The Impeachment Pantomime

The political theatrics that begin Wednesday raise several questions. For starters, will Joe Biden be investigated for mounting evidence of corruption? And why is the corporate media turning the CIA “whistleblower” into a phantom in plain sight?

By Patrick Lawrence
ICH, November 13, 2019

Now that “Russiagate” has failed and “Ukrainegate” neatly takes its place, many questions arise. Will the Democratic Party, this time in open collusion with the intelligence apparatus, succeed in its second attempt to depose President Donald Trump in what might fairly be called a bloodless coup?

Whatever the outcome of the thus-far-farcical impeachment probe, which is to be conducted publicly as of Wednesday, did the president use his office to pressure Ukraine in behalf of his own personal and political interests? Did Trump, in his fateful telephone conversation last July 25 with Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, put U.S. national security at risk, as is alleged?

All good questions. Here is another: Will Joe Biden, at present the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, get away with what is almost certain to prove his gross corruption and gross abuse of office when he carried the Ukraine portfolio while serving as vice president under Barack Obama?

Corollary line of inquiry: Will the corporate media, The New York Times in the lead, get away with self-censoring what is now irrefutable evidence of the impeachment probe’s various frauds and corruptions? Ditto in the Biden case: Can the Times and the media that faithfully follow its lead continue to disregard accumulating circumstantial evidence of Biden’s guilt as he appears to have acted in the interest of his son Hunter while the latter sat on the board of one of Ukraine’s largest privately held natural gas producers?

Innuendo & Interference 

It is not difficult to imagine that Trump presented Zelensky with his famous quid pro quo when they spoke last summer: Open an investigation into Biden père et fils and I will release $391 million in military aid and invite you to the White House. Trump seems to be no stranger to abuses of power of this sort. But the impeachment probe has swiftly run up against the same problem that sank the good ship Russiagate: It has produced no evidence. Innuendo and inference, yes. Various syllogisms, yes. But no evidence.

There is none in the transcript of the telephone exchange. Zelensky has flatly stated that there was no quid pro quo.

The witnesses so far called to testify have had little to offer other than their personal opinions, even if Capitol Hill Democrats pretend these testimonies are prima facie damning. And the witnesses are to one or another degree of questionable motives: To a one, they appear to be Russophobes who favor military aid to Ukraine; to a one they are turf-conscious careerists who think they set U.S. foreign policy and resent the president for intruding upon them. It is increasingly evident that Trump’s true offense is proposing to renovate a foreign policy framework that has been more or less untouched for 75 years (and is in dire need of renovation).

Ten days ago Real Clear Investigations suggested that the “whistleblower” whose “complaint” last August set the impeachment probe in motion was in all likelihood a CIA agent named Eric Ciaramella. And who is Eric Ciaramella? It turns out he is a young but seasoned Democratic Party apparatchik conducting his spookery on American soil.

Ciaramella has previously worked with Joe Biden during the latter’s days as veep; with Susan Rice, Obama’s recklessly hawkish national security adviser; with John Brennan, a key architect of the Russiagate edifice; as well as with Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-born Democratic National Committee official charged during the 2016 campaign season with digging up dirt on none other than candidate Donald Trump.

For good measure, Paul Sperry’s perspicacious reporting in Real Clear Investigations reveals that Ciaramella conferred with the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Democrat leading the impeachment process, a month prior to filing his “complaint” to the CIA’s inspector general.

This information comes after Schiff stated on the record that the staff of the House Intelligence Committee, which he heads, had no contact with the whistleblower. Schiff has since acknowledged the Ciaramella connection.

Phantom in Plain Sight

No wonder no one in Washington will name this phantom in plain sight. The impeachment probe starts to take on a certain reek. It starts to look as if contempt for Trump takes precedence over democratic process — a dangerous priority. Sperry quotes Fred Fleitz, a former National Security Council official, thus: “Everyone knows who he is. CNN knows. The Washington Post knows. The New York Times knows. Congress knows. The White house knows…. They’re hiding him because of his political bias.”

Here we come to another question. If everyone knows the whistleblower’s identity, why have the corporate media declined to name him? There can be but one answer to this question: If Ciaramella’s identity were publicized and his professional record exposed, the Ukrainegate narrative would instantly collapse into a second-rate vaudeville act — farce by any other name, although “hoax” might do, even if Trump has made the term his own.

There is another half to this burlesque. While Schiff and his House colleagues chicken-scratch for something, anything that may justify a formal impeachment, a clear, documented record emerges of Joe Biden’s official interventions in Ukraine in behalf of Burisma Holdings, the gas company that named Hunter Biden to its board in March 2014 — a month, it is worth noting, after the U.S.–cultivated coup in Kiev.

