The Great Replacement: Manifesto of a White Nationalist Terrorist

LD:  This is the complete text of Brenton Tarrant’s Manifesto, “The Great Replacement”, published here purely for reference purposes. It is extremely long, and most people won’t have time to read it. If you have time, read it; you will learn much from it. If you don’t have time, dip into it and read a few bits and pieces here and there in order to get into the mind of a man driven to desperation and at the end of his tether.

Here is a man, a self-identified terrorist, who is deeply concerned about the White genocide being perpetrated against his race by the Architects of Evil. I am referring of course to malicious and uncontrolled mass immigration and its baleful fruits: miscegenation, the mongrelization of Western man, savage race wars, culture wars, and the inevitable brutalization of the masses stemming from cultural Marxism and hedonistic materialism — the prevailing philosophy of our decadent elite.

An edited abridgement of this long cri de coeur is clearly needed. It hope it will soon be done. [LD]

Sourced from The New Observer
whose editor provides the introduction and running commentary 

The mass shooting in a Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque by a self-identified white terrorist is the inevitable result of the orchestrated global campaign being waged to destroy white people through mass immigration and Islamic terrorism, a trend which is steadily increasing and which can only be stopped by the halting of the invasion of white nations, according to the shooter’s own manifesto.

The steady increase in the number of such mass-shooting terrorist incidents—starting with the Anders Brevik attack in Norway in 2011, the Dylan Roof shooting of 2015, and the Robert Bowers shooting of 2018—is the surest indicator that as the invasion and destruction of white nations continue, increasing numbers of whites will resort to physical violent resistance.

It is now clear that the only way to prevent a further escalation is for the establishment to halt and reverse the Third world invasion—but, given their nature and openly declared aims, this is unlikely.

In the latest shooting—details of which are still emerging—a white Australian by the name of Brenton Tarrant released a detailed 74-page manifesto before his attack, which is still being circulated on the internet.

In that manifesto, titled “The Great Replacement: Towards a New Society,” Tarrant mapped out the exact reasons for his attack—and anyone, no matter what their political persuasion, should have an understanding of his rationale, even if only to understand the root cause of the situation which forces people to such extreme acts.

The manifesto starts off by laying emphasis on the fact that the nonwhites currently flooding into white nations have a higher birthrate than do whites.

“If there is one thing I want you to remember from these writings, its that the birthrates must change. Even if we were to deport all Non-Europeans from our lands tomorrow, the European people would still be spiraling into decay and eventual death,” Tarrant wrote.

“Every day we become fewer in number, we grow older, we grow weaker. In the end we must return to replacement fertility levels, or it will kill us.”

He points out that to maintain a population, “the people must achieve a birthrate that reaches replacement fertility levels. In the Western world this is roughly 2.06 births per woman,” but there is “not a single Western country, not a single white nation, that reaches these levels. White people are failing to reproduce, failing to create families, failing to have children. But despite this sub-replacement fertility rate, the population in the West is increasing, and rapidly. How is this possible? Mass immigration and the higher fertility rates of the immigrants themselves are causing this increase in population.”

Tarrant goes on to say that white nations are “experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history. Millions of people pouring across our borders, legally. Invited by the state and corporate entities to replace the White people who have failed to reproduce, failed to create the cheap labour, new consumers and tax base that the corporations and states need to thrive.

“This crisis of mass immigration and sub-replacement fertility is an assault on the European people that, if not combated, will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people.”

Tarrant states that “This is WHITE GENOCIDE” and to “return to replacement fertility levels is priority number one. But it is no simple task. There are myriad reasons behind the decline in fertility rates and the destruction of the traditional family unit.

“We must inevitably correct the disaster of hedonistic, nihilistic individualism. But it will take some time, time we do not have due to the crisis of mass immigration.

“Due to mass immigration we lack the time scale required to enact the civilizational paradigm shift we need to undertake to return to health and prosperity.

“Mass immigration will disenfranchise us, subvert our nations, destroy our communities, destroy our ethnic binds, destroy our cultures, destroy our peoples. Long before low fertility levels ever could.

“Thus, before we deal with the fertility rates, we must deal with both the invaders within our lands and the invaders that seek to enter our lands. We must crush immigration and deport those invaders already living on our soil. It is not just a matter of our prosperity, but the very survival of our people.”

Tarrant then goes on to do a “question and answer” session, clearly aimed at journalists aiming to find out his motives, he then says that he is just an “ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family. My parents are of Scottish, Irish and English stock.”

He says that he worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, and “then used the money from the investment to travel.”

It was during these travels, he says, that he realized that he had to resort to violence to “take a stand to ensure a future for my people.”

In answer to the question “Why did you carry out the attack?,” Tarrant says that he wanted to “most of all show the invaders that our lands will never be their lands, our homelands are our own and that, as long as a white man still lives, they will NEVER conquer our lands and they will never replace our people.”

In addition, he continued, he wanted to “take revenge on the invaders for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders in European lands throughout history. To take revenge for the enslavement of millions of Europeans taken from their lands by the Islamic slavers. To take revenge for the thousands of European lives lost to terror attacks throughout European lands. To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund.”

Ebba Akerlund was a 12-year-old Swedish girl, murdered by an Uzbeki Muslim who carried out a truck-ramming attack in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017. Rakhmat Akilov killed another four white people in that attack.

Tarrant went to declare his intention to terrify the nonwhites, saying that his attack was designed to “directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the invaders themselves.”

Tarrant also wrote that his aim was to “agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.”

He also wrote that he wanted to “incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the invaders currently occupying European soil,” and to “show the effect of direct action, lighting a path forward for those that wish to follow. A path for those that wish to free their ancestors lands from the invaders grasp and to be a beacon for those that wish to create a lasting culture, to tell them they are not alone.”

His revolutionary aims are also clearly mapped out in his manifesto: “To create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary action can occur. To add momentum to the pendulum swings of history, further destabilizing and polarizing Western society in order to eventually destroy the current nihilistic, hedonistic, individualistic insanity that has taken control of Western thought.”

Tarrant’s manifesto is also particularly focused on the fact that the Turks should be driven out of Constantinople (modern Istanbul) and that city should be returned to Christian rule once more, referring to the fact that that city was taken by the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

Finally, Tarrant says, he carried out the attack to “create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United states. This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

“This balkanization of the US will not only result in the racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the ‘melting pot’ pipe dream.”

In answer to the question of whether there was any “particular event or reason you decided to commit to a violent attack?” Tarrant wrote that there was a “period of time 2 years prior to the attack to the attack that dramatically changed my views. The period of time was from, beginning of April,2017 until the end May,2017.

“In this time period a series of events broke down my own reserves, my reservations, my cynicism and revealed the truth of the Wests current situation.

“These events turned my thoughts from pursuing a democratic, political solution and finally caused the revelation of the truth, that a violent, revolutionary solution is the only possible solution to our current crisis.

“I was travelling as a tourist in Western Europe at the time, France, Spain Portugal and others. The first event that begun the change was the terror attack in Stockholm, on the 7th of April 2017. It was another terror attack in the seemingly never ending attacks that had been occurring on a regular basis throughout my adult life. But for some reason this was different. The jaded cynicism with which I had greeted previous attacks didn’t eventuate. Something that had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember, cynicism in the face of attacks on the West by Islamic invaders, was suddenly no longer there.

“I could no longer bring the sneer to my face, I could no longer turn my back on the violence. Something, this time, was different.

“That difference was Ebba Akerlund. Young, innocent and dead Ebba. Ebba was walking to meet her mother after school, when she was murdered by an Islamic attacker, driving a stolen vehicle through the shopping promenade on which she was walking. Ebba was partially deaf, unable to hear the attacker coming.

“Ebba’s death at the hands of the invaders, the indignity of her violent demise and my inability to stop it broke through my own jaded cynicism like a sledgehammer.

“I could no longer ignore the attacks. They were attacks on my people, attacks on my culture, attacks on my faith and attacks on my soul. They would not be ignored.

“The second event was the 2017 French General election. The candidates were an obvious sign of our times: a globalist, capitalist, egalitarian, an ex-investment banker with no national beliefs other than the pursuit of profit versus a milquetoast, feckless, civic nationalist, an uncontroversial figure whose most brave and inspired idea resolved to the possible deportation of illegal immigrants.

“Despite this ridiculous match up, the possibility of a victory by the quasi-nationalist was at least, to myself, a sign that maybe a political solution was still possible. The internationalist, globalist, anti-white, ex-banker won. It wasn’t even close. The truth of the political situation in Europe was suddenly impossible to accept. My despair set in. My belief in a democratic solution vanished.”

The “final push,” Tarrant continued, was “witnessing the state of French cities and towns. For many years I had been hearing and reading of the invasion of France by non-whites, many of these rumours and stories I believed to be exaggerations, created to push a political narrative.

“But once I arrived in France, I found the stories to not only be true, but profoundly understated.

“In every French city, in every French town the invaders were there.

No matter where I travelled, no matter how small or rural the community I visited, the invaders were there.

“The French people were often in a minority themselves, and the French that were in the streets were often alone, childless or of advanced age. Whilst the immigrants were young, energized and with large families and many children.

“I remember pulling into a shopping centre car park to buy groceries in some moderate sized town in Eastern France, of roughly 15-25 thousand people. As I sat there in the parking lot, in my rental car, I watched a stream of the invaders walk through the shopping centre’s front doors.

“For every french man or woman there was double the number of invaders.

“I had seen enough, and in anger, drove out of the town, refusing to stay any longer in the cursed place and headed on to the next town.

“Driving toward the next French town on my itinerary, knowing that inevitably the invaders would also been there, I found my emotions swinging between fuming rage and suffocating despair at the indignity of

the invasion of France, the pessimism of the French people, the loss of culture and identity and the farce of the political solutions offered.”

He then described how he came acorss a World War I cemetery, with thousands of little white crosses marking the burial places of men killed in that conflict.

“In front of those endless crosses, in front of those dead soldiers lost in forgotten wars, my despair turned to shame, my shame to guilt, my guilt to anger and my anger to rage. WHY WON’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING?

WHY DON’T I DO SOMETHING? The spell broke, why don’t I do something? Why not me? If not me, then who? Why them when I could do it myself? It was there I decided to do something, it was there I decided to take action, to commit to force. To commit to violence. To take the fight to the invaders myself.”

Tarrant continued by saying that he represents “millions of European and other ethno-nationalist peoples that wish to live in peace amongst their own people, living in their own lands, practicing their own traditions and deciding the future of their own kind.”

He adds that he is “not a direct member of any organization or group, though I have donated to many nationalist groups and have interacted with many more,” and that no “group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself. Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given.”

In response to the question why he targeted the mosque, Tarrant wrote they “were an obvious, visible and large group of invaders, from a culture with higher fertility rates, higher social trust and strong, robust traditions that seek to occupy my peoples lands and ethnically replace my own people.”

He had been planning the attack for “roughly two years in advance and an attack at the location in Christchurch three months in advance,” and chose to use firearms “for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world.”

Tarrant wrote that the “US is torn into many factions by its second amendment, along state, social, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

“With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the US will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty.

“This attempted abolishment of rights by the left will result in a dramatic polarization of the people in the United States and eventually a fracturing of the US along cultural and racial lines.”

In response to the question why he chose New Zealand “as a place to attack,” Tarrant wrote that he had not originally planned to carry out an attack here, but “I soon found out that New Zealand was as target rich of an environment as anywhere else in the West. Secondly an attack in New Zealand would bring to attention the truth of the assault on our civilization, that nowhere in the world was safe, the invaders were in all of our lands, even in the remotest areas of the world and that there was nowhere left to go that was safe and free from mass immigration.”

Asked what drove him to decide to attack that mosque, Tarrant wrote that he had originally considered attacking the mosque in Dunedin, “particularly after watching the video on their Facebook page . . . The video was entitled “Very interesting video. Only for Muslims. Please do not redistribute” that proved their knowledge of their actions, and their guilt.”

Tarrant then provided a link to the Facebook video, which has however since been removed. The video in question has in fact been circulating for quite a while, and deals with Muslim birth rates and how Islam will, if immigration is left unchecked, dominate the world.

However, Tarrant wrote, “after visiting the mosques in Christchurch and Linwood and seeing the desecration of the church that had been converted to a mosque in Ashburton, my plans changed. The Christchurch and Linwood mosques had far more invaders, in a more prominent and optically foreign building, with less students, more adults and a prior history of extremism.

“Attacking these mosques also allowed for an extra planned attack on the mosque in Ashburton, whilst I am unsure as of this time of writing whether I will reach that target, it was a bonus objective.”

In answer to whether he considered his actions a “terrorist attack,” Tarrant said that “By the definition, then yes. It is a terrorist attack. But I believe it is a partisan action against an occupying force.”

Asked if he felt “any remorse for the attack,” Tarrant wrote “No, I only wish I could have killed more invaders, and more traitors as well.”

In answer to the question if he “personally hate[s] Muslims?” Tarrant wrote “A Muslim man or woman living in their homelands? No. A Muslim man or woman choosing to invade our lands live on our soil and replace our people? Yes, I dislike them.

“The only Muslim I truly hate is the convert, those from our own people that turn their backs on their heritage, turn their backs on their cultures, turn their back on their traditions and became blood traitors to their own race. These I hate.”

In answer to the question if he “personally hate[s] foreigners/other cultures,” Tarrant wrote “No, I spent many years travelling through many, many nations. Everywhere I travelled, barring a few small exceptions, I was treated wonderfully, often as a guest and even as a friend. The varied cultures of the world greeted me with warmth and compassion, and I very much enjoyed nearly every moment I spent with them.

“I wish the different peoples of their world all the best regardless of their ethnicity, race, culture of faith and that they live in peace and prosperity, amongst their own people, practicing their own traditions, in their own nations.

“But, if those same people seek to come to my peoples lands, replace my people, subjugate my people, make war upon on my people, then I shall be forced to fight them, and hold nothing in reserve.”

In answer to the question if he believed “those you attacked were innocent?” Tarrant wrote that there “are no innocents in an invasion, all those who colonize other peoples lands share guilt.”

In answer to the question if he intended to “survive the attack,” he wrote “Yes, but death was a definite possibility. These situations are chaotic and virtually impossible to control, no matter the planning.

“Survival was a better alternative to death in order to further spread my ideals by media coverage and to deplete resources from the state by my own imprisonment.”

Asked if the attack was “‘racist’ in origin,” Tarrant wrote that “fertility rates are innately tied to race, so yes. There was a racial component to the attack.” In addition, he wrote in answer to a question if the attack was “ ‘xenophobic’ in origin,” Tarrant added that “fertility rates are cultural, there is no denying that, so there was a war of cultures being fought by the invaders, and my attack was a response to this. Though I hold no great fear or distrust of other peoples.”

In answer to the question if the attack was “ ‘islamophobic’ in origin,” Tarrant wrote that “Islamic nations in particular have high birth rates, regardless of race or ethnicity, and in this there was an anti-islamic motivation to the attacks, as well as a want for revenge against Islam for the 1300 years of war and devastation that it has brought upon the people of the West and other peoples of the world.”

Furthermore, he wrote, the attack was “beyond all doubt, anti-immigration, anti-ethnic replacement and anti-cultural replacement.”

