The End of White America Is Now Assured

September 7, 2019

The End of White America is now assured. The only question is the fate of the remnants. The lack of response by white Americans to their demonization as they decline as a percent of the population demonstrates their lack of concern with their fate.

It seems as if the West is dead in every way.

The rule of law is dead throughout the West. Democracy is a scam. There is oligarchic rule.  Everything is done for organized interest groups.  Nothing is done for the people.  Putin just declared: “The West’s leading role is ending.”  How right he is.

The Brookings Institution is not a racist white supremacist outfit.  It is a neoliberal/neoconservative “think tank.”  One of its members, William H. Frey, has authored a report, “Less than Half of U.S. Children Under 15 Are White, Census Shows,” based on the recently released 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report. The information in Frey’s article is fascinating. It shows a disappearing white population.

The number of white children, that is, the group of the next generation of parents, is not only declining relative to the populations of non-whites but also absolutely.  During 2010-2018 the number of white children shrank by 2.2 million.

Overall, the white population of America has declined from 80 percent of the US population in 1980 to 60 percent in 2018.

The American middle class, which is largely white, bears the brunt of income taxation which means that white Americans bear the brunt of the cost of the welfare support systems.

The white middle class also bears the brunt through property taxes of the public school systems.   Many middle class members pay again in private school tuition for the education of their children in safer and more ordered environments.  The cost of university education is exorbitant. All of these costs are rising faster than middle class incomes, and this limits white procreation.

The decline of people of European descent as a percentage of the US population can only accelerate as the child-bearing ability of the white population evaporates.

The median age of Americans of European descent is 43.6 years. The median age of Hispanics is 29.5 years, and the median age of multiracial residents of the US is 20.7 years. Over the past seven years, Americans of European descent experienced an excess of deaths over births.

White political influence will decline more rapidly than the white percentage of the population as politicians pander to the rising majority.  One wonders if the white minority will be given minority preferences.

Frey concludes his article:

“These demographic trends make plain that, as racially diverse younger generations become part of the labor force, tax base, and consumer base, the nation will need to balance these groups’ distinct interests and needs in areas such as education, family services, and affordable housing with the health and social support requirements of a large and faster growing older population that will be entering its post retirement years. Indeed, the youthful ‘minority white’ tipping point shown in the new census statistics needs to be duly noted. It has important implications for America’s future.”

This is the question that Frey quietly raises:  “In Identity Politics America, where white people are demonized as victimizers and everyone else receives sympathy as their victims, where the Mexican-American head of New York City public schools has announced his campaign to remove ‘toxic white values’ from the school curriculum, where the New York Times has committed to ‘reframing’ the United States as a racist white slave state, will the new majority composed of white people’s victims consent to giving up resources to provide Social Security and Medicare for people they have been brought up to believe victimized them?

The chances of such support are further negated by the diminishing numbers of the white voting population and by the decline of the US economy that is forcing the US labor force into lowly paid domestic service jobs which are themselves threatened by robotics. Will a non-European population struggling to make ends meet accept the taxation necessary for Social Security and Medicare for a demonized group of the population that they have been taught to hate?  Identity Politics does not permit social cohesion.

Decades of unbroken massive inflows of third world immigrants have destroyed the “melting pot” and produced in its place a tower of babel.  Multicultural populations lack a common interest. They are the antithesis of a nation.  Everywhere in the Western world the nations are expiring.

In 1973 Jean Raspail predicted the fate of European peoples in his novel, The Camp of the Saints.  White people are now living his novel.

It will be interesting to see if the growing Hispanic population displaces the shrinking white population as the group against which blacks will make claims for slavery reparations.  Hispanics consist in part of Spanish and Portuguese ancestry, and the Spanish and Portuguese were colonial powers in the New World who enslaved people. In a world of Identity Politics, will Hispanics replace white people as the victimizer?

It will also be interesting to see if the Israel Lobby can put the same ring through the nose of the rising Hispanic/Asian majority as they have through the nose of the declining white majority.  Can Hispanics and Asians be made to feel guilty about the holocaust and persecution of  Jews?  Can their leaders, like white leaders, be bought into Israel’s service?

Or will people accustomed to the privilege of victim status themselves have the confidence to reject that they owe obligations to other victims? via Truthseeker

93 thoughts to “The End of White America Is Now Assured”

  1. “white population” is of no concern. What matters is culture.

    I saw a good riposte to an anti-Anglo culture on Irish Savant’s site:

    We natives are the true British people. We gave the world both the agricultural and industrial revolutions, inventing modernity in the process. We gave the world modern parliamentary democracy. We gave the world the Scottish Enlightenment and religious tolerance. We invented America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and ran an empire across a quarter of the globe for two and half centuries – which we quit in style and with humanity. We fought in two world wars for human freedom. We even invented most of the sports the world plays. You won’t find a record like that in all the EU member states put together, so magnificent is it.

    I don’t believe genes have much to do with it. Rather the weather would be more a factor – Anglo Saxons had to plan and invent just to see themselves through next winter.

    Culture is paramount, and that is transferable. The pertinent question is whether Anglo-Saxon culture can persist? Unfortunately the Tribe have attacked higher culture viciously since the 50’s. Education and Media have been systematically emptied. So unless millions of parents withdraw their children from state education and switch off the Electronic Jew, all is lost.

    The death of Anglo-Saxon culture should be mourned, not skin color.

      1. Correct. I consider the jewsa already a second south afirica. Everywhere you look, on the streets, the television, movies, the police, the army, civil servants etc. so much dark people., mexicans etc.
        The template of the Kalergi-plan fits well in the jewsa. It’s a deliberate soft genocide of the few ‘ whites’ in the jewsa. These dark people are protected and are priviliged by the jews.

      2. Evelyn –

        One thing I have noticed about the “wetbacks” is that they mostly distrust and abhor the indolent, lazy, privileged darkies. I noticed it most when I was in business in Fredericksburg, Virginia, when I also was a “professional” bail bondsman. The Latinos hated them. As drug dealers, most of them were too stupid to have bond $$ available. (The Latinos always helped each other with that, worked hard, and seemed to always have ready cash.)

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          Do you have to advertise the length of your penis by openly flouting the wishes of the administrators of this website? You do this by referring to negroes as “darkies”. You also do this by your phrase “nigger-lovers” in a separate comment.

          May I ask you for the length of your penis, sir? Is it really so small and withered that the only way you can assert your manhood is by demeaning your fellowmen by referring to them as “darkies” and “niggers”? Is it their fault they were born with negro blood in their veins?

          You consider yourself a “poet”, but it seems you are totally unaware that Russia’s greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin, was a “darkie”. A far better poet than YOU can hope to ever be, sir, despite the gallons of pure white blood that slosh through your sclerotic veins!

          Alexander Dumas also had negro blood. Did you know that? No. Too f***ing ignorant to know your ass from your elbow! 🙂

          1. Well said, Madame! You will make no headway with this redneck runt with the diminutive penis. Obviously suffering from impotence. It’s men like this who compensate for the inadequacies of their sexual equipment by picking on the Black Man who is not here to defend himself.

      3. Madame –

        You, of all people, measure the length of a man’s penis by how close it touches your tonsils. Sorry, I DON’T want you to measure mine!
        And Silent Reader –
        Are you still frustrated by your decrepit old age and poverty??

        1. Gilbert,

          I apologize for the remark about your penis. That was uncalled for and I deeply regret my lapse of good manners.

          I would have thought however, since you have posted so long on this website which has been kind enough to take you under its wing and publish your poems, that you would at least have had the common decency not to use the kind of racist language which Lasha Darkmoon has asked you kindly NOT to use. It’s because it brings this website into disrepute and gives newcomers to the site the wrong impression: that this site is a hangout for potty-mouthed racists like yourself, which it is not. It is the ladylike Lasha, not Montecristo, who is responsible for the rules of this website. Honor her wishes please if you are a gentleman.

          1. Madame,

            I am glad you apologized to Gilbert. You don’t understand his true nature like I do. He is a rough diamond and a gentleman at heart, despite his language which is part of the vernacular in his particular neck of the woods. We must try to be more tolerant, Madame.

            BTW, how is the drink problem nowadays? Got it under control?

      4. Furthermore, quoting what I heard is NOT a violation of the rules of this website, which values truth. The monitors of this site thankfully know the difference, I trust.
        Granted, my use of the word “darkie” is demeaning, but more appropriate to express disdain than the “N” word. It’s a shame you’re such an ass-kisser that you have to pose yourselves here, as such. If you happen to be white, you’re the very type of conciliatory cowards who assure the “white genocide”.

