The Madness of Angela Merkel: Open Letter to a Psychopath

. . . by Silvana Heißenberg

Freely translated from the original German by ‘Q’.
A milder version of this article can be read on The Ethnic European

Sincere apologies to our readers
for the incendiary language used in this article.
Do not read if you are easily shocked!

Dear Frau Merkel,

You are utterly despicable!—the most criminal Chancellor the German people have ever had to endure! You have brought the German people nothing but terror and tribulation, war wounds and death! This you have done by deliberately importing into our country illegal immigrants from barbarous lands. Hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, terrorists and other die-hard criminals have invaded our once peaceful Germania.

According to Article 16 of our Constitution, not one of those who arrive in Germany through safe countries has the right of asylum here. That is why all your “guests” are illegal immigrants,  criminals by their very presence in Germany. The Schengen and Dublin agreements were also deliberately illegal. In the vow you took on taking office, you swore among other things not to harm the German people in any way. You broke this vow, because not a day has gone by but you have harmed the German people. You have done the opposite of what you promised and trampled on your sacred vow.

 You have no mandate to deal with the needs of all the people in Germany, both legal citizens and illegal invaders. Your mandate is simply to serve the interests of your own people, the native-born Germans who voted for you. This alone was your mandate. You are nothing but an employee of the German people; for power belongs to the people, it does not belong to you. You are here to serve us, not to force your will on us like a ruthless tyrant.

You consciously incited the entire nation against one other. You split society into factions and destroyed entire families. And to cap it all, you insolently parrot the lie that we Germans are now doing better than ever.

You evil b***h, you have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!

Due to your illegal “guests”, all public events must now have massive security. We are surrounded by fences and by guards armed with automatic weapons. There are now protection zones for women who naturally wish to avoid dangerous encounters with the rapists and sex maniacs you have recklessly welcomed into our country as your guests. Every day your guests commit crimes of appalling violence.

Poverty among our older folk and children is now higher than ever. Almost a million Germans live on the streets like homeless bums. Helping to give dignity to such people, that was your mandate—not flooding the whole of Europe with invaders from other cultures and feeding them with billions of euros taken out of our taxes, squandering our hard-earned resources on the riffraff and scum of other nations!  And you have the impudence to demanding our respect!

The criminal hordes you have invited into our country rape us and and kill us native-born Germans  and what do you do about it? Import more killers! You takes these criminal foreigners under your defence. The lying mainstream media and the police then portray these criminals as victims of “right-wingers”. You have managed to turn us, the German people, into the oppressors and you have made our oppressors into the victims of “White supremacism”. You should be ashamed of yourself, you anti-White traitor!

Frau Merkel, listen to me! — If you really wanted our respect, and possessed even a smidgen of conscience, you would answer for your heinous crimes in a court of law!

If you manage to escape justice for a while, it won’t be long before it catches up on you! This is because ultimate power rests with the people. The German people are your employers. We pay your salary. You are a nonentity. A nobody. And yet, Frau Merkel, I can honestly say that no politician in Germany since time immemorial has ever inflicted such appalling wounds on the German people as you have.

In regard to the future, I only ask for one thing: that you and your entire entourage be brought before a court of law to face justice. At the very least, you and your criminal  cohorts need to be clapped  in  irons and caged for life! You have betrayed Germany and spat in the faces of your own people! The paid hacks and fawning hypocrites who sing your praises, unable to think for themselves, are welcome to lick your a**. Count me out.

As a patriotic German, I despise you with every fibre of my body. And I wish to see you get the punishment you deserve.

As you have sown, so may you reap,
you  betrayer of Germany!

Yours, with total contempt

Retired actress, Silvana Heißenberg.

34 thoughts to “The Madness of Angela Merkel: Open Letter to a Psychopath”

  1. I’m afraid it will not make one iota of difference to the status quo. To really make a difference a real leader is needed to bring the people out on the streets and to win the police over to the peoples’ side.Otherwise they will wander around leaderless like the yellow vest movement in France. As long as the police have pensions at risk they will not side with the people.
    What is the proper German word for “The Leader” again? Remind me please…….

    1. Try to stand in a crowded German market place and shout continuously: “Wo ist mein Fuehrer” while checking how long it will take before being arrested and removed for whatever criminal reasons the word fuehrer calls upon. Ze Germans are still very efficient and just people as one will notice straight away.