He denied that the attack was “anti-diversity in origin” because, he wrote, the attack was “in the name of diversity. To ensure diverse peoples remain diverse, separate, unique, undiluted in unrestrained in cultural or ethnic expression and autonomy. To ensure that the peoples of the world remain true to their traditions and faiths and do not become watered down and corrupted by the influence of outsiders. The attack was to ensure a preservation of beauty, art and tradition. In my mind a rainbow is only beautiful to due its variety of colours, mix the colours together and you destroy them all and they are gone forever and the end result is far from anything beautiful.”

In answer to the question if intended to go on trial should he survive the attack, Tarrant wrote “Yes, and to plead not guilty. The attack was a partisan action against a[n] occupying force, and I am a lawful, uniformed combatant.”

Asked if he was a “racist,” Tarrant wrote that “Yes, by definition, as I believe racial differences exist between peoples and they have a great impact on the way we shape our societies. I also believe fertility rates are part of those racial differences and that the immigrants in our lands with high fertility must be forced out to ensure the existence of our race. So yes. I am a racist.”

Asked I he was/is a “Nazi,” Tarrant wrote “No, actual Nazis do not exist. They haven’t been a political or social force anywhere in the world for more than 60 years.”

In answer to the question of if he is “an anti-Semite,” Tarrant wrote “

No. A Jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.”

He denied being a “neo-Nazi,” writing that “that is a very broad category of people, and the definition is fuzzy at best. So no, I don’t believe so.”

He also denied being a conservative, dismissing “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it,” and in answer to the question of whether he was a Christian, he wrote “That is complicated. When I know, I will tell you.”

Tarrant readily admitted to being a “fascist,” saying that “the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist. I am sure the journalists will love that. I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.”

Tarrant said that the “nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China,” and that the political figure or party in history which whom he “most associates” with was Sir Oswald Mosley.

Asked if he was a “homophobe,” Tarrant wrote “No, I simply do not care all that much what gay people do. As long as they are loyal to their people and place their peoples well-being first, then I have no issues.”

He also claimed to be “right wing” and “left wing,” “depending on the definition.”

Asked if he is a “socialist,” Tarrant wrote that this also depended “on the definition. Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents.”

Asked if he is a “supporter of Donald Trump,” Tarrant wrote “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”

Asked if he was “intolerant,” Tarrant wrote “Sure. The last virtues of a dying nation are tolerance and apathy, and I want none of it.”

He added that he developed his beliefs from research on the internet, and then goes on to mock those who would ascribe his actions to social media or movies, saying that he was influenced by conservative pro-Trump US black activist Candace Owens, and that the game “Spyro the dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism” and “Fortnite trained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies. No.”

Asked if he considered himself a leader, Tarrant wrote “No, just a partisan,” and that he had no ties to “any other partisans/freedom fighters/ethno  soldiers”—only that he had “brief contact with Knight Justiciar Breivik, receiving a blessing for my mission after contacting his brother knights.”

This last claim is likely to be disinformation designed to trick leftist journalists into thinking there is some truth to the claim of an “international Knights Templar organization” as originally claimed by Brevik.

Asked if he was convicted, would “he expect to stay in prison,” Tarrant wrote “Yes, until I am either killed, released or enough time passes and the greater situation is an obvious defeat of our people. Then I will commit suicide, happy in the knowledge I did my best to prevent the death of my race.”

Asked if he really believed he would be released from prison, Tarrant wrote that he did “not just expect to be released, but I also expect an eventual Nobel Peace prize. As was awarded to the Terrorist Nelson Mandela once his own people achieved victory and took power. I expect to be freed in 27 years from my incarceration, the same number of years as Mandela, for the same crime.”

Asked for his “views,” Tarrant said he is an “Ethno-nationalist Eco-fascist. Ethnic autonomy for all peoples with a focus on the preservation of nature, and the natural order.”

Asked what he “encourage[s]” others to do, Tarrant wrote that they need to “Make your plans, get training, form alliances, get equipped and then act. The time for meekness has long since passed, the time for a political solution has long since passed. Men of the West must be men once more.”

In answer to the question that his attack would “do more harm than good,” Tarrant wrote that “there isn’t a successful, influential grand movement established just yet, and no leading organizations, so there is no great structure created that could be brought to harm. As for how the public perceives us? Did they perceive us any differently after the attack than they did before?”

In answer to the statement that “Democracy is the only solution, why are you committing to force?” Tarrant wrote that “Democracy is mob rule and the mob itself is ruled by our enemies. The global and corporate run press controls them, the education system (long since fallen to the long march through the institutions carried out by the Marxists) controls them, the state (long since heavily lost to its corporate backers) controls them and the anti-white media machine controls them. Do not suffer under the delusion of an effortless, riskless democratic victory. Prepare for war, prepare for violence and prepare for risk, loss, struggle, death. Force is the only path to power and the only path to true victory.”

Asked why he was “using force,” Tarrant wrote that “There is no nation in the world that wasn’t founded by, or maintained by, the use of force. Force is power. History is the history of power. Violence is power and violence is the reality of history. Wake up.”

Asked “what makes you think that you have all the answers,” He wrote that “I don’t, but I may have some. Take from my views that which works, discard that which does not. Victory is all that matters.”

Asked why “attack immigrants when ‘x’’ are the issue?” Tarrant wrote that “because the ‘x’ groups can be dealt with in time, but the high fertility immigrants will destroy us now, soon it is a matter of survival we destroy them first.”

Asked why then attack Muslims in particular if “all high fertility immigrants are the issue,” Tarrant wrote that the reason was “Historical, societal and statistical. . . They are the most despised group of invaders in the West, attacking them receives the greatest level of support. They are also one of the strongest groups, with high fertility, high in group preference and a will to conquer.”

Asked why “focus on immigration and birth rates when climate change is  such a huge issue,” Tarrant said that they “are the same issue, the environment is being destroyed by over population, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over populating the world. The invaders are the ones over populating the world. Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.£

Asked if his attack will “just result in the vilification of ethnonationalists/racial autonomists,” Tarrant wrote “No, people will forget my motivations quickly and only remember the attack itself. Don’t believe me, can anymore tell you the motivation of the Madrid train bomber attackers?”

The rest of Tarrant’s manifesto consists of “Addresses to various groups” such as conservatives (“Ask yourself, truly, what has modern conservatism managed to conserve? What does it seek to conserve? The natural environment? Western Culture? Ethnic autonomy? Religion? The nation? The race? Nothing is conserved. The natural environment is industrialized, pulverized and commoditized.”); Christians (“Ask yourself, what would Pope Urban II do?” [Urban II was the Pope who launched the Crusades, the Christian counter-attack to the Muslim invasion of the Middle East]; Antifa/Marxists/Communists (“I do not want to convert you, I do not want to come to an understanding. I want you in my sights. I want your neck under my boot.); and Turks (“You can live in peace in your own lands, and may no harm come to you. We are coming for Constantinople and we will destroy every mosque and minaret in the city. The Hagia Sophia will be free of minarets and Constantinople will be rightfully Christian owned once more”).

Section II of Tarant’s manifesto says that the “people who are to blame most are ourselves, European men. Strong men do not get ethnically replaced, strong men do not allow their culture to degrade, strong men do not allow their people to die. Weak men have created this situation and strong men are needed to fix it.”

He then lists a large number of nonwhite outrages against whites, focusing on the mass rapes and abuse carried out by Muslim grooming gangs in Britain, Australia, Germany and elsewhere.

Tarrant uses a large number of Wikipedia entries to list these attacks by name—and it will be interesting (and obvious) to note that Wikipedia will not be “blamed” for his actions, unlike so-called “right wing” websites which are always blamed after incidents such as this.

Tarrant also attacks the concept of diversity, writing that the “diverse  nations across the world are scenes of endless social, political, religious and ethnic conflict.

“The United States is one of the most diverse nations on Earth, and they are about an inch away from tearing each other to pieces. Brazil with all its racial diversity is completely fractured as a nation, where people cannot get along and separate and self-segregate whenever possible. South Africa with all its “diversity” is turning into a bloody backwater as its diversity increases, black on other black, black on white, white on black, black on Indian, doesn’t not matter, its ethnicity vs ethnicity. They all turn on each other in the end.

“Why is it that what gives Western nations strength(diversity)is not what gives Eastern nations(China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea)their strength? How are they so strong, China set to be the world’s most dominant nation in this century, whilst lacking diversity? Why is [it] that their non-diverse nations do so much better than our own, and on so many different metrics?

“Diversity is not a strength. Unity, purpose, trust, traditions, nationalism and racial nationalism is what provides strength. Everything else is just a catchphrase.”

Significantly, Tarrant goes on to predict that the “radicalization of young Western men is not just unavoidable, but inevitable.

“It should come as no shock that European men, in every nation, and on every continent are turning to radical notions and methods to combat the social and moral decay of their nations and the continued ethnic replacement of their people.

“Radical, explosive action is the only desired, and required, response to an attempted genocide. These men and women are not being brainwashed, corrupted or misled. They are finally removing their blindfolds and seeing the reality of the the world and their peoples future.

“The truth that the West killed the notion of god, and proceeded to replace it with nothing. Brought forth two competing ideologies(communism and fascism)to replace this loss of god, then proceeded to allow both sides to slaughter each other to a standstill and then let corporate backed capitalists tear the survivor to pieces.

“Resulting in a society with no core beliefs, no purpose and no vision for the future. A society of rampant nihilism, consumerism and individualism, where every individual is a competitor and the rights of the individual override all notions of responsibility.

“In this hell the individual is all and the race is worthless, something to rail against and use whenever possible, a power structure to climb, or topple.

“The truth that they are rapidly becoming, not just a global minority, but a minority within their own lands. The Truth that they are left, alone, an individual in a society worshiping the cult of the individual, to respond against an influx of outsiders from all corners of the world.

“Enemies bound by faith, culture or tradition with higher levels of fertility, trust and in group preference resulting in much stronger communities.

“The truth that they are expected not to combat these myriad, unending and dedicated interlopers, but to embrace them, accept their own disenfranchisement, accept the loss of their fathers lands, their own impoverishment, their own REPLACEMENT.

“But they will not accept this death. This eradication of their people, their culture, their very soul. They see the decay all around them, plummeting, free-falling birth rates all across the Western world.

“Millions of invaders landing on our shores, conquering our towns and without a single shot fired in response. Broken families with soaring divorce rates, that’s if they even bother to get married at all. Suicide rates climbing year by year, not just for adults, by even teens and children as well and the only time people seem to even notice is when one of their own idols commits the act (singers, sports stars, actors).

“Drug use at all levels of society, in all age groups, any source of distraction or relief to escape a culture of nihilism. Rampant urbanization and industrialization, ever expanding cities and shrinking forests, a complete removal of man from nature, with the obvious results.

“Pedophile politicians, pedophile priests and pedophile pop stars, demonstrating to all the true depravity of our age.

“Art and beauty subverted beyond all recognition, bauhaus travesties replacing nouveau wonders, soulless metropolitan architecture of glass and steel reflecting no society, no culture, no people and therefore belonging everywhere, and nowhere.

“Suicidal, nihilistic and degenerate pop icons produced from a dead culture: Michael Jackson(pedophile, self-hating, self-mutilating, opiod addict); Madonna(anti-christian, pro miscegenation) Kurt Cobain(suicidal, drug addict, self-hater, anti-social), Freddy Mercury(lifelong identity crisis, lifelong battle with hedonism and drug use, eventual death due to sexual hedonism) just to name a few.

“Empty nurseries, full casinos, empty churches and full mosques, entropy in blitzspeed. Politicians writ in the same ink as Eligabolus, worshiping all that is foreign, poisonous and subversive.

“So these young men and women see this suicidal nihilism and isolate themselves from this mainstream, ‘multicultural’, egalitarian, individualistic insanity and look for allies anywhere they can find them, in the flesh or online.

“They congregate, discuss, despair, strategize, debate and plan. They decry weakness, mock fecklessness and worship strength, and in this worship of strength they radicalize and find the solution.

“Somehow this isolation then radicalization is seen as a surprise, yet for anyone who was paying attention, it was a long time coming.

“Once the corporate and state medias grip on the zeitgeist of modernity was finally broken by the internet, true freedom of thought and discussion flourished and the Overton window was not just shifted, but shattered. All possibility of expression and belief was open to be taught, discussed and spoken.

“This open and often anonymous discussion allowed for information, outside of the states and the corporation control, to be accessed often for the first time.

“The result is obvious. People are finding their way home. Finding their people, finding their traditions, seeing through the lies of history, the brainwashing of the institutions and they angry, they are energized and yes, against their degenerate societies, they are radicalized.

“Radicalization is the rational response to degeneration,” Tarrant concluded in this section, confirming the likelihood that this sort of terrorist attack is only likely to increase as the system becomes ever more anti-white.

The rest of Tarrant’s manifesto includes a list of specific targets, a call to take up arms and “expect a soldier’s fight and a soldier’s death.”

He writes that the “unarmed invader is more dangerous that the armed,” that it is “far better to encourage radical, violent change regardless of its origins. As only in times of radical change and social discomfort can great and terrific change occur. These tumultuous times can be brought about through action.”

Referring specifically to the US, Tarrant writes that America “is in turmoil, more so that at any other time in history. States hate other states, the electoral college is under attack at every turn and the races are at each other’s throats.

“On top of this is a two party political system, split by racial, social, cultural, linguistic and class divides. The end result is a nation in gridlock, unable to respond to any great change, unable to commit to any great projects. A political and social stalemate that makes any advancement impossible.

“Meanwhile the 10000 ton boulder of demographic change rolls ever forward, gaining momentum and possibly destroying all in its path.

“Eventually, when the white population of the USA realizes the truth of the situation, war will erupt.

“Soon the replacement of the whites within Texas will hit its apogee and with the non-white political and social control of Texas; and with this control, the electoral college will be heavily stacked in favor of a democratic victory so that every electoral cycle will be a certainty.

“After an election cycle or two with certain Democratic victory, those remaining, non-democratic voting, non-brainwashed whites will see the future clear before them, and with this knowledge realize the impossibility of a diplomatic or political victory.

“Within a short time regular and widespread political, social and racial violence will commence. In this tempest of conflict is where will be strike, a strong, unified, ethnically and culturally focused pro-white, pro-European group will be everything the average white family need and long for. With these boosted numbers, and with our unified forces, complete control of the United states will be possible. Above all be ready for violence, and when the times comes, strike hard and fast.”

Tarrant goes on to urge tax resistance, writing that “until our nations are run by men and women loyal to our cause taxation should be considered theft, and refusal to pay taxes a sign of racial loyalty.

“Giving your own earned wealth, which you received through your own labour, to a person or group that despises you, places laws into effect that disenfranchises your people and seeks to ethnically replace you is utterly foolish. Do not pay to have your people destroyed, do not line the pockets of the traitors within our ranks, don’t lend support to a corrupt and broken state.”

His conclusion is that there “is only one victory, but many defeats. To lose our lands, our culture and our people is a defeat. To continue on without our culture, but still own our lands, is a defeat. To survive with our culture, but to lose our lands, to lose our future, is a defeat.

“The war will not be easy, the death toll will assuredly be high. The going will be tough and many of us will die.

“I cannot guarantee it will be comfortable, I cannot guarantee it will be easy and I cannot guarantee that every act will be a success.

“All I can guarantee is that inaction is sure defeat, power structures will be tested and likely will fall and most of all there is only the future ahead and attempting to march back to any earlier time will get you nowhere at all.

“You may stumble. You may fall. But the only way to get to the final destination, total victory, is to get up and keep marching forward. No matter what. March.

