The Invention of Madmen

and the making of the new population

John Kaminski
8 December 2019

New standards of behavior will be required to participate in the new electronic society that will squeeze all those who think improperly into oblivion.

Central to this death sentence for much of humanity is the revised Jewish history of the world which tells you little about what actually happened but outfits you with the proper information about why you should be happy to live your life for the respected leaders of your beloved country, a platitude which everyone is forced to accept but no one believes.

The stupid neither forgive nor forget;
the naive forgive and forget;
the wise forgive but do not forget.
— Thomas Szasz

To put it bluntly — you are not making your own choices. They are put into your head electronically and you don’t realize it. Principally by TV, now more so from the Internet. Because we have all accepted the opinions of experts, there has been a tremendous shrinkage in what people can understand. They teach that vaccines and homosexuality are good for you; guns and freedom of speech are bad. People definitely cannot fend for themselves, and the forces that drive them toward their infantile ineptitude are anything but altruistic.

Through their control of complex technological devices, humans think they are smarter than they have ever been, but the opposite is true. All knowledge is now parked in an electronic box and all questions are answered by a worldwide data base, but how will you survive if suddenly the box doesn’t work? Short answer? You won’t.

No one can survive anymore without their technological devices, so should there be long lasting power outages, suicides will skyrocket.

You thought quitting smoking was hard. Wait til you try ditching your phone. Or worse — when they take it from you. As it already is in China, one day soon that will be your death sentence.

There is no more egalitarian democratically elected Congress; there are now only disguised CIA agents and other Jews masquerading as ordinary Americans but really working for the demented bankers who control the world and determine who winds up in which offices — and who winds up dead.

Most truly relevant information about our history has been twisted into fairy tales that benefit the very rich, the manipulators of society, and cover up the crimes they have committed. Only their prescribed programming has gotten through; the real information has either been warped, hidden or locked away in the basements of the Vatican and the Smithsonian.

People who have tried to tell the truth have been excluded from most mainstream versions of history, and their works have been assiduously erased. Many of these truthtellers have been murdered. In fact this is a regular and common occurrence among bankers, microbiologists, oncology doctors and those who try to tell the public about their government’s criminal activity.

This process happening today is not unlike the early Christian church viciously wiping out all other religions to control the way people thought, and claiming for itself ownership of the whole world during those memorable times Christians created after the fall of Rome that is now known as the Dark Ages.

And this rancid push by Democrats to open the borders and ruin America’s systems is a carbon copy of what the Republicans did at the close of the War Between the States when they registered all the blacks they supposedly freed from Confederate tyranny into the Republican party.

Today it’s Amazon, Google and Facebook eliminating all material the Jews don’t like as a way of controlling the minds of all the people in the world who, but for the Jews, would be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Instead we have a Jewish controlled police state staging fake acts of terror and real murders when necessary to convince the populace the guiding wisdom of their SWAT teams will rid us of all those trying to undermine their rancid Deep State version of paradise.

Inventing new people

Most rational people realize there are only two genders. Most rational people like it that way. Languages throughout history have verified this classification by attaching masculine and feminine suffixes to most nouns.

How new personality types are invented and then authenticated by false processes and fake professionals are what has legalized homosexuality as healthy behavior — which it is not! — and what has devastated the white birth rate.

This is precisely why our artificial reality isn’t real.

But the really bad news for the human future is LGBT being accepted as normal behavior rather than the behavioral illness it genuinely is, as proven by the absence of homosexuality in almost all other species.

For one thing, this disgusting development guarantees that the church is really dead, an ugly fact which is emphasized by the acceptance by many Christian denominations of homosexuality, which by all objective measurements is a perversion of normal healthy behavior and has been regarded as such for many centuries.

And then there is “the church” itself, which has abjectly failed in its mission to bring morality to the world. Instead it has only brought sectarian slaughter, priestly bestiality and systemic corruption.