    2. ROBBO
      “What is the proper German word for “The Leader” again? Remind me please…….”
      12 years german people followed their “Leader”.
      “Buffaloes follow a leader. Civilized men have no leaders” (Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1926)
      He was right, no?

  2. re “Sincere apologies to our readers for the incendiary language used in this article.”
    Where the fck is the “incendiary language” ???

    1. @ TheREALIST

      The incendiary language is contained in the words with asterisks. As in these shocking comments which made me gasp in horror:

      “The paid hacks and fawning hypocrites who sing your praises, unable to think for themselves, are welcome to lick your a**. Count me out.

      If you are not appalled by such potty language, there’s something wrong with you. Without the two asterisks, it would have been unbearable.

      Then there is this:

      “You evil b***h, you have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!

      I reeled with shock when I read that. I almost reached for my smelling salts. Those three asterisks saved me from having a fainting fit.

      I really do think the Darkmoon site is not doing itself any favors by publishing such inflammatory articles.

      1. Well said, Seymour! I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope the evil b***h who wrote that disgusting letter to the f***ing crazy b***ard Angela Merkel soon finds herself behind b**s. What a **nt!

      2. Uncouth language makes Us go “gasp” and WE clutch Our pearls in dismay and disapproval! Zak is alarmed!

      3. Yes Mr Zak, you’re quite right.
        Now that I’m emerging from my (3-day) bourbon-induced haze (with my finer, more refined sensibilities seemingly still in-tact and returning) – I think I’m able to decipher the intent “hiding-in-plain-sight” behind those asterisk’ed words.

        Shock, horror, disgust – and TOTAL bewilderment – that those epithets could be hurled at such a Paragon of “Public Service” as Mr(?) Merkel – has left me reaching for the bottle again… if not to quell (for those words can now NEVER be erased from consciousness) then at least to dampen the nausea.

  3. Angela Merkel running destructive immigration policy in Germany is one thing.

    Germany having an electorate that keeps voting this traitor into office is another.

    I will say this however. The (((peeps))) that are behind Merkel want the same thing for YOU.

    1. They vote in Germany after WW2?
      When the majority of Germans are officially not voting the votes left and “counted” for elections are divided into support for the same but different kosher political puppet parties (incl AFD) does that mean Germany has become a democracy?

  4. There is nothing german about Angela Merkel. Not at all. She was born Dorothea Andrea Kasner. The daughter of two polish jews. All jews hate Germany and germans. It is as natural to them as breathing.

  5. ADMIN: TJ, please get your email address right. These constant typos you keep making are holding up your comments unnecessarily. They are also adding to my workload.

    At least there is someone in Germany with a pair. Thanks Silvana for taking commie, Stasi trained destroyer of Germany, along with the rest of Western Europe, to task. Can it be that the Teutonic men of Germany have been so denatured by nearly 70 years of incessant brow beating that they have to rely upon the courage of female Nordic pulchritude to defend their disappearing race and nation? Silvana must watch her back and her front. Merkel will most likely send her commie goons or a gang of third world invaders after her for more blood letting, much to the delight of trolls such as Mr. Zak and (((company))).
    (Like Germany, Sweden will soon be lost to the third world. And Sweden was neutral during WW2. So what in the hell did the Swedes do to get the German et al treatment. Oh TJ knows, they are White people who must be exterminated to make safe places of the (((tribe))). Of course America is also on the list. Look what happened to the Mormons living in North Mexico when running up against a Chinese run Mexican drug cartel. That tender and loving treatment already in situ is coming to US of A and soon.)

  6. Madness of Angela Merkel? What about the madness that has befallen another apathetic divided country of the modern world that has lost all what once was tradition, sovereignty, pride and independence to foreign censorship and “kosher goodwill & economic relationships”. Merkel is just the most prominent “Deutsche Mutti” face caring for her abused and made brain dead disabled children. The mother of Zionist Fehlgeburten that were stillborn in the asylum of German patriotism but made alive again in a artificial German nightmare that eventually will spill more German blood through division and infighting in the father (and brain) less Vaterland.
    Silvana Heissenberg’s “fame – if there ever was any” and very kosher public grunt scratches only what is allowed to be published in the Zentralrat’s penal colony. Hatred for “Muslim Terrorists” after all is highly recommended and encouraged for the kosherized German soil and blood and truly will grant starving Silvana future acting and popularity prospects – a much favored career path for the true German people that have forsaken themselves as an individual puppet and as a nation that once was when the world imagined in their wildest dreams that it was free.

