The nightmare that came true

By John Kaminski
15 December 2019

‘Camp of the Saints’ and the destruction of the human future

Most Americans in their right minds (if any remain?) no longer dare to visit Europe — perhaps never again! Why? Large parts of the continent have turned into Third World chaos right before our eyes, and unless you’re into attempting to rehabilitate criminal savages, you wouldn’t want to go there — enraged Muslims have taken over sections of many countries, crime is out of control and it simply isn’t safe!

The maniac saboteurs currently trying to impeach the American president who are also preaching open borders want the the U.S. to degenerate into the same condition — all the better to control you — and with the calculated and widespread effort across society to praise nonwhites and denigrate whites, they appear to be succeeding.

Deluded by Jewish mass media for more than a century, few Americans realize that this is a program implemented by the world-controlling Jews to destroy the few remaining free countries by populating them with politically unconscious drecks, desperate dummies interested only in the free stuff, with the more criminals the better. More criminals means more cops and more draconian new laws to these soulless world controllers.

What most people also don’t realize is that an eerily prescient but little known work of fiction from the 1970s predicted the events of the past few years during which the Third World invasion of Europe precipitated a worldwide rising-up that engulfed and destroyed modern Western society.

Written in 1973 by the prize-winning French Catholic author Jean Raspail, the fictional plot of The Camp of the Saints describes ships full of the world’s poorest people that sail from India to France, which triggers a worldwide invasion of the Third World into the First, from which no one is spared and no society survives.

Observations that are wretchedly real are topped by the massive smell of feces as the flotilla sails toward Europe. The response of the “civilized” Western world is to do nothing until it is too late to stop it.

The contrived invasion of Europe in recent years — and to a lesser extent the suspicious assault on the U.S.-Mexico border — bear a chilling resemblance to the book that in 1973 was universally panned as racist fantasy by smug Western reviewers and politicians. Almost a half century later, the book stands as a stark account of the destruction of human society by the unquenchable appetite of a terminally bitter savage horde.

With the Obama-Clinton assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and the complicity of worldwide Jewish NGOs, millions of Africans and Middle Easterners have flooded into Europe in recent years creating a rape epidemic throughout the continent that continues to this day.

One only need look at Malmö, Sweden where rival Middle Eastern gangs conduct grenade wars and other terror attacks and Muslim savages rape girls of all ages from England to Germany, much to the puzzled consternation of local residents who have been betrayed by their Jewish Communist leaders.

The Camp of the Saints is an ugly book. One reviewer commented that it might become the 1984 of the 21st century. Another more recent reviewer called it “a prophecy fulfilled”. Yet another said, “It’s like reading a textbook on sociology.”

In 1975, The New York Times, now infamous for its perverse promotion of twisted Jewish supremacy, called the story line preposterous. In 1975 the late James J. Kilpatrick, a syndicated columnist writing in the Boston Globe, wrote:

“Raspail makes the point that horror is like beauty, which lies in the eye of the beholder. To the haves of the Western world, his vision is horrible indeed; to the have-nots of the Third World, the prospect is paradise.”

Raspail’s basic premise is undeniable: in a very short time the Third World population will outnumber the inhabitants of the Developed World by almost eight to one: essential resources will become scarcer, and many familiar issues will be perceived in racial terms.

Raspail’s fictional invasion is apocalyptic in its implications. It is the end of the white world and the beginning of the black. We already see it happening. Most of Civilization as we have known it will not survive the transition.

The thing nobody talks about — because they would lose their media jobs — is that the Jews are behind all these current foreign invasions aimed at destroying white countries. President Trump’s recent declaration that Jews are a nationality further retards honest descriptions of what is happening to the world.

The comparison to the situation in America’s West Coast cities might not be as good a comparison with the situation in Europe after the invasion of all those Third World refugees spilling across the Mediterranean and creating a rape epidemic in Europe.

However, current conditions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle now more or less reflect the situation in Europe, where large parts of many countries are no longer under the control of governments, but have been taken over by illegal aliens, much to the delight of Jews in the U.S. Congress.

The Camp of the Saints condemns the modern fools who preach brotherly love but suffer from a deadly form of NIMBY (not in my backyard).

One reader wrote: “They are destroying our economy, robbing our welfare system, and leaving little future for American children . . . the invaders have already gotten into the country and will only leave with force which Americans don’t have the willpower to pursue.”

The thing nobody talks about — because they would lose their cushy media jobs — is that the Jews are behind all these current foreign invasions aimed at destroying white countries.

Flood the continents with savages. They’ll be much easier to control when they’re a lot less educated. With the promotion of homosexualty in primary grades and the implementation of deliberately harmful subjects such as Common Core mathematics, U.S. school officials are working on that now.

For instance, Florida’s governor passed a law, which he signed in Israel, making it illegal for schoolchildren to read alternative (aka: true) versions of the history of World War II, after which the people who run the world today began their Jewish Communist takeover of the whole world.

Just like the governor of Florida did a few months back, now Trump has declared Jews a nationality and any criticism of Israel a crime.


Thanks to Jewish president Donald Trump, all opposition to Jewish perfidy has been criminalized.  Goodbye Constitution. Goodbye America. The USA is now a Jewish prison camp.

The Jewish holy books say it’s OK to kill a Gentile because it would be the same thing as killing cattle, or an insect, or a cockroach. Numerous rabbis parrot the hateful dogma that Gentiles exist only to serve Jews, then blame everyone else for anti-Semitism.

And these are the people in charge of the world’s money supply, the world’s communications media, and the minds of your children who deteriorate into mind controlled slaves taught to kill others for reasons they will never fully understand, or even question.

Google and Facebook are the faces of Big Brother, recording every thought you have ever had for future prosecution.

By allowing the Jews through their media to define how people see the world has resulted in the creation of an artificial reality constructed on the basis of what is profitable rather than what is healthy.

This has resulted in a tyranny more complete than any other in history.

In the meantime, eager refugees hungry for the free stuff of American legend, have tired of waiting hand and foot on parasites of the leisure class. They savage U.S. society, drain America’s budget and are clearly the replacement population sponsored by deranged Democrats to overcome and replace the whites who built the country.

The demented Democrats pushing their insane impeachment effort, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff (Schiff is the most shameful name in American history because his grandfather funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and helped create the Federal Reserve), clamor for open borders.

With the complicity of Donald Trump who scammed the American people with all his disingenuous palaver about his border wall, this is what is now happening now as they have already gotten their wish to accelerate the Jewish destabilization plan and achieve the destruction of the USA.


This is what can happen when unscrupulous characters known as Jews can create money with the stroke of a pen, which enables them to buy and pervert all the media outlets in the entire world. Presto — fake history about everything.

Raspail attributes the motivation for this world changing passage to a spontaneous uprising in India. The 1970s were no time for openly blaming things on the Jews. The situation in 2020 is quite different, as Jewish perfidy in the 9/11 caper as well as kosher responsibility for both World Wars have become more popular with the publication of previously suppressed scholarship.

The big difference between the book and the current situation is it is not the will of the refugees that triggered the invasion of Third Worlders into the First World. This has been a deliberate maneuver on the part of the World Controllers to destabilize Western nations to prepare them for their conversion to Jewish World Communism.

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, translated from the French by Norman Shapiro, was reprinted in the U.S. by The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, Michigan. It’s a tough slog of a read, much like the false rhetoric of Jewish media which try to conceal the destruction of what was long ago the world’s most important Constitutional republic.


74 thoughts to “The nightmare that came true”

  1. Spot on, JK! However, Trump does, still, at least, pay lip-service to some common sense issues, and is outspoken in support of the most feared component of American resistance – our firearms. (((They))) badly want our guns because they fear individual reprisals against their machinations. The lip service he pays Israhell is a pacifier for Jew support (which we all must admit is very powerful), and helps heal our self-inflicted wounds from seventy years ago when we fought the wrong people. Meanwhile, it is up to EACH of us to teach our children better, and to avoid personal support of the hated and disguised (((enemy))).

    1. Trump just signed a presidential executive order forbidding criticism of Jews and Jew Israel on college campuses. I would say his presidential executive order abridging The First Amendment is A LOT MORE than “lip service”. Abridging American’s First Amendment Rights in service to the Jews is A LOT MORE than “lip service” and A LOT MORE than “pacifying” the Jews. It’s supporting the Jews over supporting The Bill of Rights. Supporting the Jews over supporting The Bill of Rights is A LOT more than “pacifying” the Jews and A LOT MORE than paying “lip service” to the Jews. Trump is a Jew, he’s a JEW SUPREMACIST, he’s a Chabad Lubavitcher JEW, in spirit he’s a Chabad Lubavitcher JEW.