“Mistakes will be made, losses will be had, some failures are certain and some endeavours will go bad.

“But in the end the struggle is a beauty in itself, and the victory will be all the sweeter because of it. Final victory is yours, if you have the will for it.

“As for me, my time has come. I cannot guarantee my success. All I know is the certainty of my will and the necessity of my cause. Live or die, know I did it all for you; my friends, my family, my people, my culture, my RACE.

“Goodbye, god bless you all and I will see you in Valhalla.



186 thoughts to “The Great Replacement: Manifesto of a White Nationalist Terrorist”

    1. Oh dear! Let me see if I got it right. According to Flopot:

      1. Brenton Tarrant’s Manifesto and the whole thing is a psyop.
      2. Psyops are the modus operandi of the Jews and those who serve them.
      3. This website is promoting a psyop.

      Thus, Flopot arrives at simple but inescapable logical conclusion: this website is run by Jews, or Shabbos Goys who serve them. Come on, Flopot, say it – don’t flop.

      But I am pretty sure that LD is neither a Jew nor a Shabbos Goy who serves the Jews, so we end up in total confusion.

      A while ago I have tried to explain to Harold Smith that if your main premise is wrong, you inevitably will come to an erroneous conclusion. He wasn’t ready then to absorb that simple truth. I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation that he will be ready for it in foreseeable future.

      1. First off, we know the above poster is kosher. Secondly, he/she should stick the following in his pipe and smoke it…

        “Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a global crackdown on social media in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, one of which was streamed live on Facebook and viewed thousands of times.”

        I’ve written to Japanese PM @AbeShinzo as G20 President to have the leaders of the world’s biggest economies ensure social media companies implement better safeguards to ensure their platforms can’t be exploited by terrorists or to spread hate speech.
        — Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) March 18, 2019

        The event was a psyop: the context and aftermath of the event overwhelming point in that direction, and yet here you are giving out lectures on logic?

        Thirdly, you’re now actually defending a site that you usually troll, so that rings hollow as-well. Finally, it would not be the first time that an “altmedia” site starts gatekeeping an event; again, logic and precedent escape you. I’m only interested in the truth; you just keep flippin’ over and over for the trolling effects.

      2. @Circassian, familiar with Godel and Miles Mathis too? Additional ammunition — or so I think, a Ph.D. NOT REALLY in “philosophy”, but Karl Popper played a big role in my pharmacological Ph.D. thesis, not to mention Mr. Godel, too! Hence, Miles Mathis spurs me on to die ignorant of all I believe and think. Good on him, I say. Contrarian views MOST WELCOME. I have nothing more to lose than everything.

        Per the post — false flag, assumptions of deaths and gore as yet unwarranted and unsubstantiated, all actions of authorities appear aimed at misdirection, disinformation, censorship, punsihment of those who share valid data. Argue that, f(r)iends and foe alike! Ah, dialectics.

        Seems to me, those making a career out of exposing false flag events, exposing their work and personally subjecting selves to blowback — reputation ruining, viable earning power reduced greatly — James Fetzer (welcomed back yet to the pack at VT??), Keven Barrett, Gordon Duff, Jim Stone seem on the same page. I’ll go “false flag” and keep on truckin’.

      3. Furthermore, why go to the bother of writing out a long, heart-felt manifesto explaining your call to arms, only to have your testimonial-for-all-time to be a low-resolution video? Where is the logic behind that? And why is it that the “Anders Breviks” of this fake world of ours always get caught? The fake-Islamo-Fascists always vanish or die.

      4. @ Flopot & Alan Donelson

        I love these two logicians par excellence.

        First off, we know the above poster is kosher.

        You do? Then you know about “the above poster” more than the poster himself.

        The event was a psyop: the context and aftermath of the event overwhelming point in that direction, and yet here you are giving out lectures on logic?

        With foam at the mouth you try to prove to me that the event was a psyop. Did I say, or give you a hint, that I was of a different opinion? If you were not a dumb person jumping to conclusions, you would have found out first my opinion on the subject and proceed from there.

        Thirdly, you’re now actually defending a site that you usually troll, so that rings hollow as-well.

        How so? I said “I am pretty sure that LD is neither a Jew nor a Shabbos Goy who serves the Jews”. Well, I am pretty sure that Flopot is neither a Jew nor a Shabbos Goy who serves the Jews. Does that amount to defending you?

        Finally, it would not be the first time that an “altmedia” site starts gatekeeping an event; again, logic and precedent escape you.

        No, logic and precedent do not escape me for the simple reason that you, without even being aware of it, ascribe to me opinions that I do not hold: I know that “it would not be the first time that an “altmedia” site starts gatekeeping an event”.

        You are a dumb person, Flopot, you do not even come close to understanding what I am talking about.

        Now let’s get to other logician. Alan, you seem a big fan of Miles Mathis. The paper you have referred to ends up with a plea:

        If this paper was useful to you in any way, please consider donating a dollar (or more) to the SAVE THE ARTISTS FOUNDATION. This will allow me to continue writing these “unpublishable” things. Don’t be confused by paying Melisa Smith–that is just one of my many noms de plume.

        I guess that paper was useful to you. Have you considered donating a dollar (or more) to the SAVE THE ARTISTS FOUNDATION? This will allow him to continue writing these “unpublishable” things. Don’t be confused by paying Melisa Smith–that is just one of Miles Mathis’ many noms de plume.

        By the way, would you mind telling us what, in your opinion, is the numerical value of the mathematical constant called pi? According to Miles Mathis – the great exposer of mathematical frauds like Newton, Euler, Laplace, Lagrange, Hamilton and many others – pi=4.

        Keep donating, Alan.

      5. I love these two logicians par excellence.

        That’s the takeaway folks, the rest can be discarded 😉

        Meanwhile Circ’s logic is that the NZ shooter used low resolution video and a long-winded manifesto, that left out you know who, in order to bring about his worst nightmare…with the help of police drills, the mainstream media and a NZ Prime Minister in her starring role “Burkha da Interwebs”. It all makes so much sense.

      1. That’s fantastic.

        Perhaps you could flesh out your hypothesis with even a single fact or some vague demonstration of reasoning!

        Or are facts and reasoning not really your thing?

    2. @ Flopot

      Your comments are usually half witted and retarded. You won’t be missed.

      1. Flopot,

        I may have attacked you, but that doesn’t mean I dislike you. “Those whom I love I rebuke and chasten.” — Revelation, 3:19

        I urge you to go on posting here if only for one reason: you need the intellectual stimulation of this site. It will keep you on the ball. Most of your comments are worth reading and reflecting on. Above all, Flopot, you are never boring; therein lies your redemption.

        1. I was sorry to hear about your French wife running off with a Palestinian guy. It could have been worse, Flopot. She could have dumped you for another woman.

    3. There are conspiracies and there are not. Some manifestos are for real.
      This strikes me as for real.

  1. If we assume that the attack in NZ was a false flag and that this manifesto is part of that deception, written by (((the usual suspects))) in order to discredit White Nationalism and its resistance to race replacement, then I think they have shot themselves in the foot. It is well written, of a high intellectual level and except for its advocacy of violence, entirely reasonable in its motivation. In stead of discrediting resistance to race replacement, it will gain popularity for it. Sometimes even the “intelligent” Jews make tactical blunders…

    1. “It is well written, of a high intellectual level and except for its advocacy of violence, entirely reasonable in its motivation.

      If it is so “well written” and of a “high intellectual level” then how are you not convinced that his advocacy of violence is reasonable?

      Actually, the whole thing is childish nonsense. For example, first “he says” this:

      “Did you always hold these views?

      No, when I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.”

      (IOW he used to believe that the state is God; then he believed that there should be no state; “finally” he became a “libertarian” before finally becoming an “eco-fascist” – whatever that actually is).

      Then “he says” this:

      “To Antifa/Marxists/Communists

      I do not want to convert you, I do not want to come to an understanding.

      Egalitarians and those that believe in heirachy (sic) will never come to terms.I don’t want you by my side or I don’t want share power.

      I want you in my sights. I want your neck under my boot.


      So the Brenton Tarrant of today would’ve had to slaughter the Brenton Tarrant of yesterday?

      Does this make sense to you?

      1. It is not unusual for radicals to have been through various kinds of political convictions before they found their ideological “home”. His ideas about race replacement however are consistent. This manifesto in itself is not unconvincing. I have however already indicated that the NZ shooting was a false flag, therefore this manifesto must also be fake, but a good fake.

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “It is not unusual for radicals to have been through various kinds of political convictions before they found their ideological ‘home’.”

        Within reason, yes. The communist-to-anarchist-to-libertarian-to-eco-fascist (whatever that is) transition is so absurd on its face as to amount to a taunt, IMO; a taunt of the type so typical of jew false-flag attacks and hoaxes.

        “His ideas about race replacement however are consistent. This manifesto in itself is not unconvincing.”

        On the contrary the manifesto is pure “inconsistent” nonsense. He murdered a bunch of brown and black people in NZ because they didn’t belong there, according to him, but his hero is Candace Owens, a black woman who – according to his fickle “ideology” – belongs in Africa, not the U.S.? Seriously? Let’s face it if Candace Owens had happened to be in that Mosque, he would’ve shot her too, just because she was black.

        Then there’s the matter of orange clown:

        “Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

        As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”

        Huh? So the shameless jew puppet ruler orange clown (who makes Obama seem like David Duke), a traitorous scumbag who’s willing to risk planetary extinction to do jew dirty work – is somehow a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”? Seriously? What “common purpose” would that be? Serving and dying for our jewish masters?

        Sorry but I’m not seeing “consistency”; I’m seeing nonsense.

        Anyway, the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge the maleficient jewish power gives the whole thing away.

      3. I think you expect too much.
        The man is no dill, but neither is he an intellectual you enjoys verbal jousts with the cerebral types who appear on a site like this.
        Expect some inconsistencies in logic and thought processes.

        I spent all my life as an engineer overseeing civil construction works working with men who were bright in a practical sense, but who hated abstract ideas and were unable to grasp the big picture. They were doers, not thinkers.

        I think Tarrant was like that.

      4. @ Harold – “Huh? So the shameless jew puppet ruler orange clown (who makes Obama seem like David Duke), a traitorous scumbag who’s willing to risk planetary extinction to do jew dirty work – is somehow a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”? Seriously? What “common purpose” would that be? Serving and dying for our jewish masters? ”

        You are obviously completely unaware of it, but yes, the leaders of the “Alt Right”, the most outspoken people like Richard Spencer, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Greg Johnson and others that have dedicated their lives to saving the white races all saw Donald Trump as the best choice for whites and preventing their destruction. Supporters also included those less outspoken, including the New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter, who wrote a book titled “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! ” and Peter Brimelow who runs VDARE.

        Most, if not all white nationalists considered Trump the best choice for whites, while saying at the same time “he’s not one of us”. Coulter is no longer a supporter of Trump and publicly called him out for his failings and Trump fired back at her. Most of the others are disappointed in his failings too, attributing them to him, traitors around him (like his attorney) or other things, and some or many now view Trump as a failure. But, the white nationalists (including those that write critically of Jews) like Dr, Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Greg Johnson saw Trump as the best choice for whites.

        Anyone that does not know this knows nothing about the Alt Right or white nationalism and its leaders.

      5. Peter said this:

        “You are obviously completely unaware of it, but yes, the leaders of the “Alt Right”, the most outspoken people like Richard Spencer, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Greg Johnson and others that have dedicated their lives to saving the white races all saw Donald Trump as the best choice for whites and preventing their destruction.

        And this:

        “David Duke also saw Trump as the best hope for whites.”

        What’s wrong with you Pete? As I’ve pointed out here many times before, I also SAW Trump as the best hope for everybody and everything. The keyword here is SAW. Note that SAW is the past tense of see; that is, it refers to something that happened in the past.

        How many times have we discussed this here? More times than I care to remember. But if you insist, then let’s do it one more time. In 2016, it was reasonable to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. It was reasonable THEN, to support Trump over Clinton. But this is no longer 2016; as I type this, the date is March 20, 2019. Lots of things have happened since 2016, and it’s long been clear – to anyone willing to see – that Mr. Trump has betrayed us all. Why, Mr. Trump makes his predecessor, Mr. Obama, look like an “anti-Semite” (to use our masters’ favorite epithet).

        For Tarrant to claim that Mr. Trump is “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” is laughably absurd. I hope this clears things up.

      6. @ Jake

        “I think you expect too much.
        The man is no dill, but neither is he an intellectual you enjoys verbal jousts with the cerebral types who appear on a site like this.
        Expect some inconsistencies in logic and thought processes.”

        On the contrary I wasn’t expecting much. (I was expecting nonsense, and nonsense is what I found). Please note that my comment was in reply to Franklin, who said:

        “It (the manifesto) is well written, of a high intellectual level and except for its advocacy of violence, entirely reasonable in its motivation.”

      7. @Harold Smith

        Trump was indeed a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” for Whites all over the world. As such that “symbol” took a life of its own and even survived Trump’s betrayal. That is what Brenton Tarrant is referring to. His past promise was inspiring and that inspiration continues, even while Trump did disappoint afterwards.

      8. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “Trump was indeed a ‘symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose’ for Whites all over the world.”

        Why, because of his lies and his disingenuous posturing? Nonsense. Trump’s a liar, a traitorous fraud and an obvious con man. If anything, Trump represents breathtaking degeneracy; he symbolizes the complete jewish subversion of our political process and the downfall of America.

        “As such that ‘symbol’ took a life of its own and even survived Trump’s betrayal. That is what Brenton Tarrant is referring to. His past promise was inspiring and that inspiration continues, even while Trump did disappoint afterwards.”

        If so then Obama is also a glorious “symbol” of “hope and change”; right? By this “reasoning” even Elie Weasel is a hero. So where do you stop with this nonsense?

        Apparently, many of the people who were fooled by orange clown seem to be having some trouble facing and admitting that fact, so in order to assuage their damaged psyches (and prospectively mute their vituperation and criticism of orange clown), the jews invented a consolation prize: the transcendental concept of “Trumpism.”

    2. Interesting.

      “Just a ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.”

      By this, one can easily deduce every “ordinary white man” is a buck-toothed, backwoods, psychopathic killer, ready to explode into violent, deadly action at the sight of an innocent “kebab.” If this were the case, the white race might actually have a chance of survival. After all, was it not the “great” judeaocommunist Mao Zedong that said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun?” But don’t hold your breath.

      My parents are of Scottish, Irish and English stock.

      OH – MY – GAWD! He really is a white man, not a disguised marrano Jew that changed his name to hide his identity.

      I had a regular childhood, without any great issues.

      White normalcy, thy name is pure evil! Proof that a house of horrors lies at the end of the street, just beyond that innocent looking, white picket fence.

      I had little interest in education during my schooling, barely achieving a passing grade.

      I did not attend University as I had no great interest in anything offered in the Universities to study.

      I am an unedumacated boob, but wait ’til you read the rest of my manifesto, you’ll think I have a PhD from Havad.

      I worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel.

      Of course being uneduamacted does not necessarily mean one is devoid of sharp financial acumen. I mean, look how many unedumacated Jew punks became billionaires through no fault of their own.

      More recently I have been working part time as a kebab removalist.

      Kebabs are cooked meat dishes, typically sold at small, kerb-side stands. So how many kebab stands did he remove anyway? I never suspected there were construction jobs of this nature. Yet, I am confused why this sounds like a nasty “hateful” invective to my ears.

