The Migrant Invasion of Europe and the Dawn of a New Multicultural Dystopia

By Dr Lasha Darkmoon 

First published on The Occidental Observer
and republished on The Truthseeker


Refugees from all over the world keep pouring into Europe in an endless tide. What can we do to stop this invasion of our homelands?

“Migrant crisis? What crisis?
There is no migrant crisis!”

— Ian Birrell, British political pundit, in the Daily Mail

I do Mr Birrell a wrong by implying that he is unaware of the caravans of illegal immigrants pouring into Europe unrelentingly, mostly from five Muslim countries: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Eritrea.

He would have to be living on a different planet not to be aware that the “migrant crisis” is a crisis indeed: not so much for the migrants who have everything to gain if they can smuggle themselves into Europe, but it’s obviously a crisis to their European host countries who have everything to lose if the migrants should succeed in gaining a foothold here, and, in the process, force their alien values and culture upon us.

This is what multiculturalism, if the truth be told, is all about: destroying the existing culture initially by dilution, and later on by subtle discrimination, verbal attacks, and, finally, by criminalisation.  Traditional values and the Christian ethos, once the prevailing norms in Europe and the US as late as the 1950s, are now quaint relics of the past, held in almost universal contempt by a thoroughly brutalised population of decadent philistines and tiresome trendies. Widespread neurosis, if not mental sickness, is rapidly becoming normative; and the vices of our ancestors are now the age’s new virtues.

Britain, new ‘Promised Land’ for Asylum Seekers

Mr Birrell, in the startling epigraph quote above—unavailable online but found in the Daily Mail hardcopy edition of 31 December 2018, p.15, under the headline ‘Myopic May damages our nation’—was in fact referring to the 139 illegal immigrants, mostly from Iran, who were caught sneaking into Britain during the Christmas period this year. His sympathies lie with them entirely. He regards then as heroes for surviving torture and oppression in their own countries, for braving the storms and treacherous tides of the Mediterranean, and for slogging their way over mountain passes and through inhospitable enemy terrain in immense caravans of misery, finally to fetch up in the icy waters of the English Channel in a last desperate attempt to get to the land of their dreams—the glorious shores of Great Britain.

This is hardly a “crisis”, Mr Birrell opines. It is a cause for rejoicing.

Apart from Matteo Salvini, there is not a single influential politician anywhere in Europe who is lifting a finger to stop this ongoing invasion of our homelands by hordes of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern migrants, all claiming to be “refugees”. And it just keeps getting worse. During the festive season more boatloads of illegal immigrants were welcomed into Britain by an inept and  dysfunctional British government, most of whose MPs are incidentally “Friends of Israel”. These so-called “representative of the people” seem to bend over backwards to appease the powerful Jewish lobby here, ignoring the wishes and diktats of this small minority at their peril, a situation not unfamiliar to our equally pressured American confrères.

The man in charge of dealing with the migrant crisis in Britain, Sajid Javid, is himself the offspring of a Muslim immigrant family of Pakistani origin. (See his picture here). His other credentials for dealing with the migrant influx, which he has done nothing remotely effective to limit or discourage so far, are his obsequious loyalties to the state of Israel. A long time supporter of the Conservative Friends of Israel, Mr Javid has endeared himself to Jewish interests by declaring in 2012 that of all the countries in the Middle East he would like to settle in permanently, his first choice would be Israel. That’s where his Utopia lies, his Promised Land of milk and honey. Only in Israel, he says, would his children feel “the warm embrace of peace and liberty.” The problem, of course, is that he can’t prove Jewish ancestry. Would that Britain had analogous laws.

Javid is the man who is now Britain’s Home Secretary and a current contender for the ‘Top Job’, hovering patiently in the background  like a hungry vulture for the corpse of Theresa May to be borne out of 10 Downing Street on a metaphorical stretcher at any moment.

Well, we can’t wait either! Britain’s first Pakistani Prime Minister should provide an interesting landmark in British history, like the conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary in May 1953.Javid 00

Curiously enough, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (pictured), is also of Pakistani origin and cut his teeth working for a solicitors’ firm in London called Christian Fisher which later changed its name to Christian Khan. (See here). It’s interesting to note that the chief partner in the firm, Michael Fisher, was (he died four years ago) half Jewish on his father’s side. So it appears that both our current Home Secretary and our  Mayor of London have two striking features in common: both are of Pakistani origin and both have had careers which have advanced steadily under Jewish influence.

The alternative government-in-waiting, led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, widely reputed to be “anti-Semitic” and pro-Muslim, would be just as bad (if not worse) if it ever got into power. This party of the left, purportedly founded to look after the interests of the working classes, is even more committed to multiculturalism and mass Third World immigration than the rival Tory party. The “migrant crisis” in Britain actually  began under Tony Blair, the mendacious war criminal who founded “New Labour”, and it has continued without intermission under successive British governments ever since.  Only today this headline (unavailable online) appeared on page 2 of the Daily Mail, 14 January in large, bold-face type. CORBYN: I WANT TO KEEP OUR BORDERS OPEN TO MIGRANTS. This from the “Workers’ Party”, the party whose members voted overwhelmingly for Brexit in June 2016 in an unprecedented referendum in which 17.4 million Brits insisted on an end to uncontrolled mass immigration and the enforcement of the strictest border controls.

Democracy? If you’re hunting for that critter, you won’t find it in Britain. Both the Prime Minister and the majority of MPs seem determined to give the people the very opposite of what they voted for over two years ago: a fake Brexit or no Brexit at all, with the country remaining a vassal state of Europe for the foreseeable future. Even Corbyn, however dangerous he may turn out to be, got it right when he described the Prime Minister’s treacherous Brexit plan as a “Frankenstein deal” cooked up by a “zombie government” (16 January).

The deliberate wreck of the British referendum vote by the political class in this country calls to mind the German poet Bertolt Brecht’s scathing comment, “Would it not be easier for the Government to dissolve the People and elect another?” Just substitute “import another” for “elect another”.

Pathological Altruism, British Style

If you wish to study pathological altruism at close hand, Sweden and Angela Merkel’s Germany would be good places to start. We shall concentrate here on Britain, because it is increasingly becoming a “soft touch” for asylum seekers. (See here,  “Our soft touch system acts like a magnet”)

The phrase “migrant crisis” has recently taken on an entirely different connotation here. If you think this means that there are too many migrants landing up uninvited on our shores, and that they need to be stopped, you are wrong. “Migrant crisis” now means failure to rescue more illegal immigrants on the high seas, ferry them to safety, and bestow them with benefits; in effect, to collaborate  with the people smugglers and act as a delivery service for their illegal cargo.

Pathological altruism, it seems, has no limits to its absurdity. More patrol boats are needed in the Mediterranean Sea and in the English Channel, it is being argued, not so much to form a protective armada or shield against dangerous invaders, but to serve as lookout points for any illegal immigrants found thrashing around in choppy seas—their boats wrecked or overturned—and to rush to their assistance at once before they drown or freeze to death in the icy waters.

Since October 2018, 434 migrants, most of them Iranians, have been discovered trying to cross the English Channel from France. On Christmas Day, 40 migrants arrived in Kent on five vessels, “two of which were assisted to shore by lifeboat crews.” The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), which has been carrying out this humanitarian work, has recently come in for severe criticism for acting as “a taxi service for illegal migrants“.

The result? Hundreds of British donors to this exceptionally well-heeled charity have now cancelled their regular donations and monthly direct debits. The main object of this charitable organisation, they point out indignantly, is to rescue ordinary folk who are in danger from drowning at sea, not to assist the people smugglers by picking up their contraband cargo and acting as a free delivery service for illegal immigrants.

The chutzpah of the people smugglers is almost unbelievable. They not only expect their illegal cargo to be “rescued” and given free transportation to the targeted country as a “human right”. They expect the process to be made as painless as possible to themselves. Here is  migration watch reporter Sue Reid writing in the Daily Mail:

Their modus operandi [the people smugglers] is to sound the alarm, EVEN IF A BOAT IS NOT IN DISTRESS, because that is a sure way of getting a rescue vessel to carry their valuable cargo to shore for them. (Emphasis added

The incompetence of the British government—or rather its heinous bad faith—is highlighted by the fact that no serious attempt is ever made to eject failed  asylum seekers.  Two out of three bogus refugees are allowed to stay on in the country with the government’s full connivance—or even its secret blessing. (See Only 1 in 3 failed asylum seekers end up leaving Britain as the others vanish into the ‘black economy’)

Channel 4 TV recently featured an unidentified Iranian who had arrived here by dinghy, explaining why the U.K. was so attractive. “In France they feed you, but you can wait for three to four years without benefits.”

A revealing comment. It looks like Britain is seen as the new freebie heaven, offering generous incentives to illegal immigrants in order to lure them here against the will of large sections of its indigenous people. Even the women in Britain, it is rumoured, are notoriously “easy meat”, easy to groom and sweet-talk into inter-racial liaisons. Which is obviously an added bonus for the lonesome traveller from distant lands, the sex-hungry single, military-age fugitive in the presence of (or inside the bodies of) an indigenous British woman or girl. Such recreational activity often ends in gang rape and murder. (For the systematic rape of underage girls in Britain, see here. And if you can spare a moment, take a quick look at some of the perpetrators guilty of terrorising the female British population.)

So how do the politicians respond to this crisis? — By letting in more  people from the same unstable countries that bring in the rapists.

Mindless? An act of pure treason? A crime against the people who elected them and pay their inflated salaries? You decide.

I think most people today would sympathise with G.K. Chesterton’s rueful comment, “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”

‘Operation  Invade Europe’

Take a look at the map below. It shows the huge percentage of foreign-born immigrants in each European country roughly three years ago. Every single European country has, at least until recently, thrown open its borders submissively to this tsunami of refugees. The only countries in the EU to offer a spirited resistance to this invasion by foreigners have been the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia) and now Italy as a result of the heroic activism of Matteo Salvini, resulting in ongoing battles with the EU bureaucrats. I will not discuss here the complex reasons for their exceptional behaviour, except to say that I approve of it and wish these heroic activists good luck.


These official UN figures highlighting the migrant crisis in Europe for 2015 are demonstrably an underestimate, since they fail to take illegal immigrants into account. In any case, the figures have increased substantially since then. Every year since 2015 has seen a steady rise in Third World migration to Europe, with 2016 showing the most spectacular jumps — with an estimated 1.6 million “refugees” being admitted to Germany alone under the watch of the demented Angela Merkel

Meanwhile in the US,  according to the latest data released by the Census Bureau, the foreign-born population surged in 2017 to 44.5 million people, or 13.7 percent of the population, with more immigrants coming in from Central America and Asia. In 1970 it was a mere 5 percent. (See here)

The UN Refugee Agency has calculated that there are currently 28.5 million refugees and asylum seekers worldwide, with most of these fleeing war and oppressive governments in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. The three hotspots mentioned in the report are Afghanistan, Syria and South Sudan. From here the refugees fan out into neighbouring countries which then have to bear the brunt of their influx: these are Turkey, Lebanon, Uganda and Pakistan, the four largest refugee hosting centres in the world. (See here)

The next step can be described as ‘Operation Invade Europe’.

