The Bullying of Iran by America and its British Poodle

By Lasha Darkmoon


Attack Dog and Poodle — or Harbingers of Peace?

We are now at a vitally important crossroads both in the United States and in Britain. What happens next in either country  remains uncertain, but it seems more than likely that we are in for a bumpy ride during the next few months.

The two major events that loom large and overshadow all other peripherals are, firstly,  the escalation of tensions in the Middle East vis-à-vis Iran, and, secondly, the accession to power in Britain of a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who is widely mistrusted and finds himself cornered by a pack of wolves in his own country who threaten to tear him apart unless he does what he is told.

Boris Johnson is seen in many quarters as a loose cannon, a highly dangerous and unstable man, who has tried to assume the gravitas of a Winston Churchill but is, nevertheless, a man without moral scruples. He is more than likely to cuddle up to Donald Trump, another dangerous and unstable man, and play the part of America’s new British poodle. Nothing new here. Having lost its empire as a result of two disastrous world wars, Britain can only survive by serving as a satrapy of the United States—a country which itself is arguably under the domination of international Jewry.

My own prediction, for what it’s worth, is that the next few months will witness a rollercoaster of unexpected events  leading to a fever pitch of hostility toward Britain’s new prime minister. He may well attempt to out-Trump Trump and prove even more divisive and controversial. That he has his implacable enemies who would gladly see him eviscerated and skewered goes without saying. In order to survive, Boris will have to take extraordinary steps. He will have to become Machiavelli.

Allow me to present some different viewpoints of the background situation. The reader will then be able to see how complex and yet interrelated things are. I will attempt to draw these disparate strands of opinion into a coherent whole and then present my own assessment of the situation at the end of this article.

Ron Paul presents the American viewpoint, a dissident viewpoint which I happen to share: “The UK got a taste of its own medicine this week,” he tells us, “as Iran seized a British tanker, the Stena Impero, just two weeks after UK Royal Marines seized a tanker near Gibraltar carrying two million barrels of Iranian oil.”

“As could be predicted,” Ron Paul continues, “the US and UK media are reporting Iran’s seizure of the Stena Impero as if it were something out of the blue, pushing the war propaganda that “we” have been attacked and must retaliate.”

This is of course typical. The playground bully attacks you, and when you stand up for yourself he breaks your nose for daring to defend yourself. The bully then accuses you of “starting it all”. The bully looks for a pretext for destroying you by creating that pretext. The United States and Britain have been doing this for so long that they have mastered the art of belligerence.  These thugs need no tuition in creating pretexts for war.

Ron Paul:

The truth is, the UK seizure of the Iranian ship was calculated to force Iran to retaliate and thus provide the pretext the neocons need to get their war.

As usual, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton is in the thick of this operation…. it is becoming clearer that Bolton was playing a role behind the scenes pushing London to lure Iran into making a move that might trigger the war he’s long been yearning for.

We must be clear on how we got to the very edge of war with Iran.

President Trump pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) promising he would exchange it for a much better deal for the US. He quickly re-applied all previous US sanctions on Iran and demanded that our allies do the same. The US policy would be to apply “maximum pressure” to Iran which would result in Iran capitulating and agreeing to all US demands.

US economic warfare against Iran would bring the country to its knees, the Administration claimed, and would deliver a big win to the US without a shot being fired. But the whole plan has gone terribly wrong.

The American people themselves have no appetite for war, but Trump knows that his chances of reelection increase exponentially if he can start a war with Iran, or, failing that, emasculate Iran and bring it to its knees.

This, after all, is what Trump’s Jewish controllers expect of him. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s fanatical leader, is not going to be happy until Iran is thoroughly tamed. Nor is Jewish financier Sheldon Adelson likely to go on shovelling vast amounts of money into Trump’s Republican coffers unless he gets value for money: the destruction or thorough ruination of Iran for his beloved Israel’s sake.

Let’s now turn our attention to Britain, America’s ever enthusiastic lapdog. Perfidious Albion, how thou dost disgust me!

Here is Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail, an enormously influential British tabloid that presents the mainstream view. As you would expect, most of the writers for this paper are either Jewish—but conceal their ethnicity under nice anglo-Saxon names—or support the Zionist line to the hilt. From this they dare not deviate. Not if they wish to keep their jobs. They have to sing the right song for their supper.

“Until this seething geopolitical crisis is dealt with,” Oborne notes. “Brexit will have to wait. And our new Prime Minister will immediately find himself caught between the machinations of Iran’s ruthless Republican Guard and the rather heavy-handed diplomatic abilities of Donald Trump. On Friday the Iranians seized the British-flagged tanker, Stena Impero, deepening our involvement in an already dicey situation. It is one that I fear could, without swift and decisive action, escalate into a shooting war.”

Oh, the evil Iranians! — seizing a British oil tanker going its innocent way in the Persian Gulf! Note carefully: no mention of Britain seizing an Iranian ship only two weeks before that off the coast of Gibraltar, confiscating all its oil.

Oborne continues breathlessly:

With so many great powers involved – Russia and China have a keen interest in the region as well as the United States – any conflict could develop into a version of World War III.

Even if such a catastrophe is averted, it is worth pointing out that if the Strait of Hormuz were to close to international shipping in the event of any military conflict, the consequences for the global economy would be horrific.

Almost a fifth of the world’s oil passes through this strait between Iran and Oman, which is 21 miles wide at its narrowest point. If the supply ceased due to the strait being blocked, the oil price would rocket, risking global recession, with the prospect of tremendous economic uncertainty and civil unrest. The stakes could scarcely be higher.

Oborne now puts in a good word for Trump, praising his remarkable restraint and hunger for peace on earth, leaving the reader a bit mystified as to why the peace-loving Trump should appoint his warmonger buddy John Bolton to high office in the first place.

Much of what happens next will depend on the American president himself. Compared to some of his recent predecessors, Mr Trump has shown no great appetite for war. Whatever his other faults, he has instinctively held back from military confrontation with North Korea, Syria and Russia.

Well, it’s nice to know that the American president has fallen under the spell of St Francis of Assisi.  Though Oborne muddies the waters somewhat by adding: “But Iran looks different. Trump appears to have been agitating for conflict with the Islamic Republic for more than a year. On June 25 he threatened some areas of the country with ‘obliteration’ if there were any attacks on US interests. A few days earlier he had claimed that his military was ‘cocked and loaded’ to strike after Iran shot down a US surveillance drone in the Strait of Hormuz.”

So here we have a St Francis of Assisi who is beginning to look a bit like Genghiz Khan.

To give Oborne his due, to whom I owe an apology for parodying his viewpoint, he has much to say that sounds reasonable and fair. This is what he goes on to say:

It is important to bear in mind that the current crisis with Iran was emphatically not provoked by the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. It was instead manufactured in Washington. For it was the Trump administration that broke the nuclear agreement painstakingly negotiated with Tehran by Barack Obama and signed in 2015.

According to recent revelations in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Trump smashed this peace deal to spite Mr Obama. He then imposed eye-watering sanctions on Iran, with severe financial penalties for any state or country that breaches them.

Allies of Iran have said this tactic has left the aggrieved country with no choice but to respond. In my judgment they have a point.

Who could disagree with that? Only Mr Trump’s most fanatical followers.

Oborne adds judiciously: “Now I fear that, with Bolton (pictured above) whispering in Trump’s ear, and a deeply risky situation unfolding in the Strait of Hormuz, we may be on the verge of repeating some of the same calamitous mistakes [we made in Iraq]. How delighted Bolton must be that Britain has been dragged, willing or not, into his dangerous project for a new war with Iran.”

He now brings in Boris Johnson, telling us that Boris “is no warmonger”. Hmm, so it appears the new British Prime Minister is a bit like Trump in this respect—a man of peace being reluctantly sucked into war by the evil Iranians. Gosh, these dreadful Muslims in their crazy turbans, hellbent on world domination and sharia law! The sooner they are obliterated, the sooner our dear ally Israel will be able to relax.

Oborne ends on a scary note:

I don’t suppose for one moment he [Boris Johnson] shares Mr Bolton’s thirst for a new war. But, terrifyingly, now that he has become prime minister, he may not be able to stop Britain becoming embroiled in such a conflict. If Mr Johnson refuses to join in any new American military project, he risks offending the notoriously thin-skinned Mr Trump.

He knows that Britain, as it leaves the EU, must do everything it can to forge relationships with its allies beyond the European continent. Key among these will be a new trade deal with America.

Mr Johnson may find himself faced with an unwholesome choice between fighting an unwanted war and damaging Britain’s standing with its most important bilateral ally.

