The Murder of Morality



Any philosophy that doesn’t recognize
the primacy of the individual is a trap
aimed at turning you into a number.

A world without hope
doesn’t have long to live.

When they killed the churches, they killed morality. Churches were the glue that tied neighborhoods together. It didn’t matter that religions destroy themselves as they try to conceal their own false dogma or succumb to their own human frailties. Now most neighborhoods are gone, too, vaporized first by malls, then by immigration, and more lately by the Internet.

Underlying all this social change was the century of corporate capitalism, which today more resembles a preliminary steppingstone in an inevitable metamorphosis toward communism which corporations and banks seem to desire.

The churches couldn’t survive their own fabricated dogma. The tragedy of these false fabrications of history is reflected in the corruption of every government that was ever assembled.

There is no compassion in bookkeeping. We all face our own bottom lines. As they say, you pay your own freight or the train don’t run.

In all of history no country has ever been what you could call moral. The one exception in history may have been National Socialist Germany, which was crushed by what is known today as the Deep State, that is, all the countries of the world who are dependent on money from the Jewish-owned central banks.

The karma of spin

The absence of nations demonstrably valuing their inhabitants — as opposed to enriching their oligarchs — spotlights a revealing perspective on the essential nature of political rhetoric and reveals nothing but a grisly picture of humanity feeding on itself.

In any country at any time in history, native popular media speak inspiringly of their military heroes, who execute the depraved orders of a compromised leadership under the usual false cover stories of righting a fabricated wrong by having their military heroes commit inexcusable atrocities on innocent people around the world for which they are given medals.

The point is: You can’t expect your country to do the right thing. It does what it has to do to survive. Those who promote their own countries must fail the test of candor. A 6th century AD Welsh poet did not mince his words: “This town is green graves and blood under the feet of its men.”

So we need to be realistic about our government. It has to fight to survive. But when we see it fighting us — its own loyal supporters — we must realize something is really wrong — or we will perish.

And that realization is that the United States has prospered on the backs of the nations it has conquered and controls. After plundering every country on Earth that it could, and having no one else to conquer, it began to create its own enemies to ensure its policy of profitable permanent war would continue. Success in this effort has inevitably turned its focus inward, and it has begun using its warmaking tricks on its own people in order to constantly increase its level of control over its “subjects”.

This bulletin is really addressed to people who won’t read it, who are locked into the mainstream version of fabricated events, and as a consequence know nothing about what their so-called government is really doing.

You may pretend this is a work of fiction if that makes it more comfortable for you, but many people already know the score enough to know it isn’t.

All traces of authority which used to govern people’s behavior have been obliterated. They have been replaced by politically correct mind control jargon, specific language aimed to standardize everyone’s responses to everything, all of which are aimed at overtly offending no one.

Which means that nothing can ever be objectively described, and no one can ever be blamed. You may only be identified by your approved label — slave! Hence is all human behavior standardized, and presumably all human disagreement resolved by the stealthy erasure of all opposition. These one-size-fits-all rationalizations dominate the deliberate conditioning of children to become obedient servants of the state.

Selling your children?

Morality has been destroyed by the bottom line. What does that mean? It means you’re willing to sell your children for the right price, for what you think is the “right” place in society.

When the Jews killed the Catholic church by infiltrating young homosexuals into the seminaries, the moral center of Western society crumbled. Pretensions of morality in American society have largely disappeared

Whatever happened to the Boy Scout motto?

“A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

This is what I would want my children to be. I fear they would not survive this age of zombies. Nor would they survive today’s Boy Scouts.

The Scouts have long since been destroyed by child-molesting homosexuals. And despite their training, most people grow up to be undependable, fickle, indifferent, rude, disrespectful, crabby, wasteful, cowardly, smelly and dishonorable.

Break free of the hold media have on your mind. Discover things for yourself and see how you’ve been lied to.

The curse of the bottom line is that it rubs out all other considerations and prevents you from seeing many of the hazards to your future.

The American educational system and mainstream media conspire to shrink the area of knowledge children are allowed to examine, while at the same time enlarging avenues to teach sexual perversions to children who are too young to understand the implications of such training and as such are damaged for life.

Hypocrisy rules us all, unless we have succumbed to the sedation of a false dogma that continues to erase all doubts.

The failure of morality. You see it everywhere. How about President Trump’s justification of the Saudi potentate’s murder of an opposition journalist because he supplies the U.S. with oil? What a gruesome lesson in morality for all of America’s children!

By the example of their elders, our children have been taught that morality is counterproductive. We are nurturing generations of conscienceless cannibals.

Can the curse be fixed?

So that’s the curse of the bottom line. How do you fix it? Can it be fixed?

These large organizations with their well-known figureheads all muttering the same Communist slogans can be all identified because they emphasize the need to prioritize the crowd above individuals, and that is exactly the way to brain dead totalitarianism.

Any philosophy that doesn’t recognize the primacy of the individual is trap aimed at turning you into a number. Too bad that adolescents are too young to know that Communism is a snare based on noble but insincere lies always resulting in mass murder and robbery of all opposition.

For those at the bottom of the food chain, such rarefied philosophical choices are not really available as they die in droves on the feces stained streets of capitalism’s big cities.