    1. It may not matter to you but it matters to most people, including those that openly despise whites and want them gone and most of the whites that live in the USA. If it didn’t matter to whites then they would not have all cleared out of American cities as soon as blacks began migrating to American cities after WW II. The only whites that stay behind in crime infested and extremely dangerous and violent black neighborhoods are those that can’t afford to move. The US has some of the most violent, poor and crime infested cities in the world. They are as bad as third world cities. White people of any ethnicity don’t have that anywhere even considering the differences between different white ethnicities.

  2. Oh, NO!! He mentioned Israeli Lobby!!! About DAMNED time!!

    “It will also be interesting to see if the Israel Lobby can put the same ring through the nose of the rising Hispanic/Asian majority as they have through the nose of the declining white majority.”

    Secretly, muslims like this “ASIAN MINORITY” have been saying, “NO!!” for decades! It appears that muslims & jews BOTH want the control in America!!

    Sharifa Alkhateeb: “The ultimate objective of Muslim education in America is to make all of America Muslim!
    (Then jews can take control of the constantly chaotic bickering islamists, fighting among themselves… as she mentions. Whites will be GONE!!!!)

    1. The muslims and the jews work together. The muslims are the crowbar for the jews. The top of the muslims are crypto- Jews. The common muslims don’t know this and must not know this of course.

      1. Evelyn –

        You wrote:
        “The top of the muslims are crypto- Jews.”

        So, is Iran’s Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei a crypto-jew?

        Miles Mathis laid it out – sort of – June 3, 2019:

        Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which overthrew the last imperial Shah, there have been two Supreme Leaders: Ruhollah Khomeini (1979 – 1989) and Ali Khamenei (1989 – present). We pronounce their names the same in English, and having heard the names frequently throughout my life, I had always assumed these Iranian leaders were related.

        When I ask Google if they’re related, I’m told the names sound very different in the Persian language, and they are both place names referring to two distant towns where the two Supreme Leaders trace their family roots. Let’s unwind that.

        Khamenei means “from Khamaneh”, a town in the Azerbaijan province of Iran, in the northwest. If you haven’t looked at a map of the Middle East recently, this is the area of Iran that borders Armenia. Khamaneh is only 80 miles south of the Armenian border. Why is that important? Because the crypto-Jewish Komnene family that infiltrated all the European thrones are from Armenia.

        (MUCH MORE):

      2. The same is true for the Negro, a race far more destructive and far less civilized than any of those in the Muslim/Arab world. Note that Persians gave civilization many improvements and discoveries in math, astronomy and science.

        By their actions, it is clear that “Muslims” flooding into Britain and Europe are not Muslims from their self-professed, religious perspective any more than John Hagee’s evangelical followers are “Christians” from the perspective of Jesus’ teachings. I suspect that as these exported “Muslims” line up at Soros’ money table, they are told, “And don’t forget! Whenever you degrade, debauch, rob and murder your white victims, it is very important to keep crying out in pain that you are Muslim.”

        Modern organized religion is by far the most brilliantly diabolical, destructive concept ever stolen by Jews. From its very inception in ancient Egypt, organized religion was designed to harness and direct its followers to bow in submission to an elite priest. However, Akhenaten used his idea of monotheism to further the advancement of his own civilization, instead of using it to destroy other cultures.

        The Hyksos/Jews stole Akhenaten’s concept of the monotheistic god as they fled Egypt, while stealing its material gold as well. The attempted obliteration of Akhenaten’s name from ancient Egypt’s records makes it quite clear what deposed Egyptian priests thought of his new one-god “RA” that appointed Akhenaten as singular, high priest.

        There is immense power in the easily manipulated “one god” concept that mimics the power of an omnipotent, dictatorial king. Because Jews are a tiny elite, they have always favored highly centralized power over which they can exert direct control, like that of a king or dictator. Jews immediately recognized the one-god concept as far more effective for controlling people than the old polytheism.

        A heavenly god with the highly centralized power of a king was just the ticket for elite, Jewish priests lusting to increase their power and control. That is what the god of the Bible is all about, the power to control people. Until that point, manipulating polytheistic gods for control had been like trying to herd cats.

        The only “words of god” ever uttered out loud are the words of a priest claiming to have direct contact with God. Of course, these priests studiously avoid telling their gullible followers, “god is closer than one’s jugular.” Never do these priests mention that everyone has the same direct contact with god, with avaricious, compassionless, priests being the least likely to hear any words God might care to speak.

        Like the Negro, organized religion is just another tool in the Jews’ demolition toolbox. See here There are many, many articles worth reading on this website. However, be prepared to be both sickened and enraged.

      3. @ Evelyn

        The muslims and the jews work together.

        No, they don’t. Stop trying to promote Islamophobia on this website. You speak just like a Jew.

        Only SOME extremist pseudo-Muslims and jihadists are in the pocket of the Jews. The majority of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims are resolutely against the Jews because of the theft and plunder of Palestine.

        Do you really think the Palestinians in Gaza are in league with the Israelis who break their children’s bones and have put thousands of Palestinians into wheelchairs?

      4. @ Evelyn

        The muslims and the jews work together. The muslims are the crowbar for the jews. The top of the muslims are crypto- Jews. The common muslims don’t know this and must not know this of course.

        Your comment that “the common Muslims don’t know this” simply illustrates your staggering ignorance. Here is a Palestinian Muslim, Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a very “common” Muslim indeed, who served in the American Air force (USAF), with several articles published on this website. He is certainly not “working for the Jews”, nor is he a “crowbar for the Jews”.

        This website would not publish so many articles by a Muslim writer if it hated all Muslims as much as you do. This is not an Islamophobic website, nor does it encourage the Islamophobic hate speech you are attempting to promote on this website.

        1. Well said, Sardonicus! Evelyn strikes me as a particularly nasty and ignorant Islamopobic troll. She doesn’t get the message that this site is 100% pro-Muslim and 100% pro-Palestinian. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that “Evelyn” is an Israeli infiltrator.

      5. You know, Sardonicus –

        I remember this blog, how it was, 5 or 6 years ago. Boiling, engaging. Full of intelligent people, who were arguing, exchanging opinions. Sometimes, sharing interesting information. Look at it now.

        You know, what’s the reason it is in this condition, now? Because if there is a cop in a cafeteria, people cannot feel comfortable. And people leave.

        Some sites, I know, prefer to keep comment section cold. The owners want traffic, and as long as it’s coming, all is fine. As long as the articles are being read, the owner is content.

        But a blog like this one – it lives off the comment section. Nothing else is here to attract people, there’s no original material, that cannot be read elsewhere, and people come here to talk, not to read.

        Telling them to not speak about this, or that, or stop promoting this, stop promoting that is what is killing it.

        You can’t refute someone else’s position, or present a more compelling point of view? It happens. It doesn’t mean that such an opinion should be silenced by threats or insults. In fact, in this case it is more probable that the person must be speaking the truth, and the truth is unpleasant, sometimes. You can’t be right all the time, Sardonicus.

        Your contribution – and I’m not being rude, I’m just being honest – is of modest merit at best. You, for the most part, are acting as a manager. And this kind of management is not good.

        Look – Lobro left, Circassian left, and all the others whose names I can’t remember left as well. You are still here. How come?

        Perhaps it is no business of mine, of course, excuse me for these remarks, but if it was up to me I’d get this site back on tracks in a matter of two weaks, and all I would do to achieve it is just to ban a couple of people who are, or so it seems, hopeless.

        You would not be among them, but I’d ask to stop discouraging people from speaking their mind. Arguments are good.

        Otherwise, soon enough what will remain here is one boring man, posting irrelevant garbage in huge amounts, one graphomaniac living in a world of his own, and a couple of low-life trolls jumping in once in a while just to bark out some nonsense. You will run the stage.

        I’ve seen it happen to more popular blogs.

        So, forgive me if I’m a little insolent – after all, who am I to interfere – but it seems to me that, almost a decade in the making this site is now going down and in this situation, perhaps I can give an advice although no one asked me to.

        And, en passant, Eveline is right, one hundred per cent – top Muslims are Freemasons, and some of them are Dönme.