      I am just a regular White man, from a regular family.

      There’s that word “regular” again. Isn’t it niiiizzze to know this white man wasn’t anal retentive, never in need of Ex-Lax? But always remember, even regular white guys are still evil.

      Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people.

      By feeding the Jew’s frenzy machine with yet another gunful mass murder?” Ya sure, you betcha! This certainly helped ensure the future of the white race! Not so sure about the future of firearm ownership though. By the way, did you see his “arsenal?” Why is it these guys always have bigger arsenals than the Marine Corps armories I once guarded?

      Were/are you an anti-semite

      No. A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.

      Whew! Thank YHVH, at least he’s not “anti-Semitic!” – Wait – just – a – gol-durn minute! Aren’t kebabers racially Semitic? So he is anti-Semitic! – I think. Anyway, by targeting the innocent, like all those school children of the past, all this “regular white guy” really achieved is more support for the Jews’ immigration and “gun” control agendas, while doing nothing to alert anyone to the real dangers of which these third worlders are merely a symptom.

      Of course, it is possible this “regular white guy” is abysmally ignorant of the Jews’ monstrous threat to his race – after all he IS unedumacated.

      The jury is still out – literally. However, I am leaning towards the side of the false flag jurors. Whenever an incident such as this provides greater advantage to the Jew than to the white man, I smell the stink of a Jewed, false-flag operation. The fact this “honest,” “regular”, unedumacated white man murdered a bunch of innocent third world kebabers instead of setting his sights on the Jew “administrators” running the immigration program, speaks volumes.

      1. ““Just a ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.””

        Lol. That usually means he’s rich, Jewish and Gay 😉 This event was planned by the ZOG of New Zealand and we’re now seeing the desired results.

      2. The literary style is inconsistent with a 28 year old. Even most University graduates of this age group in the US can’t produce such a scholarly style. Definitely not written by Tarrant. This generation grew up in the digital age. Donaldos grandkids, though bright and tech-savy, are incapable of long sentence structure. This manifesto was written by (((someone))) 40+ with a gold-plated fountain pen and plenty of Starbucks coffee over a several-day period. 😎

      3. This just in –

        Willperks wrote yesterday:

        This is day three.
        Media have quietly forgotten their own history of reporting about the mosque.
        ISPs have shut off access to free speech and alt-right media.
        The Prime Minister is dressing in Islamic clothing.
        Politicians are walking lockstep to ban guns.
        Kids are in court for sharing links to a livestream.
        Police are asking people to report each other for sharing “objectionable material.”

        Hmmmm, looks like goot bizness for Jewish totalitarianism.

        And now for something completely different TA DA! – Well, not really.

      4. I’m sorry Harold, but I never read any comments from you supporting Trump. Maybe I don’t visit the website often enough. I do recall disagreeing with you a long time ago already when you were critical of Trump.

      5. “I’m sorry Harold, but I never read any comments from you supporting Trump. Maybe I don’t visit the website often enough. I do recall disagreeing with you a long time ago already when you were critical of Trump.”

        I honestly don’t remember if I ever made any (pre 2017) comments HERE that were supportive of Trump. But I did publicly support Trump in various other forums, and I did vote for Trump, and I did make many comments here where I stated these facts.

    3. Perhaps someone linguistically talented, a person willing to consider CTs, will undertake a comparison of now TWO manifestos we’ve received in recent, memorable times.
      Anyone here recall “Ted Kaczynski”? [a curious site indeed]
      Theodore K. (Kafkesque already) wrote stuff, lots of stuff according to scuttlebutt. How about comparing the language, volcabulary, spellings, English nuanaces of language, and see what comes out!

      Arguments among speculators — including me, a self-identified well-read student of “false flags” — weigh in as virtually nothing on either side, noise, disinfo, who can make it out, given time, expenses, resources, and other commitments? Hence my own reliance on those who do that (Fetzer, Barrett, et alia).

    4. @ FR

      I am sorry, I do not buy the whole false flag concept and the further extension that this is the work of my fellow Jews who control the world and everything in it. Thank you for your explanation on how the west keeps the lid on the press in all the Arab / Muslim countries. I am sorry but there is no way that Iran’s state controllled media for one would not expose this and Israel a country they would like to see wiped off the face of the earth if there were an ounce of truth to any of these theories being fact. Anything can be over analyzed and conspiracy theories arise. Name one in recent history even the last 100 years from the moon landing to 9/11 that has ever seen the light of day culminating into an AH -HA moment for the human race to say gotcha!! Just not plausible that in a world of billions of people with so many interests that approximately we 16 ‘million Jews are batting 1000 in keeping the lid on all this kabal stuff but for the sparce writings of a few authors and the alt media. And of course forums like LD. I say how rediculous, If the NZ shooter walked into a BP or Exxon Mobile office and killed 50 oil execs and left a manifesto that was designed to bring attention to global warming which might devistate mankind more than mass migration ever could would we be discussing the jewish conspiracy to sell solar panels? There is an old saying that if one believes the first lie the rest fall neatly into place. The first lie is that all the problems of the world are created by jews.

      1. @Ralan
        Every society is a pyramid : the higher level you reach the smaller it is. You need only a small group of people at the top to control a society. Those top positions are : 1) Finance, 2) Politics, 3 ) Media. With their control of the FED, banks, insurance and stock exchange the Jews control finance. With unlimited money they can “buy” politicians. With unlimited money they can also buy the media with which they control public opinion. With these 3 means they control the US. With control of the US they can control other nations, if they are not already controlled by them in a similar way. If you don’t believe me, see :
        Who Controls America? – Word

        Chapters : Banking/Finance, Mass Media, Government/Politics, Social Engineering, “New World Order”.

        The “little Jews” themselves are not aware of this Jewish control, hence they deny it, considering the idea an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory”, but we know better.

    5. Of course you don’t — you’re a Zionist, for goodness sake. Is trolling getting so dumb these days?

  2. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
    — H.L. Mencken

    Hardly takes a hyperbolic leap of imagination to consider such a thing possible yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    One might easily believe there are hundreds and thousands who entertain such thoughts, even if very few act on them.

    Guy Fawkes, among others, told me so..

  3. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “Along with William Paterson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams, Jefferson put state rights before the demands of insatiable tyrannous Federalists. He understood that the Constitution works on a state level, but does not work when it is interpreted and implemented on the Federal level, by men who can not only force states to submit to the Federal will, but who print money to thereby cover up their failures and perpetuate their unsustainable policies that would be shot down on the state level.”

    “Jefferson was living and working in France in 1787. At the time of this quote, he was deeply concerned about some of the proposals for the new United States Constitution* — particularly the role of the executive branch, which he saw as being far too powerful. In addition, Jefferson believed that the recent rebellion in Massachusetts — which became known as Shays’ Rebellion — had heightened the fears of the American elite, causing them to throw their weight behind a stronger executive government. Shays’ Rebellion was essentially an armed rebellion against taxes being levied at Massachusetts farmers. It’s leader, Daniel Shays — who had served as a soldier during the American Revolution — used the legacy of the American Revolution to garner support for his cause. As a result, scores of patriotic Massachusetts men, most of whom were farmers themselves, resurrected the legacy of the “liberty tree” to fight the perceived injustices of the newly created government. As a result, America’s governing class — and yes, it was a class — believed that a strong centralized government was the only surefire way to ensure America’s future security.”**

    “For Jefferson, this was a textbook example of how passions could cloud judgement, creating an atmosphere of panic and fear. As Jefferson states in his letter to William Smith:”

    “Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusetts? And can history produce an instance of rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had thirteen states independent eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    * The “Federalist” conspirators made sure Jefferson was out of the country before they met to ratify the Constitution. They knew that as a leading and respected figure, Jefferson’s opposition to the Constitution would carry great weight and feared his voice had the strength to nullify their scheme.

    ** It is Jews that promote strong, centralized government, for only such control allows a tiny cabal of elite to effectively dominate a much larger body of people. The reason Jews fear Anarchy more than any other political threat is because Anarchy’s decentralization of control spells their doom. Political/economic Anarchy, essentially a form of communal agreement over the social structure, has no centralized control or easily manipulated, powerful leadership figures.

    Jews lied bold-face about the aims of their bogus judeaocommunism. Much like Anarchy, judeaocommunism’s promise was to deliver governing power to the people. Instead, judeaocommunism created the most powerful centralized government in history, delivering iron-fisted, dictatorial power to a tiny body of governing Jew elite.

    The first thing judeaocommunist did after marching their muddy boots into Spain in 1936, was focus on the elimination of the Anarchist whom they called “friend.” This is a prime example why only goy fools consider Jews their friend. Jews have no friends, only tools.

    The Soviet Union was a monstrous, militarized, terrorist, police state that slaughtered 66 million of its own citizens while creating further murder, mayhem, dissolution and destruction around the globe. That’s how Jews run their host governments.

    That’s how Jews now run the highly centralized, American government – with merciless, iron-fisted control – just like they ran their judeaocommunist Soviet Union that eventually died in the Russian mud. Can Americans expect a different outcome?

    Jews lie, the people die.

  4. Houston Stuart Chamberlain, in describing the mind of Goethe, wrote that during Goethe’s lifetime there was a controversy as to whether the _Iliad_ had been written by one man or several, and Goethe argued vehemently that the _Iliad_ had been written by only one man (Homer) because all the writing bespoke of a single personality.

    I will make the same argument regarding the Manifesto of the Christchurch shooting. All the writing bespeaks of a single personality. Moreover, the writing possesses a quality of sincerity — and this cannot be faked.

    1. Well said, Kendra! You are one of those rare birds who have the audacity to believe that appearance and reality often coincide. I too believe that this act of terrorism actually took place and that Brenton Tarrant was the author of the Manifesto. The idea that some secret committee of hook-nosed scribes in Tel Aviv penned the Manifesto and then got their zombified Manchurian candidate, Brenton Tarrant, to run amok in Christchurch, New Zealand, is too laughable for consideration. If this had been a staged event, the hook-nosed perpetrators would have chosen a more glamorous location — like New York, London, Paris. Not some remote backwater in the Antipodes.

      1. You may be missing the bigger picture. New Zealand is a part of the commonwealth.

        The Commonwealth was first officially formed in 1931 when the Statute of Westminster gave legal recognition to the sovereignty of dominions. Known as the “British Commonwealth”, the original members were the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Irish Free State, and Newfoundland.

        Every former crown colony is under intense cultural attack and New Zealand is one of those former crown colonies. What’s more, it is the only member left that, up to this point, has escaped firearm confiscation. This is no “backwater” issue, its a global issue that concerns the entire commonwealth.

      2. Sard –

        “If this had been a staged event, the hook-nosed perpetrators would have chosen a more glamorous location — like New York, London, Paris. Not some remote backwater in the Antipodes.”

        They have already used those three locations. They have used explosives, guns, cars, trucks, buses, and airplanes…. and pressure cookers!!

        Time to wake up & smell the cordite & petrol & potatoes impregnated with nails!! 🙂

      3. @ Sardonicus

        New Zealand has not yet strict gun control laws and as a Western nation it too is slated for destruction by mass non-White immigration. Europe, the US, Canada and Australia are already “done”, now it is the turn of New Zealand.

      4. Sard –

        You must have forgotten this… from 10 years ago:

        Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the *9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and MOSSAD, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.* In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

        “All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the MOSSAD, with the aid of the ZIONIST world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

        Cossiga was elected president of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide election to become president of the country in 1985, and he remained until 1992.

        Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment, and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio. This was a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 1960s, 1970s and ’80s. Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they termed “false flag” operations—terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

    2. Wow. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone write about Goethe, except for my mother (where he was part of educational instruction) or in a book.

      1. Peter

        Goethe is my favorite philosopher. One of the best things he wrote, which has stuck with me these many years later was:
        “Treat a man as he ought to be, and you will help him to become what he is capable of being”

        This is as fine an emulation of Christ as there is, wouldn’t you agree?

      2. Thank you, BH, that is a wonderful concept. It reminds me of “a good thought, a good word and a good deed”, in that by treating your fellow man as Goethe’s advises, you will be putting all three into action.

  5. Yawn…

    When are we gonna dispense with all this “White Nationalism” crap? That ship has sailed, and over 500 years ago any dreams of a “Red Nationalism” effectively died when Columbus, ahem, “discovered” America. My mother was Mohawk Iroquois, my father an Anglo-Saxon, so what should I long for, a “Pink Nationalism”? Heck, even had the 3rd Reich prevailed, anti-zionist Jews would have been welcome under the NS banner

    ZIONISM is at the heart of the aim to destroy racial identities with their respective ethos. Why not just plain ol’ Nationalism, purged of Zionism? For that matter, this website should consider itself an “anti-zionist” site, instead of a miscomprehended “anti-semitic” one

    1. ZIONISM is at the heart of the aim to destroy racial identities with their respective ethos.

      Who told you so? Your nose?

      In fact, Zionism is the best solution to the Jewish problem… if one ever existed. They want to have their own country like any other people do. So let them have it, and let them live and work like any other people, instead of dwelling among other peoples and helping Anglo-Americans to undermine those countries.

      Zionism is the nationalist movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic land of Israel. Do you mind, pinkie?

      Stalin didn’t mind, and Jewish people got their dream fulfilled. They have to be thankful to Stalin for that and stop shitting on his grave.

      1. Stalin already gave them Birobidzhan which gets a lot more rainfall than the Negev desert and I’m sure the soil is more fertile than silica quartz sand. He was too kind to them; should have rounded them all up and forced them into that Siberian enclave and had them use their genius and industriousness to make something out of it, instead of letting them run wild all over the USSR. Their desire for Israel is based on fanaticism, and misplaced fanaticism at that, since most of them are not pure original Jews but Khazarian converts.

        BTW last time I mentioned Birobidzhan I said they had a rainbow flag. Rechecking their wikipedia page I see the original flag again which is not rainbow coloured. Someone must have been maliciously defacing their entry. The rainbow flag still appears on many sites in google images for “Birobidzhan flag” and it must be some hostile disinformation. That’s the problem with the Internet, you don’t know what to believe anymore.

      2. This is misdirection. Zionism aims at creating Israel as the centre of a global power. Power and wealth are flowing to Israel, not Zionists — they’re content as masters in their Zatrapies.

      3. @Circassian

        The term “Zionism” in alternative media is used in more than one sense :

        1) Jewish nationalism in creating a homeland for Jews in Palestine.
        2) Jewish lobbyism in Western nations to support Israel.
        3) Jewish supremacism in creating a New World Order in which Jews rule the world of deracinated, dumbed down “goyim”. In this sense it is often used here.

      4. @FR

        The term “Zionism” in alternative media is used in more than one sense

        It is so touching when the wiki-parrot num-num tries to enlighten me with his superior knowledge – never fails to warm my heart.

        If you give the term “Zionism” any meaning which is different from its original meaning, that means only one thing: you are twisting the reality to your nefarious ends.

        That’s what the so-called alternative media is all about.

      5. Circassian
        I still don’t think you’re a troll, but it would be better for you if you were, because MAN do you sound foolish! 🤪

      6. @Brownhawk

        I still don’t think you’re a troll, but it would be better for you if you were, because MAN do you sound foolish!

        That’s very kind of you, my pinky brother.

        However, I would like to suggest you perform a little thought experiment. Assume that the main premise on which you base all your thinking is not nearly correct as you think it is. That is: assume for a second that the Jews are not the masters of the universe, if you can wrap your head (or shall I say your nose) around such a preposterous idea, and recall everything that Circassian have told you. Then see who sounds foolish.

