The Enemy Within: Trump vs. the Deep State

By Chris Hedges

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon with brief commentary

November 11, 2019


Is Trump an enemy of the Deep State . . .  or is he secretly working for it?

“Trump committed political heresy when he dared to point out the folly of unchecked militarism. He will pay for it. The war between the deep state and Trump began the moment he was elected.” — Chris Hedges

Our democracy is not in peril. We do not live in a democracy. The image of our democracy is in peril.

Trump’s most unforgivable sin in the eyes of the deep state is his criticism of the empire’s endless wars, even though he lacks the intellectual and organizational skills to oversee a disengagement.

The deep state committed the greatest strategic blunder in American history when it invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Such fatal military fiascos, a feature of all late empires, are called acts of “micro-militarism.” Dying empires historically squander the last capital they have, economic, political and military, on futile, intractable and unwinnable conflicts until they collapse.

They seek in these acts of micro-militarism to recapture a former dominance and lost stature. Disaster piles on disaster. The architects of our imperial death spiral, however, are untouchable.

The clueless generals and politicians who propel the empire into expanding chaos and fiscal collapse are successful at one thing—perpetuating themselves. No one is held accountable. A servile press treats these mandarins with near-religious veneration. Generals and politicians, many of whom should have been cashiered or put on trial, are upon retirement given lucrative seats on the boards of the weapons manufacturers, for whom these wars are immensely profitable. They are called upon by a fawning press to provide analysis to the public of the mess they created. They are held up as exemplars of integrity, selfless service and patriotism.

LD: The trendy phrase “deep state” appears to be the latest euphemism for international Jewry and their elite non-Jewish collaborators in the big corporations and military-industrial complex. These include the generals, bankers, corporatists, lobbyists, intelligence chiefs, government bureaucrats, technocrats, evangelical Christians, and the fawning presstitutes of the main stream media. All these gentile sycophants of Big Jewry have one thing in common: they are all passionate  Zionists for whom the state of Israel is sacrosanct. They would rather see America go up in flames than suffer the loss of a singe acre of stolen land in Occupied Palestine. [LD]

After nearly two decades, every purported objective used to justify our wars in the Middle East has been upended.

The invasion of Afghanistan was supposed to wipe out al-Qaida. Instead, al-Qaida migrated to fill the power vacuums the deep state created in the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. The war in Afghanistan morphed into a war with the Taliban, which now controls most of the country and is threatening the corrupt regime we prop up in Kabul.

The deep state orchestrated the invasion of Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11. It confidently predicted it could build a Western-style democracy and weaken Iran’s power in the region. Instead, it destroyed Iraq as a unified country, setting warring ethnic and religious factions against each other. Iran, which is closely tied to the dominant Shiite government in Baghdad, emerged even stronger.

Then there is the fiasco in Syria. The deep state armed “moderate” rebels in Syria in an effort to topple President Bashar Assad, but when it realized it could not control the jihadists—to whom it had provide some $500 million in weapons and assistance—the deep state began to bomb them and arm Kurdish rebels to fight them. These Kurds would later be betrayed by Trump.

Next was Yemen. The “war on terror” spread like a plague from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya to Yemen, which after five years of war is suffering one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. The financial cost for this misery and death is between $5 trillion and $8 trillion. The human cost runs into hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, shattered cities, towns and infrastructure and millions of refugees.

Trump committed political heresy when he dared to point out the folly of unchecked militarism. He will pay for it. The deep state intends to replace him with someone—perhaps Mike Pence, as morally and intellectually vacuous as Trump—who will do what he is told.

The removal of Trump from office would not threaten corporate power. It would not restore civil liberties, including our right to privacy and due process.

It would not demilitarize the police or champion the rights of the working class.

It would not impede the profits of the fossil fuel and banking industries.

It would not address the climate emergency.

It would not disrupt the warrantless surveillance of the public.

It would not end extraordinary renditions, the kidnapping of those around the globe considered to be enemies of the state.

It would not halt the assassinations by militarized drones.

It would not halt the separation of children from their parents and the warehousing of these children in filthy, overcrowded conditions.

It would not remedy the consolidation of wealth and power by the oligarchs and the further impoverishment of the citizenry.

The expansion of our prison system and of black sites throughout the world, sites where we torture, would continue, as would the gunning down of poor, unarmed citizens in urban wastelands.