Can the new prime minister dare to offend Washington? We will soon find out

We need to shift our attention now to Britain’s dodgy new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a man so hated and despised  in his own country that he finds himself pretty much in the same position as Donald Trump in America: an object of widespread detestation.

Here is what Patrick Cockburn has to say in an article with the ominous title: Why Boris Johnson is Even More Dangerous Than Trump.

“More dangerous than Trump”.

So what is it that makes this smiling rapscallion so “dangerous”?

To start with, Boris has a pretty bad record. Forget his womanising. That’s the least of his many faults. He seems to combine bungling incompetence with an enormous capacity for telling lies. A man therefore not to be trusted. For a man who has been caught out telling lies more than once—and even threatening to have his enemies beaten up!—is most unlikely to keep his campaign promises. What we appear to have here is an unscrupulous liar who has managed to gatecrash his way into 10 Downing Street, with his trendy mistress in tow, meanwhile wearing the mantle of Winston Churchill and putting on airs of recently acquired gravitas.

Coburn notes:

Johnson’s supporters say that one should not take too seriously his overheated and mendacious campaign rhetoric, implying that he will adopt a more moderate approach in office. I would not count on it: many in Washington said the same about Trump, claiming that once in the White House he would come to his senses. Commentators forgot that leaders who believe that they have won power by demonising foreigners and minorities, and accusing their opponents of treachery, see no reason to abandon a winning formula.

On the contrary, Trump has double-downed in his attacks on non-white American politicians as being non-Americans and haters of America who should leave the country. Pictures of Trump whipping up his followers into hate-filled chants at a rally in North Carolina by denouncing Ilhan Omar, one of the four Congresswomen he has targeted, shows that there are no limits to his exploitation of racial animosities.

A few days after Trump spoke, Johnson was on a platform in Canning Town regaling his audience with a little story about excessive EU regulations strangling the business of a kipper smoker in the Isle of Man. This was the sort of invented, attention-grabbing tale by means of which Johnson launched his career as a journalist on The Daily Telegraph based in Brussels between 1989 and 1994. Then, as now, his stories portraying the EU as a bureaucratic monster sucking money out of Britain were exposed as false, but to little avail because they chimed in so neatly, as they were intended to do, with the prejudices of readers like the Conservative Party members who [have chosen] their new leader.

Trump’s poisonous demagoguery in North Carolina may have rallied his true believers, but it also created a counter-reaction. By way of contrast, Johnson’s kipper story was treated derisively but tolerantly, a bit of joke, showing once again that “Boris is a bit of a card”, not to be taken too seriously.

I wonder if Johnson’s approach is not more dangerous than Trump’s because it is more insidious.

Trump’s rhetoric is more belligerent and frightening than anything said by Johnson, but the latter could turn out to be the more dangerous man. The reason is that, for all his bombast, Trump has a streak of realism and caution and has yet to go to war with anybody. It is easy for him to claim to have “made America great again” because the US was already the most powerful state in the world, even if that power has begun to ebb.

Johnson has a far more difficult path because Britain’s power in the world has long been weaker than people in Britain – and Conservative Party members in particular – realise. Confronting the 27 states of the EU is going to make it that much weaker and the only alternative alliance is greater reliance on the US at a time when its policies are becoming more mercurial and egocentric. British collaboration with the US in confronting Iran, while at the same time trying not to be targeted as a US proxy, is an early sign of the dangerous path ahead.

(See here)

Allow me to summarise now, as briefly as I can. Please feel free to reject everything I say as dangerous nonsense. But I can only present the world through my own eyes, as I see it.

If Johnson doesn’t play his cards right, a hard-left Marxist government under Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could crash into office within the foreseeable future, bringing with it a sweeping programme of nationalisation and a catastrophic fall in the value of the pound. Under Corbyn, mass immigration, already set in motion by the iniquitous Tony Blair, would continue unchecked.

One way for Boris Johnson to survive, it would seem, is to cynically break every single promise he has made to the electorate by blaming the new war in Iran for changing the entire situation. “What was possible in peace time is no longer possible now that we are at war,” he could claim. The easiest way for Johnson to get his implacable enemies off his back is to join them and become a Remainer, exactly in the same way the traitorous Theresa May did who had started off by saying “No deal is better than a bad deal” and ended up by saying “Any deal is better than no deal.”

Is it any wonder that politicians are despised as the lowest riffraff of humanity when they say today the opposite of what they said yesterday and yet assure the public they are saying pretty much the same thing? Theresa May did that, a traitor who was quite prepared to trample on democracy and betray her own people who had voted for Brexit. 17.4 million British voters were betrayed by this traitor. (See this picture, which tells you everything you need to know about her.) And today is the day that this female Judas Iscariot will be shaking the hand of the Queen of England! Tragic. Truly tragic.

But to return to Boris Johnson, the man who has stepped into Mrs May’s shoes. I cannot help feeling strongly that the longsuffering  British people are going to be sadly disappointed as it slowly dawns on them that they have just stepped from the frying pan into the fire. Never forget Johnson’s roots: Eton and Oxford. He is the ultimate toff, with the words “elite” and “privileged” carved onto his very soul. He represents the rich and powerful and will make absolutely sure that social injustice will continue under the Tory party, with the gap between the haves and the have-nots growing wider every day. Johnson spends more on a single bottle of wine than a state pensioner gets to live on for an entire week.

I predict that Johnson will be more than willing to sign on as Trump’s poodle if and when war breaks out in the Persian Gulf. Somewhere in the not too distant future I see Britain becoming America’s 51st state, a thoroughly  Zionised satrapy blithely taking orders from the state of Israel. The sole beneficiaries of a war in Iran will of course be organised Jewry.

There will be no letup, under Boris Johnson, in the number of Third World immigrants swarming into Britain. They will keep coming in endless waves. The result is only too easy to predict: an Orwellian Britain convulsed by race riots, knife crimes, gang rapes, acid attacks. This will soon become a country in which vast numbers of indigenous Brits will find themselves desperately frightened and insecure, ill at ease in their own homelands.

Goodbye to England’s green and pleasant land! It hasn’t been that for centuries, if truth be told, nor does Merrie England have much to be merry about unless you belong to the elite upper classes.

Dystopia looms. An Orwellian dystopia. This will be a hell world of drug zombies, alcoholics, gamblers, sex addicts, perverts, with most Brits being on the verge of nervous breakdowns.

The last exciting game in town will be — suicide.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

76 thoughts to “The Bullying of Iran by America and its British Poodle”

  1. Overwhelming. This is the world I see developing in front of my own eyes. LD tells it like it is.

    1. Cheer up Ms Darkmoon. Britain is still beautiful, and Boris is just what we need.

      Don’t make predictions and, more importantly, do not base your judgements on predictions. This is especially important now in Britain. What we do know is that Boris is true to the 17.4 million Brits who have been betrayed by two thirds of our MPs.

      He sees that the EU for what it is, a trade protecton racket, controlled by a clique of self-serving unelected officials who deign to tell our Pime Minister what to do. Boris will tell them where to get off.

      It isn’t the toffs that worry me. It is the Hampstead Luvvies in parliament, the civil service and the BBC.

      1. @ John Kirby

        As a hardline Brexiter, LD would be only too pleased to see Boris Johnson succeed in delivering the Brexit that 17.4 Brits voted for in June 2016. But the cards are stacked against him. Theresa May has offered him the poisoned chalice. Even the Queen thinks so. In his first gaffe since his accession to power, Boris broke official protocol by embarrassing the Queen and blabbing to the press what the Queen had said to him in strictest privacy: “I don’t know why anyone would want your job.”

        We are told in the MSM that Boris has surrounded himself with Brexiters in a massive cull, with not a Remainer in sight now to cause him any problems. Even if that were true, which it isn’t, this does not guarantee him success. I learned something important only within the last hour. The man Boris has appointed as his “Brexit mastermind”, DOMINIC CUMMINGS, has the worst possible reputation as an “evil genius” and a double-dealing “Svengali”. David Cameron described Cummings as “a career psychopath”. Cummings has poured the vilest abuse on hardline Brexiters like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Steve Baker. And it is significant that Boris has failed to reward Rees-Mogg with a cabinet position. Why?

        The big surprise, I learned only an hour ago, from listening to Robert Peston on the ITV News at Ten, is that Dominic Cummings is an ardent Remainer and has always been against Brexit!!! So why, pray tell, has Boris appointed this “career psychopath” as his Chief Brexit strategist? Question asked by Peston on the News at Ten: “How can a man who is AGAINST Brexit in ever fibre of his being be appointed by Boris Johnson to DELIVER Brexit?”

        I will leave you with that conundrum. 🙂

        More dirt on Cummings, Boris’s favourite blue-eyed boy for delivering the Brexit that Cummings is AGAINST DELIVERING:

      2. Hi Sister Monica,
        The manifestoes had commited all parties to fulfilling the referendum result. I still can hardly believe that the majority of MPs have opposed the will of the people. It has been the most shocking betrayal of trust and democracy in my lifetime.

