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  1. This is a great & well presented video, John K.
    I got Beaty’s book in the 50s. It was one of my guides through the minefields in history taught in public schools & college even back then.

    McCarthy took flack overseas & even MORE in DC… for exposing communists!!!

    McCarthy’s personal secretary, Mrs Larry Lent, was a very good friend of our family’s, who retired to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, with her husband.

    She loved the kind-hearted Marine… ‘Tail-Gunner Joe’ from Wisconsin!!

    “I’ll never forget the first time the Senator called me to come into his office to take dictation.
    I had heard that he was preparing an answer to letters requesting information, and after a few sentences Senator stopped, turned, and asked, ‘Larry, am I going too fast?’
    He wasn’t, and I never worried again about taking his dictation.”

    “I think I told you that the Senator was thoughtful, and indeed he was.
    Someone asked me if Senator McCarthy dictated all the letters that went out under his signature;
    I can assure you he did. He answered every letter which came from Wisconsin and many others.
    Every letter that went out under his name, was signed by him personally.
    He even signed every Christmas card he sent.
    This was unusual, for most Senators had a secretary line their signature.”



    —JFK’s view of McCarthy—

    JFK’s feelings became abundantly clear during a reunion banquet at Harvard.
    When an after-dinner speaker remarked that
    he was proud Harvard had never graduated an Alger Hiss
    and even prouder that it had never produced a Joe McCarthy,
    JFK exploded in anger.


    Rising at his seat, he(JFK) shouted,
    “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!”
    The other diners lapsed into shocked silence,
    and JFK departed without hearing the rest of the program.


  2. I’ve lost interest in analysing, justifying, or criticising various socioeconomic systems and ideologies, as all that counts is the nation. Once you lose your nation and country it doesn’t really matter what they base any system on, it just becomes an academic exercise. And those communists sure knew how to protect their nations’ borders. Try crossing over some field, forest, mountain range or landing on a beach, you’d get one warning and a bullet for your troubles. And you all cheered when the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain came down. You must have all imagined John Lennon’s song was going to come alive when it was a different new world they had in mind for everyone. And since that time the trickle of immigrants to the West has become a flood, and lately a tsunami. Instead of building walls and steel curtains on your own borders you encouraged others to take them down. Who’s ever going to put you right again?

  3. If you now state the truth about the cruel and ruthless role of Jews in the creation of the Soviet Union you will be accused of anti-semitism, and suffer all the problems that the Jewish Lobby can create for you; and they can be very creative in that regard.

    Even the shooting and bayoneting of the Tsar and his beautiful young family by five Jews will be denied by most people. Even most gentiles think you are making it up.

    The power of Jews in the media has censored the history of Jews, so that we now see endless programs on TV about the evil of Germany, but never a word about the Jews and their heyday in the 1920s, when Weimar Germany was being degraded by Jews and Russians were being murdered by the million by Jews.

    I am not excusing the Nazis but the Jewish role should be exposed. If it was then there would be great change in society. Jews would have to come off their high horse. If the truth ever breaks out I think many decent Jews would abandon Judaism and assimilate. It is their sense of victimhood that keeps them together. The official story of the Holocaust was WW2 propaganda. The truth is that gentiles have been the victims of Jews.

    1. Over 300 out of the 384 members of the original Russian Bolshevik commissariat were Jews. They were in charge of Russia during the darkest days.

      1. Yes and of those Jews 264 had come from USA after the downfall of the Imperial Government. And of those commissars there were more Armenians, 22, and Chinese, 15, than Russians, only 13. Some “Russian” revolution that !?!

    2. That propaganda’s been going on since WWII and I’d say it was more intense in my youth than nowadays, or maybe I’m just less in touch with what’s going on being marginslised from society by old age. But in Russia and East Europe they’re more aware of those lies of the past. Still those same Jews were also instrumental in bringing down the communist societies in the 1990s. First they nationalised all property then privatised it, mostly into their own hands.

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