Theoretically, the 28 countries of the European Union could solve the refugee problem by agreeing to accept at least one million refugees each. This quixotic scheme for sharing out misery equitably, like each participant in a suicide banquet nobly agreeing to eat an equal slice of the poisoned cake, is of course risible, but it is exactly the sort of formula advocated by Merkle and the EU and rejected by the Visegrad countries.

Such a formula fails to take into account two basic facts. Firstly, the supply of future refugees is potentially unlimited, given that the pool of  possible refugees comprises the teeming billions of chronically unstable Africa and the Middle East and other areas of Asia. We can’t possibly let them all  in, however much this incalculable mass of unfortunate human beings should clamour for entrance. Secondly, there is no compelling reason why the native populations of Europe should be forced to put up with this insupportable onslaught against their wills. There is no obligation to commit collective suicide at the behest of a hostile elite.

For more on this subject, and in particular on the Jewish role in promoting mass immigration, see this meticulously documented  article by Andrew Joyce. In the words of Kevin MacDonald, quoted here by Joyce: “Jewish organizations have uniformly advocated high levels of immigration of all racial and ethnic groups into Western societies and have also advocated a multicultural model for these societies.” (Here)

For yet more on the concerted effort to funnel a whole new generation of Third World immigrants into Western countries, check out this groundbreaking exposé  by Andrew Joyce tracing the hidden Jewish hand in starting the ball rolling as early as 1948, the same year international Jewry managed to found their apartheid, ethnic-cleansing state on the ruins of Palestine. Joyce has researched this topic for several years and is now collating his extensive notes for a full-length book on the subject. He writes:

From the early 19th century until the First World War, English Jewry was ruled by a tightly connected oligarchy. Daniel Gutwein states that this Anglo-Jewish elite comprised some twenty inter-related Ashkenazi and Sephardic families including the houses of Goldsmith, Montagu, Nathan, Cohen, Isaacs, Abrahams, Samuel, and Montefiore. At its head, of course, stood the House of Rothschild.

Fast forward to the 21st century and to the present incumbent of 10 Downing Street … and join the dots. Here is Francis Carr Begbie in an article published three weeks after the British referendum of 23 June 2016:

Anyone wondering about the priorities of Mrs Theresa May should follow her actions from the moment she learned she was to become Britain’s next Prime Minister. Her first act was to sign a pledge committing her to remember the Holocaust and ‘stand up to hatred and intolerance’. And her second was to spend the evening before her confirmation by the Queen at a private dinner at the home of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

British Prime Minister Theresa May
with her friendly adviser Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

These unpalatable facts simply cannot be brushed under the carpet any longer. Anyone who attempts to deny them deserves to join the proverbial ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

The focus of this present article however is not to ask, “Who is ultimately to blame for the invasion of Europe?” We already know that. It is to ask, “How can we stop the invasion now it has begun?”

Stopping the Invasion 

How to deal with this endless horde of economic migrants posing as helpless “refugees”? If they are not to be classified as “invaders”, as they would definitely be in Jewish-dominated Israel, the word “invasion” ceases to have any meaning. Is violence in self-defence justifiable if failure to act decisively threatens one’s own survival? This is the ticklish question that will have to be tackled sooner rather than later. It cannot be dodged or deferred indefinitely.

It has been suggested that one effective non-violent way of dealing with the migrant crisis is to adopt the Australian method: tow the migrant vessel away, back to its country of embarkation. That offers some hope. Unfortunately, this will only work with larger vessels where the country of embarkation is already known. It won’t work in the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel with smaller vessels such as rubber dinghies and tiny fishing boats; this is because the occupants of these vessels not only refuse to disclose where they come from but actually destroy their passports in advance.

Getting tough seems to be the only answer.

Here is a snippet from a recent letter in the Daily Mail  headlined ‘Misdirected kindness’ (3 January 2019, Letters section; not available online). This comes from one Philip Hodson from Newmarket in Suffolk. It daringly mentions gun fire. “Due to a policy based on kindness,” the writer comments kindly, “we can expect to see migrants dying as they attempt to cross the Channel.” He does not suggest shooting the migrants to stop them getting any closer, which of course would be unkind of him. But he does suggest — and this is the first time I have come across such a sentiment in the mainstream press — that a spectacular display of machine gun fire might have a bracingly effective deterrent effect:

As a former Army officer, I would suggest laying down machine gun fire in front of migrant vessels to discourage future attempts that could result in deaths.

Beautifully put. A bit of tough love, it seems, might well be in order. However, a word of caution. It’s OK for an unknown member of the public like Mr Hodson to voice such sentiments in the Daily Mail, if only to prove that robust free speech is still alive in the British media. But if a top politician or international celebrity were to suggest shooting at illegal intruders on sight—literally gunning them down on the beaches—there would be a universal outcry.  It would be the end of the world, with much talk of the ghost of Enoch Powell rising from the dead.

I wish I could avoid quoting myself—a bad habit I’ve done my best to avoid so far—but this is what I said in March 2016 in a hastily written article that has almost sunk without trace. What I said then, applies with even greater force now:

A time may come when the now “inconceivable” occurs: this is when the unstoppable hordes of illegal immigrants are finally seen as hostile invaders and are forcibly stopped by declaring war on them. The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has in fact recommended this hawkish approach. Just weeks ago, we learn:

“AfD chairman Frauke Petry provoked outrage when she advocated border guards open fire with live ammunition on illegal asylum seekers. Days later, a poll found that almost 30 percent of Germans agreed with her.” 

Think of those alarming statistics. Almost one in three Germans, if asked, would now agree that it is a sensible policy to bomb the refugee ships and shoot illegal immigrants on sight.

Frauke Petry, an anti-immigrant, anti-Islamist, pro-life wife of a pastor (pictured here) had won the leadership of Germany’s fast growing Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) political party. Later she was to soften her stance on violence  against illegal immigrants by telling the Mannheimer Morgen  newspaper: “The use of armed force is there as a last resort. Previously she had said bluntly, German police should shoot at migrants.”

The idea of violent resistance to the invasion of Europe has already occurred in fictional form. So this isn’t something new. It was first mooted by French writer Jean Raspail, author of The Camp of the Saints. This was long before the problem of mass immigration had achieved crisis levels. Raspail’s prescient novel was published in 1973, 45 years ago.

Here is Jared Taylor’s bleak warning of the shape of things to come if no remedial action is soon taken:

The Camp of the Saints has never gone out of print, and has been translated into all major European languages—and yet the coverage of the European “migrant” crisis goes on as if it had never been written. The masses pouring in from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a host of African countries are doing exactly what Raspail predicted.

The Camp of the Saints put the white man’s dilemma in the harshest terms: slaughter hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children or face oblivion.

The flotilla sets sail confident that Europeans do not have the nerve to kill in order to survive. Today as well, the Third World is crossing the Mediterranean confident that whites don’t have the nerve even to turn them back. Every vagabond who gets a bed in a reception center in Dortmund or Malmo tweets the good news to a hundred people back in Somalia and Syria.

They will come in endless waves until they are stopped, and if they are not stopped Europe will die, just as it does in The Camp of the Saints.

(Jared Taylor, here)

Raspail is playing safe. He is not advocating the mass extermination of illegal immigrants. He is simply pointing out matter-of-factly: When push comes to shove, we won’t have the guts to stop the Third World invaders. We’ll chicken out. We’ll just let them in, wringing our hands like pathetic wimps. And the result? Our own extinction. Because of our cowardice in adopting a false sense of morality—a morality which is intensely promoted by our hostile elites—our doom is sealed.

The popular placard slogan, REFUGEES WELCOME, is indeed Europe’s death wish.


“They will come in endless waves until they are stopped,
and if they are not stopped Europe will die.” — Jared Taylor

Violence in Self-Defence

As a pacifist, it is not in my nature to recommend violence and mindless cruelty. There is nothing I abhor so much as the infliction of pain on the weak and vulnerable. As a pragmatic realist, however, may I offer the mild suggestion that this problem is not going to go away unless drastic measures are soon taken. There is an old Latin proverb: Remedio amaro amaram bilem diluunt. Loosly translated: Drastic remedies for drastic diseases.

Robert A. Heinlein, author of the cult novel Stranger in a Strange Land (1961), was more than a great science fiction writer. His knowledge of history and politics, like that of Orwell, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, was profound. What would Heinlein have thought of the migrant invasion of Europe and what solution would he have offered to the problem? I don’t think Heinlein would have minced his words. His thoughts on the role of violence in world history, heavily influenced by Darwin, are well worth noting:

“Anyone who clings to the historically untrue—and thoroughly immoral—doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

—  Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers (1959), quoted here, p. 350

Darwin himself, or indeed any of his faithful disciples, could have penned that final sentence: “Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

Violence, sanctioned by the State and enshrined in legislation, may soon become necessary in the interests of self-preservation.

And what if the State refuses to act? If the State won’t step in, impatient political activists will sooner or later take the law into their own hands. Be sure of that. New Bastilles will be stormed. And the necks of the ruling classes will go under new versions of the guillotine. The ruling classes therefore have a choice: to act in the interests of the people they serve or be swept away in a new revolution that will make all the revolutions of the past look like Sunday school picnics.

Self-defence needs no defence.


In our current environment, playing the race card is enough to silence anyone who dares to suggest we should get tough with the illegal immigrants who threaten our values and our way of life. It was enough to destroy Enoch Powell. Yet at no point did Powell preach violence. He simply predicted there would be “rivers of blood” one day if drastic  action were not taken to clamp down on Third World immigration before it got out of hand.

The race card is a powerful one, and here it is again deployed in order to silence and intimidate anyone who dares to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy. This comes from a recent article in The Observer:

We should be ashamed of our response to this refugee ‘crisis’…. Sometimes you can smell the stench of racism before you are actually upon it. When you encounter racism in the raw or the utter absence of compassion at the plight of people fleeing death and torture, it’s like looking into an open sewer.

— Kevin McKenna, The Observer, 30 December 2018.  

The open sewers are the migrant-receiving countries themselves, created by hostile elites for their own interests — and utterly opposed to the interests of the despised masses of indigenous Whites who are now seen as little better than sewer rats.