Most importantly, the catastrophic foreign wars that have resulted in a series of failed states and wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars, would remain sacrosanct, enthusiastically embraced by the leaders of the two ruling parties, puppets of the deep state.

The impeachment of Trump, despite the enthusiasm of the liberal elite, is mostly cosmetic. The entire political and governmental system is corrupt. Corporate lobbyists write the laws. The courts enforce them. There is no way in the American political system to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin, UnitedHealth Group or Northrop Grumman.

We, the American public, are spectators. An audience. Who will be seated when the game of musical chairs stops?

Will Trump be able to hold on to power?

Will Pence be the new president?

Or will the deep state elevate a political hack like Joe Biden . . .  or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton?

And what if the deep state fails?

The war between the deep state and Trump began the moment he was elected. Former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper—both now paid news cable commentators—along with former FBI head James Comey soon would accuse Trump of being a tool of Moscow. Intelligence agencies leaked salacious stories about “pee tapes” and blackmail, plus reports of “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence. Brennan, Clapper and Comey were quickly joined by other former intelligence officials. Their attacks were then amplified by former senior military leaders.

The Russia conspiracy, after the release of the Mueller report, proved to be a dud. The deep state actors, however, were re-energized by Trump’s decision to pressure the government of Ukraine to investigate Biden. Trump, this time, seems to have given his deep state enemies enough rope to hang him.

The impeachment of Trump marks a new and frightening chapter in American politics. The deep state has shown its face. It has made a public declaration that it will not tolerate dissent, although Trump’s dissent is rhetorical and ineffectual.

The effort to impeach Trump sends an ominous message to the American left.  Its resources to destroy those on the left are nearly inexhaustible.

There are no internal or external checks on the deep state.

The deep state will further expand the social inequality that has thrust half of Americans into poverty or near poverty, strip us of our remaining civil liberties and feed the rapacious appetites of the military and the war industry.

The resources of the state will be squandered as the federal deficit balloons. The frustration and feelings of stagnation among a disempowered and neglected citizenry, which contributed to the election of Trump, will mount.

There will come a moment of reckoning, as there has during the last few days in Lebanon and Chile. Social unrest is inevitable. Any population can be pushed only so far.

Trump, in the end, is not the problem. We are.

And if the deep state fails to rid itself of Trump it will, however reluctantly, use him to carry out its dirty work.

Original source: Truthdig

“Trump, if he manages to survive, will get his military parades.
We will get, with or without Trump, tyranny.”
— Chris Hedges

41 thoughts to “The Enemy Within: Trump vs. the Deep State”

    1. Chris hedges is a wishy washy member of the establishment. mike “sick” pence is the most fake phony POS I ever saw. he looks like a ken doll for old ladies, artificial like a mannequin. that backstabber has been groomed to take over for trump this is why he has NEVER been implicated in the 24/7 scandals involving trump
      rabbi trump the king of the jews wants Syrian oil so the israelis can steal it like they stole the Iraqi oil. israeli politicians have said for years Kurdistan will be the second pissrael. with the kurds out for the time being the jews will still get the oil.
      I say trump let Erdogan invade the kurds because Erdogan said he would flood the west with millions of refugees.
      the jews would never allow the US military to fight our real enemy…messico. 65K americans die a year from Mexican drugs plus thousands killed in the US by illegals and gangs. narcos organize the invasion of illegals. they slaughtered 7 beautiful white women and little girls raping machine gunning and burned them to death. THAT IS WAR. US govt serves the jews and wants whites genocided as the jews order. if I had power I would tell Mexican govt you got 40 days to kill every head narco our army would be on the border then I sanction apply tariffs carpet bomb the capital napalm everything the narcos own and take over their oil instead of syrias send back millions of illegals right in mexicos lap. I would avenge those angelic little white girls

      1. Thank you , sir. I have not heard sound report like this since J. D Hayworth was attempting the senate seat of John McCain over 10 years ago.

    2. GET THE MUGSHOTS….of the truth hating TERRORISTS that print the currency
      & Own the forked tongued “JEW” media….!

      When did the Children of Israel “TURN INTO”…Jesus hating Money Changers
      & Pharisees….in the first five books of the Bible ?

      eventually the Truth will be so obvious that even the little children will be
      able to say….lies will never change true no matter how many “JEW” worshippers
      register to vote for “JEW” approved ….politicians.

