitehall officials to Beijing, in what is described as a vainglorious ‘Mandarin mission for mandarins’ — aimed at bypassing ministers and establishing himself as the main point of contact between the British Government and the Chinese.

Again, sounds about right. It would explain his, and Mother Theresa’s, enthusiasm for giving Huawei part of the contract to build the 5G network, IN THE TEETH OF OPPOSITION FROM MINISTERS, THE SECURITY SERVICES AND OUR CLOSEST ALLIES.

It would also explain his determination to persuade May to sack Williamson, who refused to send any official from the MoD on the trip. By his own alleged admission: “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW VINDICTIVE I CAN BE.”

Sedwill seems regularly to overstep the mark, TO WIELD POWER WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY, largely because of the limpet-like dependency of the outgoing Prime Minister.


The good news is that, when May is eventually dragged screaming and kicking from No 10, Sedwill is likely to be out on his ear, too.

Two of the leading candidates to replace her have promised to show him the door. Not before time, either.

Sir Mark Sedwill needs to be cut down to size.”

(Emphasis added)

Devastating.  I wouldn’t like to be a political insect under Littlejohn’s cruel microscope.

I will now take up the thread in my own more muted voice.

Theresa May, Sir Mark Sedwill’s “glove puppet”

Tony Blair was guilty of flagrant war crimes; he is now a multimillionaire who has managed to escape justice. Theresa May will escape justice too, you can be sure of that, and will soon be on the lecture circuit like the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair. Here is a picture of Mrs May with her friend and mentor, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. She had dinner at the Chief Rabbi’s house on the same evening as she was elected Prime Minister.

Strange coincidence, no?

Conspiracy theorists will be delighted to know there’s a strong attraction that brings Sir Mark Sedwill and Theresa May together in a grotesque danse macabre. Both are enthusiastic cheerleaders for Israel; they bend the knee in unison to the same Jewish Master. Both Mrs May and Mark Sedwill are devout disciples of the new state religion commonly known as ‘Holocaustanity’.

Dig deep for the worm in the apple and you will find there a seething colony of maggots. This report from a Jewish periodical spells it all out:

Jewish civil servants have arranged the first ever Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event for staff at Number 10 Downing Street.

Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill will speak at the event on Wednesday as attendees hear testimonies from a Holocaust survivor… 

Sedwill’s own grandfather was part of the British Army when it liberated Bergen-Belsen and he told Jewish News he had been “personally struck by the power of these survivor testimonies, and how the lessons of the Holocaust still have resonance to us working in Government today”.

Is it any wonder that the sinister Holocaust devotee Sir Mark Sedwill should exert a Svengali-like influence over his ultra-Zionist “glove puppet” Theresa May? This is a marriage of convenience  between two soulmates, with the glove puppet Mrs May only too happy to oblige her powerful Puppet Master.

Holocaustanity, that’s the magic aphrodisiac that binds them together.

Watch this video and weep:

VIDEO  :  2.40 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. @ LD

    You have written one of the most eloquent and savage denunciations of contemporary Britain and of the Prime Minister of this increasingly Bolshevik slave state that I have ever come across.

    Your article is even more extreme than Littlejohn’s. It brings in the Jewish element and refers to the Holocaust, something Littlejohn discreetly avoided mentioning.

    I’d be careful of I were you! You have made yourself a target for these tyrants in high office. If you’re not careful, they will hunt you down and whisk you away to their nearest gulag in the Police State.

      1. Sister Monica –

        Admittedly, I never gave the “holocaust” much thought – one way or another – before I began reading Darkmoon. I suspect as much of others, too. People such as she have done us a great service, and enlightened us as to the lies we’ve been told from youth. I believe that certain enlightenment, more than anything else, has been responsible for the alleged rise in “anti-semitism” (although I still believe most Jews have been as misled about it as anyone!). (We Anglos are, usually, a just people.)
        I despise the John Hagees of TV evangelism for perpetuating and sanctifying the lie. As wolves in sheeps clothing, I believe a special place in perdition is reserved for their sorry asses – and despite her danger, a special place in Heaven is reserved for Lasha. 🙂

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly


          Thanks for your kindly words, Gilbert. Please do continue to enlighten us with your views. We may well get on your nerves here sometimes when we publish anti-Trump articles, but please try and understand that we are in TWO MINDS about Trump and are equally prepared to publish pro-Trump articles if and when we find them. Unfortunately, good articles praising Trump are hard to find — like gold dust! 🙂

          Another thing, we would have nothing but praise for Trump if he actually kept his promises and built that darn Wall he keeps talking about! He needs to do something to lick the problem of mass immigration that is threatening America, the country you love and are willing to die for. He also needs to stand up to AIPAC and the warmongering Jews and Zionists in his administration.

          With regard to Lasha, she says she likes you personally as a man and would be very sad if you suddenly turned against her because of her views on any given subject. She also likes your poetry and the fact that you write in the traditional manner in rhyme and meter. She says she prefers this to “free verse”, which, she maintains, is “like playing tennis without the net.” BTW, those are not her own words, but a famous quote by American poet Robert Frost who also preferred rhyme and meter to free verse.