  7. Silvana (Uncertainty principle) Heissenberg sure was very certain in her condemnation of the greatest Mutti traitor in German history thus far. The likes of Brumhilda, Heidi, Hildegard and even Erika ( WW2 military song) had more beauty, honor, femininity, courage and strength than Merkel ever had. But don’t worry because the conditions of 1920s Weimar Republik Germany are coming back in 2020 and beyond. The Right and Left (Rechts vs. Links) or Communism vs. Fascism will have their target set on legal and illegal migrants, just as the Jews were the targets and scapegoats in the 1920s and 1930s. The Fascists ( National Socialists) will win again (AfD) because Germans have the most nation pride of all European nations. Just this time they will not be exclusively blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but a little mixed. German marching songs and old anthems will be popular again. Merkel is on the out and her picked successor is not doing well, but someone will fill the void. The void will be from the Right, Nazional Sozialismus, an AfD or popular independent. That person will rise like Hitler did from 1920s to 1945. Many quiet political pundits suggest a person like former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu und von Guttenberg. His speaking style puts people like Emmanuel Macron and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to shame. Karl-Theodor is a German Baron and has ancestry going back to the Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne and his successors). talk about someone that could make the EU or its future reformed version great. Trump maybe a MAGA, but Karl-Theodor could be a man to make a new Holy Roman Empire Great Again. Look him up and the facts about him may surprise you.

  8. I doubt the election process is any more solid in Germany than it is in the USA, not if they use electronic voting machines…
    When the Germanic Tuetons do rise up again, they’ll have every right to declare those elections and all the policies resulting from them fraudulent…
    It could hardly be more obvious – the Jews, Catholics and Communists have always feared and despised White Germany, so they install the Frumpy Frau to preside over its destruction by the immigrant invasion…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      It could hardly be more obvious – the Jews, Catholics and Communists have always feared and despised White Germany, so they install the Frumpy Frau to preside over its destruction by the immigrant invasion…

      Lasha Darkmoon is a Catholic. Sister Monica is a Catholic. I am a Catholic. Can you please explain how we are all responsible for installing Frau Merkel as German Chancellor and presiding over the destruction of Germany?

    2. Barkingdeer,

      I’m impressed that you put Catholics on your list but Masons are out. Masons are a nefarious organization, the operational arm of international Jewry; one has to have a poor soul, and lack of empathy toward others, to climb in the ranks of Freemasonry. If we want to be fair, we have to be careful when generalizing people, low ranking Masons aren’t evil, they sure are ambitious and also useful idiots. Don’t confuse the top of the pyramid with the bottom.

      We all know by now the common enemy of humanity – Jewish bankers and their clique. If you had used the word Vatican it would be Ok, although in my opinion the Vatican doesn’t rule the show anymore, since Napoleon; there is an interesting picture showing Napoleon grabbing the crown from the Pope and crowning himself.

      Catholics are usually good people, they are so good that their sin is let themselves be used, naively, by bad intended bastards. I don’t know where you learned such crap, but you are way off target on this one.

    I came from a long line of Catholics myself, Baptized, Confirmed, went to Catechism, Catholic High School (got kicked out – my Bishop busted for pedo)…
    Just off the top of my head, I see the catholic Church as controlled from the Vatican as the enemy of the USA and all Constitutional Republics, they don’t like the concept, consider it a threat to their form of deified monarchy..
    Read up on the Treaties of Verona, which came about as a result of the Monroe Doctrine..
    The Vatican prefers Kings, and it has been working with the British Monarchy to sabotage the USA since it was founded…
    I’ve read enough to conclude it’s likely the Jesuits murdered George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and james Monroe, among others…
    I know people in the San Francisco Diocese, who tell me the church regularly pays the rent of illegal immigrants through Catholic Charities, and I would suspect a lot of that rent money really goes for hard dope…
    And I don’t see the Pope or any other religious figures confronting any governments about their lack of action on drug addiction and homelessness, nor even offering any suggestions, which you would think they might do, if they love their fellow man so much…
    I understand Pope Francis does not respect national borders, considers his religion paramount in all the affairs of men and is actively supporting the illegal invasion of the USA from Mexico and points South, as well the same in Europe…
    I see Catholicism as a form of Collectivist Communism, where the Pope, the first Corporate Executive, thinks he owns the world by some kind of Divine Right, does not appreciate Nationalism, unless we would be talking Catholic Theocracy, and actively works against it..
    Whereas I want every Nation to be independent and self sustaining and to be given an equal vote in the World Body, I believe the Vatican seeks global control and provides the model for the God-like hierarchical and unaccountable super-surveillance State………
    And, because the religion, which has been responsible for witchhunts, torture and the murder of more aboriginals than can be counted, discounts the value of the material world and considers life on Earth secondary to its purported eternal paradise, preaching that the flesh is putrid, animals do not have souls, earth is dirt, etc., it holds humanity back from progressing to the next paradigm, which must necessarily be grounded in the correct spiritual philosophy..
    If you say you are a Catholic, can you please tell me at this point why?