A delegation of benign visitors from a distant planet, in search of a world to settle in, would only need to take one look at our plastic-polluted oceans and rat-infested, rape-gang cities full of lawlessness, degeneracy and despair, and they would turn away at once in disgust. “No thank you!” they would say. “This is an outpost of hell!”

In the words of the Evangelist: Mundus totus in maligno.—The whole world lies in wickedness.

Will there be “rivers of blood”?  Only time will tell.

Compared with what they were like after WWII, or even in the 1960s, both Europe and America now resemble open wounds. Europe lies prostrated, unrecognisably traumatised by the migrant invasion, and America has become a vast wasteland of the spirit.

Our ancestors, if they could return from the trenches of WWI or from the killing fields of Vietnam, would be horrified to see the world we have created. They would ask, “Is this what we died for?” And they would cry out like Kurtz in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness — “The horror! The horror!”

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  1. The migrants could be sent to Turkey as Erdogan presents himself as the protector of the muslims., so he says. Or could be sent to Israel as it learns the juice to learn to live with people with a muslim background. If I am not mistaken Turkey and Israel are buddies. Fighting between them is just juice theater. Big commerce between both countries.

    1. I’m glad to see Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, who has been very pessimistic about this, provide the correct answer regarding what must be done: whatever it takes. But remember it’s the ruling hostile regime who are the instigators and organizers of this. It will necessarily entail not just civil war, but revolution.

      1. I will tell you what has to be done and I don’t give a f#ck what any body thinks. the west will end up like south afreaka where it is legal to kill whites and take what they got. the only way to stop this is first to kill the politicians clergy reporters social help groups any body profiting off and implementing it . then work on the non whites first telling them to leave if not kill them also. this is a genocide being put on whites under jew Bolshevik orders.

        if this is not done look at south afreaka for your and your kids “future”. I say it is to late being 75% of whites hate white people. and the fake right in the USA only cares to root out every racist in all the galaxies then pledge 1000000% loyaly to Israel. they worship cops who work under orders from white hating communists. it will go down is history that the most heavily armed people to ever walk the earth mostly white americans were genocided without firing a shot to while kneeling to all the laws that were past to PREVENT them from saving themselves. on the tombstone of the whites….at least I was law abiding

    2. Multiculturalism is about the destruction of the host culture.

      If you want to save the British way of Life you must recognoise that immigration is destroying the Britain we knew.

      I feel sorry for African illegal immigrants who risk their lives to get into Britain, but we cannot accept them. They are 90% young men with no skills.

      We should be sending them back to their homelands.

  2. The immigration wave has nothing to do with feeling sorry for these immigrants, or wanting to help them out. There are a couple of main reasons why they have done this to Europe.

    1. Growth- The current system demands growth, and that only comes with more people that can be loaded up with DEBT.

    2. Destabilizing society for political gains- Offering stupid people free everything will always get votes, and they know this. The second part of this is not allowing mostly white people to unite in a common cause. Traditionally white people have figured out the Talmudic jew scams in the past and done something about it. This is why jews have been kicked out of 84 countries 109 times in 2000 years! Messing up the population and keeping everyone fighting each other and blaming each other for the countries woes in a cornerstone of their plans. The resulting mess allows them to pass tougher laws and rules for EVERYONE to follow, especially banning guns, which is required to fulfill their other plans.

    The fact Europe was NOT ASKED if they wanted this should be extremely alarming. Most of the “anti establishment” parties are ALSO CONTROLLED……years often go by before people figure it out that they have been jew screwed yet again. Ask GREECE!

    Ethnic cleansing of white people on a global scale is the ultimate goal, like I said because white people have been the ones who know about the jew and their tricks. Many blacks and asians don’t have any real knowledge other that blame “whitey”.

    If people don’t wake the hell up soon, it’s going to be way too late, in fact it already could be.

    1. It is written: “Traditionally white people have figured out the Talmudic jew scams in the past and done something about it. This is why jews have been kicked out of 84 countries 109 times in 2000 years! “

      Unfortunately, the realization of the problem has been after the destruction of the nation. The manner in which Wall Street, the extension of Rothschild, has been able to embezzle from the U.S. government utilizing the Federal Reserve has been successfully hidden for a century. These funds, IMHO, have been used by the IMF, WB, CIA, and many others to foment the crisis detailed by Darkmoon.


  3. Reposted from the Occidental Observer

    Brown and yellow skinned people are moving in and there is no general will to stop this invasion. Whites have to make a difficult adjustment to this harsh reality. Many will love the sexy new racial mixture.

    1. Melvin, I’m sure the yellow people will get on with the black and brown people just swimmingly!

  4. I cannot think but that these immigrants will eventually overtake the political order in Europe and take control of the armed forces and the weapons of mass destruction.

    Then what?

    1. I assume we recognize it is the CIA/armed forces of the USA destroying half of the world (and enforcing sanctions written by Wall Street) that is the prime motivator of immigrants leaving their home country.

      1. Olde Reb,
        Don’t think so. Evidently the living conditions in these countries are good enough to leave the women and children behind. Donaldo viewed the faces of the sex offenders above. What a creepy bunch. I would wager a bottle of my favorite $666 tequila that most of them had lengthy “rap sheets” before gracing Europe with their presence. 🙂

      2. Donaldo,
        Are you attempting to imply the refugees are not originating from nations that the “USA” is invading [read ‘destroy’] for “humanitarian” reasons ? As an alternate theory, could it be that the women and children stay behind because the hazards of fleeing are too horrendous for them to consider ?

        You make totally unsupported conclusions that photographed males are lawbreakers in their homeland, but ignore the flagrant abuse of humanitarian standards by an unleashed invading military.

  5. Excellent article (as usual) by Dr. Darkmoon.

    Will stopping the invasion be a sufficient remedy?

    To really save Europe, won’t it be necessary to repatriate the Third Worlders who have already settled there? This would presumably be much more difficult than halting new arrivals. The alien parasites would scorn any attempt to persuade them to leave voluntarily, and they would fight like demons to resist deportation. Any European country that tries to expel the invaders will probably have to pay a high price in blood, treasure and international opprobrium.

    1. the alternative is the destruction of the white people which means more blood. better to die standing up then kneeling

    2. Reposted from the Occidental Observer

      @ Randy

      Will stopping the invasion be a sufficient remedy? To really save Europe, won’t it be necessary to repatriate the Third Worlders who have already settled there?

      First, a disclaimer. It hardly needs saying that the invasion is a long way from being stopped, and reasonable men and women can and do disagree as to whether it will be stopped at all. But if for present purposes we assume the best, it ought to be noted that there is a laudable precedent for repatriation—or to call the thing by its proper name, expulsion: the heroic Edict of Expulsion of March 31, 1492. This was the payoff of the Reconquista, and unlike its present-day partial parallel, the Mexican border wall (aka Trump’s Wall of BS), it was given far more than mere lip service.

      The Jews were expelled (at least nominally expelled) from Spain because for centuries they had been the allies and bankrollers of the degenerate Muslim occupiers of the Iberian Peninsula. Anyone comparing Jews’ conduct in medieval Spain with their conduct throughout the modern West, however, ought to conclude that similar punishment nowadays would hardly require justification. Indeed, it might reasonably be thought little more than a slap on the wrist.

      But back to 1492 Spain. Unfortunately, the fact that, as is now known, a great many of the putatively converted Jews turned out to be Marranos indicates that Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Inquisition were far less draconian in their expulsion policy than they might have been. Yet even in this best-case scenario, that our own victorious rulers would exhibit even a tenth of the strength of purpose exhibited by the Spanish monarchs is hardly a winning bet.

      1. For centuries Negro slaves were imported to North Africa. They were castrated to prevent the native stock from being diluted. Israel without obtaining consent administered drugs to Negro Jews to prevent breeding that would alter the ethnic balance of the Jewish population. It is a tried and true tactic.

        Europe and White countries everywhere are being invaded by military aged males.They should be led to believe that the price of staying is to submit to castration. Fear of this can be engendered either by law or propaganda. Once the idea takes hold the invaders will flee in great numbers.

        The intruders may love welfare benefits but they love their private parts more. Unauthorized and untrue scare posters announcing that 50 migrants got the snip-snip last week, with more to follow, would do more to repatriate the young men out of London, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and Paris to their homelands than deploying ships offshore. It would be a lot cheaper and does not have to be true. Fake news can be a very effective weapon.

    3. Olde Reb,
      Don’t know what they did in their countries. But after entering Europe they quickly turned to lives of crime. The proof is in the pudding. That’s what the mugshots mean. 😎

      1. AFTER immigrants entered Europe, THEN they became law-breakers.

        What was their potential after arrival ? There was no job, no home, no food, no family. This should not be taken as justification for their resorting to criminal acts; crime was the ultimate resort for survival. The problem started with their homeland being targeted by Wall Street for exploitation or total destruction; their land was confiscated or covered with depleted uranium; they faced forced slavery for the harvesting of exported crops. Remove the oppression of their homeland for the profit of and domination by Wall Street [Globalists] and they would not flee to Europe or the USA.

        Wall Street exists by embezzlement.

      1. Wrong. After all other possibilities for necessities have been unsuccessful, what is the result of rape to the rapist ? He gets a roof over his head and warmth, he gets food, he gets a bed, he gets companionship of others who share similar backgrounds, he might even get medical care and education. He certainly gets better conditions than his older brothers who faced the invaders and died in Bagram and Gitmo after their homes were destroyed, their towns leveled, their families killed, their gardens were wasted with radioactivity—all so Wall Street could grow opium and construct an oil pipeline after they installed a puppet ruler after they led a coup to overthrow the elected ruler. Today, Venezula is facing the same destruction. Greece was recently conquored.

  6. It is obvious to all but the ‘Low info individuals that illegal immigration, multiculturalism and anti-Christianity are financed by the Jews by their “cultural Marxist phycology’ of brainwashed academia, control of the politicians through bribery and threat of being removed from office, and financial ownership of the media. Along with this, there’s the complacency of the white Christian population to do nothing but submit and view their own genocide,

    The only way to deal with this Malignant Disease of Jew perception is to revolt against any that support it and to take drastic measures to eradicate the problem.

    This requires balls. If only White Christians can remember where they left them!l

    1. Reposted from The Occidental Observer:

      @ Thomas Daley

      “This requires balls. If only White Christians can remember where they left them!”

      Actually, it requires ammunition. Lots of it. Until we have that everything else is just talk. I don’t want underestimate the value of talk. How could I? Plus, it sometimes leads to action.

      Regarding Christians or the Right in whatever form, plain old Right, alt-Right, dissident-Right, they might provide an important contribution to whatever fight we put up, if we ever do put up a fight, but they will never ever save anything.