      KNOWING THE TRUTH is the most important …..issue.

      Remember the sign at the Weaver family driveway


      guess who pays the “JEW” worshipping crack whores in CONGRESS….?

    3. Watching American TV it is extraordinary how totally pro-Israel/Jewish the big networks are. Any deviation from the pro-Israel line is pounced on by what I can only call the “ISRAELI INQUISITION”.

      They haven’t resorted to the rack and thumbscrews yet, but they certainly destroy careers. Rick Sanchez was fired on the spot for daring to say that CNN, his network, was owned by Jews. It seems that saying the word “Jew” now will get you into trouble.

      I am an old man now, but am so sad to see the western world under the control of such a powerful and ruthless oligarchy.

      I just hope future generations have the courage to resist and regain the freedoms that past generations fought and died for.

      1. Of course things will change, John. Cheer up! The pendulum always swings backwards one day. History moves in cycles. This is the golden age of the Jews. It won’t last for ever. 🙂

  1. The US might be good at killing terrorists, but we are even better at creating them. The US invasion of Iraq led to the creation of ISIS. The ongoing presence of US troops in the Middle East, including the killing of civilians, creates a desire for revenge. So does US support for repressive regimes like ISISrael, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

    Trump promised, ” I am ending these ridiculous wars!” is one more lie by the Liar-in-Chief for the love of israHell.

    1. how is a guy a terrorist when he is in his own country fighting a foreign invader that is destroying his country? you are puking out jew propganda

  2. “Trump’s most unforgivable sin in the eyes of the deep state is his criticism of the empire’s endless wars, even though he lacks the intellectual and organizational skills to oversee a disengagement.”

    Well he had “the intellectual and organizational skills” to escalate conflict everywhere; and to attempt to starve Venezuela into submission; and to illegally seize diplomatic property; and to sabotage his own peace initiative with North Korea; and to try to start a war with Iran; and to illegally occupy Syria and seize Syria’s oilfields; and to repudiate the framework of nuclear weapons control and take us back to the cold war (and the associated threat of nuclear destruction); etc.

    “Trump committed political heresy when he dared to point out the folly of unchecked militarism.”

    Well in retrospect what else would you have expected from a shameless, morally bankrupt con man on the campaign trail trying to steal votes from desperate people? You’d actually expect him to tell the truth about his plans?

    “He will pay for it.”

    Seriously? How will he “pay for it”? Will they take away his birthday? Assuming that the impeachment proceedings are not a psyop intended to bolster his faux lesser-of-the-evils campaign strategy, the most they can actually do is remove him from office or possibly cause him to lose the next election. And since he obviously has no intention of doing anything to actually “make America great again” or to damage his “deep state” colleagues or their agenda in any way, shape or form, so what?

    “The deep state intends to replace him with someone—perhaps Mike Pence, as morally and intellectually vacuous as Trump—who will do what he is told.”

    For the sake of argument, let’s say that’s true. So now having nothing to lose politically, why doesn’t Cap’n America do right by the people and defy the “deep state” by getting out of Afghanistan?

    So now having nothing to lose politically, why doesn’t Cap’n America do right by the people and defy the “deep state” by getting out of Syria?

    So now having nothing to lose politically, why doesn’t Cap’n America do right by the people and defy the “deep state” by ordering an investigation into 9/11?

    1. Just more “doom” and “despair”: “We will get, with or without Trump, tyranny.” Would it not be more useful to suggest something which “the good People” of present-day America might do to forefend this calamity?

      Please, try to present fewer predictions of disaster, and more proposals to prevent it.

      If one is incapable of doing that, then silence is surely to be preferred to hopeless wailing and gnashing of teeth.

      1. @ Edwin

        Are you responding to something I said, or did you just hit the reply button by mistake?

    2. HS –

      Trump is no hero, or Capt of anything. He had “the intellectual and organizational skills” to EVADE the draft, as Clinton did in the 60s also!!

      The impeachment proceedings are a psyop intended to hide Epstein’s PLAYERS, including Trump.

      1. @ Pat

        “Trump is no hero, or Capt of anything. He had “the intellectual and organizational skills” to EVADE the draft, as Clinton did in the 60s also!!”

        Of course I agree, but Trump cultists like Chris Hedges and Paul Craig Roberts would vehemently disagree.

