The Iron Curtain’s Enduring Darkness


Insidious forces work from within to destroy Western civilization

Our policy is “leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful certainty as though the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course.” — Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in a speech to the Mississippi legislature, March 22, 1952

We have all the answers we need to solve our present problems. They were written in a book published 67 years ago. Back then, it was part of the mainstream news package. There were no protests about anti-Semitism, no heated charges that it was a hate crime. It was simply a political analysis, part of a larger political spectrum, warning us about a cancer on society, which today has metastasized into a terminal disease that has already wiped out freedom of speech around the world and now is aggressively trying to take our lives.

A quarter century before Arthur Koestler wrote his epic The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) revealing to the world that the majority of people who invented the nation of Israel in 1948 were not descended from the Biblical Hebrews, John Beaty’s The Iron Curtain over America (1952) attempted to alert Americans to the same creeping Khazar tyranny we face today in the takeover by Jewish money of all of society’s systems. (Order from

As a long time military analyst both in and out of government, Beaty (1890-1961) detailed the influence of the Jewish lobby in the postwar era which shows Joe McCarthy was right and the U.S. government of the early ’50s was riddled with Communists, starting with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. The great mistake Americans have made in the intervening years was failing to understand that Judaism and Communism are the same thing, which is why Jews always rain down murder and mayhem on countries they infect, and because they control the media and what people think, their victims never see it coming.

“Judaism and Communism are the same thing.”

Beaty’s book is a perceptive dismantling of Washington corruption that is fully cognizant of the corrupt Jewish sabotage that had sickened America since the turn of the century. Ironically, why Beaty’s book is no longer on the market is because of a controversial process he actually describes in this his final book.

Among “drastic steps against classics” and a “subtle but determined campaign . . . to discredit our older literature under charges of jingoism . . .” was a law that was passed mandating copper book plates more than four years old should be melted down to help the war effort (a preposterous assertion). It was called by one writer whose books were lost “the smartest way to suppress books ever invented.”

Apart from total Jew control of what America gets to read and hear, this is why there are so few classics available today, especially by early 20th century American patriots such as Douglas Reed and Revilo Oliver who have tried to alert us to the enduring Jew menace. When a 68-year-old book is telling us that what becomes famous is determined by Jewish publishers, you can only imagine how many worthwhile works have been disappeared between then and now by those who have no intention of letting empirical reality be honestly discussed.

Yet a far more serious crime was committed by America’s neo-communist government after the close of World War II, according to Beaty, a Ph.D. who traveled the world with military intelligence outfits.

Those who have studied at least a little history know that Washington had to put a leash on Gen. George S. Patton in order for the Soviet Union to capture the eastern half of Europe, enabling that monstrous Jewish superstate to spread its totalitarian misery that became known as the Iron Curtain. Patton was later murdered for hinting at treason from Roosevelt’s White House, making observers wonder what the Yalta conference with Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt at the conclusion of the war was really all about.

at the Yalta Conference (1945)

[LD] Basically, Stalin was given the green light at Yalta to impose the most repressive Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, such as in Hungary and Romania.  The government in these countries, thanks to Stalin, now fell into the hands of the most murderous Jews. It must be remembered that Stalin was in complete control of the Soviet Union from the late 1920s to his death in March 1953. So he is entirely to blame — surrounded as always by his Jewish commissars and torture agents in the Cheka — for the 66 million Russian Christians who died, according to Solzhenitsyn, during his long reign of terror. [LD]

That more serious crime was the sudden switch of support from Chinese patriots to Chinese Communists at the close of WW2. That’s right, the USA enabled Mao’s murderous Red forces to take over the world’s most populous country while betraying a staunch ally that had served us well during the war, a moral crime that resulted in as many deaths in China as WW2 produced in Europe and Japan.

Observe how the governments (but not the people) of Russia and China were the main beneficiaries of WW2 and how both were covertly assisted by U.S. leadership eager to help spread Communism around the world. This is the shadow of the Iron Curtain’s enduring darkness that assails us today in the twisted faces of Schumer and Pelosi, powerful Jewish leaders of the current U.S. Congress.

This clandestine manipulation of world events aimed to assure there were competitive forces willing to continue the perpetual war that since Nathan Rothschild swindled Britain out of its treasury in 1815 has made the collective upper crust of the Jews the richest people in history.