          Free verse lacks musicality. It’s simply “chopped-up prose”. Brilliant poets, like TS Eliot and Walt Whitman, have written in free verse. But most free verse written today, according to LD, is pretentious garbage, without music or meaning, except to the “poet” writing it. However, badly written verse in rhyme and meter (commonly referred to as “doggerel’) is even worse.

      2. @ LD


        Just to let you know your article has been linked on the David Irving site — right at the top! (As of 20 May)


        Well done! The Prime Minister herself will probably read it there, as I hear the David Irving site is closely monitored by many members of Parliament and the security services.

    1. SAKI
      “All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing…”

    2. SAKI
      If you skulk and hide and say nothing it just delays the inevitable , they will get you in the end cowering in a corner, cowards too, no-one will be there to help you…

      Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

  2. The key question is of course, if Sir Mark Sedwill controls Theresa May : who controls Sedwill ? We are not so naive as to believe that the Gentile Sedwill will have no Jewish connections for whom he ultimately works.

    I suspect a kind of Jewish “Focus Group” behind him, such as controlled Churchill during the war. The focus of that “Focus Group”, will be to sabotage Brexit and above all, to keep on the flood of non-European immigration as part of the Jewish White Genocide Project. As always : cherchez le Juif.

  3. Well a third possibility that might explain an alleged deep state man suddenly being named and shamed by a zionist rag is that he’s being thrown to the wolves by persons and for reasons unknown.

    Calculated to distract from critical issues, like the serious health impacts associated with the slated 5G rollout mentioned in passing in the article and only in the context of security concerns over a Chinese supplier.


      5 G is one of the final nails in our coffin of freedom. It is very dangerous but nobody cares about the sheeple and their health.Another nail will be the cashless society, they will control your money for you, they control the Stock Market and commodity and currencies now also the banks and your money once we are cashless.Silicon valley and the security of the Internet is to be entrusted to Israeli companies, Silicon Valley is moving to Israeli as we speak.

      Israeli Data domination of web security and the Internet content itself NWO.Agenda 2030 Global Enslavement.

      Scientists have asked for 5G to be reclassified as a Class 1 Carcinogen together with Arsenic and Asbestos. Cancer is only part of the problem.It has to be rejected it will be difficult to stop them.

      1. A few weeks ago, TJ contacted the local wi-fi company. The local company is small peanuts compared to the giant wi-fi companies. TJ who uses their service talked to someone in the office and asked if they were going to go along with the 5G rollout. Having no idea as to the dangers of 5G on the human organism they were going to go along with the rollout. TJ then emailed several linked youtubes and internet articles on the dangers of 5G. The wi-fi company e-mailed back and said they were not going to go along with the 5G rollout and stay with the 3G and or 4G wi-fi which can be dangerous but far less then 5G. There’s a ton of info on the internet on the 5G death machine. Anyone can contact their local wi-fi companies and educate, educate and educate some more.
        However, it would not surprise TJ for one second if certain “persuasive techniques” are not applied to any wi-fi companies to go along with the 5-G program or else. Some towns and/or counties in the US are forbidding 5G within their jurisdictions. We’ll see what kind of pressures will be applied to change their minds.
        TJ doesn’t think that Commie China will be much of a treat in the future in that they are hell-bent on being the first major nation to be completely 5Ged.
        Whomever, or whatever slithered up from the pits of hell with the 5G wi-fi will be amply rewarded from that which they emerged.
        Bottom line. Long or even short term use of 5G is like sticking your head in a running micro wave food cooker. Ether one will cook your brain. And while your brain is being cooked with 5G mirco-waves one can cook it some more by down loading the entire corpus of pro-holocaust lit and film on to the hard drive in 4 or 5 seconds. The next stage of 5G will be brain implants for the human brain to down load all the pro-holocaust lit and film in seconds, direct. That will give young, very young boys and girls more time to figure out if they want to be a boy or a girl.

      2. TJ –

        Good job! Man of action! Thanks.

        Tech systems could be impaired by 5G also.

        5G signal could jam satellites that help with weather forecasting

        New mobile system to be launched this year ‘will put lives at risk’

        The introduction of 5G mobile phone networks could seriously affect weather forecasters’ ability to predict major storms.

        That is the stark warning of meteorologists around the world, who say the next-generation wireless system now being rolled out across the globe is likely to disrupt the delicate satellite instruments they use to monitor changes in the atmosphere.

        The result will be impaired forecasts, poorer warnings about major storms, and loss of life, they say.

        “The way 5G is being introduced could seriously compromise our ability to forecast major storms,” said Tony McNally of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts in Reading. “In the end it could make the difference between life and death. We are very concerned about this.”

        The crisis facing the world’s meteorologists stems from the fact that the radio frequencies the new 5G networks will use could contaminate critical Earth observations made by weather satellites.