        Can you do it for me, brother?

      7. Circassian
        The “Jews” per se, are not the “masters” of the universe. This is correct. Where should I begin, explaining that? Oh, that’s right, that is what I’ve been writing about for the last several years here. Maybe you missed it all?

        I really have to work on finishing my book. Sometimes posting here lacks the necessary context.

      8. @Brownhawk

        The “Jews” per se, are not the “masters” of the universe. This is correct.

        That’s a good start. Keep going, pinkie, don’t stop there and you, I am sure, will ultimately arrive at correct inferences: The Jews are not the masters of the universe, period. Not even close. Never were, never will. They are the bitches of the real masters – nothing more, nothing less.

        Sorry, Ralan, that’s all what the Jews are.

      9. So the Jews, even the powerful ones, “are the bitches of the real masters”. If you say so then I have to ask you: who are the “real masters”, the extraterrestrial reptilians?

        Can you share your superior genius intellect and tell us, once and for all, who are the “real masters”? Who sits on the top of the pyramid of political power? Sauron?

        Oh all mighty Circassian!

      10. @NBTT

        So the Jews, even the powerful ones, “are the bitches of the real masters”. If you say so then I have to ask you: who are the “real masters”, the extraterrestrial reptilians?

        I get the impression that you don’t like me, even though I have given you no reason for your hostile attitude towards me. With that kind of attitude it is going to be very hard for you to believe anything I say to you.

        So, I would recommend you to start your quest for the truth with someone who does not invoke so much negative emotions in you but has all the requisite credentials:

      11. The best solution to the jewish problem is gas… gas and ovens.

        In real life, not just in some rat kike’s imagination.

        ADMIN: You are breaking the rules of this website. Check out our policy guidelines, especially Items 11 and 12:

        # 11. RACIST TERMS like “nigger”, “nigra”, “baboon”, “wog”, “raghead”, “kike” and “yid” should be avoided at all times. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. So please STOP using these terms!

        # 12. Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave. So will hotheads and agents provocateurs guilty of incitement to violence and genocide. Please refrain from all inflammatory talk about “the extermination of the Jews.” Freedom of speech is fine, but we don’t want our website to be shut down.

        If you disagree with our policies and think that freedom of speech means the right to say anything you wish, and get our website shut down by doing so, then obviously you don’t belong here and should make your way to a more incendiary website.

        — Admin Toby

    2. @ Brownhawk – When all of Europe is completely overrun with non-whites and there are no more blondes left, which is well on it’s way to completion if it’s not stopped now. “Why not just plain ol’ Nationalism”. Because there are two types of nationalists. Civic nationalists that are loyal to the state but do not insist the destruction of whites be stopped and ethno-nationalists that want to preserve their country, culture and race. This includes countries like Japan, China, the Korea’s and much of the non-white world and it includes some Europeans, the ones called “white nationalists”, but the term is not commonly used in Europe. But, they do call people opposed to the destruction of Europe and its peoples “racist”. That’s the screwed up world the Jews have created. If you’re opposed to the genocide of whites, you’re a racist.


      1. Peter

        I completely understand what you’re saying, and I hope my last post echoes that in it’s own way 🙂

    3. My point was that had Germany won the war, a far-reaching plan would have been to rehabilitate Jews into the ways of the kind of “National Socialism” which would teach them just what makes them such misfits in the general body of Mankind. This would mean the total abolishment of Judaism. The first step of grinding Zionism under the jack boot would already have been accomplished, primarily with the military defeat of an infested Soviet Union. A spirit of National Socialism would have spread throughout the world, surpassing the visions of the American Founders because the money umbilical cord to London would have been severed.

      For me to say “Jews living under a NS banner” would have meant in an appropriate area outside of Europe, which for them would be of a disparate culture. (It doesn’t have to imply a GERMAN National Socialism)
      Rather, this would have required a new “Pale of the Settlement”, where it wouldn’t necessarily have to always be in the form of a Pale, depending on the success of the work of rehabilitation.

    4. Well you are mixed race so we should hardly expect you to understand should we?

      What you should ‘hope for’ is that the jews are overthrown and that Whites can regain control of their nations… Unless you would prefer whatever decendants you might have to live under communist Chinese or some such.

      1. Being of a mixed race does not infer that I lack understanding. This is a ridiculous thing for you to say, “professor”.

        I understand more in my little finger than you probably do in your entire being, as evidenced by your sophomoric comment

  6. Thanks, Admin, for posting this manifesto.

    I do not believe the authenticity of the writing. That is my choice.

    Orwell – Blair – was captivating and great at faking.
    Twain – Clemens – was amusing and great at faking.

    Writers can fake anything they wish.

    A group can appear as one. Two or more heads are better script writers than just one. Co-authors do well.

    Some claim American Originals were white:

    1. Pat
      Author: “Thema Newsroom”. Now THAT’S an original name. So who’s the talking head reading the teleprompter, “Jemima Anchordesk”? 😆

      Ah just lervs the internet

  7. Having plowed through most of this psy-ops manifesto I realized that my favorite tribe wasn’t mentioned once. Please correct if TJ is mistaken. This was an obvious false flag. There were 3 or more shooters. The video of this false flag is outlawed by the NZ government with 10 or more years in prison if caught with or passing along said video. The NZ police in Christchurch were having a, guess what? a drill at the same time the false flag was taking place. It took the police 30 minutes to respond whereas they could have been at the scene in 10-12 minutes. Shades of the Parkland HS shooting in Florida.
    The whole of the so-called manifesto has the CIA-Mossad and Brit intelligence programing all over it. Surprise again. The so-called lone shooter was most likely under mind control and was a highly military trained operative of not just the US, but the world wide deep state (WWDS) totalitarian apparatus.
    It is TJ’s opinion that the WWDS is done with crisis actors (Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, etc.) and have for some time upped the anti with real dead and wounded victims. For example Parkland HS and other school and church shootings and the Las Vegas music event full of MAGA supporters.
    Unlike Australia, with the false flag Mossad hit team killings in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996, all blamed of course on a halfwit White kid, NZ has not attempted to take the guns. That will most likely change now with the false flag shooting in Christchurch. The reasons for the Port Arthur and now the latest shooting in NZ is that the WWDS elites want to have a “safe place” to retreat to when the shit hits the fan. They will load up in their private 747’s and head out to Tasmania and NZ. A safe place means no weapons in the hands of the stepin fetchit natives. No underground bunkers for them.
    There are other clues that the latest in NZ as just another in a long list of false flags designed to herd the people of the world, but mainly the Western world, into a Satanic hell hole. Just what Jesus was referring to in the spawn of the Devil.
    Other reasons: 1. Demonize White nationalists, who just want to save their race from extinction, and 2. portray the Islamic as also victims of White nationalism. With little coverage of the thousands of crimes of rape and killing of Europeans at the hands of military age Islamic male invaders of Europe.

    1. I have agreed with Fetzer on numerous theories over the years, especially about Wellsone’s demise.

      I agree with this ‘tactic’ of the left he mentioned also:

      “Brand Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christians as violent extremists threatening civilized society.”

  8. There was a default in my previous writing.
    It should read as follows

    The NZ shooter also writes in his Manifesto

    i only took inspiration from Knight Justiciar Breivik.

    That is, from the one that sported a masonic apron and was admittedly
    a friend of Israel

  9. If I may say so, I thought the great importation of non-White peoples into European peopled countries including the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany etc. is manifestation of a scheme deployed by organized hyper-ethnocentric racial supremacist, billionaire plutocrat topped jewry as a sort of Final Solution to the Ehite European people problem, existential problem of posing a potential obstacle to the fullfillment of jewry’s TorahTalmud ‘s fate to be rulers of the world. The Count Kalergi Plan articulated by the ‘father of the European Union” is the template for the fate being manifested under judaic power of all European peoples/countries. Amazing accomplishment so far. Even Ireland under current Indian Bene Israel
    leader is slated to have the Irish nation/people be transformed into a minority by circa 2040 a similar date fro the USA as announced in a census bureau press release in mid-2008. Hard to believe we are not ahead of schedule. Jewry owns/controls most of the US media and have consolidate 90-odd percent of it under 8 corporations which have NOT kept the public informed about the actual VAST hordes of Third World peoples herded into the USA at great cost year after year with the annual number of legal immigrants being raise almost annually and now is over two million [approx. 90% non-white] annually plus per private researchers, one million [on average] annual Illegal immigrants. The US government is hostile to the still majority white population [estimated to be approx 63% –down from approx. 90% in 1965 when the judaic-generated new anti-white immigration law was passed with assurances not much would change.
    So, the immigrants are being used by the puppeteers who are concurrently destroying third world nations to generate a huge world wide population with a desperate desire to escape to someplace safe. They have no idea their purpose is the Final Solution for the European peoples.
    The puppeteers will see the violence as an opportunity for a bit more dispossession of their target population
    of some God given right or another; and a spin the myth of white supremacy endlessly.
    Oh well. I am in the realm of elderly and in a constant state of amazement at what the eternal victim folk have achieved without my being even remotely aware of it until just several years ago!

    1. @Brendano…

      I’m starting to think the same. All the excuses they give for bringing these people in are utter lies. They are just not needed at all. There are no jobs and automation is replacing the workers already in employment. It really must be some evil plan.

      It did cross my mind that the lefties supporting this influx and their NGOs smuggling them in are perhaps thinking of using the immigrants in their revolution to topple the capitalist system and right all the wrongs they want to right, but then why would the rulers allow them to do this? And anyway, they should know that these people are impossible to organise in any meaningful way and would be a hinderance in whatever endeavour one can think up, and would only create chaos and destruction.

      On the other hand, others claim that the Marxists have already taken over by their long march through the institutions. If so, why aren’t they restructuring society for the benefit of their own citizens first before letting new ones in to share in whatever jobs, goods and services they have created?

      But definitely some lefties have an evil streak and really could be wanting to use these immigrants just as instruments of destruction with no vision of creating anything better. But again why are they allowed to do this since the ruling classes are also stakeholders in this society?

      1. A Jewish Irish politician released a video explaining that the Irish must support mass migration because of their part in the Holocaust. Then the video switches to an Irish man who is also a Jew (although I’ll bet he calls himself a Jew just resident in Ireland) who states that the Irish are guilty of genocide and must bring in migrants. The propaganda is getting that stupid.

    2. Brendabo –

      Great comment. I agree totally.

      Furthermore, I do not see Trump actually stopping any of the schemes you mentioned. He is NOT any part of the solution, that I can see.

    3. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. (I loved the length and substance of your first sentence!)
      I have recently read a spate of accounts written by good souls weary of the “struggle”. No wonder the Communists do so well; they understand their mission as a genuine STRUGGLE. Are any of us, many age-denying elders, up to this fight? Reflexively, autonomically, our bodies resist and counter unwanted, destructive external forces. It would seem our shared use of the Mind of God leaves us more vulnerable to non-corporeal manipulation, corruption, and attacks spearheaded by biomental weaponry.
      The song|movie title that comes to mind is “Live and Let Die”. The theme emerging from accounts of “burn-out” I have read is the need to withdraw, permanently or temporarily, from chosen fields of battle, to retreat and regroup. “Act locally, think globally”, right? I think we should have a cadre of well educated folk going through the playbooks of the elite and powerful, copying pages that seem most timely! What’s good for the goose…Us elders have little better to do! 😉

  10. posting the guy’s manifesto doesn’t mean anything other than the poster wants the readers to have a chance to see it…
    here’s the problem with all these deals – every time some supposed zealot shoots up another school, hillbilly church, mosque, fag bar or community center and supposedly kills a bunch of innocent people, he should know by now all he is doing is strengthening the argument of the gun grabbers and now the big internet censorship program…
    if the guy really wanted to make a difference, rather than just martyrs, why wouldn’t he have shot some of the higher state officials, the very globalists who are promoting the disarmament program, anti-nationalism and white genocide?
    and ah yes, he’s also and ‘eco-fascist”… don’t want to leave that out… you know those eco-fasists are just as crazy as the libertarians…
    “Zionism is the nationalist movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic land of Israel. Do you mind, pinkie?”
    so how is then that “jewish nationalism” isn’t such a terrible bigotry,
    when ” white nationalism” sure must be?
    “The idea that some secret committee of hook-nosed scribes in Tel Aviv penned the Manifesto and then got their zombified Manchurian candidate, Brenton Tarrant, to run amok in Christchurch, New Zealand, is too laughable for consideration. ”
    9-11 should have cued everybody into one thing at least – there are people in the world who will do these kinds of things, for their own reasons, maybe they even call it survival… so no it’s not the slightest bit farfetched that somebody put in the man of manchuria here…
    and what better suspects than those wonderful israelis, who shower willie peter on arab neighborhoods and shoot toddlers through the chest with their sniper rifles, then brag to their friends about how many “worms” they got…

  11. From Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto :

    “…More recently I have been working part time as a kebab removalist…”

    Does anyone here know if a profession of “kebab removalist” even exists ? I have never heard about such a thing. I know however from Andrew Anglin’s website Daily Stormer that the expression “remove kebab” means “expel the Muslims”. This is what I found in the Urban Dictionary :

    Remove Kebab: Memetic euphemism for ethnic cleansing directed against Bosnian Turks specifically (kebab is a regional food) and adherents of Islam generally. Originated in Serbia.

    I think the framers of this Manifesto wanted to add a little humorous hint to the text that the whole thing is a fraud. But of course the public at large will not notice.

  12. Anyway since the topic is manifestos and murder, this is what another terrorist, Theodore John Kaczynski aka the Unabomber had to say in his manifesto “Industrial Society and its Future”:

    “In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we’ve had to kill people.”

    He also had a strong emotional response to the destruction of nature he saw around him, like Brenton had with regard to the victims of muslim terrorist attacks, that made up his mind and sent him on his way.

  13. I read the manifesto I its obviously that Brenton Tarrant was consider himself like Viking . Media is wrong with white supremacist label & trying to blame socialism & workers right. Him final words was Good bay Good Bless you all And see you in Valhalla. place which by Viking believes most barbaric warriors go there & enjoy in glory after death, similar on muslim believe for terrorist maryatar.


    Wow, your logic is far to advanced for the likes of the FLO POT clones on this site. The FlO POTS would have you believe that it was the Jews that sent Columbus to the Americas for the sole purpose of destroying the 500 ‘+ Native American tribes, there culture and communities only to have them placed on reservations so that the jews could return centuries later to lend them money to build Casino’s ! Wow, Holy Crap, is that smart or what! But what do I know? Says the FLO POTS for I am a troll. But I can assure you I am a jew but not a zionist!

    1. @Ralan

      But I can assure you I am a jew but not a zionist!

      That’s too bad! I would rather have all the Jews shipped to Israel – especially non-zionist Jews like yourself who want to live somewhere else but not in Israel. This way I wouldn’t have to see them shitting on my country every day from Russian TV screens.

      1. @Ralan

        Turn the set off and read a book.

        Like I said I would rather have the Jews shipped to Israel: give them a chance to become normal human beings and they, I am sure, will.

        You see, if you insist on your solution, I am afraid my Russian brothers will be forced to insist on theirs: Turn the Jews off and keep TV sets on. And that is not good for your health, my Jewish brother.