There is no thought of scrutinizing Biden’s activities by way of an official inquiry. In its way, this, too, reflects upon the pantomime of the impeachment probe. Are there sufficient grounds to open an investigation? Emphatically there are. Two reports published last week make this plain by any reasonable measure.


John Solomon, a singularly competent follower of Russiagate and Ukrainegate, published a report last Monday exposing Hunter Biden’s extensive contacts with the Obama State Department in the early months of 2016. Two developments were pending at the time. They lie at the heart of what we may well call “Burismagate.”

One, the Obama administration had committed to providing Ukraine with $1 billion in loan guarantees. In a December 2015 address to the Rada, Ukraine’s legislature, V–P Biden withheld an apparently planned announcement of the credit facility.

Two, coincident with Hunter Biden’s numerous conferences at the State Department, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, was swiftly advancing a corruption investigation into Burisma’s oligarchic owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was by early 2016 living in exile. Just prior to Biden’s spate of visits to Foggy Bottom, Shokin had confiscated several of Zlochevsky’s properties—a clear sign that he was closing in. Joe Biden wanted Shokin fired. He is, of course, famously on the record  boasting of his threat [starts at 52.00 in video below]to withhold the loan guarantee as a means to getting this done. Shokin was in short order dismissed, and the loan guarantee went through.

Solomon documents his report with memos he obtained via the Freedom of Information Act earlier this year. These add significantly to the picture. “Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm colleagues had multiple contacts with the Obama State Department during the 2016 election cycle,” he writes, “including one just a month before Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s company for corruption.”

Last Tuesday, a day after Solomon published his report, Moon of Alabama, the much-followed web publication, posted a granularly researched and well-sourced  timeline of the events surrounding Shokin’s dismissal at Vice President Biden’s request. This is the most complete chronology of the Burismagate story yet available.

In an ethical judicial system, it or something like it would now sit on a prosecutor’s desk. There is no suggestion in the Moon of Alabama’s timeline that Shokin had shelved his investigation into Burisma by the time Biden exerted pressure to get him sacked, as Biden’s defenders assert. Just the opposite appears to be the true case: The timeline indicates Shokin was about to pounce. Indeed Shokin said so under oath in an Austrian court case, testifying that he was fired because of Biden’s pressure not to conduct the probe.

It is important to note that there is no conclusive evidence that Joe Biden misused his office in behalf of his son’s business interests simply because there has been no investigation. Given what is beginning to emerge, however, the need for one can no longer be in doubt. Can Democrats and the media obscure indefinitely what now amounts to very strong circumstantial evidence against Biden?

We live in a time when the corporate media make as much effort to hide information as they do to report it. But as in the case of Ciaramella’s identity, it is unlikely these myriad omissions can be sustained indefinitely — especially if Biden wins the Democratic nomination next year. Forecast: If only because of Burismagate, Joe Biden will never be president.

As everyone in Washington seems to understand, it is highly unlikely Trump will be ousted via an impeachment trial: The Republican-controlled Senate can be counted on to keep him in office. Whatever Trump got up to with Zelensky, there is little chance it will prove sufficient to drive him from office. As to the charge that Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian president threatened national security, let us allow this old chestnut to speak for itself.

Price of Irresponsible Theatrics

This leaves us to reckon the price our troubled republic will pay for months of irresponsible theatrics that are more or less preordained to lead nowhere.

More questions. What damage will the Democrats have done when Ukrainegate draws to a close (assuming it does at some point)? What harm has come to U.S. political institutions, governing bodies, judiciary and media? The corporate press has been profligately careless of its already questionable credibility during the years of Russiagate and now Ukrainegate. Can anyone argue there is no lasting price to pay for this?

More urgently, what do the past three years of incessant efforts to unseat a president tell us about the power of unelected constituencies? The CIA is now openly operating on American soil in clear breach of its charter and U.S. law. There is absolutely no way this can be questioned. We must now contemplate the frightening similarities Russiagate and Ukrainegate share with the agency’s classic coup operations abroad: Commandeering the media, stirring discontent with the leadership, pumping up the opposition, waving false flags, incessant disinformation campaigns: Maybe it was fated that what America has been doing abroad the whole of the postwar era would eventually come home.

What, at last, must we conclude about the ability of any president (of any stripe) to effect authentic change when our administrative state — “deep,” if you like — opposes it?