  4. Is Sedwill Jewish? I didn’t read it but I assume he is. I guess I am now a “European” too when I express my concern for the British, since my parents were from wartime Germany Great Britain and Winston Churchill were not put on the pedestal in our household like many Americans and the media did for decades extending into roughly the 1990’s. Not that I believe in the already exposed conspiracy theory known as the holocaust (as Russiagate demonstrates, exposing the lies doesn’t necessarily destroy a conspiracy theory), but Jews were Germany’s wartime enemy and Great Britain let themselves be pushed into the war by wealthy Jews and stole Palestine and gave it to the Jews as well, but despite everything they did for them, they still have to build memorials to Jews that suffered in WW II. No one else of course, not their wartime enemy, the million(s) of Germans killed in bombing raids, not their allies, the Poles, Russians or the millions of Ukrainians killed by their Jewish government in the 1930’s, just the Jews. I’m not sure if the holocaust memorial discussed here is the same one that is supposed to be in the Imperial War Museum, but British historian David Irving asked of that, what does the holocaust have to do with Great Britain’s military exploits?

    I shouldn’t always do this, but I let my age be known. It’s just so interesting how much has changed over the years. When I became a teenager in the 1970’s, the USA and the USSR were the superpowers, the western European countries, Germany, Great Britain and France were no longer leading world powers, but still considered world powers after the USA and USSR. Along with Japan and Italy, these were the leading economic powers of the world. Despite losing their position as leaders of the world, Europe was still powerful and when they decided to form the European Union in the early 1990’s, there was talk of the EU becoming a world power that would rival the US, economically at least. Since the EU was formed, no such thing has happened, in fact Europe continues its downward spiral economically. After the war they lost their positions as leaders of the world, now Europe is in danger of being surpassed by Asia too. In fact, I think they already have been. No European that can still think clearly (but there aren’t many) that was alive in the war years would be able to fathom how far they have fallen, except that it’s ignored while celebrating Europe’s supposed greatness as a new multicultural paradise. But while Europe’s economy and people have gone downward, so have their great cities with advanced airports and great mass transit. If you really want to be impressed now, you have to visit wealthy countries in Asia. The trend suggests there is no going back or turning things around. Europe aren’t just second tier powers, but soon third tier powers that will import advanced technology from abroad, until they can’t afford it anymore. Part of the problem is political correctness prevents them from having an honest discussion on why Europe has fallen so far so fast. Not that this would make them into powers again, but I think multiculturalism was a mistake and more Europeans will come to realize this and plans should be made to repatriate non citizens to their countries of origin.

    1. This is Singapore’s new airport, considered the world’s best. Singapore was a British colony that was backwards until it got a great leader in the 1960’s, an authoritarian type the liberals hated that made Singapore into a great country, a little powerhouse from nothing. I doubt there is a European country that could afford to build this, or the USA for that matter.

      When I was a child I went to the 1964 World’s Fair with my father and his brother, visit8ng from Europe. At that time, the US was still “great”.

    2. Thanks Pat,
      It looks like not only will the 5th Generation electronic magnetic micro-waves cook the brains of cell phone users as well as those living next to the 5G cell towers that will be placed everywhere, but 5G will cook the weather satellites. There could be a slight upside to all this electronic soup we live in; will 5G also cook any and all satellites, military, spying and any other surveillance tech? Or will it make the surveillance worse?
      TJ has heard or read that 5G cell phones can be used like a cell tower to resend the signals.
      Long gone are the days of the simple phone line and long gone are the days of liberty and freedom from the totalitarian overseers.

  5. Where ARE the Christians???

    This memorial would represent the well deserved anti-muslim sentiment in London.

    The comments have been removed at the video above when watched directly on youtube!!

    I watched the video at youtube, by clicking on the title. There were over 8,700 comments displayed initially. Many were against the memorial. NOW they are gone!

    In the place of comments:
    “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    Sky News has filmed UKIP’s current leader Gerard Batten taking part in an anti-Muslim rally:

    The ‘royals’ now have a mixed race prince. Duchess of Sussex’s mother is BLACK!!

    London has outdone the US with its “YUGE” racial and religious problems.

    1. Excellent comment, Pat! (@ 1.17 pm). I was amazed at your revelation that 8700 comments had been deleted by YouTube for the video LD posted at the end of this stunning article. 8700 comments!!! Can’t help wondering what those comments said.

      Ah yes, I can guess!

      They were all saying nice things about the Holocaust. So they had to be deleted because it got a bit boring after the first 1000 comment. 🙂

    2. Pat –

      The English lost their liberty teeth when they allowed gun confiscation. America hasn’t, and there are a growing number of us who will never allow it – upon pain of death. Moreover, the constabulary here, for the most part, say they will never take part in it, either. The amount of private weaponry stockpiled in this country is unbelievable (including powder and detonators), and, at least, I am confident there will be another bloodbath, here, before it would be allowed.
      “The man on the ground with a rifle” is, still, the Army’s definition of its best weapon!