The acronym from hell

They’re calling it an initialism. Don’t try to pronounce it.

(lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, transsexual,
queer, questioning, intersex,
asexual, ally, pansexual)

Some say the final P stands for pedophilia. Nothing yet about interspecies sex, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

Psychiatric professionals prefer this system because it greatly expands their profitable area of imaginary expertise. That psychotherapy essentially puts you under the control of a Jewish psychiatrist is something scrupulously to be avoided.

The false construction of people’s personalities benefits the controllers of our society, which is seldom a good thing (you only need to look at the 20th century Chinese history and the erasure of individual personalities).

The concept of freedom has never won any of the great historical arguments, and it is certainly not winning now, with all the news on TV fake and all the politicians plastic, and bought by the worldwide Jewish money machine.

Perhaps the goal of the Frankfurt School was to eliminate all authentic human beings from the planet, a goal which may well have already been accomplished.

Because of the Jews’ overwhelming control of worldwide media, the populations of most countries are blind to their own actual histories.

So you wonder what they’re shaping us into?

Just look at the streets of Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles if you wish to observe what the American philosophy has produced thus far.

The maverick psychologist Thomas Szasz identified the process of creating artificial personalities in his landmark book The Myth of Mental Illness (1961), which Google describes as “the landmark book that argued that psychiatry consistently expands its definition of mental illness to impose its authority over moral and cultural conflict.”

The Psychiatric Authentication
of Impersonated Roles as Genuine

Is the Left now made up newly created personality types, created for the purpose of maximizing their afflictions to make them eager to join tasks somewhere beyond the level of legal that conform to the new standards of behavior that will be required to participate in the new electronic society which will squeeze all those who think improperly into oblivion.

Thomas Szasz wrote:

. . . . in all cases of so-called mental illness—psychiatrists actually confirm the patient’s self-definition as ill and so help to shape his illness. This psychiatric authentication and legitimization of the sick role for those who claim to be ill, or about whom others make such claims, has the most profound implications for the whole field of psychiatry, and beyond it, for all of society.

When physicians and psychiatrists began to treat those who impersonated the sick role as genuinely ill patients, they acted much as an audience would if it treated Raymond Massey or Ralph Bellamy as Presidents of the United States. (Massey and Bellamy were famous actors of the 1940s who both played U.S. presidents on film.)

This sort of feedback to the actor means not only that he can no longer rely on his audience for a corrective definition of reality and his own identity in it, but also that, because of the audience’s response, he must doubt his own perceptions about who he really is.

In this way, he is encouraged to acquiesce in the role which in part he wants to play, and which his audience wants him to play. While actors are sophisticated about the risks of typecasting, persons playing on the metaphorical stage of real life are usually quite unsuspecting of this danger.

Hence, few persons who launch themselves on a career of impersonating the sick role reckon with the danger of being authenticated in this role by their families and by the medical profession. On the contrary, they usually expect that their impersonated roles will be opposed or rejected by their audience.

They pretended to be sick, but were shocked when doctors agreed with them.

Just as swindlers expect skepticism and opposition from their intended victims, so malingerers have traditionally expected skepticism and opposition from physicians.

However, as on the stage so also in real life, an audience’s resistance to an actor’s impersonated role is strongest when the play is first put on stage. After a run of initial performances, the actor is either accepted in his role— and the play goes on for a longer run; or he is rejected in it — and the play closes down. Moreover, the longer the actor plays his role, the less will his critics and audience scrutinize his performance: he is now “in.”

This is a familiar process in many phases of life. For example, if a student does well early in his courses and becomes defined as a good student, his teachers will scrutinize his subsequent performance much less closely-than they will that of a bad student. In the same way, actors, athletes, financiers, and others of proven ability tend to be much more immune to criticism than those who are not yet so accepted.