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  1. It would be immeasurably more accurate, if that cartoon of the ‘SALEM Witch Trial” was replaced with one of ‘The JeruSALEM Sanhedrin Trial’
    – with Grand Rabbi/Inquisitor Schiff, instead of that Puritan hat, donning the mother of all Black Beanies (‘propeller’ optional)

  2. Roundabout sedition is being exercised by Adam Schiff and company. This will become more apparent as the impropriety of this “witch hunt” manifests.

  3. Ukraine minister undercuts Taylor’s ‘bombshell’ impeachment hearing testimony

    After reporting Thursday morning that the “bombshell” that came out of Wednesday public impeachment hearings was that acting Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. was told by someone that he overheard a call between President Donald Trump and U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland in which Trump asked Sondland about “the investigations,” the legacy media went strangely silent on impeachment coverage.

    Instead, CNN focused on a media-created spat between Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway and her #NeverTrump husband George, who had appeared on MSNBC during the televised impeachment hearings to blast Trump. For Wolf Blitzer, the news was that George didn’t like Trump, how could Kellyanne?

    Nevermind that second- and third-hand information – which is all the two star witnesses had to offer on Wednesday – is inadmissible as evidence, it seems that some of Taylor’s testimony that Trump was soliciting something from Ukraine’s president is… in error.

    The MSM #NeverTrump talkers likely haven’t told you that….
    …Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that U.S. ambassador Gordon Sondland did not explicitly link military aid to Kiev with opening an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.
    AND Prystaiko stated that, “Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigations. You should ask (Sondland).”

    This completely undercuts Taylor’s hearsay testimony!

    There will be a cry-baby, fired by Trump, testifying today. 🙂

  4. The silver lining inside the evil dark Leftist neurotic-psychotic collective cloud is the focusing of the bulk of their time, energy and shenanigans on destroying Trump and Trump alone. Thus (quantamly) eliminating a miasma of devilish legislation of the third kind from even occurring. And they said it couldn’t be done! Or did they

    Still, I predict Benedict Brennan fought the Trump, and the Trump won.
    And then it’s on to Medusa versus Perseus, II
    #I was a real hoot! #II should be even more fun!

    P.S. I can still see TWITTER stamped on that sword..

    1. lol, yes, quantumly.
      As in, twas another time and place, both far far away, when and where I won those two spelling bees.
      Believe it or not..

    1. The Impeachment hearings are constitutional checks and balances. President Trump has breached public trust. He has violated the following United States Codes: 52 USC 30121 _ 18 usc 372_ 18 U.S.C 607.

      I am an African American. The judicial system in America doesn’t allow black people to break the law. Black people in America must live by every letter of the law, and so should president Trump.

      1. Tina –

        “He has violated the following United States Codes: 52 USC 30121 _ 18 usc 372_ 18 U.S.C 607.”

        Be factual here. 🙂

        NO witnesses have come forward to testify to your claims.

        AND – The black man – Jussie Smollett – broke several laws, even committed fraud, but the Chicago prosecutor would not bring charges against him.

        The mayor and police are incredulous!

        Jussie Smollett case: special prosecutor to investigate why charges were dropped!

      2. I wouldn’t even bother responding to her, Pat. She’s just another black consumed by “identity politics”. She’s too stupid to know she’s a COMMUNIST…

      3. Tina –

        Filmmaker Joel Gilbert uncovers the true story of the shooting of Trayvon Martin that divided America on racial lines.

        Gilbert shows how the case was fabricated around Trayvon’s final phone with his girlfriend, Diamond Eugene, that falsely portrayed the shooting as a racial attack. Evidence points to Trayvon as the aggressor. The real Diamond Eugene, who was 16 at the time, never testified at Zimmerman’s trial, but Rachel Jeantel was substituted in her place as a fake witness. Gilbert says that the false narrative was used to inflame black voters into re-electing Obama in 2012. He says it also ignited radial discord that is harming the black community today, with a 33% increase in homicides.

        Filmmaker Joel Gilbert shows how Trayvon Martin’s family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, recorded a conversation with Diamond Eugene, Trayvon’s girlfriend who was on the phone with the youth in the last moments of his life. Gilbert said that Diamond’s recorded statement with attorney Crump essentially consisted of her simply agreeing with the lawyer, who was following a racial agenda. The recording ignited the public, swayed President Obama, gained support from LeBron James and the NBA, and ultimately provoked the nation’s media to demand Zimmerman’s arrest.

        Diamond Eugene, who was being coerced by Travon’s family, friends, and attorney, disappeared!!
        She never testified at Trayvon’s trial, instead, Rachel Jeantel, who claimed to be Diamond at the trial, was an impersonated Diamond.