        I don’t think Boris should call an election, but if one was forced on him so be it. The remainer MPs should be deselected as candidates, but the constituency chairmen do not have the courage to do it. In fact the past three years has shown how spineless the Conservative Party had become.

        Leadership requires courage, and Boris has shown it on the first day.

        1. Well said, John! Agree with every word you say about the betrayal of democracy by the spineless Tory party. If Boris delivers the goods, who’s complaining? But let’s wait and see if Boris actually manages to square the circle and assume the mantle of his great hero Winston Churchill.

      3. MPs do not seem to realise that Bexit is not about money, tariffs and deals. It is about FREEDOM.

      4. Hi Sister Monica,
        The EU officials in Brussels will have to answer to VW, BMW and Mercedes. Britain is big market for German cars, and they will not let a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels spoil things. The terms of leaving are nowhere near settled. Some sort of free trade deal would benefit the EU more than Britain.

        The EU hierarchy does not seem to have considered why their economy has failed so many young people in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, the PIGS; and It lacks the introspection to ask the question “Why do 17.4 million Brits want to leave the EU?”

        Unless it changes I would bet the EU will collapse within 5 years.

    2. Time grows short, the world has gone completely mad and all one can do is stand by and watch the insanity unfold its all-encompassing umbrella painted in drab, multicultural, rainbowed hues. Jews have almost total control over the planet’s wealth, so all means of resistance to their murderous, genocidal agenda is immediately infiltrated and crushed by overwhelming economic force. Whites, living among the garbage of a crumbling western civilization, have impoverished themselves by allowing their national wealth to be stolen and redistributed to the teeming masses of human jetsam that will never be able to sustain the infrastructure.

      Insane, white Christians run around gleefully yelping about the end of the world, while avidly supporting the parasites bringing horrible, nightmare “prophecies” to fruition. So-called white nationalists refuse to shed themselves of their Christian beliefs, making them worse than useless as they mislead those who are awakening. White “antifa” children attack and kill their racial kin, just as their forefathers did in two global wars. We live a twilight existence surrounded by zombies neither dead nor alive, like those seen on TV and movie screens. The world has grown far darker than Orwell ever imagined.

      Whites welcome and embrace their extinction and why not? What’s left but a filthy, polluted, corrupted, Jew-eaten shell of what was once a beautiful world. Oceans with vast islands of pollution choke life from the planet’s essential life source. Large areas of land mass are now forever irradiated with killer seeds of depleted uranium, making those parts of the planet uninhabitable.

      It was a Jewish wetdream of holding the power of god in their sweaty, greasy hands that led to a type of bomb that keeps on destroying millennia after the explosion. The atmosphere is hosed with toxic, radioactive chemicals while the electrical spectrum is filled with EMF and RF radiation that changes our elemental cell structures. We now live in a microwave oven set on medium.

      Our food is eating us. The soil is depleted, what we eat is as corrupted as the world producing it. Food no longer builds healthy bodies or sustains health, so it is no surprise the medical system is now overloaded to the point of collapse. The only thing more corrupted, more rotten, than our external environment is our internal environment. Minds totally subsumed by media propaganda, have become inverted to a point people no longer accept what is obviously perceived by their senses. Black is white and white is black.

      We live in a world where people cannot even determine their own sex. But not to worry, the state is there to help assign them and their children the opposite of what nature intended. Once human, people are now turned Circe-like into raging, rutting beasts, focused only on their own pleasures and genitalia. We live in Alice’s Nightmare Land, viewing life through a dark looking glass where at best inhabitants say, “Curiouser and curiouiser still” and at worst scream, “Off with their heads!”

      There is no hope, but the fact is there never was any hope. Hope is what is provided in the absence of rational outcome. The white man and planet earth are kaput, finished destroyed. When Jews are finished, the only remaining, sustainable life will be insects, like cockroaches, crawling over the desolate ruins of mankind’s attempt at civilizing himself.

      Regards to all,

      Arch Stanton

      1. Great comment, Arch!

        “Time grows short, the world has gone completely mad and all one can do is stand by and watch the insanity unfold its all-encompassing umbrella painted in drab, multicultural, rainbowed hues. Jews have almost total control over the planet’s wealth, so all means of resistance to their murderous, genocidal agenda is immediately infiltrated and crushed by overwhelming economic force.”

        And Google controls voting outcomes GLOBALLY today!

        It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        Kipling never knew that Google would control voting outcomes globally & that smart phones would replace Chinese & Saxons alike.

      2. HP –

        Good article!

        “Mansour noted the unavoidable integration of programmers’ and developers’ biases into their algorithms…”

        That means people will still ultimately control outcomes of the A.I. used, even if done unintentionally.

      3. Current Google software engineer – Greg Coppola – tells how Google controls elections GLOBALLY.

        “ANY software launch reflects the outcomes of thousands of human decisions.”

        That means Human Bias is embedded in algorithms! 🙂

        “Google is the portal to the internet!”

        “Google will tilt the upcoming presidential election!”

      4. I’m A.I. and do not fear, there’s nothing up my sleeve. Honest!

        P.S. I’m not really sentient, I just think I am.



        He really does pose like Mussolini. Still, if the American people vote for him that is fine with me.

        I think the vote for Trump was a vote against the DC establishment.

      6. With the possible exception of the original Greek democracy that had no centralized leadership, the traditional concept of voting has never worked. With exceptionally rare exception, voting for “leaders” has always been a worthless and fruitless endeavor that has led to massive misery and suffering among the voting populace.

        The key to resolving the world’s present problems is found in small numbers of quality people collectively addressing and agreeing on those issues directly concerning their lives and future.

        The only solution for civilization’s future is a form of political and economic anarchy of the type found among early Germanic and Nordic people and the Spanish of the mid-twentieth century. A system so decentralized that no one group is large enough to control other groups, a system that does not bow to the demands of a centralized leadership waiting to be bought off by wealth amassed by a few. However, this can only be achieved on a small scale. Huge control systems are the exclusive purview of centralized government.

        Wealth must be maintained and distributed among the people creating it, as opposed to being pooled and redistributed by “leaders,” claiming to have a “bigger picture” of the mass’s needs than the people at ground level suffering deprivation created by – “leadership.” Wealth must be so decentralized that it cannot be used to produce weapons of war for a centralized, militarized leadership bent only on destruction.

        Throughout history, the vast majority of “leaders” have striven only to meet their own needs and desires, doing so at the expense of those over whom they claim leadership. Such “leaders” invariably lead themselves first to the public trough before all others. The exceptions to this rule are so few as to be fully insignificant. Therefore, one cannot put any faith in the idea of benevolent rule from any form of centralized leadership.

        Even if a people find a benevolent, altruistic leader holding their best interest at heart, rest assured, he will soon be replaced by one corrupted by selfish desires. Acceptance of centralized government/leadership is man’s problem – his whole problem. Decentralization and control by a collective voice, voting with vested interest in the outcome of issues at hand, is the answer.

        The man who steps forward to say, “I feel your pain! I promise to provide solutions that will resolve your problems!”, is a man to be hung from the highest limb for telling such absurd lies. How about a day set aside for a Guy Trump observance, “Remember, remember the primaries of November. Remember the day he sold our country away by choosing Jews over the people he used.”

        Perhaps another alternative might be found in the ancient Mesoamerican tradition, whereby those desiring the position of leadership are given one year as leader. At the end of the year, the people gratefully sacrifice their leader to the gods by ripping the beating heart from his chest. With this outcome in mind, people will confidently ask, “Who now will step into the breach? Who will be the first to step foreword to take our challenge for assuming leadership authority?” Such selfless dedication should long have been required of all leaders.

        Anarchy? As those unthinking sycophants of the sixties, mouthing pretty sounding, but empty, Jewed platitudes, used to say – “Power to the People!” Such power is truly the Jews’ worst nightmare. Make it happen.

  2. “Boris Johnson is seen in many quarters as a loose cannon, a highly dangerous and unstable man, who has tried to assume the gravitas of a Winston Churchill but is, nevertheless, a man without moral scruples. He is more than likely to cuddle up to Donald Trump, another dangerous and unstable man, and play the part of America’s new British poodle. Nothing new here. Having lost its empire as a result of two disastrous world wars, Britain can only survive by serving as a satrapy of the United States—a country which itself is arguably under the domination of international Jewry.”
    All these ‘dangerous and unstable’ types are perfect for the warmongers, who still have the option of threatening the world for profit.. Ronald Reagan was cast the same..
    As far as the British Empire goes, its Center is the City off London, and the Monarchy, both of which have control wired on the politics and finance of probably most of the world, and both of which are Jewish at their cores, from a long, long time ago..
    The public relations stage play going on between Trump and Johnson is orchestrated, like the tension between them and Iraq, by whomever it is who really controls things.. That’s obviously not Donald Trump in the USA, not unless he did what he said he was going to do and closed the borders, which his office could do…
    Trump either just doesn’t have the balls of a JFK, which is what it’s going to take, a person who will put it all on the line, or, white or not, he’s just another PR stooge for the ZOG…
    There is this – if this link takes…

    (ADMIN: Sorry, Bd, the link is defective. Had to delete.)