      Everybody in Trump’s family is a JEW ; Everyone, they’re ALL Jews, and his parents were Jews, but he himself is “not a Jew”, LMFAO!!!!!

      Trump is a Jew, and Gilbert is a jackass.

      1. YOU could be correct, TROJ – 🙂

        Trump helps Ukraine and therefore… Soros!!

        Yesterday, George Soros was listed as 2nd most influential figure in Ukraine….. as a prominent Ukrainian news organization has named George Soros, the man behind the far-left, pro-globalization Open Society Foundation, as the second-most influential figure in Ukraine, just behind the country’s head of state – Volodymyr Zelensky. In its recent piece titled “Top 100 most influential people and events in Ukraine”, the Kiev-based newspaper Vesti ranked George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire financier, and social engineer, as the country’s second-most influential figure.

      2. Sure! And who are the “crypto-Jews” on this site? Anyone who puts in a good word for Christianity. Which would make Lasha Darkmoon the biggest “crypto-Jew” on this site!

        And who do you praise? The loony TROJ who claims to a be a good Catholic Christian! 🙂

        Has anyone told you that you are either a crypto-Jew yourself or else have sawdust for brains?

  2. “Thanks to Jewish president Donald Trump”

    Mr Kaminski is rare in knowing that the “Donald” is one of the gang.
    Very few know this.

    Raspail foresaw what would happen to France. However the US was already under that weapon known as the
    1965 Immigration Act.
    One can read Dr MacDonald’s remarks on that and truly understand how America and the rest of the world has changed.
    The brilliant Carlos Porter had it on his website, I hope he still does:

    Barbara Lerner Spectre (an American Jew) who worked in Swden to change their demographics, her sister Lerner was the IRS official who used the weapon of government to destroy the Tea Party:
    “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    As Mr Kaminski wrote some years ago:

    The Behistun Inscription
    Beware the People of the Lie.

    May you have peace everlasting with Almighty God.

    1. Former Republican Congressman & House Leader, Dick Armey, and ‘GW Bush-ites’, hijacked the Tea Party for the Republicans in 2010. Alaska’s Sarah Palin helped them.

      FreedomWorks, headed by former Republican House Majority leader Dick Armey, said… ” it was involved from the outset. It helped political novices navigate the bureaucratic requirements of holding a protest, including insurance issues and permits.”

      It still exists, but it is not effective as a 3rd party any more.

      I was kicked out in 2011 for being too loudly conservative. 🙂

    2. Thanks TLOA for the quote from the smarmy Barbara Lerner Spectre. Anyone who reads that bit Hebrew/Jewish Racial supremacy should be chilled to the bone. (TJ read somewhere that the word “Hebrew” was derived from ancient Babylon meaning robber or cut throat from across the water.) Truly we do live in a nightmare. Good night and sleep tight everyone and you too Zak.

    3. Barbara Specter and her cohorts still reside in Sweden and work toward dissembling that country in its entirety. Please be reminded that the Swedish royal family is laced with Jewish blood since their ancestor married into the Spanish royal family. The majority of today’s European aristocracy has Jewish blood in their veins. This was done within the past 6 centuries via infiltration , murder, war, bankruptcy by stealth. Look at India’s royal family, or the Saudi royal family, see any resembling in their features and behavior toward their subjects. The list goes on and on and on. Ever wondered who placed the communist Mao on the throne of China after the murder of the Emperor of China.

      To mix races by using force is against the natural law and indeed the universal law. Do we see an elephant mating with a hippopotamus, or an Ostrich with a peacock? Does a tiger mate with a lion, or a goat with bull? Humans need to look at nature and be reminded that you do not mix with another race.

      Imagine you are an extraterrestrial, have just crossed gazillions of light years and are approaching planet Earth. It is your mission to visit this planet, to establish contact with its inhabitants to exchange information and knowledge of many kind. If this contacts proves positive and you’re convinced of the sincerity and peacefulness of the inhabitants, Earth could be accepted into the intergalactic federation. It then would be possible to have open contacts with advanced people of other planets throughout the vast universes, which would cause a rapid development of the earthlings consciousness and in their technology and health service.
      After entering orbit you switch on your monitor to receive signals. You get news stations reporting on what’s happening on Earth. You quickly recognize that this is a warring planet were for thousands of years the inhabitants fought, maimed, and killed, not as you would at first assume enemy planets, but each other. You soon realize that there is no concept behind these wars, ’cause the inhabitants fight for control and power over nations with financial gain in mind, others for their religion, some for food to survive, etc. etc. . You realize that this planet is not at all ready for your information and technology that you have to offer. No matter which country you would choose to land in, your gifts would certainly not be used for the good of everyone on Earth, but for the selfish, narcissistic interests, control and power by those leading that country.
      You will think back at your home planet and the time that there were still wars, fighting against warmongers and scavengers from deep space who tried to take over your planet. But since this had been overcome thousands of years ago , and you have no inclination to relive that scenario, and since you just found out that a few ‘missiles’ had been fired in the direction of your space cruiser, you quickly aboard your mission, get out of harms way, to return to your mother ship and inform your officials about the primitive and destructive behavior of the people on Earth.

      1. A very interesting first comment.

        So what do you think of the assassination
        of Iranian General Saleem Soleimani
        on the orders of President Trump?
        Any interesting ideas on this?

  3. I think this demonization of Trump by John Kaminski is most uncalled for. There is no evidence that Trump is Jewish, as Kaminski’s hate-filled screed irresponsibly alleges. Trump is a pure Aryan of Scottish ancestry.

    1. It’s true that Trump appears to be in bed with the Jews. This is not because he is a Zionist puppet dancing to Israel’s tune. He intends to annexe Israel and make it America’s 51st state. He will then use Israel to keep order for the US in the Middle East and to make sure America owns all the oil fields in the Middle East.

      Meanwhile, Trump intends to give Israel all of Palestine and drive the indigenous Muslim population out in two directions:

      (1) into Europe, using these millions of Muslims to weaken Europe and make it a vassal state of America;

      (2) into America as new Muslim immigrants, helping to create a civil war in America in which the White population is now a hopelessly weakened minority which the White Aryan elite (like Trump) will help to control with the help of his Jewish enforcers in the media.

      Trump is not only America’s new Hitler, he is also America’s new Stalin. He will bring a new golden age to America, a golden age of free love and consumer goods. All school children will enjoy sex in their classrooms several times a day. This will ensure their docility and obedience. Parents can come and partake in these activities which will have the orgasm as the central feature of the academic curriculum.

      All this will undoubtedly seem like hell on earth to the rotten stone age Christians, but actually it will be heaven on earth for all who hate Christianity and Islam and the monotheistic religions and who want to spice up the tedium of everyday life with large dollops of satanic sexuality.

      Believe me, this will be a Golden Age for Moloch and Mammon and all who hate Christ and his outdated insistence on kindness and decency.

      1. Beware of John Kaminski! He is spreading toxic lies about Donald Trump. Trump is doing his best for America and he secretly hates the Jews. And one days he’s going to destroy the Jews — including his Jewish son-in-law Jared , his Jewish daughter Ivanka, and his Jewish grandchildren. Ask Lobro. He knows all about it and called Trump “the new Stalin.”

        Then Lobro suddenly vanished, assassinated by Mossad, so I am told. If I knew where he was buried, I would put flowers on his grave. Long live Lobro!