    2. Whew, it is getting a bit spooky in here. Somebody open a window please.

      You guys have been at your little games for centuries. Thanks to this window of opportunity called “teh interwebs”, a big chunk of humanity caught a glimpse of your nefarious, sleazy ways. Thanks to psyops like the NZ shootings, this window will soon close, the rock will cover you once again.

      Btw, if you’re sitting next to Avatar and Circ in your IDF “Computer Lab”, say hi for me and I’ll have a “Flat White” next time you visit the IDF Cafe.

      See ya later, Spook.

      1. Ralan

        My understanding is that the protocolian “elders” were/are comprised of Jews AND non-jews. The unique thing about Jews (and, eg, I don’t see the Essenes as being “Jews, per se) is their inherent proclivity towards doing the work of the so-called “masters of the universe” (the authors of the Protocols IN TOTO)

        The aim of these (((masters))) is World Supremacy and the subjugation of ALL human beings (all of whom I consider to be the “goy”) (((They))), again per my understanding as told to me by MY elders, KNOW of this proclivity and use it for all it’s worth

      2. @Brownhawk

        My understanding is that the protocolian “elders” were/are comprised of Jews AND non-jews. The unique thing about Jews (and, eg, I don’t see the Essenes as being “Jews, per se) is their inherent proclivity towards doing the work of the so-called “masters of the universe”

        You are moving in the right direction, my pinkie brother. Keep going… you are almost there.

      3. Circassian

        What do you take from the fact that Stalin was a 33rd degree mason? Maybe something like, he thought it was necessary to play along, mindful of what he perceived to be the best long term interest of Russia? If so, then it could be concluded that starving millions of Ukranians in the Holomodor was integral to the plan. For the “greater good”. A “necessary evil”.
        You do understand that this is a classic psychopathic trait, don’t you, comrade?

      4. Circassian silence Bigly loud
        Him know Brownhawk right
        Though Russian spirit strong and proud
        Him need see the light

      5. @Brownhawk

        You do understand that this is a classic psychopathic trait, don’t you, comrade?

        With your childish views of good Hitler against psychopathic Stalin, you cannot absorb anything I tell you. I have asked you many times to take a look at:

        Have you even bothered to read at least the Publisher’s Note and the Preface to the book?

        Open the book at page 240 and read just one sentence:

        The aim of the Milner Group through the period from 1920 to 1938 was the same: to maintain the balance of power in Europe by building up Germany against France and Russia; to increase Britain’s weight in that balance by aligning with her the Dominions and the United States; to refuse any commitments (especially any commitments through the League of Nation, and above all any commitments to aid France) beyond those existing in 1919; to keep British freedom of action; to drive Germany eastward against Russia if either or both of these two powers became a threat to the peace of Western Europe.

        Hitler’s Germany was nothing but an attack dog which was hatched, raised and built up by the Brits and then unleashed against Stalin’s Russia.

        Hitler’s Germany was a tool; Stalin’s Russia was a target. Hitler was a stupid dog; Stalin was an independent player.

      6. Circassian silence Bigly loud
        Him know Brownhawk right

        Sorry, brother, you guessed wrong again: “silence” is due to Admin and not to Circassian. If and when my reply gets released, do some chronology check.

        ADMIN: Just seen your posts. No one available to monitor comments all day. Exceptional circumstances.

      7. Circassian thinks the Anglo-American Empire represents the only rascals behind all the evil in this world. He thinks that only THEY are the so-called “masters of the universe”. But he’s only half right.

        Quigley goes a long way towards explaining the Anglo-american complicity in the world domination scheme, but he doesn’t see the entire picture which shows that this “Empire” constitutes only one of TWO “piles”, underneath of which are Jews and members of the Masonic brotherhood. This makes Circassian all too eager to cherry-pick info to suit his argument, but what he and others fail to understand is that there are rival culprits under that other pile in the East, which up until 1917 was behind the Czarist system. Yet ever since the Bolsheviks (i.e. jew guns for hire) over threw the Czar, as engineered through a successful saboteur effort by the West, and fronted by the jew Lenin, the West (at the time after Lenin was disposed of fronted in Russia by the non-jew mason, Stalin) has held the upper hand. This addresses what I mean by there being two factions of what has been coined, “International Jewry”, but what in actuality must include the freemasonry element in order to fully understand that term.

        As for the Jews AND the freemasons being the bitches for the “masters of the Universe”, this is correct. The problem with properly identifying these “masters” calls into question an issue of credibility for the simple reason that the vast majority of people are unaware, and therefore skeptical of their non-human component. This is working my side of the street, and I have no such problem with believing this because as far as I’m concerned my sources are trustworthy. Sources that I would trust my life with.

    1. No wonder the NZ authorities are handing out prison sentences and asking people to turn each other in for showing this film.

      Willperks wrote yesterday:

      This is day three.
      Media have quietly forgotten their own history of reporting about the mosque.
      ISPs have shut off access to free speech and alt-right media.
      The Prime Minister is dressing in Islamic clothing.
      Politicians are walking lockstep to ban guns.
      Kids are in court for sharing links to a livestream.
      Police are asking people to report each other for sharing “objectionable material.”

      And this was day three!

      Shades of those disappearing videos of the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. Does anyone remember how three trillion dollars also disappeared with the (dis)honorable Dov Zakheim running the Pentagon show? Classic example of a Jew’s daylight robbery.

      Jews are pretty stupid and now, in their overweening arrogance of the fact they can simply lie their way out of anything, they have become careless in their actions. Jews have repeatedly proven their programming efforts override any possibility of the vast majority of ignorant, gullible goyim awakening up to their destructive perfidy.

      Common response heard when showing irrefutable evidence about Jewish lies – “That’s just (Neo)Nazi propaganda.”

      Knowing the Jews proclivity for mass murder, I always wondered why (((they))) would fake these shootings. Why not just turn (((their))) Manchurian candidate loose with a real firearm loaded with real bullets to go ballistic, while masturbating to the video of the massacre from a remote location? A Jewish wet dream, it’z!

      The problem is control. All too easily, an actual shooter could go off script either intentionally or unintentionally exposing the Jews’ agenda as the real reason behind the incident. Since the day the New Testament was written, Jews have been proving they can make up stories that will have the same, or greater, effect than real events have on goyim herds. (Un)Reality TV proved beyond doubt, Jews could stage these events with as much impact, so why risk an out of control, real event? My advice? Invest in the fake blood industry, you’re going to see a lot more of it.

      The really big show will begin when Jews trot out their monster Jesus hologram telling gullible Christians what to do now that he has returned from the sky to save them all – or is that 144,000? Or maybe six million? Stay tuned!

      1. @AS

        Jews are pretty stupid but some of the 16 million of us have controlled the world and all thats in it while enslaving billions. How many ways can the FLO POT Clones argue a position and always be right and never wrong? Interetsing idea, stupid but super smart. Is that like short but tall. The reason I ask is that in a starbucks tall does not necessarily mean tall. Well learn something everyday.

      2. Some of the comments say fake and many will agree immediately via reflex, but how about this one?
        The better to eat you with, part 2

      3. The Jews success is not due to any great intellect, which is merely a false projection by their media. It is instead the Jews’ hive-minded cohesiveness that has led to their success. Jews are “of the body” as is no other race.

        Jews are a “borg,” a parasitical, insect-like creature that owes its success to the hive it builds around the collective. “Stupid but super smart?” There is no such dichotomy. Jews are clever, cunning, scheming liars that only truly excel at lying, deceiving and destroying.

        Jews are stupid, look at the source of their advanced technology. Look around the room in which you are sitting, how much of what you see can be attributed to Jewish “genius” and hard work? So how many technological advances can be attributed to Jewish “genius?” Einstein was the typical lying Jew plagiarist that stole the work of others.

        It is merely Jewish wordsmiths providing the Jews’ supposed genius. I note how Jewish wordsmiths have given similar treatment to the Negro, attributing to him all manner of invention for which he is wholly incapable. Yet the gullible goyim readily accept these Jewish lies about the Negro, just as they swallow the lies about Jewish “genius.”

        Jonas Salk took the efforts of his subordinates and projected them unto himself. Salk was a soulless, Jewish psychopath that used his own children as guinea pigs. So what kind of treatment might one expect from a Jew? Perhaps Dr. Baruch Goldstein provides the perfect example of compassionate, “Jewish genius.”

        While Jews force their presence as heads of advanced technology projects, it is their goy host providing the necessary engineering and hard work that ensures the project’s success. It is the effort Jews extract from their harnessed goyim hosts who do the actual brain and back work Jews’ then take credit for; like the way they boast of how they take the goy’s military weaponry and vastly improve it with their “genius.” Yet their own attempts at aircraft and armor design have been dismal failures.

        For centuries, Jews have repeatedly made the same mistakes that have led to violent backlash. But even a stupid dog can be taught old tricks and over the millennium Jews have bred with white genius. Given enough white genetic material, even a Negro can walk upright and be taught to mouth lofty platitudes.

        Jews have used the same old tired tricks over and over again, tricks gleaned from their ancient, perfidious Torah. There is no “super smart” about the Jew, that’s a projected lie. Israel would collapse like the house of warm shit it truly is without their “golden honeycomb” hosts of western civilization from which they suck out their sustenance.

        If Jews excel at anything, it is projecting their bizarre, bicameral mind filled with non-sense as a source of “reasoned logic.” Sorry Jew, you can tell I’m not buying your bullshit. I’m not buying it because I know your history, your culture and your religion all too well. It takes a stupid, ignorant gullible fool to listen to your lofty, self-aggrandizement. While I’m no genius, I am smart enough to recognize lying cheating thieves; murderous psychopaths that scream out painful sobs as they stab you in the back.

        Perhaps I’m smarter than a Jew simply because I have a soul, a soul lacking in that murdering, dark creature known as “Jew.” I no longer buy your bullshit because I know the red blood of my race, the white race, is upon you and your children.

        Of all people, Jews should understand why I will never forgive them for what they have done to my race and my civilization; a civilization that once promised a bright future for white children; children whom Jew’s torture to death with hideous vaccine concoctions and other poisons that destroy both mind and body. The more one knows about the Jew, the less they will buy into their monstrous lies.

      4. Arch,

        Only now your reply got my attention, outstanding, powerful words!! That’s poetry to my ears, you could write speeches for real politicians!

        Few people know the truth about Einstein, the “Jewish genius”, a perfect example of what a controlled media narrative can produce. How a person can be a genius and a communist at the same time, a paradox. The front man Einstein represents a turning point, before him we had real science, with rigorous scientific method, now we have science fiction with mathematical mumbo jumbo. And there are dogmas now, you can commit heresy if question the speed of light, you can lose your job if you say the tachyon is many times faster than the speed of light.

    2. Great find — just like Sandy Hook! I think Gordon Duff, James Fetzer, Robert Steele, and a few others concur now. Kevin Barrett? Give him another few days, I think! 🙂

  15. The Jews’ goy mind-meld disconnect.

    Read the following, (below). See if you can find the Jews’ bizarre disconnect with reality.

    Firearms can be purchased online and most shotguns and rifles are not registered. Military-style “assault weapons,” handguns and fully automatic firearms are more tightly restricted and are registered.

    Still, despite the prevalence of firearms in the country, they’re rarely seen out in the open. Even police rarely carry a firearm, and the few who do, keep them concealed.

    “It scares the public,” said Alpers, who is based in Sydney, Australia, and moved there from New Zealand.

    The rate of gun violence in New Zealand is lower than any one single state in the United States, according to statistics from

    Find it? Here is an armed nation that permits open trade and carry of firearms, yet they are scared of seeing their own firearms? Only Jewish chutzpah would try mind-melding the gullible goy with such an oxymoronic disconnect.

    The NZ “public” isn’t scared of firearms, it’s the goddamned, cowardly Jews flooding into New Zealand that are scared of firearms owned by the hated goyim! One can bet their last Shekel, Alpers is a Jew, as is the ownership of the news sources that print this kind of idiotic tripe.

    One might also remember how not too many years ago, English Bobbys’ didn’t carry firearms; not because firearms “scared” the public, but because firearms are not needed in a civil society. Of course, the Jews’ immigration policies wrecked that comfort zone. Now British police carry full auto weapons, including the Royal Guard detachment.

    Thanks Jews!

    Truly, Jews are a light unto nations. A light that blinds a nation’s citizens to the deadly reality they now face.

  16. c mike
    “I’m starting to think the same. All the excuses they give for bringing these people in are utter lies. They are just not needed at all. There are no jobs and automation is replacing the workers already in employment. It really must be some evil plan.”
    not only that bro, the natural reduction in the white population is a good result to be expected in association with the advanced standard of living these white countries have made for themselves… white people in advanced countries have less children, because they have progressed beyond the typical typical third world mentality that children are needed as slaves, a fact of life since ancient times… white countries are generally populated with people much more individualistic, much less susceptible to religious mentalities of subservience and non-white raza dictates… white americans and europeans are 100 years ahead of african muslims, in the game of growing up and being real… and if a limited number of muslims with the right intentions were allowed into the usa, they would assimilate and in a generation or two become americanized, to their benefit, pretty much unable to relate to their former “societies”… we have ‘society’ in the usa… they don’t have it in other countries because people there do not have individual freedom, not granted in their national documentation, not obtainable under the heel of murderous criminal gangs and not allowed by their slavery religions…
    the kicker is – the great episode of american enlightenment brought about by the masonic and wasp revolution against the dark fundamentalist forces of papacy and monarchy lived to begin to manifest socially the actually corrective environmentally based spiritual mentality as the phenomenon of population reduction, where the white usa and european countries were progressing toward the return to the pristine planetary paradise, as illuminated in the rosy cross georgia guidestones… the masons understand all this…
    typical religious and, what’s even worse, corporate ‘values’ draw a blank on all of that.. they always want more and more people, and have delivered the commodified earth now to the point where it needs an ambulance… corpo-rations don’t value anything unless it has a price tag and religions don’t value anything corpo-real anyway.
    this kiwi deal has the masonic tint, the guy looks the part too. shiva has her part to play, the way they see it…
    they don’t ascribe to the hippocratic preamble, “first do no harm”, whether that’s really in the doctor’s oath or not… masons believe you can’t lean on something unless it resists… you can’t have light without dark, leisure without work, and i guess, peace without war…
    they mean it too…
    now, pat will get the straight dope on this – at a certain degree, maybe the 23rd, all still up and coming masons enter the israeli realm, become israelites or whatever, which means now zionist neocon globalists.. and they think it’s just the way it is if they wreck north africa, europe and the usa…
    i think they call the luceferian doctrine ‘palladinism’ .. here’s a hint on the hollywood jew-mason connection…
    here’s another significant hollywood production angle.. why do the real thing, if you’ve got access to these professionals?

  17. No one has yet pointed out the obvious that throughout history, those wanting genuine political change did not attack the general population, they assassinated the LEADERS.

    Genuine patriots wanting to change the status quo might have gone after the national leader rather than the moose limbs.

    A Serb assassinated the Archduke. Indira Ghandi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards and so on.

    If the actual person holding office does the wrong thing, they then have to deal with the idea on a daily basis that their very lives are forfeit to the activist.

    I wonder how many politicians in the west would still hold their treasonous views if that were the case? They would have daily nightmares about the Tarrants of this world.

    1. Bingo!

      He could have picked any high profile traitor as his target, some universally despised globalist functionary, but no, this plays right into the Christian – Moslem agitations ( obviously I’m not for harbouring these Moslem hoards ).

      Event also occurs same moment Israel is bombing again.