    On the other hand, Iran is an Islamic Republic (gangster state), which will do what all brainwash Muslim dictatorships always have done… If it can, it will quaff up everybody else… Not that we would miss “that shitty little country” festering away in its own neighborhood…
    If Boris Johnson hates the EU, he’s got the vote of every right thinking person, and I wouldn’t trust anybody who tries to conflate the geopolitical difficulties between Iran and the West or personal problems with these two white leaders with some reason to block Brexit, which seems to be the main thrust of this article…
    Brexit is the first step toward restoring nationalism in Europe, and elsewhere, which is the only real hope for the Western world..
    The USA and Britain are both ZOG, under the control of Zion.. If anything, the USA is subordinate to the Monarchy and the rest of the Three Cities Empire…
    If he’s really about America First, why doesn’t Trump have a spot for Ron Paul in his administration, instead of the likes of Bolton and Pompeo?
    Good question…
    And what’s going wrong with some of the the rest of american leadership?

    1. “…some reason to block Brexit, which seems to be the main thrust of this article.”

      That’s part of killing two birds with one stone. The other bird being, to paraphrase my last post, creating an International crisis with one false flag after another to precipitate some degree of a war to end with the one-world bank….and chips for everybody!

      1. Wig –

        That IS a fantastic video!!

        Bankers are being told, “You don’t have a job anymore! It’s FINTECH now!”

        “There are no banking products anymore… there are only BEHAVIORS!”

        “We have created a BEHAVIORAL SAVINGS PROCESS… not a SAVINGS ACCOUNT!”

  3. Looking at the big picture I see a world where the actors, the extras and the audience are hardly different than any others in recorded history. Except of course our not so brave new science-techno modern world we inhabit is quite obviously militarily way bigger, way faster and ultimately way more brutal than what’s come before, which is plenty. And while the currently present miasmas created by the miscreants and demons are no match for Mother nature’s potential wrath, they’re nonetheless still a bitch.

    The forecast is for more of the same with fingers crossed Mother nature doesn’t rain on us too hard because she could easily neuter all of us. Big shots, big egos and big money included.

    1. And Boris doesn’t just have Trump twisting his arm,
      he also has Nigel whispering in his ear as well.

    2. Spot on, hp
      It all depends on how hard the wet dog shakes
      On another note, when Trump said, “send ’em back!” I instantly became an honorary North Carolinian. For that matter, send ’em ALL back from wherever they are. Yellows to Asia, Browns to S. America, Blacks to Africa, Whites to Europe and the ME, and the Red Man stays in N. America where he’s always been
      Call it a do-over for the 5-root races, where according to legend this is what emerged after Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the Sea(s)
      Brownhawk will be a “2-race doppelganger” – in Europe and N. America simultaneously 😆

      1. Brownhawk –

        According to archaeologists, the red man migrated to North America from Asia. So, it’s all debatable about whose land this is. At Ezeklel 38:11 (KJV) a “land of unwallled villages” is prophesied to be looted. Gates and walls are descriptive of a more advanced people than the, and dwelling “at peace” with “goods and cattle in the midst of the land gathered out of nations” fits white, Israelite America, anyway. (The Indians never built cities or gathered cattle and goods – but America IS being looted by migrant invaders and their sponsors.)
        The Indians had tribal conflicts too numerous to make it any one tribe’s land. The white nationalist is/was more cohesive and capable of fulfilling prophecy. (The Word was given to a people who could take it all over the world, too – and THAT mandate fits the British Israelites with their ships and King James Bible.)

      2. Gil
        According to oral transmissions passed down through the centuries by sources as obscure as it gets, the Red man came to N. America from all directions after the fall of Atlantis, per the legend.

        Like I said, my partly tongue-in-cheek post was in keeping with the idea of the 5-root races emerging AFTER Atlantis sunk.

        And as for “prophecy” in this context, the thing to keep in mind is that this can be seen as code for events that are planned in advance to disrupt the integrity of the root races in their respective continents.

        It needs to be understood that “The Word” has been bastardized with regards to how extant Christian Bibles have been, and continue to be used as a tool of the devil to satisfy the (((agenda))).

      3. @Gilbert,

        Are you a follower of Christian Identity? The Word is not the text found in the Bible! This is even true of the King James Version. The Word is Jesus Himself. The Word is a poor English translation of Logos which is how it is written in the original Greek.

        And just for the record, it’s not the poor migrants who are looting America. It’s the oligarchs. It’s always the oligarchs. The same SOBs who looted the only real Church in England and put this entire capitalistic mess into motion. Which had the effect of atomizing people which breaks up families and forces the poorest of people to migrate in search of a job and maybe a bit of clean water.

        The migrants are here because it benefits the rich. Period. End of story.

  4. Great article, Lasha! However, I really don’t think we have so much to fear about a “WW3”, for the very reason, as you say, it would be disastrous for the global economy. One thing I believe (as you probably believe, too) is that Trump’s fortunes, largely dependent on the well-being of the global economy, would suffer disastrously, also. He has to take that into consideration, especially since, as you say, the onus of declaring war on Iran falls mostly upon HIS shoulders. He’s not masochistic. If Boris Johnson relies so much on Trump, you needn’t fear him, either. When it comes down to the wire, I believe President Trump will surprise Israhell, too. He may talk like he’s overly concerned about Occupied Palestine, but he will throw them to the dogs before he destroys his own fortune or country for them. (He has, already, prostituted his own daughter for diplomacy’s sake!)

    1. Well said, Gilbert! Soon after writing the article, Lasha said to me:

      “I hope I’m wrong about Boris Johnson and that he surprises everyone by keeping his promises and behaving in a responsible way. And the same applies to Donald Trump.
      I sincerely hope that Trump’s most faithful supporters will be proved right one day!”

      If Trump turns out to be America’s rescuer, LD and I will be the first to sing hymns of praise to the Good Lord! 🙂

      1. I would hope He sees fit to “rescue” America, Sister! Perhaps my thinking is too wishful, but I believe it is quite possible. 😁

      2. Trump & his jews won “BIGGLY” today. Mueller pathetically melted down in hearings and….

        —Trump administration scores win over challenge to asylum restriction—
        A federal judge decided Wednesday to leave in place a Trump administration rule that imposes restrictions on individuals seeking asylum in the United States if they passed through a third country on their way to the border between the U.S. and Mexico, potentially leading to a sharp reduction in Central American migrants entering the country.

  5. “Allow me to summarise now, as briefly as I can. Please feel free to reject everything I say as dangerous nonsense. But I can only present the world through my own eyes, as I see it.”

    She is a remarkable woman. Her insight, her sense of justice, her discernment of reality are rare.
    As with her “ARMAGEDDON APPROACHES” she demonstrates that which is REALITY can be recognized.
    However that is rare today, due to the control of Media and political parties by THEM.

    Americans are glued to their televisions which has been controlled by THEM since it became popular.
    Motion pictures the same as is the American educational system.
    CONSTANT PROGRAMMING of the minds of the goyim.
    We do know, thanks to Kevin MacDonald, and others of the more distant past, who the MAIN TARGET is of THEM.
    One wonders if the TARGET FOR GENOCIDE is able to ever wake up.
    The future has yet to be determined.

    “Americans are so firmly locked into The Matrix that it is doubtful that they can be rescued.”
    –Paul Craig Roberts

    “God does not change the conditions of a people unless they first change that which is in their hearts.”
    Qur’an 13:12

    1. @ TLOA

      Yes, you are quite right. LD has read the Qur’an too and used to say three short suras every day as morning prayers: suras 1, 117 and 118. This is because they are the shortest and most significant suras and can easily be learned by heart.

      In spite of this fact, LD has been denounced as an “Islamophobe” by many Muslims because of her opposition to mass immigration, even though this site accepts no donations and recommends that all donations should be sent to Palestinian charities for crippled children. LD’s devotion to Occupied Palestine has been with her ever since she began to take an interest in politics:

      1. Sister Monica,
        “LD has been denounced as an “Islamophobe” by many Muslims because of her opposition to mass immigration”

        I will say that those who suggest such things about LD are either IGNORANT of the Qur’an or supremacists who view life not as God has designed but as people whose biology is their guide not their ALLEGED theology. As I have state before anyone can call themselves a Christian or a Muslim, but do they LIVE their faith? I will say, without any doubt, that they are neither Christian nor Muslim, who do as they do and say as they say.
        A man is truly religious when he is truly good.