      2. “hopelessly weakened minority”

        Yeah, with a 10 million man posse on standby..
        (some say 20 million)

        December is deer hunting season in Pa.
        One state, albeit a huge outdoors state.
        Opening day there will be 800,000+ men, women and youths out and about, all armed with high powered rifles, pistols and shotguns.
        (nuff said)

      3. @ruth (a friend who occasionally looks in on DM alerted me to your comment and for the old times’ sake I respond)
        So much will be left unsaid, having willed myself to walk into this tiger cage to be goaded for general amusement, so let’s be brief and cut to the chase—then back out, evadere ad auras!
        First, thanks for OBVIOUS SUPPORT 😉 and to confirm, take a look at the proffered slew of Ha’aretz articles,

        ADMIN: Lobro, apologies for deleting your link for technical reasons, i.e., it damages the site’s formatting. You could try embedding the link if you wish.

        where Jews talk to Jews (kol nidre set temporarily aside as per Talmudic etiquette). When done, glance at the rest of them, especially Lobro’s favorite: Analysis || Trump Is Actually Undermining America’s Relationship With Israel or (out of allowed links, I fear) “ Opinion || Israelis Love Trump. They’re Not the First to Fall for His False Promises ”.
        See? My theory since 3 years ago, unchanged by a single iota, namely Trump’s use of cheap symbolism, shooting blanks in order to divide world’s Jewry and set them if not mutually hostile, then uncooperative and confused—first time in 5,000 year history that anyone has succeeded in this task. Just as Stalin was the first leader in the same 5,000 year history that physically eliminated prominent, powerful Jews with extreme prejudice—show me when it ever happened outside that frame. Tell me, what advantage would Trump have gained had he said “No, the embassy stays in Tel Aviv” or “Golan Heights are inseparable from Syrian sovereignty”? Unify Jews, who are already at the cusp of coup d’etat in the US, while the ground situation remains exactly the same—or do you think Jews would meekly vacate the Golans?
        Tell me Ruth, you are among maybe 3 people here who can read those Ha’aretz articles with a modicum of understanding, I hope I am not wildly optimistic.
        Tell me, which group in your opinion is more difficult to trick with head fakes and 3-card monte, bait and switch ploys, Jews or Gentiles? Then you begin to understand Trump’s game, don’t worry about the mindless babble of the Goyim, led by valedictorians of the Protestant academy of deep insight (”whatcha see is whatcha get, bud!” LOL).
        Protocol 5, paragraph 4

        4. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain.
        any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and SOLIDARITY.

        Protocol 15/7

        7. If we have been able to bring them to such a pitch of stupid blindness is it not a proof, and an amazingly clear proof, of the degree to which the mind of the GOYIM is undeveloped in comparison with our mind? This it is, mainly, which guarantees our success.

        Enough, those who can see, can see the magnitude of Trump’s achievement, those who can’t, cannot and never will—because Ivanka, you know? LOL. Never have they heard of terms like crypto, marrano, converso, don meh, ”by way of deception …” nor would they know what to make of them, so long as they breathlessly look forward to the next installment of the soap opera: ”Ivanka discovers that Jared cheats on her with Jessica Yaniv, swears revenge while clutching their love child to heavily lactating jug … but first let her check on this fermenting pickled carp, umm, good, maybe a pinch of kosher salt”.

        Aside to you, Ruthie: channeling your dearly departed husband’s advice from beyond grave or lion’s hind orifice as the case may be, let me request that you continue behaving like a fine lady that you are, resist the contagion that makes you use phrases like ”Teutonic c—t whose t—s should be sawed off” just because the parlor speaks of me as ”Croatian c—t” and other elements of refinement, you do yourself no favors thereby. So, run along now with my blessings, be a good girl.

        1. @ Lobro

          Yes, I admit my language was disgusting if I actually expressed myself in the old days with such passionate fervor. I honestly can’t remember using such foul language, but I guess I did. Teenagers often abuse their parents in this way, saying the most unforgivable things in anger. Later, as the blood cools and adult sobriety sets in, they deeply regret their ravings. Their parents forgive them. That is, if their parents have learned anything from life.

          You must try and understand, dear Lobro, that few of us are sane and well-balanced. The sane and well-balanced man, like Socrates, stands out like a sore thumb against the multitude. Or like Diogenes, he shuffles through the streets of Athens with a lantern in broad daylight, looking for an honest man. As LD has noted many times, the asylum is run by the loonies; the only sane ones are the patients.

          Anyway, Lobro, nice to hear from you again. I note with amusement you haven’t changed one little bit. Still the same crazy old coot! 🙂

          1. @ Lobro

            And now for some harsh criticism which I hope you will be able to accept, since I am not altogether willing to play the disciple to your guru, a role it seems you expect others to play — especially the female of the species. 🙂

            In short, dear friend, I am not quite ready at this time to join the Lobro Admiration Society.

            Even Socrates didn’t claim to be right when wrong. Like St Paul, he would have said, “We see through a glass darkly.” You have never been capable of such refreshing humility. You have always proclaimed your omniscience with the extreme narcissism of someone in the grips of your own paranoia — “right when wrong, wrong when right.”

            That’s you to a T. Infallible. The Omniscient and Infallible Lobro! The Lobro who demands an unflinching “respect”, if not adulation, as if it were a divine right to which you were entitled. Always in search of fans and hungry for compliments, though extremely parsimonious with your own compliments. Praising only those who praise you first, and never having a kind word for anyone who dares to criticize you. So sad.

            The overweening superiority you assume at all times, brooking no contradiction from us lesser mortals, stems in my view from a chronic inferiority complex: a profound existential angst and theological insecurity. A firm believer in the demonic realm, but tending to a soul-destroying Manichaeism. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, dear friend. I am a trained psychotherapist, steeped in the psychology of Jung. I meet men like you on a daily basis in my surgery. They usually lie on a couch at my feet, while I sit behind them taking notes. I learn more from them than they learn from me. I will go so far as to say that I have not cured a single patient! Nor did Jung or Freud. The patient cures himself. By talking.

            Or rather, the Celestial Surgeon cures the patient by lancing the boil at his leisure.

            I hope, for your own sake, that my well-meant observations do nor fall on deaf ears — or give you further grounds for condescension. 🙂

            God bless,


      4. Lobro –

        Come on back! Are you still as you have claimed…. “right when wrong, and wrong when right??” 🙂

      5. Ruth
        “soul-destroying Manichaeism”?

        You’re gonna have to elaborate on that one, Sister.

      6. @Ruth…
        Not meaning to be intrusive or preachy, rather hopefully helpful, you might enjoy this link as East meets West and Swami Srila Prabhupada analyzes the analyzers.

        “Dialectic Spiritualism – A Vedic View of Western Philosophy”
        “By that time, I had read a great deal about Indian philosophy and religious history and was deeply convinced of the value of Oriental wisdom.” On this visit, Jung spoke with a celebrated guru, yet he avoided so-called holy men. He writes, “I did so because I had to make do with my own truth, not to accept from others what I could not attain on my own. I would have felt it as a theft had I attempted to learn from the holy men to accept their truth for myself.”

        Śrīla Prabhupāda: On the one hand, he says he wants a guru, and then on the other, he doesn’t want to accept one. Doubtlessly there were many so-called gurus in Calcutta, and Jung might have seen some bogus gurus he did not like. In any case, the principle of accepting a guru cannot be avoided. It is absolutely necessary.

        1. Thanks for these highly interesting quotes, Homer. I am so pleased to see you still posting your wise spiritual comments on this political website. In many ways you have a striking affinity with LD who is far more interested, it seems to me, in philosophy, mysticism and poetry than in the transient, tempest-in-a-teacup world of politics.

      7. Saki, that’s nice of you to say. I can’t help but react, this time to (for) Ruth.
        I only hope she finds something useful. Quite the subject matter, innit.

        The link to Jung also contains a link at the top of the page. A link to discussions as per many famous and highly considered Western philosophers and theologians.

        Plus, I can’t help but notice this site is waaay more than politics and current events.

    2. Ahmmm……
      Trump is of Scottish and German descent. His original family name was spelled ‘Trumpf’, not ‘Trump’. compiles a very large archive, reaching back to the 5th century A.D.. They’re based in Europe. If anyone of European descent in the US or Canada wants to find out about their ancestors who came to the US and Canada, this is the place to get in contact with. Just don’t sent any of your physical body fluids for DNA, like the US based ‘Ancestry .com’ does, who already has sold millions of its results for big money to the FBI and CIA.

      Anyhow, during the large European immigration swoop to the USA, the majority of the newcomers were illiterate, and had none or little education. The then clergies at all entry points ( including Ellis island) were English speaking, and did not master the many syllables of the many languages spoken by the arriving immigrants, which made name spelling in the records quite difficult ending with many misspelled names. also, many didn’t even know their birthdays. Among the wealthy immigrants it was a different story,’ cause they were the educated ones with big pockets.
      Those interested can visit the National Library in Washington D.C., and many other state libraries along the east coast. The archives are loaded with the names of our forefathers and mothers from Europe.