        1. @ Rossi

          I value your comment which shows high intelligence and a knowledge of this website. But you are under various delusions. First is your false assumption that this website values high traffic and regrets that people like Lobro and Circassian are no longer with us. On the contrary, I have it on good authority that this website doesn’t give a damn if it loses even more readers and commenters. The Administrators make no attempt to attract new readers or keep the commenters it already has. If a commenter comes, he is free to go.

          The Administrators are ready to shut the site down at any moment.

          The old hands here know that you are a Jew. You came here originally as “Rosso”, then you returned as “Rossi”. You are not a troll, and you are not trying to damage this website although you are Jewish. You are genuinely trying to engage with the antisemitic commenters here in an effort to understand why the Jews are so hated. Hence your sympathy for Circassian, another Jew who did his best to annoy all the posters here and described Lasha Darkmon as this site’s “lavatory attendant”. Yet his hostile comments were posted here. He wasn’t censored. He was allowed to diss Lasha repeatedly in post after post only because Lasha let him do so. She could so easily have had him banned.

          Finally, he was driven off. Not by Admin. Not by Lasha. By me. I took it upon myself to act on Admin’s behalf and get rid of this toxic turd. They let me do it because they knew I was acting in their best interests.

          Anyway, I value your comments. Because you are intelligent as well as polite. And I much prefer an intelligent, polite Jew to a rude and stupid goy.

      6. Rossi –
        You wrote:
        “I’d get this site back on tracks in a matter of two weaks…”

        You would be able to do that much quicker if you could spell!! The word is spelled, WEEKS, if you meant a fortnight!! 🙂

      7. Thanks a lot, grammar Nazi. I appreciate it.

        You’d be able to find more substantial errors there, if you were indeed good at grammar. I wrote that comment in a rush.

      8. Rossi –

        So, a “RUSH” makes you stumble HER!!?? You had 5 FULL minutes to correct just ONE word, had you been smart enough to see the ‘Click to Edit’ button!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Go get your own site, you pathetic dolt!! You can be as slow as you want there…. Then write some witty editorials for yourself! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      9. Thank you, thank you Pat for the link to
        I spent most the afternoon reading this document. NO matter where one turns ‘It’s all in the family”.
        It seems that the chosen have had their grubby fingers in the Persian/Iranian pie for a long, long time all the way back to “Queen” Esther of Old Testament fame and most likely long before. Just like they have their fingers in the by, by, MIss American pie. I nave had a hunch for years that there was some genetic connection to all the so-called leaders in the near and Middle East. Now there is no doubt about it. Even the “Royal” Saudi family are cryptos. With the US firmly under the thumb of the family I feel like just setting on the hill and watch the world to by.

      10. Sardonicus,

        One question: how does it happen that you place a comment right below mine, and mine goes to the bottom of the thread?

        1. @ Rossi

          I have no idea how this website works. Admin admits to being technically inept. Computer glitches and anomalies constantly occur. They need to sort out these problems but don’t have have the technical expertise to do this. In addition, the Comment Section is “largely unmonitored”, as the site itself admits. Admin is more concerned with the articles published and has little concern for the Comment Section. See here:

          # 4. “This is largely an unmonitored site. We have no time to read, edit, or agonize over every comment posted. Darkmoon regards itself as a “free speech zone”. You are free to say anything you want in any way you want. And we are free to delete your comment or ban you from posting if we happen to see your comment and think you are taking advantage of our hospitality. It’s as simple as that.”

          This is the only website I know where the Administrators openly disassociate themselves from their commenters, in effect disowning them. They are saying: “Don’t judge this website by the low quality of its worst commenters. These loonies speak only for themselves. They don’t represent the views of the website”.

          Read this open condemnation of the ratfinks who have managed to infiltrate the Comment Section and made it hard for decent people to post here:

          # 15. COMMENTS. Please do not judge our website by its comments. These are largely unmonitored, but even the ones we have read and approved for publication can hardly be said to represent our viewpoint. Many of the comments are not only stupid and ill-informed, morally repugnant and outrageous, but actually attack the administrators of this site with unrelenting nastiness. The fact that we publish these putrid effluvia of sick minds does not mean that we approve of them. We publish them only because they are a reflection of reality, showing people as they are.”

          Brilliant! That is signed off by John Scott Montecristo, but I suspect it was actually written by Lasha Darkmoon. It has her unmistakably trenchant style.

      11. Sardonicus –

        Yes, but this is not what I’m asking about.

        The comments are arranged in a tree. The threading is 3 steps deep. In the last, the deepest thread that I am posting a comment in, now, the Reply button is missing. This makes it impossible to place a comment right underneath the comment I am replying to. I have to use the Reply button of a comment which belongs to the second thread, i.e. 2 steps deep.

        For example, now I’ll have to use the Reply button of the Evelyn’s comment to reply to yours, and then my comment will be posted as the last comment in the thread.

        And when you posted a comment (September 12, 2019 at 12:54 am) as a reply to mine (September 11, 2019 at 8:38 pm), it was placed right underneath my comment, although Pat had posted his reply to that comment (September 11, 2019 at 9:24 pm) before you posted yours.

        How did you do that? Perhaps, you post replies through email?

        1. Rossi,

          The entire “Reply button” system is defective unless you have updated your computer and are using the right tools. I have no computer knowledge myself, but if it works for me and several other posters here who are not experiencing problems, this is because our computers have been updated and set up properly to conform to the WordPress system used by this website. I may add that often it doesn’t work for me always and that my comments are jumping around just like yours.

          Anyway, I don’t find this a problem. If you want to make it clear you are replying to a particular comment, you can easily do this by referring to the commenter by name (e.g. @ Sardonicus) and then give a BLOCKQUOTE from the comment you are referring to. Surely you know how to give a blockquote?

          Anyway, the whole Reply Button system is not my concern. It’s up to Admin to fix it. It needs fixing but most people here have got used to defective system and it doen’t make them lose any sleep. You’re TOO FUSSY, my friend! Learn to cope with life’s little imperfections.

      12. Understood.

        We don’t update computers, we upgrade them. It is software that we update. Not hardware. If a computer is able to run the software we want to use, it doesn’t need to be upgraded. The software I am using is up to date.

        A crash course for Dummies 🙂

        It is the template, used by the site, which is built like that.

        It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

        1. So how come no one else is having these problems, only you?
          Blame yourself for your ineptitude. Don’t blame the site!
          I am not having any of the problems you are constantly whining about. Stop complaining about these technical hitches and boring everyone!

      13. Madame, please!

        If I am boring – ignore me, but make sense of it before talking back. You can ask me to explain it for butterflies, and I will.

      14. @ Rossi

        I don’t need your sexist condescension, sir. You are not my intellectual superior just because you have a penis between your legs instead of a vagina.

        (ADMIN: The rest of this comment has been deleted.)

      15. No problem, Madame. Feel free to see me as inferior. Just ignore me from now on, I don’t need flies in the butter.

    2. Pat,
      I could only take about a minute of this fat lipped Sharifa Alkhateeb. I wonder if her “Muslim” daughter has had her clit removed and if her mother helped out in the process. If not, then her daughter can claim to be an American.
      You are right Pat. It has taken PCR years to come public about the Jew Lobby, something he has known about in private for years. As of late is PCR seeing the hand writing on the wall? PCR has girded up his loins to obliquely come public that it just my be the Zionist Jews, and of course their mindless helpers, who are the driving force behind the coming extinction of the White Race in America and Western Europe. AS TJ has written on this forum before, only the Whites themselves can save their bloodlines and unique genetic inheritance.
      There is hope however, for the White race in Eastern Europe and Russia if they an get the act together.
      And of course there is the NW Front that TJ keeps harping on of creating an all White homeland in the Pacific NW US. The Pacific NW is still 80-90 percent White for the most part. TJ does all he can to help wake up young NW Whites to pull their heads out of their (coming cancer causing 5G) cell phones and get a handle on reality.
      As far back as 1916 Madison Grant published his prescient study “The Passing Of the Great Race or The racial basis of European History”. A few years later, In 1920′ Lothrop Stoddard published his also prescient book: “The Rising Tide Of Color”. Grant and Stoddard were friends and their writings were said to have influenced the US Congress to pass the immigration law of 1922 that restricted immigration into the US. Of course as we all know, in 1965, two Jews, Congressman Cellar and Senator Javits, with the help of race traitor Sen. Teddy Kennedy pushed through the immigration act that has over the last 50 years given rise to “The Rising Tide Of Color” and “The (coming?) Passing Of the Great Race…”

      1. Madame,
        Donaldos been away a while. Ok. But, as a long-time poster, I must say that I’m not pro- Muslim. Not pro-Pali. Not pro or anti-Jewish. Let’s try pro-truth shall we? Basically, Madame, you are a simpleton. The World is far more complex. Donaldo still has fantasies about dropping your panties…….aaahhhh yes. But logical debate or discussion? Not possible. Gilb and I are on the same page regarding this issue. 😘

      2. Sorry, TJ….. Not so fast, my friend….

        “…the NW Front that TJ keeps harping on of creating an all White homeland in the Pacific NW US.” ….IS disappearing FAST!!