      I’m very suspicious of making White and Right synonymous. Schaeffer Cox mostly saw himself as a Patriot and Freedom fighter, and he was framed by the FBI and is sittting in a jail cell in CMU in Marion, Illinois. Just read

      See ‘The Federal Framing of Schaeffer Cox’ to find out more.

      I find it very odd that, though he never advocated violence, was never a race talker, said nothing about Jews, and talked more about defending our basic freedoms than about ideology, they really worked him over and ruined his life, while the more public figures of the Alt-Right are free, still making the rounds.

      Not only that, but I find it odd that I’ve never heard them mention Schaeffer Cox at all. Maybe some have dropped his name here and there. But none of them have help make his case more well known. Which is very odd, given their exposure and opportunity.

      Because of this, and not just this, I find them totally unbelievable. They were always uninspiring.

      If there’s any resistance it will probably be random and easily crushed.

      Orwell spoke of the power of facing unpleasant facts. And it is a power. Probably the only power left us right now. And the unpleasant fact we have to face now is that these are dark days indeed.

      The only way to bring some light is to discover another kind of power. The kind we can use to do all that we can to let them know we won’t go quietly.

    2. Olde Reb,
      “No job, no home, no food, no family.” So the refugees flee a bad circumstance just to encounter an identical circumstance? Are you sure? I doubt that any of these “refugees” are starving. 🤣

  7. Looks like the radical hippies won the culture wars of the 60s and 70s. They bore children and passed on their nonsensical “All you need is love” philosophy everywhere – except of course love for themselves, their traditions and their cultural-genetic heritage. The really amazing thing about leftist devotees is their total ignorance of population and genetic displacement/eradication. The dolts really believe that European civilization can and will survive in the midst of a demographic onslaught. They really do not think that they will be displaced and they have a complete faith that alien peoples will simply assimilate into European civilization. They’ll simply look a bit different.

    My Danish ex-girlfriend won’t even talk to me any longer after I sent her a link to a recent illuminating article by Tobias Langdon. She refused to read the article simply because of the OC’s subtitle – White Identity, Interests, and Culture. As she put it, the words made her “vomit”. When I asked a few years ago if she feared the Islamization of Denmark by the end of the century, she replied: “…who cares, I’ll be dead by then”. But what about your grandchildren, I replied. Do you prefer that they be Islamicized eventually? In typical leftist fashion, she refused to answer. A pity that leftists couldn’t just commit suicide as soon as possible.

    1. my friend came back from Denmark or the Netherlands and said at least 60% of any body under 35 was a mulatto

      1. It’s becoming a jungle in Europe. And the sun is fading away with all these brown people.
        Thanks to the juice, ‘ the people of god’.

    2. Women are practical they don’t care who enters them, a nice nigro, muslim or a jew etc.
      Women don’t care about principles, morals etc.
      It’s the man who fights or maybe I should say fought.

      1. @ nojuiceplease

        Women are practical they don’t care who enters them, a nice nigro, muslim or a jew etc.
        Women don’t care about principles, morals etc.

        Does this apply to Lasha Darkmoon and me?

        She wrote the article. I am the monitor of this site.

        We are both women.

        1. @ Sister Monica

          Don’t get upset, sister. I’m a woman too.

          @ nojuiceplease


  8. The US helps this migratory cultural death march by invading countries “to get rid of dictators” via wars of imperialism and economic strangulation as now seen by what we have done and are still doing in Venezuela .US elites work for the real big boys for pennies on the dollar, but make no mistake about it, the US is rapidly approaching hellhole status. How can we even look ourselves in the eyes anymore? We have become filthy pukes and when I see masquerading punks aka politicians pontificating as they campaign on the freedom and honesty bandwagons of farcedom, it makes me retch knowing I am a resident in this place of detritic purulence.

      1. Do you think Madame’s comment would not have been deleted if she had merely suggested castration ??

    1. Helps? HELPS!? No! No!No! My friend, you’ve got it all wrong. The US doesn’t help, it’s the prime mover, the force majeure. It’s America’s Zionist wars in the Near East that have propelled the mass exodus of migrants, while Jews in the host/target countries surreptitiously changed immigration laws to accommodate them. Britain helps, France helps, Germany helps, but the US leads the way to the exit visa. America is the biggest, baddest, most ferocious attack dog worthless Jew scrip can buy.

      What might one expect when a vicious, murdering, mad dog is let loose in the yard and then a main gate is opened for quick exit? How stupid must one be not to see the obvious results? The US destroys these countries at the Jews behest, while others support their murderous efforts. As the bumper sticker says,

      “When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight – US Marines.”

      Thwarting this mass invasion of third world jetsam is a no brainer. Simply make living environment uninhabitable for them. Make life as hard as possible. Take away all ~ ALL ~ support, especially economic (read political) support or any chance of income. Execution for all crimes involving violence against native inhabitants, but leniency when they murder their own. That includes racial slurs against the indigenous people and any involvement in revolutionary activity or social disturbances. Outlaw their religious practices, but only among their people and in their communities. Prohibit or limit the use of their native language in public and make it illegal to import or sell native foods. Anything and everything that might make their lives difficult, if not impossible. Finally, offer them free passage and a stipend to leave, while offering economic incentive to countries willing to accept them. Use military force if necessary to make their native countries fulfill repatriation acceptance. It’s not a lack of brains that blind politicians to this solution, it’z a lack of spine.

      Need proof how well this plan works? Just look at white Afrikaners and white Europeans whose lives have been made impossible, whose countries have become uninhabitable, as recipients of modified versions of this Jew plan. American goyim are like soooo stupid and gullible. While Trump’s dog and pony show shuts down the government to force through his idiotic wall, creating dissension among the political the ranks in the process, nothing is being said or done about the massive welfare incentives offered to these immigrants.

      Free money, free food, free citizenship, free education, free housing, free medical care, free phones and free cars. It’s like a trip to Disneyland’s candy store for immigrants who make it in. Therefore, people will keep breaching every wall, no matter how wide, no matter how tall, in their attempt to grab the golden ring on America’s merry-go-round. After all, they run the very real risk of drowning to breach European borders.

      I have yet to hear one slime-ball, Jew paid, politician even suggest the possibly of rescinding one single welfare benefit or medical care act. Yet we are to believe that Trump’s multi-billion dollar white elephant will scare them away? Ya, sure! You betch yur’ boy howdy! Excuse me Mr. Trump, but have you studied the effectiveness of China’s “Great Wall.” Are you even aware it exists?

  9. “We should be ashamed of our response to this refugee ‘crisis’…. Sometimes you can smell the stench of racism before you are actually upon it. When you encounter racism in the raw or the utter absence of compassion at the plight of people fleeing death and torture, it’s like looking into an open sewer.”

    — Kevin McKenna, The Observer, 30 December 2018.

    Fool or “plant”?

    The jew makes NO BONES about his blistering hatred for ALL GOIM. Who is responsible for the creation of these (mostly) combat-age men? I mean besides the sty called U.S. and their masters @ AIPAC/Israel? As Hitler proffered, (before the Jew and their shabbos goi here crushed what amounted to the ONLY nation with leadership smart/honorable enough to try sending the kosher central bank to it’s well deserved grave).
    One needn’t HATE other races to LOVE their own.
    Nationalists and patriots from all European nations need to wake up to whom is responsible, who pays their whores/shabbos goi in “government” and finally, all those malleable/weak-minded who DEFEND this LITERAL white genocide and send them ALL to israel. Then watch how Israel, the so-called “democratic ally” of every nation formed from colonized conquests of The city of London, deals with their fellow Jews, (well, except for the black ones they normally sterilize or threaten into leaving and their Goim sycophants once all menial jobs are filled).
    Those fools defending this genocide of the white race are the VERY ones used by the Bolshevik Jews to conquer/bleed Russia into the BIGGEST OPEN AIR SLAUGHTERHOUSE to date – until they decide to enact HR 104 and Noahide Law in this sewer – For over 300 years we’ve all sat silent as they destroyed EVERY ONE of these nations to bleed them dry while slaughtering those wise enough to feel the pain and call it what it is;
    a NEWER form of colonization that gives them (the invaders) all the benefits without any of the consequences.
    Is this WHITE GENOCIDE just a racists “conspiracy theory”?
    All you apologists, “Christian” Zionists and snowflakes who SUPPORT these demons – You tell me!

    “It is in the JEWISH INTEREST, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege. – AND THE APPARENT CHIP ON THE SHOULDER THAT MINORITIES HAVE.”
    Ishmael Levitts (caps mine)

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race”
    Dr. Noel Ignatiev – Jew

    The above is a TINY sample from a Jew holy man and a Jew educator, published with immunity, can you IMAGINE the UPROAR by the Jew and their “snowflake” puppets if one were to replace “whites” with “Jew”?

    Further, just WHOM do you think sits atop the MASSIVE mountain of bone FROM EVERY RACE ‘cept Jew?

    Notice the BOAST of the “good” Rabbi? Notice the BODY COUNT from 1869? Which does NOT include 2 kosher bankers’ world wars or EVERY military action taken by this sty to spread the central bank’s power/evil to literally EVERY nation on earth except those few labeled a part of an “evil axis” by the puppets placed in power since MOSSAD’s 9/11?

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”

    Rabbi Reichorn 1869

    You want to end this “crisis”? Filter out ALL central bank minions and their shabbos goi placed in power THEN FINISH the REAL plan of the National Socialists, “disappear” the entire Central Bank scam from the WORLD – then you’ll see all these refugees “clean house” and prosper within their OWN nations!

    You weak-minded SJWs label white patriots as “Racist” while in reality it is YOU who are the racists/traitors to your OWN cultures/races!

    YOU are the feeble minded reincarnation of every Russian who fought FOR the Bolshevik Jew AGAINST Russia and helped to create the USSR, the largest open air slaughterhouse in HISTORY!

    SOLZHENITSYN; 66 million body count/ Zhirinovsky; 100 million body count


  10. I think the only way to save Europe is to kick out even the South and East Europeans from the west. In other words no racial discrimination in immigration policy. That would actually be the best for everyone. South and East European birth rates have declined enormously and the population is decreasing both due to falling birth rates and emigration to the more affluent west. And what you’ll then get is politicians calling for the replacement of those leaving and dying out by new immigrants from Asia and Africa. Of course most of them want to get to the affluent west too but there will be some who will happily settle in the south and east of Europe especially when homes and allowances for them are provided from EU funds. Beware of this plot to destroy the more nationally aware European nations, as it’s already happening.