Particularly tragic about the betrayal of the Chinese Nationalists was the severing of the close bond that had developed during WW2 when U.S. pilots were actually embedded among Chiang Kai Shek’s troops, and that earlier in the war MacArthur had actually suggested merging the two armies. But when Truman took over from the suspiciously dead Roosevelt, the policy flipped. Gen. MacArthur, perhaps the last true American patriot to hold high office, believed America’s failure to supply the Nationalists had allowed Mao’s Communists to capture China.

Gen. Patton had many of the same reservations with nonsensical U.S. orders he received in Europe before he was mysteriously murdered in a military hospital.

Imagine if a functioning American republic and its proven ally China were close friends today. But the Jewish powers that be saw that that didn’t happen, because they make their money from fomenting conflicts in which they bankroll both sides.

Truman’s Red record includes vetoing the Internal Security Act of 1950 cracking down on Communists, and launching the unconstitutional Korean War without approval from Congress.

In accusing the State Department of “nullifying” existing law by permitting the illegal distribution of Communist literature, Beaty wrote:

“The degree of infestation by Communists and those indifferent to or friendly to Communism in our bureaucracy in Washington is staggering beyond belief.” This was in 1952.

Beaty recommended “first, clean out the subversives [and] all others of doubtful loyalty to our country and to our type of civilization be removed under law from policy-making and all other sensitive positions in our government. In that way only can a start be made toward throwing back the present tightly drawn iron curtain of censorship. In that way only can we avoid the continuing interment of our native boys beneath far-off white crosses, whether by inane blunderings or for sinister concealed purposes. In that way only can we save America.”

Needless to say, this hasn’t happened.

Sixty seven years later we observe with regret that his recommendation has been buried under an avalanche of Jewish sabotage and assassinations. In today’s world we see the first order of business in the Senate is a bill criminalizing criticism of Israel, one final knife in the corpse of American free speech.

Beaty also stressed the fact that the new nation of Israel had a jurisdiction over 12 million Jews throughout the world, as subsequent events have proven.

One of the greatest traitors in U.S. history was New York Congressman Emmanuel Cellar. Most infamous for his sponsorship of the 1965 legislation that radically increased immigration from Third World countries which has since greatly destabilized the U.S., Beaty notes that Cellar was also the architect of a 1950 bill which doubled the number of Jews allowed into the country every year.

Today, the Iron Curtain now envelops America, suffocating it from the inside. The media carry on with their artificial reality as the world goes up in smoke, the rich get richer and the poor die by the millions. Is this the way the world has always worked? Perhaps.

They are trying to take our lives with aluminum particulate in the air, which kills vegetation and makes living things more susceptible to disease; through Glyphosate in the food, which will negatively impact the reproductive capabilities of future generations; through fatal doses of microwave radiation through phones, computers and 5G cell towers; through total domination of the U.S. education system, which now recruits toddlers as potential food for superrich liberal politicians who are immune to the laws that regulate the rest of us.

Why is it those who bankroll politicians — and in one egregious case are politicians themselves — have always made their money through gambling casinos or benefiting from big swindles? These are our leaders. These men determine presidential elections. Why is it the public never learns that to trust these men is to kiss your money and very often your lives goodbye?

These are the status seekers who have no compass to guide them but their own greed. Left to their own devices they will get us all killed. John Beaty knew all about them in 1952, but his book was lost and the world has ignored what he said, much to everyone’s peril.


39 thoughts to “The Iron Curtain’s Enduring Darkness”

  1. great article…
    i would say zionism is communism…
    but it doesn’t matter much, because non-zionist jews are mighty few and far between…
    still, i’d rather not lose the distinction…
    patton as murdered, macarthur was fired…
    fdr, truman, eisenhower, lbj, all zionist jews…
    churchill had a jewish mother, what’s that make him?
    i’d bet on the clintons and bushes too shalom…
    lots of people haven’t figure stalin out yet – another jew, though he had no compunctions against killing other jews in the power struggle…
    why not hitler too?
    don’t ask me…
    these people were the original deep state, and their heirs maintain it still……
    they’ve set white russia against the west, because they’d much rather have white people killing each other…
    but the russian people are not the enemies of americans…
    it’s governments that do that…
    say what you will, but it looks a lot like trump and putin are trying to figure things out otherwise, and you notice now the media has become completely hysterical, calling tump a russian agent, because he meets and talks with putin.
    in other words, peace and progress between the us and russia, reduced tensions, decreased military spending, increased trade, these are all conditions the deep state neocon zio-commies see as threats to their long time status as power wielders over the us capital, which is really all about militarism…
    we would be living in a far different world if general patton, who had resigned his army commission and was on the plane the next day to go home and run for president, had not been murdered…

    1. Anybody who doubts the evil of Communism should read Solzhenitsyn’s books. The Soviet Union was based on terror inflicted on its own citizens, and it should stand as a warning.