  6. Winston Churchill indeed was supported by the Focus Group. I have read David Irvings, Hitlers War and Churchills War essential reading in my view.
    FDR described Churchill as a drunken bum.Winston and his father Randolph were always close to the Jews and the Rothschilds. If Churchill had not known the Gemans every move during the War because of his daily Ultra messages from the Enigma transcripts provided by the Worlds first computer Colossus at Bletchley Park he would have lost the War (Churchill ordered Colossus dismantled and the Ultra transcripts information to remain a State secret for the sake of his vanity )or accepted one of many of Hitlers offer of peace. Hitler did not want to invade Britain and said so often all he wanted was the German Territories back in South East Africa taken after WW1. Churchill said “We can take it” as the East Enders of London were bombed in the inevitable blitz that was a response to Churchills repeated bombing of Berlin that Hitler tried to ignore until he could no longer.
    Churchill stayed in London when the bombing occurred looking brave in fron of these Londoners.Unknown to the East Enders when he had an Ultra message warning of a raid that night he made sure he stayed out of London town for the night.
    Those brave East Enders have suffered a worse fate than the Blitz they have been ethnically cleansed , replaced now in London.No tears have been shed for them.

    The More We Are Together 1958 East End London

    So what happened in the First World War.
    Benjamin Freedman a former Jew convert to Catholicism explains.He says 190 Jews were present at the Versaille Treaty he knows he was there.The British were losing WW1 after 2 years the Jews promised to use all their influence financially and in the media to bring the Americans into the War on Britains side if they would give Palestine to them.The rest is history. The Germans were not too happy when they discovered the betrayal.

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

    If o

    1. @ John Bull

      Your comments are extremely well-informed and refreshingly original. I’d like to hear more from you. Pity you got cut off there in the middle of a sentence.

    2. Chruchill did NOT stay in London during WW2, because we had broken the german codes or more accurately a pole gave us the main info and people like John Heron were part of the massive team who did the work.

      Churchill had 5 body doubles, the man usually seen in east london after the bombing was singer Tommy steels father. Churchills main speech writer was john Colvile, Churchills female secretary Joan Bright Astley told me that Churchill did not even do all his radio speeches himself as he was too drunk, an actor from childrens TV did that for him. It was Joan and john, or Jock as we called him, that got his large one piece quick detachable babygrow type suits for him, as when drunk he would often shit himself, this was why he was known in the house of commons as “The Shithouse” and in part from his initials WC.

      1. and as I understand it,
        the voice double’s first paid job on radio after the war was
        the narration of AA Milnes classic “Winnie the pooh”
        In the uk, poo is a popular euphimism for shit

  7. When pondering what in the world is going on… factor this in:

    The City of London (aka The Crown) is Controlling the World’s Money Supply…
    Control the World’s Money Supply and You Control the World… It’s Really That Simple.
    The ‘Crown’ is not owned by the Westminster and the Queen or England… see here:


    THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD can be examined here:

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Explained here:

    England was hijacked by Cromwell and his Jew backers in 1650… see here:

    Regarding the so called “holocaust”……………..

    No one can deny that Jews were rounded up and imprisoned by Germans in German occupied territories after the suspension of the HAAVARA TRANSFER AGREEMENT during WWII.

    Nor can anyone deny that Japanese Americans were rounded up and imprisoned in America for the same reasons, those reasons being primarily security issues, and in the same fashion during WWII. And, after examining the facts, the German prisons built for Jews were far more humanely accommodating than the American prisons built for Japanese.

    What is staunchly denied is the existence, much less the use, of homicidal gas chambers, the manufacture of human skin lampshades, the manufacture of human derived soap, institutionalized torture all conducted at “death factories” where 6,000,000 Jews were gassed and cremated and other outright lies disseminated by vindictive and vengeful Jews.

    Indeed tens of thousands (The International Committee of the Red Cross reported: 272,000 concentration camp inmates died in German custody, about half of them Jews) of imprisoned Jews
    died during the last months of WWII due to disease, especially typhus, and starvation. After all, as the fortunes of war turn against the losing side, food and medicine become extremely scarce…
    and deadly scarce for those imprisoned by the losing side due to the ruination of food production, medicine manufacturing, and transportation supply lines. Germany was carpet bombed and firebombed into the stone age during the last year of WWII (a totally merciless war conducted by three Jewish controlled empires against a country the size of of the state of Montana with a population of 66,000,000).

    Indeed there were crematoriums working overtime as a means of sanitarily disposing of disease ridden corpses, but these were built during the last year of the war and never was a living person burned alive in one as JEWS would have you believe.

    As a matter of fairness, try to imagine what would have become of all the Japanese incarcerated in American prison camps during WWII had the fortunes of war turned against an America that was bombed into the stone age.

    Once you fully realize that there were no “gas chambers” or such things as human skin lampshades, most of the Jewish narrative regarding the so called “holocaust” becomes a self-serving fabrication disseminated by the lowest sort of scammers.

    Only lies need laws for protection. There are many individuals who have been imprisoned in occupied Germany for merely telling the truth about the holocaust scam. These people are imprisoned for
    “inciting hatred for the Jews” whereas it’s actually the JEWS incessantly inciting hatred for Germans with their holocaust LIES.