        The Trayvon Hoax, on Vimeo:

  5. Just so you know: I am a black female.

    President Trump is guilty. He violated the United States Codes: 52 U.S.C. 30121 – Contributions and donations by foreign nationals. President Trump solicited a favor from the Ukraine President. _18 U.S.C. 607 – Place of solicitation. The President’s location while requesting the solicitation.
    18 U.S.C 372 – Conspiracy to impede or injure officer. President Trump’s actions against the ambassador.

    I have nothing against President Donald Trump. However, from what I have witnessed thus far, he is guilty. If the Senators fail to convict President Trump because of party politics, and Pete Buttigieg is on the ballot, I’m voting for President Trump.

    1. Tina J –

      “However, from what I have witnessed thus far, he is guilty.”

      All you have is hearsay – not admissible in an actual court…. but will be allowed in the kangaroo court in the US HOUSE! 🙂

      Adam Schiff is still trying to find an ACTUAL witness to any crime committed by Trump! Schiff has been adjusting the sails every 5 minutes, as he is trying to set a course to phish out an ACTUAL WITNESS to a crime committed by Trump!!

      There is a special Saturday secret meeting with an OMB official in the dungeon in the basement of the US Capitol…. going on right now! 💥 The three “witnesses” called into the public circus this week – SAID – they were not witnesses to any crimes. 🙂

      1. To be clear: I do not hate Donald Trump. I will vote for President Donald Trump if Pete Buttigieg is on the democratic ticket. I don’t agree with the mayor’s definition of marriage.

        Donald Trumps “Perfect Letter” is evidence of election fraud. 52 USC 30121, 18 US 372 Conspiracy to impede or injure officer: Maria Yavanovitch smear campaign/tweet during hearing

        Mich Mulvaney is President Trump’s Achilles Heel. Mick Mulvaney, the director of Office of Management Budget/ Chief of staff, knows the precise procedures necessary to stop payment on the Military foreign aid to Ukraine. President Trump should just resign.

      2. Tina –
        You wrote:
        “Donald Trumps “Perfect Letter” is evidence of election fraud. 52 USC 30121, 18 US 372 Conspiracy to impede or injure officer: Maria Yavanovitch smear campaign/tweet during hearing.”

        That would never stand up in a Court of Law… just an opinion only… which is why the HOUSE proceedings do not qualify as any type of court. Schiff makes up the rules as he goes along. He doesn’t even obey the written ‘Committee Rules’ ! 🙂

    2. Watch my links and recommended additional material and i’m sure trump will appeal to Tina J even more so. Trump may be crooked but the Deep State of Hillary, Joe Biden and family, CIA and FBI directors are even more soo…
      Read comment further down.

  6. All right, as Jack Nicholson said in that movie, where he played a general, being questioned by Tom Cruise, ” The truth, You Can’t handle the Truth”. So I am going to recommend to all of you two websites /youtube channels that either go into Trump’s supposed strategy or explain Ukrainegate/Spygate. They are: and
    The Blaze TV Free section or Glenn Beck subscribe … and

    Have only mentioned these 3 links, but checkout Glenn Beck’s other videos on Ukrainegate: Democracy dies in Darkness, Ukraine – Democrats Russia and Democrats Hydra. Hope you all have the time!

  7. “I am an African American. The judicial system in America doesn’t allow black people to break the law. Black people in America must live by every letter of the law, and so should president Trump.”
    We all saw what happened with the Jesse Smollet case TINA, a black DA doing her best to let a black celebrity off the hook, because they were both black…
    The problem is the people running America do allow black people to break the law, and because of the lawlessness they’re living in fear of and killing each other constantly in big Dem (party of slavery) cities all across the land…
    It wouldn’t have to be that way either, the state could make the appropriate response…
    but after a while it starts looking like the people in charge want the blacks to kill each other…

    We’re not 100% happy with The Donald either, but you’re quite right – there’s nobody better to look at….

    1. Barkingdeer

      We the people of the United States have the power to stop gun violence in African American communities. The US Constitution prevents our legislatures from dealing with the issue of gun violence.

      I agree with President Donald Trump, violent entertainment is the root cause of violence in the black communities. Violent entertainment has the same impact on our behavior as pornography. Pornography motivates masturbation, and violent entertainment causes violent behaviors.

      I wonder how many youth engage in violent entertainment?

      Boycott violent entertainment, and throw a vote towards President Donald Trump.

      1. Tina,

        Bravo! Your comment makes a lot of sense. As a matter of interest, are you a Christian by any chance? Your concern about the effects of pornography and violence in entertainment on the behavior of the population in general would seem to indicate this.