      At present I think we in Europe are closer to totalitaian rule than in Russia. The EU has strong totalitarian tendencies, and British politicians are too timid to say it.

      The noteable characteristic of Communist totalitarian states is that they don’t like people leaving.

      Brexit isn’t about money, it’s about FREEDOM.

      1. Of the 384 members of the original Soviet Commissariat over 300 were Jews. One of the first laws passed by the new Soviet government was to make criticism of Jews a criminal offense, punishable in some cases by death. Either that or banishment to a Siberian camp, which usually meant death. The five men who murdered the Tsar and his young family were all Jews, every one of them.

        This sort of thing is never mentioned in the modern western media. and It is this sort of one-eyed history that has been foisted on the world by media that are owned by Jews or are frightened of Jews.

      2. The supression of the real history of the Jews in the 20th century has allowed them to claim unique victimisation. As a consequence they demand special, favorable treatment. In effect they demand the right to control us.

        This has led to the USA and NATO fighting wars for Israel and Jewish control of our governments, media, money and education,

  2. “Some may call it communism, but I call it what it really is: Judaism!”

    And I call it what it really, REALLY is: Satanism!

    1. Play the Jew wordsmith game. Use words that consistently create a desired mental picture in the listener/reader’s mind. In this case it’z “Judaeocommunism” or “Judaeocommunist.” Note there is never a hyphen that might bring the idea of separation or division into question, it’s just one seamless identity labeling these criminals.

  3. Here is a picture of traitor George C. Marshall meeting with Mao Zedong, whom the (Jewish) communist infiltrators in the US government had chosen to help above Chiang Kai-shek :

    ADMIN: Apologies for deleting your link. It damages our website formatting. Please try again using an embedded link.

      1. It seems to me that you can’t take everything you read at tomatobubble at face value. For example, according to that “anti-New York Times” article:

        “Faced with the dreadful prospect of firebombs and atomic bombs raining down upon their defenseless cities and a Soviet declaration of war, Japan had no choice but to surrender unconditionally.”

        The Japanese didn’t actually surrender unconditionally; they waited until they got clarification that the emperor wouldn’t be tried as a war criminal (the same question they had before the atomic bombs were dropped).

        Also, there is hardly any context in which you can lump goy communism and jew communism together. As much as I respect Joe McCarthy, he was wrong if he didn’t understand that, IMO.

        If it were not for goy communism in Russia, China and Cuba for example (as bad as it may have been for the people there) those countries may have ended up being jew-controlled vassal states just like the U.S. and most of Europe are today, IMO.

  4. Something is going on. Something big is coming down. Jews are coming to a head like the fat, festering boil they are on the world’s ass. Not only are Jews no longer trying to hide their hideously malevolent presence, their in-your-face “Fuck you goyim! We’re running the show now!” attitude has reached epidemic proportions, much like it did the old Judaeounion of twentieth century Russia. The result of that Jewish bowel movement was sixty-six million dead indigenous Russians.

    There are strong undercurrents pointing to some event that will most likely be on the scale of a world war or major economic calamity. (Six months before being elected, I predicted Trump would be put in power to instigate WWIII).

    The phony government shutdown is the perfect excuse to begin culling the unnecessary bloat to trim down the Judaeocommunist styled terrorist state created by ZAG (Zionist American Government) agents who fleeced the gullible goyim to pay for it. Yet, while the goyim are bankrupted, the government goes right on functioning a full month after it’z alleged shutdown. While Judaeofed police go right on prosecuting and murdering, and legions of the ZAG’s armies go right on flexing their muscle around the world, agencies like Zozial (in)Zecurity and the ETA (Environmental Theft Agency) are feeling the crunch.

    Another indication is the sudden shutdown of many websites that might prove problematical for the ZAG’s rapidly unfolding agenda. In the meantime, the disinformation and misdirection about various Jew related topics around the web is in full overdrive to a point few can now separate fact from the Jews’ lying and misdirection. Funny how that intent to obfuscate and confuse was clearly stated in the Protocol’s “forgery” more than one hundred years ago.