    1. Oh shut up, you fool. There’s no point even talking to you. Neither Lasha nor Sister Monica nor Sardonicus are practicing Catholics or back the Pope. Nor are they in favor of pedophile priests. There have many articles on this site ATTACKING the Pope! and not a single article making excuses for pedophilia in the Church!!!

      It only requires a fool like you to think that core Christianity, as preached by Jesus of Nazareth, has anything to do with evil popes or sexually deranged priests. It only takes a brainless wanker like you to put two and two together and get five.

      LD has declared herself a neo-Christian. Too hard for a blockhead like you to understand what that means. Ever heard of the Logos? Spit on the Logos would you? If you think you have the right to lecture men like E.Michael Jones, who is also a dissident Catholic and rejects Vatican II, you really need brain surgery. Stop lecturing your betters!

      Please don’t attempt to diss LD or Sister Monica again on this site, you horrible little arrogant turd. Your school did right to kick you out of school. I would have done more: I would have cut your balls off and rammed them down your throat like the Mafia.

  10. Barking deer, what you don’t know, is that the Church is now TWO churches, the true Church being compelled by 70 years of methodical subversion to occupy the same physical and liturgical space as a newer, false church. The false church, led by the anti-pope Francis presently has the edge. Frankie boy is not pulling his punches and has recently even worshipped a false South American God in Rome, placing that god’s symbol, a pot plant provided by a witch, onto the very alter itself. We must keep fighting, but do not lose faith, or succumb to false notions that the Church is our enemy. Christ is in charge. Our Church is the Church of 2,000 years. All will be well.

  11. Dear Barkingdeer I forgot to answer the question you posed at the end. Why are we Catholics? I cannot speak for everyone, but do you really believe Truth can be found in only the physical realm, or in philosophy, or in the sayings of a “great” man, or in politics, or in a plant or a stone? The truth is that we ARE spiritual beings (you understand that I think) and we can only ever reach fulfilment through having a personal relationship with God himself. Only Christ gives us that opportunity. Christianity took root in Europe, and while we tolerated the theologians and misdemeanours of our clergy, we progressed the most advanced civilisation yet seen in the the world. Why? Because ordinary people held Christ in their hearts, and believed that He actually did rise from the dead on the third day. That’s what we have, and no one can ever take that away from us.

    1. I left the Roman Catholic / Lutheran / Anglican churches years ago. I left because the modern versions of these old churches have become centers of modern psychobabble from Vatican II onward. I now go to a Christ-centered/Bible-centered church, where the WORD /LOGOS is the core, not some Giia shamanistic alternative crap which False Prophet, Pope Francis, expresses constantly. Pope Francis is an ecumenacalist that adds spice from here and herb from there (Christianity / Islam / Hindu / Buddha, etc.) to attract as many suckers as possible for his One World Religion Church. Jesus asked us to spread the Gospel/Bible throughout the whole world, but only the Holy Spirit can convince people and the world of the WORD / LOGOS. If it is not in us then Satan has his minions. And as we know some one like Angela Merkel is one of the Devil’s minions. Merkel deceived Germans since 2004, but because she did some good things ( more jobs, more influence over EU, control over ECB) her deceptions/ evils were overlooked. However, you can’t fool all of the people all the time. Some German people have caught on. Germany just needs the majority of its people to catch on to the lies / deceptions and bring back a time like post-Weimar or post-WW2 Germany with its Economic miracle. Only NAZI/Fascism (Fierce NATIONALISM – pride, honor, glory and hardwork) will bring those days back. These ideals must align with Russia / China / Iran and not with USA / Gross Britannia.