We have to have a religion that works, and we don’t have one. Lutherans have betrayed America by bringing in a hundred thousand Somalis who have started gangs in many Midwestern cities. And the world already knows of the decades-long reign of Muslim rape gangs on the young girls of Europe, as well as officialdoms puny response to this affront.

At this point, because of tax laws, all religions are owned by the government. A religion that works would be able to tell government what to do without resorting to lies about anything. But religions all tell you the biggest lie that can ever be told. Governments merely imitate them.

The purpose of women’s liberation was to work toward the extinction of mothers because they are the main obstacle to the state usurping that role and assuming the all-powerful position of everybody’s mother.

Does humanity need to be told that without mothers there would be no future? The state will never be an adequate substitute for your mother. If it ever is, babies will no longer be human.

The bottom line will eventually kill who we really are, if it hasn’t already. Murdering morality was merely a predictable step in this process.

Source : John Kaminski’s website

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  1. Retreating from reality will not save anyone from this reality that is now well-advanced in the West.

      1. @ John Kirby

        The godless have no problem being good, given that they have their own definition for goodness which always includes themselves. 🙂

  2. A perfect and inspired text, as usual from John Kaminski.

    Not sure what Joe F. is expressing about retreating. Certainly no one should feel obliged to live in a zone of cyber/drug immoral zombies.

    The Achilles heel of the whole hierarchy ordained by banking is energy. Unlimited, non-polluting energy supply would bring the hierarchy crashing down – which is why no such supply will appear until humanity is locked down everywhere by Communist technocracy. This is the reason for globo-homo “climate” lies – locking down individuality will be/is based on rationing energy.

    In UK’s Culham Laboratory had a energy-in = energy-out fusion reactor in the 70’s . Government based fusion has been handed to the French ITER project. French traditional 3 hour lunches with wine will ensure nothing appears until technocracy lock-down is achieved, say in 30 years. Make no mistake, unlimited cheap energy is needed for wall-to-wall robotic lock-down, and so it will come.

    However, the most striking example of blocking humanity’s progress may be found following a tip from PAT to watch this the video ‘Thorium – An energy solution – THORIUM REMIX 2011;

    The inventor/patent holder of conventional nuclear reactor engineering delivered a working proof of concept in the 1950’s. I quote from 56 minutes in:

    After they completed the molten salt reactor experiment, they went to the Atomic Energy Commission they said “Hey, G, can we have some more money? We’d like to go now and build the real thing. We’d like to build the blanket and hook a power conversion system on and make electricity,” they felt like they’d shot the moon. The Atomic Energy Commission unfortunately did not share their zeal.

    The brainwashed are unable to leap over cognitive dissonance about ‘ global warming’ lies but the rest of us may ask – if CO2 is such a problem, why has non-CO2 emitting quasi unlimited (100 000 years) Thorium energy not been put into production? Ask your politicians.

    1. Reply to Flan O’Brien:

      Thank you. You bring up a very good point about unlimited energy. I have often wondered why the United States and its lackey allies have expressed such concern over Iran’s nuclear energy development. Are they really afraid of Iran developing nuclear weapons? Or are they terrified that Iran will demonstrate a widespread application of unlimited, non-polluting energy, prematurely upsetting their plan for total world control?

      I’ll review the video on Thorium. Thanks for this information. It gives me much to think about.

  3. “Underlying all this social change was the century of corporate capitalism, which today more resembles a preliminary steppingstone in an inevitable metamorphosis toward communism which corporations and banks seem to desire.”
    Yes, the bankers invented communism, such as it is…
    Which never had anything to do with any Hippie Commune or Indian Tribe…
    Like Hitler, the Bolsheviks probably wouldn’t have gotten far without the funding…
    Whoever funded them – they were agents for…
    They didn’t get rid of money, though crypto currency now will be the final answer to that…
    They “kilt the czar and his ministers”, while imposing a totalitarian collective control system over the masses even more powerful and ruthless than the Romanov Monarchy…
    “So we need to be realistic about our government. It has to fight to survive. But when we see it fighting us — its own loyal supporters — we must realize something is really wrong — or we will perish.”
    Some people project 300,000,000 people will disappear from the USA by 2025…

    1. Bark
      There is no proof that Hitler was a Rothschild agent. The funding proffered to the NS party does not necessarily indicate that, the reality of which was very complex.

      Not considering all the nuances involved is flat out irresponsible. You simply cannot reasonably arrive at this conclusion

  4. Truth, Logic, Reason, Virtue, Innocence, Beauty, Transcendence, Joy, Laughter, Love, Life itself…. they’re ALL under attack by the Minions Of Satan.

    Didn’t many of us know – years ago – that This Day would come? Well now it’s here.. and so are we, prepared for Battle

  5. John is very good in outlining the dire situation. What the West in particular and the rest of the world in general is facing is a monumental “reset”. Reset from what and reset to where one may ask? Some observers predict a reset in economic terms and rightly so. However, the coming reset is going to effect every aspect of life on this planet. For one tiny example Deagel,com, who some say is CIA connected, has the U.S. population at a mere 100 million by 2025. Most of the present White nations of Europe and around the world will also see population reductions by that date. The non-white world will see population increases for the most part. What does Deagel know? When did they know it and why do they use open source with this information?
    Those awake and alert know in the back of their minds that what humans are facing on this planet is most likely the greatest reset since the sinking of Atlantis. TJ is afraid he won’t live long enough to witness this monumental reset.

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