        Oregon is going to become the first state to eliminate single family zoning across the state… under the label of “RACISM”!!

        Under **UN Agenda-21 Smart Growth**, planners put an artificial line around the city and declare NO GROWTH will take place outside that line. That’s “Urban Sprawl!” And the planners insist that urban sprawl is a danger to the environment because it encourages the use of automobiles, strip malls, and the need for infrastructure like roads and power.


        Oregon’s Single-Family Zoning Ban Will Be OFFICIALLY Put In Place
        July 2019

        TJ, “Ah feel yore payn!!”

      3. Pat,
        Yes, Oregon has had urban growth bounders for some years. It is interesting that around the Universities are being build high density housing for “students”. To my mind this is, as you say, the agenda 21-22-23-? stack and pack housing for us no count racists. Did you guys know that it’s racist no not let the urban campers use the streets of paradise like Portland Oregon and other West Coast cities as toilets. Soon it will be White racism to clean it up.
        No matter, hopefully some day in the not to distant future there will be a real house cleaning in the Pacific NW for a Whiter, brighter and cleaner world. At this time Southern Calf. is disease central mostly as gifts from the illegals, the darlings of the Democrats. Southern Texas is much better.

  3. Ya’ gotta’ admit, Jews have pulled off the greatest “bioengineering” feat in history. This is one parasite that learns from its errors and it has a knack for making lemonade out of its lemons. It has taken a few millennium, but Jews have finally done it, jes’ like their Bible told ‘em so. We were all born to this death. Our parents, grand parents, great grandparents, were born to this death. All the way back through history, our distant ancestors were born to this death. Death is the condition of life, so too extinction.

    Jews began feeding off and killing our race the minute they began spreading over Europe like the plague. But this was one plague that was unstoppable because of its uncanny ability to mimic its host’s nature, customs and appearance, while retaining its own peculiar, cancerous appetites. We are just living in the end times, the culmination of the parasitical infection taking the host body to its terminal state of white quietus.


    – Arch

    1. The Iranians were no saints if it weren’t for the Greeks, I think it were the Spartans, they saved Europe of an oriental occupation.
      You can be sure that already in those times the jewish merchants and their‘ god’ were marching along with the Iranian troops to Europe.
      The jews hate the Greeks as the Greeks were not ‘ montheistic’ as the hews. The jews need this ‘ monotheism’ for their delusional belief of being special. It’s a tragedy that the europeans were brainwashed in believing this jewish myth.. we are paying for this and our further generations.

      1. Jews are not monotheistic. They are Talmudist, kabbalists, numerological pagans, anarchists and atheists. However they have hijacked monotheism by infiltrating both Christianity and Islam to destroy from within, as in everything they try to gain control of for their destructive purposes. Tikkun Olam.



    We’ve had you on this site before under the name of “Gabreal Jones”, causing endless trouble with your rambling, off-topic comments. Here you are trying to sneak in again using two names one after the other, “Yuri Romanova” and “Gabreal Jones”. As a result, all your comments have been deleted because of your contempt for our rules.

    # 5. Please use ONE user name. The use of several different names or sock puppets is not allowed.

    1. LOL the re-reincarnation of Gabreal Jones Jr.
      Yes Gabreal it’s a mess here, there and everywhere, innit..

      1. Gabreal Jones always comments over at Video Rebel Blog and his comments are always intelligent comments and always On Topic NOT Off-Topic, On Topic and intelligent comments. ADMIN allows Madame Butterfly to make comments and her comments are usually inane and vapid and overall pretty stupid and lots of time what she has to say is Off-Topic , Off-Topic comments and pretty stupid comments too boot . We learn next to nothing from Madame and her comments ; Gabreal Jones makes intelligent comments. We learn a lot from Gabreal Jones’ intelligent comments. Madame is allowed to comment, Jones is NOT allowed to comment.

        I guess ADMIN doesn’t like intelligent comments and prefers inane and vapid stupid comments of a ditzy broad. I guess daughters of lilith gotta stick together and help one another out and give one another a “Safe Space” to be the airheads they truly are, lol, so they are safe to express their Inner inane child — and everyone has to listen to a lot of nonsense so the daughter of lilith broads can play-pretend they’re “smarter than everyone else, more spiritual than everyone else” — because their Inner Childs are “m00n Goddesses”. If you ask me I think uncle also thinks he’s a, lol, “m00n Goddess” he’s such a mama’s boy, lol…

        1. Madame is allowed to comment, Jones is NOT allowed to comment.

          Gabreal Jones would be allowed to comment here if he used ONE user name. He doesn’t. He uses sock puppets and that is fundamentally dishonest. I at least observe the rules of this website by posting under the same name, “Madame Butterfly”, not under 10 different names like the dishonest “Gabreal Jones” who is now pretending to be a Russian called “Yuri Romanova”.

      2. To become a member of the US middle class,a person need to earn at least 40.000 US dollars. Many white people are under this level. As in Italy,many of them are working class and low income workers. A family of working class must have the same rights, freedom,opportunities and the same quality of life of a middle class family. From basic education to University. However,Italy differ from America. As Mussolini said,we are italian and mediterranean people. America is a very large country with different peoples and races,due to capitalism and slavery.A very large number of italian people,Like in other european countries,are working class-low income level,citizens of their country. Like in US,the middle class constitutes the electoral support for party politics. The “tax cut” of the “Tea Party” is the magic issue that open the door to the puppets of politic. They also support immigration:read about Reagan tax cut revolution. Today again many of the italian puppets of political parties are inspired by these American politicians,industrialists and jews. They cover the power of the jews. The false Left,secondly,is used to give the voters to the right-wing zionist parties. The Tea Party in the US has negro members. They vote for Trump and are new wealthy people like the classist white. In conclusion,in the land of too much,the US,like Italian puppet country,one of the most underdeveloped contries of Europe,a colony of the jews and a new nineteeth-century oligarchic style power,in the paradox of wealth,increase the inequality and the injustice. Therefore,we need to build a new system,a democratic,social and national system for national citizens,that must garantee the equity,freedom(with the American value of freedom of choice),social justice(a Left value) for all. So we can think of founding aur nations and societies.

    2. @ Onkel Toby  Here is a explanation of ´Julien Romanovsky´. You can find it at: 

      I link there to the darkmoonsite:

      Gabreal Jones 2 November 2018 at 14:13:

      ” Julien is a young Roma (gypsy) born in Romania in 1994 together with whom I had terribly strange esp XYZ Files encounters with Frau Merkel at her house March / April 2018 in Berlin.”

      And also see the next one (especially @ Sardonick , saw your reaction just yesterday. a higher kind of logic manifested itself, hopefully you´ll understand that, btw did you lose yourself finally in the Zen monastery in Nippon?)

      Gabreal Jones 3 November 2018 at 12:23

      Mother Nature responded in sync to the strange nature of the esp event with Angela M. in Berlin:

      The spasms of Frau Merkel in public a few months ago in 2019 I could explain very well.

      @ Frau Butterfly

      Yuri Romanova plus an email adress just popped – I know that Gabreal Jones is a persona non grata at DM – up when I commented with a link to a vid of chess maestro Bobby Fischer in a plane from Denmark to Iceland right after his Bush instigated jailtime in Japan:

       1.53: ” First of all the United States is a illegitimate contry, just like Israel. It has no right to exist. That country, the United States belongs to the Red Man, the American Indian. It is actually a shame to be a socalled American because everybody living there is a usurper and invader, is taking part with this crime, which is to rob the land, to rob the country, to kill all the American Indians. I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech you know. I am too old it is too late to adjust to the new world, the new world order (Fischer hicks up a laugh)…”

      Strangely enough- @ Joe Napolitano- Vidrebel posted this crucial obvious truth of BF yesterday – with my addition that BF did not yet know as most people in the USA & elsewhere that  the majority of todays black Americans are dna descendants of the black people socalled ´Indians´ seen by Chris C. and all the European explorers after him.