      1. Our family left the Lutheran Church because the church joined the National Council of Churches circa 1959 which was a member of the the COMMUNIST – WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES!!

        ALL church members belonging to those organizations are being deceived… “BIGGLY!!”

  12. What would happen to the Western democracies if the creative 2-3% packed up and left? Not those who shuffle paperwork and securities,but that tiny minority who discover, invent and CREATE wealth and know how to build and sustain a civilization. On the whole, representative Government does not exist in the West. Imagine having TOTAL CONTROL over your a very small Government, your neighborhoods, your own schools, universities and hospitals and legislatively keeping the rabble out of your living space?

    Those who heap on the insults only show what little strength their arguments have, what bigots they are…
    I didn’t spit on anybody, but you sure do…
    That much should be plain to everybody…
    I said a long time ago that Catholicism was not Christianity…
    A lot of people think that…
    You’re polite…
    “Why are we Catholics? I cannot speak for everyone, but do you really believe Truth can be found in only the physical realm, or in philosophy, or in the sayings of a “great” man, or in politics, or in a plant or a stone? The truth is that we ARE spiritual beings (you understand that I think) and we can only ever reach fulfilment through having a personal relationship with God himself. ”
    OK, I get that… A sense of Reverence, harder to come by on a totally commodified Planet…
    But i can’t get anybody to define God, which is just logical first step…
    Is It – whatever we need It to be?

  14. Thank you for your kind reply Barkingdeer. I sense a kindred spirit. If I could take it a little further…
    When all is said and done, ignoring all sects and theology, I just ask myself,

    “Do I believe that Christ rose from the dead on the third day?”

    The answer is always “Yes, yes, yes”, and that is enough for me. And that was enough for those that came before us. Good luck, and God Bless you, my friend.

  15. Germany is occupied by its enemies. The people who forced Germany into two disastrous World Wars and forced the Germans to pay reparations for crimes the Germans never committed eg Holohoax, also control the political, economic, social and other matters of German Nation. Germany is not a free country and nor is any other White country. Merkel is just doing her job ie obeying her masters. And you know who is the Master of Human Destiny?

    That’s right…
    The USA is controlled by the same people who control Germany, and they’ve been robbing us blind since 1913…
    The USA foreign policy is really run from Camp (King) David, which author Jim Keith said is connected to the White House by a tunnel… That would give new meaning to the ‘basement hit squad’…
    Jim Keith is said to have died on the operating table in the VA Hospital in Reno, btw…
    Some call the Jews the Synagogue of Satan..
    I don’t know if go that far, don’t think there’s anything spooky about it…
    They’re just the dominant political faction, in a violent and coercive world, The Zion, because they stick together keeping it Kosher, and make it their business to be…
    Yes Angela Merkel works for the globalist cabal, the same Jewish bankers Hitler railed on about…
    That would mean she’s bloodline, as would have been anybody put in charge of Germany after its defeat in WW1… Hitler’s big arms build-up in the thirties was all part of the bigger plot for WW2…
    I’m telling you Angela Merkel looks one hell of a lot like Adolf Heidler Schnicklgruber Frankfurter Rothschild take-your-pick Hitler.. The fact that Adolf had a sister named Angela, and, if it’s true she was the President Honcho whatever of the Jewish Mensa Society in Paris after WW1, doesn’t make me think I’m just a conspiracy theorist..
    “Angela’s husband died on 10-08-1910. According to the profile of the OSS about the family of Hitler, Angela moved to Vienna. After the First World War she became the manager of Mensa Academia Judaica, a house for Jewish students. For more than ten years, Angela had no contact with Adolf, until he contacted her again in 1919.”

    1. Read all the books you want, Bark. They still aren’t proving anything. You should try playing the “devil’s advocate” to at least see a more comprehensive picture of speculation

  17. What does Silvana mean by “white” Germany? To me that is a bloody racist statement, as if to become a citizen of Germany one has to be a white skin person.
    As if a darker skin person is inferior to a white skin person,…thats stupid and illogical reasoning.
    Did Moses, Jesus, Ghandi or Muhammad taught that? No
    did satan taught that….yes

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