      2. Nothing wrong evading a draft to go kill innocent people. It’s when you evade the draft and then send others to war that is the problem. Trump doesn’t do that unless forced to by Zionists.

      3. @ Temper

        “Trump doesn’t do that unless forced to by Zionists.”

        Nonsense; Trump has proven himself to be a militant zionist extremist. Nobody has to force him to do what he obviously wants to do.

  3. “The deep state committed the greatest strategic blunder in American history when it invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    Is Mr Hedges that naive? I wonder.

    LD’s remarks are much more accurate and valuable.

    * * *
    Dana Stroul, the Democratic co-chair of the Syria Study Group made it a point to stress that this sovereign Syrian land “owned” by Washington also happened to be “resource-rich,” the “economic powerhouse of Syria, so where the hydrocarbons are… as well as the agricultural powerhouse.” At a US gov-funded think tank, this official who oversaw Congress’ Syria Study Group outlines the continued regime-change strategy.

    She says the US military “owned” 1/3rd of Syrian territory, including its oil/wheat-rich region. And the US is trying to block reconstruction funds.
    * * *
    Islam is a religion of peace. I believe things can be changed through peaceful methods.
    EDUCATION of the masses of people is what is needed.

    The entire Western world is headed for oblivion thanks to The Enemy of Humanity.

    * * *
    Considering all this, there’s only one culture left which seeks to preserve its traditions: it is the Islamic world. And of course I do not favour suicide bombers and ruthless wars but at the same time I declare that today the mankind’s last remaining bastions of traditional culture- experiencing the transcendent in everyday life- is the Islamic world. (I say this as a Roman Catholic man.) Its success or failure, in the relation of the Islam and America/Israel is not as important for me as from the aspect of mankind. If Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no foeman against the darkness of globalism. Then the history will really come to an end and there will be no happy end….
    Vona Gábor about the Islam Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary) 2010-12-09

    1. @ TLOA

      “Is Mr Hedges that naive? I wonder. LD’s remarks are much more accurate and valuable.”

      I am a big admirer of Lasha Darkmoon.

      Trump is a Gemini, as is Boris Johnson. These are two people, often opposites striving for the upper hand. Tony Blair’s astrologer told me that, with both these men, there will be a desire to do good, competing with a desire to be popular.

      When Trump said he wanted to pull out of the Middle East, a cheer went up across the UK. No one here, including our armed forces, wants another war for Israe. Trump knows there is neither the money or public support for more wars for the Jews.

      The Jews say we were promised three world wars, and so we need one more. Bollocks to the Jews! They can fight this one on their own.

      BTW, today is Remembrance Sunday. We are told that men gave their lives for King and country. More bollocks. They gave their lives for a criminal government, keeping the foreigners from our shores. Once the war was over, this same government started people trafficking them.

      1. @ Edwin

        “Trump knows there is neither the money or public support for more wars for the Jews.”

        If so then why doesn’t he withdraw from Afghanistan? Why doesn’t he actually withdraw from Syria, rather than escalate by seizing Syrian oilfields? And why doesn’t he back off on Iran? And why did he send thousands more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia?

        Since being inaugurated Trump has been setting up trip wires for war, apparently hoping that one of Israel’s “enemies” kills some U.S. troops, giving him and his handlers the pretext they need.

        Trump is the political equivalent of Jim Jones, and you’re drinking the kool-aid.

      2. You are very clever…Conspiracy of Zion gives you the juice on all the goings on we are experiancing….for 3.000 years…Oy vey! The sufferink…

    2. “The entire Western world is headed for oblivion thanks to The Enemy of Humanity.”
      Who is this enemy of humanity where ones finger points to – wrongfully and quickly?
      Everywhere else but ones own mirror image the index finger points.
      Doesn’t the enemy of man lives and flourishes within humanity itself while slowly eradicating all goodness left in ones own heart which once was a counterweight for the global conscious balance of righteousness, spirituality and justice within. This balance, eradicated by the good doers and revolutionaries of change saving the white race, protecting Judaism and Christianity, Islam, and all other religions or believes that worship “different superior Gods in their own distorted image”, including white, black, brown, red and yellow tribes. Goodness in the heart of man has become a worthless and unwanted attitude in the process and time elapses with arguments of senseless opinions which toilet will deserve what label and can be used by whom while continue worshipping the golden coin, superiority, choseness and ones own unlimited perversity and urge for self destruction along the way. For a simple understanding the “golden calf” is nothing but a lifeless idol that is innocent of crime. The guilt lies by the greedy worshipper of mammon and selfcenteredness that come in all different colours, castes, religions and twisted minds while being constantly rewarded through political correctness and a money spinning greedy democracy in a paradise for slaves that finally turned hell.
      To vote for Trump and the usual matured “american” criminal political career mob will not bring any change in a global prison system behind electric patriotic fences as long as the inmates heart is filled with hate and opposition towards all and any goodness, love and innocence that once dwelt in oneself but never became alive in life and politics. To Change is not adding flavours to a once nutritious soup gone rotten from within. To change is making room for change. Don’t be afraid to peep at the very same image looking back at oneself in the bathroom mirror. Can “it” free itself from the chains of dependencies and self righteous opinion that has imprisoned it since birth or will habits apathy come again to the master of disguise’ rescue?