  11. I don’t quite understand this concept of “pathological altruism”. Whatever it is it’s certainly pathological but I doubt it’s altruistic. Let me try to get this straight, it’s perfectly OK to advocate and use violence (massive amounts of violence as in wars) on those very people in their home countries, even though they don’t threaten the west, and thus drive some of them to the west, but you’re not allowed to advocate and use violence to protect yourself once they actually reach the west and present a threat. And now suddenly all these western politicians and citizens are altruistic because they want to help these poor, needy and suffering refugees while at the same time calling for and supporting more military interventions in their home countries, to drive yet more of them westward. It sounds like a bad joke dreamed up by a very sick mind. Well many of those on sites such as this know how and why all this is going on but it seems mental processes of most people have become so twisted to accept the illogical as logical, abnormal as normal, sick as healthy, and it’s against the law to try to even get people to reason straight. A fine mess everyone’s in.

    (comment reposted from Occidental Observer)

    1. All of the innate actions have been identified, but the objective of the initiator has been overlooked.

      The objective is to obtain an economic gain from the affected foreign nation by Wall Street. Ref. CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins. The multitude of such actions has been compiled by William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Any resistance to Wall Street domination results in a coup or an invasion with crushing destruction of the object nation – and the fleeing of indigenous people.

      The influx of foreigners is but the next step in a coup of European and western nations.

  12. “What should we do????”
    I told you what we should do,
    on March 18, 2016,
    and all you could do was scream at me.
    Well, I hate to say “I told you so”, but, well, “I told you so”.

      1. As I quickly glance at your lengthy cite [not yet available in thread], it appears your suggestion to shoot immigrants on your shore is viewed as barbaric (by others) while your nation shooting the same people in their native land is viewed as heroic and diplomatic.

  13. Living in a “multicultural” city as I do, I must have words within myself which I could say to the “people of color” who surround me. These words are that racism among Whites is in their interest. This is in their interest because only a unified White people can defeat the Jew, and in the long run they don’t want Jewish rule any more than Whites do. A mixed race oppositional force to the Jew won’t get the job done. Only Whites fighting for their special blood can be victorious against the Jew.

    1. Hi Kendra, if you allow me, I think you are wrong on this one. Why this entire people should be the other side of the fence? To fight Jewish Power, whites, yellows, blacks, brows and “self-hating jews” should be the same side, because they have the same goal. When we win the global political struggle you can have your “whitey” community, no problem.
      My wife is a German-European and I am an Italian-European white, buy the way I’m not that white (pure white) but I really don’t care…

      1. @ Nothing But the Truth

        I think you are misinterpreting my meaning. American Whites are not perfectly pure in their blood, especially working-class American Whites. Yet their race-soul is White. Italian-Americans count as White in America, even if they have Mediterranean looks. It is the race-soul that matters. When I said a mixed race opposition to the Jews wouldn’t get the job done I meant a multicultural opposition wouldn’t get the job done; I wasn’t referring to Whites whose racial purity was imperfect.

      2. Are you an italian jew as there are many italians of jewish origin? The jews have always loved Italy
        and changed their names in ‘ italian’ names.
        The irony what not unfrequently happens is that foreigners meet ‘ italian’ people who in reality are just italian jews. Especially in the italian middle class and higher you find many jews. Not a surprise.
        But a surprise might be that a lot of ‘ italian’ mafia persons have a jewish surname!! They love to work with their brothers the jewish mafia.
        Nothing is what it seems.

  14. ‘He would have to be living on a different planet not to be aware that the “migrant crisis” is a crisis indeed: not so much for the migrants who have everything to gain if they can smuggle themselves into Europe, but it’s obviously a crisis to their European host countries who have everything to lose if the migrants should succeed in gaining a foothold here, and, in the process, force their alien values and culture upon us.”
    IF they should succeed?
    if you have a muslim mayor of london and 200 sharia courts already operating, as i’ve heard, then i don’t think IF is the word…
    it’s true the current corporo-religious constant growth methodology sees the decline in the population of these white countries as a dilemma… as the white countries standard of living increases, they’re a lot harder to exploit for labor, debt mongering, war mongering, all the usual scams…
    there is of course merit in the idea that the wealthy western corporotocracies exercise economic exploitation against third world countries, maintaining high levels of poverty and debt.. read the book – TREASURE ISLANDS if you wanna know about how wealth is extracted by corporations from poor countries and hidden in offshore security jurisdictions…
    then you do have the color revolutions and bombing campaigns perpetrated by the sorosite zionists, obama and the clintons, the israelis, bolton, the saudi gangsters, which gives legitimacy to the term ‘refugee’…
    the white west is being killed by rotten politicians in the usa and europe… it’s a jew thing, but the corporate, for the profits, and catholic hierarchy are totally down with it too…
    sorry ladies – if you’re still catholic at this point, YOU ARE the problem…
    look, the corporate methodology is all about exploitation… corporate rule can not survive a properly functioning democracy, where the will of the people rules the state.. the poorer classes must be held in place or they will acquire for themselves the means of production, eliminate the fed and establish state banks, strangle off the monarchies, empower each nation in the world body, declare world peace and stop killing each other in contrived wars… as they become more enlightened they will abandon establishment religion entirely in favor of environmental spiritualism and gradually reduce their own numbers, as is happening naturally in advanced white countries.. the immigrant invasion is the latest order-out-of-chaos social sabotage divide-and-conquer tactic to keep the ptb in power..
    of course the jews know everybody hates them, so they want all the other races mixed, like as if that will have the desired effect… a toxic jew is still a toxic jew, no matter who everybody else is… if he’s a zionist, he’s toxic..
    heinlein is quite right – violence solves problems, and it follows that those unwilling to do it will gradually get too many problems… trespass is a form of violence… but what’s more, the threat of violence prevents many more such problems from occurring in the first place… it’s why people have guns in free countries… it’s not usually the governments that save them… they save themselves… trespassers gradually up their aggressive behavior, the more of them there are – the more hostile they become… these people are trespassers…
    say what you want about trump, but he’s about the only one in power in the usa trying to secure the southern border.. that’s the first step, then you can declare martial law and start rounding up and deporting all the 25,000,000 illegals already here… but without the threat of deadly force to be used where suspects resist or try to escape, it won’t work…

  15. Gunning down migrants is not a solution to this problem, a poor strategy. Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy didn’t have to kill anyone. Actually, that’s a good idea, for Soros and his buddies! Imagine the zio-media narrative if they had images of a boat, full of black people, being gunned down by the British Armed Forces; you got it, would be the poor little miserable refugee narrative, with steroids! It’s a political problem, not a military one. I don’t know why, but we still believe the military will save us…
    So, here goes some art of war: “deny target to the enemy”. Centuries ago, Jewish Power had a better hiding, but as it grew, some sensible target became exposed. Hypothetically, a fully armed Royal battalion, in a kamikaze mission, could easily conquer the Devil’s City inside London, that little square mile, the head of the snake. Together with a political speaker, maybe the unbalance of political power could be achieved, and the world would be free. But where are those three hundred patriotic Spartans?

  16. Ask yourself why these people want to leave their country. The answer is usually because the Anglo empire has turned these countries into less desirable places to live. Sanctions or military intervention to not contribute to a positive way of life. In other words, if you want to see who is responsible, look in a mirror.

    1. @ Robert Dobbs

      So what’s your answer, Smartypants?

      Keep letting in the Third World hordes? While muttering under your breath, “Anglos are to blame! … Anglos are to blame! … So serve ’em right!”

      From the thrust of your comment, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you are not a White man. Are you Jewish? Muslim? Black? Asian? Mixed breed?

      Mr Dobbs . . . hiding behind a a nice anglo-Saxon name! 🙂

    2. Yes, Dobbs is a jew. Blaming the ‘ anglo empire’ and not the usual suspects, the juice.

      1. I know many white goys who also blame all the world’s ills on the Anglos, or Angloyanks, or the West. And almost every Muslim and Arab is far more Jew aware than most whites, as are many Asians and Africans. Whites who are aware generally tend to be anti Zionist while Muslim Arabs are anti Jew and absolutely hate them. So I fail to see how you can tell Mr. Dobbs’s ethnicity/religion from his statement.

        I tend to blame the population for their governments, and the western citizens are complicit in the policies of their governments, whether it be wars to destroy other nations or the immigration policies to destroy their own. Where are the anti-war demonstrations demanding disengagement and noninterference in the Middle East? If you don’t like it change it.

    3. Mr. Dobbs, I submit that your analysis of why people are fleeing their country is half right, but it is half wrong.
      I agree that flight and national chaos is the result of Anglo Empire imposition of economic manipulation as detailed by John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. The multitude of these actions has been compiled by William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND US MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Numerous other writings support the above. These same forces are currently operative in Venezuela and the entire Caribbean and the Mideast.

      But the initiators, who have been identified as having used their crony Allen Dulles to establish the CIA to conceal their nefarious acts behind a cloak of national security, are harbored on Wall Street, the IMF, and WB. I do not see them in my mirror.

  17. Not long ago I was struck by these words from the introduction of Thomas Goodrich’s book, “Summer 1945.”

    “Few, very few, German and Japanese soldiers survived actual combat to reach an American POW camp.”

    I began thinking about the German POW camps in Texas and Louisiana. I was familiar with the fact that many prisoners had been held in those camps.

    In one incident, a guard drove a group of German POWs into to town and proceeded to get falling down drunk. The German prisoners he was supposed to be guarding picked him up, along with his rifle, and drove the truck back to the POW camp. Nothing happened because the Germans managed to hide the incident from the brass. There were no such similar camps for Japanese POWs because, as Thomas Goodrich points out, there were very few Japanese prisoners.

    I began thinking about the stories of German prisoners that managed to stay in America after the war. Realizing they had no home or family left due to the allied bombing raids that decimated Germany, a number of these POWs successfully lobbied to stay in America after the war. A few managed to slip away to fade into America’s booming postwar landscape. I wondered what it might be like to no longer have a home or a country. What it might be like to have what you once knew and loved, utterly destroyed in one’s lifetime; destruction that left no trace of one’s former existence.

    It wasn’t long before I began reflecting on my own life. My birthplace, a former military base on Cape Cod, is now a FEMA camp that cannot be entered without special permission. My grandparents home on “Goodwill Street,” was once a beautiful neighborhood with shady maple trees lining the street. I remember the incandescent street lamps with green, corrugated shades, casting their soft, yellow glow on the street as one walked beneath them on quiet evenings. I marveled at the maple seeds that would come whirling down when the zephyrs blew. I was very young then.

    There was “Pop’s” store one street over. Pop’s was one of those small neighborhood markets that held not only meat and a few groceries, but the promise of ice cream for children. The old pharmacy, a block away, up on main street, had already been “modernized” and by this time had lost its soda fountain. My great aunt, a vice president at Kodak, had an airy apartment located down on main street. Her apartment, overlooking the bustling main street, was situated atop the kind of hardware store that no longer exists except in memory. I remember when the first supermarket was built, that left everyone amazed at its size. “This is progress!” Someone exclaimed.