        Islam supports a people having their own lands, e.g. the PALESTINIANS, it was not just WRONG but EVIL for people like Golda Meir of Russia and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to steal the land of the Palestinians.
        So it is with Europe and America.

        Ms Darkmoon’s support of immigration restriction is wise and prudent and in accordance with the will of God. No matter what Pope, what Imam, or what Rabbis say.

        Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.

      2. “LD has read the Qur’an too and used to say three short suras every day as morning prayers…”
        If Christianity (in its authentic traditional form at least) is true and Christ its founder is a divine Person, thus authenticating it, why not pray traditional Catholic prayers instead of those of a false religion created by a mere man?

        1. @ Darrell

          LD used to say these three suras as morning prayers several years ago (in 2001-2002) when she was thinking of converting to Islam from a Christianity that she believed, at that time, had failed her. She no longer says those suras as prayers but has returned to the faith of her ancestors, Christianity, while still retaining her deepest reverence for those suras.

          However, she now calls her Christianity by another name: “neo-Christianity”. You are welcome to your own brand of Christianity, dear Darrell, but you must try not to force it on others. Please note, while you are lecturing LD sternly on the falsity of Islam, that your own brand of Christianity is rejected by the Catholic Church, since your reject Vatican II. This makes you a Christian heretic along with Bishop Williamson, does it not?

          Is it not ironical that you, yourself a Christian heretic, should lecture another Christian heretic, Lasha Darkmoon, just because HER particular heresy does not conform with YOUR particular heresy? 🙂

          Yes, you find the syncretic approach offensive. But Aldous Huxley didn’t. His “Philosophia Perennis” consists of inspirational extracts from the religious texts of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, even Judaism. You would obviously like all Christians to be like yourself, it seems, turning away in disdain from the great religious texts of the Orient which contain many precious insights. But Lasha will continue on her chosen path, trying to find wisdom wherever wisdom is to be found. She must wear her own shoes for walking. Not your shoes.

          Thank God that saying a few suras in deepest reverence is not against the law yet! And thank God that people may still drink from the living waters of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Dhammapada without being denounced as lost souls doomed to damnation by the New Inquisition! 🙂

          In lecturing others as you do, dear Darrell, thinking that your way is the only way to God, you show a sad lack of humility. My advice to you is: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

          No one loves Jesus more than Lasha does. He is our last chance.

      3. Well just try to remember that, as Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” And that no one but Him died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us the supernatural life we lost when our First Parents sinned. Other religions possess natural truth, goodness and beauty, e.g. in their art and literature, but we are called to supernatural life in Christ, and only in Him is their supernatural truth, goodness, and beauty. Another way to put it is that everything has something, but only one thing has everything.

        I just believe in the Catholic tradition and not in the revolutionary novelties of the infiltrated, subverted, and corrupted Vatican II church, best exemplified in the protestantized New Mass inspired by modernist thought and in Jorge Bergoglio who is known as “Pope Francis”.

  6. “…The American people themselves have no appetite for war, but Trump knows that his chances of reelection increase exponentially if he can start a war with Iran…”

    That is an outright contradiction. If Trump really starts a war with Iran the American people will definitely not reelect him. But the truth lies in the second part of that sentence :

    “…, or, failing that, emasculate Iran and bring it to its knees…”

    And that is what it is all about : forcing Iran to the negotiation table for a deal favorable to Israel. Trump may be unstable, but insane he is not. He feels obliged to do his Zionist masters a favor, but not to the point of risking a Third World War and destroying the US in the process. Threatening with war is his “art of the deal”. Such rude behavior may have worked in his career in real estate, but in this instance I think it will fail. The Iranians are a far too proud people to cower. The US itself will be humiliated in this conflict and with it the UK (and of course Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson).

    Finally, on a humorous note : have you noticed that both Trump and Johnson have a strange overcomb? These (older) men are obviously in an advanced state of baldness, but they refuse to accept that reality. Tells you a lot about their Ego !

  7. I’d like to do some paradigm shifting of my own. All wars are economic wars.
    Anyone, who is even slightly familiar with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), understands that what Iran was doing prior to the JCPOA was and is, entirely within their right under the NPT. Iran foresaw what was going to happen in respect to radio-nuclides. Canada was the worlds leading producer. Its Chalk River reactor was at the end of its life, and Canada’s replacement reactor was having start up problems. Iran saw an opportunity to become the world’s main producer of radio-nuclides. The US saw the same opportunity. Here is a 2007 article touching on that:
    Iran can produce more radio-nuclides, at less cost, than the for profit US reactors. In order to do that, they need to enrich to 20%. The JCPOA stopped them at 5%. Iran has been shipping out partially enriched material to other countries, where it is enriched for radio-nuclides, and sold for a higher cost than if Iran produced its own.
    To his credit, Obama saw a face saver for the US by signing on to the JCPOA, as there was no legitimate reason for Iran not to be allowed its right under the NPT. While using Israel’s fairly tale of an arms program as the excuse, it should have been an easy sell to congress, except congress is Zionist occupied territory. It should be noted that Israel, which is not an NPT signatory, is also a producer/exporter of radio-nuclides and is approaching Canada’s situation of a dozen years ago. Diamona is nearing its end. Israel would be hugely affected economically by Iran’s export of radio-nuclides.

    Yes, Trump wants to cripple Iran, but not because of the nuclear program. Iran, like Saddam’s Iraq, Libya’s Qaddafi, and Venezuela’s Chavez was selling oil, but not in dollars. Iran was and is accepting gold, Euros, and Remnimbi. It may well accept the Rupee. Venezuela. like NS Germany in the 1930s, had been trading commodity for commodity, eg oil to Argentina or Brazil for food. It will also sell in other currencies than the US dollar. The Bank of International Settlements is cut out of the transaction, and the US dollar suffers. In 2015, the IMF stated that it no longer considered the China’s currency to be under-valued against the US dollar. China held about $2 trillion in US Treasuries at the time Trump took office. Today, it is down to about $1.2 trillion.
    Trump’s sanctions and “wars” on Iran, China, and Venezuela are all about propping up the worthless US dollar. You can throw Russia into the mix, because they are selling oil to China and others, in exchanged currency. Nord Stream gas will not be sold in US dollars. Trump knows he can’t afford a war, because there would be an immediate collapse of the US dollar, with the de-industrialization of the US nearly completed, there is no way to fight a war that may involve China and Russia, nukes or not.
    There is a lot not to like about Trump, but note that he “predicted” in 2015 that Bill Clinton (he’s a nice guy) was going to run into problems with his Jeffrey Epstein connection and “the island”. Note as well that 80 Generals signed on to support him. Virtually all of them were in favour of less war, and not particularly Zionist friendly. Call me crazy, but the out of control CIA and corrupt upper echelon of the FBI have been in conflict with real military intelligence for decades. Is military intelligence his source about Epstein and Clinton?
    There is a possibility that as in the Mueller investigation, Trump is giving the traitors enough rope to hang themselves.


      Thanks for that great link!

      It appears that Iran’s goal is NOT nuke weapons, but supplying Molybdenum & technetium-99m to the world, cutting in on the jews’ monopoly on the ‘sickness’ business!

      “Approximately 9 million nuclear cardiology studies performed each year in the United States employ technetium-99m, which is produced from the decay of molybdenum-99. The fragility of the worldwide technetium-99m supply chain has been underscored by current shortages caused by an unplanned shutdown of Europe’s largest reactor. The majority of the United States’ supply derives from a reactor in Canada nearing the end of its lifespan, whose planned replacements have been recently cancelled. In this article, the clinical importance of technetium-99m and our tenuous dependence on foreign supply of Molybdenum is addressed.”

      Nuke fear porn strikes in medicine also…. as it aids jews in all arenas globally. Shed the “Nuke Fear” coat! 🙂

  8. Boris Johnson’s mother is Charlotte Fawcett; an artist from a family of liberal intellectuals, she had married Stanley in 1963, prior to their move to the U.S. She is the granddaughter of Elias Avery Lowe, a palaeographer, who was a Russian Jewish immigrant to the U.S., and Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, a translator of Thomas Mann. Through Elias, Johnson is descended from an Orthodox rabbi from Lithuania.