  4. Hillary Clinton should be dragged by a horse at full gallop through the streets of Washington till the horse collapses. I would pay to watch that.

  5. Trump is a hood-ornamamt on a decrepit vehicle full of clowns – the USSA – that’s gone over a cliff.. with only jagged granite rocks 500′ below. Changing the hood-ornament – or not – in mid-air won’t change a damn thing.
    Good riddance.

  6. All of you are overlooking the strategic value of Afghanistan by ignoring why America entered in the first place. It’s the POPPY crop, fools. A whole battalion is there solely to guard poppy production – for whatever ends desired. We couldn’t allow the Russians to keep it, nor can it be allowed out of our control. This is not a “Trump thing” so much as it is a presidential responsibility. The incentive, of course, is money with no Congressional oversight. The “deep state’s” survival depends on it – as does the president’s life and security. Without it, world war would be more imminent.

      1. …and Camp Bondsteel Kosovo is where it is turned into paste….Oy vey! The shekels keep rolling in when the stupid goy kids get hooked….

  7. I could not have said it better myself: the sheeple are the problem. The sheeple are too addicted to the Bread and Circuses to keep them busy. Trump is just the latest actor in the role of President. Sheeple were fooled by Obama (Barry Sortoro, homersexual) because as a black man , he spoke what sheeple wanted to hear – Hope and Change. Then as President he ended up carrying out George Bush II and his policies, so we got No Hope and No Change. Yet Obamer is still very popular. Why? The sheeple have not caught on to the game. Then we got Trump. Trump, a supposedly successful businessman that was not a career politician and spoke the language of the average middle class American that was underemployed or unemployed. Trump spoke as an outsider who wanted to apply business sense to government compared to Hillary who was scary and represented the establishment. Trump won in 2016 to everyone’s surprise except the common sheeple. The Deep State and all its tools, the Military, the MSM, the Democrats and Big Tech, all turned against him to try and remove him from Office. Trump had 1 leak a day for the first 180 days in power. Then Eric Ciaramella, was fired and the leaks stopped. Trump finds it had to do anything like his campaign promises when he is alone and can not find people outside of politics or the Deep State to implement his policies. Even the Bureaucrats / Policy wonks are against him. Trump can only put pressure on The FED (Federal Reserve) to lower rates to show the sheeple that the FED is the problem as one of the problems in Washington DC. Next Trump must now rely on 4 men: AG William Barr, DOJ attorney Durham, IG ( Intelligence Inspector General) Horowitz, and Trump’s attorney Rudy Guillani. These 4 men must dig up the dirt and begin prosecutions, indictments against the guilty people in the Obamer administration on down. This includes Hillary Clinton and even Robert Mueller. The rest of the people, I am sure the awake and knowledgeable readers from here, know who they are. If you do not read The Epoch Times, in print or online, to find out. Forget the MSM to name the names. So, depending upon what those 4 men do will tell the sheeple where Trump will be in 2020 – still President or out of Office with Mike Pence / Hillary in charge. Maybe since Mueller botched the investigation, ie. yes people did bad things but the likelihood of conviction is in reasonable doubt, gives you a clue. Remember also that Mueller and Rudy Guillani covered up parts of 911. Bill Barr also covered up things in the past and is now making into law Pre-crime (Minority Report) legislation that makes all even remotely mentally ill or Conspiracy theorist types, bound for jail or FEMA concentration camp. So, we have to wait and see, but do not hold your breath. Now that we know how Trump got elected in 2016 and the DEEP State machinations to remove him, where does that place Trump? The answer is again, trump is an actor to dupe the sheeple using new boobles in the Bread and Cicuses game of distraction. Trump’s presidency is the Hegelian dialectic in play again. Trump has caused 2 camps to form: the PRO-Trumper Patriots of Trump groupies, Zionist and Evangelical Christians, employed Hispanics and Blacks VS. NEVER-Trumper Deep Staters, Bureaucrats, the MSM, Leftist Liberals and Trump-haters. Thus no matter what the outcome of trump’s impeachment or even his assassination, America will be in Civil War II, 21st century style. Thus no matter what, the weakest Amerika and a stronger Police State and NWO is coming near you sheeple. Trump though seeming like a hero, is nothing more than a con to dupe the sheeple into greater slavery. Wow, those Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, are the greatest ZioBankster playbook in history. Unfortunately those games in the playbook go back to the times of the Eqyptians and Babylonians. As in the Bible: there is nothing new under the Sun, it has all been done before. Trump will have fulfilled his role on the theatre stage and remain part of the 1%ers. ZioBankster illuminati puppet that he is, Amerika will end up as part of the North Amerikan Union with fractured Canada and Mexico for the NWO or JEW World Order. No matter what your opinion of Trump, he will have done his job. PS: Even the sheeple rising up in protest of the NWO in all the different countries throughout the world, is part of the plan. The DIVIDE and CONQUOR/RULE plan. You sheeple should learn to play chess like Mr. Spock on Star Trek not checkers. The NWO can and will be defeated with TRUTH and doing the opposite of what their plans call for. So be a CONTRARIAN and follow the precepts of the Bible and Jesus will destroy the NWO. Read the Bible, book of Revelation, chapters 17 – 22. God’s victory is certain, for he knows the beginning from the end.
    To finish, I appreciate the understanding and knowledge found here on Lasha Darkmoon’s website. We here are not sheeple. Just too bad there are not more like us. Also welcome to Youseph: a salam alley kum!