    The Jews invented the Holocaust in part to distract people from what the JEWS did to the Russians/Germans/Ukrainians. Instead of appearing as the most criminal oppressors, the JEW planners of all wars and the real bosses controlling our countries, are now considered “poor innocent victims” that we should never criticize.

    Share the HOLOCUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE with anyone in need.

    HAAVARA, A company for the transfer of Jewish property from NSDAP Germany to Palestine prior to WWII:

    An Actual HOLOCAUST – The Incineration of Dresden:



    RUSSIA and the JEWS – 200 YEARS TOGETHER… by A. I. Solzhenitsyn:

    HOLOCAUST: Shifting the Blame, Part 1, Jews for Hitler

    HOLOCAUST: Shifting the Blame, Part 2, Jews for Hitler

    1. I bought a book at a boot fair by a jewish woman who claims she spent the whole of the war hiding in the Auschwitz laundry eating out of mousetraps and what she could steal. If Auschwitz was a death camp, why have a laundry ?

  8. The article by Littlejohn, a savage denunciation of Mrs. May and everything she stands for is therefore all the more remarkable that it should appear in such an organ of ultra-Zionist propaganda as The Daily Mail. [ . . . ] It was either published by mistake, or, much more likely, because Littlejohn is too important a writer to ban.

    This article is a prime example of infamous, arrogant, Jewish chutzpah. Jews have become so full of themselves, so overweeningly arrogant in their victory, they cannot resist openly boasting to the world how they have won, how they dominate and destroy the white goyim nations they hate so vehemently. This article is simply one more example of the Jews’ coming out party that will ultimately be finalized and celebrated with the opening of their “third” Temple.

    That event will be the high sign from YHVH, the symbol of final victory, signifying the Jews’ destruction of their hated Christian enemies who were sure enough – Jewish. In the meantime, Goyim are dragged helplessly to their deaths behind Jewish orthodoxy’s victory vehicle in this centuries old internecine rivalry between warring, Jewish factions.

    This is not unlike the manner in which Jewish queers came out the closet to brag about their sexual perversity, how they overwhelmed the natural order because their Torah god assures Jews’ dominance over all creatures. The result is now in evidence as the Jew parasite emerges from its host shell to brag about their perverse destruction.

    With their total sadomasochistic dominance over the media, Jews proudly don their Nadzee uniforms adorned with shining Stars of David, instead of the hated hakenkreuz; oh the hypocritical chutzpah! Jews crack their riding crops with glee against their black, leather ensemble as they lustily eyeball their enslaved world.

    Now It is Jews that will stand victoriously at the FEMAwitch gates hissing, “You white goyim! You are useless to us, to the left, to the gazzz chamber! You there, schvartze! You to the right where you will work as slave labor!” Thus will Jews finally live out their infamous Hallowedhoax fantasy.

    And with every crack of the whip, the Jews’ “useful idiots” cower in terror at the mere hint of Jewish revenge, knowing they will be utterly destroyed should they cross their Jewish master’s victorious path. Jews ride like effendis over their goyim herds having no fear of a massive backlash like the one that hung Jude Oppenheimer’s body from a cage in the town plaza, leaving it there to rot as an example of twisted, psychopathic, Jewish perversity.

    So break out a bottle of Mogen David! Fill your glass of defeat with sickeningly sweet wine of Jewish vengeance! Hoist your glass high in a toast to Jewish victory – L’chaim! Lest these Jewish vampires crucify you upside down and drink your blood.

  9. Surely Lasha, Richard Littlejohn’s article was printed because he and the Daily Mail owners knows full well that Sedwill’s position is unassailable. It’s a case of ” rubbing the dirt in your face ” or taking the Mickey on the British readership.
    What this does, as you know, endears us to Mr Littlejohn. When he prints the pro establishment stuff in succeeding articles, cognitive dissonance cuts in, and you assimilate it without protest.
    Never trust anything that rag writes, whoever the journalist may be.

    1. The paper has got much much worse recently under a new editor. It’s more extreme now. Also publishes more salacious pictures. LD is fully aware of the paper’s deficiencies, but still makes use of it on this site quite a lot because it reflects the state of Britain. Holds up a kind of distorted mirror. However bad it is, most of the other rags are even worse, as you probably know.

      1. +100 (sorry, a ZeroHedge applauding!) for the mention of Mirror Work — not only spiritual, also socio-political. The sensory world is but a mirror….

    1. “FDR: Presidents are not elected but selected”

      Yep…. that has always been the case; the reason for secret ballots.

      FDR knew this, but how many of you understand this?

      It’s okay for a president to come out and tell you the game is rigged, but if someone like myself tried to tell you…. “oh, you’re a conspiracy nut”…. “my vote still matters”.

      All your vote did was make you morally culpable for the atrocities being carried out in your name.

      The president is nothing but a puppet on the throne for those who are really in power. Do you think maybe FDR knew a thing or two about this?

      Even a brief view into history reveals the parasitic manner in which the ruling class has infiltrated the US government to ensure that their status quo will remain. Their NWO plan will continue to unfold regardless of who the president is.

      The lie is in thinking it makes a difference whether it was Bernie, Hillary or Trump.