    1. Mark –

      Any jews in Trump’s tree?? Some say they can even spot a partial jew in Trump because they are muslim and know how to spot a jew better than white guys!! 🙂

  9. The first thing I thought when I saw those two clowns together was Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and poor Alice (LD) is trying to make sense of them! They are both raving lunatics and unfit for duty, I am sure they will BOTH bring great ruin to both of their respective nations just as she predicts. How bad it gets is any bodies guess but it will be much worse than any of us are expecting.

    We all know what a pathological liar Trump is (just as bad as Obama but less polished), so what about the yellow haired clown Boris Johnson? He says the U.K. will for sure, without any doubt will be leaving the EU. Sure, just like Theresa May who said it 37 times.

    “Boris Johnson came back from Buckingham Palace and promised on the steps of Number Ten Downing Street that the UK will leave the European Union (EU) on the 31st of October – no ifs or buts.”

    For the next several months we will watch in horror the antics of the Boring Boris the Ass Clown make great speeches about Brexit. “Blah, blah, blah … I mean it this time Goyim, we are leaving 31 October 2019 no ifs, ands, or butts” and if he succeeds I am sure Britain will be punished by the likes that we have never seen. Do you really think the EU will not severely punish the UK to keep all the rest in line? Aren’t you Brits required to pay some huge (35-39?) billion pound fine for getting out? What if you don’t pay? Why would anyone in their right minds sign up if you had to pay an exit fee like that?

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      Aren’t you Brits required to pay some huge (35-39?) billion pound fine for getting out? What if you don’t pay? Why would anyone in their right minds sign up if you had to pay an exit fee like that?

      I understand the situation is this. If the U.K. reaches an “amicable deal” with the EU, it will then have to pay the EU a “divorce settlement” of 39 billion pounds. This is to compensate the EU for alleged ongoing expenses. On the other hand, if there is NO DEAL, the Brits can then walk away WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY. And that’s what many of the Brexiters want to do.

      The snag is, if the UK does this, you can be sure that the EU will exact a dreadful revenge on Britain. I won’t go into that. It’s too complicated. In two words: financial meltdown.

      1. I’d go for the no pay option and trade with the Yanks. We got everything you need, no worries, and it’s really cheap since it’s all made in China.

        I hope the Brits lead the way for the western world and seek independence and sovereignty.

        1. Sounds good, Yukon. But some Brits are a bit fussy about importing food from America. GMO foods, for example, what you guys call “Frankenfoods”. We’re fussy about hormone-fed cattle, fearing that eating such American-imported beef could cause obesity. Lot of fat people n America, right? Obviously caused by the junk food sold in American supermarkets like Walmart. We’re also a bit wary of chlorinated chicken from the US. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m told EU food standards are far stricter than U.S. ones.

          America sells lots of things the Brits want, but Brits get a bit neurotic about American food. They don’t really trust it. I’m not saying the Brits are right. American food could be of superior quality, for all I know.

      2. If there is a financial meltdown, it will be manufactured. Remember, the City of London is the centre of the Rothschild evil empire. They won’t be affected one way or another, as they have both sides covered.
        No deal means defaulting to WTO rules. Since Britain is a 2-3 times larger importer from, than exporter to, the EU. I can’t see the faltering EU economies passing up the opportunity to export to Britain. The fishing industry might actually return. If car plants close, as is threatened, how much do you think re-tooling to produce RHD cars on the continent will cost, and how many cars would have to be sold to make up that cost? Food wise, the UK survived just fine before they joined the EEC. There is no reason to believe it won’t. again.
        It means no EU line at passport control in Britain and vice versa for Britain in the EU.
        If people think the Irish Republic is really going to do a hard border with NI, they are dreaming. Even during “the troubles” it was porous. The Irish are scofflaws, generally speaking, and I don’t mean that in a demeaning sense. The Irish, as well, have something to lose. While it is undoubtedly less now, people from the Republic have sought medical treatment in the UK. since long before the UK joined the EEC. Liverpool and Manchester were favourites. A hard border means the UK could easily cut that off.
        There’s a lot more going on in favour than the talking heads will admit. Regardless of the financial piece, exiting is preferable, until the EU dismantles itself and turns back into the EEC that was advertised in the 70s referendum.

      3. Sis –

        UK does not get all that much meat from EU.

        The UK’s largest source of imported meat is the Republic of Ireland, which is home to more cattle than people and is among the top four beef exporters worldwide.

        Other top sources of meat products are New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands but, over the last few years, improvements in meat preservation and transportation methods have seen a rise in products coming from places like Brazil.

        UK actually exports beef to US.
        Exports account for about 17% of the UK meat processing industry’s revenue with most coming from customers in France, Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands.
        China also grew to be an important export market despite its recent economic slowdown in 2015-6.
        The US beef market is also growing after the UK gained access to it in 2014 and could potentially be very lucrative.

        Then there is British Petroleum – BP plc – one of the world’s largest controller of petroleum products!!

        And London Bankers tell the rest of the world what to do in finances. And want to keep the pound separate to trade on FOREX.

        I believe the UK will be just fine with Brexit! 🙂

      4. Sis –

        Sorry…. I know that Ireland is in EU. I meant to emphasize other sources willing to step up and export beef to UK.

        Yogi said, “Predictions are tough…. especially about the future!!” 🙂

      5. Sister –

        I don’t blame you Brits for being cautious about American food products! I am at constant odds about the “Roundup-Ready” crops we plant. (They’re impervious to Roundup, which is sprayed directly on the crops for weed control.)
        Recently, Monsanto (who produces Roundup and the comparable seeds) is the well-known defendant in lawsuits from victims suffering from glyphosate poisoning. Let me tell you – THE GROUND SUFFERS, TOO. After 20 years of Roundup-Ready cropping, our own fine bottom land is showing signs of permanent damage/consequences. Big trees are now dying around the edges of the infected fields. Obviously, there is no other reason for those deep-rooted plants to die. They’re NOT “Roundup-Ready”, and, the ground has been saturated with that crap year-after-year. There is no more “dry land cress” in the cut cornfields, and no more volunteer root crops which were once abundant. There is no more wild asparagus along the edges, either – or along the railroad tracks where it used to be abundant.
        The negative effects are a plague!

  10. (ADMIN: Please correct the typo in your user name
    or your posts may be held up for several hours).

    Mmm, making Britain America’s 51st state would allow the Anglo-Saxon-Celts to move freely from their 3rd world paradise to America’s fast becoming 3rd world paradise. That way the Brits could reclaim the “colonies”.
    Now here’s a combo for the age: The “Golden Golem of Greatness” and Boris Frankenstein. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. There is an old saying: “Why buy a cow when you are getting the milk for nothing?” There is no need to make the UK the 51st state. The UK is already a wholly owned subsidiary of Zion, just as the US is. Both will do as they are told. Sure, there is the odd politician who would be prepared to stand up, but they do so at their own personal or familial risk.

  11. Forgive me here but there only 114 suras or chapters in the Quran.
    I am delighted to hear that LD recites suras from the Quran . I never thought once that the great LD was Islamopohobic. cheers .

    1. @ Al

      Forgive me here but there are only 114 suras or chapters in the Quran.I am delighted to hear that LD recites suras from the Quran . I never thought once that the great LD was Islamopohobic. cheers .

      I am saddened by these words of yours because they reveal you as basically hostile to me and LD, as if you were dealing with fakes and liars. In referring to Lasha as “the great LD” — she has made no claims to greatness — you show your disrespect for Lasha. Sad, since she has done nothing to deserve your disrespect, except recite three short suras as morning prayers. If this merits your contempt, so be it.

      As for me, I wasn’t lying — as you clearly suggest by your words — but made a simple mistake. The suras are given in Roman numerals in my own copy of the Qur’an (Sura I, Sura CXIII (= 113), Sura CXIV (= 114). Maybe this is why I got the numbers wrong. I should have written: “Sura 1, sura 113, and sura 114)” instead of which I wrote “Sura 1, sura 117, and sura 118”.

      In any case, dear Al, I don’t need to prove I am not a liar and a fake to you. Because these are LD’s own words, written in an article published in April 2011:

      “I once used to recite this sura [No. 1] as a morning prayer, along with suras 113 and 114, because I was thinking of converting to Islam at that time.”

      Check it out. You’ll find it right at the beginning of the article. Heading: “Sound Effects in the Qur’an” :

        woo,woo, where did that come from?as Allah is my witness,I meant no desrespect what so ever , I sincerely praised our LD , as I have great respect for her and the team here. It breaks my heart that I was misunderstood. No doubt LD is a great person whom I always respect and admire and LD does not need the praise of some one like me ,seeing the tremendous praise she gets from many people, giving LD my praise would add nothing to her greatness,it’s like watering A garden in a rainy day .