  4. lobro’s best friends in the world, the ((( takfiri muslims))), lobro’s best friends the ((( takfiri muslims))) failed to overthrow Assad and takeover Syria in order to fulfill an important part of the Jew’s Oded Yinon plan which calls for the JEW takeover of the whole Middle East with the takeover of Syria a stepping stone for the Jews to take over the whole Middle East. lobro’s ((( takfiri muslim))) buddy-buddies failed in taking over Syria for the Jews, so gobro slinkered off to go pout and sulk. As per knowbro that is what is called being “Anti-Jew”, getting petulant when the Jews don’t win what they want 100%. Time to turn Anti-social , angry and sullen, when the Jews don’t win 100% of what they want.

    I miss woebro. He was a Hoot! He was very entertaining!

  5. Kaminski wrote:
    “The contrived invasion of Europe in recent years — and to a lesser extent the suspicious assault on the U.S.-Mexico border — bear a chilling resemblance to the book that in 1973 was universally panned as racist fantasy by smug Western reviewers and politicians. Almost a half century later, the book stands as a stark account of the destruction of human society by the unquenchable appetite of a terminally bitter savage horde.”

    This result curiously parallels that of the ‘fore-telling’ of the bleak future in Orwell’s 1984. Both writers knew something!!

    1. President Trump is Amer’s Hitler and Stalin? ! I thought Herr Hitler was occupied in the mid-east. Do you know what the difference between the jewish comedian and the jewish executioner is …? The comedian is serious.

  6. Those who want to live let them fight and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live. Life doesn’t forgive weakness. eg American Revolution of 1776.
    To be or not to be.

    1. The ruse – 🙂 – known as the American Revolution of 1776 was a revolt which was pushed and financed by the Crown and Bank of England to usher in the unlawful US Constitution….. to monopolize trade in North America. It was a success.

      1. Yes. It was a raging success. But there was a trade-off. There always is. In this case, it implanted the IDEA of freedom, as unrealized as that remains today, carrying at least the potential for freedom to move from its conceptual stage to one where a heightened awareness sees it move towards a full understanding of its rightful position in being man’s true legacy

        You gotta have hope, brother. Even if indications of its reality is hard to see

      2. B-Hawk –

        Pandora has hope! She kept a lid on it.

        I am not her… Hope brings inaction. TJ calls it… ‘Hopium’!! 🙂

      3. Is this US Constitution un lawful because many , especially VIrginia were not represented and were independent anti-federalist? Bill of RIght” was a preemption to counter revolt? Quid pro quo?

      4. Before the drafting of the D.O.I. brought a rising level of awareness to a head in doctrinal form, human beings were more or less resigned to their fate under the fraudulent claim of the Divine Right of Kings. A spark was lit, and although the spark hasn’t ignited, it wasn’t expunged either.
        Hopium isn’t gonna win the day in and of itself, but it’s not delusional either. What it does is maintain the spark. There’s something to be said for that 😐

      5. Paul –

        All supposed ‘constitutions’ are instruments of fraud and deception. This applies as much to the pretended “Articles of Confederation” as it applies to the falsely-called “U.S. Constitution.”

        The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents – men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest – stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.

      6. The English crown under King George, and the Jewish moneylenders with its seat in the ‘ Inner City of London’, did not have any foothold on American soil, before, during and after the War of Independence in 1776. Apparently you have not researched in depth the subject ‘Freemasons’, the founding and principals of the ‘US Constitution’, the mother lodges from which the Freemasons George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc. broke away, etc. otherwise you would not write such rubbish about ‘unlawful US Constitution’. Show me a country in this world you would want to immigrate to which gives you and others the exact same rights you exercise in the U.S. , protected under the ‘US Constitution’. Apparently you were not raised, or lived in a communist or socialist country.
        What the U.S. urgently needs is true statesmen, who stand tall with strength and who can’t be bought by the moneylenders and those who have infiltrated and taken over the U.S. since the murder of Abraham Lincoln, and later in 1913 through the illegal act and implementation of the ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ Federal Reserve, namely the ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ income tax. Would you have the honor to be one among those tall, honest men bringing the U.S. back to what it once stood for?

      7. FREIFRAU –

        You wrote:
        “The English crown under King George, and the Jewish moneylenders with its seat in the ‘ Inner City of London’, did not have any foothold on American soil, before, during and after the War of Independence in 1776.”

        That statement is 100% wrong!

        It is exposed in writing for you to see that the Crown dictated to the US what was placed into the Treaty of Paris in 1783….. as was agreed to by the criminals who signed the Treaty!

        Article 4:
        “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in STERLING money of all bona fide debts HERETOFORE contracted.”

        “HERETOFORE” means LOANS made before, during and after the war!

        The US got fishing holes off Newfoundland. WOO-HOO!!

        Article 3:
        “It is agreed that the people of the United States shall continue to enjoy unmolested the right to take fish of every kind on the Grand Bank and on all the other banks of Newfoundland, also in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and at all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries used at any time heretofore to fish. And also that the inhabitants of the United States shall have liberty to take fish of every kind on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, (but not to dry or cure the same on that island) and also on the coasts, bays and creeks of all other of his Brittanic Majesty’s dominions in America; and that the American fishermen shall have liberty to dry and cure fish in any of the unsettled bays, harbors, and creeks of Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands, and Labrador, so long as the same shall remain unsettled, but so soon as the same or either of them shall be settled, it shall not be lawful for the said fishermen to dry or cure fish at such settlement without a previous agreement for that purpose with the inhabitants, proprietors, or possessors of the ground.”

        BTW – – Good luck fishing! 🙂

  7. “Thanks to Jewish president Donald Trump, all opposition to Jewish perfidy has been criminalized. Goodbye Constitution. Goodbye America. The USA is now a Jewish prison camp.”

    Jews desperately want Americans disarmed – especially politically incorrect Americans – and their loyal agent, orange clown, is apparently working hard to make it happen.

    “The demented Democrats pushing their insane impeachment effort, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff (Schiff is the most shameful name in American history because his grandfather funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and helped create the Federal Reserve), clamor for open borders.”

    They’re all demented, but apparently orange clown is a little too demented, even for the demented democrats.
    For example, team orange clown has studiously rebuffed every Russian effort to avoid another nuclear arms race and appears to be trying to make good on his promise to achieve “nuclear supremacy.”

    Do the evil orange clown and his handlers really “think” that they can somehow “win” a new nuclear arms race, apparently by surrounding Russia and China with short and medium range missiles, thereby forcing Russia and China to surrender their sovereignty and abandon their legitimate interests?

    This is all the evidence any reasonable person should need to appreciate the madness of the jew-controlled madman holed-up in the white house.

    With Russia’s “Avangard” hypersonic glider warhead apparently having already entered the production phase, and with the S-500 air defense system scheduled to enter mass production within the next year, the window is closing for the jews and their loyal agent, orange clown, to achieve nuclear supremacy.

    Realizing this, orange clown and his handlers are apparently preparing to weaponize space (this is what orange clown’s “space force” is apparently all about).

    If orange clown and his handlers aren’t stopped, the day is going to come when Russia and China will realize that they will have to strike first or they will be the victims of a first strike (assuming that a nuclear war doesn’t happen by “accident” first).

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Jews desperately want Americans disarmed – especially politically incorrect Americans – and their loyal agent, orange clown, is apparently working hard to make it happen.

      I don’t think Gilbert Huntly will disagree with this. Or Arch Stanton. Or, for that matter, John Kaminski.

      Look what’s happening in Virginia right now. Civil war looms large, as the (((Democrats))) prepare legislation to criminalize the people of Virginia for upholding the constitutional right to bear arms.

      1. @ Saki

        Has “Gilbert Huntly” ever actually criticized orange clown (the way an actual patriotic American would)? All I’ve ever seen him do is go to absurd lengths to defend orange clown and his Jew-inspired anti-American treachery.

        1. I believe Gilbert is a staunch defender of the constitutional right to bear arms and is concerned with the situation in Virginia. If Trump is under the thumb of the Jews, as you state, he will do what the Jew-controlled Democrats want and criminalize the militias in the state of Virginia for refusing to hand in their arms. So Gilbert needs to be asked: “Do you think Trump will back the militias in Virginia and allow them to keep their arms? Or will he cave in to Jewish pressure, as he has so often done in the past (notably in Israel/Palestine) and play the part of the Zionist stooge yet again?