      Was Tarrant good for the jews? You tell me.

  18. Jake
    It’s always been the tactic of the Sufi and the Shia that they assassinate or otherwise eliminate whomever is the competition in whatever forms of power struggle they’re involved in wherever in the world… of course the Jews and Jesuits are past masters at the same thing..
    As far as l know no “white supremacists” are getting up to that…
    William McKinley’s vice president Garrett Hobart got sick and died suddenly.. his cause of death changed a few times… spreading false information in the aftermath is a tactic of obfuscation… so, theodor Rosenveld became McKinley’s running mate in the next election, 1896… right afterwards somebody shoots Mcknight dead, whaddya know about that?
    Same sort of thing happened with JFK and the crypto lbj… it’s been the case with many lesser figures as well, some big killings or unfortunate accidents in the record of their advancement…
    Jews did it…

  19. Someone didn’t want me to participate in this discussion. The Darkmoon site seemed to be frozen with 4 or 5 comments. This went on for more than 24 hours, as I remember it. Then after a new topic went up (British exit from the EU), and several hours after that, I was able to access all the 80 plus comments. Jews? Probably.

    I stick with my opinion that a real shooting happened, and Tarrant did the shooting while acting on his own initiative.

    Is it not ironic that I, who am a transsexual, am one of the very few on this site who can recognize an heroic act when he sees one?

    1. KB –

      You are not a target. You ARE a transsexual.

      {I am glad you used transsexual…. and not transgender. You are a person, not an inanimate object.)

      That GLITCH happens to me more than once every day. I imagine it is a WordPress flaw.

      I have to post a comment to refresh the comments. That is why I post short comments more often these daze!!! 🙂

      You don’t KNOW what you don’t KNOW… until you KNOW what you don’t KNOW……

      1. @ Pat

        Your explanation makes sense. Next time this happens I’ll post a short comment to get things working. Thanks.

      2. Pat and Kendra, same thing here but my problem is accessing newer comments visible on the right.

        Sometimes switching browsers works, sometimes not.
        Sometimes clicking on the latest article at the top on the right works, sometimes not.

        I think it’s either WordPress/computer glitch,
        Jewish gremlin or A.I.
        If I had to choose I’d choose glitch..

    2. @ Kendra Blewitt

      Someone didn’t want me to participate in this discussion. The Darkmoon site seemed to be frozen with 4 or 5 comments. This went on for more than 24 hours, as I remember it.

      This is due to severe technical difficulties we were having day before yesterday. The entire comment section froze up, with several comments vanishing, suddenly reappearing, and then vanishing again. We had to restart the computer several times in order to restore a semblance of normality. None of your comments were deliberately sabotaged by us. You have said nothing to offend us.

      Things are back to normal now. We would like to apologize to posters whose comments ended up in Spam or Trash and were then deleted automatically. Not our fault.

      1. Hi Toby,

        There is a small, very useful, chinese cleaning software called “Baidu PC Faster”, I run it from time to time. It helps the computer to run smoothly, and it’s free. Check it out!

    3. @KB

      Maybe people don’t want to put it that way so as not to be seen as promoting it and fall foul of some laws. Have you noticed how many, when commenting on such events, guard themselves by starting with “I condemn …, but …”.

  20. As of yesterday morning Tarrant’s video of the shooting was available online as a torrent file. I watched it three times on the 6.5″ screen of my smartphone. I don’t see how this video could be fiction. Here is how it went. Tarrant parked his car in an alley next to the mosque. He approached the mosque carrying a shotgun and an assault rifle. When he was close to the door of the mosque he opened up with the shotgun. He fired it rapidly until it was empty, then he dropped it. Then he entered the mosque while firing the assault rifle. At one point there was a burst of fire in with 2 or 3 rounds per second. There were bodies on the floor all over the place. Then he walked back to his car and took another assault rifle out of the open trunk. This rifle was of a larger caliber than the first rifle. He went back inside the mosque with this more powerful rifle and began shooting the bodies that were lying on the floor. You could see the impact on the bodies from the rounds. Finally, when he left the mosque and returned to his car he came across a wounded woman crawling on on the sidewalk toward the street. “Help me! Help me!” she cried. He shot her in the head. You could see the impact and a puff of blood. Her body was right in front of his car. As he exited the scene he ran over it.

    1. “He approached the mosque carrying a shotgun and an assault rifle. When he was close to the door of the mosque he opened up with the shotgun.”

      Opened up on what? The door? People outside the door?
      This is confusing. Why shoot the shotgun outside if there were no people? Why shoot the door? Why not just open the door? Wouldn’t shooting a shotgun prematurely sound an alarm and eliminate any factor of surprise/ambush?

      1. HP –

        Of course!!
        You noticed the obvious staged theatrics!! Just like a Spielberg flick!! 🙂

      2. @ HP

        He fired the shotgun through the opening of the door as he approached. The door seemed to be open.

      3. Kendra, that’s still redundant, innit?
        Now if he actually saw someone coming or someone spotting him, perhaps. But shooting at shadows prematurely?

      1. Did anyone click the above link and see the gif and photos? Sardonicus? You’re a pretty smart man.
        I was basically undecided until I saw this. Not anymore.

        Anyone ever had a head wound? Even a superficial one. I have, more than once and every time it bled like a stuck pig. It looked like my hair was dyed red! Hands too. Clothes too.
        We’re supposed to believe this man was Shot In the Head! When he moves his hand from his head do you see blood on his hand, arm, clothes?

        How about the man with the boy “shot several times” yet later sitting up and texting?
        Where is the blood on the walls, carpet, floors?

        C’MON MAN!

    2. From what I’ve read, you cannot draw any conclusions about the event from viewing the video — the resolution is too low. However that fact adds to the circumstantial evidence that the event was staged. Apparently the vast majority of the victims are already lying in two big heaps in the corners of the main hall, before he even enters the hall. Before he fires a single shot.

      Finally, when he left the mosque and returned to his car he came across a wounded woman crawling on on the sidewalk toward the street. “Help me! Help me!” she cried. He shot her in the head. You could see the impact and a puff of blood. Her body was right in front of his car. As he exited the scene he ran over it.

      I have not read about this part of the video and, to be honest, it sounds ludicrous, even if it did happen, i.e. a ridiculous staging. Others have pointed out that it is suspicious that there is no blood or movement from the majority of bodies when they are being shot — someone wrote that they saw a hat falling or moving. They added that in a rare moment when blood can be vaguely discerned it seems to be smeared by the person crawling along the ground. Apparently blood can be seen on some of the bodies lying in one of the heaps. There is also mention of a person who runs at the shooter then falls to ground even though the gunman’s weapon is pointing in the opposite direction, off camera.

      One observation is that the figure of the child on one of the heaps, leaning against a window (?), looks like fake, a dummy.

      But the main, repeated point I keep reading is that the resolution makes it impossible to justify the veracity of the claims that the shooting is real. That’s all I can glean from a trawl of those who have viewed the video.

      1. @ Flopot

        Fair enough. You believe passionately that this is a staged event. But what I cannot understand is your hyper-emotional agitation, if not anger, at those who continue to believe in the authenticity of this event. Can you only be happy if everyone agrees with you? What role if any, may I ask, does tolerance play in your world view? Your opening comment actually implies that Lasha Darkmoon is an idiot, if not a disinfo agent, for thinking this terrorist shooting is a real event. So why do you continue posting comments on her site if you think she’s an idiot and disinfo agent? She tolerates your rudeness. She does not delete your comments or censors you in any way. Why can’t you show a similar tolerance towards her? Not even an apology from you for your intemperate attack on her. Shameful.

        1. I’m sure LD would be perfectly happy to change her mind and believe the Christchurch shooting was a false flag attack, as indeed both I and Kendra Blewitt would, but we must be allowed to do so at our own pace. Intolerance such as yours is counterproductive. You won’t prove your point by resorting to rudeness and the arrogant assumption of intellectual superiority.

      2. Fair enough, Sardonicus. I actually never intended on returning because I could not believe Darkmoon was promoting this event as real (publishing the manifesto is such an act). I am being a hypocrite by returning, I will grant you that, but I did not suggest that LD is an idiot. I could not resist the desire to combat the mainstream narrative that this event was real, as opposed to being staged, and it was staged. This “hyper-emotional agitation” you refer to is just me entering fight mode — I am sick sore and tired of our masters trying to manipulate us with these ludicrous psyops. Besides, I have been at the receiving end of your agitated tirades on more than one occasion.

        But you do me a favour and remind me that I do need to move on from Darkmoon. I’ll leave you with Ralan, Circ and co. Good luck with that 😉 And treat Pat well, he is right on most things, you know.

      3. Flo –

        When they show heads exploded like melons blown open and brains spilled out and eyeballs on cheeks with blood pooled everywhere… then… you can know it is real.

        Remember the picture of the Palestinian man with his child’s emptied skull in his hands, and him screaming….

        Until then… skepticism should rule!

      4. Pat, you’re not showing scepticism — you are taking the word of Kendra 😀 No-one gets their head blown open like a melon in that video, and then run over by the shooter.

        1. ADMIN TOBY:


          Having just read this comment (by “Flopot’s Wife”) several hours after it slipped through the net and appeared here, I have decided to delete it. It is almost certainly a fake comment sent in by a mischievous troll. My sincere apologies to Flopot who is welcome to continue posting here if he wishes. His comments are valued and are more than welcome.

          1. Re the comment by “Flopot’s Wife”

            I might add in explanation that this site is largely unmonitored due to a chronic staff shortage. We need a full-time monitor but can’t afford one. As a result, many comments get posted here that would be deleted at once on most other respectable websites.

      5. And treat Pat well, he is right on most things, you know.

        Yes, we know. Pat maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed, but – unlike some knuckleheads – he certainly knows which side his bread is buttered on.

      6. Dont go, Flopot. This site needs as much feistiness as it can get. I haven’t had my tomahawk out much lately, but I HAVE been keeping it sharp 🤨


  21. @ Pat

    You should try to obtain a copy of the video. Yesterday it was available as a torrent file. It may still be available today.

    Also, Scott Creighton has an analysis of the video on his site. (or maybe it’s .org). Creighton thinks the event was a false flag but not a hoax. He is convinced that the video depicts a real shooting, and he explains why he thinks so.

    1. Why is it only when terrorist attacks happen in the west that some pundits on alternative sites claim that it’s a hoax or a false flag and has something to do with gun controls and greater censorship? After all such attacks take place much more frequently in non-western countries yet we don’t hear the same explanations and claims. So are their intelligence services less capable of creating such hoaxes, or are crisis actors more expensive or harder to find in the third world? So every time someone fires off an AK47 in a crowded mosque in Pakistan it is to enforce more gun control laws, is it?

      Yes even I start to doubt the veracity of these events when browsing the alternative media, but why can’t people just accept that people are people and will seek revenge once someone starts the cycle of violence.

      1. I think the “cycle of violence” concept is part of the psyop. Both sides are controlled. From the Muslim Brotherhood to ISIS, Western intelligence has always controlled so-called Muslim-extremists. The main Muslim states were setup by, shock, the West!

        Then we have our home-extremists, the so-called White Supremacist Nationalists, and they too are spooky creations — from the KKK to the English Defence League. Heck, even the various Irish terrorist groups probably had more spooks in the various Army Councils than native Oirish.

        Do real atrocities take place in the West, with Europeans murdering Europeans. You betcha. But these spectaculars are usually fake, just like the latest ZOG production down under.

      2. CM –

        “Why is it (this – that – another, etc)…?”

        Easy answer…..

        When the events happen spontaneously or planned… false flag or not… if there is any mention of confiscations of weapons… GUN & AMMO SALES SKYROCKET!!

        It IS a business decision with FREE advertisements 24/7..!! The folks in the west have more discretionary money than those in Pakistan. Gun & ammo stores in US sell out. 🙂

    1. Sorry, but that link doesn’t work either. Don’t know why. is what it reads when I’m there. If you do a search for Scott Creighton you will get a link to his site, in any case.

      Creighton is a Classical Liberal. WordPress took down his old site of American Everyman last year during a purge. The guy is not anti-Semitic. Must be because he was critical of Israel.

      During the Las Vegas shooting, Creighton provided the best information I could find on the Intermet.

  22. Ralan; Circ; Avatar…your move 😉

    Don’t forget I’ll have a Flat White if you’re passing the IDF Cafe.

      1. @ FLOPOT
        Well I guess this debate got a bit heated and personal. I just do not believe that its possible to contain such extraordinary lies such that NZ was staged and a false flag! We can agree to disagree cant we? I have no right to object to your opinion nor you mine. FP I have never been to Israel so I can assure you I am not at any IDF cafe if there is such a place. Whats sad is that if we left all the personalities out of these discussions and the hatred as well I bet you and I might agree on many more important issues than you might think. Examples, I dont agree with the fed printing money and have held this belief for decades. I am not a zionist. I thought I was white or at least thats what I see when I look in the mirror. I love my country the good old USA but don’t like how corrupted our political system has become. I do believe that there is way to much money in politics not just AIPAC but yes them too. Term limits would be nice and Pat is 1000% correct that no one here owns any real estate. We all lease from the goverment and I cant build a dog house without 20 permits on my own land. I also believe that whether one believes in the Holocaust or not its over and jews need to move on and so do the blacks when it comes to slavery. I was not there and if I was doubt I would have supported Slavery! Not that you care but these are some of my beliefs. If only you would take what I say at face value we might agree more than we disagree. But the hatred that reeks from some here prevent that from happening right. How Sad !

      2. @Flopot & Ralan

        Flop, you should listen to wise Ralan. There is no much difference between the Jews and the whites of the so-called West. And the difference that exists between them is not in the direction you think it is: The whites of the West are more Jewish than the Jews themselves. You have to stick together if you want “the good old USA” keep fleecing the rest of the world to your benefit and to the benefit of non-Zionist Jews like Ralan who prefer to live anywhere in the world except Israel. Jews are good at bitching, but they do not have what it takes to build a state of their own.

        However, I am pretty sure that even your sticking together won’t save the “the good old USA” that Ralan loves so much. The odds are that the Jews will have to be dropped from the sinking ship – but not because the whites hate the Jews: it’s not personal it’s just business. Bolivar can’t carry double.

        The Nobel Committee has awarded more than 20% of the total Nobel Prizes for Science and Mathmatics to Jews who are less than a quater of 1% of the worlds population.

        There is no Nobel in mathematics.

    1. This attack on the New Zealand Mosque whether it is false flag, hoax or real is going to be used by ZOG to enforce gun controls, more censorship, attacks on free-speech and demonisation of nationalists and patriots who will be smeared as terrorists.
      . It is despicable heinous crime to attack and murder innocent people muslim, christian, jewish, hindu or whatever and my sympathy is with all victims whether in this attack or many others but who benefits?? It certainly isn’t white nationalists and patriots that’s for sure.

      1. @ Mark

        You say it is immoral to kill innocent people, with reference to the Tarrant shooting. Okay, according to Terrant these people were not innocent because they had invaded White land.

        I agree with Tarrant over you. Here is my thought. Morality has two sides, in my opinion (and in the opinion of the Nazis): 1) Love, and 2) Honor. In terms of Love we shouldn’t hurt the Invaders, but in terms of Honor it is our moral duty to kill them, if necessary, in order to rid our land of them.

        I think that given our situation of being threatened with genocide, Honor has priority over Love, regarding the Tarrant shooting, and on moral grounds we have every right to kill the invaders; and I think Tarrant should have the status of a hero.