The distinction between genuine and impersonated roles may be described in still another way, by making use of the concepts of instrumental and institutional groups and the criteria for membership in them.” Instrumental groups are based on shared skills. Membership in them, say in a Davis Cup team, implies that the person possesses a special skill. We consider this role genuine because such a person really knows how to play tennis. Institutional groups, on the other hand, are based on kinship, status, and other nonfunctional criteria.

Membership in a family, say in a royal family, is an example. When the king dies, the crown prince becomes the new king. This transformation from non-king to king requires no new knowledge or skills; it requires only being the son of a dead king.

Impersonation may be summed up in one sentence; it is a strategy of behavior based on the model of hereditary monarchies. Implicit in this strategy is a deep-seated belief that instrumental skills are unimportant. All that is needed to succeed in the game of life is to “play a role” and gain social approval for it. Parents often hold up this model for their children to follow. When they do follow it, they soon end up with an empty life.

When the child or young adult then tries to fill the void, his efforts to do so are often labeled as some form of “mental illness.” However, being mentally ill or psychotic—or killing someone else or himself—may be the only games left for such a person to play.

— Excerpted from The Myth of Mental Illness, pp. 244-245

LD:  It’s worth noting that Thomas Szasz, whom John Kaminski rightly quotes with approval, is a Hungarian Jew. I have read two of Szasz’s books and was deeply impressed by their originality and wisdom. Szasz is the very opposite of that Jewish charlatan Sigmund Freud whose works, I regret to say, are still widely acclaimed. [LD]   

Simple answers

This is who we’re dealing with — fake people, whose contrived identities are verified by warped psychological professionals. From this regrettable point, there is no way back to either healthy behavior or common sense.

And as the shadow of a world overrun by the Third World is expanded by smug billionaires and its inhabitants are kept in happy places with drugs and food, as Huxley predicted, humans’ world society careens toward its doom.

You have to be mad to think that the U.S. is a force for good in the world. As the human species is rapidly being put to sleep by those who can create money out of nothing, the future is making us all numb to the truth of our situation being manipulated slaves of the Jews.

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  1. is it possible that John didn’t have Deuteronomy 28 explained in the third grade….?

    FACT : No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo
    No “Jews” in the Old Testament

    The story of the Children of Israel, in the Bible, is not a story about
    Gog & Magog “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism….seriously.

    Truth is no one has to FEAR the fiery furnace of truth….at all
    but the workers of iniquity lack a conscience, and any concern
    for the victims of their ….BAD FAITH ….{{{RELIGION}}}

    that is why {{{JEWTOPIA}}} awaits the workers of iniquity,
    highlighted by Greg @ careandwashingofthebrain

    no one on Earth HAS to believe lies…

    or fixate on whirled peas….just fixate on
    eternal Justice for the workers of iniquity

  2. Karma is catching up. Reap what you Sow. Nobody can escape from Karma. Whether you are Jew or Goyim. Whether you believe in Karma or not. But the wheel always turns full circle.

    1. The wheel turns or spins – if balanced. If this balance is disturbed it will destroy itself naturally – sooner or later.

  3. Most of you guys had your enlightening moment long time ago. I took the red pill in 2008, and I did have a crisis, a panic attack. The red pill is hard to digest, some will never take it. I thought (((they))) were every corner but they don’t, they occupy high places in this world, places where a normal guy like me have no access. A psychiatrist tried to poison me with a drug called Zyprexa, this drug creates a state of autism, a doped person. After two or three days of “treatment” I rejected it, I had to take care of myself alone, that’s what I did. I’m thankful for my family, especially because they didn’t call the police on me. Some crazies are not violent.

    It seems we are dealing in this article with another Jewish charlatan, Sigmund – everyone wants to have sex with his own mother – Freud. Some say his wicked conclusions come from the fact most of his patients were Jews. Psychiatry is a corrupt upside down “science,” they invented disease where there was none. Kids are being poisoned with Ritalin because they are hipper active, seriously? Kids are always hipper active, when healthy. On the other hand we have the SO healthy LGBTs. It’s SO healthy to change your sex surgically. For these poor souls I have bad news: you cannot change sex surgically because your sex is defined in your DNA!