      2. @ Saki

        In his first comment at the top of the page, “Gilbert Huntly” said:

        “However, Trump does, still, at least, pay lip-service to some common sense issues, and is outspoken in support of the most feared component of American resistance – our firearms.”

        While team orange clown does this:

        If orange clown gets re-elected I expect the con man to stop being coy and openly and vehemently attack the second amendment like the jew-inspired, constitution-hating, liberal New York democrat that he is but pretends not to be.

      3. It is encouraging that many counties in Virginia are hastily declaring themselves , 2nd amnd. sanctuaries.
        WHy are they not already sanctuaries for the 1st? I could believe and respect more if they were .

        But if it must be written that, you must have an amulet or symbol to believe in the spirits , in this case , the so called amendments, then you really do not have it. Not so? Perhaps they can realize or possess the 2nd ; it has more meaning to them. It waits to be seen how much they love this possession.

      4. @Saki
        Trump is not favorable to the 2nd Amendment. And more GOP members are taking his view:

        “The agreement between Democrats and Republicans includes long-sought money for research into gun violence…For the first time in more than two decades, Democrats notched a victory in funding for research into gun violence. While the legislation retains long-held “Dickey Amendment” language ordering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention not to lobby in favor of gun control, it requires the CDC and the National Institutes of Health to spend $12.5 million each on researching the issue, including by tracking gun-related deaths and injuries, as well as identifying correlations like the relationship between victim and shooter.

        The CDC in the past has used Federal funding for gun control as gun confiscation propaganda, NOT true science.
        The disarming of White America is the same as the disarming of the Russian people by the Bolsheviks who were the ancestors of the same people running the show today and have for a LONG TIME in the US.
        SIXTY-EIGHT MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS were gruesomely butchered by the same gang that runs the US today. THAT is the future for Whites in the US and probably everywhere else. (((THEY))) want Whites GONE.
        At first…then anyone else they choose.
        Mexicans poll at supporting gun confiscation in the US as do Asians and Blacks.
        Yet Mexicans have all manner of ILLEGAL guns and other weaponry in Mexico.
        In the Lebanon and in Syria almost every family has military weapons.
        The US is about DISARMING White people so that when THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY strikes the people, like the Russians were, will be helpless.
        The people of Syria and the Lebanon know better.
        As Paul Craig Roberts wrote:

        “It will also be interesting to see if the Israel Lobby can put the same ring through the nose of the rising Hispanic/Asian majority as they have through the nose of the declining white majority. Can Hispanics and Asians be made to feel guilty about the holocaust and persecution of Jews? Can their leaders, like white leaders, be bought into Israel’s service?”

        “Considering all this, there’s only one culture left which seeks to preserve its traditions: it is the Islamic world. And of course I do not favour suicide bombers and ruthless wars but at the same time I declare that today the mankind’s last remaining bastions of traditional culture- experiencing the transcendent in everyday life- is the Islamic world. (I say this as a Roman Catholic man.) Its success or failure, in the relation of the Islam and America/Israel is not as important for me as from the aspect of mankind. If Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no foeman against the darkness of globalism. Then the history will really come to an end and there will be no happy end….”
        Vona Gábor about the Islam Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary) 2010-12-09

        1. TLOA,

          I commend you for this superbly written comment. The quote you supply from Paul Craig Roberts was new to me. He is right. What the Christian world would once do, i.e. stand up for traditional moral values, is now being done only by Islam. Christianity has been corrupted and rendered more or less toothless, with most nominal Christians living lives of hedonistic consumerism. God is very far from the minds of the average Westerner.

          Unfortunately, most of the White Nationalist Americans on this site, though well-meaning and kind-hearted, are completely misinformed about Islam and regard it with revulsion. They think all Muslims are potential terrorists or rapists, thanks to the out-of-control Third World hordes sweeping into Europe from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They associate Islam with the worst elements of Islam.

          They see no Sufi mysticism, no wise dervishes, no Qur’anic scholarship and piety. All they see is bearded fanatics wielding machetes and raping white women. This is an attitude problem, an image problem. They don’t see the same Muslims you and I see: the millions of pious Muslims, fasting and praying in Ramadan and bowing in prostration with their faces turned toward Mecca.

      5. TLOA –

        “Can Hispanics and Asians be made to feel guilty about the holocaust and persecution of Jews? Can their leaders, like white leaders, be bought into Israel’s service?”:

        I am sure the Mexican people can. They are mostly Catholic…. and follow the pope there.

      6. Saki –

        I don’t see any ‘good’ islamists punishing the ‘bad’ islamists!!!

        It would go far if they police themselves AND… LOCK THE BAD MARAUDERS UP!!

      7. And Virginia is not the only state in the country that is prepping and demanding that those who have parasited over the people the past 120 years with dual passports to be removed and replaced by the true ‘We the People’.

  8. Poor old Harold Smith – caught up by the “nuclear bomb” fear porn! LMFAO! 😂😂😆

    1. My opinion doesn’t really matter; what matters is what the Russians and Chinese – the targets of orange clown’s nuclear madness – happen to think about it; and if look, you’ll see that they share my concern. While you sit there “L[Y]FAO”, they’re preparing for a nuclear WW3.

    2. Pat,
      I beg to differ. Mexico is a jungle. Every man for himself. Always been that way. The average Mexican has absolutely no knowledge of the Shoah…..real or imagined. He is all about survival and providing for his family….IF he’s a good Mexican. If not, he will take the other route of violence and criminality. Always been that way. They live in the moment. Not the past. 🧐🤔

  9. HS

    I doubt it… There most likely is a plan afoot to huack most of us, especially the white countries, as-per the DEAGLE REPORT, and there will probably be a lot of good old fashioned killing with it, but by now the Deep State Controllers must have some kind of bio-toxin to do it with… Full-On Nuclear War wouldn’t leave them much… Would it?
    It’s pretty possible the whole Nuke Bomb thing is a hoax too… How would we know? It certainly served the purpose of transferring the wealth and political power up up and away from the now defunct American Middle Class and into the hands of the FDR Bolsheviks, still in power, bigger than ever……
    “If orange clown gets re-elected I expect the con man to stop being coy and openly attack the second amendment like the jew-inspired, constitution-hating, liberal New York democrat that he is but pretends not to be.”
    We’ll see, but again I doubt it… The existence of the Second Amendment is what gives them their power, in a perverse way… Americans will fully rebel if any national gun confiscation act comes about… The Bolsheviki are not ready for that yet… And I doubt American Police forces will ever be elitized to the point where they will participate in any such program… That would have to be done by some mercenary force or army of foreigners…
    That is a great Makow article… It does show the mentality of all corporate elite in government, that they will use their power to get more power, cancelling out your Constitutional Rights along the way…
    Indeed, some say those don’t even exist anymore….
    Bear in mind, the race is on for electronic RF surveillance and thought/action control power, a greater method of the old religious hypnosis, with the ONE Omnipotent God-State on top…
    The State can not be left behind by the Religio-Corporate Military-Money Power Players…
    It gets its power from law, so that will necessarily be forthcoming apace, if they don’t want to be left behind……
    Another Great Article, but did you leave something out?
    “Written in 1973 by the prize-winning French Catholic author Jean Raspail, the fictional plot of The Camp of the Saints describes ships full of the world’s poorest people that sail from India to France, which triggers a worldwide invasion of the Third World into the First, from which no one is spared and no society survives.”
    It’s obvious the Vatican has been behind Kalergiism since that phase came about…
    This book is another 1984-type psyco-intent acceptance-blueprint for the coming immigrant invasion phenomenon, yes quite like George (Eric Blair’s – any relation to the Zionist Stooge Tony) Orwell’s predictive on the super-surveillance state…
    The Jesuits hate Nation States, especially Constitutional Republics… They want their Catholic psy-op and Big Money Collection promoted unhindered by political boundaries and unblocked at the State level by Constitutional Amendments separating Church and State, especially if the State ever starts telling them they have to pay the same taxes everybody else pays…
    If they ever lose their free funding, they disappear, in which case maybe the Planet has a Chance…
    It’s all the same Deep State Power Structure, appearing as separate entities at the perimeter but overlapping at the center of the wedge-pie…
    The Pope has to be knight of Malta… The Knights of Malta are the Templars, from way back in the days of the Crusades, who are the Masons, who are the Jews, Who are the Zionists, who are the Communists, who are the Red Banksters…
    The Masonic Police wear the offset Black and White squares on their hatbands in many major cities all over the world… It symbolizes the control philosophy of – The End Justifies The Means”, which it often does, but is not the ideal to be left with forever, and the stakes grow higher with the latest mystery-tech G5 Mind Control… You see the same pattern on Arafat’s headdress.. This is the code you find on military rank insignia, the Chevrons, you see that at the gas stations too… One Square atop the other… It’s about the info – you don’t get it… The Catholic Clergy wear the Black and White for the Black and White Magic of ancient Egypt.. Te Catholic Priest wears One White Check on his throat collar…
    Most of those good people know nothing about any of that, but they should be able to see by now their church is all about Kalergi and Lady Spectre’s nation wrecking invasion program…