    Gone now, swept away by a thoroughly Jewish concept called “progress.” That entire neighborhood region was eventually bought by the now moribund Kodak Company that at the time, had big plans for expansion. My grandparent’s neighborhood, the entire area, was razed over to become an asphalt parking lot salted with those hideous mercury vapor “anti-crime lights” shedding a harsh, unforgiving blue light. Crime? No doubt it existed back then, but I never heard of any in that neighborhood. No trace remains of that neighborhood I once knew.

    Kodak bet its future on film, claiming that digital imaging would never replace film. Kodak was wrong and that monster parking lot is now an empty, litter-strewn sea of asphalt. Outside of memories and a few, fading, Kodak photos, no trace remains of that old neighborhood, Thanks to (((progress))) there is no street named “Goodwill” anymore, only fading corporate profit structures remain. And so it has gone, along with almost all of America’s manufacturing and industrial base.

    My other grandparents home, half a nation away, (we can still use that term, can’t we?) was also consumed by unrestrained cancerous, urban growth. Located in the country on the outskirts of a major metropolis, it wasn’t long before suburban sprawl consumed that region replacing the leafy trees and burbling brooks with more asphalt and ticky-tacky, pasteboard homes.

    My own childhood homes and neighborhoods have now either disappeared or been radically altered as to be unrecognizable. My old home in Texas, once so far on the outskirts we had to chase scorpions and rattlesnakes out of the house, is now in a Negro ghetto. One no longer feels safe walking through that neighborhood that looks more like Soweto than San Antonio.

    Southern California was a place I once thought was the closet thing to paradise one could find on this planet. I had a beachfront apartment in Carlsbad with a motorcycle and surfboard in the garage below. I would drive up to Big Bear on sunny, winter weekends and go skiing. By late Sunday, I would be surfing and watching those California girls sway provocatively down the beach in scanty swimsuits Jews had named after an atomic test site, far out in the Pacific. For a young man, it was paradise right enough.

    Gone now, swept away by the mass immigration that Jews describe as “progress.” Last time I visited SoCal, I was struck by how much San Diego had come to look like Tijuana just across the border and by how much Tijuana had come to resemble the San Diego I once knew. It was like those small cities had switched places. Perhaps they had. One difference was Tijuana was never as empty as San Diego. While San Diego had become filthy, with garbage and litter blowing down empty streets. Tijuana had been cleaned up with paved streets and modern streetlights. Gone were the cardboard “cities” underneath the bridge. But where had the residents living in that squalor gone? I think I know. San Deigo had once had its own, unique American flavor just as Tijuana once had its own unique Mexican flavor. After both cities were stirred into the Jews’ “progressive” melting pot all that flavor was lost to a thin, unidentifiable, gritty gruel that grates on the mind’s taste buds. A nasty concoction one suspects is a poisonous witch’s brew that spells “progress” for Jews and death for those forced to consume it.

    One incident that stands out in my mind, occurred in my 1964 Mustang I happened to be driving down the beachfront on Highway 1. It was late afternoon as the sun made its spectacular daily exit by sinking into a deep blue, Pacific Ocean. At that moment, my friend sitting in the passenger seat suddenly began wildly gesticulating, yelling “Stop the car! Stop the car!” I pulled over onto the sand and almost before I had stopped he had jumped out to begin looking around. I walked over and asked him what was going on. He stared down the solid rows of beachfront condos stretching out of sight. As if trying to pull out a lost memory, he pointed to a nearby condo complex saying, “There, it was right there. When I was a kid, we had our house right there on the beach. But it’s all so built up now I hardly recognize where it used to be.” At the time, the significance of that moment had escaped me. We were both just a year into our twenties. That childhood home had been less than ten years in his past.

    Looking back, I now realize that, like those German prisoners, my own past has been eradicated in just a few short decades. Many will say “well, sooner or later everything disappears.” While that statement is ultimately true, never before has such radical change occurred in one’s lifetime, save perhaps natural disasters altering the landscape. Up until my grandparents time, places changed, but seldom did they disappear from the landscape as is so typical today. Unlike my generation, our grandparents could still visit their childhood homes long after they had become grandparents. What little remains of those preceding generations’ homes are now termed “historical landmarks” due to their rarity. All that remains of what was formerly thought of as American life is now in museums.

    Today western culture, or what little remains of it, is predicated on the disposable nature of “progress.” Of course, all that planned obsolescence has to go somewhere, which is why the landfill situation is now reaching critical mass. But that’s another long story in itself. Once upon a time, when the white man’s western culture was dominate, manufacturers strove to produce the best product possible, “built to last” was the byword of that culture. People had yet to be conditioned to buy cheap, shoddy products that would fail after a few weeks or months – if one is lucky. In those bygone days, a product that failed to function out of the box was unthinkable. No company could have survived any attempt trying sell the public such shoddy products. But as they say, “times change.” Unfortunately for the white man, Jews have become the timekeepers.

    Today, whether it be homes, neighborhoods, or kitchen appliances, all are based on a concept grimly termed “planned obsolescence.” Planned obsolescence was a product of the global wars. The idea was, why build anything to last when it had an average lifespan of a few weeks or months at most? After the war, greedy Jews took that concept to its extreme asking, “why build anything to last when we can continually sell new and improved more of it to the stupid goyim at premium prices? Ultimately, it was technology that drove the throwaway culture. Ironically, the white man’s idea of “planned obsolescence” was to build it to last anyway. This is evident in the “temporary” structures, built for wartime expediency, still standing. Up until a few years ago, there were a number of these wartime “temporary” housing units that were still occupied by lower income people.

    One such local military housing complex, built during the expansionist heat of wartime America, presented a real problem when demolition began. As one demolition contractor put it, “we had one hell of a time trying to tear up the thick, concrete foundations of those houses and the heavy, wood frames took bulldozers to demolish.” Then there are those war machines with life spans once calculated in hours, days or in some cases weeks.

    Go to any aviation museum today and look at the war birds that are still flying. In fact, there are more and more of them flying today, as ancient wrecks are salvaged from remote location and brought home to be rebuilt to flying condition. Unlike the DC-3 of our grandparent’s generation, modern, jet airframes are based on the number of airframe hours they can fly. After a certain number of hours of flexing, expansion and contraction, these airframes are no longer safe to fly. There are still many DC-3 flown in working capacities today and to their designers’ credit, not one has ever suffered a structural failure. As the old saying goes “they sure don’t build them like they used to!”

    I dare say there are more of these ancient warbirds flying the skies then there are Chevy Vegas or Ford Pintos driving the roads. There is even a New Zealand firm producing brand new WWI aircraft! Who would have ever thought such a market would, or could, exist? What drives such thirst for nostalgia, a seemingly unquenchable thirst that never existed before the Jew-termed “baby boom” generation. Those “flower children” that grew like weeds upon the postwar scene. What their grandparents called “junk,” baby boomers see as treasures from the past.

    There as an episode of the old “Ozzie and Harriet” show that exemplified their grandparents’ attitude. Ozzie bought a brand new fifty-something DeSoto that he didn’t want his newly licensed son David to drive. His solution was to buy an old “junker.” The camera followed as Ozzie led Harriet out to view the purchase. There in the driveway was a beautiful Ford, model “A” roadster in perfect condition with an open rumble seat. “Jeepers! Mr. Wilson” as Denis the Menace would say. Junker indeed, see which of these vehicles has the highest resale value today.

    This nostalgia phenomenon is due to the white mans’ longing for his past; a past when one came home to find his family waiting for him on a porch in a neighborhood built by his great grandfather. It was a time of excitement and adventure that lay in an uncertain future of wonder. A time when scientific discovery exposed one marvel after another almost daily. A time when civilian enterprise ruled the foremost technological advances, with a financially strapped government following behind like a hungry lapdog licking up the scraps.

    It was a time when a man could breathe in relative freedom. A time before Jews convinced white men to build their drab, gray, blocky concrete, pat-down, nanny state with baby monitors perched on every streetlight of brand new nursery neighborhoods staffed by immigrant workers tasked to change our disposable diapers. America has become a place where the present is all too boring and the future all too predictable. Any attempt to make this dystopian life otherwise, is quickly greeted by storm trooper police, armed with full auto weapons, high tech communications and heavy armor to back them up. It’s “back to your ‘crib’ negro, or we shoot.” More often than not, these arrogant, jack-booted goons, with the tin badges of legal authority pinned to their chests, shoot and then take notes afterwards. What these slavish, legal attack dogs fail to understand is the day will soon arrive when they too will become victims of the Jews’ world order they helped enforce.

    The Jews and their progress have created far more destruction to civilization than their wars or any natural disaster an “act of God.” Funny how Jews insist, rightly enough, (((they))) are the “act of God.” Jews have planned the obsolescence of the white race and the civilization they built. One can see the Jews’ kosher “blessing” on everything from cities and neighborhoods, down to the poisonous foods they sell that are soon flushed down the toilet or wind up in landfills. American Progress – it’z just another prettily packaged lie – an all American, Fourth of Jew Lie.

    1. Thank you very much, AS! You contributed to me an inspirational exhortation to construct anew, without fanfare or otherwise threatening those herded, thus heading off toward the Deep End, one of many terminal stations of Lemmings’ Cliff. I have to conclude that all our respective “long and winding roads” lead back to Self. Crossroads, so many serial choices of turns to take, adjusting speed of travel to conditions and circumstance of neighboring traffic (anyone see Steve Winwood drift by just now? I did) — speed up, for safety’s sake, Dad! — I have to believe that we shall all arrive at our ultimate destination. After all, if we don’t change course, we shall definitely get to where we’re headed, nostalgic or tragic pasts (and posts!) notwithstanding. Prayer and fasting, I say!

  18. it’s all about people learning to think for themselves…
    do not let your children be indoctrinated into anything..
    as yourself how much of what you repeat you actually know for a fact…
    you’ll still be doing it after you get clear, but your perspective will have improved…
    the 6,000,000 holohoax is one of the biggest lies in the history of the world…
    people are indoctrinated with it…
    don’t miss this video.
    put it on a disc before you tube takes it down…

    The [Jewish] prophesy….: “You will return, but with 6 million less.” …. The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. Yahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean — the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes.

    Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates.

    As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: “. . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.”A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state”.