    The hormone treatment is another huge hypocrisy, that’s how leftists behave. It’s Ok to give the wrong hormone to kids, progesterone to males and testosterone to females, but it’s SO wrong to give them the right hormone to enhance the biological sex, in case of any doubt. I know, I must be a NHADZEE. “How dare you propose such thing you Nhadzee!”

    1. In Nature one will always find remedies for ALL health/mental or any other problems including the red pill. For FREE or at the cost of a few seeds, soil, water and some added labor and time – which has now already been branded illegal alternative terrorism that threatens the authority of the all encompassing money spinning world.
      Thanks to chosen Pharmaceutical $cience that “naturally and officially“ came along with Rockefeller & Co with tax funded research continuing and advancing the biggest threat against unwell/unchosen mankind – the Pharmaceutical kosher money out of nothing regulating industry is always there to give a helping fist for a few $hekel$ to speed up the process of decay and paranoia of any unworthy patient/milking cow while being well rewarded all along the way.
      That Freud became such a perverted success story in the Zionist puzzle of world domination does not surprise in a surreality of LGBTXYZ devil worshipping. What once was “normal” in the eyes of Fraud that “everyone wants to have sex with his own mother” these days Sigmund could not have been more pleased to see the urge of “modern” man or woman to have sex with anything and everything that moves (or not) and at all times no matter what, where and how. Surely all that do not want to comply with the twisted bitter fruits of time deserve a few pills or rightful shots to rearrange these mental disorders chemically. Just ask your local medical GP anywhere in the western world today who will love to help to NORMALI$E the condition of unwanted MORALITY and PURITANISM and it will be granted instantly – with the help of your local ($)elected Government.

  4. This article just goes to show that Jews (ZioBankster Khazarian Mafia types) do control the World. This article highlights the Medical/Psychiatric/Pharma Establishment aspect. The article even establishes that the Jews control all sides of the debate about mental and physical health and that these things are turned upside down by them, like George Orwell would have said: everything is the opposite. Examples are: Truth is a Lie; a Lie is the Truth; Freedom is Slavery, etc. This bombardment of Jewry’s manipulation is so extensive and so pervasive that the goyim (humanity) seem to have little choice concerning behavior. Under Jewry’s thumb, you can be a Zombie, a Hypochondriac or Dead. Which choice would you make? My choice is probably the last one – Dead, but only after I have lived, breathed and exposed the Truth. Accordingly, the Jews will kill you over that, but the Truth will have set me free to my death. However, even though, Jesus does not say it this way – what goes around comes around, maybe not in this life, but the next. In Heaven, the goyim will be counted with the Sheep and the Jews with the Goats. Otherwise, in this life, if you seek and speak the Truth, like Jesus did while on earth, remember that they can kill/destroy your physical body, but they can Not destroy your God-given Soul. And this is where International Jewry and their Satan will lose. Even Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Not destroy the Soul: AI can only copy or replace your Soul, not Destroy it, because GOD breathed that into you from Day 1 at Creation. Remember, Satan can only copy, forge or imitate God’s creation, but can NOT replace it. Satan is just a cheap stand-in for God, for God can NOT be Usurped. Thus Truth and God are our weapons against International Jewry. And the only human that was almost successful against Jewry was Adolf Hitler. His example should be our personal and a nations template. Jewry’s demonization campaign against Hitler will one day be defeated. I hope it is soon! Yahoo! Danke!

  5. I credit The Saker’s profound insight for the following comment:

    Are you an unwitting participant in America’s Asch conformity experiment?