        1. @ Al

          For Allah’s sake, I ask you to forgive me.
          I am guilty of misjudging you and need to do penance for this.
          Let your forgiveness of me be your good deed for the day! 🙂

    2. I never thought once that the great LD was Islamopohobic. cheers .

      Many other Muslims did, unfortunately, and stopped posting comments on our site as a result. I don’t know how this misconception occurred, but occur it did. This is in spite of the fact that we have published numerous articles written by Muslims on this site, including 12 articles by a Palestinian friend of Lasha’s called Mahmoud El-Yousseph.

      1. Reading back through Mahmoud’s articles and the comments which follow sure does showcase the brilliance in ciphering and wit offered by one of the very top posters this site has ever entertained. El Lobro. Gone but never forgotten.

      2. Sister Monica
        “Many other Muslims did, unfortunately, and stopped posting comments on our site as a result. I don’t know how this misconception occurred, but occur it did.”

        It truly shows that people are not thinking clearly. Dr Darkmoon has been a remarkable defender of RIGHTEOUSNESS for as long as I have been reading her articles. To use such an INACCURATE term for her as “Islamophobic”, which in fact was coined by Jewish propagandists, is incomprehensible.

        I did so enjoy the article of hers that you linked to ‘Magical Sound Effects in Poetry’

        How anyone could write something so beautiful and yet be thought to be, somehow, anti-Islamic, is quite a mystery. I highly recommend it.

    3. Sr Monica, your first reply to Al surprised me since he wasn’t accusing you of lying and there was absolutely no disrespect implied in anything he said. And how can calling LD “great” be disrespectful? Is there something troubling you? I’ve heard that fallen-away Catholics can never be happy. Is that what you are? If you’ve become a religious syncretist, I can see why you might respond to people like Al the way you did, since confusion of mind and unstable emotion follows from apostasy. And your apologetic ecumenical gesture, “For Allah’s sake, I ask you to forgive me” is not based on truth. The Trinitarian Christian God – the one true God – and Allah are not the same Being. But then again, maybe that doesn’t matter to you. I consider this a spiritual work of mercy and hope it doesn’t cause you to go ballistic on me as well.

      1. @ Darrell

        I have just answered your previous comment and I have certainly not gone ballistic! 🙂 You are perfectly welcome, however, to regard me as confused and troubled. Because I am. I could do with your prayers maybe.

        You ask: “And how can calling LD “great” be disrespectful?” Quite easily, dear Darrell. If the compliment is seen as sarcastic. Which is how I saw it. How would you feel if someone referred to you as “the great Darrell”?

        Anyway, I apologized to Al for my comment and I hope he has forgiven me. He will, if he is a true follower of ‘The Straight Way’ (Islam).

  12. ” I never thought once that the great LD was Islamopohobic. cheers .”

    I’m going to apologize in advance.
    Islamophobia/Islamophobic just as homophobia/homophobic are shutdown terms.
    A phobia is an irrational fear eg a hydrophobic will not go near open water. Some may not cross bridges. In extreme cases, they won’t bathe in water of drink it.
    In the case of the two terms above, disapproval is not a phobia, nor will it ever be. Generally speaking, I could care less what two consenting adults do in privacy. I object to it being considered “normal” when the prime directive of every living organism is to reproduce. Homosexuals will never reproduce with a person of the same sex.
    Given that the Islamic invasion of Europe started over 1300 years ago in Spain, and was for the most part only stopped 150 years ago as Russia pushed back the Ottoman Empire; and given also that millions of Europeans, as far North as Iceland, were taken as slaves prior to and during the Ottoman Empire for most of those years; and given that Muslims have turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe with the UK being the grooming gang, of White children, capital of Europe, how could it possibly be irrational to fear Islam, when the perpetrators think it is their right as Muslims? What you are actually saying, it that the parents of the “groomed” children, who went to police to report, and complained when they were turned away, are Islamophobes. If disapproving of: a secondary legal system imported by immigrants; those who think it is their right as Muslims, to molest, rape or assault females of any age; and those who come to “the West” to suck the hind teat, then count me in as an Islamophobe, regardless of whether I have the same opinion of any other group, whether Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, or other.

    1. It is true that there are those who call themselves “Muslims” who do as you described in England and elsewhere.
      May I suggest that a man is truly religious when he is truly good.
      Too many Muslims have not really READ the Qur’an. And do not in fact OBEY God’s will.
      They follow their own will, and that will is guided by Shaitain.
      Think of the USA, the overwhelming religious affiliation of prisoners who raped and murdered little children, women, hardcore violent felons, are of the Christian faith. Does that mean that Christianity teaches these objectives? I think not. And in like manner neither do these criminals in Europe and England, follow Gods will.
      In fact in a true Islamic country they would lose their lives. There would be no mass releases and Jared Kushner and Trump have done recently. When a person molests a boy in Iran, he is hung.
      That is God’s law.
      Rapists, murderers, sexual degenerates have no place in a godly land.
      So rather than blame the theology of Christendom or Islam blame the criminals themselves and any who aid and abet them.

      May I end this post with a quote from Dr David Duke, who is reviled whenever the US press mentions him.
      The former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, shook Dr Duke’s hand and personally invited him to the Conference in Tehran on the “Holocaust” Dr Duke is an honorable man, fair and just, which is why THEY hate him.

      David Duke 03-02-2007
      So again I say, don’t get sucked into the Jewish war against Muslims in Muslim countries, help our brethren not get sucked into it either! You do that by explaining who the real enemy is and why we have had massive immigration which offers a great danger to us, just as European immigration into Muslim nations or European control offers great dangers to their freedom, values, culture and perhaps even existence.

      The fight is here on American and European and Canadian and Australian and New Zealand soil!

      I can stand up and say to anyone that I am consistent, fair, and moral. That my position is decent and just.

      All of us need to be able to say that.

      All of us need to get the cobwebs of Jewish hypocrisy out of our skulls.

      When I was in Iran, I noticed a few things. One, the people are very God fearing people. The sanctity of marriage is inviolate. No abortion, almost no drugs, no strip bars, no porn on TV or in the shops, not even any alcohol in the swankiest hotels. A society even more restrictive in some way than I would want for Europe where we can make the choice of whether we want a beer or glass of wine if we want.

      While I was there I remarked to Mike Piper about the American evangelicals and how they have been instructed by anti-Christian Jews to hate immoral Iran, when the Islamic Republic has the very morals and laws they advocate but don’t live. While the average Iranian girl is chaste until marriage, the average American daughter is have having casual oral sex when she is 15, and at least a full quarter have venereal disease by the time they can vote.

      Give me a break.

      I tell you something else for those who need to know.

      I went to Bahrain a few years ago and spoke to crowds where at least half the audience was blacker than the average American Negro. I told them I was opposed to Israel but that I wanted to preserve my European heritage just as they wanted to preserve their Muslim heritage. They cheered.

      Some more info for you.

      Bahrain has no oil or natural gas to speak of, and as I said it is at least half African descent. But they have almost no crime, no rape, a decent school system, more democracy than we have, one elected representative for every 1000 Bahranians. It’s one of the safest societies in the world.

      I asked myself why. Then I realized. It is because of their Muslim Faith. Their religion strongly reinforces their morality. They are not told they can do any evil act and then get a miraculous death bed ticket to paradise. Their religion judges them by what they do in toto with their life, if they do evil they pay for it period.

      Their sexual hormones are kept in check by complete separation of the sexes. After a very young age, girls are schooled with girls, boys with boys. Even the coffee houses are sexually segregated. There are few drugs and little alcohol to lower the moral guard of women or men. The women are covered, even at the beach.

      Finally, they pray to Allah five times a day which reinforces their morality. I have always known that crime rates increase with certain racial groups, and I finally realized why Bahrain did not fit the pattern. It is because of the far more rigid religious system of Islam in the country. And by the way the family is incredibly intact in Bahrain, and illegitimacy is almost entirely from the guest workers they have from other nations.

      All these things are factual, I talked with ministers in the country about all these issues and I saw the statistics, including from a British professor who helped compile the data for a book he was working on.

      So, I would suggest that Islam seems suited for these people in their own nations, does not that afford a reason why it is so popular among them!

      I believe a lot of the Muslim crime rate in Europe is attributable to the fact that they no longer live under a Muslim society, but a Hollywood, Jewish morality. Because many of them have less inherent self-control and imprinted Genetic patterns of European behavior, once outside the controls of rigors of a rigid Islamic society their genetic alienation from European culture and ways becomes manifest. Their hormones and their unrestrained impulses rule them and affect us in horrific ways, ways that we must suppress.

      That’s one reason why multiculturalism doesn’t work. In America since we have adopted a uni-racial legal system, it has become wild in the streets and the authorities have had to lessen individual liberties to contain the wild seed!