    What’s more, Jews have covertly begun open warfare on the western goyim. The ZAG’s new “death ray” has been successfully tested on American cities, allowing our Jew masters the full power of nuclear weapons without the dirty, radioactive consequences of their Jew bomb technology. All the while the aerial eradication program being conducted against the goyim now occurs on a daily basis. So what’s the most pressing agenda for the ZAG? You guessed it – “Gun control.”


    From France there is this report:

    “French riot police have deployed semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors for the first time.

    Anyone unable to see this act as open warfare being declared against peaceful whites protesting their genocide is a complete idiot. Of course, the link to that quote now reports, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Yeah, (((they’re))) sorry alright. Thanks Jews.

    Like we used to say in the “old” Corps before the attack – “Get ready to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.”

    1. The ZAG’s new “death ray” has been successfully tested on American cities, allowing our Jew masters the full power of nuclear weapons without the dirty, radioactive consequences of their Jew bomb technology

      The Zionists would have used the bomb without caring about the “dirty, radioactive consequences”. Luckily there is no bomb to use so we can dispense with this latest iteration of the logically flawed “nuke fear porn” narrative.

      For example, if the Zionists cared about the “dirty, radioactive consequences” then why would they have dropped two on Japan? So you implicitly agree they did not drop any bombs on Japan which also means we’ve suffered 70 years of lies about those “bombs”. Given that you agree no bombs were ever dropped then how can you use that same argument to suddenly announce full-powered nuclear weapons? 😉

      Does not compute, like all “nuke fear porn” stories. If the Zionists had access to nuclear weapons, they would have used them on the Goyim several times over. They could easily have lived with consequences happening on the other side of the planet. Or is there new evidence that one nuke bomb going off spreads “dirty consequences” everywhere and affects everyone? If that is the case then why didn’t the Japanese bombings affect the whole world? It is either that or you believe the Zionists have a conscience. No, this is just the latest lie in the stack of lies that is “nuke fear porn”.

      Case closed on this one; Pat was right all along, for which I call him an absolute git 😉

      PS I forgot to add that the sources of evidence for “the Bomb” are the same sources for the likes of Climate Change and the Holohoax, i.e. the Zionist controlled media. Why should I believe one word spread about “nuke fear porn”?

      1. Although Pat did and will concede that a facility sized plant might produce a nuclear reaction and become a stationary atomic/hydrogen device in itself. Or even a uber-neutron dirty bomb?

        Then again, how much worse might that be than the reality of those three (some say four) simultaneous reactor core meltdowns at Fukushima. Still cooking eight years later,
        and on into the future.
        Mum’s the word, say the M$M fifth column..

      2. @ Flopot

        “If the Zionists had access to nuclear weapons, they would have used them on the Goyim several times over.”

        I believe that their goal is to enslave us, or more precisely, to get us to enslave ourselves by using our collective moral incompetence against us. IOW they want to do to all of humanity what Satan did to Eve. I think they will deliberately resort to war – nuclear war – only when the finally realize that their plan is hopeless.

    2. @ Arch Stanton

      “Something is going on. Something big is coming down. Jews are coming to a head like the fat, festering boil they are on the world’s ass.”

      The clock is ticking and time is not on their side.

      “There are strong undercurrents pointing to some event that will most likely be on the scale of a world war or major economic calamity. (Six months before being elected, I predicted Trump would be put in power to instigate WWIII).”

      We agree about orange clown’s mission. And if I correctly understand the nature of the evil force that drives the elders, I believe they will try to start WW3 before any kind of economic disaster strikes.

      Moreover, the elders must realize by now (at some level of consciousness) that the U.S. lags significantly behind Russia in several key areas of military technology and will never be able to catch up. They also know that Russia’s new weapon systems make the European “missile shield” concept obsolete – as a “defensive” system, but not as an offensive system.

      In light of this, I’m waiting with bated breath to see what orange clown does when the “ultimatum” to Russia (to stop violating the INF treaty) expires in early February. It seems that the evil clown has painted himself into a corner and will most likely pull out of the treaty rather than eat humble pie and start negotiating the issue. The question is: Are the Europeans going to make targets of themselves by letting the evil clown put missiles all over the place to threaten Russia? I could be wrong, but I see this as the elders’ last trick to try to subdue Russia.

      (BTW, speaking of “something big…coming down” I keep seeing various articles and youtube videos as of late claiming that the “Yellowstone supervolcano” may be getting ready to erupt. These claims may be total BS for all I know, but if it is going to erupt anyway (someday), and if the elders plan on starting WW3, I hope Yellowstone erupts before the elders start the war rather than after).