      The following quotes are all from presidents, vice presidents, and the great historian Carroll Quigley who were telling us about this hidden hand. It’s not like this information is hidden. It’s right out in the open. They think that the American people are so dumbed down and brainwashed that they won’t figure it out. Again, even a brief study of politics and banking in the American 19th and 20th century alone would reveal how this works.

    2. I was under the impression this has been “debunked”
      there is one theory doing the rounds that May is actually Mark Thatcher,
      maggies son,
      in drag!

  10. that’s some picture..
    what a toxic rodent this little prick is..
    reminds me of what general patton said about general montgomery –
    “he appears ready to spring out, like a vicious rabbit”….
    all those MI5 and MI6, SIS – they all swear allegiance to the crown, not to any set of principles laid out in any document, the way it’s supposed to be done here in the USA…
    Sedwill’s ilk are there to make sure the parliament doesn’t actually take effect against the corporate owners..
    the queen would be the big corporate owner endowed with legal omnipotence, operating without accountability in cahoots with the rest of the three cities empire…
    if there’s no constitution in britain, nothing’s lawful…
    theresa may already knows full well she’s merely the stooge for the real ptb, it’s her job to input their policies with as little trouble as possible.. she’s the queens’s prime minister… the queen is jew-ish…
    but she’s only the front person.. sedwill is the real pm…
    in the usa we call such people ‘national security advisors’…
    trouble is they went too far with the eu swindle… the idea that the people have some sayso on major policy through the voting process now raises its ugly head in fact…
    as long as the holohoax doesn’t die the zionists will always have their victim credentials to whip out in case anybody protests their crimes in the world… the memorial means the uk is as bad off as germany under the control of the jews… notice they mention the children specifically… it’s the children you see, again and again… they have to get them hooked at an early age, just like the cigarette companies… religion is the dope.. holocaustianity.. for political purposes…
    ” Since the EU was formed, no such thing has happened, in fact Europe continues its downward spiral economically.”
    yes… the eu may have been sold as a big step forward for europe and the world.. maybe so was the bolsheviki communist state of israel… but in fact it’s been just another big insider bankster swindle, a new opportunity for economy embezzlers to suck the wealth out of countries and put it into their own pockets…
    now the 5G will finish it off, it will become the ultimate surveillance-and-control state…
    ultimate surveillance equals ultimate control…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Well said, BD. I learned lot from that comment.
      One of your best so far.

      1. Good to have such an arbiter as your Self, MB. Thank you for endorsing the comment preceding. I aspire to your accolades, too!

        DisMAYed long ago by even worse (The Shrub [thanx Molly, R.I.P.], Obummer), I find Ms. May deplorable, which word received a GREAT BOOST in US, Inc., — you all appreciate the US government is an incorporated entity, right? — from our own HAG, HRC. So we have, instead, since Hillary was collapsing on 9-11, an “Orange Clown”. I have a fell feeling inside The Donald is daily experiencing hell on earth until he can “retire”, he will not “run again”.

        NOBODY for President 2020. De-register, do NOT vote. Those under the same system elsewhere might seriously consider doing the same.

  11. So much emphasis on the Holocaust of the past but isn’t there a new holocaust on the horizon one that pits the God of the Talmud against the God of the Bible and when its over I’m afraid not much is going to be left.

    “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations.” Luke 21:19-27

    as for the ‘great signs’ is it just fun and games that these are appearing and most notably England? I mean really from Fox’s book Climate Change the Work of God pages 10-13:

    “Then if this wasn’t enough another crop circle shows up with a message that is sobering in its scope. What appeared on the Crabwood Farmhouse on August 15, 2002 is a message of huge significance and yes, it is biblical in its scope. The crop circle formed an alien face and a disk of computer characters. The message decoded from that read:

    “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.”

    Anyone with even the most basic biblical knowledge can read between the words here and see the similarity to the words of Christ Himself from the Gospels.

    “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.” That would refer to those people who take it upon themselves to speak on behalf of God and yet know nothing about Him. The ‘false gifts’ it is speaking about is proper repentance and confession and their ‘broken promises’ would be one’s vows. I believe the entire chapter of Matthew 5, is pertinent here with special emphasis on the word gifts in verse 23.

    “Much pain but still time.” Judgment is coming. Note the words from Acts 17.

    “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.” (Acts 17:30–31)

    “There is good out there.” Of course, the character of God and His Son Christ Jesus.

    We oppose deception.” Well, of course. ‘we’ The Godhead of the Trinity has always opposed liars, thieves, adulterers, idolaters, and murderers. This is comparable to Matthew 7:15, and more significantly:

    “I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.” (2 John 1:7)

    “Conduit closing.” Surely this one is self-evident. Heaven exists! One need only open a Bible and read Luke 24:50.

    This is as serious as it gets, folks. God, in His great mercy, is using mankind’s own wild and crazy imagination (aliens) to try and communicate. And we had better start listening fast. Yeah, we are going to redefine God as an alien? What a foolish and stupid people we are.