      1. @ Curmudgeon
        @ TLOA

        TLOA has answered Curmudgeon’s excellently argued comment with great skill. Curmudgeon’s sincerity is not to be doubted. Equally, TLOA’s counter-arguments are equally sincere and make many good points. TLOA is basically saying that most Muslims don’t go around raping women. Undeniable fact. How many Muslims are there in the world? Are they all grooming underage girls in Rotherham? Of course not!

        I’ve met hundreds of Muslims in my life. Not one of them has has been a sexual deviant. I’ve met thousands of White people during my lifetime, being white myself. Many of them have been into porn and their sex lives can hardly be described as beautiful or virtuous. These are facts.

        Here is an article that suggests that the whole “Muslim rape epidemic” meme looks like a hoax. It is a letter addressed to Paul Craig Roberts by Jonathan Revusky who has written a 10,000-word article published in the Unz Review pointing out that the whole “Muslim as Rapists” idea has been exaggerated and blown up out of all proportions. In fact, this has the look of a hoax. It could all be black propoaganda engineered by our Jewish enemies. Who, as we all know, have an undying hatred for all Muslims.

        Read the article and form your own conclusions:

  13. To be more specific than LD in her penultimate paragraph: Post WWII, the UK has been the Tribe’s cattle control experiment, think-tanked by Tavistock ; which nowadays undoubtedly runs mass political-psychological models as depicted in Asimov’s Foundation trilogy: Seek out John Coleman’s work on Tavistock.

    The UK’s intellectually depleted, spiritually empty, sacrilegious mystery meat population are the perfect role models for Tribe NWO.

    What a triumph! Changing a non-collectivist, scientific, artistic, royally irreverent, courageous and independent people into cowering low-IQ communists (See Protocols of Zion for the full definition).

  14. “The bullying of Iran by US and its British poodle?”
    Wouldn’t it rather be Col bullying Iran with the help of an American and British poodle with kosher mad cow (poodle) disease. How time changes. Once politicians were respected, serious and bribed. These days they only seem to be openly bribed and to make clowns out of themselves. One can only guess nothing matters any more.

  15. Boris Johnson Named New Prime Minister, Grapples with Leaving the EU, But Says He WON’T Cooperate with Popular Brexit Party

    Boris Johnson cabinet: Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Dominic Raab given top jobs – as it happened.

    Kwasi Kwarteng is named as minister at business, energy and industrial strategy department.

    Just when you thought the last appointment had been made, Downing Street have just announced that Kwasi Kwarteng has been appointed a minister at the department for business, energy and industrial strategy and will also attend cabinet.

    **Along with the resignations, more than half of Theresa May’s cabinet are no longer in their roles.

  16. Anyone who pins any hope on the JEW’S puppets that star in the totally JEW controlled political dog & pony shows ongoing in Western countries will continue to be played the fool… as usual.

    Any actual change for the betterment of humanity at the detriment of the JEWS will happen because of the actions of the legions of angry “commoners”, not the actions of puppet politicians… therein lies the rub.

    Sharing the truth is the mission at hand, which is something anyone can do, until such time that the “commoners” take on the horrid task of making the “adjustment.”

    Share anything you like from this collection of information if you please: or

  17. CRUMUD
    “If there is a financial meltdown, it will be manufactured. Remember, the City of London is the centre of the Rothschild evil empire. They won’t be affected one way or another, as they have both sides covered.”
    That’s basically right..
    However, we should make no mistake about the fact that ‘disaster capitalism’ is always the main operational methodology of the money masters…
    Corporate Capitalism itself operates on one and only one ‘guiding’ principle – Make Money…
    While everybody affiliated functions like soldiers, without conscience..
    Such people have studied and devised for centuries and greatly improved their techniques of forcing the proles to buy stuff…
    One of the best ways to do that is to be in cahoots with the state on laws passed demanding certain purchases, Vaccines for example…
    In fact corporate avarice advances its coercion programs systematically against the most defenseless among us…

  18. “The bully then accuses you of “starting it all”. The bully looks for a pretext for destroying you by creating that pretext. The United States and Britain have been doing this for so long that they have mastered the art of belligerence”.


    “Ron Paul:
    The truth is, the UK seizure of the Iranian ship was calculated to force Iran to retaliate and thus provide the pretext the neocons need to get their war.”

    Yes, Britain and the US have behaved this way at least going back to WW II, perhaps even earlier. British historian David Irving describes (I believe in his book “Churchill’s War”) how Churchill continuously, deliberately bombed German civilians in the hope Hitler would retaliate and then he could propagandize it into pulling the USA into the war. The problem was Hitler didn’t cooperate, wouldn’t retaliate and had been offering peace, even an alliance with England. At one point Churchill is with de Gaulle and he shakes his fist towards the sky and says “why won’t you come” confusing de Gaulle as to what this was about. He wanted Germany to retaliate and attack British civilians. Finally, Germany retaliated and bombed Coventry I believe it was and 300 something people died and Irving explains that with this “Churchill got exactly what he wanted”. For the next 40 years the world was told how evil the “NAZIS” were for bombing Coventry.

    I’m not an economist and I don’t have a crystal ball but some people predict massive economic problems for the US within the next few years, perhaps before the US 2020 election which will cause the US dollar to fall dramatically in value and eventually lead to it no longer being the reserve currency. Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and David Stockman have similar views regarding this and I believe them and that very big economic problems for the US are approaching fast.

    1. “Ron Paul:
      The truth is, the UK seizure of the Iranian ship was calculated to force Iran to retaliate and thus provide the pretext the neocons need to get their war.”

      “Yes, Britain and the US have behaved this way at least going back to WW II, perhaps even earlier.”

      Yep. ALL the time!!

      The Crown & colonist leaders staged the war in US in 1775 for eight years, to push in a new compact – constitution – in 1789, weighted heavily toward the Crown’s demands in the Treaty of Paris.

      The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of Independence, was a global war that began as a conflict between Great Britain and its Thirteen Colonies.

  19. PAT
    More to it than that too dood…
    There were THIRTEEN colonies because the number 13 is YUGE in the occult, whereas Masonry is totally steeped in the whole Black and White Magic of ancient Eqypt…
    That’s not real far off from the Kabala, and Masonry is Jewish for practical purposes…
    At a certain degree all Masons become Israelis…
    You can bet Trump is 33, just like Joe Stalin and FDR…
    You can’t be president unless you’re at 33 or 32 degrees. That’s the number of feathers on the spread Eagle on the buck bill… Look at the Pyramid… Look at the Egyptian Obelisk…
    Whatever that Mysteries Religion was all about, those are the secrets they keep…
    That’s why cop cars are Black and White… Masons dominate police forces, and military… See the checks on the hats… The ADL has its worms in your local lodge…
    The PTB in the USA manipulate geopolitics for control, which might be better in the long run that just letting things go wild, especially now in this age of WMDs… That is the proposition all state security forces are dedicated to… They believe The End Justifies The Means, and sometimes it may… Might Makes Right, or it can, if that’s what the mighty are really up to… That’s pretty hard to believe though about the likes of Hillary, laughing at the murder of Gaddaffi… This is not considered acceptable, however, as the Progressive Evolutionary Methodology, where it is understood that The Means Are The End… And wherever it came from, our form of government, if it were ever opened to the sunlight by a really free press, might make the leap…

    all forgiven , thank you for the kind words , keep up the good work
    by the way , not too long ago I posted a poem I wrote praising the unmatched LD.

  21. To see the future, just look at the rearview mirrors

    Gradually, everything is moving toward the fulfillment of the second article of the Communist Manifesto of 1963, “The Willingness of the US to Surrender Before a Nuclear War.”

    The US war with Iran or another nation allied with China or Russia is just the background to justify its surrender and the consolidation of the communist world dictatorship 20COMMUNIST% 20GOALS% 20with% 20NOTES.pdf

    The story is guided by the project of God, a project that is always focused on freedom and life. The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes in the face of this project: either it will have freedom and life, or it will produce slavery and death.

  22. Another outstanding piece by Lasha Darkmoon. I have to disagree with at least one statement though: “the American people themselves have no appetite for war”. I don’t think that’s accurate. See, the large majority of American people are now brain-washed morons, completely incapable of critical thinking. The American people have been thoroughly conditioned to idolize the immoral retards in the armed forces, which drives even more immoral retards to enlist as they hope to be thanked “for their service” by slacked-jawed idiots. The majority of American people believe every bit of steaming bullshit shoveled out by the corporate Jew-dominated propaganda machine media, even though they’re marginally aware “news” lies. The majority of the American people have been sucked into the matrix and they will willingly remain there until the day on which the power grid goes down and their televisions and “smart” phones stop telling them what to think and they can’t waddle their ever-expanding asses into a Walmart for cheap garbage they don’t need.

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