  23. @Arch Stanton

    The union of the goy engineer with the Jew financier sounds like a marriage made in Hell.

    Having too much to do with the Jews and their capitalist/communist, democratic/dictatorial systems can surely drive you round the bend, like a few who comment around here. On the other hand, having absolutely nothing to do with it, like Kaminsky recommends, makes for a very hard life on the margins of society, and no influence in at least attempting to change things, a gratifying if thankless endeavour.

    1. @ CM & AS

      Let me work this backwards so as not to hear your explanation that conflats reality and save you both the trouble to explain with your usual brilliance but really more for Arch Stanton’s benefit. The Nobel Committee has awarded more than 20% of the total Nobel Prizes for Science and Mathmatics to Jews who are less than a quater of 1% of the worlds population. Only because the trustees are crypto jews and thats that, FIXED! You guys just cant stand it can you ? I will give you this though. Arnold Rothstein a jew did fix the 1919 World Series, Yes he did! 🙂

      1. @ SARD

        Thank you for the explanation. It appears that many on this site like FP lack the courage to truly engage. Chicken Shits!

      2. Ralan –

        This is no place for engaging in precise conversations or debates.

        Any meaningful expressions are subdued without proper tones and inflections and emphasis only a voice can accomplish.

        Some don’t have the time to fully express all they know. So, they just read and NEVER comment at all…. or just comment briefly and leave quickly.

        Some leave in frustration.

        We do what we can…

        I smile!! 🙂

      3. Did you just put a malware on that link troublemaker?
        Because, that would be a concrete reason to ban you; now I understand what you meant when you said would destroy the Darkmoon website.

  24. Flopot,

    No doubt intelligence agencies infiltrate all groups, especially extremist ones, and that is to be expected as they need to know what they’re planning. But to what extent they actually create them and lead them is questionable, although Lenin said if you’re going to do it you may as well lead them. And also to what extent do their agents remain so even when they get to the top of the organisations, or maybe set off on their own path? And should they still be seen as agents when they reach the top and wrest control of an organisation but decide to go against their former masters? This view can be extremely demoralising; its like the Jews control everything so no point even in trying, same as the intelligence agencies control everyone so why bother? And in a struggle, spreading defeatism and demoralising propaganda, even if seemingly realistic, is pernicious. And life itself is a struggle.

  25. @ Flopot, HP

    I would have thought that those staging such hoaxes would temporarily take away all the hand-phones of the crisis actors and only return them once they’re dispersing away from the site. In this case we have recordings of the victims, or crisis actors, after the event, but none during the event, neither by passersby or other witnesses. So this sets the conspiracy theorists going. Contrast that with the murder of the soldier on the street in London where the killer gave an interview to a passerby who recorded it all on the hand-phone, with the killer still holding the knife in his bloody hand. Now that was brave and again not something one would expect of a regular passerby. Imagine if it was you and that African ISIS operative gets up after chopping off the soldier’s head on the sidewalk and goes: “Yo, you, you over there, hang on a minute, I’ve got a statement to make”, and you’d just whip out your hand-phone and oblige. Yeah, sure.

    The Christchurch mosque video is quite strange. I didn’t watch it carefully or analyse it in detail as others have done but some parts are convincing, others not so. I wonder if people start to quickly edit these videos once they’re released and re-upload different edited versions to sow confusion or just serve some of their own agendas. It seems those carpets in the mosque have been scrubbed very clean, with little or no traces of a bloodbath having taken place there, from more recent images out on the Internet.

    So let’s say this was a staged hoax or false flag aimed at greater gun controls and censorship. Then why release the manifesto, as that will provoke retaliatory revenge attacks by muslims and copy cat attacks by anti-muslims? And then we’ll be here again claiming those are hoax attacks too and spending endless hours analysing them. And finally, have those pushing for gun controls worked out how many real or fake attacks have to be launched for them to achieve their ends and get the legislation passed, so that we can be done with it, or it’s just carry on shooting and let the pundits claim whatever.

    OK, PAT seems to have a reasonable answer – it’s all just good advertising for gun sales and we’ll never see the end of it. But then what’s the point of the one world government the Judeo-Masonic secret societies are pushing for, since then that most powerful military-industrial complex would be out of business?

    1. CM –

      “…since then that most powerful military-industrial complex would be out of business?”

      There will always be a need to put down the non-compliant freedom seekers and religious zealots.

      And NEW enemies will be invented… such as enemies from space. Or even under the seas.

      Since wars are inventions… banks & government agencies will have to land a first strike on Mars!! 🙂

      They definitely do not want a one-world currency…. since FOREX trading – volumes – are over $5TRILLION A DAY!!

      All on the internet…
      The forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world
      The US dollar makes up the majority of forex transactions
      The forex market’s deep liquidity is advantageous to traders by allowing them to enter and exit the market instantaneously

      1. Yes,I definitely thought introducing the Euro would severely restrict Forex trading; I mean they went down from many strong hard currencies on the European market to just a few, but still they did it. So why not repeat the same on the global market? They often do things that don’t make sense or add up.

        Even with this growing muslim presence in European countries that they tolerate and encourage, it is hard to predict how the whites will respond. I can definitely see more whites siding with the Jews and Israel, and not just the “end of days” Zio-Christians. If it gets really really bad I can see even myself demanding that the IDF man our borders as our own border guards are doing such a lousy job. God knows how all this will end.

      2. CM –

        The deadly destructive policies enacted in the Mideast are to demolish the centuries old infrastructures with various armies – with minimal cost to Syria – including the ones ‘Put-On’ provides. That will allow replacement of the outdated structures and equipment with 21st century tech capabilities and give them financial means and tools for business.

        One day, Syrian businessmen will have their own stock market for trading globally in Damascus. It has always used the London Exchange and Mumbai Exchange.

        China & Russia vie for contracts to upgrade Syria.

        China’s Bid To Assist Assad In Syrian Reconstruction Is About Security and Profit
        (May 2, 2018)

        Even as the West favors airstrikes against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and steers clear of supporting the president in rebuilding Syria, China has stated that it is interested in reconstructing the war-torn nation, and Chinese firms are lining up to become part of the process.

        The reconstruction cost is expected to amount to $250 billion, according to the United Nations.

        China’s motivations are apolitical, and are not aimed at opposing the policies of Western nations. Rather, China is propelled by economic and security reasons to take part in rebuilding Syria.

        Chinese firms interested in reconstruction include infrastructure construction companies such as China Energy Engineering Corporation and China Construction Fifth Engineering Division. In addition, a Syria Day Expo held in Beijing was attended last year by hundreds of Chinese infrastructure investment firms.
        At the First Trade Fair on Syrian Reconstruction Projects held last summer, officials pledged $2 billion for the reconstruction process. Chinese energy firms might have benefited as well, since before the Syrian war began, Syria’s main energy contracts were held with Western energy companies such as Shell and Total.

        However, Russia has been given EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to produce oil and gas in Syria.

        Syria’s Reconstruction GOLD RUSH!!

        General Director of the Exhibition Fares al-Kartally told AFP that the regime wanted the fair “to signal the start of reconstruction.”

        “Syria, official newspapers declared, is now “open for business.”

        The prospect of lucrative reconstruction deals has triggered a deluge of interest from governments and firms looking to profit from Syria’s devastation.

        The regime’s closest allies, Russia (‘Put-On’ winks and smiles) and Iran, have been the MOST prominent beneficiaries of the Syria reconstruction GOLD RUSH, with China not far behind.

        The Donald is likely looking at a ‘Tower’ & Casinos!! AND a stage for Miss Universe!! 🙂

    2. Mike, I think part of their plan is no plan at all. The natural propensity for conflicting first hand and second hand testimony, videos real and faked, general inclination of the public at large to deny anything less than the M$M or government reporting as conspiracy and even the public’s very own inherent religious and secular bias all mix together to create one of the psychopath’s favorite earthly atmospheres – CHAOS.
      You might even say it’s their middle name..

    3. @ Commentator Mike

      So let’s say this was a staged hoax or false flag aimed at greater gun controls and censorship. Then why release the manifesto, as that will provoke retaliatory revenge attacks by muslims and copy cat attacks by anti-muslims?

      Simple: Because terrorism is all about making some kind of a point, “real” terrorists generally proffer a manifesto which “explains” why they did what they did. A “real” terrorist is not going to die or go to prison for life – only to let the enemy (e.g. the corrupt state) control the narrative as to “why” they did what they did; that would be like robbing a bank and leaving the money by the door on the way out.

      The lack of a manifesto is one important line of reasoning suggesting that 9/11 was a false flag attack. Apparently our prolific false-flag/hoax planners have learned from that mistake and they now understand the need to present some type of manifesto. The problem they have, e.g. as in the instant case, is that a manifesto created by jews always gives itself away as a manifesto created by jews.

  26. @Ralan

    “I dont agree with the fed printing money”

    So you’re for the abolition of money and want us all to get a chip on our hand or forehead to use in all transactions? And I suppose you’ll get the chip on your shoulder instead of the hand or forehead when you go down to the bank for your installment operation? OK, I’m winding you up, but why do you take it so personally? We’re here discussing events and ideas. Following every muslim attack, nobody else here writes stuff like: “OMG, I’m a Christian, these muslims are out to get me, what am I going to do?” At least not in that panicky personal style of yours. Many may think that yes, the muslims hate us, want to convert or exterminate us, so let’s take it from there in a more cool headed fashion. So what if some people on certain websites hate Jews across the board? It’s not as if they represent the majority out there, and Jews are safeguarded even by so-many anti-semitic laws and are generally doing better than the goys, as your stats on Nobel prizes show. And the Gestapo won’t be knocking down your door anytime soon. So what’s the bother? It’s not as if you can get everyone to like you even if you may be good, collectively or individually. If anti-semitism is an irrational response then prove it by countering with facts, figures, and evidence instead of getting all defensive.

  27. Does it need to be a staged hoax? It can also be a spontaneous action, because the social environment has become an explosive mix. The clever actors behind the stage know that someone will crack sooner or later after nudging them to the tipping point. They then activate their plans and restrictions after the pretext has been supplied by one of our own.

    I ask myself sometimes is it worth the time and effort to analize every incident down to the last letter? It interests me more to see what was the political response after such an incident. In many cases this is more transparent than the details of the deed (often done by experts with methods we cannot match, let alone discover) which triggered the reaction.

    We in INDIA are enjoying it for the last thousand years
    Still we the majority of the population is HINDU

  29. Regarding “Flopot’s Wife”…

    I’m in self-imposed exile from Darkmoon at the moment, or rather I’m about to catch that flight (it keeps getting delayed); but before I embark let me just state that that woman is not my wife. My one-true-love ran off with a Palestinian exile who already had a family in Canada…something like that. It’s complicated. In summary: my background wasn’t romantic enough for the #[email protected]&%*. Fortunately it had no effect on me (the #[email protected]&%*) at the time nor no after-effects in the time after that (bloody #[email protected]&%*#[email protected]&%*!!!!!!!!!).

    And that was that regarding Flopot’s Wife. She was half-French anyway, so I should’ve known. Good-bye and that manifesto and video are as fake as “Flopot’s Wife”.

    #[email protected]&%*

    1. Congratulations Darkmoon team!!!
      The website is growing, getting more attention. As expected, now you are attracting trolls!
      Is it time to open a donation account, perhaps?

      Flopot don’t go away! I wouldn’t change you for Ralan or Circassian, a bad trade, besides, that’s exactly what they want.

  30. i think india is still hindu because the british kept the muslims out.. i read that somewhere…
    hindu’s are nothing like muslims.. i know because some parts of california i see are crawling with them…
    i deal with a lot of hindus.. no problem…
    unless you’re willing to call israel a larcenous little apartheid gangster state, then you’re still a zionist…
    yes, get over the holocaust…
    but they can’t do that, because it gives them the excuse to steal palestine…
    according to the author of ‘iron curtain over america’, john beaty, the world almanac states there were 15,300,000 jews in the world at the start of ww2, only 600,000 in germany… by 1945 there were 15,600,000 worldwide… so somehow the jews gained 300,000, even after having had 6,000,000 killed and burned up in the ovens…
    the 6,000,000 holohoax is a jewish media myth… what jew has the guts to speak the truth on that?
    well, i have know a couple…
    everybody tell the truth and we can all move forward…
    and the biblical claim to palestine as an excuse to steal some poor arab’s house is an insult to whatever good there might be in those religions…

    1. I have commented that I think the mosque shooting was real, i.e., that Tarrant did the deed, and that his motive was love of White people in the face of colored immigration into their lands. I stand by this interpretation. However there is a good argument to the contrary. Here it is:

      One in seven pedestrians seen in Tarrant’s video were dressed in RED.

      Why is this significant? In my opinion when false fkag events are done by state military intelligence the mainstream media will be employed to signify to friends that they did the deed. Example: in 9-11 the Dancing Israelis, who were Jews dressed as Arabs who were celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers, was briefly an item of mainstream news — and the purpose was to tell friends that Jews did the deed and it would be blamed on Arabs. I could cite other examples of the mainstream news being employed in this way.

      Now then, where I live (San Francisco) seeing 2 of 7 people dressed in red would be highly improbable — like one in a million.

      Thus people dressed in red might signify that Communists did the shooting for political reasons.

      That said, I still think the shooting was probably an act of White loyalty.

  31. I have changed my mind about the improbability of the two encounters of people dressed in red that Tarrant had during his 17 minute video, in which 9 pedestrians were encountered. I just took a 5 block walk to a Walgreens store in San Francisco, where I encountered 89 pedestrians, of which 7 were dressed in a red shirt or jacket. I conclude that the 2 out of 9 pedestrians dressed in red that Tarrant encountered in the course of his video is not so improbable as to matter.

    At 3 minutes into the video Tarrant pulls his car to the side of the road, and there he seems to be waiting for something for slightly more than a full minute; and it is toward the end of this period while he sits in his motionless car that a person wearing a red jacket walks down a sidewalk past him. But I don’t think this is significant. I think what Tarrant is doing during this minute when his car is motionless along the side of the road is transferring the two rifles and a shotgun from the front part of the car to the rear, where he can quickly get to them when he parks near the mosque.

    In conclusion, I don’t think there are any suspicious aspects to the video.

  32. My considered opinion of Tarrant is that he is a hero, and none of us is his equal.

  33. ALERT!!

    This looks like the FIRST STEP to single out those who hold theories contrary to Mainstream Media & Governments’ official reports, even if the reports are unproven. This could lead to incarcerations.

    Was this the purpose of Alex Jones all along?

    Alex Jones blames ‘like a form of psychosis’ for Sandy Hook hoax claim

    Alex Jones, Under Pressure of Lawsuits, Backs Away from Prior Claim that School Shootings Were Staged!!

    Alex Jones faces multiple lawsuits from families of students and educators who were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. Jones, who previously claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, told lawyers in his deposition that he “almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged.”

    In his defense, Jones gave examples of false-flag events, thereby illustrating that staged events are real and that they have been used to achieve political goals. It remains to be seen whether questioning the reality of crisis events that favor political agendas will be classified as mental illness.

    Wolfgang Halbig, who has investigated the Sandy Hook shooting for a number of years, also is named in the lawsuit. It is not yet known if he will claim psychosis or pursue discovery in the Sandy Hook case to get answers to the many unanswered questions relating to the shooting. -GEG

    Chicago Tribune:

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