  12. CHUCK
    you nailed it pretty good.. too bad you can’t be on oprah…
    great links too…
    the transfer agreement was a joint venture between the nazis and the zionists…
    they both wanted the same thing, jews in palestine…
    none of the german generals dug that though…
    like most of everything else the mustache guy did…
    eventually they wised up enough to kill him, only they missed…
    that’s what went down in history anyway…
    thank you darling……

    1. I suppose we’ll continue this little feud, eh Bark?

      Just so you know, most of Hitler’s generals fell into the same zionist trap which served to undermine the war effort. This explains why there were so many attempts to off der fuhrer.

      You’re not connecting the dots in distinguishing between the true aims of NS, and the undermining deception of “nazi/Zion”. While it is true that the transfer was as you term it, a “joint venture”, this isn’t to imply that the ultimate goal was the same for both parties, but only that Hitler knew he had to play a cat ‘n mouse game with the zios, while his overriding concern was to win a war, after which all those jew relocation matters would have been sorted out.

      You, like so many aren’t clued in to the nature of leadership and how it can be so utterly lonely at the top

      “He who wears the crown….”🤴

    what a frightening picture…
    i’m sure whoever took it must be dead…

    1. It started doing rounds on internet maybe a year ago or so. I don’t know if it is a hoax or not. But it is certainly very creepy and one of the first things I thought of was the FDR quote. Maybe they start groom them at an early age? Or even worse, their parents were groomed for that purpose.

    2. Bark –
      MS –

      Pics are easily faked today.

      Photos & youtube are not reliable sources at all when the author-supplier is unknown.

      I have even seen pictures of Jesus from centuries past!!

  14. Make that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

    Gotta do the bard justice

  15. The call Mark Sedwill the King of England with the control of everything including Treason May.Here comments about King Mark from 30 minutes. UKcolumn is well worth viewing they have video broadcasts every other day and are truly independent .They are lead by Brain Gerrish he does excellent work and knows he is high on the target list for telling the truth.Mr Gerrish has youtube video presentations he reveals details about the very strange and dangerous as far a I can tell simply named “Common Purpose”

    David Icke at also does excellent work in the teeth of opposition, again his site is well worth a visit, Australia has banned him at the behest of ? The Aussies seem to do as they are told too.
    David Icke banned from Australia after government linked zionist groups pull strings.
    Israeli influence in Australia is once again showing its warts as David Icke has been banned from visiting its shores following outrageous claims by pro-zionist hate groups, the Anti-Defamation Commission and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

    One look at their social media pages of the groups and you see non-stop pandering to the role of playing the victim and hateful undertones to other countries in the middle east region.

    Heaven forbid we live in an era where people are allowed to question the world and the way it’s run, as Mr Icke has inspired many to do.

    Instead we are left with pro-agenda run hate groups that try censor people they don’t agree with and scream ‘anti-semitism’ to anyone they disagree with.

    Kate Ashmore,David Colemen and Dvir Abramovich .

    “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”
    Lord Northcliffe.

    Northcliffe’s fall — from being one of the most powerful men in the world to being imprisoned as insane after which he quickly died — took only a few days. The trigger was his challenge to the Jewish power structure.

    1. Anti antisemitism is officially anti Australian!
      Just ask Frank Lowry who cashed in on 9/11. He is an Australian Jew who officially thinks for the country and its people. Luckily, (cough, cough) Australia votes on the 18th of May for another reshuffle of a Commonwealth puppet government in Canberra that is the most Anti-Australian government since the accidental drowning of PM Holt through the “Chinese”.
      Australia never ever belonged to Australians unless they are Jewish but this statement is very anti semitic and anti Australian in a colony where criticism is illegal.

  16. Mark Glenn’s TUT is no more and NO ONE at Darkmoon has anything to say about it! …. NO ONE says anything about it and everybody acts as if Glenn never existed, LMFAO!!!!!

    ADMIN: This is the first we’ve heard of it. Maybe MG is about to launch a new website under another name. We’ll have to wait and see.

  17. ANN
    politics is 90% public relations bs, show business for ugly people, and we probably often have no idea who they even really are.. there’s no law saying anybody has to use his real name to run for office…
    in shitbird churchill’s case we have all these body doubles, voice actors making his speeches, he’s really a jewish zionist more than an englishman… him drunk off his ass most of the time… wtf?
    the question has to be asked.. it already has been asked, and answered – who was adolf hitler?
    a british bloodline agent installed by the jew bankers to create terror in europe, drive jews to palestine…

  18. HAWK
    are you a lawyer? you’re starting to sound like one… what’s your speciality, how much do you charge?
    from my experience with them, just btw, lawyers drag the subject as far as possible into the abstract, until at some point nobody knows what’s real or not anymore, in which case they might then have a chance to win…
    dood, the experts say, if hitler’s overriding concern was to win the war, he would have annihilated the english army trapped at dunkirk (i sure would have) and conquered england before he invaded russia… and when he did heard east, he would have skipped the stalingrad siege and went for the energy sources, as his generals advised..
    Sedwill will have some kind of bloodline connection…
    i think icke may have been a freemason at one time… somebody put a picture of him up inside a lodge somewhere, who knows if it was real…
    but one of his first books, ‘the biggest secret’ spilled a lot on that subject…
    got me interested, i was shocked at how little i had been aware of what went on with masonry in my own world…
    he’s one of the icons of the awareness movement…

    1. Bark
      Your premises are all flawed. For Hitler the fight wasn’t with England, whom he rightly saw as being brothers. Hess knew this and tis is why he flew to Britain, to communicate a desire for peace, naive to what they would make of his landing there.