    It appears that the six million number is some kind of scriptural or kabbalistic justification for the establishment of the state of Israel. This is a matter of some importance, because religious Jews are deeply divided on the scriptural legitimacy of Israel, and in fact there are many religious Jews who actively oppose the Israeli state. Obviously the Zionists, whose work in establishing Israel began in earnest at the end of the 19th century, felt a need to attract orthodox Jews to their cause, and perhaps this was the reason why the earliest reference to the ‘six million’ which has so far been discovered appeared around that time.

    so there you have it, more religious sacrificial baloney…

  19. Western Europe is finished, kaput. It’s all over but the shouting. The US is heading that way. Each and every day hundreds if not thousands cross the US Southern border. If, and that’s a big if, White America ever stands up against this invasion, some of the invaders are armed, from Mexico and parts south, they will find themselves in a two front war. They will be facing the human hoards from the south and to their backs there will be alien Jew run US government. White Americans and the handful of African American blacks who will stand with them will be forced to shoot front and back if there is any hope of survival. If the Whites can “screw the courage to the sticking point” many of Israeli trained domestic police and military will abandon the the US and state governments and join the Whites. If, the big if, Whites in America expect to survive into the 22nd century they will have to fight. There is no two ways about it. This is fight to the death. There will be blood and lots of it.
    The fly in the ointment in all this is the US Government has killing technology known and unknown to bring to bear in any war on the Whites. Get and read the 5 NW Novels by the late H.C.Covington.

  20. When I say whites, yellows, blacks, browns and true “self-hating jews” should be the same side of the fence, I don’t mean physical fence, please! Mass migration is a tragedy for the targeted country receiving the indigents. I’m just not buying the gene approach (more on that later…). Whether you like it or not, the afros are US citizens now, then, against Jewish Power, nationals must fight at the same political side, defending the Nation.
    What about the jews problematical behavior? There is a new knowledge running free: it’s not on theirs genes, they are victims of a satanic ritual, o process of trauma called circumcision; a trauma at the sub-conscious level. The penis bleeding is done when the baby has 8 days old! God forbids, but I oppose the circumcision “sacred” ritual!

    1. I knew it!!
      The very essence of the Jewish mind and his atrocities is due to his lack of foreskin!
      Now why didn’t I think of that? ?

      1. I should have made that correlation from some of the atypical gentiles I observed in the showers.

      2. Two questions here:

        About your gentile friends without foreskin, they got their penis operation when they had 8 days old, without the use of pain killers?
        Satan’s synagogue wouldn’t do “their thing” in a Chihuahua gene pool, right?

      3. Answers:

        No, your gentile friends never had the circumcision “sacred” ritual they had a penis surgery in a hospital, when they were big boys.
        No, they would not. Satan’s synagogue selected the right gene pool, the Ashkenazi, so that “their thing” (circumcision) could produce the maximum desired psychological result.

  21. Why Europeans are unable to defend themselves from the migrant hoards is not being discussed here. They are hamstrung, beholden to higher authority of the state. This war of Jews against Whites is a tribal war, the Jews are masters of the attack and the Whites completely impotent in self-defense.

    The real reason why is not being discussed at all. Whites are not legally allowed to take up defense against an invader force. Anyone taking up arms against black mongrel Muslim low IQ invaders in protection of their values and women folk will be immediately vilified, condemned, arrested and jailed or shot dead by the police, etc.

    Men are not allowed to be men, unless of course, you put on a uniform of state. Soldiers are allowed to kill enemies of the Jews, but men in the home town are not allowed to defend their village/town/state back home. A soldier returning from killing Muslims in Iraq is not allowed to kill a Muslim who just raped a bunch of school girls in his home town. What the hell is going on – are we not allowed self defense? Nope!

    Where did we Whites give up our personal sovereign authority to the State? It started way back when the Tribal Peoples of Europe were forced to convert to Catholicism. The higher authority of God and State was shoved down the throats of the Tribal Peoples who acted and reacted by their own instincts and customs, etc. We lost our identity during this conversion to a foreign Semitic Middle East religion. The adoption of the message of peace made us into spineless servants of state.

    Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with European Whites, it is a foreign mind virus that has colonized the Tribal Peoples of Europe. If you want to know the real reason why you are not allowed to defend yourself then take a good look at what you believe as your primary truth. Who is on that cross? A Jew. If you believe this then have you not made the Jew your god?

    Jewish supremacism is rampant because of the primary myth that has the European Tribes totally cucked to the Jews. Jews own Whites because of the myth they subscribe to. If you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have not only made the Jew your god, you have accepted a lower status as a Gentile – a second stringer behind the chosen ones.

    The real issue here is a sovereignty issue of the individual vs. higher authority. But who has authority over anyone else? No one. Not one person on this planet has any authority over any other. That is a metaphysical fact because we are all totally free souls in a free universe. So how did we lose our own precious self autonomy? We were colonized by a Semitic mind virus.

    1. This argument about the pacifism of Christianity has been repeated many times yet history doesn’t confirm it. The last big Muslim invasion of Europe was resisted from Iberia to the Balkans and the gates of Vienna under a Christian banner.

    2. It is written: “Why Europeans [or Americans] are unable to defend themselves from the migrant hoards is not being discussed here.”

      Migration is NOT the problem; it is a symptom. When the elements that are destroying the livability of the homeland of the immigrants are removed, the immigration problem will be resolved. It is believed a lengthy pattern of national social order disruption has been compiled by William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND US MILITARY INTERVENTION. The methodology of the initiator (Wall Street, for their economic benefit and geographical control) is detailed by John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN. The source of Wall Street’s embezzled money utilizing the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been presented at

      When you cut off the money, you solve the problem.

  22. @ Yukon Jack,

    Rosenberg, the National Socialist ideologist, wrote that there were two types of intuitive morality, to wit, (a) love based, and (b) honor based. And, he wrote, these were racial and inherited; and the Aryan race was honor-based, whereas Christianity was love-based.

    Nevertheless National Socialism protected Christianity.

    1. Kendra

      In keeping with (a) and (b) above, I would express this basic thought by saying “National Socialism, in an unfettered environment of ANY nation, reflects true honor, and in so doing protects the intuitive, or innate morality of love.”

      Better to leave the word “Christianity ” out of the equation, given its negative connotation when considering the FACT that its institutional manifestations were founded as branches of Judaism, with it’s general scheme of obfuscating the Truth

  23. @ Nothing But the Truth

    There is more than circumcision that makes the Jew be who he is. There is more than his Neanderthal race too. What we are dealing with in the Jew is something that goes against Nature! There is a corruption of the moral faculty involved, in my opinion — and this makes the Jew exceedingly dangerous. In fact there is no word for how dangerous he is. He is turning the world into a nightmare. What he is doing is actually worse than the killing of life itself.

    It used to be that Jewish assimilation was our great hope. It was hoped that the Jew would melt into the great acvomplishment of Western Civilization and become one of us and disappear. That would have been the perfect solution to the Jewish problem. And the best of us hoped for this, and strongly opposed anti-Semitism because it stood in the way of this hope.

    But those days are gone. Those days, and that hope, died with 9-11.

    Today we must regard the Jew as an enemy. The flooding of our White countries with colored immigrants must be viewed as being motivated by the will of an enemy who wsnts to murder our kind, and that enemy is the Jew!

    1. “And the best of us hoped for this, and strongly opposed anti-Semitism because it stood in the way of this hope.”
      ‘Best’ as in ‘the most gullible’ and ‘completely lacking insight into history’.
      Our history is just loaded with these ‘best’ types having become just history and stayed there because of trying to be humane with these rats.
      The best among us were ruling when the jews were expelled.

      1. @ Bjørn Thorsønn

        Our history is just loaded with these ‘best’ types having become just history and stayed there because of trying to be humane with these rats. The best among us were ruling when the jews were expelled.

        Alas, you are only too right! Glad to see you agree with LD’s controversial thesis that it’s time to get tough. And that violence is justified in the name of self-preservation.

        LD has produced one of the best banner slogans for getting tough, like our ancestors did long ago when expulsions of pesky Jews were frequent and regular:

        “Self-defence needs no defence.”

  24. understand the problem, from a long time ago.. the open border sanctuary city policies are not usa republic policies… shumer and pelosi work for the city of london rothschild banker complex… it’s a big part of the deep state.. shumer’s here for the jews, and the jews are here for the middle temple under the crown bankers, agents of.. this ‘crown’ is not the monarch, it is the square mile ‘city of london’.. but the british monarch does control the usa as a corporation.. the queen has to approve of all legislation in the usa… the pope is the ultimate owner of the usa corporation, by right of “discovery”, so i hear… you ‘legal’ case will go through its ‘discovery’ phase… the vatican put the superstitious statue of the woman/goddess on top of the capitol dome, ABOVE the american flags… he has STANDING… the jew bankster stooges are all the political descendants of the jew hamilton, his picture on the fed note $10 bill, which is not the lawful money of the constitutional us republic… hamilton’s real name is levine, his fathers name.. his mother was mulatto… the jew rothschilds control the city of london and all the inns of court bar associations, inner temple, middle temple, lincoln’s inn and gray’s inn.. the middle temple has the license to steal from the usa… lawyers are constitutional.. there are none. they’re all attorneys at law now, which means they answer to the bar first, not the constitution.. the bar associations are under the inns of court.. British Accredation Registry.. rothschilds own it.. the inns of court answer straight to the city of london.. the queen is just another herd keeper, shepherd on the public… she has to get permission from the roths to enter the city of london.. shumer is working for the city of london bankers… they created israel – rothschildlandia, which receives billions in foreign aid straight across every year from the usa, most of it going into the pockets of the warmongering class… lots and lots of jews in the us government working for the city of london, which promotes open borders and sanctuary states, white genocide…

  25. kb –
    “It used to be that Jewish assimilation was our great hope. It was hoped that the Jew would melt into the great accomplishment of Western Civilization and become one of us and disappear. That would have been the perfect solution to the Jewish problem. And the best of us hoped for this, and strongly opposed anti-Semitism because it stood in the way of this hope.”
    assimilation was in fact what was happening to the jews in europe in the first half of the last century.. maybe as the world was modernizing, antique religious beliefs were being outgrown.. so there was less reason for adversity in politics… jews were already assimilated into europe, as they had lived in africa alongside the arabs for centuries.. this was the reason for the creation of the jewish state, and why jews were forced out of europe… because the jewish globalist banking hierarchy uses judaism to control its masses… it is law religionized… the huge majority of 800,000 german jews had no reason to leave germany in the 30s… and they would have stayed were it not for the nazi/zionist plot… now the jews have their own, what is it – theocracy? where only jews have the state’s blessing to marry and immigration is strictly controlled… and they might not extradite…

  26. These people will neither integrate nor go back, that’s definite. Gypsies have been in Europe for a thousand years and except for a tiny percentage who have successfully integrated into their societies most live in their own universe.