    “Normative social influence is a type of social influence that leads to conformity. It is defined in social psychology as “…the influence of other people that leads us to conform in order to be liked and accepted by them.” The power of normative social influence stems from the human identity as a social being, with a need for companionship and association. Normative social influence involves a change in behavior that is deemed necessary in order to fit in a particular group. The need for a positive relationship with the people around leads us to conformity. This fact often leads to people exhibiting public compliance—but not necessarily private acceptance—of the group’s social norms in order to be accepted by the group. Social norms refers to the unwritten rules that govern social behavior. These are customary standards for behavior that are widely shared by members of a culture.”

    “In 1955, Solomon Asch conducted his classic conformity experiments in an attempt to discover if people still conform when the right answer is obvious. Specifically, he asked participants in his experiment to judge the similarity of lines, an easy task by objective standards. Using accomplices to the plot, also known as confederates, Asch created the illusion that an entire group of participants believed something that was clearly false (i.e., that dissimilar lines were actually similar). When in this situation, participants conformed over a third of the time on trials where the confederates gave blatantly false answers. When asked to make the judgments in private, participants gave the right answer more than 98% of the time. Asch’s results cannot be explained by informational social influence, because in this case, the task was easy and the correct answer was obvious. Thus, participants were not necessarily looking to others to figure out the right answer, as informational social influence predicts. Instead, they were seeking acceptance and avoiding disapproval. Follow-up interviews with participants of the original Asch studies confirmed this. When participants were asked why they conformed, many provided reasons other than a need for accuracy.”

    Do you find yourself prone to listening to what you consider are authoritative sources, while summarily dismissing views lacking that which is considered credible authority? By your own standards, who is considered established, credible authority? Why? How do you assess that authority versus other authorities or non-authorities? Do you find yourself typically agreeing with the majority views of those around you? Do you feel comforted by such agreement? Do you feel you and your friends are correct in their views, while abhorring oppositional ideas outside the majority views held by you and your friends? Do your friends have the same attitude? When you know something is wrong, even when presented by an authority, do you refuse to listen to opposing views? When you know something is right, even when presented by a non-authoritative source, do you refuse to listen to those saying it is wrong? If you find yourself generally following these lines of thought, then you are most likely an active participant in what has become America’s Asch conformity experiment.

    What one should keep in mind is that although such experiments are structured to appear scientifically objective and perhaps a product of nothing more than human curiosity, the fact is such experiments have well defined goals, e.g. establishing how an organism responds when presented with different and unusual circumstances. Discovering that response leads to an understanding of how the organism’s (in this case the human organism) standard response can be effectively utilized or modified for purposes of controlling the organism.

    This is the idea underlying the crude method of torture to achieve a confession from a victim, who, to avoid pain, can be forced to make statements against their will, attesting to whatever outcome is desired, no matter the validity of the information. However, there are many other, far more subtle, methods of control of which the controlled organism is generally not aware.

    Those subtle methods are why most Americans only feel comfortable seeing the world in black and white, with no shades of gray possible. It is why people still believe the Germans killed six million Jews, despite all evidence to the contrary. It is why people believe Arabs with box cutters executed the most precise and decisive blow to the American psyche since Pearl Harbor. It is why Holocaust peddlers viciously pursue those drawing any public attention to the slightest questioning of their myth. It is why there are only two viable political parties. It is why people believe the media and the official government version of events. Yet how many are aware of Solomon Asch or his conformity experiment?

    The Asch experiment led to understanding how to solidify conformity among Americans to various, neo-traditional standards. Although these standards are often considered oppositional, as in “right or left,” “red or blue,” “conservative or liberal,” “Republican or Democrat,” they are in fact only oppositional in the same manner as sports teams in the same league, using the same playing field and playing by the same rules, might be considered oppositional.

    I find the Jews’ intense focus on human psychologically has but one purpose – to find increasingly effective methods for controlling their host populations.

  6. I bet mexicano judio Donaldo respected contributor to “Catholic-inspired” Darkmoon is out on the town in , lol, Tijuana, celebrating the Catholic Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe by getting, lol, bebido borracho’d on joo israeli Tequila, on this feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Catholic calendar. He can drink all of us under the table, :).

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