      Hitler’s siege of Leningrad was more symbolic than militarily strategic. He no doubt thought it would have no impact on strategy-relsted matters.

    2. Bark

      It’s not far-fetched to see that Hitler had no quarrel with the Brits, whom he hoped would come to their senses and realize they and Germany were brothers. When Hess took his infamous trip it was with the naive belief that they WOULD.

      I see the siege of Leningrad to be largely symbolic because of the namesake of that city. I doubt Hitler saw it as being militarily
      strategic or as interfering anywhere else in the East in that regard.

  19. No Country in history has to be more guilty of bloodshed in Colonisations and manipulations worldwide – active and well in centuries until this day. Genocide, warmongering, looting and enslavement into British subjectism – a very British trade mark while hiding a foreign power that offered finance to the nobles and Lordships and the “royal” families for influence, and power within the Kingdom. The US, as a former British colony was carrying the same infective agent deep within at birth for the final establishment of a worldwide undercover global network and under a pseudonym concealing Royal British patriotism as its front face. One imagine England today without its enforced Commonwealth reign over the conquered and brainwashed territories and without installed Jewish influence in rising ex colonies or even without currencies that worship a bloody English past and treason under a “German” queen pretending to be more British then her peasants and exploited subjects.
    Over centuries one thing never changed. The mocking of truth and human history embedding hearty laughs of money changers creating power for themselves through slapstick while holding their aching stomachs, turning human innocence into stupidity and devil worship as a religious side product.
    Not much has changed. Dispute and argumentation rules humanity while oneness is fragmented into ironic specks of dust changing light into darkness, love into hate and satire into renewed bloodshed as a sacrifice for a fake demon god.

  20. Are there any memorials to the Palestine Police (who were formed to keep the peace between Arabs and Jews) and the British civilians that were murdered by Irgun and the Stern Gang?


    Nearly 4 million Jews died in Europe in WW2 over 3 million Catholic Poles died too. In the concentration camps the worst treatment meeted out to anyone was to the Catholic preists. See Anthony Faramus book Journey into Darkness.He was British and spent the War in 2 concentration camps so he knew first hand.
    Now unbelievably Trump is targeting Poles :
    ‘Thousands of Poles have marched on the US Embassy in Warsaw to protest American pressure on Poland to compensate Jews whose families allegedly lost property during World War II. ‘
    Maybe the best response would be for the Poles to sue the United States for some of the $135 Billion it has given to Israel for its suffering. The fact that American ,British and Canadian soldiers died on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the Jews is regarded as inadequate.One of those rescued was George Soros , given a home and educated in he has thanked us by destroying Britain and Europe with his great wealth, which he amassed thanks to the courage and lives of our soldiers.

    1. HAWK
      from what I’ve read Hitler’s generals tried their best to talk him out of the siege of leningrad, because they knew it was extremely significant strategically…
      They foresaw how much it would cost in time and men and equipment, that they could not
      Afford to lose.. they should have shot him.
      But he did have his bodyguard corps, the SS… many were Jews. So was wolfy himself….. people fight like hell for their homes, especially when there’s no retreat… the luftwaffe was barely able to keep the German army supplied in the winter, amazing they did it as long as they did, a super heroic effort… but in the end not enough…
      Easy to Infer Adolf deliberately sabotaged the German war effort…
      I’ve heard the story of how Hitler was trying to appease the British… really?
      You can believe it if you want.. some people do..
      I don’t…
      History has no official explanation for all Hitler’s mismanagement..
      The lies are huge…

      1. The reason it’s easy to infer that Hitler sabotaged the war effort is mainly due to the sabotage of Germ Intel, of which I’ve commented numerous times on these these threads. But because for whatever reason you have a particular hair up your anal orifice for der fuehrer, you don’t want to consider that in the name of fair objectivity.

        And btw, can you please explain what you mean by the Jesuits murdering all those former P’sOTUS. You truly believe that to be a possibility, or is that just another tongue-in-cheek comment this site is famous for?

        P.S. I meant to delete that other post. I didn’t intend to be redundant

  22. JO
    the British empire is not a Republican constitutional democracy, and to the extent the USA is, the monarchy and its partners at City of London and Vatican continue to screw with it….
    That’s been the policy since the treaties of Verona, which came about in response to the monroe doctrine….
    Most likely the Jesuits murdered James monroe as well as George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson before….

    1. Maybe its time for USA to grow up and become an AMERICA run by independent patriotic Americans and establish a REAL independence day to celebrate history instead of this Royal red jacket whitewash fairytale from 1776.

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