      1. @ The Realist:

        Sorry, but my writing just goes with the flow. My thoughts are faster than I can write. If I was in High School or College/University, I would format paragraphs. When in the flow paragraphs only interrupt my thoughts. HA-HA! Let the Spirit guide you realist!

        1. The Realist makes a good point. You should come down from Parnassus and, like the rest of us mortals, put your inspired prose into paragraphs. Why do yo think paragraphs were invented? Out of consideration for the reader by aiding comprehension.

          As it is, your long one-paragraph posts look too frightening to read. Their very density acts as a deterrent. You are frightening your readers away by failing to consider the needs of the eye.

          Who would bother to read a novel you wrote if it was all one paragraph? You would be lucky to find a publisher — unless you were James Joyce! 🙂

  8. HS
    “So now having nothing to lose politically, why doesn’t Cap’n America do right by the people and defy the “deep state” by ordering an investigation into 9/11?”
    We know why that is.. It’s because Trump is a JewStooge…
    Yes he does for America – as much as the Jews will let him…
    The question is – why doesn’t Chris Hedges order an investigation into 9-11?
    Millions of people know who he is… Why doesn’t he come out and say the Jews run the USA, and that’s the real problem?
    And the answer is – because he doesn’t want to crack the veneer, since him and his globalist ilk are pushing their own false-flag fake-news narrative as well…
    AJ will tell you the school shootings are hoaxes… CH won’t…
    He’s just as realpolitiky as he rest of them, in his own way…
    Hedges misses the point, which is required for all on prime-time tv…
    It needs to be about the truth, not about a struggle with the other side…
    Journalism., not ratfking…
    “If Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no foeman against the darkness of globalism. Then the history will really come to an end and there will be no happy end….”
    I don’t know how anybody says Islam is a religion of peace, when muslims have taken over dozens of countries since the religion was first invented… And once they have control they do not tolerate freedom…
    “Yet Obamer is still very popular. Why? The sheeple have not caught on to the game.”
    My opinion – the people who support Obama don’t give a rat’s ass about our foreign policy, or even our own border problems… The do it because Michael-Michelle is the finest hormone-mamma drag-queen ever to hit the big-time world of totally fabricated studio-wrestling-politics…

  9. Why doesn’t Chris Hedges order an investigation into Trump & his buddy since the 80s – Jeff Epstein?

    If I can find this – Hedges & his writers can:

    They were ‘prostitute-hookup’ buddies looking for very young ‘lays’ for over THREE DECADES:
    *Inside the relationship of Trump and convicted sex offender Epstein, from party buddies to ‘not a fan’!!