      Johnnie Aborigine one of the key figures bringing out this important hidden truth, bases himself on lores of his (grand)parents and the works of white academics whose books – often richly illustrated – did not find their way to the shelves in the library.  

      I wrote at Vidrebel: The black cat is luckily enough out of the bag for all to face the music. Above all Americans whatevet their background, skincolor, must face the Red Symphony (by the rats behind 911).


      @ JO September 12, 2019 at 12:33 am- Excellengt comment. Do I smell here the pizza quatro stagioni you just ate, ROJ?

      We indeed do live in Silly Icon times, 5 Gsus. @HP, anyway the way Krisna plays the flute, this one is also for you ´Evelyn´:

      The earliest images of Jesus show him to be a black man:

      White Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia who became Vatican ceo 11 august 1492 commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to use his son Cesare Borgia- said to be litt. Da Vinci´s bedfellow – as model.

      All the icons of JC & his Hebrew crew pitctured them as deeply melanated.


      Uncle Toby, you no worry,  this is just a one time gj intermezzo, I´ll drop the internet, it is soon only the 5 G WMD.

      Wireless will hang us all, certainly 5 G.  We as humans whatever our skincolour or whatever the degree of our pigmentality should follow the joos in this one & not allow it to be rolled out.

      CIA O

    1. Evelyn –

      Most of what we see is a charade.

      I saw some of these interviews on TV ‘live’ when they happened:

      9/11 – THE FOOTAGE THEY DIDN’T LET YOU SEE TWICE (9/11 2001 Documentary) (8 min)


      Witnesses interviewed on the street immediately after the attack on 9/11 say the planes that struck the Twin Towers were GRAY, had NO AIRLINE LOGOS, and NO WINDOWS!
      Firefighters tell of explosions far below fire-damaged floors BEFORE the buildings began to collapse. These segments were quickly removed by mainstream media.

  5. They have been completely brainwashed into this state. It takes decades of Media and school))) indoctrination you make you hate yourself and your people. Here’s some context…


    This is a forum for comments, i.e. for political discussion, not for an interminable list of links. Who will have time to click on 36 links?

  6. When attending a religious procession in the 80ties in rural Bahia, Brasil “baby Jesus” and virgin Mary were displayed as of African heritage which became a personal and intense offence to some “white Christian tourists” from Europe who had lost themselves far of their tourist tracks and who later in their Hotel back in “civilisation” released the Christian trained mind from pressure with usual “savages and heretics theories of the mostly black culture Bahia’s” – in the same tradition as “the Spanish inquisition” was trying to cleanse Christianity from “darkness”. The white man a “chosen creature” of God while disregarding and discrediting darker species with unworthiness while completely denying facts of history, origin and Reality. Instead a blond, blue eyed baby Jesus and a fair skinned virgin of the hot tropical ME were projected as a rule of thumb to white Western Christianity but still sort of allowing the darker skins as lower “Christian beings” under God but not quite as equal as themselves.
    Isn’t it time to worship and unite UNDER God as one and to finally soak up the love that he is and offers especially after centuries of longing hearts souls but more and more division? Why not stop quarrelling, discriminating, finger pointing and genociding all that are different to ones own skin and adapted beliefs while forgetting all that ones heart has learned from love and God through ones journey in an ungodly forsaken realm? Obviously not. Even in ones own demise the ego of man only sees enemies while heart and soul cry out for love – in neglect and pain.
    Have whites ever brought peace to their own tribes and to their own hearts and souls in 2000 years of superior white, above all else Christendom of “white washed” history and while creating a “White Christian heaven” on earth? No! Not at all! Heaven on earth has become hell on earth instead, serving its camouflaged master well and in the meantime blaming everyone and everything else for it. All that was/is learned is more extensive finger pointing while avoiding to do the same in front of a personal mirror where the real culprit stands that officially denies evil but serves it well and in the name of Christian disguise.
    How can or will this “intelligent” and diverse human family ever be able to unite naturally in peace and harmony, without discrimination and differences under one and the same non discriminating, non religious but loving God without coming up with even more divisions and further bloodshed in ones twisted mind that has brought the last tribe of the good human and diverse family as a whole to extinction while not discriminating ANY tribe in any colour? Blood is red. Blood is sacrifice. Blood is nourishing the pretender god. Love cleanses and heals. Love loves. Which God does one choose when the “White God” is longing more for RED than white? It is quite obvious right PCR?

    1. Jo –

      Despite my being a “redneck racist” (as identified by pretentious, lower-class pseudo intellectuals), I do very much enjoy my black friends’ services when I go to a funeral at their churches. They really get into a vibrant Christian session, and I have no doubt they are full of The Holy Spirit. I do NOT believe God ever intended we persecute each other – He simply promoted our separateness. Mingling in His Name in common mourning or celebration is OK. Mingling for breeding purposes is NOT.

      1. Gilbert is White, he’s a redneck, and rednecks are what you would call “deplorables” and guess what? I think I’ll follow White deplorable redneck Mr. Huntly’s lead and vote for Trump in 2020. I want to be redneck deplorable Whitey also and I want to vote for Trump in 2020. How do like them thar apples, Pat? BMan? You like them thar apples, BMan?

        Maybe Hillary will run again for president. I hope so, I would LERV to see the Democrats lose again. It gives me pleasure to see the Democrats lose. I’m very White that way. 🙂

      2. TROJ –

        “I want to be redneck deplorable Whitey also and I want to vote for Trump in 2020. How do like them thar apples, Pat?”

        I like it OK!!

        NOW….. You can follow Trump – THE ‘BELL COW’ TO SOCIAL CREDIT CONTROL HERE – just like in CHINA!! 🙂 🙂

        Trump Administration Wants Social Credit Score System to determine Who Can Buy a gun.

        The Trump administration is considering launching a social credit score-style system in coordination with Big Tech that would use spy data collected from Amazon, Google and Apple devices to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun.

        “The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department,” reports the Daily Caller. “The new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for appointing its director.”

        HARPA would employ “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence,” including Apple Watches, Amazon Echo and Google Home.


        The US is creating a social-credit system, parallel to the one in China!!

        The government is becoming obsolete, because most of our social functions are transacted through private companies, as much of our economy is reliant on the internet and large multinational companies have no allegiance to the people. China’s social-credit system punishes people for some behaviors while points are awarded for other more desirable actions.

        In the US, life insurance companies can base premiums on what they find on social media accounts. PatronScan scans IDs at bars and restaurants and identifies ‘troublemakers’. A “public” list is shared among all PatronScan customers who then can refuse service to individuals with objectionable behavior. 

      3. “An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself” – A. Camus

        Sounds like a hamster spinning around on a wheel thinking he’s actually getting somewhere “in pursuit of knowledge”. Grey matter churning inside a skull amassing what is really only “pseudo-knowledge”.

        Consider that true knowledge can only come when your mind is watching everything BUT the “self”…..😎

      4. TROJ –

        Proud to be associated with you, man! 😀
        I’m very glad you see my point. Trump is not ideal – but he’s a helluva lot better bet than those scum running against him! Just because he has made the mistake of being swindled by Jews (whom of us has not!??), he still talks a good talk. Besides, proportionately, there are as many good Jews as there are good non-Jews. For example, I WOULD, in a heartbeat, vote for Michael Savage to be President. There are others. One cannot really blame a man for taking up for his own race, even if he IS a Jew. There are more things to concern ourselves with insofar as our country is concerned. That little speech by JFK which was recently posted, here, by Barkingdear, reminded me how much attention we need give to national security. There are “dark forces” at work – and they ain’t all Jewish…

      5. Gilbert, the same enemy of man that hides in details connects and empowers the distracted individual mind – in a very counter productive way. Distraction and destruction are of the same reverse or dark energy that hinders life itself to be as life and creation is intended. “Whitism” most likely came into fashion with the planned destruction of the Alexandra library when all the glory of “darker” skinned species was reversed to ashes taking truth with it and a fake but bloody future began for the one human family that has existed ever since devouring All that not comply or are not willing to accept the lie. Whites are not special. A chosen tribe thinks it is and most of man is aware of that but rather wishes to be chosen too, no matter how horrible it might be for the rest of the family. If the “holy spirit” does not discriminate why do we?