      1. A modest observation: If fracking for oil can cause earthquakes (expect Pat to nay say that one too!), do you really think TPTB do not know how to set off the time bomb of “Yellowstone supervolcano”?!

  5. Zionists control every aspect of America via their privately owned and unconstitutional FED which creates money out of thin air and then taxes any gains on this ether created money via the Zionist privately owned IRS, and so via these two Zionist controlled vehicles the Zionists have absolute control over America.

    America is under communist ie Zionist control and if anyone doubts this just read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto!

    Zionists will destroy America , just as a parasite destroys its host!

      1. @ Wiggins
        @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Many thanks for your invaluable links. We intend to make use of this important material at a later date.

  6. While everyone is horrified by COMMUNISM uncle is having a ¡BLAST! punishing “thought criminals” by shipping the “recalcitrants” in boxcars to The Gulag.

    Methinks I got just got thrown into Spamblinka again for another long prison sentence. Right, uncle?

    ADMIN TOBY: Try writing a sensible comment and it will be published. We don’t discriminate against posters who have something important to say.

  7. uncle :

    I sent Darkmoon a post the other day with invaluable links and you still haven’t put the post on the commentary board. You’re not featuring it and you’re not saying “Many thanks” to me for being so considerate to share THE TRUTH with you and EVERYONE and including invaluable links to help disseminate THE TRUTH…

    ADMIN TOBY: Many thanks, Joe. But neither of the two “invaluable links” you supply are on topic. We are discussing the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain here. Your two “invaluable links” are about the Heliocentric theory (your pet obsession) and the Occult Science of Madame Blavatsky. You must try a bit harder to stay on topic. 🙂

  8. Also since we all know so much, isn´t now the right time for a false flag in the U.S. that would help Trump with all this goverment closure?
    I mean all Mr. Trump has to do is have Jared make a phone call, right?

  9. I was introduced to Marxism when I was a University student. It came across as Science and I believed it, and it took me years to break loose from its grip. Even after I’d broken loose from its grip and had become anti-Semitic it took me a long time to believe that Marxism was Jewish. The intellectuals who are Marxists are mostly sincere in their belief that Marxism was the result of a quest for truth, and this sincerity is persuasive.

    1. Recommend Alexander Solzhenitsyns book The Gulag Archipelago for the truth about Marxism/communism.

      1. What about the book 200 years of the same author? The problem is that the common people don’t read all these jew wise books. They don’t care that their bosses are jews, their lawyers jews, the politicians jews, etcz One of many reasons is that in the usa the people are multicultured and are not intelligent. These people function in the survival modus and of course that’s why the jews love these multiculti people. They are no competition for the jews and are excellent as a tool against the few white people.

  10. I got a quote from the Aryan Nation that explains that Zionism is both Communism and Capitalism; in other words the Jews………………
    ————————————————————————————————————————————- And i dont say Zionists -but “Jews”-because Zionism was created in the 18th century while Capitalism has been around since Christianity prohibited usury in favor of the Jews ten centuries ago-
    ……better known as the Chosenites “jump on both sides of the fence” … (i dont know if this saying exists in English culture, but it ´s obvious what it means :)) … Just in case!
    ha! here it is:
    “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.”
    Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State

    1. I am surprised you didn’t know that the jews use thesis and antithesis. They are always on both sides. And yes even ‘ christianity’ was invented as antithesis in regard to ‘ judaism’, ‘ liberalism’ versus ‘communism’ etc. Etc

  11. HI Mr C Maultby.

    Great website. I have spent quite sometime looking through all the pages. If you want to know what Jews have done to the world they just need to go onto your site, thanks man.

    1. @ Terry Smart

      Are you a regulat poster here? I’ve been around here a bit and I haven’t seen you before. This guy Maultsby, an unknown, comes here and gives a link to his website, then you, another unknown, applauds it … What does this suggest?

    2. Mr. Maultsby has THE CORRECT VIEW. Unfortunately, the NON-jew lawmakers in Washington are not the least bit interested in overthrowing the jews who control them. They seem to love the jews who control them. If they don’t, they’re great actors, because one does not get the impression they’re even the least bit unhappy about being under the control of the jews. One just doesn’t get that impression.