        You are aware of course that Jews are primarily behind this demoralization of the public by their ownership of the media and of Hollywood. Do you personally hold the Jews responsible for two other things: (a) the sexual corruption of young blacks by exposing them to interracial porn which in turn fuels black-on-white rapes? (b) Do you hold the Jews responsible for the slave trade?

        Just wondering…

  8. Copied from The Gateway Pundit.

    TheMOSTvettedPrezinHistory says:
    Game Plan to eliminate Trump

    Plan A. Collude with Hillary, GPS and the Russians to win the election.
    Plan B. Sway the Electoral College votes
    Plan C. Overturn the Election results with recounts. (Recounts were abandoned when they resulted in more votes for Trump and exposing democrat voter fraud)
    Plan D. Nullify the election by framing Trump with Russian collusion
    Plan E. Have the Deep State take Trump out using the 25th Amendment
    Plan F. Impeach Trump for firing Comey
    Plan G. Impeach Trump for Campaign Finance violations
    Plan H. Push Back: “If you see anybody from that cabinet…..get in their face”
    Plan I. Impeach Trump for Obstruction of Justice
    Plan J. Demonize Trump’s S.C. Justice nominee
    Plan K. Impeach Trump for Money Laundering
    Plan L. Impeach Trump for Treason
    Plan M. Impeach Trump for revoking security clearances of people no longer in the government.
    Plan N. Obstruct everything Trump attempts to do in congress
    Plan O. Impeach Trump for violation of the Emoluments Clause
    Plan P. Throw tantrum over Trump’s tax returns we will never see
    Plan Q. Give sixteen year olds the vote
    Plan R. Eliminate the Electoral College
    Plan S. Let imprisoned convicts vote
    plan T. Use pictures of illegal alien children caged by 0bama and blame Trump
    Plan U. Mueller Report findings….
    Plan V. Mueller’s 9 minute summary of Weismann’s 400 pg op-ed
    Plan W. Impeach Trump for “racist” Tweet “if you don’t like it here, go home”
    Plan X. Mueller’s testimony before Congress🤣😂🤣
    Plan Y. Moscow Trump Tower
    Plan Z. Tie Bill’s buddy Epstein to Trump
    Plan AA. Exclude Trump from Kaliforia’s Primary Ballot
    Plan AB. Convince voters we are headed into a recession
    Plan AC. Recruit Establishment Never-Trumpers to run against him
    Plan AD. Dox Trump supporters
    Plan AE. Conspire with Silicon Valley to shut down any and all Conservatives
    Plan AF. Change the whistle blower rules so literally anyone can fabricate a fake story based on hearsay
    Plan AG. Change the House Rules on Impeachment as needed
    Plan AH. Impeach Trump for pulling out of Syria after the Stated Mission of eradicating ISIS was successfully concluded
    Plan AI. Impeach Trump for not informing leak prone democrats before taking out the ISIS leader and his successor
    Plan AJ. Accuse Trump of a cover-up because the Trump/Zelenskiy transcript was stored on a secure system Wait, what?
    Plan AK. Impeach Trump for Quid Pro Quo
    no wait, make that Bribery,
    no wait, make that Extortion,
    no wait, make that intimidating tweets
    Plan AL. Since Dems know they can’t impeach, have a meaningless show trial to keep the word “impeachment” in the news. And coach the witnesses on their hearsay evidence.

    The whole game plan is scratched out because it has not worked!

  9. As things are evolving, I suspect the PTB are going to the last stage of this sh*t show, and actually impeach Trump. They can impeach him even with an unpaid parking ticket as excuse. This “democratic” procedure was tried in the banana republic of Brazil, in 2016. The all-powerful Marxist female president Dilma Rousseff was ousted in an impressive, unstoppable, crescendo process. It took less than 9 months. Unfortunately, all Republics seem to be banana Republics by now.

    DABDA – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. In this present moment Trump supports are in denial and anger.

    What is (((their))) motive? Trump is an electoral phenomenon but, apparently, not obedient enough, he hesitates too much. To give an order, to bush a button or to pull the trigger are hard things for a normal person (a person with a soul) to do. If it’s your first time, to kill your lamb and put it in the freezer is something hard to do, nevertheless, it’s only the simple act of pulling the trigger in the back of her neck. Some people just can’t do it.

    The Demonrats are so stupid, illogical and emotional, that they are swapping Trump for Pence, a bad trade that’s for sure. 🙁

    What about civil war? There will be no civil war, all things are going to be normalized “democratically”, with the help of (((their))) propaganda machine after all, conservatives still have Pence.

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