        “Be very clear that a new world war is shaping up, and planning and preemptive action needs to be taken against the two extremes: the advocates of population growth and the supports of genocidal population reduction. The global population will have to decline, but this should come about by consent and social policy, not by either terrorism or genocide. Jeffrey Epstein left behind time bombs that must be defused and junked. There are hundreds of thousands of madmen like him among us, and they must be rooted out from positions of power and influence, or there will be hell to pay in days and hours to come.” – Yoichi Shimatsu

    2. JO,

      I don’t think it has anything to do with race. Black Jesus and the Black Madonna have long been icons in many Christian communities. I was surprised when I first came across these in the Third World, not knowing that they have a long and venerable tradition among Europeans.

      Black Jesus is venerated in the Philippines and processions commemorating the Black Nazarene are absolutely huge bordering on fanatical:

      The Black Madonna is worshipped in Central and Eastern Europe but also elsewhere:

  7. if you pay attention to television commercials, you can’t help but notice how they’re always arranged with black men covering white women…
    The more non-white invaders flood into the USA – the harder it will be to ever solve the white genocide problem peacefully, through the democratic process…… Which could still he done, if we could recover the process…
    As it is now the people who really run the world have a plan for it that they’re not even telling the common folk about… And they’ve set the state up with their agents posing as representatives of the people…
    The parliaments function as buffers between the disgruntled masses and the monarchs…
    Either we take total control of our borders and stop immigration or the time will come when it will be all-out war.. Not because white people will resent being bred out of existence, but because, when the balance of political power has shifted to the muds, white people will be murdered with impunity under an indifferent government, just like what’s happening now in South Africa…
    Otherwise, I’m anxious to see what PCR will have to say about 9-11 on this anniversary…
    9-11 – JEWS DID IT?

      1. Oh, I dunno…. This from Ezra Pound: Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by jews,’

    1. Bark,

      On the same topic but about Europe, or rather France specifically, and in the same journal, an interesting book review of an even more interesting book by a recently deceased author pulling out all the stops in his defiance of all PC restrictions before his departure:

      But could he have been too optimistic, or is it pessimistic depending on how you view such a prediction, in his prophecy? It could just slide slowly into becoming another Brazil, or South Africa without any civil war.

      1. Commentator Mike –

        That’s a good link! Faye and MacDonald are certainly well-spoken intellects on the subject. What Faye wrote NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT when our children are in high school…
        My little grand-niece, who is now 17, and in high school (School of The Americas) in Paris, France, went to South Africa this summer to help teach English to the little black children, there. I asked her father (my nephew) if he were CRAZY to allow his daughter to go there. He said it was a “school project”, and she wanted to do it for “extra credit” so it would “look good” for her collegiate application to UVa. Misguided from the very FIRST, these white children are taught to perpetuate the futility and stupidity. When I visited with them, recently (they still come over home, often), one could see that my niece thought she had done a wonderful service, and she expected everyone to praise her. Old Uncle disappointed her, though, as I didn’t hesitate to voice my politically incorrect views on what’s happening in South Africa and elsewhere. She and her parents are the typical upper middle class whites who would be horrified to have to live among hordes of Africans – but sink low enough to shy away from confronting the obvious! 😡


    “Do you really think the Palestinians in Gaza are in league with the Israelis who break their children’s bones and have put thousands of Palestinians into wheelchairs?”

    No. I know the question was addressed at someone else but … I often come across comments that the Hamas leadership is. I am not convinced by such, but they usually counter by saying that just like ISIS, they’re a Mossad creation. And that they were created precisely so the IDF would do what it does to those Palestinians. I am not even convinced that ISIS is totally a Mossad/CIA/MI6 creation, although I do believe there is significant involvement of the intelligence agencies. The argument goes that the CIA invented not just the earlier version of Al Qaida to fight the Russians in Afghanistan but even the later version so as to give US the excuse for its “war on terror”, so Mossad did the same with Hamas. Most of those with such arguments seem to be pro Abbas and support the remnants of the PLO in the West Bank as more genuine representatives of the Palestinian people. What is your opinion on this alleged relationship between Mossad and Hamas? I would like to see any firm evidence either way, that Hamas is a Mossad creation or that it is not.

    1. CM –

      It would be unknown to anyone but the mossad, however it is very likely that the group known as the “Islamic Association” was run by mossad infiltrators….

      “….seeking to undermine Arafat’s popularity in the Occupied Territories, Begin’s government approved an application from a 42-year old quadriplegic religious leader in the Gaza Strip, Sheik Ahmad Yassin, to license his humanitarian organization, the Islamic Association. Later, with the explosion of the first Intifada, the Islamic Association launched a military arm called Hamas.

      “Begin’s successor was Yitzhak Shamir. Both Begin and Shamir were leaders of the first terrorist organizations that operated in Palestine in the 1940s.

      “Under Begin and later Shamir, Israel created, funded and controlled the “Village Leagues,” a system of local councils managed by Palestinians who were hand-picked by Israel to run local city and village administrations.

      “The plan was devised by Sharon, who was Israel’s Defense Minister. Sharon appointed Menahem Milson, a professor of Arabic literature and former Hebrew University Dean, as its first Civil Administration leader in November 1981…..”

      1. PAT,

        Thanks for that link, I’ll read through it. You seem to have some details I lack as I’ve long given up on researching the Palestinian struggle other than just from what I see in the news. Still the official PLO has been fairly quiet and seems to have given up on the armed struggle hence allowing Hamas to dominate that aspect of it.

      2. CM –
        I had this also:
        Executive Intelligence Review, 20 July 2001
        Sharon War Plan Exposed:
        Hamas Gang Is His Tool

        Sharon’s so-called “moderation” after the June 1 Tel Aviv discotheque bombing was, say the sources, geared to win domestic support for a later war drive. Israeli right-wingers are fully mobilized to assure that Sharon will strike hard, the next time a suicide bomb attack occurs inside Israel. And the center-left has been lulled into believing that the “new” Sharon is more moderate, and prepared to seek a peaceful solution.

        Further, the sources say, Sharon is conducting a vicious psychological operation inside Israel, to secure popular support for a war by staging continuous terror scares. One Israeli businessman confirmed that almost nightly, Israeli police enter restaurants, hotels, shops, etc., ordering patrons to evacuate due to “bomb threats.” The businessman, a former Mossad official, was told by Israeli authorities that the scares are in almost all cases hoaxes, perpetrated to traumatize the public into accepting any anti-Arab military actions.

        In early July, Sharon temporarily shut down the Tel Aviv water system, in another psy-war operation, claiming that there was evidence that Palestinian terrorists might have poisoned the supply. He has appointed Ury Saguy, former head of military intelligence, as the director of the Mekorot National Water Company.

        Sharon has, according to the U.S. sources, gotten the blessings of high-level factions in Britain for a conventional war, which would offer London an opportunity to extend its sphere of influence in the Persian Gulf. Sharon will soon seek a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an effort to win some degree of Moscow support for the war moves. Sharon has reportedly drafted a secret memo, arguing that the expulsion of large numbers of Arab Israelis, as well as Palestinians, will allow Israel to fully absorb the more than 1 million Russian Jews who have emigrated to Israel, but who live in poverty.


        Much more than mossad – Tid-Bits from EIR reports which may help line up some dots for ya:

        In 1972, at the urging of American organized crime figure and leading right-wing Zionist Meshulam Riklis, Sharon resigned from the IDF (he was recalled, briefly, to active duty during the 1973 Yom Kippur War) to run for the Knesset (parliament). Henceforth, Sharon would be wedded to leading international organized crime figures associated with the Meyer Lansky National Crime Syndicate in the United States, and allied Jewish mafia figures from Israel and Russia.

        Even at the end of his career, Sharon was still running death squads. On Sept. 25, 1997, Israeli Television Channel One interviewed Benny Golan, a veteran of the Rimon Unit, which Sharon had created and deployed in the early 1970s in the Gaza Strip to carry out targetted assassinations of Palestinian “militants.” Golan described the assassination program, and reported that members of the unit frequently “disguised themselves as Arabs” for “special operations.” Other sources reported, at the time, that the “special operations” included terrorist attacks on Israeli Jewish targets to justify “retaliatory strikes” against pre-selected Palestinian and Arab targets.

        Far from ending his career of mass butchery, Sharon’s resignation from the IDF coincided with the launching of an even more ambitious criminal enterprise that would see thousands of Palestinians killed and wounded as part of the “Eretz Israel,” or “Greater Israel” drive to permanently annex all of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights—and resettle these areas with Russian and other Jewish immigrants, after the Palestinians have been eliminated.