    There isn’t a political will even to stop further immigration let alone deal with those already here, and white flight to still predominantly white areas is only a temporary solution. So it looks like it will be a dark and violent future any way you look at it.

  27. Europe citizens should come out of cultural Marxism and try to start political movement from ground level
    Or else it’s going to be danger.expose the ellites depopulation plan to all nations . If homogeneous Europe completely succumbed to elllites other sane society gonna have power to stand up

  28. Since we’re looking for solutions, Malaysia seems to have the most robust immigration policy. Read all about it:

    So these 140,000 were deported only in the first six months of last year under an amnesty, presumably to avoid being caned as per usual for illegals prior to deportation, and the caning there leaves lifelong scars as if someone took a carving knife to one’s buttocks, and they had to pay a fine and pay their own transport costs to get back home. And still they come, even to Malaysia, and many deportees too despite the usual canings, as the pressures to get out of their own countries, economic mostly, are far too great. But at least Malaysia is trying by leading the way. Now if other countries would at least adopt such policies Malaysia could institute yet more robust measures to put a complete stop to this, or at least deal more effectively with repeat offenders other than just caning them some more as they just get used to it.

  29. There probably won’t be a WALL on the border, but there will probably be a little bit more border security. Though not enough to stop the invasion of the United States, and after Trump and the Democrats compromise and there’s a little bit more border security, Uncle Sam will relax-and-lower whatever little standards there are regarding legal immigration and Uncle Sam will make it alot easier for the third worlders to immigrate to the United States “legally”. After Trump and the Democrats compromise and there’s a little more border security us Americans will get flooded with hordes of third world “legal” immigrants. whiddlejoew predicts The Future!

    In all this talk about illegal immigration, NO ONE, NOT EVEN TRUMP, ever mentions all the foreigners who fly into the United States every day with visas but NEVER go back to their homelands, They overstay their visas– and overstay their visas forever. And not a few, ALOT, and it happens every day. And Uncle Sam knows this ; Uncle Sam allows very large numbers of foreigners to overstay their visas and permanently settle here in the United States. Illegals don’t just come over the southern [ non-existent ] border from Mexico. Illegal immigrants from all over the third world fly into American airports every day and overstay their visas and stay here in the United States permanently. NO ONE, NOT EVEN TRUMP, ever mentions any of this.

    1. Red pill i agree, build a wall and defend it.
      Ponder on this very, very wise saying
      “You can’t eat your cake, and have it too”.
      dont you go over that wall to rob those poor countries where the immigrants are coming from …BECAUSE YOU ROBBED THEM and there is nothing left over there!
      ——————dont you get it?
      MAKE, you need to MAKE your leaders stop plundering the riches of other countries!
      WHATEVER ….
      too late now ..
      “You can’t eat your cake, and have it too”.

  30. [email protected] spqr70ad:
    “The only way to stop this is first to kill the politicians clergy reporters social help groups any body profiting off and implementing it . then work on the non whites first telling them to leave if not kill them also”
    A lot of killing eh?
    how old are you, spqrad70ad?
    are you a hunter? do you go hunting? do you own a Heckler & Koch USP parabellum or a G-36 Mauser and you want to use them on other Humans?
    …And where does “afreaka” come from spqr70ad?, is that like “AFRICA” WITH A German accent?
    was it the people of “Afreaka”?
    was it the Jews?
    No, spqrd70ad, the ones who destroyed Dresden where other white people, corrupt white leaders who played with their people´s minds and got them to attack Germany..not people from “afreaka”…
    Maybe we should drain the Mediterranean? or maybe even
    WALL expert Donald Trump and his Israeli buddies To build a wall in the middle of the Mediterranean and make afreaka pay for it!!!
    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I meet Germans here in Colombia all the time …they love it, they love the mountains, the pure air, the lakes the rivers…
    -Colombia is the best place to visit in the whole world -nature wise- I speak to them, i tell them i am a Palestinian, i tell them i love Germany, the soccer team, the inventions,
    when i tell them “I hate Israel and the Jews” they end the conversation and walk away. i laugh and i understand.
    one day, a few weeks ago there was a shooting incident in the streets of Medellin- the city where i live- and there were two German couples nearby and they were scared so i came up to them and I told them “come with me, hurry” and i took them to the basement of a nearby store where they were safe and they appreciated it very much. The next day i took them for lunch to my humble home where i cooked Palestinian “maklubeh” and afterwards two of them smoked some marihuana with my Colombian wife; then i took them to their hotel… they went back to Germany, my wife speaks to them by phone everyday!! its almost annoying..
    I love Germany, spqr70ad, I love Afreaka…

    1. If you are a genuine Palestinian how can anybody, especially these supposedly intelligent Germans, not expect you to hate Jews and Israel? After all you wouldn’t be in Colombia if not for the Jews. Surely even an Israeli Jew expects you to hate them. Maybe one day they’ll let you go back, bow down and ask forgiveness for all their wrongdoings, pay reparations, tear down any Zionist monuments, introduce strict hate laws that will be applied to Arab hating Jews too, open their borders to other Arab refugees seeking sanctuary from persecution and strife in their own countries, stop celebrating their warmongering heroes, let you beat your Arab drum in the face of young Israeli students on an outing from their religious Hebrew school in Tel Aviv’s main square while some black Zionists scream insults at you Arabs while reading from the Koran or Bible as appropriate, and … (you get the idea – add whatever you think is appropriate).

  31. @Jewdar

    I’m not a Jew, thank God no circumcision!
    Naturally, a wonderful website like this needs a JEWDAR, to check unidentified writing sources, and you are funny!

  32. It has been glaringly obvious for decades now that the white race has been targeted for oblivion and extinction. When the last white men are gone, the surviving white females will be kept as brood mares and for sexual sport. Can anyone guess what tribe is behind this? Sure you can!

    1. Well said, Heretic Drummer! If our women are going to end up as brood mares for the sport of the Israelites, they need protection.

  33. Looking at that population map and seeing 15% foreign born population is still merely a snapshot of the much larger population growth figure which will surely issue forth from the 15%.

    Not so ironically London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his seven siblings are a perfect example.

  34. Dr. Darkmoon’s article raises the question of the moral legitimacy of violence regarding the colored invaders. The issue of violence is a “third rail” in Internet talk. It is an issue that is full of electricity. You have to be careful what you say, or you could get a site shut down. That said, I think violence is necessary.

    1. Unfortunately they take no sanctions against those advocating mass violence against other nations when they happen to be living across the border in their own countries, such as those calling for wars. What’s the difference? Violence is violence. I would have though self defence is more morally legitimate.

  35. In America we have the First Amendment. Violence provides an excuse by which to nullify the First Amendment, and this is a good reason to avoid violence. A very good reason, since our free speech rights are extremely valuable to our struggle. Thus I take back my statement that violence is necessary. What I do think is necessary is racism among Whites. They must come to see themselves as being superior to the colored races.

    1. Hi Kendra,
      I have worked with all races and never found any race smarter than others. It depends how you measure intelligence. My criterion is the ability to solve problems, not math equations, but real problems. “Jeopardy” is about memory not intelligence. I have always found that ordinary working men and women are much smarter than they give themselves credit for. I am sure there are Isaac Newtons or Michaelangelos working as laborers right now.

      A good carpenter solves problems every day that would be beyond the average politician.

      1. @ John Kirby

        When you look at accomplishment in the area of culture, the White race is clearly superior. In the areas of philosophy, literature, science (in the original sense), art and music, none of the colored races comes even close to equaling the White. The difference is not intelligence but something more subtle named “creativity.”

        I do not think this superior creativity of the White gives moral justification for Whites to rule the colored peoples or exploit them materially, but I think it does give them the moral right to have nations of their own, where colored people are excluded.

        Regarding the fight against the Jew, I think that only a White racialist group can be victorious. Thus, I think that racism in Whites is in the interest of the colored peoples because only racist Whites can beat the Jew, and nothing is more in their (colored people’s) long term interest than the defeat of the Jew.

  36. Whites are generally from the harsher northern climes… you have necessarily to be more industrious and strategic in order to survive.. well, maybe…
    Multi national corporate predators and debt mongering bankers, hedge fund parasites, ruthless gangsters, everyday warmongers and unconscionable lackey politicians, big religious schmoozers maintaining people in ignorance – these are the ones keeping third world countries down and out of the greenery…
    But that doesn’t mean I give the USA and white Europe away to hordes of muddy people, who want to blame the white man for all the world’s problems, and who I known will kill me and every other gringo as soon as they get the chance, not to mention the killer gangster disease, that will devolve the USA into Mexico without a doubt…
    How do I know they’re not like that?
    A real good indication would be that they stood in line and came here legally, which shows they respect our laws and are therefore probably not slave and dope trafficking killers…
    Trump is working on the plan to have the us army secure the border…
    That will get kicked into gear here coming up next…
    And it’s really better that way anyway….

  37. Real enemies at home
    A Zionist Jew is someone who hides behind the curtains and pulls strings without ever revealing their true identity. Treachery is their forte.

    There isn’t going to be a wall
    Trump’s supposed conflict with congress to get funding for the border wall is just a kosher psyop designed to give off the illusion that he is fighting to uphold his campaign promises, when in reality he’s just carrying out the jews white genocidal program. He’s no different than Obama. Black or white, they take orders from the same political class: the Jews who control the money, the policies, and the media.

    But what’s most sickening about all this is that the same congress that unanimously votes to give untold billions to Israel in foreign military aid is now telling the American people that there is just not enough money to fund a border wall ! Israel first, America last, that’s how congress works.

    Why don’t the Jews want a strong US border wall built ? Because the JEWS want to genocide White Christian Americans through mass illegal immigration. Why ? Because non-white third world people have lower-iq’s and are easier for the Jews to control and make slaves out of.

    Funding for the US border wall could be solved overnight by removing Jewish control over the monetary system and cancelling all foreign aid to Israel, but don’t except that to happen anytime soon. Nothing has changed since Trump has become president and nothing will. Illegal immigration, poverty, unemployment and wars will accelerate under Trump because those are the natural consequences of following the orders of America hating Jews. Trump isn’t playing some 4d chess strategy and all those who still say this are blind, deaf and dumb. The Jews are still in full control of the Federal Reserve and by extension the media, government, courts, law enforcement, education etc. Stop living in a fantasy land and face the facts.

    As it was with Bush,Clinton and Obama, the United States is still a vassal state of Israel and controlled by the Jews. We cannot vote ourselves out of this situation. Democracy means Jewish control that breaks down to which political candidate gets the most jewish money and jewish media coverage. The Jews pick our presidents, it doesn’t matter if a republican or democrat gets elected, each party is only concerned with advancing the Jewish world government agenda.

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