  10. There isn’t much that doesn’t require “guessing” when making deep accusations against Trump. As far as most of us know, his faults, herein spoken, are predicated on his ostensible affinity to Israhell. Aside from that, I like the way he talks and the fact that he has rescinded some ridiculous bureaucratic nonsense which has helped domestic business activities. Furthermore, I cannot see the truth of any accusations of his opposition to the 2nd Amendment, either. (He certainly has a lot of us fooled, if he has!)
    Whether or not our Constitution is a culmination of Crown and Continental duplicity, I see that is only a “guess” by benefit of hindsight. The Virginia archives and The Federalist Papers do not hint at that duplicity – only a mishandling of intent has made the accusation somewhat plausible. In any event, we only have that which IS to work with – not that which SHOULD HAVE/MIGHT HAVE been. Get over it. If you come for my guns, I WILL shoot you, if I can. So will a lot of others I know…

  11. (Comment rescued from Spam)

    Saki –

    Depending on Trump to be what he says he is is just something in which I (we) have no choice. Planning what “colors” he might show once he can no longer be elected President is futile, at this point.He may very well be a Jew duchebag, or he might be genuinely pro-American patriot. Anything is a guess, no more. Can we really afford to doubt him at this point?

  12. @Saki December 18, 2019 at 1:35 am
    Your kindness and insight are admirable. It would behoove all of us to conduct ourselves in your manner.

    You make an excellent point. There ARE true Christians but they are fewer than in times past.
    God says in the Qur’an that Christians are the closest to the Muslims. That the Christians are, to use a Christian term “SAVED” in other words, they don’t have to worry they are going to be in Paradise. THAT is the TRUTH.
    There are so-called “Muslims” who would deny that, but God said it.
    I agree also with your comments on Muslims, as I’ve said previously there are “Muslims” and then there are true Muslims.
    The “Muslim refugees” are not motivated by a religious fervor, but by GREED, LUST, and ENVY. They are not religious fanatics they are CONSUMERS. Soulless and decrepit, they are swarming to history’s end.

    Your post shows, demonstrates, that UNDERSTANDING is not extinct.
    I pray, by the One, that you may be kept in His protection.

  13. I think it’s a great tragedy that the Americans fought Germany in two world wars. I don’t think there’s going to be any change for the better until White Americans realize what a giant mistake it was to destroy Germany. The USA is now very a Jew Commie country. That makes sense that the USA is now very JEW COMMIE, as Uncle Sam sided with JEW COMMUNISTS in WW2. I like “RenegadeTribune and “NationalVanguard”, the websites are on my top 10 favorite websites and I just want to make it clear : I thought the USA fought on the wrong side in WW2 long before I ever heard of RenegadeTribune and NationalVanguard and even before there was an internet. I knew 9/11 was a JEW operation the very same day JEW Israel with the help of A LOT of JEWS in the United States attacked the USA on 9/11. I knew on 9/11 that it was a JEW attack. Something that took years for the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jew” online media to figure out, I figured out on 9/11. [ I also figured out that 9/11 was a NUCLEAR EVENT on the day of 9/11, not like 15-16 years later ] .I had 9/11 all figured out on the day of 9/11, LONG BEFORE anyone figured 9/11 out .

    It’s true, I’m a Catholic [ though not a good Catholic. I’m not a good Catholic in the sense that I am not an angel or a saint. Unlike uncle’s Mother so Superior I am NOT holy and blessed and I do NOT have a halo hovering over my head. I have faults BUT I am NOT fey, I do not pretend to have great religious/spiritual wisdom. ] On the other hand, I detest the lying JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) — I do NOT believe one thing the the MEGA ZOG MEGA LYING JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) has to say about anything, especially about 9/11. I’m a Catholic BUT I do NOT believe one word the filthy lying disgusting MEGA LYING JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) has to say about 9/11. Compare that to Chechar, who is NOT a Catholic — Chechar the NON-Catholic, Chechar the vehement virulent ANTI-Catholic — Chechar believes EVERYTHING the MEGA LYING MEGA filthy JEW ZOG JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) has to say about 9/11.

    How come Catholic whiddlejoew is A LOT MORE wise to the ways of the Jews when it comes to 9/11 than the MEGA ANTI-Catholic Chechar who claims to be very very Jew-Wise? He never actually said that, but he always implies it, that he’s very very Jew-Wise.

    It’s true I’m a Catholic. On the other hand, I do NOT like JEW ZOG’S (((MEGA LIAR Dick Cheney))) to put it mildly. NON-Catholic/Anti-Catholic very very “Jew-Wise” Chechar likes ((( Dick Cheney))). Very Very “Jew-Wise” ANTI-Catholic Chechar actually believes what the MEGA JEW Dick Cheney has to say about 9/11.

    Hitler — if he was still with us — Hitler would believe what JEW ZOG’S MEGA JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) has to say about 9/11, LMFAO!!!!!

    When “stoopid idjit maybe even a joo troll maybe even a joo catholic priest troll from the vatican basement” whiddlejoew can figure out 9/11 the same day of 9/11 and Chechar who channels Hitler believes everything JEW ZOG’S MEGA JEW ((( Dick Cheney))) has to say about 9/11 — you know EVERYTHING is TOTALLY F*CKED UP.

    Yes, I’m a Catholic, so what. Make fun of me all you want, I’m the one who figured out 9/11 on the same day of 9/11. And I figured it out the same day without all kinds of inside connections, I figured it the same day without any inside sources of information.

    Oh, I managed to find the Catholic hymn that “doesn’t exist” as per DM’s
    Catholic ADMIN. I found “Rorate CaelI”. Funny, I found the hymn that doesn’t exist on Ember Wednesday in Advent, as the Introit of The Mass* on Ember Wednesday in Advent is “Rorate Caeli”. whiddlejoew finds a Catholic hymn that doesn’t exist! Catholic whiddlejoew performs A Catholic Advent-Christmas Miracle! 🙂

    * The Mass is something they do in Catholic churches, in case “Catholic” ADMIN doesn’t know what the Catholic Mass is about.

  14. Alright Dr Ruth, if you don’t want to play friends, too patronizing, let’s play doctor—shrinks, to be exact, since you are a registered one and I, a shrinking violet who abhors obscenity and actively avoids people who wallow in it.
    First off, a word of explanation of how, when and why I ever come to this site.
    Once upon a time, when in the midst of high strangeness, 2 years ago, I was unceremoniously defenestrated from this high tower—e.g., a mysterious one-time commentator Carlyle announced out-of-nowhere that I have been ”driven from the site in disgrace” before the general fact was known even to an insider like Sardonicus—and the post hurriedly deleted reminiscent of when BBC reported the fall of Building 7 on 9/11/01 20 minutes before the actual event, the same Sard kindly informed the forum that I must be hovering and sniffing around the periphery, desperate to be accepted back in—I promised myself there and then that never, as long as alive, will I visit the site of my own accord, only when prompted by a trusted friend, as it happens now. And because I am a shrinking violet, unlike you, big, tough Dr Ruth, I take such statements to heart, I do,

    Lobro and Mark Glenn are a bunch of idiots ruled by wishful thinking and the need to keep face.
    (…) Which explains why the cowardly skunk has slunk off to Mark Glenn’s website wth [sic] his tail between his legs, because no other site will have him now! 🙂 [thanks for the smiley, all is well now, the spirit of Zen shines through after 10 long years of spiritual practice]
    Good riddance, I say!