        Sharon entered the Knesset in December 1973, at the very moment that the Israeli government lifted the ban on private sales of West Bank land to Israelis. The Knesset decision was brought about by a heavy lobbying effort by Sharon colleague and former Police Minister Yehezkel Sahar. The very first “private” purchase was for the construction of a residential community for retired IDF officers. The partners in the deal included Sahar, Gen. Reshavam Ze’evi, Sharon publicist Eli Landau, and Avraham Mintz, a founder of the fanatical settlers movement Gush Emunim.
        In June 1974, Sharon personally led a group of settlers to establish an illegal outpost near the West Bank town of Nablus. It was the first of many such ventures that Sharon would sponsor, under the rhubric of the drive to “Judaize the territories.”
        Sharon’s political career continued to advance. In 1975, Prime Minister Rabin appointed Sharon as his personal security adviser. Then, the Likud was swept into power in the 1977 elections, and Prime Minister Menachim Begin named Sharon as Minister of Agriculture. In that capacity, Sharon launched a massive expansion of Jewish “agricultural settlements” throughout the West Bank and Gaza. During 1977-81, more than 25,000 new settlers—mostly members of the Gush Emunim—moved into the occupied territories. The Gush Emunim settlers formed into death squads explicitly modelled on Sharon’s old “Unit 101.” They would play a pivotal role in a filthy Anglo-American Zionist criminal enterprise known as “Landscam.”

      3. PAT, always being a step ahead of the herd makes choseness and money changing far more profitable while blood sacrifices run along as a desired side effect to the blood thirsty God of Mammon. There is no opposing force to Zionism that is not “regulated and licensed” by the “kosher ceremonial master of lies, deceit and sacrifice”. HAMAS is no exception.
        China’s social credit control with the help of an “American” Tech giant is nothing compared to the fine work of WHITE Australian “National security” and the kosher international Federal police: – illegally accessed metadata 3,249 times more than the mere 116 incidents previously reported.
        The link posted to Gilbert’s reply above is an article of Yoichi Shimatsu at Rense and shines some light on the glorious works of international “National security” for the kosher tribe – without being even mentioned.

  9. Diversity is Sweden’s Strength
    Found on Lew submitted by Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo:
    Take Nigerian immigrant Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, for instance, a “rapper” who calls for white people to be shot in one of his “performances.” “Shoot them,” he bellows. “Take them as slaves and treat them even worse,” he “raps.” Catchy.

    Mr. Nweke Conable is apparently well versed in left-wing cultural Marxism, for he informs us that “you cannot be racist if you are not white.” This is one of the mantras of cultural Marxism: They redefine “racism” to be a combination of bigotry and the “power” to oppress others which, by their definition, only white heterosexual males have the ability to do.

    Meanwhile, France is also enjoying the strength of diversity by welcoming another immigrant, one Nick Conrad, who has made a “rap” video entitled “I F _ _ k France, I Burn France” in which he is shown strangling a white woman to death. In an earlier video he portrayed the killing of white babies. Facebook claims that this does not violate its policy against “spreading hate.”

    TJ says can anyone see the night at the end of the tunnel?

    1. TJ,

      Just imagine the outcry if someone was to make the converse type of video, or say a video game where the opposite happens. Something is, or rather should be, either banned for everybody or for nobody, especially in this “egalitarian” world they claim to promote, at least egalitarian in terms of ideas as materially it certainly isn’t. They’re provoking whites to the max but are they expecting a response at all, or just testing to see how far they can stretch it? And if no resistance is forthcoming they’ll take it all the way. No light, all night. And it ain’t right, but then who’s going to do anything about it, as those more honest ask you when you complain, or more precisely: what are you going to do about it? Honestly, i just shrug. I don’t think I can yet see that light at the end of the tunnel, unless that light is my opinion that normal natural people just wouldn’t take it, not for much longer at least.

  10. ED
    We shouldn’t mix the Jews up totally with the Ashkenazi Zion…
    That’s what the murdering scum want us to do…
    The mass killers who hit the WTC on 9-11 want all Jews to think everybody hates them just because, like all white people hate all black people, racial bigotry and antisemitism rampantly systemic, or so you might think from paying attention to the Jew Media….
    The Zion want every Goyim to believe all Jews are Zionists…
    REAL JEWS are not Theodore Herzle’s Zionists…
    REAL JEWS march in the streets AGAINST Israel, you just never see them on the tube anywhere, though we admit they are few and far between…
    Really though, MOST JEWS are like DONALDO says, not real sure about it all, but more prejudice than they think even so, like DONALDO IS….
    Not REAL JEWS or any other Decent People would go to Palestine to spray people with the stink gun, buldoze houses, run over innocent idealists with bulldozers, move into someone’s shop on the weekend and change the locks so the guy can’t get in on Monday, move into someone’s house when the people are not home and burn the deed to the place then threaten the guy with automatic weapons in case he doesn’t like it, whereas the Palestinian isn’t allowed to have a gun, because he’s untermunchen…
    REAL JEWS march in the streets against the State/Estate of Israel/Rothschildlandia…
    REAL JEWS do not claim their Promise Land until they are led there by their Supernatural Messiah…
    The Christian Messiah is supposedly on the same beam, whenever and ifever, but whereas his methods are said to be benign, there’s no guarantees on the Big Shalomer’s methods…
    The whole Messiah/Shiloh deal is just more Biblical Programming put upon Humanity by the Reptilian ExtraTerrestrial progenitors of the Human Race…
    The Bibles are instruction manuals for the maitenance of society under Deified Monarchy and Feudalistic Exploitation….

  11. PAT
    Begin was brought up on Mussolini’s terror training camps in North Africa before WW2…
    He wore the black shirt and gave everybody the Heil Hitler salute…
    Those fascists were about setting the Zion up in Palestine, among other machinations…
    All in All – Things are NEVER what they say in the history books…

  12. Dear Sardonicus!

    I once was a member of a popular blog site, and as one of the posters I had the rights of a moderator. I know how it works, and how much time it takes to maintain an independent site like this one. Had the owners been indifferent to it, there’s a lot of more interesting things to do the owners would prefer. Trust me.

    Also, speaking of me, as it keeps on popping up in the comments that I am a Jew, I’d like to make it clear, if it is as important to some as it appears to be: I am not a Jew.

    However, if I had a predisposition to Judaism, or felt affection for Israel I’d be able to become a Jew. More so – a secular Jew, because I had a grandmother on the mother’s side, who was a Jew. But it’s up to me to choose who I am.

    And I am a person of mixed origin, from four sides. It is, indeed, a matter of choice to me. A long time it took to get to the bottom of it and comprehend in full. I read books on the related issues, researched religions, took a trip to a couple of countries I had to see, learned a language and consulted a shrink. Yes.

    And in the end I came to understanding, that I am a European man of mixed origin, because in Europe alone I feel at home and comfortable.

    But if I had to also make a choice of a religion, I’d prefer Vedanta.

    I hope it helps to clear up the minds of those who seem to be “under various delusions” indeed. I am for certain not one of them.

    You think a Jew would come to a site like this in an effort to figure out something? You think the Jews are hated? You must be kidding.

    I know a lot of Jews from all social stratas and national backgrounds. None of them would concern himself with a question like this, let alone engage in polemics, or arguments with random people to find an answer to it.

    More so, I think no one gets the picture, better than them in a situation when some kind of what looks like hate is present. An intelligent Jew can tell in a matter of seconds what causes it.

    The reason depends on a person: an Arab has his, a European has his and a Negro has his, and a Russian his. But for the most part – in general, it is fear that makes people hate the Jews.

    Since I know them, and am familiar with Judaism better than most of them I am on good terms with the Jewish part of me. It allows me to be able to look at the world from a different angle, and see things in a different light.

    Had people who “hate the Jews” been in a position to get a sight of this mess, of what’s going on and what happened before – from the standpoint of a Jew, it would make them reassess their opinions.

    No one is capable of this, because hate is a kind of feeling that blinds. No one is prepared to see himself as a lost cause, too. People are stubborn. And the Jews are the most stubborn people of all the people; what I have said I could have said about the Jews as well.

    So, I am here not to make an effort to understand someone else’s flaws, nor to promote some ideas of mine, let alone someone else’s ideas. The reason I come here is more prosaic: I want to learn to speak proper English.

    For this I need partners who speak proper English, and topics I can speak about. I need some lack of agreement to make me want to speak. And I find it here.

    I hope it clarifies misunderstandings we might have had.