    Trump told New York Magazine in 2002 that he had known Epstein for 15 years, suggesting they met around 1987. In the profile, Trump said Epstein was a “lot of fun”. He also said Epstein liked beautiful women as much as he did, and that many of them were on the “younger side”.

    The pair are seen here in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1992:

    1. Just because Trump was on social terms with Epstein does not necessarily make Trump a “pervert”. Liking younger women doesn’t qualify him for such, either. We tolerate the likes of the prospect of “Butt-Plug Pete” competing for residency in our White House (with his First Faggot) – so why get so excited over two billionaires having encountered congenial company with each other? I doubt any of us know the sexual proclivities of every person in our society – nor would we want to find out. Making mountains out of molehills seems to be the most able engineering ability of politics, nowadays. Trump just happens to be good material for the construct.

      1. Gil –

        You should click on the link and read very slowly, rather than giving such a ‘knee-jerk’ defense of Trump! 🙂

        Here are just a few reasons why I wrote that MORE investigation is needed:

        Epstein and President Donald Trump have a long, documented relationship. Epstein reportedly bragged he introduced the president to his wife. Even before the latest accusations came out against Epstein, Trump has done his best to downplay the friendship.

        Epstein joined the Palm Beach neighborhood in 1990 when he bought this house for $2.5 million. This made Trump and Epstein neighbors. Trump reportedly told a former adviser, Roger Stone, that when he visited Epstein’s home the pool was filled with girls. Trump said he thought it was nice that Epstein let “the neighborhood kids use his pool”.

        Also in 1992, Epstein and Trump were reportedly the only men to attend a party at Trump’s private Mar-a-Largo club. They were joined by about 28 women for a “calendar girl” competition that Trump had requested, a former Trump associate told The New York Times.

        A 2016 lawsuit alleged that Trump raped a 13-year-old girl in Epstein’s Manhattan residence in 1994. The suit was voluntarily dismissed on November 4, 2016. The suit alleged that Epstein raped her afterwards and then the pair told her that she and her family would be killed if she ever spoke about what happened. The suit also alleged that Trump attended at least four parties at the residence.

        In 1998, Trump met his future third wife Melania Knauss at a party at the Kit Kat Club during New York Fashion Week. Since Trump was elected in 2016, Epstein has reportedly bragged to people that he was the one who introduced them. Neither of the Trumps have mentioned Epstein in their version of events.
        In 1999, a 15-year-old locker room attendant working at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort said she was approached by Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell to give Epstein a massage, plaintiff Virginia Giuffre alleged in a 2015 civil suit. She’s alleging it was an attempt at recruiting her into “sexual slavery”.

        In 2000, according to a profile of Trump in Maximum Golf, he grew irritated when Epstein and Maxwell were late for a flight heading to Mar-a-Lago, but when Epstein arrived, Trump brightened and quickly forgave them.

        In 2000, Trump, Melania, Epstein, and Maxwell were photographed together at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. According to The New York Times, Epstein was never a paying member, but Trump made sure Epstein was treated like a close friend.

      2. The question is, Pat: Do (((they))) want to protect Hillary Clinton and Bill more than (((they))) hate Mr. Trump??
        It is my opinion that if there was any sordid, HARD evidence against Trump, the Epstein affair would be shouted “news”. No use in you, or anyone, trying to turn up the volume. To what end? What purpose will be served by diminishing Trump with this gossip? I doubt an overwhelming number of American voters gives a shit… (I know I don’t.)

  10. HAWK
    Thanks Man
    Anybody has to get tired of the Vultures at some point…
    I’ve heard some aboriginal cultures took the opposite approach, when considering which residents to nominate and choose for leadership positions…
    Rather than compete in a mud-slinging contest, the prospects themselves would point out positives about the others and build on that for the tribe from there…
    The villagers knew what they liked….
    I liked EDWIN’S response above too….
    Guys like hedges have no plan, not beyond “SQUEAK WE MUST “….
    And they don’t tell you the whole story while they’re at it…
    Trump knew Epstein…
    I still don’t think trump’s a pedophile…
    All those accusations from the young harlots don’t mean much…

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