    So, Ruth (let’s dispense with academic and professional titles, shall we, I give you the full credit for whatever you claim), I ask myself how is it that you blithely forgot the remark you made? So, let me play a shrink too, first shake the ashes of the previous session out of the pipe inherited from my beloved Uncle Joe S, then take off the kid gloves; dry cleaners are so careless and expensive nowadays.
    I propose two competing diagnoses; either because it is your everyday jargon that you use on everybody around you, hence a behavioral trait and part of who you are, or rather than psychological, it is of neurological nature, quite serious given that Pat, despite decades of struggle with Parkinson’s syndrome, retains a perfectly functional mind and memory.
    Me, I get my shakes courtesy of Parkerson’s disease, surely you are more than acquainted with Dr Parker? By the way, what exactly does Carl Jung have to do with the subject, I am ignorant, having only been powerfully exposed to his notions 50 years ago, my first formative influence—out of only four in my life, the others being Dostoevsky, Beethoven and Jesus. Which of his archetypes corresponds to the mire of profanities, analogous to the gods of Greek pantheon, e.g., Apollo-wisdom, Arest-war, etc.
    And as for my unmanly softness in reacting badly to such insults as—to name a few: sucking Stalin’s c*ck, sucking Trump’s c*ck, Croatian c*nt, attention-seeking narcissistic thug, oh, a couple of quite curious ones (I will kindly refrain from elaborating): “obnoxious prick”, “sexual pervert”, and on and on, the never ending benevolence of the resident Hive that in response to some call to arms, dogpile on the victim, the dozen of them with their choicest insults, name me one time when I actually responded in kind, or at all in fact, but have patiently borne the brunt.
    You know why, Ruth?
    Your worldview is shaped by medical training but mine is Christian, which is why I don’t need shrinks in my life, so let me enlighten you on this bit, it might come in handy in some future conversation: (Luke 12:3)

    Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

    Or, if like so many psychologists, you recoil from such preachy nonsense, maybe Khayyam’s Moving Finger will do. Because my conviction is rock solid that yes, the day will come when I, and all of us assembled here, will know the full truth. Which is why Catholics are urged to forget the analyst’s couch and run to the confessional (vertical couch as it were) to be heard by Dr Jesus.
    Am I surprised that you never responded to the topic at hand, the Ha’aretz articles or even just the headlines?
    Sadly, no.
    And this is the greatest divide between the spirit of the site and mine.
    The site lives and dies by ad-hominem, as poor Freya tried to explain, the dozen malice-driven entities lurking on the sidelines have NEVER in over ten years made a single comment that touches upon the topic, only pour forth shrieking like souls demented to vent hatred, vile insults and endless stream of ad-hominem.
    My advice to them: CAVE DEI VIDET

    And what of myself? I welcome every comment directed at my theories and analyses, no matter how adversarial, provided the judgment is based on conventional rules of evidence.
    Namely, judge a theory by results (not grammar, LOL), as in ”Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (I will let you do your own research on Dr Jesus’ theories to find the source of the quote).
    And if the results are not in decisively, let the common sense be the adaptation of Occam’s Razor.
    Take the newest article here, Chuck Baldwin’s video in particular.
    Yes, he said what he said, and Trump said what he said, quite deplorable.
    At the first glance, but let’s delve a little deeper, maybe using Lobro’s 4D glasses.
    What is the expected result?
    Suppose I was in charge of Darkmoon and came out with this statement:
    ”Henceforth, whoever disagrees with Dr Ruth in the slightest or fails to sing hosannas to every comment she makes, or speak of how beautiful, talented, chock-full of goodness Ruth is, will be publicly outed as a foul hater, I will display their IP and email address for all to see, we will organize Antifa and ADL squads to dox them, to demonstrate around the clock in front of their homes, to pour gasoline on their front lawn and set it alight just as the kids are heading out to school”.
    Would you regard this as a friendly or a hostile act, Ruth? Would it serve to make you the world’s most popular person, you could bask in glory of universal adoration, posing, posturing, preening like a beloved celebrity.
    Anyway, Ruth, I offered you a hand of friendship and you seem to have spurned it. If so, please never mention my name again in threads and I will receive no alert from the side and we’ll go our ways. You will notice that I never responded to anyone else herein, you may have been the last frayed threadline that bound me to Darkmoon, everyone else having fallen off my 4D radar screen.

    1. Lobro –

      Thanks for the notice:
      “……quite serious given that Pat, despite decades of struggle with Parkinson’s syndrome, retains a perfectly functional mind and memory.”

      Be assured – It is no ruse, not fabricated! 🙂

      Yes, my friend(seriously), I struggle to type this now. It has to be re-typed several times because of tremors. That is the reason for my ‘copy-n-pasting’ so often here. This is the only site where I post comments.

      I did reference Parkinson’s because I have found no other malady that comes close to defining my circumstances. (There is such a malady as Parkinsonism.) None of the dozens of specialists in four states over the period from 1998 until now have defined it, including the VA. None have ever known what label to use! **Even the Mayo Clinic did not have a label for it after performing a biopsy of nerve and muscle taken from my calf 10 years ago. My favorite neurologist(a pony-tailed hippy-type, retired now) fondly quipped, “Better YOU than ME!” 🙂

      I never wanted to call attention to my affliction to the point of drilling down on the exact symptoms here. Who cares?

      During my telephone consultation with Dr Bill Deagle early on, he said it sounds like the result of exposure to TCE – TriChlorEthelyne – use for cleaning electrical equipment, while confined on the submarines in the 60s & 70’s. I am sure I absorbed it through my skin on my hands and arms…. and inhaled it, even though the vapors were not noticeable or volatile. That’s why they were approved for use in those confined spaces in the military. Deagle claimed the symptoms of neurological damage can be delayed for decades. Nothing is definite. Just guesses.

      I get a little worse every day. I have to get more & more help from my wife in serving my meals and getting dressed. I cannot use dining utensils well anymore. If I were by myself…. I would shake a whole box Wheaties onto the table and all over the room…. just to try to get a bowl full! 🙂

      STILL…. good to go HERE!!

      Please drop by more often, Lobro!!!

      1. Pat, you have a mind like Hercules and so does Lobro, who remains, at least to me, the smartest and wittiest math guy ever!

        But dammit, now you do have me a little worried about that 5 gallon can of methylene chloride I used to kick around..

      2. @ Pat

        “Deagle claimed the symptoms of neurological damage can be delayed for decades. Nothing is definite. Just guesses.”

        Frankly, I don’t for a moment believe that you lying about your Parkinsonesque symptoms. You provide too much detail for that. And you are certainly not fishing for sympathy.

        I’m pleased to learn that you have not been diagnosed for Parkinsons desease in an official sense but that your affliction is regarded as a mysterious ailment with Parkinsonesque symptoms, i.e. the “hand shakes”.

        Your Dr Deagle is absolutely correct to say that “symptoms of neurological damage can be delayed for decades”. As a qualified doctor, I can tell you that this is quite common in other diseases too. I know an old man, an ex-patient of mine, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of cancer related to asbestos exposure. This man had worked in the English coal mines for 10 years (from the age of 16 to 26) where he was exposed to asbestos dust. He then went on to university and qualified as an engineer in his late 20s, spending the rest of his life as an associate professor in engineering. With no symptoms of cancer whatsoever for many years.

        He told me later, “The first symptoms for mesothelioma usually set in after a dormant period of about 30 years.”

        He died recently in his late seventies, after contacting mesothelioma in his sixties (I think), which then went into remission for several years after conventional cancer treatment. But then the disease unexpectedly came back after he thought he was cured.

        Your complaint is in no way comparable to mesothelioma, but a dormant period of several decades is a common factor in many of these mysterious diseases.

        It is the same in psychiatric medicine. There are such things as “mind viruses” — formerly confused or equated with “demonic possession” — which can lie dormant in a patient for many years and then suddenly explode into full bloom after decades of hibernation. This is what the physician of the soul does: we seek to exorcize the sleeping demon(s) with the tools available to us. Priests and pastors do it one way, psychiatrists and psychotherapists do it another way.

        However, we need to distinguish sharply between organic diseases and mental/spiritual diseases and not confuse the latter with the former. Psychosomatic diseases lie in between, a kind of bridgehead, with the placebo proving that there is great interaction between mind and body. The body can definitely be affected for better or worse by good or bad thoughts, i.e. by placebos or nocebos (= the opposite of placebos).