    1. For what it’s worth, Rossi, I believe you’re doing quite well with your English. Furthermore, this, your last comment to Sardonicus, was a fine read, IMO.

    2. Rossi –

      “I need some lack of agreement to make me want to speak. And I find it here.”

      Agreed! I believe it is always best for me to have the opportunity to have conversations with those who WILL push back. It causes more reflections!

      Ben Franklin started his Leather Apron Club, which had double meanings, to do just that. Argue! 🙂

    3. Rossi, you already speak and comprehend English better than a gigantic majority of English speakers and thinkers. Your nice demeanor also speaks well of you.

    4. @ Rossi

      I like what you say and you have my full support. And I’m sure Admin is well-disposed toward you too, since they did not delete your previous comment of which they are obviously aware.

      If you support Vedanta, so does Homer here (Hp). So you have something in comment with one of this site’s oldest and most outstanding posters. I believe Lasha has known Hp for several years, from other websites, and she trusts him completely, being pretty keen on Vedanta herself. (Which she thinks is completely compatible with the neo-Christianity she practices). You see, she thinks the Logos of St John (“the Word made flesh”) is the equivalent of the Atman. And Christ himself, she believes (as I also do) would have been perfectly happy with the non-dualism of Shankara.

      In regard to your wish to learn proper English, what better way than gain practice by joining a website like this as a commenter? You recently made a mistake, confusing “WEAK” with “WEEK” … and Pat scolded you for this spelling mistake! 🙂 I didn’t do this myself because I was aware that English was not your first language.

      In any case, your English is better than that of many other posters on the internet whose first language is English. You sound pretty much bilingual to me.

    5. I came across this article while searching for facts, stats and comments relevant to Renaud Camus on Replacement. I do not wish to go into the complexities of the role of Jews of various political opinions in this issue, multiculturalism or Muslim immigration, except to note that this matter has recently intensified, especially over the role of Soros in “open borders”. Many Jews favour immigration; others oppose it. The resistance of white patriots is being likened to a Nazi revival (qv Wikipedia on “white genocide conspiracy” &c) and a potential holocaust. As most people whatever their views about Jews or Zionists or WW2 are against murder, this stuff is no asset.

      My point here is that comments on Jews should be well-informed and rational. They should not provide gratuitous ammunition for supporters of non-white mass-immigration, whether Jewish or anything else. The Occidental Observer blog, for example, has this self-defeating “character” where calls to kill the Jews are published but demurrals are banned. My own experience has twice confirmed this, and the moderator refused to allow me, an Englishman who has not been out of his homeland or many years and has never been to Israel, to refute the assertion that I am a Jewish troll living in Israel. MacDonald might just as well hand TOO over to SPLC script-writers.

      1. @ David Ashton

        Point taken. But please don’t use the Darkmoon site as a platform from which to launch an attack on the Occidental Observer. Lasha Darkmoon has had dozens of her articles published on the Occidental Observer over the last 10 years and regards Kevin MacDonald as the best editor she has ever had. Her respect for Kevin MacDonald’s erudition, his brilliance as a writer, and his intellectual integrity, has, she tells me, increased steadily over the years.

        I’m sorry to hear you’ve been badly treated by one of Kevin’s moderators — I understand he has had several over the years — but it may console you to know that Lasha Darkmoon has herself been viciously abused and defamed on the Occidental Observer several times in the past and has managed to survive intact! 🙂 Kevin is too busy with his research and writing to interfere with his Comment Section and gives his moderators complete autonomy, so I think it would be wrong to blame Kevin for decisions taken by his moderators.

        As a moderator myself, I know the job of a moderator is a difficult one. One is bound to be disliked by posters whose comments have been deleted, disallowed, and finally banned. These disgruntled posters then go away and vent their anger on other websites, complaining about how badly they have been treated. As you have just done.

        Kevin MacDonald, I’d like to assure you, is an outstanding writer whose books will still be read long after we lesser mortals have turned to dust. Here is one of his finest articles on our website, carefully annotated by LD:

    1. @ Pat

      We can stop worrying about Social Security. No one will live long enough to collect it.

      An interesting comment, Pat, but surely a bit out of character coming from you of all people! I mean, aren’t you constantly warning us about “doom porn?” 🙂

      1. Sard –

        If you click the link, you will see that I forgot the quotation marks…….
        That was PCR’s quote. He is STILL into doom porn!! 🙂

  13. PAT,

    I read through that article by a Palestinian American journalist you linked and would recommend it to anybody interested in the question I was asking. I suppose much of it could be verified from other sources, however, the penultimate paragraph raises some doubts about whether it should be taken with a pinch, a tablespoon, or a big bag of salt:

    “The terrorist attacks on September 11th by madman Osama Bin Laden in the name of Islam only served to further build a barrier that prevents reasonable people to achieve a peace.”

    Man that was disappointing from someone apparently in the know about Middle East affairs. Thanks anyway, it was worth the read.

    1. CM –

      Thanks! Glad to help.

      In every article the author’s cognitive dissonance and/or intentional misdirection can be detected by knowledgeable people such as you are.

      The article is an ‘opinion’ only. He admits that below.


      “You can’t win the argument unless you win the audience first.” (I would write ‘groom’ v ‘win’ there) 🙂

      I am one of the most effective writers and media messaging strategists in the country. And I can prove it.

      I understand communications in both normal situations and in the most challenging of circumstances of crisis. I continue to write OPINION-EDITORIAL columns (as a columnist and no longer as a journalist or reporter) as a thought leader on politics, government and everyday life. I apply strategic communications and hard hitting analysis in challenging situations both in mainstream American politics at the local and regional level, and in advocating for peace in the Middle East.


    2. CM
      Just to add to what Pat said, take it with a big bag of salt, brother. The fact alone that his voice is ALLOWED to be heard by so many, and supported by his noted credentials should tell you all you need to know that his is a voice that (((they))) consider to be innocuous and perhaps even serving a mild purpose in perpetuating a general state of obfuscation. Otherwise………..🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  14. The end of the white world, the end of the whites – big words indeed and then one must have very very good reasons to make such grave predictions. It sounds too much like the Seer van Rensburg predictions of South Africa. I would rather take the side of caution and rephrase it as “The end of the white world AS WE KNOW OF IT TODAY”. This leaves room for a new white world with a new religion and a new kind of mankind to arise.

    We can’t yet tell what will be the situation if push comes to shove and things turn out so bad that survival instincts start kicking in – Europe during the Thirty Years War (unbelievable attrocities committed by common whites – they could direct them towards the invaders, we can’t yet tell), several invasions from the East, a long history of jewish evictions throughout history, the decimating of the white population during famine and diseases like the Black Death. If we weaken, who is going to feed the parasites? They depend on us. they have an even chance of dying in even larger masses than us, for everyone of us keeps at least ten of them alive through grants and subsidies and liberal bleeding heart whites who still are in a luxury position to do so. Very hard times will either toughen them up or destroy them. Nature is cruel but efficient.

    So I am not sure if I can accept everything just at face value. I personally think history is much more complicated than this. But I can accept that that massive changes are lying ahead to the detriment of the white man, but it could also mean a chance to reevaluate all values and a learning school how it must not be done. Like Nietzsche said – coal turns into diamond when the hard hammer of life hits the anvil.

  15. My experiences with TOO have been more than a disgruntled tiff.
    The status and research of MacDonald and some other competent fellow-contributors are undermined by what its allowed and what is suppressed on that blogsite.
    This is the last place where shooting oneself in the foot is desirable, and the worst time.

  16. The Bible says you are not suppose to mix, it is a sin and those that do it will burn in the lake of fire AKA hell. The verse says Do not let your sons marry their daughters. Do not let your daughters marry their sons. Do not make a covenant with them. In Acts it says you can not have clean from unclean. In Genesis it says to preserve your Daddy’s seed AKA meaning no race mixing. The UN which is United Nations forbids racial genocide of any race , religion or genocide in general.

    In the Holy Bible King James pg 210 211 forbids race mixing. Do not let your cattle breed with another kind. Do not mingle your seed. A 1959 judge said God almighty created all the races and separated them on different continents (areas) because God did not intend for them to mix. I repeat, God did not intend for them to mix.

    Ted Cruz read a Bible verse and quoted it on TV that homosexuals are to be put to death, meaning gays and lesbians, which is an abomination to the Lord just as race mixing is also. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because society was too sick and disgusting to survive. This is when the family left the city and was told not to look back, but what does the man’s wife do? She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.


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