      As for average Americans, they have been and continue to be completely inundated with propaganda to respect the jews, love the jews, and even worship the jews. And the Whites who love to “virtue-signal” are just as overbearing and just as crazed and just as determined to shut-up any White American who speaks TRUTHFULLY about the jews and the jews’ perfidious agenda for the United States as the jews are determined to shut-up TRUTHFUL Whites. At least 40% of Whites are on the side of the jews, the blacks, the third world foreign illegal aliens, the Muslims, etc.. At least 40% of Whites are “virtue-signallers”.

      If there are any Whites in my neighborhood who read the online alternative media, one would never know it ; By the things they say, their political viewpoints, one would never know they read the online alternative media. Where I’m at, my White neighbors go online and read the news from Mainstream media websites. Informing them of alternative news sites, it goes in one ear and out the other and I always hear the same thing “You can’t believe what you read online”. Though they believe what they read at the Mainstream news websites, like “Yahoo News” for example. They always avoid poilitcal discussions and always quickly change the subject to inane brain-dead subjects, like their lawns and their weed issues. “Gotta do something or the weeds are going to take over my whole lawn!”

      My White neighbors still use Monsanto Round-Up to keep their weeds under control.That’s how Un-informed they are. I told them about Round-Up, how poisonous it is and how harmful it is to the environment, I gave them names of websites where they can learn more about Round-Up. They never got back to me, NONE of ’em, to tell me what they thought of the websites I suggested they read and they continue to use Round-Up. I got NO feedback from any of them, whether they believe the websites about Round-Up or don’t believe, or are not sure. NOTHING. A people who have real difficulty communicating about anything important. I bet none of ’em even read any of the websites. That’s the feeling I have. If there’s any news which is the least bit unhappy news, they do NOT want to hear it, they shut-down and there’s no more talking to them — they just won’t listen. They want to live in a dreamworld.

      Maybe Whites were intelligent at one time, but these days, NO. The White Americans I meet are NOT very smart, to put it mildly.

  12. Trojan – it’s the white females who have been so badly jacked by the professional media psy-op opinion specialists, who know so well how to ‘trigger’ their emotional reflexes, whereas they understand the female generally sees herself as a cat in a world of dogs, and more than that – she thinks deep down on the identity image level that she is both a criminal and a victim on account of her sexuality.. and it’s your fault… unless there is a big to-do about something visceral she’s not being recognized, which is to say she is ignored… she identifies with the great holocaust fairy tale, because victimology is huge in her psychological make-up… it is part of the reproductive urge. All the grass and leaf eating female herd animals understand instinctively their offspring are their insurance policy against them being eaten in the world of predators… the great Jewish media holohoax is only a variation for viscera on the crucifixion… and yes the Jews made that up too… these great transgressions are rallying topics useful to cohese the paranoid, deal-making sisterhood, which I’m telling you brothers is much more basic in the relationship game than anything you think might register between you and your wife.. were it not for victimology religion itself would have no keel.. I remember the holy pictures in my grandmother’s kitchen, of the poor virgin Mary with a ring of swords sticking out of her heart, little drops of blood falling down.. ye must get past it. . look, feminism has many facets, not all just about a lot of big fat loony bulldike chickdick diesels with purple hair painting themselves with menstrual blood, screaming about toxic masculinity, are you kidding me ..

  13. Two slight corrections to an otherwise excellent article.
    1. Douglas Reed was a Brit.
    2. Beaty’s main job during the war was to collect and collate all the intelligence that came into Washington and brief the the American commie president each morning as to what was going on. Beaty”s excellent book is available from Amazon. He certainly know what was going on during and after war.
    From Amazon where Beaty’s is available:
    “This book is unique in that it not only discusses the internal decay and the external disasters which threaten the life of American people (in fact, of ALL the people), but diagnoses the growing cancer of which they are merely the symptoms. Going behind the iron curtain of propaganda, censorship and deception, the author, former Colonel of the Military Intelligence Service, gives to the reader the first comprehensive documented account of the origin, the scope, and the intentions of the “insidious forces working from within,” which are seeking to destroy Western civilization. “An honest and courageous dispeller (sic) of the fog of propaganda in which most minds seem to dwell.” – Lt. General P. A. Del Valle, USMC (ret.) “I think it ought to be compulsory reading in every public school in America.” – Senator William A. Langer, former

    Can you imagine in these later day’s of the commie American empire some commie school teachers having their little aborning Bolsheviks read “Iron Curtain Over America”. let along the little darlings trying to wade through anything written by one of the great intellects of the 20th century, Revilo P. Oliver.

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