        So it’s important for you to think positively at all times. Given that you have already reached a ripe old age, it’s more than likely you will die before you develop any painful disease. You could have a heart attack, like millions of others, and be spared a long and lingering disease. You could even die peacefully in your sleep. Be grateful that you have a good wife to look after you. That is an unalloyed blessing.

      3. Thanks, Homer!
        I may still ‘run’ even in a wheelchair.
        I’ll need your vote… twice! 🙂

        Thank you, Ruth –

        Yes, I have a Sicilian Catholic angel and saint for a wife. I am blessed there.

        I was diagnosed 3 years ago with asbestosis, after my primary physician thought I might have mesothelioma, as noticed inadvertently by x-ray exam ordered for another minor ailment. I am glad he was mistaken there!

        My main exposure to asbestos & asbestos containing paints & fiberglass synthetics came in the shipyard while refitting the submarine for 2 years in drydock at Newport News VA 1970-72. The lagging(insulation) for the steam pipes had to be torn off & replaced. Fiberglass spewed everywhere in the confined spaces. Masks were not used. So, NOW…. my breathing is impaired.

        I have gotten some small settlements from Celotex, Manville, Owen-Corning, PPG & others.

        I get by… Thanks, again! 🙂

      4. I hope you get better, Pat.

        If you allow me, I’m going to try a guess here. We usually associate chemical exposure to cancer but there is a bigger epidemic, the auto-immune epidemic (See Donna Jackson Nakazawa). In this approach we prevent diseases avoiding all unnatural chemicals and taking supplements of vitamin D, omega 3, etc. If you search vitamin D you will find many results saying it’s dangerous; typical. Numbers of auto-immune diseases are related with the nervous system.

        Many thanks for posting!! Keep up with your and your wife’s important misson!! 🙂

    2. Lobro,

      It is heartening to see you posting again and a great shame that you dropped away.

      Paraphrasing what you said “quality sites live and die by ad-hominem”. There are surely vastly more silent readers who appreciate your insight compared to the small number of ad-hominem fools.

      I also hope you get better PAT.

  15. PAT :

    Are you sure it’s mesothelioma you got and not megalomania, because the symptoms you got look A LOT LIKE the symptoms associated with someone suffering from severe M-E-G-A-L-O-M-A-N-I-A. *grin*

  16. @ Y’all:

    Cut it out, your all tickling me!! First off, you all need to read books written by Trump like “The Art of the Deal”. Donald Trump’s grandparents came from Czechoslovakia, from the region called the Sudetenland. This is a German-speaking majority area in what is part of todays Czech Republic. Thus Trump is most likely a German Czech who could also be Jewish due to the fact that Yiddish is a combination of Hebrew, German and Russian and is also commonly spoken in that area. I should know for I am a Slovak German born in Czechoslovakia in the early 1960s and now live in Canada. From this heritage, like Trump, I can speak Slovak/Czech, German and many phrases/terms in Yiddish. Verklempta Schicksa sind die Frauen, dobre! Spasiba! Trump’s parents came to America at a young age or were born in America. Either way his heritage is still as stated like mine.

    Next you have to realize that Trump is just one flawed man that because he is a Billionaire, bailed out by Jewish Banksters, makes him suspect. However, like Ross Perrot, who ran as an independent, in the 1990s and was also a Billionaire, Perrot was an outsider, outside of the American 2 party system. Trump, got inside the Republican party, because he is a Businessman first and a politician last and holds many Conservative views on many issues. Then from watching his TV shows, you know he is a showman and a calculated, mathematical (probability) risk taker gambler. Thus he knows how to play cards against the House in a casino and increase his odds of winning. Now despite the support Trump has from his Republicans and those RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), both parties actually HATE him. They hate him because his is not a career politician as most SUITS are in Washington DC and those SUITS are now millionaires or billionaires, from earning just $200,000 a year. That’s odd! I am sure those SUITS got to be super-rich because of lobby group bribes and kickbacks or do like Joe Biden and authorize tax-payer money for foreign AID (Ukraine) and then siphon off some off that money to yourself, family and friends. Members of both parties are in on these scams. Trump knows this as well. Trump’s goal to DRAIN the SWAMP is being done by getting the right people in place to help him, but he must have something on them to guarantee their support. That is what Jeffrey Epstein, as a Mossad agent, and his paedophile/sex trafficking ring, blackmail operation is all about. I am sure Epstein has something on all the SUITS. The whole Impeachment setup is using the Government system in its 3 branches, executive, legislative and judicial, by knowing all the rules, laws, etc. to play chess with the SUITS. Putin is similar to Trump in this respect. Just remember, everyone is having trouble with Trump, because he is NOT behaving like a Politician. Trump is bravado, noise and signal all at once. The Chinese are having the most trouble with Trump because he is a kind of Politician they have never encountered before. I can say that Trump will be re-elected in 2020 unless a major False-Flag operation takes place like assassination, Bubble/Market Crash, or some other type of major event like Earthquake off the Pacific coast or a massive Electrical Grid failure. You my drift! Perhaps secretly, Trump is allowing all Jews to be roundup in IsraHell so that they can all be destroyed. The ultimate con against the JEWS by using them. Thus Trump could be a Hitler or Stalin or Mao Zedong.

    If you want to learn more about a probable Trump strategy watch: and the Youtube channel for it. Maybe we will all learn something. I sure would love it if a crooked JEWS were gone. I say that despite being a non-denominational Christian, but I do know what Jesus called the Pharisees and what John the Revelator wrote in The Bible in the Book of Revelation concerning the JEWS. Danke!

    1. thanks Pat, Homer, Flan for the vote of confidence—duly touched, though tearducts cemented shut in 60 years.
      many thanks Stormin’ for unusual perspicacity, maybe due to your Slavic upbringing that emphasizes critical thinking—suddenly i no longer feel alone like that photoshopped polar bear squatting on a floating, melting tile of ice.

      another small observation worth pondering and testing in practice, whether one adopts or rejects its logic:

      • the artificially transgendered, de-souled, perpetually lost urbanites hate Trump, love Soros and his lab-coated witchdoctors of talmud because they’ve been suckled on the Frankfurt school of denying obvious reality, disbelieving their “lying eyes”, it is an opiate that saves them from hard toil of gathering, verifying evidence and subsequent cross-checking for irreconcilable contradictions which require eliminating the emergent falsities.
      they refuse to consider the results on the ground, something i endlessly harp on, without getting so much as a nod of acknowledgment apart from an occasional, “it’s just kabuki theater”, no accompanying justification for the phrase.

      • now, the Hillary’s memorable “Deplorables” (an excellent term for which i give her unintended kudos), Trump’s voter base, are people of goy persuasion, primarily christian, who come by their daily bread the hard way, factory workers, tradesmen, transportation personnel, construction workers, FARMERS—rural folk, i.e., not “rootless cosmopolitans”, another memorable phrase courtesy of Uncle Joe depicting the opposite end of the spectrum from Deplorables—they absolutely depend on hard, tangible RESULTS for their survival, the crops, brakes, steering, structural soundness, and so on.

      so one can see how this existential dichotomy arises that we witness daily.

      Anyway, thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks.
      TROJ, oops, i ran out of thanks, so it is THWACK! for you, better luck next time in your nasty little whack-a-mole life.
      soul of a poet swirling in a busted flush … i will let you fish it out and clean it up, not my job.

      1. You sound like you’re bored, lobro. Maybe in 2020 you’ll find something useful to do to occupy your time. Merry Christmas, lobro, and best wishes for the New Year to you. 🙂

      2. You have more well-wishers than you think.
        Peace and healing in this season of goodwill.
        May your enemies become your friends! 🙂

      3. more well-wishers than i think??
        color me astounded if TROJ is among them, i am bowled over.

        and you too, X, along with TROJ, i wish you all a meaningful Christmas as rooted in history.

        (and may 2020 be interesting, grant us all a 2020 vision)

      4. Lobro –

        Please enjoy a pleasant healthful Christmas with many blessings and joy throughout 2020 and beyond.
        AND…. always remain “right when wrong”! 🙂

      5. thanks Pat, wishes reflected and augmented, long may you run.

        as for remaining right even when wrong, what better way to ensure it than buy into the Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi casino chain IPO—revelry awaits! 🙂

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